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Paizo Games General /pgg/ (Parthinder & Starfinder, formerly /pfg/)

Gishes! How do you gish in Pathfinder and not suck. What's the best way?

Link repository, could really use an update: https://pastebin.com/PeD1SMUZ

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>53696721

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depends what you mean by Gish

Damage with spells and swords? Magus

Self buff and murderize things? Warpriest.

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You play a wizard and refluff your spells.

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Warpriest, Occultist, and (technically) Kineticist are my favorite gishes, if we go by the terms of "magic dude who also fights good"

Because Magus was a shoddily-designed class that needs to get some kind of Unchained treatment.

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If they really didn't want to give Magus full level Fighter qualifications they should have made it "Magus level-3" for the purpose of qualifying for feats, at least then you could theoretically take some of the Xteen level feats.

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Do you think that only the popular Ensoulment apps will get in, or are there any dark horses you think have a better chance than what the polls give them?

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I think Aurelia won't get in, despite her being a stronger app

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I liked the art.

He's actually a half. Dad was a human and brought home a kuhimo, which is what set everything in motion for this character to lose what he should have inherited, because Dad was supposed to marry someone important, not someone he met in his travels when he went adventuring.

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I don't think CCC will get in, elf hitler can't be a hero.

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Pretty sure I'm going to remake an entire app. Just not happy with it functionally. What's missing ensoulment character wise?

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Nothing, just b urself, and try not to be a default hero

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Reposting from last thread

It might fit well in jttw. But don't make him japanese make him some korean or chinese style greedy merchant with those silly hats and rattail braids

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>Just bee yourself

I think that would be a fun character, some /r9k/ stereotype.

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>knew my character could only work as "default hero"
>GM even agreed with me
So much for my chances.

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>tfw surrounded by roasty heroines.

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Popular, good, and what the GM wants, aren't always the same things.

The GM wants a certain blend of magic that no one has really defined. The GM, if he's smart, will never talk about more than he already has.

What people want here is to be entertained. Memes, celebs, and waifus are always going to dominate the discussion. Simple solid applicants characters are going to be discarded as shit because there isn't much to gossip about. People who won't talk back aren't going to be mentioned often because they can't be used to stir up debate. App quality does matter, but in addition to the other factors, not independent of them.

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I mean... Kind of play wise. It feels like there's a lot of smart characters, idealist fighters, and anime. I like playing characters that is interesting in a party or works well when paired with another character and am looking for something mechanically different.

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Then play someone grizzled.

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>mfw your character never gets their happy ending or even their Way Out
>mfw they just get shat on as the resident butt-monkey
>mfw you just don't see the campaign resulting in your character winding up in a good place

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RPG history question:

Why were full attacks ever introduced to 3.0 in the first place?

AD&D 2e had no problem with warriors getting to move an attack in the same round.

Full attacks poisoned 3.0, then went on to poison 3.5 and Pathfinder. Even Starfinder is keeping full attacks in a way, but it's not as bad because it's just two attacks at a -4 penalty, no iteratives ever.

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>No more full attacks in starfinder
>Wizards will still have space shattering powers

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Out of curiosity, what changes would you want to see implemented in an Unchained Magus? I've humored the idea of writing one, but I haven't actually bothered to do it.

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>self-buff and murder and not mentionning psywar

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>suggesting a psionic abomination and not a based holy warrior
Pot calling kettle black

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You should just be the goddamn BEST default hero.

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From what I remember, some genius involved in 3.0's design was of the opinion that the fighting man was too powerful and the mage sucked, and so sought to even things out a little.

We have been paying for his foolishness ever since. At least 5e had the good sense to put the full attack mechanic in a fucking bin where it belongs.

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I've done that myself. Mostly, people want a reason to stay in it past level 2, and maybe some class features other than 'cast arcane spells without the normal problems with casting arcane spells'.

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Kuhimos are korean normally, aren't they?

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>Have a realization that my character concept actually would be better as a girl for non-waifu reasons
>Don't know how to play a girl

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The same way you'd play a boy.

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Here's how:

You play a person.

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That is why I said korean OR chinese.

Or be a taoist wizard. Everyone loves those guys

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>introduced to 3.0 in the first place?
3.0 attempted streamlining weapon speeds. Everything in 3.0 has a direct descendant in 2e- or earlier...

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I feel like we don't get nearly enough crazy old Chinese occultists.

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Them 2e dart full attacks...

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This always feels like really shallow advice to me. The best characters make use of every aspect of themselves, including race and gender, for little details.

A girl doesn't have to "act like a girl", but the way a girl "acts like a man" carries different weight, and their life leading up to should be felt in their interactions.

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Alright, why don't you tell us about the character? we can more accurately give you feedback and suggestions if we know what you're doing with him/her

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Unless it's relevant to a given situation, what the character looks like and what they're packing shouldn't be mentioned very often.

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Tell me about them, Anon. I'm intrigued because you sound like a thoughtful player.

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He's asking for us.

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We still have a few weeks left. We need more of two things. Warring Kingdom warriors with dragon crescent blades, taoist wizards, chinese swordsmen with crazy wushu blade powers, and sumotori

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>what the character looks like and what they're packing shouldn't be mentioned very often.

Oh shut up, a female guardswoman would (or at least should) have a different outlook on things than a male guardsman in the same position. Equality of the genders just means neither gender has unique qualities.

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Call him a faggot and send his shit back for internal playtesting.

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>mfw I'm seriously considering a Samurai Elf whose Brightness is forging the Perfect Sword
>mfw he's equal parts Thunderbolt Fantasy and Feanor.

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>Noetic is gonna be charisma-based after all
Good. How they thought showing that wisbomination for playtesting was excusable was chilling.

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Make him an old man with white hair and long fu-man-chu or however you spell it

Or be a sumotori like anon said

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Men and women can have equally compelling motivation that sprouts from the same reasons.

Of course, if you're playing them like a guy, you could play them like a girl who has had to beat boys at their own game in order to survive in their world, making her both tough, embittered, and out of touch with her own femininity. That's kind of a stereotype and the basis for a narrative that generally is critical of societal roles for men and women, though.

I mean, it is fantasy. You don't have to write a great character for the Great American Novel™, you're playing a chick in a pen and paper game.

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Coming from the guy who was originally complaining, my post >>53701903 would help with the retardation of feat qualification.

Combine this with either giving the Magus inherent bonuses to Concentration checks to cast defensively, or give the class the unique ability to cast in close combat without provoking AOOs altogether when using Spell Combat, THAT would be something that would make the class unique from a spellcaster perspective.

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The driving concept behind the character is that they're nobility, and the perfect heir to in regards to capacity and values, but not allowed to inherit due to their circumstances. I have the characterization in mind but I haven't ironed out all of the backstory.

Being female gives an easy way to justify this and other aspects of the characterization I want without making things convoluted or requiring explanations for why no one has gotten rid of them if they're a threat or backed them if they're a strong candidate.

Problem again being, I don't know shit about playing women.
When I play a man I know how to describe movement, what details in my appearance implies, and I have an easy time considering how their backstory would shape them.
With a woman I really don't know how to describe a "barely disheveled" appearance or how the same backstory applied to a girl growing up might affect her differently.

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Hey, /pgg/lets.

What's that one class you've always wanted to play, but never managed to find the right campaign or character for?

