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>girl joins the game group
>immediately makes a pretty boy and starts hitting on each and every male party member
Why is this so common? I bet anime is to blame.

/a/ needs to take back their fujoshi scum

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Never happened to me thanksfully
What did you say to her? How did she respond?

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>Why is this so common?


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>things that never happened: the thread

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>girl joins the game group
>group is ruined forever

Why are women even allowed to join.

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>blaming anime
Reddit needs to go and stay go

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>I have an insufficient sample size
>thus, I can extrapolate from this the frequency of some event
>anime is at fault

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I wish that would happen, as that would give me a socially acceptable outlet to express my bisexuality in at least a tiny way.

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Buddy, are you me?

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So we started the day with around 5 variations on "if you dont have gunpowder in your setting you're a fucking faggot", and then we get 5 variations of "girls are fucking retards we should ban them from tabletop"

All within 2 or so hours of eachother, in a great wave.

Is this one shitposter with too much spare time?

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Are you fat, myopic, and more constrained by personal anxiety than social convention (that is: people close to you aren't religious in any particular way, you just are terrified of being poked fun of) ?

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OP is a faggot indeed but really?

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>implying it isn't

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> why is this so common
It's never happened to me, or any person I've ever played with as far as I know.
Maybe you should set up a group with your strawmen; actually play a game for once.

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Hey, every Patroclus needs his Achilles

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>girl joins group
>suddenly every guy wants to be a chad and get their dick wet
>group is trying to one-up and show off in game
It's not the girls anon, it's the retarded beta males competing for her attention that is cancerous.

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And anyone who doesn't want to bone IRL girlplayer might want to bone IC girplayer, thus making even the non-Chads in-game Chads.

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If she's going to play a fag then I'm going to play a lesbian. We can both fulfill our fetishes.

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oh you sweet summer child

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If a female player approachs you with plans to make a pretty boy and hit on the other characters, with the possibility to upgrade to taking them to bed as the game continues, you have NO right to refuse them. Now, I know what you're going to say:

>B-b-b-but muh anime
>B-b-b-but mud gritty medieval setting
>B-b-b-but mommy, gay men make me scared

Shut up. You shouldn't be DMing. Your players are trying to make something interesting out of your generic, hetero normative fantasy, and you're throwing it back in their faces. You have NO right to be DMing - just give your notes to one of your players, they can do a better job than you can.

TL/DR, if you can't handle male homosexuality in fantasy settings, you shouldn't be a DM.

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This is my favorite new pasta.

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What makes you think this would be more socially acceptable?

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I can bet good money no one in your group gives a single fuck about your sexuality. Making a character gay so you can say "WOW, LOOK HOW GAY THIS CHARACTER IS" is a shitty reasoning behind making your character.

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>girl joins the group
>is nice, but doesn't seem all that invested
>eventually quits
>spend the rest of the game wondering if I had spaghettied or some shit and made her uncomfortable instead of helping make the game fun

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>play cute innocent not character
>all the girls in the group have their characters tease him
>share brief /ss/ magical realm with the DM even

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In my experience it's usually more like this:

>Girl join group
>Play a grizly demi-orc barbarian guy because fuck yeah
>Make all the elf faggot in your party squirm
>Seduce the other player character so that they can stop hitting on every fucking female NPC in sight
>Everybody is much happier and a little bit more of a fag

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gub b8

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I think you're bullshiting, I've played with several women and that's never happened.

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See >>53515703

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If it's a proper medieval setting, you can always just execute the gays like the scum they are.

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Oh it has nothing to do about the group.

Roleplaying is a chance to escape one's own life.

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I wish you'd escape life with a noose instead.

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>Native girl in the group
>She plays the most slutty characters against my NPCs
Bitch, your man is on the table stop asking for my dick.

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Gee, I wonder why people would want to ban women from their tables... Hmmmm.........

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Man, its shameful how a WOMAN would feel like real life is hard to deal with a create an environment where she could go where she feels insulted from those things. Its so... escapist!

