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Paizo Games General /pgg/ (Pathfinder & Starfinder, formerly /pfg/)

Elder Black Pudding edition
When was the last time you actually ran into a slime in an adventure? What's the best way to use slimes? Have you ever integrated slimes into your worldbuilding, cities, cultures? What about slimegirls?

Link repository; point out problems if found: https://ghostbin.com/paste/tx5h8
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Last Session: >>53701818

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My players were in a section of the sewers run by a thieve's guild, which was lorded over by a lich. They killed the lich. they open the door onto a library, and are confronted by a faintly glowing skeleton slowly floating towards the door. They have o clerics, but several have religion; they presume it's a ghost.

One reaches out to stab it with their ghost touch silver dagger. If he hadn't had resistance to acid, it would have been much more amusing, but as it was, the gelatinous cube gripped his arm mercilessly, and slowly started to engulf him.

What made it all the more amusing is this is a monster I'd warned them about months before.

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>lewd OP

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>playtest Tome-Smiter
>feels very unimpressive against a bane boosted aether rounds avowed
>realize I forgot to use half their abilities
So at least I've confirmed that it's not broken.

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Last time we ran into slimes was the previous campaign, andit was a whole cavern of carnivorous crystals. It was probably the roughest fight we had that campaign, even over an enemy party a couple levels above us. So many crits...

And for ooze girls, we once fought an incorporeal demon chick that could possess ooze and slime. Not exactly a slimegirl, but the closest we ever encountered.

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>when the barbarian fails her fortitude saves

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Docile slimes trapped city cesspits means super recycling capability.

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My GM has giving me a vague sense of the time period of his setting, a mixture. How do I encourage him to narrow it and keep the focus instead of playing multiple periods at the same time?

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How about you don't? Do you know anything about historical development? Countries change at different rates. People were shooting knights in platemail for centuries and fending off slavers with cannons

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What do you mean by 'vague'? Because maybe you think it's vague, but it's actually historically accurate.

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I legit do not have any interest in playing any 1st Party classes?

How do I fix this? Do I even fix this?

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You don't D&D and derivatives were never fucking ever supposed to emulate a specific point in time.

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Depends. What style of play do you tend towards?

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What do you mean?

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Like do you go for martials, casters, some kind of mix, do you go for skills/diplomacy, what kind of things do you like to do in combat, etc.

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Combine Rake archetype with Shattered Defenses and once you get that first sneak attack you're set. Just don't miss.

Oh, and add some sniper goggles for added range at some point.

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I usually prefer blaster style casters, followed by martial types. I go for skills when I can(so pretty much whenever the character is Int based)

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What's your preferred poison for game night?

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Just going to drop this in case someone else want a to try it out. It's fun with a katana!


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Thick rods of meat
[Spoiler]Sausage :^)[/spoiler]

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>What's your preferred poison for game night?

Half and Half of Kahlua with milk. Fucks me up for the night.

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Why aren't you playing a severist?


It's basically the coolest 3pp class.

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Apple cider, Kahlua and Creme/Mudslide, or whatever wine I have hanging around, because I don't keep a cabinet with all the mixed drinks I like. And a lot of home-made mixes for certain drinks taste like crap.

Remember to eat something hearty when you drink anon!

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Because it's bad

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>Apple cider, Kahlua and Creme/Mudslide, or whatever wine I have hanging around, because I don't keep a cabinet with all the mixed drinks I like


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Water. Alcohol started to be a problem when it became my go-to solution for boredom and it was wrecking me. But I loved me a whiskey and cola mix to sip on.

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Spiced rum. Usually until I pass out PMing my crushes after session.

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Problem, faggo?

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Beer and wine, desu. I've been avoiding hard liquor due to my tendency to overindulge.

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What tier is this class at?

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It's okay if you don't like them, anon. What we drink and what we eat are deeply personal choices we make every day. I hope you at least enjoy what you intake, as I will continue to do the same.

Don't forget to do it in moderation!

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We always hear about the blacksmith's daughter but would you marry his cheerful son?

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>Usually until I pass out PMing my crushes after session

>mfw you wake up the next day to a steamy exchange you only half-remember.

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Oh no, no problem at all. I'm just saying those are pretty girlish drinks.

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First time we did we ran into a mustard jelly with the fiendish template

"It's an oozw" we think "It can't do shit" we think.

Three rounds later I realize that my iteratives never connect, vital strike doesn't work and the frontline cleric is getting smitten because it has the fiendish template. When we think we might be killing it, it splits and goes to town on me too.

Fucker made me chuck my jar of dijon out of the window in frustration.

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I want to make a Razmiran Priest with a well groomed moustache, a deep booming laugh, and this theme song!


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that's what you get for underestimating slimes

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Start with some shitty juice mixed with some shitty vodka, work up to an Old Fashioned and finish the night by breaking out the mixing equipment and make a blue angel as a goodbye.

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Dumb frogposter

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I do not drink because I'm not a pathetic weakling of low character and moral standing who needs alcohol to get themselves through life.

Enjoy your wasted calories you inebriated fat asses.

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You, are, however, someone who needs to reassure himself by shitting on others.
t. doesn't drink either

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It sounds delicious, did you try eating it?

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Unlike beer? Beer got its start with women, being specially protected by female gods. Making it into the dude drink of choice is relatively recent as far as history goes, about 150 years or so, or the advent of industrialization of brewing.

Also I just don't like the taste. If I'm going to do alcohol I'd rather go a little harder than beer normally runs, and pay more for a flavor I enjoy. Alcohol is for enjoyment after all!

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W-what's that cropped from?

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Why not? It feels good. If they are allowed to drink themselves to an idiotic stupor because 'muh feels'then I'm allowed to be an asshole on the internet.

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Let's turn this question around and flip it upside down.

What's your character's preferred poison?

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Pretty much
>Welp, I guess it's one of those extra long teatime kind of days.

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Cider isn't girlish you fucking idiot. It's harvest festival as fuck. I oughta burn you alive, son.

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Cider is only enjoyed by mustache-twirling, plaid-shirt wearing, soft armed, bacon eating, thick-glasses sporting, dyed haired, Seattle-living, Bull prepping NuMales.

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>harvest gods and brewery gods send their disciples to war with each other over who owns the metaphysical rights to getting shitfaced

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Having a hard time settling on a class, Anons.
I just want to be able to shoot things with a bow and not suck at skills, is Slayer the best class for that or should I go with the non-hybrid Ranger because ranged sneak attacks almost never occur?

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How do I make pic related in Pathfinder?

