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Previous Thread: >>53638880

I feel like last thread was pretty good, I'm proud of you all, good job. I didn't read any of it in case I would see something that upset me.

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I'm feeling somewhat under the weather, so I hope you guys are having a nice day. All of you, even the shitposters.

Also, cyoa makers, cheers. I appreciate your work.

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Thanks for the OC last thread, anon. It was pretty fun. You mind if I stay over tonight? You can tell me about the next cyoa you'll be working on.

Oh and do you got any spare underwear I can borrow tonight? I've been freeballing today.

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Sure, bro.

Borrowing boxers is kind of gay, though.

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Don't make this weird

I'm working the Great Joust for Beastmaster but not until the weekend. And maybe that Pokemon waifu thing.

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I refuse to think I'm the only one who takes food into account when designing his kingdom in cyoas. I always include a coast for a supply of fresh fish and seafood, and a forest for delicious game. When there's special options available I also think of the culinary implications. Flying islands? How would the high altitude affect the meat? Magic? How does magic in the air affect the taste of an animal? Monsters? What does a dragon taste like or what happens when you cook using a dragon's flame?

I always try to ally up with at least one desert kingdom for spices. Aquatic kingdoms for delicious seafood from the depths too.

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That one's the best. There's so many places all around the world, close and far I'd like to visit but it all takes time, effort, dealing with beaurocracy, transport etc issues and money I don't have.

>Smartest Phone
I actually don't really care for new tech, still using old cellphone from 2005 or so. But the traits this one has, especially unlimited everything and storage would be helpful in general. Yes, I'd probably use it as a portable super HDD. I hope the battery lasts a bit (preferably forever or it doesn't need a battery at all and is in reality indestructible, unopenable magitech that just looks and functions as a smartphone - feel free to elaborate).

>Fruity Drink
I don't care for drinks but having "whatever beverage" always available would cut a lot of my expenses (nothing fancy, but having drinkable water always or some can of soup if it qualifies would be nice). If those beverages indeed include "liquid food", together with my liberty that would make me really independant and able to go wherever without worrying about starvation. And yes, I am poor.

I assume carrying some lightweight door set if I just want to camp in the wild with a way to go back wouldn't be too much of an abuse?

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What kingdom cyoas?

I usually prefer to have kingdoms that are either isolated, experience heavy rainfall or contain rich ore deposits.

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>Divine Pupper
>Divine Shampoo
>Smartest Phone

Thanks Sunny

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Logistics is very important and I hate it when people write off these issues with unexplainable magic/science, to an extent.

That being said, I don't think your obesity has anything to do with it, but you gotta lose weight, man.

I like the other copypastas better. Was the fujo banned? And what happened to salted potatoes?

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I just make myself a lich or whatever so I don't have to deal with pesky bodily needs.

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You've posted that in the last thread. Are you really that starved for an answer? Here's a (You), anon.

Oh, you'd like someone to share your attitude? Well, I rarely choose particular lands for particular foodstuffs because often they are magical and fantasy/alien so who knows what may grow where. Plus, even kingdoms on steppes may have streams and lakes where fish dwell or some fruit-tree orchards. Often there's also just an option of comemrce. Mostly I just care about there being some food available in general and that plus some variety is nearly almost a given.

I do really enjoy tasty food IRL but I am building a kingdom not restocking my own larder!

>Food Kingdom CYOA.
>Choose different food-affecting powers, social and technological advantages leading to invention and improvement of different aspects and styles fo cuisine, different regions, each offering varied options of particular foods - both common, realistic and rare, fantastical. There are waifus willing to prepare you tasty things, beasts whose meat is delicious and drinks to complement your feasts!

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If it's option, I try to include coast for supply of fish and trading and then I consider what kinda crops you can grow in other areas. Generally I try to make picks so that my kingdom can be self-sufficient for food, unless other options are really better and allow for easy and stable food imports.

I don't really think about tastes tho.

Do deserts actually have more spices or is just that desert nations use more spices to preserve food?

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>I refuse to think I'm the only one who takes food into account when designing his kingdom in cyoas
this is actualy a good idea
Flying islands? How would the high altitude affect the meat?
it seem that isolated habitat can create cases of gigantism on dwarfism in some species, i've seen a documentary on dwarf elephants like that once
> Magic? How does magic in the air affect the taste of an animal?
what about animal that impact their environement, like creatures that increase growth of plants around them
>what happens when you cook using a dragon's flame?
it's burnt
>I always try to ally up with at least one desert kingdom for spices. Aquatic kingdoms for delicious seafood from the depths too.
flying islands make me hard

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>Do deserts actually have more spices or is just that desert nations use more spices to preserve food?
I think both and neither. A lot of the stuff that's considered spices and is commonly used comes mainly from "somewhat-desert-y" regions but it's just because those certain plants and whatnot that get turned into those particular spices grow there. There are also many seasonings and whatnot all over the world, many of which can be a good substitute, though.

Also, I am hungry now. Time to go eat.

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Unsalted potatoes started getting deleted, apparently it was guro.

I think people just learned to ignore the fujoposter but people still reply to you so clearly they have learned nothing.

I wonder if there's some literature about what kinda things fantasy kingdom actually needs daily, like how much food is consumed daily, salt and other essential nutrients that we don't really think about, what are they and where do you get them?

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I'd literally murder an entire orphanage to be a hunter in the Torikoverse, even knowing how fucked up the true lore is and that I'll probably be violently eaten within years.

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This is now a Flying Islands thread! Post flying islands!

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>citrus vampire
>divine pupper
>fruity drink
you stay healthy and live happy with your doggo and unlimited cold beer, comfy as fuck

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You could probably live a quite satisfying life just slowly and steadily eating your way through and upwards the less dangerous wildlife.
No regal mammoths tho.

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Let's build on a food themed cyoa. Adventure is a must. Waifus/husbandos a plus.

What's the premise? Why is food the center of the world?

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I think he wants for you to make a kingdom builder CYOA. Hell, I would want you to, after your audit cyoa reeeeeee. And enough of your waifu cyoas. Or lowkey pitch it to anyone who pays him any attention. I would've made one if I hadn't already.
That or a dungeon builder.

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What's that? A WIP? Or something from that new RPG maker?

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There's tons of documentation on logistics. Just look at it from a military standpoint; the coalition just didn't go in the middle of Afghanistan without considering how they'd supply their troops. One of the first things they establish in a main staging base is a landing strip so they can fly in supplies, and they fly in a lot of shit. How else can they have damn Tim Hortons in a military base? Also have to consider how they got fresh water, or how they dealt with their waste.

In ye olden days, you often moved your army between bodies of water for sustainence, and traded with local populations. Or, well, pillaged it. Much cheaper and easier than transporting supplies from your homeland.

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"You are what you eat."

People evolve based on their diet. High quality, high quantity, high variety food shapes one to be superhuman.

The elite are the hunter-Kings and chef-Kings who hunt for and prepare legendary meals, receive incredible boons, and conquer entire lands with their newfound power.

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flying island are my favorite setup
we need a flying island/kingdom cyoa
with airships and stuff

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Reminds me of my faerie/fantasy race build where I was a giant black dragon pretending to be a human and acting as the captain of a band of sky pirates.

