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How old is too old to play?

Is it odd for a man in his mid 30s to still play with teens?

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>How old is too old to play?
No such age. Do what you love and fuck the rest.

>Is it odd for a man in his mid 30s to still play with teens?

On the other hand yes this is a bit odd. I don't see why you would want to honestly? Teenagers are immature twats at best.

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>playing in your mid-thirties

Dont talk to me or my wife's son ever again.

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well if you are still playing 40K and AoS most of the players will be teens/early 20s

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Playing in your 30s is a bit odd in the sense that it's rare, but I don't see why it would be bad. Pretty much everyone who was alive to see "old school" roleplaying is about that old or older. At that point though, looking for social interaction with teens is a bit weird.

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See you in three years when you are on the news.

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My local group as well as a few others tend to be much older than that 30's and 40's. Very few kids. We had one teenager for a while and the guy who runs it son sometimes plays that's about it.

I suppose this differs from area to area and granted I moved onto 30K and don't play AOS (but who does???) , though plenty of 40K players still at the same groups.

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Don't get fooled by it, OP. It's a a Jewish conspiracy to make SJWs shame white men into providing for their wive's children from a black man.

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You're too old to play when the game interfere with your life noticeably.

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>this is her son

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Keep in mind that these games are old, the hobby is old. There are plenty of people who are 'old' who are still playing these games. For the most part, we don't play with teens, but it does happen. It is mostly by choice we don't play with teens by the way, lot of old stable groups out there.

For me, I play with teens rather often. But that is because it is a family thing. My daughter and the daughter and son of some friends (and my friends, their parents) play in a campaign I run. The campaign was mostly for my daughter, so the other kids ended up joining in.

Most of the gaming I do is with other older adults.

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I actually found out a janitor at my college has been running a game with 13 people in it for about 23 years. His group is mostly middle aged

The man's a legend in our tabletop club

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I'm 58 years old. I'm not the oldest person in my gaming group.

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I'm actually looking forward to when my friends and I are retired. Plenty of time to roll dice.

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You're never too old to play. I still play with my dad. I mean for fuck's sake, look how old Gygax and his buddies were when they started. When I took some community college classes to finish my degree, there was this older divorced dude in my class, he was a huge D&D nerd, I should've talked to the guy even though he was ten years older than me we could've hung out. You are NEVER too old to play.

Don't feel guilty just because you resisted the vaginal jew and haven't gotten hitched to a fat sow and squirted out a couple shitspawn who consume your finances and life while your wife stays home reading internet blogs about "discovering herself" (i.e. nigger cock) and before you know it your shit life is even shittier. I know your pain, OP. You watched your friends peel off one by one, like adventurers travelling through a dungeon being picked off by monsters, or the survivors of a zombie apocalypse dying one by one. You lost one to a promising job across the country, another to a woman who dragged him away from the group to do whatever bullshit they do every weekend, another one probably just bored of gaming because he was never a real gamer to begin with. It's hard to watch them go. But you survived to the end, OP. Your passion for the hobby kept you going.

Now playing with teens is a bit weird, if you mean underage kids. There's some Youth Protection type shit in there that would make me uncomfortable. What you want is the early 20s college gaming club. Find the "dudebro" tier gamers (by which I mean the ones who are cool and aren't spergs), they are usually chill with older dudes. Hell, even most of the asperger gamers are pretty friendly.

Keep up the gaming, OP. Don't be ashamed of not being a cuck. Your friends sold out for a depreciating pussy and screaming children who will one day out them a million bucks for a gender studies degree while dying their hair pink and sewing a pigs cock to their pussy. In the meantime you can enjoy yourself.

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>not being the cool adult figure the kids look up to

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>her son edit


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You are never too old to play. I play with a 56 year old and a 70 year old.
>Tfw when you have very few friends your own age

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As far as mtg and warhammer go, I've seen families (mom,dad,kids) enter tournaments together, several greybeards are regulars at fnm and what used to be a games workshop in my area. I'd say the most common age is anywhere between 25 and 45.

