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Thousand Conscripts is the new meta Edition


>Lastest news :

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:

>40k rules reference in wiki format:

>Latest GW teases:

>Latest GW FAQs:

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Would most non GW stores allow proxy models for stuff like this? I don't quite need a basilisk/medusa, just the cannon for R&H.
I assume WW2 models would work in its stead?

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>1000 conscripts
>only playing 3k

what are you a pleb

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How tall are Custodes next to the Chads? I saw pic-related but (from the base thickness) it looks like this may just be dishonest memery.

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No. Most GW stores have a 10% of the model not offical or less rule unless the thing is all scratch built.

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Non gee dubs don't give a shit. A gee dub store will give a shit.

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Have you considered buying recasts for cheaper?

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Latest rumor I've heard lately regarding 8e lore:
Guilliman may or may not be making a dark pact with Khorne in order to drive off a certain xenos menace from a particularly infamous Imperial World...
>inb4 Emps gets so mad he straight-up SMITES Rowboat for this shit.

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Its 50% actually, assuming that whats written in my local GW is the same for all other stores.

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That would require me to be able to find one.

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Try all4wargames they aren't underground cryptics like those faggots in China.

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Excel-anon's wonderful damage calculations, still in the works: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h0hk_IdJ7fivDEjMiIpKM5yMMB8HTm64lZHuKdLZCIU/edit?usp=sharing


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Is it even worth fielding 25 CSM termies? I miscalculated last thread, it's closer to 1250 +/- 100ish points depending on gear.

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we need him back

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First timer here, thinking about making the jump into the hobby with the Dark Imperium box set. How balanced is it? Is it good for pick up and play? Having quite a difficult time deciding what chapter to make my marines.

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I can't decide between Staffs or Halberds for Paladins and Brother-Captains/Grand Masters.

+1S AP-2 or +2S AP-1 +1Invuln?

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Or MirandaIrene. They are Chinese but have a website and have some oop stuff too

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does the car have flappy paddles though?

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Doing the box set for work.
Everything in it is a real joy to paint. I want like 3 of these guys for inq28.

( I hate doing highlights and clean style painting.If i get some of my own i'm attacking them with a sponge and some pigment.)

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Fuck him. Hes an asshole that pisses away people like zapp branigan

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If Im not mistaken the head of the numarine reaches the eyes of a custodes.

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25 might be a bit much. 10-15 are worth it no problem.

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does anyone have any good techs for doing torn clothing?
not like frayed at the edge but with holes in the fabric
wanting to give my guardsmen a more rugged look

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>get some of my own i'm attacking them with a sponge and some pigment.

Can you give me a quick rundown of this technique?

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Reminder that conscripts have barely changed since 6th and 7th and people are losing their shit over nothing

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best nid list aside from pure gant spam

Thinking about fitting a harpy in there somewhere

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>apart from pure gaunt spam
glad youre learning

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>"keep shooting!"- all conscripts units in 6" of Chenkov fire an extra shot when shooting their lasguns

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Are you retarded?

The removal of template weapons is the reason why we can do dumb shit like this

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My bad, it's not that one. Duncan did a tutorial on it though.

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500 Termagaunts VS 500 Conscripts plus Officers?

Who wins?

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>Rowboat strikes a deal with one of the very gods Big E was trying to destroy in the first place
>Big E is so fucking pissed he tracks down Gork n' Mork inside the Warp (they ain't hard to miss) and asks them to have their greenskins beat the shit out of both Guilliman and (probably) Angron

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are recasters only good for big forgeworld and oop stuff?

looking at suits on the chink site, only £5 cheaper for broadsides but supremacy is supposedly £120 cheaper?!?

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you're retarded, the reason for this is all 8th ed changes

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>tfw you're wondering when the fuck she had time to dye her hair
>tfw you realize it was probably all that color when she was conscripted and new hair has grown out
definitely survived long enough to have BS4+

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just kill the commissars, just melee the guard to death, just shoot them with literally any weapon stronger than a lasgun lmao.

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Here. At 2:54. You can also use rhinox hide instead of skavenblight without the metal coat for darker spot of grime and chipping.


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I would love to see Gork and Mork speak to their children and summon a super Waaaagh over the simple premise that a Primarch is back so theres finally a umie worth krumpin

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true scale custodes when?

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No templates and removal of 2xinf and command squad tax makes them so much better.

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How effective is targeted shading instead of laying it on and neatening up?
I'm sure with my edge highlighting I'm gonna have to redo the base colour, so figure there's not a lot of point shading first. However, if I slap it on after I'm likely to hit the highlighted areas as I'm awful at painting.
So, I was thinking just run the shade along the edges when I'm done.

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I definitely want to try a big unit of 10 for sure. It sounds intimidating as fuck. Maybe I'll add a smaller squad to protect the sorcerer after the big one charges.

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there is no army which can currently, mathematically, kill that many conscripts unless you kill the commissars

and the commissars can hide behind terrain

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is it lore or is it just a meme that an ork almost choked the Emperor to death during the great crusade?

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Well the guy I was replying to wanted basklisk enplacements.

I tend to buy all my shit now from recasters. That 5 pound difference adds up when building an army

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If you're using a site you're usually doing it wrong. MI is the only exception I can think of.

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Sure, This is how i did it on the store scenery.

Start with your preferred silver spray. (in this case leadbealcher or army painter gun metal.)
Then use model mates red rust and oil brown weathering sprays ,apply liberally on top of each other.

Then using a sponge apply your paint colour, in this case coat d arms khaki for the boiler and catwalks and rust red for the other walkways, After you apply it go over it again with a dry sponge to flatten it.

Then a silver drybrish over any pipes/edges.

ryza rust, typhus corrison and various black washes to add grime and dirt.
Throw some pigment on and give it a quick hair spray blast.
Give the walkways a once over with nuln oil, patting it on with the side of the brush to stop the model mates streaking.
Give it a quick sponging to bring out the paint colour underneath in some areas.
Fianlly do your details, bronze panels, blue screens ect ect.
Then a blast of testors dullcoat.

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When do you think we'll get the Imperial Armour rulebooks leaked?

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Commissars only have 6 inch range though
Furthermore, what WAACnigger is going to spend 300 dollars for 100 conscripts only and no vets or regular guardsmen?

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I'd suggest doing this >>53681586

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i dunno but now i want to commission art of an ork warboss with the emperor in a choke hold as he's kicking his legs and reaching for his sword thats barely out of reach
>Orkamania is running wild golden 'umie

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Can't I just bring a Vindicare?

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>not buzzing your recruits
Shiggy diggy

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hopefully never so that no-one can ever use forge worlds broken ass rules

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Yeah I think 10, 5, and a Sorc is a good configuration for that reason.

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Any sniper will do, you could also burn them, or melee them to death. Since they suck ass in melee, or just shoot them with like a bolter.

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me, someone who isnt a fucking scrub and has been collecting guard for coming on 2 decades

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It's true, but the Emperor may have just been pretending to be retarded.

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I can think of one more, but they're a secret club.

>> No.53681792

Olay how do I get in contact with someone decent? The only thing I can find is some leddit that refuses to discuss it.

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>tfw still shit at painting even though I've been collecting for two years.

Why can't I edge highlight

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mathematically, for their points, a conscript is better in melee than a khorne bezerker

>> No.53681796

I'm just thinking snipers might be necessary this edition, or at least super helpful.

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What chapter tactics work best with what we have seen from the Primaris line up? Space Sharks seems like a miss

>> No.53681805

dont forget they actually get saves against a lot more stuff now, the big downside is they aren't as easily made totally fearless and they can't get that 4+ invuln from divination or invisible from telepathy

>> No.53681814

I said purely for conscripts. Ive been playing guard for a long time too

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So this shit is legit? Well as legit as you can get buying off a chinaman.

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Except in the latter half of 7th forge worlds rules were more balanced and functional than GW proper, they weren't the ones who made the mess that was the Ynnari rules after all

>> No.53681822

People are going to be working the deployments carefully for those sweet, sweet command points, so I imagine there'll be more HQs than normal.

>> No.53681827

Actually the other way around, zerkers kill half the con squad in a single round of combat

>> No.53681837

MirandaIrene is decent. Tends to be better than Zanchui or CCON at least.

>> No.53681841

Yes. I bought some forgeworld hydras from them becuase they are the only ones left with them. Pm them to use paypal and not western union.

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I don't get it. How do you fit 50 conscripts at once within 1" of the model? It's not like they can all fight at once. They will just tarpit the enemy.

>> No.53681848

are you the same anon who said eldar forge world stuff like lynxes and hornets were balanced?

>> No.53681850

MI is one of the highest cost but highest quality chinks. They're good.

>> No.53681853

Excel-anon here.

I'm wondering if I've made some error in regards to the Hammerhead. My current data seems to indicate:
-Railgun>>>>Ion Cannon
-Hammerhead is about as efficient as a HRR Broadside at hitting heavy vehicle
-Submunitions are worse than Solid Shot in all circumstances? You'd think Sub would be better versus heavy infantry, but the tiny shot-volume isn't enough to compensate for the drop in S and AP.
-Versus anything OTHER than heavy-armor, Hammerheads are super inefficient.

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Anyone got a Chaos Predator they're willing to part with? GW's out of stock and ebay is failing me.

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>Send in the next wave
All Conscripts regenerate D6 models at the end of the turn when within 6" of Chenkov.

>> No.53681872

Who is the very best?

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Tbf, I've been collecting since i was seven and I'm a fine art student, And i fucking HATE highlighting because it's a bitch to get right.
Edge highlighting is made much easier if you use the side of your bristles, Running them along the edges you want highlighted .IF that fails, Cheat and use a pen.There's no law that says you have to use paint to colour your minis if other methods work.

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That was my line of thinking, also horde armies seem to be back so I wanna quickly elimate anything that buffs morale

>> No.53681903

the fuck u think this place is?

>> No.53681905

MI is good, easy to use, and fairly cheap, especially because of free shipping. I've personally ordered weapons and shit from her twice now. Place your order on the site, then send her an email with the order number asking to pay via PayPal.

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Dont forget that even with the save it's still just a 5+, they only have T3 and wond on 5 or 6 most of the time and they are certainly not fearless. I seriously think people over estimate them, i used to run this (as much as i could) back in 7th and they wold get slaughtered easily.

>> No.53681931

>there is no army which can currently, mathematically, kill that many conscripts
Equal points in boyz

>> No.53681933

At this point, I would argue Alpharius. The shit I got from him was nearly flawless, which included fiddly bits from an assault squad weapons pack.

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They're a bit taller

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finished Talon of Horus

jesus daddy issues christ, ADB should seek professional help

>> No.53681954

No but I do Horus Heresy which has great internal balance compared to GWs 40k

>> No.53681955

Forgot to add, their LD without a babysitter is pitiful, to the point that they need a commissar just to be semi useful

>> No.53681969

don't get me wrong they have the capacity to be a cheep scary unit, and i wouldn't be surprised if bringing 2 maxed out squads of them wasn't uncommon, but they are obviously not the "jet bike" jack of all trades unit this edition, obviously they'll need some anti armor/ big creature support which luckily the guard has in spades

>> No.53681981

>tfw shootas can probably outshoot conscripts
It also helps boyz are S and T4 with a S4 gun, but they cost 6 and have a shit save, someone mathhammer max boyz vs 50 cons + commissar

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File: 206 KB, 1280x890, 1495902649325.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

changing the toughness and AV rules was a great choice.
so much bullshit was caused by invulnerable vehicles

>> No.53681985

All4wargames. Their shit is often mistaken for resells.

>> No.53682003

custodes base is taller.

gonna have to wait until they resize custodes and make them a head bigger and thicker. deathguard model is wider than him ffs.

>> No.53682007

Been tinkering around with my Eldar came up with the following for a 2k list - thoughts?

>5x Rangers
>5x Rangers
>5x Rangers
>20x Guardians - 2x Bright Lance
>3x War Walkers - 6x Missile Launchers
>Night Spinner
>Farseer Skyrunner
>Warlock Skyrunner

Outrider Detachment
>3x Windriders - 3x Shruiken Cannons
>3x Windriders - 3x Shruiken Cannons
>3x Windriders - 3x Shruiken Cannons
>3x Windriders - 3x Shruiken Cannons
>6x Shining Spears
>Autarch Skyrunner - Laser Lance

Total of 7 CP.

>> No.53682023

I don't think I'd find games if I laid out 500 gants, atleast until balancing and my $400 of cannon fodder becomes worse
Depends on whether or not the termagants get devourers

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Yeah, i dont get the panic, ive been using cons forever, theyre actually somewhat worse now because they cant be buffed with prescience and such now. Only difference is theres no Platoon commander + squad tax, which was dirt cheap anyway

>> No.53682043

the rubble on your base looks like a little church

>> No.53682051

The fuck are you talking about?

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Fuck your crunch, give me some fluff. Why are the Custodes so big and cool? BUT. In your own words, as hyperbolic as possible.

>> No.53682058

That's a good idea. You think those gundam colour pens would work?

I feel like that would be something that would work.

>> No.53682060

Their prices are higher than MI, are they that much better?

>> No.53682073

two years is nothing anon

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File: 185 KB, 641x616, 1495804385090.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Modelling a tiny church on a Knight base

>> No.53682094

You only have to be within 1" of a friendly model who is in base contact to fight

>> No.53682138


Paintjob is dope as fuck tho

>> No.53682143
File: 2.30 MB, 3720x2304, IMG_20170603_195724_195.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gundam pens, Pigment line markers, A nice fine artist pen. Anything that leaves a mark will work, It's just a case of messing around and seeing what you prefer.

Also as >>53682073 says, Two years isn't alot.I've been painting for 15 years ,plus I have a degree in fine art and my dad taught me classical painting techniques as a kid and that primaris marine is still he best i can do with highlights on flat panels.
Take your time and enjoy each model, Eventually you'll realise that you got good.

>> No.53682151

Some recasts have different weights or other tells to call them as fake. All4wargames doesn't have that

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File: 536 KB, 1843x1382, IMG_20170517_231914555-1843x1382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly tempted to drop 500 bucks on 100 valhallans and run conscripts for 8th.
But that implies I have half a grand to throw into a meme list.

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is people going table to table measuring models to check their weight really a thing that happens in GW stores?
If so then holy shit how can anyone stand playing there

>> No.53682191


Dooooo it, faggot.

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Custodes are the guys who never go to war but sit in the gym, training, eating and injecting themselves with peds 24/7

Just like how soldiers usually rely more on endurance than strength. Custodes never travel like the other space marines so they get fucking Jacked.
Basically space marine bodybuilders.

>> No.53682215


Just put pennies/washers on the bottom of your bases. Hell, it's a good thing to do regardless.

>> No.53682220

Give me 500 dollars then loser

>> No.53682226

no.It has never happened, Ever.
Even when someone says they were kicked out of gw for their recasts, They're lying. They were most likely just asked not to talk about recasters in store and went on a REEEEE...

>> No.53682227

Does anyone have a list/namegen for Custodes? What culture do they take names from?

x-posting this in the HH thread.

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File: 85 KB, 1019x505, taunar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't bother with MI prices, Z's Taunar is perfectly fine and is just as good if not better than FW's


>> No.53682249

here ya go

50 conscripts = 150 pts
commissar = 20 pts
officer = 20pts

190 points of boys = 31

50 conscripts shoot 31 boys at 24" range
50 shots x2 for FRFSRF
100 shots
33.3 hits
10.99 wounds
9.5 unsaved wounds

at 12" range that's
19 unsaved wounds

on overwatch that's:
100 shots (assuming all within 12" for charge reception)
16.6 hits
5.5 wounds
4.7 unsaved wounds
31 boys with (for arguments sake) shootas

doesnt matter what range
62 shots
20.5 hits
13.5 wounds
8.9 unsaved wounds

if your boys are shooting overwatch you're an idiot who got charged by conscripts, but here we go

62 shots
9.9 hits
6.5 wounds
4.3 unsaved wounds
So even at max range, Conscripts out-shoot Boys. Close combat stats to follow.

>> No.53682250


I worked at GW in retail from 06-13 and the only time I ever caught someone with recasts was when he dropped one and I saw it break and saw the resin. I just asked him not to bring those models back in. I would never go up to someone's table and pick up their models and we certainly didn't ask to weigh them at any point.

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File: 184 KB, 714x1000, Scouts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lads, I need an old school chapter from the early editions that has kind of dropped of people's radar.

Any ideas for a neglected chapter?

>> No.53682275

Friends of mine go to GT's with recasts

As long as you show up with them atleast fixed up and primed, there's no way to tell. You won't get hassled unless you show up with OOP resin models.

>> No.53682282
File: 49 KB, 300x566, IMG_4133.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53682298

Crimson Fists is the first one that jumps to mind, and they still have a tiny bit of support considering their one named character is in the index and they'll probably get Chapter Tactics in the Codex.

>> No.53682309


>Rainbow Warriors
>Crimson Fists
>Fire Angels
>Silver Skulls

>> No.53682312
File: 1.53 MB, 1930x1368, Chapter_Master_Nisk_Ran-Thawll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53682320


Crimson Fists usually falls right under Imperial Fists, their progenitor. They only have Kantor.

