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D&D 5th Edition General Discussion - Far East Edition

>Download Unearthed Arcana: Revised Subclasses:


>/5eg/ Mega Trove:

>Resources Pastebin:

Last time, on /5eg/:

Eastern Cultures- Does your setting have any?

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Variant Human
Faction Agent
Fighter. GW or Duelling fighting style
Magic Initiate (pick Friends (Axii), Mending (he's a self-sufficient dude, also he at one time fixes a pot with Igni etc.), and Thunderwave (Aard).
You go Eldritch Knight, and at level three you take Blade Ward and Shield (both represent Quen or Heliotrop), Burning hands (Igni) and Thunderwave (you already have 1 freecast, but you want it ''on tap'' as well). At levels where you can take spells from other schools, you get Sleep for Somne and other spells you think resemble certain uses of a Sign, for example Charm Person for Axii, but don't get something like Fireball for Igni.

You put below average to average to above average points in Charisma (Geralt isn't a guy people are instantly friends with, however he does possess some presence. Judge as you will), average to above average in intelligence, average to MAYBE above average in Wisdom (think of the Beast and the Beauty story in The Last Wish, he figures the girl is a vampire but it takes him a while), Above average Strength AND Dex (take your choice which you put higher, though the Wolf School fighting style is arguably based more on technique, pirouttes etc. than on brute strength). Constitution must be above average to high, he survived the mutation rituals and takes some pretty stiff hits in the books.

Alignment is a problem, because although Geralt lives by a kinda Neutral Good alignment, he does some questionable shit both early and later in life (killing people in an inn to get the attention of King Foltest, helping for money instead of the good of his own heart, ''tricking'' Ciri's parents to get her as a destined child), though on the other hand he does some incredibly selfless stuff at times. I think the Butcher of Blaviken story is some good insight into his way of thinking, which you could only call ''pragmatic''. If you want the ''real'' Geralt, don't play his as in the games, as he is an amnesiac, check the books.

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Flat earth

ew weebs

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7/10 needs some meteors

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>Eastern cultures
No, because my worldbuilding is at least 5 levels higher-tier than "not![real world cultures]"

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Equipment is 2 longswords, try and get your GM to allow you to make one silvered I guess, and leather or maybe chain armour, but nothing above that.
Pick skills as you see fit, but I'd take Survival and Animal Handling.

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My setting doesn't have any eastern "cultures". But it does have qt asian girls.

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>Eastern Cultures- Does your setting have any?

Uh, sort of. Less of the weeb-side, more of the merchant-side. But as far as mysticism goes, druids and monks are very similar. Druids are just more in tune with nature, while monks are more in tune with themselves.

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Can we please just go back to posting whites?

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Moonman, can't you see?

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Post yfw we reach the point where new threads are made when the old ones didn't hit the bump limit.

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Minorities will continue being posted, until all the racists either ran back to /pol/ with their tails between their legs, or come to terms with non-white people existing.

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FUCK DRUMPF AND I'm actually okay with white people though.

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I'd fuck her.

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Help me think of a name for a forest home to elves with a strong connection to the Fey. Will have some sprites and other critters like that.

Faerie Forest is a little too honest.

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Cool name for a green dragonborn from a noble family?

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>Eastern Cultures

Hao! let's set sail on the Yellow Sea!

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Some call him... Tim?

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Those right two, are they Yuan-Ti or something?

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Describe his noble family, his personality and his alignment.

I make up the name after I have everything else down.

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>thinks he's good at world building
>plays D&D

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But why
Like, unironically, why

Beryl Glimmerscale (if female: Jade Glimmerscale)

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Why not? It's pretty good.

How about: The Feyded Grove

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I'm gonna need more info on this Moonmech.

Is it Super or Real? I'm going to assume Super.
Is it a combiner? If so, does it have as many units as there are party members in the campaign?
Is it from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, or 10s?
Is it sentient, sapient, machine-enspirited, or completely inert?
What is its power source?
Does it have metal lips?
Name three of its special attacks.

Rokurokubi and tsukumogami.

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Tim- something?

Jared could work

Father is emissary for the race at a high-diplomacy city. They are rich and noble. But the character is forced to marry a gnome which he refuses. he left all riches and his name behind to travel the lands. I think Lawful but not sure if G or N. He's a difficult person, bit OCD, bit bitchy. Definitely spoiled. Also, sorcerer.

I like Glimmerscale, not sure on the name though. Jade would be dope but the character is a male.

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Oh, you were being serious? I thought you were trolling me by saying it was baby-level or something. My bad!

Feyded Grove is a pretty nice pun. I think I might use it for an area within the forest ("nobody goes there anymore, Anon") but I'm looking for something more lively to name the actual forest as a whole. The elves there are stargazers and are studious sage-like types who strive to become closer to nature and all of that fruity fey-stuff.

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Jared Glimmerscale, name is the least important part move on.

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Well I wasn't being completely serious, but not in the way you were supposing. Sounds like "ay bay bay" which is stupid, but I like it.

If you're naming the entire forest, I'd probably go for something that just sounds elvish.

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I didn't really put a lot of thought into it but the moon splits into a mech

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Name is important when you have a noble background. It's supposed to carry weight after all.

For the family/clan name... Venium? Vhenym? Eynamous (venomous with a silent V)?

Maybe try thinking of something strong. A name that reflects your family and what you left behind, and perhaps a name that your character takes pride in, but is disgusted with at the same time for falling so low as having to marry him off to a gnome. He loves his family name and his people but believes they should be stronger than being used as mere political pawns. Or something.

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Okay /5eg/ this shortsword will be appearing in my game today, so there is a chance my party might get it. This sword has been passed around bards for generations, and currently is in the hands of a cultist bard, who killed its last wielder.

What do you think?

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>he says posting the Chinkiest Slantiest Gookiest Miso Solly Jap slapping setting there is.

It's literally called the Celestial Sea you Culturally Apropriating Nazi.

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Why did you bother statting an item if the party might just walk by it

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Does it at least have a microwave cannon?

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It's not too important but I feel it often reflects a person's character. It should also refer to our green blood and poison ability.

What I normally do is look up the word in different languages in like nordic or latin etc and deviate from there.

Apparently in latin jade is... jade.

I like V Z and R sounds in dragonborns. PHB says draconic has "hard consonents" but I don't know what that exactly means.

Venium sounds cool.

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This is how I Undying Warlock.

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They are about to fight the cultist, and the bard is in there, so there is a chance they might kill him and take this item.

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What's a canesword?

>> No.53499656

I too want to know these things. I'm assuming:
>combiner with as many parts as party mrmbers with a secret extra robot they discover when someone else joins or is sapient.
>late 80s to early 90s
>autonomous enought to come when summoned
>no, but its eyes light up when it talks
>something with eclipse, Full Moon and/or New Moon attack, tidal something or another

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So I have a tome warlock who wants to gain double casting actions. What's the best way to do this?

I was thinking of some kind of homebrew invocation like the Thirsting Blade one, but for double-casting in one turn as long as he has the book open.

Not sure though, maybe there's a better way to do it.

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Cool weapon but feels like.. it's lacking something. Just one thing. +1 to attack, damage, DC is very good actually but the 1d6 isn't OOMPH enough

Especially for a Legendary.

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"Hard consonants" = k, t, p, d, etc.
But of course anything reptilian needs S and Z sounds, V is fun, and R is a given in almost any language (fuck you Hawaii).