It was a simple, low quality build but damm do I wish it were real.

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There's enough kingdom builders already, although I am the one who started Domain Master. Bliss finished that cause I left it unfinished.

One CYOA I wanted to do was a fortress builder where you had to do the number crunch to sustain your fortification (logistics), manage your personnel and defend against attacks/act as a staging point for missions. Would've kinda been like a fantasy Star Dust in terms of mechanics and CYOA structure (you'd pick things like the size of your fort, for example), but that's on hold while I work on my current lineup. I think that will be a next year project.

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Well, Toriko has already been mentioned
Might...want to ignore most of the text on that page and focus on the cells.

If you want to make it less physical, eating animal gives you part of it's spirit. If you eat too much of one animal, it's spirit starts to manifest more completely, several years of eating only a single thing could transform you entirely into that thing. Vegetation either has some kind of spirit too, maybe it is too weak to actually manifest so it's just general energizing effect or when eaten alongside animal it could affect the animal's spirit somehow. There's lots of delicious vegetables, like beer, that I want to give reason to have around.

So you would want to eat as varied diet as possible to prevent a single spirit from affecting you too much, unless you find a monster that you think is really powerful and hunt them for their traits.

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I actually remember that! I'm pretty sure I read it months ago
Do you have it stored somewhere?

>> No.53649835

Yeah but all modern logistics is basically shipping ready meals around. People worry more about having too much salt in their food than too little.

I guess I'll ask around.

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Do I have to mark doors with FACP? Or there exists doors that are already marked with FACP

>> No.53649877

Not a WiP, just art from some game. Looks promising though.

>Bliss finished that cause I left it unfinished.
Yeah I did but I wanted to see you complete it so badly.

A fortress builder sounds great, but fortress sounds a little dull. A dungeon or something like a guild headquarters sounds even better.

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The need for sustainence and hygiene is still there regardless, whether you're shipping dried food or MREs. You have to consider logistics in any setting, even sci fi. Unless, of course, everyone is robots. But then it becomes a problem focusing more on energy and maintenance instead.

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Wasn't there a "pick the order of four Elemental sisters" WIP, where putting the Air one on top led to Skylands?

What ever happened to that CYOA? Anyone know what I'm talking about?

>> No.53649908

Fortress sounds very interesting. Reminds me of the marquis/margrave option in Solar Inheritance.

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That's at least 3 years old and went nowhere because the whole thing got too confusing for my sub80 IQ brain.

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Domain Master is too much. Too game-y.

The best kingdom builder in my opinion was that small DLC to the first Knightbros. There's another small one that's been circulating lately too where you receive a humble amount of land from the King and a castle.

I think I really prefer more humble kingdom builders actually. Although Empress was great too.

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Post more

>> No.53649972

>Wasn't there a "pick the order of four Elemental sisters" WIP

>> No.53649995

>There's another small one that's been circulating lately too
pls post
I love kingdom builders too

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Psssh. Take this.

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I haven't seen this before, but its awesome.

>Cursed Item
Blackhelm, the Harbinger of Sorrows
I'm a magical helm that offers its wearer great power at great cost (ie falling under my control)

>Shadow Step
>Ground Slam
>Final Form

>Mallory Le Fay

>El Tigre Rojo
The white mask to my black helm
>Agent White
His spunky love interest
Who dies in act three

I'll also learn
>Mind Over Matter
Inner Flame

This was fun!

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I don't have much on my phone.

I'm not much for "muscle girls" but athletic girls are the best.

>> No.53650132

That's the one! Thanks, anon!

Ah, was that your work? Well, it's a shame it'll never be done. I liked what you had so far.

Probably would pick Sylph, Melissa, Terra, and Effef. Not sure if I'd go magic or genius, but I'm leaning genius. It fits with a Skylands setting better, and I like the aesthetic.

>> No.53650156

>The elemental you choose as minor will die or become insane
Damm i will never be able to choose under this conditions

>> No.53650170

>posting from your phone
so you are the biggest faggot ever, got it

>> No.53650193

You gotta post the build now. Don't be a tease.
W-what makes you think I'd be interested in this?

>> No.53650196

Ultimately it's their fault. They knew one of them would be destroyed by this crazy scenario. They could have let you pick two Seconds and two Majors.

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Your letting me down SDA

>I'm not much for "muscle girls" but athletic girls are the best.

I understand, I don't like those hyper muscle monstrosities but I can still see your good taste

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I'm at work, anon. What do you want me to do?

>> No.53650326

stop posting

>> No.53650341

i am reading this thread after coming back with double the portion of stewed beef with two types of salads and potatoes and after eating breaded cutlet with potatoes and cabbage with cream.

No, I am not fat but I am glutonous and it's my birthday. I may consider making that food kingdom CYOA I've thought of above, though don't hold breath - if it will happen, it will happen far into the future.

>> No.53650347

you could work

>> No.53650372


Keep posting

>> No.53650403

>I am not fat
Sure you aren't, fatty.

>> No.53650424

Uh, effects of any element reduced to minor will pretty much destroy the world. It's like actually causing massive elemental imbalance is really bad idea. Only sane response is to reject their offer.

>> No.53650446

BMI absolutely fine. I do have a bit of tummy and would use proper exercise but I am active enough and more importantly - go without food when busy and concentrating on something long enough - that I hardly would be considered even chubby, yet alone fat.

Plus, I just look too good for that in general.

>> No.53650449

Sorry anon, I don't have many muscle girl pics, I just thought you'd like that Korra one

Have an athletic girl instead

>> No.53650466

>Food Kingdom cyoa

Tell me more.

>> No.53650471

>> No.53650478


Thanks anon

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>> No.53650507

>Choose sylph as prime and effef as minor
>Laugh at leviathan trapped in its puddle

>> No.53650512

That explanation is kind of vague but go for it. I'm currently on a 3 day fast after accidentally eating 5000+ calories on sunday.

>> No.53650554

How do you eat 5000 calories in one day?

>> No.53650556

>ACCIDENTALLY eating 5000+ calories
How did that happen? Were you absentmindedly eating lard straight from a jar?

>> No.53650596

Easy. I woke up and was feeling hungry so I figured I'd make a pizza. I added plenty of cheese, olives and sausages. Then a few hours later I felt like eating a few sandwiches with the same sausage and mayo. Then by the evening I was given some deep fried chicken by my neighbour which I ate with more sandwiches. I also snacked on a box of chocolate and some chips during the day.

>> No.53650651

5000 calories from sugar and fat is pretty easy. Single biggish pizza with cheese and fatty ingredients will cover half of that goal.

>> No.53650665

Jesus, I'm almost 300 pounds and I don't eat like that, let alone "accidentally" eat like that. I'm feeling sick.

>> No.53650680

I'm only 170lbs at 6' though, fatty.

>> No.53650708

You may not notice any immediate effects from doing this but wait until you get older.

>> No.53650728

>I added plenty of cheese, olives and sausages.
Jesus fuck, absolutely disgusting.

>> No.53650768

Cheese is pretty fucking delicious though.

