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The swarm has wings and it is beautiful

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second for world eaters

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Cute numarines are still cute.

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Anyone still disappointed with morale?

So many units just ignore it that you can't reliably build an army around it.

Death Guard have bell guy and icon of despair together for -2 which is pretty decent... but who cares lol, commisar, mob rule, 2 CP...

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This is like the 3rd time we have had this edition

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>Dark Eldar Wyches prevent opponents from leaving combat with them unless they win a rolloff

How important is this ability? 4 games into 8th, 3 of them with Wyches, and this still hasn't come into play a single time.

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We were duped as usual. Thing is, much like vehicles being more durable, people don't want to keep removing their hard earned models all the time. It's upsetting to see half your army die turn one when you spend months making and painting those models.

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As a nidfad, the only disappointing thing is Synapse' range

>> No.53782280

It's more important versus shooty armies. What armies did you play?

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Is it possible to build Yvraine without her dress?

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As a Guard player, leaving combat is a huge buff for us because we can fire guns after we leave with an order. That cripples strategies for us.

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Yep they some how made it even more worthless. After 12 games I've actually use the moral rules 5 times.

Rest of the time either something ignores it, mitigates it to the point of being ignored or our right never happens

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It's like Tartaros Terminators being able to sweep. It pretty much never comes up.

>> No.53782295

Depends on their opponent.

It's pointless vs 30 strong boy/gaunt mobs but Shooty units with Fly will hate it.

>> No.53782298

It does seem to make certain units unviable.

>500 conscripts

Ez game.

>500 cultists



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I was brainstorming an eldar army that relied on leadership penalties. With the Harlequin Death Jester, you get to choose 1 specific model everytime a unit the jester attacked loses a morale check.

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I'm finally to that happy mental space where I'm no longer thinking of my units as 'these seem neat', 'i used to run this and it was good', or 'anti-x', but as broad concepts.

Like 'a static firing base', 'a solid core moving up advancing forward', 'arrives places places to disrupt my enemy', 'hunts things down'.

Don't know what triggered it, but now I can finally start really list building.

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Not using China maid girl as OP image.

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No idea, you can probably find the instructions online (pdf or photo). Alternatively look up the sprues and see what you can do?

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As opposed to armies that just ignored morale entirely and only ever used ld in case of Mind war?

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You'd have to trim a bit, but you've got enough leg under there that you should be able to manage

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They only time moral matter in 40k was when 3rd had all the armies in its rule book. After that there has always been moral ignoring armies

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Is she supposed to be an employee or something?

Where is it that has girls in maid costumes selling warhams?

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Hong Kong.

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Reposting here...

Wondering if it's worth taking two weirdboyz with Da Jump as insurance? They aren't that expensive and if one of them blows up with perils you've got thirty boys (or whatever) sitting around in your back-field with no purpose.

Also, what's the best (matched play) strategy for Da Jump? You only get to use it once per turn, but it's moderately reliable with the Waaagh! Energy rule. The first unit is likely to get to it's destination turn 1 or 2, which is good, but every further unit gets less benefit from it. You probably need at least a few hundred points of orks being thrown up the board every time to justify the cost of the weirdboy(s) and that probably means 30-strong blocks of shoota boys, because I don't see much else which you would want to get close but don't mind trading fire with the enemy for a turn at 9". I guess as the game moves on, you will want smaller and less valuable units to use it on, so maybe the best choice is something like 30 shoota boys, 20 shoota boys, 10 shoota boys, 10 grots or something?

Alternatively, have the weirdboy teleport himself once he's sent the first couple of units and try to use smites or move the units again. With two weirdboys you can chain the effect to have one teleport the other who can then smite as soon as he arrives.

Also, what's the best number of models to use with Waaagh! Energy? I think about 30 for +3 seems fine, as perils only does a maximum of 3 wounds and the weirdboy has 4. Every turn he fails to use Da Jump, you're effectively wasting the units which are waiting to go, so you need to have a decent chance of success.

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Man GW really knows how to target its audience. Soon they will be sending out qt traps selling Slaanesh stuff

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In Match Play its 'attempt' not success.

If you fail once you can't try till you get it again.

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I thought I remembered New Games Workshop™ saying the Morale would matter in 8e.

Played about a dozen 8es so far. Never came up.

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>tfw every army I want to play is either too expensive to collect, too hard to paint, or overplayed already

why live senpai

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what matchups have you had?

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They also said that armies will be capable of scaling with the number of psykers.

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Which armies?

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the -2 doesn't feel so much against hoards. For them even with out the ignoring, it's killing 2 more fairly weak models.

Full ten man MEQ squad you just killed 5 of, now it's killing 2 extra space marines.
Bullgryns, now even if you just kill 1 you have a decent chance of killing a T5 W3 unit.

Moral doesn't do what it used to do. Completely ignore the commisar, mob rule ect for now. It's not what it used to be.
before moral was a bigger deal for small units. Lose 1 or 2 models and you might lose the unit. Now small units don't worry about moral most of the time.
Now 10+ man units are where moral comes up.

But 10+man units are appealing now, because less units let you get first turn.

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All of them! Every army I could nake fits into one of those categories.

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Must be hard being a picky.

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It fucking sucks.

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might have to get a dark apostle to stop my cultists running away as much

feels fluffy man

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Mob rule isn't a blanket immunity; your defence against morale losses goes up at the same rate as your vulnerability to them. Kill 19 orks out of a 30 ork mob and you can still do the rest in with morale. Just need to concentrate your firepower and know where the critical point is between no morale losses and overkill. Ld modifiers are basically a free kill per -2, which isn't that bad.

But yes, is general the morale rules seem badly thought-out. There are still a lot of units which ignore them and they don't seem to have grasped that they encourage MSU play even more.

Also, they have a really 'gamey' feel to them which I'm not terribly fond of. Same as the new character rules. Feels more like a card-game than a wargame.

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>not posting newest thing


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Not him, but I have faced Guard, orks, nids, tau, mech and marines

Even me playing with SoB pretty much never had to use the moral system in the book.

Either things die before it could be rolled or ignored by some rules.

The only time it was used was when someone intentionally brought big squads with no way to mitigate moral

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I've been out of the loop and haven't been able to play in about 8 months.

Give it to me straight doc, hows 8e looking? for Dark Angels?

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they are.
One side taking 10+ psykers doesn't invalidate the other sides psykers.

Yes some armies are limited to 3 unique powers +smite. But those armies rely on HQ psykers. Were you expecting that statement to mean all Armies can spam psykers effectively.

Of the armies capable of spaming psykers:
Pure T-sons got kinda fucked, I'll admit. But chaos in general can mix in different lores, and lot of the spamable psykers are about smite anyways.
Nids, the only spamable thing wants to cast smite.
CW eldar have 12 unique powers. And the big spam lists rely on units of psykers not characters. 2 farseers 2 warlocks still seems vary usable.

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True, but with say one 30 Boy mob nearby that Wierdboy is getting +3. Getting a 91% chance to succeed, and a 33% to perils.

If there were 60 Orks. That's a 100% cast with a 72% perils.

Depending on your Perils value your WB might be low enough that if he periled again. He'd die and Da Jump auto fails.

>my advice
If you really want to use Da Jump as a core part of your strategy. Use two. Otherwise one should suffice.

>> No.53782499

things got even gayer

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Assuming you start low with SM and about 500 points from the basic "getting started" box, how would you advance from there to get to 1k? Vehicles, like transports? More footsloggers? Or something different?
Assuming 7ed. And what if you're playing Salamander Codex? Any change?

>> No.53782523

Hodge podge, but the armies that have fought in our 8e group are as followed:

>Daemons, Grey Knights, Space Marines, Tau, Guard, AdMech, Orks

>> No.53782563

Get a rhino.

>> No.53782564

Rhino, another tac squad, a pod and some termis would make a nicely rounded force
For salamanders just paint em green and give everything that can carry one a flamer. Because fluff

>> No.53782577

Thoughts on my SM list? It's 75ts and I'm trying to keep numbers as low as possible. Has a Vamguard and Patrol detachement for 4 command points

- Captain w/ Relic Blade & Plasma Pistol
- Captain w/ Power Sword

- Chapter Champion w/ Relic Blade
- Venerable Dreadnought w/ Assault Cannon &a Storm Bolter
- Honour Guard w/ Relic Blade & Power Axe

- 5 man Tactical Squad w/ Power Sword & Plasma Gun
- 5 man Tactical Squad w/ Power Sword & Flamer
- 5 man Squad w/ Power Maul & Missile Launcher

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Morale is bad m'kay? You don't want your army to panic and run off in a chain reaction.

>> No.53782619

>snotlings follow him like puppies

>> No.53782628

Will Datasheets be available for free online by GW?

>> No.53782638

what will the black mace do in 8th?

>> No.53782641

After getting "jumped" last game as guard, iv been trying to find a counter. Would infiltrating a couple ratling units in from of my deployment zone to keep the orks from getting within 9 inches of my important stuff be a good idea.

>> No.53782661

No, just the core rules

>> No.53782663

What did GW mean by this?

>> No.53782666

Though about it, sounds really good. Thanks.

I have 2 "horde" orkz as enemies in my FLGS, ofc I will give everything (well, except maybe 1-2 melta) a flamer :^)
But thanks for the suggestions

>> No.53782668

Right, the insurance is for if the weirdboy dies, not if he fails. You can just boost his roll until he's sure to pass, but he has a limited life expectancy. So use 40 or 50 boys to soup him up for the first jump, accept the perils, then do it again and risk him dying before the second unit gets through. The backup weirdboy lets you keep doing it after the first one dies.

However, given the declining return on the investment, I'm now inclined to say that it's not worth having two weirdboys. The points you save by not having unit 2 or 3 stuck around doing nothing don't seem worth a weirdboy. Probably better to teleport turn 1, then start running up the field with the others, teleporting if you can.

>> No.53782672

Calling it morale and making it based on "how scared are u lol" is problem one

At least in AoS 'Battleshock' is a loose term that can apply to several things.

In 40k, the only things prone to running away are Gaurd or possibly Orks / Dark eldar.

Everything else is some kind of Heroic supersoldier / eldritch horror / insane fanatic / fearless unthinking monster and can't really be seen to just walk out of the fight or it feels weird

>> No.53782673

Why are drones such a hassle to actually get?
The Tau list shoves them to you up the wazoo but actually getting the models is a pain.

>> No.53782693

Hmm is the destroyer hive rule so that it always hits at 5+ or that it can hit on 5+ in overwatch?

>> No.53782695

You can only have 1 typhus, unlike the generic scrub so you have to balance things.

>> No.53782705

Best bet is to keep a couple throw away units (Guardsmen / Conscripts) as a screen about 5"-6" away from your battle line. So even if he jumps he can only kill your screen, but is unable to consolidate into your battle line.

>> No.53782716

>at least in AoS
Sigmar club is two threads down.

>> No.53782719

>BOLS tier clickbait articles written by the highest levels of tourney fags that didn't even notice basic issues in the new ruleset

Why link people to shit?

>> No.53782720

They meant that those are point costs associated with those units? I don't follow

>> No.53782722

Why would you need to infiltrate them?