Men would never indulge in escapism, right fellows? Now, back to my Tabletop Game where I play a ripped 7-foot Barbarian Warlord whom every woman from Queens to Bar Maidens wants to fuck and is rich with giant piles of gold from all the dragons he's killed. We can talk about the filthy escapism of women some other time.

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>girl joins the group
>is a merciless munchkin murderhobo
send help
we're actually terrified

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itt:a very salty anon

In every game I played nobody played a buffed barbarian for escapism. They just picked whatever race and class that was more fun for dungeon cracking. Stay mad.

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>girl joins the game group
This is where you went wrong.

>tfw no DOOOOON!

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So it is unfair but ultimately easier just to remove the Harridan from sight. Let them make their own groups- male gamers cannot be trusted to be neutral toward a female so don't make them try. The alternative is everybody suffers and nothing gets done, and let's not pretend the situation would ever improve

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You're a twit. You just said you're playing whatever you want FOR FUN. Recreation is by definition escapism. You are escaping from the parts of life that aren't fun by having fun. That's all a safe space is, and nozzles like yourself who pretend they're some boo hoo MELTING SNOWFLAKE affront to decency are amazingly thick-headed to not recognize that.

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>all that projection

There are free mental health clinics, y'know. Get help.

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>a safe space in an university to avoid muh feels
>is the same as playing a tabletop for fun
>playing videogames is a safe space too
>watching TV is a safe space
Off yourself you fucking retard.

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It seems like what they're getting at is that all of these things serve as a relief from the daily stresses that life brings. There's nothing wrong with unwinding in a comfy place. The misunderstanding seems to be that anons are provoked by the term safe space because of its association with toxic shit like Tumblr and radical belief sets. This is all just conjecture though.

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Just flirt back fag

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Yeah, good thing we're taking over all these disgusting, toxic misogynistic male spaces through the power of social justice and feminism!

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Kek have you ever been directly affected by their bs or do you just read about it and get mad? Do you feel they are legitimately a threat to your lifestyle?

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Considering you manage to be this annoying IRL I really feel like you are confirming everyone's no Woman rules as completely justified

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Maybe you should play with girls some day, anon. There not all sweet princesses just as most of them aren't bad, they're just people

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>two girls join the group
>they both do this
>to eachother

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Someone's on the rag.

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Has happened in my group on three separate occasions.

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I prefer "fallen to the communists"

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>women play male character
this makes sense if your group is more suited for adventure gameplay, playing a women charecter only holds you back as a weaker version of yourself with social stigmas playing against you that might hinder the story.

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>He thinks communism is to blame for how women are
As soon as women are allowed to vote, society steers left. Compare every major election to the West for total results, women-only results and men-only results. If only women were allowed, Clinton would be president right now. If only men were allowed to vote, Austria would have a "far right" mayor right now.

The appeal of the left is that it redivides the wealth of the strong* among the weak. Women are always among the weak, so they will naturally favor redivision of wealth(I mean 'strong' and 'weak' in the broadest possible societal sense. A pointdexter nerd lanklet with a multi-billion dollar corporation to his name would be 'strong' in this context). Even when we merely look at strength and weakness in the physical sense, this principle holds true (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/10061462/Stronger-men-are-more-right-wing.html).

The explanation is very simple: the right means freedom from the state and equality of opportunity. The left means equality enforced by the state and equality of outcome. The strong thrive in a "state of nature" (a hypothetical state in which no government exists), so they wish to have a state that most resembles the natural state save for baseline protection of property, body and life. This is the situation the weak fear the most, as they will naturally become bottomfeeders. And if you look at the way marriage has been aranged for centuries in most cultures, it makes women the birds who pick the leftovers from between a crocodile's teeth. For gender equal societies to work as intended, women must become the impossible: black panthers.

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I actually laughed out loud. Nice b8 m8 here is your (you).

>> No.53520475

>Austria would have a "far right" mayor right now.

