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Foil Edition

Previous Thread: >>53278600


>Commander 2017

>MTGO Banlist Latest Update

>Latest Commander Ban Announcement


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.

>/tg/ EDH General Discord


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread Question
Best card you've packed?

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I have absolutely no idea what you mean by that

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>Foil edition
It is finally my time to shine.


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>Best card you've packed?
Assuming you mean opened as a pack foil, my answer would be a Memory Jar, many many years ago.

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this is your themesong now

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You fool! Everyone knows Mindslicer is the best minotaur.

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Would it be fun to play Grenzo, Havoc Raiser with lots of mana rocks and a small group slug/nonbasic hate/chaos subtheme?

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Name a better card

>protip you can't

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I have an invocation hazoret, does that count as foil edition?

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Here you go:

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yo wtf

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I used to think that land destruction had no place in casual EDH... But now I realize I had a warped view of casual EDH. I used to think that cards like Sheoldred, Jitte, Ulamog, a few God enchantment creatures, etc all had no place in casual EDH.
Nowadays I realize that these things are fine for casual EDH, but with that realization I've also realized that Land Destruction should be fine as well. The truth is that if someone is playing mono red they not only can't take care of powerful enchantments but they have very few ways to take out creatures with over 7 toughness or indestructible creatures. So are you going to tell me that they should either A) get very lucky or B) willingly lose the game because they have no options?
No, neither of those choices are acceptable. The truth is that land destruction is the most powerful tool in Red's arsenal, not using it puts mono red players at a supreme disadvantage. If you feel like you're allowed to use supremely strong creatures "because they can be removed" or supremely strong enchantments "because they can be removed" then I feel that I'm allowed to use supremely strong land destruction "because you can run mana rocks".
And just as you say "Well you should run more removal!" I say "Well you should run more mana rocks!" and then you can say "Well I do but they aren't in my hand right now!" and I reply WITH THE EXACT SAME SENTIMENT towards removal.
So at the end of the day I say this; If the point of casual edh is still to win, which it obviously is if you're running $20 powerful praetors, then I'm going to do what I can to win, which is to keep you from being able to play those praetors.

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Well, shit

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Fuck off with this pasta

>Best card you packed
In terms of playability or just best pull overall? In terms of playability I got damnation from a mm17 pack, overall would probably be a polluted delta expedition

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Post your custom commander!

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>UK humor


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>>UK humor

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superior monoblack commanderfu coming through

this was the only commander that was apparently so obnoxious that all the players in my group voted for me to stop playing him. now he resides in another reanimator deck, still producing groans when he enters the board

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You're just mad cause all the boys like me more. Like, everyone knows you stuff your pockets to make your ass look bigger.

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i actually made a serious attempt some time ago

here it is

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oops uploaded the wrong one

i actually made a serious attempt some time ago

here it is

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Wasteland from ema, idc it has gone down since i cracked it. Shits dope.

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Hey that doesn't look bad, I would argue for a bigger cost but it's kinda random and he's already 3BRR on low-ramp colors. Would definitely play that. Wish I knew how to work out doing custom cards on Forge to play those custom Commanders against the IA for fun.

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What? I can't hear you.

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How is he annoying as a commander?
When he dies he enters the command zone not the graveyard

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i kinda agree that it gets kinda retarded with eldrazi and other ridiculous cmc fatties that do big things even with a single swing

maybe it should self-mill for like 7 cards, and then you could put 1 creature out of those cards into the battlefield? that would at least put a stop to emrakuls coming out on turn 3

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You can choose his destination.

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>Thread Question

I opened a "god pack" back in nyx as one of my first ten packs

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well he's not broken overpowered, but he's a very simple deck to build and is pretty obnoxious in a casual meta. here's how the deck worked

>ramp up to 6 mana, answering threats if needed
>drop kokusho
>proceed to sac him and put him in the graveyardjust to reanimate it again with cheap reanimation shenanigans
>clear the board freely since you don't even care if your commander dies
>drop a mana doubler or two and oops you have a billion mana now, use strands of night or just your massive amounts of reanimation cards (thanks necropotence) to flip kokusho between the GY and the board as many times as you need to win

and also

>if kokusho gets exiled by GY hate, just put him in the command zone and recast him

the only thing that really truly disrupts a kokusho deck is a hard GY hate like Rest in Peace or winning the game with combo. it's pretty fucking hard to kill a kokusho player with just plain old damage because of the insane lifegain kokusho does. i have a dedicated orzhov lifegain deck now and it doesn't come even close to how much life kokusho shat out. my group didn't feel like investing in GY hate, and they couldn't really hate me out with burn or combat damage either, so they were really out of options when dealing with me.

>"why didn't you tell them to git gud and get GY hate"

to be honest i didn't want to go down that path either, the deck is awful to play when people really want to fuck you over with GY hate, i decided to just build something more versatile out of it instead

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*first ten packs ever

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>Thread question
Toss up between foil emrakul in p1p1 of my first EMN draft or foil scalding tarn p1p1 of my first and only MM3

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>Best card you've packed?
I'm guessing that means "opened from a pack" so that would be the foil Tarmogoyf in future sight. Pity It's got no real place in EDH

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OK /edhg/, I've made a new deck and am ready to sleeve it. Normally I go for dragon shields, but this deck requires a more... cancerous touch. I'm not cringey enough to go for the pony sleeves or resilient enough to reach for bullshit eye cancer that I couldn't stand to look at on an aesthetic level, though. So I ask you: random Anime Girl or non-MTG property art? also suggest/link GOOD art sleeves, for this purpose or general use

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It's got a place as funding pretty much an entire deck.

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Go for Neptunia sleeves.

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Just got Jhoria in the mail. What are some good cards to cheat in that aren't Eldrazi

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hive mind

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Decree of Annihilation and Blightsteel

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>Foil Edition

lol ok

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Sell me one faggot.

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This thread question is dumb.

What's the coolest foil you own? For me it's probably a foil pre-release Korlash or, my favorite foil ever, Hand of the Praetors. Only other notable ones are master biomancer and a foil Emmy from MM2. I also cracked a foil glorybringer and it looks fantastic.

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When my brother quit playing he gave me his foil Invasion Hanna. It's honestly pretty ugly artwork, but it means a lot to me.

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>My friend plays UW control. Spends the entire match countering my spells and boucing my creatures.
>I decide to switch to my mono red land destruction deck. He gets mad at me when he can't play any spells.

Like pottery.

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I've opened a foil MM1 Tooth and Nail, and a foil Heretical Healer at the Origins prerelease. I've got a foil Agent of Bolas I really cherish, because it was given to me in exchange for a 3D token I made, and literally the first pack I ever opened had a foil Balefire Dragon, so that's kinda sentimental.

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Who's your least favorite commander you've played and why is it Kiki-Jiki?

>> No.53315224

How shitty is my poorfag immitation of Death and Taxes? The idea was to slow everyone with removal, tax, and stax, then extort everyone to death.


Here's decklist feel free to make fun of it.

>> No.53315293

Oh man, it's incredibly lame having half a combo engine limited to red in your command zone.

But, my least favorite commander was Ayli. It seemed fun to grind out a win with attrition, but it just turned into a combo reanimator deck because people are way too afraid of getting her online. You wind up wasting all your creatures sacing them for value, when all I really want to do is smash face.

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I run mana tithe in my Sram deck. Am I cool yet?

>> No.53315318

Aurelia. I really really want to like her but it just doesn't work out

>> No.53315339

I just couldn't deal with the hate I got whenever he came out. I just want to clone big dumb Timmy shit but he'd get removed the second he came down.

>> No.53315381

It's not rare but I have a 2 Seventh edition Thorn Elementals I kept from my brother and I's starter packs. He doesn't play anymore so I kept it.

>> No.53315400

add 2 more colorless mana to the cost and add a servo and it's good.

>> No.53315408

can i have one? i want to become one with the frog

>> No.53315412

I used to run Kiki-jiki in my Feldon deck, and he's always degenerate.

>about to lose, one other player left
>use kiki-jiki to clone flamerush rider
>reanimate bane of bala ged with feldon
>swing with both flamerush riders, clone bala ged two additional times
>exile 6 lands with the attack trigger

>> No.53315413

I have a foil Sliver Overlord

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How does /edhg/ feel about Trostani?

I really like the idea of populating Angel of Sanctions

>> No.53315492

Did something similar with the promo Rhox.

>> No.53315503

My friend has a Trostani deck. I hate it with the passion of 1000 dying stars.

It's fine though

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Who the fuck is Bryan?

>> No.53315560

The most feared of all the Phyrexian praetors.

>> No.53315579

Brion Stoutarm.

>> No.53315580

Stop. It wasn't funny the first time, and it will never be funny again.

>> No.53315601

Anon got hated on in casual games by a guy named Bryan. He came here to bitch and said that when Bryan was deployed to Iraq and came to say bye to him he shut the door in his face. It quickly melded with the Praetors/MLD meme.

>> No.53315623

Gross, anyways I pulled a Blood Crypt expedition back in bfz.

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She's fun with Phyrexian Incubator.
But I've had an awful time getting Angel of Sanctions in the graveyard to embalm.

