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Paizo Games General /pgg/ (Pathfinder & Starfinder, formerly /pfg/)

What will be your first Starfinder character? Do you have any Starfinder campaign plans in mind?

Unified /pgg/ link repository: https://pastebin.com/PeD1SMUZ

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>53605120

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A good and caring necrocybermantic daddy on a quest for okay legs and brouzouf

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A qt elf girl trying to overcome the Gap-caused paranoia and reintegrate into the normal society despite her mind messing with her.

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No, because for literally anything Starfinder tries to offer, I'm already aware of a superior system that isn't reliant on 3.PF.

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Space Hellknight.

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Posting because it already got leaked anyways. I know some of you were watching for this. Try to keep it in the roll20 thread, not this thread.


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5th level Obozaya has 45 SP and 41 HP. That's a total of 86 Meat Points needed to down her.
Let's take a look at her weapons:
First, the flamethrower, as it's the thematically funniest one for this calculation. It deals 1d6+4 damage per hit, that's average 7.5 damage, meaning she needs 12 hits on average to down herself. Her accuracy on the flamethrower is +7 vs EAC, meaning she needs a 17 to hit her own EAC, which is a 20% chance. That means she would need an average 60 attacks with her flamethrower to down her clone. That is assuming not using full-attacks to preserve accuracy. So, she needs entire 6 minutes of flamethrower fire to kill herself.
Second, let's take a look at her melee weapon, as it's the most damaging option she has. It has 1d8+10 damage per hit, average 14.5, meaning she needs 6 hits on average to down herself. An accuracy of +10 vs EAC means she needs a natural 14 to hit her counterpart, which is a 35% chance. So she needs to attack herself about 17-18 times with a doshko. That is almost two minutes of beating herself with a laser polearm to kill herself.
Am I the only one who thinks this is excessively slow?

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Remember to vote for which Ensoulment characters you think should get in!

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Where are you getting these stats?

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>To be honest I did intend to give every applicant full reviews fairly constantly throughout the process, but I've been pretty overwhelmed by the number of applicants, and the number of those who revise their apps constantly and are thus in constant need of new reviews, so I've limited myself to only responding to specific questions for the most part. And I do still give full reviews on request, but have been trying to space out the amount I do at once which leads to backlogs and days off spent on review sprees.

Reviewanons, your help is needed for Flower Court! Help out all those applicants!

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This got leaked.

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i'm guessing Energy Armor Class and Kinetic Armor Class?

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Well, it makes sense when you consider that full plate and a shield make it exceedingly difficult for a low level fighter to hit himself in Pathfinder. That and from all we've seen, the Soldier is supposed to be the tough guy, right?

This does tell me that accuracy boosters are going to be more important than before, as will be focus fire. The only thing I feel is a little slow here is the weapon damage scaling; at least one of those should have been a 2d6 by now, but that may just be Paizo's infamously terrible ability to build characters rearing its head by giving her shitty weapons.

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That does look slow, but she's clearly a melee focused character at least judging by the damage and attack numbers. Kind of like saying that PF combat is slow because a greatsword focused fighter doesn't do much damage with his backup ranged weapon.

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>Kinetic and Energy
>Not Kinetic and Thermal

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I posted melee calculations, too.
She needs an average of 18 rounds to kill herself in melee. Even more than that if she full-attacks instead of single-attacking.

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Hey man, gotta account for the lightning bolts.

18 in both strength and dexterity? The hell?

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>18 in both strength and dexterity? The hell?
Probably augmentations.
That sheet has +2 str/dex/con/int relative to her level 1 sheet, which is an increase in whooping 4 stats.

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I'd say it's a mistake to assume much without full knowledge of feats/equipment.

PF characters can have a hard time killing themselves. Although maybe not to this extent, Paizo is garbage at making characters.

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They did say they were going to make stat bonuses easier to get, I think, when someone complained about a feat requiring 15 dex.

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I hope one of you is going to upload the Starfinder rulebook for the rest of us while we wait for an SRD and roll20 support.

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Glad to see that Starfinder is going to be another clusterfuck of shitty mechanics. Never change, Paizo!

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I'll see what I can do.

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>Frost Rifle
>Level 5
>Againdt 45 stamina and 41 HP



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Is it worth it to make a bomb focused alchemist?

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Good thing there's no Hollowslayer Greatsword.

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Yes. It can be a ton of fun.

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No. You run out of bombs far, far too quickly.

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Still wondering how this counts the same ranks for the skill twice.

Without that it's 10 ranks + 3 for class skill + 5 for stat = 18 + take 10 = 28

For an attack roll it's 10 BAB + 2 weapon + 5 stat = +17 before the roll, so otherwise similar numbers if you're full BAB, other than making it reliable. And that's not assuming you're a harbinger which adds even more int on top to the attack roll(or at least gets it to the same number if you didn't max Str/Dex)

Yeah, there's still Skill Focus not included, but that also leaves off any buffs you might get to your attack roll too.

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I mean that's how much damage a regular bow does. For all we know it has multiple shots per turn.Or PC's have more health than trash enemies. Definitely worrying though.

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>charge attack is now a special ability that requires training to do


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Maybe it's just a class feature for soldiers?

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>Or PC's have more health than trash enemies
We all but know that's the case; not a single one of the goblins in the Starfinder playtest livestream had stamina, even though the players did.

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I'm being EAC is just touch AC, and KAC is just normal AC

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You can, but you'll want some backup weapons.

You have [Alchemist Level] + [INT] bombs/day, though a few racial FCBs add an extra half a bom/level, and the "Extra" feat for it only provides 2 more/day.

Which means you'll be starting with probably 4-5 at level 1, where they will only do 1d6+[INT], fortunately against Touch AC, but still.

The version of Throw Anything the Alchemist has as a class feature, though, adds your Int Mod to ALL splash weapons. [eg. Alchemists Fire] So, those can be solid backups for a while, if a running expense.

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Seems like they're both normal AC, and attacks come in two flavors.

And TAC and FFAC will likely still be a thing beneath them...

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Can someone explain what kind of stupid shit is a "Native Outsider" supposed to mean?

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>People thought that this game craze would settle down after overlewd

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All shit.

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Well yeah.

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Outsider is both a racial type and an origin type folded into one.

A native outsider is generally a creature that has a very strong spiritual/philosophical tie to the prime material plane.

Mostly they're either oni or kami.

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Actually, they mentioned that touch and flatfooted are gone. Check out Point 2.

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Outsider is a general moniker for shit like angels, demons and elementals. That is, weird things that aren't aberrations or fey. Native means you're native to the material plane, despite your type being outsider.

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The short is, can't be banished back to whatever home plane its kind usually comes from.

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They also thought it would be over after RotJR.

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Most of these games seem decent, though. At least it's not more aimless "I don't have any plans, but I promise ERP for everyone" shit like Overlewd was.

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It only has one shot per turn, look at the lack of special writing or anything to suggest otherwise!


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>not new IPs
>over a minute apart

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I'm sure the modifiers will still be there.

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>A butthurt anon samefagging, what a scandalous and shocking idea!

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Yeah. I joined up with JttW because the concept sounded cool, not because of lewds.

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Am I the only one who finds this to be a really weird comment/complaint since PLD is looking for another player, and basically caused Overlewd?

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The soldier's EAC at level 1 was higher than 10+DEX. Apparently armour can give bonuses to EAC.

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Oh god who left PLD this time
The replacement for the good and caring daddy?

>> No.53613197

Overlewd is a hyper-generic "you're evil, sandbox" while PLD at least entertains the idea of a campaign.

>> No.53613209

You're evil, sandbox, and it's all about fucking.

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Overlewd caused itself. MaximumSleep is Rory level thirst trash, except that he has tighter reins on his logs.

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>everyone that doesn't like my circle jerking attention whore pageants is the same person!!!!
Fuck off back to the Discord.