>> No.53520530

I was making a period joke lad. Communists = Reds
Unless you're operating on another level of irony entirely

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How pretty?

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This has to be some sort of satire, right? The title is literally 'Hiding from Scary Ideas.' It's got to be some joke on how some people can't take criticism or take it too close to heart.

I get there must be extremes out there that I'm not aware of, but holy fuck, no one I know acts like this - and it's not like I'm in some conservative backwater, I rub shoulders with leftists and SJWs most days.

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kek why are anons to quick to anger now? Reminds me of tumblr/Facebook/youtube/reddit

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>girl joins the group
>gets drunk with group
>someone ends up having sex with her (which may or may not have been consensual due to the alcohol)
>group falls apart
I don't even know how to handle that one.

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It's around eleven dudes that ghostpost on archive sites. They've been shitting the board up with piss poor bait ever since quest threads took off. You'll notice the same sort of style of posting, 2 greentext lines, then a general question. Invariably, someone will bring up /pol/, then there's a dude that responds to him. 3 person troll op is very easy to pull off.

Why? Autism.

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>ghostpost on archive sites
What does this even entail?

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Hang out with people 1on1 and slowly repair the group. I believe in your social engineering anon.

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>have you ever been directly affected by their bs
MtG went full cuck
DnD turned elves into trannies
Vidya is a mess
Gee Dubs killed Slaanesh

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Now THIS is far more common I'm, at least where I live

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>Guy makes female character
>Keeps trying to start lewd adventures
>DM makes it crystal clear that none such things will be happening
>Keeps trying anyway and gets upset when he gets shut down every time
>Has now become a nuisance out of spite and DM won't kick him out because we're all old friends, some friend friends

[he hates it]

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no joke though that room sounds fun. though yeah the reason it exists is retarded.

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I'll die before I see /tg/ give in to SJW faggotry.

Let's get this started.


Orcs are niggers, prove me wrong.

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They're green.

>> No.53521737

Niggers make me green (sick)

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straight people fetishize homosexuals in fiction and then proceed to hate them in real life. news at 11.

>> No.53521747

>I'll die before I see /tg/ give in to SJW faggotry
Then you must have died a long time ago, because /tg/ is all sorts of cucked.

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Speak for yourself, Sven.

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/tg/ hasn't given in to SJW faggotry. neither has it given into stormweenie faggotry. it is a place that remains firmly in the middle of the two, extoling virtues of both left and right at various times, both because political views are usually included in stories and settings, and because /tg/ is made up of many different people and is not a hivemind like tumblr or /pol/.

and you're not wrong, orcs are niggers, because "savage tribe that eats people" is an archetype taken directly from that old "indigenous tribe of savages that practice cannibalism"

>> No.53521855

niggers are cannibals in America, too

google Big Lurch if you dont believe me

>> No.53521887

Both sides are memes on /tg/. They are not ideals to aspire to, but ways to provoke reactions and get laughs. They have been taken, scrutinized, and turned into jokes by anons who don't really care about either of them. They're fucking trends, man. Skin deep.

>> No.53521903

yeah, but he was high on pcp. though I suppose that does sort of reinforce the whole "ritual drug taking and cannibalism" aspect of it.

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just a nigger returning to its roots

>tfw you realize niggers in america take drugs and kill each other because it's their nature and they cannot help it

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I'm a guy and I play an undead woman who hung herself after a miscarriage, so fuck you.

>> No.53522912

I've played with almost a dozen grills and this has never happened. In my experience grills want "special" girl characters more than anything. I did play with a guy once that kept making his (drunken) character grope all the female characters and ended up making everyone (even the guys) so uncomfortable we asked him not to come back.

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After trying for years to get guys together for DnD my wife and little sister have convinced me to run a campaign for their friends. 7 women, 2 of which are on and off, but more are interested.