>> No.53315704

Only the Bane that was declared as an attacker would trigger the exile effect. The clones enter tapped and attacking, which doesnt cause the ability to trigger since at that point you have passed the "declare attackers" step

>> No.53315724

That's not even that good of a looking foil desu

>> No.53315790

Soul Foundry is an option

As is Pull From Eternity

>> No.53315975

I have a foil Karn, Silver Golem.

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I remember someone posting these before a long while back

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I'm usually not a fan of foils but i had to have this version of hanna plus the GP i was at nielsen was there and i got her to sign it

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>enjoy playing control
>know that others do not enjoy playing against control
>don't want to ruin fun

I'm having trouble walking the line here. Too much and it's no fun, too little and my deck is just weak.

>> No.53316457

just do it, fuck everyone else

>> No.53316512

Go for a tax deck like Kambal. It feels good.

>> No.53316567

Huh, all sorts of stuff. I'm a random foil collector and work for a card shop, so I have a bunch of pretty things laying around, like a Scourge pack foil Form of the Dragon I just picked up for kicks. I've got a Crosis, the Purger Invasion pack foil that heads a deck and is fabulous. I've got a mostly-foiled Radha, Heir to Keld deck that's pretty pretty. Dunno what my favorite is though. Maybe that Crosis. Or the Timeshifted Nicol Bolas foil I have in the deck, that's a good one too. Or the Akroma, Angel of Fury Planar Chaos pack foil in Radha, that's a great foil too. Hard to pick just one.

>> No.53316578

I'd rather not grind people beneath my heel. It's not fun for me or them.

Now there's an idea. Control without locking people out but still reigning them in. I really like it

>> No.53316618

I almost never open packs ever because I don't like the gamble, but I've been playing a sealed league for fun and I pulled a Gideon of the Trials.

>> No.53316699

Breya, oloro at least pretends to have a magic game before he makes your deck worthless. Breya is just abusive as fuck and is the most powerful aspects of her colors crammed into the command zone. Free kill spells get old when the other option was killing everyine instanstly.

>> No.53316720

It's a nice kind of control where you yourself fly low on the radar but still bleed people over time. People tend not to be as weary of the guy who's just gaining a little and inflicting just as much. It's not as oppressive as something like stax or permission so it usually doesn't kill fun.

>> No.53316723

With Form of the Squirrel and Conspiracy (set to Saproling) and Life and Limb?

>> No.53316739

I never got how powerful she was when she was first revealed.

>> No.53316740

play seance, that populatung season, all the doublers and have fun. White green will result in a deck that does nothing forever until it just starts winning. Any deck that turns bullshit like terastadon into mld has merit.

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I regret starting this meme. if you couldn't see it for the obvious bait it was I have no sympathy for you.

>> No.53316779

Telling someone to stop doing something stupid isn't taking the bait, taking the bait is when serra ascendant is a perfectly balanced card, and Iona is underrated.

>> No.53316792

Nobody really did. I had to stop when I put kci,a thoptersword combo, and an eldrazi displacer into the deck and it became nothing but ez wins. I won a game once because I played a turn 5 sfm which should be horse shit in anybody's book.

>> No.53316825

But anon Iona is a highly underrated card, not like colorless removal exists. it legitimately was bait though I sometimes get to deep into shitposting I forget myself

>> No.53316842

That's a very pretty foil

>> No.53316865

I thought those were a myth... Holy shit

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Best card I've ever pulled was this. I've been playing for years, packs are bad to me. The worst I've ever done was also quite recent. 3 packs of MM2 was $30,
I was shocked but wasn't about to look poor so I bought them. Serum Visions was the sole worthwhile card. What a wash.

>> No.53316904

How many years have you been playings, ive cracked over 1000$ in cards and ive been playing for 3 year.

>> No.53316927

I started back in og Innistrad and it's been a constant obsession since, so I suppose 6 solid years of intense play.

>> No.53316941

What was it about Innistrad that had so many new people starting up?

>> No.53316979

Not him but I got into magic around the beginning/end? of og Zendikar after going to college due to friends introducing me to it, prior to that I was into ygo

>> No.53317100

When we get nostalgic, my friends and I talk about what about innistrad pulled us in, and it was definitely, for all of us, the fact that it was so "Halloween" themed right as autumn was rolling around. It was like a drug, it just felt right.

>> No.53317144

Probably because it has shit art. I love the fact that it's a legendary frog too much to care though.

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File: 67 KB, 418x307, 21844.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The art was fantastic, the flavour was on point, and the cards were at a respectable power-level.

Return blocks have nothing to do with the originals. SoI and EM were neat, in concept, but the actual homogeneous art was terrible. Look at this shit, this was a common, and it was fucking awesome. Now? You get a whole bunch of pandering bullshit. Imagine a set filled with Archfiend of Ifnir. This was back when 18-34 year old males was their target market.

>> No.53317169

And also, I feel tribes are just very easy for new players to get. They make it obvious what they're strategy is, makes it easy for babies to run mono color, it's intuitive. I chose "ghosts", and then gave up and moved to humans.

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File: 55 KB, 620x383, Toshi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Working on putting together a Toshiro deck. Still needs a lot more thought, but it's getting there, I think.


Any advice?

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What the fuck? This is post is just nonsense and assumptions. I liked the art of the Innistrad return just fine.

>> No.53317207

Gotta agree with all of you. The flavour mixed with the time of year is what really brought me in and I loved all of it. Made the game more exciting because I enjoyed the story and the art behind pretty much every card.

Also went humans and made a pretty tough casual deck for my first real go at the game. Good times.

>> No.53317277

Looking at my Conjurer's Closet from my humans deck and the "new" Thragtusk made my brain click, and I got magic right then. I was convinced I invented flicker, I started texting it to a few of my friends, all of them "duuuude no fuking way" we were so dumb and bad.

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File: 129 KB, 223x311, Image.ashx?multiverseid=429889&type=card.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I pulled a masterpiece Vindicate from the new set. Only got it because a friend wanted to split a fatpack. We also pulled the three mana Gideon.

>> No.53317318

If a masterpiece was pulled in a pack I split with someone, I would be furious at myself for not buying it myself.

>> No.53317371
File: 62 KB, 458x620, 788_12_ep6rcphx9y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The art was cool, nigga. I didn't even know what most other Magic art was like at the time but after years of nothing but shitty looking cartoonish Yugioh art it felt like a breath of fresh air.

>> No.53317389

This thread gives me new appreciation for my Gisa deck. Innistrad was pretty dope.

>> No.53317486

I reread all the Gisa and Geralf stuff just a few days ago. The SoI stories perfectly recapture the banter they had back in the original Innistrad block. There's even a parallel with Geralf befriending Liliana and Gisa befriending Nahiri.

>> No.53317512

Foils are always ugly as sin.

>> No.53317542

Ehh, most of the cards they made masterpieces of for almond cat aren't valuable, and the card faces themselves make the cards not sought after. That vindicate is only worth 25 bucks. On release new Gideon was worth more. As is it's still only 10$ more than the Gideon his friend got.

It would probably be a bigger deal if it was force of will.

>> No.53317566

>oloro always hated


>> No.53317592

Because EDH is about interactivity and Oloro is about jerking yourself off until can shoot your Aether all over the table and run away.

>> No.53317596
File: 101 KB, 998x974, bugsbubby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need some desperate help making cuts here.
Ended up with 124 cards, and I can't decide if I want to remove oppressive cards to make it more fun, or remove fun cards to make it more oppressive.

>> No.53317598

That exact scenario happened to a friend's nephew. Got an uncle Rick who's big into wrestling, kid?

>> No.53317604

>At the beginning of your upkeep, if Oloro, Ageless Ascetic is in the command zone, you gain 2 life.
who the fuck thought this would be a good idea?

>> No.53317611


so why was he hated before aether was a thing?

>> No.53317621
File: 421 KB, 700x525, frog.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot to link my fucking list.

>> No.53317636
File: 2.86 MB, 223x167, fuck everything.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53317652

He just sits there and passively does shit in the command zone. Most people take this and make uninteractive, boring pillowfort shit.

>> No.53317653

Because he still did the same thing, just more slowly.

>> No.53317656
File: 253 KB, 447x415, 1494130618191.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw we'll never get perfect foils like the premium deck foils again
>we'll never get to see any cool looking designs put into the actual hologram like in Pokemon or Yugioh
>flat, completely holographic surfaces on the entire card forever and ever

>> No.53317675

Most of the 2013 commanders are hated due most of them having a benefit of sitting in the command zone(Oloro and Derevi) or get better with each cast. Compared to the 2011 which are all meh to great and the enemy color decks from 2015, all the shards are considered annoyances when played by anyone but their controller

>> No.53317690

Nobody really gives a shit about Marath, it's just that Prossh is degenerate with Food Chain, Jeleva is degenerate always, Derevi is stax which is always annoying and Oloro is akin to being invited to a meal, sitting in the corner eating by yourself, then farting in the face of each other attendant.

>> No.53317703

yeah but it literally took years to get aether

>> No.53317716

But when you think about it, wasn't Magic always ultimately about farting in faces? Somebody's gotta lose.

>> No.53317736

Do people actually play Jeleva? I assum most people would rather play Nekusar wheels or Thraximundar voltron

>> No.53317747

I did a draft with friends of MM17 and the best I got was a path to exile. Friends pulled 2 fetches, a foil Lili and a damnation :'((

>> No.53317775

I actually enjoyed the 2013 ones for how they interacted with the command zone. It was an interesting thing that no other legend had done before. I'd also like to see more lieutenant creatures.