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This strikes home hard. I'm 27 years old, only started getting interested in shit like D&D at age 21 or so and don't actually have an IRL group to play with. Older groups are usually groups who've been playing for years and simply never stopped. LFG fags are usually youngsters. Like with everything in life, I'm too late to the party. I hate being autistic.

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>Is it odd for a man in his mid 30s to still play

>with teens?

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Holy shit, that sounds amazing.

>tfw anon's college's Janitor's storytime never

I feel you anon, I've missed out on having a friend group as a kid. But I don't think it's too late for us. It's never too late 'til your body's falling apart.

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>Just lost a fringe group who were into D&D.

Does it ever stop hurting?

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>How old is too old to play?
When you're dead and cold in the ground.

>Is it odd for a man in his mid 30s to still play with teens?
In public, no. In private, maybe. It depends on how mixed the company is in general at that point though.

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>her son

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>How old is too old to play?
You're never too old to play.

>Is it odd for a man in his mid 30s to still play with teens?
This definitely seems odd, but it somewhat depends on context. For instance, if they are 18 or 19 years old, that's less odd than if they were 15 or 16. And if you're DMing a group for your nieces, nephews, much younger cousins, whatever, that is much less odd than playing in a game run by a high schooler and titled The Quest for Titties and Beer.

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>And if you're DMing a group for your nieces, nephews, much younger cousins, whatever, that is much less odd than playing in a game run by a high schooler and titled The Quest for Titties and Beer.
5e ruined Quest for Titties and Beer. They completely changed the underlying cosmology, and nerfed the death traps and logical puzzles to the point where it's nothing but a boring monster grind. I'd tell you to play the original, but since it's downright impossible to find these days, your best option is probably to play something else entirely. I suggest F2, In Search of Bitches, but the entire Titty Witch series is pretty good too.

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Never too old

A little, but that happens in most hobbies. My brother is in his early teens and flies model planes with older people. It's just a new generation being taught by a more experienced generation.

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Weird to play with kids unless it's a situation like that one anon who runs it for his kids and all.

And it depends on the game. Is it a pen and paper rpg? No age. Miniature wargame? 20s at oldest. Traditional games (cards, chess/variants, checkers, etc.)? No age limit.

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Thats really cool. Your a cool dad.

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>and this is her son
cuck alert

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>Is it odd for a man in his mid 30s to still play with teens?
Speaking as a high school teacher, yes, this is pretty fucking weird. Unless they're maybe 18 or 19, then it's not so odd.

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If you play games as an adult you are a failure.

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Oh no! My unwillingness to be cucked is ruining things for ungrateful women!

Whatever shall I do!?

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>whatever shall I do
Have you considered not responding to obvious b8

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Your parents, and their parents and their ancestors before them each struggled and fought to raise kids. If you don't carry on your lineage you have failed the work and sacrifice of untold generations, anon. They all struggled to make it possible for you, you specifically, to exist, and you'd let all that work go to waste?

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Yes. Fuck my ancestors.

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>existing for the sake of existing
sounds redundant and ultimately pointless.

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To the contrary, everything except carrying on your genes is pointless in this world.
You have duty to your people, like it or not anon.

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>Thinking there are any women my age who would make good mothers

The times are not as they were, anon.

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exist, or dont. makes no different to the universe. only thing that can possibly mean anything are the choices you make for the sake of yourself because in the end the only real impact you have in the universe is yourself.

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>Muh genes
If the only reason my parents had me is to be a vessel to pass on their genes then they can go fuck themselves. And I'm pretty sure that's not the case.

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>only thing that can possibly mean anything are the choices you make for the sake of yourself because in the end the only real impact you have in the universe is yourself.
That seems like a pretty narrow view. You certainly have the power to make an impact on other people in your life as well.