>> No.53650773

not the way you eat it

>> No.53650780

>sign up for a cooking class at community college
>only one class left which they tell me is "close enough"
>learn how to cook pretty well at least, but also a lot of stuff I don't really think I need like hunting things and building tents and clothes out of their skin and bones
>whatever maybe I can impress that cute girl back at the village by baking a cake now, girls love cakes

>instead get teleported to the depths of of some horrible underground forest full of monsters alongside an orc, a ninja and a stuck up blonde
>ninja keeps disappearing, blonde keeps making googly eyes at the orc, orc is a good dude but every now and then I find pamphlets for his religion in my bedroll
>try to pull my weight by making the camp as nice as I can using the steady stream of monster corpses these killing machines are bringing in
>can't wash my clothes because of the terrorfish in the lake, have to wear bits of dire lion for modesty or the blonde threatens to smite me for my indecency
>ninja magically reappears, I offer him my darkbeast flank roasted in tunnelstalker gizzards
>he likes it so much I'm declared the successor to his school of ultimate ninja techniques
>we finally accumulate enough rare monster parts to pay off my student loans and get teleported back to the surface
>finally, I can be a baker like dad wanted me to be
>orc says he'll invite me to the wedding, ninja says btw all that stuff he taught me makes me part of the secret ninja shadow war
>before I can ask either what they're talking about theres a flash of light

>> No.53650782

Holy shit, Muh Tabolism is real!

>> No.53650785

>implying I'm >>53650596

>> No.53650800

>implying I had a reason to believe that was not the case

>> No.53650808

>implying others cannot have the same opinions

>> No.53650816

Anon eats like shit then fasts for days. You eat almost as shit as him every day 24/7.

>> No.53650843

Your metabolism is defined by how active your body is. The more active you are, the faster your metabolism works to fuel your activities. In other words, exercise.

Additionally, note he mentioned a three day fast due to doing this. Fatties just go 'oops, guess I shouldn't have done that', then go and do it again anyway because they have so self-control.

>> No.53650904

>that steroid feet.

>> No.53650925


>Not working and shitposting at the same time

>> No.53650999

I told you that story so I could tell you this one.
>wake up with some snake monster coiled around me, no doubt to crush the life from me before I'm devoured
>sure smells nice though
>eventually I stop screaming long enough for Blossom to introduce herself and I give her my lion cape to wear like an apron so shes less distracting
>turns out she doesn't know where she is either but we figure we'll get moving towards that city in the distance
>turns out we're on a floating island and the only way off is a skyship; no one has heard of my home town but surely it can't be that far
>Blossom and I find a ship looking for crew and sign up for a voyage, me as ships cook, her as doctor
>get told we'll be paid in shares of the loot
>this seems kind of sketchy, I think we might be pirates now
>realize I should probably get on their good side so I don't get keelhauled or whatever so I make sure to bribe the first mate with the best wyvern steaks I can make
>he loves it so much that he gives me another wyvern to "fatten up"
>wyvern keeps following me around like a trusting puppy
>snake girl keeps falling out of the clothes I make for her and trying to sneak into my hammock which breaks it every time
>first mate is talking about getting a ship of his own and insists I'll be coming along
>I bet I still owe money to that fucking community college

>> No.53651040

Caaaause you're gay, nigga!
Don't deny it and you may get a reacharound

>> No.53651057

Vanguard, Executioner
The Burning Deep

Cassandra, Sherry, Yukiko.

A good mix of party skillsets should make the Burning Depths quite profitable. Hopefully. Maybe.

>> No.53651063

I like your stories. Probably if everyone would do it it get boring fast but once in a blue moon that's a nice way of presenting a build.

>> No.53651082

>post the build

It's a boring build. There's nothing special about it. Just the concept is fun as fuck.


>Black Dragon
>Tell: Black Tattoos
>Vow: Hedonism

>Unlock Magic (*)
>Other Magic; Conceptual Magic: Change (****)
>Appearance; Human form: handsome 9/10 (*****)

>Companion: Blossom the Snake Girl
>Nation: The Skylands
>Location: Pirate Ship
>Contact: Swift Flyer
>Contact: First Mate (*)
>Contact: Elemental Lance (***)

I'm the pirate captain of a Sky ship... and a Black Dragon to boot. No surprise my future pirate fleet will be called "the Black Dragons".

My magical power is nearly limitless thanks to that beautiful conceptual magic but I'd rather play this fairly and keep my personal power mostly hidden.

The snake girl is for... reasons.

>> No.53651116

Only 5 Kcal?
WTF anon, did you only eat 20 grams of celery?

>> No.53651145

Your favourite tropes in cyoas and in general.

I'll start. Hugely powerful entities living mundane lives. Whether it's a dragon running a bakery, a goddess going to community college, a demon king working as a cashier, or an egyptian chaos demon getting comfy while it snows, I love it.

>> No.53651184

I'm not in the business of getting fighty over another dudes fetish or whatever, but I'm having touble seeing the appeal of that.

>also disagree about it being a good standard for anything other than maybe other 100% fluff CYOAs

I don't mean that Village is the perfect introduction to how a CYOA like Stardust works, I more mean that it introduces a person to the general way you go about actually playing a CYOA. You make some choices, you imagine how they play out.

>> No.53651189

Drinks, shampoo, and vacations

>> No.53651218

3D girls allowed?

>> No.53651231

I want to drink shampoo on my vacation.

>> No.53651241

I don't want to subject any of them to Minor, even if I already know Effef would be Prime.

Ultimately, though, it doesn't matter. Humanity and its activities are but a fraction of a fraction of a blink of the cosmic eye. Destroying man would not save the world, nor would empowering him doom it any sooner. The wheel of fate turns on its own time, and the coming void advances at its own speed. To ask them early is pointless. To delay them is impossible.

The only truth is Death.

>> No.53651242

>I'm not in the business of getting fighty over another dudes fetish or whatever, but I'm having touble seeing the appeal of that.

Cute Girls with well defined but not hyper crazy muscles a best anon

>> No.53651263

>That thing

>> No.53651317

I'm glad you enjoyed it anon. I really just wanted to make a build for that meta faerie cyoa to tell the truth.

>> No.53651318

Divine Pupper
(a cute pup that will be my friend to the end)

(saves tons of dosh with those gift cards)

Smartest phone
(new phone +free +good service +security)

>> No.53651319


Yes she is cute, thanks for agreeing anon

>> No.53651334

Looks better without the tanlines in this instance

>> No.53651337

Here's where I have to make fun of you and call your fetishes shit
Dump your folder in /e/ and go away

>> No.53651339

>I'm currently on a 3 day fast after accidentally eating 5000+ calories on sunday

Pretty sure you're doing yourself more harm than good with that move. I'd rather lift, run, or do anything else to burn off the extra calories that day and the next rather than fuck up my metabolism.

>> No.53651354

A question - how does mermaid companion work in those dungeons? Some transformation ability to get legs or Nyalee can only be brought ot sewer dungeon to literally swim through shit and die of sepsis or something?

>> No.53651370

The font could use to be easier to read.

>> No.53651374



>> No.53651390

This. Fasting can be healthy if it's a day or so on water and juice once in a blue moon but several days without food after overfeeding yourself isn't the best choice.

Turn your fasting into just exercise regiment and counting calories or spread it over a few weeks.

