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The Inevitability of Pain Edition

Tell us about the moments in a campaign when you just KNEW something horrible was about to happen, either to your character or the plot, a real "what's the worst that could happen" moment.

Unified /pfg/ link repository: https://pastebin.com/PeD1SMUZ

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old thread: >>53477139

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Someone give me a tasty run down of flower court apps. The celebrity apps!

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Let's ignore the celebrity apps and instead go for the ones we know nothing about!

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Who cares about those? They're already accounted for in the OP.

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Give me a quick rundown on Niccolo Alverahtz!

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Can't just do one group of apps. Gotta do all of them.

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Self Pact's Attunement, while not necessarily "overpowered", is still overloaded as fuck and a hot load of nonsense. Discuss.

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Why can't I be a Betrothed Self Pact Avowed? I want to marry myself, damn it!

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Autistic weebs and how to get rid of them. Discuss.

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Do you have an headaches you're worrying about in your game, /pfg/? The NPC crew we sent out to hunt a manticore fucked up again, and now I'm worried about having to do another rescue mission and/or having to crape up what's left of them. I'll be relieved if the party we sent is still in one piece, but the crew failing twice in a row doesn't bode confidence.

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It's simple

ban self pact

ban dragon pact

's simple, k

Take that one feat for a familiar, make them a figment, then give them a humanoid shape that matches your own. Works best if you're a bakeneko tiefling though

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Why Dragon? It's the generalist option.

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Why do you guys gossip about someone else's game when they aren't even some faggot streamer?

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Why waste your time on the ones that won't get in when we know which ones will?

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because dragons are gay

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I'm worried people are going to get too sentimental about trifling things and cause trouble.

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Whose the celebrity? I literally don't know any of you stupid fucks.

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More like "why the fuck aren't attunements equalized yet". Better to make them all equal than fuck over two fun options that aren't broken.

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>playing pathfinder
>I am the GM
>friend's gf is playing witch
>wants the Healer's Touch achievement feat
>is at 600/1000 but this isn't good enough
>starts trying to heal literally everyone in the city with healing hex
>party kineticist decides to help by hiding in rafters of tavern and using telekinesis to start stabbing patrons with a dagger
>rolls a 37 stealth check so he can't be seen
>witch starts healing people as they are running away
>tavern is owned by another PC who is pissed as fuck at the lost business
>end up arguing with them that healing a commoner from 0 to 4 hp with a 15 point heal roll does not give you 15 points toward the feat since you only healed 4 points of damage
>mfw it only gets her about 50 points closer to her goal anyway while making zero sense within the world
>at least her character is neutral evil

I am really starting to loathe Pathfinder....

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>taking the healing hex

Whyyyyy? There are so many higher priorities.

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I get headaches when /pfg/ talks about the campaign I'm in.

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I'm worried we'll lose our good and caring daddy

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then fuck off and stop coming here attention whore

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My GM just informed me that my character's daughter will probably either have memories of Sorshen's life bleed into her mind,
attract Sorshen on suspicion of being an imposter, or both
sometime over the course of the campaign.

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Same here. Anyone wanna give us a quick rundown of the celebs?

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Promemethean fag, tell us your secrets of how you got a cute daughter!

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Holy hell, that's horrifying. What will your character do to try and stop it?

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How do you make combat interesting/difficult for somebody playing a rogue? My campaign has gone kinda downhill combat wise because he just has insanely high stealth and there is basically no way for him to be spotted, even without invisibility.

Nearly every boss fight ends before combat really starts when he just does 200+ nonlethal damage with sap master before even being noticed.

I don't want to go out of my way to be an asshole and shut him down, I just want other PCs to get a chance to shine and some actual combat to occur.

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The player quality is lacking roleplay wise
Which I suppose is pretty much a Pathfinder thing

I'm wondering whether it comes from sheer incompetence or extreme cases of self-importance
I am leaning for a mix of the two

Let us say I am not very impressed and I might have my character start to turn heel

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Ask your GM to add in some strong lackeys for your character to take out while the rest of your party deals with the other big boys. Adding more bodies to the field is always a good method of upping the challenge level anyway, and depending on the situation also makes more sense than just having one dude taking on 4+ enemies at once unless he's REALLY good.

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Magic detection I'm sure you'll find something

Or better yet


"You thought you could sneak up on me but YOU CAN'T because I'm standing right in front of a bottomless pit. You fag."

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What if I want a high tier 3 Avowed because my group can't help but allow PoW?

I fucking hate PoW because if it's allowed, you HAVE to be a PoW guy if you want to fight good, otherwise you'll get hilariously overshadowed. God forbid if you want to play a fighty warpriest or something and you don't want to deal with maneuvers, but then some dickhead strolls in with an initiating/akashic aegis or a Warpath Follower inquisitor.


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I dare say it's time to breech the floodgates on Flower Court

Who wants a review?

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Review Wist's girl first!
We all know she's getting in.

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Sketchy uses of blood alchemy and tampering with ancient magics by my mother.

It hasn't come up IC yet, ergo it hasn't actually happened. I was just warned in advance so we could try to work out some details so the GM doesn't have to do any potential subplots on the fly.
The first is going to cause a little bit of worry, but he's going to be damn supportive because he knows she's got a big ol' piece of him in her. The second is going to cause a LOT of worry and panicking.

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Not me. Fuck meme games. Fuck celebrities. Fuck you. You've all gone crazy. Get a job and find a game and play instead of spending your life here gawking at people you don't know your cock in your hand. Fuck.

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Gestalt Avowed with UMonk and laugh.

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I really wanna improve Alexander as much as I can!

>a big ol' piece of him in her

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I'd rather not take requests to review someone elses app. This way, they at least asked to hear my complaints

First up

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He'll need to get some powerful allies and some really good protective plans to save her. Consider selling out to another Runelord if you have to.

>> No.53483680

yes but how cute are they?

do they need to be protected by a FULL BAB MARTIAL?

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Review Jericho.

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Stop your bitching. PoW overshadows other martials when you're playing a 2hu-approved (tm) fuckstick of a build that only bashes faces. It's entirely-possible, and even likely, that PoW characters will only be as good as other T3s or T4s.
And there's a difference between "good T3 Avowed" and "destroys everything and has no weaknesses T2 Avowed", which the old one was.

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>Implying any of us can get into a game.
Bro we meme because we need to game vicariously though the celeb apps.

>> No.53483768

Review Felix.

>> No.53483783

Well she has several pints of his blood and a sizeable sliver of his soul, but yea that could have been phrased better.

The party's been doing good so far. I'm sure with enough downtime and funds, and enough planning by the party, everything will be fiiine. We've got a long way to go before worrying about that.

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Calling one for <s>Tubalcain Alhambra</s> Giancarlo Servaine

>> No.53483809

>Like PoW for the fun combat utility options
>DM is too concerned about the damage builds to allow it
I can't wait for the errata, I'm completely okay if all the best damage options are gutted.

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Please be gentle, senpai.