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thats nice and all, but in the view of the entire universe it means nothing.
>why do we exist?
to pass on genes so that they may exist to pass on genes and so on. existing for the sole purpose of perpetuating existence is meaningless. there is no difference between existing and not existing in the cosmic view of things.

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But you don't watch the world from the cosmic view of things, you watch it here and now. It sounds to me that you're making up excuses for your own failings, anon.

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m8, soon there will be 9 billion people on this planet. Our duty is to stop this madness.

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This logic is stupid. Several of the people in all of our lineages just wanted a quick screw, and several of them managed to scrape by and survive just because they had no choice. Our ancestry is meaningless, and of no intrinsic worth.


Someone post a picture of Max Stirner.

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The cosmos is fascinating, but the entire universe's view of things is about as relevant to me as I am to it. Other people are what I have to interact with every day.

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I'm pretty sure your parents have in fact fucked themselves...

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And fewer of those people are white every passing year. How that isn't an urgent wake-up call for you? Don't you care about the future of your race?

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>Listen to this man.

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That's absolutely awesome. I wish I'll still have a group when I'm your age.

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John Blanche is 70-something. Dude still games regularly in Warhammer World with guys several decades his junior.

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>implying I have anything in common with some inbred retard from Texas just because he has light skin

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Nigger, women want you to raise Tyrone's son for them, not your own petty genes.

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>Don't feel guilty just because you resisted the vaginal jew and haven't gotten hitched to a fat sow and squirted out a couple shitspawn who consume your finances and life while your wife stays home reading internet blogs about "discovering herself" (i.e. nigger cock) and before you know it your shit life is even shittier.

A thousand times this. Never give up your passions for the sake of 'growing up.' That shit is over-fucking-rated. I'm by far the happiest of the small group of people I've kept in contact with.

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The youngest person in the group I play Legacy with at the LGS is 27.
I think the youngest Magic players in general at this store are in the 19-20 range.

Teens are the weird ones out nowadays.

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Are you mormon

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>sounds redundant
>he doesn't know what redundant means
I think the word you're looking for is "axiomatic". Redundancy is maintaining multiple copies of a thing even though maximum efficiency can be achieved with fewer of those things, in case one of them fails.

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>implying I have anything in common with some inbred retard from Texas just because he has light skin
If you also are of european ancestry (what you reduce to "light skin"), then yes you literally do have something in common.

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>hurr durr I don't like your hobbies so you're a failure

My dad had three kids and he's a huge nerd, my uncle had four kids and he's a huge nerd, my brother is married and he's a huge nerd, I'm engaged and I'm a huge nerd

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What exactly?
Last time a guy obsessed with the race he tried to kill my absolutely white grandma.

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Women don't think, they just feel, and right now they feel ignored because they're shit and men'd rather do other things. So they come up with bullshit to make men feel bad not knowing that we'll resort to logic, as you did, and continue to ignore their shit.

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>If you also are of european ancestry
I'm native american

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>giving (you)s to /reee9k/ /pol/posters

It was you anon
You were the retarded one in this scenario

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take your pick.

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ignoring /r9k/ hooting in the background, this is actually something i worry about, me in m30s playing pickup games versus youths at gw does feel weird and would be worse except the manager is older than me and the most evangelical gwer this side of an arch redemptionist.

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>I won't settle for a man who's life doesn't revolve around making money like me!
>I want babies! Why can't I find a husband?
>Men suck!

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>a game for boys from twelve years of age to one hundred and fifty and for that more intelligent sort of girl who likes boys' games and books

The question was answered at the beginning of wargaming.

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I'm a green eyed redhead.
I'm also mexican so texans are literally the last people on earth I'd fuck in the name of.

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>Women earn more than men now
What happened to that wage gap they wouldn't shut up about?

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Is this the normalfag thread

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I'm 47, I have friends in their early 60's who still play.

>Do what you love and fuck the rest.