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>someone literally applied with a meme rape elf to Dimensional Ark Bamboozle

>> No.53708970

Yup, Slayer's your best bet. For added fun, grab the (Sniper) archetype and try going for a Far Shot build.

>> No.53708971

Ranged sneak attacks almost never happen, but favored enemy is something that happens very often in a game that has some kind of theme. (I.e. undead campaign, humans always work, magical beasts, etcetcetc) along with getting a couple useful spells and other abilities. Your bond can help you a ton too if you get something like a giant snail or slug and ride it around, because then you get two ranged attacks and have the bonus of being mounted as a ranger.

>> No.53709003

Is Ranger/Slayer too redundant?

>> No.53709014

I don't have one, but you know what enrages me?

When someone orders a water or milk during a tavern scene, not only is that anachronistic it's dweeby.

>> No.53709019

come on anon haven't you heard of Chaotic as an alignment

>> No.53709023

Lots of overlap, so kind of.

>> No.53709028

>Because RPG style taverns were real things.

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I hope the FotJR group has a lot of fun tonight! Try not to shoot each others' clothes off any more.

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Wine for two characters, actually. That's kinda odd, since it's comfortable a high middle grade for me personally.

The other likes ales and lagers but avoids all drink for fear of losing control and getting into embarrassing bedroom entanglements like before.

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>Being a pushover who can't say "no."

>> No.53709059

>Like before


>> No.53709063

No because we are normally functioning people despite the games of our choice.

>> No.53709065

>When someone orders a water or milk during a tavern scene, not only is that anachronistic it's dweeby.
I'd like a glass of water with a side order of digestive upset.

>> No.53709066

>literally some fucking woodsman fucking Gallic savage shit
Pretty sure they didn't have your vaunted adversary subculture in pre-Roman mustachioed fuckistan

>> No.53709112

When he was younger, a married Taldan woman on the prowl for exotic meat took advantage of his inebriated state for a night. The dishonor of it all has shamed him ever since.

>> No.53709140

>TFW male rape is seen as a comedic backstory element while female rape is seen as tragedy

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>Thinking that in any way is a counterpoint to complaining about the anachronistic factor to a thing that never existed.

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Oh god, a cryptid scholar is basically a Bigfoot Expert but not a crackpot.

>> No.53709166

Water was anachronistic because it wasn't clean. When Create Water is a 0th level spell and CWI doesn't have a level restriction any town of a reasonable size would have the local Adept in charge of installing Faucets of Create Water in local taverns.

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>> No.53709262

Bonus points if you play him as a crackpot looking for creatures that are just too stupid to exist but then you actually end up finding them

>> No.53709274

It's not funny. The dude legitimately won't drink socially unless he has no other choice. He's also got weird hang-ups about older woman authority figures now too, which is awkward when you worship a powerful goddess.

>> No.53709309

Oh sure, so I guess we should have cameras and latex condoms in our setting now, if we're just going to ignore everything about the time period.

>> No.53709324

>Al Gore is a Cryptid Scholar

>> No.53709347

You can use magic to recreate any image you really need to. And there's things that can record sound or keep an image.

And there's magic to prevent conception. If not magic, I bet there's a herb that does it, especially if we want to be really realistic. It was so popular we ate it to extinction, and now the closest thing you can do is overdose on parsley tea.

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I promise nothing

>> No.53709359

I think he should stay.

>> No.53709365

If there were a "Create cameras and condoms" 1st level spell that 5 out of 100 people could cast then yeah, going "They don't fit my views of how fairytail taverns in not!medieval Scotland would work! Reeeeeee!" would be just as retarded as complaining about water.

>> No.53709368


>le water wasn't safe to drink meme

kys armchair historian

>> No.53709388

Beer, I'm partial to IPA's and Pale Ales

>> No.53709391

What time period? When was the last time period one in fifty people could make a barrel's worth of fresh, clean water appear out of nowhere by being an Adept 1 three times a day?

Silent Image, silent films have now become obselete as long as you have a bunch of Wizard 1 who go to school to learn how to create entertaining silent films with glowing subtitle letters.

>latex condoms
You don't need condoms when Block Seed from BoEF exists.

>> No.53709402

You see, I can drink in moderation, it doesn't seem you can control how shotty you are, I feel sorry for you.

>> No.53709412

You could use a beer.

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Insanity mist soaked into tobacco.

It eases the pain of her badly healed leg.

>> No.53709424



>> No.53709435

Slayer can pick up Ranger Combat styles, you know.

>> No.53709437

Those robes look extremely comfy.

What is the comfiest pair of clothes in your character's inventory?

>> No.53709448

You didn't let me finish.


>> No.53709451


>can't afford a regeneration spell

Lol poorfag! I get my limbs chopped off all the time and can afford them just fine. Sometimes I cut them off just for fun! Maybe I can lend you my leg, seeing as its not a pathetic poorfag gimp's leg! Hahahaha!!

>> No.53709459

>mfw I don't need a face when levelets complain about small level problems

>> No.53709463

Isn't it 10,000 to buy regeneration?

>> No.53709476


>he thinks 10000gp is a big deal

LOL damn son how low is your WBL?

>> No.53709477

Billowy silk pajamas

>> No.53709492

He should become the mighty blackguard and oppressive warlord he was born to be.

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>> No.53709551

>Kyras becoming an oppressive tyrant
>Branwen becomes a greedy witch queen
>Antoinette becomes r63 Tar-Baphon
>Franze goosesteps her way to technological dictatorship

>Andrik and Viviana are just two Goods trying to do Good things

Just kill them now and be done with it, the best case scenario for either of them at this point is becoming someone's butt-boy/side-bitch.

>> No.53709557

A really really comfy dress, perfect for traveling. Which is odd since well, he's a dude.

>> No.53709576

See >>53709140

>> No.53709598

The very presence of magic instantaneously invalidates most of the trappings of a "medieval" setting.

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File: 1.44 MB, 1296x1832, da541b1904a4b82f4c023b35f03efbf9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not interested in re-breaking a leg for a heal spell. I have better uses for that much diamond dust.

Such as having my girlfriend create Mythic Greater Demiplanes to play in.

>> No.53709616

Magic was present in the Witcher's universe, didn't stop them from being staunchly medieval.

>> No.53709628

Magic was very low-key in the Witcher's universe.

>> No.53709630

It also invalidates the social structures of a "medieval" setting, but nobody bats an eye when you walk into a feudal kingdom of oppressed serfs.

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Speak for yourself.

>> No.53709645

I roll my eyes and try to play along.

>> No.53709666


>muh unique snowflake with a gimp leg they refuse to fix with a simple procedure


>> No.53709688

Whose buttboy should Andrik become out of those four villains?