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Wist got tired of Vult always begging for ERP and quit.

>> No.53613222

Read the roll20 page.

Mr. Nobody aka Bon-bon no-showed with no explanation for two sessions

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>TFW looking at the new Samsaran Beguiler app for Ensoulment
>Mystic Past Life
>He didn't read the class
Top kek

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So he's still trash?

>> No.53613258

Flat-footed is a -2 penalty to AC now. That was already leaked.

>> No.53613259

>female character take the Leadership feat
>cohort is also female
>they're gay together

>> No.53613260

this would be funny desu

oh shit
>Thursday at about 6:30 pm EST to about 10:30
>JttW is from 9:00 to 12:00 but 'flexible' so maybe 10:00 to 1:00
W-will Wist be applying to JttW?

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Bon Bon vanished. There was maybe drama that was being downplayed since she was raped before the others and didn't get cool transformation stuff from it. Then there was a character reroll. Then her logs got posted again. They were bad logs compared to what Wist and IKID did. Then she vanished.

I guess she was embarrassed? Or didn't want to get raped again. Do note how Vult made a note saying that rape ERP is no longer required.

Lysander logs never.

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Running like a sperg with a stick in your hand is dangerous, kids. It's for trained professionals only, don't do this at home.

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I don't get the joke. What's wrong with that?

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Oh hey, look!
I can do that too!

Will this make me popular with all those bitter anons?

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Wist is a goddess of RP

>> No.53613293

I mean believe I doctored the image if it makes you feel better, but me and the anon that posted the /trash/ message are different people.

I lack the knowledge to do such a thing, but I have no proof.

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Probably went back to Clown College.

>> No.53613317

Vult probably sperged them away

>> No.53613319

It's a Racial Trait, not a Trait.

>> No.53613342

Bon-bon was offered a retcon for troll tf's read : big honkin' knockers and such because I decided to tweak the corruption system after her scene, because I was unhappy she didn't have the choice of getting tf'd. She declined in favor of rerolling a new character. They built the new character, and then vanished with no word to me or any of my players, even after several attempts to contact on all fronts.

If you hear anything beyond that, it's someone speculating on the matter to shitpost and troll.

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>Bon-Bon never left the college again. Too traumatized by troll rape to ever leave, and seemingly mentally intact after it nonetheless, she decided to leave the group that seemed so enthusiastic about fucking the man who abandoned her to get brutalized in a cave, and went to college, majoring in Clownonomics with a minor in Stage Magic.

>Sigmund is still dead and rotting, though.

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In terms of punching, how good would Steelfist Commando | Dynamic Striker (Brawler) be?

>> No.53613356

Is JttW even a lewd game? It doesn't seem to be.

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Not "basically", it's "literally". I assume the reasoning is to make it so that standing still isn't so heavily encouraged so that fighting can be more mobile and dynamic. I'm fine with that idea, if it's their intention. But how well do two attacks at -4 going to compare to one attack at no penalty? I don't math well enough to know how much better that is.

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I hate this.

>> No.53613392

She can't full attack with her doshka anyway IIRC, it's got some special property called "unwieldy" or something like that which prevents it from being used for full attacks.

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>Sigmund is still dead and rotting, though.

But his wife and child are still out there!

>> No.53613418

>That does look slow, but she's clearly a melee focused character at least judging by the damage and attack numbers.

Anon... She's QUALITY built, her Ranged attribute is just as strong as her Melee attribute, and her Ranged SUCKS ASS.

She's even got Deadly Aim!

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Is this proof that Kobolds will always win in the end?

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So I want to make a magus bladebound with a katana iaido style flavor using spellstrike where I hold the scabbard in my left hand to enchant the sword and use quick draw with my right, and then after all attacks, sheathes it. Apparently quick draw doesn't include quick sheathing. Should I just ask my DM if it can be included for the sake of flavor? Is there anything broken that I'm missing from trying to not take two seemingly shitty feats?

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>still shitposting
m8 that's not even my handle anymore.

>> No.53613448

just play a mithral current initiator instead.

>> No.53613454

They need a newer, gooderer, more caring daddy

>> No.53613458

Captain Slow still gets all the deets and chats with them occasionally.

>> No.53613466

If they allow Path of War, try to work in some Mithral Current stuff. It has a stance that does just that.

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He's a man with a busy schedule of giving dicky daddy cummies to daddy's princess types!

>> No.53613507

>gay man PC takes Leadership to get gay female cohort, both proceed to hook up with gay female PC and gay female PC's gay male cohort respectively, also gay PCs are siblings and gay cohorts are siblings, also the other two PCs are a Paladin of Erastil that use to be homophobic and a goron cavalier who will never find love but can at least find delicious rocks

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Does everyone have AIDS and they're trying to pay their evil straight landlord before eviction?

>> No.53613594

Vult isn't going to select any male apps though.

>> No.53613607

some guy in last thread bitched about Bai Santaizi being a furry, so I changed the character art to be |LITERALLY| what the character inspiration was from.

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>> No.53613622

No, that'd be dumb.

>> No.53613623

>2/5 of the original party were male

>> No.53613646

>it's another episode of two retards argue about a topic they're never going to change their mind on

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Has there been any further word on Starships?

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File: 67 KB, 273x327, __tang_sanzang_yulong_and_zhu_bajie_journey_to_the_west_drawn_by_otosama__sample-a118f67b5e55905444799e2322f2a01a (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yulong from Saiyukin

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>> No.53613705

Wew. I might have to rework her into a sorcerer now.

>> No.53613716

And one of them got killed, and the other got turned into a herm.

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>Implying Slow has dicked anybody yet

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File: 1.59 MB, 3000x1281, order_knight_helios_by_sttheo-d9x1ez3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I plan on a warrior doing his best to keep archaic, outmoded traditions alive! A true man for the knightly ideal.

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both by request

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So it has been generally agreed that apps with more specific and unique philosophies stand the best chance of getting into flower court. With this in mind, what are some philosphies that are currently without representation?

>> No.53613783

Oh my god, this made me realize Starfinder can have PNEUMATIC SPIKES.

>> No.53613789

It's a 4koma about the actual journey to the west. it got made into a series of short videos with coloring and voice acting with English subs and all.


>> No.53613805

>What will be your first Starfinder character?

I want to play a brain-in-a-jar mercenary still trying to get used to their fancy new body they're still paying the loans for!

>> No.53613809

A lot of the evil philosophies for one
There's also not really one with the tyrannical ONLY I CAN MAKE THINGS RIGHT outlook
CCC kind of has it but it's afterthough-ish.

>> No.53613820

Fuck man I dont know Im just a fatguy. Someonw get /lit/ on the phone

>> No.53613870

I kinda wish Serena's player didn't nuke the app. There was potential for the "only I can make things right" outlook.

>> No.53613885

At some point you'll get tired, all I'm doing is going down my list of NPCs and believe me there's a lot of them.

Hedonism, anarchy, capitalism, human rights, communism (Rinta kind of does this but she's more just collectivism, if even that), and religious piety are all missing.

Agreed desu.

>> No.53613905

Me too. I never understood the NPC complaints, it had weaknesses but the foundation was really good to go somewhere. Given the theme it's a shock how few knights there are.

>> No.53613915

>anarchy, capitalism
Nigga, Vult apped as an ancap memeball

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I'm down with mono bruh, I got all the time in the world.

>> No.53613939

I'm still working on it, I just pulled it because the roll20 page wasn't really reflective of what I wanted.

>> No.53613990

I mean, depends on what you mean by the 'only I can make things right' outlook I guess.

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Ancapitalism and Anarchy / Capitalism seperately isn't really the same thing and Vult's app is very close to self-contradictory, it basically implies that his endgoal vision is literally eternal cycles of expanding war followed by internal war.