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Is Flower Court still accepting apps?
I've been on/off working on one, but I also know I have no time, so I've been thinking of asking the GM if its okay if I just make the character to be an NPC for him to use at his discretion

>> No.53483882

>Is Flower Court still accepting apps?
Yes, but only celeb ones. Non-celebs will be NPCs at best.

>> No.53483883

>has no weaknesses

So the avowed we have now?

>> No.53483907

Creepy rogue with big goals and shit rolls.
Lesbian hero classic. If she doesnt rescue the princess to "I need a hero" by Bonnie Tyler I quit
Religion of peace need PR badly
A Tuvarkz app
Roll20 Rando classic
Retirement is boring, better slay dragons.
Autistic renaissance man
Seeking: Man
Will find his homeforest burnt down any day now
Actually an oracle
I have no new ground to tread
Depressed Executioner Snakeguy
Actually an Itsuko
Bitch, but a well written, self-aware bitch.
Wait no. . . Lao? but then it changes to Masaki again?
Actually Picasso
Absolute Madman
I'm assuming? IDK just going by his art. Fuck he looks crazy.
Magical gi- bo- dude.
>Cory In The Court
The undisputed greatest app of a- wait, theres no cory joke? Fuck this.
You feelin alright Brood?
Collectivist scum
Has anyone T X T E D T H E M yet? Do they erp?
Will find his farm burnt down any day now
10/10 husbando.
Roll20 classic
Are you sure you aren't an NPC?

>> No.53483908

Well that works fine for me then

>> No.53483969

>Actually Picasso
I think you mean Dali

>> No.53483982

>Creepy rogue with big goals and shit rolls.
Can't get any more accurate than this.

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>2hu-approved (tm) fuckstick of a build that only bashes faces

It's a good thing the strongest PoW builds are exactly that.

Even once the errata hits, we'll still have everyone doing the same fucking thing with Elemental Flux/Mithral Current/Riven Hourglass/Shattered Mirror.

>> No.53483999

>farm burnt down any day now

pls no bully the farmboy, he just wants to be a hero with the help of this unbelievably ancient, inscrutably-motivated psychic sword

>> No.53484024

I bet the changelist is basically "nerf Broken Blade/Primal Fury/Scarlet Throne/Thrashing Dragon, leaving Piercing Thunder untouched"

>> No.53484038

Guys we're supposed to be bitching about Avowed right now, PoW is two topics down on the roulette wheel.

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Who is the most normie of the Celebrities?

>> No.53484050

What if we bitch about Avowed, Rory, AND Vult?

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>Are you sure you aren't an NPC?

>> No.53484057

Vult. I hear he even lifts.

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>It's a shitty edit of pic related

Holy shit.

>> No.53484067

So, questions. How do you guys feel about Lawful Evil in a group of neutral and good characters? Is that too much of a red flag? Character concept wants revenge on a powerful entity and is willing to do evil to get revenge, but knows going alone is a death sentence. Is emphasizing that he is about loyalty and wants good friends enough to calm down the reaction to an evil alignment?

Also, how would a lawful evil character taking the ASSASSIN Prestige Class work? If I see there is a horde of criminals with bounties on them, does going to kill but not collecting the bounties on them count?

>> No.53484073

Don't listen to Shitposter-kun. I like Serena! I hope she gets in!

>> No.53484080


But anon, getting bullied and teased mercilessly by girls is all part of being a hero.

>> No.53484104

>you will never bully and tease a heroic STRfag Full BAB martial

Why even adventure?

>> No.53484105

>shitty edit
>doesn't even have the same clothing
>doesn't even look like it at all
>just generic rogue style clothing and a generic hand-on-hip pose
>shitty edit
So, how many layers of tinfoil do you line your hat with?

>> No.53484106

Now I won't be able to shake the feeling.

>> No.53484121

aaaaaa believe in yourself heck a tay

>> No.53484123

But why would you want to bully your valiant protectors, anon? That's just cruel!

>> No.53484127

Maybe look her over some more?

>> No.53484129

The pose is totally different though

>> No.53484136

if you want to bully them, PM THEM

>> No.53484138

That spider is extremely cute and I would like to hug it.

>> No.53484151

Because it's cute to watch them squirm and blush under your oppressive ministrations!

>> No.53484160

Remember to PM your crush!

>> No.53484168

Definitely not an edit, but possibly used as a reference.

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>> No.53484175

Any ideas where to start? Looking over will just make me refine what I have, but being called an NPC is saying I need something more, isn't it?

I'm trying, lad. I got a month to hash this thing out, and I'm pretty rough the first two or three times.

>> No.53484176

But anon, you're just presenting yourself as a bully target too! What's stopping that full-BAB Strfag from pinning you to the ground, pulling up your shirt, and blowing a big ole raspberry all over your belly!

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>Big Dumb Farm Boy gets an intelligent magical sword bonded with him
>He's a tiefling too
>Wants to become a hero because he thinks it'd be a good idea, make him popular despite his Cha
>Empress, his sword, is just along for the ride like a psychic maid for him

Not much past that really. All that writing was just an IC appeal with tone, which was expressed rather well. Generally I advise against using typographical play that actually slows down the reading process, because Alexander's letter was much more of a chore than it should have been. A whole lot of words and not much content.

It's a bit exaggerated and while it's better than being Faceless Soldier #1425, I think playing an illiterate idiot is one of those things that will just slowly annoy everyone until it gets faded away. Dumb doesn't have to imply incoherent.
Alexander isn't much of a hero. He doesn't have the brains, the force of personality, or even a real conviction to be one. The big dumb guy who knows the heroes is an NPC or a mid-boss. Lote is looking for inspiration, not accomplishment. Now compound that with no philosophical drive at all to be one, just a simple ideal of what one is.
But as an accent to an already inspiring group, he should offer a good dynamic both socially and mechanically. He seems unlikely to get in a fight with the others over his lack of philosophy.
He's presented as the kind of character who will bite on the plot hook and run with it, but needs to be given that plot hook, or at least a meaty target to aim at. Which a DM can like, but doesn't necessarily. It's typically better to try and present that you have something you're trying to do.

OVERALL : 20/40, Would hire to go destroy the lesser nobility of the surrounding kingdoms and keep them from gathering the military strength to do anything about Lote.

>> No.53484188

>rescue the princess to "I need a hero" by Bonnie Tyler


>> No.53484189

Wait, how oppressive are you being? Because if you're really bullying him, I think they'd rather hang out with the other girl, the one that doesn't treat him like poop!

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Be like prez and take her to see the fireworks

>> No.53484239

Add an example of either her using power and authority well, or a negative model of some specific figure totally fucking up to her backstory.

>> No.53484266

Silly Anon, Full BAB STRfag Martials don't have the WILL to resist being dominated and abused!

>> No.53484268

Should I make an Flower Court app I wouldn't play that's engineered to get good reviews and step on the toes of other apps?

>> No.53484279

Barbarians do because of SUPERSTITION

>> No.53484290

Thanks review anon! I'll take this into account- I didn't wanna make Alex too over-the-top or anything, kinda wanted to stick with a down-to-earth tone with him.