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But I was one of several children. Provided even one of us proceeds with generational offspring, my own personal continuance is generally irrelevant.

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Most women are fucked up, but you speak it like it is and thirsty beta faggots will reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee on your face to impress a m'lady that isn't even present, and wouldn't fuck them anyway.

Good women are still finding good men, good men are still finding good women. For everyone else, the problem lies within.

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Hi, /pol/.

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The fact that my parents had sex in order to create me makes me want to be buried alive

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When your brain stops working, that's when.

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>Implying deconstructivists aren't experts at trying to have their cake and eat it too.

>> No.53590079

They're Olympic level mental gymnasts, I'll say that much for them.

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>Teenagers are immature twats at best.
and you hope that they will stop being immature twats by themselves, without the help of someone who's mature, not a twat or both? ayy lmao

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>To the contrary, everything except carrying on your genes is pointless in this world.
That's only a thing that helped life survive. Will you say that shotgun is the only non-pointless thing in the whole Phobos hell?

>> No.53590470

>They all struggled to make it possible for you, you specifically, to exist
No, they didn't. The last two generations of my family all had kids by accident, because they were too poor to afford condoms. Taking the barest minimum of responsibility for your offspring is the least you can ask for, although I would have preferred it if they got an abortion.

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>you literally do have something in common.
Nothing that matters.

>> No.53590507

A lot of women are legit like that. That's no reason to generalize about the entire gender, but they do exist and they are common.

>> No.53590593

It feels like it to me but then I don't play at all as a result.

Wouldn't mind trying to get my friends now in to playing board games but it's a bit of an ask even though they're all from a video gaming background. I don't know what games to start them on, most stuff is either too complex and they'll get frustrated or too simple and they'll get bored.

>> No.53590627

Your mom being like that does not mean they are common.

>> No.53590630

Oh really?

I’ve done my math. While I won’t inherit shit anyhting untill I am in my 60’s, my young half sister will get her share of inheritance just as she graduates university! Why the fuck would I want my children to live the life of hardships I have to face!?

>> No.53591649

Don't worry, your kids won't have anything to inherit anyway. The destruction of the middle class will be complete.

>> No.53591779

Or you could just dump your genes at a sperm bank and call it a day

>> No.53591794

>Do what you love and fuck the rest.
>Unless the rest is just playing a fucking board game with younger people; that's just too odd dude; under those circumstances don't do what you love

>> No.53592147

Yeah, man, it's almost like pedophilia.

>> No.53592297

It's odd because you're very likely to want different things from the game.
When I was 17 I disliked tabletop because my friends just wanted to be lolsorandumb.
Now that I'm 26 my game are more serious even if we have the occasional laugh and I love it.

>> No.53592326

I started playing with people in their 30's when I was 15, so no I don't see a problem.

>> No.53592416

my babysitter and her husband were classic D&D fans that started in school at some point and had been playing their whole lives. i think i was 7 or so when i was first introduced to the game. they used the AD&D rule books. honestly cant recall if it was 2e or not.

i can say with certainty those D&D sessions, although the rules were extremely lenient since we were kids, are the main reason i ever got into D&D and high fantasy at all. even though they shunned me like a leper when i brought 3.5 books over one day

>> No.53592887

I am always the youngest in the group.

I am 29 now...

>> No.53593023

>Teenagers are immature twats at best

I when I was about 17 mostly played tabletop with 60+ year old lawyers with no real issues. Just depends on the people you find to play with I guess.

Whenever you feel like you are too old to deal with it I guess. If a game group can last long enough for everyone to be in their 60s minimal with no issues I don't really see anything outside of a personal reason why there would be a limit.

>> No.53594322

Where I used to work a bunch of the upper management played DnD.

They couldn't have been younger than late 30s/early 40s

>> No.53594388

>Moreover, today’s young, childless female city-dwellers with college degrees are out-earning their male counterparts by 8 cents on the dollar

B-but muh wage gap!