>> No.53317785

There are ways for people to lose and yet everyone has fun. The game is zero sum but there are parts of it that are enjoyable other than the act of winning.

I actually play with both competitive and casual playgroups, and yes. Jeleva actually isn't that bad when you mainly build around her, the thing is that Grixis is probably the 3rd best 3 color combo, after Esper and Sultai, and a Grixis storm shell is obscenely strong. Add in the fact that Jeleva can get you free powerful spells, something which naturally empowers storm decks and you have a recipe for autism.

>> No.53317786

Jeleva is actually a tier 1 commander, believe it or not. Better than Nekusar.

>> No.53317826

Seems like it requires alot of proper setup to work as intended

Those "tiers" are a joke, its almost always lol I play labman

>> No.53317860

Yes, because when you play Lab Man you win. The Tiers aren't measured by their Funness Quotient or some shit like that, they're measured by how consistently they can win. And also yes, Jeleva play requires knowing your deck backwards and forwards. The people I know who play it treat it like poker, where they figure the odds of drawing into the cards they need on the fly. Still, it wins.

>> No.53317898

I'm just saying competitive commander is awful because it revolves around either using labman of food chain. Can't say I could be bothered to try brewing jeleva since I find storm to be boring as hell

>> No.53317956

Yes, "competitive" EDH is a joke and it's always Lab Man, Food Chain, Doomsday, or some combination of those. They're easy and consistent wincons in spikey metas, but boring as fuck. Anyone who claims to be a competitive EDH player is probably a boring, no-fun fuck.

>> No.53318024

Jeleva uses Tendrils or Aetherflux, but sure. There's also Teferi, who has plenty of other ways to win, like just decking out your opponents, and there's a few stax decks in competitive like Brago, Sisay, and GAAIV, plus Yisan and Selvala who don't go for any of that. But whatever, keep talking from your deep well of inexperience.

>> No.53318059

You sound like the boring faggot I was just described, keep playing a casual format like its the protour and wonder why nobody wants to play with you

>> No.53318089

>have weekly playgroup of 10 people
You should really stop projecting this much.

>> No.53318145

It's amazing the lengths you go just because someone said something about a who fucking cares aspect of a format, btw I'm really impressed with your group must be nice to have 9 friends that are willing to let you suck them off

>> No.53318189
File: 1.14 MB, 750x1046, Siril.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53318209

>USA mega Tymna

>> No.53318357

It feels fair reading it, but I do kinda wonder how well it would scale with having multiple lifelink creatures. You could discard your hand multiple times to cycle through a bunch of cards if you had multiple lifegain triggers.

>> No.53318404

I forgot to mention Storm, but you get the idea.

>> No.53318517

Who Orzhov here? I love saccing things when Grave Pacts on board just to bring them back next turn with Reveillark. Best is saccing tokens to Sadistic Hypnotist.

>> No.53318794

Yeah, like farting in faces while you win.

>> No.53318825
File: 185 KB, 463x664, chromeshell-crab-cropped.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>plays a trap card

>> No.53318916
File: 29 KB, 223x310, numot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like fun.
On the topic of UWR, how is Numot?

>> No.53318957

>Best card you've packed?

I bought the last two packs of Worldwake a store had and pulled JTMS. Not a foil, though.

>> No.53319048


Survival of the Fittest judge promo I think.

>> No.53319161
File: 28 KB, 223x310, Image (52).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sad Hippy

You are like little baby.

>> No.53319278

Best card I ever got from a pack wasn't even foil.

Bought two packs of Exodus from my LGS years ago for about $8 each. Got an Oath of Druids and a Survival of the Fittest.

>> No.53319289
File: 847 KB, 1280x960, wp_endlessranksofthedead_1280x960[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any good zombie token generators that you guys know of?

>> No.53319315

Holy fudge the things I could get away with using Sevros.

>> No.53319328

zombie infestation
kalitas, traitor of ghet
cemetery reaper
noosegraf mob
diregraf colossus (works great with gravecrawler)
grave titan
waste not
necromancer's stockpile

>> No.53319475

Thats cool and all, but somehow you managed to take the least foilily looking picture I have ever seen of a foil.

>> No.53319507

I'll just kill the target creature on your side and it's fine and dandy

>> No.53319925
File: 98 KB, 850x500, cardart_DDS_Jhoira-of-the-Ghitu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why is she so cut, bros?

>> No.53319937

She looks like a meth whore in that artwork.

>> No.53320296

bad art, bad

>> No.53320313

She's ugly as sin in that artwork

>> No.53320340
File: 87 KB, 736x539, jhoira.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>jhoira of the ghetto

jhoira isn't pleased

>> No.53320611

A what?

>> No.53320628

Would you recommend building a Kokusho deck? I want to build a big black deck but I'm still not sure if I should go Chainer, Horoboi, Kokusho or Maga.

>> No.53320641

You have to go MLP sleeves.
My stax deck is sleeved up with MLP sleeves and it enrages people so good, I have the best time whenever I play it against strangers, I have never seen a bigger flow of salt and tears, it's like the sleeves annoy them even more than the fact that they can't do anything.

Otherwise do skimpy loli sleeves or something. Or skimpy shota if you wanna get funky.

>> No.53320649
File: 187 KB, 265x370, GtTlCCwxhq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This nigga is absolutely gorgeous.

>> No.53320679

Why do you hate it friend? I've been thinking about builsing it, what's it like to play against?

>> No.53320691

Nice bent foil fag.

>> No.53320748

Why do you want to build it? I just looked Trostani up and all the decks I see look really generic and uniteresting to play. To me it looks like every game is the same.

>> No.53320757

>Still backpedalling and saying you were just pretending
Holy shit.

>> No.53320848
File: 31 KB, 300x300, assholemana.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How rare are these?

>> No.53320853

Only at a perfect angle, Kamigawa foils were trash.

>> No.53320879
File: 71 KB, 312x445, 28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's so pretty.

>> No.53320914

Jeleva can be built non degenerately :^)

>> No.53320931

Pokémon sleeves.

>> No.53320940

Lifelink is not a trigger anymore no? It happens at the exact moment combat damage does, at least I thought it did.

>> No.53320951

Don't do drugs kids.

>> No.53320955

My playgroup says that I should use the combat step for once in my life, and that it doesn't count when I wipe everyone's lands and creatures with 5 indestructible angels on the board, which is what my boros deck does.

>> No.53320970
File: 61 KB, 312x445, Drogskol Reaver_DKA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not. The lifegain happens at the same time as combat damage, but that's not relevant. That card still triggers for each source of lifegain, since the lifegain from lifelink isn't a single event if you attack with multiple creatures.
It works in same way as Pain Magnification or Drogskol Reaver, which triggers once per source.

>> No.53321058
File: 66 KB, 312x445, 162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is another one of those cases where a card is weirdly expensive because nobody ever opened the set, isn't it?

>> No.53321062


Those birds look so sexy in person. The picture really doesn't do it justice.

>> No.53321080
File: 75 KB, 640x511, Soon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I think it's a combination of that, and the effect being pretty unique. It's depressing that like every fringe playable EDH card with only one printing is like $10 now. I'm glad I got into the format really early and bought all that jank when it was still pennies.

>> No.53321128

>Hey you know how Jhoira had personality from her features and there was lots of vibrant colors in her original art? Can we give her completely generic fantasy girl fantasy girl face and mute all those pesky colors? Make sure we focus on her working on some sort of spinning kebabers that have nothing to do with her character.

>> No.53321199

It's because card draw attached to lands is pretty rare and useful

>> No.53321235
File: 58 KB, 277x401, baneful-omen-17545-medium.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I go about making me a discard/curse deck? I obviously needs most black effects (other than reanimation, it's a type in itself), but what else? The format (or rather a game) doesn't lend itself well to slow burn type of matches, unless it's a complete stax lock. Nekusar or Nath might work, but the former is better as fast combo and the latter as stax. It seems to just draw hate from the whole table and also can't deal with mirror.

Pic related

>> No.53321307
File: 34 KB, 223x310, Image-227.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rakdos is the flavor embodiment of Bitchcraft. If that's your goal I wouldn't be so concerned with making it competitive.

>> No.53321368

I started with mtg playing rakdos in Ravnica, but it was never top tier. Red makes it easier to go lolrandum and fuck people's plans, but most often people are quick to recover and you don't have a plan of your own. Kaervec the Merciless then?

I've had a finished Gonti deck which was relatively fun for me and rage-inducing for my opponents, but it was about assembling the same mana/etb combos every game and then dependent on opponents to have good decks. Also, color pie limitations screw you over, like Imprisoned in the Moon on your general.

I can't find balance with perfect flavor of monocolor and greed and power of 3+c

>> No.53321378
File: 25 KB, 200x285, 119689_200w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hey, remember Thalia? Her art was really striking and poignant, really got across the idea that she lived in a hard world but sought victory despite desolation. Yeah, forget all of that. Just show her looking at something off card. And fuck up her flavor text while you're at it.

>> No.53321460

The flavor text is totally shitty and they probably could have done better with Thalia 2, but while the first Thalia art is good art it *was* kind of a bummer that we couldn't see her face.