>nothing magical realm
>very interested in the story
>roleplay instead of rollplay
>draw art of party members
>no pvp conflict

>sometimes I have to rein in side conversations

I dunno if Im just having a lucky break but it sounds like the girl you are playing with is just odd

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OP is probably just baiting, but some yeah some people just use tabletop games to perv

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>things that never happened: the post

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>player decides to be a CG sorc who is very promiscuous and very bi
>give him a qt beta nerd wizard bf
>mfw this is his first relationship that has lasted a week without any sex at all

>> No.53523385

>playing a woman who got so hysterical from a miscarriage that she killed herself

>now her crotch rots ironically

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These people need to be euthanized

>> No.53523497

It's about that time of year, isn't it.

>> No.53523511

Wow friendo, I'm at a real loss on how to respond to that

>> No.53523610

double wat

>> No.53523844

You're both degenerates and will be purified in fire.

>> No.53523878

Oh no. Anonymous and 4Chan are going to hack my car and make it explode!

>> No.53523901

If I could feel confident it wouldn't be used as fap material I'd post a pic.

>> No.53523927

She's doing it to make you uncomfortable.
If you didn't squirm so much she'd not bother.

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this thread is blessed

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Oh, don't worry anon. We'd never fap to it.

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This is why you should only play dnd with normies

>> No.53524209

1) Do not play with anyone who browses 4chan
2) Make them all related.

>> No.53524237

I literally saw this pot 5 minutes ago in a thread that was an obvious bait post about faggot and their bullshit in D&D. are you that same fucker or is this a hot new batch of pasta?

>> No.53524259

>hot new batch of pasta
You better believe it.

>> No.53524370

There isn't anything wrong with wanting to get away from things that make you uncomfortable. Nothing at all. The problem comes in when you make it my problem. Designated public safe spaces are public. They should belong to everyone. Making them exclusive to people who want a convenient place to lie down and have a little cry is inconveniencing me because it's built by a college who paid for that room with my tuition, and now demands that I show nothing but compassion and respect to those who would waste my money and the public space and time to feel better about themselves. And I'm not even allowed inside.

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>have a female player in my game
>she's a fairly good player and the male players of the party recognize boundaries

Just in case you thought it was impossible.

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I personally think the problem is like this: if they feel uncomfortable about what someone else is saying to the point that they cannot stay in the room (something I personally find disgusting in most situations, but understandable especially for such a sensitive topic), why can't they just go home, or to their dorm or rooms or whatever?

If you don't like what someone is saying to you on Twitter, you don't ask people to build a safe Twitter. You turn off the phone or computer, or go to another site. This almost feels like a blatant attempt to cash in, to show support in a magnanimous gesture that doesn't really do anything that wasn't already being done.

>> No.53524846

"Communists in the funhouse"

>> No.53524906

>If you don't like what someone is saying to you on Twitter, you don't ask people to build a safe Twitter.
Actually yes, these kind of people often do.
The idea that it's up to them to avoid things they don't like and not the world's responsibility to censor itself to suit their needs and desires is completely alien to them.

And before someone goes off on "libruls" and "milleniuls" remember this is the same driving force behind various parents groups trying to censor media on moral and religious grounds that's been happening for a century.

>> No.53524930

Sorry "media and life in general"

>> No.53525574

I'd argue that mist people are shit, but other than that you're about right.

>> No.53526561

>mist people

Tell me more about this shitty mist people, anon.

>> No.53530141

Look around you, fag, /tg/ is so desperate for their hobby to be "hip" and "with it" that the board has gone full numale in a bid for acceptance.

>> No.53530216

Stop playing Changeling the Lost anon

>> No.53530329

I waved my hand in front of my eyes and felt the air shift, but nothing reached my eyes through the darkness. The faint sound of dripping water permeated the air, probably from the bathroom right above the basement. It was the kind of thing you didn't notice until the lights are out.

"So how'd you do it?" Phillip wondered. I'd almost forgotten he was here.

"The candles?" Britney's voice asked through the darkness. She had insisted she play the role of dungeon master, tonight especially. She said it'd be a night we'd never forget. Truth be told, I'd have done anything for her.

"Yeah, how'd you make them go out like that? It was awesome."