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I mean, what's the weapon stats on it? If it's a 2d6 finesse weapon or something then I would just laugh and moonwalk away.

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It's pretty much a shortsword. I did not want to bother anyone with posting the whole thing but here it is.

The inspiration bonus I feel is strong enough. Also, it has 2 more forms after this.

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Should mention that the warlock has purposefully made himself weaker in melee combat. Uses two shitty daggers dual-wielding if he ever gets in a bad situation, tends to use non-damaging magic and plays almost like a trickster-rogue.

>> No.53499883

>double casting actions
Ahahaha, no.

>> No.53499992

>intentionally make your character weak as shit, then pick up a bunch of non combat stuff just 4 laughs
>demand that you gain double combat power
Really scrambles my eggs.

>> No.53499998

>party made it to level 8
>still have to explain to a certain member how to make a basic attack roll

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Dragonborn marrying a gnome?? Sure...

>> No.53500092

Noble families make political marriages all the time. It's only purpose is power.

Though the "gnome marriage" thing came up on Who the fuck is my character . com or whatever that site is.

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>players are at level 12
>The monster rolls a 17 to hit
>"Awesome! That's my AC..."
>"Okay so it hits."

>> No.53500152

So do you shove sticks up your asses for fun or is it competitive?

Twinned spell exists as a nice example of how to "double"-cast with restrictions/limitations.

Idea came to me: invocation that allows him to cast a second non-damage-dealing spell as a bonus action while the book is open and in his hand. Might just go with something like that.

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>party makes it to level 15
>"Awesome! I rolled a critical hit!"
>"so how do I do this again?"

>> No.53500201

>Literally quickened spell, but better
Get out.

>> No.53500227

>party is level 9
>the Cleric casts Spiritual Weapon, as he has in every single combat since he's gotten it
>"hold on, let me look up how this works"

>> No.53500244

300+ hours of playtime, everyone's around level 17 and I'm still baffled when Critical Role guys can't calculate their crits.

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>cleric casts spiritual weapon
>it rolls initiative

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Who is the Cringiest DM?
And why is it Adam Koebel

>> No.53500320

Was the anon who was whinging about their being no pricing guidelines for magic items serious or what?
How can somebody be that retarded and autistic?

>> No.53500346

Or when Liam declares he's gonna use his reaction to activate his rogue's evasion ability.

>> No.53500351

>Hold up, does it provoke attacks of opportunity?
>Does it flank?

>> No.53500366

Because he's a faggot.

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File: 360 KB, 817x1628, Roman 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cringiest DM

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Absurdly overpowered.

>> No.53500432

There are some guidelines right?

The problem is that there's no real economy and everything mostly relies on DM fiat.
On one hand it sucks that there's not a magic item store because magic items are cool.
But when I think about it the positives outweigh the negatives.

>You can't autistically meta-game what items you're gonna buy and create something super broken
>You have a lot of gold as a result, but it should encourage you to invest in the world instead of just trying to buy big magic swords

First time my players came to me and said they wanted to build a fort, I was like FUCK YES. They worked so hard and drew up plans then we had it appraised for about how much it would cost, then construction began. It was a ton of fun.

>> No.53500461

Making a fresh lvl8 sorcerer. Any feats I should take or any multiclass suggestions?

>> No.53500483

Disagree, warlocks have shit for slots compared to sorcerers who nuke shit left and right and it's already limited to non-damaging spells and requires the use of at least one hand and eats up their bonus action (meaning they can't use it for anything else that might take up its slot).

If he wants to cast two of his three slots in one turn who cares? I'd say that it's underpowered frankly.

>> No.53500486

Max out your casting stat as soon as possible. Don't fall for sorlock meme.

>> No.53500492

What kinda sorcerer?
No real point in multiclassing at level 8.
If you were going to, though, warlock is probably the best choice.

>> No.53500507

Nah, just start twinning haste and blight to really fuck shit up. Getting 20 charisma to make your saves higher is generally what you want to go for first.

>> No.53500519

>DM wants me to make a new level 8 character
>I dread the idea of having a character with starting equipment and a bonus 100gp surrounded by demigods with four to six magical artifacts each

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File: 639 KB, 641x1200, 4cd3fccacee117a648ebf2bedd4d7db3ca1a6525279b5aa9e3ea6d91765f351c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Players healing to total go when they level up. Is this a thing? Someone told me it was, but I didn't find anything the RAW. Is this still considered or done in games?

>> No.53500534

You have to take a long rest to level up, which also puts you at full health.

>> No.53500537

>Players healing to total hp*

>> No.53500541

Just now jumping into this conversation.
Give you player what you think is fun and is fair. Tell him, and make it clear, that if something you give his character is overpowered you reserve right to outright take it away or otherwise nerf it as you see fit.
With that understanding you won't have any problems.

I also agree with you. Allowing him to "nuke" in one turn is fine if that's what he wants to do. So long as you're not giving them a fuck ton of short rests it won't be much of a problem.

>> No.53500557

>magical artifacts
The fuck? At level 8?

>> No.53500590

>You have to take a long rest to level up
Is this true?
Never actually saw this rule. I could've overlooked it.

I mean, it makes enough sense as it makes it easier to track what you've got. But still.

>> No.53500686

I always assume he's thinking of uncanny doge instead of evasion, a simple mistake i guess.

not trying to defend their shit memory in general

>> No.53500701

Either artifacts in the colloquial sense of a high-power campaign.

I mean, one of my groups has a fucking Power Rangers mech at level 9.

>> No.53500725

I have this item>>53499523 for my level 8 party. It's technically an artifact. I do have a fairly high magic campaign though so I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority.

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File: 29 KB, 582x376, ryaaOxI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>uncanny doge

>> No.53500786

But he said four to six, EACH

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>he doesn't give level 3 characters epic godsword and +4 armor

>> No.53500815

Yeah, there are guidelines, bro, it just requires the DM and also the players to be able to have a modicum of thought and the ability to be creative.
To whine and sperg how this is a bad thing is retarded and autistic as fuck. You are playing a creative roleplaying game.

Also, sounds awesome dude, seems like you all has heaps of fun.

>> No.53500825

>we have a race for tritons
>tritons are apparently even more rare than aquatic elves
>we have aquatic elves half-elf variant
>no aquatic elves race

>> No.53500868

Then your player should've rolled Sorcerer, shouldn't he?

>> No.53500895


Yeah okay, thats pretty wild. I have 9 other items like this, and I don't even think they will all get used in my current campaign.

>> No.53500904

Maybe I was exaggerating, but I'd rather not play than be a fighter with a +1 longsword when the paladin is dealing 90 damage per turn.

>> No.53501078

I got an eastern-themed empire (mostly China-based, though Korean and Japanese influences are present) that is at a long standing skirmish war with the classic Crusader/Holy Empire. The party spends most of its time far away from the country, though they have recently been trying to get some valuable artifacts from the Emperor and Empresses of the Empire. My players aren't weebs (even though I am), though they enjoy the place at the times they do go there.

>> No.53501089

DM is taking us through a dungeon right now that he told me (in secret), that there is a room that puts you to sleep for 5000 years. (Some of you may know what it's called, I don't think he told me the name of it). I play a wood elf, would I be immune to the sleep effect?

>> No.53501092

I think he said it counts as a shortsword, so 1d6 piercing.

>> No.53501105

And that poster? That OP?

He grew up to be Matt Mercer.