Jhoira was perfectly readable and is a reprint rather than a new card.

>> No.53321505

Maybe it's just nostalgia goggles, but in my mind Thalia 1's art was representative of the fact that she was just one of many cathars who were willing to sacrifice anything to keep their world alive. Her own life wasn't important so why should her face be?

>> No.53321606
File: 88 KB, 240x345, trespasserscurse.full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is a nice curse

>> No.53321637

Notes from having tried this shit.

#1: There aren't enough curses to carry monocolor
#2: Curses.dec can be kind of fun, but struggles badly against multiple opponents.
#3: Every color but Green can have a place in a Curse deck and you probably want to go 3. Black is essential and you want one or both of blue and white for enchantment tech. I guess you could go green for the enchantresses, but the green curses suck while white, blue, and red all provide decent ones

You're going to need to use stax and/or prison elements to survive, though the curses themselves can help: the commander curses and a few red ones have a "direct table politics" vibe by rewarding others for attacking the cursed player. If your opponents had good threat analysis a deck as janky as curses wouldn't get hated out unless you were actually spreading your curses out (Why? Misfortunes, Thirst, and Bloodletting really want you to stack up) so toss them free prizes with Stalked Prey and the like and you'll be better off.

All in all, white is surprisingly called for. With Replenish and Open the Vaults you can curse the everloving heck out of one person and then transfer all their doom. Most if not all of the "move Aura" effects need the aura to be attached to a permanent or specific kind of permanent anyway so you'll have to fish them out of the GY. You also get Heliod's Pilgrim, Kor Spirit Dancer, Sram, Three Dreams, Enlightened Tutor, Idyllic Tutor, Starfield of Nyx, Plea for Guidance and Auramancer to help you on your path from White.

Personally, when I built Curses, I went for Ertai the Corrupted since I had a lot of enchantment recursion. It's really funny to lock somebody out with Starfield of Nyx and Curse of Exhaustion, even if not totally practical. But you could probably get a lot of mileage out of Mardu Curses + all the wraths. I'm a little dubious on Abzan Curses since you literally only get Predation for curses but you do get a lot of potential draw power.

>> No.53321660

Got hit by that turn 2 with my Karador deck that relies on infinite creature loop to win

>> No.53321663

I used to run this shitty enchantment in my Lovecraft deck and it was always disappointing. Would it have been too powerful to let you at least draw the card you revealed?

>> No.53321673

7 cmc arena that triggers eot and reveals the card? You bet it wouldn't

>> No.53321698

The problem with that is that she is a leader, and a legendary creature for a reason. While Thalia might be fairly humble, she also has a critical place all on her own. Her name and persona is important enough to summon Thalia, not some nonlegendary "Guardian of Thraben", so why shouldn't her face be important? While I did like her old art, especially just as a piece of art I also like some elements out of the new one

Her promos are weird, though. I think I sort of like the super closeup Guardian promo, though not as much as default guardian, because it can show a lot of emotion, but her Heretic Cathar promo is just so wonky...

>> No.53321704

Well, it's closer to the new Sorin's + ability but yeah.
It would have been playable otherwise, unless your playgroup has allowed Gleemax to be played.

>> No.53321727

Tell us more about your Lovercaftian deck. Is it more on on horrors/aberrations side? Is it U/B mill?

>> No.53322115


>> No.53322155

What are the best lifelink creatures besides the standard Ascendant/Baneslayer/Wurmcoil/Batterskull gang?

>> No.53322165

It had some fitting creatures, horrors, wizards, zombies, sea monsters to name a few. It had a couple of mill shit like Manic Scribe and other creatures and enchantments, mostly permanents that milled.
It was somewhat interactive with grave, commander being Wrexial, there also was reanimation, but mostly cheap ones, as this was sub 50 euro deck, as judged by mcm.
It also had Nemesis of Reason, It That Betrays and the slime fucker that lets me cast cards for free on combat damage.

Sadly, I don't have the tappedout, but probably will build it again, as my GG zombie tribal isn't any fun. Build it without restrictions that is.

>> No.53322189

Toshiro is in a spot where his effect is super good but the support isnt really there
every set he gets closer and closer to be an casual edh HOUSE

>> No.53322211

my foil kiki looks cool
only foil from that set I have though

>> No.53322273


>> No.53322295

Bruse is nice, but what about something that has static lifelink? I'd like to have it on something that can block and gain life at once.

>> No.53322332

Jitte does a good job of pretending to have lifelink.

>> No.53322339
File: 48 KB, 265x370, SphinxoftheSteelWind.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what colors?
i usually tend to throw ivory tower, some drain cards and/or loxodon warhammer into a deck and call it a day if I need more life
oh theres this card
I needed a lifelinker in my 5c mana mastery deck and its a fucking HOUSE!

>> No.53322367

Yeah forgot to mention, the color is Boros.

>> No.53322436

Archangel of Thune.

>> No.53322452

Post deck boxes that are good value for hauling 100 double-sleeved cards and some miscellaneous tokens around.

>> No.53322488

Brisela, Thune, Odric spreads it around, Fiendslayer is a decent bear.

>> No.53322577
File: 69 KB, 312x445, 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53322642

Ultra pros satin towers or the ultimate guard knock off.

IMHO they are the best deckboxes you can get before going into "artisanal" deckboxes.

>> No.53322706

Best card I ever pulled was foil Rise of Eldrazi Emrakul. I had only started playing a week or so ago and the shop owner gave me 5 packs for it.
I had no idea how valuable it was/what rarities were

>> No.53322708

>He doesn't use partner commanders for every deck

What's your excuse for being so retarded?

>> No.53322769

Which partner does what Sen Triplets does again?

>> No.53322773

>He doesn't use planeswalker commanders for every deck.

What's your excuse for being so retarded?

>> No.53322785
File: 30 KB, 223x310, Image (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol, you're still a faggot and Bryan still shit on your shitty gay goodstuff deck you faggot.

>> No.53322794

>What's your excuse for being so retarded?
I got my selvala altered ;_;

>> No.53322861

I would so fuck Jhoira in that picture not sure if I'm gay or what but clearly I'm alone in this.

>> No.53322912

>the steady browning of the multiverse

>> No.53322940

is jhoira from kaladesh? is that why they reprinted her?

>> No.53322983

Just Teferi travelling back in time to have a way with their mommas

>> No.53322992

Are you bi? Because that illustration could easily have been of a man. If I did not know what it was from I would assume it would be of some new artifact creating dude. It has hair color in common with the original card, and that's it.

>> No.53323003

Jhoira's Dominarian. She was one of the people who mucked about closing time rifts with Teferi, Venser, and Radha. She was also Karn's first friend and gave him his name.

>> No.53323066

>Being in shadows makes someone brown
She's one of the few things that hasn't gotten a race adjustment to be more "PC" lately. The new art is kinda shit (especially at card size) but it fits more or less with her appearances on her first art, Tinker, and Ghitu Fire.

In fact, look at the Ghitu that AREN'T Jhoira from Urza's Legacy. They were fucking brown back then. Like Chandra, she is the one white character from an otherwise brown setting. Only unlike chandra she's never been illustrated glaringly adjacent to her alleged 'family' with whom she clearly shares no genes.

>> No.53323090

Oh, and forgot Jeska, she was there for most of it too.

>> No.53323121

Are you me anon?

When I started MTG, I bought a fatpack. The first booster I opened from it had Iroas, the second booster I opened was a god pack.

It made me think mythic rarity, wasn't actually that rare, until my friend told me what I opened.

>> No.53323143
File: 356 KB, 653x906, Chandrazilla.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got Steve Argyle to alter this foil Chandra for me at a GP. It may not be the best card but it will always be my favorite.

>> No.53323181

How viable are milling decks in multiplayer edh?
1v1 seems pretty fun, but free for all 4 players it doesnt seem very good

>> No.53323182

>Being in shadows makes someone brown
she looks like a gypsy

>> No.53323224

you are better off milling as part of a combo or mind grinding for a billion
really its a one shot kind of deal, steady milling is pretty bad

>> No.53323239

so helm of obedience or bust?

>> No.53323248
File: 30 KB, 223x310, Image (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They were fucking brown back then

>> No.53323250
File: 31 KB, 223x310, Image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Milling is a bad strategy by itself.

Great if you are using it for graveyard shenanigans. Big fan of memory plunder.

>> No.53323252

Not always. Altar of Dementia is pretty awesome, too.

>> No.53323258
File: 36 KB, 312x445, abduction.hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any spicy combos if you cast this on your own dude and let the creature die?

>> No.53323268
File: 31 KB, 223x310, gfeclassic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Using the 7e art when Urza's Legacy was specified

>> No.53323285

mind grind
you can do a zombie thing where you use undead alchemist + alter of the brood
or you can do Phenax+ eater of the dead

>> No.53323291

Eh, not really. At that point it's just a bad rez spell.

>> No.53323315
File: 30 KB, 223x310, Image (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its not consistent but they were never gypsies

>> No.53323330

It's a hard one to break. Gilded drake, trade for a creature, abduct the drake, sac it for profit, and it trades for something else? I guess that's a little more resilient than just abducting what you wanted in the first place, even if the end state is fairly similar to "cast gilded drake, cast abduction"

>> No.53323333

these are great. they all offer cool effects but only if you build around them properly. neat stuff.

imo sevros could be toned down and vairn could be buffed.