"A girl can have her secrets, can't she?" Britney snickered. The candles suddenly flickered back into light, just barely illuminating our four silhouettes and not much more.

Jimmy interrupted from the other end of the circle, "Did someone leave the water on? I hear the faucet dripping. Gah, whatever. We playing or what? My barbarian heart is ready to slay some monsters. Where did we leave off anyways?"

I caught another glance from Britney and smiled shyly. We'd been getting together once a week for a month now, but I still couldn't help but wonder how a girl like that got into a game like this. I mean, Britney was one of the most popular girls at school. Everyone loved her. She was what you could honestly call objectively beautiful and for some reason she'd arrived, hovering over our lunch table as we discussed my brilliant strategy to defeat the Lizardman hordes and save the princess.

"You guys play DnD?" She'd said, as if it was perfectly normal. She hadn't cowered, waiting for a moment when the lunchroom was empty. She'd just gotten up from her table, dropped off her tray, and walked straight up to us as if she wasn't breaking every rule about social interactions on the planet.

I had to elbow Jimmy to get him to speak.

"Ow, yeah... I mean..." He paused to put on a braver face. "Yeah. Sure. Why?"

>> No.53530340

"I'd like to host a game. You boys free Saturday?"

And that's when she looked at me, with those warm eyes, and I just knew Britney would never steer us wrong.

Of course Jimmy and Phillip thought it was a trap. Maybe we were going to get mugged or robbed by Britney's jock friends. But I was convinced she was sincere. How could someone like her possibly lie? We ended up rolling a D20 at 15 or above to decide, and the dice said go.

So for a month we'd traveled through the hills of Zannor, defeated monsters in the marshes of Ulburque, and entered the cave of Sepheria, where we hoped to find and slay the vile monster.

But this time, Britney had lit candles, and done some séance. It had seemed silly. The candles had poofed out when she finished saying the words. And now they were relit in the pitch black basement.

I noticed the weapons first. A full-sized broadsword sat in front of Jimmy and bow with a quiver of arrows in front of Phillip. For me, there two curved, sleek rogue blades, serrated all the way to the tip.

"Holy crap," Jimmy noticed, catching up. "Where'd you get these?"

Britney shrugged. "I had them lying around."

"This is awesome," Phillip said, lifting the bow and tugging at the string, unable to even pull it back an inch.

"So," Britney said, her voice cool and confident, "we were in the cave of the Succubus, Sepheria, last I checked. We best get started." Her voice became lower and smoother as she began telling us where we were. "You're in a massive cavernous space, black surrounding you. Some candles running low stand in the center of the room but the light barely pierces the thick darkness. You hear dripping in the distance--"

"That faucet," Phillip laughed.

"No," Britney replied. "Probably the rains seeping into the crevices of the cave. Your weapons are at your feet, and all you hear is silence as the Succubus emerges from the darkness with a sly smile. What do you do?"

Britney's smile grew wider.

>> No.53530765

Is it? I've had like 3 groups with women and not a one did this in any way shape or form.

You're making this up, aren't you? You've never even played a tabletop game......

>> No.53531217

Doesn't matter if he's a fat cuck fighter with 0 charisma, so long as he holds the line he's okay with me

>> No.53531249

(40k Orks)
They're actually competent fighters and have accomplished something. killed the c'tan and shit nigga

>> No.53531265

>Recreation is by definition escapism.
it really isnt.

maybe you should go to a safe space anon, and hide from the ideas that are upsetting you.

>> No.53531557

>implying it wouldn't devolve into incestplay

You should check Supernatural fandom, 4chan is a puritan stronghold compared to those people.

>> No.53531615

I've literally never seen this happen, ever, or even heard of it before right now. Maybe you just play with one particularly shitty girl.

>> No.53531993

Communists = Red
Period blood = Red
I know this has been pointed out already but you seem to have significant enough brain damage to need it to be restated.

>> No.53532871


>> No.53533109

You've obviously never had a girl at your table

>> No.53533370

>Britney's smile grew wider.
They are kill, aren't they?