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If I could ever swing a Deadly Fist/Gifted Blade Soul Knife I could totally do a !Ryu/Ken

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JttW that concept, my son.

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I would but I don't have time for games at the moment :C I live vicariously through everyone else.here in the thread.

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I've always wanted to make a Swordlord character that didn't suck, particularly for a Kingmaker campaign where they're most relevant. Trouble is, a) they suck, and b) the one chance I had was with the worst DM I've ever played with, and the campaign fell apart halfway through, because the whole group got sick of playing second fiddle to a constant stream of DMPCs.

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Also the spell list for the Magus needs a complete rehaul. You know how the Alchemist gets by as a melee build when preferring their Mutagen over their bombs? They have TONS of Extracts (essentially spells) that make up for the lowered BAB by giving them boosts either through Size or Enhancement bonuses. Magus doesn't get these kinds of boosts until at least level 4 spells, which is completely unacceptable.

Also, make it so that more Magus Arcana are like Ki Powers, in that they give the Magus an inherent boost without having to spend precious Arcane Pool points on every little thing. Alternatively, make it so that there's some means of regaining Pool points like the Swashbuckler, maybe by downing an enemy spellcaster?

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>I've always wanted to make a Swordlord character that didn't suck


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I'm sure you'll get a chance to play soon enough. Then you can tell your prospective GM about your character idea, and he'll say "sure, you're Ken".

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Hi Slow

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Warlord is also a valid option and captures the bravado rather well.

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If they're a noblewoman that's not allowed to take their birthright, consider what all causes those problems, and her response to them.

>How does she respond to men who are attracted to her? Does she encourage it? Hate it? Only get primped up for special people?
>What sort of person is she attracted to?
>Choose a favorite color, and recognize that she'll have a favorite style of clothing. she'll have had more exposure to the vagaries of women's clothes at this point, so she'll have opinions about dresses, corsets, and trousers.
>How physically active is she? This'll affect how many flowing things are on her body - if she's a warrior, she'll want to keep her hair short, and avoid things like dresses and skirts. If she's more the sort to stand back, she may prefer to wear more pretty things.
>Is there a particular part of her body she's proud of? Maybe violet eyes she cuts her hear and wears makeup to accentuate, or her hair is beautiful. She may take pains for the sake of vanity, even if they're not entirely practical, such as wearing long hair despite being a warrior.
>Has she spent long studying and reading? If so, does she need glasses?
>What are her opinions on women's rights?
>Does she have any personal secrets she doesn't much want to get out? Perhaps things related to her family?
>Does she have any particular favorite foods that she goes out of her way to get? Many medieval noblewomen had a taste for sweets whenever they could get their hands on them.
>What sort of skills has her parents chosen to endow her with, given she was never going to be the heir, and likely would have been married off for politics?
>Why wasn't she married off for politics?

That should cover most of your concerns.

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If it's a gestalt, would Warlord/Swashbuckler work?

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Does it matter? I'm never going to play them because the campaigns around here either have the right setting but wrong CharGen, or the right CharGen and wrong setting.

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If it's a gestalt I'd suggest Warlord || Fighter (Weapon Master), myself.

>> No.53702956

Thanks, I'll give those some thought. I actually just came here to yell my worries out into the void and didn't plan on discussing anything but this'll help a lot if I go through with the change.

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I've got a plan for an android soulknife fluffed as using hard light projectors rather than psychic bullshit to create her weapons, but none of the games I've had an opprtunity to take part in have had the tech base for that sort of thing.

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Speaking of which, would Warlord|Bard work for a Julie d'Aubigny type?

>> No.53703000

I guess it could work. Bard and warlord gestalt rather nicely.

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No problem anon. I'm of the opinion that if someone wants to make things work, they should have the opportunity to make it as good as possible. I'm glad I was able to facilitate that.

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Swordswoman and singer? Oh, absolutely.

>> No.53703036

I mean, I'm considering making a Smugelf of that kind once another campaign pops up, so that should be good.

>> No.53703048

Unless you're going half-elf, you'll need to go drow for that CHA bonus if you want to be an elf.

>> No.53703068

Well, I'll go with the former. But the sentiment stands. There will be arrogance.

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I think I know what campaign that is, good luck.

Why? Just pump the Charisma to 14 the good old natural way and leave it be. Elf neither raises or lowers your Charisma, it's fiiiiiiine.

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I already saw your post concerning the uselessness of Fighter Training and I thought it was a very good point.
Not including the revision to Fighter Training, here's a rough draft of what I have so far.

>Allow Arcanist Exploits in place of Magus Arcana
A lot of Magus Arcana are useless, and while they could be rewritten to make them non-trap options, Arcanist gets a lot of Magus-like stuff through class features and Exploits.

>Remove the focus upon Shocking Grasp
Introduce a class feature that allows you to sacrifice damaging spells in exchange for damage based upon your UC Magus level and the spell's level. Damage dealt is of the type that the spell uses.

>Change medium/heavy armor to Arcana, add partial bonuses to Concentration for these Arcana
Magi who want to cast in armor can get their armor that much faster, and they get benefits for doing so. Bonuses would likely scale off of the armor's class, so DEX magi could still benefit from taking these, but not as much as a STR Magus would. For example, possibly the ability to cast spells of a level equal to 1/2 your Armor bonus without prompting AoOs.

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I'm not original anon, but you've given good advice and I just thought you should get another nod of appreciation for it.

>> No.53703208

An attempt to defang closet troll monsters as they existed in early versions of 3e, primarily, and give kiting and speed advantages a role in combat versus monsters. Y'know, as opposed to just changing how those types of combatants worked.

In 3.0 it didn't really hurt martials too bad, since the ever ubiquitous haste let you move and still full attack anyway (it was a bit fucked for spellcasters, but that's a different problem). When haste was changed in 3.5, martials lost easy access to mobile full attacks.

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Honestly, I would much rather the Magus just get some kind of "at-will" option that doesn't dig into their spell slots. Something kind of like a Kinetic Blast that scales by 1d6/level, and which you can attach rider effects to. Kind of like a Kinetic Blast almost.

Have some kind of 1d6/level scaling elemental damage thing (which can be changed, or reduced to 1d4 if you want to go untyped), allow you to attach rider effects to it like a Kineticist's Substance Infusions or a Monk's Style Strikes, and that would be a solid fix. You could also decouple Spellstrike and Spell Combat from requiring you to have a free hand open, and just rolling Ranged Spell Combat and Ranged Spellstrike up into them by default.

My ideal Unchained Magus would probably look something like a Gambler Kineticist focusing on Substance Infusions with a kinetic blade or extended range kinetic blast to be honest

>> No.53703234


>"Well, we changed haste so casters can't use it on themselves to cheese out more actions. Problem solved."
>"I feel like we're forgetting some vital assumptions in the game mechanics we based around Haste giving extra move actions."
>"If we forgot them they couldn't be that important."

>> No.53703235

I don't know if i feel worthy of that much praise. I just went over the sorts of things I go out of my way to add to my characters.

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You matter to me, anon.

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You don't even know me, anon.

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You're still a person who deserves to be happy.

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What's your ideal Chargen/game combo?

For me, it's something Witcher-esque

>> No.53703341

So how are the "Kinetic" archetypes for other classes?

