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Which CYOAs make you feel sad or melancholic, somewhat wistful maybe?

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your own life

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All of them because they're not real.

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Urban Unrest.
Also this.

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Isn't there one where your lover fuckin dies after a vacation you plan.

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The dying foxgirl one by kit, because unlike Beri's there was no easy way to fix the situation, Well I think it was kit, but I'm having issues with using his drive

The persona was pretty sad with the last girl who was dying and wanted to have fun with you and live her life.

Other than that I don't really know of anything else that was particularly sad or wistful. Nothing here really attempt to be particularly sad.
>Urban Unrest
How so? Other than the girl trapped behind the door everything is pretty nice and sweet

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I got you famms

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It still amazes me that the Hive Mind doesn't just make all the tyranids look like sick laser breathing dragons.

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Pretty sure the dying kitsune was kit. Also, there was another CYOA from him that started at the funeral of that kitsune.

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Oh is that the one where you're getting magical powers or something?


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All of them.

The positive and fun ones, because they're not real and I can't shake the belief that even if they were, I wouldn't be allowed to enjoy them, because whatever power controls existence has declared me to be worthy only of rejection and ridicule.

The negative and depressing ones, because they make me think that's the fate that's been chosen for me.

The cute ones, because cute and happy things make me want to cry.

The ones that are intended to be tragic, because I believe my subhuman status means I'm not allowed to have the human experience of sharing the sorrow and reflecting on it.

It's pretty fucked up when every time you start feeling something, you're also judging whether or not your feelings would be respected, as if you were a character in a movie and you're trying to figure out if the audience would support you and empathize with you, or laugh at your emotions because you're the designated "loser" character who's supposed to serve as an acceptable target for mockery and whose suffering is played for laughs.

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Does anyone have that meta cyoa that allows you too combine two different cyoas?

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Haven't been able to work on it much, but the first page is done!
Any edit suggestions? Next page is gonna be crew mates/waifus
Crew members, including you, take up one slot for cargo and crew capacity, What? They have stuff too. and if you have leftover cargo space you can pick from an items list.

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You do realize achilles cried like a bitch to his mom because they took his girl whom he took as a spoil of war, right?

And he's the protagonist of the oldest written work of western civilization. I'm sure someone will respect your emotions.

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*nods respectfully towards your emotions*

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>pick loli waifu
>shove her in a cupboard to save space

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Yes I guess? I don't remember the details... I guess you met the niece of the kitsune and she gives you a wish or something.

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Fucking lol.
I'm half tempted to allow it.

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this one. probably because i can so clearly see the ending.

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It's a bit personal, so I'd rather not share. Good CYOA though.
Speaking of.

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>Time: Overnight
Just long enough.

>Staying: Bed and Breakfast
A wonderful place.

>Activities: Go Clamming, Cook Together
It would be nice to have them fresh.

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reminder to never reply to SDA

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Don't bully. SDAs have feelings too.

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But I like SDA.

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Weekend Trip

Bed and Breakfast

Go on a Picnic
Rent a Movie
Go Clamming
Rest Together

Go get a drink

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How many DSAs would it take to beat an SDA?

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Zero. Anyone can beat SDA

No they don't

Nice try SDA

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You need two tanks for tank swaps, no more than two healers, and I'd recommend the rest as DPS to meet those DPS checks.

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Age Gap

Blood Relations
I was leaning towards family friend, but without incest it wouldn't make sense for any of the sexual tension to exist in this way.


Me and my imouto get along really well and we have lots of fun playing around, but sometimes we like to have starring fights, and sometimes she gets way too close to my face during them.

She's my sweet imouto who just wants to protect and play with her aniki. We share a lot of the same hobbies and she likes to take up things that I like.

Physical Habits
>Head Patting
Just innocent family bonding actives

>The Park
As long as we're together anything is fine, but because of our hobbies we tend to stay indoors or adventure.
Physical Features
>Height: Similar
>Breasts: Regular
She has slightly small breasts, but she's not flat
>Facial Aspect: Cute
>Butt and Hips: Regular
>Physique: Normal
>Skin Tone: Fair
>Clothing: Unladylike

>To Be with You

Why does my imouto need a disability to have underwear?

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10+ Years
Family Friend
Public Onii-chan, private First Name
Friendly, Lustful
Autistic, Clingy, Pure, Genius, Childish, Kind, Submissive
Handholding, Hugging, Kissing
Mall Center, The Theaters, Theme Park, Indoors
Shorter, Flat, Cute, Narrow, Scrawny, Pale, Unorthodox
To Be With You
Foreign, Dropped, Sickly
Glasses, Good Smile

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>That spoiler
They will have them, anon, it's just you get the chance to choose for them!

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>tfw you want to reply to a post, but then you see that SDA made it

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i think salted potatoes is a pretty cool guy
eh kills waifus and doesnt afraid of anything

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SDA is the last holdover from when this place was decent. He's like roman ruins, he's precious and most be preserved.

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Update when?

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The only one that's real.

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It's scheduled after Necromancer update.

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>tfw your sweet adorable imouto will never have friends
>tfw you're the only person she has who cares for her
>tfw you will never get to fuck her slutty bff behind her back

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Scientist is my senpai here, actually.

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I think it's better this way, it really hammers home the desperation and contempt felt by most who browse these threads.

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I'm going to buy my sister all kinds of cute underwears. Suck on that, CYOA.

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Is scientist still here? I thought he left after the last necromancer update.

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This one.

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You know what we need? A MtG waifu cyoa like the Picking-A-Goddess one with Elesh Norn as one of the options

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>desperation and contempt
How does her not having friends do that? Do you mean that most here would prefer she didn't have friends because we would be jealous?

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He's active on the Discord and pops in from time to time. I don't think he's working on anything currently though.

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anons want yandere because they are yandere themselves

its actually a lot more sad than the names imply

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Age Difference
>1-3 Years
7-9 Years

Blood Relations

I love tomboys to a fault.

Let's be honest. One of these options is mandatory so we can only choose one.

Personality Traits

Physical Habits
>Waking Up
This is actually really handy since I always sleep in
>Head Patting
Another mandatory choice.

Motivation is easier with others, so another problem of mine solved
I may like indoors better, but nothing beats walks through the foggy hills.

Physical Features
Kinda have to since age I choose
See above
She's been doing her squats
I fuckin love tomboys

>To Be With You
>To Shape You Up

Anyone else really hard right now?

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Months ago some Anon posted this wip
Does anyone know if any progress has been made on it?

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The ancient Greeks were very different. In the Odyssey even the manliest men cry at the drop of a hat. Nowadays they would be considered crybabies and bullied mercilessly.

And one thing to realize about mythological figures is that they are often given allowances that wouldn't actually apply to the people who believed in them. Much of Achilles' behavior, especially dragging Hector's body around in his chariot, was considered taboo. Another example is when Thor dressed up as a woman to get his hammer back. In real life crossdressing resulted in basically the greatest dishonor available to Norsemen, but as a mythical character it basically gets played for laughs and Thor remains the paragon of noble manliness.

The point being that yes, there will certainly be someone out there who respects that Anon's feelings, but that is no help if he can't find them. Because in that case he's left to the mercies of a culture that doesn't accept his emotions as valid.

t. pedantic pessimist

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What "we" need is for you to turn the CYOA ideas you have into reality instead of just musing about them uselessly.

>> No.53349079

I am almost absolutely positive that was never completed. Sorry, anon.

>> No.53349087

But Anon that'd require actual effort and work.

>> No.53349120

Which is no different from all the CYOAs you find here in the first place. They all take work. The point is that nobody can make YOUR idea into reality as well as you can yourself, so you better get on it already if you want it to ever exist. We all do this shit because we want to, nobody is getting paid here.

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" I'm gonna complain about people not doing menial, boring work to make pretty CYOAs while not doing menial, boring work to make pretty CYOAs because I am a fucking idiot. "
Get off your high horse you fucking autist

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No, I'm gonna remind you that everything made here was made by someone exactly like you. Because you keep forgetting it and think this is a pro video game studio or something that you can just whine at, I don't know.

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The top 3 are Emps then Eldar, and then orks.

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Become chaos god and fight for the Emperor of Mankind.

>> No.53349262

All the CYOAS were made by someone who cares enough to actually make a CYOA. You can't expect people to do things just because they can. Sure, i've got ideas, but i'm not gonna put them in motion just because some faggot online will get pissy if I don't.

The world doesn't pander to you. People won't be your private CYOA making army just because you want them to, you raging autist.

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>You can't expect people to do things just because they can.
Yes I can.