>> No.53709689

It actually reinforces it. The social structure of medieval kingdoms was based on inherited power and wealth. Divine magic aside, arcane magic is either blood-based or study based. Studying is a luxury in terms of time and money only nobles or people somehow well-off without being nobility can really afford to do. Ergo, divine spellcasters aside, you expect nobles to be mainly casters decked out in wondrous items accumulated through generations.

>> No.53709724

>heroic clerics of the common people using their Tier 1 powers to beat up faggy wizard nobles

This is my fetish

>> No.53709728

I think he'd be shared equally between Antoinette and Branwen.

>> No.53709736

Is it
>touch the drow
>do it now
>touch the drow
>do it slow

>> No.53709747

Technically, in previous books and editions it was said that divine casters are much more common than arcane characters, especially more common than wizards, with sorcerers being a bit more common.

number 1

>> No.53709755


>> No.53709757

>touch the drow
>Catch the slow.....killing poison she has slathered over her skin because making perverted surface dwellers die the most agonizing and gruesome death makes her smile

>> No.53709774

Meanwhile, though, clerics are more easily generated within...clerical bodies, such as the Papacy.

>> No.53709775

It's not a hack and slash game.

>> No.53709796

Drow is scandanavian, so it's 'drow'. The original spelling is Drua.

Imagine my shock when someone pronounced Duergar correctly in Van Helsing, of all places. (Dwegger.)

>> No.53709804

Except again nobody bats an eye when the king is completely mundane.

>> No.53709814

Is there a sourcebook for the Shackles, or should I go look at the Adventure path?

>> No.53709824

>Touch the dr-ow
>Do it n-ow

>Touch the dr-oh
>Do it sl-oh

Which sounds more correct to you? Because I'm pretty sure it's the first

>> No.53709825

>Is there a sourcebook for the Shackles

Yes, it's called "Isles of the Shackles."

>> No.53709832

Isles of the Shackles

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Thanks. I couldn't find anything at first. It looks like I was temporarily retarded.

>> No.53709862

I've heard both. That's why I asked.

>> No.53709865

I don't like vanician casting and alchemist bombs don't last long enough to use reasonably as an offensive tactic through anything resembling an average adventuring day.

>> No.53709889

Ok then don't play any 1pp classes or play spheres variant of them

done we're done here

>> No.53709896

Cleric, Shaman, Oracle, Witch. All people who make high demands outside of money for the use of their services, anon.

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>Girls loving girls

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File: 13 KB, 164x276, DunMesh Marceline Worried.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53709978

He just simply doesn't have to be.

Don't he has all the fucking magic artifacts, too?

>> No.53709983


Is there a spell to turn people heterosexual? Does it have the Good descriptor?

>> No.53710010

Is it too fetishy to port Eilistraee to Golarion?

>> No.53710012

Being somewhat of an expert in phonetics: second one.

>> No.53710021

Does that mean that Psionic Characters/Occult Characters outside of the Occultist are the true heroes of the Revolution?

>> No.53710027


Have you seen the other gods??

>> No.53710036

A naked dancing Drow girl is nothing compared to the Mother of Monsters and Literal Sex God(dess).

Compare Eilistraee to Lamashtu or Arshea.

>> No.53710039


Someone apply to PLD as a busty femdom healer!

>> No.53710055

It would probably be an evil act to change someone's personality, so I'd say more towards evil.

>> No.53710063
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Good luck, FotJR.

>> No.53710068

That's true. And I'd rather have naked elf dancing over Sarenrae's scimitar dancers.

>> No.53710078


>> No.53710081
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>And I'd rather have naked elf dancing over Sarenrae's scimitar dancers

But then who does Qadira worship? Are you replacing Sarenrae with a Sun God or something?

>mfw a Fire God who's form is a burning bush might be profoundly relevant for that part of the world.

>> No.53710082

What's wrong with Scimitar dancers?

>> No.53710124



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File: 1.24 MB, 646x983, 1429551170340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pelor is good! GOOD!

>> No.53710143

oh come on, you know Vult would reject a mute character rather than deal with that

>> No.53710149

Don't listen to him! Apply as a cruel and abusive daddy!

>> No.53710151

Drop Eilistraee, port Nusemnee over instead. Eili is for the redemption of drow, Nusemnee is for the redemption of everyone.

>Mute Bard
I don't understand this joke.

>> No.53710159
File: 15 KB, 231x264, Zarus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>mfw someone tries to convince me the burning hate is good

All will serve humanity. How you choose to wear your chains is entirely your choice

>> No.53710163 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.87 MB, 2819x2454, 1497023919831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53710178

The king is usually mundane because of lineage, or a divine caster or charisma based. Aristocrat x/Paladin x usually.

Egyptian themed replaces that with cleric

>> No.53710183

No, app as a nympho trap rogue who molests all the cute girls and calls them dirty sluts!

>> No.53710192
File: 1.13 MB, 1000x1000, IMG_3177.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw roll20 randos PM you to compliment your app

>> No.53710196

I once played a bard who never spoke but his performance consisted of an organ grinder and a dancing trained monkey

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One's a oni, so it's okay because oni are perverse.

>> No.53710204

>implying Vult wouldn't jump at the chance to rape a PC within earshot of the party while she was completely unable to call for help

>> No.53710208

Won't Big Slut just punch him for being mean to Little Slut?

>> No.53710209


>tfw I tried to make an evil healer but evil and healing spells just dont work

Oh, Jiraviddain, devil of debility, dependence, and frailty. I have failed you my lord.

>> No.53710216

Just be an Oracle.

>> No.53710217

Reverse trap only.

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>> No.53710230

i like hickory smoked beef jerky from the local butcher followed with a drink, anything made with honey, either tea or ale whether I wanna drive after the game is over.

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That's... weirdly kinda hot. Delete this.

>> No.53710239

During RotJR apps I had a rando PM me to compliment my app and ask for my critique of his app. After a few messages it became pretty obvious he was in love with my character's art and was really hoping we'd get in together.

>> No.53710240
File: 156 KB, 751x1063, 1452698142155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't understand this joke.

Sona is a mute bard in League of Legends famous for her incredibly voluptuous figure. Back in the Old Days of RotJR, there was an uproar for someone to apply as an incredibly voluptuous mute bardic girl.

>> No.53710246


>Channel positive energy like a cleric

That is like dividing by zero

>> No.53710248


Traps are banned now. You fags have abused your privilege too much.

>> No.53710261

Just means he has to train big slut first!