>> No.53501134

You theoretically should be. But he might pull some DM bullshit and say "uh but this one is different."

Is your DM the kind of DM to pull DM bullshit?

>> No.53501154

>Immune to magical sleep
You SHOULD be immune to magical sleep by RAW, but be prepared in case the DM wants to DM-fiat that his magic curse somehow overrides sleep immunity.

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File: 106 KB, 400x523, Aquatic_Elven_Archer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>underwater combat
Why does a bow have disadvantage on its attacks? That's fucking dumb.

I mean, I could maybe understand if the person firing it is underwater, but they already can't fire beyond its normal range.
Why is it easier to throw a javelin underwater than fire a bow?

>> No.53501212

The javelin has greater mass which propells it further against the opposing friction and mass of the water.

>> No.53501264

But crossbows don't give a shit about the disadvantage and bolts have smaller mass than an arrow does.

>> No.53501286
File: 103 KB, 500x400, xpposter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you guys use XP or milestones ? I feel like just giving levels makes it seem more cheap. My experience with milestones is just that the players beg for a level after every little thing they do.

>> No.53501287

Then how do you explain darts?

>> No.53501308
File: 14 KB, 300x225, archersparadox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Javelins fly straight, arrows wobble back and forth.
The fletching meant to stabilize them in the air instead creates increased drag and the wobbling further bleeds energy from your projectile.

Bolts don't wobble, they ARE more massive than arrows, and they don't necessarily need fletching (and the fletching is smaller if present).

>> No.53501311

Go in there and if your DM says 'No, your specific immunity to exactly this doesn't work!' tell him to go fuck himself.


>> No.53501315

Milestones are much better, but tell them to fuck off with their begging or you'll just make them wait even longer.

99% of the time you level up faster with milestones than traditional exp anyway. Also, milestones don't encourage murderhoboing your way through everything.

>> No.53501326

On his professional bio he writes "queer" like how much of an Abortion Argument do you have to be to consider yourself summarized by your sexual preference? No one else is putting their porn search terms down for who they are.

>> No.53501342

Milestone. At times exp feels like busy work.
>>53501315 Everything this anon said.

>> No.53501346

>immediately assumes queer refers to sexuality
Maybe he's odd and spooky as in the 19th century literature sense of queer.

>> No.53501396

Learn something, everyone.

>> No.53501410

My 10 minutes of research on youtube suggest that bows are pretty much useless underwater beyond 10 feet and that crossbows aren't much better.
From now on I rule that crossbows have disadvantage as well.

>> No.53501416

Left: Kappa, a river-dwelling imp-like monster.

Center: Rokurokubi, a monster/cursed individual whose neck can extend like a snake.

Right: Hebi-no-Onna, a malevolent sorceress/yokai who appears as a woman with snakes for arms. I think they're actually unique to D&D.

>> No.53501433

So don't use fletching and you're good?

>bolts ARE more massive
Depends on the size of the crossbow.

>> No.53501437

>A significant part of one's life that is different from the vast majority of people is not important to identity
Anybody who believes this almost certainly doesn't fuck

>> No.53501441

Don't give crossbows disadvantage, but lower their range substantially. They get disadvantage past that anyhow.

>> No.53501464

What this guy said. If the crossbow is being fired UNDER water it can be argued that the water resistance would fuck up the drawstring like it does a bow, BUT a crossbow functions in a way that the string carries much more force than a arm drawn bow does so that can just as well be argued otherwise.
Depends on what the Gnomes wearing.


>> No.53501468

Sure, underwater firing would be a bad idea I reckon.
But bow fishing is a fairly common sport.
Just because the target is in the water shouldn't give them disadvantage. But firing while submerged should imo.

>> No.53501484

I hate roll stats.
I got 16 S, 10 D, 12 C, 10 W, 11 I, 8 Ch

Meanwhile our rogue has 17 S, 18 D, 16 C, 12 W, 10 I, 12 Ch

I'm forever going to be a shit character at this point outclassed by every other player the team.

>> No.53501488

Could work, especially if bows got the same treatment. But we're talking like 10-foot range at best for both of them, and at that point you might as well use a spear.

Strings work underwater, even if not as intensely.

Bow fishing targets fish that are fairly close to the surface. Anything deep in there should absolutely be considered "out of range."

>> No.53501491

Your arrow is still wobbling and now it's going to go off track without fletching.

The other factor in bows vs. crossbow underwater is that your bowstring and the bow itself are being slowed by the water as you fire.

The longbow is considerably larger, though, so the forces acting on this are greater. The crossbow has both smaller arms, a smaller bowstring, and the string needs to cover less distance. Also, as you said, more force in the crossbow.

>> No.53501516

Yeah, but this is fantasy D&D and everyone is a magical superhuman so don't tell the ranged characters to get fucked any harder than they already are. I mean, are you going to let the Warlock blast away under da sea?

>> No.53501522

Let me give you the (you) you deserve
Everybody here either
1. Agrees with you and has nothing further to add, or
2. Disagrees with you and genuinely enjoys power disparity
Shitshow over, carry on.

>> No.53501546

I'll represent option #1.

Kill your DM.

>> No.53501575

Jesus Christ what can you even play at that point? +3 STR +1 CON? Might as well just kill yourself and roll a new character

>> No.53501590

>Bow fishing targets fish that are fairly close to the surface. Anything deep in there should absolutely be considered "out of range."

That's fair, but according to d&d rules you still have disadvantage regardless.

>> No.53501606

According to forgotten realms lore shit like pic related exist >>53501177
So tell me again why I have to have disadvantage?

>> No.53501616

Just play a fighter and front line for your party

>> No.53501638

That's an aquatic elf using an aquatic elf bow and arrow with his magical elven arcane archer powers to turn it into a straight-flying air jet.

Are you playing that?

>> No.53501641

>that aquatic elf is the only retarded one of his kind to try such weaponry
>he wants to be more like the wood elves
>he's basically an outcast woodaboo to his people

>> No.53501642

Would Spectators being able to dream Gazers into being be about as plausible as Beholders being able to do it?

>> No.53501658


>> No.53501678

I just made my first Cleric in 5e. Would the light domain make me too combat heavy?
Also, my stats are kinda low, since we are using the pool of points instead of rolling.
13S, 9D,17C, 9I, 16W, 10C

>> No.53501701

Artificer Alchemist. You don't make attack rolls when doing your shit (it's all "enemy makes a save"), you don't have to frontline, and your casting stat is mostly irrelevant outside of your attack DC which is useless anyway. Play a +Int race or tell your DM you want to switch your stats around; 16 Int would be all you need.

Either way, if you die, you've already given magical items to the party so you can come in with a better character after that and reap the rewards of the Artificer shitting a bag of holding and rope of climbing / wand of secrets into being just by existing.

>> No.53501710

>Front line fighter with +1 CON
Yeah ok

>> No.53501712

>Who and how you fuck defines you as an individual and is a characteristic that adds value to a person
Anybody who believes this almost certainly doesn't matter.

>> No.53501713

>Eastern Cultures- Does your setting have any?
Yes. One of us is ethnically from there, though really he's a native of our local area. He doesn't even speak his mother tongue very well.

>> No.53501716

Maybe super tiny ones if you wanted to.

>> No.53501719

All this underwater talk has come at the perfect time.
I'm gonna play a session in a few hours where we'll likely have some underwater adventures.

We've got waterbreathing prepped and such. I may go purchase a crossbow bc apparently it works.
I'm playing a rogue/sorcerer (I have subtle spell so underwater casting is a go).