>> No.53651409

>Here's where I have to make fun of you and call your fetishes shit
>Dump your folder in /e/ and go away

How about you get some good taste anon

>Looks better without the tanlines in this instance

Eh, I kinda agree

>> No.53651432


This girl is fit and attractive. This is how healthy women should look.


This is what it looks like when a fit woman wants to be a man and has been on high doses of hormones for far too long.

>> No.53651446

Okay enough face, awesome upper body and waist but ugly quadriceps/hips - too bulky to make her legs look good and something she should tone down.

>> No.53651482

Agreed but I am generally into fit girls more than actual musclegirls or beyond.

>> No.53651594

Unless you pick Melissa as Prime or Second.

>> No.53651600

damn it it's so comfy

>> No.53651608

Charlie "Dynamo" Drake

>Master of the Dark Art
Maybe tapping into the very power of the soul to solve an energy crisis isn't an ideal solution, but goddamn if it doesn't make firing people way easier.

>Lightning Fist
>Hurricane Kick
>Gale Kick
>Electric Aura
Turns out there's a whole lot of juice kicking around deep inside, like a storm in my hands. Or fists, I suppose.

Ah, military surplus, is there anything you can't do?
>Edward Drake
I fairly certain he's an ancestor of mine. Hard to check given that his cells are overflowing with something that the lab boys could only describe as "bad", but this centuries long streak of ambition had to start somewhere.

>Agent White
What's she even doing here, there's no law against drilling into the human sou- oh, she's here about the taxes.
>Corporal Jensen
Hey, fair's fair. We picked up that war machine on the side of the road in a box that said 'FREE TO A GOOD WARMONGER'. Not our problem that he tore up you and your pals on his way out of town. Thanks for your service, by the way.

>> No.53651698

I like the setting (RL Earth getting fucked up etc)

>> No.53651704

Agelessness and beauty do not prevent starvation when the Sun vanishes into the dark, anon.

>> No.53651735

>Class: Godhand
I am much more of an intellectual than a brawler and probably would be more occult-oriented in pursuits but I very much value versatility and this seems to be it. The vague "occultist" as fluff states is mostly in reality a demonologist so I am meh about that. You bet I will consider reapplication next year for some more generic, "pure" magic course, though.

>Specialization: Healing Hands
Useful in many situations alos out of combat and we may need that.

>Dungeon: The catacombs
Less unhealthy environment (less of a risk of some horrible disease barring few associated with corpses) but decent potential for actual treasure

>Brock and Cassandra
I've read the notes, I won't deny them a chance at happiness afterwards. At least THEY will be in a succesful relationship (it's nothing, just something in my eye, anon).
Plus, they seem like great, reliable frontline fighters fit to fight undeads and cultists in the catacombs.

Proper magical support for well-rounded party and cause I agree, she seems cute.

I am unhappy it's only 3 companions. I'd also choose one more, either some powerful, silent type - Hammerstein or Gazer - or party psycho like Kara or Lily to have fitting, stereotypical fantasy party. I understand that it'd mean it'd possibly take quite some time before we'd get necessary amount of treasure but I think it'd be worth it.

>> No.53651759

Then another sun gets made with superscience/magic

>> No.53651794

Be the Big Guy you always wanted to rely on!
Fists of Fury go!

>> No.53651797

Or we don't bother with a big wasteful ball of gas, and use some other power sources to grow our food.

That's the beauty of magic and superscience - nature and physics are so inefficient, and so easy to improve on.

>> No.53651816

repostan a Flying Islands pic I got from the same thread you first posted your build in

>> No.53651881

I totally get what you mean about wishing it were real.
Also can you believe that build is almost a full year old at this point? Time fucking flies.

>> No.53651929

You just convinced me to put melissa as second

>> No.53652008

Sylph, Melissa, Terra, Effef is the one true build.

>> No.53652083

Anon, you seem to be obsessing about food these days, find something to focus on.

>> No.53652117

>tfw your aborted 3y old cyoa gets more attention and (you)s than your newest works


>> No.53652151

its because you are a peice of shit covered bismuth

>> No.53652164

what have you made recently honey pie?

>> No.53652168

go back to your roots,
Your nu-CYOA are worse than old ones.

>> No.53652219

You look at it from the wrong angle. You HAVE a CYOA that gets attention. It's not a given, cherish it. Learn from the mistakes, consider differences, try different themes.

>> No.53652282

I looked into it. Apparently it's a mobile game.
Brb looking for resources rips.

>> No.53652471

>"All" Expense Paid Trip
I wouldn't take this on its own, but when combined with...
Wherever I go, bring something to scratch letters into doors with. Mark several unsuspecting doors wherever I go with a tiny FACP in one of the lower corners. With four one-week vacations, I can gain near-permanent access to four places across the world forever.
>Citrus Vampire
Speed, strength, and dexterity all sound nice, even if they're rather situational. Make sure to keep the FACP doors around such situations.

>> No.53652494

It's Ramadan, it's probably hard for him to not think of food all the time while he's fasting all day.

>> No.53652519

he's probably just a fatass

>> No.53652559

Class: The Godhand
Specialization: Hurting Hands
Dungeon: The Burning Deep
Companions: Fuck that, I'm not sharing my loot.

>> No.53652560

Forest, Coast

Natural bounty, Living storms, Ley lines, Portals, Surface deposits

Elves, Dorfs, Goblinoids

City Walls, Sanitarion, University

Improved Metallurgy, Printing press, Chemistry, Banking

True Adept, Divination, Elemental magic, Charismatic

Raiders, Fallen queen, Mask
The plan is obvious. Food is easily gathered, industry is run by dwarves, magic cast by elves with the help of leylines, and goblins form the majority of armies. Charisma+Divination allow of competent leadership, Elemental magic wrecks and builds things in when necessary. Divination combines nicely with portals to allow fast movement of armies.

With the magical power and leylines I can hopefully escape my body, and maybe trap that queen into it. Or just fuck her up with magic.

Absolute monarchy requires bureacracy so banking+printing press+university are needed.

>> No.53652624

>Fury Monk
>Demon snuffrape edition

>> No.53652634

Which CYOA is that?

>> No.53652660


>> No.53652682


>> No.53652695

going into an infernal dungeon alone be scurry stuff
better lube up ya butt

>> No.53652705

Not when I can make stuff explode with my punches.

>> No.53652781

You're not Alexander.

>> No.53652798


>> No.53652879

Goblin Bankers?

>> No.53653060

Vanguard (Executioner)

One tank, one DPS, one scout/summoner, one crowd controller. A highly viable harem mode.

>> No.53653077

What advice do you have about writing the short descriptions that are the fundaments of cyoa?

>> No.53653154

You do understand that "make stuff explode with your punches" is the kind of skill many newbie adventurers didn't find useful enough to take classes in, right? No matter what degree you're pursuing, it's in one of four bottom of the barrel classes that everyone else passed up for Paladin or Elementalist.

And now you think that as a fresh graduate, you're going to be able to solo the most dangerous of all four Dungeons?

Yeah, rape is your best possible outcome.

>> No.53653179

Yeah? Well I did, and I can make shit explode.

>> No.53653201

I'll take the:
>All Expense Paid Trip
>Free Tickets
>Fruity Drink
I'd actually have holidays that weren't complete shit.

>> No.53653326

So what happened to that genie from five threads go?

