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What the fuck is going on edition?

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We're baking bread and breaking bread.

And fighting yeast.

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>A large Rok enters the chamber, a huge pipe in its beak, smoke coming from it. He takes a seat where Taxla normally would be.

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>Carter speaks over the Vox,while in the kitchen.

Who are you?And where is Taxla?

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I have returned and dear God what has happened? Carter are you alright how are the Andronians?
>Touches the cross on his neck after seeing the carnage of the station.
What has happened since I've been gone? And i need to know how is the refugee situation? Are we intervening militarily in the situation?

Ooc had a fun as shit game of 40k boyos at 4k pts Guard vs Csm so in a good mood right now.

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What carter said.

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Taxla is exhausted, he hasn't slept in some days. I have offered to take his position while he rests. My name is Beak of Gold, captain of the 20th Royal Infantry, at your service
>He salutes and blows a huge puff of smoke out from his beak

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Nice pipe,by the way.
I went over to Beally's house,and we're baking bread.

Everything should be fine.The station is okay,and the Vox system is now alive,too.

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>Walks into room and takes a sip of coffee
>After the small drink he sighs
What the fuck have you all done now?

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How are you Director?My apologies for being gone so long but we have been engaged in a campaign of hit and run attacks against the Conclave. How are things in the Dominion?
My thoughts exactly Ambassador. Well fucking put.

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Thank you, I made it myself. Taxla told me to send regards to you in particular.

Taxla must rest, human, and I have been tasked to fill in his position for that period of time.
>He adjusts the pipe again and lets out another puff of smoke

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We literally reset reality by feeding a child drugs and candy.Now I'm making bread underwater with Beally the Andronian and 01.

Although they aren't responding right now,so I went to check the Vox.

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I wouldn't be surprised if they started fist fighting in the council room.

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Thanks.So,any news on the Avarians?

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Im ̶̵h̵̷͜e̴̕r̢e

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Good.Now that the bread is nearly done,where's Beally?
The sad thing is that we did.With another Hivemind.

How's the expansion.

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I wish I could tell you the whole story for everything thats happened but I believe you would miss all of the next....5 meetings.
>How are things in the Dominion?
Good lord I've been so focused on the Expeditions I havent checked the reports in a long time! I really hope there isnt a civil war brewing.

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Please tell me you are joking.
This fucking council I swear to Aun'O Lariske

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The new blood? Well, seems there empywas so happy we went and saved their worlds and people, that he unlocked the schematics to the android armies we fought in the ringworld. Seems his father had made them, and gave him the schematics.

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I am not.
On the upside,Sadan is good.

Oh yeah,we also genocided the Void heretics,and since it turns out the Ryush sector is not a refugee crisis,but an uprising,I directed the new Hive to eat it off the map.
Could you send over a model?VOX could use it.

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Sure, be happy to. These are some intense killing machines I gotta say, more advanced than other tin cans I've fought. These ones can think, can outmanoeuvre a sentient being of flesh and blood.

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This council was a good place once.

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w͝h̷à͜t̴̢̨s̴̸̛ w̧r̶͠ǫ͜ņ̸g̴ ̵with ̶̸t͝h͝͠í̵ś ̴̵c͟o̸̢ù͢ǹ̷c͞i̢l̷̛ ̶̢
͢b̷̕l̴u͢e̷ ̛ḿ̡͢e̴̛at?

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It still is.Just that recently weird shit has happened.

Oh yeah.We cooked a tiny me in the bread.
Good.Can they use fingers?

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Sometimes I fear the insane out number the sane in the Federation.
I hope not at least. And if you'd like one of these days I'll have you visit our Earth and I'll visit yours. Though it might be covered in signs of industry and the ruins of previous wars there is nothing like it I swear.

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Nothing..?We do our job.
Not our fault an ADHD kid got LSD and reset the universe.
Well,it is.But you get what I mean.

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I'm not insane.

I hope.

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Talons, all of them are built for combat, just different models for different ways of killing. They can use them for rending things apart, seen it myself on the ring world.
>He blows out several smoke rings and watches them float up

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Some rather "strange" fellows have been showing up as of late.

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Well who is the new Hive eating? All signs we have found and all the information we've gathered has us on the side of these freedom fighters. Besides the Kingdom has detained Imperial citizens who were just bystanders.

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That's good enough.As long as it can type and use a coffee machine,it's good.
Yes.But also some new species.

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>Hi sits in his chair and rubs his eyes.
I mean...he did just admit to resetting the universe you...whatever you are.
Well that's cute but the weird shit is getting out of hand.
We need some kind of Interdimensional group to keep these fucking 29'nth dimensioners from killing us.

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I'm afraid both sides.These freedom fighters are using violent methods and want to exterminate all Eortites.I sent an evac ship to bust out your guys,and mine have left the system.

But yeah they all gonna die.
Unless we vote not to.I'm fine with any outcome.

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Well,we have Beally.
And I can usually handle them,but I am currently researching a way to defend the place.

One moment.I must go for a few minutes,have to check the ship.

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Well I'd commend you if you managed to get them to do it, seeing how they are built for combat roles.

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w͝e̛ ̛are̛ ̨ư̧ǹ̷͟i̶͠͡t̡ ̛o̡̢͞n͟e͟͞ ͝s͞p̧e͘͟͞a̴k͡͡er̨̢͡/͟d̛įp̡̀ĺ̕oḿa͟c̡̛y̡͜͞ fo͟͡r͜ ͜uş/̸i̡/̶͢we̵

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b̷̶̨ųt̀͟ ̧wę̶͡/̷ư̕͠s̵/i̸̢ ̀́n̨͜͞è͢e̴̸d͟ ̨̡t̨̛͢o̶͠ ̸͘s̢̀l̷̡u̶͢mb̸é̛r/́͟res̷t̴͟
͞s͘͢o ̧ẃ̛e̡/u̕͡s/̴̸i ̷̧wi͢l̶l͝ ̶͞l̶e̕t̴ ̸͞s̶̡o̷me͝ǫne̛͟ ̶n̵o̵͠t͘ ú̀s̕̕͝ ͝e͞͞x̡͟p̡̕l̛̛a̵̧i͞n̸ ̧u͢s̕

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Goodnight bud.

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>The captain stretches and puts his pipe out before placing it in a case
I'm gonna nap, I'll see what's happened when I wake up
>He leans back in his chair and shits his eyes, asleep in moments

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We and Carter are building separate devices to handle it. Ours is relying on psionic power to help control and focus a beam of pure psychic energy with enough malice and souls of the dead imbued in it to kill anything. Regardless of dimension.
Well the Empire votes no. We still have people on the ground there assisting the wounded and injured. Not all of these people are murderers Carter.

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You use raw psychic power and souls and turn them into a laser.

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Yes,his people are.I am building something out of assorted parts to help with the laser.

And I know they all aren't murderers,but I would recommend you pull your people out.Even if the Hive doesn't arrive,we will likely have to fight in the sector regardless.

Either way,we have to do something.

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Hey the end justifies the means. If Carter fails in his quest to obtain the body of the Storm Kings this is our back up. A sufficiently strong group of psionics could possibly stop the Court from entering /altering our reality in the first place.
Carter let us be voices of reason. If we jump the Federation fleet into the Ryush system as a neutral force we can threaten both sides into negotiating. Believe me it has worked before in Empire history perhaps we can reach an agreement here.

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True enough.
I'll send the orders to leave.
The court is an enemy now?

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They have given us a reset on our universe this time. But next time they might destroy it for good. Honestly it's just a precaution. Besides we still have the Storm Kings to deal with.

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Okay.That might work.

But I'll send the Hive if all else fails.

And the Court isn't an enemy,per say.It's just that I would like cessation to happen when we all die,rather then while we're alive.

And I need the Storm King Father's carcass for research.

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As for now,I'm just going to stay in my ship,parked at Beally's place.

So,any news?

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Well who should lead the fleet? I vote Jaxara I bet he's quite the tactician. But in all seriousness we shall have all the Federation members in attendance arrive there as well to give a unified fave for the Eortans and the rebels to negotiate with. Hopefully it won't come to conflict and we can deploy some of Silver Frond's machines to the planets to stop further violence by eating the weaponry. And let us keep the reality warping to a minimum Carter. No more drugs for members of the Court or I will personally make a new reality so i can personally smack the shit out of you over and over for being such a dumbass.

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Okay,fine.I wasn't being a dumbass,that was a very enlightening experience,and got me a valuable sample that will save us all someday.

Also why would I use reality warping there.I'm not gonna waste it on that sector,simple bioships are good enough.

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I vote either Jaxara,or Baron Taxla.

But I'll lead my own.Simply because they won't follow any one else as well.
So,do you want to help with infantry rules?
Today we actually did fight 3000 gaunts from a Hive,so Beally and I had to roll 10 d100s against it to win.We should make infantry rules,or at least single fighter rules.

Also,what type of universe is this?I'm playing Carter as a means well scientist who has lost all fucks to give and lives in another reality (literally),but I hope I'm playing him correctly.But are we going for a more serious game where there are millions of casaultys and we need to manage this,or a fantasy game of noble dark/bright stuff,or what?
I just want to know.I'm happy with how you guys are playing your dudes,but I just want to know how to approach this.

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Suuure it will. And I've seen the files on the Eortan military while they might out number us it would leave them stretched very thin. But the Hivemind you told me of (not our Prethoryn friends) might be a a more massive threat.

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Ooc I'm trying to play more seriously and be a fool to the general craziness that's been going on. Because being a military leader and ambassador he has to be pragmatic about the situations he is forced into but really doesn't want any more bloodshed and is just trying to do what he thinks is best for his people and the Federation. But i like it for infantry being quick and easy but we should try to work on armored vehicles as well.

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Karl,you know as much as me that the Court wants to kill us.But I ended up with something great.

I got a sample.A sample of ASMODEUS,before the cessation.I also have a sample of DANTALION's blades.

Trust me when I say that your laser needs backup.This research must be done.

Besides,it was a calculated risk,and I took it.If push had come to shove,I would have used the sample to force ASMODEUS back in and recreate reality.

Yeah,I see how your Ambassador acts.And I'm not trying a lol randumb dude,don't worry.Carter is more of a tired,apathetic man who's lost a lt,and will do anything to fix his issues.Your guy and mine contrast quite nicely in this regard,especially when working together.

So,I was thinking for two more rules.A set of ground warfare rules,and some fighting rules for situations like the W'nai incident or the Gaunt assault.What do you think?

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Also,the Hive may seem like a threat,but I believe negotiation is possible.

Although now we aren't giving it the Ryush sector.

Regardless,I am willing to support any action we do.The Federation works together on matters like this,and I help the Federation.

And no,I won't use anything extradimensional,unless it is needed.
The ASMODEUS incident was for the sample.

For now,I will rest.Tomorrow,we will vote on a course of action.

So I'm tired,but no one else is currently here so I'll keep it bumped.Regardless,I'll work on the rules tomorrow.
Hope everyone is having a good time in these threads.

In other news,Ovaa recently had an idea,of maiing a flag for the Federation.If anyone has ideas,tell him or me,please.Perhaps it would be a simpler draw request.

Anyways,good night.I'll keep it up as long as I can.

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An Asurian steps into the outer ring of the chamber, seating herself on the observer states section. She mumbles something quietly to herself.

"Well, lets see if being here around all these xenos proves useful at all.."

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You're here.

Well,I'm afraid everyone else is resting.Or off doing other things.We will vote on the Ryush situation tomorrow.

So,what would you like to discuss?

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Greetings. Ryish situation? Are there logs or holodisks available which can inform me more of this?