>> No.53710264
File: 74 KB, 600x600, 1386767995556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why can't people just make girly girls anymore? Or tomboys?

>> No.53710270
File: 93 KB, 630x930, IMG_3054.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's kind of my suspicion.

>> No.53710281


Bevause they are homosexuals and tomboys are dogshit

>> No.53710283

Then beg to play Sphere Caster of a Vitalist.

>> No.53710287
File: 29 KB, 633x758, 1434328293956.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw nobody compliments mine

>> No.53710292

I don't know if Big Slut is smart enough to train. What if she just gets agitated and fucks him?

>> No.53710295

Cashmere, Gloriana, and Cierra already have that on lockdown in PLD

We need a genki tomboy stat!

>> No.53710310

Pick cuter artwork

>> No.53710313

Have you considered being a neutral cleric following your devil god? Usually that works well enough. Lawful Neutral usually works as a pretty good substitute for evil. (Beurocrats)

>> No.53710337

The party goes about their usual business of making camp, putting the dinner stew on to boil and even joke about how long the mute busty bard is taking to go to the bathroom. A faint rustle in the bush is the only hint they might have of what's happening. Her eyes filled with tears, her mouth wide as if screaming, but no sound comes out.

>> No.53710351

That one's only here to shitpost all day every day

Stop trying to cater.

>> No.53710353

>everyone wants to fill the daddy slot
>everyone wants to see more cute girls
Voyeurs, the lot of you

>> No.53710356

What if Big Slut followed her to use the restroom because it's too dangerous to go alone, huh? You gotta think shit through, Anon.

>> No.53710362
File: 41 KB, 1024x576, 1496804862542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I told you to stop!

>> No.53710370
File: 12 KB, 182x230, 1491583209013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53710375


I never could figure out how vitalist worked. There needs to be a god of failure.

>> No.53710382
File: 873 KB, 1060x1009, Pleroma.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would an epic-level Aeon even be like?

>> No.53710386
File: 66 KB, 296x281, Screenshot_2017-06-09-11-12-23~01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53710394


Neutral isnt as fun as evil. Besides, how can I tempt people and make them solely dependent on me if I am neutral.

>> No.53710402


>> No.53710403

but Vult is looking for a dom

>> No.53710411

She claws at the dirt, but can't get enough leverage to escape her attacker's grasp. With a jerk it finishes its deed inside her and lumbers away as if it were nothing. She curls up on her side and sobs silently.

>> No.53710416

Because its in your contract to your devil god. Come on dude did you even READ the fine print

>> No.53710424

The players get a say. Just reach out to one you think you can hook and use them to influence the rest.

>> No.53710432


Then I move towards evil and I cant channel positive energy anymore.

>> No.53710472

....do you not know what a reverse trap is?

>> No.53710475

Decent idea.

>> No.53710481

A tomboy?

>> No.53710490

Wouldn't he be more of a Daemon?

>> No.53710499
File: 678 KB, 1015x1200, xIh06cP-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just lurk cabal discord to track Vults taste

>> No.53710500

Daemons want to destroy all life and eventually themselves, they're omnicidal. Galactus wants to consume the Universe and thereby allow it to be reborn anew from his flesh, which is a very Aeon thing to do.

>> No.53710511

Following someone to the restroom is even lewder, anon.

>> No.53710519

Not really. Tomboy=girl who acts boyish. Reverse trap=girl who dresses like a boy.

Kino is a reverse trap.
Akane of Ranma 1/2 is a tomboy.

>> No.53710528

So do Daemons get along with Quipoleth?

>> No.53710534

Not for lewds! For safety!

>> No.53710537

No it isn't, it's common sense in regions of the world where immigrant peace gangs are roaming around trying to enrich the locals with Tolerance and fill them with Diversity.

>> No.53710545
File: 21 KB, 255x261, 1385411102221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SoP question for you all.

Is there a way to extend the Destruction Spheres Energy Satellites range beyond its 5ft + 5 per 10 levels? That range seems super low...but then it IS an immediate action blast...

Little help?

>> No.53710550

Is it evil to follow your contract though. To me it just seems lawful. I mean hellknights aren't technically evil.

>> No.53710559

>Elves are passionate, sexual creatures who place love and art above almost everything else. After reaching puberty, all sub-races go through a long period of self-discovery lasting about twenty-five years in which they explore essentially all sexual kinks and sleep with anyone or anything willing (called the Blooming) but they eventually settle down. Although elves make love a great deal, they usually do so in normal ways, with perversions being rare. Elves have no taboos against divorce but almost always marry for life. It is also worth noting that all elves’ ears are about as sexually sensitive as breasts, and a great deal of elven foreplay centers around them. One intimate greeting among elves is rubbing ears.
Is this accurate?

>> No.53710563

No, Daemons don't get along with anyone. Qlippoth don't get along with anyone, not even themselves.

>> No.53710566


>> No.53710575


>> No.53710581


Hellknights do not push an agenda of dependence, frailty and debility.

>> No.53710586

Daemons are just a lower priority target for the Qlippoth if presented with demons are mortals at the same time
Neither Daemons nor Qlippoth get along with anyone
(Qlippoth don't even get along with themselves)

>> No.53710588

That's fetish-y as fuck... But I can see it, could even explain why Forlorn are so aloof and Half-Elves suffer from awkward childhoods.

>> No.53710612


The truth is so much worse.

>> No.53710613


Monsters only breed with Nightwalkers, normal Humans are either killed and/or consumed.

In other words, it's a rape game only to the players while it's a grimdark crapsack to everyone else.

>> No.53710618

Daemons hate literally everything, they just hate other daemons a hair less and themselves a second hair less. Their endgame is burning the world, then killing all daemons, then shooting themselves in the head while laughing maniacally.
Qlippoth are less comically evil but they don't get along with either Qlippoths or Daemons, it's just that their priority is on killing demons and mortals to make sure the demons don't come back.

>> No.53710619

And what does being normal functional people get you? It gets your asses kicked by an ooze.

>> No.53710623


>> No.53710627

>One intimate greeting among elves is rubbing ears.
>ears are about as sexually sensitive as breasts
So elf girls literally grope each other to say hi.

>> No.53710636

But what if that is what is best for the people you are pressing it to anyways

Either way, there is a spell that lets your reverse the effects of negative and positive energy, so you can affect your friends with your harm spells as though they were undead

>> No.53710638

I'm uncertain whether you mean that as a good thing or a bad thing?

And roaming monsters eating the seeds is commoon to all d&d settingz

>> No.53710641

That needs to be "timotei.gif"

>> No.53710644

Only one of those is /pol/ anon.