>Bazrian grew too large...it came to a point where anyone with a lick of ambition had more to gain through internal strife than trying to expand the empire...
In other words, his ideal society includes one where people will try to further their own interests - but he acknowledges that this necessarily ends in getting to a point where people have 'more to gain through internal strife than trying to expand'. Is that what he wants? Does he want the memeball version of anarchocapitalism? Because his application seems to be a normal ancap who legit believes it, not a memeball who just wants to see the world burn.

You're outdated by the time you posted this so.


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I think vult was trying to go for pic related.

trying being the operative word.

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When can we talk about crafting a custom Starfinder setting and/or campaign for August, lads?

>> No.53614058

>mfw trying to write romantic dialogue IC

>> No.53614090

Romantic dialogue is always the toughest because you get that sinking feeling you're going to come across as a sperg.

>> No.53614098

Alright, first big question; what races are present in the galaxy in this setting? we can do limited but still broad; I often find it works better than just having anything and everything available.

>> No.53614099

Yes. Would it be better to make a setting from scratch, or take some other setting and either build off it or just use it as inspiration? If so, what sci fi settings do you gents and ladies like?

>> No.53614101

I don't even want romantic payoff, I roleplay to get out all the ridiculous lines I come up with in my spare time without putting myself on the spot.

They're all context specific so I'm not sharing.

>> No.53614103
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>> No.53614104

because you are

>> No.53614110 [SPOILER] 
File: 240 KB, 629x494, 1496597952003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

more like...

>> No.53614113

Serious talk.

In Golarion, what is the general people's stance on homosecks?
Are Good gods basically championning it and so wouldn't that make it divine law for most of the civilized world to be totally k with gays? (Because I can't imagine them being okay yet their followers, KNOWING FOR A FACT the gods exist, not being k)

Please no sperg, it legit question, need it for story stuff.

>> No.53614127
File: 1.23 MB, 800x667, 1496541970569.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doesn't entirely matter whether or not they're severely mistaken, it matters more that they legit believe it and/or can stand for it as a heroic ideal. Surely someone can stand to make a meme communist revolutionary.

>> No.53614128


Since when do you need words to show how you feel about someone?


>> No.53614136


Before the current wave of Social Justice, it depended on their religion and traditions.

If you want to go down a dark hole, go look at Paizo and their whole "I guess Erastil is an evil god then, if he hates feminism and homosexuality" thing.

>> No.53614137

According to word of god, it is literally impossible to be good-aligned and not be pro-gay. Make of that what you will.

>> No.53614150

If you're not pounding boy ass you're probably evil, you fucking bigot.

>> No.53614156

Honestly, the best advice I can give is to just go with it. It's honestly like the song linked above says--she'll understand.

>> No.53614159

Don't worry bruh, even the most evil of gods isn't as bigoted and yucky as those damn conservatives from Kentalabama! Poz parties and gay orgies are a-okay!

>> No.53614161

I think generally speaking nobody cares. But it's not clearly spelled out, so you could probably fluff it whichever way you want in your games.

Realistically, it would be something that varies from culture to culture and nation to nation.

>> No.53614163


Generally, people don't seem to really give a shit.

>> No.53614171


I think it's supposed to be okay, actually. Good Gods are okay with it (by order of Paizo), most Evil Gods are alright with it unless it clashes with their profile, and most Neutral Gods seem to take a hands-off approach to mortal sexuality unless it's part of their purview (and even then, Calistria probably doesn't care).

There's plenty of gay couples in Pathfinder, and the only scandals that ever occur are because of reasons like that they're interracial (a Chelish boy and his Varisian boyfriend needing to meet in secret) or between people who shouldn't be banging (the Queen and her bodyguard).

>> No.53614172

I'm backtracking through the threads to try and find them myself, but in case if anyone feels like helping a man out: anyone got leaks from legacy of the first world and that new book with the prestige classes?

>> No.53614209

>we can do limited but still broad; I often find it works better than just having anything and everything available.

You could make the entire galaxy Human and it will still present a huge assortment of possible races because some might go the route of freaky fish-things and some might be cybernetic monstrosities and others might be bog-standard humans!

>Would it be better to make a setting from scratch

It's reasonably easy to craft a sci-fi setting from scratch, certainly easier than doing the same for a Fantasy setting. If you want to steal from others, might I suggest Asimov's Foundation for inspiration?

>> No.53614210

It's a cycle of progress that may one day end, but not this day, and you can't let it end with a boot on your neck.

Violence is an inevitability because conflict is part of human nature.

>> No.53614224

I suppose so.

>> No.53614255

Seriously now.




Oh I hope, otherwise this would make morality even more stupid than First Edition D&D shit with throwing orc babies out the window being counted as good.

How can I play my closet gay role then...

Seriously? Wow, fuck Paizo. What abaout Lamashtu? Gay sex means no babies...Right?


>> No.53614277
File: 645 KB, 722x525, cent.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gay sex means no babies

You have to realize that this is a world of magic, and Lamashtu probably has a way to Mpreg you and get you ass pregnant

>> No.53614282

Before Pazio went full retard, nobody really cared. A few countries required political marriages but even then no one minded if the Duke was off banging the servantboy between siring an heir.

After Pazio went full retard it's literally the best thing ever, being gay is a CG act and family values are LE.

>> No.53614287

This is exactly the sort of precision I was only RHETORICALLY asking for.

>> No.53614311

Too late bitch

>> No.53614316

Canonicaly, nobody cares, I think. Racism and sexism seem to have a super low impact in Goalrion. Realistically, it should vary depending on region, culture, religion, and so forth, and for nuance you could even have good aligned people who are vaguely disapproving.

Can anyone remember if any of the LGTBTBBQ characters from the ap's and such had sappy backstories about prejudice and bigotry? All that comes to mind is the barbarian pregen coming from a tribe where woman weren't suppsoed to fight, or something?

>> No.53614317

I mean I agree being intolerant is evil, but then now all the good gods an good-aligned are fucking perfect mary-sue snowflakes.

What do you mean everything's fine? Then... Everything's fine? No problem in the world?

Why do we even adventure.

>> No.53614329

>family values are LE.

Milani is the goddess of marriage and family values, and she's Chaotic Good.

>> No.53614332

>when you realize people asking for loyalty and not being a huge cunt to someone you promised you'd spend the rest of your life with are literally the Devil(s)

>> No.53614338

>Paizo and their whole "I guess Erastil is an evil god then, if he hates feminism and homosexuality" thing.
Requesting sauce on this. I believe you, but I need that source.

>> No.53614339

>Do you have any Starfinder campaign plans in mind?
Honestly, i've always wanted to run Knights of the old republic, but in a dnd world, where the Jedi are paladins. This seems perfect for doing that.

>> No.53614353

>Racism and sexism seem to have a super low impact in Goalrion
Fantasy land in medieval setting
With racial enmity everywhere due to alignement bs and events and politics and magic
No racism, no sexism


I'm asking the GM to homebrew that away.

>> No.53614355

Anon, that person is an idiot who doesn't realize Kingmaker Erastil *was* kind of an asshole and old-fashioned misogynist.

>> No.53614360

desu, it's not a bad idea mechanically either. KOTOR 1+2 run off of a modified 3.5 edition.

Can I play Pazaak with you?

>> No.53614377

>Chaotic marriage
Gay marriage

MARRIAGE! MARRIAGE FOR EVERYONE! And YOU get a marriage! And YOU get a marriage too!

>> No.53614379

Are you autistic or just normal retarded?

>> No.53614381

How would /pgg/ feel about a game that treated gestalt like AD&D multiclasses? I.e. you can take a gestalt, or single class for twice the XP?

Alternatively, if that gimps the gestalt too much, what would be an appropriate XP penalty to make gestalt playable alongside single classes?

