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Magical realm edition?

> Resources (Crunch, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy Role-play)
WFB: http://www.pastebin.com/8rnyAa1S
WFRP: http://www.pastebin.com/0e6RuQux
Novels: https://mega.nz/#F!9Lw1WIRZ!eKxkOlAQwuZO3_8pHOK-EQ

> We're looking for these novels for the archive

> Alternative Warhammer Miniatures and Manufacturers
Tomb Kings Alternative: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tms-undying-dynasties-army-release#/
Bretonnia Alternative: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tms-kingdom-of-equitaine-army-release

> The 9th Age

> Warhammer Wikis
warhammerfb.wikia.com/wiki/Warhammer_Wiki (most complete)

> Warhammer Video Games
Total War Warhammer: store.steampowered.com/app/364360/
Vermintide: store.steampowered.com/app/235540/
Mordheim City of the Damned: store.steampowered.com/app/276810/
Bloodbowl 2: store.steampowered.com/app/236690/
Man O' War: http://store.steampowered.com/app/344240/
Return of Reckoning: https://www.returnofreckoning.com/

Last Thread: >>53583955

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The missing novel link has gone dead.

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Does anyone have any guidelines for using the corruption values from Tome of Corruption? What would create Severe corruption values? Would it be any old shrine or would that only happen with massive shards of warpstone or only with chaos portals?

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Some kind of demon weapon of great power or a one off item, maybe relating to demons.

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Posting some stuff about Cathayan kitbashing that I found at random online. It's out of order and I don't have all the pictures anyway.

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> https://twitter.com/totalwar/status/871713243441639426
High Elf roster reveal is today for any interested parties, might have interesting surprises considering how the Lizard roster went
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVyRy3OUtKg
Lizardmen roster reveal if you missed it

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I really like this, it's such a shame they don't do stuff like this anymore.

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Any chance to find WFRP 2nd Ed italian pdfs?

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Imagine the stuff GW could have done if they went to NOTasia

This is the worst Age of Sigmar has done.
True the old lore won't go away and will stay with us. But we won't get any new lore. No books, no armies, no new fluff.

Age of Sigmar took the future of the WHFB world.

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Granted, while the kitbashing is wonderful, I think the army suffers from using Bretonnia rules as a base - there's no cannons or crossbows or other things that you normally associate with not!China, let alone all the fantastical shit that was mentioned in bits of lore. Even the mostly-black colorscheme is a little boring, and you could argue the Men-at-Arms base doesn't look very Chinese.

I don't know, the fact that the fanbase hasn't disappeared has given me some hope. Maybe someone will take the disparate bits of lore about Cathay we have and try to make an armybook out of them - and maybe they'll be something beyond straight copying history like some fanbooks do. Besides, think about how people react to every move GW makes - do you think we would really be happy if GW was updating and adding new armies, likely with far less to them than we'd hope?

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I play Kings of War but with Warhammer lore.

And with the Kingdoms of Men armylist you could build a very nice Cathay army.

Or do a Nippon army.
With those miniatures it would even be possible:

But still. And 3 books novel series about some drunken master dude traveling Cathay would be pretty cool. Imagine Slaanesh opium dens, fighting Clan Eshin in his homegrounds, Kurgan hordes attacking the Bastion and add all the cool stuff of chinese mythology.

And what did we got? Endtimes and Age of Warcr... I mean Sigmar

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Are there any good movies that would go well with Warhammer not!asia?

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The Great Wall

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Seriously? Didn't it got a lot of flak?
Is it worth watching?

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Yeah, its worth a watch. A lot of the flak was over a white guy in China being the hero, and not the movie itself. It's not exactly an intelligent movie, but its a decent fantasy romp.

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Hai guys, im new here, i have been playing wfrp2 with friends for few months, and want to ask you few things

What do you guys think about 1 dodge and 1 parry per turn?
What if you take 6 hits on the face, even with 90 Dexterity you can dodge only one of them.

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The pictures mentioned the movie Hero, and you could probably include any movie or show set in China - Marco Polo's not bad. You could probably include plenty of kung-fu movies - I remember there being one with the main character timetravelling back to ancient China, though I don't remember the name of it. There's also the Chinese take on Mulan, the 2009 film.

There's probably a lot of literature and myth too, but I don't know much. There's an 'Outlaws of the Marsh' book, but it's a bit of a boring read - the gist of it is a bunch of dudes from various parts of society of become (chivalrous) bandits, fated by heaven to all be together, and some of them have supernatural strength or other abilities and skills. And there's one fight where a ghost intervenes.

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I heard that having the winds of magic flow through you is a considerable rejuvenator. How much does the lifespan of a magic user get increased?

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Who is the pontus of the old world?

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chaos dwarfs

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You mean the Hannibal, like the original joke is based on? Since Pontus is a place and all. It'd probably be Mannfred - 'we should destroyed Sylvania, every vampire, skeleton, and zombie, many years ago,' Mannfred is sneaky and will probably attack from some direction that they don't expect, etc.

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I'd rather have Age of Sigmar than

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no, that's surtha ek.

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I don't really get the new layout for the armybooks in 9th.
Say for example the Empire book unit Marshal. Is the Marshal able to be a great tactician AND pick from the other options that the regular marshals can take? Or is he cucked forever and will stand there with his fullplate and hand weapon just shouting orders?

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Not on his shield
0/10 shit mod

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Just a polite notice that /tg/'s Blood Bowl league is starting up again shortly, with a clean slate of teams so this is the ideal time to join up. We use the free java applet and website FUMBBL rather than the official video game, which is missing chunks of teams and rules.

You'll be expected to play a game per week for six rounds, with playoffs to decide the Champions. Pop over to /bbg/ if you're interested >>53568389

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>Kurgan hordes attacking the Bastion

Hung I think.

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God that film was awful.

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If they ever existed I doubt there will be any floating around. You may still be able to buy them somewhere though. I'm sure there's a website that sells old RPG's in PDF format.

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Cool army but I would have worked the other way from historical miniatures, I guess they couldn't do this in White Dwarf though.

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> Normiebook live.

Why? Could they not have put it on Twitch or something?

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They supposedly get more people watching when they stream to Facebook, but I don't get why they don't do both. The fact that it won't let you watch unless you log in is bullshit thought.

There'll hopefully be a post on the site with the roster after the stream is done and a YT recording later.

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I really wish CA added Shield Bearers in TWW

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>The fact that it won't let you watch unless you log in is bullshit thought.
It's for the bean-counters, so they know just how well the advertising is working.

Same principle as how you have to sign in to the local facebook page if you want to use your GW store's wifi. They know not every stop at the location results in a purchase, so this gives them additional info about how much foot traffic they're getting.

>tfw you have to wait for 3 more armies worth of previes and such before you can crush warmblood with your saurian might

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Really good, only the White Lion chariot can be seen as annoying to miss but the rest is brilliant.

Taking this from the /vg/ thread of missing units and new units.

>Anointed of Asuryan,

>Dragon Mage,
>Handmaiden of the Everqueen,
>Sea Helm,

Other units
>Shadow Warrrior,
>White Lion Chariot,
>Lothern Skycutter,
>Sisters of Avelorn

We do have new units which are
>Gate Guard-Garrison force at Fortress Gates (only in campaign).
>Ithilmar Chariot-Strong melee chariot
>All Dragons can be independent monsters-Sun Dragon, Moon Dragon, Star Dragon.
>Princess-Female Prince

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Holy crap. I thought for sure they we're going to cut the phoneixs. Glad their in.

But is any worried about how they kept saying "This is the best unit type in the game" High Elves looking really OP...

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Its a shame I do play any games where I can use Lizardmen, they were always my favourite. I might end up buying some just to paint them.

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Does China have a lot of historical miniatures to work from? Either way, it is cool to see them making something 'good enough' from GW bits.