>> No.53682328


This is making me sweaty, poor dude breaks his model, spewing toxic dust in the air and you have the audacity to kick him whilst he's down?

unless he was running it greytide in which case fuck that guy

>> No.53682332

>I need an old school chapter from the early editions that has kind of dropped of people's radar.
Iron Hands

>> No.53682333

just do cadians for fresh recruits

>> No.53682346
File: 23 KB, 240x335, FleshEaters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53682359

Does anyone have any old-school Space Marine/Epic stuff?

Their Imperial Guard book had an some fluff on company numbering and army badges that (to my knowledge) wasn't reprinted in later IG books.

>> No.53682363

What do if someone asks where i got my shit from?
At this point, I assume recasts are the worst kept secret in the scene.
Do i play dumb when some guy smirks and mentions i probably got em from China?
Or is everyone smart enough not to ask?

>> No.53682365

He clearly wasn't running greytide or you could tell.

>> No.53682377

Cadian models are TRASH

>> No.53682378

DM me

>> No.53682385

>baneblade variants get 9 attacks at full health
>hit on 5s
>-2 ap and D3 damage
>can spray heavy flamers into close combat and still shoot their main gun at other stuff
where were you when baneblades became the best melee unit guard had?

>> No.53682413

>3 flamers AND a heavy flamer is legal in a veteran squad

What are your favourite ways to build vets?

>> No.53682417


Still an awkward feeling though, everytime I go into that store I see you and we KNOW.

Would be like if you caught me sniffing your underwear

>> No.53682428


I mean I didn't kick him out. I just told him not to bring the recasts back. He was a cool guy so we never had any issues - I'm sure he had other re-cast stuff, I didn't continually spot check him. Honestly we didn't care as long as you didn't flaunt it.


You bought it off eBay. It's that easy - no GW ever thinks they're your sole source of models and product. We know people buy 2nd hand, other shops, etc. People brought shit in all the time where I had no clue where they got it - and honestly I didn't even ask.

>> No.53682431

Nuh uh. They are okay and for Conscripts they make sense.

>> No.53682437

>eBay recasts

Literally the worst possible form of 40k models. And those dicks have the gall to charge you almost twice as much as the good recasters.

>> No.53682438

Has anyone else done an 8e battle report besides Tabletop Tactics?

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Traitors belong in the trash!

>> No.53682443

Not any more :'(

>> No.53682459

free thunderhawk rides for traitors when?

>> No.53682460

Frontline and Miniwar gaming.

>> No.53682461

Well, Cadian model gear is standard issue Guard shit in a lot of places.

>> No.53682463

>You won't get hassled unless you show up with OOP resin models

I have legitimate OOP resin models from FW. Why is being OOP the measurement for harassment?

>> No.53682482


I didn't mean to say you should say its a recast you bought off eBay. You just say you bought the model off eBay.


I think he means if you have a resin version of an OOP model that was only made in metal.

>> No.53682487

Nobody is going to bother you. That anon was being retarded.

>> No.53682494

If the Conscripts charge:
lose 4 men on the charge to overwatch
get to attack first so
46 attacks
15.1 hits
5.0 wounds
4.3 unsaved wounds
~4 dead orks

(assuming the officer and commissar fight too)
6 attacks
4 hits
1.3 wounds
1.1 unsaved wounds
~+1 ork dead

Orks fight back
26x2 = 52 attacks
34.3 hits
22.6 wounds
14.9 unsaved wounds
~15 dead conscripts

If the Boys charge:
lose 5 boys to overwatch
26x2 = 52 attacks
34.3 hits
22.6 wounds
14.9 unsaved wounds
~15 dead conscripts

conscripts fight back:
35 attacks
11.5 hits
3.8 wounds
3.3 unsaved wounds
~3 dead orks

HOWEVER, if they had a Priest nearby, that's effectively doubling their attacks for the cost of adding 6 orks to the other side. So roughly double their kills. Next round, if he wasnt in combat, the officer could order fix bayonets, doubling their attack output. Combined with a Priest, they would be quadrupling their attack output with that order.

On average, each conscript kills 0.1 orks in combat. If you order fix bayonets and have a priest nearby, that goes up to 0.4.

Not to mention, that Priest gives them rerolls to hit on the charge or when charged. All together, that wildly affects the numbers.

So final post will be the ideal combat output for Conscripts.

>> No.53682495

Because forgeworld is all WAAC shit, not even GW.

You can get fucked if you bring it in.

>> No.53682500

Actually, I got a Dreadclaw for $50 from ebay (turns out it was Sylvia) and it wasn't complete shit. A few mold slips on the legs, but otherwise fine.

>> No.53682503
File: 76 KB, 1200x1292, r3EQwB9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based fucking sons of dorn

>> No.53682528

What I'm saying is if you show up with stuff from like 3rd edition that never got the finecast treatment you may get outed by a grognard that was around when they were released. It's rare to have someone pick up your models though but if someone asks to pick something up and you refuse it sets off red flags.

Just don't get ultra old recasts or 300 normally expensive models.

>> No.53682535
File: 8 KB, 257x165, 1496437599572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The most important poll in 40k history:

>> No.53682538

>assuming the officer and commissar fight too
You just allocate attacks to kill them.

Also this assumes Conscripts are getting buff bubbles from elites but Orks dont get Nob with a flag or painboy.

>> No.53682547

>Because forgeworld is all WAAC shit, not even GW.

Certain FW OOP units ARE GW units you dumb faglord. Baneblade, Trygon, Valkyrie, Drop Pod, a billion power armor and terminator models

>> No.53682548
File: 158 KB, 1393x944, we_are_the_mailed_fist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>is people going table to table measuring models to check their weight really a thing that happens in GW stores?

Not in any of the ten or so GW stores I've ever been to. The manager of my favourite gee-dub knows I've recast models, too, but I have the decency not to discuss it in his place of business.

>If so then holy shit how can anyone stand playing there

Well, I told you it's not so, but ...

... actually, there *was* quite a shift in da ladz 'ooz been showin' up. Most of the big time players and WAACfags have moved on, allowing newer players (with some capital and fresh greedy eyes) to move into the vacuum. I don't make it up there as often as I'd like, but at the same time, I don't have a whole lot of capital to spend on buying something substantial every time I go.

I don't know all the intricacies of what happened, but I suspect that crowd actually prefers playing at one of their homes where they can take up as much space as the want, for as long as they want, and use whatever language and whatever alcoholic beverages they want without being reminded that they're in someone else's commercial establishment.

>> No.53682549

>not even GW

Were you dropped on your head as a child?

>> No.53682558

>t. poorfag

>> No.53682571
File: 539 KB, 1600x1202, ba_honour_guard_weighted_bases.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just put pennies/washers on the bottom of your bases. Hell, it's a good thing to do regardless.

Huh. Funny you should say that. I agree. It helps reduce wobbly model syndrome and, if you've used steel washers, there's the potential for a magnetized carrying tray and/or display board!

>> No.53682573
File: 323 KB, 2480x1748, Flesh Eater Primaris.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See >>53682346

>> No.53682581

Its funny cause searching ebay brings up a lot of recasts. And my stuff is FW so it will get more attention.

I can already see the invariable dude who starts asking follow up questions like how much and who sold it..
Im sure it wont be the GW staff who get me in trouble, but some well meaning opponent who wants in on the discount

>> No.53682602


People can't even stand playing in GW stores EVEN WHEN THESE STORIES AREN'T REAL

Imagine if they were

>> No.53682604

>tfw csm
>can use all the recast shit I want because all dat HH resin

>> No.53682607


I will literally pay for the hire of a moderately-priced prostitute for any recaster who gets the Necromunda Redemptionists, Cawdors, and Enforcers back on the market.

>> No.53682620

Could anyone really call you on it if you said you just got it second-hand off eBay and repainted it yourself? Seems like they'd have to go through a lot of measures just to say "hey don't bring those models anymore".

>> No.53682646


People played in my store when I worked there all the time and people still play there now.

>> No.53682651

>I can already see the invariable dude who starts asking follow up questions like how much and who sold it..
Easy - "I don't remember; I bought it a while ago and only got around to painting it recently".

>> No.53682662

You can send certain recasters OOP metals like Alpharius and he'll duplicate them and put them up for sale, returning your original with your order.

>> No.53682665

Just say it's legit and stick to the story you autist. Jesus Christ, this isn't rocket science. You aren't infiltrating the Boston mob.

>> No.53682712

how many shots does a shadowsword need to statistically kill a knight in 8th

>> No.53682721

How are genestealer cults looking for 8th?

>> No.53682722

>Could anyone really call you on it if you said you just got it second-hand off eBay and repainted it yourself?
If you've gotten to that point you've already fucked up. JUST SAY THEY ARE LEGIT. WHY IS THIS SO HARD? I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!

>> No.53682739

Ideal scenario for 50 Conscripts:
Have a Commissar, Sergeant and Priest in range.


50 Conscripts charge 37 Ork Boys
37 boys shoot overwatch
12.2 hits
8.0 wounds
5.3 unsaved wounds
Conscripts lose ~5 guys to overwatch

Conscripts hit first
90 attacks (+1A for Priest)
Hitting on 5s (with a reroll thanks to Priest)
29.7 hits
19.9 successful rerolls
49.6 total hits
16.3 wounds
14.0 unsaved wounds
~14 dead orks on the charge

Keep Officer, Commissar and Priest out of combat.

23 orks hit back
46 attacks
30.3 hits
20.0 wounds
13.2 unsaved wounds
~13 dead conscripts


**Officer Orders Fix Bayonets in shooting phase**

32 Conscripts remaining
64 attacks (+1 A thanks to Priest)
21.1 hits (no rerolls this time)
6.9 wounds
6 unsaved wounds
~6 dead orks

As this is an IDEAL scenario, lets assume the Conscripts get to fight before the orks in the Fight phase.

64 attacks
21.1 hits
6.9 wounds
6 unsaved wounds
~6 dead orks

There are now only 11 orks remaining, and the Conscripts have only suffered 18 casualties. By comparison, they have killed 26 ork boys.

From there, the Conscripts easily win combat. Orks can possibly lose an ork to morale. Overall, Conscripts can, for their points, beat ork boys (with shootas) in combat. Sluggas/Choppas however is a different story. If anyone gives enough of a shit I can run the numbers for that too.

>> No.53682742

If you say they're legit then technically that opens the door to them checking however it is they want. You're in more of a grey area if you say you got them off the internet and were told they were legit. It doesn't matter either way, no one in the world is going to be so anal that it matters.

>> No.53682770
File: 427 KB, 901x1280, tumblr_llui9gRtmR1qhslato1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Unfortunately they've become a meme chapter.


Yeah I was leaning towards Crimson Fists, but they're not totally forgotten.


Silver Skulls are kind of still floating around, I see quite a few armies here and there. If I did Fire Angels I would have to go back to their old white and red scheme and people would probably just think I was playing White Scars. I quite like Novamarines, a contender.


Another contender, I wish GW still made a decal sheet for them. White is a bit of a bitch to paint as well.


Flesh Eaters are a cool chapter but they're BA successors aren't they? My current army is more codex based, I guess I could just paint them and use Ultramarine rules or something.

Any other suggestions?

>> No.53682777

It does, for sake of argument we assume ideal scenarios. Even if you give Orks everything they can get, however, in their 225 points (including cost of Priest), they still fair pretty poorly. They'll win, but only just. An ideal scenario for Orks vs an ideal scenario for Guard puts Orks to shame. They are supposed to be the mob fighters, and they can get the shit kicked out of them by Conscripts through sheer numbers.

Again, Orks WILL win in anything but an ideal scenario for Guard, BUT even in an IDEAL Ork scenario, the Guard will make most of their points back, and entirely blunt the attack. No Ork unit comes away from this fight happy. They lose ALOT of boys no matter what.

>> No.53682778

Got it from a craigslist add

>> No.53682787

Now see, it was important for me to clarify cause some people mention ebay and others recommend sticking with the legit story.

Yea, thats the big issue with FW models. They dont just sell those second hand in droves unless its the small bits.

Im thinking going with "ebay, the guy said they were legit, no not those dodgy ones from china i swear" but with more subtlety

>> No.53682793

Technically, the perfect scenario for Conscripts is to get to fire overwatch, let the Orks fight first, and then fight combat, because that way they roll the most dice overall. But this is probably the best example of just how brutal Conscripts can be.

>> No.53682796


To be honest the only time you'd get in a situation like this is if you broke a model and showed the resin on a non resin model or you had a big model that was extremely light.

Can't imagine it'll ever be an issue and you can just poo poo it by saying you got it off ebay.

Unless you're running a resin sisters army or some shit.

>> No.53682798
File: 154 KB, 400x569, IMG_2502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Auric Patricians

>> No.53682817

What armies can easily beat this?

500 shoota boyz? 215 necron warriors and 4 cryptecs? 375 fire warriors?

My favorite easy counter to this list would be 32 chimeras each with a heavy bolter and multi laser.

>> No.53682825


Here's your script.

Hey man - where'd you get that model?

You - I bought it off eBay

Him - cool, how much was it?

You - hell I don't remember, I bought it awhile back and just got around to painting it

Him - I hear ya, well lets play.

>> No.53682827

Is he doing the thing where you run across a pool of custard?

>> No.53682836


Silver Guard or Iron Snakes?

(Going through a GG phase at the moment...)

>> No.53682838
File: 18 KB, 308x297, 11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53682840


Your Ork Boys won't save you.

>> No.53682851

laughing so hard i nearly shit

>> No.53682852

Why do you post the same list in every thread?

>> No.53682862

they want abuse for not taking 500 termagaunts

>> No.53682864

I have an IG sergeant with a power fist and a chainsword. What do I do with him now that chainswords have value and I can't take both?

>> No.53682877
File: 454 KB, 882x630, Kult O Speed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so what does everyone think of the Wazbom Blastajet?
I feel like the tellyport mega-blasta could be pretty fucking brutal, especially if you use a CP re-roll on its special effect.

Also, along the same vein, are shokk attack guns worth using with the CP re-roll as well?

>> No.53682892

>people held gay furry orgies in my house all the time and people still fuck there now

Anecdotal evidence: not even once

>> No.53682894
File: 1.41 MB, 1135x702, 8th1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I took some pictures of my first 8th ed game. ~100 power level narrative game of Magnus-Led Thousand Sons and Tzeentch daemons vs Showboat Guilliman and Imperial Fists. Any interest in seeing more+game synopsis?

>> No.53682906

The only flyer worth taking anymore is a Dakkajet. It's worth taking a Blastajer ONLY if you have enough Dakkajets to warrant the KFF.

Every Shokk Attack Gun is a KFF not being used. No SAG will ever kill enough enemies to warrant not having a massive 5+ invun bubble.

>> No.53682907

Go for it, man.

>> No.53682908
File: 66 KB, 335x596, IMG_2663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tryin to make a 2k vets themes DA list, anybody have ideas?

I figure some sternguard in razorbacks mixed with sternguard and deathwing, plus some black knights or something. What do you guys think?

>> No.53682910

maybe its like a repulser glove from iron man

>> No.53682914


I mean people play at GW stores all the time. Most of it depends on the staff and their attitude.

>> No.53682918


Only if you mention each Ultramarine death by name.

>> No.53682920

there's no company wide policy on it. its up to the managers themselves.

though I've never seen a store allow majority non GW parts

>> No.53682921

What about the necron pile?

Or more importantly the 320 wounds worth of T7 3+ chimeras that are putting out 192 shots a turn at 36" range.

>> No.53682946

Any Britbongs here use the Central London store?

Moving to Landan town and wanna know if it's worth

>> No.53682974
File: 282 KB, 1920x1080, angry space prussian.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>getting into the hobby
>love defensive siege warfare
>cant fucking stand yellow

>> No.53682983


> London

First stop is probably to get yourself a stab vest. Now get to fucking bed, it's half three here.

>> No.53682995

Do a successor, anon. Crimson fists are cool

>> No.53683001

Need halp.

I'm stripping some FW resin models (and some plastic ones) and I want to get the glued together bits apart and remove some of the glue crust too. Will acetone do it or would that ruin the resin details? If so, what else can I do to get glue off of resin?

>> No.53683010

Successor chapters. Homebrew one if you want

>> No.53683012

on average 3 turns. But its not to unlikely to do it in 1.

>> No.53683015

Do you like grey with yellow stripes?

>> No.53683022

You do what the setting is LITERALLY designed for.

Imperial Fists successor, either existing or homebrewed and paint them how you want.

>> No.53683028

>The only flyer worth taking anymore is a Dakkajet
I thought the Blitza-Bommer was generally thought to be a good choice too? At least that seems to be the consensus on /tg/.

>Every Shokk Attack Gun is a KFF not being used.
I mean, with the way detachments work now, having a semi-large number of characters who do different things isn't that far out there. But I guess it's more about getting the most coverage/redundancy w/ KFF's.

>> No.53683038

I just want old WS to come back

>> No.53683043

So. Mandrakes. 7+ save.

>> No.53683059

Want to show people what right looks like

>> No.53683074
File: 66 KB, 600x620, IMG_3465.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just got one of this bad girls.
Beside magnetizing the living shit out of it.
Any idea for scale model ship that would feet the hand properly?

>> No.53683077
File: 193 KB, 1057x801, Wip Thread Church incident.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never forget. Never forgive.

>> No.53683082
File: 64 KB, 576x256, TSoaLR000CCC.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Any other suggestions?

