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nth for chaos being pretty good

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Reposting from last thread.

>The more I look at it the more I think Tyranids are not as strong as people were initially saying. I think nids were just so used to being shit for so long that every single buff immediately jumped out at them and looked great, but they need them just to stay afloat, it doesn't look like it's actually pushing them to the top necessarily.

>Now this is just in terms of pure fighty value. They might turn out to be sick good at the objective game or something, but I don't think nids are going to be tabling other armies in 2-3 turns like the alarmists are crying about.

>If anything, it's Ork Boyz tabling you that you need to worry about. Carnifexes aren't really gonna do shit.

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>mfw using imperial guard with one primaris lieutenant


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What army is /40kg/ planning for 8th?

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Plasma devs seem worth it now if you babysit them with a character providing rerolls. A primaris or chapter ancient for that sweet "shoot or fight before you die" allowing double shots even if they melt themselves could be extra good. opinions?

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>Liking anything new, even if its genuinely good.

>There's people posting in this general RIGHT FUCKING NOW without a pair of rose tinted glasses on.

Fucking disgusting.

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First one to mention the Wu Tang Clan exploit is getting summarily executed

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Can't decide between GSC or DE, but one of those. Maybe a salamander force if I want another force down the line.

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nth for Khorne Daemonkin ready for kick asses

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Working on 7.5. It looks like Tau will be fine this edition, only substituting Riptide Spam for Hammerhead Spam.

Incidentally, this is how vehicles in 8th shoot.

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Slaanesh or the new DG i dont know but i have one thing pretty clear: I want a viable army

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I started collecting Orks a few months ago, so I'll just keep going with that. All things point towards this being a good edition for me.

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Sister, DE, Necrons, or Imp guard. Can't decide.

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nth for the new Chadmarine models gave me cancer specially that grav-rhino, that thing is serious heresy and must be purged

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Looks like they're in a trashcan, where they belong

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>3 riptides

>> No.53579474

Slaanesh marines.

31 chaos marines
2 rhinos
2 obliterators
12 cultists
1 terminator sorcerer

...so what now?

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>All Tau players with 8th edition

This is the best gift GW gave us

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Custodes. I've played termie and walker heavy Iron Warriors for a few years now, but when BoP came out I picked up a few Custodes and I quite enjoyed painting them. After Talons came out I ended up with three Land Raiders, a couple of Contemptors and some more general Custodes.

I've always been a fan of elite units charging into battle. I've always tried to bring a LR with four termies and a lord despite it being pretty noncompetitive (until now?). Now I can't even fit a Lord in a Raider. The Custodes on the other hand can ride into combat in their gilded shagging wagons. I love the Contemptor model and the overall feel of a very small model count super elite army.

The rules have hurt them pretty badly thanks to losing Deep Strike. But I've decided I don't really care. I'll run my dudes as best I can and hope we get some good stuff from a Codex in the future.

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an aerial is not a viewport

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Do people not get armies because they like them?

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>Expanding on my Tau
>Expanding on my Chaos

Really not sure what I'll want to work on first

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we currently don't know all the custode rules because the guy who scanned the imperial codex 2 skipped the first page of the custode part

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looking forward to playing my Raven Guard. they may have taken my chapter tactics for now but I will adapt. Strike, Fade, and Strike again!

memeposting aside, Shrike finally got the chapter master tag and seems to be worth actually fielding because of the ability to reroll charges with JP units nearby. This makes the chances of getting into melee with those units on arrival go from 27% to about 53% so just over 50/50 for first turn charges. Feelsgoodman

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How do Inquisitorial detachments work? Do you just do Vanguard? Also how do Death Cults and Officio Assassinorum work? Do they count towards the Vanguard detachment?

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You know, I may give tau a shot. Always liked them, but scared off by the stigma around them. They still seem decent, but with melee armies being faster it should be an interesting challenge. Also, I have a massive fetish for railguns, and they seem actually good this edition.

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Blood Angels

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I think the feeling right now is that all the toxic Tau player are dropping Tau, so it should be safe.

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I'm making molds of the fire warrior guns and giving them to IG to act as human auxiliaries.

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Pretty much the same shit I was doing in 7th for my Guard. The biggest difference would be Bullgryn with Slab and Power Mauls. Also the inclusion of Mortar HWS.

I probably will get more Scions too and now that I've built Celestine and some Sisters of Silence I'll probably start running them mixed with some Inquisition.

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I'm thinking abour starting an Edgelords army, but first I need to know how fear and terror work though

>> No.53579550

What's a good number of gaunts?

>> No.53579551

>What army is /40kg/ planning for 8th?
Dust off my necromunda stuff and field everything together as a swarm guard.

>> No.53579553


Funny, I was just mathing out HH vers riptides

riptide+IA 316 pts
BS 4+, Heavy 3 S7 AP-3 D1, Overcharge Heavy D6 S8 AP-3 Dd3

2 Hammerheads with ion cannon 344 pts
BS3+, Heavy 3 S7 AP-2 D2, Overcharge Heavy D3 S8 AP-2 D3, Heavy D6 against 10 or more models

Against T4, <10 models
tide normal: 1 wound on 1 model
tide overcharge: 1.34 models hit with 2 wounds
HH normal: 2.67 models hit with 2 wounds
HH overcharge: 2.23 models hit with 3 wounds

Against T4, 10+ models
tide normal: 1 wound on 1 model
tide overcharge: 1.34 models hit with 2 wounds
HH normal 2.67 models hit with 2 wounds
HH overcharge: 3.89 models hit with 3 wounds

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I got my Orks and am starting up some Ultramarines.

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Anon who plays this game because they like it?

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True, but an anon who claims to have the book told me that page does not mention DS (Someone wouldn't lie on the internet, would they?). I'm not really sure what they could add to replace it.

I find it kind of odd that we don't have it desu. With 'From Golden Light They Come' we only rolled a single die for scattering and even our Dread could DS.

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With a bit of creative modelling, it will be.

>> No.53579568

>Dust off my necromunda stuff
what necromunda stuff do you have anon?

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Damn, I really need to rework everything.
I run trukk heavy, so aside from adjusting to the new points, I also have to consider stocking up on boys again, since now it make sense to field more than the bare 10.
Might also move away from power klaws to save some points here and there.
And if I understand the BW correctly, I can field lootas and flash gitz in it and they can move and shoot without the -1?

And there is no fix to hit on 6, right? If an ork gets -2 on his to hit roll, he can't hit the target at all?

>> No.53579579

>Moving a shooting a heavy weapon incurs a -1 to hit penalty

Great. So not only have vehicles and terminators gotten more expensive, and slower. Now they can't even move and shoot effectively.

GG GW thanks for yet another terminator nerf.

>> No.53579585

I'll continue expanding my orks, they've been my main army since I started playing 15 years ago.
I'm also eyeballing an IG tank company, even though Leman Russes are of questionable value now, just because I like tanks and I won't have to paint too many models to field it.

>> No.53579590

Splitting the Dark Imperium box with a friend, taking the Primaris Marines and playing Ultramarines.

>> No.53579598

Any suggestions on how to turn a bubblechucka into something else?

>> No.53579619

I started dark eldar when the gangs box came out, and i fucking love painting the models, so them.

>> No.53579625

Everyone complained that half of their shit was dying turn 1 from shooting so they made everything durable. They made cover worse because it was total cancer in 7th. So to add to everything being more durable they also made things harder to hit. I love it. It will not be games of tabling on turn 3, it will be wars of attrition where all your units are doing something every turn.

>> No.53579627

It's much better than "if the vehicle moves at X speed it can only fire Y number of guns." The new rules are generally less restrictive.

>> No.53579631

Expanding on my orks with a bigmek on bike first.
Still got some flash gitz to finish and a bunch of other orks to repaint.

>> No.53579632

Yeah -1 to hit with your auto-hitting heavy flamer and your assault cannon which has 2 more shots now is such a nerf.

It's not like Terminators also got perfect reliable deep strike and double the shots on their stormbolters and double the wounds now either.

>> No.53579643

Could someone rate my DA list?

Really excited I can fire heavy weapons after moving and that I don't have to worry about feeling the heat unless I really want to.

Kinda bummed that Gets Hot is insta-kill now. Also bummed at how elite Ravenwing got.

But hey, DA Techmarines can take Conversion Beamers for now! And apothecaries can heal anyone.

>> No.53579653

>implying people play this shit game because they like it
There are two camps of people in 40k:
>those who enjoy painting, modeling, making fluffy and interesting armies, and the occasional friendly game with like minded people

>> No.53579663

Yea, im still holding out hope. Although, what i really want is their HH rules in 8th. I may start homebrew coverting them over once i get the index and a good few games in

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>> No.53579680

Of course they do. The thing is some people like their army for looks, the other because it's winning.

>> No.53579682

Gonna preorder Dark Imperium and make an Allied Detachment for my IG from the Primaris Marines and prolly glue the DG models and sell em on since I'm not a fan of Chaos play style and love Imperium armies.

>> No.53579685

Black templars or mortifactors as long as i can dettol the unthinined paint off my old ultramarines from my younger hobbyist days!

Even though im going to be inticed into spending more of my money on new edition rellease mimatures.

>> No.53579697

Sticking to Renegades/Guard, I've got Raging Heroes Sisters coming at some point so there will be that. Until Forgworld books hit I'm looking at this for a guard list.