>> No.53782746

Units should be immune to morale checks when they destroy an enemy unit in close combat.
It just feels so weird having some boys run away crying after they tore off some enemy soldiers face.

>> No.53782748

Why even link Faction Focuses after getting leaks. It's not like they tell us anything new.

>> No.53782759

Sering half of your unit also be worm food does things to a man.

>> No.53782765

Flesh Tearers or Lamenters?

What do?

>> No.53782776

>emerge victorious from the hordes of gants attacking us.
>cheering until I realize half my unit is gone
>I'll never see greg again
>look around
>thousands more of those buggers are right there, running right for us

>> No.53782780

>if the model loses a wound

Does it say anything about HOW it loses a wound? No. How the fuck is this hard to understand

Use your fucking brain you stupid piece of shit

>> No.53782785

We loiter here until geedubs deices to give us more sigmarines/khorne.

>40kfags think aos was the beta test for 8th
>implying 8th isn't the beta test for GHB2

>> No.53782799


It's useless in general because you can never strategize around an ability that only has a 50% chance of going off anyway.

>> No.53782802


>> No.53782805

Flesh Tearers. Much better chapter.

>> No.53782806

Great Hobbit Battles 2?
Please no, I don't want my favorite GW game to get even worse.

>> No.53782811

remember that if a weirdboy survives, since they're basically guaranteed big numbers they can start dishing out the big smites. d6 mortal wounds is nothing to sneeze at. Also if you have a painboy for your army you can use him to heal the weirdboyz while still giving fnp to the boyz.

>> No.53782816

Lamenters are cool

>> No.53782820

>Anyone still disappointed with morale?
As an Ork player, that's a big fat NOPE. Given how low the average boyz Ld is and the fact things like 'Eavy Armor are no longer around to give foot-slogging mobs a have decent save, mob rule keeps my 30 boyz from freaking out over losing 3 guys because some guy got a lucky shot as they're running toward him from the other side of the table.

>But yes, is general the morale rules seem badly thought-out.
Not really. The rules balance it so armies with low natural leadership don't end up getting wrecked like they constantly were in previous editions but at a much higher rate because GW kept the same shitty leadership as before.

Then again, 8e's probably going to require a lot of adapting to new strategies on all sides, based on the battle reports I've seen...

>> No.53782821

>units have bs 4+
>can't strategize around them hitting things with guns

>> No.53782825

Depends on how deep you want the buffer, but in general, yes, denying deep strike by blanketing the table with units and pushing the envelope of that denial zone with special deployments seems like a decent strategy.

Note however that the ratlings must be deployed at least 18" from the closest ork unit, so you might not be able to push the line very far forward. Still, every extra inch counts. Your opponent also has the option of waiting until the ratlings have been wiped out by shooting, which isn't tough. That buys you time though, which is generally good when you outrange your opponent.

Ratlings are really in the competition for single most useful unit in the game now.

>> No.53782828

I almost feel like GW realized that the FF articles were shit and released the rules early to ensure people understood the new edition properly.

>> No.53782838

the issue is that Typhus is 20 points cheaper than the lord of contagion (remember, lord of contagion still has to buy a 45 point plague reaper, meaning he costs 184)... and Typhus is strictly superior, stat wise and ability wise.

>> No.53782850


Cheap because almost everything is plastic
Easy to paint

>> No.53782867

As H.G. Wells once said "it is only an insane man that would entrust his life to the flip of a coin".

>> No.53782878

Overwatch always requires a 6 to hit, there are no modifiers allowed

>> No.53782883

Thoughts on Missile Launchers for Sentinels? D6 shots makes up for the -1BS on the go and then once you're parked then S8 shot is pretty good. Still does D6 damage like the Lascannon.

>> No.53782886


I watched a batrep yesterday where a marine player lost like ten models and three squads in just turn 1 from battleshock.

Ironically it mostly seems to be Marines that are the most at risk, because even with ATSKNF leadership 7 is hard to succeed on if you lose even just three or four models.

You think moral doesn't matter because you're looking at horde armies and thinking that that's where morale should come into play. In reality it's MSU armies that suffer the most from it.

>> No.53782892

Ah. Well that seems poorly thought out

>> No.53782913

Yes, you can. Both legs are fully modeled, though you'll need to cover the small hole on each hip where the dress attaches (I'm planning on using hellion pauldrons on mine). You can also leave off her headdress thing with minimal effort. Biggest thing is her corset, which might look a bit off when she's just got the cat suit look (that one is all personal preference, though).

>> No.53782914

Assume theyll succeed it and that having them stay in melee is a bonus for you

>> No.53782924

Their Vehicles are kind of a bitch to put together but at least they look unique.

>> No.53782933

Anyone have advice on killing 40-60 genestealers with broodlords as space marines?

>> No.53782950 [SPOILER] 

Forgetting this little unit?

>> No.53782953

FRFSRF a couple conscript blobs at them?

>> No.53782960

Long range weaponry and screening chaff

>> No.53782963


The Vanquisher is shit precisely because it has only a single shot at BS 4+.

Way to shit on your own weak counter-argument, lol.

>> No.53782966

Any good roster for 750pts CSM? I just dont know what to get. Everytime i build shit with only 1-2 units who did their work
Last time my termies died after they teleported to 9 at enemy, sorc failed to warptime them, they get 3 wound from overwatch and charged by jumped on table vanguard veterans. And they killed whole squad at 1 round of fight with 4wound on overkill

>> No.53782974

>as space marines

>> No.53782977

I think they seem pretty good as a versatile option, with a hunter killer as a way to double your firepower when stationary when you need it.

>> No.53782985

it means that the lord of contagion is more powerful

>> No.53782988


>> No.53782989

Lots of dakka and lots of running away

>> No.53782997

Seems fine.

I'd get a rhino or helbrute to get some armor on the board.

>> No.53782999

Frag missiles are garbage against every target in the game.

A frag missile fired by a moving sentinel averages 2 dead gaunts every 3 turns.

>> No.53783021

>conscripts are shit because you can't even think about strategizing around hitting enemies 1/6th to 1/3rd of the time

>> No.53783024

Sentinels don't really put out a lot of damage.

>> No.53783030

>Being a <Faction>fag

>> No.53783036

Can any Nid players here give me advice on using Carnifexes in 8th? I used to just run them at tanks and hope they make it, but now they can't really do much against large models. What is their purpose now?

>> No.53783041


Who plays this format ??

>> No.53783043

>muh fluff

>> No.53783044

No, it hits on 5+ even when firing overwatch.
Unit entries override general rules.

>> No.53783047

Rapid firing storm bolters. Land Raider Redeemer. Any mass dakka you can muster.

>> No.53783053

Then don't use them if your hope for damage is killing 10 points of gaunts over the course of the game with a 60 point model.

>> No.53783060

<didn't read 8e army building rules, still posts.

>> No.53783062

>not playing for the fluff

>> No.53783064

I play with my friend. Cause we newbies

>> No.53783065

Nothing new today?

>> No.53783072

> because even with ATSKNF leadership 7 is hard to succeed on if you lose even just three or four models.

I'm going to disagree pretty strongly here, because the math doesn't work out.

To lose a model off leadership 7 (should be 8 take the damn sergant and remove him last), you need 8 on the result.
That means a 5+ if you lost 3 models. That's a 1/3 chance without ATSKNF, but a 1/9 with it. Pretty low chances of losing a model.

Where it comes up is if you lose 7 models of an 10 man squad. Even with the sergeant left, you are very likely to lose models (25/36 chance to lose at least one), with a 25% chance to lose the whole squad.

ATSKNF does a lot to midigate low-mid chance of losing models, but stops working at high chances to lose models.

>> No.53783080

Hey, what's a good space marines list to get into this game at about 875 points?

>> No.53783082

Playing Imperium units with other Imperium units.
It has been a thing since before 3rd

How new are you?

>> No.53783092

I read the army building rules.

I know you can use marines and conscripts in the same list. I do not intend to buy a guard army, I have a marine army. And soon codexes will be out which will limit you to just taking marines.

>> No.53783093

I've been running 3 screamerkillers with adrenal at tough infantry and skimmers basically. They do petty well. Also thresher scythes went bad once you hit a blob

>> No.53783095

Cheap distractions

>> No.53783098


Primaris lieutenants and sternguards full of flamers / heavy flamers

>> No.53783111

Why would the codexes limit you to playing just marines?

>> No.53783112

If you get charged from 9 inches away, or if they pile in or consolidate into you instead of charging, you don't get to use flamers.

>> No.53783121

hey guys im playing a 1109 point tournament, whats the best space marine army with those points??

>> No.53783126

2sec boy

>> No.53783144

Because that's how the keyword system works?

This is based on the AoS system, and the AoS system has you put more and more restrictive faction keywords on your army for benefits. They already said that they'll do that here too.

If you take an army that's just Raven Guard for example you'll get special Raven Guard rules. If you mix in conscripts you don't get shit.

>> No.53783148

What's with the weird number?

>> No.53783153

Alright. On a scale of 1 to wtf, how would you rate this?
I'd have to trim down the emblems on her armour and fill the gaps between her torso and upper leg armour with green stuff.

>> No.53783155

what kind of army?

>> No.53783170

Thunderfire cannons
Heavy bolters
Flamers / Heavy flamers
Hurricane bolters


>> No.53783180

Because that is the entire point of a codex to focus on one army
Because the current rules are just a quick slapdash hold over until we get the real shit
Because [SM hero] won't give buffs to [Guard blob]

Are you a retard? be honest.

>> No.53783183 [SPOILER] 


>> No.53783193

Its totally normal where I play

Next week we are playing 633 points

Whats the best army for 1340 points???

>> No.53783195

Little magic and a few armored boxes. And something with combo as termies at 9"+warptime

>> No.53783196

Been done.

>> No.53783197

Why would a SM hero not give buffs to guards who probably think that SM is a living legend?

>> No.53783199


>> No.53783208


Conscripts are better than marines now
Just remove your marines and throw them out, obsolete trash

>> No.53783209


How did I know you were going to bring up conscripts next? Anyway.

>I'm too stupid to understand how multiple chances mitigates bad odds
>I'm too stupid to realize that rolling 300 dice will result in more successful 4+ rolls then rolling one dice

The deepest bait.

>> No.53783219

>saint like pure waifu of the emperor goes into battle with the armor of absolute territory, just like my animus!

>> No.53783221

if we use AoS as a sign, new codexes will limit you to *Primaris* marines. Check out that cool AoS codex that lets you take an empire army... [which doesn't exist: they will live in their "index" equivalent for ever since they got brand new units we call sigmarines]

>> No.53783247


Who would want manlet marines anyway

>> No.53783251

Oh, so it's just a sample size thing for you? Well then, over a thousand battles, you can reliably expect half of the squads engaged with wyches to not be able to fall back, and half of the vanquisher shots to hit, etc, etc

>> No.53783258

It takes 4 heavy bolters per turn to kill 3 genestealers.

A thunderfire cannon kills 2 per turn.