The other is just silly.

>> No.53710646

>intimate greeting
As in, "lovers do this".

>> No.53710650

>Finally get thread to remember the existence of one of the other outsider types
>5 seconds later right back to Daemons
At least qlippoth are getting a mention

When are we getting some info on some Psycopomp Ushers?

>> No.53710691

It gets us the the love and acceptance of our peers and families without having to resort to memes and posting pictures of girls that never have or will exists as anything other than a cheap ploy to get /pgg/ to masturbate over the idea that the person using that picture as their character art isn't a sweaty 20 to 40 something balding dude who is equally enthusiastic about hearing how you describe your character doing something that gets you on the FBI watch list to their character that probably will never ever even get to be played because nobody wants him or you.

>> No.53710694
File: 82 KB, 330x480, 182999_1234068988616_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Another question? Since you mentioned Psycopomps which reminded me of these guys?

Has anyone here ever made a new outsider type/changed up their cosmology from the default for a homebrew setting?

>> No.53710703

>all these lewd app ideas
>no one is apping with them
Do it! I want to meme you and ship you and await your rough loving!

You can make the timeslot if you try, believe in it!

>> No.53710704

What's best, Core Monk with the right Archetypes (thinking MoMS/HG/Qgg) or Unchained Monk?

>> No.53710720


But I dont even know what game it is for!

>> No.53710728
File: 30 KB, 300x400, Lily.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

....I have no issue with this.

>> No.53710734

Puella Librum Daemonium, or PLD.

>> No.53710745

An Unchained Monk is just a better Qgg monk as far as I can tell. Unchained Monk in general is just straight up better. A lot of monk archetypes are really trivial to convert into UMonk archetypes anyway.

>> No.53710758

Unchained monk.

>> No.53710760

Unchained monk.
>Automatically gets Qigong ki powers added to their own list of ki poweres
>has a ki power set designed specifically to counter Style feats
>can actually HIT THINGS

>> No.53710761

Every monk is technically Qgg, but master of many styles can be alright for certain builds, and martial artist can be great too. The reincarnation monk is actually surprisingly good, and the tetori makes sumowrestling amazingly good too, with being able to grapple multiple people. Also, drunken master is good too if you want to focus on raw damage, so combining it with something like Dragon and Pummeling style works well.

>> No.53710790


>no 9th level casters

So much for a healbot

>> No.53710793

PLD, Vult s dark fantasy smut game about rough monster loving while you try to unravel mysteries and fight giant monsters. It's been running for like 3 months now but a player vanished so there's an available slot. Link is upthread.

>> No.53710808

Paladin, 6th level casters, his Chloromancer homebrew, there are options

>> No.53710810


>> No.53710811
File: 166 KB, 1280x1141, 1447034891673.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I want to meme you and ship you and await your rough loving!

Meme me!

>> No.53710837

Except with 3/4 bab they all suck, and full attacks with penalties make them suck almost as bad.

>> No.53710843


>> No.53710853

Spiritualists have ALL the healing spells, anon.

>> No.53710855

As I recall, the very first session, a fight against a vicious tentacle beast, ended in victory for the intrepid heroines. They win many fights.

>> No.53710873

They won their fight yesterday even, kicked a cr9 dragon's ass and sent it packing for a magic rez.

>> No.53710882

>They win many fights.

Oh yeah? Then why are they all pregnant?

>> No.53710906

I seriously need to apply with a tomboy who has no idea how to deal with the idea of being impregnated at all, much less by monsterbabies.

>> No.53710916

They lose if separate, win together

PLD is a game about the magic of friendship

>> No.53710931

No, because there's 100 Outsider subtypes in pathfinder

>> No.53710955

Yeah or, you know, they think losing is winning too.

>> No.53710985
File: 123 KB, 243x243, 1235123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I recall, the party's a bunch of blondes and brunettes, a lively redheaded Tomboy would complete the set.

>> No.53710991

What diseases are more likely, or more fitting, for causing the death of a tiefling?

>> No.53711002

So would she be able to function after her loss, basically being in denial, or would she be mentally broken?

>> No.53711017

Lysander is a redhead about to become a tomboy

>> No.53711021

If someone's flying while shanking things with a sword, do they get the +1 high ground bonus?

Speaking of high ground bonus, is a +5 to attacks while charging and flying worth it?

>> No.53711028

>do they get the +1 high ground bonus?

... There's a high ground bonus?

>> No.53711044

Except Master of Many styles gets +X to attack for every style he has, ending in +5 at 20th level.
You also deal more damage (because you mix styles) have probably more attacks, AoO karmic like abuse, and other shit

Umonk is better in most cases, but with the right archetypes Core Monk is better

See Zen Archer, or Sohei, who ends hitting even better than Umonk, as another examples

So >>53710704, it depends on what you want, your build, I'm assuming Master of Many Styles, Hungry Ghost and QuigonJin, is probably better than just Umonk, sepcially for the getting ki and health back at 5th and 7th level

>> No.53711056
File: 863 KB, 767x1071, Ysidra Teraheart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most likely confused, panicking and wondering why her body seems to be OKAY with being pregnant having panic attacks periodically - between bouts of hyper-aggressively slaughtering monsters for violating her girl friends.

>> No.53711066

I always try to win

>> No.53711072

It's +2 for having the higher ground, yes.

>> No.53711084

You don't specify how.

>> No.53711097
File: 52 KB, 600x318, Skeleton Skritch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Except Master of Many styles gets +X to attack for every style he has
Well if that isn't a feature that's not at all obvious I don't know what is, I looked at that archetype half a dozen times and never noticed that. That's pretty rad.

>> No.53711111

With a little help from my friends

>> No.53711130

Don't set your heart on a striker build

>> No.53711152

Always makes me roll my eyes to hear about how the idiots from Paizo rule "high ground".

"High ground advantage" is for when you're running down a hill like a retard, because of MOMENTUM, or for when you're shooting at people, because you got a clearer shot, or for when you're throwing things because again, of momentum and gravity.

Standing on a table only gets your tibias stabbed, and stabbed tibias, not only do they hurt a lot, they also kill pretty regularly.

Point is, if you're a melee user, high ground is only a thing if you need to move relatively to someone else.

>> No.53711173

Play Song of Swords, Pathfinder clearly isn't for you.

>> No.53711183

>At 8th level, the master of many styles can fuse three styles at once. He can have the stances of three style feats active at the same time. He gains a bonus on attack rolls equal to the number of styles whose stances he currently has active. Furthermore, he can enter up to three stances as a swift action.
You eventually can have 5 styles at the same times, so +5 to hit, that compensates your medium BaB a little

>> No.53711202

But it's over Anakin!