>> No.53594806

why transfer genes when I could transfer my mindset to impressionable teens by GMing for them instead?

>> No.53594912

Looks like the same old, same old. Article designed around making women feel special and unique and explain why it's not at all their fault no one is interested in dealing with them on a day to day basis.

>> No.53595060

When I was getting an oil change, this mid 50's guy saw the d10 in my car and commented about how "Ah man, is that a d10? I used to play d&d you know. I remember playing for about a year before they introduced the d10. It was no neat to start using all kinds of funky dice in it."

He was saying he's been starting to sell some of his old d&d stuff though on ebay. Should I see about buying some of it off him? And what time can we guestimate for when he was playing?

>> No.53595142

He was playing during the time the dinosaur's used to walk the earth. Good god man.

>> No.53595199

It had to have been some time during 0e right? I'd estimate mid-50's since he was a whitebeard and he referred to it as something he played from his teens to early 20's.

>> No.53595295

My dad started playing dungeons and dragons back when he was 14 in like 1984 or so some shit and he knew about D10s back then. This guy was either in odd area or a little older then you think.

>> No.53595668

I mean, why would you want to?
You could have better things to do, like be with your loving family, going on vacations, unless you're America-
Oh, wait.

>> No.53595689

I'd say that older teens (16+) who realise they're immature twats and don't act pretentious or 'mature' are fine, as long as they're decent players.

>> No.53595767


Speaking as a high school teacher in his thirties running games for his teenagee students after school, not really. I had a teacher in my school who did the same.

>> No.53595780

>don't act pretentious

You are talking about roleplayers anon. Every single one of them no matter their age will act pretentious as all hell. If they didn't they wouldn't want to advertise their bullshit by roleplaying fake lives.

>> No.53595863

Depends what you're playing. Tabletop wargames take up a lot of time and money from painting andcollecting miniatures, so you're 'too old' for them once you start a family. You're never too old for rpgs or card games (although I guess you might want to stick to casual mtg once you've got a family, since you won't want to spend the same as professional players do).

>> No.53595915

Not necessarily. We don't know if OPs a roleplayer, a wargamer, a boardgamer or something else. Most roleplayers are pretentious though, I'll give you that.

>> No.53595996

>How old is too old to play?
Around the time you decide it's time to give up on your independent desires and passions, so that you can focus fully on being a wage slave like a good boy.

It's a very personal question that varies from person to person.

>> No.53596752

As others have posted, it depends on context, but if your instincts are telling you "there's something wrong here" there probably is.

>Hosting teenagers in your home for gaming
Don't do this. Questions will be raised. Accusations of sex, drugs and rock & roll will ensue. You'll wind up on some sort of registry.

>Hosting games at the local game store
Acceptable. A mature, adult gamer showing leadership and attention to younger people who could use some structure to a fun activity. Lends some legitimacy to the store as well

>Attending games in some teenager's home
No. Parents like to know who their kids and teens are hanging out with, and they are hyper-aware of sex, drugs and rock & roll. Imagine the awkward handshakes as you are introduced to their parents. This is not your world.

>Gaming as a hobby "I'm into strategy games to unwind on the weekends."
You sound like a mature adult who is working on his education and career and amuses himself with a relatively unknown hobby (to the mainstream)

>"I'm a gamer. I like roleplaying games. Hennnnhhh!!!"
You're an unwashed manchild who is fascinated by japanese cartoons and who lives in a fantasy world. No one wants you near their children, let alone themselves. You might make their teenage kids feel better about themselves by contrast, but no doubt you'll snap one day and shatter their confidence in the adult world by showing them how low humanity can go if individuals are left to their vices. You're probably a chronic masturbator as well, or even a cosplayer.

>> No.53596791

You can play with college kids up to any age.

But teens are a bit odd

>> No.53596817

It depends on what your playing, most of my 40K group is upwards of 30 with most of them in there early 30's to 60's. So i don't think anyone is too old to be playing games.