I'm unsure what we can discuss, other than trade proposals. We may not accept foreigners within our borders, but we accept foreign goods, within regulations. Hm..

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What kind of foreign goods?
And good. You know as well as I that too have the Hive munching on beings regardless of their political views is bad for all of us.
Was watching Castle in the Sky dudes but hit me with those rules before i call it a night

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Recently,the Ryush sector had a refugee crisis,so we sent goods and help.
Turns out,they lied,and it was actually a natuve uprising/war,and now we must deliberate on our actions.

I'm fine with anything.Hell,I offered a Hivemind to just eat the sector,as a potential option.

But a trade proposal is fine.
What do you have to offer,and what are you in need of?

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Good,you're awake.Thought you collapsed of exhaustion.
Regardless,the premature cessation was for a reason,and I don't expect any more experiments to be so extreme.

So,what alternate solution do you propose?
I don't have the rules yet.I'll try and make them tomorrow.
It's pretty tiring,though,so I may not post as much.
I'll make the ground wars first since soon you'll be fighting the Conclave hierarch on the ground,then I'll make ambassador/skirmish/small group engagements.
Like the Rok marines vs the Void heretics(though they're all dead now.),or the laser and other project vs something like OMEGA or the End.

Either way,I'll finish up a first draft and show you guys,then I'll do finishing touches.

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Also Castle in the Sky is fucking great.

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I still propose diplomacy. After all we are Ambassadors and leaders of our people. And though we may be called upon to go to war sometimes that doesn't mean that it should always be the solution we go for. But i recommend we jump the fleet into the sector to keep the warring parties away from each other and to begin negotiations between the two sides.
Used to watch it all the time as a kid. Is still as good as i remember it which is not true for a lot of movies you watch in your youth

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Pastries, resources absent from our sector..

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Ooc good night all
You shall receive all the chocolates,pastries and desserts your heart desires. And i wonder if you could answer a question for me. I know your race is noble and great but are you for lewd?

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You are right in that we are Ambassadors.We shouldn't be warmongers.
But the Eortan lied to us.We gave supplies under false pretenses.They wastes our efforts,sidetracked supplies that could've been used to help fight the Conclave,or stop the W'nai plague before it spread so much.By their own laws they should be imprisoned for 50+ years.

The way I see it,I wouldn't mind roughing up aome of them.But we must vote on an action.I will send a fleet of bioships to the sector.
By the way if we end up using fleets I'm sending 7 dreads,12battleships,13 cruisers,45 destroyers,and 135 corvettes,with 400 elite infantry with plasma,and all using exotic weaponry of a combination of laser forwarded acid bolts,virulent fungal slugs,spined bone flechettes,and void heretic organs.
All in all just 7+2 against unshielded bioships.I'll change it if it's too OP or something,but this is meant as a show of force.

Well,what resources are you lacking?FTL,technology,metals,knowledge,the Wastes probably have it.
As for the pastries,I can provide some,but you'd want to talk to my Hivemind friend,Prethoryn.He makes cakes.

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Good night dude.

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Well,I must go now.I'm rather tired.I will see you all tomorrow.
Last bump,I guess.I'll bump it again in 40 minutes if need be,but that's it.

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>The captain wakes up and starches, and takes his pipe back out
What I miss? And who's the pointy ear.

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streches fucking phone

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I take offense to that, dammit. Why in the paleohell is everyone always commenting on ears?!

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Not corsair, the other knife ear.

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>angry flapping ear noises
You're only making this worse.

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Calm yourself, it's a compliment
>He lights the tobacco in his pipe

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It somehow doesn't feel like one. It stinks of racial slur, and a one used by humans as well. But I will have to give you the benefit of doubt.

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Knife is a positive item in Rok society, so it's a compliment to refer to something as knife. We don't have a racial slur for you because I not know what you look like beneath the mask.

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wh̵y̡͘ ̷d́͢o̴͢ ̸̕yo̶ù ̀w͢͞an͝t̸ ̛͠t̡͡͞o͟ ̀͟fí͢ģht̴͜ ţh̸̡e ̵͜ḩ͘o͠ly͟͞ ͜me̴͘͠a̢t͞?͞ ̢ju̧s͟t͜ ̨͞b̧ę̨͘c͘aus̡͝ȩ̶͟ ͜ţ́h͘e͝ ̢͘h̴͢o͝ĺ͘y̡ ͠mea̧t̸͡ś̶ ̡a̶͞d͡o͢p͞t́́́i̶n̵͟g̛ ͡m̶ȩ͞a̡͝t͘͜ ̀͟͠i̢s̢̡ ̷bei̧ņg̴ m̧͘e̛a̢n/r̵̵u̢d̵̛̀e̡͘/̴ŗ̀͘eb́ȩ͜l̵͢l͢͝io͝u͘s̀͢͠ ́͝d̕͢o͝e̸̸̵ş̷̨n̢'̴͘t̴͢͜ ͠m̶̕eá̛͘n̸͜ ͜w̷̧͟e̶̕ ̡şh̨̧ǫùl̨͜d͟ ̵stop ̶b́͜è̵͞ín̵g̴ f̡r̵̛͠i̛e͠n͢ḑ̧͡s͘ w̷̸ith̶̢ ͡t̛h̸͢͞e ̕̕h̶͢͠o͡l̸y͘ ́́m̴̷e̵a̕t͢
̡̛i͞t̷ ̷͘m̢̛e̷̛à̵ns ̵͘͡w̷͡ę̷̛ ̡s̵̨h̡͝ou̕l͞d͡ ̨͜hé͘l͝p̢̕ ̡t̵h͜e ho̡l͘y͞ ̢m̨̀ęat̸ ̀m̧a̶͝ķ̧ę͡ ̧s̷̡ur̡͝͠e͟͡ ̧h͝is̡̛ a͟͟͢d̵̛op͜te͠ḑ͡ ḿé͠át̴̕ f̕͜a̸͢l̡͠l̡s͢ ͟͡b̸a͜͞c̢k̨̡͟ ͜i̡̡n̛ ͞͠͡l̡͟i͘n̴͞é͜͡.͟

o̢͠n ̶t͠he ̧s̕u̡͟b̸j͘e̷͡çţ̴ ̧o̵f ̸ṕa̕͢s̡̡t̵̷͘r̨i͝e̴ś̀ ̨t̢̀odáy̸ w̛͟è̷͡ m̸ad́e̛ ͟m̛i̸n̶į̧͢ ca̷keś͜͠

>> No.53743778

So are you asking me to remove my mask in order to come up with the right insult?

>> No.53743809

No, just saying how can't we have a racial slur when we don't even know the species.

>> No.53743907

Good morning fellow Ambassadors.
I don't see why you still harbor a grudge Corsair. If you had joined us in battle against the Conclave you would have been entitled to your share of the spoils but instead of working profitably with us you choose to insult us at every turn.

>> No.53743919

Ah the human Taxla told me of. Care for a spot of tobacco?

>> No.53743968

We might coextist in this federation, human. But this is the extent of the tolerance I am going to extend to you, and if you don't know why, I suggest you open up some history books.
Rmph. Sorry then. Ears are a touchy subject for us.

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Ugh. You resetted reality? Do you have any idea what messing with time and space can cause to the universe?

Perhaps that -is- the reason the universe is being constantly breached by outer-dimensional threats.

>> No.53743975

Ahhh of course. I've brought some Cigars from Mars if you'd like to try one of them. Do you have a light? And what did he tell you of me?

>> No.53743986

y͜o̡u͘͡ ̛͢a͡re͘͟ sú͟c͘͜͡h̕̕ ̵a̡̡ ̡̕͜r̸ác̴͢i͜͡s͟͡t ͜a̡r͡ŕ̡ơ̴͜g͘a̴n̢͜t̴̛͟ ̡̡͡jȩ͜͜r̶k̡̀,̛̀͘ ̶p̕͠͡oi͡ņt́͠y̴ m̸̕e̵á̡t́͘͟
͟͢n̢͘͜ǫ̧̕w̨ ͟h̛͘a̡͘v̷͢e ͘͝͡s̀o̶͢m̶e̷͘ ̡c̡̧͢a͜͜k͞e ̧̡͡s̀͝o̴̧͞ ̧y͟o͢u ̢̛w̨͟i̢͜ļ͡l ̀̀st̸̡̛op̢ ͟le͝a̸̧̛k̛i̢̨n͟g͢ ͟m̧e̵͘͞an͝ ̢́w͠͠o͟͝r͝d̸́s ̢̀͟f̶̀r͜o̢̨m̨͝ ͟͞y̶͡o̴̕u̴r͞ ̶m͞oư̷t̢̛̕h̴ ̴̡f̸ò̵r ͘a ̷̷ti͢m͞e̵̢̢

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Cephalopod we have already raided and hit many Conclave worlds and seem to have spread their forces thin. Is there an important target we can hit that would really doom the Hirearch?
Well how could i prove that we sincerely wish for better relations between our people?

>> No.53744101

Yes there is. And my fleet will be reinforcing yours for this battle. Now that their forces are spread up thin we must break the defense of the galactic cartographer. A center structure, which guides all our hyperspace systems through their galactic course. Taking this down will leave every Conclave ship in the galaxy blind, unable to connect to the hyperspace routes on their maps.

They won't be able to come back to the homerworld until we re-stablish the link. My kin's ships won't be able to reinforce your attack on the capital. Of course that will also mean I will need to be on one of your ships to reach the homeworld and claim the throne of High Hierarch

>> No.53744108

The fault is mine, I didn't know, accept my apologies.

Good to see someone in this assembly has a taste for the finer things
>Offers the lighter for your cigar
Taxla told me of a imperial human, honourable sort fighting a war with the cephalopods and doing the enslaved a big favour. He spoke admirably of your nation too.

>> No.53744245

Two of our strongest fleets will soon be assembling to invade the system as well.
Ooc will you be controlling the opposing fleet?
I am glad to hear of that. We also have a high opinion of the Dukedom.
>Puffs a big circle of smoke.
For the Federation.

>> No.53744283

If you want a human player oppossing yours I will, albeit I am currently a bit busy so if I do the answers will be coming slowly.

Good. The deathfleet of the 3rd ascendant will have retreated there to lick their wounds from your last encounter.

>> No.53744292

Perhaps a joint military exercise is in order, I must say I'm quite impressed by your heavy infantry. They are the staple of the Rok species, and we respect any who also perform the role.

>> No.53744331
File: 33 KB, 346x488, 5d00dab8e9cb44a2bca7d5747e1e0c02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Limps into the chamber,his metal peg leg clicking on the floor

Now, what did i miss

>> No.53744462

We shall join up in the neighboring system.
Ooc we'll do it in a little if that's fine.
Perhaps you can join us on campaign Captain.

>> No.53744492

Against the cephalopods correct?

>> No.53744523

Now, I've been thinkin' , and dis is no hasty decision mind you, but my people called for a clan-meet, and a course is being voted.The Rumar,and all planets in our marches may now secede from this federation.The vote now stands 3-4 three for,Four against.

>> No.53744535

my vote has not been used, not yet.

>> No.53744631


c̴͜a̢n̸̨͠ w͟é̴ ̶̀b̶r̀i̛b̶͜e͜ ̵y̨o̵ú ̡with̀͞ ̸̛c̸̕up͜c̡̀akes̵̀?̛

>> No.53744692


>> No.53744702

Of course we will gladly accept any aid.
As of now our combined fleet of Empire ships is
-6 Dreadnoughts 1 as the flagship 124
-11 Battleships 165
-30 Cruisers 300
-3 Carriers 30
-80 Destroyers 160
-300 Corvettes 150
-Total fleet power of 929
Ooc if that's too much i can tone it down. Or we could increase fleet damage.
Why do the Rumar want to leave ?