>> No.53614388

>I'm asking the GM to homebrew that away.
Yeah, that's what we tend to do in general. No setting bullshit survives under the watchful gaze of GM Fiat.

>> No.53614393

>No racism, no sexism

Sargava has racism against blacks, the Mwangi Expanse has racism against whites. Brevoy does not think women can or should be rulers and Holomog is actively hostile towards men.

>> No.53614394

>I mean I agree being intolerant is evil,
Sounds to me like you're being intolerant of intolerance :^)

Tolerance is a fucking joke and pisslam has proven that.

>> No.53614397


>> No.53614407

But like who cares

>> No.53614411


>> No.53614417

>this fucktard didn't bother to fact-check either
Anon is objectively wrong. Milani is the goddess of revolution.

>> No.53614428

>Tolerance is a fucking joke and pisslam has proven that.

Islam is the greatest thing to happen to the West since World War 2, it's a virile religion practiced by a fertile, fervent people who don't give two bloody shits about this carefully constructed society of eggshells we've built.

>> No.53614432

Okay let me rephrase that.

I don't like tolerance.

I think tolerance is a bad word because it implies you deign turn a blind eye to something you still do not want to understand or admit.
I think acceptance is what we should strive for when it comes to things such as others being different and sharing our world.

But of course intolerant is a word that flies more often with normies and stuff.

>> No.53614433

And remember, the best of you means you stay at home to be bred by your husband and nurse children if you're a woman. I don't know why he's not more popular in ERP games, honestly, probably the monogamy bit.

>> No.53614445

We can play PURE PAZAAK

I could return with details if anything ever gets off the ground, honestly, graduating college and starting work does not mix well with tabletop.

>> No.53614447

My group has taken to worshiping Zyphus rather than Erastil after all the bullshit that happened in Kingmaker. That's exactly why I was hopeful for sauce on Paizo calling him evil

>> No.53614450

So, who is crazy enough to submit an app to PLD?

>> No.53614454

Hi, Crystal. Didn't expect to meet you on 4chan.

>> No.53614455

...I'm just making a joke about "Chaotic" Good "Marriages"

>You love goat?! MARRY GOAT! The Marriage Fairy blesses!

>> No.53614459

Actually does exist, canonically. Ustalav has tensions with a Kellid underclass, Varisian city-states, especially Korvosa, have major problems with tensions between Shoanti natives and the descendants of settlers. Rural Varisian towns also tend to have discrimination going both ways between settled folks and Varisian travelers.

There's ethnic strife going on all over, it's just that nobody gives a shit when there's something like a necromancer raising the dead or literal demons popping up and doing demon things.

>> No.53614461

Plenty of people, they're just starting by PMing the players apparently

>> No.53614467

Don't lump me in with that shit, mate, I just have an impregnation fetish.

>> No.53614470

>Milani is the goddess of revolution.

Anon... Milani has been getting PrCs that paint her as a rustic, forest-bound goddess, and her book explains how she canonically loves marriage and large families.

They're right you know, Kingmaker Erastil actually frowns upon female Paladins and clerics unless they're only operating around their house because "their men still expect dinner ready."

>> No.53614501

>I don't know why he's not more popular in ERP games, honestly, probably the monogamy bit.

He's not popular in ERP games because Erastil expects you to be a good and caring daddy who knocks a woman up after a long courtship and bride-price. This works great for some people, but others can't wait to court a girl before hiking up her skirts.

>> No.53614519

Shit, most *girls* don't want to wait out a lengthy courtship before getting some.

>> No.53614530

The problem with tolerance and acceptance, of course, is that they don't accept those different from them. Ironically in the campaign to free the world of oppression they decide to literally become the monster they fight. SJWs would be a holiday for Freddie. While preaching diversity they attempt to force conformity. While screeching about microaggression they make macroaggressions. While shouting that everyone should have a choice in what they are or believe, they refuse to extend that choice to anyone who disagrees with them. They are, in short, hypocrites who cry YOU CAN SAY ANYTHING, AS LONG AS YOU AGREE WITH ME.

>Kingmaker Erastil actually frowns upon female Paladins and clerics unless they're only operating around their house because "their men still expect dinner ready."
Well considering a lot of them do, in fact, live in societies where the men expect their dinner ready, that sounds more like old-fashioned Lawful or just being in favor of keeping shit stable.

>> No.53614547

Hmmm. You know, with how some places have "customs" of kidnapping women (usually prearranged IRL), I could see a somewhat deviant/heretical Erastil worshipper who just abducts women to knock up and the bride-price is... fuck, some golden jewelry/chains to keep her around, I guess. Or you just leave it on the bed you stole her from.

>> No.53614549

Whether or not something is good depends on what you're trying to achieve.

Islam is a backwards facing religion practiced by low IQ ethnicities who haven't gotten to a point where they can take responsibility for their own societies and police themselves like northern europeans, Japan, Korea, and the like. It does not lead to any progress scientifically or artistically, and it does not reliably raise the standards of living of its people.

Just because they breed like germs doesn't make Islam good, unless your goal is to destroy the world.

Europeans would be having more kids if they could actually get good paying jobs and not get taxed 40% to subsidize shitskins invading their countries.

Do not try to apply Tolerance as a virtue, particularly not with the abomination that is the LG-CE alignment system. You'll just contradict yourself. Is it a good action to help ten men if one of them is going to murder your child?

>> No.53614555

Building on this.

Really Im astonished by the lack of pleasure and art valuing philosophy, especially given the princess' seemingly sybaritic nature. Theres like, nicollo maybe, and that new lady with the snake or whatever. There is a big opening for some quixotics, epicureans, and yes, hedonists.

Very risky simply because our patroness is a royal. Its a nice idea, but I can understand why its been underutilized.

Capitalism probably too, maybe? Idk. Best of the three at least, someone ought to try it.

>Human rights
General "for the commoners!" types are actually oversaturated I think, though they dont really articulate it as a human rights issue and it would be wise to do so. I think human rights heroes would need a tad more specificity though, for example
Feminism: meme word, but still perfectly valid of you are capable of divorcing the idea from the trend. The princess being, obviously, female means this is likely to jive. Only real issue is clarifying with Protag if gender roles are really a thing in the setting, as they often arent in fantasy.

>> No.53614558

Acceptance is ridiculous. People don't need a reason to hate something, and if they did there're endless reasons to hate anything. It's unreasonable to expect acceptance among people because it's as much forcing a vision of a world on them as they might on you.

Tolerance makes sense. If something isn't going to effect you, then just put up with it and don't be a dick, deal with it on your side and let other people have their jollies no matter how much you hate it. It's "filter and hide posts" to the "make the situation worse by shilling" that expecting acceptance is.

>> No.53614561

I wanna play a stammering werebear skinwalker girl who worships Erastil and wants to protect her children!

>> No.53614573

>/pol/ and ERP
let it end

>> No.53614577

Actually, the point I'm making is that acceptance should be more of a... "Okay, I'm gonna try being humble enough to agree that you exist and you have your own ideas different from mine and that you think you are right." Even if that doesn't lead to outright friendly relationships, it's a start in understanding.

>> No.53614582

/pfg/ was a mistake.

>> No.53614590

Wist has a really cute idea. Trust me.

>> No.53614594

Acceptance goes both ways, Anon, I'm not suggesting I'm gonna come to your country and start making it look like mine. I'm suggesting we both have to accept we come from different ones.

>> No.53614612

>Even if that doesn't lead to outright friendly relationships, it's a start in understanding.
No, that's the opposite of understanding. That's the equivalent of ignoring a problem in hopes that it'll go away.

>> No.53614616

Why? Tolerance is literally the right word. Tolerance implies neutrality. Acceptance implies some form of, well, acceptance. You are, in fact, simply toughing it out and that's perfectly fucking fine, in the same way you can tolerate the existence of pineapple pizza in a pizza place even if you think it's gross because "eh who cares I'll order something else".