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Looking good overall.

My only disappointment was that none of the other Sea Guard stuff got in.

I based my army on Cothique so I would have liked to be able to build an army of sea elves.

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I dunno, GEs, RBTs, SG, SH, and Tyrion are basically the full Lothern list minus the 8e skychariots and apparently few of us like those.

Hey, anyone know if there's a preorder box set? I'd shell out for a real Teclis hat and plushie shoulder Skink.

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Depends which period you want, most people seem to think Cathay is Ming China so there will be loads of 28mm models, most probably in metal though.

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It would have been nice to have Sea Helm as an available hero, maybe even with a bonus for naval battles.

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Sea Lord Aislinn DLC?

High Elves have a lot of named characters to choose from actually.

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>loads of 28mm models

There are very few and even fewer good/accurate ones.

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If I had sculpting skills or ludicrous dosh I'd want to get a range of models for Korea and China going. There's plenty of good samurai on the market to go with them.

>> No.53654328


Here's some.


Ignore the shit paintjobs.


I'm sure Perry has a range of Koreans.

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Can you fuck off with your shilling bullshit please?

>> No.53654426

While not terrible, those aren't even up to mid 90s GW standards.

>> No.53654514

Found the GW employee.

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Speaking of TMS.

Is anyone excited for 9th Age 2.0?

Or has all enthusiasm died for it.

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I'm waiting for more lore.
I care about that more than rules.

Warhammer having a Rome was a great idea, not sure what to think of their Chaos and greenskin lore but I'm keeping an open mind.

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>8th edition with a new coat of paint

Speaking of which, is there a mod for Total Warhammer that removes all units released after the 6th edition? Or at least after the 7th edition.

>> No.53656223

T9A moved away from 8.5 into new game territory with the last update actually.

>> No.53656241

Nobody would want to make such a mod since the rebalancing needed would be insane.

>> No.53656279

Alarielle is pretty much confirmed as the first High Elf DLC lord, with the Handmaidens as the bonus unit

>> No.53656959


I don't really think there's a market for that.

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where can I find rules for siege scenarios and castle walls?

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Just found out river trolls are gone

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Unwashed Masses confirmed for next squatted.

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Pantheon Of Chaos 2 just started!
Get your Malal army cheap or get Chaos minis designed by Tony Ackland himself.


>> No.53658831


For 8E I believe they're in the main rulebook.

>> No.53658890


It'll be a re-boxing with rounds.

>> No.53659928

Reminder to click "email me" on every out of stock miniature on GWs website that still ships with square bases. Don't let aoscuckies win.

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are these what you're looking for? they're called troggoths if so.

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>Ignore the shit paintjobs.
The problem isn't the paintjobs,the problem is the ahistorical sculpts courtesy of Osprey Publishing.

>I'm sure Perry has a range of Koreans.
This is probably the best range for a post-Mongol East Asian aesthetic.

>> No.53660772


Doesn't really matter about it being historically incorrect does it? They're for Fantasy.

>> No.53660795

Wait, 9th Age lore exists as more than a cheap excuse to keep the GW legal team off their backs?

>> No.53660888


Quads of hope.

They have sold out but it was a box with square bases, this happened with the skeletons and they came back with rounds.

One interesting thing we can glean from this is that GW is putting round and square kits under a different stock code.

>> No.53660923


Doesn't quite activate my almonds like the last batch did.

Who's selling the old ones anyway? I assume after the KS they went on to regular retail?

>> No.53660980

Increasingly so.

People want to look forward to new lore, so some folks enjoy reading it.

>> No.53661034

>I refuse to believe the 1980s ended: The Kickstarter

I get people wanting the bizarreness of 1980s Chaos back, but the whole aesthetic has aged poorly, IMO.

>> No.53661041


They said more will be added though. Strange to not have it all at the start though.

>> No.53661063


Thanks, is there a game for them? I was thinking of using the SBG for them.

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Nah, that's like saying Starcraft 2 designs look better than Starcraft 1 to me.

It just looks cheap and cluttered or oversimplified now. The feel is gone.

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> TFW the woman with the scorpion tail is the only one I want and she's not on.

>> No.53661112

No, they're just minis for whatever you want to use them with. There was suggestion of their own game eventually, but they're made for Warhammer.

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Compare to this.

Check the bottom, they say more will be added later.

Notice how the Hook Horror, their signature model, isn't there either?

>> No.53661230

Those two aren't very different. I see more in common between those two than I do with '80s versus new Chaos.

I think my problem may be more with the sculpting style though. Ackland's clearly still got that '80s approach to model designs, back when the limited casting tech meant that they were restricted to whatever poses worked with a simple two-part mould.

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File: 110 KB, 639x830, Chaos Dwarfs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


They go well with Warmonger game's old Kev stuff as well.

They should make a skirmish game for them, I can't see many people wanting to splash out on the number you would need for Warhammer.

>> No.53661771

If you're going with the master race of square bases you have to restrict movement.

Although to be fair modern GW poses are pretty much just dance moves.

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File: 83 KB, 1024x591, MIN1006_1024x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Doesn't really matter about it being historically incorrect does it? They're for Fantasy.
I should have framed it better.

The author of the Osprey volume inexplicably depicted lamellar as padded armor(E2) and the existing miniature ranges followed suit.

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File: 1.87 MB, 3791x3792, Tibetan lamellar 2b c1500-1700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lamellar from that time period.

>> No.53662536

>tfw the oos items you want are going to come back in stock as round based aoshit minis


i bet theyll increase the price and decrease the models per box too.

>> No.53663139

We got ourselves a regular fuckin Nostrodomus over here.

>> No.53663344

don't let it be true ;_;

>> No.53663464

I'm currently working on a mod for TW:W That gives Franz access to some of the Lore of Heavens spells as abilities with no casting cost. I've already made a modified Uranonn's Thunderbolt as the ability "Lord of Heavens" and I'm wondering what other abilities would be lore-friendlyish in making a Not!Franz Ascendant.

>> No.53663928


The trend lately is to increase the price but increase the models also so it's less per mini.

It's almost like GW realised their shit is a bit over-costed, shame they had to destroy everything to reach this conclusion.

>> No.53664313

What else could it possibly be?
This is Games fucking Workshop.
At any point assuming anything but the worst from them is being prepared for disappointment.

Lightning strikes like Blood Bowl resurrected and licensing WFB for vidya can't be counted on.

>> No.53664908

Neat. Some sort of harmonic convergence buff, or that flaming swords buff to signify Franz inspiring his armies with HOLY MIGHT.

>> No.53664987

I'm thinking a passive like Roiling Skies except more... not limited to just enemy flyers which is already super fucking limited in the game considering the lack of majority flying units.

>> No.53665024

If you're making a global debuff against all enemy units, I'm assuming this isn't meant to be balanced. In which case, I'd say go hog wild. Make it a constant mortis engine type affect that has a 500m range or something as the forces of evil literally disintegrate when in range of Karl's goodness.

>> No.53665280

I'm not necessarily thinking a passive that hits the whole enemy force or the whole ally force. I'd like for it to be balanced. But something that buffs morale or keeping with the Wind of Heavens theme, increasing missile resistance for Karl's army.

Like Metal Shifting gives a +4% bonus to armor piercing damage. Life-leeching improves wind Recharge rate, smoke and Mirrors increases speed by +6% Life Bloom heals everyone when a spell is cast.

I'm thinking like... +10% missile resistance or... ya know, something that isn't absurd. Just more useful than Roiling Skies (-8 Melee Defense, -6 Missile Parry (with Shield) but only if the enemy is flying) I mean I could just remove the "With Flying" trait and lazy out of it. Lord of Thunder is just an Overcast Urannon's Thunderbolt you don't pay winds for afterall.