Scythes of The Emperor
Celestial Lions
Mantis Warriors
Black Dragons
Flame Falcons
Sons of Antaeus
Emperor's Pointy Sticks

>> No.53683083


I'm at work baybee, only way to make sure those jihads don't get me is by living when they sleep

>> No.53683084


The melee chart was one of the most fucking retarded things in 40k

why capped at 3+ but kharn ignores it anyway?

why does a crippled malnourished child have a 6+ chance to hit the literal best swordsman deity in the galaxy who is martial prowess given physical form?

why does someone being a wacky wavy inflatable tube man get a better chance to escape unscathed even with a WS1 from someone with a WS10?

>> No.53683085

It's for the +1 for cover.

>> No.53683088

Yes, why?

>> No.53683105

like a ship ship? Or some kind of craft?

Because all I can think of is a jetbike or Tau drone.

>> No.53683106
File: 1015 KB, 1328x747, 8th2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is only Guilliman, and spoiler alert: things go poorly for him.

We did one of the scenarios with a defender (the fists) in a fortified position with a bunker and a bastion. We had concealed deployment for the defender and preliminary bombardment, both of which were pretty rad. I basically got to hide all my units under numbered cards and even used some extra Guilliman-given command points to make some decoys to try and throw off my opponent a bit. Then he got to take an orbital strike at any of my units and chose the bastion full of sternguard and devastators and slapped some mortal wounds off it (six, I think. but the thing has like twenty.) I had first turn. The goal of the scenario was for him to wipe me clean off the board by end game and his advantage was (other than a bit more power) that his troops got to respawn at the table edge on a 2+, elites on a 4+, and everything else on a 5+, and he could always pull them off the board if he wanted and refresh them. Pretty neat, but didn't end up being too relevant just due to thousand sons being slow.

Here's my friend's Magnus in his glory.

>> No.53683128

>defensive siege
>not using glorious Imperial Guard

Kids this day have no taste or class

>> No.53683131

>adjusts fedora

>> No.53683147
File: 112 KB, 1000x443, IronWarriorss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then you pick the rivals of the yellow guys!

Also into sieges and shit

>> No.53683151

Ah okay. Thanks.

>> No.53683152


Since you decide who takes wounds in a unit, feel free to put 1 or 2 staves in a paladin unit for some 4++ goodness

I wouldn't put them on brother captains since it makes them fairly bad at melee for such an expensive model

I would use them on grey knight librarians instead since they can get storm shields. 2++ 5 wounds baby

>> No.53683156

Too bad it's an inferior nid list

>> No.53683160

Anything that looks like boat. Either with sails (eldar stuff?) or regular cargo ships and things like that.

Getting a Cherno Alpha model would be easier but I want this as a mini side project

>> No.53683161

So I am lost here. Really new to the hobby so bear with me. Read Red Tithe and loved it to death. How the fuck would Charcaradon Astra rules work with Primaris models? they dont have shit for CCWs

>> No.53683178

Splitting the 8E box set with a friend with me getting the Primaris models. Painting them with IW livery is extra heresy anon

>> No.53683179

New, regularly updated library


>> No.53683182


HRRRRRRRG why do those shitty ass chinese produced GW bases look so good in that photo

>> No.53683186

Chimeras are minimum 93 points per model so you'll fit 32 of them into 3000 points comfortably.

Keep in mind Chimeras are still only hitting on 4s, so:
48 heavy bolter hits per turn
48 multi laser hits per turn

the HBs reduce their save to 6+ rather than a 5+
but the multi laser wounds on a 2+ rather than a 3+

48 HB hits
32 HB wounds
27.5 kills

48 ML hits
41 ML wounds
27.2 kills

So technically the Heavy Bolter is slightly better at killing Conscripts. The important thing is you'll be killing ~54.7 Conscripts per turn.

On the other hand, each Conscript is dealing 0.01 wounds per shot to your Chimeras. So for every 100 Lasgun shots, they deal 1 wound. 50 Conscripts can pump out 200 shots (within 12") and can do the same in close combat.

Simulating those numbers over the course of a game would be pretty arduous, but keep in mind every Chimera that's in close combat has half as many attacks as it did before, and they no longer reduce saves. Eventually, the Conscripts can get to a point where they have every Chimera in close combat.

Another way to look at it is that in 5 turns, the most conscripts you could kill is 273.5 (not including commissars executing people, or morale losses). If they just went full insanity, and took 1000 conscripts with no officers or commissars, you would barely kill over a quarter of them in the game. If they were smart and took ~750 Conscripts plus officers, commissars and priests, then the most you could do is kill a third of their army.

750 Conscripts could, in theory, kill 3 Chimeras per turn, possibly 3 and a half if you factor in them all throwing grenades for extra shots, and all the officers, priests and commissars also shooting. So your 32 Chimeras would be more like 16 by the end of the game.

You can kill ~1/3rd of his army, he can kill ~1/2 of yours in 5 turns.

>> No.53683194

Unlike playing marines?
At least the Guard has more models to pull off the siege part. Anyone can just slap some fortification and be defensive

>> No.53683201


The rules only allow tactical squads to take them so it doesn't matter. And those rules no longer exist, just like every other chapter's rules, until the codex and FW index comes out, so it DOUBLE doesn't matter.

>> No.53683206


I forgot to add the heavy stubbers, which adds another 96 shots for a total of 288 shots wounding on 3+ and reducing saves to 6+. That's what, 80 or so dead a turn?

Oh! 31 Wyverns with heavy stubbers. Mortar averages 14 shots per turn and heavy stubber is 3 with the same profile. Now my army has 341 t6 3+ wounds so you still need 6's to wound.

Thats 521 shots per turn starting on turn 1, 260.5 hits, 173.666 wounds, 115 dead per turn. In 6 turns thats 696 dead.

Still not enough to table and you're probably going to win by objectives.

We must get even more efficient.

>> No.53683210
File: 406 KB, 1777x1754, IMG_1697.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>looks like the atrapos just pooped a little steeple before hearing intruders

>> No.53683219

>all these hordefags theoryshitting about how big their hordecock will be
>they don't realize flamers are the new grav and the meta is going to be lists full of HFs

>> No.53683221

well what the fuck do i do with my life now anon

>> No.53683232
File: 1.35 MB, 1328x747, 8th3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So after weathering orbital fire from the dread silver towers, the besieged imperial fists' 3rd company is relieved by Guilliman.

Facing off is Magnus, Ahriman, Two rubric squads of ten with soul reapers, one in a rhino with 5 warpflamers, a squad of scarab occult with warpflamer and missile rack, a pile of pink horrors, a Tzeentch herald, and a Lord of Change vs. Guilliman, a captain with relic blade and master crafted boltgun, a librarian, combi melta sternguard, heavy bolter devastators, lascannon devastators, two tactical marine combat squads in assault cannon razorbacks and one in a bunker, two contemptor dreadnoughts with kheres assault cannons, and a vindicator.

An opening salvo from a vindicator nails magnus for 6 wounds, the rest of the fists follow suit and send blessed bolter rounds and lascannon blasts into the hordes, wounding the lord of change and purging some of the gibbering daemons (I rolled sixes for damage on my lascannons and the vindicator pretty much all game. D6 damage is pretty dope when you do and they fail all their saves).
Guilliman, seeing his hated brother, advances dangerously far, but cannot be held back by the dour commanders of the fists (truthfully, I wanted to see how sturdy he would be this edition after being Wisconsin cheddar tier last time). Both of our Primarchs have the 6+ feel no pain warlord trait.

>> No.53683233

Even the Stubbers won't make much of a difference.


Lets take this to the terminal end goal: Punisher tanks.

>> No.53683236
File: 27 KB, 494x358, SWe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Clearly a batch of them ended up in the right hands.

If your friend doesnt mind them as stand ins for csms it will work out.

>> No.53683237


You can take shit from two of the most powerful factions while remaining powerful yourself.

>> No.53683253

do not use acetone. I have no idea what to tell you, due to the resin being harder to rework.

>> No.53683254

Wouldn't taurox gatling be a better choice?

>> No.53683256

>"Oh man that was a good robo-shit. Wait wha-"
>Metal Gear Solid alert noise

>> No.53683267

They wyverns were probably more of the point of that post since they doubled the damage output of the chimeras and could start on the table edge due to their range.

>> No.53683269

Does this mean SoB are top tier now?

Wait Dominions with 5 flamers would not be a bad idea.

>> No.53683274

The Blitza-Bommer is good, but the problem is it relies on your enemy having at least one squad with ten or more models in it that's worth the points to bomb, or a vehicle/monster squadron with at least 3-4 models in it.
The Dakkajet's alpha is less impressive, but it's more consistent and reliable overall, making it likely the better overall choice in a TAC list.

The SAG is something you take in friendly, casual lists, just like before. It could potentially do an absolute boatload of damage, but it usually won't. A KFF is almost always going to be a better points investment.

>> No.53683282
File: 196 KB, 780x780, 40keks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he thinks flamers are the new grav
>can't even overwatch stuff charging from deep strike
>can't fire from deep strike
>can't even ignore armour saves or cover anymore
>kills 1 and a half conscripts or boyz a turn on average

>> No.53683295

Get normal Tyranids, cults are shit and a waste of money and time

>> No.53683296

Wait, really? Huh. I was thinking of giving them to Brother-Captains/Grand Masters since that means they'd get a 3++, which would be some nice survivability for them.

>> No.53683305

Grav was deleting entire Wraithknights or Tervigons in one turn of shooting.

Flamers can't even kill a handful of guardsmen on average.

Are you fucking stupid?

>> No.53683320

He'd hate me if I did that. Only because IW is his favorite legion. Im a huge DG fan, only letting him take that side of the box because he can't name a single loyalist chapter he likes.

>> No.53683331
File: 1.01 MB, 1328x747, 8th4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On to my friend's turn, and bolts of eldritch lighting course through the air, ripping armor plating from tank and dreadnought alike. I pretty much took a handful of mortal wounds to every one of my armored vehicles in the psychic phase, though the librarian heroically held back some of the smite onslaught, dread sorceror ahriman would not be denied by such a stripling (I like the new deny the witch. I actually felt like my librarian was a useful psychic defender for once instead of just being useless against other psyker armies. On the other hand, insanely powerful psykers like Ahriman will totally steamroll a regular psyker). Ahriman gives his prodigal sons a second movement into rapid fire range using warp-time (which is seriously every thousand sons player's best friend. Excellent power).
Magnus gathers his strength and deals 8 mortal wounds to Guilliman, blasting him with his malefic eye and leaving him with a single wound.

But the psyker phase keeps my suffering abound and the lord of change overwhelms the librarians mind, he fights against it, but the warp overtakes him and he's possessed by my chaos buddy, who then shoots at Guilliman in the back with his bolt pistol in the shooting phase for a potentially fatal wound.

>> No.53683335


Yeah 96 points for the 2 laser volley guns the gatling canon and a heavy stubber. 31 shots per tank with 31 tanks.

961 shots, 320.333 hits, 213.555 wounds, 142.37 dead.
854 dead in 6 turns.

>> No.53683337


A heavy flamer kills 3 guys. Flamers are really really bad at everything. If you look through the indexes there is nothing that actually kills more than a handful of anything now. Even shit designed to kill hordes only kills like 10 a turn despite costing disproportionately more.

>> No.53683345

How the fuck do you order from that?

Google is giving me leddit threads saying you need to email some address, ask if they accept paypal, then vomit product codes on them.

There's no ebay store or shady chink website I can use without interacting with someone that probably barely speaks english?

>> No.53683350

flamers are SHIT now m8
>b-b-but MUH AUTO HITS
like it fucking matters when everything gets a save and you delete write off entire units with shitty saves and/or low toughness

holy fuck

>> No.53683364
File: 357 KB, 800x412, time to kill hordes with bubbles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just deepstrike some of these nearby, due to how flamers work now all of them can hit

>> No.53683365

Ok, now I should consider remove the plasma cannon and get something better.

>> No.53683381

Right you are.

37 Taurox Primes with Gatling Cannons and Stormbolters.

Total firepower output:
4 S4 AP-2
24 S4 AP 0
888 S4 AP- shots per turn hitting on 3+
148 S4 AP-2 shots per turn hitting on 3+

320 dead conscripts per turn

You can beat the meat if you hand handle the head.

>> No.53683390

Aren't flamers 8" and DP 9" away?

>> No.53683400
File: 385 KB, 1800x1133, CSM8th - 1500pts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Termie guy here. How's it look?

>> No.53683406

Have friends that play both 40k and AoS so I'm most likely going Daemons. How does this look?

-Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster - 340
-Daemon Prince of Khorne - Wings, Malefic Talons, Warp Bolter - 189
-Daemon Prince of Khorne - Wings, Hellforged Sword, Warp Bolter - 221

-Bloodletters x29 - Instrument of Chaos - 271
-Bloodletters x29 - Instrument of Chaos - 271

-Bloodcrushers x6 - Instrument of Chaos - 292

<Fast Attack>
-Flesh Hounds x9 - 180

<Heavy Support>
-Soulgrinder - Warpclaw - 235

Total - 1999

>> No.53683407

I think your math is off anon. Or mine is.
60 points for taurox prime, 18 points for gatling, 2 points for stormbolter, 80 points each, 37 total.

They hit on 3+, wound on 3+, and those Hotshots give no saves, so 24 shots per taurox give a 5+ save, 4 give none.

>> No.53683409

...almost every GW store I've ever been to has a fairly dedicated crew of people who play there.

>> No.53683423

still can't fire out of deepstrike but i like that scheme

>> No.53683429
File: 48 KB, 640x651, 1485224070938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So If I am just jumping into the hobby with a friend, the 8E box is a good buy right? Does it not lean points wise on the Primaris models? Dont want it to be unbalanced.

>> No.53683442

8" range

Deep Strike more than 9"

You can't even shoot.

But just for sake of argument let's say you could.

3 flamers gets 3d6 shots, 10.5 auto-hits. Wounding on 3's, 7 wounds. Saves at -1 AP, 5.8 conscripts dead. Let's round it up to 6.

Your 84 points of Flamers of Tzeentch killed 18 points worth of conscripts. Next turn they get rapid fired to death by an average of 54 lasgun shots, only about half of the conscript blob. Because of split fire the other half can direct their fire elsewhere so it isn't even wasted.

>> No.53683447

T prime is 65 starting, and i added a heavy stubber but a storm bolter would probably be better for the double tap eventually maybe.

Hotshot volley guns are 4 shots each so it gets 8 shots from them.

It was really rough in the address bar of chrome math, i didn't even take the hot shot no save into account.

>> No.53683452

The Sticks! Damn! This was brought me into 40K.

>> No.53683458

Hot shot volleys are 9 a piece.

>> No.53683460

Had 2 GW stores withing 30 minutes of me, they also had people in them all the time.

Over the past decade they both closed down.

Nearest GW store to me now is 90 minutes away and fuck me if I'm going to bother driving out that far.

Just because people are there doesn't mean sales are good. Bad sales = closed store no matter how many people hang out there.

>> No.53683463
File: 110 KB, 530x676, Wounded Crimson Fist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Done a bit more research, I've kind of come full circle back to Crimson Fists.

They're a bit overdone but being on the Rogue Trader cover gives them bonus points. Silver Skulls came a close second but I always think metal armour clashes with the guns.

>> No.53683465

If anything, it leans points heavy on the Plague Marines, though only a bit. You should be good for splitting it with a buddy.

>> No.53683467

Not bad but consider skulltaker or a herald somewhere. Take advantage of the different auras you can apply and maybe consider clipping some wings or just sticking to a second set of talons to save points on the princes.

>> No.53683471


Yeah 3++ sounds cool but AP-1 means terminators still get a 3+ and power armor gets a 4+ And your grand master is paying a lot for his melee profile

Just give him a daemon hammer and a psycannon

>> No.53683478

Whats their address now anyway? I cant find their new catalog

>> No.53683487

Sounds great. So when do chapter tactics start to come out? Kinda hard to decide what to paint my guys until I see how the tactics work with Primaris marines.

>> No.53683495

GK libbies cannot take storm shields.

>> No.53683496
File: 218 KB, 500x374, mr. lahey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


just made a big order with them.

do you know long do they usually take?

also all4wargames is more expensive than most if you buy random stuff from them. you have to be willing search around for the stuff that is near retail because of that.

there is a 5% code floating around somewhere thats valid which helps.


the others like he says are all very cryptic and reddits full of faggots as per usual

here's the catalog for alpharius https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dHRFeEaZ2A5sSVrbfhBqdWGRXiD4T6fwAYiId6ztBBk/edit#gid=523702314

i did have some old catalogs/email address from a couple years ago but i doubt theyre valid and waiting for shipping from china plus customs is a huge pain. thats why i ended up going with all4wargames because theyre pretty much the only ones that put themselves out there (they might just be recasters though).

>> No.53683498

Face it; Khorne loves the Imperium. It's entire purpose is to spin the wheels of war. He's saved the entire Blood Angels chapter.

When Abbadon approaches, it wont be Dante stopping him. It'll be Kharn.

>> No.53683499


Meant to link you, not myself.

I think the taurox with the heavy stubber, double hotshots, and gatling gun is the single most cost efficient anti conscript unit we're going to find.

The wyvern may still be better since it can hug the board edge and will get an extra turn of shooting, but it's all theory. The T Prime is the only unit so far nearly able to table them (ignoring close combat for now).