Any other useful underwater items?

>> No.53501738

>Also, my stats are kinda low, since we are using the pool of points instead of rolling.
You're not really supposed to roll with 5e. You can, but it's much more detrimental to game balance than it was in 4 or 3.x.

>> No.53501754

>Hill Dorf
>pretty much +3 Con
>Mountain Dorf
>hey hey, +4 Strength, time to be a Javelin Master

>> No.53501760

>Plate armor and d10 hit points aren't enough to frontline
I'm not sure we're playing the same game

>>Who and how you fuck defines you as an individual
...yes? People are an incredibly sexual species. Almost all of our motivation comes down to the reproductive process (whether or not we actually reproduce with it, and we usually don't, even straight people). Pretending this isn't true is beyond idiotic.
>Adds value to a person
I never said this. Putting words in my mouth doesn't make your strawman more realistic.

>> No.53501761
File: 59 KB, 577x753, IMG_0642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>underwater adventures
Tell me /5eg/, what's the best way to hold a fantasy Rapture?

>> No.53501762

Well they're already pretty tiny, I guess I can keep them around as flavor and stuff. Like creepy floating rats.

>> No.53501781

>Eastern Cultures- Does your setting have any?
My Gnomes are Indian (dot, not teepee) and my Halflings are Mongolian.

>> No.53501805

We used to roll, and the party was extremely overpowered. Every campaign someone would have at least two 20s.
Of course, they group decides to do something about this when we finish my campaign.

>> No.53501814

Do people still confuse Indians for natives in this day and age?

>> No.53501815

This is why nobody likes you faggots

>> No.53501844

lol imagine a swarm of Gazers, like rats or bats, all ganging up on somebody.

>> No.53501848

Well, my Orcs are also the teepee sort.
My Dwarves are Mexican.

>> No.53501865

You can be gay and not be a faggot, anon.

>> No.53501871


>> No.53501895

He is that type of DM.

It wouldn't surprise me at all.

Probably what I'll have to do. I reminded him of it and he said "the book doesn't state that elves are immune when describing the trap"

Okay fucker.

>> No.53501900

I like this - ethnically foreign but really local. This is something that is increasingly occurring IRL and makes for an interesting character to explore.

>Implying I'm gay, rather than someone who isn't in denial about human sexuality
Sorry to hear about your virginhood, I guess

True enough. But you don't have to be a faggot to recognize that being gay has shaped who you are.

>> No.53501906

Use both.

>> No.53501915

He literally suffers from pink hair syndrome. Can't go two seconds without injecting his political leanings into everything.

>> No.53501950

Yeah, you'll be fine with your ability scores, and Light is a good domain to pick. Good mix of offensive and support. Plus if you can get fireball, you should.

>> No.53501952
File: 19 KB, 500x334, slight_discomfort.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The book doesn't say it, so therefore it can't happen!

He.. Fails at the most basic thing of all in DMing? Doing something that isn't specifically mentioned in the book?

>> No.53501961

What really fascinates me is that I'm a queer-ass liberal cityfag and I've never heard about this asshole, whilst you two (or one, if samefagging) seem to be normal people and know a lot about him.
Why do you seek out shit you don't like?

>> No.53501995

>"the book doesn't state that elves are immune when describing the trap"
What the fuck.
I'd leave and never come back.
It's such a marginally useful racial ability in the first place. Does his idea of fun really stem from just fucking you over and taking features away from you because it wasn't SPECIFICALLY listed?

Tell him, "Guess what fucker. It doesn't also specifically say that elves ARE effected. It also doesn't SPECIFICALLY SAY that when elves drop to 0 hit points they need to make death saves." Tell him what a shitty game that is to play and that he should learn rules.

But you know what the books do say? SPECIFICALLY you ARE. IMMUNE. TO. MAGICAL. SLEEP.

>> No.53502010

Look, you're obviously in your early 20's at the latest and let me explain something about that; virginity chides don't work past people's teens. By then literally EVERYONE has gotten some and they're completely ineffectual.
Also they severely undercut your argument when it's in regards to being taken seriously about human sexuality.

Also if your political views are directly in line with CNN's you're probably a high fructose corn syrup chugging fool.

>> No.53502015

Yeah so he flipped on me saying that I just argue everything. Now he's saying it states unconscious instead of sleep to it doesn't apply.

>> No.53502029

>google him since I never heard of him
>get a result for his YouTube channel
>Do you like video games? Do you like watching cute nerds play them and talk about social issues and game design? Do you like occasional vlogs about said ...

>> No.53502031

>implying I do
It's not just me shitting on him.
Unfortunately I still use twitter and a lot of gay liberal city dwellers like yourself are people I follow. They're not faggots because they're gay as another anon mentioned. They can be alright.

Problem is he still finds his way into my feed because twitter is a shitty company.

>> No.53502054

Yeah it's laughable. Pure idiocy.

>> No.53502070

> 17Str,12Dex,17Con,14Int,16Wis,20Cha

Are these good for a lvl8 Wild magic Sorc? I have 11 AC which is the worst but got 58 hp average.

>> No.53502079

He's pretty prolific on twitch. Lots of good story lines get ruined by Gays-Too-Hard putting himself in the center of it.

As a gay man you should be offended any time someone wears those glasses with that hair and that beard and that much makeup while trying to dress butch.

Honey baby please.

Have some standards.

>> No.53502092
File: 1.65 MB, 1214x1109, smug anime 12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't seek out these things that make me angry
>I just follow them on Twitter

>> No.53502095

Cant be worse then following chris perkins on twitter. He cant go a single day without re tweeting something about trump or posting about him.

>> No.53502132


I like him contained to PAX and Dice Camera Action. But I can tell cringe lies just beyond that wall.

>> No.53502136

>"This is why nobody likes you faggots"
>Proceeds to explain to me how I'm arguing immaturely
Sorry, once someone tells me that sexuality is not an important part of identity I stop taking them seriously. It was probably douchey/immature/counterproductive of me to make with the "virgin" dig -- I'll admit that.

>>implying I do
Clearly you do, because I'm in the same hobby as you and have no idea who that guy is

I don't disagree with your core premise -- he's probably an embarrassment to LGBT people everywhere. I just wonder why people seem to seek out things that make them angry.

>> No.53502137

/5eg/ help I accidentally raped one of my players' characters

I didn't intend for them to even talk to the succubus; she was just there as an amusing side note, but things happened and the rogue failed multiple will saves and ended up waking up in an abandoned mine the next morning feeling not so wonderful.

this wouldn't be *that bad* if it wasn't a girl who played that character, and also someone who was new to my group that session. This shit honestly just happened because I don't railroad and they really wanted to "question" the girl in the bar who was secretly a succubus. But now I'm worried this nice, shy, female new player thinks I'm the kind of GM who thinks it's okay to rape the characters whenever I see fit, and I really feel bad about it.

What do?

>> No.53502160

Lol, that wasn't me.

>> No.53502172

Learn to read.
I follow people who aren't people that annoy me. Unfortunately, twitter still likes to show me everything that other people I follow like or follow.

Here's how it works. I follow one or two people that follow him. They don't even need to retweet what he says or necessarily press "like."
Twitter still says "hey look at this guy's tweets because people you follow also follow this guy."

>> No.53502181

Do you like Dice Camera Action? I enjoy the penny arcade stuff and i tried watching it at the beginning but the paladin and the bard just seem really cringy and annoying.