>> No.53744757

that im not entirely sure,Some clansmen stat that your good sport,some say we don't need a galactic police and need freedom.some just hate and wish for anarchy

>> No.53744810


w̧e ̡̕͡ar̀͠e̴ ͜͡try͝i̧n̵g̷͜ ͜t͝ò͠ ̀b̢͘ŗ̶͜ib̀ȩ̕ ̧y͘o̴̡u̵͟,̵̧͘ ̶̶́ẁ̶̕it̸h̸̕ ̡c̡͜u͝p͢ç͞a̛ke̴͘s̸̴

>> No.53744826


>> No.53744833


c̡̧a̵ń͘ ̡̕ẁe̸ ̡̕b̴̕r̷̶̴i̵b̡͟e̕͜ y̨o̵u̢̕͝ ̡ẁ̸̢it̶͘h͜ ͢͡á̷̀l̨c̷͘ǫ̸h͡ó̷͢lí̛̛c͞ ̴ ̕͝b̶͜ȩ̴v̀͞e̛ra̶͠g̶̕e̵͢s̷?̕

>> No.53744844

Hail! Federation, I am Grand Admiral Obloss, acting as ambassador for Representative Inkito, as he is tired. Very much, and I wish to ask the same question; what the total fuck is happening here?

>> No.53744861


>> No.53744883

The plague has been contained, and nearly eradicated after millions of deaths. Now, there is one thing; we must take the Cephalopode Wars into federation consideration, and intervene.

>> No.53744901


à̛rę ̷ỳ̴ou̡͞ a̕n̛̛s̀̕͝w͞eŕi̷n̴g y̕òu͘͜r̶ o͞͞w͞n ̵́q̴̶ù̷e͝s͘t̀i̡o̷̕͜n̕?̀͝
̶w̸e̛ ̴̕͝f̀o̡͝n̨͞t ͡t̕h̶͟in̛ḱ͡ ̧͘t̸̷̀ha̴̧t̢͟ makes̕ ̵you͢ ͜ś̴e̷̵ém̧ s̷̨ą̛͘n̸e̸͝
̴̢̛u̧͜͢nĺ͜e͘s̷̢s̡͞ y̷͝o͢͢͞u̵ ̢͜a̵͞r̀e̷̕͢ ͜l̀͞͝i̧k̶͞ȩ͝ us͠/̛͠ì̡/̢we̸

>> No.53744921

Sorry but I'm not going to be able to play it out as the bad guy. Things spiralled down and I am now busier than I was before.

>> No.53744947

We are simply giving a follow-up, anyways, we shall bring the Cephalopode Issue towards the main federation authorities.

>> No.53744958

Hm, I'll have to think on it, as we don't want a open conflict with another nation.

>> No.53745001

Aha. I see, I wish to bring this to attention, and try to carve out peace.

>> No.53745070

Well from what Taxla told me they are unrelenting and it seems they would rather destruction than surrender.

>> No.53745071

We understand completely. Please take your time we will have to prepare for the assault anyways so it will not delay us.
We shall be ready soon but first we must do recon in the system and it's defenders.
That's cool dude. Later is fine.

>> No.53745276

Okay,I'm back.
Well,why would you vote to leave?We have been allied with you for a while?
If you leave,will you simply ally with the Federation?The Dukedom and the Wastes aren't part of it either,just allies.
Could you tell the history,please?I have a new neural clump right now,and I'd like to fill it with knowledge.
Prethoryn,yes they are trying to put them in line but the point is that they weren't adopted.They had already established themselves as a sovereign nation,and their absorbtion into the Eortan was illegal.

Plus,they told us it was refugees,not a native uprising and a war.
Hello,Obloss.I reset reality for a sample and to prove that the Wastes are immune to cessation,and now the Conclave is engaging in a coup with UE help,and the Ryush sector was not a refugee situation,but an uprising.

How is Inkito?
Yes,but only those on the side of the hierarch.They're infighting,and we must support a side,or remain neutral.

>> No.53745324


t̶͘̕h̨͠e͘ý̷͝ ̵̨wo̧̧̡ņ ̶̡̡t̴he w͢͠ar, ̧t̨͟h̵a͘͞t̶͝ ̸̡ḿ͝ák͠es̴̷ ̶t̸́h̷̡e̛m͟͢ ̸t͘heiŕs̷͞,̀ ̀
̧ḑò͞es̴̵ t̷̸̀h̛i͜͢s͞ ̵f̢ed̴̷̛e̵̡̛ŕ̷a̧t̵i̷o͝n̛͘ n̢̧͡o͡t̴͞ ̀͠h͟͝a͝v̶̢͘e̴͢ ̴b̢͝e͜t̕͢t̸́͠e̵̡̛r͠ ͝t̛͝hi̡̢n̛͜͞g͢͢͡s̛͡ ́͝t̨͞o͡ d͞o ̨̕͜t̡͟͞h̴̨̧ȩ̵n̵ ͡t̵͘͠o̵̡ ̢͝͡b̵͞r̸̶͠e̵a̵k̡̨͞ ͜iņ͜t͢ò̀ ̢͝s͢om̴ȩ̕͡o̴̴n̛͞e ̧͠e͜l̶͜s̷͢ȩ̀'̢̕ś ̸̢hou̴se̴̛͟ ̀a͢n̕͢d̴́ ͞b͝e͢a͘t̨ ͞͞t̨h̛e̸͢m ̴͜͢up̀͟ ̴͟͢fó̸r̷̢ ̶h̶́͠àv̢́in͜͝g̢ ͟a̧̨ ̨͢͞m̵̶e̴͟s̶̛͡s̛͘y͜ h͢͡ǫ̡u͝s͠e̷?̧͢͡

>> No.53745364

Yeah,you have a point,but it isn't right.And the Federation is supposed to intervene in cases like this.

Look,I personally agree,hell I was going to send that other Hivemind to just eat the sector,but we must vote on this.

Nice cupcakes,by the way.Are you at the Assembly?I just feel asleep parked at Beally's house.

>> No.53745393

Inkito is tired. I wish to tell you one thing, and that is that Ploraxian Forces will be deployed to the Ryush sector to make peace, sometimes with force.

>> No.53745441

I see.I have also deployed forces,but I'd recommend pulling out any help you sent the "refugees",as well,and not opening fire.We need to decide upon a course of action.

>> No.53745466


s͝o͞ ̢͞nó͜͝w͠͞ ͘yo̴̡u̵͝ ̕w̸͘i̶l͝l̸ ̢a̸ ́͜i̕͢n͞s̷a͝ņ͝e hi̡v̴̕e ̛͢͞m͘ù́͜r͘͝d̕͟͞e̴r̡̀ eve̵ry̛t͞h̛͡i̸͟n̨g̸̸̡ i̴̢̕n a̸ ̛́̕s͢͜e̡͝ct̶̢o̷̧r͠ ̧͜b͘é̡c̢a͘u͠s̸̶ę̸ ̵́y̸̕o͢͠ų ̢ḑoń̴̶'t͟ ̷͟l͘į͠k̕e̵̢͠ ̶̵̢th̢̨͜e͢ ṕo̸̡͟l̴i͟c͜y̧̕͢ ̕͜o̵͡f̷͞ ̡o̴͢n̛e̡͡ ̸̧̀g̕ov̶̕e̷r̶͠n̸me͘͜͠ń̴̕t ́͢i̴̕͜n̡̛͘ ̷̨t̸͝há͟t͢ s͞͞ec̸̕t̴̷͟o̸r͞?

>> No.53745491

Alright. All assets have been taken out, and liquidated. Some literally.

>> No.53745497

But you must remember Carter if we overthrow the current Conclave government would that not be better for the Federation? We would have a new ally and trading partner and they might even join in the Federation..

>> No.53745502

Hahah! I know right!
>He takes his arm around the Prethoryn laughing.

>> No.53745526

Prethoryn i vote to have the Federation negotiate a peace between the two sides will you vote with me? Of course we will intervene to stop the violence but genociding a sector should not be Federation policy.

>> No.53745555

Hmm.... You do have a point. I suggest keeping Special Ops troops at standby to make sure that if the coup fails, then we can seize the govt. I am supplying arms to other rebels on other key planets.

>> No.53745561

Naw,it's more that I couldn't be bothered to care anymore and the Hive wanted to.Again,just an option.
Understood.I got the detained UE citizens out as well.
Yes,it would be.I fully support doing that.

I just want to stop this Ryush business since we've wasted enough supplies there already.

They lied and used our help to fund their own little war.That is what makes me want to sic a Hive on them.

>> No.53745571


w̴e̡̛ ͞t̴h̀͘i̧͜͜n̨̕͢k͡ we ̡͝shó̶̕u̷͢l͘d lé̷t̷́ ̸͘t̷h̷̵͞e̵ ̕͟͠eo͢ŕ͘͠t͟aņ̵̛ c͝r͝us̵h̀ ̷̵t͞h̸͢͡e̵͜i̵̡ŗ̴ ͘ŕe͞b̷͘̕e͡͝ĺ͢͞li̷o̢͟n̴͟ ͜͟͡a̢͢͟nd͘ ̢l͜ȩ̵̢a̵̧͜v͡e ̴̵͡t̸͜h̕e̷m̢ ͘a̴̛͘lơn̨e͜ ̢̛

>> No.53745582

I'll vote for that too.

I'll vote for whatever you guys want,I just want this solved.

>> No.53745600

But they lied and wasted our supplies.I'd be different if they came and said " hey we need to subjugate this population and need help",but instead they made up a refugee crisis and scammed us.

>> No.53745612


if̢̧ ̕y͜͡o͝͠u͠ w̷͟͠e͝ré̢̛ ̴f́ool̢e̢̕d̷̛ ̨̢b̶ỳ ͜t͜͝h̢͘̕e͠ir̛ ̨̨͡o͟͟b̶͠v̢i̶̴̶o͘ừs̢ ̴l̨i̵e̢͟ ̡͞y̸̢o̷u͝ ͝h͟a̡͟v͞e ̧o̶̶͢ņ̢̧l̷y ̶y̛͟ó̸u͞r̀s̷̷e̵̢̕l̷̕f ̴t̸͝o ̕̕b̨͟ĺ͡a̷͠m̡̀e͠

>> No.53745624

Another thing. Tell them that we are keeping a full embargo on trade with this empire. That is what one would get for scamming the federation, and dropping the value of the SFC.

>> No.53745676

Trust me,I had suspicion.But one cannot just say "we dont believe you" when there is little evidence.That makes the Federation look bad.And they only started sounding suspicious after the supplies were sent and they needed more,and once the news reports rolled in.

Either way I don't care about the supplies themselves,I have tons.I care about principle.They shouldn't be able to scam the Federation and get away with it.
Yeah,see?This is what we should do.

We could also feed them to a Hive,but that isn't happening,so this is the next best thing.

>> No.53745709

w̴̢e/̕͞u͠s̶͢͞/͠i͢͞ ̕w͜͞i̧͟l̢͠ļ́͢ ̵k̷̷̨e̢͢͜e̷̕p̢̀ ́s̢up͘͜p͜͞lyin̨͠g̸͡ ̷th́́͟e̸m̧͜ ̀i͞f̶ ͠t͜ḩ̴͢è̛y̴̧ ͠á̢͘s͡k̵͟
̢w̕e̕͢ ͞͞͝a̴r̛̕én̸̶̢'t̶́ ͢e͢͡͝v̶̕é̕͘n̕ ̴o͟f́f̡̕ic̡͠i͝al̴l͝y̸͟ i̷̛ņ͡ th̕͡i̢s ͟f̢e̴͟d͡e̛rat̷̕i̵͢o͘͞n ͞͞a̢͜n̴̛yway͟s

>> No.53745730

But, the federation is not committing genocide, dammit! We have seen the horrors of genocide firsthand, and we are strongly opposed to it. If any serious war crimes are committed, ambassador, then there will be hell to pay.