Tank Commander (Battle Cannon, 3x HBolter)[213]
Tank Commander (Battle Cannon, 3x HBolter)[213]

Commissar (Bolt Pistol) [31]
Infantry Squad (Missile Launcher, Grenade Launcher)[65]
Infantry Squad (Missile Launcher, Grenade Launcher)[65]
Infantry Squad (Missile Launcher, Grenade Launcher)[65]

Heavy Weapon Squad (3x Lascannon) [72]
Heavy Weapon Squad (3x Lascannon) [72]

Valkyrie (Lascannon, Hellstrike Missiles) [170]
Valkyrie (Lascannon, Hellstrike Missiles) [170]

Vet Squad (3xPlasma Gun, Plasma Pistol, Shotguns)[86]
Vet Squad (3xPlasma Gun, Plasma Pistol, Shotguns)[86]

Fortification Network
Imperial Bastion (4x HBolter)[192]

Total 1500

Heavy weapon squads go inside the Bastion, I could even fit in one more group of them and still shoot everything. It will feel good to have a reason to finish my Valkyries, I hated the fact that as flyers they needed to be kept in reserve.

>> No.53579701

Mix of Scions and Custodes
Going to add SoB to the mix if they get a plastic release (which they may get in the form of a boxed game i predict)

>> No.53579732

I have 15,000 points of Eldar. So them.
I also have about 1500 in Nids so maybe play some games with them for fun.

And 500 in sisters but I can't afford more metal bullshit

>> No.53579736

this one
pls r8

>> No.53579742

I'd love to see the HH stuff in 40k. If any army should still have their stuff from the Great Crusade it would be the Custodes. Although I'm not so sure I'm up to the task of paint those gorgeous Dreadnoughts.

>> No.53579744

Couple questions about flyers in 8th edition:
>Do they still start in reserve and fly onto the board, or do you just deploy them normally?
>Can you fire in any direction as long as you can draw LoS from the gun?
>Do they get a cover save from being in a terrain feature?

>> No.53579751

I am an Emperor's Children player, but for the 8th I'm going to put them on a shelf for a while and go mono-Slaaneshi Daemons

>> No.53579755

>I have 15,000 points of Eldar. So them.
but why not add to that eldar with harlequins and deldar!

>> No.53579772

sorry I don't know anything about Dark Angels :p

>> No.53579783

>double the wounds now either.
which doesn't matter given how many weapons do multiple damage a shot.

>> No.53579796

I mean, at this point you could rate it as an SM list.

>> No.53579797

GSC until i have a decent sized army then start up DG so i can have a little variety when I play.

>> No.53579798

Oh shit does GW not sell the official Big Mek with KFF model anymore?
How do you guys make yours?

>> No.53579802

I hope someone near me decides to sell some in not to awfully painted/built, always wanted a Mobile Infantry themed army and lets face it, Crisis suits do the job so much better than any Marine that it's just sad.

Bonus for being able to use Kroot, Vespid and all those railgun units.

>> No.53579817

>have to use normalfag book to try and get a deal

>> No.53579818

the only thing that sticks out to me right now are the conversion beamers (i used to take them with the inquisition) - They are worthless because you are rarely move than 72" from a visable target, unless you are on an absolutely huge table

>> No.53579819

>There are currently 28,975 listings for "Tau" on Ebay
>Ebay has recorded a total of 7,026 sold listings for "Tau" all time

>> No.53579824

For the last one, i think you need to be obscured by the terrain unless youre infantry

>> No.53579837

Disregard anything you remember from 7th edition.
Read the 8th edition rules

Spoonfeeding answer:
they deploy normally unless otherwise stated in the fliers datasheet
the datasheet will tell you if they have special movement restrictions
only if they are 50% obscured.

>> No.53579846

Do people actually even like or play Death Guard? Why would GW choose them as their bad guy faction for the starter?

>> No.53579854



Tau sensor spines

Techmarine/servitor limbs

or borrow a KFF from a wazbom or gorkanaught kit

>> No.53579855

They are like every other vehicle now, just very fast with a minimum move. Some have special rules that limit their turning that's about it. Check the data sheet for the flyer in question.

So in general

-Nothing is forced to start in reserves. Even a drop pod can start deployed on the table.
-Line of sight is not from the gun but any part of the hull for any gun

>> No.53579862

Haven't been following the spoilers too much, how's CSM looking this edition? I know that we lost the chapter tactics we just got back and marks do the same as in AoS

>> No.53579866

Must be hard to be the coolest kid in class.

>> No.53579867

They're not that bad honestly. Metallic are pretty easy, and the detail is very easy to highlight on them. Pic related is mine. Not my best work, but wasn't hard at all.
>outed as filthy phoneposter

>> No.53579870

Either building up my Ad Mech army, or starting up a Dark Eldar/Ynnari army. Not sure on which, but its gonna happen. I have the money, I just have to decide when and what I get.

>> No.53579873

>Line of sight is not from the gun but any part of the hull for any gun
Shit, that changes everything

>> No.53579874

>8th isn't even out for two more weeks

>> No.53579881

forgot pic

>> No.53579883

Shit, that model is fucking gross

That's awesome

And about the question itself, no idea. If they did it is because nurgle miniatures are selling pretty well, or people tend to like it, idk

I wuld have gome for Word Bearers, personally.

>> No.53579884

>and marks do

>> No.53579892


Get Rekt, Fishfaces

>> No.53579900

Are stormtroopers still elites

>> No.53579907

>Shit, that model is fucking gross
It's just missing a classy fedora.

>> No.53579909

But what are they all buying? I know some armies have people very excited, but it's far to early to guess what (if anything) is the bullshit OP faction.

>> No.53579912

>Rubric Marines and Tzaangors
>Plague Marines and Poxwalkers
>Noise Marines and ???

What kind cult units would you like to see Noise marines get?

>> No.53579914

WAAC fags love them, they had a sudden surge of popularity due to their legion rules being the best.

>> No.53579917

Word Bears should have have been the yang to the Ultramarines' yin. Everything about them just fits.
Fuck Black Legion.

>> No.53579920

we hive tyrants now

What's the best loadout for them by the way?
Talons and lashwhip/bonesword?

>> No.53579922

By that logic, a Monolith will never be able to shoot anything because it does not have a viewport.

The rules as stated say "if unsure, stoop down behind the shooting model." What does stooping mean? How many inches away do you have to be behind the tank to determine if it can see? What happens if the vehicle is so big that getting behind it conceals vision to the other model?

All this could have been solved with "measure LOS from the weapon being fired for units that do not have the Infantry Keyword" or something simple like that. But no...

>> No.53579923

>Why would GW choose them as their bad guy faction for the starter?

Because Guilliman's being a beacon for hope and change in a stagnant empire.
Enter champions of entropy and stagnation.

Not hard.

>> No.53579928

does anyone know the base size for the nurgle stuff in the starter box? I am pretty sure the poxwalkers come on 25mm bases and the plague marines + malignant plaguecaster are on 32mm bases. The Noxious Blightbringer looks like he is on 40mm. But as far as the Lord of contagion and the foetid bloat-drone look like they are on 50mm and 60mm respectively. Can anyone confirm or correct me if I am wrong

>> No.53579932

>Vespid Commander
>Kroot Riptide

You know what? This guy is cool.

>> No.53579933


This doesn't bode well for me, who's been looking to get rid of some Tau since 6e. I guess they'll just sit on the shelf a while longer. Maybe Fires of Cyraxus will make dual PIG XV-9s great and I can offload those from my collection at least.

>> No.53579938

Prime is HQ, command squad is elite, scions are troops

>> No.53579940

I will guess Drew Carry, because of all the armies that look really good they will require the least amount of painting.

>> No.53579944

Are you retarded? 90% of the weapons that do multidamage would have insta-killed you before anyways, now you have a chance to survive it, and you're twice as survivable against tons of small arms fire which was what everyone complained about was killing Termies last edition.

>> No.53579952

They are troops and cheaper. 50 points for 5 and every 5 you get 2 special weapons.
Also this.

>> No.53579956


But memes aside I don't know much about bike heavy Marine armies but that looks like you could take the fight to whatever part of the board you want. So prey good for focusing fire where it needs to go.

>> No.53579960

Yeah, now is clearly not the time to sell.

>> No.53579961

Perfect, time to grab some cheap shit. I don't really understand why these retards would assume Tau is unplayable in 8th, though

>> No.53579962

riptide with ion 316 pts

2 hammerheads with railguns 310 pts

Against T4 models
submunitions: 3.11 models hit with 1 wound

Against lemming ruse (T8 3+)
Riptide IA: 0.5 pre save wounds, 0.42 wounds D1
Riptide overcharge: 0.875 pre save wounds, 0.73 wounds at d3 ave 2 = 1.46
HH railguns: 3.11 wounds, save ignored, on a 6+ to wound add average 2 mortal wounds
HH Ion: 1.332 pre save wounds, 0.89 wounds at D2=1.78
HH Ion overcharge:1.334 pre save wounds, 0.89 wounds at D3=2.67

IA tide is just plain bad now lol

>> No.53579964


>> No.53579965

Nids are literally a base coat, a wash, and a dry brush. And they are looking very good this edition.

>> No.53579967

They are selling because there's "no idiots guide to Buy, Build, Win" for 8th yet.

>> No.53579970

That looks pretty damn good. Maybe I'll grab the spear guy. They're just too cool looking to not have.

>> No.53579971

Monstrous Rending Claws. They're the best option and also free, and only take one slot so you can still fit guns.

>> No.53579974

>least amount of painting
>dark eldar
Pick one. Unless by painting you mean your going to be a filthy faggot and leave them primed.