>> No.53323373
File: 1.68 MB, 352x264, Snap yo fingers, Snap yo neck.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Using the 7e art when Urza's Legacy was specified
wow looks like I learn something new every day

>> No.53323377

seems fun. i never heard of this dude till now. i might have to give him a try.

moody emo jhoira is best jhoira

>> No.53323405

During Journey into Nyx, there were rarely "God packs". Instead of the normal distribution of 1 basic land, 10 commons, 3 uncommons, and a rare, they'd have one of each of the Gods from that block, all mythics.

>> No.53323423

You're aware that's supposed to be Jhoira on Ghitu fire, correct? With basically the same skin tone, stupid shoulderpad, and sneer as her new art?

And yeah, they weren't gypsies. They were inconsistent sorta-arabs, except Jhoira who was an inconsistent ambiguously white-ish sort of girl.

What I'm saying is that Magic art has never exactly managed standardization even if it's gotten better since Ice Age couldn't decide if Balduvian meant conanesque barbarians, wrinkly corpse-pale freak, or blue man group, and I'm pretty sure new Jhoira is nothing more than more of the same.

If you want a good browning example, look at the steady devolution of Gideon from Normal Dude to... you know, he kinda skipped the "greek" they were supposedly aiming for and went straight to "1968 Planet of the Apes Extra", didn't he?

>> No.53323428

that's a $10 card

really wish the artist had made the wings larger

>> No.53323442

>hat I'm saying is that Magic art has never exactly managed standardization
no i totally get it now

>> No.53323454

>really wish the artist had made the wings larger
damn it i can unsee it now

>> No.53323533
File: 66 KB, 312x445, 177.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's because card draw attached to lands is pretty rare and useful
this i actually lost a really grindy match up to Sea Gate Wreckage the other day
I was shocked

>> No.53323549

There's a reason Library of Alexandria is commonly called the lost member of the Power 10.

>> No.53323557

Not related to the Jhoira debate, 7e was a weird beast. It had a TON of new art (like 5th) and most of it went for simple images with bright colors and clean lines -- a sort of "comic book" feeling style that sometimes worked but usually looked like dog vomit -- except randomly they put the painterly work of Rebecca Guay on a ton of cards when she was about to be shoved aside for Onslaught's "XTREME TO THE MAX" M:tG style that was otherwise pretty well reflected in 7th.

>> No.53323563
File: 20 KB, 200x284, 10956_200w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it looks like the modeled their bird on a dove and then added the flourishy tail. the wings kind of seem a bit disconnected from the body too. the background is pretty lackluster too.

to me this art has always reminded me of sliver overlord. they have similar silhouettes

>> No.53323573
File: 100 KB, 768x432, EN_Gideon_PWPortrait_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought you were joking, but Jesus.

>> No.53323607

Wreckage isn't library though, it requires you to be hellbent (way worse than 7 cards) and costs 3 mana past wasting its own production to draw. It's still pretty good, because Library is fucking insane, but I can see why that would sneak up on somebody.

>> No.53323632
File: 314 KB, 411x325, old man gideon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh man, gideon has the worst faces.

>> No.53323642
File: 53 KB, 366x379, bruce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53323662
File: 87 KB, 150x216, GIDON.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53323674
File: 25 KB, 645x287, planet-of-the-apes-1968-00-645-75.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fits right the fuck in.

>> No.53323693
File: 126 KB, 223x311, Image (3).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53323711

so whats the story here, he was put in a jail cell then he ignited then renamed himself?

Who had the best origin story? i think Lil's was pretty good

>> No.53323731

Cherish that one. It's terrible, like every face Gideon makes, but it's actually the one he started with.

>> No.53323741

He was a lovable scamp who led a band of lovable rule-breaking urchins for the greater good. Got thrown in jail after a thing gone wrong, trained in Hieromancy by the warden, was allowed to fight against monsters that broke into the city (and pardoned for his help), then all his friends died because of his hubris and the grief of that moment ignited his spark and he planeswalked to Bant.

He told the first person he met that his name was Kytheon Iora, which they mispronounced as Gideon Jura, and he basically said "yeah, whatever, close enough"

>> No.53323754
File: 127 KB, 223x311, Image (4).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>put into jail
>taught hieromancy
>get told to kill erebos titan
>kill it, then try to take on erebos
>tragic arrogance

>> No.53323761

I'm a huge fan of Tezzeret's background.

>> No.53323781

>so whats the story here, he was put in a jail cell then he ignited then renamed himself?
He got arrested for something or other, then his warden taught him the power of LAW, and when he was released he did some good shit but then he tried to challenge the gods and got smote and all his friends died and he ignited because he was sad. He landed on Bant, where nobody could pronounce "Kytheon Iora" right for some reason, so the slurred "Gideon Jura" stuck instead.

>Who had the best origin story?
Liliana or maybe Jace.

>> No.53323785

oh what? his hieromancy killed his friends? I thought hieromancy was defense magic

>> No.53323793

Jace's was interesting, at least. It gave him some depth.

>> No.53323823

Technically, hieromancy is what he uses to like, chain people down.

His "I am indestructible" magic is a whole other thing, and that killed his friends because he tried to tussle with a God, got a magic spear hucked at him, and went indestructible.

Thing is, his friends weren't. So they got killed in the explosion. Technically they were dead either way, but he taunted the god in the first place (HUBRIS) and him going "lol you can't hurt me" led to him being the only survivor.

>> No.53323867
File: 29 KB, 223x310, Image (5).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He was wielding pic related when taking down the Erebos titan.

It is what he threw at Erebos, just for Erebos to whip it straight back.

>> No.53323920

At this point you autismos are worse than the bryan shitposter

>> No.53323964

It wasn't the ACTUAL spear, just "a spear Heliod gave him".

>> No.53323968
File: 84 KB, 940x518, the tism.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53323976

And for those who don't know
>dad's a scrapper, mom's an old whore
>joins in with gangs, shanks a bunch of people
>Tezzeret means shank
>mom gets run over by a carriage
>he starts gathering scrap and steals etherium
>runs away from home, steals more etherium
>murders a ton more people
>goes through all the artificer organizations on Esper
>makes his etherium arm
>loses to Silas Renn and stalls out
>murders a guy who's about to expel him
>steals the super cool etherium books and finds out it's all a scam
>gets attacked

>> No.53323990
File: 65 KB, 312x445, 14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>just a spear
>this guy killed an erebos titan

>> No.53324009

This post does nothing but further my point though.

>> No.53324019

I mean, it was a step above "normal spear" since it was "spear given to him by a god", it just was a few steps below "Spear OF a god".

>> No.53324021

its intended to

>> No.53324024
File: 192 KB, 750x450, cardart_2I2ympNB3W.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hold up

I guess you are right, though in my defense they gloss over the fact that it "looks like his spear"

>> No.53324039

did Heliod know this would happen? Are the gods prescient to some extent?
I wonder how Gideon felt when he returned to Theros

>> No.53324048

>Pointed out retards
>act like retard
>that was my point
Stop posting anytime

>> No.53324051
File: 77 KB, 620x400, mm_wk12_292_heliod60.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the white god looks like the crusades didnt come soon enough

>> No.53324074

I don't think they're prescient. To be fair, Helios only asked him to kill Erebos' Titan. Gideon just got cocky (HUUUBRIIIIIS) and decided to attack Erebos himself when he showed up, and it backfired spectacularly.

Theoretically, if he'd just stopped at "What he was asked to do" his friends would all be alive, and he'd be the great hero Kytheon Iora, champion of Heliod.

>> No.53324110

They're boring and don't provide the flavor I want. I like my decks to be Vorthos as fuck.

>> No.53324118
File: 362 KB, 1114x695, Rare Kyro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was mocking them
come on its extremely obvious
that one guy claims everything is golapost moving and its in all caps with a spelling error

>> No.53324125

I think the gods powers are basically what you would expect them to be.

Krupix is prescient? Also Keranos if I remember correctly?

>> No.53324128

I don't like any of them.

>> No.53324135

Kruphix isn't flat out prescient- he has access to all knowledge that every sapient being on the plane has.

So the second someone planeswalked onto Theros, he became aware of the multiverse.

>> No.53324163

Sorry I'm still learning in the ways of shitposting

>> No.53324165

Also, he's only aware of what they actually know. So when Kruphix says that Bolas is the most dangerous thing out there, he's basing that off Ajani's incomplete knowledge of Bolas.

>> No.53324182

wow a reply

i can only give you my personal opinion, and that opinion is "maybe"'

on one hand, kokusho can be obnoxious to play against, and he is pretty linear. you can do whatever monoblack does, but your wincon will almost always end up being kokusho draining everyone to death.

on the other hand, my kokusho deck was the only monoblack deck i really enjoyed playing. lifedrain is one of my favorite archetypes and kokusho is probably the undisputed king of lifedrain. i also really like the card aesthetically.

if you enjoy straightforward decks where you can just fuck everyone up at the same time, then yeah, kokusho is great. it's probably the strongest monoblack commander if you don't count mega spike combo tutor decks. it's a lot like playing purphorous in a lot of ways, but it's a lot more resilient and somewhat more complicated since you do have to reanimate and control the board instead of just playing tokens.

i still kind of miss playing the deck, to be honest. it's just too bad my group grew such a hateboner for it. it wasn't really fun winning after everyone just started grumbling and groaning every time i did.

here's my deck if you're interested in goldfishing or testing it out on xmage


>> No.53324196
File: 1.11 MB, 400x200, You You You.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wow a reply

>> No.53324205
File: 64 KB, 312x445, 231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this and Cosi's trickster are about the only way to interact with shuffling, but I'm curious of the other meta techs to make a torture device/troll out of a deck, lantern control style. I've seen a deck that makes an opponent flip hundreds thousands of coins and another one that removes your hand, graveyard, table and library from the game, but they require you not to play singleton.