Flamers have a short range and there are ways for the tyranid player to completely ignore them such as charging from 9 inches or engaging without charging.

How are you fielding enough storm bolters to make a dent? It takes 4 storm bolters rapid firing to kill 3 genestealers. What models are carrying them?

>> No.53783263


>> No.53783268


I thought I had something.

>> No.53783273

What's the best way to expand this army?

>> No.53783274

What chapter?

>> No.53783293

coming right up.

>> No.53783303

Get some more bodies. 10-20 Tzaangor have -1 rend they are pretty gud and nice models.

>> No.53783305

Who would want marines anyway?

I have over hundred marines and not even play them. Why? Because the bloody things come in everything!
Even the starter set for fantasy had a booklet for marines for fuck sake.

Play GW for a couple of decades and you'll get enough marines to play with them just by buying other stuff

>> No.53783306

Oh, you've got something. Someone else just had it first.

>> No.53783322

an AT hellbrute Lascannon/missle launcher

>> No.53783327

40k is an anime. Deal with it nerd.

>> No.53783340

What the other guys said. You need bodies and armor/anti armor

>> No.53783348

I've seen you make this comment or similar in several other threads. Are you just waiting for someone to give you a (you) for your seinfeldian observation?

What's the deal with marines? They come in everything!

hahaha, my sides, hearty keks!

>> No.53783353

Merge the detachments i to one battalion detachment for extra command points (2 more). Consider als getting the tactical sergeants a fancy gun, because you don't pay extra for them.

>> No.53783356

I'm still waiting for Age of Sigmar and 40k to turn into just one game.

>> No.53783363

I heard 2 talons on DP is very good choice and i think 1 manifest/deny is too small, cause i want to buff allies and other shit. And how to properly use cultists? I played with them only 1 game and all 10 they just died after 1 round of shooting 15 scout-snipers and taking a morale test

>> No.53783367

just get the Primaris side of the 8E starter box. thats about 1000 points, and about the same cost of the start collecting boxes (which are about 500 points).

Alternatively you can get Betrayal at Calth or Prospero Burns for a ton of marines (3 tactical / devastator squads plus terminators plus some other stuff)

>> No.53783387

>Who would want marines anyway?
People who play them? Unless you're asking why play marines, in which case the question is phrased horribly.

>> No.53783398


GW is just putting everyone into power armour in AoS so they can do it. Siggies, Chaos, and now Dwarves. I am waiting for Elves to come out (never ever lol) just to see what they will look like in power armour.

>> No.53783399

>I'm too stupid to realize that rolling 300 dice will result in more successful 4+ rolls then rolling one dice.
different anon, and while this is true it doesn't actually explain the point you are trying to go for. Variance and the law of large numbers

The law of large number is that as the sample size increases to infinity, the average of the sample will move towards the statistical average.

The average number of success for one die on 4+ is 0.5. This is nonsense as the result for 1 die, you will either get 1 success or zero. The difference between the sample average and the statistical is 0.5 100% of the time.

Rolling 4 dice, the average successes is 2. With the average success per die being 0.5.
The actual result will very from 0 to 4, with average successes per die being between 0 and 1, but likelyhood of getting a difference of means at 0.5 is 25%.

The likelyhood of getting a difference in means of 0.5 with 300 dice it's 2/(2^300). Which pretty tiny.

>> No.53783402

>implying he is wrong
Beside the knight and air cash grab game only one 40k board game didn't come with marines.

If you play marines and had been playing this game for more than decade, you eventually get tired of them.

>> No.53783422

Ok so reading the chaos index and don't see khorne daemonkin, did they just remove them or are chaos daemons and csm one now?

>> No.53783432

I wasn't implying he was wrong, I was implying he enjoys repetitive tasks a little too much.

I don't like marines, and I haven't even played this game yet.

>> No.53783436


>> No.53783444


Yup. Just use the Khorne keyword.

>> No.53783448

You being to question Marines popularity after you see how they show up in everything.

Wonder if GW ever sat down and think why they sell so well? Is it because people actually love them or is it because more than a third of our model line are just marines?

>> No.53783449

>dryads in power armor

>> No.53783455

Dakkafex and Screamers for infantry/elite smashing mostly.

>> No.53783461

>spray silver
>red and gold details
>black wash
>drybrush highlight silver
>get a shitty flat-looking mud-covered parody of a miniature

>> No.53783477

Point taken.
He might be very annoyed that we have more marines releases before anything else, again.

>> No.53783480

>Beside the knight and air cash grab game only one 40k board game didn't come with marines.
Oh Christ not this again. How many times does this "marines are in everything" claim have to be proven wrong for morons like you to shut up?
Off the top of my head non-marine games include:
>gangs of commarah
>the knight game
>2 out of the 3 skycloud attack boxes.

And more over, why does it bother people that GW puts it's best selling product in things? That's just good buisness. It's like complaing about 2000 AD featuring Judge Dredd in most issues,or Microsoft focusing on Halo, buisnesses focus on what makes them money.

>> No.53783483

your confusing samples and subsamples.
Which is really bad when sample characteristics effect each other, thus making subsamples differ from between samples.

This isn't a fractal pattern. Things change across level of magnification.

20 dice from a unit in one attack will always use the lower variance of the 20 dice, the individual variance of each 2 dice subsample will not effect tactical decisions because no actions happen and no decisions are made between subsamples.

2 dice attacks across 20 games will be effected by each 2 dice subsample, because actions and decision are made between the subsamples.

>> No.53783522

Thats really looks pretty good, but i dont understand real effectiveness of nurgle and undivided icons and giving champion melee+pistol in squad that mustnt fight in melee

>> No.53783525

Dryads won't get shit, their release is done and over, Ogres in power armor are possible

Skaven in power armor however already exist

>> No.53783529

What's the current consensus on Guard armies at the moment?

Seems like it's going to be quite hard for them to get 3 troops for a battalion detachment.

>> No.53783538

Anyone have the rules for shadow war? I can't find them in the mega

>> No.53783543

It does not exist Shadow War has marines in its starter
Does not exist and it had marines

Also the air battle games was made to sell the shitty supplement. Hell can you even call the Knight game a game and not just a way to get Knights?

Also this >>53783448 how much is due to popularity and just spamming it everywhere we have no fucking idea

>> No.53783547

So i can only use units with the keyword khorne?
Like can i take a bloodletter and a chosen?
I'm so confused with army building in 8e.
Can i take choas daemons and csm in the same army without allied detachments?

>> No.53783554

500 conscripts, a few commissars and as many swarmlords as you can fit

>> No.53783555

I thought they already made dryad marines
>see sylvaneth

>> No.53783556


>a single infantry squad counts as a troop this edition
>its going to be quite hard for IG to get 3 troops

really activates the almonds

>> No.53783560

>i can mix necrons with my tomb kings
>use my lizardmen to fight space wolves
>stormcast fighting tyranids

Im okay with this

>> No.53783564

I now wish to make a chapter of these. Have it so they were made with vulkin gene seed and took to it too well. The absolutely useless sods run around trying to tame xenos like pets but fail miserably because all they know how to do is shoot things.

>> No.53783571

Warpath already has space ratmen.
But Age of Sigmar at least is good for a laugh now and then

>> No.53783576

The masque of slaanesh used to be so cool. And now it's a +1 to hit. What the fuck happened?

>> No.53783579


Oh right I didn't know that, so do they not use platoons anymore? Can they still amalgamate squads?

>> No.53783580

read the core rules.
Under battleforged, and match play.
Everything about army building is there.
It will be faster to read than asking your question.

>> No.53783585

Also, while they're easy to paint, they're not so easy to assemble. Whoever decided to put the sprue contact points for the head on either side of the jaw deserves a slap.

>> No.53783600

the main reason is because im bad at rounding up an army. which nurgle banner?

>> No.53783601

You get them from literally buying anything but alien auxilaries. At least two for every infantry unit, 2 per suit (crisis and up) or 2 for every 3 stealth suits. 2 per vehicle. Back in the 4th edition we used to joke that you always had extra unassembled drones in your bits box, no matter how many you assemble they just keep appering.

>> No.53783602

>These models exist

>> No.53783610

read the rules, it's quicker than typing out your questions, follow up question, and follow follow up question.
These aren't the confusing parts of the rules, they are very very easy to understand if you read to be book first.

>> No.53783620

-1 ld in 3". Icon of Despair

>> No.53783621

Wait so you can take guardsman on their own now? no need for a command squad/commisar?

>> No.53783629

Well, you'll need an HQ of some kind. And Commissars are never a bad idea.

>> No.53783633

Yes, learn to read.

Are you actually retarded?

>> No.53783638


>> No.53783645

you can take anything with the *Khorne* keyword in the same army. Some things have a "pick whatever keyword you want" like Chaos marines and Ork boyz. This lets you run the <mark of chaos> Khorne keyword or the Khorne klan in the same army.

there are naysayers who say this doesn't happen, of which you can't run Khorne demons in the same detachment as chaos marines with the mark of Khorne
>those people are also wrong.

>> No.53783648

I'm really fucking sick of seeing 1000 point or under lists running Ahriman. It's triggering my autism in 10 different ways

>> No.53783651


Just go read the fucking rules.

>> No.53783660

Maybe it's them fighting to the bitter end and when the immidiate battle eases down and the adrenaline starts dropping they kinda die off or become incapacitated due to shock, stress, torn limbs, broken bones, concussions, lacerations and punctures.

>> No.53783665

> Khorne demons in the same detachment as chaos marines with the mark of Khorne
You can cause <chaos>

>> No.53783679

i have but i'm still confused, just cannot find the detachments
Basically atm all i can gather is it's the same as 7e with the detachments

>> No.53783694

The LoC comes with no weapons after you've bought him in points, you have to actually equip him with the,
That's why he has the same power points

>> No.53783696

Keep reading. It's in the rulebook.

>> No.53783700

>just spamming it everywhere we have no fucking idea
Maybe if you're retarded. Vanilla marines are the most popular faction, and it's clealry not because they're in everything because if we count only the boxes that includes vanilla marines only the amount of boxes drops dramatically.
The "there only popular because GW pushes them" claim also flys in the face of the fact that marines have been popular long before GW put them in everything, they've been number one pf 40k factions since RT. It also flys in the face of the larger trend through out sci-fi for marine like things to be popular, which supports the idea that marines are popular because people like things like marines. And moreover, the assumption that people just buy the box set and play what they get is idiotic, most people don't buy a boxset for things they don't want, and those that do buy boxsets often sell what they don't want on Ebay, and even if they do keep them that in no way means they play them (which makes the idea thst people play marines just because they're in everything highly questionable) as the guy who says he has 100 marines has attested to.
correlation is no grounds to claim causation.

>> No.53783710

How bitter you must be.

>> No.53783717

Please ignore this
i think i missed what you meant

>> No.53783721

Marines were the posterboy in RT.
Your move Guliman.

>> No.53783724

>terminators still shit

>> No.53783728

Yeah, but flip 200 coins, and you're pretty sure at least one was heads

>> No.53783733

What is your local GW manager called?

Mine is called Matt.