>> No.53484296

Are you gonna roll for the next round of apps?

>> No.53484302

>what is a superstitious barbarian?

>> No.53484320

I won't be rolling
>>53483747 is next

>> No.53484326

>the autism fighter has a +48 will save against mind effecting

>> No.53484330

I'm trying to remember a feat, and I'm having a lot of trouble finding what the damn thing is called. When flanking, you turn the +2 bonus from attack to damage. It's super important, it ties into my ratfolk barb build.

Does anyone know?

>> No.53484354

Who the hell would that benefit?

>> No.53484364

Hmm, then maybe she needs to be bullied too!

>> No.53484374

You fool! Any sensible Full BAB STRfag Martial has either a 14 in Wisdom or a Good Will save, or both! Who's the bully and who's the bullied when your enchantress tries to weave a spell against the FBSM and it just plinks off his mighty mind?

>> No.53484392


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>all these people posting about people apply for a game
>all these people posting about people in a game
>all these people not playing in actual games
>all these people not running games
>all these people who only sit around for lore memes, e-celeb gossip and pointless mechanical exercises so they can wave their e-peen around about knowing more than other nerds about a game THEY DO NOT EVEN PLAY

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>mfw the Second Great Purge of Myth-Weavers is SOON

>> No.53484488


Mythweavers is being purged?

>> No.53484489

I've applied for a lot of /pfg/ games, have one game ending soon, and am about to start up another. I even tried running a game a while ago and it went really poorly, but I learned that about myself so there's that.

>> No.53484517

Name one thing that bullying can't solve.

W-well, with proper positioning and tactics, the enchantress should have ample time to try again or escape being bullied.

>> No.53484521

Myth-Weavers suffered a catastrophic loss of character sheets about five months ago.

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At least you tried.

>> No.53484531

I've long since embraced shitposting. There is no need for pride or pretenses, my only disappointment in this general is the lack of variety.

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>mfw in a game with friends and a game from here
>mfw had another friend send me a message about a potential third
>mfw might have an old game on hiatus come back

Shit's going pretty good, I just like to come back and watch the dumpster fire burn occasionally. That and check to see if anything got released recently. Or leaked. Speaking of: ADVENTURER'S GUIDE WHEN?

>> No.53484555

>Name one thing that bullying can't solve.

Your crushing loneliness and self-imposed isolation from meaningful relationships that will lead to either an unfulfilling marriage or being the old, miserable spinstress?

>W-well, with proper positioning and tactics, the enchantress should have ample time to try again or escape being bullied.

Here's what I'm hearing you say, "Blah blah blah, blah blah Batman." Give me a break! You're never EVER going to ensorcle that hunk, and when you fail he's going to laugh at you, pick you up, and put you on the top shelf where you belong!

>> No.53484560


Its weird to me because I found a long-running ttrpg group off of /tg/ and we've been doing campaigns on and off for nearly 8 years now.

Different community at the time I guess..

>> No.53484595
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>about five months ago.

Has it really been that long ago?

>> No.53484615

What games are you in, and where can I join them! Why do you have such optimism! Where can I get iiiiiit!

>> No.53484634

Counterpoint: Both of those things make phenomenal villainesses, so it's victory either way!

>> No.53484659

Counter-counterpoint: The villainous woman being such because she's cock-crazy is old hat and pretty tacky in our modern, more progressive world.

>> No.53484693
File: 84 KB, 736x1099, Character_367312_5846592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Valid. What's the coolest reason for the fresh, young faces to go bad these days?
Why SHOULD your villain be who they are? What's compelling? What works?

>> No.53484719

Not that I'd really mind being ensorcelled by someone I could already find attractive, but some of us martial hunks are already bullies for a living. I wouldn't put too much hope on being able to turn the tables so simply.

>> No.53484730
File: 209 KB, 640x941, tiefling tactician.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because it was their destiny. Because no matter what they tried, no matter who they wanted to be, every single road they could take led to this outcome. And you'd better believe they tried everything.

You can't fight fate, after all. Even those who try were destined to try.

>> No.53484747

If you want to keep the idea that she's an older, unmarried woman? That's incredibly easy; her husband and/or children were slaughtered by orders of the king of the realm she's ravaging, and this is her way to get payback.

>> No.53484758
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>some of us martial hunks are already bullies for a living
>not being a fearless defender of the innocent and protector of the weak


>> No.53484788
File: 85 KB, 749x720, 1418521657981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not that I'd really mind being ensorcelled by someone I could already find attractive, but some of us martial hunks are already bullies for a living.

>Bully for a living

>> No.53484804
File: 538 KB, 2834x1181, w1ONTjj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why did you choose the height you had chosen for your character, /pfg/?

>> No.53484807

Well, lose fights to the "good guy" for a living more often. But we've gotta eat even so.

>> No.53484818

>trying to do right
>the universe is all NO WAY

True suffering.

>> No.53484836

Rolled for it.

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>I'm going to build a reputation around being the impotent bully

>> No.53484851

Oh, believe me, they've got worse to answer for than talking shit to a crowd and getting them hyped up to see them fall.

>> No.53484852

Whatever felt like it made sense.

>> No.53484876

Impotent Bully is a timeless, classic character, Anon! Some of my best friends are Impotent Bullies!

Of course, I'd never let my daughter MARRY one, but still.

>> No.53484877

Rolled for it.

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>Comes from a long line of Royal Enforcers
>Doesn't get why he's doing what he's doing, hates it, daddy issues
>Already works for the Flower Court, from the shadows at least
>Uncle and Mentor is training him to take up the role
>"I'll answer all your questions when you best me" kind of relationship
>Dad eventually dies, uncle orders him to go get some life experience

Struck me as having good capeshit flavoring, trying to become a hero to impress your late father is a dangerous path to walk however, especially for someone with no apparent inclination to good behaior

>PRESENTATION : 8/10 -3 penalty for extreme length
There's a lot to work with with a character arc from "hero out of obligation" to an actual hero. Plenty of family and history to play with, but you had better have already told the DM the big secret, rather than expecting him to come up with it himself.
Hard to say on this one, because the structure doesn't actually contain his appeal to the princess, he's presumably asking to get in off his status. That said, it's obviously working with the themes of heroism however, so he should have a good story to tell
Hesitant to award many points here because Jericho here wouldn't slot into any given group. If he gets paired with idealists, his lawful neutralness will become apparent. But, he won't be causing mechanical overlap concerns.
He's adrift to the point of having to be told to sign up with the princess, for the purpose of coming to a decision on what it means to be a hero. Which really isn't what she's looking for. Who wants a project when they're asking for heroes?

Overall 20/40 Would convince he needs to purge my political enemies for me

>> No.53484895

I was there for that thread too, but let's not cross pollinate the /a/ and /tg/ threads please.