Awakened Bloodrager
Evoker Minstrel
Order of the Scion (not an archetype, but an order)
Planestouched Oracle
Planar Custodian
Surge Fist Monk

and of course, Bestial Kineticist

I'm thinking I might build an Awakaned Bloodrager. It's essentially "Elemental Bloodline+++ the Archetype. "

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I haven't been happy for years, which is funny because I always take great pains to make other people happy.

>What's your ideal Chargen

Depends on the game. If I want to go balls-to-the-walls insanity I'd want something like 32 PB gestalt 7+, ideally 11. I know that sounds stupid, but if the games recruiting around here are any indication you'll get 1-2 IRL years of pleasure out of them before things finally fall apart.

Realistically? I just want an honest-to-goodness level 3 gestalt campaign set in Golarion. I know the lore, I know the land, it can be dumb as hell at times but I can get in a real better headspace with that than one of these custom campaigns.

Witcher-esque is muy bueno tier, you have good taste. Personally, I'd want something based in Druma or all over Avistan, a sort of "each character is a hero of their country/region" thing where they start off solo, but unite through providence and fight against insurmountable odds to protect the continent.

>> No.53703393

My fellow self sacrificing assistman

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Honestly the biggest problem with most Arcana is that they either give 1/day bonuses or eat way too many Pool points that you can't get back if the thing you ended up using it on is wasted. The fact that your Pool is so small to begin with (1/2 level plus Int for such a necessary class feature, really? And 1/3 level for Black Blades?!) also doesn't help things whatsoever, as you'll likely be burning through Pool points just as quickly as a Bloodrager burns through rounds of Rage if not faster, and will not only run out faster but have less to show for it by the end.

Honestly Arcane Pool points just need to take a page from the Ki Pool list of the Unchained Monk.

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Bestial Kineticist is fun. One of the few way to get a ranged attack on your companion. The Int limit on wild talent practically requires you to take monstrous mount though. Also the time it takes to train new talent is a problem.

>> No.53703427

>Realistically? I just want an honest-to-goodness level 3 gestalt campaign set in Golarion. I know the lore, I know the land, it can be dumb as hell at times but I can get in a real better headspace with that than one of these custom campaigns.
This is a bit of an unpopular opinion, but frankly I really like Golarion. It's kitchen sink, sure, but once you actually really look at it, nothing is truly out of place for the sake of being there. I just wish a few of my niche favorite races (android, ghoran) were available as characters in more parts of the world without serious backstory shenanigans.

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Thinking of making a henshin hero for JttW. Have I gone full weeb?

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The best possible flavor of weeb.

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You were a full weeb the moment you clicked on this general, anon.

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>but frankly I really like Golarion

Oh, absolutely. We love to piss and moan about the setting but then again, doesn't everyone with the default world of a system? I know Faerun got lots of shit, but people still have fond memories of Waterdeep and the setting in general. I don't know, sometimes I'm in this thread and I just wonder if I like Golarion because we've got too big of an investment into it; the General's been around for 5 years, anon. 5 years of nonstop conversation about Golarion. We know every tiny detail about it now, and it makes the world seem familiar.

This isn't to say we're going entirely off familiarity, there's plenty of positives to the setting too. For one, I think the Land of the Linnorm Kings is one of the greatest parts of the setting, and the fact we've barely touched on it around here except for that spat a year ago has kept it fresh. I love the entirety of Lake Encarthan, I love the Whispering Way - hell, I think the Inner Sea is TIGHT, and the only time we seem to have consensus on the setting being poor is when we're discussing Cosmology, which is typically often the weakest part of any setting and is best built around being as nebulous as possible.

Golarion is dying along with Pathfinder as Paizo puts their all into Starfinder, which in the years to come will be their "next system." I mean, what more is there to do in Golarion? There are no greener pastures. The setting is coming to a close and I don't want it to go out with a whimper, I want it to go out with everyone getting a chance to really put their all into making mighty heroes and villains from their favorite part of the setting. I just want a last great hurrah, anon.

>> No.53703654

I honestly still love the early versions of Golarion. It started to loose me when Pazio drank the kool aid and starting gutting it to be as inoffensive as possible.

>> No.53703676

Starfinder is an experiment at this point. Its publishing schedule could only be called anemic- they're only publishing the chapters of the first AP every other month and there aren't any plans for expansion material at all, while Pathfinder still has releases scheduled into next year.

They're pretty obviously waiting to see if Starfinder lands or flops before they invest any time or money into it at all.

>> No.53703701

There ARE still bits that haven't been explored. LotLK for starters, huge sections of Tian Xia, and the entirety of Arcadia is pretty much untouched to my knowledge. Hell, what might be cool is traveling with a Linnorm King on his voyage to Valenhall and getting tied up in events that are leading up to what's effectively Ragnarok.

>> No.53703708

I'm personally expecting that, if Starfinder proves to be a better game in general than Pathfinder (which, as much as we might like it, isn't super difficult) we'll be seeing a few games that specifically take place in Pathfinder times using Starfinder rules. Possibly in Numeria? We'll have to see.

It could be great though, if they deliver on their promise to fix Pathfinder's issues to some degree.

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>I honestly still love the early versions of Golarion

>mfw I remember when it was 2012, and I started reading the Jade Regent AP for the first time
>mfw all that amazement and wanderlust of the open road and increasingly exotic environments hit me like a fucking truck

>> No.53703743

Is that even allowed content?

>> No.53703767

>There ARE still bits that haven't been explored

They released a Campaign Book for that, detailing everything from individual Kingdoms to quest hooks to subsystems in excruciating detail. It was as though they desperately wanted to write an AP for that region of Golarion, but knew they never will. The material's there for any DM to just pluck and pick at their leisure.

>Tian Xia and Arcadia

I can't see them expanding on these places, not now and not ever. The interest just isn't there. Paizo would rather make an AP featuring Lovecraftian terror than write an AP that brings up Arcadia. Just as Absalom has been dropped by the company, so has those continents.

>> No.53703813

I don't think pathfinder is dying at all. They're not stopping making the books at least so I'll hold out hope. Plus it's one of the few settings that isn't a complete white dude sausage fest...

>> No.53703818

Man I remember buying the first issues of RoTR after Pazio lost the licenses for Dungeon and Dragon, back when "Pathfinder" was just a new 3.5 setting.

>> No.53703823

They said they plan to delve into the other continents of golarion. So I'd say it's probable.

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>Plus it's one of the few settings that isn't a complete white dude sausage fest...
>He hasn't seen modern WotC
Brother, they're making up for it.

>> No.53703850

Wizard of the coasts is improving. I'll give them credit for that. But they just don't put out enough material for me to retain interest. It sorta gets monotonous.

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>mfw it's Garund
>mfw it's Azlant
>mfw it's Garund again
>mfw it's Casmaron

>> No.53703860

I'm asian and white dude sausage settings are way better than kitchen sinks that just throw obligatory asians in.

>> No.53703866

>Plus it's one of the few settings that isn't a complete white dude sausage fest...
This is how I know your opinion is worthless.

>> No.53703871

Kinda makes you wonder why they haven't bothered with them yet- We've got a ton of adventures taking place in Varisia, but zero in other places.

>> No.53703872

See, the thing is you asked how to PLAY a girl.

And the safest way to play a girl without being cringe is to play the character, not the gender.