>> No.53783740

>not only giving tank commanders vanquishers

>> No.53783744

T-they're not shit! If they're in an open field against a small amount of GEQ, they totally kick ass!

>> No.53783752



>> No.53783753

Then the categories are inherently worthless to you, pick what you like or, take the top few choices and choose between them randomly.

>> No.53783754

>marines were posterboy in RT
they were also crimson fists and given those guys would necessarily popular by virtue of being the poster boys shouldn't we have had a surplus of ancient CF and in 3rd old black Templar armies?

>> No.53783758

But they weren't in every box. The fact that marines are the closest thing to the protagonist in the fluff is and entirely different (and far more likely) reason for marines popularity than "they come in everything."
I'd be a fool to dispute the claim that marines taking front and center stage in the fluff explains, at least in some significant part, why they're popular.

>> No.53783763

Waiting for an answer, I want to see your way of using storm bolters to kill genestealers point effectively.

>> No.53783765

pg 240-246.

Ask for page references, rather than a thousand rules questions.

>> No.53783769

>I just return home from a demo for this guy
>first time he plays in 8th
>he brings Guilliman

>> No.53783775

I don't have a GW manger my FLGS is run by two blocks called Andre and John
solid dudes

>> No.53783777

This mad about marine spam that he has to write about how they are not spam.

Cheetahfag would love this

>> No.53783778


Hi Glasgow.

>> No.53783780

What game have you been playing? termies have been doing great for me. Maybe you're just a shit player?

>> No.53783781

Went full retard and missed out the pages
So basically what i understand is if i had a blood letter the rest has to be either keyword khorne or keyword chaos or both keywords?

>> No.53783783

Until you factor in orders which buff the rolls in any number of ways, and that lasguns can now kill anything
>butthurt eldar player detected

>> No.53783793

Why wouldn't he? There's nothing obviously wrong with doing that, as a newbie at least.

>> No.53783808

Woah wait a minute, honor guards and champions are independent characters now? And I saw someone's guard list where it just listed Commanders for 50 points a pop. Pls spoonfeed

>> No.53783814


I'm in Pollok. You?

>> No.53783815

More like my opponent, faggot

>> No.53783826

So far haven't lost as guard. Armored guard and Mechguard are gonna be huge. Haven't tried blobbing yet. Infantry squads are now just cheap command point filler, might be a good idea to throw a sniper and heavy bolter in with them and let be

>> No.53783828

CF are marines.

>> No.53783830

What do you mean? What exactly makes you think termies are shit?

>> No.53783836

Will renegades, lost and the damned ever get their own rules?

>> No.53783839

I apologise for being dumb, but can someone spoonfeed me on reserves?

I think I can put 50% of my units in deep strike, measured in purely number of units, not points involved, is this right?

So I could tax spam something cheap and do more deep striking?

>> No.53783845

Only in forgeworld, so you'll never be sure if you can play them in a new store.

>> No.53783847

W8 for the codex fellow brother of Slaanesh... Then complain

>> No.53783850

Independent characters no longer exist, just characters. They can't join units, they are just floating out and about as their own unit.

However, they can't be targeted unless they are the closest unit. They can however be targeted by sniper rifles and possibly something that has a special rule to allow it.

Guard Commanders are 30 points now base. Platoon Commanders are 20 points. Commander can do 2 orders that auto pass, but are only 6 inches and Platoon Commanders can only do 1 order.

>> No.53783853



>> No.53783854


I think its based on deployment though, so something in a drop-pod counts as one thing. Same with something in a rhino.

>> No.53783859

Masque does a lot more than +1 to hit dudebro

>> No.53783862

>muh mathammer
Off yourself

You should have taken him outback and beaten him with the model, then run over it.

>> No.53783864

I'm also a different anon from autismo.
I don't care if they are marines but by the nature of your reasoning, if marines are only popular because they are pushed by GW then there should be a surplus of the specific chapters that were pushed no?

Honestly i think it's a kid thing, they see them and go that's fucking coolio.
I had the same experience when i was an aklebiter and saw tau come to think of it, CF were still being sort of pushed back then

>> No.53783872

Wanna fight?

>> No.53783875

CF and BT are marines.

Marine conspiracy! They killed fantasy so they could make ground marines!

>> No.53783881

how do either of those thing change law of large numbers and variance decreasing with sample size increasing?

>> No.53783889

You're right, we shouldn't use dice averages to determine this dice based game.

Last game my predator's two heavy bolters fired into a genestealer horde and killed 1 model. Since we're not allowed to figure out dice averages, this is what I'm using as the baseline for all heavy bolters, 2 heavy bolters kill 1 genestealer.

>> No.53783890

A bit confused, so with power upgrades like weapons are free?

>> No.53783894

Interesting. Command squads are just nixxed?

>> No.53783899

Yes, power level takes wargear into account so that you can field whatever you models have on them at the same power level.

If you want more detailed balance use points.

>> No.53783902

I don't know what you're trying to say here.

>> No.53783905

I think they just have a commander with some veterans rather than specialized guys who come alone.

>> No.53783906


>> No.53783914

Command squads are now Elite choices. 4 models with the same options as before. It's ridiculous now. You can fit any amount of squads in a transport as long as you don't exceed capacity, so technically you could take 3 Command squads in one Chimera and have them all kitted out with a special weapon. 12 Plasma Guns jumping out and rapid firing.

>> No.53783917

What happened to the tyranid guy on stream to be BTFO so much?

>> No.53783918

>getting mad that people aren't reading a ruleset that hasn't been released yet

>> No.53783920

A newbie should bring basic stuff.
Some tacs, some assaults, some termies, a dread and some vanilla characters, to understand the rules and how an army works.

Only after that you can appreciate and understand the value of special characters.

As a matter of fact, he stole my initiative and charged turn one with Guilliman, which killed a lot of my stuff. He now knows the rules, but nothing more really.

>> No.53783922

my medic personally saved my heavy weapon squad twice.
it was great

>> No.53783926

casuals are fucking cancer
just ignore the retards
there's a link to all the rules in the OP

>> No.53783933

>complete copy of rules available

>> No.53783940

shut the fuck up dummy

>> No.53783943

They're basically Special Weapons Squads, but 4 max with 4 Special Weapons hitting on 3+ vs 4+

>> No.53783944

I just came in too, I wonder what happened.

>> No.53783947

Do space marine chapters have non scout snipers?

Would it be unfluffy/heresy to paint a vindicare assassin as whatever chapter and field him as a space marine sniper

>> No.53783950

Oh yeah, it also does -1 to hit defensively.

Compared to "-5 to WS and can only move/run/fall back/charge d3", -5 to BS and no overwatch, and an S1 AP2 Ignores Cover hit per model in the unit", it's way more boring.

>> No.53783957

shut the fuck up dummy

>> No.53783959





>> No.53783961

No, newbies play whats awesome.

Guiliman is huge and looks great. So of course he's going to bring that.

Just because you think he should play bad units doesn't mean he has too.

>> No.53783968

Must have been a shit Tyranid list and shit player. Deathwach are trash.

>> No.53783969

Me neither. It came out lame and stupid sorry

Well we have Primaris Marines. Maybe if they just sold them as new marine models it would have been GW being GW, but making "Super Space Marine" doesn't feel right.

If we go full autistic and paranoid Primaris and the Ultramarines vs chaos focus would be like GW saying "Why are you not playing with marines?"

>> No.53783970

Wait, so the newbie brought an effective unit, did well with it, but he's somehow dumb for doing so?

This just reeks of salt.

>> No.53783976

Look better?
Read over the rules for hive guard, is it true you can just walk behind an MC and shoot through them given you don't need line of sight for their weapons?

>> No.53783980

Do we have any links for the new indexes? I don't see them in the PDF libraries in OP.

>> No.53783989

lol hordememe retard pissing himself as the near future of getting blown the fuck out opening weekend starts to reveal itself to him

>> No.53783992

>Do space marine chapters have non scout snipers?
Not per the Codex Astartes

>Would it be unfluffy/heresy to paint a vindicare assassin as whatever chapter and field him as a space marine sniper

I'd think you'd be better off taking a Scout / SM and kit bash the fuck out of it and use him as a Count As

>> No.53784005

the books called chaos, imperium 1 & 2 and xenos 1 & 2 are the new indexes

>> No.53784010

>it's way more boring.

That's a feature, not a bug.

Welcome to 8e. Where if you want flavor you have to wait for your codex.

>> No.53784011

you always could

>> No.53784016

different anon, but you shouldn't use dice averages naively to make predictions.

First you need to remember the statistical rules and characteristics beyond averages. Like the law of large numbers, variance, maxes and mins, etc.
Then statistical assumptions. That when using multiple samples, those samples are from populations sharing the same characteristics. etc.

Then the assumptions used when translating the reality to the model. the geography of a gameboard can be modeled by geometry, but the full geometry is almost never used due to the complexity even on something like a gaming table. Abstraction can lead to flaws.

You've mostly been good, but once you get stuff like how many turns you can shoot, charging from over 9 inch, engaging without charging, etc, the statistical model starts breaking down.

>> No.53784017

How did you named units?

>> No.53784023

>casuals are fucking cancer
Holy shit are you WAAC fags that assblasted over the new rules already?
Good luck selling those riptides on ebay.

>> No.53784024

Seems we got Deathwatched instead

Truth be told, the Nid player was pretty shit

>> No.53784039

That's hilarious
Left click the name like 5 times

>> No.53784042

As we can see here, a Marine and timid homosexual player clutches onto his hope that his army will not be trash.

But he doesn't realize that it's already trash and you can't fix it.

>> No.53784049

>lol look at my shitty list and terrible gameplay do you wanna play with me I'm using power levels only
your existence is a fucking burden, fuck off back to the kids' table where you belong, the adults are trying to play

>> No.53784055

How are Deathwatch faring in 8th if they can BTFO the Nids? I've not really seen anyone talking about them.

>> No.53784062

Nids confirmed shit again

>> No.53784067

It was the same with the Guard vs Custodes. Both the Tyranid and Guard player brought garbage and made stupid choices.

>> No.53784073


>> No.53784087

>No mention of list
>No mention of gameplay
>No mention of power levels
Strawman harder faggot.
I hope the guy who buys your riptides then gets a refund on his purchase and keeps the models.

>> No.53784089

>can't watch replay because "lol only available to subscribers"

Is GW so fucking money hungry that they'll charge their customers to be advertised to? Holy shit.

>> No.53784091

Does anyone know what the rules are for jump packs in 8th?

>> No.53784097

I just have to wait.
These 9 cheap riptides I got second hand will secure my dominion in a decade.

>> No.53784099

What's the point of a demo if you just bring the big character but don't know how the rest of the army works?

I brought a little bit of everything to show stuff, but still, he has now no idea what he can do with his tacs, dreads and transports and how they are different from 7th

>> No.53784105

>tfw want to make my own marine army
>tfw keep holding off because I'm not sure if regular marines are gonna get squatted

>> No.53784109

Tbf. Even the Primaris vs. Death Guard had questionable tactics.

>> No.53784131

They will be. It's less of squat and more of a fade.

>You'll end up being less supported than SOB.

