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New Bread before Bed edition
>Tell me your favorite unit and why comfy sub edition

>Warhammer 40k 8th Edition: "Leak" Compilation

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first for pls leak ork stuff

>> No.53507191

Fucking kek at that OP image

>> No.53507194

nth for best subcommander

>> No.53507201

We'll have to see if the exterminator stays "twinlinked", because if it does its a guaranteed 8 S7 shots vs an average of 3.5 S8 shots with better rend.

>> No.53507230


Space marines leaks

Chaos leaks

>> No.53507231

nurgle player just laughs a lot like papa nurgle, also is fat. but maybe thats just me.

>> No.53507234

So, uh...

When is that official 40k app coming out? I need it to organize my armies. I actually think GW did a good job with 8th, its looking to be a beaut

>> No.53507235

I really hope everyone enjoys boring gunline tau, because interesting mobile tau became waaaaaaaay too expensive to be viable.

>> No.53507238

Do we know if the Tempestus Scions are still going to be in 8th or should I just use them as Vets?

>> No.53507241

Reposting for posterity

Am I the only one who will keep using Obliterators? They might fill a different role now, but they're not bad. Precision, at-will deepstrike means you can drop them exactly where you need them to be, and your opponent can't ignore them because the turn he does will be the turn you roll all 3s and cripple his Knight.

>> No.53507244

So, did SoBs get shoveled into Imperial Agents? I don't see them on any covers for the Imperium army books.

>> No.53507246

Getting ran around in circles getting shot to shit is interesting

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>> No.53507250

>he says, referencing points costs with no points of comparison in other armies because literally every point cost in the entire fucking game has changed, many of them drastically

>> No.53507252

>interesting mobile tau
>6 riptides jumping away from combat

You're right, it's a damn shame

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>> No.53507259

>new favorite unit

Railsides. There is literally nothing bad about the model. Great pose, great size, great look, and now they pack quite the punch.

I know I said this last thread, but what makes me glad about the T'au nerfs is that I won't automatically be called a WAACfag for bringing up my boys in blue. Sadly I'll have to learn a new playstyle while still being garbage at listbuilding and the game in general. At least I'll be able to lose(with all 3, soon to be 4 armies) while looking good since I make up for being trash at the game by being one of the better painters in the group.

>> No.53507260

They're in the Imperial Agents book in 7th, obviously they're under IA in the Indexes

>> No.53507268

>forgot pic


>> No.53507269

>So, did SoBs get shoveled into Imperial Agents? I don't see them on any covers for the Imperium army books.
As far as I can tell, yeah.

Then again, so did Grey Knights and Daemonhunters/Witchhunters, so all three armies got "condensed" into one big blob.

>> No.53507272

>favorite unit
Ravenwing Black Knights. They have everything I want in an elite squad. They're mobile, they have great guns, they can mop up with melee after. There's also the thing about summoning scatter-free terminators anywhere. I'm not sure how that'll work out in 8th since scatter is gone. I'm also looking forward to the fact that overcharge is back and plasma doesn't always have to worry about gets hot.

>> No.53507275


Someone spoil Inquisition already REEEEEEEE

>> No.53507278

Did we got any new leaks after Tau?

>> No.53507280

I think one way to solve that is to increase points size. Less than 2000p will be tight-packed for everyone

>> No.53507284

Grey knights are In the marine index
Daemonhunters and witch hunters are inquisition and indeed got rolled into imperial agents

>> No.53507285

Fuck that shit.

People are still waiting on Tyranids, Orks, AdMech, and Necrons.

>> No.53507286

Yeah a whole article on PfP would have been sweet
Nah dude - the way i look at DE in 8th is that we are either going Wych spam or sticking with out basic MSU

I retooled my list for possible 8th, but now since i looks like we're all getting point drops i really want to stick a 10 man Mandrake squad in there too

We are going to be even more of a "All or Nothing" army

>> No.53507292

if it weren't for the shoulder mounted water guns i would agree. as far as suits go at least i prefer the kroot's overall aesthetic more though

>> No.53507295


It's literally (assumably) two profiles REEEEEEEEE

>> No.53507297

They don't have to be the plasma guns, they can have the missiles up top, a single missile, or another techy-doohicky system.

>> No.53507301

>post yfw you realize that the Swarmlord was murderstomped into paste by to a bunch of Ork mooks on Octaria

>> No.53507306

I hope people are happy to see lists full of troops and little else.

Doubling the costs of vehicles is fucking stupid. 72 point stock rhinos, 82 point stock razorbacks, and 151 point stock predators is bullshit.

>> No.53507307

Nope, only commies shared their stuff while capitalist factions greedily kept their for themselves.

>> No.53507308

>Favorite unit
Crusader squads. They can be used as anything from massive bolterfire blobs, to any sized assault squads to bootleg dev squads, i.e a 5 man squad with one grav cannon in a rhino.

>> No.53507311

Then you can fucking wait for the people with real armies to get their more important leaks, faggot

>> No.53507313


yup it is sweet, shame about the colour scheme

>> No.53507319

Fav unit?
Got to be the Russ.
When I saw it on the battlefield I was underwhelmed a bit until it started blowing holes in shit. Now I love the squat fucks.

>> No.53507322

Good, then maybe they can drop the horrid Swarmlord fluff and we can all forget that shit ever happened.

>> No.53507327

Everytime I think I'm out, they keep PULLING ME BACK IN!!

God damn it, why is 40k so lame and so cool at the same time? I'm an adult! I'm old enough to have children!

>> No.53507330


>real armies

Leak that Inquisition shit, disobeyment will be met with full imperial sanctions

>> No.53507332

>Favorite Unit

Magnus, both for being an awesome model and for doing literally nothing wrong.

>> No.53507341

favorite unit is definitely beep boops, the 50's robot look is too strong, and their rules arent bad either imo

>> No.53507343

Bullgryn, Cultists, Greyfax, Penitent Engine.

>> No.53507348

>and for doing literally nothing wrong.
Anon, I like Magnus, but let's not play pretend make-believe games here.

>> No.53507357

>favorite unit
I like the MANZ total lack of subtlety.

>> No.53507365

>Leak that Inquisition shit, disobeyment will be met with full imperial sanctions

>> No.53507377

>Fire Warriors with Carbines advancing forward while shooting
>Rerolling Advances with an Ethereal with them
>Markerlights to ignore BS penalties for shooting on the run

Doesn't seem so expensive to me

>> No.53507380


Ordo Malleus inquisitors in general with hector Rex at the top

For when you're the only human in the room and have to 1v1 a bloodthirster because everyone else is dead

>> No.53507381

At least models are moving.

>> No.53507391


>small time

My faction was so big its been at least 2 codexes wide since the turn of the millennium.

>> No.53507394

>Punisher not kitted with triple HB + heavy stubber

>> No.53507396

Technically 30k but fuck it, I love this goddamn model and his rules.

>> No.53507397

>These Chapter’s still trace their genetic lineage back to the gene-seed of the First Founding, and scions of all nine loyalists Legions emerged from the vaults beneath the red planet. They benefit from three additional organs and larger size, but it still remains to be seen if Cawl was able to successfully stabilise any of the known genetic deviations or impart any additional resistance to the effects of Chaos.

What does this mean?

>> No.53507398

Yeah. I did my Tau up in Tron colors. Pic related is my 1 Broadside, it was one of my first painted Tau units, but I really want another 1 or 2 because they're so cool. Sometimes I regret it a bit because I saw this one teal colored scheme and fell in love with it, not to mention all the creative freedom you get with Tau painting schemes(Irony, huh?).

But my scheme is:
White tron-lines
>Fast Attack and Elite
Blue tron-lines
>Troop and Superheavy
Orange tron-lines
>Heavy Support
Yellow tron-lines

>> No.53507405

Would you play?

>> No.53507407

>Good, then maybe they can drop the horrid Swarmlord fluff and we can all forget that shit ever happened
>implying the Hive Mind hasn't already ordered ANOTHER Swarmlord for Leviathan's tendrils to throw at Octaria
>It proceeds to die to Orks on the planet long after Thraka's left the system
I mean, at least this time Ghazzy was on the same planet as the Swarmlord when it died, but dying off-screen to random Orks just SAD.

>> No.53507411

It's cute that you think static gunline Tau will be viable when half my army will be charging you on turn 1.

You better be able to bail the fuck out fast and have room to maneuver after that, and have Fly to put obstacles between us and still be able to shoot after falling back, or it's fucking game over and I'll consolidate right though your whole shit.

>> No.53507418

>Technically 30k
Only until Fires of Cyraxus comes out.

>> No.53507432

>a black helmet for POL

Not sure if meant to be irony ...

>> No.53507435

I hope Crisis suits can still be ghetto assault marines. Melee tau always seemed like it'd be funny.

>> No.53507436

The Emperor (and Horus to an extent) are responsible for the entirety of what happened to Magnus. If he had been listened to the galaxy would have been saved, instead his loyalty was rewarded with the massacre of his people.

>> No.53507437

That's not my Punisher. I just pulled a stock photo.

I ran Lascanon and HBolters with Pask.

>> No.53507444

Soon I hope. I look forward to hoards of vanguards supported by Krios' and Thanatars with splashes of Onagers and Dragoons for good measure.

Too bad they'll probably all be so many points the army will have like 5 units in it.

>> No.53507448

>tau are no longer viable period
There you go everyone, gw removed a faction just for you.

>> No.53507449

>Not sure if meant to be irony ...
Nazi stormtrooper-influence probably.

>> No.53507451

>> No.53507454


I just stuck a bit with enclaves schemes
Wanna try random colours but am worried they'd be hideous

>> No.53507455

will the punishers guns get any changes in 8e?
it isnt twin linked, so heavy 40 is out of the question, as cool as that would be

>> No.53507459

Well, no fusion blades right now, but Farsight seems alright.

>> No.53507460

All i need to know at this is time are:
>DE points
>Haywire and PfP
>Does wounds/damage bleed over in the squad? Can 3 D3 damage weps kill up to 9 models in a squad?

>> No.53507466

Crapton of transports. Incubi, wyches, and anything else jumping out at people as others dive by. The ability to deep strike transports in without the risk of scatter is going to be a big flanking move. If you position wrong a venom full of trueborn could blasterspam anything big you had waiting in a corner, then jump across the map. We've already seen 12" movement on a full-wound Hammerhead, I imagine dark eldar skimmers won't be any slower.

More reliable reinforcements also help. It looks like a huge part of strategy is hitting when and wear you want, exploiting every weakness to the fullest, and hoping it does enough damage for you to survive to the next turn. Which is good, it feels fluffy.

>> No.53507468

So with Kroot getting some buffs in the form of the Shaper as well as their different models being able to operate independently, what are people's thoughts on making an all-kroot army?

You'd still need a non-kroot HQ for detachment purposes, but an Ethereal would be easy to represent with a conversion, and their abilities can benefit the Kroot to a degree.

The main downsides I see is a lack of AP and heavy weapons. Only Krootox have much in the area of high strength and multi-damage, and even that's basically just an autocannon. Rerolling to hit from the ethereal and to wound from the shaper would help, but it isn't the most stable backline firepower.

What else could you throw in easily to mitigate their problems without straying too far from a full Kroot force?

>> No.53507471

D3 damage is to 1 model.

>> No.53507477

No, Tau is dead. Go buy primaris.

>> No.53507479

Not sure, still waiting for THE GODDAMN LEAKS. But I think Heavy 30 or auto rending would be pretty sick. Or even ap 3 or something.

>> No.53507480

anyone else annoyed by the large amount of D3 and D6 rolls in damage and amount of shots? it makes games have even larger amount of random chance, especially with damage D6 were 6 outright kills most characters while 1 only scratches them.

>> No.53507484


>I really hope everyone enjoys boring gunline tau

So literally nothing has changed?

>> No.53507485

>so heavy 40 is out of the question

>> No.53507491

if its d3 damage its to a single model if its d3 mortal wounds it can kill 3 models

>> No.53507494

The punisher is unlikely to have more than -1 rend desu, the whole point of the unit is BRRRRRRRTTTTTing out a shitload of fire to murder hoards, not killing armored targets.

>> No.53507496

it was very much intentional

first poster caught on quicker

>> No.53507502

Power from pain is now dependant on turn

turn 1: 6+ fnp
2: +1 to hit
3: reroll run and charge
4: ignore battleshock
5: -1 to enemy leadership.

>>Does wounds/damage bleed over in the squad?
No, first models make a save, if they fail you roll for damage, only that model takes that many wounds.

>> No.53507505

>bleed over.
no. except "mortal wounds," which is a new type of damage that specifically can spill over and does not allow saves.

>> No.53507515

But primaris are even worse than tau

top kek

>> No.53507519

Could someone tell me if this is true?

>Shokk attack gun is 60" S2d6 AP -5 d3 damage
>if you roll 11 or 12 for strenght you do 1d3 mortal wounds instead.

>S5 T4 W2 Sv 4+
>orks within 3" don't run away on a 6"

>They can have power knife (Im not kidding) at 3points for Ap-2

>Saw is Sx2 AP -4 2 damage
>Claw is Sx2 AP -3 d3 damage.

>Flash gits have 24" Heavy 3 S5 Ap -2

>After they shoot roll a dice, on a 6 they shoot again at the nearest enemy unit. Badrukk reroll 1 to hit. Every model can have an ammo runt for a single hit reroll in the shooting phase.

>> No.53507520

probably to represent whether you hit anything important or not
roll of 1 on a lascannon is the equivalent of a glancing hit, while a roll of 6 would be comparable to Explodes! but at least you get to keep half your vehicle instead of GGNORE

its not too bad, considering that its intended to replace ID

>> No.53507523

They confirmed that Hotshot Lasguns are still a thing in the Imperial Guard faction preview, and even if you can't take them as troops there are Force Org Charts that let you take 1 HQ and 3 Elites as your mandatory choices. So you should probably be able to play them in 8th

>> No.53507525

any Imperial Guard leaks?