That being said, the gender still plays a role. In the backstory, think about how their gender formed the character. Then at the table, play the character.

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What the hell kind of class is this? Does this even make sense?

Why is its save progression so screwed? Why does it have such narrow class features?

>Splitting Sunder (Ex)
>At 15th Level, when you successfully make a sunder or smashing maneuver with a Slashing weapon, the target’s hardness (if any) is treated as half its hardness.

>Asa’s Sorcerous Shears (Ex)
>At 17th Level, while you are dual-wielding two slashing weapons, you may inflict critical hits even on creatures that are normally immune to them.


>> No.53703880

Because you think opinions have intrinsic value and can be weighed based on worth?

>> No.53703888

To me, Starfinder seems like a desperate move to expand into new market. Guess ol Golarion is not that profitable anymore

>> No.53703893

I've seen a pretty good guide on what's going to be in starfinder that's given me some hope.

>> No.53703906

>ach severist has by definition been touched by tragedy, a chapter of their lives ended without warning or ceremony, and it is then that the severist truly sees the threads of life as they are; intricate and ever so fragile.
>company calls itself "Gamedev"
Can you say it with me?

>> No.53703920

>Kinda makes you wonder why they haven't bothered with them yet

I'd say it's because, as I said before, the interest just isn't there. The only time they bothered to expand Tian Xia was in a Gazeteer and a mandatory info dump for Jade Regent, and Casmaron was never expanded on because that's some freaky-deaky combination of Persia and Central Asia, ain't nobody got time to care about that. Vudra confuses them, Garund was a hot stinky mess ever since Serpent's Skull, and Arcadia gives 'em the jitters.

People want their knights n' castles, and Avistan provides that. More importantly, the Pathfinder Lodges are stationed largely in Avistan, and PFS is unfortunately their primary source of income at the moment which means they need to continue expanding on Avistan.

>> No.53703923

it's from this book


It's wuxia weebshit

>> No.53703930

I'll ask Protag for it. Worst case, Legendary games all have a kamen rider archetype

>> No.53703942

You'd think they put more focus into Tian Xia considering it is a weeb's wet dream

>> No.53703945

>Whether it is a severist’s innate supernatural ability that brings tragedy, or the nature of tragedy itself that the severist draws power from, is a question lost to the ages. It is rare for a severist to fully understand his abilities, and he may even mistake them for hallucinations.

Severists are not trained; there is no organization comprised of them, no titles or reputation to be known by, no membership to attain, and few documents or clues on how the nature of how their powers actually work. This distinction means that they find themselves on the path of heroes, martyrs and madmen more often than most.
>half of the fucking class features are Edge Lord-tier except it's 100% fucking serious

>> No.53703957

Why does she have a giant bottle opener?

>> No.53703961

What you are witnessing is natural selection of 3pp dev at work.
Seriously, I'd normally expect to see this shit only in DSP's April Fool stuff.

>> No.53703969


>> No.53703971

>More importantly, the Pathfinder Lodges are stationed largely in Avistan, and PFS is unfortunately their primary source of income at the moment which means they need to continue expanding on Avistan.
>new pathfinder lodge stationed in tian xia as a foothold in a fresh new land of magical bullshit to steal
Wow, that was hard. I should get paid for this.

>> No.53703976

Weebs might like Paizo, but Paizo thinks weebs are dirty icky misogynists.

>> No.53703985

Why don't you have a giant bottle opener!?!

>> No.53703992


>> No.53703999
File: 27 KB, 400x400, 26.56 KB of Feel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not necessarily, I imagine weebs enjoy playing anime characters in Avistan more than anime characters in anime-land.

I mean, let's be real here, have you seen the kind of characters /pfg/ makes on a regular basis?

Weebs are also a market too small to interest them. If they want to play in Tian Xia than they play Jade Regent or Minkai, otherwise they get to play some incomprehensible Tien that's in Avistan or an honest-to-goodness in-game weaboo.

That's not a bottle opener, it's one half of a scissor.

>> No.53704026

>one half of a scissor.
that just raises more questions

>> No.53704032
File: 761 KB, 1734x1634, I can quest to this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.53704074


>> No.53704079

Where is the other half of the scissor? Queue Kill La Kill campaign.

>> No.53704096

Why does the helmet look so smug?!?!

>> No.53704109
File: 1.13 MB, 1118x1500, a968a7269e05471f6294f21120b161aa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you play in a game with the following rules? The game is supposed to put an emphasis on magical characters.

- Level 4, 25 point buy, standard WBL, background skills, retraining.
- Paizo, Forrestfire Studios, ertw's beguiler, Mark Seifter's masquerade reveler.
- Core and featured races.
- All PC class levels must be in a half-caster class or archetype (apart from inquisitor [monster tactician] and summoner), avowed, regular spellburst savant, beguiler, or barbarian (masquerade reveler).
- Two traits, no campaign traits or drawbacks. Fate's Favored does not apply to permanent luck bonuses.
- No crafting feats, Leadership feats, Obedience feats, Orator, or Sacred Geometry. If you would receive one of these as a bonus feat, gain any other feat as a bonus feat instead.
- No Tears to Wine.
- Drugs allow a Fortitude saving throw at their addiction DC to negate the effects.
- Throwing shields take a free action to unclasp, not to throw.
- No free feat taxes. Sorry.

>> No.53704135

Not really? You haven't even given us a premise.

>> No.53704151

I'd play an avowed in it if the time frame worked out. I think the biggest thing most caster-types would take umbridge with it
>No crafting feats
But I hate crafting anyways.

>> No.53704158

I could do it, although the requirement of "must be a caster" is kind of eh to me.

Also, does that allow Paladins or Bloodragers?

>> No.53704163

>Leadership feats
does this include squire and instructor?

>> No.53704175
File: 130 KB, 860x904, Knight is in love.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wouldn't you look smug if you had a fair maiden like so?

>> No.53704191


>> No.53704219

My gamemaster is also my girlfriend so she lets me take sacred geometry. Is it an abuse of power? Probably.

>> No.53704221

>The Abyss Knight claims another Damsel

>> No.53704228
File: 2.18 MB, 859x1215, 9f5a7f7e95182ab15ad57c6b7cd85f7e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Also, does that allow Paladins or Bloodragers?
Maybe, if they can keep up.



>> No.53704244

>Weeb pictures
>Content alludes to a magical academy

Anon please.

>> No.53704271

A game taking place at a magical academy could be fun if played more R-rated harry potter and less X-rated magical girls.

>> No.53704275

>magic academy
>no wizards, arcanists, witches

>> No.53704287
File: 27 KB, 332x350, Knight is partying hard.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When the Snuff hits

>> No.53704322
File: 182 KB, 719x1000, __mizuhashi_parsee_touhou_drawn_by_rindou_matsuri__0c4c303d2ff9396bbd1a4f3d69d125d9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I would love to play in a magical girl game

>> No.53704335

Cute elf

>> No.53704341

Clearly, everybody must learn at Magaambya and take in their enlightened culture.

>> No.53704354

I would. If they had made a fucking wizard archetype for them... (I'm not bitter!)

>> No.53704359

>No psionics for half-manifesters
>No PoW for Warpath or Nightmare Dread or Pathwalker
Pass, unless it has a very good premise.

>> No.53704452

Please anon, you can pass up a DSP game just this once, right?