That is what tolerance is. I know you exist, you can't tolerate the nonextant. I know you have ideas different from mine, that's why I need to tolerate. I can accept you are different but I have no need to accept your ideas, I tolerate their existence.

>> No.53614621

Okay you know what let's go back on the original subject.

Don't you guys think that stuff such as homosecks tolerance should be culture-based, not religion-based? Maybe only heinous hate crimes should be forbidden by the gods.

>> No.53614627

>Everything I don't like is /pol/.jpg.png

>> No.53614637

>Everything is /pol/
i fixed it

>> No.53614653

What the fuck is even a henious hate crime? Murder? But murder in any act but self defense or getting rid of Evil (which is objective in Pathfinder) is already an Evil act, a really strong one too.

>> No.53614655

>arguing about identitypolitics belongs on /tg/

No, fuck off.

>> No.53614659

>they didn't see the literal /pol/ posting about Islam
What's it like to be retarded, boys? Share with the class, don't be shy, now.

>> No.53614668

That's just one post, thought you were talking about the bigger discussion desu

>> No.53614671

So if it literally doesn't matter to me that you fuck guys, because I fuck girls, and thus would never fuck you, being a guy and not what I fuck, what you're saying then is that we can't be friends?

>> No.53614709

No, I'm saying that that attitude does not lead to understanding.

>> No.53614711

He has

>> No.53614713

Who said anything about Good? I want Islam to conquer Europe and I want to see it go through a slump of violence, economic instability and cultural flux as the old demographics are torn out for the new to get sloppily transplanted. Way I see it, Europe made this bed and they're eagerly getting into it, no matter how much it hurts. Why should I bother to yell at them anymore? If Paris didn't change opinions, nothing will.

>> No.53614721

But that's tolerance, not acceptance. You literally fucking ignore it when you tolerate something. I can show tolerance towards someone who is of X political party - we can still be friends. But I don't need to accept their gayness into my heart, I know it exists but I don't need to like it - so I tolerate it. What you don't understand is that you're not using acceptance in the normal manner - normally, accepting is a prerequisite for tolerating. If I cannot tolerate you being gay if I don't accept you are gay - but I can accept you are gay, ergo recognizing and admitting to myself you are gay, then decide to lynch you for it.
Why the fuck do you have to go to extremes? If a person tolerates your gay, why can't you still be friends? It's tolerated!

>> No.53614732

>Relevant points in a discussion are also /pol/
I dunno about the retarded part anon, maybe you should tell us, seems to be more your specialty here.

>> No.53614735

Original Anon here. Please let's just forget that whole /pol/ thing. We're adults, no? We can talk about how deviant tendencies should be handled in fantasy, without going politic.

Here's my question: what would make the most sense lore-wise... And what would make the most sense, story-quality wise?

I am leaning towards that even Good gods, save for specifically tolerance-aligned ones, should not like gays, and most civilized cultures (except maybe for elves because more sensible and effeminate?) should at the very least shun them. Maybe Cheliax is a funny reversal and encourages this as it believes deviant sex is debauchery and giving in to your infernal, deviant passions.

>> No.53614755

Communism Princess

>> No.53614762

thats retarded

>> No.53614766


Rules question:
Let say, I have all the basic metamagic feats, and Craft wand.
If I were to craft a Wand of a Magic Missile and metamagiced it a bunch (lets say +4 for a total of 5th spell level).
Would I be able to make the wand at caster level 1, or would I have to to use a minimum of CL 9th due to the slot I'm spending?

>> No.53614770

Reasonable enough given the level of technology and general poverty of the land, since the reason people disliked gay to begin with had less to do with any moral shit and more to do with WE NEED BABIES.

>> No.53614777

That's awesome, 'Cate!

>> No.53614779

You're not including the government which will come and apply force to you to MAKE you act like the other guy wants you to.

To use some topical ideas.

A believes in freedom of speech, B believes you can't insult his prophet.
They can be friends only so long as A does not want to insult B's prophet, because they B is using force against A, either in threat, or beheading.

A believes women are equals. B believes they are property. They can only be friends up until B starts being A's wife for talking back to him.

A believes homosexuality is perfectly fine. B thinks it's a perversion and a mental issue. They can be friends only until they encounter a homosexual, particularly one raising a child. B is obligated by his beliefs to protect the child from being raised by a mentally ill person, and A is obligated to protect the child from B because it's violence to seperate parent and child.

Do you see the pattern?

>> No.53614783

>Tolerance is putting up with things you think are bullshit

That doesn't seem healthy.

>> No.53614797

Shelyn is probably for it, Erastil is probably against it (because of the lack of babies being produced), Lamashtu for the same reason, Calistria probably approves? Really, the only gods I can see being interested at all are the ones with sexuality or child-rearing someplace in their domain, the other ones shouldn't care one way or another.

>> No.53614799 [DELETED] 

Niggers aren't human
Kikes are rats
Homos are all wackos
Day of the rope soon fellow travelers

>> No.53614805

I still don't know who you are. But thanks for the vote of confidence.

>> No.53614812
File: 120 KB, 1191x670, Wizardry-in-progress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you'd have a minimum CL of 9, bud.

>> No.53614817

I'm pretty sure you can't craft wands of metamagiced spells at all. But if you were able to, it would count as a fifth level spell, have minimum CL of 9, and be unable to be put on a wand because wands are limited to 4th level.

>> No.53614819

inb4 ban/deleted

>> No.53614820

>the other ones shouldn't care one way or another.
Therefore, it's up to their followers to personally hate or leave it.

>> No.53614830

It says "as a standard action".

>> No.53614837


Erastil probably does not like gay MARRIAGE. He likely has no problems with gay romance or friends with benefits shit.

He has a lot of alignment with Shelyn in the realm of love and caring. They're actually canon BFFs who go on cute dates.

>> No.53614849

*mandatory autistic screeching*

>> No.53614867

Lemme get home to a proper computer and I can whip something up.

>> No.53614872

>That doesn't seem healthy.
It's healthy because sometimes, people are not going to agree and you just have to deal with it. Just because you don't like this type of fried rice doesn't mean you should campaign for it to be removed. Just because you don't like red hair on girls doesn't mean you have to try make every redhead bald. Just because you aren't a faggot, doesn't mean you have to kill all faggots.
At the same time, just because other people like fried rice doesn't mean you need to, just ignore it and order your pizza. You don't like redheads and that's okay - you just ignore them and gun for the brunette. You're not a faggot, that's cool, just don't fuck men. It really is that simple. Tolerance is everywhere - you tolerate things you disagree with or dislike but which you have no control over and which does not affect you.

>> No.53614886

Eh. No. Most most gods should not give too flying shits because it doesn't fit into their domain perveiw. If these little mortals like sticking their things in different holes than others? Who cares.

The only excepts would be Gods of Law and ONLY when doing so is against a human made law. Thus they'd care more about the law breaking than the actually act.

Gods (Goddess) of life, birth, lineages. Since non-(ahem)"Natural" forms of love are in direct violation to what they are trying to prompt.
And any enemies of said life gods would probably want to encourage the opposite.

Past that? They shouldn't care. They aren't human, they don't care that some of us are homophobic or other such things. Those are mortal problems.

>> No.53614898

>The only excepts would be Gods of Law and ONLY when doing so is against a human made law. Thus they'd care more about the law breaking than the actually act.
Would they get mad because it's 'against the nature of mortals'?

>> No.53614904


I think as long as children are being raised properly and you're helping to build and support the community, he doesn't really give a shit.

Also, dating Erastil? The last woman he had a thing with gave birth to dire bears.

>> No.53614912

>start by PMing the players
Is that like a sample platter of lewdness? Will Wist be a bed for me?

>> No.53614922

>until B starts being A's wife
That got homo real quick.