Yeah, honestly if a janitor were to watch these threads half of them should be pruned. It's the same posts over and over again, not actually discussing anything about Pathfinder.
It's depressing actually. I just come back after a half hour and hold down the spacebar because it's the same "but what if xPC had huge stinking knockers" in spoilers.

>> No.53484909
File: 23 KB, 199x301, 1389179134729.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't even have a daughter! You're never going to have a daughter because you're unlikable and surround yourself with impotent bullies!

>> No.53484941

Keyword here is "reputation".
You gotta be good in a fight to know how to fake one.

It's when you're fighting for your life that you stop pretending to slip and fall.

>> No.53484954

Might as well ask for help in turning this app to something other than an NPC


>> No.53484955

>More than half of those are discussion related to playing games, that can only happen because people are playing them

I don't see your problem.

What do you honestly expect people playing games to talk about?
Greentexts have proven to barely ever generate more than a small handful of replies before they're forgotten.

>> No.53484966

>Greentexts have proven to barely ever generate more than a small handful of replies before they're forgotten.
mainly because people don't get the greentexts they want

>> No.53484980
File: 51 KB, 500x689, ESPRESSODIA THE FORBIDDEN COFFEE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is depressing, but what else is there to talk about?

I can ask all the questions I want about building my Gunsmoke Mystic|Sniper Slayer, but they've already been answered. All the Paizo material's been run through and we're waiting for the next book.

This is the same thing that happens to /vp/ when there's no Pokemon news, and it happens to any community that 100%s the material it's centered on before new material can be released.

There's no meaningful discussion, because there's nothing meaningful left TO discuss.

>> No.53484981

See, you're going about this all sideways. You gotta build yourself the reputation of being an effective monster of a man, not some asshole that gets ground down by the regional hero-of-the-week. Reputation is what makes fear, anon.

At least you have an absurd amount of pride towards your reputation, yes?

>> No.53484988

Which greentexts do people want?

>> No.53485000

ded game ded thred

>> No.53485005

Saucy summaries of salacious smut scenes.

>> No.53485007

Hells yes I do. And I'm going to build it up from square one--by a name that deserves to be known.

>> No.53485008
File: 1.90 MB, 1296x1813, 4aa6274c4d3844b44de1d6b8ebe09a75.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but what if Cashmere had huge stinking knockers

>> No.53485015

Precisely, anon. Precisely.

Can I get some desperate battles for the fate of the world?

>> No.53485018

I want a greentext where FullBAB Martials smooch

>> No.53485028

Short girls are cute.

Especially if they're still thicc

>> No.53485029

To do that you'll need to convince a pfg game to start beyond level 3.

>> No.53485033



>> No.53485034

Somebody slaying a huge monster or powerful warrior.

>> No.53485039
File: 365 KB, 500x275, 1430018604365.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Good. Good! Remember, boy; pride makes a man, it drives him, it is the shield wall around his reputation, all true men understand that. Men die, but reputation does not die. What do we look for in a hero? Strength, generosity, hardness and success, and why should a man not be proud of these things? Show me a humble warrior and I will see a corpse.

>> No.53485042

Shipping. Forget erp logs, post more cute.

>> No.53485045

Was going to go with a reasonable height, then realized the one-handed weapon I'd picked is around 62" long. Ended up with a woman over six feet, because one-handing a sword large than you may work for anime characters, but it doesn't work for me.

>> No.53485050
File: 230 KB, 447x414, 1489900062148.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>low magic
>half casters

Someone want to play a cleric here and show him how it's done?

>> No.53485051

Reputation is fear, and pride protects reputation. An assault on your pride is an assault on the very fabric of your being, and should you shrug it off you will tear down the foundations of your very name.

>> No.53485056

That's all well and good if you're an ulfen or some such, but I think I'd rather be known AND alive, thanks. It hardly matters if you're generous.

>> No.53485063

isn't it a thematic reason not mechanical

>> No.53485075

>desperate battles
>slaying monsters and tough dudes

LoBaF and ironically enough PLD both do this in greentext, actually.

>> No.53485088


>> No.53485089

I mean that doesn't changed that I want to take her and make her my woman. Chest or no I want Cashmere!

>> No.53485099
File: 121 KB, 480x480, 1436022660458.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds like someone's being a baby back bitch, and would rather be the sniveling dog than a man who kept their reputation.

>> No.53485104

Fuck off Rory
I thought you wanted the other slut, anyway.

>> No.53485111

DHB btfo

>> No.53485119
File: 166 KB, 1280x1141, 1447034891673.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like Branwen?

>> No.53485122

Not Rory
but my name is color related

>> No.53485148

What reputation? The one where I should have been smothered? Or the one where I ought to be hanged?

>> No.53485160

go to dead red

>> No.53485169


>> No.53485194

She's not real THICC
But she is absolutely precious

>> No.53485196

Aw, you don't like the other one? That stings, Red.

>> No.53485241

Never said I don't! I might be a greedy man! The question at hand just had to do with Cashmere!

>> No.53485248
File: 83 KB, 392x267, 1450458182018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no THICC in Blingmaker

That said, you could make that precious girl even more valuable if you put her in the family way, she'd even get THICCer!

>> No.53485267

She's only 17. Quality diet and your suggestion will certainly fill her out.

>> No.53485278


Give her a couple years and a good diet and she'll be thicc like a titty witch should.

>> No.53485284

Any tips for a Life Oracle? Is it worth it if I want to be really supportive and helpful, or is there a better mystery for that?

>> No.53485293
File: 60 KB, 540x531, 1337026210728.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's pretty thicc already, what would this new and improved Titty Witch look like?

>> No.53485303

Post music that gets you hype for an encounter.


>> No.53485319


Basically anything from The Witcher 3.

>> No.53485326

my girl's an android. so i thought her being exactly 75 inches would be neat
ignoring the fact that androffans probably have different measurements, and so do golarionites for that matter

>> No.53485337

I'd post that one witch Aikega did, but I'd probably get banned, technically-covered be damned..

>> No.53485346

You ever play Dragon's Crown?

>> No.53485361
File: 160 KB, 646x584, 1485982206595.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God, but that game was beautiful, both in gameplay and art style.
And if you're implying what I think you're implying...

>> No.53485363
File: 614 KB, 850x1200, A_witch's_bust_is_her_resume.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would imagine she'd look something like this.

>> No.53485376


The first album is good, got a classic 80's thrash metal sound, the next album they have has also got some good stuff on it (That Fire and Honest Eyes), but the rest of it is meh.

Put it in an imgur album.

>> No.53485382
File: 162 KB, 555x800, 1433975232663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related, 21 year old Branwen trying to get into her old clothes?

>> No.53485391


>> No.53485398

Countsuccula and Slow shitting up the thread again.

>> No.53485407

Why the fuck aren't the mods doing something about them?

>> No.53485425

It really was phenomenal. I adore basically everything about it. Just so aesthetically pleasing in every way, and fun to boot!

>> No.53485441

It might have something to do with it being an anonymous thread that's already rampant with shitposting.