>> No.53665465

Roiling Skies variant (Not sure what to do with it, but failing anything, I'll knock off the flying restriction and just have it lower the enemies Melee defense by 8 and their Missile Parry by 6.) - Call it something like... Wind of Azyr

Harmonic Convergence variant (probably just make it Overcast Harmonic Convergence on a cooldown of like 90) call it something like - In Sigmar's Name

Either a self-buff, a summon spell (If there was an unmounted Griffon unit I'd have that) Or a vortex like chain lightning. Essence of Ghal Maraz or something like that.

And then finish it off with Lord of Thunder, dropping his lightning bolts.

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Where do you think WFB failed as a setting? It's not perfect, it has to have some failures.

>> No.53666760

>Where do you think WFB failed as a setting?
Some of the 7th/8th ed stuff was shit, and the elf-wank could get obnoxious. I think it also squandered Asia and the Middle East, and left the Chaos Dwarfs on the back burner for too long.

I also think cutting out the Gods of Order was a mistake. Leaving it as just Chaos added to the rot.

>> No.53667255
File: 1.46 MB, 245x190, tumblr_n80m5hVPLr1rk1aixo2_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd rather have "Rebuild of Warhammer" than

>> No.53667273

The whole Chaos overwank and "everything stems from Chaos" shit, for one, though I guess that's more-or-less a given.

Also what >>53666760 said.

>> No.53668101

Are there any non chaos worshipping human mongol like nomads/horse archers in the Warhammer Fantasy world?

>> No.53668121

This is inaccurate. It needs more adjectives and nounverbs.

>> No.53668178
File: 77 KB, 616x603, 86c5cb95b7857f34854a730827a542b1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was an issue with early 40K models too. You got some seriously unnatural poses with a lot of the infantry stuff, since they couldn't do undercuts properly. This Marine's an example.

> Although to be fair modern GW poses are pretty much just dance moves.

True, but that's been a problem with some models for as long as I can remember.

>> No.53668451

at the top of the box it says you may choose on of the following

>> No.53668853

I thought I was the only one to want this... Brother... Where have you been?

>> No.53669013


>> No.53669173

This >>53666760
What miffed me the most tho was that as a setting, Chaos and expecially Archaon and Belacuck were shoehorned so much that it basicaly turned into a "NUH-UH CHAOS WINS LOL GET REKT" fuckfest

I get the feeling of fighting a losing battle, but nobody has fun in playing a game where you cannot win by writer fiat

Warhammer fantasy unfortunally went downhill after Storm of Chaos, when GW wanted to "advance the plot" instead o leaving the setting as it was, listening to all the shitters that don't understand the difference between a videogame storyline and a ttg setting.

They could've fluffed it like a great offensive of the forces of order, taking the fight to the enemy for once, but they just couldn't see that a villain that wins by default is not something enjoyable

I'm not saying that Order should've rekt Chaos, but at least it would've made a significant shift in tone while leaving everything else as it was

Now the same thing is happening to 40k because they want to make a unified game system between the two

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File: 69 KB, 540x537, jinete ungol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ungols specifically.

>> No.53670810


>We’ve hit on something we think is a pretty good opportunity to add some more content to the game, so there will be a new Race Pack released later in the year, before WARHAMMER II is released.

>No, it’s not Kislev (sorry!), but the New Content team have got some rather unique gameplay mechanics for this new Race, and it will come with a small update to the main game and a Free-LC drop. This particular Free-LC will benefit not only main game owners, but also DLC owners too this time.

This new race has to be Tilea with the Dogs of War, right?

>> No.53670826

what will they add that isn't already covered by the mod?

>> No.53670915

Mods are mods. Official models and mechanics are always welcome in my opinion.

Others are guessing Middenheim with the Cult of Ulric and such.

>> No.53670945

that would possibly be true. The mod does a pretty great job at adding varied mechanics and only seems to be lacking pikes right now.

A playable good horde would be fucking grand though.

>> No.53670995

Other people are suggesting Estalia as Estalian Conquistadors are appearing in the second game in Lustria.

Could be a decent way to introduce them before the second game. Still hoping for Dogs of War with a mercenary mechanic.

>> No.53671040

If I had to choose between tilea and estalia, I would choose the latter.

A Dog of war mod is actually on the workshop right now and it is basically a good guy horde mod. A Dog of war DLC which doesn't allow you to settle but has massive boosts to sacking and ransoming of prisoners along with permanent military access would be a great way to play the game. We don't have a Good Guy Horde faction yet, which was one of the most fun aspects in attila.

>> No.53671202

I agree with the good guy horde as that would unique and great to play.

I would actually choose Tilea as lore-wise, I think Tilea has no official armies and uses all mercenaries for military business.

I think Estalia is similar except that it has some official military with the Conquistadors. What about the Border Princes? How do they work in terms of mercs and soldiers?

>> No.53671254

border princes is pretty much unknown except that exiled empire lords rule over petty towns and fiefs, and occasional bretonnian lords too. It's basically the wild west of the old world

The benefit of using estalia IMO would be to add morions to the game along with actual pikes. You can use them to create tilean armies rather well. And having some level of grounded non knightly shock cavalry in the form of conquistadors would add to the game.

>> No.53671354

Estalia has very little to differentiate themselves from the Empire really. They have pikemen. That's about it.

Tilea/Dogs of War at least have a certain amount of variety. And they would have 'unique campaign mechanics' as mentioned in the announcement.
Mercenaries would add new content for all the other factions too, which is something also alluded to.

>> No.53671394


My only major gripe was that Bretonnia was left to wallow when it could have been the poster faction for the entire game. They seem to have completely squandered them.

It's difficult to talk about something so subjective as successes and failures though.

>> No.53671400

That sounds good, a dlc pack containing Estalia and Tilea.

The forums are betting on either the Southern Realms as we have been mentioning or Norsca.

Norsca could have Wulfrik the Wanderer as a LL and Norscan Berserkers, werecreatures and Chaos Mammoths as units.

>> No.53671469

Completely forgot the second game has rogue armies wandering about that are made up of a random collection of different races units.

Dogs of War would be perfect for that.

>> No.53671485


Yeah it's a fucking mess. It's because they've tried to reduce the number of units and have a flow chart of wargear such as if he picks X he can take equipment from the Y list but it just looks like a spider's ran over with a pen.

Just have a good read of the page and below you will find he can be a Grand Tactician and take equipment from the Marshal list.

>> No.53671513

Making Bretonnia the poster faction would have never helped it. The empire stands out much better.

>> No.53671556


When they say 'new mechanics' it makes me think Dogs of War since they're a mercenary band and would have to keep fighting for gold to keep the army together.

>> No.53671631


Maybe not but people love knights in shining armour and GW had a good head-start with Bretonnia but instead of developing them they turned them into the battle sisters of Fantasy.

Bretonnia was the only medieval faction in the game and could have drawn on so many things.

>> No.53671660

thanks man

>> No.53671678

fantasy has plenty of knights in shining armor, and the warcraft comparisons would be too many then. The empire is as unique as it gets for fantasy humans.

>> No.53671681


Post your list if you want, I play Empire as well but have never played 9th Age. I'm interested to see what an army looks like.

>> No.53671774


I'm sure people could still tell the difference between baroque Bretonnia and fisher-price armour.

>> No.53671805

but bretonnia is thematically far more similar to warcraft humans than the empire is aesthetically. Both of them live in fancy castles with nice disneyland architecture. Bretonnian cities look like dalaran architecture.

The empire is far more unique because of it's 1500s aesthetic and gothic architecture.

>> No.53671834


Calm down I never said to replace the Empire with them, I just said they could have been what stormcast are for AoS, they could have been popular if GW hadn't hamstrung them.