>> No.53324263
File: 32 KB, 223x310, syrng.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

one of the new players in our group put this in every one of her shitty decks
won a few games off of me exiling the cards I needed

>> No.53324279

10/10, good, unique ideas and strategies. Hathor is my favorite.

>> No.53324284
File: 21 KB, 200x285, Dark Depths boi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys I love Dark Depths and Marit Lage. I'm broke as shit and almost sold my shitty standard deck just to buy the Marit Token.

I want to use it but it is banned in Modern, and there's no way I'll ever be able to afford Legacy Lands.

What are some cards that could help me cheat Marit onto the game? I thought about going with an all-in ramp deck with some engines to cheat the counters of DD away.

So, like BG deck would work.

Any suggestions? Bless yall

>> No.53324287

Does this anger you somehow? Seems fine to me, even practical in a format with top deck tutors such as enlightened, mystic, and vampiric.

>> No.53324290

I think by the time you get your "lock" and can start manipulating their topdeck they'll already have too many threats and answers, 100 card singleton isn't consistent enough and not enough similar lock pieces.
Pyschic Surgery is sweet though.

>> No.53324305

Vesuva and Thespian's Stage is the standard way of getting Marit for free.

>> No.53324306

Of course, I already got Thespian Stage, Hexmage, the phyrexian little shit that removes counters, the obvious ones. I need all the possible ways to cheat counters away to see if my idea is even slightly viable.

>> No.53324312

Vesuva doesn't work.

>> No.53324317

no not at all
i just wanted to point out that i was beat down with a bunch of draft commons because this card is a brick house

>> No.53324319

For what I understand, Vesuva doesn't work. I may be wrong.

>> No.53324320

I'd say he's complaining because generally that would be a really bad card outside of situations like those tutors, and yet it gets crammed in all of her decks, and she's "won" off of it occasionally.

IT'd be like someone putting Squire in all their decks and then you lose a game to it.

>> No.53324325

Aether Snap.

>> No.53324332

vampire sex mage

>> No.53324336

Ah ok. Didnt realize it dosent work how I thought.

>> No.53324361

Convince me to waste my perfectly good money on a parallel lives and wurmcoil engine

>> No.53324365

So, the reason Thespian's Stage works is that it doesn't copy anything until it's been on the field already. So you copy the Depths as it exists in layer 1- your Stage becomes a copy of it, and it has no counters because nothing has PUT counters on it, then you sac the original Depths to the Legend Rule, then you sac the copy to the trigger and get a token.

It DOESN'T work with Vesuva, because Vesuva enters the battlefield as a copy of the chosen land, meaning Dark Depths' "I enter with 10 ice counters" replacement effect gets picked up, and the Vesuvadepths would come down with the counters too.

>> No.53324367

jesus thats brutal. Thanks.

>> No.53324375
File: 70 KB, 312x445, 117.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Brilliant, just brilliant. The cost makes it even more appealing. That's kind of how my Gonti deck works (also because I can blink him in another person's turn after a tutor), but monocolor is hard.

>> No.53324383

>parallel lives
play white you pleb

>> No.53324387

DD is a complex card. Part of the reason I love it so much

>> No.53324393

for sec i thought you meant doomsday lol

>> No.53324460

Doomsday is on another level of complex lol

>> No.53324482

>comes in with ten counters
>pay 3 to remove a counter
>sac it and get Marit Lage when you remove the last counter
How is that complicated?

>> No.53324486

>waste my perfectly good money on a parallel lives

In my mind, I was still thinking Parallel Lives was like a dollar and this seemed like an absurd statement. I hadn't realized it had crept up to such prices.

>> No.53324499

It SHOULD be a dollar. Shit's gay family. Do you have one I could buy for a dollar? Would be sick

>> No.53324521

Not really.

>> No.53324540

>parallel lives
even the standard version in white is 5 buckeroos

>> No.53324576

Deck is

Wrecked amirite

>> No.53324591

yidris or partners?

>> No.53324610

interactions like this mostly

>> No.53324627

I mean, that's more to do with copying things being complex

>> No.53324636

well that and counters

>> No.53324644

Yeah, the actual card is pretty simple - search your library and grave for five cards, stack them into your library, remove the rest from the game, lose half your life rounded down. It's the deck that's complicated, and even then you can do pretty well off Gush, Git Probe, LED, Yawg's Will, LabMan.

>> No.53324647

Mmmno, it's still mostly the copying.

>> No.53324652

>It's the deck that's complicated
Coming up with the pile in the first place, sure.

But generally, "Doomsday Decks" are "I resolved Doomsday, so I'm going to go find one of the piles I've memorized, and win"

>> No.53324667
File: 37 KB, 265x370, Metallic-Mimic-Spoiler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Friend got me a Freyalise deck to get started and I got a couple booster packs too, would I get any mileage out of this?

>> No.53324669

That's Vesuva being complicated. And it's still not complicated. Vesuva copies ETB abilities. There, done.

>> No.53324683

I mean, it's a nifty little pseudo-Lord for an elf deck, sure.

>> No.53324712

in a perfect world yes
in reality most of the time you have to scramble for replacement pieces
and usually its like you have to go for it in a lot of situations that you are not sure you can get out of due to mana restrictions

>> No.53324718

aight man sorry

>> No.53324739


>> No.53324780

i assume you are using the red green one and silos ren?

>> No.53324783

I've got like 6 or 7 copies, which seemed much worse when they were a dollar.

>> No.53324855

>Best card you've packed?
Weirdly enough, despite normal Crucible costing three times as much as a normal O-Stone, my foil Stone is apparently worth slightly more than the foil Crucible I pulled.

>> No.53324859

It's actually Vial/Thrasios. The deck just has a token subtheme going on. I know it sounds gay and bad and convoluted but it's a decent casual deck.
Sell them for a doubling season.

>> No.53324908

>gay and bad and convoluted
>best partners independently

>> No.53324978

>descent casual deck with a subtheme
>a nightmare made flesh for nigh anyone in french edh that anyone and they autistic dog used until smasher got finally banned

>> No.53325041

At a competitive level Vial/Thrasios actually underperformed in French.

>> No.53325059

>ill cast an ant queen
>do 5 damage to a random opponent
>pass turn
i see where hes coming from
obviously a good set of commanders but its not there to take advantage of how ridiculous it can be

>> No.53325090

My understanding is that Thrasios/Vial Breaker is generally considered the "best" combination, because Vial Smasher gives you access to other colors while you try to infinite combo with Thrasios instead of just building any of the existing and less hoop-jumping "I am part of a 2 card infinite combo" commanders.

>> No.53325187

Actually Tymna/Thrasios is considered the best pair, because white gives you more options than red. Vial Smasher is a good commander independently, broken in 1v1, especially with only 30 life to burn through.

>> No.53325199

its one of my allstars in my rishkar deck.

>> No.53325202

They lowered it to 20, and she's banned in that format.

>> No.53325218

For exactly those reasons. In a multiplayer 40 life game she's balanced or subpar.

>> No.53325376

Vial basically assures you victory if you can last to the final 1v1 of an FFA match.

>> No.53325381

Oh, in a multiplayer 40 life game she's literal actual ass. She might get a decent chunk of damage out before she catches a Wrath, but you have no control over who it hits, and burn you get to aim is already shitty in multi Commander.

>> No.53325390

Unless, you know, they kill her like twice and she becomes too expensive to rely on.

Or you could just play a combo deck that kills everyone at the table.

Or you could play Kaervek.

>> No.53325404

>Blasphemous act now reads: "13 damage to all creatures and 9 damage to an opponent at random for 1 red mana!"

>> No.53325420

Kaervek has to be black and red always and costs 7 from the start so I don't see how that's a valid argument.

And yeah, you could always run a combo deck that kills everyone at the table, so why run anything else ever right?

>> No.53325442

I mean, when your argument for how "broken" a commander is, is that she's really strong after you kill 2 other players in some other way?

>> No.53325449

Cool, and you killed your Vial Smasher so now you get to spend your next turn paying 5 or 7 mana for her so your spells can randomly do a little damage to one person. Wow, so fucking broken.

>> No.53325475

magebane armor nigga

>> No.53325481

his cost is prohibitively high but if you get him on the field people will start recognizing how powerful he his
plus he can target creatures lol

>> No.53325497

>magebane armor
moving the goalposts...

>> No.53325528


>> No.53325547

In french you can turn 3 goblin, Soul spike or Fireblast turn 4. Don't care if the spell is countered, don't care if the opponent has hexproof. Can slowly murder just by countering spells. And the best part, if you are up against something that doesn't let you use goblin - use Thrasios for Scapeshift win or any degenerate combo.