>> No.53784143

>this much autism

>> No.53784151

>space marines are iconic, their helmet is a stylized skull and their armor evokes musculature and strength
I just realized marines are stormtrooper ripoffs but without every soldier having a plasma gun that doesn't explode.
Though this is probably like Columbus finding America in tier of discovery.

>> No.53784153


See, that's what I'm worried about. But Primaris seem way harder to play than regular marines, because everything's so specialized.

>> No.53784161

Looked up another game of Tyranids vs Deathwatch to see if maybe those 2 were just retarded. The other game I saw was very close. Maybe Deathwatch is pretty good this edition.

>> No.53784172

The 25% rule, use it.

>> No.53784186

I know it sucks to lose game after game, but at least the people at your LGS are still willing to waste their time playing your garbage army, right?

>> No.53784199

They're starting off specialized. But eventually they'll add Primaris units which are flexible.

>The Marine infantry kits are too new to obsolete. They need to run through their stock and make more money before making them redundant.

>> No.53784211

I disagree.
The new box is no different from DV or the previous space wulf v orks or black reach or battle for maccrage or BT v DE and so on.
I've been of the opinion that it's the best choice for them to do this, marines are oddly versatile units and can be used for come to think of it half the armies of the game and that's not a mistake.

You could say it's a feedback loop, GW supports them and thus people buy more and thus GW supports them. But while there is some truth to More support == more players i don't think that this has no limit. There are diminishing returns limited by people's own interests. and outside of WAAC folk (who should be playing eldar) i don't see so many people jumping into superhuman if there wasn't some sort of psychological appeal. Much like the old women == nid players meme

I play guard for example my army's sculpts are predate 5th edition, and the ones that are not came out in 5th. I don't think we've ever had a starter set and we've gotten little non FW support. And yet we haven't faded into SoB status. We've been doing fine for quite awhile because some people want to play a conventional army.

>> No.53784217

>Those unpauldroned shoulders.

>> No.53784233

>SoB are a better army than marines
>marine codex is going to be a broken op mess
>poster boys can't suck!
>give them more models quick!

I don't really think they'll make it broken, but I give GW 4 codex release before they break 8th with bad rules

>> No.53784242


>Space marines being star wars ripoff

>Not the actual IG stormtroopers

Are you drunk, Anon?

>> No.53784245

I know I'm gonna get yelled at for this but.. where/what is this army builder?

>> No.53784252

There isn't an original idea or design in the whole of 40k

>> No.53784257

What's that? Guardsmen haven't received a Monstrous Creature yet? Guess, GW now needs to release a Guardsman...inside of a Guardsman.

In a non-homoerotic way of course. Got to keep it family-friendly.

>> No.53784258

They're the ones with the same dopey helmets and painted on abs.

>> No.53784260

>beakie's are a ripp off of star wars.
keep lauffin mate we all know it's a rip off 2000ad

>> No.53784264

Someone put this in the fucking OP.

>> No.53784265

Maybe he wanted to see how big damn heroes worked? Could you lay off the salt?

>> No.53784275

Does a more legible copy of 8th's core rules then the one in the leaks mega exist, as of yet?

>> No.53784278

>I just realised [nerd-relevant IP #1] is a ripoff of [nerd-relevant IP #2]
>boy I sure do hope fans of [nerd-relevant IP #2] don't get mad about this statement teeheehee

>> No.53784282

I think they just have fly. So they can move above their minimum movement (probably 0) but below their maximum movement (probably 12) and can pass over walls and models. Also they can retreat and still fire and charge.

>> No.53784284

Where is the line between a WAACfag and a regular person who is trying to make a competitive list?

>> No.53784289

Personally I think GW is like a video game company making realistic military shooters.
Marines are that a safe bet.

>> No.53784297

I just want plastic steel legion/first borns
Maybe some plastic rapiers.

>> No.53784305

Who cares, it was a demo.

What bothers me is that I always was the guy that teach to new guys, and this time I don't think I was able to do a good job.

I know he will play other games and when he'll find a unit behave differently and he'll go "But anon didn't explain this to me".
Well bitch, you didn't get me the chance because half of your army was fucking Guilliman and the other half was centurion grav and some other shit.

>> No.53784317

Are they an asshole?

>> No.53784331

People seem to be saying that deathwatch got worse, this edition, assumedly because they are a low-model count army in hordes: the edition.

>> No.53784339


Shit. Celestine doesn't have deep strike.

>> No.53784343

>star wars
>nerd ip
I have some bad news anon.

>> No.53784344

If Roboute Guilliman and the Ultramarines fell to Chaos would Ultramar basically be the Galactic Empire?

>> No.53784355

>12 Plasma Guns jumping out and rapid firing.
I kinda want to do this to be my new mech Vets but I'm debating 1 commander ordering 2 command squads firing supercharged vs just 3 standard plasma squads.

>> No.53784366

Net listing?

>> No.53784368

>Being willing to wait a week to not have to deal with the shitty scans
It's okay, I'm sure your extra four games will really make the difference.

>> No.53784369

The Imperium is basically the galactic empire, but less competently ruled.

>> No.53784370

How would y'all rate Kroot units in this edition? Thinking of getting some Krootox counts-as for some melee punch and tanking charges. 6+ save might suck, but good movement, 3W and T5 a piece with stronk fists and an autocannon each. Seems like a steal at 34 points a piece.

>> No.53784376

Is there any way to easily paint black marine armour? I want to play either Black Templars or Black Legion.

>> No.53784377

Starwars is pretty widely accepted my dude.
but yeah
i mean we all know it's a rip off of starcraft anyway

>> No.53784387

Stop helping people who have clearly not even made an attempt to read the rules.

>> No.53784389

That dreadT-ST in the background looks so sad.

>> No.53784396

and the legs too
goddam they are a bitch to fit on the base

>> No.53784411

I like talking and explaining things so it satisfies my itch too.

>> No.53784417

>even in death I'm I still serve

>> No.53784418

Black legion are easy because you've got the gold trim to break things up/make the model interesting.

>> No.53784428


but when I look at jump pack units they have both fly and jump pack as key words. If all jump pack does is give fly, isn't that kind of redundant?

>> No.53784439

>I'm debating 1 commander ordering 2 command squads firing supercharged vs just 3 standard plasma squads.

Three Command Squads = 12 PGs or 24 shots at 12". 24 shots = 16 Hits and 4 Overheats

Two Command Squads, Taking Aim= 8 PGs or 16 shots at 12". 16 shots = 12 Hits and .44 Overheats

>I'd personally go Officer to order. Either way they have to be focused, but Officerless they're blowing themselves up.

>> No.53784441


>> No.53784442

>want to play competitively
>LGS is full of retards with shitty armies who barely have a grasp on the rules
>get called a rules-lawyer for pointing out grievous rules errors
>get called a WAACfag for bringing a strong, well-balanced, points efficient TAC list
How do I upgrade my player group? I want to play against other people who know what the fuck they're doing.

>> No.53784448

Or we'll just subtly use the primaris figures for *all* marine units, and there'll suddenly be a special shoulder bit or helmet or paint scheme (or just the different weapons) to designate a 'primaris' unit.

>> No.53784470

I'm starting a CWEldar army for 8th, is this list okay? I'm not looking for tournaments or anything, just a good mid-tier list for casual games

>Autarch Skyrunner: Laser Lance, Reaper Launcher
>2x 6-man Dire avenger squads
>2x 5-man howling banshee squads
>2x 5-man windrider squads: shuriken cannons
>4x 3-man shining spears squads
>2x 5-man Dark Reaper Squads
>2x Wave Serpents: twin missile launcher, twin shuriken catapult

>> No.53784487

How would you further streamline 40k?
I'd shrink everything to 3 stats.

>> No.53784491

Anon the Imperium looks competent when compared to star wars empire/republic

>> No.53784492

Could also do 3 Command squads each with a heavy flamer and 3 flamers. 9 Flamers and 3 Heavy Flamers hopping out. Maybe 2 Heavy Flamers on the Chimera.

>> No.53784494

Thank you, I know, I'm just wondering if anyone has thrown the pdfs out there yet.

>> No.53784515

what the fuck retarded mathhammer are you fucking doing?

>> No.53784517


I can't do edge highlighting though.

>> No.53784522

Dire Avengers are pretty meh but go for it if you feel like it.

Maybe go for a heavy support detachment and go 3 sets of dark reapers since they are really strong.

>> No.53784524

Go somewhere else, leave them to their fun.

>> No.53784536

It's not even bait now, it's just digitized autism. You should stop before it gets worse. Could be infectious.

The WAAC fag tries everything to win, and I mean everything.
Optimized lists down to a single point,
Not playing an army/faction, have exactly enough models to play their list,
Cites ambiguous rules from either the main rulebook or some shitty tournament FAQ,
Concedes games if they realize they can't win,
Doesn't know the rules outside of their list,
Owns other "lists" or has owned them,
Sells whole armies reasonably often,
Doesn't paint their own models,
Soemtimes doesn't build their own models,
Can't make adjustments to their list,
Plays at 1850 points only,

The list goes on actually

If they can't play by and follow the basic rules, then why are they even playing? Depending on what the players of a game agree to, anything is fine, but if there's discrepancies between games because of rules errors, those shouldn't exist. Makes your local meta pretty shitty because you don't know what rules to expect.

>> No.53784549

The units who have "deepstrike" usually tell you you can reserve them somehow; orbit, teleport chamber, tunnels, all the rules should be on the datacard.

>> No.53784552

Diana normally, though it's currently being covered by her fiance Billy who manages another store since she's on maternity

>> No.53784553

How do I fix this?

>> No.53784554

Can't really do much with black beyond edge highlighting. Its a rather plain base

>> No.53784555

Scans are pretty good for what they are and easily usable to read the rules. I mean if you're spending the time to rumble through these threads...I don't see why you wouldnt at least look at the rules as well.

Especially since 8th discussion is basically all we've been doing for the past 2 weeks+

>> No.53784583

>Not playing an army/faction, have exactly enough models to play their list,
Cites ambiguous rules from either the main rulebook or some shitty tournament FAQ,
Concedes games if they realize they can't win,
Doesn't know the rules outside of their list,
Owns other "lists" or has owned them,
Sells whole armies reasonably often,
Doesn't paint their own models,
Soemtimes doesn't build their own models,
Can't make adjustments to their list,
Plays at 1850 points only,
Oh thank god, I'm just competitive and not cancer.

>> No.53784584

Could you elaborate on your question?

Genestealers are T4 with a 5+ invuln save. Marines hit on a 3+. That is what it takes to kill them on average.

>> No.53784597

Just going for a dark grey over base Black works decently well.

>> No.53784603

>Uh hey, do you wanna play with me? I didn't try to make a good army or anything, because that would be bad, apparently, so if you want to waste two hours of your life feeling bad about completely destroying me, I'm down.
>No thanks, I'm mainly interested in competitive play.
>Lol what the fuck you fucking WAACfag

>> No.53784609

Basically, set up far enough back they can't charge you in one turn and have a screen of units which you don't mind dying in front of your most valuable stuff. Be prepared to fall back a lot.