>> No.53653401

It wouldn't be the first time the thread was bamboozled by an undelivered genie gallery, but you can have hope if you want. Who knows, maybe his house burned down or something?

>> No.53653404


Stuffed all the wishes in a bottle and fled to Mexico.

>> No.53653413

>Realm Features
Natural Bounty
Ancient Ruins
City Walls
Printing Press
Master of Arms
True Adept

A series of large rocky islands with harsh cliff walls only occasionally broken up by expansive yet defensibly natural harbours make up the kingdom, each one a fortress unto itself. In spite of the bustling shipbuilding industry most of the forests are allowed to grow wild and untamed. The land isn't needed for agriculture and the mythic beasts that stalk the trees are an important part of islander culture and pride. There is a stark duality in the people between the prosperity and peacefulness of their cities and the grim severity of their surroundings. A citizen of this realm is just as likely to be an adept forester or salty seaman as he is a monied and highly educated trader. But they all celebrate the same festivals and drink at the same bars.

Broadly speaking, the dwarves live and work in the mountains while the humans live and work in the forests and on the seas. However the two races are strongly united with a shared culture and nationalism as well as the threats posed by the native wildlife and outside hostilities. You can easily find dwarves at sea and humans at work in the mines and in the unlikely chance that an island was conquered the local mountainhome would serve as the last redoubt for the island's residents.

It's not all rosy, however. The lack of serious overland infrastructure combined with the natural threats of the islands means that armed caravans are often required for transit even between the island's capital and its mountainhome. Ships at sea are always at risk from giant whales, krakens, raiders and worse. These risks introduce inefficiencies into an otherwise prosperous civilization but they also keep the populace lean and tough in spite of their riches.

>> No.53653417

Is there a template for the genie cyoa?

>> No.53653438


>> No.53653440

If food is an option or directly specified in the CYOA, then yeah.

>> No.53653459

News from the author of this CYOA:

>> No.53653479

Beri's Google Drive has one.

>> No.53653500

Thanks! This looks fun enough, I want to try making one.

For anyone interested start posting pics for it! I'll cap at 45 pics that look cool enough. No waifu or lewd stuff pls.

>> No.53653562


>> No.53653588

That looks even better with the colorful scheme, since it's 18 per page, I'll cap at 54 instead

>> No.53653592


>> No.53653609

> No waifu or lewd stuff pls.

>> No.53653647


>> No.53653649


>> No.53653654


>> No.53653655


>> No.53653665


>> No.53653698


>> No.53653709

not a waifu

>> No.53653711


>> No.53653715

45 images? That seems like an excessive amount

>> No.53653717


>> No.53653742

>congratulations! You're my one millionth petitioner!
>Even though you're not my one millionth petitioner[...]
>fruity drink
>grow friend grow, citrus vamp, goddessbux, divine pupper, free tickets or paid trip (can't decide)

>> No.53653754


>> No.53653767


>> No.53653803

Here you go senpai

>> No.53653848


>> No.53653892


>> No.53653901

The cyoa titled "Slavemaster"
I don't know if Tokhaar Gol also named his cyoa Slavemancer.

>> No.53653933


>> No.53653946

You're not. She thought you were, but realizes her mistake when you voice your confusion at the initial exclamation.

>> No.53653965

I like you gAAAAAAAAA

>> No.53653987


>> No.53653991


Go and stay go...

>> No.53654000

>I don't know if Tokhaar Gol also named his cyoa Slavemancer.
His "get mind powers and slaves" CYOA is named "Mindslaver".

>> No.53654025

>Would you happen to know where I may find more art like this? Half of the catgirl art I've gone through is porn or lewd.
Don't you know about the rating:safe tag? try that on gelbooru. Have you even searched for "catgirl artwork" on google? or catgirl on artstation? Figured you knew how to image search.

>> No.53654030


>> No.53654107


>> No.53654124

Fuck off. If you want a flying island art thread start one in /tg/ they're all about supplying art for "games".

>> No.53654164

In theory this is /tg/

>> No.53654203


>> No.53654228

WHAT, really? This is not /e/?

>> No.53654249

No i am afraid you are in the wrong place

>> No.53654334


>> No.53654436


>> No.53654586


>> No.53654603


>> No.53654644

>pocket dimension (tiny model of the uni/multiverse as I understand it, like an observatory. access point is a bright star that can only be seen from a single spot. looking at it takes you to the dimension)
>capitol is gonna be

>ancient ruins
>natural bounty


>arcane tower

>condensed rituals
>improved metallurgy for contraptors
(would take mechanical wings/airships but I'm assuming that some insectoids can fly naturally)

>true adapt
>secrets of the old ones


>> No.53654654

>Filtering nsfw
I may have had to go through a lot of catgirl porn but what makes you think I didn't want to?

I'm only a quarter of the way through all the catgirl images on gelbooru and I intend to see the majority of them. Just try and stop me, nigga.

>> No.53654692

Catgrills are shit

>> No.53654723

SDA why can't you have better tastes and have an interest in mousegirls or bunny girls, or even just harpies.

Are you a MGE fan?

>> No.53654744


>> No.53654746

Better than foxsluts

I'm not going to mention whether or not other species exist in this setting but you're basically in Cat Country.

Also I don't know what that is.

>> No.53654747

Forgot to include capitol. Stereotypical forest spire, very luminescent, always festive. Surrounded by a moat. Beneath those waters lies the heart of the city itself, where a lot of ruins and arcane libraries, and a much more serious undertone, lie. Surface dwellers use magical air bubbles to sustain themselves.

>> No.53654788

Too short lived. (((Dwarf))) bankers would probably be naturally conservative, otoh elf bankers are long lived and could be more easily held responsible for their lending.

Since goblins are the majority of the armed forces they need to be excluded from other power bases so they can not take over.

>> No.53654789

Bottom of the barrel my ass.
Vanguard is a great class, lynchpin of a party. Knights and Paladins just have better PR and blah blah courtly training blah blah connections whatEVER. Who would you rather have in dungeon standing between you and a drooling monstrosity, a guy that can take ogre maul to face and keep grinning or a guy who knows how to curtsy in fansypants court?

And Godhands. Great people, wonderful class. Can hurt and heal with their punches. Simultaneously if needed. What a deal. But just because Priests and Paladins are whiny little bitches and complain that pulling light of Gods into your fists and smacking some asshole with it is "disrespectful", "lacking in humility" and "heretical, if not straight up abomination", you are suddenly not allowed into the cushy church career paths. Yeah, well fuck you too, I don't see you punching a demon so hard to it explodes, do I?

Occultist is perfectly valid career. So maybe some students get their souls eaten by horrors beyond comprehension. It's not like other classes don't accidents every now and then. One little summoning accident results in hallways being redecorated and suddenly everyone wants to transfer out. Should have read the fine print. Also you get a doggie.

Reclaimer is basically Ranger. They both start with R. And leave no part of buffalo/paladin is kinda like living in balance with nature, no matter what the elves try to claim. And we'll see how snobby those rangers are after being stuck in dungeon for couple years without easy access to arrows, intact gear and toilet paper while you are living like king in your goblin baby suit.

So summa summarum, great classes, unless you are for some reason burdened by worthless things like dignity, prestige and desire for respect of your peers. Shouldn't apply to any of you. Enroll today.