>> No.53507537

>you probably still cant give a hotshot volley gun to veteran squad
i want my catachans to have a space M60 dammit

>> No.53507538

Having weapons either do a single wound or ALL OF THE WOUNDS was even more dumb though.

A lot of other random shit has been removed (no more chaos boon table for example) so I don't mind.

>> No.53507539

Lame, means i'm gonna have to swap out my Talos weps since i've now got a squad of DL Scourges

>If ranged too then amazing
>meh unless wyches

I wonder if Combat drugs will be army wide...

>> No.53507544

annoyed ? yeah it's cost me many a game in aos
i prefer a flat out 3 damage to a d6 most of the time
guessing i'll get used to it now though

>> No.53507546

Sweet. I might break out the other Taurox I still have in box before I quit playing.

>> No.53507553

I haven't seen any of this except for the nobz thing about morale, which is true.

>> No.53507558

3 damage is comparable to a 2d6, though
giving up 0.5 average in favor of reliability

>> No.53507559

We aren't sure yet if those are real

>> No.53507568

Just buy them.

>> No.53507594

those were never photographically confirmed and italianfag who was posting leaks wasn't the one who posted them.

>> No.53507598

You got anything actual to show that's viable or even possible? As it seems everything is more expensive for everyone unless you just run basic dudes without upgrades and well... fire warriors are good as ever in that department, heck even 1ppm cheaper now.

>> No.53507613

>all these fucking random points values

Jesus building a list with this shit is going to be a nightmare.

>> No.53507617

Personally I prefer reliability. You've already got a chance of missing, failing to wound, or the enemy unit passing their save. I'd rather not get through all of that only to roll 1s on damage.

>> No.53507622

Says the AoS player.

>> No.53507629

>chaos terminator minimum squad size is now 5

What the fuck, do I have to pay for, and then drop a termie out to get a lord in there? That's so shit, thanks nuGW.

>> No.53507635

I'm not the AoS player you were talking to. I've no interest in playing AoS.

>> No.53507640

Yes anon it's true. Also you parents are getting back together and Stacey wants you to ask her to prom.

>> No.53507653

I was reading Gathering Storm to catch up on fluff.

Trayzn's Tesseract "help" struck me as odd... because the Necron was never seen by Abbadon.

Imagine this from Abby's point of view. Creed is desperate and close to falling. Victory almost in grasp!

Suddenly from thin fucking air:
>30K Ultramarines, Contemptor included
>Entire fucking force of Vostroyans
>Various guardsmen
>Salamander Marines
>Inquisitor + Storm Troopers
>Wulfen come screaming in from another direction
>Also the Saint joined in too from above

Abbadon's reaction was never noted. Surely he must have been absolutely enraged at how this genius of a fucker somehow hid all these forces -and- coordinated the Saint & crazed Wulfen somehow to attack at nearly the same time? Fucking tactical genius.

Then it hit me. They kept Trayzn in that situation JUST to jokingly explain the 'Tactical Genius' of old. Trayzn was just following Creed around letting out random fucking troops just to fuck with Chaos, because fuck Chaos right?

>> No.53507662

The true Punisher is pask with multi meltas and lascannon with stubber.

>> No.53507663


>> No.53507691

Why would you pay for a landraider when you can precision deep strike at will?

>> No.53507712

With all the jumps in point costs I really hope they don't skyrocket in cost... they're too damn expensive as is.

>> No.53507729

I like the idea that Cain is some sort of boggieman to Chaos with them swapping stores on how he scared them.

>> No.53507746

>to get a lord in there?
characters cant join squads anymore

>> No.53507752

>fusion blades
Fuck that give us lesser onager gauntelts/pile bunkers

>> No.53507758


Yes, but transports can just hold squads

>> No.53507764

Good. Fuck tau and everyone who play them.

>> No.53507768

News flash, units can share a transport.

>> No.53507769

Naive boy, do you think that I'm after Stacy and not Stacy's Mom?

>> No.53507778

mfw this post

>> No.53507787

>using a calculator is hard
ive heard this same complaint from my friends, how is keeping track of numbers, then adding them up going to be in any way difficult?

>> No.53507791

You're too slow >>53507663 beat you to it

>> No.53507799


Different guy, but for me is less of the values being difficult, but asinine and arbitrary.

>> No.53507815

Most 40k players I know can't even make an armylist without Battlescribe holding their hand, and are hopelessly lost when it's not updated yet or bugs out.

Have to correct their shit and point out good options they missed all the time. Is reading a codex and basic math really that hard ?

>> No.53507816

>tfw a friend offers you something to paint for them

>> No.53507820

They're an abstract measure of wargame utility. Of course they're arbitrary. How are they any more so than they always were?

>> No.53507822

So I recently started playing, with a Thousand Sons army. I really like the Iron Warriors lorewise, and the design of Helbrutes. Are they going to be not shit in 8e?

>> No.53507843

Aw shucks. I thought I was clever.
Next time anon, next time I shall be swifter

>> No.53507846

Nigga, I've been running this forever. Take drones to fill in your gun needs, and say that this is literally an Expendables detachment.

>> No.53507847

Helbrutes are looking quite lovely.

>> No.53507859

Awesome. Would the start collecting CSM be good now, then?

>> No.53507893

Now that templates are gone and very few things will care about the spacing of your models, how many of you are actually considering using movement trays?

Would you build them rectangular or prefer to keep them rounded? How many models on 25mm bases would you stick on a single tray? 32mm? 40mm?

>> No.53507905

where're my ork spoilers?

>> No.53507906

I don't know, the more I think about it the more kroot feel like orks-1. They're a cheap, stop-gap measure, sure, but for a horde army with little in the way for saves and morale-mitigation I think battleshock is going to obliterate what extra-dakka-edition doesn't

>> No.53507907

How Abbadon must feel.

>> No.53507921

I got 4 of the fuckers to split up in 2-3 units for my IW list, but now they just come in a unit of 3.. This is some bullshit if you ask me.

>> No.53507923

They did them, didn't you see it? It was about the Ork Kommandos and the new Purple Orks of Mork.

>> No.53507931

It's a good deal monetarily if you're okay with somewhat out of date Chaos Marines. But there's no way to know when we'll get new models for the basic Chaos Marines.

>> No.53507940

I think this will be the edition of "Run what you want, it all works, just make sure you have other stuff to help it."

Prior editions was: run the best shit don't waste points. That doesn't apply now as much... as long as you have shit to help.

This edition is feeling more and more like "Variety 40k" rather than "10 good units out of 500"

>> No.53507945

>Implying you aren't going to get drowned in 67 point carnifexes
>Implying you need anything else when they mortal wound on +4 on charge


>> No.53507946

Made a post on the previous thread but didn't see an answer. I'm thinking about getting into 40k with Primaris Marines and I'm wondering which Chapter has the easiest color scheme to paint.

>> No.53507947

Did yesterday's article point to what was being shown today? What's the next faction preview going to be on?

>> No.53507957

Yeah. I feel like the Ethereal and Shaper would help slightly with that, as could going for MSU in general, but it feels hard to get something going with them that wouldn't just get stonewalled by the first thing more durable than a Rhino

>> No.53507958

Also gone.

>> No.53507959

Railguns are back in business.

>> No.53507962

They lost a lot of flexibility to more randomness as well as a locked unit size of 3. They also no longer have power fists with no option to purchase them. I'll be looking to alternatives such as Havocs and Helbrutes, probably.

People were doing this for 40K?

>> No.53507963

Here's a bigger one for you, oh devout brother.

>> No.53507965

probably one of the black ones because mistakes are easy to cover up

>> No.53507972

Hey Black Templar players, what sets you apart from Blood Angels and Furfags? I don't reckon you having any actual close combat-buffing rules unlike the former two.

>> No.53507976

>mfw I'll go to my LGS today and read all the new indexes they got yesterday

>> No.53507977

I've found that green is very forgiving. Black and silver would also be rather straightforward. Stay away from white and yellow.

>> No.53507981

Hammedhead sucks ass.

>> No.53507983


>> No.53507995


>Longstrike is HQ now.

About time.

>> No.53507996

My favorite unit is the Tervigon because it has weaponized ovaries

>> No.53508000

Khornate Berzerkers for me, since they're such a massively underrated unit that quickly gets hilarious turn one assaults once you factor in World Eaters rules, drowning the unuspecting enemy in an ocean of attacks before they even get to shoot.

>> No.53508001

These guys seem to be leaking quite profusely.

>> No.53508004


>> No.53508010

my biggest question is do you roll damage before or after your opponent makes their armor save

>> No.53508018

Read it.
That's what it means.
>Made using old Primarch geneseed
>More organs
>Not sure if genetic defects ie Red Thirst still happens
That is it

>> No.53508020

I wonder why so few people field those, they shit on everything.

>> No.53508021


>> No.53508022

I know this is b8, but

How are zerkers in 8th? What changes did they get?

>> No.53508023

Probably iron hands

>> No.53508028

I'd like to see the other psychic powers. The only thing I liked about 7th was the psychic phase. Without the versatility we had in 7th it feels lackluster. The fact that you just can cast one power per turn per army (ex. smite) isn't helping.

>> No.53508031

Do all bombers cause mortal wounds?

>> No.53508036


Because now, you pay 60 points for a transport for a squad that costs 80 points, not 67 for the transport, 19 for the gun, 82 for a squad, and 33 for the guns.

>> No.53508037


>> No.53508041

The only problem is that close combat messes them up.

>> No.53508042


Want to know why?

Renegade Guard share Astra Militarum key word.



Do you know how fucking COOL that will look?

>> No.53508045

in the case of nurgle do they make the disgustingly resilient roll also before the damage or do you roll a number of times equal to the damage

>> No.53508049


Anon, they've already released 2 box seats with new CSM plastic kits.

>> No.53508058

Shall I try seeker missile spam now?

>> No.53508064

>that gif
Makes me wonder why air bombing doesn't play a larger role in 40k, considering you don't hear much about long range anti-air yet orbital defense lasers are everywhere.

>> No.53508065

Will I need the new models, or could I get the older ones?

>> No.53508069

For what? To deal 3 wounds to 12W lemon?

>> No.53508071

It's called orbital bombardment. Usually happens before or after your games.

>> No.53508075

A versatile troop choice with a land raider as transport and BT used to have Vows which could buff the army in different ways.

>> No.53508077

Equal to the damage.

>> No.53508078


"However, the fact that those high-Strength weapons usually do more than 1 Damage now, means you may need to take multiple Disgustingly Resilient rolls."

>> No.53508079

All these leaks and I still havent seen a thing about SW. I just wanna know how hard we get fucked in the new edition man.

>> No.53508085


Probably because the games are aimed to skirmishes. Strategic bombers don't fit at this scale.

>> No.53508086

>considering you don't hear much about long range anti-air yet orbital defense lasers are everywhere.
Please read a post before replying to it.

>> No.53508093

40k game scale is a little off for a large bomber mission outside of Apoc.

>> No.53508097

Old models are just fine. Sometimes they even look better. But it's up to you. They're your dudes.

>> No.53508112

Thank you for kindly asking, however we at the Administratum have denied your request. Henceforth for budgetary purposes only one quarter of your "posts" shall be read, judged, and replied to. A time saving measure you will appreciate in the efficient use of your taxes.

Have a pleasant day,

>> No.53508124

thanks for the info friends

>> No.53508130

Awesome! I really like the older models. A friend of mine gave me a sprue with some gaunt arm bits. Would any of those be useable in CSM kitbashing?

>> No.53508133

>Longstrike is HQ

Well, there goes my one remaining concern for an all-tank Tau army. No pesky Ethereals to hide in a Devilfish for me

>> No.53508160

Medium-rare shitposting is still shitposting.

>> No.53508185

You could use them for various mutations that wouldn't really have any rules effects. Enough of them could potentially make some good Possessed. Or possibly as claw and talons for Slaanesh followers.

It's Chaos, go nuts!

>> No.53508187

no photo. but apparently the Tervigon is 8" Move S7 T8 W14 3+ save. Makes either a new unit of 10 Termagaunts or replenishes 10 from an existing unit.

>> No.53508197

Mutations! Go nuts. Use some greenstuff to make the arms blend in a bit as a mutation at joints. Don't just glue.

Old /tg/ was less bitter. Lighten up.

>> No.53508199


>> No.53508207

Someone help me make a group of Custodes with good fluff and as little "we're da bestest evar" as possible. This is my only idea so far. forgive the heavy compression of my napkin notes

>were part of the first batches of the Big E's experiments in making the Custodes
>perfected the Custodes and ordered them to be executed due to their imperfections and overall instability
>fled, hid in the farthest corners of the universe to avoid being hunted
>mental instability combined with their heightened connection to the Emperor cause them to seek and and attack anyone who could possibly be a threat to the Emperor (so pretty much anyone really) in order to regain the love and attention of their banana king

Still thinking of a name and some colors. Silver could be cool, although a glossy cherry red sticks out in my mind for some reason

>> No.53508225

Im actually glad you used my pic from last thread for this anon. Thanks.

>> No.53508227

I thought about using some sprue for mechanical "mutations". Would a plastic or metal Chaos Lord be better for kitbashing? The LGS has a bunch of metal models.

>> No.53508231

plastic definitely

>> No.53508249

Plastic. Also while I know you want to be creative and use sprues - don't. You'll be disappointed with the results unless you have a lot of modelling skill. Not trying to shoot you down, I just have seen to many people try it and fail.

You really should start off with regular chaos marines painted up Iron Warriors style. Make them stand out with paint jobs - not glued on random sprue.

>> No.53508250

Suddenly genestealers behind your lines is what truely terrifies me so far with nids

>> No.53508262

Alongside and not in front

>> No.53508267

Alright. I was planning on using corner sprues for wing-like growths

>> No.53508270

>Can't have Nids in your backline if the only thing you have on the board are Talos
Shame my photoshop is so weak or i'd meme that shit up

>> No.53508279

Guys form LGS already told me they had their copies of rulebook and indexes to prepare for launch event at 17th, so members of LGS can drop anytime and check them out.