>> No.53614979

And if he flirts with you he's a creep, if he insists you fuck him, than he's a threat, and if he forces you to fuck him, than he's a rapist which is already evil.

Hey look that was easy!

>> No.53615011

>Magic Items and Metamagic Spells
About 7th paragraph down.

>> No.53615032

ERASTIL does not date Shelyn, he is her daddy figure after her real dad got ZONED.

>> No.53615057

Why do people act like homosexuals are a large percentage of the population? Is the (((Media))) in America so powerful they think gays are 35% of the population?

>> No.53615060

Just keep on trying, alright? Even if you aren't selected, the skills you master will make the next battle that much easier!

>> No.53615068


Is Slow a Cleric of Erastil?

>> No.53615077

Studies have actually shown that about 30% of people are attracted to their own gender.

So... yes?

>> No.53615085

Take it somewhere else, we're talking here.

>> No.53615089

Shove off.

>> No.53615093

Because a lot of us jerk off to them.

Wrong, niggerfaggot, less than 10%.

>> No.53615100

Ordained Defender, probably.

>> No.53615104

It's hard to ignore something when it's being paraded around you on a regular basis. I couldn't give less of a fuck about diversity and inclusion if it wasn't always on Google, always on the news and always a prominent force in official gaming media.

>> No.53615110

No? There is no God who defines the nature of mortals that strictly, and no fundamental rules about what mortals are supposed to be doing (apart from just not screwing with time or mortality itself).

The Gods don't give a shit, by and large. Even among the ascended humans, you'd be hard-pressed to find anybody who has strong feelings on the subject. Irori would think of any relationships as distractions from perfection, Norgorber hates everyone, Nethys doesn't give a shit about anything at all. Cayden's cool with it because hey, they're having fun, doesn't bother him. Iomedae probably sees it as just another form of love and as long as it's not causing dishonor or unchivalrous actions, it's cool.

>> No.53615131

It's 30% show "some kind of attraction". Its also much more common in women. Level than 5% are "willing to commit homosexual acts", again higher in women.

>> No.53615134

Don't forget Zweihander Sentinel.

>> No.53615149

The only non-evil goddess in Pathfinder that even touches pregnancy and birth is Pharasma, who is much more well-known as the Goddess of Death. Lamashtu is an explicit fertility deity and she is as Chaotic Evil as you can get without being a world eating Qlippoth God.

Good gods who would have issue with babies not being made do not exist.

>> No.53615160

This. He and Thron were pals. At most, he might make polite matchmaking suggestions to her out of caring and concern.

>> No.53615164

...uhuh. So, what, if you're capable of recognizing when someone else of your gender looks good that's "some kind of attraction"? Which study was this? What was their methodology? How did they select their samples? Who reviewed their article?

>> No.53615165

I don't give a shit if it's being paraded as long as they don't forget the second clause, which is that you can, in fact, dislike them and that's fine. They do forget the second clause.

By nature of mortals I meant more 'natural'; meant more like
I mean I guess when it comes to the dick humans don't magically know it makes girls pregnant and are more interested in getting off, but yeah.

"Some kind of attraction" can range from anything going raging homosexual to "yeah old buff bearded men looks hella cool I wanna be like them when I'm old as balls".

>> No.53615170

>Thread starts having a non-shit discussion of philosophy
>gets absolutely drowned out in a tidal wave of piss over homosexuality in pathfinder and /pol/

Sasuga pfg/pgg

>> No.53615179

What did you expect out of /pgg/lets

>> No.53615184

>tfw no OD/ZS cummies
This isn't living

>> No.53615191

>acting like you can't discuss philosophy at the same time
hmmmmmm, maybe the truth is you ran out of shit to talk about?

>> No.53615200

It doesn't matter tho.

>> No.53615206

That's a silly reason to insist 35% of the population is gay. People can call other people lovely all the time.

>> No.53615221

Ah, nihilism? Juvenile. Even Neitzsche thought it was a stupid idea and was trying to show why people shouldn't believe in it.

>> No.53615224

What do you mean? Im not going to have a conversatiom with myself, no. And Im not going to just prattle on about my own views forever like some blogposter.

>> No.53615226

So by your own study "less than 5%" of the population is gay, while 30% of men know that other men can look good and 30% of women know that women can look good.
Fucking distorting the evidence

>> No.53615235

That's not nihilism though, because 'running out' of shit to talk about isn't a reason to start pulling /pol/

>> No.53615244

>Good gods who would have issue with babies not being made do not exist.
Also... correct? I never mentioned anything about good or evil, because neither of those concepts matter to "love-life."

>> No.53615257

OD/ZS how? Which disciplines are just too fucken good? I want to get on this martial memewagon.

>> No.53615265

Why does everyone forget the second clause all the fucking time? You get liberally inclined trigglypuff companies like Sony sniffing their own farts and parading around Ghostbusters with absolute confidence their shit smells fresh and they're fighting the good fight... But then they realize tolerance =/= Acceptance and the product dies whimpering.

>> No.53615275

>Implying those anons >>53615165 >>53615160 >>53615149 and many others are not having a non-shit discussion about something that is more /pgg/ than some fucking private meme game.

>> No.53615278

You know, if you PMED HIM I bet he'd do something with you.

>> No.53615305

>Good gods
God I don't care about much Paizo tries to write Pharasma as an neutral or uncaring god. Most important events she's has been in very firmly put her doing the Right and Good thing.

>> No.53615313

>Mature, hot-blooded Swordlord (female) seducing Andrik Kaminski

Fund it

>> No.53615322


Anon... Pathfinder is wrapping up and the only deities they have released for the past couple years have been CG snowflakes. Starfinder's pantheon is a rehash of the old with the newest gods being a God of War and genderfluid goddess of change/genetics and a machine-god of FTL. If they haven't released a fertility figure, they NEVER will.

>> No.53615336

She's Right and Good in the way Shikieiki is Right and Good

>> No.53615340

Primal Fury

TOO LATE I stole him first >:D

>> No.53615368

>finished the rewrite for my Ensoulment character
finally I can make myself some food, I haven't eaten anything all day
and then onto making an app for JttW

truly it's a busy life to be /pfg/

>> No.53615372
File: 20 KB, 425x404, Face - Joke Over Head.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53615383

I'm pretty sure I already claimed him, so now I'm curious who the hell you think you are.

>> No.53615389
File: 1.07 MB, 1082x950, HK 47.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What will be your first Starfinder character?

Sarcastic retort - Probably a fleshbag full of squishy liquids and sloshing innards susceptible to various forms of injury. Or perhaps a meatsack pretending to be a superior assassin through the use of inorganic components.

>> No.53615391


>> No.53615411

Pharasma is a tyrannical bitch with an unflattering rear

>> No.53615422


>> No.53615452

this sword's name is now chunchunmaru.

>> No.53615455

More importantly, why isn't she Lawful?

>> No.53615466

I was here before you were, slut! I was here LOOOOOONG before RotJR made him a household name! He's MINE

>> No.53615467
File: 392 KB, 668x1049, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53615512

This is why we cant have nice things

>> No.53615541

Because she doesn't have laws even though she clearly does.

>> No.53615545

Rory, that's cute

>> No.53615561

Go to sleep, Vilderavn! You're drunk!

>> No.53615601

That's about as likely as the mature Brevic noblewoman scratching her demon fetish with Kyras.

Never going to happen!

Why not Android?

>> No.53615610

No, stupid cucks like you responding are why.

>> No.53615647

Who said I was Rory?

Also wrong

>> No.53615673

>Never around
>Never done jack shit
>Plays the same character every game
>Still considered the absolute best no matter what
Is this the true power of self-shilling? I haven't seen this kind of cultish atmosphere outside of F-List.