>> No.53745753

If you violate the embargo, your civilian vessels will be boarded. If they show even more hostile intent, then they will be destroyed.

>> No.53745778

uní͟t̢ ̨̀t͠͝h̛̀í͝r̴͝͠t̢e͘͢͞en̕ ̢̀w͞an̢͞t̴̸̢ ̨͝m̀e͟ ̶̢t̢̛o ̵͟r͢emi̛͜n͠d ͟͜y͜o͢ư̢͞ ̢́͘th͢a̕͝t̶ ͘ẁe̵ ́͝͠h̕͟a̛͢v̵̷e n͠o ̸̵c͝ivi̷̡͢l̵̀͝i͢a͡n̷ ̵ves͜sels͝ ̛͢an̶͠d̸̨̛ w̴͘e͢ ̷o̡͡u͠t̨̡͢nú̢͟mb̴̛̀ȩr̡͞ ̸y̨͟ó̷u͟͠ ́e̷͘a̸̷͟ş͠i͞l̸͜y ͘͟͞

>> No.53745779

And there will be severe repercussions as well.

>> No.53745786

Well, they are both pretty awful. I believe the best course of action would be to kill them all.

>> No.53745801

So? Most of your vessels are small attack craft, and one of our Leviathan, or better yet the Oversiezed version can decimate entire fleets.

>> No.53745814

I'm not suggesting genocide.I'm suggesting we let the Hive eat one side.

If we do fight them,then a Hive's help could be useful.

And that isn't genocide.
Okay,sure,you can support them.

Obloss,I would not recommend fighting Prethoryn.
Also,all I want is an apology.I'll support them if they need help,since they supported me.

>> No.53745815


first̨͘ ̡͝o͘f́͘ al͡l̡ ͡wro͜͞n͡g̛
͢s͢͟͡e̶͘ç̸̴ớ͡n͜͢͡d̶ ͘ó͠f àl̵l͜͢͞ w̸e͟ ͜͢͡mea̸̕͝s͜͟u̶̴͝r̢e o̕u̢t́ ǹúm̀b̶̕e͟͟͡r͝ś ͢͞͠i͡n ̶̸̨m̴̀͘o̢le̶̕͢s̀͢
̨̀y̴̨o͡͞u͝ ͜d̴̕͞o ̸́͡n͜o̸͝͠t i̢̛͟ntimidate̸͟ ̡u͟͠s͜ ̢̕

>> No.53745835

If you mean both sides in the Ryush sector,then I agree.

If you mean both Conclave forces,then I also agree.

>> No.53745860

I don't think infighting is the answer.

>> No.53745885


>> No.53745901

h͓̮͉͙e͍͙̪̪ ̥̜̟̬̩͓͙̟̥ͅs̙͚̟̹̞̞̮ͅͅt̜̼͍͚͓a̼̥̩͕̬͓̻̼̪̙͙̫̻̪̠̻̪̬ͅr̺̪̘̮͉͓͖̼ͅt͇̫̙̰̜͎̳̯̝̬̰̝͚̳͇̳͓̣ͅe͖̭͖̺͉̣͓̙̻͍d̳̙̟͎̩̞̝ͅ ͉̗̺̙͇͔̩͇̬͎̣̙̗i̩̦̹͖̣̪̪t̟͎͖͍̣͈͈͓̙̭̣̦̥
̞͖̙̫̭̪̩̗͖̬͔W̙̼̭̤̱̱̹̰̥̣̥̹E͉̩̣͉͇̹̗̯̺̩͉̖͓̮͇̜ ͓̺̣͈̥̯̭̖̼̠̗W̘̦̥͕͔̞̟I͖͉̫̠͉̗͎̰͈̦̬L̮̹̖̭̱L̗̗̤̼̝̙ ̗̰̗̫͕̤̮̣̮͈̝̭͉̠̠̖͓̗F̩͈̮̩̩̩̣͓̖I͓̼̭͔̦̯̹̤̠͉N͎̠͔̫͎̗͈͔̰̪͕I̤͙͇̬̖̘͚̱͖͍̞͖̦̜ͅS͍̜̭͓͎H͇̻̳͚̞̺̩̭ ̯͍̝͕̭̳͉I̖͔͔͓͕̙Ṯ̮̤̥̻̹̖̰̯̱̹̘̤͎̼̥

>> No.53745922

Rolled 6 (1d20)

Hmph. Very well. The embargo will still be enforced, and any ships trying to get in will be destroyed. That is all
>He sends out comms towards all fleets in the sector to gather at the border
This is the full might of the Imperial Ploraxian Realms!

>> No.53745948

I wouldn't recommend this course of action.


If you guys fight,we have fleet rules here.

>> No.53745950

i don't think you understand laddy,if we leave to my kind that means war
the vote goes to 5-6

>> No.53745961

i'd rather not because according to my fluff I would just win and thats not cool

>> No.53745969

Well,why would we go to war?
Rukaar,I wouldn't recommend it.We were good allies before,I don't see why you want to leave now.

>> No.53745984

Rolled 3 (1d20)

We are setting up positions, and we will only deter, for the time being, unless someone does not cease hostility.
>He gives the order to lace the entire corridor with space mines, and to do it on the double.

>> No.53745990

If you did,just roll up a fleet and fluff it as a small,weaker detachment,and that there's more to come.

>> No.53745994

well if ya not part of da federation dey don't want to kill ya.

>> No.53746011


sͭ͋̓̋ͦ͆hͧ̓̈͊͊ͯȗͪͫ͐ͣ̀ͪͩͩ̋̏ͬ̔ͨͮt͑̍̊̎ͪ̈́̎ͪ̎ͨ̂ ͌ͬ̂̂̓̀͒̃̓ͬ̇̈́̿û̂̌ͯ̄ͯ̇͋̉͆̿̆͋̂̂͂̑͑pͣ̍͌̂ͨͩ̆ͣ̾̉ͯͧ̎̚ ̾̀͛̈ͮ̉̓ͩͨ̈́1͛ͯ̇ͭ͂͋̎̃͗̌̊ͬ͗ͣ3ͮ̾̄̐́̌͗͂ͮ̃͋ͤͦ̆̊͒̎̈ͯ
ͮ͒̋ͦ̐͒ͮͫ̉̀ͤͭ͂̑̚w̔̔ͤ̃͆e̓͛ͭ̄̈̍́ͫͦ͐̿ͣ ͨ̔͆̾̀̈́̏͒ͩ͗̎͛ͩ̃ͩͮ̏c͒͌ͨ̈̇͑ͯ̌͋̋̔͑ͧä́ͬ̎͗͐̇ͪ͊̿ͧ̊͐̚ñͪͪ̆ͬ̂̊ ̃ͨ̉ͯ̓̃̀jͭ̄̃̋ͬ̏ͫuͯ̊̃ͦ͐̋ṧͩ̄̉̒̃̈͛͋͊͆t͑̍͐́ͦ̃ ͦ̀ͪ̉͗͒ͬͩ̏͌ͬ̃̆̚g̐ͧͧ̄̋ȯͬ̆̾̽̌ͭͭ ̽͊ͧ̋̃ͯ̿̐à̃ͨ̀ͤͭͭ̍̚r̔̒̃̾̄͗͒͆̿̌̈́o͌͑̑ͪͭͮ͌͛̽͑ͪ̓̉̏̂̍u͆̀̏̇nͪ̑͊͐ͤͯ͐ͤͪ̋͌̽̑ͧ͐̽͗d͊̾̂̋ͤ̾̎̐̌
̉ͬ̃̓̏ͧ͛ͭ̓̚ẇ̓̋̉͛̍͐e̎̑ͤ̋ ̍͊̐̈ͨ̂ͣ̊̚k̋̆͋ͨ̉̍̈́̐͂ͮ̚n͋̓́̓̿̇ͭ̈́̒̿̍ͧͭo̓ͪ̔͌ͪ̍́͑̒̈́ͪ̄̌̚wͭ̈́̇ͫ̄̋̈́ͧ̄ ͪ̔̋͋̀͂ͣͦͯ͋̊͂t̿̄͑h̑͂ͩ̒ͭ̔̑̐̿͋͂͐ͣͣͤ̊̚e͂ͦͩ͆̿̾ ̔͆͑͛s̈́ͤͬ͆ͧ͊̃ͯ́ẻ́ͤͦ͊̾͒̀̒̾ͦcͨͧͮ̓̃ͮ͊̌͒̔̊̀̽r͗̓̍͊̈e̎͑ͪ͑͒ͨͧͩͫ̊̚tͧ̎̆̿ͩ͐͑ ̏̆͐̑̑͐̆ͤ̀̋͆͂̐w͊̿͋̂̄͛̂ǎ͑́̀̊y̓͗̄̽̂͌̓s̏͑̏͑͊͂͑ͮ̄͑͛

>> No.53746058

Well,I am not,but I would not like to see it destroyed.

Rukaar,I implore you to vote to stay.The Federation is a good thing.

>> No.53746105
File: 73 KB, 1920x1200, maxresdefault[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The sizzling screech of static begins to play over the Vox System, a multitude of shrieking voices crying out over the intercom
>WARNING OTHER-DIMENSIONAL FORCE DETECTED! OTHER [email protected]!###Yeah yeah, shut your pie-hole.
>Annnnyway, how are you today Federation?

>> No.53746123

my vote will go to peace,but dat don't mean da rest will vote the same,i hope my vote will sway those that respect me.most are only doing this for war they think we need to go to war

>> No.53746185

If they want war,then they could help fight the Conclave instead,couldn't they?
I got the new droid body shipped in,courtesy of the Dukedom.You will be able to use it,once I connect it to the coffee machine.

>> No.53746214
File: 71 KB, 197x458, 1495396422117.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*The Asurian representative wakes up abruptly and in confusion, blinking her eyes in a groggy way, her desk and lips covered in pastries.*

"S-Sorry, ahem I think we underestimated how high the glucose content in these would be.. What were you saying?"

She still seems to be somewhat intoxicated.

>> No.53746235

I believe we offered a trade deal.

>> No.53746260


>> No.53746314

Yes,a group of cephalopodes.They are currently infighting,and require aid to overthrow the monarch.
You could help them.Or kill them all,I mean they do practice slavery.

>> No.53746375

huh,well my problem now is gettin dem to believe me dat we don't have to fight the fed.,aye can ya speak to dem you know more den me.

>> No.53746433

Can they hear me?

>> No.53746436

R-Right. Yes, we'll trade for more delicious pastries. What would you ask for in return?

>> No.53746470

one second,
<several shouts and roars are heard,audible sounds of violence are also heard

aye,dat they can

>> No.53746501
File: 40 KB, 480x480, 15056681_1815527078689249_7404113852654157824_n[3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A droid vessel hmmmm? Sounds like my kind of party.
>Let me just put ASMODEUS up on the screen here
>*A screen opens up in the chamber, quickly shifting to a view of ASMODEUS floating around in what might be the empty void of space
>"Hiiiii everybody!"

>> No.53746522

Hello all! How are you all today, and are there any news from your Empires?