>> No.53485449


>> No.53485455

Blingmaker is at least as bad as PLD in terms of shitting up these threads. PLD has intensity, but Blingmaker has frequency.

>> No.53485474

There's a very specific style they go with. It'd be at least a little nicer if they were gone.

>> No.53485487

Who do you think it is? The thic posters?

>> No.53485494

I wish /pfg/ could keep it a little more in their pants.

>> No.53485495
File: 66 KB, 940x627, op345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does your character have any close friends, inside or outside of the party, /pfg/?

>> No.53485501

Almost as beautiful as you, anon

>> No.53485504

Is there ever a reason to play an Antipaladin? Why does it exist?

>> No.53485515

No fucking shit. Same style, same frequency, without fail. I have that twitterspeak shit on filter but it's still a pain to see a flood of posts crop up, knowing that they're drowning out the possibility of better discussion.

>> No.53485543

How do I filter words in a thread? I only know how to do that in the catalog.

>> No.53485553

>Doing Book 4 of Kingmaker
>Players Diplomacy their way into For Drelev....Except they say who they really are to the guards
>Give multiple hints as GM to RUN, RUN NOW
>Hint not picked up on
>Long story short, they end up having to run away with the kobold swashbuckler 'dead' (unconscious and prisoner) after the boss and his minions do a surprise attack on the group during the meeting.

I know part of the problem was we couldn't play for a couple month's due to me having to do hockey on game night for a while but boy, they are in 'get ready' mode for round two at the keep.

>> No.53485560

Check out the settings.

>> No.53485571

He has a real close friend in the party whose judgment he recently had cause to call into question.

Ya see, they go a couple years back, to paladin college, and this particularly holy champion has always been a stand up feller, real dependable guy. Unfortunately, now he's smitten, besotted, really, over some witch girl, and it's downright disgraceful. How's he to know if she's ensorcelled him? They can't be trusted!

>> No.53485583
File: 615 KB, 825x1022, 1458247604643.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Because no other class is good enough for Thean Tagonist, anon.

>> No.53485614

I'll tell the story of the time our PoW/SoP party of five level 8s fought and brought down a level 20 PoW paladin in a lesser known pfg game.
For context, last session the old party TPK'd in what was literally a desperate battle for the fate of the world, so the new party optimized harder to make sure that didn't happen again. The paladin was the endboss of a gauntlet of steadily increasing threats so the GM could gauge the strength of the new party.

>We were pulled to a metaphysical flat plane where there was no visible escape from
>To show the relative power gap, the party was rolling +11~14 to hit while the paladin rolled at +27
>However, each of our party had optimized different things:
>Warlord knight maxed CHA more than his physical stat
>Hedgewitch girl maxed AC
>Harbinger kitsune maxed debuffs
>Sorcerer kitsune maxed mind sphere and had an awakened harpy companion
>Rogue loli maxed no save debuffs and the Climb skill

>Hedgewitch charges in first and spars for a turn - high AC saves her, but divine grace vs AoE blasts means the paladin isn't very hurt
>Party arrives, Paladin immediately KOs the harbinger who hadn't asked for healing beforehand while she effortlessly counters the warlord
>Rogue rushes in, activates a Fool's Errand boost, and throws the floating paladin 20 feet away into the ground and knocks her prone
>Only hits one attack after that, but it's the one that counts: she takes a ton of nonlethal d6 off sap master, and penalties to hit
>Warlord moves in: Tactical Flanker gives him a huge attack bonus and they both start beating paladin up with strikes
>Paladin, enraged, tries to cut down the rogue, who counters and makes the check by 1 after the paladin factors in all their debuffs
>Kicks paladin's longsword out of her hand and catches it!
>Well! Turns out the longsword is holy and the party is evil so now the rogue takes 2 negative levels

>> No.53485616
File: 392 KB, 254x401, Smug.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where were you when Paizo ruined Starfinder?

>> No.53485622

Wait, where does it say it's low magic?

Isn't magic just rarer but not exactly low magic? more like medium-magic? When I think low magic i think like.. any form of magic being extremely rare, in the setting it definitely seems commonplace i think

>> No.53485624

Can't ruin something that was bad in the first place.

>> No.53485646

It was looking real promising when they gave the preview of the Soldier.

>> No.53485663

So did anyone see the update about the Shifter? It's basically a more melee focused Druid.

>> No.53485690

I haven't been paying attention to Pathfinder for years, what's wrong with Starfinder?

>> No.53485696

The Shifter is to the Druid as the Paladin is to the Cleric... But I thought Rangers were the Paladins of Nature?

>> No.53485714

Thanks, anything you'd recommend to filter?

>> No.53485718

Nah Rangers are the Inquisitors of Nature.

>> No.53485736

>what's wrong with Starfinder?
I could give you a whole schpeil about the ridiculous social commentary they're shoving into the game, but that's all personal opinion and would get you bogged down into meaningless debates over what is or is not okay to discuss in muh sci-fi setting, but...

... The real issue with Starfinder is an apparent focus on keeping melee weapons both effective and viable in a setting where laser weapons should be king. The infamous example here is the Iconic Soldier wielding a melee weapon that does 1d12+4 damage, while her "light repeater cannon" (a heavy weapon, which is greater than a longarm and double-better than a light weapon) only does 1d10. Just 1d10, no bonuses.

The common defense is laser weapons have range, but the fly in that pudding is the fact you will rarely encounter scenarios that use significant range.

>> No.53485737

PM them or depart

>> No.53485749


You mean spiel?

>> No.53485764

I like to say it with that extra Yiddish spittle.

>> No.53485767

Seriously, what's the gist of the social commentary?

Also why would Paizo do that with the ranged weaponry, isn't ranged weaponry sucking dick already a problem?

>> No.53485768


Are you saying it's impossible to create a situation where range becomes important? What about a sniper that has a boobytraped area all pre-pared in advanced and takes potshots to try and move you into traps? Probably even has minions that can force you to move out of hiding even?

The design and set-up of combat relies on the GM to create and allow those situations I feel.

>> No.53485772


>Rogue follows up with Fading Strike, kicking the paladin again, using Debilitating Strikes to halve her move speed, and teleports 30 feet away before dropping the sword
>Paladin gets angry! She shouts out a summoning spell for a creature called 'Wyvern!'
>Someone jokes that they really hope it's not a real wyvern and it's just the name of her pet dog
>...They were right
>A dog appears
>A big dog, it's a giant ice wolf who hits half the party with a cone of cold
>Also the dog has maneuvers
>Kitsune sorcerer is having none of this. Paladin saved vs all his effects earlier, but now he uses Paralyze on the wolf, making it fall over helpless
>Before the paladin can even come up on the initiative order again, their large harpy 5ft steps and coup de graces the dog from 20ft away with a reach weapon
>Fastest dead dog

>Jailer is ANGRY
>Starts cutting down the party with a backup weapon as the initiators keep beating down on her
>GM mumbles OOC because every time she heals herself they have to recalculate the lethal and nonlethal damage she's taken separately
>Everyone is low on HP now, but the initiators keep slamming on her
>Fight ends with a strike that we thought the paladin countered, but after 5 minutes of checking and adding up the penalties from the debuffs the rogue and harbinger had stacked on her that cover half the map, we figure she barely failed, and the strike connects, knocking her out for good with the combination of lethal and nonlethal

On a later date the hedgewitch used this paladin as a pawn in part of a scheme to assassinate a dark empire official /on our side/ for insulting her without the rest of the party knowing, but that's a story for another time.