>> No.53615677

The concept of good and evil in a monotheistic world are for the most part defined. Murder is evil. Self defense is justified. In an atheist world, good and evil is more about ethics. In a polytheistic setting, great care needs to be taken to achieve a balance for a world where there are things that are aligned with good and evil.

Zeus was a good god yet was constantly cheating on his wife, the goddess of marriage Hera. Poseidon desired to have sex with the beautiful Medusa, and she fled to the temple of the virgin Goddess Athena for protection. Poseidon raped her and then Athena cursed Medusa for having sex in her temple. Athena, the goddess of Wisdom.

In this setting, good is determined by what the gods desire. Gods often disagree with one another, but often don't care about your intentions. Oedipus never intended to commit the evil acts of slaying his father and laying with his mother. Oedipus's act of penance, to gouge out both of his eyes, did not stop the Erinyes from hounding him until his death. The gods decide what is right or wrong.

In pathfinder, good or evil is a thing that the gods either do or don't happen to agree with. There is a disconnect because we are taking our current understanding of what is good or bad and retroactively applying it to the gods.
The ancient greeks had lots of gay sex and sex with young boys, but straight marriage was still the thing to strive for.

A lawful good god of family and conservatism may just be more concerned with the continuation of life. A philosophy that does not reject gays, but emphasizes that the majority must have straight marriage for life to continue. This god seeks to maintain the status quo for fear of causing irreversible damage. This god does not take risks and does not seek to see changing everything up could make things radically better. This god does not gladly freely welcome all types, but asks others to conform. There are other gods of goodness to follow if this doesn't sit well with you.

>> No.53615721

>Athena, the goddess of Wisdom.
Quick reminder that Athena, like Hera, only took their rage out on mortals because they just couldn't beat Poseiden and Zeus respectively.

>> No.53615734

What is the next great meme after Ensoulement and Journey?

>> No.53615755


Take your pick

Rory trying to run another game and people taking the bait

Fluffy Tail 3: Revolution

Dragons 3 but in Starfinder

Sunday of the Jade Regent, taken from the OLD, OLDDDDDDD RotJR apps

>> No.53615758

Autism, as always.

>> No.53615759

>That's about as likely as the mature Brevic noblewoman scratching her demon fetish with Kyras.

Rumor has it this will get started up this coming week.

>> No.53615763
File: 94 KB, 900x872, hk_47_by_tacowrath-d4zk3fh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why not Android?

Explanation - While tempting, meatbags simply do not hold up well against the dangerous environments of the galaxy, let alone all the wondrous methods they can be exterminated. No no no, my purposes need a much more sophisticated and advanced means to carry out my goals.

>> No.53615774

If I recall, Zeus was seen as innocent because he was rendered dumb and pliable by the beauty of those he gazed upon. To many Greeks in this age, being beautiful and flaunting it meant you're "asking" to have sex.

>> No.53615776

Arkwright, is that you?

>> No.53615779

Vult! This ends today! Your reign of terror ends now!
By the Blade of QANON, I shall free Wist from your clutches!

>> No.53615802

I want Dragons 3 in Starfinder so bad.

>> No.53615807

PLD of course

>> No.53615823

Also wrong
But Wist is pretty dang cute too

>Starring the races all derived from the descendants of the original DG1 and DG2 parties.

>> No.53615850

Definitely better than rolling as Alek Squinquargesimus, the original meatbag.

>> No.53615851
File: 858 KB, 1920x1080, 3723158-0856939144-HK-47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Answer - Negative. I simply have high standards for what needs to be done and the most optimal ways of achieving them irregardless of past advancements

>> No.53615872

I think PLD will be a pump n' dump, quick opening and quick close.

>> No.53615894

Vult's already made up his mind who he wants in.

Screecap this post. Wubu will be the new PLD player.

>> No.53615899

That implies the DG1 and DG2 parties are going to get any.

>> No.53615901

>same character

I don't think martial and male is a narrow enough category to call them the same.

>> No.53615910
File: 20 KB, 220x315, DunMesh Elf Ears.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there anything about the elves in Tian Xia that I can look through? Was looking into something for JttW and realized that I don't actually know a whole lot about the region, and that I'm horridly uneducated on a lot of eastern stuff in general.

>> No.53615911
File: 89 KB, 1024x768, mru_heavy_by_sttheo-d9kc5jr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you should at least upgrade the chassis you've chosen.

>> No.53615912


Agitated response - If I see one more hired meatsack firing blasters at those accursed mystics I will disconnect my own CPU

>> No.53615932

Lameeka's hips are plenty to get everyone in that party laid.

>> No.53615933
File: 165 KB, 636x358, hyougemono-1-3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So the plan for my JttW character seems to come down to:

Celebrity/Geisha Bard || Prophet Covetous Intrigue Oracle

Thinking if I want to VMC as well. Though if I did I am unsure what I would go for at this point.

>> No.53615935

They're Samurai Elves that worship the White Tree of Gondor. I think they enjoy living underground among the roots of their holy trees.

>> No.53615939

>not knowing about eastern stuff
>on MY anime image board

>> No.53615948

>The IKiD connection
The Cabal at work! Sickening.

>> No.53615972

What monstrosity are you?! I won't let you take Wist!

>> No.53615974

>Usually OD, ZS, or both
Name one who wasn't that.

>> No.53615975

Her oven can't cook more than one type of bun at a time. You're hitting a bottleneck here unless Lameeka knows about twenty other fat-tailed Kobold women who want to be in the family way.

>> No.53615981

DHB can you FUCK OFF

>> No.53615996

Wubu's just been teasing Vult by repeatedly apping and backing out and apping and backing out

>> No.53616012

Sigmund was a Slayer (Sniper.)

>> No.53616018


Retort - Maintaining an optimal balance of maneuverability, combat durability, and infiltration are the end goals. This is an art after all and skill matters over brute force.

Recitation - The prospect of uploading my mind directly into a battleship is an enjoyable one, but I fear too much power would quickly destabilize those around me.

>> No.53616020

I assume she has family.

>> No.53616033 [SPOILER] 
File: 381 KB, 1280x1674, 1496603757335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, you seem to have forgotten about Rory's fluffy dragon waifu

>> No.53616070

She's cute! Friendly too! I wouldn't mind holding hands with her!

>> No.53616088

>complain about discussion re: homos in setting
>waaa we were discussing philosophy
>go back to discussing the games with philosophy
>instantly degenerates into even more intense autism and /soc/posting
You people have Discord for this, you realize, right?

>> No.53616099

I'd like to run a 'crime city' floating on an asteroid somewhere where a drow matriarch runs the place.

Corporations hiring out gangs to fight each other in the streets, illegal deals being done in broad daylight, and the only morals and ethics that most people know of is the strip club by the ship docks.

>> No.53616112
File: 13 KB, 164x276, DunMesh Marceline Worried.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anything I should specifically search and go digging for, or did that not get a whole lot of expanding upon? I'm starting awfully fresh and usually try to avoid too many details, but given the level 10 start I feel a bit obligated to put in at least a bit of effort.

There's a difference between "I watch a lot of anime" and "I know a lot about the east", anon. I could probably recite a few names of popular Chinese figures (do not chase Lu Bu), maybe a Moon folklore story here and there, and that names are usually written "Family name first, then given name". This doesn't make me confident in my ability to stay in-theme.

>> No.53616115

That sounds like Absalom Station mixed with Shadowrun. I need it.

>> No.53616134

It was in the Dragon Empires Gazeteer and the Pathfinderwiki tends to be detailed, but them's the deets my man.

>> No.53616141
File: 1.11 MB, 1400x1400, Omega_galaxymap-box.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean

It's literally Omega

>> No.53616178

Sleep a shit. You're wasting your time.

>> No.53616215
File: 37 KB, 564x908, 1478908704085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought about making a homebrew setting but I think the setting as it stands will work just fine as the Vast offers enough space to do literally whatever.