>> No.53325555
File: 61 KB, 312x445, 233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>magebane armor
sorry but i have everlasting torment out
and also privileged position

>> No.53325560

Yes, that specific setup of 3 cards does let you clear the board except your guy and do 9 damage to a random opponent.

Other setups of 3 cards win you the fucking game.

>> No.53325580
File: 1.58 MB, 480x270, 1478882681628.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53325582

I mean, he costs 7 because he's way stronger. Vial Smasher triggers off of one of your spells per turn, and hits an opponent at random. For twice as much mana, it had better trigger more reliably and give you more control (which it does- hell, you can pull pseudo-politics and "protect" an opponent while they cast big shit to trigger Kaervek and you aim it at other people)

I'm not saying Kaervek is a broken card, or even that GOOD, I'm saying that in multiplayer, Vial Smasher is basically a bad Kaervek.

>> No.53325584

Your deck can be literally built around playing burn wipes with a protected Vial Smasher. It's pretty solid turning Inferno into 13 damage to someone's face + 6 to everything else. And that's a shitty card, so better cards will be better.

>> No.53325604

karavek is still sleeper tier
I almost want to build the deck but i think he would be better as a reanimator target

>> No.53325623

Is that really a good deck, though? You'd need to be ramping into expensive spells (so, inefficient ones, mostly) just so you could randomly smack someone for a chunk of damage. And you'd need to protect the shit out of Vial Smasher, because without her your deck falls apart.

It's a cute interaction, yeah, but it's not very good.

>> No.53325656

I mean, having partners is what makes it good. Grab Sidar Kondo just for white and green, ramp high with green, have TONS of pro-red or indestructibility options for Vial with white, then load up on X damage spells.

I'm not talking about tournaments, faggot. Talking about EDH with friends. I don't have the deck but I know for a fact that it would be good. You literally can turn an Earthquake into a "Kill everything but Vial + one random enemy loses the game the second this spell resolves."

>> No.53325658

At cutthroat tables you're much better off running Ruric Thar, since he can ramp harder with green and always hits for six, as opposed to Kaervek who's underwhelming when opponents have low curves. Yes, Thar's only noncreatures, but Spikey decks are rarely creature focused.

>> No.53325668

Or you could just play a combo deck where you win the game instead of stupid jank.

>> No.53325672

wow 3 whole (You)s and I wasn't even part of this apparent spat on Vial Smasher. Was just saying its a nice card for her in general

>> No.53325690

Where do you think you are?

>> No.53325695

I'm not saying it's utterly unplayable trash. I'm saying you're jumping through an astounding number of hoops to do something mediocre at best.

COULD you pair her with Sidar just for ramp and protection effects, then use her to Earthquake the board and randomly kill someone because you managed to Earthquake for 15 without getting interrupted? Yeah, sure. Would it be a fun deck to play and build? Probably. But it's not -good-.

And I'm not talking "tournament level" either. I'm talking this is effectively a five or six card 'combo' that MIGHT kill one person if you pour 10 mana into it, maybe. It's funny, it's interesting, and it might be a lot of fun to build- I'm not arguing against any of that. I'm arguing that it's not very good. And it isn't. And you can keep introducing new cards to make it 'better', it won't change that.

>> No.53325704

That's not really moving the goalposts. You shits use that phrase way too much.

>> No.53325710

Yeah, in a cutthroat table Kaervek is going to trigger 'more' than Ruric, but hit for less on average due to low curves.

I still think a Kaervek deck could be neat though. Not very good, but it doesn't have to be good to be fun.

>> No.53325720

Nigger this is EDH not faggots-r-us

>> No.53325725
File: 23 KB, 419x305, blazing-shoal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You'd need to be ramping into expensive spells (so, inefficient ones, mostly)


>> No.53325750

EDH is made for stupid jank that's not good in other formats (not useless jank, mind you).

>> No.53325754

Mind's Dilation is a superb inclusion for any variant with Blue

>> No.53325758

Actually it's not a combo and it's not "5 or 6 cards" to pull off. It's LITERALLY 1 Commander that costs 3 + 1 of many cards that protects it + 1 of many cards that cost X to do big burn to everything.

You can't say that mana ramp is part of a combo. Your deck would be loaded with ramp and cards that let you protect Vial. Pretty fucking easy.

>> No.53325779

Okay, cool. You exiled some huge expensive spell (that was probably inefficient and shitty) to freecast Shoal. You have now ALMOST killed one person, and all it took you was burning 2 specific cards while having a specific third one on board, and nobody having any counters, removal, or blockers.

>> No.53325797

So you need Vial Smasher, plus something that protects her from the burn, plus something that protects her from removal, plus your Earthquakes. At level best that's a 3 card combo, one piece of which HAS to cost like 10+ mana to make the combo work, that MIGHT kill ONE person at random, depending.

That's not a good combo, dude.

>> No.53325831

no one is saying its combo you absolute retard they're saying its easy repeatable value

>> No.53325834

No one casts removal on Vial.

>> No.53325847

Are you the Bryan guy or the MOVING GOAL POSTS REEEEE guy?

>> No.53325863

I love how this argument always comes up.

"She's strong because she does 70 damage across the game and nobody ever hits her with removal"

Either nobody's killing her because she's not worth the spell (which means she's bad and you're overestimating her), or nobody's killing her because your opponents are morons with poor threat assessment (Which means she's only good because nobody is attempting to disrupt her)

>> No.53325879


I just don't understand everyone's fascination with bad random burn in a multiplayer format where GOOD burn is unplayably bad because of the life totals. I don't think she's trash, I just get confused at people acting like she's one of the most powerful cards ever printed.

>> No.53325891

Haha, nah. It's more like "It's random so there's a chance that it'll hit the other guy next which will help me out."

Also your board state would almost never be particularly threatening and you'll be wiping the board constantly of everything BUT Vial so there's a good chance they won't be using many of their board wipes.

Stop arguing against sound logic you maximum faggot.

>> No.53325895

The point is that, if you're going to play a bunch of nonsense to setup situations where the payoff is just "a board wipe with some extra damage", what you're actually playing is a waste of everyone's time.

>> No.53325926

Your "sound logic" is "I have an incredibly strong creature singlehandedly winning me the game, but nobody considers it a threat so they won't waste removal on it".

If it's as good as you think, and nobody's killing it, it's because they're fucking stupid. Nobody looks at the Wrath of God in their hand and the 25/25 flying Uril the Miststalker across the board and goes "Nah, he probably won't attack me".

>> No.53325933
File: 86 KB, 500x628, e26.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what you're actually playing is a waste of everyone's time

>> No.53325936

They aren't though. She's good because she's a deceptive threat that your opponents can't usually afford to spare removal on. She goes unanswered because there are usually bigger threats, so she remains a constant source of pressure. Even if your group has good threat assessment, Vial Smasher usually goes a while without getting touched outside of a boardwipe smearing her too.

>> No.53325938

Fucking thank you.

I'm not saying she's unplayable, guys, I'm just saying that you're defending "If I have all of this nonsense set up, I can clear the board (of everything without flying, Indestructible, Pro-Red, or any other way of ducking damage) and also do some damage to one guy at random!"

>> No.53325959

>She's a deceptive threat
Which means she's a threat that they are not fucking killing.

Which means they're stupid.

Either she's a big threat, which means the mistake is in not killing her, or nobody's killing her because she's not a fucking threat. "Deceptive threat" just means "Threat my opponents are too stupid to recognize".

>> No.53325963

Vial WITHOUT this strategy usually gets in at least 30 damage before a board wipe kills her in any random FFA match, just from casting shit you're going to be casting anyway. So you're going to tell me that 30 damage over a few turns for 3 mana isn't good value? Fuck off, you're literally braindead.

>> No.53325972

>what you're actually playing is a waste of everyone's time
I'm having fun with my deck, so as long as I'm not wasting my time, I don't give a shit. I play Magic for me.

>> No.53325987

do you disenchant your opponents' Rhystic Studys?

>> No.53326006

Except it's not "for 3 mana". It's you burning an entire card and your turn 3 to do nothing, and then spending 30 mana on other things across 'several turns' and still somehow having 3 opponents alive. There's better cards you could be using. You could have actually killed one or two of them by that point. And honestly, if you're able to spend 30 mana between dropping a 3-drop and someone playing a Wrath, you're playing with idiots.

>> No.53326019

And I'd be legitimately glad that you're having fun. I'm not saying you can't. I'm not saying you're wrong for enjoying this.

I'm saying that "I have fun with this deck" and "this increasingly convoluted 'strategy' is super OP and viable you guys" are two separate arguments, and you're acting like they aren't. If your goal is to have fun with this doofy deck, fucking do it, bro. Have fun with it, that's the point of this format. But don't act like it's a fucking good deck.

>> No.53326045

The point is that there are bigger threats. Using your example. Why use removal on Vial Smasher when there's a 25/25 flying what have you on someone else's board?

>> No.53326048

no one is saying she's OP in multiplayer. Stop straw-manning

>> No.53326060

I'm not the guy saying it's a good deck, I'm just saying that Vial Smasher isn't a bad card.

>> No.53326073

So she's strong if you play her, enchant her with Indestructibility, and cast Earthquakes for X=10 and Hurricane for X=10, without getting interrupted, because your opponents have game-winning threats to deal with, yet none of them have won the game with them.