>> No.53579978


>> No.53579979

I got 2 Mega Dreads comming to me very soon, and I just randomly bought Stormboyz today - I'll probably need at least 15 more of them, so yeah, I'll stay with orks.
Can't go wrong with army you actually love form fluff to getting your ass handed to you on tabletop.

>> No.53579981

Maybe some of bile's stuff?


>> No.53579984

So how viable will this be on the table in 8th?

Also, how does battleshock work with squadroned walkers like Kans if they start loosing walkers in the unit?

Or how does that work with Dreadnought talons for that matter?

>> No.53579987

Has the fact that Death Guard cannot have Terminators, despite 4 of their HQs wearing it, been discussed?

I'm more confused than anything. Their 2 unique units in HH are terminators for fucks sake.

>> No.53579993

Holy shit Tauniggers were a mistake

>> No.53579994

Except now those Wound you on 3s

>> No.53579996

A vanguard detachement of a tech priest dominus
fulrgite elctro priests
cybernetica datasmith
shooty kastelans
breachers with arc rifle and hydralic claw

as well as a my new osseus astartes, a iron hands successors built from the primaris in the starter pack(im replacing all the bare heads with bionic ad mech ones)

>> No.53579998

Do Tempestus Scion kits come with melta guns? I have only bought them second hand.

>> No.53579999

screamers of tzeentch

>> No.53580002

>Fuck Black Legion.

This, imo the Word Bearers shpuld have always been the post heresy most important traitor Legion.
They represent chaos in all it's glory.

And also, they are the ones with the biggest rivalry aginst the Imperium poster boys, the Ultramarines.

>> No.53580007

Looks pretty good.

>> No.53580008

They are getting new nurgle specific terminator kits. Can't have people using the old terminators now can we

>> No.53580016

And the best gun is the heavy venom cannon I assume?

>> No.53580019

AdM. Although the only non-Skitarii model will be a dominus.

>> No.53580022

Shit rules. Doesn't take autism to know this, shill.

>> No.53580032

>Tau are barely top 4, arguably 5
>idiots guide to win

>> No.53580033

>basic stormtroopers are now 50 points for 5
>with AP -2 guns stock
>and a 4+ save
>and +1 BS
Holy shit

>> No.53580039


>> No.53580042

I'm feel really grateful for the group I have. None of us have ever had competitive armies. Our one Tau player has a single Riptide that he has never used with us. I always figured WAAC fags were a somewhat rare breed relegated to tournaments. If those numbers are anything to go by it would seem they are epidemic.

>> No.53580048

the part I like is that the 2+ is no longer "extremely good" or "completely irrelevent" with no in between.
2+ saves were so good that either armies with little access to ap2 felt like they couldn't do shit, and other armies to compensate had so much ap2 that the armor felt useless.

Now more guns feel worth shooting at them (over just tones of small arms fire), and even against the better guns the termi will likely still have a 3+ or 4+ save especially if in cover. They'll still want the 5+ invuln against meltaguns, but they have that and it feels right.

>> No.53580050

Greenpill me on Orks, are they better than Chaos space marines?

>> No.53580051

cant decide between
or dkok

>> No.53580053

>idiots guide to win against other average lgs mouth breathers

>> No.53580054

>Do people actually even like or play Death Guard?
No, they're the least popular god-specific faction. Khorne is the most popular, though Tzeentch has been rising due to the new models, and some people love Slaanesh. I've never met anyone who plays Nurgle in almost 15 years.
I guess they're trying to bring them into the mix, but being the gross-out booger faction isn't appealing to many people. I think it was a mistake, personally.

>> No.53580055

Yeah it's pretty sweet. You can fit waayyy more troopers in a scion list now

>> No.53580057

RIght? 7 Point Plasma Guns and they can deep strike. Gotta buy me another Scion Starter kit.

>> No.53580061

Anyone know what time the pre-order stuff goes live? I don't want to miss out on the limited rule book.

>> No.53580062

FUCK gamesworkshop

>> No.53580063

Suddenly Nid lists are coming out of the woodwork.

>> No.53580067


>> No.53580068

Well, Penitent Engines sold out pretty quick on the GW website. Unless they were sold out before, it could be that people are placing their bets on them as power-units in melee this edition.

Doesn't bode well for me, who just wants one for a Witchhunter Inq28 warband. I'll have to snipe some off the Email Me alerts when they hit the store again.

Hell, if the demand is real we could see a plastic kit in the future.

>> No.53580069

Im gonna bring this

Grimaldus+Emperor's Champion


Crusader Squad (8+Sword Brother) Meltagun, Power Fist & Sword Bro with a Thunder
Rhino with Storm Bolter

Tartaros Terminator Squad (4+Sgt) 4xLighting Claws 1x Reaper Autocannon and Power Fist
Land Raider Phobos

Tartaros Terminator Squad (4xSgt) 4x Power Fist & Storm Bolter, 1x Reaper Autocannon and Power Fist

Around 2000pts.

>> No.53580075

>tfw acolytes are way better and cheaper

BS 4, WS 4, T 3, S3, A 2, W 3

12 points each with hotshot lasguns

>> No.53580076

I'm not sure if vehicles fails morale same as infantry. But killa kans with 5 wounds seem solid, should last at least 2 turns, so they can actually shoot at something.
or get blinked by wierdboy and charge in first turn

>> No.53580077


They're more fun, fluffwise and ruleswise

>> No.53580085

Do it. I have one primed and based. Its worth noting that magnetizing the spear dreads wrist weapons is so easy its idiotic to not do it

>> No.53580086

Yeah east coast us here. Should i be on midnight tonight or 12am tomorrow?

>> No.53580092

Marines are by far the most popular, and above Tau in power ranking

>> No.53580096

>way better
>only hitting on a 4+

>> No.53580097

Tau are the mid-tier kings, maximum effect for minimum effort, ignoring rules, skill and luck and normally not taking any significant casualties until turn 3.

Basic stuff.

>> No.53580106

is boneswords and spinefists with glands best loadout for melee warriors? toxin sacs if points to spare

>> No.53580111


By BS/WS 4, do you mean 4+ or 3+? Because now it works like saves where you have to roll over/equal to, rather than under.

>> No.53580117

I can finally use my old ass karskin models
Also why are vets elites now? I dont mind the trade, but it is a bit jarring

>> No.53580118

At numbers?
At armour?

>> No.53580121

Da Jump is only Ork Infantry

>> No.53580125

Chaos is fucked without cool stuff they had in traitor legions (spells, artefacts, special sonoflake rules etc.).
Orks are better than 7ed and will probably get Codex as one of 2 first armies (either them or eldars according to leaks).

>> No.53580129

gaunts 30
gants 20 and stick em in a pod is what i do

>> No.53580133

They are more durable and they can all take special weapons, but they aren't really better.
Not sure to be honest. Some think it's because they don't have models and that now Scions are troops. Guess they didn't want to overload the troop section, but they instead overloaded the elite section.

>> No.53580141

11 here

>> No.53580145

it's infantry, just heavy armed

>> No.53580146

It's just so fucking contrived. I can just take another elite detachment and HQ for a group of terminators, but it just feels so tacked on.

>> No.53580152

I was considering something similar myself. Only big meks with KFFs for HQ, fill the rest out with Gorkanauts, a few Deff Dreads, and the rest being swarms of Killa Kans for "troops."
And they take battleshock just like anyone else, but small unit size means it's unlikely to ever become a serious threat.

>> No.53580154

>want to run 60 Seraphim
>look at price
>$110 for 10

>> No.53580161

Being at the top of power rankings in skilled, competitive environments is different from being at the top of rankings in unskilled competitive environments. Looking at most fighting games you'll see a tier list, but it changes based upon the skill level of the players. Tau is probably best for babby's-first-point-and-shoot army.

>> No.53580165

It's generally when GW stores wherever you are in the world open, so usually 9-10am local time for whatever country you've got the GW webstore set to. If you just want to check out what's available & look at the pretty pictures it should all be up on the NZ site in about 50 minutes.

>> No.53580171

I'm pretty sure they can, but on small units, especially high wound ones, it's a minor risk.
A six kan unit might be a risk, but on a 3 kans you're basically getting a 1/6 chance to lose a kan twice in the game. Assuming they don't just get whipped in one turn.

>> No.53580174

it's because it is.

>> No.53580175


>> No.53580177

Use common sense you autist. Look at the enemy from the model's level. Do you see an enemy? You can shoot at him. Can you not see the enemy? You cannot shoot him. Can you only see his shoelaces? Don't be a dickbag and argue that you can get the shot off.

>> No.53580180

kanz are not infantry on the data sheet, they're listed as vehicles.

>> No.53580186


Inquisitors can just show up in any imperial army, same with every other imperial unit. They do not require a separate detachment.

Same with assassins, just plop them in one of your elite slots.

>> No.53580193

So am I just blind, or did the picture taker not capture the IG wargear options? I cannot find them in either the big rulebook or imperium index 2.

>> No.53580214

The pictures are missing several important pages.

>> No.53580215

Collecting some fluffy TSons/Tzeentch daemons to model and paint on my free time.hopefully by the time I have more, psykers will be updated

>> No.53580224

Straws elastics and some greenstuff.

>> No.53580226


>> No.53580227

very first picture of IG, wargear options are listed to the side of the army list at the very beginning.

>> No.53580228

Sweet, ty.

>> No.53580230

So what?

It has a toughness value and a save, it's basically infantry.

>> No.53580231

I'm more concerned with the loss of carapace upgrades for my vets and commanders and such.