>> No.53502187

Good segway

>> No.53502205

Assuming not bait - talk to her, explain this is not your usual MO, apologize if she seems uncomfortable (even if it's not your fault, still apologize), and hope this doesn't leave a permanent bad taste in her mouth. Pun not intended.

>> No.53502216

>Clearly you do, because I'm in the same hobby as you and have no idea who that guy is
I mean, I don't. But okay.
I guess maybe the solution is just blocking him so he stops shitting up my feed. Which is ironic because I think that guy blocks people left and right.

>> No.53502223

the paladin is fun, the rogue is just too broody classic rogue

>> No.53502234

Tell him 4chan thinks he's a faggot.

>> No.53502239

I've never actually watched Critical Role. Is Matt Mercer a good DM?

>> No.53502242

>DM won't let my level 8 wizard start with anything more than starting equipment
>Not even a couple scrolls or a potion
>But a +1 dagger is fine
Why do people that don't understand the intricacies of the game think they can DM

>> No.53502250

I hope there was at least some clues this thing she was talking to might not have definitely been human.

>> No.53502259

Just quit. You're not having fun, he's not having fun.
If he wants to run games like an antagonistic DM then let him, just don't participate.

>> No.53502260

What's a good way to scale up the CR of a humanoid "monster" like if I took the Mage on page 347 of the MM and put him as a 12th level spellcaster instead of 9th

The dmg has some basic ideas for calculating CR of monsters, but the table seems a bit off to me if I'm looking at humans at first glance

>> No.53502262

I think I get fireball at level 5. It's one of the domain spells.

>> No.53502271

I don't personally use Twitter, but if it doesn't let you opt out of recommendations (possible if it's a source of revenue) and doesn't let you block accounts, it's doing something very wrong.

Well, there we go. In all honesty, why haven't you blocked him already?

>> No.53502274

it is unfortunately not bait.

should I apologize just to her, or to our entire group chat? because honestly I've never had sexual content in my game before, and we've been playing for over a year.

The other thing is, after this happened, the girl's character convinced the rest of the party they needed to divert from their main objective and go hunt down the succubus. Should I wait until after this weird little arc is over to say anything? Or will it probably be fine if I let her cathartically kill the demon that raped her?

>> No.53502286

Everything on critical role is below average except for the voice acting and Grog the barbarian.

>> No.53502290

For entertainment value? No, I find it dull.
For prep work when I ran Curse of Strahd? Holy shit that series is valuable. Likewise for Storm Kings Thunder. Also it adds a level of interest in so far as how hard he runs his party RAW and according to the module.

>> No.53502300

It's mostly out of principal that I don't like to block anyone, especially people I don't agree with.
But he's pretty damn obnoxious.

>> No.53502311

I mean, not really... However, the succubus did offer to give her character (who's male by the way) a private tour of the town, and he accepted, but didn't even bat an eye when she lead him out of town and towards the creepy abandoned mines. I'm pretty sure the player was just roleplaying her low-WIS character accurately, which kinda makes me feel worse.

>> No.53502347

I'd say it's important to communicate. Talk to her ASAP, preferably in private. If you want to address it publicly that's fine but not before talking to her one-on-one.
And then let them hunt the succubus down, but don't make it take too long. It'll be good emotionally for some people involved, especially if it's clear the DM isn't taking the side of the rape demon.

Honestly, it sort of seems like the player is going along with it and possibly even having a good time. Talk to her, make sure there's no bad blood, kill the demon, and move on. No need to make this a bigger deal than it has to be.
Good luck!

That's not generally a bad principle (I've only ever blocked one person on anything ever, so I understand you), but if someone shits up your feed without either of you engaging the other it's really not worth it.

>> No.53502355

>don't tell the ranged characters to get fucked any harder than they already are
Please do tell, how are ranged characters fucked? No matter how you look at it, they have plenty of advantages.

>> No.53502364

Subvert it you dunce. Make it so she was never actually raped. Make it so that the succubus WANTED to do it but couldn't. Maybe the villain was there and did something else, but the succubus desperately wants what it was denied and was planning on going after your female PC without the villain's consent.

Turn this into a major plot point and subvert their expectations. "You thought you were raped? Haha, nope, you were actually cursed by the Eldritch Lord of Darkness!"

>> No.53502380

Sam is pretty good when it comes to comedic timing and I find the show overall enjoyable.

But the story is nothing special, the players do an above average job of roleplaying, however. Except for one particular player. You know who she is.

Matt does a good job of keeping characters straight. It's pretty obnoxious when they insert politics into the stream. But usually it's rare enough to be tolerable.

>> No.53502381

Just apologize to the group chat as a casual thing while you know the girl is probably reading. Not in a very serious way, just a kinda 'Sorry about that, didn't think that would happen' thing and don't make it out to be a bigger deal than it is.

>> No.53502396

>introducing a succubus into a story/group where both of you are uncomfortable with rape

Yeah you done fucked up. Make it lead them on a long romantic tryst, treating them better than any partner before. Make the player believe it's love.
Drag it out over several games.
Then rape them.

>> No.53502401
File: 166 KB, 1143x702, thecourseofempiresdestruction.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

An out-of-season and eerily bright star has all the world's astrologers abuzz. The Church, pushing its own political agenda, declares this is a portent of God's displeasure and pressures governments into enacting sweeping reforms to empower their ecclesiarchy. Doomsday panic spreads throughout the populace as various factions attempt to consolidate power or resources in anticipation of the apocalypse, creating man-made disasters before nature or God has a chance to do anything; crime runs rampant, food grows scarce, and every attempt by the authorities to crack down and restore order is met with greater rebellious pushback. Dark cults, taking advantage of the chaos to move less checked, prey on the despairing citizenry and attempt to summon their foul demon-gods. All the while, the white star of destruction looms ever larger.

And then the Rapture happens. The star becomes as a second sun and fractures into a million pieces. The sky turns red and flaming lances hurled by God pierce the banished night and rain down upon the earth, smiting city and field alike. But at the same time, large groups of people and animals begin to vanish amidst the conflagration, borne away by heavenly light to shining arks which break through the storm clouds; God has come to carry them away, but man cannot know his inscrutable designs and why some are taken but others left to perish in the cataclysm or suffer in the broken world it leaves behind. The earth quakes, the seas roil, the forests and plains ignite, and the cultists' demonic saviors finally break through to revel in the carnage of the apocalypse and rule over its scattered survivors.

>> No.53502413

Alright haha.

Well we do have fun. This is only one aspect of the dungeon he's running us through. Usually it's a non issue but this time is different.

>> No.53502417

>Matt does a good job of keeping characters straight.
>the two most powerful wizards in the campaign are both gay

What did he mean by this?

>> No.53502429

get a fucking trip so we can filter you libtard

>> No.53502472
File: 993 KB, 250x250, Sensible Chuckle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Become gay
>Avoid pussy for 30 years because you're gay
>Become a wizard

>> No.53502479

>Filtering liberals on /tg/
Yeah, ok. Good luck with that.
However, filtering people who use the word "libtard" is a good way to get rid of wankers. Not because you're a Conservative, but because you're a fucking meme.

>> No.53502481

That's actually a really great idea damn

Their party has been in so many fuckin boring ass taverns that now I try to add one interesting detail to every tavern they enter

This one just unfortunately happened to be "cute girl standing at the bar is actually a succubus"


>> No.53502484

I can't stand faggots, man. Shit is disgusting.