>Sure, i've got ideas, but i'm not gonna put them in motion just because some faggot online will get pissy if I don't.
I don't give a fuck if you do it m8, I'm telling you you are the ONLY person who can make what you're WHINING about not having.

For some idiotic reason you think just wanting to have something is a valid reason to whine. Please fucking stop, nobody wants to listen to you. It probably comes from how professional studios actually listen to destructive wankers like you because you actually pay them - but you aren't paying anyone here, so put up of fuck off.

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Autism within the first 60 posts.
Is that a /cyoag/ record?

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When did you come here, two days ago?

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congratulations on making me cringe

>> No.53349397

If you care enough to make a post demanding someone make a CYOA for you then you should also care enough to make it yourself.

Is what I think he was saying.

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I already knew you were a clueless child, no need to say it again.

Not actually the whole point, more like only half of it. But sure, not like they'd understand if I explain it again.

>> No.53349436

you really aren't helping your case

>> No.53349448

That's nice? Please cringe as much or as little as you want, anon.

>> No.53349731

Notta crap tonne of progress done since last time, mates, but I'm still working.

>> No.53349752

So when I'm working on redoing the Blackrock School CYOA I posted the other day to clean it up a bit, after that I might start on my projects for next weekend.

I'm tinking with the idea of a CYOA where you're a long suffering cultist who has to deal with both the demands of your god/demon/eldritch abomination and your stupid fellow cultists. What are some fun entities to have in charge? I'm having the Yellow King be one for sure.

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Creator seems pretty sweet. It'd be nice to know you could be a successful novelist or artist just so long as you put in the time.

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>Never actually play it, some parts of the setting feel slightly loose compared to the rest of it, like the apparition.
>Some of the cooler paranormal things remain unexplained in a tasteful way, but with no clues as to how extrapolate them
>Still wonderful
>Why best settings seem to be nobledark and descendants? (argueably comfydark is, seeing the figures populating the appartment building) Is it the contrast and familiarity, as if making the darkness around us more defined?
>Suggest "farewell" track to the author as the CYOA's theme
>Start having a few related dreams that can't remember fully, just some fragments.
>Remember something from it, there was a reason why you arrived and why the suits want you out. It was nothing as grandiose as finding the truth behind everything; as far as you know, it could have been turning the leaky faucet of 3-8 on the exact second 56 after the ghost jumped on unremarkable day 264. But whatever it is, when done, would be given back to you somehow by the thousand, whatever stupid or important task, or whisper, or even just looking like a previous tenant, maybe all those things, but your life would have purpose on a scale, in an order sphere vastly beyond your wildest dreams. The building had soul and purpose as bulwark and containment of all things that weren't, and for all its beauty and terrifying wonders, it was running out of time. It needed you.
>The funny thing: Do you remember how you always say there's this documentary that you'd like to watch but you never do because there's always work or study, and the channel on cable or the show's website somehow is always hard to remember? Like one of those local college cultural tv stations, struggling with budget cuts? It's like that, except you want to watch it harder and it's also harder to find or remember.

>> No.53349826

>The show tries to communicate with its viewer, it throws sequences of numbers hidden in the pictures, images with locations and bookpages of the ancient past, images hidden in sound clips, sounds hidden within lines of subtitles in every possible language, everything is a code. In that code there are references to a videotape from the blockbuster, needed to solve the mystery, damaged beyond normal repair. And if you could see the danger coming in the indoor livestream, or through the walls, or below the floors you would notice that the program changes tone to more dramatic sudden scenes that scare you and don't seem to make sense, although sometimes you can crack the most important parts of the code, run, prepare, or try to hide. Asking the messages on the wall about it would make them instantly ultra hostile, and then silent for days, just lurking inside your tea leaves or written so small that you'd need a magnifying glass just to see them, let alone make sense out of them. The normal stall messages would be more useful, as would the diary if you can read that far.


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>The show itself, as intended, goes "dark" in relation to a tenant every 3 months or so, meaning that somehow they didn't fulfill their intended purpose, or sometimes they did, like the coward that killed a monster by throwing a cup of hot tea at it. When they didn't, over the course of the next three days they would leave forever. Horrible death, becomming lost, or getting a new place to live in are the most common, but other ways exist of exiting. Sometimes it would be something soft as an eviction for some reason, others it would be a monster, others the suits themselves.
>The name of the show, which is (), can only be remembered after the janitor, the chronicler, or the sleep depraved noire radio show host remind you of it. It's the only way of reliably discussing its contents. It has had a LOT of sesons, and some plot points ought to be discussed with more than one person in order to understand it completely. Not even they have seen season 1, and stopped watching it long ago, but there are reruns at weird hours transmited in channels even harder to find.
>But what you can remember, it's the show's theme, which you'll need to hum, sing or play to any of them in order to get your first explanation.
>I know that you guys will tell me that this isn't it, but I'm currently watching season 28 and I found it while browsing yewtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_XFYH-fW-U

TL;DR: The comfy part of the setting is the appartment itself warding you from the dangers that live inside and beyond, and tries to give you clues of your function/situation using all the means it has available.

>> No.53349849

Is it bad that I want to do a 40k waifu/husbando CYOA, just as practice for making other kinds of OC?

>> No.53349865

Shhhh, don't let them know about our haven of shittiness.

>> No.53349871

A simple throw away is a fine way of getting practice in.

>> No.53349874


JUST DO IT ANON, and don't forget to add Krieger-chan

>> No.53349883

It doesn't matter, most shitposters aren't going to create an account everytime they get banned

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>> No.53349909

Post authors you could beat up in a fight


>> No.53349916

What do you guys even talk about in there?

>> No.53349925

Alright, I'll give it a shot then. I'll just have to figure out a decent background for it that isn't just a blank color background. I'm no expert in graphic design, but CYOAs are fun and I'd like to improve anyways, so I figure this should be decent practice.

>> No.53349939

This is, somehow, the saddest one, for me.

I mean, there are other sad CYOAs, for sure, like the one about a loved one dying, which has already been posted.

But this one has the qualities of a particular kind of dream; it contains the sort of truth that inheres in fairy tales.

I like the waifus and the adventures, but the best CYOAs are of this variety.

>> No.53349983

while we're at it, is the time loop anon still active?

>> No.53350004

I probably should've spent a bit more time polishing this out but I started to get a bit bored with this. Wanted to try the whole build your own waifu type instead of creating a buncha profiles again. Sorry if it kinda sucks!

>> No.53350014 [SPOILER] 

There was something else I wanted to mention when posting this but it completely slipped my mind. Anyhow, I hope you guys like this dumb bit of OC.

>> No.53350040

been looking forward to this

>> No.53350047

Oh, and my choice:

>The Road Eternal

I'd never get anything done, of course, and maybe I wouldn't have any friends. But the only constant in the world is change; travel is just more of it, faster. You look to the future, to the next mile, the next destination, and try to hang on to where you've been and what you've seen as much as you can—same as everyone.

I've been thinking about traveling a lot lately. I thought about making a travel CYOA, but I don't know how to make it work. I would want to make something about places more than powers— more about going fishing or getting stuck in train stations than becoming invisible or whatnot.

I made a list.

>> No.53350048

>The ancient Greeks were very different
Not really.

Even back in the early 20th century it was considered perfectly manly to cry during dramatic and moving moments.

It's only in very modern times that it became shameful for men to cry. Or to show their emotions. Or to have close bonds with their fellows. Really, modern culture shits all over men pretty hard.

>> No.53350049

>He actually did
You absolute madman you.

I have no clue what these punctuation mark ones are supposed to be though

>> No.53350064

Oh wait never mind I'm simply retarded

>> No.53350070

Hope it doesn't disappoint!

It was kinda rushed out so if you see any spelling errors or dumb grammar stuff please point it out to me, and i'll do my best to fix it up after I get home from work tomorrow.

>> No.53350099

an ancient demon that's been imprisoned in a pocket dimension.

A death god who wants to eliminate non-divine immortals.

An AI that wants to conquer the universe by pacifying the populous with free stuff and entertainment.

Some sort of demi-god progenitor who wants his own bloodline of humans to dominate the world. He can exercise some sort of direct control through this bloodline and wants to ascend to full godhood by merging humanity into him.

an angel who wants to fiercely enforce her niche value system, partly through mind control and partly through torture.

>> No.53350122

>Really, modern culture shits all over men pretty hard.

Turns out gender stereotyping and expectations fuck over everyone. Nurse isn't just 'Doctor but worse' for example but everyone sees male nurses as guys who could have been doctors.