>> No.53654794

>Talking shit about fox girls
So people were right, you're a fag after all.

>> No.53654800


>> No.53654840

Your taste is shit desu

>> No.53654848

You're taste is the shittiest.

>> No.53654879

Generally you might want to wait until the thread hits bump limit.

>> No.53654885


>> No.53654918


>> No.53654944


>> No.53654950


>> No.53654964

Cool Pokemon CYOA that got posted last night

This is the base

These are secret boxes, check to see if you meet the requirements after you roll up your character

Chose the Odd Moonstone as a perk
Joined team Edge
Let the Presence into your mind
Previously made builds



Can't seem to put everything in one post.




Is going to BAD END with the degenerates


Currently the maker is working on a DLC with teams based on character builds, but it's certainly not looking completely.


>> No.53654966

Fox girls literally need to consume buckets of semen to survive

>> No.53654981

only if you're Korean. Nobody likes the Korean versions of Asian myths.

>> No.53655003


>> No.53655004


>> No.53655024

Didn't think about it, thanks. Also yeah, I didn't about the clutter in the thread, next time I'll go for a single page.

>> No.53655033


Foxgirls are great SDA, stop.

I like you a lot and your CYOAs.

But foxgirls are great.

>> No.53655038

Says who

>> No.53655057

Selkie > Foxgirls

>> No.53655062


>> No.53655063


>> No.53655084

We need a Discord Sekrit Club

>> No.53655087

I will fight you

>> No.53655098

Lamias>Driders>slimes>all other monstergirls

>> No.53655111

>lying on the internet

>> No.53655114

I agree to that. But I will forgive the gooks, as they've given us bibimbap and kimchi.

Fox sluts a shit. A SHIT.

For what porpoise

We have one. It's in the pastebin.

We take turns bullying Angel.

>> No.53655118

Let me consult my chart

>> No.53655124

What is the name of that monster woman with a hole in her back, that if you ever bring it up she goes batshit insane and murders you?

>> No.53655129

Then don't bitch and whine about how much pron you have to sift through.

>> No.53655140

>Rotten cabbage.

>> No.53655146

this please >>53645824

>> No.53655147

I'm laughing at you two

>> No.53655148

Occultist, Silver Tongue

The Burning Deep

Argyle Demallion
Tess Winthrope

Just a bunch of cool guys hanging out in the dungeons, making deals and killing for money.

>> No.53655156

Water you talking about? Selkies are so great you don't need a dolphin or anything similar.

>> No.53655161

Huldra, but the flip out is only in some versions. As is the hole. Sometimes they have cow or fox tails instead.

>> No.53655181


>> No.53655184

What happens if you stick the dick in the hole?

>> No.53655197

No rotten cabbage is sauerkraut, kimchi is rotten cabbage with a bit of rotten fish and some spices.

>> No.53655204

Using medea as example is cheating

>> No.53655220


Your shit taste is showing SDA, Selkies and Foxgirls are great.

Also kimchi is for plebs.

>> No.53655223

I finally learned how to use image layers.

>> No.53655227

Bibimbap is fucking aces tho

>> No.53655228

I think you missed the pun

>> No.53655230


>> No.53655277

Kimchi is okay. But don't you dare say shit about bibimbap.

Or bulgogi, or pork bone soup.

>> No.53655283

The Occultist, Hellfire

The Catacombs

Cassandra Archstar
Yukiko Kanna
Brock Rezmar

Shouldn't take long to make some money although Cassandra is probably going to be a bitch despite Brock as I'm an occultist.

On the other hand we've got two physical types to hide behind, and two people who can spam fire at the various zombies, vampires and liches. Cassandra is also a healer who is super effective against the various things we're likely to find in the catacombs and to be honest I don't really care if I'm not the leader of the group.

Probably safer for me somewhere at the back and everyone gets a full share regardless.


>> No.53655288

>Weird furry
>Not furry at all

>Not liking spiderbros

not to mention the chart conveniently leaves off the fact that the slimegirl is also a rapist, making it arguably even more degenerate than the others.

>> No.53655318

Hey, does anyone remember when this thread was for posting CYOAs?

>> No.53655332

>Is going to BAD END with the degenerates
Maybe you would, but I'm a professional.

>> No.53655396


Bibimbap is ok.

>> No.53655517

Or maybe what are you feeling is denial?

>> No.53655525

Elves are monsters.

>> No.53655552

Practice readability next. That background does not work at all with text.

>> No.53655558


> Literally known as the most useless team.
> Also double the size of a regular team, at 6 members.
> Most people hate working with them

art, pure art.

>> No.53655569

Genie guy here, 5 more pics and I'm out. Sorry again for cluttering the thread.

>> No.53655584


>> No.53655613


>> No.53655652


>> No.53655656


>> No.53655670

When do you think you'll have this done?

>> No.53655675


>> No.53655684

One week or less.

>> No.53655687

Oh fun! You saved the image I posted.
Here's another by the same artist.

>> No.53655708


>> No.53655730

Is this still open? If so, have something cool I found here the other say.

>> No.53655783

Ah damn. I'll save it for the next Genie.

>> No.53655825

>Godhand, Hurting Hands
The Reclaimer is tempting, but I always wanted to punch things to death.
>The burning Deep
No pain, no gain.
If is cool to have a ninja and a monk, just imagine a monk-ninja. I hope that he does not disappears very frequently.
>Randall Stonecaller
This sand nigger is a defense specialist with the plus of never getting lost. Have some drawbacks out of combat, but I think they are not that severe and can be fixed with time.
Negotiator, survivalist, brewer and ranged combatant. I think he is a good companion if you don't want the murderhobo route.

This is a well rounded group even without a magic user focused on attack, or a strong source of healing.

>> No.53655894

What, you never read that doujin where an army of gang rapists attacks a Gardevoir and they end up exploding like Fist of The North Star mooks?

>> No.53655927

No and now i want to

>> No.53656019

Author here. I've added some more player builds to the DLC.

And here's a link to the DLC Mystery Box, "fuck the world" with Agent Fluffy.

>> No.53656060

Good spiel, Blackrock PR divison should hire you if you'll agree to kinda glance over the "lack of dignity" and other such stuff.

>> No.53656064

Let's something interesting.
Class: The Reclaimer
Speciality: Totems
Dungeon: The Lair
Ally 1: Lily Archstar
Ally 2: Tess Winthrope
Ally 3: Randall Stonecaller

Why play a Dungeon Crawler when you can play a 'mon game? We've got three different ways to take over the monsters down here, and someone who can keep the fuckers off of us long enough to get to work. Hopefully we'll end up being able to bring back enough live specimens to pay off our student loans quickly and easily.

>> No.53656126

Fuck yes i made it in to the DLC

>> No.53656146

You're gonna trigger the /k/ommandos with a pic like that.

>> No.53656149

OwO what's this?
I'm not degenerate at all though. I'm simply a cutemon rapist of evil humans. Nothing stronger than the cock after all. Can't beat the cock.

>> No.53656171

I have the first page of a CYOA completed and I realized that it's possible to use that page as a fully cyoa in of itself
Should I post it here

>> No.53656185


>> No.53656204


>> No.53656278

Posting wips never leads to anything good.