>> No.53746575

Okay.Well,the Cephalopode Conclave is currently undergoing civil war,and one side requires help beating the other.
You could do that.Hell,you can kill them as brutally as you want.Chop off heads,eat corpses,stuff em for trophys,I don't care.And the Cephalopodes have lots of ships and warriors,so there would be no lack of bodies.It would be both more profitable,more enjoyable,and better to fight the Hierarchy Conclave side,than to fight the Federation.
What would you like to trade?Pastries are rather easy to get,so we wouldn't want to overcharge you or anything.
Hi ASMODEUS.How are you?
We're all good.We reset reality yesterday,and I finally killed all of the Void Heretics,so the Dukedom can use the beacons.Well,except for the few I captured.

New precursors civilizations have been discovered,the Ryush refugee situation was a lie,and Beally,Prethoryn 01,and I baked bread.

>> No.53746604

Ahhh i am deeply sorry about that.
>Helps pick the representative up
Don't worry back in my younger days i used to be affected the same way. Just try to lay off the sugar.

>> No.53746638

>more shouts and fighting,even rukaar's bellows are now heard.

aye,we could do dat,now where be da conclave at

>> No.53746661

Admiral Karl can give you the coordinates.
How do you get drunk off sugar?

>> No.53746679

aye carter said you can tell me where da conclave is cuz we are to kill dem

>> No.53746697

Well I have a few minutes to be back now,
still not enough to control the enemy fleet.


The more time we waste gathering allies and scouting the more suspicious the High Hierarch will grow of the Human's strategy. If you wish to add allies into this cause don't just bring a small group of them, the full might of the Conclave's deathfleet will be centered on defending the cartographer, and then the homeworld.

>> No.53746709

Part of the Conclave.The Hierarch aligned ones.

>> No.53746735

you have never meant a rumar have you we never go in light,the marches are moving all 31 clans are ready,that is over 13 trilllion veteran raiders that have a blood thirst that must be sated

>> No.53746746

Trust me,the Rukaar are not a small group.
We can either wait until you are able or someone else can,or we can run it like an "npc" fight and not use fleet rules,because it isn't pvp.What do you think we should choose?

>> No.53746751

Yes, the Emperor of Avaria has unlocked the schematics for his android army for our usage, as a thanks for saving his people. What of you?

>> No.53746767

How are you?What job did your sister get?

>> No.53746768

Yes that is impressive, what about space naval capacity? Are your people expert warriors both in land, water, air and space?

>> No.53746777

We have a staging point for a joint coalition fleet in the system of Omega Majoris. We have gathered near the gas giant of the system. And after we take out this Galactic Cartographer we can smash the defenses of their Capital system and shatter the Conclave. And Carter the proper term is "Sugar Rush" which is followed by a period of exhaustion afterwards.

>> No.53746785
File: 174 KB, 1000x608, IMG_9351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They have Megalodon ships.

>> No.53746801

I think the NPC idea is ok, it's just taking down a deathfleet defending the Space Cartographer hyperspace lane link. Then marching down to the homeworld of Cephi Primaris... which is a full-ocean world, no landscapes other than the artificial buildings the Conclave has built so the slaves don't have to drown all the time.

>> No.53746804
File: 370 KB, 600x919, 2a94706c10ad1575b8d87f207fc1f9ff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we can fight in space,land,and we are fucking sharks so yes water

>> No.53746806

I say we PvP it. We could have someone control this fleet while the Conclave player is gone

>> No.53746823

Oh,I see.Thought for a sec you guys made a new sugar type.Yeah,I know what a sugar rush is.
So,what do we trade the pastries for?

>> No.53746845

Ooc that should be fine. I wish we could do pvp to use the fleet rules but it's fine by me.

>> No.53746867

Okay,so if we're doing PvP,then the Cartographer section will be with fleets,and I'll make the infantry rules now for the second part.

>> No.53746886

So PvP or NPC?

>> No.53746921

Ooc can you take control of the opposing fleet for this one? Or should someone else do it?

>> No.53746942

Ooc If someone wants to take command of it pvp if not it'll just be npc.

>> No.53746977

Sure,I'll do it.I'll just use greentext from 3rd person.
I don't have the infantry rules yet though,so we can only do the Cartographer Charge first.
What kind of fleet do they have,and what do you have?

>> No.53746994

How about this?

>> No.53747026

Well it would be Hierarch forces. This is also my last message before leaving again.
The conclave ships are fragile and slender in built, but with heavy shields, and fast speeds.
All their weaponry is based on plasma and their doomsday weapon is the plasma destroyer

>> No.53747043

Got it.
Although I have to go soon as well,so do we have to fight now,or...?

>> No.53747053

>-6 Dreadnoughts 1 as the flagship 124-11 Battleships 165-30 Cruisers 300-3 Carriers 30-80 Destroyers 160-300 Corvettes 150 -Total fleet power of 929
Ooc should be fine. We have the Rumar too so whatever he's bringing.

>> No.53747095

Okay.Although now I have to go for 30 minutes to an hour and a half.
If you can wait,I'll play it out,but if you can't,just make it NPC or ask someone esle if they can do it.

>> No.53747113


>> No.53747146

-7 dreadnoughts
-13 Megalodon ships
-150 battleships
-189 Cruisers
-700 carriers
-40 destroyers
-400 corvettes

idk how much power this is new to fleet fighting with rules

>> No.53747200

I would take most of the numbers down by just a decimal point because with battleships alone you're over 2000 but other than that everything should be good.
Ooc i can wait too I have to eat lunch. But once you're back we'll start.

>> No.53747203

It should be fine.Except for the carriers,700?A carrier is a cruiser with extra stuff.Are you sure?
We'll count Megalodons as mega ships.You can read the rules,if you want.

>> No.53747236

15 battleships,20 carriers

>> No.53747244

Ye,like 7 dreads,13 megalodons,15 battleships,18 cruisers,7 carriers,and the destroyers and corvettes are good.If you were confused,the numbers Karl put up were for point cost in health.For example,he doesn't have 165 battleships,just 11,but 165 is the health he got from that.
Here are the rules.

>> No.53747273

Ye,just lower them a bit.The numbers you put originally are for conquering entire swaths of sectors and planets.This is just one battle.

>> No.53747302

ah,that makes sense thanks for the doc too

>> No.53747352

>Begining in 10 minutes are the first test trials of the Avarian combat Androids. The first model being tested are the AXJ77, the standard combat android.

>> No.53747360
File: 33 KB, 480x480, 13525482_1611346269194776_805161506_n[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"I'm doing great Ambassador! Though there isn't all that much to do out here"
>Perhaps because you are in the empty void of space, my Lord?

>> No.53747393

No problem.I think we should compile all this stuff,like the rules and empire info docs.Just gather all the links,and everytime we make a new thread,put em in the description.

I'm working on getting a 1d4chan page,but I also have to make two more rule sets dor infantry and duels/skirmishes,and we also nees to discuss Federation flag ideas.

Anyways,I gotta go now.If you have any flag ideas,or rule ideas,or something,just tell me or Ovaa.

>> No.53747551

..Perhaps we can discuss how races with dimorphism are incredibly strange. It's like each of their species' genders should be considered a different species.

>> No.53747592

And what race does this apply to Asurian
>The Rok blows smoke rings from his Beak and takes another drag on his pipe

>> No.53747604

Humans, for example.

>> No.53747615

Huh, I've never seen a female human, so I wouldn't know about them.

>> No.53747673

..Just access the extranet's archives on human dimorphism, you'll see what I talk about.

*She takes a small yet delighted bite out of a piece of pastry.*

>> No.53747691

Ooc let us know when to start dude. Got an hour and a half till work so hopefully we'll have enough time.

>> No.53747701

>Looks at a image of a human female on the data slate
Huh, look really different from the humans I've seen, smoother. They posses no facial hair either. Our own females are slimmer and have brighter colours than the males.
>He taps more tobacco into his pipe

>> No.53747760

I am doing really good, I have had a good nights sleep. And my sister found a good job at a newly built Orbital Hydroponic farm at one of our frontier colonies.

>> No.53747782

Yeah,we'll do it now.
2 dreads,3 battleships,2 cruisers,200 battleships,800 corvettes.
669 fleet points,all with plasma,
and the Doomsday on the capital dread,the Plasma destroyer.

>> No.53747791
File: 43 KB, 214x210, 1495364214127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*She groans subtly.*
Why can't more species be normal and be monomorphic, like Asurians?

>> No.53747799

We gotta be quick though.I'll go first.

>> No.53747830

Because everything would be dull and boring then
>He blows a long puff of smoke out of his beak

>> No.53747865

Rumar forces have 1280 points of health.Karl,will you play both sides or will Rukaar play his forces?

>> No.53747901

Rolled 6, 1, 3 + 12 = 22 (3d10 + 12)

>The Imperial forces open fire with mass drivers at long range
Ooc I'll control my own. I'm at 968 now so i get the extra d10 from outnumbering you.

>> No.53747904

I see no logic behind what you stated.

>> No.53747909

Rolled 3, 3 + 10 = 16 (2d10 + 10)

>The Cephalopode forces open fire.

>> No.53747936

>The Capital dread is hit badly,but still stands.It fires it's superweapon.

>> No.53747937

If everything looked the same, it'd be harder to know which is which. You must also know that we Rok are extremely colourful creatures. Darker colours donate males while females are denoted by brighter patterns and colours. If we all looked the same it would extremely boring, no vibrancy to anything.

>> No.53747957

Rolled 3 (1d30)


>> No.53747962

Rolled 2 + 3 (1d6 + 3)

>The Cruisers take the majority of the fire as they stay out in front of the fleet.

>> No.53747988

>The Dreadnought overheats,and goes down,slamming into the planet below.The ships around it are damged by the blast.
Health is at 645.

>> No.53747994
File: 144 KB, 430x470, IMG_2382.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We are all different Lyria, and that's good. It shows us how many forms of life there exists out in the cosmos.

>> No.53747998

*She rolls her eyes and turns her head elsewhere, clearly uninterested by the words.* "Ilogical."

>> No.53748011

>100 AXJ77 model android troops deployed against a contingent of large reltiallian beasts on the small world of Envern. The test lasted lest than a hour as the androids butched their target limit, with very minimal casualties on their own part. The larger XC89 androids are next to be deployed.

>> No.53748015

Rolled 3, 7 + 13 = 23 (2d10 + 13)

>The Imperials wipe the sweat off their brows as the weapon overheats doing massive damage to itself.
Corvettes into the fray!!

>> No.53748033

Rolled 9, 10 + 10 = 29 (2d10 + 10)

>The rest of the fleet opens fire.

>> No.53748043

Such a uptight creature, bet their worlds are a dull place.
>He lets out a huge puff of smoke and sets to refilling his pipe

>> No.53748052

>The Conclave forces activate shields.

>> No.53748066

Rolled 2 + 3 (1d6 + 3)

>The Imperials center the damage on their dreadnoughts hoping their armor will hold.

>> No.53748090

Your turn

>> No.53748106

Rolled 18 (1d30)

>The Imperials charge their super weapon and let loose will a blast from the antimatter lance

>> No.53748139

Ooc and now it is yours.

>> No.53748156
File: 13 KB, 164x276, 1485268168128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You make a baseless assumption merely because I disagree with dimorphism being a positive thing or somehow superior to monomorphism. It's.. Strange. From our point of view it makes it difficult to tell species from one another due to how some females and males look nothing like each other.

Asurians prefer order above chaos.

>> No.53748158

Rolled 5, 1 + 15 = 21 (2d10 + 15)

>The next dread is shaken as it absorbs the brunt of the shot.
>The corvettes open fire in a swarm.
Double base damage

>> No.53748230

Rolled 3, 4, 6 + 12 = 25 (3d10 + 12)

>The Imperials let the corvettes swarms take the damage and open fire.
Target the dreads!! Finish them!!