Which is kinda funny when I know a guy with a doctorate in nursing. He is fully trained to work in surgery or to administer cancer treatments but people hear 'Nurse' and assume he's worse than some rookie doctor who just got his degree.

>> No.53350134

>Partner idea: Mezcal
Looks like a middle aged brown guy, smaller than average, thin, intense eyes, with an scruffy stache. Wears a polo shirt.

+/- Is mute and looks at you as if he's judging your every word. Except not really, that's just his face, he's really a good listener, and likes to listen to a complete story or argument before offering advice, often in the form of notes.
+Sound advice, will always leave you in a much better position than you're in, even if it doesn't take you exactly where you want to go at first. Success is quick, but reaching your intended goal is never immediate.
-Following said advice requires balls of steel from time to time.
+/- Can outdrink anyone in the list, and is an excellent fighter / wingman but often takes things to the limit of what he can handle.

>> No.53350162

>they made a friend
M8 im fucking dying

>> No.53350172

Canyons. Savannahs. Caves. Grottoes. Reefs. Oceans. Arcades. Raucous bazaars and old battlefields rendered serene by the weight of the past. Temples to gods you can't quite imagine, if they are even gods as you understand them. Parks. Carefully manicured gardens full of bizarre plants. Skyscrapers. Trackless jungles and trackless deserts. Glaciers. Musty libraries that seem immune to age. Ruins, ancient. Ruins, modern. Cemeteries and mausoleums. Fishing spots. Snooty high-class restaurants. Hole-in-the-walls diners that are far better than they have any right to be. Silly, cheesy roadside attractions. Arcologies. Amusement parks. Racetracks. Festivals. Rivers to be rafted down. Farms where everyone makes fun of you for not knowing what it's like to live on a farm but you know they're just kidding. Secret cities. Canals. Incredibly wide boulevards. Places that are always covered in fog. Factories. Volcanoes. Swamps. Concert halls. Theaters. Old fortresses guarding long-vanished empires, every battered wall a proud scar, possessed of the quiet dignity of retired generals. Sad, broken slums. Obelisks of unknown origin. Small, placid towns. Casinos. Big weather. Roads so straight and flat and clear that you're never sure whether you've spotted something on the horizon, coming towards you, or how far away it is. Palaces, sparkling. Palaces, dead. A place that sells precisely the right kind of light. Zoos.

>> No.53350182

They've also been accidentally invaded by... Switzerland, I think. Several times. Usually when a military exercise crosses the border, or accidentally shells a forest in Liechtenstein. Usually they write it off.

>> No.53350189

>Crew members, including you, take up one slot for cargo and crew capacity

Just subtract one from the capacity to account for the player. Simpler that way, and it doesn't look like you have more space to work with than is actually available.

>> No.53350229

You reminded me of Unspeakable Vault of doom.

>> No.53350235

I actually decided to do that, as well as have some companions take up only one or the other.
loli in the cupboard

>> No.53350324

>The woman is bonkers
I never asked for any of this. I've kept telling her no, that I'm happy as is with my wife, but she won't leave me alone

Wife Personality
My college sweet heart, I've loved her since the day I met her. We've done so much together.

Wife Body
>Same Age
>Normal Butt
>Normal boobs
>Same Height
>Healthy Weight
>Darker Skin

Mistress Personality
This girl scares me, every day she seems to get worse and worse, I'm starting to worry that if I don't give her what she wants she might kill me.

Mistress Body
>Small butt
>Flat Chest
>Healthy Weight
>Pale Skin

Home Life
>Wife is becoming clingy
I think she's starting to worry I'm drifting away, and I don't think she want to see me go

The Mistress
>She's getting more intrusive
She comes to my house everyday now. She messes with anything that shows my wife, knocking her photos down, tossing any mail of her in the garbage. I saw her once rip and picture my wife painted.

How is it going to end

My only real wish is that you had titles for all attributes so I don't have to come up with them, such as body types and whatnot.


>> No.53350331

Pretty good anon, I'll add them to my notes!

Ha, I actually hadn't seen that before, I'll have to check it out

>> No.53350376

ntr is bad, anon.

>> No.53350378

Why aren't these confined to the quest board.

>> No.53350384

Because mods say so

>> No.53350410

Bless your build my dude, and sorry for not putting labels on the body bits. My autism had me wanting to leave it blank to see what kind of phrases people would type when picking em out.

Also it's good to see at least one person playing my cyoa before heading out. Tyvm

>> No.53350422

This and the afterlife CYOA that had the great observer, the construct and paradise are probably my two all time favorite CYOAs. Would love to know whoever made them, fucking beautiful minds.

>> No.53350438

I always gotta go with escape. It seems the most ultimate in its scope.

>> No.53350465

The one on the right is the only happy ending.

>> No.53350467


If you can think of a way to make it work, please do. Just from these two posts I can tell I like the way you write and think. My choice was also The Road Eternal, but you put the idea of it so much better than I could.

>> No.53350471

Because me and the mods we're fucking your mom last night lmao.

>> No.53350501

Nice grammar, kid.

>> No.53350518

ur mum has nice grammar, faggot

>> No.53350544

Are you going to magically grant us the power to not have asian glow and get a headache and want to throw up like 2 drinks in cause that'd be coolios. I get sick before I get drunk. Me stomach no is goods drinker.

>> No.53350557


>> No.53350594

It's funny to me how people like to say Emps was a bad parent. What parenting was he bad at exactly?

>> No.53350598

Yeah sure, I'll make a note or something saying that you can actually down the drinks without throwing up.

>> No.53350648

Well, he made sons out of his own dna because he didn't think he could have kids.

Discarded their personal feelings, made them into generals and the first one that devotes a planet full of holy temples to him he burns it to the ground and threatens the murder of that son and all people under his domain.

>> No.53350670

Well, the original idea was to have a lot of destinations, and things to do at those destinations, like going shopping at a bazaar, wandering claustrophobic streets at night, trying out weird food, spending the night in a graveyard on a dare. (If I were actually working on this, I would have better activities than those.) And for each of the places in the CYOA you'd have a choice of places to travel to next coupled with ways to get there, like "Jump the train X to Y," "Hitchhike Route N to get to A," "Stow away aboard an C to D," or "Hire a guide to take you through the E to F." But I think it doesn't really work without a Jumpchain-ish hook where you pick up something at each destination, and that sort of works at cross-purposes with the basic idea. And it would also have a truly ridiculous number of pages.

>> No.53350755




>> No.53350780

I have nothing better to do than have an affair. I guess.

Well. Clearly, I guess I just wanted a side pet.

Wife: Competitive, Lustful, Humble, Affectionate, Expressive, Boyish, Childlike. (Lets be honest, any wife of mine would probably be a pervert that'd enjoy this and either see who's the better pet or have someone whos the pet of both of us. Maybe I know she would like it and is training a surprise for her.)

Mistress: Shy, Feminine, Humble, Lustful, Witty, Kind.

Wife: Young. Oh a few years. Maybe 5 years? Normal butt. normal chest. A little shorter than me, healthy weight but fit and lean, tanish skin.

Mistress: Young. Like youuung. Much younger than me or the wife. Big butt and normal chest Much shorter than me. Normalish body. light/white skin .

Wife: Clingy. Oh she knows. She's enjoying the teasing and the competition.

Mistress: Also clingy. She knows my wife knows. She knows my wife likes the competition too.

End: Well, yeah. Part way in it pretty much turned into that eh??? I did pretty much figure it out so Im going with that instead.

>> No.53350781

He did that when they were ADULTS, anon. They had already been parented.

>> No.53350814


>Option 5.

>Expressive, Kind, Dramatic, Shy, Affectionate, Feminine, Humble, and Calming.
>Same age, small ass, average bust, same height, average weight, average complexion.
>Wants children.

>Expressive, Harsh, Dramatic, Affectionate, Child-like, Devious, and Obsessive.
>Younger, Ass of Legend, average bust, same height, toned, and pale.
>More intrusive.

>Ends in tears.

Haha, oh you little bitch! You thought you could get away with loving me without my permission? Hah! To think your standards matched your assets. Sure, go ahead and keep crying! THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING A WAIFU. Listen here you little bitch, I've lived my life for the past few years dedicated to making wiafus suffer. Why? BECAUSE ANIME WASN'T REAL WHEN I COULD HAVE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF IT. Now you fucks decide to exist? After I've left high school and the adventurous shit it'd give me? You picked the wrong time to start existing, fucker. Go ahead, keep crying your little eyes out. You always were too sensitive. Oh man, I just realized this might be even worse for you given the age difference between me and the other bitch! Huh, your husband was a frickin' pedo, now wasn't he Miss? You wanted children right? Well there's one lying comatose in our bed right now! Don't worry, I'm sure she'll come to soon enough. Say, honey, what's for dinner? I'm a bit hungry from fucking a minor in your bed! Yes, yes! Let me just bottle up these tears, okay? Wow, that's awfully compliant of you. I'll be sure to think of you when I'm fucking a child with your tears as lube!