>> No.53656561

>a demon king working as a cashier
Have I got a deal for you!

>> No.53656606


>> No.53656686

Correction: Posting wips to your general audience never leads to anything good. If you need criticism, ask someone to look at it.

>> No.53656695

sometimes authors don't realize they used an unreadable font or eyefucking contrasts

>> No.53656726

>ask someone to look at it.
How would you go about doing this? Asking for a friend.

>> No.53656775

I don't use it, but there is a /cyoa/ Discord you know. You could possibly try there.

>> No.53657141

From Heaven
New Genesis

Primordial Lifespan
Chronicle Blessing
A Garden for Man
The Ark Narrative
Divinely Appointed
Holy Nourishment
God Accomplice

From the Ashes Humanity Will Return

>> No.53657436

Just do it. We can give good feedback for working on the rest.

>> No.53657579

As long you do have the intention of finish it post the wip

>> No.53657850

So did that fox genie from Saturday ever get finished?

>> No.53657874

Not yet

>> No.53657981

We instead got a new genie collecting art. So there's double the chances of one of them being finished.

>> No.53658046

who makes these cyoas? The style and organization of this one reminds me of The Village and Urban Unease

>> No.53658096

I'm pretty sure all three were made by the same person (commonly referred to as DSA, short for Derelict Station Anon, what with Derelict Station being one of his earlier works).

>> No.53658102

This really needs more intermediate options. 1 in every 100 is still 75 million people, which is Roman Empire levels, while 1 in every 100,000 is 7,500, which is Toba Catastrophe levels but spread across the world. We need something closer to 1 in 1000, which would bring us down to dawn of civilization levels.

>> No.53658150

7,500 is not enough for you? you should calm down that bloodlust

>> No.53658151


I'll make a genie cyoa so I can practice photoshop skills.

Since this is in the same thread, you can't post things you've already tried to submit to the other guy! Muhahahahahahaahaha!

Also, no giant tit monstergirl waifushit. The girls don't appreciate it.

>> No.53658171

Also, I fully realize we are going off the board soon, so you better post fast!
Also, if there are 3 genies you're guaranteed at least one good one~!

>> No.53658232


>> No.53658234

Nah can't be arsed

sorry m8, too much saturation

>> No.53658264


>> No.53658274

Healthy competition is good for the economy!

>> No.53658283

Nice reading comprehension there.

>> No.53658293

>desert kingdoms
Why are you setting your kingdoms up to be fleeced by the camel jockeys?

>> No.53658302


>> No.53658321

Can I repost >>53655730 since it missed the cutoff?

Either way, here you go. How many can we post?

>> No.53658335

>Also, I fully realize we are going off the board soon, so you better post fast!
It's gonna take hours for that to happen.

>> No.53658349

I'd prefer 1 each. since there is only 12 slots, but I'll include both of yours because I like them, and it's not like I can enforce it.

>> No.53658350


Anna Waifu please

>> No.53658358


>> No.53658379

Cool. I won't post any more, then.

>> No.53658382

are people with worship fetish real? One of my waifus is going to be a condescending bitch who rewards the player for treating her like a godess. I'm considering deleting her because she might not be attractive enough for players without that fetish

>> No.53658386


>> No.53658406


>> No.53658425

Only worth it if she is an actual goddess, desu.

>> No.53658435

Keep her if something you can watch in delight if someone gets triggered

>> No.53658441

This is not OSHA approved

>> No.53658469

I'm mesmerized by how often this is asked, even several times the same thread!
Is it one bored and stoned guy who keeps forgetting he asked?

>> No.53658477

Not knowing anything but what you just wrote, I probably wouldn't consider her to be a legitimate option for the "condescending bitch" alone.

As for worship and fetishization thereof, I'd prefer to be the object of worship (be it just one or more parts of me, or myself as a whole) rather than the worshipper.

>> No.53658482


>> No.53658486

We meet again OSHAAnon

>> No.53658512


>> No.53658547


>> No.53658555

The update is here!
Super Threats added!
Power costs rebalance!
More modifiers!
More allies and adversaries!
More sidekicks!
More base options!
More of everything!
I hope you like it :)

>> No.53658626



I hope you gave us a way to get more points and lowered the cost of some of the options

>> No.53658634

Thank you, I love it.

>> No.53658651


>> No.53658660


>> No.53658692

>Also, no giant tit monstergirl waifushit. The girls don't appreciate it.
You're no fun

>> No.53658699

Submitting one.

>> No.53658712

Well, I'll look into that later, when I'm alone...

>> No.53658715

Posting "when is X CYOA coming out" is a form of low grade trolling. It'll consistently get you one or two replies, and that's all some people care about.

>> No.53658728

>more points
>lowered costs
I think you'll be pleased

>> No.53658758


>> No.53658764


>> No.53658771


That's all I wanted to hear, thank you anon

>> No.53658791


>> No.53658796


>> No.53658817


>> No.53658821

Okay, I'm cutting it off, due to the small size of the template I'm using. Thanks to everyone that donated! Blind picks ETA soon

>> No.53658841

Rolled 3 (1d4)

Cool, might make one too.

>Rolled 65 - Alakazam
So I become an Abra.

Evolution Items (I'm going to assume this works a replacement for trading as well) for my trade-evolution as well as that Moonstone
TMs, because I really need it as an Abra

Charlie and William
Master Lung

>Self - Rolled a 1d20+5 = 15
Making me level 15, one shy from evolving. This means the only naturally learned ability I get is teleport. Feels meh lad

- Zen Headbutt (MP)
- Metronome (MP) Believe in the dice gods
- Psychic (TM)
- Shadow ball (TM)

Theives, I'll grab some battle items. A flame plate and splash plate for Charlie and William and a Mind plate for Deoxys

I will teach the children in my group a variant of the domes faith, one that values the group as a whole. Not over the individual, but due to the ones who it includes. To see it as a family where all stand as one.

Mine will be a dual-purpose group. To undermine the various villains invading while at the same time keeping the you Charlie, William and Deoxys (whose form will be decided by this dice) out of harms way while they develop, grow stronger, until they grown into their own.

>> No.53658865

>monster girl rancher
is this plague?

>> No.53658889


>> No.53658937


>> No.53658973

Rolled 384 (1d792)


>> No.53658999

Rolled 525, 367 = 892 (2d792)

messed that one up

>> No.53659068

Rolled 376 (1d792)


>> No.53659093

That's a cool picture anon. Don't worry, I'm sure it'll get in somewhere :)

>> No.53659228

Just did a read through and I have to say it was worth the wait. Thanks! I'll do a write-up later

>> No.53659277

>small kingdom builder CYOA
>where you receive a humble amount of land from the King and a castle.
sauce? sounds comfy af

>> No.53659329

Happy to hear it!

>> No.53659457

Rolled up a 289 and that's finer by me. OP Slaking time.

>Swapping Truant out for Poison Heal
>TMs of Facade and Brick Break

Her abilities in gorilla warfare will prove useful, also able to poison me.
Her adaptability will prove useful and will be a human to talk to about shit.
>Master Lung
Will actually keep us alive while we grow, his teachings will prove a valuable asset to our growth.