>> No.53683501

The real reason conscript hordes won't dominate is because they rely on shitty, easy to snipe characters, then the rest evaporates to morale with relatively minimal effort.
Also, even being able to move the numbers of models they're talking about is going to be an exercise in frustration, at best, due to terrain and deployment zone size restrictions. They'll never, ever get their 1500 rapid fire lasguns under any circumstances.
Also, anything remotely tough with a decent save is going to be hell for them to take down. The math shows that their shooting is comically unimpressive, even with the masses being described, and they'll never ever receive the full effectiveness of this shooting because of real tabletop conditions preventing LoS and restricting movement.
Also, any remotely decent melee squad can grind down a conscript platoon in a couple turns max.
Also, such an army would be prohibitively costly and time consuming to paint, not to mention how difficult it would be to finish a game when you're moving 400+ infantry models a turn, which isn't entirely solved by movement trays, thanks to terrain.

In short, it's an autistic fever dream that will only dominate in the sense that it will be more annoying and time consuming to fight than any other list, and the math behind it (which isn't even impressive) will never translate its full effect to the tabletop, ever.

>> No.53683508

I guess so, huh? At that point I'd probably be better off with a Halberd or just take Voldus for his special hammer.

>> No.53683515

My LGS makes money with Magic and tournaments. I feel like as expensive as Warhammer is it doesn't really make enough in some areas to sustain a store.

>> No.53683525

>shitty saves and/or low toughness

Like...horde armies?

>> No.53683540

The real reason conscript hordes won't dominate is that they'll never finish any games.

You can't move 1000 models three times in an hour (assuming equal time between you and the other guy and a two hour game.

you would need to move a model every 3.6 seconds for the entire hour. Just moving. No charging which would pull it down to a model every 2ish seconds, and you have NO time for shooting.

Your games will reach time every single time. MAYBE you'll have more objectives than he will, but he'll be faster.

>> No.53683542

How are people using land raiders in the new edition?

Seems like the old classic is usable again but obviously being a transport and having lascannons isn't a great combination.

>> No.53683557

>compares 5 grav cannons to 1 flamer
>asks if someone is stupid

>> No.53683558
File: 10 KB, 257x177, 1492797245635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gettind rid templates really was a bad idea man. Now all my heavy flamer and plasma cannon seem worthless.

>> No.53683563

You can't delete entire units with flamers anymore. That's why they're anus with a hearty helping of 'roids and turdnuggets stuck in the crusty hairs.

>> No.53683564

We'll see some sort of Chapter Tactics with the very first Codex release. I give it a little under a month.

>> No.53683567
File: 1.27 MB, 1328x747, 8th5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This turn was very long and intensive.

So on to his first turn shooting phase, he doesn't end up wounding Guilliman with the librarian (perhaps he pulled his gun away at the last second in a moment of clarity). But he does end up wounding Guilliman with like 24 shots from 5 warpflamers. Guilliman gets roasted as I witness fucking rubric marine warpflamers killing Roboute Guilliman in 'things I never expected would be reality'. There's some additional plinking from other rubrics, then at the end of the phase I pass Roboute's armor of fate roll at maximum and hop his angry ass up for the full 6 wounds. Roboute's ready for revenge and is charged by Magnus, Ahriman, and the possessed Librarian. The Lord of Change give a knock on the shell to one of my razorbacks.

Magnus strikes first, but fails to make it past Guilliman's 3+ invuln. I bust some command points to interrupt the melee initiative and Guilliman gives his brother a solid beating with the Emperor's sword, hacking a handful of wounds off of him.

Ahriman sees the Ultramarine Primarch strike his gene father and is filled to the brim with nerd-fury. He hammers into Guilliman and I fail all three of my Primarch's invuln saves. The black staff deals a flat 3 damage with each hit and Guilliman is beaten down for the count.

My friend uses the lovely new melee consolidation to consolidate ahriman and magnus into melee with one of my razorbacks, taking it out of the fight for the turn as it will have to fall back, though it does... spin it's treads vigorously? The driver takes a pistol shot out the side? Either way, it deals a wound to Ahriman for flinching in its fight phase.

>> No.53683577

I just refuse to play horde lists unless they use a tray

>> No.53683580


Plasma cannons were shit, they are actually better now. They needed to be large blast back then.

>> No.53683581
File: 1.61 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Name my kitbashed Squat/ Khornate Space Wolf fellow. I can't think of a name. Also, favorite kitbashes you have built, pls post.

>> No.53683592

-Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster - 340
-Daemon Prince of Khorne - Wings, Malefic Talons, Warp Bolter - 189
-Daemon Prince of Khorne - Wings, Malefic Talons, Warp Bolter - 189
-Skulltaker - 84

-Bloodletters x29 - Instrument of Chaos - 271
-Bloodletters x29 - Instrument of Chaos - 271

-Bloodcrushers x5 - Instrument of Chaos - 235

<Fast Attack>
-Flesh Hounds x9 - 180

<Heavy Support>
-Soulgrinder - Warpclaw - 235

Total - 1994

>> No.53683593


I entirely and completely encourage you to find the rules for what equipment the grey knight librarians can take and see that it does not exclude the normal options for the librarian exchanging their ranged weapon which includes the option for a storm shield

>> No.53683598

Garm Bloodyiff

>> No.53683599

Great. Right now for my Primaris guys the three chapters I love from a lore point are:
>Imperial Fists
>Dark Angels
So I guess Ill just go by what seems the most fun. Just going to be drunk playing with my two best friends so there will be no WAAC garbage here.

>> No.53683601

Do you know anyone who makes casts of the Exorcist armor plates? Those things are sweet and I want them on all my rhinos. But can't really find it anywhere.

>> No.53683606


Voldus is cool as fuck, only reason to take a grand master is because you want a BS2+ psycannon

>> No.53683612
File: 20 KB, 625x361, GWstockhistory.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's because sales have been gradually dropping over the past few years due to shitty rules, overpriced models, draconian business practices, and zero business-to-customer interaction.
AoS, as much as people REEE about it, turned the company around, and they started seeing improved numbers for the first time in a long time.
Now that 8th is imminent, their value as a company is positively skyrocketed, it's worth more now than it ever has been at any point in history, with 2004 (release of 4th edition) being the previous record for company value.

>> No.53683615
File: 415 KB, 1600x857, bolt_thrower_realm_of_chaos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being on the Rogue Trader cover gives them bonus points

John Sibbick's awesome painting was also the wraparound cover for the Bolt Thrower album Realm of Chaos.

>> No.53683620
File: 918 KB, 1328x747, 8th6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Back to my turn, the Librarian unscrews Guilliman's head from its socket in his robot suit, because that's definitely how that works, and legs it out of there to hide in the bastion and perhaps engage in scrimshawing(?).

>> No.53683623

Leman Russ MBT cries every night.

>> No.53683631

So, if a miniature is as - they don't get an armour save at all even in cover because they aren't as 7+?

>> No.53683641

Now you're letting the blood flow.

For strategic purposes you may want to keep some in reserve points so you can summon it right into charging distance but looks like as choppy as you'd need for anything

>> No.53683649


It was more a weak Pound than AoS that led that charge.

>> No.53683653

I have a tiny AM army(2 start collecting, hellhound 2 HWS). is dropping $20 on an eversor and callidus to tie up HtH units a good buy, while I concentrate on buying up more infatry squads?

My opponents all have larger armies and this seems like a quick way to up my power levels for now.

Yeah yeah, i know power levels. We play a really casual games. I am currently borrowing some Dark vengeance cultist to count as infantry squads at the moment.

>> No.53683660

That would be my guess.

>> No.53683668

The real reason they WILL do well is because no one is fielding Conscripts expecting them to kill things. Your entire argument hinges on them not being able to get the full effect of their lasgun fire but all that is moot because good players aren't relying on that, in reality conscripts only exist to sit on objectives and tarpit. If they kill a single model all game with their flashlights (which they will) it's just a bonus. IG can run 150 conscripts and 5 Commissars for 600 points, then the other 1400 is going to be artillery and cheap killy Tempestus shit that will actually be the stuff they're using to kill you. For every sniper you have to shoot their commissars they can have their own snipers to counter-snipe, or mortar teams picking them off. They'll generally have more command points then you, and when you finally kill a commissar and get a dozen conscript kills on an isolated blob, they'll spend 2 of them to ignore morale that turn.

IG is going to be a rapetrain.

>> No.53683689

Carcharodons (however the fuck you spell that?) will have Chapter Tactics in the Forge World book releases, so no telling when we'll see those. I doubt they'll be in the initial indexes since the non-FW indexes didn't have any.

>> No.53683695

It still eats massive amounts of fire, for me. I might paint bulls eyes on them

>> No.53683704


what like this shit?


>> No.53683706

>not filling the other 1400 points with more conscripts

Get a load of this heretic

>> No.53683707

Except no one would EVER play you in a casual game and you will never get past turn 2 in a tournament due to having to move one thousand models. You'll probably get DQ'd for designing an army that would permanently stall every game.

>> No.53683711

I do sometimes wonder how those stores are kept open at all.

The only reason to go to one is playing, everything else is cheaper elsewhere.

Nevermind recasts, even if you went full legit, youd always be better off online or at an independent.

How they can survive selling to the ignorant and a few supportive patrons is beyond me.

>> No.53683712

Leman Russ is exactly what it always was:
An unreliable piece of garbage that MIGHT do major damage, but statistically will usually do very little to nothing. The only difference is that now you want it to flail futilely at multi-wound targets instead of MEQ blobs.

>> No.53683714

Plasma cannons got a slight boost, at least.

>> No.53683716
File: 130 KB, 554x564, 1482729642697.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well thats a fucking bummer to hear. Well, I hope I see some Primaris Deathwing soon.

>> No.53683720

>I do sometimes wonder how those stores are kept open at all.

At a loss. Why do you think prices are so high.

>> No.53683733

>Primaris Deathwing

I don't think they're getting terminator variants unless you want Graviswing.

>> No.53683737


i think this hobby has finally turned a corner.

its fucking sad how much corporate fucked the rest of the company for over a decade.

im pretty sure they used up all their goodwill with anyone remotely linked to them a long time ago. its gonna be a while before people trust in them going into the future.

>> No.53683747

Ulfric the Tickler

>> No.53683751

How's Ad Mech doing with the 8th edition changes? My dumb robots still decent.

>> No.53683759

Well the new way isn't anything better since the child will strike the demi god of fit with 5+ instead of 6, I would call it a day if the new table was something like:

-Does the target have more than the double of your ws? You hit with 6+
-Does the target have the double of your ws? You hit with 5+
-Does the target have more ws than you or equal? You hit with 4+
-Does the target have less ws than you? You hit with 3+
-Does the target have the half or less ws than you? You hit with 2+

>> No.53683760

He said 150 , as in 3 squads , surely you can move 3 big blobs in time

>> No.53683765

The game is much faster now, and moving a lot of models doesn't take as long as you think it does. They'll only need to move the conscripts for one or two turns to get them on the objectives, then they'll just sit there and tarpit. No TO is going to disqualify a completely legal army. Daemon lists in 7th that relied on summoning tons and tons of units were being run and winning at tournaments plenty, they never got DQ'd, and they probably took longer because their psychic phase got exponentially more retarded as it went on and they were constantly taking new models out of cases and deploying them.

Also I don't know why you're saying "you" like I even play IG. I'm just analyzing what is clearly going to be the new WAAC meta.

>> No.53683769


i dunno man something to do with dropping 4mil on that god awful current website they have.

>> No.53683782


How else is Kirby's wife going to afford a yacht?

>> No.53683786
File: 1.42 MB, 1328x747, 8th7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My Razorback discharges its cargo of marines and legs it across the board out of combat from Magnus and Ahriman, leaving them open to attack from the castle of marines, the contemptor, and the vindicator. I advance my second contemptor on the scarabs and my captain and his tacticals exit their razorback to attack the Lord of Change.

Through combined fire from the contemptor doing a walk-by, the lascannons (which did most of the lifting) and the tactical squad, the lord of change was heavily weakened - I charged it with my captain and banished him handily in melee. Meanwhile, I unleashed a fullisade upon Magnus, though it did not have the effect I needed and he made just about every save (or I whiffed my shots). I charge magnus with my wounded contemptor, who is slain in combat but refuses to give in to the darkness without spiting the fallen primarch and his lackeys. He overloads his power core and goes nuclear, dealing 3 mortal wounds to magnus and one to Ahriman for his sacrifice, leaving Magnus with a single wound and a curse (only in death does duty end).

My second contemptor clashes with the scarabs, who actually deal him wounds in overwatch. They only wound him on fives in melee, but they hit on 3s and ignore his armor with their power swords now. He crushes one in his iron fist but is given a rend in his joint to remember the terminator.

>> No.53683798
File: 522 KB, 553x593, libby.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I circled for you what upgrades a Grey Knight Librarian can take.

Let me sum it up for you: Any GK Melee weapon and absolutely positively nothing else.

>> No.53683799

I just think they're cool, man. I wish Incinerators were better though.

Honestly, not counting Hammers because those are great, I think Halberds and Staves are the GK's best weapons. Staves for being survivable and 2+ To Wound on T3, and Halberds for the cool iconic weapon that's also pretty nice for getting the 3+ To Wound on T4.

>> No.53683804


recasters are your friends.

>> No.53683805

>a Grot shooting a shitty S2 shoota can injure a Greater Daemon of Khorne

>> No.53683815

Where the hell do I find models for Ork bike HQs?

Do I have to kitbash a regular biker and the HQ?

>> No.53683816

>Why do you think prices are so high.
But it doesn't make sense. I can get it for 15-20% cheaper anywhere else. If they lowered the price there would actually be a reason to buy from them directly.

>> No.53683820

I am lost and new to the hobby, are we not going to see chapter specific primaris models?

>> No.53683821


That web designer wasn't even a contractor, I heard he had connections to corporate or Kirby or someone like that.

>> No.53683823

So the shops are just physical advertising and player recruitment/retention areas?
It makes sense from that angle, though itd be even better if they went all in supporting the community with more tables and non-GW hobby tools.

Im curious how much of the company income comes outside the official stores.

>> No.53683833

This. It doesn't take that much time to move 150 guys in 3 blobs. The mortars and arty tanks will never even move most of the time.

Orks and Tyranids will have much more involved movement phases than IG.

>> No.53683842

>But it doesn't make sense. I can get it for 15-20% cheaper anywhere else

Those guys got their product by paying GW. Any sales made at full price is just extra money for GW.

>If they lowered the price there would actually be a reason to buy from them directly.

Then you put FLGS out of business. Do you understand what a markup is? Do you know how retailers work?

>b-b-but just sell to FLGS for less and they can sell for less too!

Then that's even less money for GW.

>> No.53683844

There are a lot more ignorant people than you think. See: all the people buying GW paint/hobby products.

But I remember someone showed that GW's physical stores as a whole do operate at a loss. Some stores will be profitable, but the majority are not. GW seemingly keeps them part out of stubbornness and partly for image or "brand awareness" which is intangible and can't really be measured when it comes to any effect it might have on overall business.

>> No.53683845


He believes he can hard enough.

>> No.53683848

It was literally kirby's fucking wife.

>> No.53683853

>The game is much faster now, and moving a lot of models doesn't take as long as you think it does. They'll only need to move the conscripts for one or two turns to get them on the objectives, then they'll just sit there and tarpit.

I already did the math on that, assuming you never shoot, assault, or do anything other than move models you have to move a model every 1.8 seconds just to move them all twice in your hour of dedicated play time. The other guy gets an hour. Rounds are two hours a piece assuming an 4 round tournament with time between rounds.

This is plainly unrealistic and a TO will DEFINITELY kick you out for that kind of thing.

>> No.53683857
File: 31 KB, 600x620, 99590101235_DeimosPatternMk1Predator02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are Predators with autocannons and heavy bolter sponsons looking any good in 8th edition?

>> No.53683862


There's been no information and I honestly have no idea. I imagine we might see some old characters upgrading to Primaris, like Cato Sicarius, but as for unique chapter only Primaris, there have been no signs, especially since Primaris were developed to be compatible to all chapters and not bound to codex astartes/vanilla marines only.

We might see Wulfen Primaris or some shit maybe as chapters get used to the technology, but for now only expect generic Primaris with some helmet and shoulder swaps to make them more chapter-y.

>> No.53683869
File: 31 KB, 648x486, convertexorcist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Close, but they look like pic related (the sides/front).

>> No.53683871

No, I mean why not sell it for the same price FLGS are selling it?

>> No.53683872


the rabbit hole goes deeper.

also if anyone wants spehs marine shoulder pads or insignia this guy seems to know his stuff.


i just bought a whole bunch of howling griffon insignia because fuck painting that shit by hand. transfers suck too.

>> No.53683875

>Im curious how much of the company income comes outside the official stores.

A great deal of it. Most of the money is retailer sales, licensing, books, events, and FW. GW also doesn't have nearly as many direct stores as there are FLGS that carry GW product.

I have no idea about their web sales though. I don't remember reading about those in the company reports.

>> No.53683881

You did the math for 1000 models, not 150 plus a few dozen characters, a few squads of Tempestus and some static ratlings, tanks and mortar teams that will barely ever budge after deployment. Also it takes less than a second to move a guy if you aren't retarded.

>> No.53683889
File: 1.90 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one wins, thanks tg! Here's a kitbash using csm topknots for flames.