So... this is what it means to be an asshole... amazing...

>> No.53350854

Literal cancer.

>> No.53350864

Thank you. I hadn't noticed.

>> No.53350873

Didn't you hear? Zodiac brides guy admitted it was just a clever ruse to get autists' hopes up

>> No.53350884

I never understood the hype, it was all pretty shit in terms of writing and design, anyway.

>> No.53350895

I managed to get up to
>putting the handle of my katana up my butt and pleasuring me
before laughing out loud.

>> No.53350901

You're welcome. Glad I could be of help.

>> No.53350923

Honestly, I'm afraid of what could've happened if you hadn't pointed it out early. I don't want to die to this, anon. It's a bad way to go.

Thank you.

>> No.53350939

This post seems a little too sincere, do you actually have cancer Anon?

>> No.53350951

1. Breast expansion/giant boobs
2. Giantess
3. Monstergirls

>> No.53350974

He was putting a bit more detailed descriptions into the cliched waifus, so anons had more time to fall in love with them. It's pretty much just the mere-exposure effect in action. Also weebs love when people turn things or concepts into women.

>> No.53350976

No, no. Don't be ridiculous.

I'm just terminally edgy.

>> No.53350982

Phenomenal Cosmic Power

How serious are we being?

>> No.53351000

Go to bed, Symbio.

>> No.53351013

>Which CYOAs make you feel sad
The one where you choose a mental illness to be crippled by, then choose a mentally ill waifu. It's sad. They're all good people, and they're all suffering. There's nothing you can do for them but be there for them. You can't even do that for them since you're hardly there for yourself due to the illness you have to choose at the start. It breaks my heart every time I go through it.

I usually choose the healer options in every cyoa I play to avoid those feelings. Having to face the reality that there are people you just can't help, both in fiction and reality, hits me deep.

>> No.53351056

>Anon wanted to abuse his waifu, not because he thought she was cheating or because anime wasn't real when he needed it, but because he's dying of cancer.

>> No.53351135

> Anon realized that he was dying, but his waifu couldn't bear to live without him.
> Anon is spending his last days trying to make his waifu not want to live with him, to instead live and prove she can without him.

This... is heartwarming in the wrong ways.

>> No.53351203


If I'm not mistaken he said that today was "pathfinder day".

>> No.53351210

>Eventually he loses sight of his goals as the end stares him in the face and he begins to truly resent her.

>> No.53351235

Who's the edgiest CYOA author?

>> No.53351247

I like to think I'm the edgiest.

>> No.53351262

And who the fuck are you?

>> No.53351313

>anon confronts his waifu about his newfound resentment
>she breaks down, tears streaming down her face as she embraces anon
>anon realizes the folly of his ways, breaks down
>the two are a sobbing wreck in the hospital room
>eventually talk it all out, his insecurities and the hope he has of her living on after he passes
>his waifu cries more, calling him an idiot and a jerk
>the two come to an understanding
>anons waifu flashes him a smile
>anon seizes
>anons waifu is confused, sees what's happening, screams for the doctor
>anons vision gets blurry, massive chest pains, loses feeling of his everything, and knows he doesn't have long left
>anon reaches for his waifu
>they hold hands
>anons waifu is panicking, scared, and worried for him
>tells anon to hold on, that he will get better, that the doctors are coming, all the while tears stream down her face
>anon smiles, tells her to be strong and to be happy
>anon passes
>anons waifu fades away - she only existed in his mind

>> No.53351318

Everyone stop dicking around and do this one already!

>> No.53351342

Wait a minute...
>BECAUSE ANIME WASN'T REAL WHEN I COULD HAVE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF IT. Now you fucks decide to exist? After I've left high school and the adventurous shit it'd give me? You picked the wrong time to start existing, fucker.

Holy fuck this lore is deep.

>> No.53351372

>World: Wonderland
>Themes: Reincarnation, Remembrance
>Boons: Fellowship, Village, Home

You want me to stay, don't you? I'm the last one. You might not remember pulling me from the gates of Hell, but I remember every one of you. You all came... you really didn't forget, old friends.

I'm so glad. I really thought everyone had forgotten I was there.

>> No.53351400

But I just got home from work and I'm on the west coast

>> No.53351415

>Custom World


>Lucky Charm

Depending on how flexible the world is, I might be set for life or somewhat disappointed. Near-total reality warping is implied. Maybe it can be extended to splitting the world off into a small multiverse.

>> No.53351419


Yeah, I see what you mean.

Ah well, even if it doesn't work as a setup for a CYOA, those are all still great things to try out in real life.

>> No.53351442

>Typical Fantasy


>Lucky Charm

That'd be nice.

>> No.53351462

Typical Fantasy
Talent Wizard or magic if it counts

>> No.53351472


That sounds like a fun, weird story.

How about:


A pornographic journey in a hellish, post-apocalyptic world full of cute girls!

Beri, obviously. I mean, have you read his CYOAs? Some of them feature waifus who TEASE you! It doesn't get edgier than that!

Well, I'm still hoping to come up with a way to make it work. Maybe just make it anyway and see what happens. It would still wind up being stupidly long, though, and I'd need a lot of help finding cool landscapes.

>> No.53351476

>> No.53351483

Space Opera


>> No.53351492


>> No.53351498

That game made me want nothing more than an Exterminatus option. Even that would be too good for them.

>> No.53351508

>tfw have a CYOA idea but not sure how to pull it off

The idea is you allowing a deceased adventurer's ghost to borrow your body for one last quest, assuring you they can do it - either with the handicap your body provides, or with some way around it. Depending on which ghost it is, they'll offer you a different reward at the conclusion of their unfinished business.

>> No.53351526


>> No.53351610

choose from the following adventurers
>Short introduction to each of them. Maybe first person, with them speaking to the reader.

Choose their quest
>select from the following quests. Short description of them, the length of time required to complete, and the difficulty and dangers involved

Handicaps or workarounds
>choose your ghostly perks. Maybe temperate for the quest, maybe permanent

>list of rewards the different ghosts offer for each quest. Modifiers from your previous choices applied here

Honestly though, so long as you include a ghost waifu and enough options for customization of both yourself and the adventure, there won't be a problem.

>> No.53351632

>Maybe temperate
applied temporarily for the duration of the quest*

>> No.53351664

Feral world
Porn, Talent
Weapon, Compendium, Village

Theme Song

What I'm thinking is that this world is going to kinda in the dark ages again with splashes of future tech with people treat as magical items.

Also Sexy because Sexy is fun

>> No.53351665

>The Road Less Traveled
I have things I;d like to set straight, plus I don't want to go to a different world and lose my friends and family.



I'd imagine this would be like some kind of action anime or something, Maybe I can be the hero for a world that needs one. Or at least I can die trying.

>> No.53351730

Melancholy, porn
Transport, credentials, and either compendium or fellowship. I feel as if compendium would take the fun out of the sexy and introspective wonderland.

>> No.53351776

Question marks was a good choice. Thank you.

I made two very similar girls... Younger, not as tall as me, fair skin.. Kind, feminine, stuff like that.

>> No.53351803

>> No.53351850

HUH. To be so autistic you can't enjoy any fiction.

>> No.53352069

>Caliburn's Scabbard

I'm not really keen on giving myself a chance of dying, so that shall be all.

I'm not sure why I decided to visit the employee's showers, but I wind up meeting Alexandra.

>> No.53352117

Would it be possible to beat up the man in the sharp suit with good old fistacops or a 9 millimeter or do i have to deal with freaky magic shit?

>> No.53352465

>not explaining minimum/average/maximum values
>not explaining just how much of a difference one point in a stat makes

>> No.53352493

So the main differences between the abilities granted by "Red Wine" and Moonshine are basically that the former can only do changes that are lewd in some manner, and the latter can only do changes to yourself, correct?

>> No.53352587

>Corner grabbers
How do you turn a corner with neck ahead the rest of your body? I'm not sure how you are supposed to actually get past corners, knees first? Shuffle constantly and let your gut/erection get past the corner first? Seems a bit hard.

>> No.53352647

Version 2 of this; mostly its just been using up a lot of dead space for larger images and more words, but I've also rewritten some sections as well as changed one of the dungeons and one of the companions.