I'll check zerkers and hopefully take some photos.

>> No.53508293


>impart any additional resistance to the effects of Chaos.

Marines have inbuilt anti-Chaos defences?

>> No.53508296

>mfw my flgs is 90% mtg and doesn't stock anything in advance of a release
At least they give us 20% off on orders.

>> No.53508310

Do test fittings. Use blutac (that stuff you use to hang posters on your wall) to get an idea for what parts will look like before you actually glue.

If you're new to the hobby, you will mess up. I did when I started. Everyone does. The best way to learn is to try things.

>> No.53508328

did wie have AS pics already?

>> No.53508334

Mines the same, but doesn't even give any discounts :^(

>> No.53508342

how about you go with established fluff for your super elite snowflakes, instead of making super duper special snowflakes out of your snowflake bodyguards.

>> No.53508347

huh so they are making some MCs tougher.

after the swarmlord preview i was expect everything else to stay T6 as well.

>> No.53508356

It pleases me to know that the everything goes thing is happening. I play primarily with an extremely casual group. How cool a model looks and it's lore are our primary factors for buying it rather than it's table top qualities.

However we do occasionally go to tournaments and oh boy is it one sided. Watching my footslogging, Dreadnought heavy Iron Hands get plastered by Eldar and Tau cheese spam is somewhat depressing. It was even worse for my Ork friend.

Now it looks like we still won't be super competitive if we just run whatever, but it won't just be totally pointless to show up. The new Power Points thing is also pretty neat and will likely end up being used more than the regular points system among my friends.

>> No.53508373

Check out the scheme in Inferno for the vault guardian boyos.

stay angry

so glad this its gonna be like this, I usually just bought the coolest looking models for my army just cause I enjoyed painting them up in my armies colors even if they werent considered good, at least I'll be able to enjoy all those models that have sat on a shelf now, and thank christ my melee dreads cant get immobilized.

>> No.53508383

>Argued with a friend that Nids had fucked up toughness and that it would change in 8e
>Said that they were too squishy realistically to have higher toughness than 6
It feels good to be right. Now if only the Maleceptor would turn out to not be garbage.

>> No.53508390

>W13 T8 S7(less if damaged)
>if it kills gains an extra attack and wound
>its claws are Sx2 ap-3 dd6
>upon death with a 6 it "explodes", inflicting 3 mortal wounds to an unit within 3"
>each time it's wounded on a 6 it inflicts a mortal wound
I assume the last 2 are the last iteration of acid blood

>lictor 3 attacks hit on 2+, s6, 4 wounds, 5+, gains +2 armour when in cover instead of 1, is hit with a -1 penalty, can reroll charge when deep striking

>> No.53508395

>Thanks to new damage tables, former Anti-Vehicle weapons now are equally effective against MCs due to multiple damage



>> No.53508405

Man the leaks just keep on coming and it seems like every lgs is letting their customers look at the index.

Cant wait to see chapter tactics and the emperors champion.

>> No.53508407

>> No.53508412

Yes, fuck your 5000 pts of only elites and vehicles faggotry

>> No.53508416

>actively discouraging /yourdudes/

They're not even super duper, they're watered down at best considering outdated gear and the colonel's secret recipe not being quite perfected at their inception

The black for the vault guardians is definitely cool, but probably wouldn't fit the group's fluff. Maybe a variation on it would work

>> No.53508433

yfw plasma is even better at killing nids than it was before

>> No.53508435

Sorry anon, can't help you with that. You'll have to ask someone else or something like that.

>> No.53508446

Oh nice Canoness straight up comes with a Rosarius now. Four 3+ evis hits look good.

The 6" reroll 1's seems to be the generic commander buff bubble, anyone have any different ones yet?

>> No.53508448


Holy fucking shit I love you. Please give me more. More, I must have MORE.

>> No.53508449

Sisters confirmed shitty with MANDATORY SPECIAL CHARACTER as usual, but are now required to own a simulacrum for every squad.

>> No.53508459

Same here. I run fluffy Renegade Guard.

Sure FW chaos guard -can- be cheesed out... but fluffy renegades?


Get out the trench shovels. Dig in. Shell him. Blow that whistle and charge across the field!

>turn 1, get a volley off
>turn 2, half of army wiped out by broadside spam
>turn 3, tau player #29 asks why i don't have 8+ leman russes, I would have won if I had those! I should buy some tanks! Clearly I don't own enough tanks because I didn't think to buy them!

>> No.53508466

Surprisingly >>53508328 is real, though he fucked up the url by leaving the l off of html at the end

>> No.53508470


A: ROUGH RIDERS! How are they? PLEASE.
B: Battle Sisters?

>> No.53508473

Are Riptides really that bad with the new rules? It seems more like a nerf towards spammers and Nova spammers. Am I missing something?

>> No.53508478

I wish I actually had the book on me, I'm just taking the image from >>53508466

>> No.53508485

>Exocists can now do up to 18 S8 -4 wounds per turn
>people will take minimum of 3
Oh shit

>> No.53508495

>>Said that they were too squishy realistically to have higher toughness than 6
what the fuck does this even mean

>> No.53508496

Can you show me the Custodes?

>> No.53508497

Anyone have some READABLE pics of the tau rules? Found them on bols but they are pics made for ants.

>> No.53508511

I know Repentia are shit and I'll never use them anyway but why are their eviserators worse than the canoness's? -4ap to -2ap.

>> No.53508517

I don't even mind because Tau fags are crying, grav weapons are nerfed, and Nids have scaling toughness like they should've for two editions. Just knowing that fishfags and gay knights are seeing what nerfs are like will sustain me, no matter how terribly I get manhandled on the battlefield.

He argued that Nid flesh could never be as tough as the other factions' various armors because metal > meat irl.

>> No.53508519

Why would you want readable pics for an unplayable army?

>> No.53508524

Still nothing on the humble Guardsmen?

>> No.53508529

>STILL no IG leaks

>> No.53508532


Maybe I'm just daft, but we look fine to me. No where near as bad as yoy are making us out to be. Yeah I'll need a few with simulacrum but that's fine. I don't mind that. I play sisters because I like them, not because I want to play the best faction evah. And the new acts look decently powerful so having to work for them seems fine to me.

>> No.53508541 [DELETED] 


Enjoy sisterfags. Pictures in there.

>> No.53508554


>> No.53508562

Repentia seem like a viable glass cannon alpha strike unit to me. Put them in a Rhino if you can't get anything better, do the Rhino charges first to soak overwatch trick. Then the Repentia can charge and strike first with eviscerators.

>> No.53508564

Now Land Raider is better than pisstide.
>more durable
>bs 3+
>4 lascannons, 12 assault cannon shots

>> No.53508570


>Sororitas Vehicles cant use Acts of Faith


unless I misread something or missed a rule

>> No.53508572

So do you think multiple ministorum priests stack?

>> No.53508573

hows the Maleceptor
please I must know

>> No.53508575

You're completely full of shit, but thanks anyway.

>> No.53508586

Its gonna be decent but still overshadowed by zoanthropes I bet. choosing psychic powers means its unique psychic power, if it still has one, really needs to be amazing or its gonna be really bad.

>> No.53508589

I'm kind of disappointed they got rid of the command celestian squad that could load up on whatever mix of guns you wanted.

I wanted to do something really gimmicky and get a full squad with combi-weapons, but I guess that's off the table.

>> No.53508590

Legion of the Damned were on the cover of one of the Indexes.

In all these leaks, I just want to see if someone can confirm if they got an army list beyond just an hq and an elite slot or not.

>> No.53508594

source of this gif, please

>> No.53508595

>implying anything has changed

You do realize that AoF have to be used in the beginning of the turn and special rules can't be used inside vehicles, right? Unless you have a bunch of people sitting outside their vehicles, then you can't even buff them. The AoF are nice, but now we need to pay $14 for each squad we have any reliable way to use any of them. Then there's MANDATORY CHARACTER that they keep shoving down our throats. I was having fun not using her in 7th, but now it actively hurts the army NOT using her. AGAIN.

>> No.53508601

>Even Sisters got leaked before DE
Best til last i suppose

>> No.53508604

Okay I keep seeing these beautiful gifs, who's the artist?

>> No.53508609

Nope. Rule of One. Maleceptor, even in its current state, is now looking to be an auto-include for using psychic powers.

>> No.53508612

>all 200 DE players unable to bitch as loudly as all 4 SoB players
This is the future you chose.

>> No.53508618

>Best till last I suppose
Affirmative Xenos Space Pirate.

>> No.53508622

>4 turbo autists vs 200 chill guys

>> No.53508625


Penitent Engines seem beastly if they can get into combat. Each Buzzsaw hits at S10 and a guaranteed 3 Damage each, plus the two Heavy Flamers which can drown lighter models. T6 and W7 with 4+ is kind of durable if it doesn't face a whole lot of stern opposition; it's still a light walker and I suspect the Ironstriders will turn out much the same.

Also note, Penitent Engines can be squadroned in 3s.

>> No.53508632

>Argued with anons here that carnifices would not retain S9 and be more in line with the dreadnought profile
>Said that I'm crazy and the carni would remain the same as it did for all the past editions
I only hope the big meaty claws don't come with a to hit penalty since it already hits on a 4+

>> No.53508633

I just finished reading the Tau leaks... Are Onager Gauntlets dead?

>> No.53508634

>tfw we haven't even seen a single AdMech unit yet

Just show me Dunecrawlers or Dragoons already GW you fucks.

>> No.53508644


That's one thing that actually got better in the Codex, even thought they should have been MCs all along. I may order some from china at some point, or just use contemptors as proxy.

>> No.53508660


All relics are dead.

>> No.53508671

Relics will probably come out with codexes

>> No.53508680

I ran a squad with all Power Axes and an Eviscerator Cannoness with two Eviscerator Priests to give the whole squad Shred

but I guess Sisters don't get to have nice things, anymore.

Fuck me I was really banking on Act of Faith Immolators closing in quickly, it was like the only viable plan I could think of, since Imagifiers in a transport do exactly jack and shit.

Maybe deep striking Seraphim or Vanguard Dominions with flamers instead of melta, as a distraction? I dunno anymore.

Good to see Celestians are still pointless

>> No.53508684

>sisters can't go to 20 anymore


>> No.53508687

Are EMP grenades gone? Damn, it's not a big loss after the grenade nerf, but I will miss them.

>> No.53508689

Not really, if it maintains the same absurd points cost it had previously. Zoanthropes will probably be cheaper and you can now bring one with the plan that it will be your catalyst spammer for cheap. If we have good other psychic powers, enough that we want all of them, the maleceptor might be worth it. But between cheaper synapse, possibly still having warp lances for when one needs to help pop a tank and being cheaper all around I think a zoanthrope is going to be better than a maleceptor. We'll obviously have to see the rules before we can really judge though!

>> No.53508693


I would have to imagine that Special Issue Wargear, Relics, and the like are probably in for a retooling. There were a few ways to break them (Smashfucker) or they were singularly useless, too expensive, or superfluous.

Also consider that a number were weapons that would need entirely new profiles with this new edition, and a bunch more interacted with special rules and phases in certain ways which won't work or would work much differently (possibly brokenly).

If Relics do come back, they'll probably be in new Codex releases. The 8e book releases seem to just be an attempt to pull everything into the 8e system, a stopgap solution to just get everything on-track, and the old flavorful Relics and stuff will come back via Codex release.

>> No.53508694

>Up to 15
What an odd choice

>> No.53508700

I don't know how I feel about command squad type characters being Elite solos now.

>> No.53508708

Can they? It seemed like they were removing vehicle squadrons on the whole except for the really lightweight stuff.

Pentinent engines might be okay if they're cheap, but it's essentially just a close combat dreadnought.

Right now sisters feel like they've lost a lot of the mobility and ranged killing power they had in their last codex. Exorcists raining down missiles in spades was a lot better when they could blow things up with them, now everyone is shooting d6 shots with their tank guns, and d3 damage isn't all that impressive.

Meanwhile, while being able to shoot twice with infantry is nice, you lose the ability to run an efficient mechanized sisters force due to the wording on Acts of Faith. Dominions which could pile into an Immolator, scout ahead, and be firing Ignores-cover meltaguns into the enemy's face, now have to wait a turn in the danger-zone before they're more effective than any other melta squad.

Plus, Acts of Faith generally don't scale up well. You get 1 per turn default and anything extra means adding specific models to tag along with squads.

So now Sisters lack mobility along with lacking ranged firepower, and didn't get much in return.

Deep-striking Seraphim isn't that great, since you're only getting 2 bolt pistol shots from 9" away, and you can't even fire hand flamers or inferno pistols.

I'm pretty sure anyone here could write a better Sisters codex in their sleep.

>> No.53508711


>> No.53508712

claws didnt have penalty according to italian anon, they're just double strength AP -3

>> No.53508714

>5 to 15

Indeed... What the fuck?

>> No.53508727

SteelJoe on deviantart

>> No.53508736


You'd have to wonder what Haywire/Armorbane or Poisoned/Fleshbane would do this edition, and how it would differentiate given that you can't divide vehicles and squishy dudes into two neat categories.

If these units had keyword tags like "Mechanical" or "Warmachine" or "Vehicle" on them, it'd go a ways to making them vulnerable to Haywire specifically, allowing it to fuck with robots and vehicles, but have little effect on flesh. Vice versa with Poisoned and Fleshbane.

>> No.53508738


You have a point, but that just means I won't be using an act until I get there, which is no different than it was in the past. I'll just throw a sister with a simulucrum in a few of my rhinos for when they show up. In the mean time I'll have celestine and a few units of seraphim that I will be able to use acts with, and I am okay with that. If you don't like celestine that's fine, but I like her and have no problem running her.