>> No.53683892

Is shapeways still 3D printed crap where you can see the layers?

>> No.53683895

>literally kirby's fucking wife.

Well what else are wives for?

>> No.53683898

then why is the gun only S2 if its damage scales with WAAAAGH belief

>> No.53683904

$1.20 per marine sized shouldpad
no thanks. Entirely too expensive.

I'll buy when it's closer to 30cents per shoulder, until it's easier to use transfers or freehand.

>> No.53683909

>See: all the people buying GW paint/hobby products.

Some of that shit isn't available anywhere else. I'd rather not have to buy 2-3 different droppers from another brand just to mix my own Typhus Corrosion or whatever.

>> No.53683911

>this faggot is so in denial he's clinging to the hope that TO's will ban people for having hordes in horde edition: the hordening where 90% of tables are going to be covered in this many models and the majority will have say on the rulings
This level of delusion is sad.

>> No.53683915
File: 1.06 MB, 1328x747, 8th8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Magnus and Ahriman have enough of the Vindicator's nonsense and blast it from reality with their psyker powers. The Herald possesses my captain (aaa) and sends him straight into my own tactical marines (aaaa). Gibbering horrors assault my wounded razorback along with a squad of rubrics. the second rubric squad splits its fire between the bastion and the tactical squad and wounds both, finishing the tacticals and damaging the bastion further. It isn't going to hold much longer.

The fight between contemptor and scarab terminator continues, and more damage is incurred on both sides, but there are fewer scarabs remaining. They do most of their damage from smiting the dreadnought while in combat.

My captain mercifully holds back from slaughtering his fellows and my sergeant makes his 6+ armor save, turning aside his old friend's blade and bringing him back to his senses. The horrors scrabble about at the razorback and deal it a few wounds.

>> No.53683916

Well that is certainly a bit of a bummer to hear. I hope eventually they do make them seeing as I was going to keep my army Primaris only.

>> No.53683920


That just how shitty a single grot is.

>> No.53683926

unironically really like this one, they should defo have gone with this desu. bonus point for being similar to wound so easy to remember.
>geedubs crying because they never thought of that

>> No.53683927


You want quadruple las or TLLC/HBs. AC is a bit mediocre compared to las. Also the Predator in general costs twice as many points per firepower/wounds as Razorbacks.

>> No.53683931

With the transport capacity of chaos land raiders being ten and the minimum squad size of chaos termies being 5 is it now impossible to have your chaos lord in termi armor or what have you join with them?

>> No.53683933


do you have a set?

because you can mail it off to a recaster if you get in touch with them and they will get you sorted.


i guess I will find out lel. might just need some soft sanding.


i was more meaning the insignia which is definitely more reasonable.

plus if you have some instant moulds you can just make some yourself after you get a set.

>> No.53683936

>ah, my enchanted shin, how did you know my one weakness

>> No.53683938


Not that guy, but I would hope your brain is able to process the difference between having hordes, and having over a 1000 units on a table.

>> No.53683941


FLGS sell at the same price as GW. The ones who sell for less are cutting into their own profits to offer you that discount.

>> No.53683942

That is some quality posting anon. Keep it coming.

>> No.53683945

as an imperial guardsman player, with how fortifications work now, will i be considered shitty if i bring an Aquila Strongpoint to a 1000 pts game?
it has 30 wounds!

>> No.53683949

Does this guy not know what yiff means?

>> No.53683952

Game time in matched play is up to 3 hours at 2k points, and tournament players are faster than you give them credit for. Not to mention no more need to space everything out 2" because no more blast weapons means most of the time they'll measure distance for the first guy in the unit and then just shove the rest forward with open palm method, they glide real easy on the playmats everyone uses now. Stop being an idiot.

>> No.53683953

Yep, have a few. Who would I mail it too? I've never done any shit like that. Tried it myself, but it always turned out crap :/

>> No.53683955


Alright thanks, I can't seem to find the points cost for autocannons in Index 1 though?

>> No.53683956


>not losing your entire terminator squad in a single round of combat to a grot mob

get on my RNG level

>> No.53683960
File: 39 KB, 478x210, Ventris The Xenos Lover.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Upgrading Cato Sicarius to primaris
> Not doing Ventris first

>> No.53683967

What do Chaos Space Marines all day when they're not fighting???

>> No.53683970


Yes, that's why the default Land Raider was never popular and why Ward was underrated for making them capacity 12 in 5E until GW fired him and nerfed it back to 10.

>> No.53683971

And hits on a 5+. You'll be fine.

>> No.53683977
File: 194 KB, 611x910, Space Marine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


When are we going to excommunicate these fucking traitors?

>> No.53683992


Absolutely nothing in that sentence removes the sentence in the librarian entry for replacing his storm bolter, it only modifies what he can take for his melee weapon.

>> No.53683993

I see. Thank you though.

>> No.53683995


you can try this stuff


it might be cheaper on ebay from someone else. but the instruction video makes it look good.

or look up all4wargames (russian)

alpharius (chinese)

and find their email and get in touch with them.

>> No.53683997


"Predator" autocannon. It's under P

>> No.53683998

And if you read the reply chain no one said anything about 1000 models on a table.

See >>53683881 and >>53683668

The delusional anti-conscript fags keep strawmanning some bullshit about 2k point armies being entirely conscripts, which they won't be, and even then they wouldn't be 1000 models because that's 3000 points minimum even if they took no officers, so how the fuck would that be a 2k point game?

No, the dominant IG lists will have maybe 150 conscripts max, and they won't even move most of their shit after turn 2.

>> No.53683999
File: 604 KB, 326x392, Laughing Anime.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Clearly he does not.

>> No.53684003


20 Dakka jets with 6 supa shootas - 148
18 shots
9 hits
7.5 wounds
6.25 dead

125 dead per turn
750 dead in 6 turns

conscripts can only hit them on 6's, wound them on 6's, and can't charge them.

They'll still lose by objectives. I need to squeeze another 33% killy outta something.

>> No.53684010


I have called the Leman Russ many things. Unreliable is not one of them.

If your using any Leman Russ without a commander now, you're doing it wrong. If at least one of those tank commanders isn't Pask, you're doing it wrong. If your not ordering your battle tanks to reroll 1s? Wrong!

But a 77% to hit tank commander supplies pretty decent long-range firepower, and a 97% to hit pask is pretty nice. The former will at least make up its points both by being a priority target and lasting long enough to put the shots out it needs to do damage, the latter for basically being a D6 Autohitting S8 AP-2 Dd3 with a command reroll in reserve.

>> No.53684012

Yeah, but terminators can teleport, so the value of a land raider as a transport for them is a bit questionable anyway.

>> No.53684015

It does. It replaces what he can take in its entirety.

>> No.53684018

Because then flgs would have to price even lower.

>> No.53684024

Land Raiders are pretty much gunboats with hidey holes now

>> No.53684027

Do these mongloids even speak/read english?

>> No.53684032

I know, I just think it's funny.
That's the only part of the name I might change. Half the reason I play chaos space marine this because I get to name all of my sergeants or custom build characters and give them fun histories based on the models.

>> No.53684033

>the dominant IG lists will have maybe 150 conscripts max, and they won't even move most of their shit after turn 2.
advancing 300 conscripts to tarpit everything alive honestly doesn't seem like that bad a strategy, and that's still less than half your points

>> No.53684034
File: 1.10 MB, 1328x747, 8th9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The last three turns went much faster and I'm a bit hazy on what happened when.

Magnus annihilates the bastion in melee and its magazine detonates - the defenders evacuate but I roll horribly. They all fail their 4+s but 4 and are crushed in the collapse.

My captain and the tacticals crush the Herald of Tzeentch, but his horrors and the rubrics have killed one razorback and are on to the second, injuring it and assaulting it. It falls back and my tactical marines assault the Horrors after receiving covering fire from my other tactical squad in the bunker. A solid frag missile and some good bolter fire removes a healthy mass of them and they fail a morale check, losing more of their number. My power fist sergeant and his battle brothers lay into the horrors in melee and kill several. My friend pulls them back from combat and recycles them, leaving my marines open to retaliation. They are mercilessly executed by the rubric squad's inferno bolters.

Meanwhile, the injured Magnus the Red limps towards his stubborn, much hated defenders of the bastion, who resist his every last effort before being slain by him and Ahriman. Their deaths are avenged, however, when my lascannon team ends the terror of both Magnus and Ahriman on the battlefield, sending them reeling back into their warp portals to harry the Imperium another day.

With both Primarch's felled and evacuated from the field, it's now a bloody slugfest between hated brothers to decide the victor.

>> No.53684036

You had to set them up in the first place, move them twice, then roll for them.

Nah, you'll get DQ'd. I was giving you credit by ignoring deployment, charges, and shooting, all of which multiply how long your turns take.

>> No.53684039

Can you shoot out of a land raider or does it follow normal transport rules?

>> No.53684047


Either English isn't your native language or you're a pendantic shithead

>> No.53684050

>playing at my FLGS
>have a panic attack and start sweating profusely
fuck this gay earth

>> No.53684053

Anyone know of any good Chaos Lord on bike conversions? I need some inspiration.

>> No.53684059
File: 208 KB, 620x375, scarface-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this it? Is this what it's all about, Abby? Eating, Drinking, Fucking, Sucking, Snorting? Then what? Tell me, then what? You're fifty. You gotta bag for a belly. You got tits, you need a bra; they got hair on 'em. You got a liver, it's got spots on it, and your eatin' dis fucking shit; and looking like these rich fucking mummies in here. Is this what it's all about? Is this what I fight for? Look at that, a cultist. I gotta fucking cultist for a wife. Don't eat nothin', sleeps all day wit dem black chades on. Wakes up with a qualude. And who won't fuck me, cuz she's in a coma. I can't even have a kid wit'er, Abby. Her womb is so polluted, I can't even have a fucking little baby wit'er!

>> No.53684072



>> No.53684076


Ah I see it now. 49 points seems a bit steep for it? I suppose it's guaranteed 3 damage.

>> No.53684078


By that reasoning grey knight techmarines only have psyk out grenades and a servo harness

>> No.53684081

Look at it again. See how the dreadnought entry makes no mention of what it can take?

That's because you use the entry in the regular space marines section.

Librarian has a footnote, telling you EXPLICITLY what it can take, and therefore, what it cannot take. This overrides what it would normally be able to take from it's original entry.

You don't honestly think a GK librarian can exchange his nemesis stave for a force stave do you?

>> No.53684084

That was a factor, but profits still doubled even accounting for the pound. That said I think it's more about business and marketing practices in general rather than AoS necessarily. For years GW was probably the most customer hostile company around and tried to coast on market position. Now their customer outreach and service is about normal for a hobby company and customers have generally responded positively.

>> No.53684086

Hey TG I don't have the leaked Admech rules on hand and I'm affraid/apprehensive to download the megauploads app. Can anyone give me a reason to build the corpusicarii models over the fulgurite ones? I feel like the vanguard do the role better for range. Should I just build more fulgrite?? Thoughts and opinions!

>> No.53684095


well if you look to the previous posts in this thread then miranda irene (chinese also) has good english and alpharius too.

ive just ordered from all4wargames and had no problems thus far.


calm down and get back to selling me cancerous resin.

>> No.53684096
File: 79 KB, 444x412, 1496464369664 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


pranks, eating babies, fighting, plotting, scheming, shenanigans, & killing

>> No.53684102

You have to go back.

>> No.53684103


So tech marines only have psyk out grenades and lose their ability to buy anything else because you're autistic

>> No.53684107

Nope see

Footnote #2 overwrites the libby's wargear options.

None of the other units are overwritten like that.

>> No.53684112


what do you guys think about using these heads for elysian replacements?

also any other suggestions for elysian head replacements?

>> No.53684114

I'm gonna run a 2000 point CSM/Chaos Daemons list for my next game. What is good for these armies in 8th edition?

>> No.53684115
File: 1.90 MB, 2493x1690, 1396633633638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sisters of purification for maximum troll potential.

>> No.53684119
File: 1.43 MB, 1328x747, 8th10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Amending my previous, I believe Ahriman advanced his dusty brothers ahead towards the final defenders of the bunker and smote the razorback off the field before succumbing to my hail of fire.

My second contemptor was assisted by my Captain in melee against the admittedly sturdy scarabs. The wounded contemptor refused to be shown up by his brother and sought honor in death as well, stubbornly overloading his core and ALSO going nuclear - he wiped out all but the sorceror while taking a wound from his Captain. The Captain avenged his chapter ancient and struck down the hated terminator spellcaster with his relic blade before himself being cruelly mulched by the heedless advance of the rubric marines.

In the final turns, it was up to the defenders of my bunker to hold out.

>> No.53684121

Look into getting yourself some medication.
Get well!

>> No.53684122


>> No.53684124


How does that overwrite all its wargear options? It only overwrites the force weapon sentence and does nothing to modify the ranged weapon sentence you pendantic shit

>> No.53684126

Someone do the math on why fire prisms suck so I can show the local WAACfag why he's retarded.

>> No.53684131

Don't worry anon, everyone else is suffering from a socially anxious panic attack and profusely sweating, too.

>> No.53684133

Whatever they want, otherwise what's the point of being rebels?
I can see some of them trying things like fine arts, food, fancy clothes for the sheer novelty of it before they either slide into Slaanesh or get bored. Exploration and piracy are big, as are finding and training/kidnapping new recruits. Painting for Slaaneshi, gardening for nurglites, forging new bolt shells of weapons for Khornates, ect. Acting as rulers of the worlds they conquered could be an interesting idea, forcing a csm to deal with back taxes would be funny. I can also see intelligent traitor marines actively seeking out other sources of non-sorcerous knowledge to broaden their horizons beyond the Imperium, especially Alpha Legionnaires. Nega-inquisitor seems like something GW should cover with CSM. They are immortal, they have the time.

>> No.53684135

I'm pretty sure that's taken from a non-GW and non-canonical puplication, even at the time.

>> No.53684147
File: 60 KB, 700x700, 453674235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>y-you'll get disqualified
I can't wait to hear the story about the one autist who sperged out at a tourney demanding the TO disqualify his opponent for bringing a few blobs of conscripts and totally destroying his anus with them.

>> No.53684153


Quoting your own posts is not an argument for why my grey knight techmarine doesn't follow your logic

Either the librarian still has his storm bolter and can replace it, and thus my techmarine can replace his bolt pistol

Or the librarian does not have his storm bolter and cannot replace it, and thus my tech marine has psyk out grenades and a servo harness

>> No.53684155

Anyone know Zanchui's email?

>> No.53684157

GK don't have a terminator combi weapon list.

If you think that libby's are special snowflakes that get access to guns and shields that no other GK unit(aside from draigo) can get then you're beyond help.

>> No.53684162

>go back to flgs
>start sweating again
thanks asshat
On lexapro. Sadly hot flashes and sweating is the most common side effect.

>> No.53684165

That sucks Anon, any clue what caused it?

>> No.53684174

Silver skulls are what 30k iron warriors players use in games 40k here.

>> No.53684179


Grey knight dreadnoughts also don't have a weapons list and also use the space marine list. In fact none of their vehicles do. do they not get guns either?

>> No.53684182


Just let him try to go full WAAC with fire prisms and once he rolls enough 1's he'll realize why the most important thing in competitive is consistency and not wild gambles.

Undercosted units, overpowered units, extremely mobile units all do certain things well, and they do them well CONSISTENTLY. There's no such thing as a competitive unit that'll do nothing on one turn because you rolled a 1 and then perform full blast next turn on a 6. All competition worthy units and strategies work at a good level consistently, regardless of matchup or scenario.

>> No.53684186


it's literally just a bunch of images in a folder, don't be a fag download it

>> No.53684189

Are there many models that can take more weapons than they can fire, and also a pistol? The wording of the pistols in the rulebook is just asking to be exploited

>> No.53684193

you have to disembark

>> No.53684195


I think it's pretty intentional

>> No.53684196

What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.53684197

>50 bodies + commi was 175 points in 7th and one of the IG best kept secret
>now WAACniggers are trying to infest the IG
How did this happen

>> No.53684199
File: 967 KB, 1328x747, 8th11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My friend makes his respawn roll and calls in additional scarabs to the field via teleportarium (we forgot they had to come from the table edge, but admittedly this was cooler anyways and he'd forgotten to roll for most of his free reinforcement as we thumbed through rules).

The scarabs and rubrics combine their psyker might and crush the final fortification of the sons of Dorn, but the defenders of this bunker were prepared and made their exit safe but for one casualty. However, they could not stand against the fusillade of inferno bolter, warpflamer, and soulreaper cannon and were slain to only the heroic sergeant of the lascannon team. This is the bottom of turn six and my friend orders his rubrics into an assault against the devastator sergeant. He has long been a wall brother and knows his duty. He will die holding this place for chapter, Primarch and Emperor. If he can just hold on, orbital assets will cleanse the filth from this area. The Lord Commander has already been evacuated. This could still be victory.

>> No.53684205

>Are there many models that can take more weapons than they can fire

You can fire unlimited weapons.

>> No.53684209

I love you Anon for giving me this beautifully written battle report. This made my day so much better.

>> No.53684213

All models can shoot all their weapons or all their pistols. Yes, you can gunsling pistols there are characters (like Cypher) who have multiple pistols.

it's not an EXPLOIT you fucking stupid nerd, it's how the rules are intended to work.

>> No.53684214


i've been enjoying this keep going!