>> No.53711225

You should make her a hot-blooded huntress with a rifle!

>> No.53711245

Should we get the bonus when we have the moral high ground?

What about spinning? That's a good trick.

>> No.53711251


The clap

>> No.53711291

Na I mean, I'm flying with it, but it IS stupid.

My thoughts exactly.

>> No.53711314

While I will counter "compensates your medium BAB a little" with "core monk is still really shit", but that's pretty cool. If you have a GM willing to convert the archetype to Unchained then I'd almost say it's actually really good. It would make up for the attack penalty from Crane Style, at least.

I was debating a (MoMS/Scaled Fist) UMonk||(Body) Avowed in a friend's game, since looking at the concept of a Flurry+AChannel gave me some pretty nasty cancer.

>> No.53711320

So master of many styles gets full BAB at 20th level. And styles rarely give you extra attacks, just circumstantial bonuses to damage or skill checks. Have you even read the styles recently? And AoO abuse is something umonks get as well if they want it.

Zen archer I can agree with. Sohei gives up a slew of useful things; it's very nearly a wash - and +1 to hit higher than the uMonk on flurries isn't impressive when the umonk can gain a better benefits with invested Regent's Divine Favor.

Blood Crow strike for a UMonk is deadlier than Zen Archery, unfortunately (better attack bonuses and no range penalties)

>> No.53711350

No, more likely a spiritualist or hot blooded psychic.

>> No.53711366

So does hitting your opponent in the head and shoulders, anon - but faster..

>> No.53711374

High ground is actually pretty good for melee characters. You get to hit their tops, and they will only be attacking you from one side, and thats from below you.

>> No.53711376

aaaaaaa i want to play a dragon girl

>> No.53711397

If you are flying and the other creature can't fly, then you get the bonus. If it is simply below you in the air, then you don't get the bonus. Only if they are on the ground.

>> No.53711400

It's a matter of reach. Being in the air makes it so you can't reach as far down unless you're upside down, but being on the ground means you can get someone's tibia without exposing yourself. You know. People aren't just standing there waiting to be struck in the head.

>> No.53711401


Ooh, you could say she gained her connection to the afterlife when her twin brother died in the womb, thus he was born into death and comes to her through dreams and visions to relay prophecy.

>> No.53711406

What app?

>> No.53711419

You're retarded. You're trying to pull a SoS, but you don't know how. Being on the high ground means you have a gravitational advantage when swinging and the enemy has a disadvantage as they're forced to swing upwards and spend more energy to step in. Enemies can only attack your legs if that, which can be extremely mobile while remaining within striking range if you're using a long weapon.
You're imagining the strike itself as seperate from the movements leading into and recovering from the strike.

>> No.53711420


Does this replace the 'charging' penalty of -2 to AC for just plain +5 when in the air, charging?

>> No.53711423

Should mounted knights get a +2 high ground bonus? I think they should get a +2 high ground bonus.

>> No.53711425

David Cage please go

>> No.53711439

Might want to cool your jets, one of the more famous of those ended up getting fucked in the showers by a guy with a dog dick and having the logs posted on the reg.

>> No.53711443

>And AoO abuse is something umonks get as well if they want it.
For example? I'm really interested

>> No.53711452

In fact, at 8th level your BaB is 6, right? but at 8th level you have already 3 stiles, so your attack bonus is +9 compared to +8 from Umonk, at 8th level and onwards your bonus to hit is one higher.

>> No.53711460

don't worry, I know my limits
I might want to play one but in my heart I know I will never be allowed to play one for whatever reason

>> No.53711463
File: 71 KB, 500x600, 1222400979109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is an idea. Maverick might actually make it useful.

>> No.53711474

How's Skulls and Shackles?

>> No.53711498

They actually should get a +1 bonus on attacking unmounted targets or targets lower than them

>> No.53711509

>your BAB is one higher

No, your Core Monk's BAB is still 6, your Attack Bonus is just +9 due to bonuses. But that UMonk over there probably took Weapon Focus (Unarmed) because he values his Attack Bonus like a motherfucker, meaning you have the same attack bonus and that UMonk will be doing more damage than you while being more mobile.

>> No.53711510


It's pretty fucking easy to grab a knight and pull down; would be if he wasn't flailing his arming sword around, but that's literally how you get rid of knights. You pin them down in melee where they can't move their legs to react like in a normal swordfight. Just like when they're flying forward, you know.

>> No.53711512

Actually pretty fun if your DM includes the alt gun rules for it

>> No.53711513


Not too bad if you go full pirate. It gets kinda railroady later on.

>> No.53711526

They should, but they should also get -2 on grapple checks.

>> No.53711551

But would you work out your stress by fugging the other girls by force?

>> No.53711569

>Just like when they're flying forward
Nigger fliers can position themselves however the fuck they want I'm surprised they don't get +3 AC because of their sheer manueverability, someone who's flying can drift backwards while facing forward, fly sideways, or do cartwheels in midair while flying perpendicular to his cartwheeling if he so pleases.

>> No.53711582

>Your bab is one higher
Never said that, learn to read, I said attack bonus

>> No.53711611

>Umonk has weapon focus but monk doesn't because reasons
>Umonk deals more damage even though MoMS monk can mix styles like dragon, boar, and others and you can't

>> No.53711694

I lied - I've been reading too much mythic stuff, sorry.

>> No.53711719

>sheer manueverability

Go ahead try to move your legs while you're flying, you're either facing your FACE forward and getting it stabbed or you're spinning around like a pinata.

I don't know where you live but doing a fucking cartwheel in battle isn't smart and pulling away backwards isn't gonna help you do anything.

Educate yourself on some fencing.


>> No.53711758
File: 5.59 MB, 3264x2448, 34873396811_0b972fab53_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.53711786

fair enough, I was skimming too fast

>An Unchained Monk Flurrying with Dragon Style and Style Strikes
>even just a dex monk with just pummeling style or boar style flurries
>not doing more damage than a MoMS chained monk
>a MoMS monk having feats to spare


>> No.53711795

>Go ahead try to move your legs while you're flying
Manueverability [Good] or [Perfect] faggot, what the fuck are you using to compare? Can you fly in real life too? I didn't know the Fly spell was a thing already!