>> No.53352730

This >>53348019

>> No.53352756

>Clockwork x8 [All but skin and a kidney]

Total suitability is 89%, good enough to avoid the serious risk. Decided against Swarm+Ouroboros because of Swarm's EM field making living and remaining hidden in the 21st century and beyond a huge hassle. Replacing most organs with Clockwork should keep anyone healthy until their brain fails. Pheidippides effectively adds 1/3rd of your life back that you'd lose by sleeping. Herakles is good for that little extra durability.

Stumble on Kris. Jolly cooperation and bromance.

>> No.53352799

You might need to make it more clear what costs points and what doesn't
You put the points before Species selection but don't make it clear if you need to spend them there. They should probably be moved to just before traits
Also if I where you I would make stats like STR, INT, and what have you be bought with a point pool and give the player a set number of traits plus whatever they get from their species and origin

All in all interesting but it is clear it is a work in progress.
Look forward to seeing the project improve

>> No.53352851

why a kidney? So you can donate it if your friend needs one?

>> No.53352869

Only really need one efficient clockwork kidney. I guess I could go with another for symmetry?

Fuck it, add another clockwork kidney just to avoid kidney stones.

>> No.53352915

God dammit I've already noticed a bunch of typos and little issues. I'll fix them up in 2.1.
If anyone spots any problems, I'd appreciate you pointing them out.

>> No.53352932

It's a nitpick but silver tongue's box is not transparent like the rest of them.

>> No.53352949

Thanks man; thats the only one with nothing behind the transparent part. It does stick out, I'll see what I can do to make it less obtrusive.

>> No.53352999

Does anybody have hat CYOA where you're in the world post-Judgement Day and the Anti-Christ has taken over?

>> No.53353055

>Class: The Reclaimer
>Specialty: Gourmet
>Dungeon: The Lair
>Companions: Gazer, Kara Lee, Locust Warrior

Full party, but they all pull their weight and serve a purpose. Gazer is the badass killer who lets us take down the fiercest, most lucrative monsters we had been tracking for days - we can survive off smaller prey when he's gone. Kara Lee wrecks shit while tanking the blunt damage; Al Sharak shrugs off deadly tooth and claw. My food eventually helps heal the party after a tough fight.

Out of combat, my godtier food might be considered a luxury and feeding it to Gazer makes him like me enough to teach me how to ninja. This bolsters the weaker combat potential of my Reclaimer class. Kara Lee teaches me how to make her alcohol from monsters and plants, another potential luxury good to sell. Al Sharak may not be able to do this, but I suspect he knows how to get high off of dungeon plants since he doesn't seem to have a set stash - drugs would be quite lucrative for us too. Overall I think we can become pretty well-off from our hunt and scavenging.

As a bonus, Al Sharak is resistant to most rival ninja attacks that may come after me since ninjas are not known for blunt damage.

>> No.53353061

The knight has a bar of grey to the left.

>> No.53353177

Class - The Reclaimer
Specialty - Gourmet
Dungeon - The Burning Deep
Companions - Cassandra Archstar, Yukiko Kanna, Kara Lee

Party that has a very high damage output with me acting as fill in person with my versatility in a fight who usually sets the initial traps and deals with the aftermath of the fights by scavenging from our defeated enemies or cooking them to heal our wounds. Cassandra would have the training and ability to deal with the demons we may encounter while being a solid frontliner who can keep Kara Lee going when she runs out of alcohol and I don't have any backup booze. Yukiko Kanna would be there for the huge magical damage and is a major part of any big fight but will sit out most smaller fights until she gets better control of her magics, my cooking makes her like me the best. Kara Lee is the first into the fight against most things and can pummel them into pulp and use her alcohol to recover, I will make her some light armor from some enemies to help her soak up some more hits and tell her she has to use it if she wants me to make her better alcohol.

>> No.53353187

ALRIGHT! 40k Waifu CYOA is in progress now. If someone's got art for 40k waifus, post em here and I'll grab some for the CYOA.

>> No.53353210


>> No.53353225


>> No.53353232

Thats all I got.

>> No.53353299

Thanks, fixed

I like em (and it didn't occur to me that Al would be a good anti ninja tool).

Gourmet is proving more popular than I guessed

>> No.53353314

Perhaps the only one required.

>> No.53353343

Now that just goes without saying, anon. Surely, you wouldn't pick anything else if the Emperor was an option. Right, anon?

>> No.53353390


>> No.53353430

Gourmet actually seemed weak given that Reclaimers have lower combat potential, but it was simply useful for my build getting Gazer to like me and using the meat from monsters in the Lair.

>> No.53353549

>tfw zodiac guy is still dead

>> No.53353570


This is what happens when you don't put husbandos in your CYOAs

>> No.53353595

My CYOA is almost done buy I feel nervous to start making the image because I don't know how to make it look nice.

>> No.53353617

>One Last Hope
Reunite the Eldar and Dark Eldar
Team up with the Tau, gib them some tech.
Create several Krieg style cloning worlds to start pumping out Eldar.
Try to make an alliance with the Imperium.

>> No.53353650

Didn't he want to update Necromancer, add a demonic book or something? Or is that on ice?

>> No.53353673


Also >>53349874

>> No.53353678

Go big or go home.

Godhand, Healing Hands
The Burning Deep
Baron, Tess, Randall

We're aiming to clear this dungeon out. Could there be a better base for Baron than this?
We're going to march down these caverns and build an army for all wise enough not to resist. Work with us or die. Join, and revel in riches.

Intelligent beings are dangerous to fight, but they can be excellent sources of information. Like by using a combination of repeated torture+healing and vampiric hypnosis. All those little secrets like the traps, tactics, and logistics of their allies...

Baron smashes through opposition and boosts morale with his own fearlessness. Tess is a good fighter, but primarily uses manipulation to help extract information and make alliances. Randall's earth magic is great for disarming traps, crowd control, defense, creating bridges over lava, destroying bridges over lava with enemies on them, the list goes on. Also has direction sense.

>> No.53353701

Kill your self

>> No.53353721

Just barrel ahead and do it. Post the results here and take the feedback into account, then try again, its the best way to improve.

Mine still suck too but you get better with practice

>> No.53353765

I like this. I love the whole "wizards: no sense of right and wrong" vibe.

>> No.53353794

Best one do far

>> No.53353915

Sauce on the athletic art? IQDb isn't helping

>> No.53354341

Hm. I mean, he still essentially attacked his children so maybe not bad at being a parent but a bad parent none the less?

>> No.53354353

Posting because I think this is fun

>> No.53354363


>> No.53354374


>> No.53354384


>> No.53354389


>> No.53354398


>> No.53354405


>> No.53354408


>> No.53354427


>> No.53354437


Thanks man

>> No.53354439


>> No.53354449

Not canon

>> No.53354471


>> No.53354478


When was this made? How did Lindas get chosen?

>> No.53354518


>> No.53354533


>> No.53354542

Her hair looks so soft.

>> No.53354546


>> No.53354578

>tfw your cyoa concept grows into multiple cyoas and you start thinking about dropping it because it's too much work

>> No.53354586

Considering a C'Tan probably fought The Emperor and survived when psykers are critically effective against C'Tan, and Reunited Shard makes you "far superior" to other C'Tans, you're probably the strongest thing this side of the Materium.

Not sure how Necron FTL travel would work in other universes without a Webway (I'm assuming access to the Warp is still allowed outside WH40K, but access to the Webway seems kind of strange when it's an Old Ones invention). Maybe if the Void Dragon is freed, together you could create a new FTL without using the warp.

Assuming all these choices are happening simultaneously for a true clusterfuck, Da' Greatezt Warboss is fairly terrifying. All the Orks united - and united behind something actually intelligent?

Hard to say how this would play out in an all-out brawl. If Reunited Shards knows the location of all Necron Tomb Worlds, they might awaken and organize them pretty quickly. Either way Chaos will likely be fighting the Tyranids and Emperor, since they both represent Order. Necrons could try to be sneaky and cut off access to the warp, but everyone would quickly find out and dog pile to stop that shit. Warboss causes everyone to sweat loudly.

Eldars are basically irrelevant and try to manipulate the big boys into destroying each other. Though give them time to get Pre-Fall Eldar tech and they'd have some bite at least.

>> No.53354625



>> No.53354693

Rolled 2 (1d7)

Time for autism with a year by year build

Going to play the drop in card and say I'm a random orphan who gets accepted as a scholarship student at... lets randomly determine the college with a roll

>> No.53354699


Should I quit working on Sister of Battle CYOA?