>> No.53533394

Wasn't the last thread that derailed into a /pol/ discussion enough, OP?
Why are you such a massive faggot that needs to have dick all over you?

>> No.53533486

>why are anons to quick to anger now?
Because for the past eighteen months, faggots from /pol/ have been constantly spamming their shit on /tg/, and we just want to talk about our elf waifus and not have to sit through a lecture on nigger IQ levels.

>> No.53533518

Women pretending to be gay men and hitting on you is the hottest thing ever, anon. Way hotter than men or women in general.

Not kidding.

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>ghostpost on archive sites
>What does this even entail?
Basically, when we still had quest threads on this board, someone who didn't like quest threads would make a new thread about "BAAAAW I HATE QUEST THREADS". Other like-minded faggots would see the thread before a mod deleted it, then once it was deleted they would just go to the off-site archived copy of the thread and continue complaining about quests there. It was an easy way to arrange a meeting site.

If you really want to read ghost posts, just go to 4plebs and check "show only ghost replies".

>> No.53534075

Rather than there being some troll conspiracy, maybe there are people that think differently from you.

>> No.53534096
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>Le epick neutral man

>> No.53534207


>> No.53534298

>My character will not take your sexual harassment lightly
>next time they do it knock them unconscious and drag them to jail

>> No.53534352

No, there's just not a shitty zeitgeist that shouts down anyone with an opposing opinion (he named two examples of these by the way)

Also you have to go back.

>> No.53534372

>Rather than there being some troll conspiracy, maybe there are people that think differently from you.
But you can still see most of the ghost posts?

>> No.53535061

>there's just not a shitty zeitgeist that shouts down anyone with an opposing opinion
>by the way I want to exile you for not sharing my beliefs

>> No.53535253

That's one hell of a conspiracy theory, you got any more like that?

>> No.53536618

>dragging them to jail
>nit knocking them unconscious, castrating them, and selling them as an effeminate servant to some hedonistic ruler's harem

>> No.53536867

I really don't get it. I've been running games with girls and women since I was 13. There was never a real problem.

>Marry the DM's girlfriends (now wife) PC with my PC in game
No problem
>One player is interested in another player, it is not mutual
They talked it out, came to me and split up between two rounds for six months to avoid issues. They are now both married to other people and still close friends.
>Friend comes out as gay (Not fairy) and pubescent girl player is suddenly fascinated by him
Told her to cut it out during play, she agreed, became a total beard to him in real life but thats none of my business
>Girl player gets drunk and cheats on her boyfriend (Not in the group) with another player
She took a leave for 2 months to get some distance, then came back. They talked it out in private and nothing else ever came from it.

And yes, most of these stories are from when we were in the 15 to 21 age bracket. There was a lot of other drama but it never got out of control. Right now, I run two campaigns, both with a 50/50 male to female cast since pretty much everyone is now married or in long-term relationships and there is no issue with it ever.

What kind of weeb, unstable personalities do you allow at your game table to get to such situations as
? Cut it out before it gets that far.

>> No.53539000

ok, so you are an orc?

>> No.53539129

>If your character is retarded and fucking autistic, you have no right to tell them NO because the DM must pander

I saw you in the lovecraft thread as well, your ideas are shit and so are you.

>> No.53539174

It was in a lovecraft thread too

>> No.53539464

>I really don't get it. I've been running games with girls and women since I was 13. There was never a real problem.
What's to get? OP doesn't actually have friends, so making whiny threads on /tg/ about problems he's never actually experienced is the closest OP can get to genuine human interaction.

It's "hilarious" pasta, geniuses.

>> No.53539506
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>Complaining on anime
>On 4chan
Antoni... don't you have some young man to fuck in the ass?

>> No.53539526
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Daily reminder you are on 4chan

>> No.53540241

>he says, in defense of the medium full of girly boys that are designed solely to pander to gay shippers

>> No.53540343


>> No.53541722


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