Sniper scouts, land speeder storms, company veterans on bikes and contemptor dreads seem to be the most efficient units. Sniper scouts can kill broodlords and shoot out to 36", which is handy because you probably want to start falling back when they are within 24", making bolters problematic. Contemptors can move 9" per turn, which makes them hard to catch up with and are probably one of the toughest targets for genestealers to kill with their mass of wounds and invulnerable save. Company veterans on bikes with storm shields have similar advantages. Try to get them as close as possible to 24" from the genestealers every turn, which allows you to shoot but means they are very unlikely to make the charge.

Transports allow you to evacuate your scouts when they are threatened (i.e. when genestealers are within 20"). You can embark on a transport up to 9" from your squad and then move the transport, up to 18" in the case of the land speeder storm which also allows you to shoot from it at only -1 for moving.

>> No.53784610

switch to a real browser

>> No.53784613

I have this problem too on my potato computer.
On the good one it's fine.

I use Chrome on both, so it's not the browser.

I have no idea what causes it.

>> No.53784614

Oh, I'm sad to hear they suck. Would more banshees be a better alternative?

>> No.53784622


Yeah I know, I just looked. She's got nothing. Well there go my plans for Celestine descending from the heavens with a few squads of seraphim. Fuck. I was really looking forward to dropping a mob of Angel stand ins down behind their back line. Didn't even want to do it to try and win, i Just thought it would be awesome. I suppose I can still lob seraphim at them, but it's just not the same.

>> No.53784629

I don't understand what your image is showing. Maybe if the screencap included multiple other tabs open at the same time we might be able to help.

>> No.53784635


>> No.53784641

Thanks m80

>> No.53784650

Nah, nothing like that, I just live in a more casual meta and I like it that way. I'm more curious about the general effectiveness of units than the exact details of the list.

>> No.53784652

I'd go for guardians myself
but i play ulthwe

>> No.53784654

They're quite different.

But Banshees are decent.

>> No.53784680

>Oh thank god, I'm just competitive and not cancer.
Good on you anon. You have no idea how bad competitive 40k actually is, and you might want to keep it that way

>> No.53784682

2000 points of Harlequins

>> No.53784685

Reivers(terrible fucking way to spell Reavers) and Aggressors previewed when.

>inb4 Anglo-Scottish raiders

>> No.53784690

>295 points for 14 Flamers (5 heavy)
But why

>> No.53784705

2000 points of Harlequins

>> No.53784717

Well for 1, we have an endless supply of flamers from buying infantry squads and 2, I dunno, just because it's fun to think about happening. I'm not going to run that.

>> No.53784721

dies to conscripts

>> No.53784733

WAACs are mostly found by: blatant rules lawyering, netdecking, prone to cheating, and extremely salty when losing.

The last part is why conceding is looked down on. However, conceding is rarely looked down on if you can man up, shake someones hand, and take a loss. Also varies on when you concede. If you drop out turn 2 because your land raider blew up, then you're a fag. If you do it turn 5, when you lose next turn for sure...then I've yet to run into anyone who really cares.

>> No.53784741

Die to conscripts.

>> No.53784747

The movie that comes closest to showing off the Guard is Starship Troopers, and that came afterwards.

>> No.53784752

Twitch stream

>> No.53784753


Interesting idea. I like more elite armies, in this case going fast, but some defender chaff might not be a bad idea considering a 5+ behind cover is pretty workable.

Cool. I like the lore for them, and now that S3 powerswords aren't total ass I might do that.

My main concern is that a lot of people run vehicle-heavy shit with elite reinforcement. Do I have enough anti-armor? (Rhino killing and the like)

>> No.53784760

Has anyone mathed out how much damage 666 conscripts deal yet? I have to know how far the meme can go.

>> No.53784768

Well, that goes without saying

>> No.53784770

I'm going to get so screwed up with unit names now


>> No.53784777

Damage to what? The defenders stats matter.

>> No.53784779


You do realize that starship troopers, the actual starship troopers and not that shit movie, was a major inspiration for Marines right?

>> No.53784790

You could get those fire melta guys.

Dark reapers are quite decent at long range thought.

>> No.53784806

So now that platoon command squads are elites and infantry squads are troops, do platoon command squads have any purpose anymore? I guess you could them to fill out the brigade detachment but would that really be worth it?

>> No.53784819

All toughness and save values. I am mostly interested in if they can melt a Titan with flashlights.

>> No.53784827

This has always been quite common. But it comes from when you approach it. Butting into a game between two people to cite an incorrect ruling is fairly rude, and won't ever be presented well.

Usually, people get annoyed if you try to badger them mid-game with rule corrections. Doing so after the game is generally going to get a better response. You also have to apply rules to yourself just as evenly.

Reminding the enemy when something benefits them, will bring them to your side more. The casual "don't you get to reroll that failed hit?", etc works quite effectively.

my LGS, for years, was known as the rule-nazi super competitive store...but only because we taught people the rules. Which is sad, because games are built on their rules.

>> No.53784830


they can take a shit ton of specials.

>> No.53784831

Thing equal to their strength, things higher than their strength, and things twice as high as their strength.

From there anyone can multiply the armor save.

While we're at it find out how many conscrpt bases fit into combat with various base sizes.

>> No.53784840

What's this about?

>> No.53784846

Thanks for the math.
I'm definitely running with officers now that supercharge helps against T7. Re-roll 1s to hit not only allowing them to live longer but maybe make an extra hit for more 2 damage wounds is worth trying at least once.

>> No.53784848

I don't quite get army building now... I have a Death Guard force, but would like to build some khorne stuff. Can I field both nurgle and khorne (or DG and WE) and stay battleforged? What about mixing in some demons?

>> No.53784857

Eldar squads are best run near Max strength. 8-9. Exarchs are free with no equipment as far as I saw.

>> No.53784868

I tested with them and was sorely disappointed. A meltagun isn't what it used to be, I'm sad to say. But I think I'm good between the MC-hunting potential of spears and the killiness of reapers

>> No.53784880


you mean fire dragons?

>> No.53784895

Has to have the same faction keywords. All those things have 《Chaos》 so they can be battleforged.

>> No.53784899


I guess but then they need a transport and it's all getting quite expensive for 5+ T3 models.

>> No.53784903

>Tfw only get to play on 4 tiles no matter how big the game is
>Still the best place to play for miles around
Northamptonshire is ass for Tabletop games

>> No.53784922

T4, 5++ makes the odds of any S5-7 weapon to kill a genestealer to be: BS * 4/9

Marines are 2/3, so you end up with 8/27, aka a little under 1:3 to kill a genestealer. 1 HB fires 3 times, which would make it a 26:27 to kill a single model.

>> No.53784927

Yeah I just forgot their names

>> No.53784943

I've been living under a rock and haven't played in years. What's going on in this pic?

>> No.53784950

You mean the book? Yeah, that thing was the inspiration directly or indirectly for pretty much every set of power armoured super soldiers for the last fifty years. The movie, on the other hand, is pretty close to the Guard. Super fascist society, constant propaganda, high mortality rate, encouragement to die gloriously, mixed gender units, fighting giant bugs with shit rifles etc. Even the body armour and helmets look kinda Cadian.

>> No.53784951

>I am mostly interested in if they can melt a Titan with flashlights.
I know somebody worked out how many conscripts you could physically fit within 24' of a knight, and worked from there

it worked out something around 30 wounds from 1 turn of shooting, assuming FRFSRF

>> No.53784960

Are there stats for a titan yet/

>> No.53784963

Tau special rules mean you can defeat the enemy at the start of the game on a 3+

>> No.53784975

One keyword shared across the whole army and I'm golden? Cool, thanks

>> No.53784978

This was in 5th edition.

"Dawn of War" deployment. White Scars player reserves his entire army. Tau player infiltrates Kroot across the DZ. White Scars player can't enter the gameboard, automatically loses before the game starts.

>> No.53784979

We get rules for the biotitan yet

>> No.53784985

There has to be a better acronym than FRFSRF

>> No.53785006

I've always been a fan of BRRRRRRRT

>> No.53785008

business idea: shield abbadon and friends with hordes upon hordes of cultists, using his ability to make them immune to morale

>> No.53785010

not gonna lie that sounds hilarious

>> No.53785016


Yeah, the movie is close to the guard. I agree with that. It's just a lot of people don't seem to realize there ever was a book, so i'm a bit autismo about it.

>> No.53785036



>> No.53785041

>Player 1 (white shirt, henceforth called Wheels) is a Warhammer powergamer. His gimmick is to hold his entire army in reserve. The opponent will be forced to deploy conservatively, since Wheels' side of the field will be empty. At the beginning of his first turn, Wheels will deploy his entire force in a compact "spearhead", then advance and pierce the enemy line at its weakest point.
>Player 2 (black shirt, let's call him Shooter) is aware of Wheels' gimmick.
>During the normal deployment/setup phase, Shooter places his commander on the field. In Warhammer, two players are supposed to take turns - deploying and counter-deploying until everything is on the field. However, Wheels announces that he's deploying nothing - he'll hold his entire force in reserve (as he planned all along).
>Shooter places a row of scouts into a single thin skirmish line covering Wheels' entire edge of the table. Scouts can be deployed anywhere, but anti-cheese rules prevent him putting a scout within 30 cm of an opposing unit, but there are no opposing units anywhere on the field and so the rule is moot. Tactically, these scouts are fucked - they have no cover, no support, and they're on open ground. As soon as the opposing cavalry takes the field, these guys will die. The deployment phase ends.
>It's now Wheels' turn. Shooter informs him that the game is over. Wheels can't actually deploy any of his motorcycles - anti-cheese rules prevent him from placing a reserve unit within 5cm of an enemy model. There isn't a single 5cm gap anywhere on Wheels' edge of the field. Wheels' entire force is doomed to sit uselessly "in reserve" until the game ends, at which point he'll lose automatically because Shooter controls the entire map.
>The tournament officials declared that Shooter's interpretation of the rules was technically correct and granted him the victory.
>And now you know why Shooter is smiling while Wheels is poring over a rulebook.

>> No.53785045

Years ago, people played this game under a rock, and a white scars player outflanked his whole army so that a kroot player could infiltrate and block bikes from outflanking onto the board.

>> No.53785046

Where can I find the painting guides, particularly invasion fleets or what's it called, they're not in the Mega

>> No.53785048

Pretty much.

You can also run the rubrics, noise, berserkers and plagues as Black Legion or Alpha Legion or anything as elites.

However you can't run something like a poxwalker or scarab occult as anything other than Death Guard or Thousand Sons

>> No.53785056

Fuck you the movie is great.

>> No.53785077

I want /pol/ to leave

>> No.53785084


The movie was shit compared to the book.

>> No.53785085

No. I am assuming a Warlord Titan is going to be like T10-T12 40+ wounds and 2+ save.

>> No.53785113

>claims to be big brave warmaster of chaos
>actually hides behind cultists like little girl

>> No.53785114

am I the only person that likes playing bigger games? I prefer to play 2500-3000pt games just so I can fit everything i want to take in

>> No.53785119

Random weirdness that has happened in 8th, due to rule derp? (Pic related)

I played a 7e game while an 8e game went down on the next table. I saw Horrors and Herald smitespam versus Space Wolves. The SW player whiffed on attacks, got bogged down in melee (transports got consolidated around), and the Tzeentch player just kept deleting his foe with smite since it could target things in melee.