That said, I would treat the overall tone of the setting similar to HxH where Starfinder the organization has it's hands in just about everything both criminal and legit but gets a pass from the various governments because they tend to recruit powerful mercenaires they can call on when shit's bad so in exchange for being the PactWorld's hired swords when their own forces arn't enough they and their members are allowed to get away with some things as long as they don't fuck up too badly and Starfinder is willing to police its own.

Further still I want to see what the various criminal organizations are and how they interact with each other because I want the initial few games to basically revovle around it

>> No.53616224

I get that kind of feeling from just the simple idea of PMing them. Like, even if I already have been on a regular basis

>> No.53616320

Man, why was Omega so edgy? Why was Mass Effect 2 so stupidly edgy?

>> No.53616392

I think he's charming

>> No.53616405

How can I make an app so fetishy that it goes right back around to non-lewd?

>> No.53616426

Did he say that in the Discord, or do you have some juicy secret intel?

Isn't normally the man that teases the woman by repeatedly going in and out?

Are we talking a city on an asteroid, or a hollowed out asteroid with a city on the inside-facing walls? Because I love the idea of being able to look up and see more city far above my head. Seems like drow would prefer that anyway instead of having the open sky above, considering they lived underground for so long.

>> No.53616429

Be edgier than creepy

>> No.53616431


For all we know damage types will bypass certain forms of defenses, do extra damage vs HP/SP, etc. I just feel like there is something we're not seeing yet.

If this IS the case then laffo

>> No.53616456

Fuck off Sleep

>> No.53616462

That depends, how many cabals you in? You might be able to check the pinned messages for inspiration.

>> No.53616463
File: 213 KB, 1200x1200, 1420750829573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See, the problem that arises with fetish characters or, for that matter, creepy sex stuff is that the writer of said creepy sex stuff is way too self-aware of how creepy the sex stuff is. Spending three minutes pussyfooting around the length of your character's cock is going to come across as far more weird than a laugh and an exclamation that they're hung like a horse, before moving onto other matters.

Own the smut. It is a part of the character, and why should you be uncomfortable describing aspects of the character? The only exception to this rule is writing it in such a way that you've clearly got one hand in your pants while doing it. Don't get purple prose on us unless you're in a filthy private ERP, just describe what needs to be described and move on.

Follow these rules, and you'll be able to write about your character's experiences as a back-alley whore and they'll be seen just as seriously as the pure maiden.

>> No.53616471

Look at Wist apps for a model

>> No.53616503
File: 1.13 MB, 1000x1000, IMG_3177.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who is the lucky Anon?

>> No.53616504

t. anime poster

>> No.53616517
File: 60 KB, 373x348, 1475412245588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, here's another picture for that post.

>> No.53616522

Wubu isn't your typical woman!

>> No.53616547

>Isn't normally the man that teases the woman by repeatedly going in and out?

Nah, women can do it too.

>> No.53616560
File: 159 KB, 289x289, 1474332626783.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53616569

How does The Vast have so many Human settlements when Humanity has only been in space for like 1,000 years and everyone's only having 2.1 children?

>> No.53616576

>subby Vult getting plowed by legendary deviant Wubu
I don't hate it

>> No.53616577

But Cashmere is very lewd.

>> No.53616598
File: 102 KB, 500x740, 1473902122081.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mah nigga.

>Legendary deviant

MA has started squirting lewd into his campaign, Vult advertised lewd from Day 1 and Dragons... Well, we know what dragons is. From the sound of Blingmaker, it's not got anything in the way of smut or lewd, so why is Wubu a deviant?

>> No.53616619


That's the RotJR DM yea?

>> No.53616629

Cashmere is pure! She's just a hapless victim!

>> No.53616630

Gosh that sounds cute.

>> No.53616637
File: 126 KB, 1250x660, 1489820400786.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It doesn't? Where did you get that from? The vast represents the chance to have any sort of planet or whatever since most of the core races come from outside of the Pact World anyways (i.e. the Vesk and the Kasatha for example) so if I want a world that has been turned into a sentient super computer then I could just make one and have it out in the Vast somewhere.

>> No.53616650

I want to start squirting lewd into you, anon.

>> No.53616662

Fuck humans

>> No.53616671

Got stories? What's in the heart of the man behind the fuccbois?

>> No.53616673

She's literally made to be stripped naked! And she isn't a virgin!

>> No.53616686

Yes, he got flak for the Gnoll rape scenes back in March, but the last session saw quite a bit more lewd if the Greentexts were any indication.

>> No.53616693

Someone very bewitching.

>> No.53616722

The lewd is fine and dandy. I just wish I could stop rolling low vs. nonlewd things.

>> No.53616741

I have never seen so many fucking nat 1's in my life

>> No.53616751

Oh kek the app that got called furry changed her picture

>> No.53616753
File: 51 KB, 500x200, 1449377778753.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


... Go on...

>> No.53616757

Guys, I have a confession to make
I have a terrible obsession with sausage, it's the best food ever and I love stuffing my mouth full with it

>> No.53616788

New Thread:


>> No.53616790

But the result was WORTH IT

>> No.53616808

>but the last session saw quite a bit more lewd if the Greentexts were any indication.

Wait... Who hooked up with who?

>> No.53616810

That makes Wist lewd! Not Cashmere!

>> No.53616821

Wist is lewd!

>> No.53616838

(You) are lewd.

>> No.53616839

If greentexts are to be belived, then Rubio got his blade caught up in Saboten's Robes

>> No.53616866

Corwin and Valeriya, if the last thread was to believed.

>> No.53616868

Boobs arent really a fetish anon. Maybe next time he gets drunk we can prompt him to wax philosophical on something more interesting.

>> No.53616879
File: 57 KB, 384x540, 15270587._SY540_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Screw asteroid cities, go for a ring world.

Any indication on whether megastructures like ring worlds, dyson spheres, tipler cylinders, and the like will exist in Starfinder? I'm guessing they will but they'll be the tech equivalent of artifacts, not things that can just be built normally and playing the role of major plot points. As they should be.

Wubu straight up claiming she can only be satisfied with getting DP'd in the Discord, plus she started a game with not one, not two, but three well-know ERPers (Slow, IKID, Sleep). That'd probably do it. The greentexts from Blingmaker haven't suggested any lewdness though, so either they're somehow defying the odds in Blingmaker and keeping things family friendly OR they're keeping all traces of any ERP completely private. Either one is good, but you're still left wondering if Wubu's been riding any PC dicks yet.

Nice pic, stealing it for my campaign. Perfect for a dead necromancer's private demiplane, haunted by the lingering souls of those he imprisoned in his realm.

>> No.53616912

>Wubu straight up claiming she can only be satisfied with getting DP'd in the Discord

>> No.53616939
File: 282 KB, 500x400, 1427412610991.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Wubu straight up claiming she can only be satisfied with getting DP'd in the Discord, plus she started a game with not one, not two, but three well-know ERPers

>mfw only two guys
>mfw the guys chosen are very compatible
>mfw only a matter of time until she introduces an NPC that wants them both

>> No.53616973

[citation needed]

>> No.53617001

They're rather glorious , and a bit notorious for it, but also unbearably cute

>> No.53617028
File: 392 KB, 254x401, Smug.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>so either they're somehow defying the odds in Blingmaker and keeping things family friendly OR they're keeping all traces of any ERP completely private

I bet things are going to get more degenerate than Sodom when they found their first city. Whorehouses are a valuable resource in Kingmaker and they're going to be interviewing the mistress.

>> No.53617260

We know for a fact weapons - including full-autofire - have only one attack per turn by default.

>> No.53619274

Concept: A Starfinder character who's end goal is to become (or who already is) a sentient computer virus. Good or bad?

>> No.53619336

Other thread just 404'd.

>> No.53619457

New thread:

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