>> No.53508739

It's not staying the same cost. Nids have been getting cheaper across the board in the leaks, with Carnifexes being 67 points per now.

>> No.53508740

I actually kind of like it. Hospitallers being able to 'join' any squad, and also being able to revive downed models feels a lot cooler to me than just Feel No Pain for a command squad.

Of course, the burn there is that nobody would have really had more than 1 of them before, and the only place to get them is buying a full Command squad from the shop anyway, so making them an 'upgrade' for any unit is painful dollar-wise

>> No.53508742

Am I missing something with Hand of the Emperor. You roll at the start of your turn, and then can move as though it was the movement phase. But I thought the start of your turn IS the movement phase?

>> No.53508747


Seriously. I didn't think I'd ever say I missed the 6th edition/IA rules, yet here I am. Let's start the checklist, shall we?

>Celestine is a major crutch
>Canoness is worthless
>Celestians are dog shit
>Dominions are the best unit in the Codex
>Battle Sisters are 5man tax units

Yup. It's a Sister's Codex.

>> No.53508748

We already know "Vehicle" is a keyword.

>> No.53508750

How the fuck do you stick the paper symbols and such on curved shapes like shoulders without having them get all bendy?

>> No.53508751

Thank you Anon, such amazing work.

>> No.53508758

I think it's an extra movement before the movement phase actually starts.

>> No.53508761

>and the only place to get them is buying a full Command squad from the shop anyway,

>> No.53508763

It's essentially extra movement. Meaning that rather than moving just 6 inches, your sisters can move a blistering 12 inches

Or you can, y'know, shoot twice. I don't think there's ever really a reason to not be using your acts to either shoot twice or attack twice in assault. The others feel really situational.

>> No.53508771

It's a pre move move

>> No.53508772

Score them

>> No.53508775


Keep in mind that on a 4+, they can attack again in melee.

How much is that? Three Penitent Engines with 4 Attacks each at WS 3+, each successful hit doing 3 damage (at S10, which is likely to wound, so 2+/3+ for that), that can do it a second round on a 4+. How much damage does that math out to on average?

>> No.53508782

The extra move is kind of situational but I can think of worse options to have available.

>> No.53508784

Yeah, the versatility of being able to toss a buff-man on any squad is going to be great, but it seems like it'll eat into FOC slots hardcore, unless you can buy multiples per slot or something.

>> No.53508793

Poisoned seems to be reroll 1's to wound.
Leas that's what nurgle dudes have.

>> No.53508794


I used Celestine during the entirety of the WD Codex, and I learned to hate her because she is nothing more than a brainless crutch. I fucking HATE the fact that GW keeps shoving her down our fucking throats instead of letting canoness be capable of ANYTHING. The 5th edition Codex actually took away all the utility of the canoness and never looked back. She STILL can't take a fucking jump pack anymore. That shit was a staple and they just removed it for no reason. Instead, all we get is "Just use Celestine xxxDDDddd"

>> No.53508797

>no grot special characters

>> No.53508798

>Of course, the burn there is that nobody would have really had more than 1 of them before, and the only place to get them is buying a full Command squad from the shop anyway, so making them an 'upgrade' for any unit is painful dollar-wise

Oh, and of course... this is a good impetus for PLASTIC SISTERS.

>> No.53508799

if it remains 4+/5++ it'll be shit almost no matter how cheap they make it

>> No.53508801

You can take 3-6 with that one Elite-focused detachment, and all it'll cost you is an HQ as tax

>> No.53508802

Am I the only sisters player not pissed right now?

>> No.53508812

Soak in white vinegar/water mix and score transparent areas.

Vinegar makes them softer and more flexible but also more prone to tearing.

>> No.53508817

Oh, wait, silver lining

Priests CAN buff Sister infantry units, since Sisters all have the Ministorum keyword.

Though instead of Fearlessness, Hatred, Shred in melee, and rerollable Invul saves in melee, it's now +1 Attack for hanging out with a Priest, which benefits....

Celestine, amusingly. But little else

I might run the numbers and see if Repentia are as garbage as we think they are. A rhino is at least a low priority target in an army otherwise full of immolators and Celestine, but god knows Repentia arent living if something hits back against them.

>> No.53508821

Favorite unit has got to bed the one that got me into the hobby in the first place. Rubric marines. Those bright colors, that cool egyptian aesthetic, that squad leader with the shock of white robes. They caught my eye as a kid and I absolutely loved the look of them. I had to find out more.

>> No.53508822


I will concede that this is a fair complaint.

>> No.53508824

I'm not pissed, just disappointed and a maybe little glad that I started an Admech army.

>> No.53508827

Stop misusing this term, there's no rule of one.
Rule of One is 'one power can be used only once per turn, even if you have multiple psykers that can cast it'.
The only restriction there is in 8th is thatbone psyker cannot cast the same power twice. But if another psyker want to cast said power, they can.

>> No.53508831

I'm not really pissed, just disappointed that I won't be able to make the command squad I wanted. Aside from that, it's mainly just the fact that all of their new rules feel like they're working against eachother, rather than together.

>> No.53508832




>> No.53508842

But thats wrong retard.

>> No.53508846

I recall in 7th they were pretty great for hacking Imperial Knights to pieces, though that was mainly a factor of armourbane

>> No.53508847

That better mean Ghaz's story is advancing, gets annoying having him not go unite the tribes

>> No.53508849

CONFIRMED: Every single Sisters of Battle unit, even vehicles, can deny the witch.

>> No.53508855


>> No.53508863

But they already had that in the last Sororitas codex...

>> No.53508872


GW internal messages have already noted surprise at how much demand there was for the Blanche Sister character figure, and seemed to indicate that they might try reviving them.

I can only guess that Celestine, being a pretty big powerhouse in and of herself now, would help renew interest (and we'll have to see the sales figures if these Triumvirate boxes get split) and push them to make some new support for Sisters.

>> No.53508879

I'm still not sure how useful that is. Most psychic powers seem to need 6s or 7s to manifest anyway, so the only thing you have any chance of denying is stuff that only needs a 5. Then you have to hope your opponent rolls exactly a 5 while you roll a 6.

>> No.53508880


Well we'll figure it out. And maybe someday we'll get a faq or something. I really don't care if we're shit. I knew we were shit when I started, I just like sisters. If I suffer for it, we'll that's just the price I pay i guess. I'm nothing if not loyal to my girls.

>> No.53508883

I mean who would even ever play matched play? power levels is the cool new thing anon.

>> No.53508885

Back then everyone could.
Now it's just them, nulls and probably Templars (maybe zerkers too)

>> No.53508890

If we have to job I hope we job for you guys

>> No.53508898

That's the other problem. Last edition? We weren't shit. Sisters were solid mid-tier thanks to being able to rush efficient melta towards targets and having something effective in the long-ranged Exorcists.

Now? Now we don't even have that, and lost one of the most customizable squads we had.

>> No.53508900

Sisters of Battle just need to go already. They have been a joke for as long as I can remember.

>> No.53508903


Sshhhhh. Only Sisters players know we've had that rule since 5th edition.

Deny the witch is literally useless as it is

>> No.53508909


The Shield of Faith rules seem a bit weak. A 6++ is very rarely to happen. I don't know the Psyker rules very well, what is the chances of them actually denying any psyker powers with shield of faith being on 1d6 rather than 2d6?

Then again: The faith powers are kinda great.

>> No.53508916

He will just show up some where else. So i really don't care.

>> No.53508918

>Implying they wont find a way to have Papa smurf in and claim victory or some chaos shit.
I would seriously have prefered jobbing to Bangels and their necron buddies like the buildup had promised.

>> No.53508927

Unless they change their rules the Rune Priests can too

>> No.53508928


>> No.53508933

I don't care if sisters are good, I just want my new models already

>> No.53508938

I would have preferred that you had jobbed to us and Necrons also. So mad that papa smurf showed up and ruined the cool long story we could had.

>> No.53508940

Over a whole game length a 6++ saves a lot of sisters from heavy weapons, can't say the deny the witch ever did me much good though.

>> No.53508942


I don't see too much that I'm super angry about. It's more or less what I expected from SOB and none of it looks too terrible. Penitent Engines look nice now.

>> No.53508949

Dunno how reliable claiming to be more leaks.

>> No.53508951


I meant more with the addition of armour mods. It takes a bloody big weapon to negate power armour.

>> No.53508957

God I want my ork leak

I'm 99% sure I already know boy profile but I want to know their point cost

>> No.53508960


Ah fuck off and let us like what we like. The hell did we ever do to you?

>> No.53508964


Penitent Engines just need some new models.

You could probably convert a passable proxy with Killa Kan, Dreadknight, and Dreadnought parts (and maybe others) but a dedicated kit would be fantastic.

>> No.53508967

>I don't know the Psyker rules very well, what is the chances of them actually denying any psyker powers with shield of faith being on 1d6 rather than 2d6?
considering that most psychic powers have a casting value of 5 or higher, in most of the chances where you would be likely to deny a witch it would have already failed to cast the spell to begin with

>> No.53508976


Rune priests is psychers course they can you ninny.

>> No.53508983

He only says it cause it makes you mad anon. That is what you did to him.

>> No.53508987


Again, people didn't realize this because people never played against sisters. They just memed about them being bad despite the fact that Sisters were totally playable. Now, they're actually shit again like in 5th, and like 5th Celestine is a mandatory crutch with acts of faith that don't scale into higher points games.

>b-but your imagifier!

It is restricted by points and the fact that it eats up an elites slot, meaning that once again were forced into taking a standard CAD and not anything interesting.

The 6++ has literally existed since 5th edition. Thanks for joining us. It's actually pretty handy sometimes, and you get a laugh when your rhino eats a melta shot.


This is the thing, though. Its literally only good against an AP1 shit while standing out in the open because we still get a 6+ save or better against everything else thanks to having a 3+ save. Good job GW! You've done it again?

>> No.53508994

8 Repentia, a Mistress of Repentance, and a Priest with an Eviscerator jump out of a Rhino to throw some MEQs a surprise party.

24 Attacks from the Repentia (god I miss Rage.), 18 hit, 12 wound. since we got the whiffle bat Eviscerators instead of proper ones, 8 Wounds pierce the MEQs armor. 1d3 damage means we still chop them up even if theyre Primaris. Assuming the Priest's aura doesnt buff himself (I imagine not?), he throws in 1d3 extra wounds on average. Adequate. That's most if not all of a marine squad gone, and a chadmarine fucking wiped from existence.

The same Repentia throw a surprise party for a Predator tank. 18 hits. 6 actually manage to go through. Armor blocks 2, so.... 4d3 turning into 8 wounds. Priest tosses in exactly 1 wound on average, for 9. Crippled, but still in the fight.

They charge a Leman Russ, new Toughness/Strength interaction actually yields the same results. Huh.

They charge a Knight (GOD WHY)

8 Repentia being buffed by a Mistress of Repentance and an Eviscerator Priest deal an average of 6 wounds. And then are all horribly murdered.


16.25 wounds not counting the Mistress! Not counting the 1d3 cause I doubt there are toughness 3 models wandering around with 2+ wounds, in groups large enough to matter.

So uh. They can cripple light tanks and put dents in hordes, and devour MEQs?

>> No.53508999

>wut iz da red gobbo

>> No.53509017

fuck me, why bring more than 1 zoanthrope unit

>> No.53509019


Right, that's a bit of a disappointment. Oh well, I'll take the occasional win where I can.

The cannoness letting all SOB within 6" reroll 1s to hit is nice, though I'm expecting her to spend her time acting as organ conductor.


The two latter people were both me. The second post was me reclarrifying my position about it.

I'd have personally leaned towards giving them a 5+ vs mortal wounds. As psyker powers are basically all mortal wounds that would have done it, while sometimes letting them survive an exploding tank.

>> No.53509022


...yeah you're right I shouldn't have fallen for that. I'm just not in the best mood after seeing the leaks is all.

>> No.53509026

so if a weapons ap is -5 does it ignore any armour altogether?

>> No.53509028

According to the leak, Repentia are max 6 dudettes and a Mistress. Also the whiffle bat eviseraters do a flat 2 damage not 1d3, rest of what you say sounds good.

I mostly avoid them though since I don't like the models...

>> No.53509031

Hmm, not too shabby. I guess it was a bit unrealistic to expect them to still be slicing up superheavies, but even then 6 wounds on a knight isn't bad. Plus I'm not actually sure they'd die that badly on the return swings, though since the knight can just walk back and blast them it's a moot point.

Also, I'm now realizing that the extra round of swings act of faith is going to be useless most of the time, since still being in combat at the start of your turn is already gonna be rare enough this edition.

>> No.53509038

Army rules still outranks core rules.

>> No.53509040

>horrors can spam smite for days

This is great! However, I'm willing to get they have no ranged attack, so they can't actually do any meaningful damage ever.

>> No.53509041

So, uh, why is there no chapter master listed among the space marine units? I mean, I understand it could be an upgrade for a captain, but when captain, and captain with jump pack are considered separate units, I wonder...

>> No.53509045


Well I mean if the other guy wants to stay in melee too maybe.

>> No.53509048


Well, it helps if models get charged.

>> No.53509049

You can technically get a better save than a 2+ though you always fail on a 1. So a -5 could still leave someone with an armor save if they have enough bonuses to saves.

>> No.53509050

Something interesting is a Canoness can swap her pistol for a boltgun and then her chainsword for something from the ranged weapon list. Since any model can fire all of its non-pistol weapons at once, that's quite a bit of close-range firepower if you give her a combi-flamer or something. Mainly though, it doesn't cost you anything to do.

>> No.53509051

No, it just negates 5 points.
There's still cover bonuses, blessings and unit abilities in some cases.

>> No.53509054

Unless E-Money gets off his ass and puts on his 0+ armor yes.

>> No.53509056

>is now looking to be an auto-include for using psychic powers.
why though? Hive tyrants + tervigons and some zoanthropes should be more than enough?
Surely the only real benifit it could bring would be any unique power it might have in 8th.