>> No.53671932

1. Chaos wank
2. Retconning the fuck out of Dark Elf lore
3. Never updating Chaos Dwarfs and Bretonnia.
4. Never elaborating on Cathay, Ind, Khuresh and Nippon.

>> No.53672065

Nah it would've never worked. Bretonnia was a nice addition, but as much as i like it, it was an an addition and nothing else.
Even if i agree bretonnia didn't deserve the treatment it got from GW, the Empire has always been the main human faction

>> No.53672116

Cathay, ind,kuresh and nippon never really mattered.
We already had plenty of variety as it was, maybe even too much since some factions were completely ignored save a couple nerds here and there

>> No.53672253


>> No.53672298

Skaven are going to feature in tw:w 2, i don't think they'll appear before that

>> No.53673243
File: 104 KB, 720x1096, High Elves Concept 7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I don't know why people always ask for this, if GW did Asia it would have been half arsed shit that would have only disappointed them because the Old World was always the main focus, just like Tolkien focused on Middle-Earth and the Easterling's kingdom was pretty much completely unexplored.

They only had time to do one continent, use your imagination for the others. We know enough, we know what time period most of them are, we know their geography.

>> No.53673510

Four continents.

Also, once you establish the factions and characters you are done. Nobody wanted plot progression.

>> No.53673680


Which ones? As far as I know none of the others like Ulthuan and Lustia came anywhere near to the detail the Old World had.

Place like Naggarond and Ulthuan weren't really continents anyway since they had one race and were more like massive islands for them to inhabit.

>> No.53673720

Continents are continents anon, there was a fair number of novels giving us good details about Lust/Ulth/Nagg, and they had 30 years to flesh things out.
In older canon they actually did.

The problem is most writing is about Chaos, and Chaos mostly just fucks with the OW. Hence no fucks given.

Shit, Nehekhara was fleshed out in two books.

>> No.53674067

I hope it's Estalia. I want proper pikemen, and Conquistadors!

>> No.53674187

Tell me what you think /tg/

Two separate but complementary game lines: Warhammer fantasy Battles and Warhammer Fantasy Battles: Eastern Kingdoms

the first, we already know

The second concentrates on the eastern part of the the warhammer world, taking place during the great Ogre invasion, and presents a more over the top/wuxia feeling with crazy magic and more dynamic fighting

Factions are:
Ogre Kingdoms, who are basically the "bridge" between the two games

Cathay, who are basically the high elves of the setting, with their huge dragon emperor and his magic, with legions upon legions of spearmen

Khuresh is basically the Lustria placeholder, allowing you to play lizardmen, but with the addition of human allies/slaves

Nippon is what you expect from a land called nippon. Small fuckawesome units of samurais, big blobs of paesants. basically East's Bretonnia, but with the option to field dismounted knights

Eastern Beastmen, with lion and tigermen instead of goatmen and elephant people instead of minotaurs

Ind, a highly magical race that fields a lot of warrior-priests but have sub-par armor. They are not exactly a "chaos" faction, but have some elite units in common with the eastern beastmen. Their HQ is basically Tiger Mask but also has magic and make extensive use of war beasts

The Hobgoblins, le by hobgobla khan, are the greenskins of this setting. very centered around wolf cavalry, they don't have the animosity problem of orcs&goblins but are a bit squishier than orcs and less numerous than goblins, very good at kiting

Finally, the Raiders of the Great Steppes are the chaos faction, again a cavalry-centered faction, but rides horses instead of wolves, and tend toward a more medium-heavy approach with respectable dismounted units and strong magic options. These guys can be played as chaos marauders in regular warhammer

The system would be more centered about mobility and fast and brutal combat, rather than grueling rank 'n file meatgrinders

>> No.53674965


Sounds good but I would be more inclined to go down the route of enclaves, so that each faction has a base near the other to allow contact. ie, maybe Cathay has a small trading outpost on Albion that would allow them contact with the Old World. Likewise the Empire has it's version of Hong Kong.

>> No.53675412

Maoist China and anime Japan are shit
Wuxia 3 kingdoms and feudal Japan areally two badass settings. It's a shame what weebs and communist have done to their own image.

>> No.53676092
File: 7 KB, 250x310, Ljusets blomma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's my schtick. I'm from 7th edition warhammer and I played bretonnia. Since the people down at the club has started with 9th age I want in on that.
This way I can use my /hwg/ historical models and use for warhammer which I've wanted to get back to for quite some time. I have models from around the turn of the century(from BC to AD) and as such I can't use blackpowder yet. Since I want to start of small I'll just post my 2k points as a starter and if someone ha pointers, that'd be great.

Here's what I'm thinking.

Wizard lvl 2 with alchemy

60 spearmen with a magical banner(FC)

20 supporting archers(or two regiments of 10)

5 electoral cavalry with shield and lance

20 imperial guard with hand weapons and shields only(FC)

5 reiters with shield and light lance

This rounds up to about 2000 points which is comparable to the old 1000 small standard list

>> No.53676288

sums up all of the end times crap nicely

>> No.53676410

Gotta be Araby. They're adding in the Southlands, and while the Tomb Kings could feasibly be skipped around as a scary desert, not including Araby would be confusing.

>> No.53676466

they can add araby as an npc faction just like tilea estalia bp etc. no way they add araby as playable before tilea/estalia/middenheim/kislev/bp

>> No.53676483
File: 350 KB, 1080x1223, Storm-of-what-if-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>villain that wins by default is not something enjoyable
Should be
>any faction that wins by default is not something enjoyable

Back in the end times shit storm, similar sentiments were made to shake the world lore without killing the setting.

>> No.53676485

It could've been nice to have some mercenary forces or something, but you have a point - it's hard enough explaining how some factions get around to fighting each other, being on opposite sides of the world already. How would you explain the Asian factions, who have apparently been just sitting around minding their own business this whole time? Aside from Eshin assassin training and the Dark Elves raiding Cathayan ports, almost nothing has happened over there.

>> No.53676529

kinda makes me proud to have been part of the thread where that comment was made.

>> No.53676640
File: 34 KB, 500x461, 1452857269707.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Much like the Old World itself approaching oblivion, there were anons who fought against the dying of the settings light.

>> No.53676774


Oh I see, are you the guy with the Romans?

I think it looks pretty good going by my 8th edition knowledge, all I would suggest is maybe drop to 10 archers, hide the wizard in here and use the points to get more electoral cavalry. When they have shield and lance they don't tend to hit very hard and are sometimes better as an anvil, so 10 would be a better number. 5 is more useful for when they have great weapons and they can hunt enemy war machines.

>> No.53677163
File: 65 KB, 459x450, 1352680218037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am indeed. Seeing as I can get ahold of shitloads of legionaries, i'd really want to horde up a unit of imperial guards but maybe that isn't viable. Can you build a force around that and have it not be shit?
50 fullplate, shield and sword wielding dudes in horde mode with FC is around 880 points so that's a lot of eggs in one basket. Add to that a Warrior priest, which I think is neccessary, that's almost half an army.

>> No.53677963

Estalia was never playable and Tilea doesn't even have an official army, meanwhile Araby had a full army in Warmaster.

>> No.53678165
File: 359 KB, 275x494, KingJorundrsKith.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/twg/ seems to be of the mind its Norsca that's the new playable faction. I'm inclined to agree, since Norsca has alot more units that it can use from both the tabletop, and the lore.

>> No.53678228

It seems weird, since the Norscan tribes are already pretty well fleshed out. They have pretty much everything they need, what more do you need to add? If they were actually including the other WoC tribes - the Hung and the Kurgan - then we could talk, but even then it's not like they have anything mechanically separating them that would require any new content.

Estalia, Tilea or Kislev make more sense because right now they're just Empire clones, which doesn't really match how they are in the lore. Kislev's out because it couldn't benefit TWW:2 players much, so it's either Tilean mercenary regiments or Estalian conquistadors and not!Knights Errant.