>> No.53704519

you had me until needing to be a caster.

>> No.53704521

>No akasha
>No mind magic
>No spheres

>> No.53704545

There is a prestige class for them that is actually one of the decent ones Paizo has released.

>> No.53704583
File: 106 KB, 700x1068, Hunter_Woman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So is Hunter available? I presume so, but I have to check.

>> No.53704612
File: 119 KB, 899x1610, b4605a760e2310a94ab252ecf3a194b5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Because I prefer a game with only a handful of 3pp sources I like, rather than a no-holds-barred, decadent extravaganza with everything Dreamscarred Press and Spheres of Power.

>> No.53704622
File: 33 KB, 513x402, Fighter rolls for Knowledge (arcane).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Making a wizard, need some questions answered.

I've been looking at the Void Element School, and havebeen having a hard time trying to determine what style and and gameplay niche its supposed to be, could someone please enlighten me?

Say I take an option from a PrC that grants me a familiar, but mentions nothing about stacking with wizard levels. Would it be legal to take a Bonded object and then be able to get a familiar, or must my Arcane Bond be a familiar too to be legal? For those of you wondering, the PrC in question is Stargazer

What Improved Familiar option is best for a star/space/shining theme?

Say I had also gained an Oracle Curse through certain means. What Curse would thematically fit as well? I've been stuck between Haunted and Tongues, but I feel neither fits well

>> No.53704646

Which are the other decent PrCs?

>> No.53704664

It just isn't the same. I was really hoping for a wizard with limited access to wildshape.

>> No.53704666

Landschneckt for one

>> No.53704667
File: 1.03 MB, 1000x1770, bb7d18253444ecf4f1b92f4531bb1a10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.53704675

You can never have a Familiar and a Bonded Object at the same time.

The Lyrakien Azata is pretty good, and fits your theme (I think).

Oracle curse is tricky. Haunted or Burned, perhaps? I'd say Wrecking Mysticism but you're probably not a Kitsune, nor are you in a position to actually use the benefits.

IDK about Void Element but it seems to be control-heavy.

>> No.53704681

That's DSP, though. That's not mainline Paizo.

>> No.53704705

That sounds really shitty, but I can tell from your image selection In wouldn't like any campaign premise you'd put forth anyway.

>> No.53704706

>no crafting feats
This makes me sad. You'd best let us acquire cool and interesting items some other way, anon.

Other than that, I wouldn't mind this setup if I just know some more about what it's about.

>> No.53704714

Fuckin hell, I thought Paizo managed to make a cool martial PrC for once

>> No.53704722

Thank you

>> No.53704724

Crafting feats bust WBL.

>> No.53704731

The martials in starfinder look like they'll be ok. You won't find a good martial in pathfinder.

>> No.53704758

>Good PrCs
Magaambyan Arcanist
Thuvian Alchemist
Veiled Illusionist
Pathfinder Savant
Dawnflower Dissident

>Functional PrCs
Hell Knight Signifier

>Build Specific
Agent of the Grave
Eldritch Knight
Mage of the Third Eye
Divine Scion
Living Monolith

>> No.53704761

I-initiators are nice...
Why can't martials have nice things dammit

>> No.53704762
File: 17 KB, 236x350, 1494444673025.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New GM here, thinking of running a game on Roll20 with strangers for the first time. Had a blast running games for my friends but they lost interest in favor of 5E. I've got a few ideas I'd like to run by ya. Comments appreciated. Unfortunately I'm going to bed so I'll have to see the results after the thread is archived.


Graeco-Egyptian setting. Iron Age. An ancient island has arisen from the depths of the seas. The oracles speak of dire omens as they warn kings and heroes that a darkness looms on the horizon. The gods in their mercy have asked their spawn and champions to rally together and face this threat from the depths. A nautical adventure in the style of Jason & the Argonauts.

Sengoku setting. Emerging firearms. The country is in peril. The Emperor lies ill as the Shogun wastes his wealth on frivolous luxuries. The clans are growing restless as civil war looms on the horizon. Even ronin, those without land or masters to remain loyal to, are being brought into the folds of ambitious daimyo. The PCs are gathered by the Gonin Gumi, a group of nobles with a shared interest in the protection of their goods from the wandering outlaws who plague the realm. Later get embroiled in Imperial politics with the choice of splintering or mending the fracturing state.

Renaissance (Central-Eastern Europe) Setting. Commonplace firearms. For decades the Empire and the Kingdom have been at one another's throat, the two powers kept in check through their constant skirmishes and infighting. Profiting from the violence, selling more advanced weapons and supplies to either side the Republic has experienced a golden age of science and prosperity. A young Imperial noblewoman with great ambitions seeks to end this stalemate and reap the profits stolen from her countrymen by the Republic. The PCs will act as her hands as she takes control of the Empire and sparks all-out war.

>> No.53704767

More importantly, though, they also let you actually customize your magic item loadout without the need for a Wizard IKEA. Also make actual CUSTOM magic items, which can be even more important.

>> No.53704774

>Argonauts-esque campaign
Jesus Christ anon, my dick can only get so fucking hard

>> No.53704787


I haven't been keeping up with Starfinder, what in particular prompts this view? Genuinely curious, I'm looking for things to look forward to.

>> No.53704793

Also, from Nethys' entry on the Stargazer:
>Guiding Light (Su): The stargazer gains a familiar, treating his stargazer level as his wizard level.
This means it would stack with preexisting wizard levels.

>> No.53704810

All of these sound awesome. I want to couple with you furiously, Anon.

>> No.53704816

I hate wizard Ikea. Reguardless of what you're trying to construct it always ends up being a combination of two different things. Couch-tables, fridge-toasters. It's insane.

>> No.53704834

The only time Wizard Ikea was good was when it was an anime

>> No.53704839


Check this out.

>> No.53704846

There isn't a way to turn existing magic armor into adamantine is there?

>> No.53704855

1. The !Rogue's Sneak Stack has been tweaked so you can get it more often

2. The Soldier combines the Ranger and Fighter and is better than both, plus gets more skills than either. You will be seeing this one get back-plates to Pathfinder

>> No.53704867

Those are all nice. Personally my favorite is sengoku and renaissance, as I enjoy playing musketeers and ronin.

>> No.53704887

All of these sound really boring.

>> No.53704890

What's good about Thuvian Alchemist?

>> No.53704899

You forgot Winter Witch, ya dip

>> No.53704906

>someone just made Skeletor for Ensoulment

I'm serious, look at the new app.

>> No.53704914

which anime was that anon

>> No.53704917

What would you consider fun, fampire?

>> No.53704920

You're literally a sack of garbage
Not every game needs to be a lewd clusterfuck of homebrew nonsense dickery

>> No.53704934

I don't even like lewdshit.

>> No.53704942

Something "I couldn't become a hero so I work at magic Ikea" something

>> No.53704943

10/10 casting progression
Gains bombs
Gains some cures

Enter via Wizard. Not a bad option.

>> No.53704946

>A nautical adventure in the style of Jason & the Argonauts.
Stop! My penis can only get so erect

>> No.53704949

I dunno man, except for the shogunate one, they all appeal to me.

>> No.53704958

Is it possible to convince you to allow akasha?