>> No.53485788

Any more details? All I know is it's full BAB and gets something like the hunters animal focus

>> No.53485796

>Seriously, what's the gist of the social commentary?

80% of the deities are female, and 66% of the male deities are either assholes or evil. The Iconic Human is a space lesbian Communist, and there's apparently some thing about Androids being agender or genderfluid because whatever.

As I said, it sounds flimsy and it will be treated as flimsy.

>> No.53485808

>The android is genderfluid

>Not specifying your gender as "murderhobo"

fucking plebs

>> No.53485810

From what I've seen it's basically going to be a mix of the animal transformation aspects of the Druid mixed with the animal powers aspect of the superhero Vixen from DC. So even if you're in your base form you're still going to be doing damage, and if you need something more specific you can go full Animorph and transform into a specific animal.

>> No.53485811

Oh, that doesn't sound that bad, but it doesn't sound like the kind of thing that would get 4chan in a tiff.

>> No.53485817

>Also why would Paizo do that with the ranged weaponry
Honestly? I think Paizo's screwing the pooch with their beliefs on balance; they're making sure most of the encounters are short range not because they hate ranged weapons, but because they're desperate to keep melee relevant in a setting where it really shouldn't.

It's... Oh man, get this, it's Paizo getting trapped making the "water balloon fighter" statement, the whole "muah muah my iron pipe thug isn't effective against a Space Marine, this cannot continue."

No, but I'm saying it's not going to be in the best interests of most DMs.

>> No.53485823

Savage, Anon. That's some wild stuff.

>> No.53485841
File: 60 KB, 434x434, thiscannotcontinue.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53485844

>but it doesn't sound like the kind of thing that would get 4chan in a tiff.

Senpai, /v/ got fucking livid at Far Cry 5 because the enemy's a crazy cult in Montana that happens to have Christian iconography and seem to be predominantly white.

We get in a tiff over everything.

>> No.53485865

I suggest oft-repeated mindless phrases that are imported from non-4chan sources and spammed to the point they've lost what relevancy they had, like "thicc" and "cuck". You can highlight specific phrases and add them to the filter too if you need to, just highlight them and click the arrow.

>> No.53485866

Androids could probably identify as Gunship, assuming we get some slick-ass head-jacks to plug your cybernetically-enhanced technomancer into a rotor-bladed killing machine.

>> No.53485876


I thought that was still filtered to kek, cuck.

>> No.53485896

Wow, how the heck do you float images on the right on a roll20 application?

>> No.53485983

The cannon does 1d10, fires at a lower AC, and supposedly can be shot multiple times in a round. The 1d12+4 weapon can never be used more than once in a round.

Also you totally made up "you will rarely encounter scenarios that use significant range". That makes an amazingly broad assumption about all GMs that will run Starfinder games.

>> No.53485984
File: 26 KB, 960x480, Starfinder cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Seriously, what's the gist of the social commentary?
See pic

>> No.53485998

Yeah. It's fine. Just ignore the manchildren.

>> No.53486010

The Cannon can only fire once until iterative attacks, the lower AC is based off one armor, and the melee weapon's weakness is a special quality to that weapon only.

And I'm being amazingly broad because the moment anyone applies with a melee character is the moment a DM has to accommodate lest the melee player sucks ass.

>> No.53486019

Remember when Communism was about worker's rights and solidarity, rather than leecher's rights and solidarity?

>> No.53486024

Not when the Jew pioneering it was a lazy fuck, no.

>> No.53486053


So, Star Trek?

>> No.53486056

>implying it ever was

>> No.53486082

The moment anyone applies with a swashbuckler character is the moment a DM has to accomodate lest the swashbuckler suck ass.

>> No.53486095
File: 130 KB, 500x333, gryphon statue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's a guy gotta do to get a gryphon in this game? Or any flying mount?

>> No.53486115

Ask your GM.

>> No.53486129

Roc is probably the easiest one for Druid. Or suck it up and take take the 2 Monstrous Mount feats. You can also try negotiate for a Monstrous Cohort.
Orc can get a pterodactyl via racial archetype or something

>> No.53486156

>No, but I'm saying it's not going to be in the best interests of most DMs.

Why wouldn't it? If the problem is with the damage of the ranged weapons those can be altered and situations that warrant the appropriate style of fighting made. It's not like ranged weapons are exclusive to particular classes so if you're in a space where there is a lot of ground and a lot of cover and one side is pelting you from range it makes sense to shoot back while your melee guy tries to get closer if they can, otherwise they can start shooting to. while the opposite may be true inside of a ship or somewhere where the environment is not conducive to shooting because something bad will happen and this is without taking into account shit like armor that lets you tank small arms.

I don't think either options of fighting should be gimped on some vague notion of realism, warham40k logic is fine for science fantasy but that's a matter of personal taste and opinion.

>> No.53486324

No more reviews?

>> No.53486327

Pretty sure Paizo said iterative attacks aren't even a thing in Starfinder.

>> No.53486369

I'm doing it, /pfg/! I'm writing my character! I'm hype!

>> No.53486375

Tell us about your character!

>> No.53486470

He's a playwright-come-comedian! He's gonna tell horrible jokes! He might also be an elder god reborn, but hey, don't worry about it!

>> No.53486475

Sounds like my kind of comrade.

>> No.53486488

Special. Wait for it. Snowflake.

>> No.53486491

Nah they are. Its just harder to achieve more attacks through extra feats and the like.

>> No.53486505

I like this a lot, Anon. Does he have any friends or family of note?

>> No.53486530

What's a decent oracle curse?
My DM is hosting a "B team" campaign and in wondering what's are the best curses to get into?

I'm currently thinking legalistic with its nice moral bonus later and early skill buffs.

Any better ideas?

>> No.53486540

You better believe it! He's the Special-est Snowflake!
His current story is he came from a very, very far away island because he hated it, so no family. As for friends, I'm not sure yet!

>> No.53486575

Are conjuration creation weapons manufactured weapons? Or more to the point, can you use sense vitals with fiery shuriken? Both are lvl 2 wizard spells.

>> No.53486599

Not if you want to be a healer.

>> No.53486623

>be CHAlord
>mfw for the last encounters what is actively countering the party is not the DM going completely crazy with encounters but the party's personality conflicts showing around.
Oh, right, and insofar the hedgewitch has caused a plot derail at least 4 times, plus having most of the responsibility for the previous TPK.