>> No.53785131

I honestly don't know what they're for anymore aside from what >>53784830 said. And even then, you'd probably be better off sticking specials with vets or scions.

If command squad members had something like Look Out Sir, they'd be useful like Tyrant Guard. Right now they're just more bodies. Especially since the damn officer they're supposed to be protecting eats up the same damn Elites slot. So it's 2 elites slots for a Platoon Commander and his command squad.

They should have had some sort of "may take an extra PC for every command squad (or the other way around) without eating up a slot."

>> No.53785140


> 2 years of playtesting.

>> No.53785141

Flyer units(not to be confused with FLY units) can only charge and be charged by other Flyers. This player is more or less retarded.

>> No.53785147


Nah, the movie was far better than the book, specifically because the movie was a direct parody of the book. The book is fascist garbage.

>> No.53785149

So FW basically doesn't care about 40k anymore right?

>> No.53785151

I honestly didn't know there was a so book having enjoyed the movie as a pop-corn action flick I'm rather interested in the book.

I'm no /pol/tard you twitchy fuck. I liked it for the cheesy action stuff.

>> No.53785153

Explain Helldrakes

>> No.53785166

What is hover?

>> No.53785177

They have to. It's their source of income.

>> No.53785178

They don't have the AIRBORNE rule that the Valkyrie has, which is what gives the -1 to hit as well as restricting them to fighting against other flying things

>> No.53785179

The movie was a celebration of fascism and racism.

Could be made then, never now. Thank God.

>> No.53785198

The rule you're thinking of is Airborne. Valkyries can declare they're using Hover Mode, in which case they ignore the Airborne, Hard To Hit, and Supersonic rules for that turn. This is legal.

And now I wish a drawfag could draw a Russ and Valkyrie playing Battlebots.

>> No.53785205

I believe you'd need 108 conscripts to deal a single wound to that in a turn. 59, if they're in rapid fire range. 27, with FRFSRF.

So to take it out in a single turn, you would need 1080 conscripts within 12 inches, with 22 order giving units.

>> No.53785206

That's fair enough. It's can be a little frustrating when the adaption of a thing you like gets far more popular.

The first movie is still a fun watch, definitely a cult classic. The sequels are not, they completely missed what made the first one good.

The only thing they have in common is the name, you can't really compare them one to one.

>> No.53785207


That and they should have let them amalgamate, so 3 infantry squads and a command squad could join into a 35 man unit and the officer could give orders.

>> No.53785209

I've ran a single 10man DW squad twice now. The entire squad was armed with Stalkers and sat on my side in cover.

Stalkers can almost always use vengeance rounds, for -2AP and that shit hurts.

Be fair it tunes out 210 points for a unit that kills about 4.44 MEQ a turn. But if against any big creatures, they can wound on 2+, so it'll widdle down lowish save monsters quite well.

>> No.53785215


>The movie was a celebration of fascism and racism.

Ahahaha someone missed the point.

>> No.53785217

>Optimized lists down to a single point
I do this
>Not playing an army/faction, have exactly enough models to play their list,
I do this, too. I make a list and buy the models I need for it after testing it out on Vassal or TTS. I wish everyone did this so games wouldn't be so boring and one-sided. The only time I get to have fun playing is at tournaments because everyone else thinks it's better to purposely hamstring yourself and not play to the best of your ability, for some reason.
>Cites ambiguous rules from either the main rulebook or some shitty tournament FAQ,
Not tournament FAQs, but I do cite rules from the main rulebook when my opponent gets them wrong. It only seems to rub certain people the wrong way, the really autistic ones.
>Concedes games if they realize they can't win,
I feel like most people do this when it becomes obviously hopeless. You're just wasting time, otherwise.
>Doesn't know the rules outside of their list,
I know the main rules and the ones for my armies, but I don't have every single unit from every single army memorized.
>Owns other "lists" or has owned them,
Yep. Like I said, I make a list, test it out, then buy it if I like it. Saves money on buying tons of models I'll never use.
>Sells whole armies reasonably often,
Also yes. When I get bored of one army, I'll resell it. I always paint all my stuff to a decent standard, and usually turn a profit, or at least break somewhere near even, when I sell an army.
>Doesn't paint their own models,
I paint my own stuff.
>Soemtimes doesn't build their own models,
I build my own stuff.
>Can't make adjustments to their list,
I generally don't do this, since I try to design strong TAC lists as much as possible.
>Plays at 1850 points only,
When I'm designing an army, I'll make several versions of it for different point levels.

Adding to the above: I turn down games from people who clearly have bad armies.

So, am I WAAC cancer or no?

>> No.53785231


That book was the inspiration for just about every power armor and orbital drop idea in sci-fi. Regardless of the mans political views it's still an influental work for the genre, and much better than just spamming conscripts the movie


As the above poster has alluded to it has some...interesting political views. Though I wouldn't describe it as fascism so much as an idealized military oligarchy/meritocracy. Suffice to say the writer was a bit out there, but its great for the idea of drop troopers in power armor since it pretty much originated it.

>> No.53785236


Pretty sure 30k is now

>> No.53785249


can you not into sarcasm?

>> No.53785254

The fact that you can't understand why someone would take a less than perfectly optimized list is the biggest problem, I'd say

>> No.53785256

>Not playing an army/faction, have exactly enough models to play their list

This makes no sense. Why would I buy something if I'm not going to use it a lot?

>> No.53785267

>he sat through the entire movie and didn't realise it was satire

>> No.53785273

My daemonettes were involved in an incredible battle with termagaunts and their surgically grafted devourers. But the uninvolved, nonfighting fleshborerer termagaunts at the other end of the fight kept dying instead.

It gets really weird if you lose coherency and daisy chains are involved.

Models half a battlefield away can die as a result of combat on the front lines.

>> No.53785288

Base with a dark grey and wash the model twice with nuln oil. For an extra level of detail use gloss null oil for the first one and regular nuln oil for the second and finish with antishine from army painter.

>> No.53785293

The thing with forgeworld is that they can get away with doing smaller batches of stuff as and when customer demand necessitates it, so it's not an either/or situation.

>> No.53785297

How active are Vassal and TTS?

>> No.53785320


If you are so am I and every one of the 14 people I play with regularly. We'd only consider one of them a WAACfag though.

>> No.53785321

There were sequels?

>> No.53785328

Fun fact, the hive mind of the bugs was originally written as a metaphor for communism.

>> No.53785331

>birth of a nation was just sarcasm, stop being offended!

>> No.53785336

ooh so you can take naked exarchs again?

>> No.53785348

>However you can't run something like a poxwalker or scarab occult as anything other than Death Guard or Thousand Sons
But they're still Chaos, so you can mix n match, correct?

>> No.53785358

Well, why would they? I genuinely don't get why anyone would make it a point of pride that they don't at least try to be good at the things they love.

>> No.53785366


It depends on the unit

>> No.53785376


dear fucking god

>> No.53785385

>So, am I WAAC cancer or no?

>> No.53785389

Yes. You could use the Chaos tag or the "Chaos Marines" tag to keep your army aligned, but any bonus that affects <Legion> won't work as they are Thousand Sons / Death Guard and your <Legion> is Black Legion

>> No.53785397

You make want to use the word cuck, please be bait

>> No.53785401

Yep, but in terms of 'buffs' it will be like Dark Angels and Space Wolves: not working.

You could have an elite rubric unit buffed by Abaddon and a troops one buffed by Ahriman. But you can't cross the streams.

>> No.53785403

I also hate that Colbert Report show because FUCK REPUBLICANS!!!

>> No.53785405

Dies to flashlights same as rhinos.

>> No.53785406

Because 'I bought units I didn't like because they were stronger' isn't exactly a high bar for being 'good'.

Yeah, I could go out and buy a bunch of models I don't like to try and win more games, or I could go buy the models I actually do like, build an army around a theme, and play other people who do the same, and we'll have fun games without needing to min-max everything.

>> No.53785413

Yes. Detachments only have to share a faction keyword. If there was a unit with the faction keywords "Tyranids, Imperium, Chaos, Eldar, Orcs, Necrons, Tau", it could work in any detachment. Note, that the keywords you make up, like Klan <Klan Name>, or Hive Fleet <Name>, are not able to transcened barriers. You can't name a Klan Faggot, and match it with Hive Fleet Faggot, because the keywords here include the Klan and Hive Fleet.

>> No.53785420


I'll buy models I like for my army even if they're not optimal but if I can't find a use for them they usually just get painted and put in storage. Like my mandrakes, 10 of them, absolutely loved them but they didn't do shit in 7th. Now 8th is here I'm looking forward to sneaky baleblasting people.

>> No.53785425

Are you really comparing Birth of a Nation to Starship Troopers

You are real dumb

Really, really dumb

For real.

>> No.53785441

Antifa go away and get beaten somewhere else, ok?

>> No.53785458

>Ahriman's second rubric restored magnus's soul
But daemon princes don't have souls

>> No.53785467

So a little racism is ok in your movie about space troops?

Newsflash: the only acceptable level of racism is 0.

>> No.53785470

Hey man by the way, are there any good shops or metas in Germany?

>> No.53785475

They do now.

>> No.53785486

Only a little bit. You're more a worrisome mole than outright cancer.

>> No.53785487


I thought their daemonic essence was just their corrupted soul?

Daemon Princes could have them given their mortal origins.

They aren't pure Daemons and most Daemons view them as imperfect and flawed.

>> No.53785488

Wasn't it the Custodes captain general who gave Magnus his soul back anyway?

>> No.53785489

Fuck off, Anon. The book is infinitely better anyway.

>> No.53785493

And rogue trooper celibrates war.
And Judge dredd professes the virtues of a policy state.
And A modest proposal actually wants the rich to feed on poor people's baby;s

here's your (you) bait kun, 8/10 got mad

>> No.53785494


>> No.53785496

Ultramarines are the only chapter that appeals to me.
Have I become a boring person?

>> No.53785500

Well a Knight is T8 W26 3+ at around 500pts, a Warlord is going to be about 5 times the point cost so it has to be nigh unkillable.

>> No.53785501

It's not about specific units, it's about combos of units. You can absolutely pick a theme and still try to figure out how to optimize it and do some serious damage with it. Plus, who says I don't like the units I buy?

Also, there's more to being good than designing a strong list.

>> No.53785505

Starship Troopers 2 was direct to DVD and tried to play the concept straight as opposed to over the top satire. It was fucking terrible.

Starship Troopers 3 was direct to DVD and tried much harder to replicate the tone of the original, it even got Casper Van Dien, the lead actor of the first film, to reprise his role as a main character. It was much better than 2, didn't quite live up to 1 but didn't have the budget to try.

Then the Japs got the liscence and turned it into anime. There was an animated film a few years back and I believe there's actually another coming out in a couple months. No idea how good they are, but from what I have seen they have Marines in mech suits so book-anon should be happy about that much at least.