>> No.53748276
File: 123 KB, 370x400, IMG_0368.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're people may believe whatever they choose to believe is right in their own eyes. You say you believe in order, to me it's taking it a step higher than what we believe to be order.

I know a race in our borders that is monomorphic, the Imin. They are solitary, and males and females look exactly alike. They all possess whit colouring and a single eye. We don't assume or berate them for they are beyond useful to us. Call me a savage for what I believe but I will never force another to follow mine.

>> No.53748278

>The Dreadnought explodes,and the ensuing fire destroys a battleship.The final ships open fire,determined to defeat the UE.

>> No.53748300

Rolled 6, 8 + 10 = 24 (2d10 + 10)

Forgot dice

>> No.53748327

>They target the battleships trying to drive them back from the station so they can board it and gain control of it's information

>> No.53748352

Rolled 7, 4, 8 + 12 = 31 (3d10 + 12)


>> No.53748366

So I have to go soon,we could finish later but their may not be enough time,sowould it be fine if after a few turns the Conclave retreats the fortify the palace?Then once I make the rules we can do that segment.

>> No.53748382

Rolled 6 + 3 (1d6 + 3)

>The cruisers once more move into the line of fire. Taking all of the damage ensuring their names in the history books.

>> No.53748415

Rolled 9, 2 + 10 = 21 (2d10 + 10)

>Two battleships go down.The fleet corvettes open fire.

>> No.53748448

Your turn btw

>> No.53748455

Ooc that's cool dude. And for bigger fleets like this we probably should add more dice to the damage rolls to make it go quicker.
>The Imperial forces move to board the station. Cruiser and battleship groups moving to surround it in case the fleet returns. Corvettes and bombers pursuing the retreating fleet.

>> No.53748493

Rolled 8, 7, 7 + 12 = 34 (3d10 + 12)

>With one last heavy salvo into the corvettes from the massive kinetic turrets of the capital ships the Imperials give their response.

>> No.53748565

>The Admiral watches the fleet retreat after their last salvo much of the Imperial fleet damaged and burning.
Captains reform the fleet. Prepare for the final assault.
Ooc gotta get ready everyone I'll try to post soon

>> No.53748573

>Two cruisers go down,and with the rest of the fleet under fire,they retreat to the palace,to prepare for the UE and Rumar forces.
Maybe,along with the outnumber mechanic,we add an extra 1d10 for every 100 points above 250.

>> No.53748626

I return.

>> No.53748645

*Casually leans back on her seat, taking another small bite off the pastry in her hand.* "..Pardon, does this place have entertainment, relaxation or gambling quarters?"

>> No.53748666

Okay,I'll get to work on infantry rules.When you get back,we can wait until the Cephalopode player is here.
I have a hard enough time telling genders,monomorphism will make it harder.
I see.They seem good at their jobs.
Why,what good news.Is she an overseer?
Hmm.So,how long will ASMODEUS remain,well,mortal?

>> No.53748712

>After almost a millennia, a Avarian android legion, the organised structure given to their regiments, has been established. A legion of 10,000 androids of verging classes, including armoured and air support make it up the legion. Repellent in a rich burgundy colour, they marched down the capital of Murder in perfect unison. The have been named the Royal 1st, and are headed by the Warlord D09X.

>> No.53748727

We did the fleet battle,now when Karl is back I should have infantry done for the palace segment.
I belive so,on the upper levels.A casino,a bar,and a....gentlemans club.You need a Federation card to get in.

>> No.53748743

I believe there are relaxation rooms through, and a bar from what I've checked. I haven't gone looking for the gambling room, something is telling me there isn't one.

>> No.53748753

Well,are they sentient,or just,for lack of a better term,robots?

>> No.53748756

I am just happy that she got a job in a field she like

>> No.53748775

I see the invasion is proceeding as expected

>> No.53748780

..Gentleman's club? Is there a lady's club? Also, why would I need a federation card? Absurd.. Can I borrow someone's?

>> No.53748781

Sentient, in that they operate fully of mind in combat. They seem to enjoy several things outside of it. The Warlord model is fully sentient, this D09X is actually quite charming for a machine Avian.

>> No.53748794

Oh no,there is.Just that it is seedy,to say the least.Some murders,questionable people,you know what I mean.
Of course.To do something you love for work,is no work at all.

>> No.53748815

It is both a ladies and gents club.Just take the left past the entrance.You can get a card from the desk,just tell them Carter said so.

>> No.53748831

I see.So,the model you sent me,is it empty?I need a...robot to operate it.

>> No.53748847

Thank you kindly.
*The Asurian representative stands up, taking a pastry with herself as she walks towards the Gentleman's club.*

>> No.53748883

Well that was a old model, and I believe it's actually missing the neural cogitators. I'm having a spare sent in so it can operate.

>> No.53748933

Oh no,I have neural cogitators.I even have a human Smart AI origin version,before they were restricted.When it comes to tech I've got it all,albiet more fleshy versions.
Okay.Just contact us on the vox if need be.

>> No.53748984

I see, well I've been informed Taxla should be arriving soon, and is apparently brining a new companion, a gift from the Duke. Tell that human Karl he is a fine soldier, and great smoker.
>The Rok stands up, his pipe in mouth and extends a claw to you

>> No.53749054

Well,then goodbye,Beak of Gold.
I would shake your hand,but this is a hologram.

>> No.53749127

Very well
>He salutes you instead, and waves as he leaves the room, smoke trailing behind him.

>> No.53749150

Cool dude.
Although I personally don't smoke.
>Carter reclines in the chair in his ship,the hologram moving as he does.

>> No.53749468

>Taxla enters the room, claw on his sword hilt and his cape on his shoulders. Behind walks one of the Avarian androids, coloured burgundy. Taxla takes his seat
Good day ambassadors, sorry for my absence. I would like to request a seat for my companion here. His name is OY980, I just call him O9.

>> No.53749472

okay im back sorry my wifi fucked off

>> No.53749507

Salutations Rukaar, how goes it?
>O9 looks toward the Lord of the Rumar, his a expressionless look on its face

>> No.53749511

Hello,Baron Taxla.How are you?
And yes,he may take a seat.Hello,OY980.
We did the fleet battle,so I'm gonna make infantry rules for the palace.We can fluff it as you and the UE fighting off the Conclave and taking the station.

>> No.53749549

Tell me, what has transpired in my absence. Beak of Gold kept laughing about something about monomorphism.
>O9 looks at the hologram, and responds in Carters own language
*Hello Carter*

>> No.53749583

okay im not leaving so i can roll for the land fighting
it goes well taxla my men are helping these conclave fight the conclave,civil war nasty fightin'

>> No.53749611

Civil war you say? Can't bode well for them, espcially with the humans fighting them too.
>O9 looks at you, and greets you in your own language
*Greetings Lord Rukaar*

>> No.53749650

who be 'dis "09"
>the old rumarian king leans back on his chair,which is decorated with skulls

>> No.53749652

*Lyria speaks through the vox while in the Gentleman's Club with a mildly intoxicated and flustered tone.* "Why would he be laughing, it's dimorphism that's strange!"

>> No.53749700

A Warlord class Avarian android. We have recently created a legion of them. The Duke has gifted me this one for my contributions to diplomacy and peace in the Dukedom. This unit is called OY980, or just O9 for short.
>The machine looks at you and extends its arm upwards in the Avarian salute

>> No.53749750

He was laughing about the discussion he had with, how it was the first and last time he'd ever want to talk about the topic.

>> No.53749754

>Rukaar leans forward, his hand placed on his chest in the salute of the Rumar Bonebreaker Clan

>> No.53749797



>> No.53749810

>O9 lowers his arm and speaks in perfect Rumarish
*King Rukaar, Lord of the Rumar and Warden of the Void, many are the tales and legends of you and your people. This unit is most humbled to meet you*

>> No.53749819



>> No.53749843

>O9 looks at you
*Why does this being scream, does it fear? Is it angry? Does it mock?*

>> No.53749933
File: 61 KB, 613x824, d4ba8c7a1ececbc50fc466608017665d[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Well, we honestly don't know. Several Minds have been dedicated to figuring out a solution, but nothing has come up. And OMEGA has effectively vanished, along with BAAL and several other high-ranking COURT members so asking them is out of the question. Lord ASMODEUS may very well remain this way permanently. Not that he seems to mind
>"Being human is awesome" *He starts zipping through the empty void*
>Also he isn't exactly "mortal". He still has most of his old powers, they are just slightly weaker right now.

>> No.53749954

and i you

>> No.53750012

*My brother unit D09X is leading the Royal First, something I lament dearly. Yet I feel a time for my prowess to show will come soon*

>> No.53750164


N̛͜͟͝Ò̢͟Ņ͡ ̸̡͟͝M̡̢͜È̕͢A̷̷̧T̢͘͟͜͜ ́͜͞͠L̷̡͝É̷̶͢A̵̕D̵̢̨͢͝I͘͡Ņ͢G̵̨ ̨̡M̨͠Ȩ̀͡A̶̶T͜͟͡ ̸͟͠F̢͟͟͝Ļ́Ȩ́E̸͟͢T̷̵̢̕S͜
̷̧̧͜͡W̵̷È̶͘͜ ̧̀́̀͞A̛͡R̴͠E̷̢ ͝͝D̀́͘͞͞Ó̢͟͡Ơ͢͟͢M͢͢͝͡E͢D̢͜͠
̴̛͢Ş̷̧M̢͡AR̴̴̸̢T̸̀͢ ̶̕N̸̡O̡̕͞͞N͟͢ ̷̢M̧E͝À̡T̸̛

>> No.53750190

*You speak confusingly, I am merely a bodyguard of Baron Taxla, a gift from his seren highness the Duke and Emperor. My brother leads the Royal First legion, a legion of Avarian androids like me.*

>> No.53750204

Well,that's...good.I guess.ASMODEUS is fine,and cessation has been...delayed,I guess.
What is wrong 01?!?
The battle against the Conclave goes well,and my research is nearly complete on the cure you need.

I also helped reset the universe for a specimen.
It was fine,don't worry.
You sound...drunk.
Do not worry,they are safe!
Hello,Rukaar.Nice to see you,I had simply gone to sleep for a moment.

I finished Infantry rules and added them.Please read them.I gotta go for a sec.

>> No.53750222

>a legion of Avarian androids like me


>> No.53750262

Most excellent, I'm curious to see what will happen when they achieve full sentience

>O9 begins to laugh, a sonorous and mechanical noise

>> No.53750265

Ooc,i have read the rules they seem good but what if the person,like me,is on the battlefield.do we get units

>> No.53750427
File: 174 KB, 1400x697, RumarGun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

since ground fighting is now a thing heres rumar ground stuff

>> No.53750455

Just... A little tipsy.. By the stars, these pastries are delicious..

*Her voice is derailed before subtly a whisper evidently meant for someone else due to the tone can be heard through the coms.* Just like you..