>> No.53509057

Have we seen the zoan rules? can they do that?

>> No.53509059

>it helps if they get charged
>a t3 unit with 7+ armor
>surviving getting charge

>> No.53509067

ah ok
but if you're shooting at a 2+ save unit that isn't in cover, does it get an armour save
Also are mortal wounds just unsavable wounds or instant death wounds?

>> No.53509068

Maybe I was remembering wrongly how it worked (mostly because in 7th denying the opponent psychic power was most often impossible unless you had a ton of dice to throw)

I remember the Rune Priest's weapon having some rule to help denying the opponent power, probably adamantium will, so I got confused about what you were talking about


>> No.53509071


Tyranids, PLEASE

>> No.53509074

Yeah, but at that point it's questionable of if it'll actually let your sisters win the fight after getting beaten up by an actual dedicated close combat unit. I feel like you'd be better off having them fall back and then double-tapping with another squad's bolters or something.

>> No.53509080

No, if the save is reduced beyond 6+ they don't get an armor save. Mortal wounds are just unsavable wounds. Instant death isn't a rule anymore.

>> No.53509081

Any italians in the thread wanna translate the necron shit just dropped on Dakka?

>> No.53509082

No confirmation on zoans yet. It's possible warp lance isn't even a psychic power anymore, but I doubt it

>> No.53509090

Maybe, wouldn't be surprised.
Unless they get their own lore of purely offesive hive mins spells, I could see the classic lance, an blast and probably some mind-fuckery.

Or like >>53509082
suggested, it's just a brain-gun.

>> No.53509093


I'm sorry too, I was being a jackass. They did have the hood that made them better at it than they would be otherwise.

>> No.53509094

Repentia are 3-9.

the new Stomp rules mean the knight can nearly wipe the whole squad if it feels like it. And yeah, the melee Act of Faith is useless because you have TWO melee units that can use it: Repentia and Crusaders, and it can only trigger if you start the turn in melee. Repentia WILL DIE to anything that charges them unless it's a pointless tarpit like an empty rhino, and Crusaders themselves are just a Tarpit. (though they break even against MEQs and even Assault Marines, for what it's worth.)

the Shooting act of faith is limited to whatever the Imagifier can footslog to, assuming something survives a turn in the open, and Heavy Bolter Retributors hanging back for fire support. Movespeed Act of Faith cant boost vehicles so is an emergency method of crossing the board if you're not riding Immolators/Rhinos, and the healing one is.... 1d3 wounds. Or 1 slain model. Potentially amusing to bring BOTH of Celestine's gal pals back in one turn, but otherwise situational.

Speaking of our divine crutch, BITCH IS STRENGTH SEVEN IN MELEE NOW

>> No.53509096

>Meatball, meatball Spaghetti underneath. Ravioli, ravioli, give me the formuoli

>> No.53509102


>> No.53509103

drop a link

>> No.53509106

Ah I'm an idiot, sorry. Swore it said max six.

>> No.53509125

Sure I just figured most people were all waiting with tabs open every where like me lol.

>> No.53509128

Will this be the age of Broadside Spam?

>> No.53509131


You know, I just realized that Repentia are PL 3, which likely means they're cheap as fucking dirt.

>> No.53509139

they cost 80 points base, don't think we'll see too many of them. Though I could be wrong, also I don't even see what's so good about them.
Are those mortal wound really that good?
With ATS are 4 S7 Ap-2 Dd3 and 2 S6 Ap-4 shots really that good?

>> No.53509140


Personally I don't care if they're fucking free I don't wanna field that fetish shit.

>> No.53509141

I'd imagine the shooting act of faith would mainly be a matter of sticking the Imagifier with any key shooting units you want to support to help fill in the gap that your single 2+ act per turn can't cover.

So basically just putting them with Retributor squads, large units of battle sisters, and dominions for when they're out of their tranport maybe? Then save the 2+ freebie for Seraphim since the Imagifier has no way to keep up with them.

That's another reason movement boosting seems poor, since to use it you need the Imagifier close, but if you rush the girls forward then your buff unit is left in the open trying to catch up for next turn.

>> No.53509145

>S7 now
>still wounds Marines on a 3

It's like literally nothing changed

>> No.53509147

Fuck no, I'd take investment advice form The Onion articles before I read Dakka, or natfka or any o the other "right twice a day" sites.

>> No.53509152


Maybe they are made to harken back to their old artwork, where there were hundreds of them swarming the place, rather than just a few elite warriors charging something.

Which would be neat if they are treated like Empire Flagellants. Actually that'd be very fitting.

>> No.53509154

I don't play Sisters of Battle, so maybe im just incredibly stupid and ignorant, but when you guys are griping over Celestine, is that because she is too good as to not put her in your list, so you feel like you can't do what you want to do or is it because i missed a rule somewhere and it says you HAVE TO take her in your list?

>> No.53509155


I think people will attach Target Lock to them so they can move and shot.

>> No.53509158

Rounding everything to the nearest 5 or 10 is the best way to get an unbalanced game, since the numbers don't accurately reflect somethings value.

>> No.53509173

if you round everything to 5 there is no reason to go down to just having point values of 1 per previous 5.
60 would become 12
control your freaking autism.

>> No.53509174


Guy whose whining about her is whining because she's basically to good not to include and that pissed him off. You don't have to have her, but you're gonna have a hell of a time of it without her basically, and he objects to that because he wants us to be good enough to stand on our own two feet without the saint to prop us up.

>> No.53509175

Not really. It's PL 3 for 3 models. That mean's they're probably over 10 points each, closer to marines in price.

For comparison, Tau drone squads are PL 2 for 4 models, and those cost 8 points each.

>> No.53509176

That's why you use power levels and not points

>> No.53509178

but you could already take that in retaliation cadre in a farsight enclaves army where your "tax" were xv8 suits and you got a commander + riptide included as part of the formation

>> No.53509181

won't it end near old Land Raider price then?

>> No.53509184

It's also worth noting that this is with a priest AND a mistress, so it's past a point where it's a cheap throwaway unit. You're committing to these Repentia to get these numbers. Especially if you buy a Rhino to drive them around (which you should because it will also eat all the Overwatch fire for them)

Mistress letting you reroll Advancing is.... interesting but situational. A Repentia squad forced to footslog is a very dead Repentia squad in most situations.

Dominions can VERY RELIABLY get within threat range turn 1, though, so I'm musing whether melta or flamer dominions are the way to go.

>> No.53509186

>4 lascannons, 6 HB shots
>or 12/24 bolter, 12 assault cannon shots
>or 2D6 flamestorm cannon, 12 assault cannon shots


>> No.53509188

While Broadsides got more expensive, they also got extra toughness and more wounds. They're less elite infantry now and more on par with a proper dreadnought

>T 7 W 8 SV 3+
>T 5 W 6 SV 2+

Both of those loaded up with guns and landing in the mid-hundreds is to be expected

>> No.53509194

166 is the highest price
for hymp, 2 sms, and target lock
fuck me it used to be 70, except target lock didn't give you what is effectively relentless
Though I guess that other stats boosted makes up for the cost?

>> No.53509195


Mostly the former. St Celestine has long sat there as 'The SOB HQ worth using'. SOB have rather a shortage of HQ models worth a damn as they are a shooting focused army and the HQs tend to have mostly melee weapon options backed up by stats that shouldn't be in close combat.

The Cannoness is better than before and honestly I think rather underrated by people talking about them right now. Reroll 1s is a nice accuracy boost on 3+ shooting armies.

>> No.53509199

Essentially, the army wide special rule for Acts of Faith is once per turn, and Celestia is a great way to give you more uses per turn.

The problem is that an army-wide rule shouldn't NEED a single special character to function properly. It'd be like if Ultramarines could only use their Chapter tactics for a single unit each turn unless you took Guilliman and only then it became army-wide

>> No.53509205

What army will be weakest in 8th? I want to play them so I can continue to complain and blame all my failures on the rules and not my own blithering incompetence.

>> No.53509206

>Wraithcannons are no long D
ahaha get fucked Craftworldfags

>> No.53509208

I'd still say melta dominions are the better option. Flamers feel like you don't need quite as many to chew up hordes, and if you're taking basic battle sister squads anyway, that's a better place to stick them since you have to take bolters there regardless.

>> No.53509218

tau riptide spam
but luckily no one will give a shit that you're weak and just spit at you for being OP in past editions :^)
on the bright side the price for riptides on ebay should fall drastically.

>> No.53509219


I don't know if doms will be able to get in like you think they will. I mean yeah their transport will get a free move, but they are gonna have to start on your end of the table now.

>> No.53509221

>Catacomb Command Barge's "Copertura Quantum"
>Every time you suffer multiple wounds from a single source (like the d6 wounds of a lascannon) roll a die
If the result is lower then the number of wounds you received the damage is ignored

Holy shit that's strong

>> No.53509222

translating just the additional rules lines on the right, in order
>can reroll failed to wound rolls with this weapon
>can reroll failed to hit rolls with this weapon
>this weapon wounds on a 2+, unless the target is a vehicle, in that case it counts as s7
>this weapons always wound on a 5+ targets with greater toughness
>if a character is killed by this weapon, every unit (friend or foe) with the same faction within 6" gets d3 mortal wounds
>if this model gets killed before attacking, leave it on its side and it can attack as normal when activated this turn, then remove it

>other equipments (below)
>the amulet allows to regain d3 wounds instead of 1 for the living metal rule
>resurrection globe: after having rolled the reanimation protocols this turn, a character with the globe can use it (only one use), you can roll reanimation protocols for the infantry of the same <dynasty> within (it's cropped, but I assume 6") of this character

I can't translate all the rest, but if you're curious about something in particular I may translate (gotta work too)

>> No.53509226


>> No.53509227

>T5 vs T7
>W6 vs W8
aside from the fact they got to keep their 2+ (genuinely surprised at that) is that 2+ save worth such a points upgrade.
Also why the fuck are missile pods, and by relation sms+hymp so expensive this edition
Actually, yeah
I was wrong in this post>>53509194
80 points
>2 SMS
40 points
82 points
>Target lock
6 points
208 points
so much for mid hundreds.
Thought I guess the prospect of 8 S7 Ap-1 Dd3 and 8 S5 Ap0 D1 is something that will make hordes shit themselves, I don't know why, it just seems a bit steeper than a broadside should be

>> No.53509229

For ease of use, Sororitas stuff in one pdf.

>> No.53509230

Could very well be Dark Eldar depending on how brittle they become
Then again we could be OP if we have enough -LD tricks

>> No.53509233

I just realized something reading over the Canoness entry. You can swap her melee weapon for an item from the pistol list, which has a bolt pistol on it.

An HQ with double bolt pistols! I don't think that was ever possible in 7th on anything.

No doubt this is going to be the new default though, so any uniqueness here about having a footbound Seraphim canoness is going to be short-lived.

>> No.53509235

I think a Vanguard detachment with a Canoness + a couple Imagifiers + any other Elites you want could be a viable alternative

>> No.53509236


Might be sisters if all this bitching is anything to go by.

>> No.53509242

It's almost like GW half asses all of the rules for sisters.


Way back in the old Witch Hunters Codex, Celestine was a great character, but she had downsides, such as nuking your faith when she died. Our primary HQ was the humble canoness, who back then could take a jump pack as and get herself to a 2+ armor save. She would fly around with an Evicerator and her seraphim buddies getting shit done. There were multiple ways you could build her, but that was the most iconic and memorable.

Then came the dark ages of the 5rh edition Codex. The canoness not only lost her utility, but she lost her usefulness and even her jump pack and everything generally became meh throughout the Codex. Except for one shining beacon of hope named Celestine. She was a 125pt monster who was not only CHEAPER than a kitted out canoness, but scores more effective. Celestine was so good that she could single handedly carry games because she couldn't be killed. This lead every SoB to run her because there was literally no other HQ worth looking at besides Jacobus, who was an priest and couldn't be used as compulsory.

When GW moved us to the 6th update, Celestine was nerfed, but the canoness wasn't buffed. She could be a decent CC unit, but wound up being more expensive than Celestine in a shooty army with no assault transport. Then came Gathering Storm, which only made her even more of a powerhouse and easily the best HQ choice by a country mile.

Now, we once again have Celestine as a crutch for a shitty act of faith system and a mandatory character for the army to function properly. I'm fucking sick of it.

>> No.53509244

Could you do the same with the Space Wolves?

>> No.53509246

>-LD tricks
>poison is just reroll 1s now

>> No.53509247

Speaking of underrated, I'm wondering if Death Cult Assassins wouldnt be a VERY interesting unit all of a sudden for Sisters. Strength 4 AP -2 isnt great, but better than most cheap assault infantry, and the bitches shit out 5 attacks EACH if a priest is there to yell at them to love jesus more.

And, hilariously, are twice as durable as Repentia with that 5++

And they reroll to-hit on the charge, and when charged.

That's... fuck me, 9 of these girls shit out 13.35 wounds against MEQs, 26.7 against GEQs, 8.8 against light tanks, and 4.4 against Toughness 8 shit

>> No.53509249


>any other elites

Dude. Sisters elites are TRASH outside of the mandatory imagrifiers

>> No.53509252

>An hq with double bolt pistols
Um, elysians and d-99 would like to have a word with you, our sergeants and the warlord in the command squad have been able to dual wield bolt pistols for ages

>> No.53509256

>Poison could be always wound on 3/4+, unless vehicles which is 6+
>Dark Lances are now D6 Str8 -4
We will always be your hard counter

>> No.53509257


Thanks a lot mate.


I'm more looking at going with Cannoness + Extra Heavy Slots for Exorcists.

Bring it Slannesh, we'll see who rocks harder.

>> No.53509258

Yes, I'll just magically get the Space Wolves info and make it into a pdf. No sweat.

>> No.53509260

Heavy stubbers as special weapons when?