So yeah, there's five films.

>> No.53785513

Lets say you have a space marine army.
You have all the standard stuff.

Does your total army come to, lets say 1850 points?
Do you have any other units that you can swap out to adjust your army?
Imagine you want to run an armored space marine list. Predators, dreadnoughts and other stuff. You'll have what you need for that.
But now you want to run your space marines focusing on infantry and terminators. You'll also have that stuff.

If you can't make changes to your army list composition, your list is static and tends to not be very fun. However WAAC tourney fags do not care about anything but having the optimal list.
They won't have extra models or units, just enough to run their cheese of the month.

That's why people who have other units outside one list are considered to play the army. They have options, they enjoy their army, it's fluff and whatever else. The tourney fag doesn't.

>> No.53785514

No, the pseudo Roman thing they have going is great.

>> No.53785515

you like a hellanized style, that's not really all that boring

>> No.53785516

Shouldnt you be at an antifa rally?

>> No.53785520

It's 3 in the morning and I'm laughing my ass off imagining a Valkyrie and a Leman Russ swinging at each other. Maybe the Valk landed on the Russ and the Russ is trying to shake the Valk off or something. Fuck this is hilarious.

>> No.53785536

>Complains about racism
>While in the fucking 40k general
I know you're baiting, but this is just too dumb to ignore.

>> No.53785539

>not hating whitee.
Whatever cracka

>> No.53785541

>page 8
>female space marines again
Oh, I see why.

>> No.53785552

With the new split-fire rules, merged squads are going to be so damn awesome.

>> No.53785558

>the only acceptable level of racism is 0.
Everyones a little bit racist

Get over yourself


>> No.53785577

Fair enough. I only started play in January and with the point changes in 8th I can barely muster a 1500 pt list with my Orks and have always been rather conservative with how I buy; i.e. only buying if I know I will be using it.

>> No.53785586

you can't merge squads anymore

>> No.53785604

TTS is more active these days, check out the steam group for 40k on there.
I can still usually get a game on Vassal, and I actually prefer it, because it's just so much faster and more fluid to play with, even though it doesn't look as nice.

>> No.53785639

I like them because they dont peg you into a specific playstyle, like whitscars or ravenguard.

>> No.53785647

So if i have say 2 lords - one DG/nurgle, second WE/khorne and a unit of WE zerkers and a unit of nurgle Termies they get buffed by their respective lords, but not by the other one, correct? And the army is battleforged(thus receiving CP)?

>> No.53785676


I just hate the fact that most armies have supercrappy collision boxes twice the size of the miniature.

Also someone should REALLY code an audo dice roller with common options (reroll 1, reroll any, random number of attacks, etc)

>> No.53785698

>purposely hamstring yourself

This is what makes you WAAC cancer.

Never taking a unit or an option because it does 0.27 less wounds per volley vs MEQ than another one, no matter how cool that unit may be/have interesting fluffy rules/look awesome.

>Concedes games
>You're just wasting time, otherwise

This too. You don't see your figures as entities in an imaginary battle. They're just placeholders for stats. Which is why you don't see the glory in an awesome last stand, a suicide effort to bring down a knight/land raider, etc.

>I turn down games from people who clearly have bad armies.

And this. What's a "bad army" anyway? Something not optimized to win as much as possible? Jesus, man.

Anyway, not saying you shouldn't exist - I guess people like you keep the tournament scene alive, which translates to GW making money and producing more stuff for the rest of us.

>> No.53785727

What's wrong with bringing optimal lists?
I feel like I'm disrespecting my opponent if I don't bring my A-game, and I feel like I'm wasting my time when I play against someone who brought their gay homebrew chapter that appears to be themed around being as ineffective in combat as possible, if their list is anything to go by.

>> No.53785754

Only chapter that appeals to me is Dark Angels.

>> No.53785771

>This too. You don't see your figures as entities in an imaginary battle. They're just placeholders for stats. Which is why you don't see the glory in an awesome last stand, a suicide effort to bring down a knight/land raider, etc.
diff anon.
Reminds me of a fight i was having sunday.
>felt pretty good, my army was surrounded, like 5 vets left on the left side.
>slowly picked off by greenies.
>still win becuase he had a hard time dislodging my vets.

It's hard having a last stand when you win the fight against all logic

>> No.53785810

I think the problem is seeing the same list over and over because said list in optimal.

With 8th edition tweeking points values that shouldn't be a problem. At best everyone can take whatever they want and be competative, at worst competative lists will continually take the nerf roulette and we'll see tournament lists change all the time.

>> No.53785813

I suppose that's the difference. I don't really give a shit about the fluff, I play this game for the game, and I do see my units mostly as cool-looking placeholders for stats.
To me, the fluff exists only as the cool backdrop to the game that we're playing, with the focus being that we're playing a game, not re-enacting an imaginary future. The story of my army is just a mildly interesting foot note, not something I really care about on a personal level.
That makes more sense to me now, though, so thank you for explaining. I just didn't imagine that people were taking the story that seriously.

>> No.53785827

Just put guardians in your wave serpents.

>> No.53785870

I have a roster building question anons.

I'm building a Black Templar army. Using the <chatper> black templar rules can I take terminators, and assault marines from the regular codex?

>> No.53785898


Black templars can take anything with the <CHAPTER> key

>> No.53785924

>going to be

It's for when the codex drops and we get that back (hopefully) along with some sort of platoon option (or maybe they just make the Platoon a special kind of detachment) and other stuff.

Not that we actually need merged squads right now because well, MSU is a pretty viable tactic. Only advantage we'd get with merged squads is fewer orders needed.

>> No.53785926

There's a difference in perspective here. Some people, like you, want to win games. That is what brings them joy. That's cool. Others don't care about winning or losing, the joy is in the journey. Using their really fluffy list designed after their favourite regiment or chapter or book or whatever, or having a match where all their vehicles explode turn 2 in a chain reaction that they can laugh about for months, brings them more joy than winning a tournament. That's cool too. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

>> No.53785953


>> No.53785959

I don't even play tabletop. I'm literally here because I like the story.

>> No.53785993

Or a mix between the two. Like the person who paints a new titan silhouette on his Shadowsword's turret every time it brings down a Knight.

>> No.53786013

Don't have a GW in the country. Only 3rd party retailers who import GW stuff.

>> No.53786035

>10 slugga boyz is 5 power level
>10 stormboyz is 5 power level
riddle me this PL advocates..

>> No.53786093

Marines are popular because well...they're marines.

You think warhammer, you think Space Marines.

Everyone's got elves, dwarves, orks, humans, undead, robots, alien bugs, etc.

But genetically modified ultra religious super soldier monks?

That's GW's brand.

>> No.53786106


Cause only 8.33 stormboyz will survive the charge

>> No.53786122

No one actually advocates PL, it's just a b8 meme.

>> No.53786136

I love that sort of thing, real kill marks and giving units purity seals for pulling off bullshit rolls and saving the day.

>> No.53786160

I love how the Blood Angels' masks are designed to look like these

>> No.53786162

I'm very focused on gameplay as well but jumping into story games can be a delight Imo.

Build some fluff that limits your choices I'm some way, set up a unique scenario, and just see how it turns out. This kind of thing is a lot of fun.

Personally though in a given pickup game I expect people to bring their fight lists and give it their best shot to win.

Story games need previous agreement that we aren't taking it too serious.

>> No.53786382

And that in no way will limit you to taking marines and conscripts you fucking cretin, of course the conscripts won't become raven guard but you can still take them

>> No.53786388

theres a concept call "fairness" that you aren't getting... its OK, maybe you never played sports.

Basically its this: a competition is "fair" if both sides of the game have an equal chance at winning.

If you feel like you're wasting your time, you need to "handicap" yourself by reducing your points to encourage a "fair" game. The goal is to make sure each side has an equal chance at winning: you can let loose and play your hardest and still have a challenge, and your opponent can play their hardest and have a challenge.

>> No.53786493

Ok, I'm really overthinking and confusing myself on this battalion system.

If I want a Primaris Psyker in my IG army, do I have to take an entirely new detachment just for him? I know he was the AM keyword, but it's their own army list.

>> No.53786566

As long as all models share a keyword you can have them in a detachment.

>> No.53786586

>My scene is shitty, how do I get a better group to play with?
>Well it's bad to not know the rules bro, that makes a bad player, why are retards attracted to a game of plastic soldiers?
You're like a load of fucking guppies mouthing in the sun, just wanting a chance to read your own valueless posts
And especially this cunt
>'Yah butting in is super unpopular, you shouldn't butt in unless you have something to add, it's pretty common to not like people butting in for no reason'

Good luck man, this is about the level of retardation you'll find everywhere. One in a hundred people in this hobby will be actual reasonable adults that can carry on a game that is both competitive and fun, the other 99 are these bottom feeding virgins.

>> No.53786673

>I know
What do you mean? They are all in the OP, those are the PDFs, there aren't any PDFs of ebooks that haven't been released for obvious reasons

>> No.53786757

So THIS is the power of absolute faggotry

>> No.53786768

I didn't think niggers played warhammer?

>> No.53786806

>So many units just ignore it

>> No.53786825

How do jetpacks work in 8e?

>> No.53786846

Tyranids ignore it, orks have mob rule, guard have commissars. Most other stuff has high LD or rerolls or characters that increase LD or all of those things.

>> No.53786873

Mark, the man is a saint

>> No.53786891


A pretty nice guy actually
I have literally nothing bad to say against him

>> No.53786901

Depends on the unit. Read their datasheet.

>> No.53787006

Josh, went to the actual gw for the first time despite being into 40k for years, guy was cool, didn't push anything too hard and actually gave me a pretty good idea of the happenings on the 17th

>> No.53787407

okay I'm seeing a thing here, and how you didn't exactly communicate well.
or hopefully that is the case.

You're saying if someone has an idea and wants to go with it, they should tune it to make it works as best they can. Which is cool, I think most people get behind that for most games.

But lets say, hypothetical, for a given army the mech list with full transports is doing better in tournaments. It's even very obvious this is the case. But they player likes the idea of doing something with big units of infantry.
Or vice versa on this idea.

If you think "they should do these things to tune that infantry list to get around it's weaknesses", not a WAAC fag. If you think "Mec is clearly better , god why whould they even think about doing a infantry list, just look at the tournament results", WAAC fag.

>> No.53787549

when will 1d4chan put up an 8e admech page

>> No.53787853

Can Black Templars take scouts?

>> No.53788293

They get their own type called initiates

>> No.53788430

that was in the last edition but i dont see anywhere that it says that in this edition.

>> No.53788460

they can in 8th

>> No.53788812

Yes they can take scouts, they've been able to ever since they got rolled back in 6th.

>> No.53789085

If you can stomach having to paint every single model the most difficult shade of yellow, and top it all off with checkboard pauldrons, good luck, Lamenters are badass.

Otherwise, go with the Lunatic Marines

>> No.53789125

I like this too, actually. What other chapters don't really specialize in anything? Is that just all Ultramarine successors?

>> No.53789199

does anyone have that spider girl image unaltered?

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