>> No.53580237

Nevermind, am blind, and retarded

>> No.53580238

Only for your really focused lists that use formations and psychic power abuse.

An average marine player who just has a random smattering of infantry and transports is going to be at a disadvantage against an average Tau player that does the basic tactics of 'deep strike fusion crisis suits', 'bring markerlights', and 'bring riptide'

>> No.53580243

Now it's got me thinking. Adrathic weapons in 40k would be incredible.

>> No.53580245

>It has a toughness value and a save, it's basically infantry
so does everything in the game.

>> No.53580253

They've always been around, just weren't worth posting until now

>> No.53580258


>> No.53580266

You have internet access and a stupid opinion, you are practically a feminist

>> No.53580271


Yes 1 per box of 5.


Dont forget 7 point plasma guns and can take 4 of them per 10.

Also plasma pistols on the Tempestor are perfectly viable at 5 points a pop.


I play inquisition (with inquisitorial stormtroopers of course) and comparing acolytes to storm troopers is a dumb idea.

Storm troopers are good because they deep strike and have cheap BS3+ special weapons.

Acolytes are good because they have 2 attacks each, 3 wounds and can take crazy wargear.

So 10 acolytes with hotshot lasguns fucking suck.

10 acolytes with power mauls and plasma pistols jumping out of a valkyrie with their inquisitor? Pretty fuckin viable.

>> No.53580278

Common sense and 40k doesn't always happen. Look at how long it took GW to FAQ drop pod doors. Look at 5th edition FAQs also. They had to FAQ that Deffrollas can be used on vehicles because sperglords argued "Ramming is a form of Tank shock" meant "Ramming is not tank shock", and that Doom of Malan'tai did not have an Invulnerable Save because the rules for Warp Fields state that "Zoanthroapes with a Warp Field have a 3+ Invulnerable save." And there was a RAW fight on dakka about whether a Rhino could carry Njal while he was wearing *Runic* Terminator Armor.

All it took was one "measure from the weapons" clause.

>> No.53580284

Still working on my Tzeentch demons/1kS. Might need some readjustment since Omniscience Oracles doesn't translate well (can't really take advantage of so many psykers). But now I can run 1kS and demons together, so ultimately quite the win.

>> No.53580322


>> No.53580327

Only other option than recasts is to greenstuff cast the jump packs and glue them to regular sisters.

>> No.53580335

>roll dice for stimulant injector
>get a 6
>spend rest of game pointedly ignoring that dice

>> No.53580355

5 for $5 vs 10 for $110. WTF?!?

>> No.53580361

how do you search ebay like this?

>> No.53580365

I'll be running my blood angels, jump pack assaults has me pretty excited to run some Death Company and Sanguinary Gaurd.

>> No.53580367

Has Forge World announced anything yet? I need to know if Tyranid Gargantuan's are going to be any good this edition.

>> No.53580374

10.000$ Rolex
25$ Smolex

>> No.53580381

used to be Slaanagors.....but there also used to be pestigors for Nurgle but those were changed to poxwalkers. Since tzangors didnt change its anyones guess

yeah like in 2nd or 3rd edition there were tzangors for tzeench, slaanagors for slaanesh, pestigors for nurgle and khornagors for khorne

>> No.53580391

>ebay.com, search "Tau"
>select all categories since a ton doesn't get picked up in 40k miniatures
>note number of listings
>scroll down and click "sold listings"
>note number of listings

>> No.53580398

Something like this:

>> No.53580404

don't deal with that particular recaster. those are gonna come in horribly blurry resin, perhaps with mold slip.

>> No.53580406

Because despite my being a competitive playing tryhard I have always held my fluff restrictions in high regard.

>> No.53580411


Sisters of Silence transport has been leaked. Put some Night Lords bits onto it and you have a Batmobile.

Otherwise, they are going to put out some Indexes of their own which will cover everything in their range as well as a number of things they've stopped producing.

You know, that has me wondering. With the changes to large creatures and stuff this edition, is it possible for Greater Gnarlocs to be good?

>> No.53580424

The more I look at this, the more I rage. Why the fuck didn't they put the hull lascannons in the turret and get rid of the co-axial heavy stubber? Why does it even have the co-axial rule in the first place? Why is there still not enough space for a marine to fit his shoulderpads through the top hatch? Why the missiles?


>> No.53580431

5 for $10
So you're saving $552

I'm assuming they're so expensive because they hope someone's dumb enough to buy before plastics are released.
And people wonder why others buy recasts. Fucking scum.

>> No.53580434


>> No.53580440

I haven't mathed the guns yet but according to others there is no definite best gun this time around.

>> No.53580443

but eldar, dark eldar and harlequins is a fluff list now

>> No.53580444

I don't like your list, so here's mine. Its probably shit, but I like it.

With how things have been so far, anything is possible.

>> No.53580449

The spice must flow

>> No.53580453

Z is fine but yeah with Sisters I would go somewhere like Miranda Irene which can be found on aliexpress.

>> No.53580469

Eldar and Ynnari, just like last ed.

Happy as fuck more of my codex isn't stupidly overpowered anymore so I can actually use it

>> No.53580478

Considering it's a single riptide, and a bunch of weirdass handconverted shit, I'd almost think this one was a case of someone needing the money desperately rather than selling cause of the edition change.

>> No.53580479


I was thinking:

> 3 x squads of 3 Killa Kans

> 3 x Deff Dreads

> 1 x Morkanaut

> 1 x Wazzbomma

> 2 x squad of War Bikers

> 1 x squad of max Lootas

> 3 x Mek Gunz

> 1 x Big Mek on a bike with a KFF.

> 1 x Weird Boy (goes with the Lootas)

> 1 x Big Mek with Mega Armor and the Tellyporta.

However, I'm not sure all of that together makes a good army. I really just want to do a Mek themed army, but I'm not sure if that'd be too OP or not.

>> No.53580480

seriously.....this kind of thinking is the cancer that is killing the fun aspect of wargaming.

it is crystal fucking clear what the intention behind the wording is......dont be a turbo autist.

they want you to bend down to where your head is about even with the model and just look......does it appear that the gun in question shoot at its intended target? if yes, you can....if you cannot see it then chances are it should not be able to shoot at the target. dont be "that guy" GW shouldnt have to hold our hands....we arent children....though maybe you are since you made this absolutely ludicrous argument

needing to spell out "measure LOS from the weapon being fire....." is NOT NECESSARY......we are fully capable of not being edgelords just because they DONT say it

>> No.53580485

There is a limited edition rule book?

>> No.53580493

The sporocyst entry includes rules for a spore cannon, but doesn't include the sporecannon in the available wargear options. What gives?

>> No.53580499

>puffy transport

>> No.53580512

What are the common strength break points you need to hit with an army in 8th edition/

>> No.53580515

you have enough good units that even if they don't combo well you'll have something.
I'd recommend Gork, since you have a KFF carrier in a the Big Mek and the Wazbom

>> No.53580520

So do we know if orks get any allies at all in 8th?

Are we going to see some lootin' rules in their codex maybe?

>> No.53580523

In the warhammer live matched play stream they were ignoring weapon facings altogether. The land raider was shooting with all guns despite only half of it peeking out behind scenery.

>> No.53580525

Well fuck your list too buddy

Why are people taking broodlord

>> No.53580526

Yeah, leatherbound thing.


>> No.53580527

wait can you get the limited edition book if you preorder from a store?

>> No.53580538

In fact the Land Raider fired all its weapons in overwatch against a unit that charged it from behind, how retarded is that.

>> No.53580539

Gives Genestealer units within 6 inches +1 to hit. So in that list that's 80 attacks hitting on 2+.

>> No.53580542

>a troop transport that can't carry troops, a reconnaissance vehicle that's too conspicuous to do reconnaissance, and a quasi-tank that has less armor than a snowblower, but has enough ammo to take out half of Macragge.

>> No.53580545

I'm pretty sure Tyranids once again have the most broken entries in need of FAQ out of any Faction.

They have weapons that are strictly mathematically worse in every given situation for the points, special rules that create weird issues, missing entries for points, missing entries for wargear, it's a mess.

>> No.53580546


Mostly foot guard with light vehicles. Very closely eying the potential of Plasma Scions/Sentinels scooting around with Yarrick since he gives everyone around him reroll ones to hit. Maybe throw in some Astropaths for 15 point ignore cover plus a psyker power.

>> No.53580563

Weird that nobody has had any problems with non-Vehicles firing that way for a while. Also, if you can "see" the enemy, they can see you.

>> No.53580577

in 7th edition, it was commonly suggested you be able to hit with strength y AP x weapons, in order to hit the most common units in the most common factions. I can't remember the numbers exactly, because I never made it past army list theory crafting.

>> No.53580580

>Why are people taking broodlord
Genestealer buffs, untargetable Tyrant-lite with more attacks

>> No.53580583

That video never gets old

>> No.53580584


We've known about the SoS transport for a while now.

>> No.53580587

actually fuck that, it looks like its going to cost a ton

>> No.53580589

About as retarded as and unit of soldiers getting to fire their weapons in overwatch at anyone who charges from behind them. Taking unit facings out of 40k was a mistake, one of the things I really miss from WHFB.

>> No.53580611

Speed Freeks

I'm going to be command point starved until the Ork codex I think.

Or I might just suck it up and get a bunch of grots to use as chaff filler for troop choices. Though with the point increase of bikes I might be a bit hamstrung to fit what I want.