>> No.53678280

>spatial-temporal scope
>magi-technological scope
>factions motivations outside self preservation

many factions were either with simple and counted relations and/or passive; despite warhammer being appreciated for its gritty down to earth fantasy you can't really believe people didn't actually want the other end of the spectrum too; again, looking at what people like about 40k we can see how its timeline and its setting map was treated differently in comparison with fantasy, with an almost endless horizon of possibilities and numerous centuries to explore with what can be called "the present's armoury"; the chaoswank is easy for all to see, turning the setting into a duality of forces + corollary cameos is just bad for what the setting is supposed to be.

unsurprisingly these are the things GW ended up touching with the transition to AoS as it is doing for 40k as well on a lesser scale except for the first, I guess.

really the problem with the new was that it didn't grow on the old but rather in place of it.

>> No.53678285

araby isnt even on the map in tww1. they arent going to expand the map in a free dlc

>> No.53678378

it's going to be skaven and you know it, deep down

>> No.53678394

Estalia doesn't even have conquistadors in fluff, the only conquistadors are Pirazzo's Lost Legion from Tilea.

>> No.53678439

>WFRP4E is happening

GW knows AoS can't last.

>> No.53678490
File: 140 KB, 325x397, pirazzo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

An AoS RPG is happening too. They just like dosh.

Yeah, it's weird that pic related is actually Tilean.

>> No.53678512

Have a guy with a morion, shield and stabby sword, that's good enough for me even if it's just some sword militia.

Anons have made fun vague unit lists for Estalia in the past, I think they could really do something, and out of all the factions they're the ones most likely to both be in T:WW and T:WW2 and benefit from a race pack.

>> No.53678929

Daily reminder that age of sigmar happened and there is no going back.

>> No.53678944

I'd be happy if they could just do both

>> No.53678975

I never played fantasy anyway, at least i still have the RPGs

>> No.53679119

Total Warhammer 2 releases later this year, brah.

>> No.53679160

You can always get into Total War Warhammer or just play with the old rules.

>> No.53679321

And not to shill for them, but it is pretty good. And I personally can't wait for 2, to play Lizardmen. The mega-campaign map is going to make for some nice replayability too. Especially since I'm not going to wait for it to come out to start killing warm bloods.

>> No.53680682


There used to be a list for 8th that basically worked around a core of great swords in the middle and two largish units of halberds on each flank.

They go into a bit of detail here:


I think 40 would be enough.

>> No.53680779

Daily reminder that we don't give a fuck and there IS going back.

>> No.53680798
File: 85 KB, 380x393, Boris Ursa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There is... but I rather hope they don't to be honest.

>> No.53680868

What do you mean? You don't want people to continue playing Oldhammer, KoW, Warmaster, WHFRP and TWW?

>> No.53680981


I do but we don't need GW to do that. All these games are growing at a sustainable rate or in the case of Oldhammer they don't need GW.

What killed Fantasy was that GW expected too much from it, they wanted it to be 40K which is massively inflated and almost destined to continue falling as alternatives are presented and rather than accept this fact GW feels compelled to radically change the setting to try and appeal to new audiences which I didn't want to happen to Fantasy.

>> No.53681280

I see, you have a fair point.

>> No.53683538
File: 58 KB, 650x472, gallery_7_37034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.53683571

Oh my God JC a bomb!

>> No.53685341


It was quite funny watching Cubicle 7 wheel out the AoS RPG as GW held a gun to the back of their heads.

>> No.53685501

Hahahaa, holy shit, there's an Age of Sigmar RPG? Jesus Christ, why? The setting is- wait, shit, can't talk about it in this thread.

>> No.53685545


I can kind of see why a designer may want to make the game since it's basically a blank canvas, but who the fuck would want to play it?

Half the AoS players don't give a fuck about the fluff and the other half all probably have contradictory interpretations of the information provided and will be disappointed by it.

>> No.53686767

Whatever it is I hope its better than the Bretonnia update. Bretonnia in the campaign is just not fun. (Every faction event seems to be negative or neutral at best, hard as hell to expand on hardest difficulties compared to other factions).

>> No.53686817

Wouldn't making Norsca playable really fuck with Warriors of Chaos being the end game? They're kind of meant to be swallowed up by WoC

>> No.53686850

Kislev fucking when?

For the Tzarina!

>> No.53686967

that's total war diplomacy for you.
also this. Adding stuff to norsca would be good for the 3rd game, but not the second.

>> No.53686992
File: 164 KB, 400x281, Everast_Sentinels.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could be a good chance to flesh out the setting...or could just be vague like D&D, equally good for some realmdungeon romp or for someone attempting to create some political skullduggery in Azyrsigmarcity or whatever. I can't see it being 'like WHRP, but AoS.' The RPG and the setting both don't support that.

Bretonnia is slower and not really meant to be graabing lots of territory - it's biggest threat is Norscan raids, and at home there's no serious threat of war - until Mousilion feels tougher and the Wood Elves get mean enough, that is. But the Dwarves and Empire states shouldn't pick on Bretonnia unduly.

You slowly expand by confederating allies and gaining honor by beating up invaders, stretch a helping hand over to Franz when the WoC invade, and pluck some choice territories from the ruins, if you chose. Between Bretonnia and Marienburg, you should have a solid economic and military base - once you thrash enough Norscans or Undead or whatever, you go on a big crusade north or south and that's that. I respect it for loosely aligning with Bretonnia's fluff and feel, choosing honor and glory over conquest and expansion. Even if I feel Bretonnia is a little too free of Beastmen and Waaghs to make sitting around for plenty of turns as fun as it could be.

The initial Orc event is very negative, but once you survive that, most of them are pretty beneficial, or have some trade-off. Could get more experienced knights, or better charges, defensive buffs for peasants or leadership bonuses. Better paladins, or better damsels, better farms or better industry. Sometimes you do have to pick between two negatives, but it's better than some other factions choices where it's 'do you want to pay up, or get punished?' and can be fucked over for too-little funds.

>> No.53687139

>bretonnia in marienburg
reminder that bretonnia exists so that Karl Franz has a place to blob into without disturbing the empire.

>> No.53687493

The northern part of the Empire is for conquering/resettling by Bretonnia as the Empire struggles to hold the south, to ready up before the conquest of Estalia. Guess all that work with gundpowder doesn't make it any easier to keep a grip on that powder keg of fractured states, hon hon hon.

Seriously, I have never seen the Empire go farther north than Carroburg, let alone resettle conquered territory. They always head for the Border Princes instead - it's too easy to knock around Nordland and Middenland or let the northern states kill each other or be killed by Chaos, with no Reikland fingers lifted. Radical Ulrican suspicions confirmed.

>> No.53687622

I don't mind it being hard. If every campaign would be just steamroller it would be boring.

>> No.53687948

The empire resettles somewhat frequently. It's just that norscan doomstacks burn it to the ground.

>> No.53688601

I have a feeling. They announced that they can add factions/armies for those who didn't have army books.
I'm thinking Albion.

>> No.53688795

People suspect it's Norsca because of pic related.
CA really likes teasing through puns.

>> No.53688819
File: 559 KB, 423x628, Wulfrik.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53688827

Game 3, probably.

They'll need some form of good-guy faction. Also, something about the way CA immediately shot down the expectations of the new race pack being Kislev makes me think that they're planning on adding them further down the line.

>> No.53688834
File: 49 KB, 567x716, 1496874226868.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot pic.

>> No.53688846
File: 93 KB, 600x634, img4257e8a1b045b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wulfrik the literal wanderer disagrees with your etin

seeing the maruader forge would be pretty neat though, easily would be largest model in the game.

>> No.53688872

Mammoths would also make a good deal of sense from a practical perspective, since their model can be reused for arabian elephants.