>> No.53704964

Man, I bet Wizard Ikea sells the absolute best meatballs and lignonberry sauce

>> No.53704974

i updated miras backstory after talking with argentum

its a bit long but now shes a bit more invested with the bride of heaven


i think its a bit too long though should i shorten it

>> No.53704976

Isn't Akasha another one of Ssalarn's shitheaps?

>> No.53704977

We must have really disimilar tastes, because the Shogunate one is the one I hate the least.


>> No.53704979

Frankly, IKEA meatballs are pretty low-grade shit
Lingonberry jam is only decent home-made

>> No.53704983

We do, but at the cost of your soul.

>> No.53704996

I'm just not a fan of "far east" style games. not out of any dislike of them, but because I don't have the knowledge base required to play in such a game as anything but a foreigner.

>> No.53705000

Okay, I'm a 5th level adventurer. how many meatballs and how much lingonberry sauce do I get for my soul?

>> No.53705006

Ah, but I already used up my last copy of my soul! Where am I going to get another one at this time of night on such short notice?

>> No.53705013

It is.

I still want to go back, port the Soulborn, Totemist, and Incarnate, and bring in more utility stuff with veils and prestige classes, because Akashic had the potential to be REALLY good

>> No.53705028

By the rules of wizards. Your soul is worth 3+ your intelligence modifier meatballs. It is our way.

>> No.53705043

Shit, I dumped Int for Cha

>> No.53705046

The souls of elderly cats are a permissible substitutes for human souls, for only they contain the same levels of petty and existential dread.

>> No.53705066

Bomberman build ahoy.

>> No.53705068

You better hustle your way over to Bard Ikea then! We give you much better deals, don't steal your soul, and our store always carries the best background music ever! So good, in fact, that you won't possibly consider leaving without spending ALL of your money. And maxing out your credit card.

We hope you'll visit us soon!

>> No.53705069

C'mon. The Soul Drinker downtown said my soul was worth about 200 gold pieces. I think you're fucking me here.

Do you accept payments in commoners? I could round a few up in a few hours.

>> No.53705070
File: 357 KB, 2672x3436, 1cd2161ab859f5af828cfe81008f7db3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Not a fan of akasha.

>> No.53705077 [SPOILER] 
File: 79 KB, 585x389, 1496987913455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Luckily for high Cha characters there's an alternative
You must hold the wizard's almonds for an evening. Thiss will allow you to substitute your Cha modifer for your Int

>> No.53705083
File: 1.17 MB, 1400x1400, Half-orc_bard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow! Sounds like fun! Gonna go grab my lute!

>> No.53705094

You ever find a concept you love but dislike the appropriate build for it? Other way around?

>> No.53705097

Okay you glorious faggot, stop teasing and tell us what you're planning!
Uh, sorry, that'd be unsolicited performance I'm afraid. You'll have to apply for a license first. Can I see your soul for a moment?

>> No.53705100

We accept commoners, but they must be gnome commoners. Their portability makes them valuable soul vessels.

>> No.53705114

It is. It's awful.

>> No.53705119

Can't we go with halflings instead? Gnomes are just so annoying.

>> No.53705122

As payment, can I just sit on your face and fart?

>> No.53705123

But what if I want to eat the almonds?

>> No.53705144

>tfw Paizo did Akashic better than DSP and 3.5e did

Occultist is Akashic but simplified and made actually worthwhile, holy shit

>> No.53705150

Unless you have a license for playing ass flute, I'm afraid I'd have to book you for that one. Be aware that the second time we catch you performing without a license, we'll take your nipples.

>> No.53705153

Where the hell am I going to find Gnomish Commoners?

>> No.53705159

No! But halfling nobles are acceptable. Very hard to find.

>> No.53705161
File: 486 KB, 804x1044, Blingomancer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Basically, yeah. Occultist is tons of fun, too. It even has the option to go full pseudocaster with the Blingomancer.

>> No.53705168

Spiritualist isn't bad at all either.

>> No.53705175

I'd imagine in a gnomish village. Inside a gnomish house.

>> No.53705177
File: 1.31 MB, 720x404, wizards have no morals.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You cannot eat the almonds. Mere foolish mortals are not able to comprehend nor survive the power of a wizard's Activated Almonds. Also, even if you tried, you would be assaulted by a swarm of the wizard's Almond Guards.

Pic related, imagine a million of these, buffed to the spiracles with high level permanent spells and violently intelligent, all waiting to attack once you try to eat an almond

>> No.53705178

You sure? I understand Akashic but I still can't figure out how the fuck Occultist is supposed to work.

>> No.53705183 [SPOILER] 
File: 141 KB, 750x1000, 1496988325752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and where do you find a gnomish house?

in the Gnome Tree Stronghold!

>> No.53705186

Really, excepting kineticist (which can still be made decent, though not really good), all the Occult classes are neat and good.

>> No.53705190

Where the hell am I going to find a Gnomish village?

>> No.53705195

Medium sucks though unless you use Archmage all the time

>> No.53705196

In places where gnomes congregate of course.

>> No.53705200

I still can't be assed to make a good Psychic build, though, they're all so weird. Is the new discipline from Legacy of the First World any good?

>> No.53705201

God has abandoned us

>> No.53705214

The bees are our gods now. All hail the bees.

>> No.53705221

Shh, don't talk about the gods here or you'll draw attention from Cleric Ikea! We don't want their competition here!

>> No.53705224
File: 1.57 MB, 5028x3264, psychic marauder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not sure, haven't looked into LotFW, but I do know of one archetype which is really good and flavorful when you mix it with the Abomination discipline.

>> No.53705232

Look for giant mushrooms. Though I advise to avoid any mushroom houses in areas where the ground and weather has a high ash content

In real life, these creatures are actually quite harmless to anything larger than your typical huntsman spider

>> No.53705236

Funnily enough, you can conceivably have a party comprised of only Occult classes.

The only REAL stinker with the Medium is the Guardian and maybe the Hierophant. The others all have some sort of use. Of course, if you can justify it with a GM, you should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS A L W A Y S take the Wendo Caller medium archetype, as it trades almost nothing in exchange for access to about two dozen various domains and all their domain spells (up to 4th/6th level depending on spirit)

>> No.53705242

holy shit its doing kungfu

>> No.53705250

They remind me of Japanese Hornets, which are proof enough that no benevolent force is watching over this world.

Can I fuck the bees?

I'd rather Paladin Ikea pay us a visit
We just need to boycott the Clerics

>> No.53705261

Navasi tried fucking the gods and look how she turned out. Somebody's crazy ex.

>> No.53705268

>I'd rather Paladin Ikea pay us a visit

Why? All their furniture have these really uncomfortable rods that somehow go right up your butt.

>> No.53705272

>Fuck the bees
They're bees, not wasps, and this is not Calistria's bedroom

Also, Paladin Ikea went out of business because they couldn't sell things at a profit without Falling.

>> No.53705283

>Also, Paladin Ikea went out of business because they couldn't sell things at a profit without Falling.

Well played...

>> No.53705288

Fucking pottery

But everyone knows that it's hip to fuck bees!

>> No.53705291

But couldn't they sell things FOR a prophet? Or is that Oracle IKEA?

>> No.53705301

"For the Profit" is definitely Oracle IKEA

>> No.53705315

I know it's tempting, but you should avoid going to Oracle Ikea. They have good service and cheap goods, but everything there is cursed one way or another and you always have to sign a damn 90-page contract before buying anything.