>> No.53502488 [SPOILER] 
File: 205 KB, 1187x672, 1496102824333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But it's not God. Aliens, having unwittingly set a comet on course with a planet they never knew was inhabited, arrive to try and repair their mistake. Failing to stop the comet's impact, they begin teleporting all the creatures they can aboard their ships to save them from extinction. Their forms are abhorrent to the human mind, their accommodations insufficient to hold so many people and their queer magical powers, and their minds too strange to be reached by even the greatest spells or telepathy of the world's races.

Monstrous races and murderous beasts are transported alongside the civilized folk, creating great battles within the aliens' spaceships and overwhelming its defenses. Even where these conflicts do not occur, people break free of their holding rooms and search for their God and their angels, only to come to believe that they have not been delivered to Heaven--but that this is the afterlife, a hellish maze of metal and demonbone populated by evil creatures never before witnessed. Reinforcing these beliefs are the cultists also transported aboard, who complete their own summoning rituals and call actual hellspawn to stalk the halls of the alien ships.

>> No.53502503

It's not impossible for a Succubus/Incubus to fall in love with a mortal, it's rare but it happens because the Cambion is the result of it. You could have it end up like that, though that's up to you if you still think that's too creepy

>> No.53502507


>> No.53502510

I'm fine with liberals, but when they're shitting up /5eg/ i hate them more than I hate Mike Mearls

>> No.53502520

Allura was interested in Tibs before he killed that old lady. So she's at least bi.

>> No.53502522

>Well we do have fun. This is only one aspect of the dungeon he's running us through. Usually it's a non issue but this time is different.

Well here's how you fix it then.
Tell him you honestly feel like doing things like this takes away from the fun of the game, but while putting forth the understanding that he's the DM and can do what he wants.
Remind him that such a trap not effecting you could prevent a TPK, or an otherwise unsalvageable situation. Exploring the room could prove fatal for anyone that isn't an elf. Ask him to think about whether or not the room was perhaps designed with elves in mind?

Really there just needs to be mutual trust between the DM and player, if there's not. There's gonna be more problems like this one.

>> No.53502527

Joke's on you, I didn't need to be gay to become a wizard. I just had a shit personality. :^)

>Being this butthurt about people having different sex from you
You must be fun at orgies

>> No.53502539

Thought it was the other way around.
Felt like Mercer having his character's love interest be gay was just another "fuck you" to Orion.

>> No.53502549

I'm fine with racist conservatives, but when they're shitting up /5eg/ I hate them more than I hate massive wealth inequality and having to walk more than two blocks to find a Starbucks.

>> No.53502568

Do you really not realize /tg/ is left-of-center?
Also, I don't see that liberal shitting anything up. Literally just saying sexuality is part of identity. That's not liberal politics, that's psych 101.

/pol/tards, on the other hand...

This anon gets it.

>> No.53502572

He's good but he's the Barbie doll of DMs. Looks good, very versatile, great at what he does, but puts up high expectations for other DMs. I get a lot of people who are interested and want to play after watching Critical Role. One guy in particular was annoyed that his rogue was getting punished for stealing shit when I should be using it as an opportunity to move the story forward, which would be fair if his stealing shit were relevant in any fashion.

>> No.53502578

Well put thanks.

>> No.53502587

Makes sense, desu.

>> No.53502589

>That's actually a really great idea damn
Glad I could help, Anon.

You may want to talk to your female PC privately (without any of the others in the group hearing this) if you want to setup for a moment where her character was semi-conscious and overhears the villain plotting or "misunderstood" what happened during the delirium of whatever the succubus did.

Good luck lad, be more careful next time! Always remember plot armor!

>> No.53502616

Apologize and explain that who didn't intend for that to go down, and maybe don't put actual rape monsters in your game in the future.

>> No.53502619

I myself am slightly right of center and I accept people's opinions, but I know its you're samefagging and that shit won't fly

>> No.53502623

Oh no doubt it was, in the end. But I recall him talking about it some Q&A, maybe the ComicCon one, that she would have given the autistic dragon a shot. But he's dead and she's with a grill so it's not like it matters anymore.

>> No.53502642
File: 1.43 MB, 400x643, wrastle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kind of an odd question, but where can I get some premade adventures to s̶t̶e̶a̶l̶ borrow inspiration from?

I'm a new DM and I've got a bunch of stuff planned that I mostly came up with myself, but I'm having a lot of trouble nailing down the start and getting the setting right.

I'm kinda shit at creative stuff, but someone had to give our forever DM a break, it was obvious he wasn't enjoying our last adventure as much as he usually did and dropped some """subtle""" hints that he wanted to play and I volunteered since he's a real close friend of mine and I don't want his hobby to become a job he hates.

Pic sort of related, he kept saying how much he would love to play a full on grappling improvised weapon fuckup.

>> No.53502650

>if two people agree with each other and disagree with me it's the same person
It's a shame the Republican government won't subsidize samefag detectors, because you need a new one.

>> No.53502656

One (the long-neck woman) is a rokurokabi. The other is a nure-onna.
They're both kinds of yokai, Japanese folkloric monsters.

>> No.53502658

Tales from the yawning portal

>> No.53502660

It's enjoyable, I wonder how many times rules are brought up and discussed out of actual ignorance or if it's just to discuss them for an audience.

Acquisitions Inc was like learning power chords and starting a band. My players and I saw that and went "reading from a book and bantz? We can do that." And then we discover Critical Role and it's like The Clash when The Ramones come to town where we're lookin on like "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh we gotta get better at this. We can be doing so much better at this." It's still a simplified stripped down version of what can be done with D&D but they do it so well. And it's a useful tool for players and DMs alike. We use a lot more ambient sound now in our games where as before we had a movie going in the background, now people are more engaged. The phones are going away, you know what I mean?

And Sam and Travis are awesome.

>> No.53502661

>/5eg/ talking about an uncomfortable sex-related situation involving a female player without anybody sperging out

>> No.53502675

yeah I'm amazed too honestly

>> No.53502678

>where can I get some premade adventures to s̶t̶e̶a̶l̶ borrow inspiration from
Literally every OP in these threads.
>/5eg/ Mega Trove: https://mega.nz/#F!oHwklCYb!dg1-Wu9941X8XuBVJ_JgIQ!pXhhFYqS

>> No.53502685

Shit he's right

Quick start calling people cucks

>> No.53502687

Just brianstorm a shit ton of ideas.
See if there's a common thread between them.
You can easily craft a bbeg from that if there is.

When starting out, have the party form the group together. Talk about possible plot hooks that could get the group started.

>> No.53502691

it's just that its in such quick succession anon, two in a row responding to lil ol' me, inconceivable

>> No.53502697

Because all the spergs are distracted by a different discussion about which holes are acceptable for dicks to go into.

>> No.53502705


>> No.53502721

Only one hole. You damn sodomites.
Being a faggot is directly related to your failure as a man. You lack self esteem.

>> No.53502738

Just go through the premade adventure paths that wizards are coming out with and rip out dungeons and monsters. Most of the stuff i have read in the books are filler and can be cut down to a more lean fun adventure.

>> No.53502745

If you want we can respond even faster and post within less than a minute of each other

No blowjobs for you, then?

>> No.53502753
File: 80 KB, 459x344, whenyougottadestroyathread.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.53502761

Blowjobs are degenerate.
I'm mostly meme-ing. But they really are pretty overrated.