>Educate yourself on some fencing.
Fuck off already you idiotic armchair martial artist
Legwork is not about manuevability, it's about positioning and being able to move when you need to because the human body can't bend or meld like a slime, there are positions out of which you are unable to exert force or dodge / retreat easily. When you have flight with good or better manueverability, literally all of that becomes irrelevant, who cares about your foot's position relative to your hip when you can always 'step back' and 'step in' no matter your actual positioning? Who cares about legwork when you can fly the fuck forwards without invoking Newton's Law and don't need a ground to stand off just to twist your body and allow for kinetic chaining? Kill yourself.

How about linking actual martial arts or sword forms, and not fencing using flimsy little rapiers that aren't even designed for combat?

>> No.53711816

>Go ahead try to move your legs while you're flying
you've got the fly spell?
how fucking stupid are you

>> No.53711887

You know how thrusts are dangerous because they're fast enough that both parries and dodging is hard? Well a flier can just turn his entire body sideways while flying forward and give you a good kick in the balls as he passes them.

>> No.53711889

Oh they mad

>How about linking actual martial arts or sword forms, and not fencing using flimsy little rapiers that aren't even designed for combat?
Fuck did you even watch the video faggot

>Legwork is not about manuevability
Hahahahaha what

Look I can see you've never handled a sword in your life. I have. It's called fencing lessons. Go ahead and "fly the fuck forwards" all the way to me in a fight and we'll see how it works for me when all I have to do is brace my pointy iron forward and sidestep. Oh, what's that, you're veering off-course? Well, that's nice, I can just gut you all the way in the lenght of your body like you were a fish.

Because you're so fucking focused on "lel I can fly" to even remember to face me with your equipment.

>> No.53711900

"Drow drow drow your boat" sounds better than "How now dark drow" at least to my ears.

>> No.53711911


>> No.53711940

>You know how thrusts are dangerous because they're fast enough that both parries and dodging is hard?

Haha what

In fencing class you learn ten different ways to follow up after a parried thrust. If you're close enough that a lightning quick arm extension is enough to stab you, your positioning was just retarded and it's your fault for being so close.

> Well a flier can just turn his entire body sideways while flying forward and give you a good kick in the balls as he passes them
Or I can just

Stab him

While he's busy turning his whole body sideways.

Because he's presenting to me the fucking side of his body now, not his weapon, or his shield, which are now off-balance too.

>> No.53711955

>umonk gets medium ranged touch attack flurry at full BAB because they can take blood crow strike
>invested regent gains divine power instead of a bonus feat for an extra +6 to hit and damage that can be used with blood crow strike
I'm not seeing a significant reason that master of many styles or zen archer is better yet when one archetype for ucmonkmakes both of them less useful.

>> No.53711995

>It's called fencing lessons

You're going to sidestep someone who is flying while laying down and therfore threatening eight feet horizontally and can revolve like a door to dodge any thrust you try to counter them with?

>brace my pointy iron forward
They dance around it and lay perpendicular to the point because they don't need to touch the ground or obey physical laws, can flank you faster and more consistently than any sidestep possible because they don't need to adjust their footwork, and can attack with heir legs regardless because fuck physics. They can even hit harder because they actually have 100% of their body weight behind a blow, instead of the normal ~40% + muscular chaining.

>veering off course
No, I stop for a millisecond because it's magic and there is no such thing as momentum or balance, grab your sword arm, and fly into the sky to drop you off mount everest. Remember, this is a Fighter under a Fly spell, not a Wizard - a Wizard just uses Fireball and you're done.

Flying is not a standard action.

>off balance
No such thing as balance when flying faggot, you're violating the laws of physics already.

>> No.53712000

Women can't love men, and men can't love women. Those who break this vow will find their (usually the male) partner brutalized and slain.

But women can love women and men can love men. So sayeth Paizo.

>> No.53712011


So what is better when heavily optimized, chained or unchained Monk?

>> No.53712020
File: 27 KB, 674x674, Smileyexploitable.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53712024

Look at just how AWFUL the sheet is. Literally every single mechanical ability on that sheet is utter garbage, especially when compared to the other two level 1 sheets that got leaked so far.

>> No.53712026

Fuck off you LARPing faggot

>> No.53712043
File: 24 KB, 269x326, Seeing a new Pazio Iconic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53712057

I missed those. Care to share?

>> No.53712073

Just google "Obozaya sheet" and "Keskodai sheet". They come up as some of the first results.

>> No.53712096 [DELETED] 

Show me!

>> No.53712119

But there are two examples of the former being disproven! There's that couple in Shattered Star and Oleg and Svetlana in Kingmaker!

>> No.53712142

>fencing isn't swordwork
>what is weight of equipment and striking strenght
>what is kinetic shifting in your body when you propel it in some way and what is balance
>what is the body stance affecting the strenght of support muscles giving powers to a strike

>"because it's magic"

>but all it does is fly not become more able to do miliseconds reaction
>not have superspeed either

>he thinks combat is just him doing whatever in front of a guy that doesn't ever move, adapt, or do so much as push him when he's not ready

Typical powerautist. I bet you think a "real sword" is the giant flat pieces of serrated iron from your anime.

>> No.53712153

No, a real sword, one used in combat, is not one you come within three miles of in fencing. A combat rapier bears but a superficial resemblance to a sport one.

>> No.53712159

>Anonymous 06/09/17(Fri)11:03:10 No.53712065 ▶
>DHB has a spreadsheet that shows a Dragon Style UMonk as having some of the highest DPR [of 1pp martials] in the game

Nice try, cuckboy, but you don't get to delete your posts and pretend nothing happened.

>> No.53712167

I deleted it because I realized DHB wasn't the one who made the spreasheet, it was buildposter

>> No.53712180

>what is kinetic shifting in your body when you propel it in some way and what is balance
>what is the body stance affecting the strenght of support muscles giving powers to a strike
Relevant when you're grounded and aren't magically flying via magic.
Once more it's like you're trying to invoke SoS autism but you're WRONG about your autism. It's MAGIC, it can, in fact, erase your autism.

>> No.53712210


Where can I find this?

>> No.53712227

Oh, what's your stance when you're flying, Anon?


It's... Like you're lying on the ground?
You know there's a reason why people fight while standing up, right?

>> No.53712242

>he gets his ideas from superhero comics

>> No.53712260

It takes a lot of work to optimize a monk, while optimizing an unchained monk is exceedingly easy. Take Invested Regent, get Divine Power, get Abundant step at 8th level, take dimensional agility, dimensional assault, and dimensional dervish, take the poison spell from qigong, the shattering strike punch style strike, and one touch, as well as blood crow strike, and the vital strike feats along with devastating strike.