>> No.53580613

No idea, a second wasted on mathammer is a second not rolling dice.

>> No.53580619

How does this look? Think this will draw some attention at my FLGS?

>> No.53580623

But not for MY fluff.

My Eldar think that wraiths are unholy necromancy to be used only in the most dire circumstances (as such they rarely see the table) and think that Deldar are the ancestral cause of all their hardship and demand reformation or annihilation and (back when allies were a thing) I house rules they are treated as Come The Apocalypse.

I have a squad of Harlie's I never use. From like 3rd ed.

>> No.53580632


Is there any way to keep the Big Mek from getting sniped? I heard that's one of the biggest banes of characters in 8th now.

Also, I'm not sure I'd put the KFF on the Wazzbomma given it's got the 5++ chaff launcher. A KFF would also mean there is a chance it's giving the enemy an Invulnerable if it's near them or over them.

> I'd recommend Gork,

Curious, but what's the difference between those two now aside from armament?

And has the Meta changed where the Gorkanaut is more wanted than the Morkanaut is now?

>> No.53580635

>greenstuff cast

>> No.53580638

Played my first 2k game of 8th last night - Orks vs. Eldar/Dark Eldar. I must say as a wole I really enjoyed the game - it still felt a lot like 40k but without as many really clunky rules interactions.

>> No.53580640

Well the objective is to either rocket the genestealers using the swarmlord and other movement buffs or have them burrow with the tervigon, the broodlord won't be around to give the bonus

>> No.53580643


Would be neat if they broke it down a couple of ways. Looted Vehicles could be looted from different factions, and each gives the base Looted profile some enhancements.

Off the top of my head, I'd say Astra Militarum, Space Marine, and Tau units would make good profiles for looting, probably basing these off their basic transports and kitting them with a selection of Orky options for customization. Not sure about Eldar, Necrons, Tyranids, and other factions, but hey three common factions with basic vehicles to loot from would make a good starting point.

>> No.53580658

Youtube or google it it's really easy.

>> No.53580662

>Lynx, Russ, Land Raider, etc. have hull mounted laser weapon
>give new tank the same thing
>vanquishers, conquerors, baneblades, etc. mount co-axial weapons
>give new tank the same thing
>countermeasure/fragmentation projectors on Blackstar, Stormhawk, Ghostkeel
>give new tank the same thing
>SM crews have been out of tank hatches with their big pauldrons forever
>give new tank the same thing

It's not GW's fault you have not been paying attention.

>> No.53580667

>Is there any way to keep the Big Mek from getting sniped

Just the KFF and keeping him out of LOS. It's pretty much all you got.

>> No.53580673

You could take some Boys in trunks, but i think you'd need 3 squads to really benefit command point wise.

Better off just getting more fast attack detachment s

>> No.53580674

man alive

>> No.53580675

They'll obviously bandwagon to the next nobrainer bullshit that is 8e nids.

>> No.53580684

i havent really payed attention
how do dark eldar look with the new edition?

>> No.53580685

LOS works both ways but cover doesn't. Clearly the Land Raider is in cover.

>> No.53580688


You have no idea how badly I want one of these sexy beasts.

>> No.53580694

Lol exactly.

Double the shots from storm bolters, more shots from assault cannon, auto hits on flamers, perfect deep strike, double wounds

Hits on a -1 is hueg nerf tho amirite

>> No.53580697

have you not noticed that despite the ppl playing these games on warhammer tv being somehow affiliated with gw they have constantly gotten rules wrong in almost every game they have ever played online. GW is notorious for getting THEIR own rules wrong. They just design and market these games....the real players, ppl who actually spend not only their money but large quantities of their time and brainpower on this game...ppl that the game actually means something to.... those ppl (like myself and many others here in this thread) know the rules far better than GW employees do. this is no different

>> No.53580698

Good news everyone. The relic is still the worst mission ever created and it's even worse.

>> No.53580702

>Is there any way to keep the Big Mek from getting sniped? I heard that's one of the biggest banes of characters in 8th now.

By actual snipers or just in general? As you can't target characters that are too close to infantry squads except with very specific weapons.

>> No.53580710

well that's not a thing this edition.
anything can wound anything, and AP is not a sliding scale rather than all or nothing. (these are both good things).

That said, S6 lets you wound t3 on 2+ and S8 lets you wound t4 on 2+.

most vehicles (and monster) have a 3+ save, and t6-8. so anti vehicle weapons will want to be ap-2 at least probably -3. Do to the way wounds work now S4 to s6 are pretty much the same vs most vehicles. as is s9+.

The multiple wound thing is going to make all that more complicated.

>> No.53580715


What lost builder is everyone using that has 8e points in it already??

>> No.53580727

Nobledark fags BTFO, Praise Emperor Guilliman

>> No.53580729

So /tg/, how do plan to keep track of all these multi-wound models?

>> No.53580730

>there is a chance it's giving the enemy an Invulnerable if it's near them or over them.
That's not how KFF works. All Ork units within 6" of the base of the model get a 5++ versus shooting attacks, simple as that.

>> No.53580731

You mean just like before? Wow, who would've thunk it?

>> No.53580733

So would now be a good time to get into 40k?

>> No.53580735

Holy fuck my sides

>> No.53580744

Well my idea was to have the Zoanthropes go in with the Trygon and to walk the Genestealers up the field. I just want to watch them delete units.

>> No.53580751

>Is there any way to keep the Big Mek from getting sniped?

Keep him entirely out of LoS from the snipers. There are bodyguard style units in the game that can basically "look out sir" for characters, but I don't think Orks have one of them.

>> No.53580754

>All Ork units within 6" of the base of the model get a 5++ versus shooting attacks, simple as that.
That's not how KFF works. All Ork units entirely within 9" of the base of the model get a 5++ versus shooting attacks, simple as that.

>> No.53580759

That pic is fucking so bad. its too indistinct to really see what is fucking going on, like come on guys, finish the fucking picture

>> No.53580760


>> No.53580762

The same one that has been in the OP of the general for the last year newfag.

>> No.53580764


It isn't hard - just use dice and in units you're pulling whole models so.

>> No.53580777

Calm yourself.

>> No.53580784

You can make out laurels on the head, so I'd say it's a safe assumption that it's a bust of Guilliman the chaingang is pulling.

>> No.53580790

Why the zoans? They'll get obliterated. You want them only within range of heavy weapons that aren't worth targeting them. That way if they do you can still make use of the neurothrope healing.

>> No.53580797

Ork boyz: choppa or shoota? Does the answer change if they have a chauffeur?

>> No.53580798

My mistake simple as that

>> No.53580799

Nah, they were available yesterday.

>> No.53580804

That is hilarious and hurts at the same time. Fucking management

>> No.53580806


Thanks oh great and powerful... non-newfags? We should make a word for that!

>> No.53580807

There are typos and the 40k logo and the aquila are off center. Also, "opening ceremonies" sounds funny

>> No.53580811

So if a stealthsuit takes a multitracker, does it always get re-rolls of 1 to hit considering it only has 1 weapon?

>> No.53580816

>Curious, but what's the difference between those two now aside from armament?

gorkanaut got 6 attacks. morkanaut got 4. morkanaut can get kff.

gorkanaut is really fucking good in cc. like scary good. they both seem decent i think

>> No.53580824

In the grim darkness of the far future, even the slave labour has pauldrons.

>> No.53580832

Troops choices only in the Trygon tunnel.

>> No.53580835

And yet they're still better off than they've been for several editions (barring flying circus cheese)

>> No.53580843

>Guilliman saves the galaxy by crashing a giant bust of himself into the heart of the warpstorm.

>> No.53580844

>They are worthless because you are rarely move than 72" from a visable target
Good thing they have a range of 42" now and are powered up from 21" onwards.

>> No.53580846

Finally broke down and got one of these bad boys coming. She's 194pts with the missiles. The question is void lances or scythe? I'm leaning on the Void lance because it's better than a lascannon.

>> No.53580850

Also, its entirely within.
just means its harder to cover a ton of units.

>> No.53580851

I'm dumb.

>> No.53580852

Fool. This was the grand opportunity to fix all that.
guard can keep their co-axial weapons, it has no place in the SM armory
also I have nothing against countermeasures if they look good

>> No.53580858


>> No.53580859

Yeah, but I think that's mainly the case because everyone else got nerfed down to our level for the most part, and a few targeted buffs.

Some units I'm struggling to see the point of, it's not the magic ideal "every unit viable" situation people were thinking it was.

>> No.53580869

But who won? How did each faction perform.

>> No.53580872


>> No.53580875


I dont see the link. What is it labeled as?

>> No.53580880

Has the profile for the Volcano cannon be released yet?

>> No.53580906

Heavy d6, s16, ap-4, damage2d6

Its hilariously amazing

>> No.53580912

I would probably want shootas on a 30 boy blob that I save for da jump, because they only have ~52% chance of making their charge that turn and I'd want them to be able to have done something even if they fail the charge.

The coverage that trukks give to help you charge is probably best for slugga boyz, since drive by shooting is best left to more elite boyz like tankbustas or flashgitz rather than plain shoota boyz.

>> No.53580915

S16, AP-5, 2d6 damage, reroll failed To-Wound against Titanic keywords

>> No.53580917

Nothing stops you from leaving all the stuff you don't like off.

I, for one, hope those turret missile pods are separate pieces, so I can put them on my Guard tanks as smoke launchers/fire barrels (or the equivalent, whatever it might be) or just use them as the close combat attacks by having the tank launch fragmentation bombs around it.