>> No.53750520


A̴̕R̴̛͢E̵̶ ̵͢͝Y̵͘̕͢͜OÙ̷̡͘ ̨O̷̴̴͟K̶̸̶̨ ̶̧͝A̸͟͝M̴̨͠B̛̀͘͞A̷͜S̀͞ŞĄ́́D̨̢͞͡OŔ̵!̨̧̕͡ ̷́I̸͘S̶̢͜͜͝ ̴̴̸S̶̛͠O̵̶̢͢M̀È̴̷̢O̧͝͝Ń̵̨Ę ̵̡͘A̶͜͠T͢͝͞T̷̛͡Ę̸̷͢͠M̸̴͡P̨̕͡T̵́̕͘͞I̡͞͞ŃĢ̸͘͜͝ ́͞C̨̢A̶͟͢N̡̛͘͠Ǹ̸̛͞͠I̛̕͝B̵̧̧A̴͡͠L͜Į̛͜S̵͞͝M̷̶̛͞͝ ́͘͜ÚP̵̧̛͘̕Ǫ̛Ņ̵̶̢ ̡̨̛̕͠Y̢͢͝Ǫ̵̡͟͞Ư̧͘͡!̶̡͘͘?̵̧̧̡́

>> No.53750523
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>> No.53750545
File: 89 KB, 736x1121, 36c124bdabf4ad7ce3501f017e15b91c (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.53750630
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>> No.53750646
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>> No.53750700
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>Administering calming gel
>*Strange light blue fluid floods the room*
>Cease panicking 01. It is unbecoming of you.

>> No.53750829
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Yes,I am too.Perhaps they have locked genius within them.
No,she is just at a nighthouse.It isn't cannibalism.
Unless she's into that and doing so with another,in which case as long as there is consent it is fine.
They are perfectly safe,01.
Thank you,Vox.Also,I have the robotic body from the Dukedom ready for you,with some modifications.I made it so that you cannot connect into any of my systems past my coffee maker,game system,and obviously Vox,since there is sensitive research there.However,I also added biomechanics,so that you may get by synthetic scanners,and self regenerate.

Just some things to keep you alive.As long as you can't connect to my stuff,I can give you this body.

It is ready when you are.
Yes,as for that.You won't get bonuses from being there,but nobody can kill your dude,obviously,so it'll just be so that you can fight,and your ambassador won't die if you don't want tobut you can give speeches and have flavor speech of killing stuff.

An example would be,if you are initiating a charge, "King Rukaar slammed into the nearest enemy,and tore apart three more,as his men rallied behind him."

However,I will eventually make a third set of rules,or at least a subset,for duals and showdowns.
Is that fine,or do you want something added?

>> No.53750831

Where is Karl? I need to deliver a message to him from the Duke.

>> No.53750843

When do you expect the cure to be released?

>> No.53750876

I believe he is planning an attack against the Hierach palace,Taxla.You may have to wait.
I think he left.
Today,in fact.Just need to fix the fact that whenever I make them sane they turn orange.

I am lucky I put a second lab in my ship.
All I need to do,after perfecting it through my ship simulations,is test it on my clone vats at home.

>> No.53750901

Evening gentlemen.

>> No.53750909

A shame, the Duke wishes to give the Royal 1st to him to aid in the attack. Want to see them preform in a actual combat situation

And whenever you wish to release it there are over 10 million awaiting participants.

>> No.53751003

Good evening Markon.Did you confirm the parallel Earth theory?
Understood.I will notify you when it is done.

>> No.53751039

Yes it appears that theory is correct.

>> No.53751052

Also,considering that I had to kill all the Void Heretics to let the beacons be safely used,and that Admiral Obloss is against it.....

Could we direct the new Hive to eat only one side of the Ryush War?

>> No.53751071


̶̨́͢S̸̢̀T̨́̀Ǫ̶͘P̶̧̢ ͡͝T̡̨̀͞R̴̀͘͜͞Y̸̴̧͞I̴̛N̶̸͢G̶͘ ̵T̶̢O̶͡ ̕͘͟M̷U̶͡R͢͜D̷͘E̸̶͢R̸̢̕͝͠ ̧̢̡E̷̶̢͠V̵͡E͝R̴͝͞Y̢͘̕O̸͘͠N̵̢̨̕͡Ȩ̕ ̡͟W̡̢͜H̵́͢O̶̢͡͞͝ ͠D̛͞Į̛S̵͟͡͡͠A̷͢͜G͘R̡̨̕͠E͘̕È͞Ş̶͢͟ ̴W̶̨͢͢͠Í̸͝͝T̨̀̀͘H̶̴͢ ̴̧͠YO̢͘͢Ų̶͘ ̷̨̨̨͞B̸̨͝Y̢͞ ͡P̷̡͝Ŗ̴̸̢̛O̕͠X̸͢Y̸

>> No.53751074

Well,then that is good.You now have two homeworlds,technically.Do you have any military records of the Great War,in 1918?

Also,how is the Dominion?

>> No.53751116

I'm not saying murder.And Obloss is against genocide.
But,we could either help the Eortan beat the uprising,or help the uprising win.

Also,didn't the Eortites break multiple federal laws,multiple times?
Forced subjugation of sovereign Federation species,forced jailing of Federation press,breaching contract,utilizing foreign aid for personal use...

>> No.53751119

Rolled 38 (1d100)

Yes it was quite a brutal conflict and before the 2nd World War was known as The War to End All Wars.

As for the Dominion....
OOC roll is to see how well the Dominion is doing

>> No.53751134


Oh shit thats not good

>> No.53751189

Theres been some things stirring with our borders. The Dominion leadership has been divided as of late on foreign policy and as such has become a bit indecisive. This inability to act is also causing the citizenry to question the current officials in power.

>> No.53751250

I see.Any riots,or violence?
Is it due to joining the Federation?

Also,if you have records of that time,could you please see if you have the missing platoon 13 records?

>> No.53751294

Joining the federation only caused a large amount of debate but it was all civilized along with any protests which were minor. The real issue has been the Dominions inability ot respond to things such as cosmic forces ,instability in foreign powers, and well im sad to say this but theocratic disputes are starting to become more and more...heated.

>> No.53751309

*This term, debate, what does it mean?*

>> No.53751342

2009 - tchouky
a̹͍͎̫̳̣s̰͖̮̣̻ ̖̳͉̯̯͚̹̩s̼͎̠͕o̻̻̜̹͕͉̞ͅo͉̤̤̹n̥͎͇ ͕͎͕͎͎a͉̮̗͉̼̜s͚͖ ̞̞̠t̰̙̮h̭̦͕̬̫̻̺̱̠e̤ ̺̱̠̟̝̤̙e͖̞̝̹̟o̭͍̺̖͎r̘̠̬̩ṯ̥̤̰a̟͖̰n͚ ̯̭͚͉̗͎̭ͅs̼̣̥̳̥h̘͖̠͚͖̮ͅo̪̻w͚͍̘̻͈̙ ̜ͅu̠͈p̤̩̯͖̝̥̱ ̖̜͎̦̥̦̭͍w̳͖̖̹̳͕̭̣̭e͍̪̖̯̯̦ͅ/̗͔̺̘̰͔u̮̠̮̙s͍̙̜̤͖͙͕̺/͎̜̠i͉̘̙̘̝ ͎̺̤̗̖̩̫̗̤s͓̹͔͔h̪̝̝͓̣a̫̺̹̪͚̩̱͚͔l͔̥͙l̬̟̤ ̖͇p̹̬̭l̙̠͈̜e̦̺͕̹̩d̠̥͍̥͕̹͇g͇̖e̻̞͚̝͙ ̠̰͍͙̰s̖͚͓u̥p̦͚̯̰͇͓̺̜ͅp̩̩̟̱̦o̠͖͚r̦͔t̝̮̦̫͇̜͈ ̞̞͓t͙̳̤͎̖̼̣̝o̥͎͓̦̥ ͉̖̪̬̟c͎͇̰̫̘r̳͇̻̖̯͇͙ͅụ̖͈s͕̼͙͇͉ͅh͔͍̞̠̟ͅ ̤̰̫̼̪͇t̤̳̩̞h̫̟̥̹̬̳̙ͅe̠̞̤ ͙͖̣r͇͎͍e̱b̭͚e̪̣̭̖̩̜̼l͍̟͍̥͈̭l͙͚̻̮̫͓̫i̦̺̼̹̗o͇̱̼̤̼͍ͅͅn̪͍͚̗̪͎̳̬͈ ̜̗͉̻͚͚̠̦y̜̤̫͍̝͖͔o̩̙̱̜̥̦͈u̯̟̯̣͙̤͎̳ ̺̖̱͍͍c̳͉a̖͖̠̟̪̠n̫̼̪̯̬ ͕͍̯e̬̺̦̭i̤̯̪̜͈̥̝t͙̠͎̱̫̯h̤̘̙̪̱̤e̺͔̥̫̙͉͖̪r͍̤̙̝̦̖̰ ̝̞̪g̗̮̘͍̙̻ͅe̖͔͓̭̞̞t̝̼̖͎͕̯͕ ̺̙͉̩͈b̟̱̠͙͖͙e̺̠̝h̪̙̭͎̟̼̫̦̼i̼̜̝̩ṉ̼̤̭̺͍̻d͍̼͙͕̻̟ ͕̼̘͍̞̟̦u͕̥s̗̗͖͈̞̳͍̗/̳̻̤̩͉̥i̫̩̠̣͔̹̪̭/̘̝͕̹͕̦w̼̥e̝̳̩̱̩̩͚̠ ͓͇̰̻̮̪̟͔ͅO̩̺̘R̻̮̬̖ ̪ͅG͕͉̩̪̳̘̹E͇͉̯̱T̪̟͇͎ ̬̥͖̼̤̦̯ͅO͕̗̦U̞̫̰͚̺̥̟T̙̦͔͚̬̥͍͈̻ ͈̮̠̝O̻̻̦̮͕F̪ͅ ̠̟̠T̼̼͎̥͚͚̘H̬̟͙̮͚Ẹ̗͈̜ ̹̪̠͕̥W͉͉͎͉̠̖̳͇Ḁ͇̭̭͈Y̤̱̣̘̺̳͓

>> No.53751391


I have been assuming as such for quite some time. I am trying to get all civilians out of the conflict. I will not support one side or the other, but we are trying our best to ensure those who just want to continue their lives are able to do so in peace.

>Silver Frond is wearing a pilot jumpsuit and helmet, her usual foyer replaced with a cramped cockpit

The FTL systems have been integrated into a large section of our fleet, Carter. Needless to say, it's slower than I had expected, but still... Being able to see Silver Lotus from orbit is... glorious.

Now, if someone is intent on assist the uprising, I have some mercenary contracts for sell. Not everyone is as pacifistic as I am, and a few Roots are eager to test their thorns against thinking foes.

Patent rights. I want them. Name your price. Also, your Megalodon patterns have been put to good use. The first Forest ship is currently being fabricated. We're making sure it's a pair of twins. I look forward to the eventual deviations to come.

Just make sure your fury avoids my Trunks, 01. As you make heavy use of organic weaponry, their harm prevention protocols are going to be very confused and might accidentally process your drones into biofuel.

Awww, its like a freshly planted Root. When did you get this little synthetic assistant, baron?

>> No.53751400

To discuss certain topics some of which pertain to current events being discussed by the leaders of a nation.

>> No.53751444


T̩ͅH̗I͉̩͇͓S̙͉̳̳̳̬̼͕ ̙͍͎̯̟̮̖̳ͅI͇S̻͖̝̭̥͚ ̱͎̭T͚̩H̖͚̠͔̳I͍̣̳̫̥̩̱R̳̥͖̙̘͚̳̟T̗̝̞̪̘E͉̩̩͎̣̭̺̖E͈͎N͕
̤̙̥̼̣T͖̘̥̪̳̼̺E̥̬̞̼̗L̰͍͈L͈̤ ͈̦̦̰̦̭̗ͅU̠͙̩̮͉͎S̟̳̙̘̖̭̣ ̮A̳̰P̣̱͈̬̠̙A̭͎R̝T͙̭̦̳̖ͅ

>> No.53751452

Well,the UE and I are both developing extraplanar weaponry,and you could support in wars and such,but what do you mena by Theological disputes.
It is another factor of democracy,where two sides argue over a point and their views over it.The goal is often though to be to convince the other side,but it is in actuality to persuade the crowd to your view.
13,with all due respect,I could care less about the outcome.I'd just tell the Hive to eat the rebels,if I wanted to.
But the Federation must vote on it.
I vote that we punish the Eortites for lying and violating Federation law.They can beat the Rebels,I don't care.What I care about is their trickery and violation of the law.