You can now hit anyone, anywhere, any number of times you need to, ignoring DR and hardness, as touch attacks, poisoning them as well as getting the stunning fist effects with extra attack and damage from divine power. Because blood Crow Strike uses the monks unarmed attacks as the basis for damage you can use it to deliver poison spells and stunning fist attacks. ith Dimensional dervish, you can hit any enemies within hundreds of feet, or the same enemy many times, because it uses unchained monk's full level instead of half his level as the caster level.

It's ridiculously easy to make a ridiculous build using unchained monk as is. Adding Invested regent alone makes them stupidly powerful and incredibly versatile.

>> No.53712263

>Oh, what's your stance when you're flying, Anon?
It's whatever I want it to be.

>You know there's a reason why people fight while standing up, right?
The reason is because in real life, we rely on our relatively powerful legs for balance and begining the process of kinetic chaining. This is not relevant why you are flying because you have impulse gained from literally nowhere and can redirect this impulse however you like.

>> No.53712268
File: 369 KB, 822x1250, Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai - c011-020 (v02) [mix] [Psylocke Scans].zip-Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai - c014 (v02) - p074 [mag] [Psylocke Scans].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Describe your campaign with a manga page.

>> No.53712269

You have as many feats as a umonk and you dont need to meet the requirements

>> No.53712284

Someone using Fly can be hovering forward while standing ramrod straight, spinning chaotically while moving in an S shape while pelvic thrusting, or flying like yes Superman. It's whatever the Wizard so pleases, just like your continued life is allowed because it so pleases the God Wizard.

>> No.53712296

>It's whatever I want it to be.
Then use a wish spell, not a fly spell.

>This is not relevant why you are flying because you have impulse gained from literally nowhere and can redirect this impulse however you like.
[citation needed]
Fly doesn't give your arm strenght out of thin air. It just makes you able to fly. There is no advantage to fly higher than your opponent. You're still just facing him, or you're not.

>> No.53712297


>> No.53712310

>changing fluff on spells needs a wish
Not him, but you're autistic as fuck.

>> No.53712314
File: 2.83 MB, 1280x720, 1478965164903.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53712323

There was yesterday but that page is really old.

>> No.53712333

In actual swordfighting, spinning chaotically is hardly what you want.

Not even gonna talk on how adapting to that actual style of moving would take SPECIALIZED TRAINING that you don't get when you just have a spell cast on you.

>> No.53712356


What if I want to be a daddy but also get raped

>> No.53712373

Desire to know intensifies

>> No.53712409

>Using a fly spell requires only as much concentration as walking, so the subject can attack or cast spells normally.

So yes, you get the +2 bonus from having higher position than your opponent. And that is all.

Note that the dive-charge is a special ability, and not granted by the fly spell at all.

>> No.53712423

>Then use a wish spell, not a fly spell.
Nope, high manueverability allows you to position yourself arbitrarily in midair. You can't use Fly to teleport or move the world instead of yourself, sure; but you can certainly fly forward while doing the Thriller pose.

>Fly doesn't give your arm strenght out of thin air
Yes, but it does allow you to hit something as if you were on a bike pedelling as fast as you can due to its constant, uninterrupted speed as long as you take Fly-By attack or something similar.

It's an example you cunt, and in an actual swordfight it might actually be what I want; can you actually follow someone's movements when he can move however he wants without giving a shit about physics?

>specialized training
Doesn't work that way kek
>Using a fly spell requires only as much concentration as walking, so the subject can attack or cast spells normally
>The subject gains a bonus on Fly skill checks equal to 1/2 your caster level.
In other words, not only do you not need training, you actually get training from the spell to begin with.

>> No.53712452
File: 100 KB, 301x352, Shining Dragon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53712472

>subhuman autist BTFO
Keep up the good work, lads.

>> No.53712604

You only get good maneuverability - you have to make checks to hover.

>can you actually follow someone's movements when he can move however he wants without giving a shit about physics
Yes, because physics demands that you position your body in pretty specific ways to deliver attacks agaisnt a defender, anon. Wherever you are positioned, you must still:
>be close enough to hit
>be moving slowly enough that you do not render yourself incapable of hitting
>be close enough to be hit because of the first clause
Reach weapons are an exception to the first clause, and apply to both parties equally. There are maneuvers in most martial traditions designed to strike at thing above you because there were situations where people would be above you - horseback, on bridges, murder holes, etc. An overhead downswing isn't JUST to attack the person in front of you.

>> No.53712613

No. Chaotic means you can't fuck the opposite sex unless you equally fuck your own sex. Except with two characters in Reign of Winter, but the other one is a fey and the other one is the initial waifubait.

>> No.53712633

That sounds more like Lawful then anything, anon.

>> No.53712672


>> No.53712680

No no. Lawful is conservative and conservative is evil. If Erastil didn't have a very specific role as the guardian of communities Paizo would've made him LE for daring to have part of his portfolio be that of marriage between a man and a woman.

>> No.53712698

>you have to make checks to hover
Good thing you're not trying to hover then.

>be moving slowly enough that you do not render yourself incapable of hitting
Doesn't work thisway.
Also, you have to understand that the flexibility granted by the Fly spell is to completely make footwork meaningless. That's the real crux - you can keep yourself weighted forward while retreating, or move yourself sideways while leaning backwards. Unlike in real life, where the physical pivot at your feet exists, when you're flying there is no such pivot and the flying force, presumably, acts upon your centre of gravity.

>> No.53712802

You don't get a choice - you either hover, or you get flyby attack as a feat, which is a feat you only get if you have lots of bonus feats to spare. If you don't have flyby attack as a feat, they get to hit you with an AoO when you attack them. f you have perfect maneuverability somehow, then you don't have to make the hover check. If you are flying higher than they are standing, you get a single +2 bonus, regardless of whatever else is going on.

That's how the rules of the game work whether you like it or not. Your commentary about footwork and maneuvers is otherwise meaningless, because in D&D, flying opponents aren't rare, and so people will have trained to fight them which is why they don't get penalties to attack flying creatures.

>> No.53712868

>flexibility granted by the Fly spell is to completely make footwork meaningless.
That's not how the spell works.

That's a DIFFERENT spell, called Tactical Acumen which gives you bonuses based on positioning.

>> No.53712978


>> No.53714055


So what spells would you add to this list?

What spells would KoP's and LK's Light, Time, Sound, Poison, Viscera, and Mind have, if they had any? What about if Kineticists got it for free? What about Entropists getting it for free?

>> No.53715298
File: 435 KB, 1000x669, lFyJyhC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A druid in my game "awakened" their wolf companion at level 9. I've taken over the companion as an npc. What do you guys think I should do for an "untrained" type class? The stats are strength focused, int is 11.

Image unrelated?

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