>> No.53580919

How is this list?

So basically I'm planning to have the tech marines sit back with the predators and keep them up. Tactical squads pop vehicles to expose infantry to the massive amount of fire from the predators. Acolytes just help clean stuff up and are pretty durable.

>> No.53580922


only 2000 available

>> No.53580925

Dope. ATS isn't the automatic go-to system for them then. ATS is kinda wasted on fusions but it's heaven for the burst cannons. Testing out a drone controller on the shas'vre to see marker drone efficiency.

>> No.53580927

120'' Heavy D6 S16 AP-5 D2D6, rerolling to wound on titans

>> No.53580928

hasn't been in an OP in months blindfag

>> No.53580934

Do Assault 2 gun only fire 2 shots on assault or all the time?

>> No.53580936

Probably scythes for me. The void lance is only slightly better than a dark lance, which you should have plenty of anyway. Whereas the dark scythe is potentially considerably better than the disintegrator cannon, and kind of does a job nothing else in the army does.

>> No.53580937

I'd say scythe, but I'm not sure how to rate the range difference.
Without the range the scythe is better in most situations. outside of the few t8 heavies they will both wound on the same rolls.
and d3 attacks d3 damage comes out to average of 4 times hit and wound chance.
1 attack d6 damage is 3.5 times hit+wound chance.
And that's vs high wound models. If your going against 1-2 wound models the extra wounds from the lance get wasted, so the sycthe is better.

>> No.53580940

Read the rules

>> No.53580943

GSC to go with my old ass Tyranid army

>> No.53580953

Yeah I probably will find a way to get the hull lascannons into the turret and whatnot. I just needed to get a good ree out.

>> No.53580964

Just use a second detachment to get anything you feel is missing.

>> No.53580966


>> No.53580974

The Chaos Gods and Chaos Marines kill themselves when they see the bust, for they are confronted with the realization that they will never be Ultramarines.

>> No.53580977


>> No.53580981

I'm going to try an Ultima Chapter based on Blood Angels gene-seed. I'll probably continue to grow my AdMech and Necrons too.

>> No.53580983

>also don't talk to me or my son ever again.

>> No.53580984

"Wroom wroom, beep beep, look out for my invisible car."

>> No.53580988

Yeah, everyone saying Tyranids would be broken hasn't been doing the math.

They're merely good now. Those units that appear undercosted are in fact actually exactly costed for what they can do, which is still situational and not effective against some targets.

They're actually looking very balanced. If anything their major strength is as simple as being a horde army with strong morale, but they're not any better than Orks or Guard. In fact I think Orks are looking stronger.

>> No.53580989


I won (playing Eldar/Dark Eldar) by 2 points in a kill point game.

My list (I'm the guy most of /tg/ hates, lets get that out of the way now) - converted from my existing collection:

-6x ShruCannon Bikes
-3x ShruCannon Bikes
-3x ShruCannon Bikes
-Farseer Skyrunner
-Autarch Skyrunner
-Warlock Skyrunner
-Crimson Hunter
-Double D-Cannon Wraithknight

-3x Reavers - Blaster, Grav Talon
-3x Reavers - Blaster, Grav Talon
-3x Reavers - Blaster, Grav Talon
-3x Reavers - Blaster, Grav Talon

Ork List (from memory)

-30x Slugga Boyz
-30x Slugga Boyz
-30x Shoota Boyz
-3x Deffkoptas
-3x Deffkoptas
-5x Nobz w/Trukk
-Regular Ork Plane who's name escapes me
-3 Zzap Gunz
-Big Mek with KFF

Overall it was a pretty back and forth game - highlights for him are bringing down the Wraithknight with a combination of a Slugga Boy and Ghazghul charge (after doing 6 wounds to it with smite thanks to using a command point to re-roll wounds). He also knocked out two Reavers early thanks to a good usage of 'Da Jump' on a slugga boy unit.

I was casting fortune on my big bike unit and dooming a unit which still results in a lot of dead boyz. Ultimately I took it because I got first blood off his Trukk and was able to stay more mobile towards the end of the game.

>> No.53580997

Glad to see someone made the reference properly. So saved.

>> No.53581002

That model was fixed by a kind anon in a previous thread.

>> No.53581012

>Deathwing Terminators are 1 less Power than regular Terminators despite being Fearless
But why?

>> No.53581016

So how many more guns is the predator version going to have?

>> No.53581024

I really want one just to see if I can't fix it.

>> No.53581027

Oh boy, its almost a match for tau

>> No.53581035

Corpuscarii or Fulgurites for a 20-model Electroblob squad? I kind of want a whole bunch of S5 shooting, but on the other hand dishing out 9ish wounds to literally anything is really attractive, and that's without Hammer of Wrath or the actual attacks adding more.

>> No.53581036

Do we know what the new edition is gonna cost and will I be considered a dick if I decide to have an all primaris BT army?

>> No.53581040

What do space marines do for entertainment?

I know that space wolfs have some viking style feasts and that dark angels have lots of hot steamy gay sex but what about other chapters?

>> No.53581043

Once again the Orks are right. More dakka was clearly the answer.

>> No.53581048


>> No.53581062

You can't do that if you wanna melee, all the non-HQ Primaris Marines are ranged

>> No.53581078

>tempestor prime may swap hotshot laspistol for tempestus command rod

but what if i want my shitty bolt pistol

>> No.53581079

>Regular Ork Plane who's name escapes me
Dakkajet, and speaking of, how well did it perform for him? Ork fliers have been looking very good in my mind, though the dakkajet might be the weakest of the four.

>> No.53581087

40k power levels are as retarded as dbz, actually more so

also that shit is a mechanic for dumb children, who cares.

>> No.53581098

Help. I hate super heavies but I want a Guard Baneblade variant. I'm thinking the Stormlord so I can transport Conscripts and Bullgryn and shit. Plus BRRRRRRT.

>> No.53581099

They should have just had the two entries the exact same as each other except for name

>> No.53581119


It did well - it paired up with his Deff Koptas to knock out my crimson hunter early. Also knocked out a small bike unit before I knocked it down.

>> No.53581124

Doesn't the player with the lowest Power start first now?
That plus the re-rolls for each 10 Power

>> No.53581137

>Klaw still called Klaw of Gork or possibly Mork
>When mounted on a MORKanaut

Shit like that shows the writers don't give a fuck

>> No.53581147

pre orders are up if you set your location to New Zealand

>> No.53581159

Their strengths lie in their special rules, especially when it comes to deployment. Also in a few shining star units, particularly the Swarmlord and exocrine

>> No.53581163

>will I be considered a dick if I decide to have an all primaris BT army?

Probably not. Depends on how powerful new Primaris end up being, but so far they're none too impressive.

>> No.53581165


>> No.53581167

>t. shoota boy

>> No.53581183


Who cares, if you're not playing with full points you are a child.

>> No.53581197

BA make art.

Sallies smith shit.

White scars throat-sing.

>> No.53581198

Are you implying that Mork is not cunnin' enough to possibly steal a klaw from Gork?

>> No.53581214

How much is the new starter set going to cost?

>> No.53581215

Well I do enjoy going first

>> No.53581216

she wanted a loota boy, she said not a shoota boy

>> No.53581225

Imperial fists hop in the pain glove for a while or build shit, iron warriors are all autists like us building minis and wargaming

>> No.53581233

>tfw monopoly money

>> No.53581235


That's not how you go first in Matched play so.

>> No.53581239

At the point in time when bullets can pass through the interdimensional walls. When firepower takes up the entirety and eternity of space and time, all beings stuck in a neverending life and death cycle as bullets recover and destroy their bodies in quick succession. No one is able to think about anything but the sheer force of the bullets rapidly flying literally everywhere in the materium turning the warp itself into nothing but a sea of semi-automatic weaponry.. Then there will be enough dakka. Or, at least almost.

>> No.53581241

$250 NZ bucks.

>> No.53581255


>Tfw kiwibux

>> No.53581262

Are you implying that Gork is not brutal enough to stop Mork from stealing his klaw?

>> No.53581273

>pre-orders are regional
>in 2017
>no word on when exactly they go up

Classic GW

>> No.53581280


$160 USD.

>> No.53581285


so Power is basically useless

>> No.53581299

Power is entirely useless in matched play. It is a substitute for points, and matched play, by the rules, uses points instead.

>> No.53581301


If they had taken the twin las cannons off the front and found a less retarded way of mounting the missile launchers (like making them look like reactive armour tiles) then it would have actually been a pretty neat little battle buggy, like a space marine M1117 or Bradly. Hell, with the las cannons off the front gone if they wanted it to still have about the same firepower they could have gone full bradly and mounted a missile launcher on one side of the turret.

As is it just looks too cluttered, there's a perfectly good vehicle design there, its just got about 30% too much shit cluttering it up

>> No.53581322

>tfw I've never been more excited to field a Gorkanaut

>> No.53581326

>GW have had this system for over a year now
>some anons still don't know what time preorders are in their country

>> No.53581328

>Imperial fists hop in the pain glove
That's very much the Excortiators thing. They never repair purely cosmetic damage to the gear and instead spend their free time autistically etching notes and labels for each battle-scar into their armor. They fetishize endurance to an absurd degree.

>> No.53581333


Yes, assuming you are playing with Matched play rules.


It's always noon isn't it?

>> No.53581364

How about some Nobz to go with that Naut?

>> No.53581373

it's for "hey do you want to get a quick game in this afternoon".
or "I brought a few of my minis along, want to get a game in".
You throw together a list in a minute or two, and can know that you're at roughly similar army size.