>> No.53509261


>> No.53509265

>Poison could be always wound on 3/4+,
>he doesn't know

>> No.53509268


But with the addition of Rule of One Zoans would be useless if their lance is a psychic power..

>> No.53509270



>> No.53509272

Talons would be nice, especially since FW has shit the bed and decided to stick with shitty 7th edition for HH.

>> No.53509275

Really? No 8th rules?

>> No.53509283

>not taking extra FA for turbo Dominions
>not filling a rhino with 2 squads of melta doms with combi-melta
>not unleashing 30 melta shots on T1 at whatever the fuck you want

Also, a SoB Brigade:
>3 priests
>3 squads of 5 vanilla Sisters
>3 Imagrifiers
>6 Dom Squads
>3 Exorcists
>12 command points

>> No.53509288

A 2+ save is a pretty sizable improvement in a lot of cases. Against the likes of bolters the broadside takes half as many wounds as the dreadnought. They break even against Lasguns, Heavy Bolters, and Scatter lasers. Against Autocannons Broadsides come out slightly ahead actually. Against heavier S 8 and 9 weapons, the Broadside's higher save helps, but it's lower wound count makes it more vulnerable to one-shots. However, the ability to take drones as cheap wounds to block such things gives it a great deal more survivability than one would think.

So yes, I think rivaling a dreadnought in cost is fitting for the Broadside.

>> No.53509297


That would be pretty fun, I'm a sucker for my Exorcists though.

>> No.53509308

Geez. Those sound much better than Repentia for going after most things. Not quite as good against heavier tanks, but then again, they're also only 1 Power for 2 models, so they're probably still dirt cheap in comparison.

Plus you don't need to use a slot and points for a mistress of repentance, and the squad can go all the way up to 10 models if you want.

Stick 9 with a Priest in a Rhino and charge them out against whatever to see if it'll blend.

>> No.53509317

Have we seen the profile of DE weapons yet. or are we just basing them off the new DG rules?

>> No.53509318


I assure you that 30 turbo scouting meltas will be more effective than 6d6 exorcist shots. Don't fret, though. You still get to use 6 exorcists in a brigade!

>> No.53509319

Nope. It's stupid, but that's FW for you.

>> No.53509325

So Gauss is just a flat ap modifier now

Warriors S4 AP-1 damage 1
Immortals S5 AP-2 damage 1
Destroyers S5 AP-3 damage d3
Heavy Destroyers S9 AP-4 damage d6

>> No.53509327

They're just going to release all of the legions before converting everything over to 8th.

>> No.53509328

Bitching thanks mang.

>> No.53509334

>at the start of enemy turn choose a character within 12 and it can't active rules
>at the beginning of your turn choose a sautek infantry within 6 and add 1 to advance, charges and hit rolls
>passing madness: roll a d3, choose an infantry unit within 6 at the start of the turn
>1: avenge the fallen: + 1 attack
>2: stop the rebellion: +1 to bs
>3: sunmills? charge!: reroll charge

>> No.53509337

No photos of the points costs, but according to the previous leak, Repentia and Death Cultists are BOTH 17 points per lady. But Assassins don't need to buy a Mistress to buff them, just the Priest. So they come out a bit cheaper.

Yeah, Repentia are entirely eclipsed by these as fragile shock troops.

I wonder what Crusaders are suddenly capable of...

9 + a priest's buff....

5.3 wounds on MEQs. 12 on GEQs. A paltry 2.6 on both light tanks and heavies with their 3 Strength.

So they'll take chunks out of infantry adequately enough, and are rocking that 3++ in spite of their toughness. And are 11 points a man. Dunno how worth it they could be, I'm not used to assault heavy armies. I just like Flamers and Melta.

>> No.53509339

Fucked based reference

>> No.53509343

>GW once again half asses SoB

Wow. I'm shocked. How could such a thing happen.

>> No.53509345

>he thinks DE will have seperate poison rules to nurgle
the best you can hope for is reroll to wound and not just 1s
8th is literally streamlining rules so whatever would convince you that poison, a previously universal rule would suddenly work differently across factions?

>> No.53509346


Oh yeah, I'm not saying it wouldn't be better.

Still, Exorcists still look nice (Even if they are a bit less unique than before with d6 shots being not uncommon)

>> No.53509347

What are the stats of bolters?

>> No.53509352



>> No.53509366

This. Pls

>> No.53509369

That's the hope, but I have my doubts.

>> No.53509370

>sunmills? charge!

Newcrons once again proving their superiority.

>> No.53509373

So Zandrek got nerfed. Unsurprising. Good job reading that blurry text by the way.

>> No.53509375

Who ever said anything about rules?
I'm saying that DE poison might be S5-7

Until we see what DE weapons do, it's an ok rule

>> No.53509376

>Repentia and Death Cultists are BOTH 17 points per lady

That doesn't feel like it makes much sense if Repentia are roughly 1 power each, Death cultists are 1/2 each, and neither has any upgrades to account for.

That said, even with both at 17 points, it still feels like the extra attacks and meaningful invuln save will be far better in most cases.

The Crusaders seem like they could be nice if you really wanted something more survivable, but it feels like they still need a transport to get where they're going.

>> No.53509379

24" Rapid fire, S4 Ap0

>> No.53509387


So IG flak armor will meant something?

>> No.53509399


Remember when Repentia had a 4+ save and got free movement towards enemy units and could even charge if they failed a moral in the shooting phase?

>> No.53509407

quantum shielding is huge
>after receiving damage roll a dice, if the result is less than the damage ignore it

>> No.53509411

>DE poison might be S5-7
>he is unaware
Carnifex has T7 and Tervigon has T8

>> No.53509413

Acts of Faith on Crusaders could be amusing against an opponent who isnt expecting them to suddenly swing again or launch themselves 15 inches across the table, but toughness 3 means they still take a beating. a 10-man squad of marines with bolters, or chainswords in melee, drops 3 crusaders a turn and Hospitaliers can't touch them 'cause boys have cooties. Still losing half the models on average that Death Cult Assassins are, so they could rush at objectives? Though I think a fuckton of heavy flamers are still ideal for telling people to stop touching your stuff.

The crusader model is cool as shit to me, though.

>> No.53509418

That is pretty crazy. Any big damage weapons like meltaguns are going to be really risky to try and use against something like that.

I'm enjoying the mental image of an Imperial knight being unable to even cut the thing with its huge Reaper chainsword.

>> No.53509419

>Heat/Dark Lance Scourges
Even if all our poison is S6 Nids are still weak to us, on the weight of Darklight stuff alone

>> No.53509427

>he thinks wounding MC on 5+ makes nids weak
bolters do that too against T7

>> No.53509435

Lol that sounds fun. Could mean that those fast skimmers are a lot more survivable. Does it say it deactivates after a wound or something?

>> No.53509437

We'd wound on 3-4s and each of those weapons do D6 -4 a piece

>> No.53509439

>Darklight is S8 Ap-4

>> No.53509447

>a simple squad of HL Scourges could delete a Tervigon in a single turn of shooting

>> No.53509450


>> No.53509451

Huh, I actually didn't notice Crusaders had act of Faith unlike the other two.

That could make them relatively nice for footslogging, since 3+ invulns can help shrug off a lot of damage as you use acts of faith to have them dash forward quickly.

If you get the charge off on marines, you'll kill about half their squad, which will in turn help protect you from the counter attack. Could be a good unit for rushing towards an enemy objective holder, bashing them off of it, and them having them hunker with shields to keep it.

>> No.53509463

>talking about poison

>> No.53509466

Really wish we had access to the non-codex SM chapters. I really want to see how they're different from their vanilla brethren, and how some of the rules have translated.

>> No.53509473


>> No.53509474

>guy I quoted was talking about darklight
>you're caught up on poison

>> No.53509477

Thats gonna make Ghostarcs a pain in the ass. Unless they're a million points of course.

Why did my necrons leak in italian lol.

>> No.53509484

>an Exorcist only deals 3 wounds on average in a turn to toughness 7 shit and 2 to toughness 8

oh. Oh no.

Oh my god I hadnt even considered filling a Rhino with multiple Dominion/Retributor/Devestator/Havoc squads. That's amazing. Shit.

>> No.53509488

Because I never claimed anti-tank weapons we're inefficient against MC especially now that tanks are also MC?

>> No.53509500


It's balanced by T and W (barge has 6 and 8 vs a rhino's 7 and 10)

>> No.53509523

Got nids benched in 8e?

>> No.53509526

because we wuz pharaohs n shit
>ctan powers
>antimatter meteor: on a 2+, closest enemy in sight gets d3 mortal wounds
>time arrow: choose an unit within 24 and roll a d6, if the result is more than the wound stat of the unit's models, remove a model
>sismic assault: roll a d6 for each model of the closet unit within 24 of the ctan, for each 6 is a remove

>> No.53509529

>he didn't consider the 8 HF Ret party van or the 8 MM shaggin wagon

So 10 Havoks step out of a rhino and shoot 10 plasma guns...

>> No.53509533

Anything been leaked on the Leman Russ?

>> No.53509534

What about necrons?

>> No.53509538

>Not enjoying rules in the superior patrician language

>> No.53509539

Will they introduce new units in separate books? Will they update old stats with new books?

>> No.53509542

That's fair enough I guess then
I guess I'm just used to broadsides being closer to havocs/devastators rather than dreadnoughts, though that's also been due to their infantry tag rather than vehicle
It'll be weird adjusting to 8th from 6th and 7th
Is there any view/consensus on whether the HYMP of the RR is better? I feel like a good combo would be ATS+RR and Target Lock + HYMP.
Also plasma guns are 9 points cheaper than the SMS, that'll definitely take some getting used to. It does put the rail rifle in a weird position again since S8 Ap-4 Dd6 with what is NUrending is something you'd want to keep further back.
Shame you can't take naked xv88s with no secondary weapons.

>> No.53509546

Ghost Arks are 170 points and Doomsday Arks 203 points (weapons included)

>> No.53509550

Do c'tan get to choose powers or is it a roll still? Becuase that second power is a great termi killer.

>> No.53509553

So do you just get to freely pick and choose, because those sound pretty sweet.

Anti-matter meteor seems to basically be Smite, but more consistent. Time Arrow feels better if you're trying to remove elite infantry though. Seismic assault seems great for killing hordes, but it also has the potential to go huge on a single big model if you're lucky.

>> No.53509571

It's either. You can choose or you can roll, and that applies to all psychic powers

>> No.53509576

Heavy Weapons teams like Devastators, Havocs, Retributors, etc have always been my favorite units in this game

the idea of fucking 10 of them jumping out of a minivan is bringing a tear to my eye

God bless 8th edition, rest in piece Razorback/Immolator.

>> No.53509579

you can choose or roll them like psychic powers, I don't know how many it gets, probably one is my guess

>> No.53509580

>You can choose or you can roll,

I don't know why GW did this. Literally why would anyone ever roll?

>> No.53509584

Fuck yeah I mean thats what I was hoping but you know GW. Man I haven't used a c'tan in ages

>> No.53509587

Do all bombers have infinite bombing runs now?

>> No.53509588


>> No.53509591


So the feared scenario of lasgunning/bolting a landraider to death is actually true for necron vehicles


>> No.53509593


There's a link on the dildo in your ass, faggot

>> No.53509598

All these mortal wounds. Wtf

>> No.53509599

8 Heavy Flamers and 2 Sisters Superiors with Combi-Flamers popping out of a Rhino actually does sound pretty fucking rad.

>> No.53509603

Maybe some narrative campaigns will force you to roll, for example

Or it's just to give an explicit option if someone want to play in a different way/nerf his army/unit a little.
Or maybe it's because there are people that like the random

The reasons are many

>> No.53509605

dont worry they'll be rare :^)

>> No.53509607

Yeah. Broadsides used to be durable, but not any moreso than Centurions. I'm actually kind of interested to see them be a lot heavier and more expensive, since the fact that they came as a single model in their box always made them feel strange being just as tough as the 3 man crisis teams.

I doubt we'll get any consensus on which weapon is better for a while, though I do feel the HYMP is better if you want to be more mobile, regardless of if you take a target lock.

I kind of prefer the Rail Rifle for helping to keep it cheaper, since it's only another 60 points rather than the 80 for the missile pods. I would say you'd rather have a Multi-tracker over an ATS, since AP -4 is already really high, and odds are you'll want the extra accuracy for the lower number of shots, and you can't really split your firepower anyway. Plasma feels like the natural addition there, due to being cheap and wanting to fire at similar targets.

The good news is that also runs you closer to 160. I think the HYMP might be stronger overall, but the plus side is that now it's more expensive, so there's a tradeoff, while before the answer was clear when they cost the same.

>> No.53509609

Triarch stalkers 171 with heat rays, 181 with twin HGC's, which are now pretty much strictly better against big stuff than heat rays because of 2 shots and having the same AP modifier.

>> No.53509614

Oh so are you saying the points listed for the Necrons are with their weapons already included? If so then thats super easy.

>> No.53509615

I have to wonder how GW is going to react to all of these leaks, if at all.

>> No.53509616

Well, the Sunshark always had semi-unlimited bombs, so it might not be the best example. I'm sure other units will specify how many times they can unleash hell on a unit though if there is a limit

>> No.53509619

seems like games are actually built to last 30 minutes.
I'm not sure how I feel about this

>> No.53509627

Does the arc even have weapon options?

>> No.53509628

Well obviously they wouldn't have shipped so early if they cared

>> No.53509633

With point drops all round, it seems bigger armies will counter balance this

>> No.53509640

Everyone has to pay for their wargear now added to the cost of the model. Ghaost arcs have two guass flayer arrays.

Either way I'm guessing he meant they're worth 0 points I was just retarded.

>> No.53509642

>Point drops all around

Have you been looking at leaks? Most vehicles and ranged weapons are more expensive

>> No.53509644

I belive they set the goal at 90 minutes for 1500 points.

>> No.53509646

Not enough to make up for the rest of the drops, some armies will probably need at least another 25% worth of point to be back up to 2k

>> No.53509649

Could anyone post the necron codex?