>> No.53354726

>being emotionally affected by cyoas

>> No.53354734

>No MFF ending
Shit taste senpai.

>> No.53354747

Yes. Start making a Sister of Cooking CYOA.

>> No.53354757

Anon... >>53350014

>> No.53354786

> Be Tyranids Hivemind
> Turn my entire race into waifus
> Feast forever off the lewd energies harvested from the various 40k races.

Best plan?

>> No.53354788

Finish the CYOA Angel, do it

>> No.53354801

Slaanesh ... are you trying to hijack the tyranids?

>> No.53354823

Please look at the first post after the cyoa.

>> No.53354843

Finish it

>> No.53354894


>> No.53354900

Dammit I did Lunestier last time. Oh well, can't argue with dice.

>Year One Classes: Illusion Magic and Magic Refinement
Lets say you got dropped into a school full of nobles and future heroes as a scholarship student, you'd probably either have a lot to prove or want to keep a low profile. I'm going with the later; focusing on illusions and efficient use of magic, so I can stay unseen or at least inconspicuous as often as possible. To be honest I probably end up breaking at least of few of the rules about illusion magic in the process, but like they say its hard to track.

>Drawback: Bookworm
I try to start out of peoples way and studying is a good excuse to do so. This bumps me up to
>Illusion 2
>Magic Refinement 1
>Stealth 1
to make me even harder to spot.

Still, I can't avoid everyone. I guess I'd be stuck with a roommate, and in this case its
>Eydal Northbreed
exactly the kind of person I try to avoid at this place. Oh well.

No major events this year, still too much of a wallflower.

>Year 2 Classes: Traps
I'm honestly getting kind of sick of Eydal's attitude (not that he really means it, its just how he is) so I've started playing untraceable pranks on him. I quickly grow a taste for it and realize I could make this an actual skill; hence traps.

>Drawback: Pen Pal
The reason I only have time for one class is that one of my lecturers has noticed I'm becoming way too weird and reclusive and signed me up for a correspondence exchange with another school "to bring me out of my shell", putting me into contact with
of Jah'Kala Tel, who is equally insular and at risk of ending up friendless. We quickly bond over this in the way teenagers who are told to do something they don't want to do, and its probably good I can't see what she looks like because spaghetti would be everywhere.

No even this year either, but between my improving skills with pranks and contact with Lyndy I'm actually getting a bit more self confidence.

>> No.53354910


>> No.53354919

To have an affair would require I had a girlfriend, and that would require I wanted one and could get one. Then there's the whole "there are few things more vile than cheating" thing, but let's pretend things are different.

>Rape / Won't take no
Only possible way where I still keep my morals.

>Wife: Calming, apathetic, feminine, kind, refined, diligent
Basically things that make her nice to be around, without being physical in any way. I would pick mature if it wasn't femdom.
>Homewrecker: Doesn't really matter
I don't understand what "!!!" does. Is that the yandere option? I like that the option is tilted and the color scheme is different. Reminds me I need to read the new genie cyoa.
I'm not a fan of "build your waifu" cyoas. They end up dull and lifeless. I don't know what she's supposed to feel like but that is entirely on my end I know.

>Wife: Same age, nice butt, average chest, shorter, not fat, tan
>Homewrecker: Doesn't matter

>Life at home
>Nothing changed
I don't want her to be clingy, physical or to start cheating on me.

>Mistress: Coming to an end

>How it ends: Anticlimactic ending
I like these endings.

Ahh, that's what you meant by the ??? and !!! options. Mystery boxes.
I'm not a fan of cuckolding or getting a yandere girlfriend so I'm glad I skipped these.

It's weird you started out putting the images in square boxes, then switched to rounded boxes.

>> No.53354930

>Hiding only good ending behind a mystery box
So I was trying to catch up on the thread quickly. So sue me.

>> No.53355012

we would if we could.

>> No.53355050


add descriptions to these Ravnica waifus

>> No.53355069

or find the one that already exists

>> No.53355076

Hobo CYOA when? Did the other guy give up:?

>> No.53355090

Waifus are supposed to be beautiful, not fugly

>> No.53355099

Should have told that to your dad then.

>> No.53355100

Third Year Classes: Stealth and Traps
I've gotten very good at this by now, and have extended my prank pulling skills to the college at large, becoming something of a school mystery thats viewed with mixed annoyance and amusement depending on who you ask. Between stealth and illusions, I haven't been caught yet... but I'm not quite as invisible as I think I am.
>Yung Tashi
something of a rogue himself, has been trying to figure out the identity of the mysterious phantom prankster for his own reasons, and eventually I'm careless enough that he finds me out. He's not going to turn me in though; aside from the fact that he thinks it's pretty funny, he actually wants my help with something.

>Third Year Event: Basilisk Den
Two things; first, illusion magic is great for cheating at cards. Second, the Basilisk Den knows this, and it doesn't take too long before security is on its way to have words with us. Yung is quick on the uptake though, and covered by my magic we make our escape with a moderate profit and some good stories. And I actually seem to have made a friend.

>Fourth Year Classes: Illusion and Traps (both now rank 3)
My traps pretty much always work now. Backed by my illusions they're practically undetectable and my crimewave of pranks across campus reaches new heights. Hero to some, villain to others, I am legend. I've even started softening on my roommate Eydal; he's been my target for too long and I've been rooming with him long enough to know he's not such a bad guy.

Telling him that I'm the mysterious phantom pranker was probably a dumb idea though, as he immediately challenges me to a duel at the Grand Festival to restore his honour. Word spreads quickly, both about the duel and my unmasking. My punishment from the school isn't really that bad (the lecturers are a little impressed even), but I'm placed under the strict (but unofficial) watch of Disciplinary Committee member
>Allyce Westhold

>> No.53355101

Mystery box option please ?>>53353314

>> No.53355102

Quit forcing your shit taste

>> No.53355114


Shut up, faggot.

>> No.53355117


>> No.53355124


If that was supposed to be a retort you have failed miserably on that one. It is clear that your mastery of the english language is lacking.

>> No.53355136


Psyker lucy waifu best waifu.

>> No.53355138

SDA, you forgot to put your name on your posts.

>> No.53355150


Cant do a 40k waifu without ever---WRRRYYYYYYY

>> No.53355152

>the most autistic insult ever
I actually feel bad for you.

>> No.53355159

Slaneesh is into sick shit like abuse and pain. I'm only interested in gentle,
wholesome, galaxy-wide lewdness.

>> No.53355161

She has big boobs. She's okay.

>> No.53355180


>> No.53355191

Yoooo, I need a cute psyker waifu to protect and hold hands with.

>> No.53355205

If having huge tits was the only requirment for being classified as beautiful than i would have suggested a nice big cow for you.

>> No.53355230

Stop forcing your feels on me.

>> No.53355234


She will probably blow your dick...... off

>> No.53355245

Still, I'm a far cry from the timid soul who came here four years ago, and spend most of my time flirting with her, to her utter consternation. Maybe she likes it? Maybe not.

>Year Four Event: The Duel
I cheat. I cheat long and hard and beat Eydal thoroughly.
Specifically, I slip away from Allyce just long enough, and with Yung's help (who has also stacked the betting heavily against me, something we both end up profiting from greatly) litter the dueling field with traps. Eydal doesn't stand a chance, and though everyone knows I did it, where does it say thats against the rules anyway?
I've naturally bet everything on me, and make a handsome profit.

>Year Five Classes: Stealth and Magical Refinement
I do try to make amends with Eydal, who takes it more gracefully than I deserve; he's really not so bad a guy.
Allyce is out for blood though, and only relents when I foreswear further pranks and agree to lend my talents to the Disciplinary Committee. I suggest she just wants to spend more time with me, which almost gets me trampled by her warhorse.

My skillset turns out to actually be pretty good at catching other trouble makers though, as does my "takes a thief" mindset.

So much so that Allyce and I are scouted to for
>Fifth Year Event: Security
I'm confident, but Allyce insists we seek further aid, which comes in the form of
>Tennie Northbreed
who it turns out has wanted to meet me since she saw what I did to her brother (and as my pranking wave often targetted nobles, that has only furthered endeared me to her). I'm actually unused to open displays of interest from females, and have no idea how to react.

The Security job goes almost perfectly. I recruit Yung to assist with the physical side of things, who picks off the Blackest Knights as they fall into hidden traps one by one. Their leader makes it through somehow, only to discover that their target was a simple illusionary decoy; and they're far too slow to escape a warhorse and wyvern.

>> No.53355251

I'm willing to risk it.

>> No.53355259

just gotta get some mind numbing drug

>> No.53355276

Big boobs makes an average girl look better is all I'm saying. I was distracted from her weird orcish teeth by the boobs..