Then they can kill all the rebels.It's their rebellion,after all.It is our place to enforce our issues,not necessarily theirs.Our issue is their illegal actions.

>> No.53751488

>It looks at you and responds in your own language
*My unit is OY980, Warlord class Avarian android unit. We have recently been activated by the emperor as a gift to the Dukedom, I was gifted to the Baron as a gift from the Duke*

*This seems strange, I recall a distant memory, of debates on Avar, so long ago*

>> No.53751490

I agree.The rebellion is not something I wish to enter.But the Eortites broke Federation law,and breached our contract.That is an issue I wish to address.

It is good that the FTL works.And thank you for Teal Maw.I finished analyzing the blueprints,you may have him back.

Also,please distinguish 13 from 01.

>> No.53751510

*I recall from, so long ago, these functions held on Avar, where I was made*

>> No.53751512

thirteen is the down distortion bundle of rage

>> No.53751514

Hey,OY980.Quick question.

Can I perfomrm a vivisection on one of you?Preferably a sentient one?

>> No.53751525

I know.
Yes,perhaps.The Emperor may have not always held absolute power.

Did you have a council of sorts?

>> No.53751532

*Vivisection, the dissection of a living being. Are we alive in that sense? The fully sentient of us are the Warlords, currently only two are active with more planned*

>> No.53751543

Do you have different religions in the Dominion?

>> No.53751559

What I meant is if I may pull one of you apart while you are conscious,maybe add some biological parts.

Just some experimentation.Perhaps I can make some of you avians in flesh,as well as spirit.

>> No.53751569


Oh. I am sorry, 13. The comm system in my Skypiercer doesn't provide video, and not to be rude, you sound pretty similar. Duly noted, however. Point remains. I've seen a picture of you. While it would be difficult, you could most likely walk right through a Trunk by accident.

Well, a pleasure to meet you OY980. It's always a delight to see a new synthetic intelligence among the council.

Well, if I provided you with all the materials to craft a copy of yourself, could you do so? If so, then to the Iron Bloom you are alive.

We have a thriving mechanical ecosystem on our home world and throughout our controlled sectors. They eat, react, and breed. Effectively alive, just in a different sense.

>> No.53751583

Yes,a Warlord would be perfect in that regard.Can you spare one?

>> No.53751596

*Many of these functions were held, a council I can recall, and debates of a scientific nature*

*To be of flesh would invite pain and death, I have seen it, during the Fall. The decision is not mine, perhaps soon when more have been manufactured*

>> No.53751608

All manner after a massive Psionic wave was picked up across Dominion space. Many people took it as a sign but what it meant could not be agreed on. This is where the debates started from. What started as polite discussion turned in heated arguments which eventually went even further into brawls in the forums.
The Heirarch of the Dominion was concerned over the potential strife this could cause and assigned Voidwatch to assist in Domestic Affairs related to maintaining peace and public order so now ive got a 1,200% increase in personal, 300% increase in funding to help deal with the situation.
Amongst the humans one faith but any Alien immigrants are allowed to practice their own religion so long as they dont upset the public order.

>> No.53751639

A mechanical ecosystem?
How much does it cost to buy Iron Pollen?
Oh no,I don't mean all of you.Just an experiment,to see if it is possible.
Markon,psionics are not signs.They are simply the result of certain genes.
Do you have any samples of the wave?

>> No.53751668

*From what I saw, during the Fall, to be truly alive, is to know death, to know love and sadness and pain. I can think and I enjoy sharpening my blades, but I can never die*

>> No.53751705

*When we are, greater in number, when there are units to spare*

>> No.53751755

Okay.Also,to be alive is to simply go throigh certain functions.Life doesn't really have a meaning,but death isn't an important factor.Neither is eating.Or breathing for that matter.OMEGA literally is the opposite of life,but yet if you didn't know that by all means he is alive.

Life is just something we tack on to designate if it thinks and has sentience,but even that doesn't work.I say don't worry about it,because most of the time you can tell.

>> No.53751763

Iron Pollen is not for sale, Carter. While we don't have much in the way of unified religion here, Iron Pollen holds a great deal of spiritual and cultural importance to my people.

Now, if you'd like to buy a few wild Trunks to begin your own, we are happy to sell them. I believe we could easily pull a few from Zinc Petals without hindering the feral swarm operations there. A culling is in order anyways, get rid of the weaker varieties to make room for the more adaptable models.

Well, death is merely the termination of thought. While I imagine you are far more resistant to damage than an organic being, I'm sure you could one day die. As such, yes, I would believe you be alive.

>> No.53751782

wͯͮ͊hͯ̐̓̆̓̿̈́̽͒e̽̾ͬṙ̓ͦeͭ̊ͨ̏ ̃ā̎̽̃͊̂̍̓r̓̈͒̃̎̿ͨe͒̍͋͂ ͧͫ̀ͪ̄̎t̊̏ͣ͂͛h̀eͯͪ͆ͭ̏͛ ̉ͮ̋̀͆̚e͊̈́̽͊̾o͋̊ͣ̓͒ͨr͋̀t͐̈īaͦͭń̽͌̄̐šͭ͂ ͬ̐̒ā̂̓̿͌̽ñͣyͪͬͩ̓̓̈w͆̋ȃͯy̿͛͗sͫ̈́ͩ̽̾ͬ̀̏
̑w͆͗ȅ̈́̉̀̃͂ͫ̏ ͂͐ͪ͆̓ͨ̚s͌ͪ̔͂ͭ̽ͣ́̓h̑ͣ̇̍oͫ͆̓͆u̍͛ͨ̓̆ͪlͪ̉ͫd͋̽̂̑ͧͪ̚ ͌̄̍͌͒̈́ͨṅőͮ̔ͩͨ̓̌ṫ ďͬ̑͑̋ė͂ͪͧ͊̚̚cͣî͗̑̑̃̽ͦd͒̏̂̃͋ȅ̓ͦͭ̉ͦ̇̄̌ ͒̇͗̽ͣ̇́͊aͤͨ̈́͌ͩ͗̈n͗̌ͨ͋y͂ͯẗ́̄̾ͫh͛ͮ͋̍ͯͤ̈̀i̊͊͂ͫ̓ͦ͛nͬ̔͑ͭ̊ͫͨ̈́g̊ͩ ̋͑ͪ̇̉̋̀u͒̈́̒ṅͬt̂͂̇i̍̓ͣͮ̏̈́̏̏ͪlͫͯ ͑̐̈́ͬ̈́̆w̾͌e͆̄̈̈́ͦ̉ͤ ̀h̄̾̓̾̉ë́̔̌aͩr̊̊͋̊ͣ ̽̄ͭ̒̽ͫ̽̚tͮ̌ḣ̿è̉̈́̀̄̒̀͐͂ĩ̈̏̂͊̓r̊̀́ͬ̎̽ ͋̉ͪ̈̈́̆sͮiͧ̚d́͛ͣ̉̌͐̀͐eͣ̇ͤ͆̄ ͬ͋ͭo̽ͪ̔̾̇f̓͗ ̾̽̌͆tͬͯhͪͣͮ̽̐̓̓eͧͫ̔ͫ̎ ͑̆s̚t̆̇̎̂̄̓oͣ̆͛̾͑ͩ̈́rͮ͊ͪyͩ͆̔

>> No.53751830

*I saw the Avarians go through life, and I have come to associate that with being truly alive. The part of death comes from what I had done during the wars of pacification so long ago*

*They are kind words. I have been referred to many things through the years, monster, tin can, machine, servant and sometimes friend. My personality is uploaded onto a databank on Avar, where I can be replaced should this unit perish*

>> No.53751904

well you do realize thats an armored crab from Ru right

>> No.53751924

Well,I meant Iron Pollen the moon.The one woth the berserker incident.Are you selling any planetoids in your home system?
Though I doubt they'll tell the truth.
But killing things isn't necessarily wrong.And the Avarians have strict honor,and believe avians to be superior,but that does not constitute life.

Is it because you feel regret of your actions?Or PTSD?Having either would prove you are alive.

>> No.53751938

I believe she meant the armor.
Or just the specimen itself.

>> No.53751968

*I sometimes feel, remorse, over what had happened, my brother feels nothing over it. All the Warlords have a ,unique, personality*

>> No.53751981

ah well the armor is salvaged from whatever we feel like and the "specimen" is a greater coral crab,or Motakini in Rok Speech.She can hunt one with me if she feels up to it,and im going to apologize to her as i didn;t even realize she was female,my age is gettin to me

>> No.53751995

night guys, what do you think of OY980?

>> No.53752051

Well,know that the fact that you do confirms that you are alive,my friend.In one way or another.
I like him.We don't have many robots here,and the new perspective is interesting.
That reminds me,I need to visit one of your game worlds.Could I join you in such a hunt!

>> No.53752066

The Humans of the Dominion are a very Spiritual people Carter While you could say it was merely genetics that gave humanity Psionic capabilities my people believe that the this genetic shift was the result of a higher powers will.

>> No.53752100

any time i really don't care,hell i could take all of you to a hunt

>> No.53752113

So what sign did you interpret from it?
And yes,it is likely from a higher power,in fact.My research proves this.Just that I doubt it was a god.

>> No.53752130

I would need some time beforehand though.I'm at Beally's house,at the moment.

>> No.53752209

Well thats just I dont know for certain but dozens of faction within The Dominion claim to know what it means. Also i suggest not mentioning a god didnt grant the power Psionic to Humanity in the pressence of my people outside of Voidwatch, they might not take it well.

>> No.53752261

Okay,that's fine.Any notable factions?

>> No.53752405

just saying I put in a request to have a drawing of OY98, atleast what I think he'll be, made for him, now I'm actually going to sleep

>> No.53752410

Also,the So'Vih have psionics,as do others.How do your people feel about that?

>> No.53752435

Okay.Good night dude.

>> No.53752463

Eight factions are currently notable enough to be mentioned due to their influence across earth and entire sectors but theres still dozens more minor ones which only have influence across a handul or worlds. If my plans to calm these tensions through mediation of faction leaders go through badly I can say with certaintity that the Dominion will face large scale civil strife across all our worlds.

>> No.53752683

Will you need assistance?I could send support in case of civil war.

>> No.53752777

Rolled 31 (1d100)

If it comes to civil war the conflict will hit all of the Dominion and turn into a quagmire of death and destruction. I dont feel it would be right to drag the Federation into this.

OOC speaking of civil war lets see if those tensions get worse with this next roll.

>> No.53752895

Well,it seems rather bad if Dominion authority was questioned.Are you sure you do not need assistance?

>> No.53752979


We managed to subdue the beserkers after their biofuel reserves ran out. We do have a few barren planets out in the colony sector that haven't been used for mineral extractions, simply because the colony worlds are more then sufficient. Silica Spruce has no operations on it, would be happy to sell that. Located in the Crucible sector, 4.4 lightyears from The Furnace. What do you have to offer, not that I'd ask for a great deal for it, you have been quite honest in your trading with it. The FTL tech alone has revolutionized life for us here.

>> No.53752988

Join the new thread over here.

>> No.53753029

We will continue discussion in the new vox channel.I fully intend to offer something in return.

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