>> No.53502770

Why didn't God make our digestion and excretory systems efficient enough that a butt was unnecessary? Why did he put the male prostate in a position to be diddled via the ass and make it so pleasurable? Why didn't he give women arms and fingers long enough to diddle said prostate while being fucked in the missionary position?

>> No.53502777

That's pretty good.
Roll for vaginal depth.

>> No.53502779

its definitely possible to post within a minute, by example using two devices on different IPs

>> No.53502784


Oh shit I'm a complete dunce and didn't even notice the "Advenutes" folder. I assume that's mostly official stuff. Anything you'd recommend as being pretty good?

What about the third party stuff?


I'll check it out.


Like I said, I'm not huge on the creative side. I can twist already made stuff enough that it looks new, but I'm complete garbage at getting the initial spark.

Also, I really don't wanna let my friend know that I'm struggling. The reason HE started DM'ing was because his attempts at a player fucking sucked and I don't want him to feel like this is a total waste of time and he has to go back to doing it, you know? I wanna make it look like I have things under control, thank god he doesn't browse /tg/.

>> No.53502788

Get out. Especially the faggot.

>> No.53502802

Is she only there because she's sleeping with the DM, the shows only T&A, and spends each session climbing over other players like a drunk Tamarin monkey?

>> No.53502814

they wont, 99% sure they're the same person

>> No.53502817

>blowjobs are overrated
I used to think so until I got a good one

God wants us to struggle. That's what He gets off on.

Do people really go to such extreme lengths to argue on 4chan? Not sure if that's sad or impressive.

>> No.53502841
File: 25 KB, 320x304, 1478085774929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remember when this thread was for D&D?

>> No.53502848

It's adorable that you think there's only one gay person on /5eg/.

Can guarantee that's not the case, because I'm only one of them. I'd screencap it but we all know how easy those are to edit with F12.

>> No.53502850

its called a phone, you go on data instead of wifi and bam, different IP

>> No.53502852

I REALLY REALLY hope she dies for good. But they're already level 17 and the damage has been done.
Also Matt is too much of a pussy to actually kill anyone.
>here let me roll and take a picture of it
>doesn't show what dice he actually rolls
>could easily roll a d20 and snap one he left sitting on an 18 or whatever

>> No.53502866

No. Some people just can't handle the idea that they can run into a place full of city-dwelling slightly-liberal nerds who actually talk to humans in person while playing cooperative board games like /tg/ and get more than one negative response when they start talking about gassing all the blacks. Clearly their beliefs couldn't be THAT unpopular; it must be one guy.

>> No.53502878

If we're underwater do I have to roll with disadvantage on my rape rolls?

>> No.53502888

I was the druid who had the spat with the wizard, I thought that was bad, it was nothing

>> No.53502903

>everything I don't like is /pol/
>when someone laughs at me it's because /pol/
>/tg/ is left of center
>/tg/ is the hive mind waifu that never laughs at me
>only /pol/ is that mean

>> No.53502904

You know, that actually didn't occur to me, which is silly because I'm a software engineer. That's a really good point though.

Ah yes, just like most people really REALLY hope it's only one guy talking about gassing the blacks, until the KKK rally has multiple people in bedsheets.

Frankly you should already know the answer is "yes" and I ask that you not shit up the thread with obvious questions.

>> No.53502910
File: 41 KB, 321x499, 51tA4Tus9QL._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok so I posted last night and got one person's input, I plan on making an Oath of Ancients musketeer, think three musketeers book and movies. The build is based around Dex for rapier use and leaning more towards a buckler.

Couple questions are does anyone think a dagger/shortsword in the off hand is even worth it, or just keep something like that as a backup? Also what would be a good feat to take with V.Human?

>> No.53502914

>God wants us to struggle. That's what He gets off on.
That's okay, struggling is what I get off on, too.

>> No.53502920

>and get more than one negative response when they start talking about gassing all the blacks
Did anyone actually say this? I've only been skimming.
Just seems like insult after insult coming after some candy-ass got upset that people don't like candy-asses.

>unpopular means wrong
Pro tip, it doesn't.

>> No.53502936

>when the thread is already this shit up
anon, I know we're on 4chan but have some decency

>> No.53502942

Only one way to find out: http://www.strawpoll.me/13070649

>> No.53502950

>Frankly you should already know the answer is "yes" and I ask that you not shit up the thread with obvious questions.

But what if I shave first?
Alternatively, what if I acquire a swim speed?
Dolphins don't have to roll disadv on their rape rolls, do they?

>> No.53502968

Not in this thread, but some of those people are around since they've been so obviously triggered over the past few days by all the black OP images.

Can I suggest a Mexican for the next thread?

>> No.53502979

To be fair at least it was kind of on topic

>> No.53503001

If I'm a water genasi I shouldn't roll at disadvantage for underwater rape right?

>> No.53503002

I'll give ya that

>> No.53503012

What happened was someone got upset that "queer" is part of somebody's identity. The candy-ass pointed out that sexuality is pretty damn important to human psychology, and some people claimed this was not the case. Then the insults started.

Scroll up, there was some sperging about the Asian chick in the OP.

Creatures with a swim speed are assumed to operate properly underwater and do not receive disadvantage on rape rolls. Dolphins are a good example.
If you shave enough that you become dolphin-like, I'd rule as a DM that you don't get disadvantage.

>> No.53503033

Penises are thrusting weapons, so you're good.

>> No.53503044

Yeah but she sure is cute.

The deaths are one of the things that separate this as a Series instead of just a Game. With their fans they're essentially beholden to shareholders. They run a risk of losing a large part of their viewership if Grog died. Also, they're beholden to shareholders, of the Wanda Group, which owns Lionsgate, which owns Geek and Sundry.

>> No.53503047

>don't tell the ranged characters to get fucked any harder than they already are
Because having the best Fighting Style, a weapon feat of equal quality of GWM and the ability to be attacking from 600ft. is so dreadful.

>> No.53503060

A lot of people like to run lost mine for new players or as new DMs, tales from the yawning portal is just a bunch of modules that can be used as stand alones or strung together.

>> No.53503081

Well of course we can't lose Grog.
My only fear is that if she dies she'll roll up something worse than what she already plays.

I mean, if TV has taught us anything though, it's that people actually enjoy deaths.
But there's no way he'll TPK. The game with the Kraken was by far the worst episode and they should have all died.

>> No.53503089

Why aren't there passive movement skills, like passive stealth, passive athletics, and passive acrobatics?

>> No.53503092

Die Moderate scum!

Tamora be praised

>> No.53503097

How do I make a defensive Monk? I've been thinking of taking a single level in Barbarian for Rage Resistance and going Long Death.

I just want to pass saves, stop arrows and run away from melee attackers.

>> No.53503102

>MM: You just need to glue the appropriate actions together.
>Instead of there being an Attack action, you'd have Attack as a category with new class-exclusive options added to it. Cleaner design.
What, like
>Dashing Attack
At-will Melee Weapon
1 Action
Effect: (Dash) and make a basic attack.
Wouldn't that be heresy?
4E already did everything that's right with D&D. It just needed to be cleaned up.

>> No.53503143

imo yawning portal isn't a great one. In fact, standard adventures in general aren't very fun.

Just work on your improve and everyone will have a good time. Because the part everyone enjoys about D&D is feeling like their choices matter and that they can actually interact with anything they want to.