>> No.53355280

Where da Worms general at?

>> No.53355322

And that makes for a pretty satisfying end to my time at Lunestria. Our victory over the Knights even gets Allyce to smile at me, a development I have absolutely no idea how to handle.

From here, I could follow many paths. I still have yet to meet Lyndy in person (and she might appreciate company that can cloak her appearance with that of another, to let her see what'd be like to not be a dark elf for a while), Yung and I could make a killing as travelling gamblers, or maybe I could follow Allyce and see where that smile goes. We do make a good team.

Final build
>Illusion 3
>Stealth 3
>Traps 3
>Magic Refinement 2


>Basilisk Den
>Duel (technically 1v1 tournament)

>Disciplinary Squad

I think I'd go adventuring with Yung for a while, but it probably wouldn't take me long to miss Allyce and go to Westhold to see if she needs some less scrupulous assistance in life.

>> No.53355417

>Worms is a series of artillery strategy computer games
Sounds like you're looking for >>>/v/ (or >>>/vg/ if you're positive that there's a general thread for it).
If you meant "where's the Worm Metropolis CYOA thread", it looks like none of the people involved have made a new one yet.

>> No.53355439

Where da Worms general at?

>> No.53355459


>> No.53355467

can i get a quick rundown on towergirls general? is it the same cancer as jumpchain?

>> No.53355494

Citizen, you may want to run for your life, this zone of the internet is known to be plagued by internet spirits which haunt in the dark corners of the interwebs seeking souls to rot and embolden

>> No.53355528

Why waste your time making something like this? It's bot unique it anything It's just build a waifu with an adultery twist. Nothing interesting or adventurous. Doesn't get the mind racing for a neat idea. Just so plain.

>> No.53355544

Back to the bunker!
Massive good fetishy cyoa, full of artists and some guy developing a game. Its a civil place full of endless development with no end goal in mind!

>> No.53355562

>people should make more CYOA's!

>Why'd you make this CYOA?

Because they wanted to and people wanted it. Seems like some even liked it too.

>> No.53355574

>still no sda oc

>> No.53355580

Pretty dumb, but whatever floats your boat I guess? Still seems like a waste of time to me.

>> No.53355597

> Still seems like a waste of time to me.
So don't play it and ignore the post?

>> No.53355604

>Waste of time
If some people liked it it does not seem like a waste of time

>> No.53355608

Clearly you should all make whatever he wants you to make instead.

>> No.53355695

No, you should make what i want

>> No.53355709


>Xenophobia and bad parenting skills
>violence from WAAAGH!!! exposure
>Hate for non-C'Tan life
>Hunger that can never be satisfied
The Last Hope seems to mess with my mind the least, making it a superior choice.

Fifth Chaos-god is unclear in that regard. I think
>Chaos corruption
would mess with your ability to think clearly, but maybe with the right choice of what to be a Chaos-god OF, it might be a good one.

>> No.53355714

Yes! Do what this anon says and make what I want.

>> No.53355716

Gourmet probably gains popularity that it fills a niche that will otherwise go unfulfilled, especially since if you aren't Godhand yourself, then only other source of healing is Cassandra. And it's something you have to be doing anyway, so you might as well be good at it. Pity that it comes attached to Reclaimer tho.

Thought occurs to me that if you pick Catacombs, it's probably best to not think too much about where Gourmet gets his ingredients from.

>Divine Barrier
Being able to prevent people from getting hurt is more powerful than being able to easily fix them afterwards. Also allows for battlefield control, which is always powerful.

>The Catacombs
Classic choice.

Find those traps, treasures and secret entrances.
Damage output

A somewhat typical party setup but it works. Lacks somewhat in damage due to Sherry but Yukiko should hopefully be able to pick up the slack. Things work out the best when we can let the enemy come to us, so that Yukiko can rain spells down on them without having to worry about friendly damage and that I can stick close to her and Sherry to keep them covered. This means that assaulting vampire/lich lair is a bit harder than usual but on plus side, we can benefit from secret passages and hidden treasures that others have missed.

>> No.53355730

>I don't like it
>Must be a waste of time

Tell us things you think are a good use of time so we can tell you how shit they are

For the record NTR makes my skin crawl, but that isn't the issue here

>> No.53355738

Okay. What do you want me to make?

>> No.53355744


>> No.53355753

Adventure CYOA set in a world of futas.

>> No.53355785

Can we get a 40k cyoa?
maybe you are stranded in a planet or some shit and you gotta make your character to survive the tyranids or maybe you are in the bottom of a hive city.
I dunno, but no spess mahreens, all humies plox

>> No.53355798

how terrible can your taste be

>> No.53355810

At least it's better than yours

>> No.53355811

A CYOA where you design a knightly order as their new grandmaster

>> No.53355818

t. femdom and foot lover

>> No.53355834

you got me
>foot lover
you lost me again

>> No.53355837

necromancer cyoa where?

>> No.53355847

Oh i know who you are, you are the only person in this board into femdom

>> No.53355860

I like it, wish there were quests on top of the obligations, though I have a feeling those come later.

>> No.53355866

>likes femdom
>doesn't want to be dominated by a futa

What a fag. Your shit taste doesn't even make sense.

>> No.53355871

t. angry feminazi

>> No.53355883

femdom is pretty different from just being a fucking faggot and wanting cock up your ass, anon

>> No.53355888

>you are the only person in this board into femdom
I think this isn't true. Unless you're talking about the 'hardcore' variant.

>> No.53355891

you just simpy want a plastic cock inside of you instead of a real one

>> No.53355900

Femdom is even more gay than faggotry. At least homos have an excuse.

>> No.53355902


>> No.53355913

I don't want any kind of cock in me, I just want my face full of pussy.

>> No.53355917

also known as the variant that wants to be threated as a child and pampered while doing absolutely nothing.
Only the hardcore people know what actual femdom is

>> No.53355924

"""gentle""" femdom aka being pampered and taken care of by a hot girl is the most common fetish in this place.

>> No.53355930

Turns out you can make being a NEET into a fetish, who knew?

>> No.53355931

People who want that have mommy issues and should get themselves medical help ASAP

>> No.53355932


>> No.53355948

That's what domination means to you? You sound like a massive pussy.

>> No.53355972

So domination to you is just having your ass shoved with as many dicks as possible?
Way to be a faggot, faggot.

>> No.53355974

everyone into the sissy category of "gentle femdom"is a pussy

>> No.53355995

Well, I'd rather be a massive pussy than have a massive metal rod stuck in my dick, desu.

>> No.53356003 [DELETED] 

I wish I wish a little girl(male) with huge horse cock that I could gently slide into some little girl(male)'s tight boipussi.

Someone make a cyoa for me, tia.

>> No.53356014

Tell me your idea for an adventure CYOA.

>> No.53356017

I hope you know that posts like these count as a (you).

>> No.53356020

You are a normie, you should leave this place soon

>> No.53356028

anal sex

>> No.53356038

>tfw you will never get as many (you)s as SDA-senpai

fucking kill me already

>> No.53356040

fuck you it means she's still a dom but doesn't want to electrocute my balls for fun

>> No.53356046

You are SDA and you have to pick anal enhancement perks.

>> No.53356057

Femdom is about the pain and enjoying the humiliation. If you don't get off to it then it's not femdom. Why can't you make a new name for your shit fetish rather than stealing mine?

>> No.53356065

I like that picture.

>anal enhancement perks
That's actually an idea I have for a potential upcoming lewd CYOA I kinda wanted to do but have held off on for now.

>> No.53356070

>Hey baby. I'll have you know I'm into femdom.
>Oooh, I'm going to have to buy a whip, you naughty boy.
>No no no. I'm just going to allow you to "dominate" me by sitting on my face. Please be gentle.

>> No.53356088

>fem means female
>dom means dominant
The only requirements are a dominant female. Sadism and humilation can be involved in being domination but are not the strict definition of domination.

>> No.53356100

I'm thinking of working on something where you're a bodyguard to someone on a quest/adventure. You'd pick your bodyguard style (unobtrusive, intimidating, action hero, etc) and then a client to protect, as well as complications that you'd have to deal with while they try to complete their goals.

>> No.53356102

Holy shit, this is some of the most autistic shit I've seen on this board.

>> No.53356117

This must be your first day.

>> No.53356118

How can anyone be this autistic?
If a woman told you she likes it rough, would you immediately get your rack ready?
Most preferences aren't binary, but rather inclinations of varying degrees of strength.

>> No.53356120

>enjoying the humiliation
I think I'll just stick to the latter, faggot.