>> No.53688918
File: 72 KB, 541x493, ulfwerener1_zpsbcb88cfc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the skeleton and walking animation yes, but those mammoths are oliphant sized.

Still it's all conjecture at this point. what else could they even flesh the norse roster with

I guess these guys

>> No.53688928

>what else could they even flesh the norse roster with

Obviously 14 different chaos hound and chariot.variations.

Also shieldmaidens because muh female representations.

>> No.53689055

Is there a place where I can download Warhammer Fantasy looking tokens for Roll20?

>> No.53689084

Check out the Norse armylist in Citadel Journal 6.

>> No.53689092

If CA are actually doing Norsca then they're retarded.
Each race pack released so far has in excess of 12 new units, not including lords, heroes and variants (arrow types etc)

Norsca has, what, 3 unique units? And the rest is shared with Chaos Warriors. That's not a race pack. That's barely half of a campaign pack. All you're going to do is piss off the people who have already paid for Chaos Warriors.

>> No.53689166


thanks anon I've been scouring for norse entries of units in lore

Ice trolls
Ice drakes
Yeti Beastmen

more chariots

Named characters we have a heap
Norsca didn't really have an army but a heap of stuff is touched on in lore sources

>> No.53689417

How would they implement a nation if the region it's located in isn't included in the game?

>> No.53689571

What I wouldn't do to be able to play as a nurgle viking horde-fleet that ravages the coasts of the civilised lands on the quest for glory, gold and the blessings of Papa.

>> No.53689590

You forgot Khornate berserkers.

>> No.53690669

or playing as wulfrik the wanderer, sailing through the warp on your ghost demon boat and fighting all the toughest bastards(and winning)

Getting aligned units before game 3? heresy anon, at best we will see one more of the big demons in game 2, what else is behind the gate afterall

>> No.53691131

How would they go about implementing BSBs in tww? Just giving heros an option to take a magic banner would be a nice addition

>> No.53691197

fairly simply right, make them as a single hero esque unit but have them have an ability which restores all units in a small area routing around it to full morale, long cooldown . Make the hero quite as strong as a mage statwise but with no knockback/aoe.
Done, you have a bsb

>> No.53691221


is anything known about what system or continuity they're using?

>> No.53691345

It's based on wfrp 1 and 2e. So presumably d100.
Nothing else known as far as I can tell.

>> No.53691534

that's... a little disappointing. 3e was rough but it had the germ of something cool in it.

Still a D100 system could be fine, but I hope these guys are savvy enough designers to identify the actual problems in the original WFRP rules (Black Industries were not).

>> No.53691585

regimental standard bearers would add much more if you ask me.

The only thing I really miss from the Total War implementation of the tabletop is the ability to embed lords and heroes as upgrades to units. I don't like that every empire general is an solo ass-kicking monster of a man.

>> No.53692415


I hope not, I don't think Albion can be classed as a power with an army like the other Warhammer states. It's mainly just Celts and Druids. Good place for an RPG adventure though.

>> No.53692549


Well all they've said is that it will be based more on the 2nd edition than the 3rd, as far as I know there's no confirmation of what system they will be using.

I would assume it will borrow from the Cubicle 7 house style, whatever that is.

>> No.53692581

Why not Kislev? Even the Kurgan and Hung are more nomadic.

>> No.53692755

Already confirmed it's not Kislev.

It's either Dogs of War (Estalia, Tilea and Border Princes) or Norsca. Has to be one of these two.

>> No.53693188
File: 1.34 MB, 712x950, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With the Brass Cleaver on a lord mounted on a chariot he would gain attacks for each model the chariot is in base contact with, correct?

Also how do chariots work in a challenge?

>> No.53693229

Yes, it works on characters mounted on chariots.

For the purposes of the challenge, it is assumed that the character leaves the chariot.
You still apply imppact hits, bu otherwise the chariot doesn't participate and can't be attacked either.

>> No.53693270

I assume the beasts pulling the chariot and the driver still get to make their attacks?

>> No.53693678

Why does it have to be Norsca? Again, why can't it be Kurgan or Hung?

>> No.53693783

Norsca used to be mostly non-chaotic, the old army list is from that era.

>> No.53693813

There are no Dogs of War from Estalia and Border Princes are a completely separate thing.

>> No.53693832

Chaos Warriors are already Kurgan (and Hung, kinda).

>> No.53693965

But there have been distinct Norscan tribes set up in the game (Skaelings, etc) that are distinct from the WoC. It only makes sense that there's room for Kurgan or Hung forces too.

They could be distinct from the Norscans in that they've got elephants and horse archers or something, and would be one of those wandering forces without a settlement - that could turn up in the Old World or in Naggaroth, because fuck yeah.

>> No.53694006

Heh. This is my contribution to the thread.

>> No.53694173

40k is so weird. Shooting lasts for like 30 minutes each phase because every unit has 10 different guns and tanks have 32 different weapons to shoot with different profiles.

Sure in fantasy you're rolling 50 dice each close combat but at least theyre all the same profile minus your characters. I get that the whole "fantasy requires too much time to get started" is true for 2000+ point games, but for 1000 point games it's 2 heroes 20 dudes and some special units mostly. It's a big investment but nothing's stopping me from getting into fantasy this late.

>> No.53694175

The only purpose I can see for Kurgan or Hung in addition to Chaos Warriors is having Hung north of Naggaroth in TWW2 or Kurgan in TWW3 if they do the Dark Lands/Kislev/Mountains of Mourn

Otherwise there isn't a meaningful distinction.

>> No.53694254

Rate this Pestilents list. No Nurglitch because my opponent doesn't mind.

Pontifex 145
level 3 upgrade 60
Cauldron 200
Warpstone amulet 25
2 Dispel scrolls 25
Warpstone charm 25

Priest 70
BSB 25
Storm banner 75

Priest 70
Censer 16
Crown of the Horned Rat 50

Festering chantor
level 2 upgrade 45
2 Dispel scrolls 50

30 Monks 180
additional hand weapons 60
full command 25
Banner of Burning Hatred 25

30 Monks 180
additional hand weapons 60
full command 25

30 Rotten rodents 180
full command 25

30 Rotten rodents 180
full command 25

5 Censer bearers 85

5 Censer bearers 85

4 Mad rat-ogres 200

Rat spawn 75

Total 2381

Warpstone Amulet on the Pontifex is a huge risk, I might swap it with Tenebrous Cloak or Foul Pendant and replace one Dispel Scroll with two extra Warpstone tokens.

>> No.53694400


Yeah I've seen people play Goblins in AoS, moving 140 models all on individual bases is definitely a step backwards.

>> No.53694420

Because them niggas ain't in the game while Norsca has a well-established lore, an entire landmass dedicated to them, and several AI factions?

>> No.53694740

Hold on, let's take a step back: it clearly says that it's going to be a new race with unique gameplay mechanics, that will benefit both main game and DLC owners.

The new race part makes me think that it's not going to be changing up a currently existing faction - if it is Norscans, it'll have to be a new flavor of them.

It's got to somehow benefit both main-game people and DLC people. My best guess is that it's probably some new main-game faction that somehow also adds benefits to some DLC faction - and what's a better example of that than the Kurgan or Hung? You put them down on the map somewhere as a faction for main game kiddies to play without stepping directly into territory that DLC players already paid for, and the people who can already play WoC get access to elephants or horse archers or whatever to make them feel more like a conglomeration of Chaos forces.

Probably the most mysterious thing is the new gameplay mechanics, since obviously we have nothing to base that off of.

>> No.53694811

The "benefit both main game and DLC owners." was the accompanying Free DLC. The Race Pack is just a race pack, like Bretonnia.

>> No.53695177


Which edition is this?