>> No.53684217

Libby is armed with a storm bolter and cannot replace it.

There's that reading comprehension problem again. All those units get whatever wargear is available to them in their original space marine section page EXCEPT the GK librarian.

The gk librarian is an exception. There's a footnote telling you what you can change about his wargear.

An exception means that it is not the norm, unusual, different for a reason. That reason it is different is spelled out by the footnote.

>> No.53684224

Its same canon as space hulk gay dancing rules and less canon than half eldar ultramarines, at least latter was made by GW and not grognards.

>> No.53684230
File: 992 KB, 1208x571, praise omnissiah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01100110 01110010 01101001 01100101 01101110 01100100 00100001

>> No.53684236

You guys are being silly. The Conscript horde will not become the tournament sweeper quite this bad, because snipers can blow away commissars with ease and after that the Conscripts melt VERY fast. Like, Handfuls at a time fast. Watch:

Now you may be saying: But many armies don't HAVE snipers. To which I say "Enough armies have snipers". If every space marine player brings a unit of scouts to snipe the commissars, and every Tau player brings sniper drones, and every IG player brings ratlings, etc, etc...then the people trying this tactic will abandon the horde army or waste valuble points puchasing hellhounds or chimeras to block line of sight, which is points not being put into the horde. Or they'll be forced to waste elite/HQ slots on commissars, which drops the special weapons support and platoon/company command support that lets the army be mobile and rapid fire 4.

So the hordes will be severely thinned or nonexistant in tournys because the countermeta beats them so hard. If half the armies in the tourny are space marine, Tau, and other guard combined, then the Conscript horder risks getting creamed in half his games. So he'll look elsewhere for his cheese. Preferably somewhere that doesn't require upwards of $600s in inch-tall solders plus paints.

>> No.53684238

Thanks bud
Kill yourself bud

>> No.53684239
File: 391 KB, 600x2128, Tauros.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't suppose you know if their Elysian recasts are any good. I've been looking for a Tauros for a while and FW doesn't seem to be an option anymore.

>> No.53684242

how do I order from Z? He needs my money.

>> No.53684244

Anyone? Where did these cheesemongers come from, go back to Eldar you cunts

>> No.53684246

The core rule changes made them massively better than before for like half a dozen reasons.

>> No.53684254
File: 1.14 MB, 897x647, 356724783748.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is putting 10 Sternguard and Pedro Kantor in a Land Raider Crusader a good idea?

My brain says no... but my heart says yes.

>> No.53684261

In a very smart change, you can now fire all of your guns or pistols. Most models only have one or two guns anyway, and those with more tend to be things with multiple limbs or are vehicles that can mount extra guns on surfaces.

>> No.53684263

Just saying stop assuming everything you read half-assedly is an exploit don't be That Guy

>> No.53684264

No, put them in a droppod instead.

Buy a predator if you want treads and lascannon.

>> No.53684269

Not sure but I would buy 1 unit as a test and just resell it on ebay or something if you don't like it.

>> No.53684272

in 8th, can fortifications hold objectives? since theyre literally just heavy support immobile transports

>> No.53684278


Crusader comes with anti-infantry.

>> No.53684281

Fortifications are controlled by whoever occupies them, so no occupant, no control.

>> No.53684282

>and those with more tend to be things with multiple limbs or are vehicles that can mount extra guns on surfaces.

And yet somehow Tau still manage to defy both of those criteria. Because Tau.

>> No.53684283

Probably the most underrated post in the history of /tg/.

>> No.53684284

no only infantry can hold objectives in matched play.

And there are no fortifications with the infantry keyword.

>> No.53684286

What's a good way to run Admech? Skittlespam is kinda weak now that you need 3+ HQs to make it work.

Here's one thought:
>two standard Domini
>two Sicarian squads with swords and pistols
>10 boogaloo priests
>4 7-man vanguard (screen and sweep) units with an omnispex and pair of Plasma guns
>3 destroyers with grav
>neutron laser or Icarus onager
>Knight-warden with stormspear pod

Though I really have no idea, I'm new at this. 5 full basic vanguard squads might be better at line holding/objective camping

>> No.53684289

Jusrt a reminder that a heavy weapons squad has 3 lasguns as well as 3 heavy weapons, and you can shoot them at the same time.

...No it's not useful in Squads, but in embedded infantry teams that gives you 8 lasguns per squad instead of 7. Also, they have frag grenades.

>> No.53684294

I know it.

>> No.53684299


Crusader sucks ass. Worst variant this edition.

>> No.53684300

So does the predator destructor: autocannon and 2 heavy bolter sponsons.

>> No.53684307

How? It"s the same damn tactic and setup as 7th, just without a platoon commander and squad tax, you still require a commissar or priest just to not run away.

>> No.53684309
File: 237 KB, 598x286, Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 10.54.57 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that the new "fluff writter" it's a starwars nerd fagg.

And you wondered why the lore was fucking sucking so bad.
The Lorewritters used to have PHD's in history and where fans of classic Sci-fi literature, they where mavericks.

Now we just have pop culture nerds doing it.

>> No.53684311

is it the IDK one? Never can tell

>> No.53684312


i think tossing a grenade does something to your shooting. i forgot exactly what but it made me not want to toss grenades this edition

>> No.53684314

I'd do a Land Raider Redeemer

>> No.53684319

>I can't wait to hear the story about the one autist who sperged out at a tourney demanding the TO disqualify his opponent for bringing a few blobs of conscripts and totally destroying his anus with them

>A few blobs
>the OP is a 1000 model conscript army

Anyone can kill 150 dudes, that army isn't special. The 20 dakkajet killfleet would kill them all in a turn, let alone the 32 taurox prime hurricane of bullets.

But yeah, I did the rough math for every unit in every book. The only things that are denting 3000 points of conscripts with priests and commissars is 20 dakkajets or 32 Taurox primes. Both can NEARLY table it in 6 turns, but neither can actually pull it off. The taurox gets closest with almost 900 kills, but that's assuming no taurox is ever charged or dies itself which is unrealistic.

The Dakkajets probably have the best chance of them all because they can't ever be charged, halve the incoming shooting via the -1 to shooting they give, and can just dance around the horde while killing three quarters of it by the end of the game.

Probably still lose by objectives unless they can just blast every squad off of them turn 6, which isn't THAT unrealistic but would probably be unlikely.

>> No.53684321

ForgeWorld rules fucking when!?

I need to know about the deredeo dreadnought in 8th
90% of all guard players need to know about the vendetta in 8th.

>> No.53684323
File: 55 KB, 500x500, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Damn it, why do they always fuck over the best looking model? How are the other two?

>> No.53684326

>are vehicles that can mount extra guns on surfaces.

This is the criteria, because those extra guns go on their very flat mechanical shoulders

>But battlesuits aren't vehicles!

And I'm not an autist who's going to list every single possible variation of something that can have more than two guns

>> No.53684327

This is incorrect. Any owned model can hold an objective. Infantry is better at it, because it's the player with the most models within range of the objective that holds it, but anything is capable of holding.

>> No.53684333


>> No.53684337


Godhammer = God Tier
Redeemer = Pretty Good Tier
Crusader = Lol Where Do You Think You Are, 7th Edition? Tier

>> No.53684338

What is wrong with that mans head?

>> No.53684344
File: 1.30 MB, 1328x747, 8th12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In to the last combat, a single remaining aspiring sorcerer and a mostly full squad attack my sergeant, having expended their ammunition on his brothers. His first squad somehow whiffs a great deal of attacks, perhaps by the blessings of the Emperor, or perhaps turned aside by the unyielding armor of the most stubborn results of Dorn's genetic legacy. I spend my last two command points to interrupt the combat and attack his second aspiring sorcerer before it has the chance to attack - the sergeant swings his boltgun in the manner of an ancient terran ancestor and strikes hard, but the magicks of tzeentch are resilient against such normal blows and he is unable to slay the sorcerer. The sorcerer counters with his force staff, but again my sergeant proves his mettle and will not yield, not to AP-3, not to AP-2, and certainly not to AP-1. The sergeant holds the line and we roll - the game ends and orbital assets come into firing range. The battlefield is scoured of all trace of heretical advance and the line is held at terrible, Pyrrhic cost; the scions of Dorn would have it no other way.

I won! It was actually really fun. Honestly, I really enjoyed the new edition rules. I miss some of the previous flavor, but I really liked not having to lay on the floor for a half hour and moan every time it came to the psychic phase. I even knew what the powers were going to be. I just took my lumps. Solid game - I was shocked that our haphazard power level battle was remotely balanced. Hope this was entertaining.

>> No.53684346
File: 200 KB, 334x483, doritos-nacho-cheese.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

weren't they OP or pretty powerful in 7th?

>> No.53684348

Can't wait to watch in glee as hordes overrun him until anti-horde netlists come out.

>> No.53684353

Crusader's not half bad. I prefer a Land Raider to be there for punching the shit out of heavy vehicles, but it's damn good at mulching light infantry while its cargo deals with heavy stuff imo

>> No.53684354


Sounds like "are vehicles" was the criteria to me, dawg. Especially given the way English structures their sentences. "They are vehicles". That's the sentence. Vehicles is the main focus. Any shit you tack on to the end is extraneous.

>> No.53684359

Vendetta's yeah. Literally every guard player owns at least one.

No idea about the Deredeo, never heard of any in tournies or anything so I don't know what their powerlevel was.

>> No.53684366


I miss those Lorewritters. They where so good.

>> No.53684368

That's what happens to your body if you don't ward your mind against modern 40k writing by pretending it doesn't exist.

>> No.53684370


They were only OP against flyers.

>> No.53684371

I for one welcome blobs
Its about fucking time too

>> No.53684378


I could live with a Redeemer, I already have a 3 lascannon Pred so I wanted some anti-infantry.

The thing is, in this edition there's no need to transport Termies anymore now that deepstrike is like a laser guided missile, so I though some Sternguard could pile out early and save me buying a third rhino.

>> No.53684379

He's British.

>> No.53684380
File: 174 KB, 650x764, ShovelingChinamen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>got shutdown trying to stick storm shields on gk libbies
>trying to pick pedantic fights with anyone else whose talking to try and make himself feel better.

>> No.53684382

>The Conscript horde will not become the tournament sweeper quite this bad, because snipers can blow away commissars with ease and after that the Conscripts melt VERY fast.
This has already been addressed. The IG player will have plenty of points to have the counters to your snipers. He'll have his own snipers, he'll have IF mortar teams, and when you finally get a commissar snipe and then lay into an isolated blob one turn he'll just use the insane heroism stratagem with his over a dozen command points.

The only way to really compete with conscript spam is Tyranids with devilgaunt spam and Orks with mass slugga boyz, which means the other two hordes will be meta, which means people will need to have lists that can account for those, and snipers are almost useless against nids because their synapse is mostly huge monstrous creatures that shrug them off and need to be downed with lascannons.

>> No.53684383

I've been wanting to try a Crusader with hammernators inside, full Imperial Fist style. Let the termies deal with anti-tank, let the Raider deal with anti-infantry. This is now a bad idea?

>> No.53684384


But where can I get Sister of Battle blood in real life to ward myself?

>> No.53684394

Tell me about it!
>Here Lies Vanquisher Russ
>"The Dunecrawler Neutron Laser is perfect and in the same book how did they not see this coming?"

>> No.53684397

His head is shaped like a shovel.

>> No.53684404

>The Primaris Marines were originally Legionaries
>They were placed in stasis after Cawls Modifications
>Most fought in the great crusade

>> No.53684412

>They have the worst case of morning boner in recorded history

>> No.53684413


yeah hes got a real bad case of bongoliatus

that and if you dont breathe through your nose like a normal person then you develop no chin. also doesnt help to be fat either.

>> No.53684416


Fuck off you nitpicking pendant. I was not using the strict game-rules definition of Vehicle (tm). I was using the general definition of a mechanical thing that transports people.

Because I was trying to give a general explanation of why the rules say that, instead of getting hung up on details.

>> No.53684423

I'll take him over ADB aka "daddy issues and chaos best step dad who always wins forever and ever GG" all day every day.

>> No.53684431

>people dont have an anti horde list by default

>> No.53684432
File: 1.39 MB, 1328x747, Furor Shield.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks! Happy to share. I'll get to play again when the edition drops so hopefully I'll have more to post with. I'm looking forward to getting in a game with my mostly done watch company against my friend who plays Tyranids now that he's renewed with fighting spirit.

>> No.53684434

Crisis Suits aren't transports.

And filthy xenos aren't people

>> No.53684441

this is wrong: 23 orks hitting back are 69 attacks (choppas give orks three attacks each), 45.5 hits, 30 wounds, 20 dead conscripts. (plus one gets gacked by the commissar)

then Ork turn starts and they get to swing first, killing 20 more so you're left with 9 conscripts to swing 3 times each which kills 5.5 orcs. the remaining 17 Orks kill the rest of the conscripts.

>> No.53684444

If this guy isn't taking pure conscripts then the dakka jet fleet is going to table him.

All dakkajets, all day. Nothing but dakkajets. Pack your bags, they are the second most point efficient anti conscript unit i found and they're even better at killing every other unit you mentioned.

Prepare for the countermeta of stupid red planes.

>> No.53684446

They're both bad.

>> No.53684448
File: 216 KB, 1600x900, IMG_2665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the unit can switch the storm bolter for a shield
>because his stave switches this somehow prevents that

I guess people just hate them still. Thanks Ward

>> No.53684449




>> No.53684459

Anon... have you read the 8th edition rules yet? It's a completely different game. Templates are gone, blast markers are gone, sweeping advances are gone, objective secured is effectively gone, AP 5 spammed on every small arms weapon in the game is gone, difficult terrain tests are gone, ignores cover spam is gone, Formations filled with hundreds of points of free shit to counteract conscripts point-efficiency are gone.... have you not considered the impact of any of these changes?

>> No.53684464

>t. buttblasted emprahfag
ADB's books are better than any lore GW has put out in years.

>> No.53684468

As far as i know they were children from Scouring era not marines.

>> No.53684474


fuck off retard

>> No.53684477

I knew templates and bolters, but a 5+ save aint shit

>> No.53684484
File: 63 KB, 1162x850, 1455335752979.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it's hilarious now because I already played massive games with conscripts in 7th. Around 100 infantry models not including HWT, elites, HQ etc. Now apparently it's WAAC list and I already have them painted, based, free hand on each model years ago. Maybe it's fun times ahead for my more poorly trained friends and I.

>> No.53684506


Crusaders fuckin cheap m8, comes in at 287 and has some mean firepower against infantry. Multimeltas expensive but could be worth it

>> No.53684509

I don't understand why you don't just throw an empty Trukk at the horde of conscripts and lock it in combat and then ignore it for the rest of the game?

You can also swing a non-engaged unit to the side of the horde so that they can't pile in.

>> No.53684510

I'm mad that skitarii rangers weapons aren't ap-1 by default and need a 6+ to get it, that would had balance the troops and stop the vanguard auto take unit.

>> No.53684513

Do we have a rough ETA on the codices?

>> No.53684514
File: 1.13 MB, 2777x2243, 9a1c0941917e05d59d52f1608c797cda.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is on a 3 point model


>> No.53684517
File: 426 KB, 700x769, IMG_2630.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm looking forward to seeing scions/Skitarii mixed with conscript blobs for max effect.

Doing 'tech-thrall' screeening units with some enginseer-bashed commissars and a mix of sniper rangers/objective clearing Sicarians/vanguard and kataphrons to lay down heavy fire actually looks viable

Now I just need to find a good recaster to get HH techthralls cheap

>> No.53684518

They should bring Big Pete, Andy Chambers, Anthony Reynolds to name a few back.

FFS when Andy Chambers was running the lore department "since 2nd edition and up to early 4rth edition" shit was amazing! it's what made 40k popular.

Now it's starting to become generic sci-fi pretentious crap.

Seriously x-WING it's a direct competitor of GW and this wierd turtle head fagg is wearing a shirt "basically promoting their product"

fucking newbass dumbster.

>> No.53684524

Whatever you play? At least 2 years
Whatever you don't play? Tomorrow.

>> No.53684529

Sounds right.

>> No.53684530

And regular guard are 4 points and dont need a babysitter

>> No.53684531

They can just walk away from it in this edition. You are no longer locked in combat.

>> No.53684532

Flyers get hardcountered by conscript spam drowning the table. They have minimum movement requirements and cannot be placed if there are enemy models in the way, they will have a difficult time cutting a path because the opponent chooses which models to remove, and they'll all get in each others way and be zoned out from conscripts and get forced off the table edge to instantly die.

>> No.53684541


The base cost is almost identical, pre weapons. You might as well say people should've taken heavy bolter centurions in 7e because they were cheaper than grav.

>> No.53684555

>>Most fought in the great crusade
Bullshit, novel specifically notes lack of combat experience.

>> No.53684560

actually, this number is still wrong: its 20+ boyz in that mob, so its 93 attacks, so you're killing 27 conscripts on the swing back on the conscript turn, and killing the remaining 27 on the Ork turn.

>> No.53684565

>but a 5+ save aint shit
Yeah, actually, it is. It means you kill 33% less conscripts with small arms than you did before. Your brain hasn't adjusted yet to the fact that "5+ save" now means "gets a save very often" instead of "basically worthless because every gun in the game ignores it".