>> No.53356123

I've browsed enough mind control porn that femdom just means female hypnotist to me.

>> No.53356134

>If a woman told you she likes it rough, would you immediately get your rack ready?

Absolutely. I'd get her doing perfect squats, and she'll get a gorgeous butt in no time.

>> No.53356135

Why are people who are into hard femdom always so fucking autistic? They are the only people who shit themselves over people not liking exactly what they like, not even tg fetishists are this bad about it.

>> No.53356137

Anything happening with that henchman cyoa idea? The one where you play as a henchmen to evil villains?
Cus i still want that, and not just for femdom and husbandos equally shared.

But Sci-fi or Fantasy?

>> No.53356138

>19th century setting
>You're a part of a scientific expedtion sent somewhere in Antarctica
>You were sent to join another expedition sent there one or two year ago. Contact with them was lost few months ago.
>You discover an ancient spaceship/structure or giant cave system
>Something killed the previous expedition.
>You have to assemble your expedition, choose your skills and equipment, etc. and escape or kill the danger.

basically Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness"

>> No.53356142


Age of Exploration, aka 16th and 17th century. You are a European explorer sent to the New World or the Far East or Africa.

>> No.53356149

I like it. Could you also have an option to protect more than one person at once. Like a band of adventurous orphans?

>> No.53356152

What about Lich CYOA?

>> No.53356155

He's right though. Just because bdsm is commonly grouped together, doesn't mean they can't exist without each other.

>> No.53356172

Thats good! I'll add it to the list, even if its just as a seperate option (ie bodyguard the elf princess OR this group of adorable waifs)

>> No.53356204


You get sent to an alternate reality where all the humans are futas. They've been having trouble conceiving babies lately, and they think you might be able to help.

>> No.53356339

Worm Metrop thread is up, sorry it's ramshackle, phone is dying but is just like to have one of em up to keep it alive.

>> No.53356490

Does any of the MGQ cyoas have the raiju?

>> No.53356493

Making an adventure. Something fun. I mean you all can do what you want obviously, but why always th I k with the dicks? There is porn for that. CYOA's can be so varied and have such great ideas, and I really don't get the thinking behind making the same Create a Waifu over and over and over again. This is why it seems a waste of time. Not because I don't like it, but because it's unoriginal and not innovate. If you like it though that's all good on you, keep on trucking bud.

>> No.53356520

Hey, so I'm still stuck on this stupid CYOA. I'm doing a part where you get to pick your Mentor. What do you think of this format? Too much? Too little? Too vague? Too many pictures? I'm not so happy with it and was hoping for feedback/

>> No.53356548

Looks fine, but not even amoebas can read that quote.

>> No.53356562

S'not meant to be read ;)

>> No.53356566

sounds more like the first alien vs predator movie

i probably should read lovecraft and forget i ever saw that shitty film

>> No.53356585

>what is beris slimedaycare
>what is the adorable slimebrigade

>> No.53356588

Where can I find this cyoa

>> No.53356631

It's from reddit.

>> No.53356664

Oh geeze you're making this. Well the sand lady seems alright. Love the Bones Mentor section. Just enough pictures to make it aesthetic. Quote is hard to read. Its just vague enough. I have an idea that you've presented, travel east through dangerous land to meet a morally ambiguous pirate and go through even more dangerous training. I like this because it leaves my mind open to the adventures I may have there.

>> No.53356667

>a potential upcoming [...] CYOA
Oh like those six or so other CYOAs you keep talking about doing but never actually doing?

>> No.53356739

CYOAing isn't easy.

Yeah, I was hoping to get some ideas about two more mentors. So far, I've done my best to avoid stereotypes. I'm having some trouble differentiating them, particularly because I want them all to offer a substantial reward, but some are just too easy. I'm glad the aesthetic is finally somewhat normal now.

>> No.53356742

looks good tome. the quote is unreadably small tho

>> No.53356761

No. No one has made the thing you begged someone to do for you.
Go for it.
>If you like it though that's all good on you, keep on trucking bud.
And yet you act like an ass to people that think differently.

>> No.53356787

Rick and Morty style "Pirate King Bones and his poor Student" web series and/or build when?

>> No.53356802

the prevalence of foot stuff in femdom material is unfortunate.

>> No.53356855

I'm pretty sure it's a vocal minority of non-content-creators. Femdom stuff that actually gets made is never all that gentle.

>> No.53356874

>never actually doing
Never understood why people keep saying this. You're going to shut up again sometime between today and tomorrow and then you're gonna start shitposting about it again a week later until I release something else.

>> No.53356894

Except that Gentle Femdom CYOA, which had the option to turn your Mistress privately submissive. That's rather gentle.

>> No.53356898

fuck you sda

>> No.53356914

tg fetishists have to deal with their fetish being extremely niche, and have to deal with their compatriots being weirdos. There's not a lot of content, and that content often has weird shit they don't like. They have to deal with it or abandon the fetish.

>> No.53356917

The only femdom CYOA that matters is the gentle femdom CYOA, and the alternate universe one, both relatively gentle.

>> No.53356930

Isn't there also that Gentle New World one? And there's one Monstergirl one that had a bunch of gentle femdom stuff too.

>> No.53356946

suk it bb

>> No.53356948

poisoned citadel?

>> No.53356950

That's the best one because you can make her be a normal girl.

>> No.53357003

looks really cool. There are some technical or aesthetic stuff as others have mentioned, but I like the general look/ideas/writing.

>> No.53357037

I don't think it should count, since it was really a generic waifu-maker with every D/S option.

>> No.53357046

>technical or aesthetic stuff
Elaborate pls. How should I add technical stuff? I didn't want to add stats or anything.

>> No.53357065

>Never understood why people keep saying this
Did you hit your head recently? It's because you always post about doing stuff but never finishing anything.
It can't be that hard to understand.

>> No.53357079

sorry, I just meant technical photoshop (or whatever) stuff. Like how the bottom of the intro gets kind of cut off, or how the red and blue boxes aren't aligned.

>> No.53357108

I'm not great with descriptions, so maybe that's why you might've felt it was a bit lifeless. As stated earlier I just wanted to try something different than I did before, so hopefully it'll be a bit better next time.

As for formatting, that was just me fucking around so it wouldn't look the same throughout. Also I'm glad you like the endings!

>> No.53357134

Read the rest of the post, peasant.

>> No.53357212

>> No.53357259


>> No.53357274

at least don't forget your image you piece of shit

>> No.53357284


>> No.53357293

The teacher one? Or Apocalypse?

>> No.53357334

Apocalypse is end-of-year.

>> No.53357368

go hog wild

>> No.53357384

My waifus are here to stay, dumb cunt.

>> No.53357406

My wife was killed by a wild hog.

>> No.53357427

>I'm not great with descriptions, so maybe that's why you might've felt it was a bit lifeless
I can comfort you in saying it's not your fault. Last time I made a build for something people asked who hurt me, or said they felt sorry for me.

>> No.53357776

I remember that.

Why do you play CYOAs when you lack imagination?

>> No.53357851

What's Bone Lord's reward? The being accepted by the city? Or just becoming a badass

>> No.53357961

I don't play them anymore to be frank. And even when I do, it's like reading a grocery list - once I'm done making a choice I can't remember what I even picked.
I used to have a decent imagination. I still remember my first month here, all the nights of sleep I lost imagining everything. How I ate up every cyoa that was posted.
cyoas were magical. Maybe I long for that experience once more. Deep down I'm sure I know it won't return.

>> No.53358015

I don't really understand how this happens.

>> No.53358187

Which CYOAs have you written?

>> No.53358206

Badasss mostly. If you manage to survive you're going to be hot shit. Killing that space whale is no joke. If you manage to do it, as the first human to show up without the gates since the First Hero, that's a shitton of respect.

You also have quests at the end, so the real point is to complete the quest, which that helps with. Also, I attached a new Mentor just cause I really, really liked writing this one.

>> No.53358270

It's natural to lose interest in things over time.

>> No.53358295

Not to the point of being as dead inside as that anon seemed to be.

>> No.53358404

Lots. Most recent was that genie cyoa from one/two days ago, then Demonologist. Making something else now too but I'm not as fast as I used to be nor as motivation. It's not that writing is hard or bothersome. I can't explain it.
Why are we whispering?
I don't know. I don't have much reason not to be?

>> No.53358438

By the way, /d/'s asking for you to expand Demonologist.

>> No.53358659

I don't go to /d/.

>> No.53358703

Never expected you to do so. They love your CYOA none the less, just wanted to tell you.

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