>> No.53705320

That's oracle IKEA. Ironically, oracle the sole reason oracle IKEA's furniture is not already put together is due to their blindness curses.

>> No.53705339

That's why you don't buy shit in Cheliax that costs more gold than you can personally carry in your hands.

>> No.53705346

That reminds me; is there a Summoner IKEA? Seems to me they'd save a fortune in labour.

>> No.53705370

You'd think, right. But the eidolons unionized.

>> No.53705420

There is a Vigilante Ikea, but it's not open to the public. Also, it switches location too often to be useful.

>> No.53705438

> ensoulment at 46 apps with three weeks left

Insane. You could comfortably make ten groups... admittedly not all of the highest quality.

Not even a sixth will get in. I sort of want all six to be unexpected picks, just to see the reaction.

>> No.53705504
File: 119 KB, 1600x540, img_matchlock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it worth it to have a pistol as backup, just in case, for non-specialised characters?

>> No.53705551

Not worth the gold and the damage/range is shite.

>> No.53705625

Why is Knowledge (Nature) a class skill for Stalkers?

>> No.53705648

You get to know a lot about nature when you're hiding in bushes all the time.

>> No.53705661
File: 154 KB, 647x768, tmp_3716-14967908000671928961027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like some other people were able to try out Starfinder. Can someone give them a listen and sum up all the cool things?


>> No.53705678
File: 383 KB, 1094x954, Knight & Princess 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, every other game that's recruiting right now should set themselves back to Mid-July, just so they can pick up all the Ensoulments that don't make it.

>> No.53705695

But that's precisely the problem. Protag was thinking of cutting Ensoulment short, but then the other games had apps ending just before so he didn't.

>> No.53705786
File: 256 KB, 810x1080, Knight & Princess.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That doesn't make sense. Ensoulment is HUGE. The other games are hopelessly small by comparison, except for JttW. Nothing will draw the crowds like Ensoulment, but once liberated some of those players might apply elsewhere.
That said, the extra time to develop Ensoulment is a good thing, imo, so rather than Protagonist cutting the time shorter, the others should just bite the bullet and extend their periods to get more prospective apps, I'd say.

>> No.53705882

Not in the slightest.

22 Gold a shot for alchemical cartridges if I remember correctly, range is really really bad. Honestly the whole "Secondary ranged weapon" strategy for Pathfinder is a bad one, ranged weapons minus the composite longbow suck on the whole.

>> No.53705883
File: 1.16 MB, 3084x2460, Okonomiyaki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess that almost makes sense. Plus neither Warlord nor Warder get it, do they? So I bet they wanted one of the three to have it, just to fill the Nature Knowin' Design Space.

>> No.53705937

I think you're misunderstanding C3. I didn't write her to say "Elves are the ubermensch", in fact she indirectly calls her family fucking idiots in the backstory. C3 calls herself an ubermensch (as per Freddie, not Hitler) and wants to teach others to become the same. She's tyrannical and a megalomaniac, but she's not Hitler.

>> No.53705995

She needs to die. I'm PMing contacts within the apps as we speak to end her if they make it into the game.

It's over. You've lost.

>> No.53706016

It's not even like I'm guarenteed to get in and what was the memery about me throwing a shitfit last thread, when have I ever thrown a shitfit when I got rejected?
Why don't you just get into the game yourself if you're so worried lmao

>> No.53706031

Lots of apps isn't necessarily a good thing. I think most games have their app process too long as it is, they should be closer to 2 weeks, 3 weeks at the most.

>> No.53706036

>she's not hitler


>> No.53706066

no, elf hitler would say "hail victory" in elvish, you dolt

>> No.53706077


>> No.53706084
File: 48 KB, 441x439, That entire comment of (You)rs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53706095

I'm sure you must be a riot anywhere you go.

Oh wait, I doubt you leave your house.

>> No.53706164

Have you guys been on 4chan for 2 weeks or do you just find it fun to reply to obvious bait and shitposts

>> No.53706222

it truly is summer again

>> No.53706236

>I'm no longer allowed to mock the retarded.

>> No.53706238

>he still fucking believes in summerfags
please lurk 2 years before posting

>> No.53706252

>he doesn't post summerfag memes to make himself feel better about the inevitably decline of 4chan.org

>> No.53706253

Do you think students mystically lose the ability to use the internet when it isn't Summer?

>> No.53706260


>> No.53706291
File: 57 KB, 960x886, It's that time again.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53706305

but summerfag memes are fun

>> No.53706308

Mock yourself then, he literally only wanted the (You) and you gave it to him

>> No.53706314
File: 72 KB, 464x640, IMG_3307.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Warlord or Warder?

>> No.53706321

Truly he'll be able to buy everything he's ever wanted with that mint (You)

>> No.53706328


>> No.53706342

Are there tough mounts in 5e yet? Steeds are critical.

>> No.53706373

fucked if I know, go ask them

just look for the thread about kangz

>> No.53706383

How do I KANGZ in Pathfinder? Race and Class?

>> No.53706392

orc barbarian

>> No.53706560
File: 41 KB, 564x727, Knight Woman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Warder all the way. I love me some shields and Int focus.

>> No.53706625
File: 420 KB, 1000x1344, 981cbb48769b358927fcea7ee8dab1f1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I love me some shields and Int focus.

Aren't OD/ZS warders more common than any other kind of warder these days?

Why the fuck was Elric defending the OD's "balance" so hard?

>> No.53706644
File: 1.03 MB, 1920x3335, Mace-knight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ZS builds are more common because they lose nothing to gain access to two-handing, which is much better. I actually only rarely see OD warders, but when I do it's the full meme build.

Personally, I just love having actual skill points, so Int does it for me. That shit is great.

>> No.53706650

If that were the case Yin should be a shoo-in.

>> No.53706670

There's already an archetype for this.

>> No.53706679
File: 14 KB, 181x279, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i just realized. the black hills from ensoulment is PERFECT for some kobold uprisings. mining is their primary export... low food supply... probably still use slaves like russia did.

should I be making pic related happen instead of chinese uzi man?

>> No.53706680

Really? What is it? Where is it?

>> No.53706721

Warder it is, then. Thanks!
And yeah, martial with skills sounds awesome. I'm tired of always being Two Skill Gil, ya know?

>> No.53706729
File: 179 KB, 736x981, Zwei-sentinel-Warder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do know. all too well.

>> No.53706752

It's third party, but nothing jumps out to me as broken.

>> No.53706777

It's your call, it's your app.

>> No.53706793

>people still applying to DAA
>it's two furries
Why can't Exhack just come out and say it's a bamboozle?

>> No.53706795

You can try either the machine or the light element kineticist

>> No.53706800
File: 27 KB, 280x420, Soulknife.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're right, nothing jumps out as broken because it's just not very good. The advancements it gets to the energy weapon are pretty slow, and the special abilities are locked; shocking as a Weapon Property is frankly kind of shit.

I mean, thanks for pointing me at this, but at the end of the day if I'm gonna play a third party class based around generating energy weapons, I'd prefer to go with the Soulknife proper, since that whole thing is the focus of the class.

I assume those are third party as well? I'll locate them once I've gotten some sleep.