>rolled a 1 for level 6
>Slack Off, Play Rough, Amnesia, and Covet
>Pursuit and Curse
With the TMs, my moveset is pretty good, solid coverage and can steal from enemies, while hitting like a truck with facade when I am poisoned.

>Explorers Guild
They will provide Master Lung as our mentor while we get adjusted.

730 BST ain't no joke.

>Let the Presence in
Will give me a solid mission after my team gets some experience under our belt, a level 6 slakoth can't do shit while a high level slaking without truant can ruin legendaries.

Will do small gorilla ops until I become a vigoroth. Once that happens our team will start taking more and more combat missions. Might be able to nab a few nifty items along the way from our human enemies. Once our team hits level 40~ we will come into our own and gain reknown as Team Pandemonium due to our chaotic attack method of me running amok, Pam setting up traps the distressed enemy runs into, Kathryn doing the planning and being the leader while filling in any loose ends, with Master Lung being the wise teacher who keeps us from dying when shit goes south.

>> No.53659469

Overlord cyoa, I guess? You probably want to pretend that the dragon part doesn't exist, if you are new to it. Probably not much point to post it in this thread, you can check the Drive/Dropbox for it or wait for the next thread. Or someone can post it now, doesn't really matter.

>> No.53659481

/r/ something comfy or i might legitimately kill myself tonight

>> No.53659571

Don't do it bro.

>> No.53659596

Actually, I do have a question. Can we teleport while being sexed to get away, you know in order to avoid the never ending problem that perpetual presents when fighting someone of equal power?

>> No.53659600

choices on how to kill yourself

>> No.53659645

livestream it nigga

>> No.53659655

Rather than kill yourself, why not slaughter your enemies until succumbing to your mortal flesh?

>> No.53659660


DSA got yo back nigga

>> No.53659662


>> No.53659665 [DELETED] 

Why not do it? Playing cyoas is just an escape form what lies ahead. All of your responsibilities are still there, and you'll have to deal with them soon. The only real escape is suicide, so you can find out what comes after.

>> No.53659667

thanks, will check it out
call someone anon
if not family/friends then a hotline there's a few of those
at the very least go to chat on blah-therapy or smth 4chan is not the place to be when you're in this state

>> No.53659686 [DELETED] 

Pull an Elliott Rogers.

>> No.53659712 [DELETED] 

What, fail your last mission because girls refuse to open the door for you even at the end?

>> No.53659736

You're a real shitstain.

>> No.53659741 [DELETED] 

Sorry - pull an Elliott Rogers but do it right.

>> No.53659747

You can pull through this my dude. If you talk to someone about it you'll open up new possibilities of getting better.

>> No.53659814

Theoretically yes, provided you can focus well enough to do so, still have the energy for it, and they aren't preventing you some how

>> No.53659819

If you kill yourself i will kill you to death

>> No.53659826

go hog wild

>> No.53659852 [DELETED] 

Kill a bunch of people because you were too much of a fucking bitch to even talk to girls?

I can't tell if people worship that little failure ironically anymore or not.

Gotchcu senpai, gonna dump what I got until the potato internet decides it's time to stop.

>> No.53659899


>> No.53659943


>> No.53659995

>drug overdose
>death by cop

What am I missing, guys?

>> No.53660055

>V 2.1
shit, i didn't know this got updated. thanks, anon.

>> No.53660075


>> No.53660105

You seem to be hinting something but I can't quite put my finger on it

>> No.53660107

Gotchu senpai


>> No.53660176

well I think it's comfy

>> No.53660227


>> No.53660297

>someone is posting cyoas in the thread
What madness is this.

>> No.53660308

And that was basically all I got.

You got this though guy, just get yourself to a good mindspace and have a good nights sleep, things will be easier when you've had some rest.

>> No.53660326

A New Ice Age
>New World:
A Canticle For
Rewind Senescence
Chronicler Blessing
Divinely Appointed
The Mystery Recurs
Nephilim Ancestry
Holy Nourishment

I'm perfectly suited for the post-apocalypse weather and saving mankind's knowledge.
>Big enough to mitigate some of the cold in the frigid wastelands of the midwest.
>Don't need to eat.
>Perfect memory.
>Live forever.
>Charisma out the wazoo

I'll go on missions into the Cold, to retrieve the Old Knowledge.

>> No.53660365


>> No.53660378

70k survivors, there won't be humanity left, gj.

>> No.53660389

Not the guy you were responding to but I feel the need to say thank you. You're a good person.

>> No.53660401

Nah, that's enough for a stable breeding population.

>> No.53660413

Is that the 'Slaughtering Grounds' picture?!

>> No.53660424

Thx for doing the math for me
Also good point

>> No.53660440

What about the giant tits without the monster girl?

>> No.53660448

Spread across the globe/equator

>> No.53660460

No problem man, we've all been there and I'm happy to try and be there for people who are in the shit right now.

Stay good, friend.

>> No.53660493

So? Humans were reduced to that number at least once before, you know. We survived.

>> No.53660563

My wish of a happy day extends to you as well. There's a lot in this world, both good and bad: is it worth it to end it all now?
Whatever your answer is, make sure you've thought it throughly.
And remember that while people are born and die alone, no one living being truly is. There are others which you can share your burden with, so long as you're willing to look for them.
I am no psychiatrist nor philosopher, so this is the best advice I can give you.
Make of it what you wish.

>> No.53660589

I don't want people to die.
>World Polluted
Seems a likely scenario irl at this point.
>Lesson Learned
That would be great.
>No powers and gifts

I can only wish it will go like this in the real world. No threat to human survival, half of the pop survives and we fucking learn our lesson and stop destroying the ecosystems we depend on.

>> No.53660599

>That momkment when you realize you're basically recreating your ex.


Funny partially related pic as to not upset depressed anon

>> No.53660618

Fuckin' hell I should have thought of that when I posted.


>> No.53660644

>Kill a bunch of people because you were too much of a fucking bitch to even talk to girls?
Sounds like /CYOAg/ to me.

>> No.53660766

Nah, don't worry mang, I'm the only nigga so stupid to recreate his heartbreak without realizing it. The rest of the crew have been here for so long, they probably are immune to anything that causes waifu conflict.

I'm just laughing at how rekt I got without realizing it, we all need to have an eye opening experience from time to time.

>> No.53660949

There is a v2.2

>> No.53660967


>> No.53661152

New Thread:

>> No.53661358

would it be possible to go all god emperor of man on them?

>> No.53661445

you'd need power from another cyoa tho

>> No.53661465

I try to have plains for grain and coast for fish, and perhaps forests for swine and hens, but anything beyond that is silliness. As long as you've got enough food, a culinary tradition can grow up without any specific resource availability.

>> No.53662012

Traveler Tales question:
Non-Travelers are not allowed in Ae, does that include Noble Beasts and Abstract Shoggoths?
How does summoning (in general: demons, final fantasy monsters etc) works across dimensions/timelines?

>> No.53662134

Considering you can buy shoggoths and beasts, I think you're fine.

>> No.53662439

Considering Ae is supposed to be ultra safe and the effect GOO could have on them, I thought the Administration/Home Guard would ask Shoggoths and Greater Beasts to be leashed to a pole outside in some hubworld.

>> No.53662467

Have you even read the descriptions

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