Imagine Conscripts with a 5+ invulnerable save in 7th, that's closer to what they are now.

>> No.53684570

My nigga
Fuck WAACfags
I do have to base my minis though, what do you recommend?

>> No.53684572


I think you're getting a little upset about some dude taking a valid wargear option that's available in plastic m8

>> No.53684573
File: 265 KB, 2215x773, Clipboard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is a chapter with entirely different colors per squad permitted? I'm fairly new to /mydudes/ and want to pay tribute to my favorite series but don't know if something like that has precedence in 40k. Still in progress obviously

>> No.53684582

>I don't understand why you don't just throw an empty Trukk at the horde of conscripts and lock it in combat and then ignore it for the rest of the game?
Because that's exactly what they want you to do, those conscripts are just there to take the objective from you. They will happily let you sit a trukk in CC with them so they can't be shot at while they have dozens more models than you within capture range.

>> No.53684589

This is possible, maybe even likely, but you will have to make it to the other side of the table to do that and they're killing three quarters of your army by the end of the game.

They really just need to focus fire blobs to clear space. They kill an awful lot of conscripts per turn. Certainly flying off the side of the table will probably be how most meet their end if any do.
All of that is also assuming you are pure conscripts and not just like 500 +snipers and other varied units. 500 guard bodies will be gone by turn 4 and are way easier to maneuver around.

>> No.53684592

but if they walk away from it, they can't shoot or charge or engage another unit.

>> No.53684596

Thanks my fellow cyborg! Hail theadmech! I think their charge bonus might make them worth it over the beat sticks!

>> No.53684601


Base cost is identical but you only pay 51 for weapons instead of 116 like a god hammer does

>> No.53684611

That's where the other 950 conscripts at 3000 points come in.

>> No.53684620


There is no gun on any tank that is good at killing infantry. The only thing that kills infantry is more infantry.

>> No.53684622


51 points for 12 bolters though? Seems like you're really only paying 65 more points for way more firepower's worth of points. That's D6 PER lascannon and with AP and higher S and higher range.

>> No.53684623

How so?

>> No.53684627


No you see every conscript blob will always have a commander, commissar, priest and dice caddie within 6" of them at all times while also not being visible to enemy snipers, in cover, on the objective and in rapid fire range

It's just so easy

>> No.53684630

Theres still alot of weapons that can negate the armor or at least worsen it

>> No.53684633

What's the maximum number of models you can put in a regular deployment zone?

>> No.53684639

Have you seen Andy Chambers' latest games, though? They're shitty, overcomplicated messes that like three people play per country.

>> No.53684641

then I just kill them on turn 4 or 5 when I'm done krumping the rest of the army?

>> No.53684642


Faggots were too busy painting

>> No.53684643


You forgot the two assault cannons

>D6 per lascannon

You remember damage doesn't carry over between models right

>> No.53684645
File: 4.18 MB, 320x240, 1496067406792.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Shitting all over the non human/chaos races by making them background NPC non essential or important because hurr Durr chaos end boss everything else bend over and die
>better than any lore GW has put out in years.
>Chaosfags actually believe this

>> No.53684649

Kekd hard

>> No.53684657

>No you see every conscript blob will always have a commander, commissar, priest and dice caddie within 6" of them at all times while also not being visible to enemy snipers, in cover, on the objective and in rapid fire range

I legit was counting ALL of that with 20 dakkajets still having a chance to win. Dakkajets are so fucking good. That stupid plane is the sleeper hit of this edition.

>> No.53684662

How is 24 bolter shots and 12 assault cannon shots not good against infantry?

>> No.53684666


Dude dropfleet is the best spaceship game currently being made

Battlefleet gothic is fun as fuck but dropfleet took all of the experience and feedback from there and fixed the genre

>> No.53684678

>In the Tau start collecting box cover there is 1 random breacher in the strike team squad
Funnier than it should be tbqh

>> No.53684683

Why are you shooting at single wound models with a lascannon you moron.

>> No.53684687

Please explain to me how you're going to fit 13 dakkajets on a table that all need to move 20"+ forward on turn 1 before they can even shoot. I'm having a hard time seeing this working.

>> No.53684694

>Dude dropfleet is the best spaceship game currently being made
And its competition is what, Armada? It's a shit game, taking time away from designers who were already slow and working on a slightly less shit game.

And I'd love to see you try to defend Dust.

>> No.53684697

People tell me shooty terminators are okay now?

Are people feeling assault cannon or missile launcher?

>> No.53684704


You literally just got finished talking about how the crusaders anti infantry capabilities suck and how the godhammer was better because it has higher damage

>> No.53684710


Hello? You had way more firepower of that same caliber but BETTER in 7E and nobody gave a shit.


>> No.53684718


Only kills 12 guys on average. There is still 138 more.

>> No.53684722

148 points

18 str 6 -1 1d shots
4+ to hit if all on same target

You also need to plow through 12 wounds at t6 with a 4+ and a permanent -1 to hit it to take it down.

Seems pretty great against infantry to me. Must more cost effective anti infantry than most actual infantry squads.

>> No.53684724

Yeah, they're okay. Assault is still probably better, but the DA or GK ones are pretty beasty

>> No.53684729


What's shit? Armada? I agree

But Hawk? They're slow but dropfleet is way better than dropzone by a mile

Just because a game is niche doesn't mean it's shit m8

>> No.53684732

1. That wasn't me.
2. The godhammer DOES have higher damage
3. The godhammer IS better
4. Nobody ever once mentioned the godhammer was being compared only against the same targets

>> No.53684735

they are definitely good, what wargear is best I don't know.

>> No.53684741

Missile Launcher, absolutely.

And Storm Bolters are insane. The fact that you can spam them is what Grey Knights are leaning heaviest on now.
Were people playing hordes other than invincible wolves in 7th?

>> No.53684743

bolt action is great.

dust warfare was good till Paolo Parente didn't want to pay his supply chain.

I've heard good things about dropfleet commander.

>> No.53684746


Cool, I was thinking of putting a Librarian with them. I always thought Librarians went perfectly with normal Termies.

>> No.53684750

How are storm bolters insane? Are they rapid fire 2?

>> No.53684752

Most start the game pointing sideways. 36" range on the gun and nothing needs to be pointing at its target anymore. The base matters for moving, not the model.

It'll be a tough puzzle, but not that tough on a normal sized board.

>> No.53684756

The rest of the army that's been dropping mortars on your head, shelling your heavy shit with manticore strikes, calling in artillery barrages, sniping your characters, and deep striking plasma and volleyguns right into your ass?

Keep strawmanning, it won't help you when you face an actual competent IG list.

>> No.53684758

>Were people playing hordes other than invincible wolves in 7th?

Tzeentch Daemons

>> No.53684759

>I would love to see Gork and Mork speak to their children and summon a super Waaaagh over the simple premise that a Primarch is back so theres finally a umie worth krumpin
I can honestly say I don't know which is funnier to imagine: Gork n' Mork summoning a super Waaaagh! to krump a Primarch (ending with Rawbutt getting headbutted into submission by Ghazzy's Adamantium-plated head) or Emps being so DAMN PETTY he'd sick two of the most brutal gods in the Warp on his own son(s). Also, the fact he didn't do that over Roboute's 'new girlfriend' Yvraine' is even more amusing.

>> No.53684768

>dust warfare was good till Paolo Parente didn't want to pay his supply chain.
Did you literally ever play against Fireball Drop?
We have very different opinions of good, then.
They're rapid fire 2, yes, which means that they fire 4 shots in half range.

>> No.53684773


I said tank. I was not counting planes, APCs, or Artillery.

>> No.53684776

A libbie is a solid choice.

What chapter you playin fampire?

>> No.53684779


A better question is who is going to buy or play against this army.

I hate all these theoretical lists, nobodies buying or painting 300 conscripts so can we please get over this.

>> No.53684785

50 strong conscript blobs with a primaris psyker has been a thing all through 7th for guard players unless I'm mistaken

>> No.53684787


>> No.53684791

So they're the same as the combi-bolters that we get on everything but we also get combi-weapons that let us shoot the flamer plasma or melta half every turn as much as we'd like.

lololol suck it loyalists chaos wins again

>> No.53684796

>nobodies buying or painting 300 conscripts so can we please get over this.
There is a thriving Tabletop Simulator community.

>> No.53684800


Since that other anon said he wanted to take a crusader because he already owns 3 lascannon predators I don't think it's constructive to recommend even more


We've reached peak meme saturation


Storm bolters are rapid fire 2, it makes the ordinary strike squad about equal to a sternguard squad in terms of shooting against infantry


Have you even played Dropfleet or BFG? Having been a long time fan of the latter I loved what he did with dropfleet

>> No.53684805
File: 345 KB, 700x402, Imperial Fist Camouflage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Imperial Fists.

>> No.53684806
File: 277 KB, 432x501, 69ec3405e2eee8e6bd76a1c6b7d04224.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.53684807

This. I have 6 infantry squads. I get annoyed moving them,

>> No.53684813

>The rest of the army that's been dropping mortars on your head, shelling your heavy shit with manticore strikes, calling in artillery barrages, sniping your characters, and deep striking plasma and volleyguns right into your ass?

The rest of what army, the dakkajets killed it. They killed every conscript to a man in 2.5 turns while ignoring the mortars and having nothing to snipe.

If you aren't literally nothing but a wall of meat the red plane swarm is gonna win.

>> No.53684815

"I don't think this is my squad, but I'm too shy to ask the Ethereal"

>> No.53684821


So spergs who won't even leave the house

>> No.53684823

> Again
Chaos had won before?
I'd never seen it. Guard was always 100% Mech.

I've played both, though BFG only over Vassal. I wasn't wowed.

>> No.53684824

The basic sniper rifle is just fine at taking down monstrous creatures. The S4 plus-mortal-on-6 profile of the sniper rifle does an expected 1/3 * 1/3 + 1/6 = 0.277 wounds per hit to the T6 3+ profile. Five BS3+ ratlings at 35 points puts out an expected 0.923 wounds on one.

Even the mighty lascannon only expects 2/3 * 5/6 * 3.5 = 1.944 wounds per hit, and the BS4+ HWT expects only 0.972 wounds per round of shooting. Snipers are almost two thirds as efficient as lascannons when it comes to putting the hurt on heavies.

>> No.53684827

Either cons or regular IG yes

>> No.53684849
File: 177 KB, 499x514, IMG_2650.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice. Good luck wallbro, word of advice that Tokyo drifting transports is a good way to prevent Terminators from overwatch and general shooting harassment until they can charge.

8th is the edition of eurobeat driftracing

>> No.53684855


A 50 guard blob isfine, they're just not nearly as scary to play against as a decent scion player which, unlike conscript spam, I actually DO expect to see the occasional tempestus badass list

>> No.53684859

>forgetting a little thing where we killed your emperor and all it cost us was a few of our tools

>> No.53684864

>Imperial Fists Camouflage
>giant yellow cross and fist emblem


>> No.53684865
File: 371 KB, 1583x616, 1496512708276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then look at the taurox primus with hell volley guns and a heavy stubber.

It's like 100 points and has 39 shots.


>> No.53684871

I plan on getting a couple of SC scion sets since theyre no longer shit
>tfw no plastic karskins

>> No.53684878

>Chaosfags always trying to call the Emperor dead

That just makes you look even worse, because not only is he not dead and stronger than ever before according to Dark Imperium (yes, yes, BL isn't canon), that means you can't even take down the Imperium after taking out its most powerful and only leader.

>> No.53684883

Name a book that GW put out recently with fluff that's as good as Betrayer.

>> No.53684891


It's more akin to dazzle camouflage, to disrupt people's perception of which side they're facing.

>> No.53684897

Im not worried about this hordeblog theorycrafting.

Still building my army with the dudes i find cool.

If the zerg meta really broken, GW will utilise their new initiative of updating rules on the fly and fix it.

>> No.53684907

How is it anything like dazzle camouflage?

>> No.53684909

ADB it's an overrated edgelord

he used to be itneresting but his ego went over his head, also never forget his autism episode with the whole Blood Ravens Ordeal.

And him going batshit and having his inferiority complex towards Lord of the night.

>> No.53684915


> Playing 40K without the models or fluff.

I would recommend you simulate a better game.

>> No.53684924

You still don't understand and that's ok. Reading comprehension can be hard. It's why they start kids on it when they're young.

>> No.53684934


Taurox are still more of an APC than a tank.

>> No.53684939

Keep crying loyalist, just because you want something to be true doesn't make it true. Join us in the warp for a few thousand years and we'll break you of the bad habit of clutching onto hope.

>> No.53684943


'A third approach, motion dazzle, confuses the observer with a conspicuous pattern, making the object visible but momentarily harder to locate. The majority of camouflage methods aim for crypsis, often through a general resemblance to the background, high contrast disruptive coloration, eliminating shadow, and countershading. In the open ocean, where there is no background.'

No background, like a night world.

>> No.53684952

>a normal game of 40k involves fluff
>digital models aren't objectively better than physical models

Retarded LGS fag tears

>> No.53684968
File: 56 KB, 500x300, 684648156475631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you realize you can only fit 864 conscripts in a standard 12"x72" deployment zone without terrain
life is pain

>> No.53684971

If they're actually that good, and I'm not convinced they're spammable even if two or three of them end up being a standard take, we'll probably end up seeing top Imperial lists running a couple Icarus Onagers as support to pick them off. Those things are unadulterated rape factories and now they're usable against non Flyers too when they're finished clearing the skies (not to mention a lot more things have the Fly tag now in the first place).

>> No.53684985

and people who don't want to spend a small fortune on models that will definitely depreciate in value

>> No.53684987

>building army with dudes you find cool
My nigga

>> No.53684989

So I'm not interested in the "200 infantry models" list and evidently the Leman Russ sucks now? So, how does one go about building Imperial Guard nowadays?

>> No.53684993

What the fuck is the point of HQ's with LD 10 if they cannot spread it? there are like 2 psychic powers that use LD for wounds.

>> No.53684995

The only "camouflage" is that they've painted it black. The giant yellow target does nothing to break up their silhouette.

>> No.53684996


The reason you're so poor that you think 40k costs "a small fortune" is because you have terrible investing sense.

>> No.53685002

its much cheaper on ebay if you get the original Japanese product instead of the hugely markedup modelling branded stuff.

look for Oyumaru, its exactly the same stuff but comes in a bunch of different colours.

>> No.53685005

Just build what you like, kick some fuckin' ass and rock on. Remember, /tg/ is terrible at games, anything they claim is the be-all-end-all broken army isn't going to be shit

>> No.53685015

Artillery and regular guardsmen
Alternatively artillery and scions
Also taurox and russes such as the punisher and executioner are still good

>> No.53685019

So while i like the look of primarines their ability on table top leaves something to be desired.

>> No.53685030


It's a good idea and a versatile kit since in one (discounted) box you get everything in their mini faction except a Valkyrie

Plus you'll drown in extra special weapons which is always nice

>> No.53685034

>1000s of dollars isn't a small fortune
that's a lot of money for normal working people, we didn't all get trust funds that we can invest in the stock market, okay?

>> No.53685039

Manticores, Basilisks, Scions, Taurox Primes, Bullgryn, Punishers, Demolishers.

>> No.53685047

I just did the math and poxwalkers with Typhus beat conscripts handily.

There's more of them
They're tougher
They create more poxwalkers.

>> No.53685051

I'm really surprised GW didn't make them super broken to sell those boxes. It's not like they've been above that sort of stuff in the past.

>> No.53685057


I don't exactly worry about my blurays losing their value either

>> No.53685062


Thanks. Bullgryn, really? Wow.

>> No.53685063

>been playing guard since 4th
>still dont own a valk
What am i doing

>> No.53685064

Are drop pods even worth it to bring now that nothing can scatter onto terrain?

>> No.53685066

>1000 conscripts
>most cost effective guard model is the 5 for 12 dollar monopose cadians box
>$2400 for 1000 shitty looking monopose models so that you can win tournies when you aren't getting disqualified for time

>The reason you're so poor that you think 40k costs "a small fortune" is because you have terrible investing sense.

I'm not the dude you were responding too, but what the fuck are you talking about. I make 3 times average household income in the US and that purchase seems retarded to me.

>> No.53685068

Unless you play tournaments then you shouldn't be worried anyway.

However, if this meta ends up selling bucketloads of infantry models, don't expect GW to meaningfully nerf it any time soon.

>> No.53685069


If you keep them in rough blobs they'll all be rerolling 1's to hit and to wound which is nice but they're definitely not OP bullshit

>> No.53685080

Hellblasters ARE super broken. Rapidfire missile launchers.

So are Intercessors(sp?) the jump pack guys.

They're toughness 5, 2 wound, and flying means they can shoot even if they're in combat. Add to that they can deepstrike. They're going to be deepstriking and deleting units.

>> No.53685085

I think they really wanted to push them as being support for the rest of your marines.

>> No.53685087

>still strawmanning about "1000 conscripts" when the serious discussion is about 2k tournament lists that will run around 120-150.
Please stop.

>> No.53685112

>inceptors deleting units
Are you serious? Run the math before you say shit like that and make yourself look dumb.

This is why people say /tg/ is bad at games, and then don't listen to the actual good advice from the people on /tg/ who know what they're talking about.

>> No.53685114


Although there's still winners and losers this edition has significantly tightened the brackets so there are very few awful units, and even then by awful it usually means they're very specific to fighting a certain type of enemy.