>> No.53695214


>> No.53695239

It's Marienburgh

>> No.53695577

in 8th can direct damage or vortex spells be placed on top of a unit in close combat?

>> No.53695594

What do you guys think about 1 dodge and 1 parry per turn in wfrp2?
What if you take 6 hits on the face, even with 90 Dexterity you can dodge only one of them.

>> No.53696111

so what's the problem?

>> No.53696191

>Muh special PC gets whomped by a dozen Goblins

Suck it up guys, this is WFRP and its charm is the right spear at the right time will fuck you right up.

>> No.53696213

There is not enought time to dodge 6 times fucker.

>> No.53696253

Yeah, they do.
My bad; I think I was still operating on an ealier edition.

>> No.53696818


If it's classed as a shooting attack the answer is no.

>> No.53696998

What I'm confused about his how an enemy could attack six times - shouldn't they be limited to a couple of attacks? Unless they're daemonettes or something, and then fuck, of course you're not going to dodge all their hits.

>> No.53697042
File: 23 KB, 380x238, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw i miscast a spell that you desperately needed to go off
>mfw i roll an 8 on the miscast table

>> No.53697978

have you tried grouping him with a elite unit?

>> No.53698331

Yes! It's about time the Spaniards got some love. I'm love being one in whfrp sessions

>> No.53698618
File: 32 KB, 290x384, Mammoths42-6ef887ff34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Norsca better be the new playable faction. There's so much potential with them. Give me Mammoths, Werewolves, Ettrigs, and Ice Drakes.

>> No.53698732

I dont really care about total war since im not really fond of computer strategy games, but i do have to ask why all those things would go into norsca when everything but ice drakes are from the chaos warriors faction?

>> No.53698926

it's not.
Norsca is basically the smallest thing CA could add to the game and garner good boy points.

I want a TEB DLC so bad and its clear that its not gonna be it.

>> No.53700262
File: 671 KB, 1920x1080, diego-gisbert-llorens-lizardmen-wip5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.53700316

Look at those sexy mother fuckers.

>> No.53700572

I'm a little sad they aren't taking the oppurtunity to show how cool bronze and aztec stylings can be, and instead are making it more vaguely futuristic like with that cyborg arm there, but whatever. It's still cool. Ladies among Imperial treasure hunters will ask if they have dicks, lizards will look confused, ladies will be disappointed.

>> No.53700746

Can lone mounted characters freely pivot in 8th?

>> No.53701267

I think that the futuristic look is pretty exclusive to kroq, most lizardmen units will show off that mexi-flair from what we've seen

>> No.53701478

to my understanding all single model characters could pivot as needed, not suffering the penalties a rank of units would*as long as it doesnt move twice its total movement doing this*

somone coirrect me if I'm wrong though

>> No.53701801
File: 262 KB, 2048x1536, 18838436_10209538163390754_794226950_o.jpg?oh=d5868cad9d913ab452986d801c082aec&oe=593C63A8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey lads, question. Has anyone made dafe graffam medieval walls/low walls?

I specifically want to know if the low walls can be made in such a way to be mountable for units atop them.
pic some of the stuff I've made in the last 2 weeks

>> No.53701985

what type of dicksucking language should i use in my application to GW?

>> No.53702454


>> No.53702886

I think that that is the case. I'm not 100% though.

>> No.53702996

>The old [Norscan] armylist
What are you refering to? Was Norsca actually a playable race in some older edition of Warhammer Fantasy?

As I've understood Norsca it is basically a Viking civilisation with (high) influence from Chaos. Am I mistaken?

>> No.53703058

Aye that would be a gem of a DLC.

Heresy yes, but it would be of the good kind so it's okay.

>> No.53703072

>Was Norsca actually a playable race in some older edition of Warhammer Fantasy?
No. There was a list in citadel journal but they published a bunch of meme lists.

>As I've understood Norsca it is basically a Viking civilisation with (high) influence from Chaos. Am I mistaken?
Yes and no. Some tribes are chaotic, some aren't. For the purposes of total war, they can be considered to be chaos worshippers though.

>> No.53704316
File: 152 KB, 241x236, Sceatta.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd always kind of hoped that they'd make a southern tribe that was almost like the medieval Norse - one that had something of a civilization that would trade and make currency. Maybe to keep it properly grimdark, every Chaos invasion it would be overrun, but eventually it would be resettled by expatriates, or Norscans that barely felt the call of Chaos. Sort of a Norscan mirror between the constant war between the Chaos-held north and the Empire in the south.

>> No.53704504

>I'd always kind of hoped that they'd make a southern tribe that was almost like the medieval Norse - one that had something of a civilization that would trade and make currency.
They do have that in WHFRP. The southern Norse tribes maintain extensive trade networks, though Marienburg is their chief trading partner in the Empire.

>> No.53705873
File: 132 KB, 808x1111, ogd6xaA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there are people who don't like floppy hats

>> No.53707147

Some people are weird that way.

>> No.53707189

All norscans worship chaos in some way.
Some do it openly, sone through ancestor worship or changing the god's name and mixing them with Taal and Ulric, but it's still chaos

Thinking some norscans don't worship chaos is just wishful thinking

>> No.53707201

I see a bunch of people here hoping Norsca will be the next playable faction

Little do they know the new faction will be Marienburgh

>> No.53707576
File: 2.97 MB, 1280x720, 1496161881629.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy shit I've been looking for this, thanks

>> No.53708025

Anyone know how to make use out of Bretonnia so that your piece of shit knights don't constantly lose all their horses after each charge?

No matter what I click or how I manoeuvrer, they refuse to break out of melee, and if they do they die in droves - what is the crap with repeated charges then if I can''t get them out of close quarters?

>> No.53708099
File: 115 KB, 300x449, 1472397946750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>instead of moving like a hulking T-rex the Carnosaur prances around like a dog playing with it's food

Not sure if that's appropriate or not. It's certainly more playful than menacing...

>> No.53708136


> Applying to work at Cuck Workshop.

Why anon?

>> No.53708180


It probably could be Marienburg actually since they had a few unique units such as the landship.

>> No.53708199

You could fight with 2 or 3 enemies, each dealing 2/3 hits.

Or even fighting with 6 peasants(one hit each), that are slow as fuck and untrained, but yours estalian diestro is retarded.

that you could be as nimble and fast as lightning, but mechanics doesnt allow you to dodge more than once. Enemy has time to deal 3 hits, but after first dodged you're dazed or what, and wait for next two incoming blows.

if there is enough time to get 6 blows to the face per turn, why not to dodge them?

>> No.53708208
File: 73 KB, 900x900, IMG_2466.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53708223

>if there is enough time to get 6 blows to the face per turn, why not to dodge them?

Because a turn is an turn based solution to a real time situation and those 2-3 attackers will be hitting you at the same time, not waiting politely for you to duck each of them.

>> No.53708257


>> No.53708330

I'd let a player dodge as many attacks as they have attacks, with a -20 to dodge for every extra attack.

>> No.53708366

If you are out numbered you are fucked up. That's how rl combat works. Fuck your anime shit combat.

>> No.53708376
File: 2.82 MB, 1694x720, 1494514758111.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stolen from mommy
>first things they see are a bunch of skinks who poke them with sticks all the time
>have to learn how to slow down and follow a direction that isn't towards the closest bag of meat
>can't even play with your brothers and sisters
>finally meet master, he truly understands you
>but he can only let you choose to be one between hungry, happy or angry during the hunt

cornodoggos had a hard life

>> No.53708431

if attack happen simultaneously, why you can't use one dodge to dodge 2-3 hits

that seems resonable, i will try to nag my MG

>> No.53708439


Unfortunately this isn't assassins creed 2 where all the enemies form an orderly queue to attack you.

If you had 6 blokes all attacking you at once it would be impossible to doge them all.