>> No.53486658

I rolled for it. Height doesn't really matter to me if you're 2'8" or 2'2"

>> No.53486665

still better than the necromancer

>> No.53486686
File: 212 KB, 525x525, 1461227430539.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I, to this day, remain denied of what should've been rightfully mine.

>> No.53486701

Please respobd

>> No.53486744

Since we've seen a bunch of the core setting for starfinder, what would you want in a custom setting?

>> No.53486757

What's your opinion on Iomedae. What's her deal? Why exactly is she disliked? I know nothing of her

>> No.53486793

For a /pfg/ setting, you mean?

Otherwise, I'm sure we'll be drowning in Star Fox Adventures and Outlaw Star and Macross campaigns

>> No.53486807

>Don't want to play face
>Can't come up with any character concepts to play that aren't CHA

>> No.53486815
File: 96 KB, 1057x1500, Iomedae.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I adore Iomedae, but I also ignore the Shitposters, and the questionable AP, in favor of the Official God Book, Inner Sea Gods.

Iomedae interests me a great deal because she's one of the formerly mortal deities whose life was very recent in a historical sense, and her entire life has been one long struggle for her ideals, under different Patrons, both of whom came to untimely ends.
A good way for you to think about it is imagine the noble, upstanding paladin woman adventurer/hero/champion, and imagine her fighting the good fight all her life, and eventually ascending to divinity to continue that good fight as her old superiors are killed or vanish.

The relationship between Arazni and Iomedae is something that really should be explored more, since Arazni was her original Patron. Iomedae's views of Tar-Baphon, Geb, and necromancers in general would be colored by those two and their defilement of her original Demigoddess. Where Sarenrae and Pharasma have impersonal beef with Undead, Iomedae has this oddly personal vendetta with their sort for that reason, which I totally dig. She's ultimately a very human deity, which is a weird thing to say, but it's absolutely valid.

>> No.53486823

Minotaur Lady kicked out for mysterious reason, kicks butt in attempt to fulfill some obscure goal

>> No.53486859

Unwist, leave this place

>> No.53486881

I'm not even posting about unrequited love this time!

>> No.53486900

I'm still sour about that, Unwist. You need to let me PM you.

>> No.53486901

iomedae more like


>> No.53486926

I want Unwist to stay! maybe I can erp with her instead!

>> No.53487020

Any new images from that Paizo convention? I'm looking forward to Starfinder

>> No.53487040

look forward to overlewd greentexts
probably tomorrow, i'm reelin' from caffeine and session. gonna be posting tomorrow when i'm feeling more in shape.

This Week on Overlewd: The Crawling Death saga begins.

>> No.53487057

Anon...just teach her patience. Thinkk laterally. Give her short-term goals and explain that acchievement feats are a big thing and should only be completed after a long journey.

>> No.53487074

Flying creatures, undead or other things that can't be sapped.

>> No.53487077

Achievement feats are literally the most autistic thing and whoever came up with their prereqs should be fired.


>> No.53487112

They did say DM should exercise appropriate judgement when allowing these feats to keep stupid murderhobo stuff like this from happening.

>> No.53487118

>the return of duo apps

>> No.53487226

The Huge Dragon Butt saga

>> No.53487309
File: 136 KB, 660x480, Nomad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




have a picture of a dude doing magic and stuff as payment

>> No.53487337

One player keeps making my fetishes and it's very disconcerting!

>> No.53487345


Celebs become celebs because they have a quality that stands out, whether for better or for worse.

So potential celebs from ensoulment are ones which have something noticeably different from the others. They might have gone under the radar this time but the potential to stand apart means they'll eventually catch anon's attention for some arbitrary reason.

>> No.53487401

Who is it, anon? What are the fetishes?

>> No.53487408


>> No.53487465

Shizuka's creator is a weirdo! A WEIRDO!

>> No.53487547

I find it funny that 'celeb apps' are a thing.

I mean I don't have time for yet more. I already got into my two big-profile memed games.

>> No.53487628


I didn't want to apply, buuuut the concept speaks to me on a personal level.

>> No.53487668

Eh, it's entertaining to say the least. One anon made a fair point about it with a "They become e.celebs because their app has something that makes them stand out"

>> No.53487679

Often times it's a great ass or big tits.

>> No.53487704

Well, either your excellence is rewarded because it proves to be true, or you crash and burn into obscurity or infamy because you screwed up and embarrassed yourself or others.

For instance: IterationDrive and Hell's Vengeance. Had a high-concept character that people talked a lot about, had a lot of infamy and delivered a pretty shocking swerve, but then pussed out and ran off.

I feel good that my passion has been rewarded thus far. I also worry constantly that I'm just a step away from being called out as a fraud who can't do anything right.

>> No.53487705

just like real life. . .

>> No.53487727

Yeah, I feel it.
you want to talk about the spoiler anon?

>> No.53487728
File: 224 KB, 666x1000, 613ffb9b0f83ba6ec6865ffba057bb78.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doesn't this mean character portrait is one of the most important things about an app?

Isn't that kind of shallow? Seems like it's easy mode to post a big titty anime girl.

And why is it always big titty = beautiful? It's like /pfg/ has no interest in girls with normal bodies.

>> No.53487739

People don't play games like this for normal.

>> No.53487747

Because big tits are a meme. Like a literal real life meme, jack.

And memes sell.

>> No.53487752
File: 157 KB, 960x544, f8c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a little tiring when /pfg/ is 99% Rebooblicans.

>> No.53487760

If the DM is like that, it is 90% a lewd memegame anyway

>> No.53487764

Well technically, fancying big tits are one of the few parts of human behavior that's NOT a meme.

It IS actually a genetic predisposition.

>> No.53487770
File: 1.28 MB, 1636x1012, __original_drawn_by_touma_kisa__51a600be09fc5173e8ecaa59d0e95c59.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Normal bodies are filled with imperfections, deformities, sagging, fat in the wrong places, ugly scars and burns, hair that isn't attractive, illnesses and all such.
2D girls have bountiful, perfect bodies, where even scars can be made aesthetic. Nothing is out of place and everything meshes well together.
When the difference is this massive, why ever choose the former? This is the physical aspect of 3DPD

>> No.53487774

Demoflat is justice.

>> No.53487783

It's an irrational fear anyway. And if I screw up, I'll deal with it.

>> No.53487797

Yes, but remember, while 3D may choose not to love you, 2D can't even entertain the notion. This is a drug, and it may nourish simple parts of your mind, but it won't feed your soul.

>> No.53487799
File: 280 KB, 416x749, 8ace92494d38c270a7fc428828918dd9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, but /pfg/ thinks every girl should look like pic related except with thicker thighs.

And that's, like, 50% of what they're looking for in an app.

>> No.53487816

That's not that big.

>> No.53487817
File: 845 KB, 750x1200, 9115826eba6e347753474e21a98b2729.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's the most important part of thread popularity, unfortunately.
My brothers... I've found you.

>> No.53487818

Ok, just wanted to see if I could help.
Take it easy Anon.

>> No.53487821

I don't really dig the catgirls. I think they'd be better as just girls.