>> No.53509651

I don't see drop points for space marine

>> No.53509654

No Necron codex. Index now.

>> No.53509658

Just go to DakkaDakka

>> No.53509663

you will still be doing the first tun in 30 minutes thanks to all the d3 and d6 rolls

>> No.53509667


(Sisters mathfag here. 8 Heavy Flamers and 2 Combi-flamers fucking deletes entire MEQ squads, and rips meaty 18 model chunks out of GEQs. And even does silly things like wipe entire Terminator squads. If you get a Shooty Act of Faith or two off they can even burn down light tanks.)

>> No.53509676

I'm not sure many current lists would end up cheaper

>> No.53509680

It's all in spaghetti speak.

>> No.53509688

I'm sure that one of us will end up making a pdf where all the points are matched up.
I'd wager that armies such as Orks, Nids, maybe DE and Horde guard will end up cheaper, while SM, Tau, Eldar and heavy Mech armies will actaully shrink

>> No.53509689

Ravioli ravioli

>> No.53509690

I really REALLY hope that the Shadowseer or the Death Jester have some rules that prevent overwatch, otherwise you just need a couple of units filled of flamers to be invincible against the Harlequins

>> No.53509693

Battle sisters are officially 45pt tax units now

>> No.53509695

Hahahah get rekt cuckfaggot

>> No.53509702

>sismic assault: roll a d6 for each model of the closet unit within 24 of the ctan, for each 6 is a remove

I'm shit at this. Someone tell me number of sixes here against say a pack of 30 boys?

>> No.53509703

guessing here tesla carbine assault 2 and on a 6 three hits instead of 1 ?

>> No.53509707


>> No.53509711

>full rules for space marines leaked
>orks get partial rules for one unit

I guess it's not just GW that doesn't care about the NPC factions.

>> No.53509719

The fuck is a tax unit? Something for plebians who aren't using glorious Spearhead Detachment master race?

>> No.53509722

>Wanting to bully an army completely geared toward assault
>Wanting to bully the only not faggot space elves
>Wanting to bully the followers of best god
What's your problem, anon? Did a clown rape you when you were little?

>> No.53509728

Problem, retard?

>> No.53509737

>IG infantry will no longer be routinely raped by bolters and other AP 5 weapons.

>> No.53509741

Not that anon, but you're acting like the harlies were as strong as the Eldar

>> No.53509749

No, they are just faggots

>> No.53509751

>not paying 240pts for 6 tax units of sisters
>3 tax priests
>3 mandatory Imagrifiers
>6 glorious dominion units
>6 glorious Retributer units
>with the added benefit of 12 fucking command points!

>> No.53509758

Should have asked the tauleaker
They, nids and orks share index.

>> No.53509763

Fucking warhammer fags! Will they EVER let me in their little white power club? All I want to do is write massive fucking pulp novels and get paid a little bit of money on the side, is that so much to ask?

>> No.53509767

>Not getting raped

>> No.53509780

where are your HQs?

>> No.53509787

I'm sorry I don't have a 200 MILLION dollar marketing platform and and I'm too busy plugging other peoples third rate fan fiction on community forums to even write my own shit.

I don't even know how to get people to READ half the shit I say, how the fuck am I supposed to prove that I'm the real thing?

>> No.53509789

Killed by smite

>> No.53509793

Why the fuck are these points cost all so awkward and granular. Are they really still so butthurt about having to add points to AOS that they decided to make the 40k equivalent nearly unusable compared to Power.

>> No.53509794

I want to see Imotekh rules. He used to be somewhat meh in cc before. I'm hoping he can go toe to toe with the likes of Abbadon or something now.

>> No.53509797

How is this unusable?
Have you tried building an army list yet? It's easier when you have everything in one page.

>> No.53509801

A real author needs time and charity, they need you to give their books a generous read to give them a chance to absorb you and draw you in. I could literally just right BAM! POW! KABLOOEY! on the front page and it wouldn't make any difference!

>> No.53509809

>13 point marine
>7, 17 and 27 point weapon options.
You just don't deserve to play 40k is thats a barrier.

>> No.53509810


>> No.53509811

Just charge from outside of 8'' you spaceclown. There's no rule that says flamers, or any other weapons, always get to shoot overwatch even at targets outside of max range.

>> No.53509813

blood angels rules where?

>> No.53509815

My old 1500pt Iron Warriors list (without wargear, admittedly) comes to 1104 points exactly. If the weapon costs round it up nicely I'll eat my words, but considering I've worked out a friend's usual Ultramarine list of the same value complete with weapons and it comes to 2138 points I'm not holding my breath.

>> No.53509816


>> No.53509817

Stop replying to yourself you talentless hack.

>> No.53509818

Man this is a boring meme.

>> No.53509822

Any new info on Dark Eldar? I have seen the new Power from Pain rules but reaalllyy want to see some other stuff

>> No.53509826

I'm lurking here all day for this reason fellow Archon

>> No.53509828


>> No.53509832


Priests are elites now though, only thing I'm really disappointed about in the index is that our only non special character HQ is the Canoness.

Although, unless there are some decent stratagems we can always just use cheap inquisitors instead if they're HQ.

>> No.53509833

The lack of a warp charge pool already improves the thing immensly
Im sort of expecting a long range variant of smite to be its main power, since GeeDubs describes it as a 'psychic sniper'

>> No.53509841

What are the best boxes to buy and start a small tau army?

>> No.53509847

Ultramarines SC

>> No.53509849


Oh fuck. Wow. They dropped priests to elites.


What the fuck was GW thinking?

>> No.53509853


>> No.53509855


>> No.53509856

And fucking greenwood, his books are so god damn boring they put me to sleep. Its just one slog after the next, completely bog standard battles where the space marines just stand there and fucking take it while mowing down hundreds of slower, weaker guys. They NEVER DO ANYTHING!! They just shoot and move, shoot and move, shoot and drive, its fucking god awful!

>> No.53509863

A start collecting box, optimized pathfinder team, a commander and a cadre fireblade. Once you've built and painted all of that and understood what you need based on how you want to okay, you'll probably want another start collecting and another optimized pathfinder team. Then you'll build up however you want

>> No.53509864

no seriously, Is the tau infiltration cadre burning dawn any good?

>> No.53509878

Anyone got some Thousand Sons/Tzeentch rules? I want to start planning already.

>> No.53509888


Our elite slot now contains:

Meanwhile, our HQ slot has

What the fuck is wrong with GW?

>> No.53509889

I don't know how you can make combat seem so boring!! Its just, siege the fort, kill the guy, fight the bad guys, I swear to fuck, the old 80s GI Joe cartoons had more variety!

You should see some of this shit these kids write, its completely fucking bonkers! They have fucking dinosaurs and shit coming in with fucking sniper midgets and kung fu robots....

Anything would be more interesting than another boring slog through an endless warzone with no dialogue, no characterization, no drama or tension, not even strategy or tactics.

>> No.53509891

Photon grenades don't do anything if you didn't go first?

>> No.53509896

The start collecting is better. For the infiktration cadre you'd pay the same buying the models separately. For the start collecting you spend as much as a single crisis suit team and get free ethereal and free firewarriors.

>> No.53509897

Thanks alot. I found an online webshop that still has the tau infiltration cadre available. Is that any good?

>> No.53509904

2 Outrider Detachments
Saint Celestine with 2 Geminae Superia
1 tax Cannoness wandering around doing whatever.
1 blob of 10 Seraphim to follow Celestine around and leech the AoF she generates every turn, with 4 hand flamers and a power sword/plasma pistol on the superior
3 Dominion Partywagons, hauling around 6 total 5-girl Dominion squads with 4 meltas and a combi-melta
2 Retributor Partywagons with 4 5-girl Retributors, with heavy flamers and combi-flamers

1997 points

Give Celestine your act of faith, and the seraphim the one she generates. Get them into melee and crush something off your choosing. Seraphim have rerollable 5++ as long as they're glued to Celeste-senpai.

30 meltaguns get free moves up and punch a giant hole in the enemy front line

Followed by a fuckton of fire hot on their heels.

If the Cannoness ever makes it to the party or somehow hitches a ride to the front, small accuracy boosting bubble around her as a bonus.

>> No.53509910

got pics of the characters?

>> No.53509914

Is there an existing model for [email protected]

>> No.53509936

It's $13.25

>> No.53509937

Orks have dirt-cheap options in all slots except elite.
New rules make filling out slots good and allow runtherds (and meks, probably) to be elite choices.
MFW I get 18 command points.

>> No.53509942

>tyranid long range

so 24 inches? :^)

>> No.53509953

>captain underpants

>> No.53509956

I get that it's a little tougher to quickly add those numbers up in your head, but it more accurately reflects the value of the units and weapons. Just use a calculator or the new official list building app if you want it to be faster.

>> No.53509960

I want to see Weirdboyz. I'm all about those wacky spells!

>> No.53509965

>New rules make filling out slots good and allow runtherds (and meks, probably) to be elite choices.

>> No.53509974

Am I right in assuming the Knight-Gallant is still garbage? THe other variants all look good, but given that two melee weapons don't even give the damn thing an additional attack it doesn't seem very impressive.
That said, Knights look like they'll be a ton of fun otherwise. Curious how they'll be costed overal; I hope I can still field 5 in common games.

>> No.53509978

It's one of those implied things. As others have said, carpet bombers don't really suit the smallish scale of a typical 40k game. I'll bet there will be narrative missions with actual rules to represent artillery shelling and/or massed bombing happening before the fight. There have been in the past.

>> No.53509987

Any Dark Angels leak?

>> No.53509994


>> No.53509996

No, you have to use a photon grenade during your shooting phase (or overwatch) before it does anything.

>> No.53510003

Wait which weapons are they in spaghetti? Or what are their stats?

>> No.53510008

Land Raider with weapons is over 350 points, that should give an idea about knight pricing

>> No.53510015

Not that much. You can buy the models separately and still spend the same amount o fmoney. Cash out on the starter sets, you get troops and an ethereal basically for free

>> No.53510026

>how many of you are actually considering using movement trays?
I'm definitely going to.

>> No.53510028

This - though I'm disappointed we'll only get three.

>> No.53510029

I dont know if we already knew this, but ..
>JUMP PACKS 12'' movement as standard

>> No.53510031

Dark Angels always have plenty of anal leakage.

>> No.53510035

New rules make filling out slots good: see command points.

Runtherds will be a separate elite option: see Kroot Shaper, Mistress of Repentance, Firesight Marksman.

>> No.53510037



Saw this the other day, we may need it.

>> No.53510052



>> No.53510055

have ork rules leaked yet?

>> No.53510057

kys retard.

>> No.53510062


>> No.53510066

Right, but it works for the rest of the round. If you shooting phase is in the second turn of the round, it does nothing, because the enemy don't shoot until their next turn which is part of the next round.

The only way it helps someone who has the second turn is if you hit with overwatch, in which case it reduces the odds of being hit in close combat.

>> No.53510083


>$4+$6 shipping
>a melta from gw is $9.90

The idea is fantastic and well done, but it's not quite cost efficient enough. I'd rather just buy a meltagun.

>> No.53510084

Not yet

>> No.53510102

I already have a bunch of them waiting to be painted. Like enough for 100 guardsmen

>> No.53510106

Nevermind. It comes in a 4 pack. That's actually pretty cool.

>> No.53510110


That's what I thought at first, but $4 gives you a set a of 4 of the kits, so it's enough to do a whole dominion squad.

>> No.53510149

Unless you're in a group that's already planning to play with power levels in advance, it's going to be a struggle to convince anyone to not use points and matched play rules, just like AoS. MAYBE narrative campaigns and such will allow power levels, but honestly I just can't see it catching on for the majority of players. Why use the less precise and balanced system at all, ever?

>> No.53510163

Well they already revealed Da Jump.
Other two will either be Warpath, powa vomit or Killbolt.

'Eadbanga while the most iconic Waagh power is just Smite with a green paint job.

>> No.53510179

I've seen people praise the power levels since it will let them quickly throw together a list with whatever they have. I'm not really sure though how many people just up and decide to go and play games on short notice and don't have a couple of lists ready for different common point levels.

It really seems like a system more for people who are getting started but don't bother to plan anything out.

>> No.53510215


I think I'll start 8th using something pretty close to my existing army, to see how stuff handles.

1 Battalion with Celestine and Canoness, 3 flamer/heavy flamer sisters in MM immos

1 Outrider with Canoness, 2 Melta doms in flamer immos and a small squad of seraphim

2 Exorcists wherever, and a few imagifiers to see if they're worth taking.

Should be around 2000 points.

I think we're still stuck in the 7th mindset though, imagifiers are good, and AoF are good, but they don't combo well with either dominions or exorcists, which have been our go to units for forever.

>> No.53510217

'eadbanga is currently a focused witchfire, so it might allow you to target characters, which is something orks desperately need.

Although the chances of a weirdboy surviving long enough to use it seem remote, as he is likely to die to sniper fire quite easily. At least with Da Jump you can hide him behind something while he does his job.

>> No.53510239

Yeah it is ideal for newbies that hardly have a full army anyway and are still on their way to understand how the game works. It also seems to be the only 'way to play' in which primaris marines are at least somewhat decent.

The Powerlevel system is very easy to abuse though, a tactical squad with evey piece of wargear imaginable is just as expensive as a naked one.

>> No.53510253

>New rules make filling out slots good: see command points
How? Isn't it more interesting to try and have multiple detachments to have more CPs?

>> No.53510266

can someone checkout and just share:

what are HQ options for space-clowns?

>> No.53510267

power levels is the "casual" game type. I think i will use it for the occasional rainy day game with some friends, trying out new gear, figures, tactics etc.

>> No.53510268

True, I'm thinking of getting a bunch of actual d3s for the new edition just to make things that little bit faster and easier.

>> No.53510283


Dark Angel leaks when?