>> No.53597310

29 year old uni student, just played through my first ever campaign with three eighteen year olds. Felt a little self conscience about being the old man (relatively speaking), but we all had a lot of fun.

>> No.53598768

My parents were not the right people for each other and I am the living proof of what happens when a suicidally depressed woman tries to shack up with a Marine only for it to all go sour.

>> No.53600773

Effectively this. Given time everyone becomes a wage slave that works until they drop dead. No joy or fun within their lives. Nor time to do anything other then at best a month of vacation when they are old enough to not be able to walk straight.

>> No.53601084

>chronic masturbator
>Not being a chronic masturbator

Office drones need to get some too you know? And what else are we supposed to do when talking shit about the people who actually do work? Not like we have any time for our wives anon.

>> No.53601202


When I was a teenage, I played with a group where the youngest person besides myself was in their late 20s, and the oldest was on the the far edge of middle age. To this day, they were the best group I have ever been a part of.

>> No.53601248

This sounds suspiciously close to an unfortunate branch of my family, but none of the kids are remotely close to old enough to be making posts this coherent. Maybe the one that doesn't have the marine for their dad, but that's still underageb& territory.

>> No.53601272

My 1st campaign was me when I was 13, my brother who was 17, a guy in his early 30s, and his Mom who was around 50. Oddly enough, even though I was youngest I ended up being the DM most of the time.

Aside from the guy's mom not quite getting the rules and playing the "uptight paladin" thing painfully straight, it was pretty good.

>> No.53602317

that's a generic story as fuck m8

>> No.53602544

>I don't see why you would want to honestly?

I'm looking forward to becoming the middle aged man with a balding mullet and Iron Maiden t-shirt to a new generation of youths. We all remember the type, the guy who's a little creepy but also kind of cool and will buy you beer and only rip you off a little bit, and who actually knows the rules of the game you're trying to play

>> No.53602636

>We all remember the type, the guy who's a little creepy but also kind of cool and will buy you beer and only rip you off a little bit,
sounds exactly like the way to get accused of molesting kids.

>> No.53602717

Literally 90% of the people I've met in /tg/ activities (no matter which one) are like that except that most don't buy me beers or anything.

>> No.53602812

>sounds exactly like the way to get accused of molesting kids.

the lifestyle has risks, but someone has to carry the torch. tabletop games wouldn't be the same without That Guy

>> No.53603143


Yeah, yeah, it's always the men who are at fault. Never the women, even in matters that are exclusively their own fucking problem. Same old story.

Here's a protip for women: if you really want those fucking babies, you should put some real effort of your own into getting them instead of sitting around till you're old and complaining about men not doing everything for you as usual.

>> No.53603296

And yet here you are.

>> No.53603364

>till you're old and complaining about men not doing everything for you as usual.

Truly life is suffering ;_;

>> No.53603511

The teenagers I played with at 29 gave me hope for humanity. Better attention span than anyone in my generation and smarter too. It's weird getting to that age where you're on the other side of the flynn effect, but it's pretty heartening too.

>> No.53603719

Why can't you do that without the 'kind of creepy' part? Just be cool fullstop

>> No.53603762

The beauty is that when you're older, you get to play with other adults. The games get better.

>> No.53603804

This is just the gene pool controlling itself.

>> No.53605017

They did stuff that resulted in us being born. There's no contractual obligation without mutual consent, and I sure didn't sign jack shit. Don't know about you.

>> No.53605313

Who remembers Einstein or Mozart? Everyone.
Who remembers their parents or their descendents? No-one.

It's what you do with the time you've been given that matters. The world has plenty of worthless people thanks to those whose only accomplishment in life was to breed. No-one ever said of a man, "Gee that guy had good genes. He sure passed them on well."