>> No.53581374

Are you implying it is not actually Mork who is brutal enough to stop Gork from stealing his klaw?

>> No.53581385

NZ pre-orders are up and the ebooks are half the price of the physical books, its a god damn miracle a company not pricing their ebooks the same as the physical

>> No.53581401

The S9 is the highest in the army, though, so it is also unique in that regards. Wounding T8 on 3+ seems pretty solid, especially with the missiles, too. However, having two scythes with the shatterfield missiles is a lot of damage with a more consistent curve, but Lances+Missiles covers more ground. It's a rough choice.


Scythe is looking better and better. The consistency might be the way to go them, though we have plenty of ways to deal with single wound models as is.

>> No.53581402

>especially when it comes to deployment
Not all that amazing. Everyone has Deep Strike options.

>> No.53581429

A bit on production value, but it gets the job done. I'd make the bullets larger and more obvious (at a glance) but otherwise you'll be just fine.

>> No.53581432

>6d6 auto-hit S5 AP-1 D1 kombi-skorcha plus 18 WS3+ S7 AP-2 D2 big choppa attacks charging out of a Gorkanaut
not too bad, desu

>> No.53581444

GW still does a lot of stupid stuff, but I do think that current management has tried to no longer fuck over customers as much as they possibly can every time.

>> No.53581461

So most likely $400 USD
And I thought they were going to sell the collector's edition at a ridiculous but now much more reasonable $200 - $250.

>> No.53581463


In short, very good. Especially if you love raiders.

>> No.53581466

Did some maths on repentia sisters

6 repentia, mistress of repentance, cannoness, priest in rhino

>18 attacks from repentia
>9 hit
>Re roll from mistress buff
>4.5 hit
>Call it 14 hits
>14 wounds at ap-2 against T6 and it only gets better going down toughness scales

That doesn't even include the cannoness, mistress of repentance or priest attacks. This unit will pretty much instagib fucking anything you point it at.


>> No.53581467

Other armies have deepstrike options but not options that grant you a MC and as many troop choices as you can fit from one drop. Not to mention deathleaper threat

>> No.53581485

There are no universal rules for Fear or Terror.

>> No.53581506

30 Slugga Boyz vs 30 Shoota Boyz

Charging MEQs without advancing first
>Shooting 30 sluggas - 1.67 damage
>90 attacks on the charge - 10 damage
>Total = 11.67 damage
>Shooting 30 shootas - 3.33 damage
>60 attacks on the charge - 6.67 damage
>Total = 10 damage

Charging MEQs after advancing
>No shooting
>90 attacks on the charge - 10 damage
>Total = 10 damage
>Shooting 30 shootas (6+ to hit) - 1.67 damage
>60 attacks on the charge - 6.67 damage
>Total = 8.33 damage

So it looks like shootas are better only if you get at least one round of gunfire before your charge turn.
Like >>53580912 pointed out, Shootas are better if you're likely to get at least a few rounds of shooting out of them before you get into combat.
Once you're actually in combat, though, sluggas pull ahead by a huge margin. Their default melee attacks do as much damage as the shootas firing and then charging, and that's before you even factor in the extra slugga shots.
It's a close call, but basically you want shootas if combat isn't guaranteed, but if you're pretty sure you can make it into combat, sluggas are way better.

>> No.53581537

If you look at the bit above it, that says what the thing's equipped with, it says Klaw of Mork (or possibly Gork). They almost certainly kept them the same name in the rules writeups solely so it wouldn't be two weapons with different names.
Of course, you will undoubtedly have some asshat now pointing this out and trying to claim you can't use the weapon's rules and its Klaw is a nonweapon etc etc.

>> No.53581561

£200 seems like a fools hope now.

>> No.53581582

"30% too much shit cluttering it up" describes their current design philosophy in general, really.

>> No.53581590

So the 360 shots confirm where gravis gives bonus toughness: it's worn by lardass marines. Seriously, look at that gut.

>> No.53581616

> 70% of my boyz are Shoota Boyz

>> No.53581638

How can he have a gut if his pecs protrude past it?

>> No.53581642

The book is already out....Gravis Armor is confirmed to increase toughness

regular captain is T4 W4
terminator captian T4 W6
captain in Gravis T5 W6

>> No.53581657

misread your post....you said confirmed where...my bad missed that part

>> No.53581683

my thoughts exactly...i dont get all the gravis hate

>> No.53581689

Is it maybe possible that the optimal unit is a mix of both? Take enough shootas that you get some shooting, but remove them as casualties from overwatch and combat leaving you with just choppas?

>> No.53581695

Because anons are afraid of new things.

>> No.53581734

>Bought a Grukk model to use as a Warboss
>"I wonder what they did to him in 8e?"
>Not in the index

>> No.53581751

i was gonna ask how you switch the list builder from power points to real points....like adults use...but it doesnt even have all the Deadth Guard stuff in it yet....like all 6 things

>> No.53581776

tried clicking the button that says 'switch to points'?

>> No.53581783

there's a button for it, any adult should be able to find it...
and why do you think it would be complete before preorders even go up? that's just dumb.

>> No.53581802

Well if they're footslogging then they'll get at least two, probably 3, rounds of shooting in which makes them good. Sluggas for trukks, shootas for walking.

>> No.53581816

What are the best weapons to put on Guard Heavy Weapons Teams?

>> No.53581841

nope...totally missed the button.....ugh

>> No.53581852

I'm going to try my hand at a 'siege' chapter of space marines that are, for lack of a better term, Loyalist Iron warriors that stuck in the warp post heresy and are just now coming out (No demon invasion, just warp travel going insanely slow inside).

I've got the dreads, Mark III armors, and the Whirlwinds figured out but I'm not sure where to go next as I'm not a fan of demolishers.

>> No.53581872

bc ppl have already used it to post legit lists...and those rules arent up yet either...

if they have the rules for lord of contagion (a new unit) then they have the rules for malignan plaguecaster....thats why

>> No.53581891

Looks good! You sticking your troops tax in the Nauts then?

>> No.53581910

Is that a navigator tank?

>> No.53581913

>play deldar
>set up Razorwing Fighters
>fly 92" across the board
>table is only 86" corner to corner

>> No.53581933

>but basically
shootas iz fer shootin
choppaz iz fer chopping
stop muckin about ya git

>> No.53581943

Sisters of Silence.

>> No.53581994


God I hope the ork codex addresses this shit

>> No.53582004

Sisters of Silence, although I fucking wish there was a Navigator Houses allied faction in the vein of Imperial Agents. Have it all really Dune inspired, with a Navigator Lord in a shadowy tank, House Guard in Stillsuitesque armour, all that.

There is currently a Navigator mini for HH, he kicks ass. LD10 Conscript in stats, but he has what's basically I've Been Expecting You but full BS against Daemons.

Also powers that work out at an I test or die template weapon, making every psyker roll 3d6 drop lowest for Perils and inflicting -1BS on anyone shooting at his unit, at the cost of having to pass LD10 every time he uses one and Pinning the unit if he fails. Pretty beastly for 50pts.

>> No.53582007

Looks like a hairless version of my ballsack tbqh lads.

>> No.53582014

Grukk would be a beast in 8th.

>> No.53582023

Go see a doctor

>> No.53582037

And in chaos's latest ploy against the imperium, goatse everywhere

>> No.53582055


>No IG, GKs or Imperial Agents

well guess I'll just do it the hard way

>> No.53582066

>Being a grot

>> No.53582072

That's terrible.

Slaanesh better get a model that looks like my hairless vagina or I'm going to start a petition.

>> No.53582077


Troops tax?

>> No.53582129

get off my board female scum

>> No.53582144

Ill sculpt one for you if you post reference material

>> No.53582179


>> No.53582441

Why the fuck are chaos termintors 5 more point basic, than normal termintors?
The fuck

>> No.53582448

Ironstorm Missiles actually look like a pretty decent carapace pick this time around, makes me happy I stuck magnets all over my Knight.
I discovered that you don't even need a drill, which was a tad surprising.

>> No.53582458

Anon, I love this idea. One of my friends already has a catachan sgt johnson. All we'd need is some odst elysians.

>> No.53582488


Here's an unshopped photo for posterity's sake.

>> No.53582497


Storm Wardens caber-toss.

>> No.53582513

Combibolters are better than stormbolters.

>> No.53582540

it won't
t. age of Sigmar

>> No.53582553

>identical stats
>have to pay for gear on top of basic cost
Good one

>> No.53582558


No they are not.

>> No.53582566

Chaos Squats with Eldar rules.

>> No.53582573


>chaos termie with standard gear: 31+5+2 = 38 points
>loyalist marine termie with standard gear: 26+20+2 = 48

Remember to buy your gear, friend.


They are literally identical.


At least these days you only pay for the gear you end up with, termies don't have to buy a storm bolter only to replace it with a heavy weapon.

>> No.53582576


tb h the big club hands look better if you stick em on the back as a missile rack and then have the SMS on the limbs like the old broadside.

>> No.53582638

>Remember to buy your gear, friend
But your calculations are not equal: you are comparing a power axe/combi-bolter with a powerfist/combi bolter. a PF chaos termintors is
31+20+2 =53 points
5 points more expense than his loyalist counterpart, for little to no gain

>> No.53582658


well they turned traitor for little or no gain so I suppose a 5pt tax on that isn't all bad for them.

>> No.53582666


No. All Missile Fists for eternity. Final destination.

>> No.53582668

because they wont be op broken. merely balanced.