>> No.53510286

Power levels are apparently "balanced" around the unit having full wargear though desu that sounds like a terrible way to introduce people to the game. I doubt it'll be a huge problem but I'm sure there will be a couple of instances where someone gets too used to just loading up on upgrades.

Eh, I'd still rather do all of that with points to get a better feel as to how new gear/units/tactics work with the lists I run.

>> No.53510293

That isn't what he did wrong.

Turning into a massive pussy and making Ahriman fix his mess, and then turning into an even bigger pussy and hiding in his tower for ten thousand years was what he did wrong.

>> No.53510311

gotcha senpai


>> No.53510313

Anyone know if Imperial Psykers will still get the delicious commissariat intervention rule?

Would be hilarious if Tsons ended up with the most unreliable psykers in the game and IG became the most reliable.

>> No.53510316

>nerfed tanks
>nerfed battle cannon
>nerfed orders

Does GW hates the guard now? is there any fucking reason why they are nerfing the ig so much?

>> No.53510323

>if a character is killed by this weapon, every unit (friend or foe) with the same faction within 6" gets d3 mortal wounds

Holy shit now that is horde control

>> No.53510325

because you're fucking infected with GSC

>> No.53510326

Never gets old.

>> No.53510339

Yeah, which means you need to fill the compulsory slots for those detachments. The most efficient one seems to be the brigade (the battalion needs fewer units per CP, but the brigade allows you to use cheaper ones, like buggies, mek gunz and runtherds).

>> No.53510344

I'm not really sure how much of a nerf the order range is. Sure it's far shorter but as far as I can tell it issues to all units within 6" and the new detachments require you to take more HQs on larger detachments.

At least orders always auto-succeed now, and who knows what vox casters will do.

>> No.53510348

How'd the tanks get nerfed? They used to explode the first time they were shot. Now at least they have to be shot more than once before they are taken out.

>> No.53510362

anyone remember the stats for the ork deff rolla?

>> No.53510368

what was supposed to be av14 stuff like a leman russ now is killed by bolters

>> No.53510369


I love the hand pose.

>> No.53510370

why the fuck did the remove the melee and pistol special rule if they just added it back to every single ccw?

>> No.53510372

Battlecannons are averaging about 2 damage a shot. Kind of underwhelming.

>> No.53510374

i mean in 8th ed.

>> No.53510388

ha, guess I misunderstood what you meant by 'filling slots'

>nerfed tanks
nigga what

>> No.53510398

Yeah, but by hundreds of shots. I'll take my Leman Russ dying at turn 5 to multiple tactical squad that shoot at him for all the game over having it exploding from a lascannon turn 1.

>> No.53510407

Seriously anon, that has been discussed and explained to death like weeks ago. If you still try to shitpost about it or can't figure it out yourself you're an uncurable retard.

>> No.53510422

not every single, power swords don't get it for instance. Now you have to chose between numerous low AP attacks or fewer high-strengh/high-AP attacks

>> No.53510449

So it looks like Assault Marines and Jump Infantry now have the Fly keyword... Anti-air guns will be the new anti-blood angels weapon I think.

>> No.53510458

6 attacks at S8 ap-2 hitting on 2+

>> No.53510471

Because it's a shitty army for autistic retards and GW is clearly trying to take them out of Warhammer
And I for one, welcome it

>> No.53510480

Icarus Arrays are going to be fun.

>> No.53510493

Odd question, but what's happening with deathwatch come 8th edition? New models because of Primaris or the same? Aren't they on a bigger scale anyway?

>> No.53510499

If you say so.

>> No.53510500

Deldar index PLEASE

>> No.53510506

>da meks gob wen da rolla jams afta da sixf 'umie gets krumped unda da rolla

>> No.53510518

They're not bigger scale, they just have a pose that's taller.
I don't think they're going to get new models.

>> No.53510523

>killing one or two guardsmen every turn
>not nerfed

>> No.53510536

So are Necrons going to be a "few elite units that fuck shit up" army?

>> No.53510540

This is why everyone hates space marines. Also it's why the people at your LGS draw straws to see who's stuck playing with your fat, smelly, autistic self and your boring skittle men.

>> No.53510551

>wake up
>grav cannons got nerfed
it is a good day

>> No.53510564

I see you're one of those "So what if the Swarmlord does D6 damage per close combat attack, it still only kills a single marine" kind of people.

Top kek.

>> No.53510602

what is the boy profile?

>> No.53510603

Swarmlord also hits on twos and actually does a consistent number of attacks in CC. Meanwhile the Russ does d6 "shots" and hits on a 4+.

>> No.53510605


>> No.53510615

I don't play space marines, and we don't have to draw straws to play. We usually come one day a week and play an AoS apocalypse then go out for dinner.
Sorry IG player, can't project your flaws on others.

>> No.53510628

Thought I was gonna wake up to more leaks. Did everyone get C&D'd by GW or something? Where the fuck are all the new pages, Euros?

>> No.53510629

REEEEEEEEEEE give me Eldar leaks

>> No.53510646

>call other people autists
>gets called an autist back
>REEEE ur projektin!
lmao dude, the other people at the store can tell you haven't showered in a week and never wear deodorant, despite what your mother tells you

>> No.53510654

how long must i wait for a glorious emperors children model update?

>> No.53510659

Your jetbikes are 41 points per model and scatter lasers are 36" Heavy 4 Ap0

>> No.53510660

There's been leaks on Necrons and sister players cutting their veins while listening to emo music afaik

>> No.53510673

Soon brother, soon.The galaxy will sing with us.

>> No.53510683

the long wait is painful, i must show my perfection

>> No.53510694

Yeah sure lmfao

>> No.53510708

>They're not even super duper
>considering outdated gear and the colonel's secret recipe not being quite perfected
Not that guy, but outdated gear and inferior genetics don't change the fact that they're "secret escaped prototypes".

This is what I have cooked up over at /hhg/

Title (formal): Legio Custodes conclave Lex Talionis
Banner Imperialis: Executioners of the Imperial Household
Cognomen (informal): Ruina Regum ('The Fall of Kings'), The Golden Axe, The Emperor's Headsmen

My Custodes Prefect commands the Ruina Regum ('Fall of Kings'), a task-force designated to act as the default executioners of the Imperial Household, in such cases where a special force is not assembled for the role (like Prospero). As the Imperium grew larger and larger with the progression of the Great Crusade their task was one they were called up from their regular duties to perform more and more often, until near the end of the Great Crusade and the outbreak of the Heresy they had not been on Terra itself for decades as they moved from place to place, acting as the descending blade of the Emperor's justice, whether or not the neck was waiting in chains or on a throne.

Composed of about 3 dozen Custodes drawn from varying portions of the Legion, making for a flexible kill-team of dangerous and lethal warriors. They are accompanied by a permanently attached Cadre of Sisters of Silence, known as the 'Hangman's Daughters', who stand as wardens of the condemned and act as an anti-psyker component in battle. While the Custodians are no more special than any of their kind, if one where to read through their roll call and squad names, they would notice a certain symbolism creeping to the fore. The squads are all named after ancient methods of execution or punishment, and the name-titles of the Custodians themselves all contain within their primary components a reference to some god, hero, or beast known in fact or legend to have slain a king.

>> No.53510717

>Can you show me the Custodes?
Not that guy, I just want to know if any of the Inferno stuff made it into 8e for them.

>> No.53510742

>doesn't deny any of it
>thinks that pretending he's above the shit-slinging he started will make him look like less of the wretched, disgusting sperg he actually is
Go shit up another board, you desperate retard.

>> No.53510754

Leaked? No.
Teased? Yes.

>> No.53510771

Soss on the orders nerf?

>> No.53510786

It's making the rounds on rumor round ups that orders only have a 6" range.

>> No.53510811

What do you think Vox will do, anon? Of course they have a bubble, Vox interacts with that.

>> No.53510866

Cry me a river, wussy

>> No.53510872

>abloobloo muh Riptides!!!

Who the fuck cares. The model is fucking hideous lanky piece of shit.

Ghostkeels are much more sexier and sensibly sized.

>> No.53510962

Deathwatch was just a stock emptier for old models. Just look at how they are pushing land riders and rhinos everywhere (also for Custodes)

>> No.53510977

Imperial Knight's blows glance off the Xenia machine
>Haha! Your blows are harmless!
A bunch of rookies rank fire into the side of the barge
>No! Lasguns! My only weakness!

>> No.53510986

>read that as "I must show my erection" multiple times
What are you guys doing to my mind? I don't even like Slaanesh.

>> No.53511036

All we know is the teaser:
T8 W12 S3+

Battle Cannon Heavy d6, S8, AP-2, Dd3
Lascannon Heavy 1, S9, AP-3, Dd6
Heavy Bolter Heavy 3, S5, AP-1, D1

>> No.53511041

So Grey Knights are gonna continue being garbage, right?

>> No.53511087

When Tyrone gets tired and falls asleep.

>> No.53511101

>I don't even like Slaanesh.
Do you think the god of rave cares?

>> No.53511202

>People said Lost Patrol was a stock emptier for scouts and genestealers.
>They are still selling the old kits and there is no sign of new ones.
>People said Gangs of Commoragh was a stock emptier for helions and reavers.
>They are still selling the old kits and there is no sign of new ones.
>People said Shadow War was a stock emptier for scouts and boys.
>They are still selling the old kits and there is no sign of new ones.
I don't remember a single fucking time when GW actually did something to push old kits just before releasing new ones, but every time there is a release which isn't 100% new someone says they are clearing out the stock.

>> No.53511226

>still no orks leaks
c'mon guys

>> No.53511262

You are marked regardless. Submit to it.

>> No.53511277

>Primaris confirmed
>Dreadnought confirmed
>Vehicles confirmed

>> No.53511281

It's like they can't comprehend Games Workshop makes games again. I know the Kirby years were rough, but come on, guys.

>> No.53511290

Kinda bummed out at how my infantry tau got a bit fucked, I can't outflank with almost anything anymore. I specifically took the Fireblade because his ability was for full range, not half like the Ethereal. But on the other hand, I field a ton of stealthsuits and they got an extra point of strength, toughness and a wound along with being harder to hit for free so I'm well pleased for that.

Hitting in general seems to have gotten rebalanced game-wide. No more stacking 2+ to hit for everything. Markerlights are harder to come by due to drone controller giving you at best 4+ to hit on drones, but their effects are not consumed upon use and are more varied and support-based.

I'm not familiar with huge suits though as I don't use those travesties. Have Stormsurges and Riptides gotten the beatstick? Please say yes, I can't fucking stand them.

>> No.53511302


>> No.53511306

But I like the changer of ways more. Please stop making my mind read innocent things as lewd phrases.

>> No.53511315

My esteemed nigga. Riptide model looks like an imbalanced piece of shit, like some mutated beefcake. HUGE torso and thighs, tiny feet, arms and head.

But the Ghostkeel is sleekness personified. It's such a fucking sexy beast.

>> No.53511319

But how did they? I want to drink the tears of the ones that gave my faction a horrible reputation.

>> No.53511338


I Baked another Cake

>> No.53511339

Massive point hike and the bullshit special rules got nerfed. JSJ for suits for instance is a Nova ability now and using the nova reactor causes an auto mortal wound.

>> No.53511350

The Riptide costs 300+ points and activating the Nova Reactor is an automatic mortal wound but it has now enough wounds to make that not that great a problem

>> No.53511366

>Nerfed tanks
Debatable. I preferred the only way, too
>Nerfed battle Cannon
No joke! But other options exist and the new exterminator is looking...delicious
>Nerfed orders
6" sucks but they auto pass and the one order we've seen: rank fire, is a direct upgrade from the old rank fire. Also, voxcasters will likely extend the range which is quite useful.

>> No.53511369

she gives an invul to ImpGuard, that's pretty nice!

>> No.53511436

That's pretty fuckin' sweet. The extra wounds was expected but since it's a gamble, you can put the pressure on them nice and hard. You can force them to cripple their own suit past the stat-change threshold.

I am laffin'. Fuck those goddamn things, worst thing to happen to my faction.

>> No.53511564

I just can't get over the fact that the "each power only once per turn" seems so fucking lazy and with three powers for most factions that means I have three tries to cast anything but smite and as soon as there is another psyker in 24" i have less then 50% chance (first the casting roll and then de DtW roll-off).

That degrades psykers from a legit tactical option to a total lottery minigame that you can't rely on.

>> No.53511913

I kind of like it. By making HH a separate ruleset FW can do what they want and branch out a bit.

>> No.53511935

2018 or 2019, assuming annual Chaos waves in the style of Trench and Nurgle. Probably 2018 given how much Hornet wanking AoS started with.

>> No.53511938

I have no recollection of only being able to cast a power once per turn. Where does it say that?

>> No.53512195

>> No.53512206

Power from Pain rule? What is??

>> No.53512243

>> No.53512263

>> No.53512295


We need a German in here, FAST!

>> No.53512301

Turn 1: Feel no pain 6+
Turn 2: 1+ to hit rolls
Turn 3: Reroll run and charge
Turn 4: ignore battleship
Turn 5 -1 to enemy leadership.

I'm not so sure how I feel about it desu.

>> No.53512341


Ja? Wie kann ich behilflich sein?

>> No.53512351

Was genau willst du wissen anon? Außerdem, sterbender Faden.

>> No.53512368


Very situational and will lead some players to force charges on turns when they might not really want to, but will reward players who keep it in mind. Not overly amazing but nice little bonus

>> No.53512371

Idiot. Er kann dich nicht verstehen

>> No.53512389


Translaten de orken pics, danke

>> No.53512405


>> No.53512421


Force weapon : -1 on hit rolls

Ability 1 (waaagh) ork infantry in a radius of 6" (at the start of turn) can charge after advancing

Ability 2: if a "clan" waaaghboss is within of 3 "to another "clan" unit and that unit fails morale check (battleshock), it instead suffers D3 mortal wounds (OPTIONAL)

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