>> No.53685120

>After getting Gork and Mork to summon a Waaagh he hits up Asyuran, Khaine, and Ynnead
>Your daughter is fucking a human like A WHOOOOOOOOOOOOORE
>Now the Eldar are trying to murder him and his gf in order to calm their autist war god down

Will the Emperor stoop to no levels to be an asshole to his son????

>> No.53685136

Dont argue with these retards
Over half of americans dont even have 500 in savings, people waste money then go LOL UR JUST POOR if you call them idiots

>> No.53685143

Why were people saying Deathwatch were trash? We have amazing wargear options and utilise every buff that came in 8th.

That said, are stormshields worth the 15 points in 8th?

>> No.53685161

Given the shit state of points, are power levels actually the better system at the moment?

>> No.53685167

If you look closely, I think you'll find your post answers itself.

>> No.53685169

Points are good but powerlevels are also good

>> No.53685172

Points are fine
Power is good for casul matches

>> No.53685177

>150 shitty monopose plastics
>30 12 dollar boxes
>360 dollars spent on 450 points of terrible looking models that will probably get nerfed in a years time.

Have fun with that.

>> No.53685183

They'll be slower to reach the objectives so conscripts will already have taken most of them and blobbed the whole 3" radius up and will take casualties from the back to hold longer.

Tournaments might nerf the "make more zombies" rule by ruling that it costs reinforcement points, but that's up for debate.

Typhus is only ever one guy, it's easier for IG to snipe him than for his side to snipe all the commissars, and he can't be in multiple places at once so again, conscripts are doing better on objectives if there are two or more of them to be contested.

However, I do expect to see poxwalker spam be a thing, for the same reasons conscript spam is, because even if you aren't playing vs guard you'll be using the same tactic of blobbing your fearless hordes on the objectives, and they're even better at it if they can actually make it there.

>> No.53685197

>nerfing conscripts
Literally how do you do that wthout making them useless entirely?
WS6+? Sv6+?

>> No.53685208



>> No.53685215

I did urban for mine but I used astrogranite and dry brushed celestra grey. Quick and looks good. To break it up, every other model with a rock here and a spare bit here. They will be done before you know it.

>> No.53685221

Make them cost 4ppm and regular guardsmen 5ppm. Most balancing will be done purely through points costs, that's the whole reason for the new points system being separate from the datasheets and separating units from wargear and all that.

>> No.53685227

>nothing needs to be pointing at its target anymore
Flyer can't see what isn't in front of it.

>> No.53685233


I dunno if it's an isolated incident, but 17 points for a dire avenger vs 13 for a marine sounds pretty poorly balanced.

>> No.53685241
File: 277 KB, 1136x811, latest-1(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any mention of Khorne's warrior traits in modern fluff? I was playing with the idea of a small Daemon Legion made from the souls of fighter monks who guide khorne champions in the truths of warfare, kinda like insane Shaolin monks without the pacifism.

>> No.53685242


Because they're really expensive for being slightly better normal marines

Still perfectly playable

Storm shields are definitely worth it since against AP0 stuff you can just allocate hits to regular schmucks and save the storm shields for stuff that can crack your armor

No more having to stand in front

>> No.53685244


Dollar value doesn't even fucking matter. The fact that you're stupid enough to talk about your HOBBY EXPENDITURE "depreciating" says it all.

If you care about depreciation and return on investment, INVEST IN SOMETHING THAT'S ACTUALLY AN INVESTMENT. Don't go around spouting retarded shit as if Wall Street investment brokers ever referred to hookers and blow as depreciating assets.

>> No.53685247

Or they could bring back the
>needs a regular guard squad to bring conscripts

>> No.53685249

Maybe make the conscripts around a commissar take a battleshock test at a penalty? Like they break when the person egging them forward dies.

>> No.53685251

They can draw LoS from any point on the model.

To be honest I think that's my least favorite part of 8th edition. As much as I love the new core, that part is shit and my number one contender to be changed with the next rules update.

>> No.53685252

>Go on the list builder
>has most of the armies available
>doesnt have a tactical option for Blood angels and the one he does have cant take heavy flamers
Fucking just kill me famalam

>> No.53685258

That would go a long way towards doing it. That or requiring a mandatory upgrade per x models that isn't very useful. That way you could put their average cost per model between 3 and 4 ppm.

>> No.53685262

Whatcha gonna do cry about it

>> No.53685270

That would require a new datasheet, which is only going to be done once, when IG gets a Codex.

>> No.53685272

Anyone have the conscripts vs IK pic onhand? Wanna show a friend

>> No.53685277

Im just saying dont spend a retarded amount of money then go and say
>lol its not alot of money
Only an idiot buys an army and then sells it because it "depreciated" but armies are indeed an "investment"

>> No.53685281

You can always use death from the skies rules to put facings back in.

>> No.53685283

>spreading a retarded meme that isn't even true

You should show your friend the back of your hand and then show yourself out into traffic

>> No.53685286

if too many conscripts die they murder the commisar and run away

>> No.53685291

Closest you'll get to that is that it's rumored that Bloodletters were once mortal champions of Khorne.

Bloodletters do march in order and rank and file, as well as being commanded by Heralds, Daemon Princes, and Bloodthirsters.

>> No.53685295

so considering we've thus far seen Magnus>guillman>mortarion, suggesting a traitor/loyalist pattern, what do you think the order is going to be of the remaining primarchs?

>> No.53685297

I meant to say " take a battleshock test at a penalty when the commissar dies"

>> No.53685301

Nah I'll just wait for enough people on the community site to bitch about it until they add in advanced LoS rules to Chapter Approved.

Or maybe TOs will just enforce Skies of Death to nerf flyers into using arcs, but I'd like to see the same thing done for vehicles because land raiders shooting all their guns out of the back corner of one tread poking out from behind cover is monumentally stupid.

>> No.53685304


Ultramarines, despite having been made the posterboys, will never claim that first. Crimson Fists were on the original cover of Rogue Trader, and that's something you can't take from them.

>> No.53685305


I just think it's a hilarious picture. I'm not actually buying into it.

>> No.53685306

Damn, just realized you could make a 1500pt Deathwatch list with just three Start Collecting and 3 Drop Pods.

>> No.53685308

If I could I'd give you the hug you need anon.

>> No.53685311

pls respond

>> No.53685312

Keep crying noob

>> No.53685316


I mean, they're not wrong.

>> No.53685318

I'd say LD3 sv6+ and WS6+ making commissars a neccesity even more and continuing to make it not a no brainer between regular guard and conscripts

>> No.53685328

Just make it so that they can not receive buffs from other units. Remove any keywords they have that allows for that. They're a LOT less useful when they dont get extra attacks, rerolls, and when killing 15 means 11 more die from leadership.

>> No.53685336

Unfortunately it's a case of simplification going too far.

>> No.53685348


Shit I just read the new Death from the Skies rules and I actually love them. Super simple and fun. I'm probably going to convince everyone I play with to use these if either of us brings flyers.

I heard the 7th version of Death from the Skies was absolutely hated for being overcomplicated and shit, I'm assuming it was very different from this? Because all these rules fit on a single page and look great.

>> No.53685351

Only an idiot needs "thousands" of dollars to buy a 40k army.

>> No.53685356


Lion bits were previewed, he's back baby

>> No.53685363

Then there is literally no point in using them if you cant even give them a commissar, theyd be back to 4th and 5th edition useless

>> No.53685376

I agree with you that it sucks and is unfluffy, but they couldn't just patch LoS rules in. There is literally nothing in the game about facings, weapon types, turret or sponson types, measuring from the barrel, etc.

It would be a significant overhaul of the vehicle rules and they would have to reprint every single vehicles rules with a description of the types of weapon mountings it has.

The thing that burns me the most is that wrecks are gone. I don't give a fuck HOW streamlined this game is intended to be. When a fucking fortress of redemption dies it should turn into a ruin and when a vehicle dies it should turn into a wreck. That shit writes itself and would be easy to understand and play.

>> No.53685377


I have no idea how you're going to get plain cadians for any less than 2-3$ a pop

>> No.53685385

You underestimate how many idiots there are, a sucker is born every minute

>> No.53685390

I'd argue they got better, especially with power swords are now 4 points. True, they are expensive, but they can deal with situations well as they have lots of wargear to play around with,

>> No.53685392

The dogfight phase from 7th was overly complex for basically no gain.

There was basically nothing in 7th telling you how weapons were mounted either.

>> No.53685394

Not really, they'd just be back to what they should be. Cheap fodder meant to force the enemy to kill them so that they can't tie up their lines with forced mellee.

They'd still see play. We just wouldn't be comparing them to every other model in the game and I wouldn't have to buy 20 ork planes to counter them.

>> No.53685396

> They can draw LoS from any point on the model.

Where does it say this?

>> No.53685413

>There was basically nothing in 7th telling you how weapons were mounted either.

It was in a lot of weapons profiles, and 7th was barely a game at all, let alone a functional game we should seek to copy anything from.

>> No.53685428

They might print a whole expansion book focused on Vehicles the way Death from the Skies is focused on Flyers. It could add all that stuff back in, including rules for wrecks, optional stuff for crewmembers, new stratagems, Orks Looted Vehicle rules, Vehicle Warlord Traits, all kinds of fun shit.

>> No.53685431

lol jesus christ fucking cry more you stupid melodramatic bitch

>> No.53685437

They were fine as they were in 7th we dont need to make them worthless

>> No.53685444

Choosing targets requires that the target is visible to the shooting model. How can a target behind where the shooting model is facing be visible to it?

>> No.53685446

What the fuck are you even shitposting about

>> No.53685447


Even if they just had a rule that stated: after losing any models in the morale phase, this unit takes D6 mortal wounds.

To represent them running in terror despite the commissar, they'd be okay with zero other changes

>> No.53685448

Nobody has to buy anything to counter this retarded meme

>> No.53685452

Even at 4 ppm, they're worth it.

Mostly because they are giant blobs that maximize the usefulness of buffs and orders.

If IS could still Blob up, they'd be competition. But as it is, they're pretty much no rain not to take conscripts for bodies and something else for heavy or special weapons.

>> No.53685458

Aren't the supposedly going out of their way to make it so you don't have to carry around several books to play?

>> No.53685465

New thread time!


>> No.53685469

Did you mean to click on my post? Your post doesn't seem to have anything to do with my post.

Stop comparing shit to 7th. It's a different game. No lessons from 7th matter now. None. Being fine in 7th is meaningless because this isn't 7th.

>> No.53685470

The target has to be visible to the shooting model. How difficult is that? If something is behind it, it can't see it.

>> No.53685480

I forgot.

>> No.53685503

So infantry can't shoot behind them?
A leman russ can't shoot behind it?

Celestine can't shoot because she has that thing covering her eyes? The Dakkajet has a glass cockpit and can see behind it if the ork turns its head. It's fine.

>> No.53685504

>the russ is STILL not back
how fucking incompetent do you have to be to get word of your sons' planet getting fucked up and your sons on life support and STILL TAKE over 100 years to get back and help them?

>> No.53685528

Expansions are entirely optional. You never have to use them if you don't want to. GW is only cutting down on what rules are necessary to play, they have no problem introducing a thousand modular things.

>> No.53685548

So a jetbike can shoot even if only its tip is visible to the target?

>> No.53685549

So we should make conscripts literally worthless? Their only value are bodies that dont run with a commissar, thats literally it. You want killing you take regulars. Without the commissar they are not worth taking because losing a single model ensures at least 3 more run

>> No.53685553

>its another 'the same people come and ask the same questions and the same idiots give them the same answers' episode
Every single thread since monday has been exactly the same.

>> No.53685568


He's too busy being reamed in Horo form in the Warp

>> No.53685612

>So we should make conscripts literally worthless? Their only value are bodies that dont run with a commissar, thats literally it.

Which is funny because at 3ppm with a lasgun and a 5+ save they reeeealllly don't need that fucking commissar to do their job. They are points efficient WITHOUT buffs already. With them they're absurd.

> You want killing you take regulars. Without the commissar they are not worth taking because losing a single model ensures at least 3 more run

Only when they take a test and yeah, 3 run. 9 points of dudes run. Woo. That's one fucking guardian or 1.5 boyz. Not exactly a huge loss. You're bad at math.

>> No.53685660

The only reason they weren't OP in seventh was because you had to take full platoon taxes to field them. If there was some formation that was like 1x conscripts 1x priests they would have been broken.

>> No.53685729

Without commissars you get a buy one get one free deal when killing conscripts but even with "0.5 wounds" they're honestly still a pretty okay unit.

>> No.53685747


>> No.53685771

>Not overcharging when s8 is a common benchmark and you can either use a captain/guilliman/command points to reroll errant ones

It's not something you do often but it's an important tool in plasma's arsenal

>> No.53685789

lol you're retarded

>> No.53685799

The beast arises series, ravenor Vs einserhorn to mention a few that aren't edgy daddy issues bullshit

>> No.53685817

What list builder has most of the Necrons, GK or Sisters available? I've been hoping to get shit done.

>> No.53685885
File: 107 KB, 919x1300, 1496336920532.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone bought a new Start Collecting kit on Amazon and gotten a used one before? Are they supposed to be shrink wrapped? Wat do?

>> No.53685906

-Warpsmith - Plasma Pistol - 111
-Warpsmith - Plasma Pistol - 111

-Helbrute - Power Scourge, Helbrute Fist w/ Heavy Flamer - 172
-Helbrute - Power Scourge, Helbrute Fist w/ Heavy Flamer - 172

-Heavy Support-
-Chaos Predator - Twin Lascannon, Lascannon x2 - 202
-Chaos Predator - Twin Lascannon, Lascannon x2 - 202
-Maulerfiend - Lasher Tendrils - 173
-Maulerfiend - Lasher Tendrils - 173
-Defiler - Battle Cannon, Reaper Autocannon, Twin Heavy Flamer, Combi-flamer, Defiler Claws - 281

Heldrake - Baleflamer - 198
Heldrake - Baleflamer - 198

Total - 1993

Warpsmiths will be taking cover behind the Helbrutes healing them for D3 each turn.

Helbrutes will be waking towards enemy infantry burning them up then smashing into them with 8 attacks each at strength 8 ap-2 D2 attacks against horde infantry or 5 attacks at strength 12 ap-3 D3 attacks against tougher more elite infantry/monsters/vehicles.

Heldrakes will move up to 30" to take out anything my opponent is hiding in his back field like heavy weapons teams and what not.

Predators will be punching through vehicles and monsters alike.

Maulerfiends will be tying up infantry units with their 4+D6 attacks.

Defiler will be the jack of all trades. Splitting its shots all over the place and if anything get near there are two flamers waiting for them.

So, can I get anywhere with this kinda list or back to the drawing board?

>> No.53685983


Usually the colours vary by type of unit, but there's nothing saying they don't or you can't. I approve these colours.

>> No.53686024

theyre not shrinkwrapped.

>> No.53686027

Haven't had it happen, but I'd imagine you could treat it like any other misrepresentative ad on Amazon.
File a complaint etc.

>> No.53686035

Sounds like a lot of fun! The only potential issue I can see is that you have a limited number of models on your side meaning that if the enemy rolls really well or brings a whole lot of anti-tank you might get tabled.

It looks fun though, I'd love to try playing something like that.

>> No.53686048


Something like this would be more likely to be seen for differentiating companies in a Chapter rather than simply individual squads.

Units like Sternguard could conceivably have their own schemes to make them stand out from their brothers, and you could use another on your Primaris marines vs. the vanilla marines.

>> No.53686138

What exactly am I looking at here?

>> No.53686234

Hmm, I'm not really sure how to get rid of that weakness in the list while keeping to the same feel of the army.

>> No.53686279

Well no list is safe against all possible issues. I'd just keep that in mind while playing, for instance don't make it so that one target or another is what everything on their side will be shooting at, try to bait them to spread out their fire and so on.

I have a strong feeling that once the heldrakes get on top of them they will be in full panic mode anyway, haha.

>> No.53686696

Is anyone using sternguard anymore?

Since they lose their special ammo when switching to combi bolters I don't see much of a point. For 5 more points than a vanilla sternguard squad you can get intercessors. Less AP but twice as durable. Sternguard could still be used if you really want to drop combi plasmas out of a drop pod but expect to pay 300+ points for that.

>> No.53686782

I played against some the other day with 8th rules and they did fine work. That AP is great stuff against MEQ

>> No.53687065

Sure, but intercessors are AP-1 with the same range and twice the wounds. You're paying 19ppm for sternguard for tactical marines that have AP-2 bolters.

>> No.53687084

Them big marines are pretty legit. Guess it comes down to what you're fighting.

>> No.53687178

For those that have read it what is the story with Heavy Flamers for standard marines? Is it still limited to that one elite vet type or can others take it?

>> No.53687222

Does anyone have a valid email for alpharius the recaster?

>> No.53687332


Nothing's changed.

>> No.53687349

Thanks for posting content that isn't shit posting or bait anon , hope you guys had fun!

>> No.53687364
File: 1.12 MB, 1783x1783, 1456798308296.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you ready for Eldar V Admech

>> No.53687457
File: 38 KB, 397x500, MMX_Chapter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice Samus colors schemes.

I've considered a "Megaman X" themed chapter for a while. The chapter's melee components would have Zero's colors. Characters would be based on X's various armors.

>> No.53687470


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