It's fine to give players the illusion of choice if you want to set them on a path for story reasons. Just don't let them see past the illusion and you're good. Don't put up invisible walls. Instead, learn how to place bait that they'll take, and proper incentives to stay away from other places you DON'T want them to go.

>> No.53503147

Shrine of Temoachan!

>> No.53503178

>Tell her it's not your usual MO
>She never comes back again because that's what she was into

>> No.53503188

Other than sorclock, the other "meme" build is Paladin 2/Sorcerer X, so that if you go melee you can nova something with Quicken GFB and BB and dump a bunch of divine smite into it.

I don't think any UA gives a Sorcerer an Extra Attack though, maybe Stone Sorcerer.

>> No.53503200

Mearls is being stupider than usual.

>hey, let's take a simple concept that allows flexibility, remove it, and then muck up the game with class specific unique actions to replace it, but only for some players.

>> No.53503201

maybe if you were a triton, but I'm not all that familiar with gensi

>> No.53503214

>warlock 2
>shadow monk
Take mirror image as one of your spells. It's non concentration.
Darkness and devil's sight meme if you wanna be a faggot.

>> No.53503263

There are, but you have to figure that out yourself because the game presents passive perception as the one and only example of a passive score and fails to elaborate on any other way to use the mechanic.

>> No.53503265

Uh, just be a Monk?
>decent HP
>OK saves
>Dodge as a bonus action
>Deflect Arrows
>archetypes that heal, teleport, or never get in range to begin with
>can take first level as Fighter for armor and shield proficiency + Defense fighting style and get 21 AC the moment you find fullplate

>> No.53503292

Do you think music and ambiance are worth using?

Gonna be running a one shot on Roll20 for the first time with some online buddies and I noticed there's a ton of features for sound.

>> No.53503304

isn't monk more of a hit and run class than a tank class? It seems like the mobile feat was made for them

>> No.53503311
File: 15 KB, 325x325, Turning tide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're not using Narrator sound files from Darkest Dungeon in your roll20 game, you're doing it wrong.

>> No.53503312

I spend more time finding the right tunes for my shit than I do planning the game. Gotta get people in the mood.

>> No.53503314

I use it all the time and feel it does add to the scene, so long as it's not overpowering. avoid stuff with vocals, it's very distracting even if it's soft in the background.

>> No.53503318

People probably won't complain about there not being music or anything but it's certainly a plus

>> No.53503339

>can take first level as Fighter for armor and shield proficiency + Defense fighting style and get 21 AC the moment you find fullplate
This is me. I tanked the kraken like a champ thanks to Evading all his fireballs with DCs too high for anyone to save against and shadow-teleporting out of his grapples. If I were pure Fighter, I'd have been paste. Burned paste.

>> No.53503343
File: 257 KB, 500x500, 23c.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Dazed, reeling, about to break!

>> No.53503410
File: 26 KB, 329x427, w2woj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when you're in /5eg/ and haven't argued with yourself in 30 minutes

>> No.53503412

That game was awful

Don't know why so many people liked it

Had potential but squandered it

>> No.53503425

I have some low volume combat music that lasts for several minutes and is hard to discern when it begins looping again.
Everyone enjoys it, and if I forget to put it on they ask for it.

>> No.53503439
File: 259 KB, 568x537, 1467059916305.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there are "people" in /5eg/ who don't take a peasantry background
>they instead opt for nobility

>> No.53503454

The Kraken fight was much harder than it needed to be because Marisha didn't know Druids had access to Freedom of Movement in 5e, and she never bothered to double check her spell list for lower level spells when they switched over from Pathfinder to 5e.

There's also the fact that if Taryon didn't roll double Nat 1s they might have stealthed through the entire encounter.

They also almost TPK in the second layer of Hell, when Keyleth was 1 death save away from permanent death and she was their ticket out of the Nine Hells.

Personally I'd love to see the group shrink down to six players, but the community probably wants the cast to return for the next campaign Matt does set in this world.

>> No.53503469
File: 210 KB, 1920x1350, Fuckyou Elemental.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53503518


For when the whole party is rolling 1s.

>> No.53503519



>> No.53503520

I have to agree, the critical and initiative mechanics were complete trash, and the grind got absurd. Still that A E S T H E T I C was top notch.

>> No.53503521

>Teleported in
Presumably that's about half of his power budget 'being able to teleport such a large mass'
As such the battle will either
A) Be a long battle fought over so long you don't need battle music
B) Be short and far too easy because the DM is too pussy to use their full powers.

>> No.53503527

Agreed there, Anon

>> No.53503531

give a goblin a ring of spell storing with ray of frost inside and chuck it into the elemental's mouth. i think that would cool it off real fast

>> No.53503539


>> No.53503547


>not standing before the Heavenbringer

>> No.53503557

Does anyone else love playing with unskilled players who still try? The DM told me not to make a powerful PC because everyone else was new and this is the most fun I've had in ages.

I'm playing a Kobold Champion with a focus on Dual-Wielding a Rapier and a Whip, it's great.

>> No.53503563

What level does a party usually end CoS at? What leveling method did your group use (xp/milestone)? How hard was the adventure overall?

>> No.53503578

Who nukes better? Tempest or light cleric?

>> No.53503582

Yes. He really is.

>> No.53503587

The time is right!

>> No.53503591

Those gigs are the most fun you can ever have.

When you stop trying to make an OP character and go for something that's fun it's way more interesting.

>> No.53503639
File: 252 KB, 1280x954, aeronalfrey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53503657

monk abilities deactivate if you put on armor

>> No.53503694

I've heard there is a mode that tones down the grind now, but I haven't tried it

>> No.53503699

only the natural ac

>> No.53503734

can we please continue in this thread and not give that faggot the time of day

>> No.53503752

Unarmored Defense, Martial Arts (your martial arts die comes form this feature) and Unarmored Movement all turn off.

>> No.53503772
File: 307 KB, 427x507, A975CB79-3067-4F16-8312-F07D2657C99B-2242-000004CAAD647E03.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>R is a given in almost any language (fuck you Hawaii)
What the fuck are you on about

>> No.53503786

you still would get a lot of cool shit

>> No.53503823

>Martial Arts
This is probably the biggest issue. If you are only dipping into monk, then all you are gaining is a ki dodge/dash/disengage twice per short rest for 2 levels. If you are going futher into monk, you are doing no damage because you are losing bonus action attacks. At best, you are a stun bot with a tiny bit more surviability and no damage whatsoever

>> No.53503869

>Native American

Can't tell who you're trying to offend here, the whites or the Indians.

>> No.53503886

anything from these games is 10/10 and we use it almost every encounter night.

>> No.53503949

How do I get those sound files in roll20?

>> No.53504133


>> No.53505038

>the shows only T&A
For plebs maybe, anyone with real taste will know that Laura Bailey is the true choice. Hell, even Ashley's better looking/less obnoxious.

>> No.53505812
File: 39 KB, 412x440, IMG_7420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Less obnoxious maybe, but better looking? Only if you're into little boys that can see dead people.

And Laura's way less my type, spare that she's into /fit/ guys with beards.

>> No.53505871
File: 43 KB, 481x354, IMG_7421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her words.

Not mine.

>> No.53506677

You cuck. If I was the DM I would rape her character TEN TIMES, then nod respectfully in her direction.

>> No.53507164
File: 131 KB, 315x263, 637.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice, anons. Stealing these word-for-word as the cold-open for my next spelljammer campaign

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