>> No.53487834
File: 1.62 MB, 3000x4240, 5e92c596eb7b3cdf52d6b9254bdf7b3a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh sorry, I forgot /pfg/ games took only girls with even bigger boobs.

>> No.53487846

Maxumumsleep and captain slow being as famous as they are objectively proves you wrong, anon

>> No.53487854

That's irrelevant. They don't even play girls.
Captain Slow just rides off the Casimir popularity. GMs take Captain Slow because they want another Casimir.

>> No.53487861

I'm pretty certain they're also famous for the size of their characters' chests.

>> No.53487873


>> No.53487876

The only Wist app you could call thicc was succubed, and people liked her better as a cube.

Broodie's most famous app is a rat.

>> No.53487877
File: 499 KB, 724x1024, 1487455267400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fri 10 Jun 2016 07:19:44

>Do you recall the tales of Myth-Weavers being used as a farm for characters to copy and reuse as NPCs, /pfg/?

>I just had that fate befall me moments ago. The GM explicitly informed me that I was not good enough for the final cut of players. I was passed up in favor of the community's veterans who were already in at least eight other games each, and whose characters had minimal ties to the campaign hook, a phenomenon another has observed in this thread >>47705931.

>However, the GM mentioned to me that they would like to use my character as a minor NPC in their game, and that I would receive an opportunity to roleplay the character in a single scene to help with exposition. I was singled out for this offer.

>I am not sure how to feel about this. I was not good enough to be accepted as a player, yet my character was just interesting enough for the GM to have around as a minor NPC... played by me, for a single scene. Is this supposed to be simultaneous praise and condescension? What am I to do with this booby prize?

Are we really that different from Myth-Weavers now? We're doing the thing where every game is a popularity contest between tons of apps and the ones most likely to get in are the celebrity players already in a TON of other games.

And Ensoulment's doing the thing where your failed app becomes an NPC...

Is this the fate of all RPG communities?

>> No.53487881

desire to b r e e d intensifies

>> No.53487979

I think the only true tittymonster I can think of that ever got in a /pfg/ game was Calsicahedrix.

>> No.53487986

They are extremely willing to ERP with anything that moves. It's natural.

>> No.53488064

That's not true at all! They're both pure and kind souls! Why would you say such slanderous things, Anon?

Where is your proof?

>> No.53488080

Then how do you explain Disk?

>> No.53488107

No one memes him even though he gets into a lot of games, proof that you need to put out.

>> No.53488109

Why Casimir? Isn't he just some geezer with a sword and the hots for a younger woman? What's special about that?

>> No.53488118

It's a huge difference between upfront, inclusive and voluntary vs tacked on and singling one particular rejected app out.

>> No.53488120

>50 doses of Night Tea
>in a game with Sleep and Slow
>run by Wubu

>> No.53488132

>sound of goalposts moving
First it was about big beasts and getting into games

Then it was about willingness to erp

Now it's about the importance of being memed?

>> No.53488151

No, that Anon is arguing that ERP trumps memes, because someone got into games without being a meme.

Obviously the only alternative is that they typeblew the others, because nobody ever picks apps based on quality writing or narrative synergy.

>> No.53488201


Shit, I wish I'd known that I was typeblowing/type-eating out my GM. It sounds like it might have actually been pleasant. I thought I just got lucky because I was literally who in the most actually literal sense before the decision came down for RotJR.

>> No.53488312

You gotta pay attention. Quit wasting all that brain energy on, ya know, writing and considering storytelling and drama and such, and focusing on sweaty ERP, you know?

>> No.53488329

But Anon...
I do both.

>> No.53488347

What's your Discord?

>> No.53488375


>> No.53488381

If you know your SMT memes, you might be able to pick it out.

>> No.53488399
File: 312 KB, 770x1000, PZO9480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Spoilers when?

>> No.53488437


>Commissioned to sculpt a gryphon
>Not only sculpt the penis, but pose the gryphon so it's completely in focus

>> No.53488500


>> No.53488532

I hate being criminally uncultured. Maybe another time, then, when I'm smart enough to find you.

>> No.53488534

2 more days until release?

>> No.53488559

Yeah but I assume you're in shitty Friday ROTJR.

>> No.53488584


>> No.53488612
File: 214 KB, 1500x1906, 16586968_10154513710414209_3560662398088819335_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just PM THEM if you want to find them, Anon. It's that easy!

>> No.53488668

I already PM IKiD!

>> No.53488684

New Thread:


>> No.53488706

Same. They're very cute and I'm excited for the rest of our game together.

>> No.53488708

Was it as wild as the rumors?

>> No.53488732

Oh yeah we shared RPG stories and IKiD even told me about some goofy 3.5 build because it was my first time learning about 3.5, because I just happen to miss it entirely!

>> No.53488744

Rules question.
Spear Dancing Spiral feat says: "While using Spear Dancing Style, you gain the benefit of Weapon Finesse with the chosen weapon if it is appropriately sized for a creature of your size category. In addition, you can use any feat or ability that functions with a quarterstaff with your chosen weapon."
Can I cast Shillelagh on the chosen weapon, since it works on a quarterstaff?

>> No.53488745

They're a real treasure, to be sure.

>> No.53488767

I wouldn't assume so. By specifying "feat or ability", the intent seems to be that any class feature or special ability you innately possess that would normally use a quarterstaff can now use a polearm. Shillelagh affects the weapon itself, and is independent from you, so it wouldn't be something you could cast on a spear or polearm.

That said, if your GM was generous, he might let you use it on the polearm's haft and ONLY let you gain its benefits if you're just whacking someone with the haft.

>> No.53488785

Don't ever change, Red

>> No.53488814

I don't plan on it buddy!

>> No.53488907

>you feelin alright brood

What the fuck

>> No.53488925


DM's should definitely take pity one someone who went down that feat chain

>> No.53489652

I think I figured out the plot of the first AP of Starfinder from what was shown so far:
>you go to the deserted spaceship which brought an asteroid from not!warp
>on it, you find a bunch of weird cocoons
as you approach the cocoons, they burst into akatas who attack you
>as you delve deeper into the situation, it turns out said akatas are pretty much just younglings of the local not!tyranid swarm which seeks to eat the galaxy
>you recover that something along the following lines happened:
>>the spaceship was scouting for material-rich asteroids on the far reaches of the galaxy
>>it grabbed one of them and went into not!warp to bring it back home to sell it there
>>however, the asteroid turned out to be a not!tyranid scout outpost with several akatas hybernating in it, who were awoken by the spaceship
>and then you fight the not!tyranids

>> No.53490107
File: 297 KB, 884x903, 1486090697108.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if it's just Rise of the Runelords in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace?

>> No.53490225

Wouldn't be so bad.
After all, RotRL was back before Paizo drank the SJW kool-aid and ripped all the teeth out of their setting. If there's anything good that could be done for Starfinder, it's a return to their darker roots. Something along the lines of Firefly's Reavers would be nice.

>> No.53490334


Firefly is terrible, you should feel bad.

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