>> No.53706804

Someone chatted with Exhack on discord. Said it was not a bamboozle and he would extend deadline by a couple of days.

>> No.53706805

Proofs though because I did the same and he hasn't answered me.

>> No.53706811

It's from Kineticist of Porphyra and Magitech Archetype (Legendary Games) so they are preapproved.

>> No.53706814

Then where's the updated character guidelines promised over a fortnight ago? Why doesn't he talk a little on discord or in thread so people know it isn't a bamboozle?

>> No.53706819

Yeah, homie still hasn't followed up on my request.

>> No.53706824


I also have left many messages for Exhack in PM's and I haven't heard a thing.

>> No.53706830

Made my first revision of the Unchained Magus with some of the features I listed in my earlier post. (>>53703094)


Summary of the changes:
Several class features changed to support Two Weapon Fighting.

The Magus chooses magic weapon properties over time, instead of each non-Gnome Magus having the exact same options when enhancing weapons.

Magus gets arcanas more frequently, some of the shittier ones have been rewritten, and he can pick arcanist exploits.

Magus does not gain armor proficiency by leveling up, and can instead choose magus arcana which give him access to medium or heavy armor. You can have heavy armor by 4th level.

When using Spell Combat, you can treat all shields as bucklers, or act as if you are not holding an off-hand weapon.

The magus can sacrifice a spell to make a spellstrike attack that does magical damage which scales with his magus level and the level of the chosen spell, and use Spell Recall as an immediate action afterwards if he so desires. Equivalent to Shocking Grasp at lower levels, gets better at higher levels. With a specific set of arcana, you can turn it into a ray with length equal to your weapon's maximum range that damages all creatures in its path.

Fighter Training is changed to magus level-3, you can choose which class this applies to, for classes which have talents, hexes, and similar things, you can pick those when you gain a magus arcana. With an arcana you can raise your hitpoints as if you were gestalting.

Greater Spell Access pulls from your secondary class, or Wizard if your secondary class does not cast spells.

>> No.53706831

Pre-approved for what? This discussion wasn't based on a specific game.

>> No.53706841

i just dont wanna be taken as a joke app for playing somethong stupid is all

>> No.53706847

Going to update the pastebin, what should I update, add, or remove?

>> No.53706849

Oh damn, thought you were talking about ensoulment. Late night fucks with my head

>> No.53706863

Add the trove from the PDF share thread. It is better updated.

>> No.53706878

You want me to link Da Archive?

>> No.53706888

It is the trove from this post. Can't get the mega link cause I'm on my phone

>> No.53706905

...I don't understand that post, what's $nip.li?

>> No.53706919

It is snip.li
It is one of the link shortener they use

>> No.53706922

It was CelestialDoggie

Guess who's getting in the game

>> No.53706932

Alright got it
What else should I add

>> No.53706934

CelestialDoggie is okay in my book.

I wanted to pet her character's ears more.

>> No.53706945

I guess this attitude is why nepotism is so rampant in /pfg/ games. Most of the thread is perfectly okay with it.

>> No.53706950

You're going to be disappointed, my friend.

>> No.53706966

It weirds me out that he applies to lewd games when he has a wife and kids.

>> No.53706968

>DM likes to play with proven, reliable people
Gee, who woulda thought?

>> No.53706977

Is this DHB? Should I put this into the new link repository?

>> No.53706978

Don't judge anon. Everybody has their fetish, even those with normie life.

>> No.53706980

So then don't have an app process.

>> No.53706986

I also don't know how he has the time to apply to and play in so many games. THREE fucking kids.

>> No.53706991

App process is there to fill out the cannon fodder after the cabalists have joined

>> No.53706997

you dont have to shill for them, you know. they do it themselves.

>> No.53707001

Nepotism is
a) Just a different way of saying friendship, which is an important factor in tabletop groups
b) Empty speculation unless you can name enough examples to demonstrate it's a large enough trend to be significant.

>> No.53707020

Lewddaddy is in a game with my friend and from what I heard, he is constantly absent within the session, sometimes for stupid shit like going shopping when he knows it is game time.

>> No.53707023

Please respond, what's outdated, what isn't, what should be removed and what should be added, etc.

>> No.53707041

So? Boy girl, cat, whatever. It's electrons in the computer, and everyone likes a little attention.

>> No.53707052

I'm not DepressedHomebrewer, no.

>> No.53707060

I remember there being a simple interactive Pathfinder or DND tutorial on some website where you played a level 1 fighter that was sent to recover a goat and you were able to fight a Goblin and some Skeleton along the way. I felt it was a great intro to the D20 style of gaming.

Any anon know it and know where to find it?

>> No.53707087

Are rogues with firearms viable?

Cause my GM is making a pathfinder game that's sort of a mix between a medieval and victorian setting (personally, I think that makes no fucking sense, but, hey, as long as I get to look dapper, who gives a fuck) and I was thinking of playing a rogue MILF gold digger, who got a bit too old for marrying and killing rich people, so she went "Damn, what am I going to do for money? I have no home, no family, no trade. The only way I know of getting money is by killing people and taking their stuff, like I'm some sort of murder hob-.........oh. Adventuring it is, then."

Can't decide between a rapier and dagger "en garde, fuckboi" fighting style or just nailing fuckers from afar, cause the GM allows guns for once. Both work well with her story. Just depends if more husbands died of tragic sparring accidents or unfortunate hunting accidents.

>> No.53707105

Sneak attack is almost impossible to use with ranged weapons.And with guns, you have to figure out a way to reduce reload to free action.
Only 1 potential upside is touch attacks help with rogue's lower bab.
It will be mechanically challenging.

>> No.53707112

Unchained Rogues get a couple of firearm specific Talents that make them fairly effective with guns. Combined with Snap Shot and Surprise Attack, you can pull off a pretty nasty Doc Holliday.

>> No.53707120

This. If you actually had a way to flatfoot people it would pretty much be flasker Rogue 2.0, though.

>> No.53707144

Shanking fuckers it is, then.

>> No.53707152

You might consider using Slayer, which is Rogue+, taking the firearm and grit talents as well as trap finder/spotter talent.

>> No.53707174

Yeah, but you need to establish your own reliable way to turn on sneak attack. If you can find a fast way to apply Shaken, Shatter Defenses can do the trick pretty well.

>> No.53707182

Well since nobody's responding this is all I can do

Mageguru's Trove
Note that one of the troves is outdated
UC Magus
Common Houserules section

>> No.53707184

There is a good way to make sneak attack gun effective, albeit extremely limited. Take the Greater bloom magic rogue talent for deeper darkness 1/day, which does not affect the caster. Anything without see in darkness or a light counterspell dies.

>> No.53707188

Plaintext version

>> No.53707349

Unchained or Vanilla barbarian? Build is Two-Handed Weapon.

>> No.53707356

Main difference? You don't suddenly lose a bunch of hit points when you stop raging with the unchained barbarian.

>> No.53707382

Chained has advantage of better rage powers

>> No.53707425

Chained has better rage powers.

Unchained can't potentially drop unconscious or die from loss of hp after dropping out of rage Some people enjoy this as a thematic point though

Chained is better with twohanders since they get the x1.5, whereas Unchained's damage isn't multiplied for twohanding.

>> No.53707504

Migrate when ready:

>> No.53707523

This class makes me REEEEEEE because it's a shitty rendition of best girl.

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