>> No.53582677

>meme awnser

>> No.53582681

I'm not selling my stuff. IN fact, I'm sad I don't have money now to buy the flood of Tau stuff

>> No.53582734


this is fine. actual Tau players from 4th and 5th can go back to being ignored as an underpowered army that requires streamlined lists in order to scrape out wins.

not that paying 99pts for a single crisis suit is gonna be fun but oh well.

>> No.53582748


Vanilla loyalist terminators cant take a power axe at all my dude.

>> No.53582789

Hmmm maybe its because they can take marks which do nothing right now but probably could give some special ability.

>> No.53582793


Lets face it, clearly nobody cares about CSM at GW.

>> No.53582795


The Chaos Terminator would still be more expensive if he could. Why is a CSM Terminator 31 points when a loyalist terminator is 28 - why is there a 5 point gap there at all. It shouldn't exist.

>> No.53582832

So we pay 5 point more for....options? Thats non sense when vanilla cant take a CML, and teleport homers, and has combat squads

even stranger, assault terminators cost 31 point, same as normal chaos termintor
then way have these costs in this book?
humm, i though kelly liked them

>> No.53582858


Could just be that there were not very many in stock, and when interest peaked they sold out. I can't imagine many of those models were moving beforehand.

>> No.53582889


Not that I think its worth 5ppm but they do get DTTFE and an icon

>> No.53582899

and vanilla get ATSKNF and combat squads

>> No.53582905


Suicide Sisters. Repentia in Rhinos and Penitent Engines in squads. Seems like a petty legit tactic, though would need a few other units to delete ranged threats and flyers.

>> No.53582923

ATSKnF is better dude, works against all armies.

>> No.53582926


I wouldnt really try to equate the two, I guess I could understand maybe 1ppm for DTTFE since it scales with 2 attack models pretty well but not 5ppm.

>> No.53582975


It scales against Imperium models and nothing else.

>> No.53582992

>I wouldnt really try to equate the two
Why? they are the only differences i the base model, that would explan the difference in cost. Hell deathwing termintors are the same prince (26 ppm) and are straight up fearless, winch is HUGE now

>> No.53582994


Thus why its clearly not worth 5 ppm increase.

>> No.53583005

Any other Imperium/Guard players overwhelmed with army list creation? There are just so many fucking options I can't settle on one.

>> No.53583023


Especially with all the points increases, my 3000 point army became two entirely seperate 2000 point armies and then some.

Also I had fun with 3 battle cannon leman russes I'm so sorry

>> No.53583045

>chaos terminators are literally 5ppm more expensive than loyalists for __literally__ fuck all

>> No.53583057

My Admech kept their points much the same, so I can just shuffle my Kastelans into my list now at the cost of my spare Rangers. I need to get another two Start Collectings and build up a proper force of 'Crawlers and Vanguard to do a proper 8e list. I think that's probably a buff, given everyone else seems to have a points rise in general.

>> No.53583091

As a Guard player my 1850 army became like 1200 points. I'm overwhelmed with how many fucking things I can take.

But that's true, vehicles and other things really shot up in price. That's fun that you can add more though. It feels good. Kastelans are great.

>> No.53583143

Weird inconsistency I noticed: Cataphractii captains and terminator captains use different weapon tables, meaning cataphractii captains get combi-gravs and terminator captains don't.

Lot of little things like that make me wonder how much proof reading happened.

>> No.53583145


Things that were overpriced went down, heavy weapon teams are actually costed appropriately and thus are really fucking good.

The good news is that if you dont want to paint another 200 conscripts, feel free to just get a couple of vehicles.

>> No.53583160

As a mechanized marine player my 1850 list became like 2200.

>> No.53583171


I dont think I could handle 'pls dont roll a 1 syndrome' every time I fired the main cannon.

however I guess command points help with that.

Also does the Tank Order Kill on sight effect the roll also?

>> No.53583194


The tank order does not affect the roll for how many shots you get but you can absolutely use your command rerolls on it

and because you're guard you can fucking swim in your command points.

>> No.53583204

That's rough.
Yeah I want to avoid that. I have 60 Infantry painted now and another 60 to go if I want.

>> No.53583288

100PP seems the right amount for old 1850. Comes out to about 2250 or so.

>> No.53583301

That's the price for being a literal cuck.

>> No.53583303

Is a Stormsurge still capable of providing good fire support?

>> No.53583312

>then way have these costs in this book?
Could not tell you anon. I was just trying to come up with a reason for why they would cost that was better than "Dur Hur GW hates chaos"

>> No.53583336

>Being a naff panzee and playing Shoota Boyz

>> No.53583340

I'll be getting my resin Sisters soon

>> No.53583354


>> No.53583365

Yes. Stormsurge is pretty good on 8e tau power rankings.

>> No.53583384

Yes. It only walks 6" and lost stomp, so beware.

>> No.53583390


>> No.53583395

I bet both pure tempestus players in the world are fucking ecstatic.

>> No.53583406

Advanced rules, fliers can leave combat airspace and return the following turns like old reserves.

>> No.53583440

Guard and Tempestus players alike should be thrilled.

>> No.53583471

only in the missions with DftS rules, no?

>> No.53583479


I want to play mostly scions, but they give me grief

either $56 per 10 or just pay the extra $12 for the taurox in the start collecting box

I don't need them but for fucks sake, $12 and they're so dakka.

Especially when I want valkyries too

>> No.53583535


Unless you're doing the Motherland proud and doing the max conscripts, -14 CP route.

>> No.53583537

Why does the Stompa have less attacks than the Orkanaughts?

>> No.53583568


Please the motherland is nothing without its commissars.

>> No.53583585


To be honest, does it need to move often?

I thought the whole point of the thing was for it to sit back and provide the rest of your army with fire support in the same vein as Mek Gunz or a Basilisk.

>> No.53583618

>sit back
Not with the Blast Cannon, which in this edition looks better than the Pulse Driver; however, with armies being faster now, it won't take a lot to get enemies at its 20" range anyway

>> No.53583623

With the way transports work now, you're going to be shooting at least twice with shoota boyz before they can get a chance to charge.

unless you're a mong who runs foot orkz

>> No.53583725

My army consists of
30 nobz
10 meganobz
5 battlewagons
10 flash gitz
Shitloads of big meks and warbosses

how fucked am I?

>> No.53583778


Well battlewagons are good transports but pretty shit gunboats now, nobz, flashgitzno Im serious and meganobz are viable.

>> No.53583803


Doesn't the Stompa hit a lot harder than the Orkanauts do?

If so, I think it's only meant for dealing with enemy titanic stuff and what not.

>> No.53583851

Convert a taurox into a valkyrie

>> No.53583916

>one of these things has access to combi-weapons and a free psyker move
>one of these does not

>> No.53583993

Access to weapons shouldn't mean shit, the cost should be on the weapon. If you're not using the combi weapons you shouldn't be charged for them.

>> No.53584059

>one of these things has access to numerous upgrades and tech
>one of these does not

shit argument

>> No.53584073

You can get off reliable turn 1 charges with chaos termies because of warp time. Add combi meltas, power fists, prescience and a chaos lord to the mix and they will pretty much delete any big unit they want if the opponent isn't deployed to deny the deep strike.

>> No.53584212

Points values should factor in how the unit behaves within the army and how it interacts with other units in that army. They shouldn't be balanced in a vacuum just by comparing things 1v1 all the time. Obviously 1v1 balance is a factor, but that's not how you design wargame rules.

>> No.53584267

>Points values should factor in how the unit behaves within the army and how it interacts with other units in that army.
why? surely that encourages certain builds in favour of others. for example, going by this anon >>53584073 you're paying the extra points for deep striking with a warptime sorcerer, but surely that would gimp any other list that uses terminators in another way? because then you're not explicitly paying for power fists and combi-weapons, but you're still "paying" for them by virtue of being overpointed chaos terminators

>> No.53584310

I've been considering creating a Sons of Malice army for 8th edition. Daemons of Malice I believe I have covered.
But i'm not sure what tactics to use for the Sons of Malice themselves.
Are they more in-your-face or are they more shooty? Or would they choose tactics that would fit the situation?

>> No.53584328


Apparently they have lots of FW equipment. Get a storm eagle.

>> No.53584382


Unknown what they favor. Generally, they fight in absolute silence (well, just their voices) and tend to like eating their foes, so maybe melee. Or they could just shoot them to death and eat what's left.

Really it's up to you how you want to build them. I'd suggest looking up some Pantheon of Chaos miniatures if you can get them if you want to include Malal Daemons, although Sons of Malice have also been known to just bind the daemons of other Gods in chains to serve them.


Well, a Fire Raptor specifically.

>> No.53584567

So just to make sure, there's presently no way of making a battle-forged army with both Imperium and xenos units besides genestealers, right?

In 7th, I played a Rogue Trader force with IG, SM, an inquistor for the RT, and some deldar mercenaries. I don't think that army is possible in current 8th.

>> No.53584588

Well big meks have less then 10 wounds so they can hide that way.
Also grot oilers are now an actual part of the unit and controlling player allocates hits. So thats 1 hit it can take for you.

>> No.53584607

Too many battlewagons I think, but the other units are chikchik.

Grab a pair of morkanauts to stick nobz in, they are better then wagons and give your guyz invuln bubbles.

>> No.53584675

not for matched play, for narrative you can do as you like.

relevant header is the "Army Faction" one

>> No.53584723


Why does The Relic suck? Is it just a bad mission or is it just 40k's Blood Gulch?

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