>> No.53708450

>instead of moving like a hulking T-rex the Carnosaur prances around like a dog playing with it's food
If you know how T-Rexes moved you should probably go tell a paleontologist, anon.

>> No.53708453


> Stolen from mommy.

I thought this was a biting critique of the UK election.

>> No.53708472



doge kek

>> No.53708628

>tell a paleontologist

Why, they'll just sperg over about feathers or no feathers?

>> No.53709181

So, Merovech was a Vampire, right? What bloodline? Was he a Blood Dragon like the Red Duke, or a Carstein or something? Being RIP AND TEAR sort of suggests the former, but the craziness suggests the latter since no honor and he seemed more like Konrad than Wallach.

>> No.53709183

no, scientists don't actually sperg over their findings. Idiots on imageboards desperately trying to think life has to be just like their pretend dinosaur movies do.

>> No.53709221

Daily reminder that unless you are a Carstein you are an objectively worse vampire than you could have been.

>> No.53709285
File: 22 KB, 500x237, 500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Puppy dinosaurs are cute.
Like puppy snotlings.
Who else is a puppy?

>> No.53709722

Reminder that VC accomplished nothing of value.

>> No.53709738

Hey, they did more than Ogres at least.

>> No.53709794
File: 122 KB, 525x669, 1414457860076.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Tyrion soloing Archaon possibly confirmed.

>> No.53709905

KF already tag teams archaon with a pot and deathclaw.

>> No.53710015


The Halflings did more than Ogres.

>> No.53710030


God, the presenting abilities of that woman are non-existent.

>> No.53710038

To infiltrate and save them from themselves

>> No.53710060

she is a female neckbeard

>> No.53710480


She used to run a YouTube account for her Fantasy armies, she seemed a bit more natural in them maybe she doesn't like presenting with other people.

>> No.53710547


Have you honestly ever met a paleontologist, anon?

>> No.53710640

She probably did multiple takes on her own, not an option with a VIP interview.

Also, I feel that losing OMGPLZNERF magic to use a Phoenix well is a great tradeoff that should have been in the tabletop.

>> No.53710677

Don't pull out right away. You need to give them a little time to do the most damage anyway, just a few seconds. It's not like Medieval 2 where they do all the damage immediately on the charge. Try to tie up the enemy with meatshields or questing knights/grail guardians before you charge with something else, so the enemy is 'distracted.' Sounds obvious, but pull them back in a direction that's free of enemies, and gives them enough distance for another charge. Your knights might be having difficulty breaking away because a few units 'get stuck' among the enemy, due to trying to pull them away at an awkward angle or between units, so you might have to give them the movement order a few times if they seem to be returning to the fight. I believe it's possible to charge/pull away through your own troops, if need be.

Your knights are gonna take losses on pretty much every charge, no way to avoid that. But if you treat them carefully, you can keep them charging till they are in the single digits of units - and I've done that with Knights Errant, not Grail Knights or something you'd expect to last like that. And they really are the powerhouse of the Bret army, where infantry is just alright - you need them to be cycling charges to do the most damage.

>> No.53710800

Only situation I can think of where six guys are attacking you all at once has them forming a circle around you. Can't dodge if nowhere to dodge too.

>> No.53710963
File: 135 KB, 1200x1016, 1497008113503.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a lore question. Is Mannfred Vlads biological son? One wiki says he isn't just adopted. The other says he is.
In Total war warhammer if Vlad and Mannfred engage in diplomacy with eachother Vlad might say he is mannfreds "rightful father".

And I think having mannfred be Vlads son would explain why they have a special relationship they don't have with the rest of the von Carstein.

So what is it?

>> No.53711137

Vampires can't make babby.

They consider family lineage to be who turned you into a vampire...sometimes, basically anytime they don't want a romantic relationship. Mannfred and Konrad were both turned by Vlad directly. But so were others we never heard about, possibly the guys that Konrad fought against after Vlad died.

Basically its a plot hole, people write it however they want. Mannfred being Vlad and Isabella's "son" works for maximum pottery even though that makes Isabella Vlad's "daughter" and Neferata every vampire's mom/grandma/(x great)grandma.

>> No.53711459

Black Library Red Duke was crazy as well.

>> No.53711580

my dad's one.
>inb4 micropalaentology isn't real palaentology.

>> No.53711597

where did you get this fanart?

>> No.53711654


Micropalaentology isn't real paleontology

>> No.53711679

Why can't vamp make babby? Can vamp bleed?

The total war general on /vg/

>> No.53711703


>> No.53712035
File: 311 KB, 1300x960, sandra-duchiewicz-azhag-slaughterer-by-telthona.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you really think T-rexes would've been able to catch anything if they were slow? They're predators, man.

>> No.53712058

Same reason they cannot into Life magic even if they can learn Light which literally destroys them.

They are not alive.

>> No.53712514

Dead people can't have erections since their heart doesn't pump blood.

>> No.53712610

Ah, evolution.
>We need this body part to be rigid sometimes but the rest of the time it needs to keep out of the way
>How about we make it inflate like a balloon?
>Sure, that works. What do we fill it with?
>How about that blood we're using to supply oxygen to the rest of the body
>Isn't that kind of important?
>Nah, it'll be fine.

>> No.53712647

Reproduction is the most important behaviour, evolution wise.

>> No.53712674

Well no shit. Which is why it gets to hijack your blood supply.

>> No.53712687

But can dead people have... bone-rs?

>> No.53712740


>> No.53712833

Don't vampires fuck each other at least? I'm sure they can turn into fucking bats they can at least magic up a stiffie

>> No.53712940


>> No.53712959

they fuck each other and their cattle a lot.

>> No.53713005

>and their cattle a lot

Gross, why would they degrade themselves in such a way?

>> No.53713044

because their cattle is human beans. Vampires are basically human beings that melt in the sun. They pretend to WEWUZ all the time but they are just people filled with Dhar.

>> No.53713082

That Dhar can get you pretty far.

>> No.53713088

>not raping the qt peasent girl before draining her of life.

>> No.53713132

>needing to rape to get some action from a shitty human

Just seduce her, much easier and less chance of a stake in the heart. Forget it, I'm probably talking to a Strigoi anyway.

>> No.53713192

>fucking cattle and not having a fellow loving vamp waifu to spend eternity with.

>> No.53713286

Some vampires just can't hold down a long term relationship I guess. Especially those Necrarch and Strigoi. And I woudn't ever trust a Lahmian. Blood Dragons are alright, but they aren't really going to be able to dedicate much time to anything that isn't killing. I'd say your best bet is a Von Carstein, if she isn't too insane.

>> No.53713334

Yeah, GW has obviously written somewhere about vampire sex.

>> No.53713363

Necrarchs are antisocial meets
Strigoi are barbaric unwashed animals
Lahmians are sluts
Blood dragons are obsessed with fighting
Von Carsteins have a happy married couple that have loved eachother for 100s of years.

Obvious choice.

>> No.53714059

>Objects in the mirror are bigger than they appear
Must go faster.

>> No.53714136

>hey here's a delicious sandwich for you
>but it was fucked a little bit

>> No.53715214

What would be a good introduction adventure for WHFRP (2nd edition presumably since people seem to disdain 3rd) that can introduce the setting without a lot of background knowledge needed? I've gotten really into Warhammer Total War, and have been craving to run a game set in that setting.

>> No.53715347

TFW getting miniatures at cost from local game shop

>> No.53715421

As the introduction to a campaign or a one-off thing?

WFRP 2e really lacks a good introductory adventure. 'Through the Drakwald' in the core book is supposed to be the go-to intro adventure, but it isn't great. Not bad per se, just lackluster.
Mistaken Identity is a good one for 1e, but that's the start of The Enemy Within.
An Eye for an Eye for 3e is great too. That's in the Tome of Adventure.

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