>> No.53605362

Games keep us forever young. As normies get older, they lose that flame, that passion. We gamers never age. We never lose that flame. Never too old for games.

>> No.53606559

This reads like something Quentin would write. Also it stinks of upper middle class sheltered fuckboy. Kids where I live get away with doing hard drugs, I'm sure their parents won't mind them playing innocent games with some 35 year old

>> No.53606588

How else am I going to find teenage girls?

>> No.53606717


>> No.53606949


>> No.53607023

>philosophy and sports
>respectable fields

>> No.53607398

>As normies get older, they lose that flame, that passion.

Or have it stolen from them

>> No.53607409

>Job is already lost
Oh please, free me from this hell.

>> No.53607431

That's not caring about yourself, that's caring about other people's approval.

>> No.53607435

>Titty witches
My man.
Quest for the Underboob was the best of it's series.

>> No.53607447

Spoken like a true 3ds player

How's that pokyman going? You catched them all yet?

>> No.53607519

My first real GM was late thirties and played with a 16 y/o who browses TG, a 21 y/o and a 23 y/o. So no, it's not too old to play.

>> No.53608763

As discovered in the thousand previous time this thread happened DON'T FUCK THE CHILDREN otherwise you are all good

>> No.53608814

Redundant works, other humans are multiple copies and humanity would work much more efficient with less of us

>> No.53608899

Teens aren't children and tabletop rpg's are pretty much the antithesis of having sex so I'm not really understanding your comparison.

>> No.53608920

>Teens aren't children and tabletop rpg's are pretty much the antithesis of having sex

>> No.53608932

You're right, my ancestors all the way back to the first bit of sludge that learned to eat and shit fought to pass on their genes to ultimately create me. And now it can be over, I'm here now, evolution succeeded, we did it guys, we made a perfect specimen. There's no need to bother making anything after me.

>> No.53610992

>Is it odd for a man in his mid 30s to still play with teens?

It basically mean there is something seriously wrong with you. Not because you are playing games, or because you are playing with minors, but because you have nobody of your own age group to play with. Which either means you don't have friends sharing your hobbies (which is weird and highly unlikely) or you've just barely entered the hobby (which I doubt).

Bottom line - you are some kind of freak.

>> No.53611175

I also come from a lineage of librarians and distant dads, I don't need to continue those traditions either.

I pay bills, work, and live on my own. I'm my own person and make my own choices. I'm not trying to be a slave to someone else's idea of success. I do what I want with my life.

>> No.53611376

I didn't sign up for your racist club. I don't owe you shit.

>> No.53611550

already saw ur mum last night

>> No.53611856

>philosophy and sports
>having any worth

>> No.53611947

The group I run for consists of myself (23) and 3 people in their early 20's and one persons dad who is 63. We taught him how to play when he retired. He loves it and is one of the best players.

No age restrictions, if you enjoy the game and enjoy the company of the other players theres no reason you couldnt play.

We also just introduced my Grandfather (84) to the game, and while hes slow to pick things up, he loves it.

>> No.53611948

Anyone who makes the distinction between pedophilia and ephebophilia is always a creep. Every single time, it's an escape tactic

>> No.53612041

Never too old. My current gaming group has:

guy and girl 19 years old
two guys in their mid-20s
three guys in their late 20s
one mid-30s
one 49 year old

And we get along really well.

>> No.53612158

Not him, but I'm pretty sure a guy can masturbate in public, and people won't blink an eye as long as he's not breaking social contract.
I'm just saying, what matters is not what you do, but how you present it.
You can afford to play 3DS in public, if the circumstances around you are appropriate. If you are not going full retard regarding games, then you are perfectly fine playing them in public.

tl;dr You can get away with what would normally be frowned upon by the society if you establish proper context. That's not rocket science, yknow.

>> No.53612218

Never have truer words been spoken.

>> No.53612822

I'm 23 and was DM for a bunch of old coworkers who were 24,28,32 and 40.

It's not that weird.

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