By those metrics I could win the game with a Squire, given enough time.

>> No.53326075

Well, there are tons of cards in Vial decks that cost less than the CMC. Delve, Undaunted, Trap cards, etc. So it's usually not 30 mana for 30 damage.

Also, you're still pretending that EDH is about winning as fast as humanly possible. Go play Modern you colossal faggot. Maybe I don't want to kill ONE guy by turn 5 but maybe I want to have the other TWO players down to 20 by turn 6-7. Killing the first guy faster doesn't win you the game, you fucking moron.

>> No.53326087

I'm not saying it's about winning as fast as possible.

I'm saying "I spent 30 fucking mana and god knows how many cards to 1/4th kill 3 of my opponents" is not a good defense for why a card doesn't suck.

>> No.53326103

>by turn 6/7
So you're playing Vial Smasher on turn 3, and then you're doing 60 fucking damage in the next 3 turns? I like how your numbers just keep getting bigger in a smaller timespan every time you defend this abortion of a card.

What's your next post going to be, explaining how she can deal 39 damage to each opponent on turn 4?

>> No.53326106

You're talking about one specific deck theme that I came up with to build around Vial. The truth is that Vial is "3 mana to turn every spell you play into a burn spell on top of the great shit it's already doing" which is INSANE VALUE, WHICH IS THE POINT OF THIS ENTIRE DISCUSSION.

>> No.53326123

>What is 20+20
>IT'S 60! FUCKING 60!

Wooooooooooooooo. I'll just stop replying now. You are actually retarded.

>> No.53326132

Randomly doing 4 or 5 damage to an opponent maybe 3 times before she dies to a wrath in a format where they start with 40 life is not "insane value". It's barely worth a card slot.

>> No.53326141

>The other two players
That heavily implied you'd rather be killing everyone slowly than knocking out opponents one at a time, but fine, I'll change my math.

You are now claiming that you're going to do 40 fucking damage in 2 turns.

>> No.53326161

No, she's strong because she does damage over time that usually goes unanswered because there are more important things to answer.

>> No.53326174

Of-fucking-course, I don't like losing games to broken draw.

>> No.53326176

>Damage over time
Not very much, you can't control where it goes, it can't kill creatures, and burn is shitty in this format

>that usually goes unanswered
Until she eats a stray Wrath of God

>Because there are more important things to answer
If there's more important things to answer, it's because your card isn't fucking worth killing.

>> No.53326182

You act like Vial Smasher is the only card doing damage.

>> No.53326194

Do I disenchant the card that's most likely going to be a Sphere of Resistance for me and which draws its controller a fuckton of cards?

Yes. I do.

>> No.53326208

Okay, hotshot. Tell me exactly what sequence of plays you expect that starts with Turn 3 Vial Smasher and ends with "Two of my three opponents have taken 20 damage each as I end my turn 6".

I want you to spell out exactly what spells and creatures are doing that total of 40 damage in 3 turns.

>> No.53326209

Dude chill, it's clear that they don't understand. I say they should find out the hard way.

>> No.53326213

>If there's more important things to answer, it's because your card isn't fucking worth killing
No, it just means that someone else has something bigger. What would you rather kill, Player A's Vial Smasher or Player B's Elesh Norn? Stop flipping between two extremes. Cards aren't either just OP or useless.

>> No.53326215

I honestly don't know why I'm arguing with them.

>> No.53326229

I'm not him, but for fuck's sake please stop posting. I can not fathom how one human being becomes so stupid AND smug at the same exact time.

>> No.53326230

Well, if Player B had an Elesh Norn, I wouldn't need to kill Player A's Vial Smasher, numbnuts.

>> No.53326254

Vial Smasher is a 2/3, you fucking goon.

>> No.53326263

I'm not the one defending a shitty burn spell as the most broken Commander ever printed, so I'm definitely neither the stupidest nor the smuggest person here.

>> No.53326277

Vial Smasher is a 2/3, you dingbat.

>> No.53326280

>the most broken Commander ever printed
Except no one called it that. You're the only one acting like someone said that. Find the post where that was said. I'll wait.

>> No.53326282

Exactly which means you're eating the Vial Smasher's 7 damage to the face next turn while that player is doubling the amount of lands he has with Boundless Realms.

Tell me, would you play a card that said "Each player loses X life and you gain that much life, also deal X+2 damage to an opponent at random when you cast this spell."

Because that's Exsanguinate, and it not only kills one guy, but it does big damage to the other guy and gives you tons of life.

>> No.53326288

>as the most broken Commander ever printed
never been the argument
> I'm definitely neither the stupidest nor the smuggest person here
yet you keep striving for that spot

>> No.53326292

>so I'm definitely neither the stupidest nor the smuggest person here
No, you definitely are.

>> No.53326294

Well that's just 100% on me. Thought she was a 2/2. My bad, I'm a moron.

>> No.53326296

>the most broken Commander ever printed,
My fucking god you need help.

>> No.53326300

Nice sameposting fag

>> No.53326313

We all have those days.

>> No.53326320

You realize you have to wait a certain amount of time before posting again, right?

>> No.53326326

Sorry, did I hurt your feelings by implying Vial Smasher isn't OP bullshit?

Don't worry, if you go play with your friends you can do your 20000 damage with her by turn 5 and feel better.

>> No.53326336

Yeah, I should probably just step away. This moron seems to have completely destroyed the thread raging about Vial Smasher anyway.

>> No.53326353
File: 526 KB, 249x172, 3RJNv.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53326381

Not the same guy. Just accept that more than one person thinks you're an absolute penis wrinkle and move on.

>> No.53326382

>This moron

You're talking to at least 3 different people right now.

>> No.53326404
File: 14 KB, 425x105, (You)2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53326406

Except NO ONE EVER EVEN IMPLIED THAT. You're the only one acting like someone did. All that other anon said was that she was good value, not OP bullshit.

>> No.53326409

No, I mean the guy screaming about how she's complete trash and insisting that everyone else is saying she's broken, not the argument in general. Just the autist.

>> No.53326416

So hey I think it's time to make a new thread and abandon Goalpostanon

>> No.53326423
File: 141 KB, 1074x409, 2017-05-19 13.50.09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Further proof.

>> No.53326427

>telling a johnny he should be more like a spike
you aren't from around these parts, are you?

>> No.53326439

Technically, I don't think anyone would call "If I put together all these parts, I can do 20 damage to one random person, and 10 damage to the other players" a 'johnny' deck. That sounds pretty Timmy.

>> No.53326444

>Was just saying its a nice card for her in general
>covering your ass by ex post facto adding another permanent into the mix
no you are just being a dumbass

>> No.53326457
File: 6 KB, 585x94, THREEdifferentPEOPLEyouFAGGOT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Further further proof, as the third person calling him retarded.

>> No.53326459

If it's about synergy and janky strats, it's at least partially Johnny. Johnny doesn't necessarily play combo. It's Johnny with Timmy leanings.

>> No.53326477

Holy shit this is the longest EDH thread we've had in ages.

>> No.53326484

Someone please take it out back and shoot it

>> No.53326492

i mean he did change the criteria of the situation
of all the times people have been memeing about the goalposts i think this time it actually was moved

>> No.53326504

>people disassociated from a conversation on a Taiwanese cat grooming forum can't join into said conversation after its begun

you are a retard

>> No.53326512
File: 259 KB, 1280x974, WUT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what you're actually playing is a waste of everyone's time.
and there it is
the most retarded post I will see all day

>> No.53326542

No. He claimed anons espoused to a fictional goalpost post that no one here was actually supporting and then went on an autistic rampage when the anons actually started talking about their points of view; ie he's been straw-manning the whole time

>> No.53326595

>he's been straw-manning the whole time
is /tg/ the most retarded board on 4chan?

>> No.53326630 [SPOILER] 
File: 475 KB, 500x375, 1495220779347.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes tg is dumb and smug about it
and so are you

>> No.53326632

>an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent's real argument.

with you on board, perhaps

>> No.53326633

No, this isn't /v/, /vg/, /pol/, /r9k/, /mlp/, /b/, /trash/, or /a/.

>> No.53326675

/a/ is a pretty good board, lots of content t9 be discussed and frequently on-topic.

>> No.53326681

>/Pol/ elects a president
>/B/ catches criminals
>/TG/ is still trying to figure out how fallacies work

>> No.53326689

/a/ is really dependent on the thread when it comes to quality. Lots of threads get derailed with waifu-posting and memes.

>> No.53326706

get out ribbit

>> No.53326708

You mean /pol/ thinks they elected an objectively shitty president and /b/ is busy being full of edgy 13 year olds and posting porn threads?

>> No.53326742

I suggest you relocate your head outside of your rectum and make a more creative thread if those aren't to your liking

>> No.53326771

and what has tg done of any note aside from have the world least productive, most incorrect discussion on EDH on a daily basis.

>> No.53326841

Never claimed they were better than /tg/, just that they're both godawful.

>> No.53326843
File: 132 KB, 768x1024, Reclamation-Sage-MtG-Art-768x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How often do they come out with cool full arts like this
rec sage's alt art is so fucking sexy its unnerving

>> No.53326919
File: 12 KB, 190x265, Image (53).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they are usually the prize for Top 8s on Game Day
this is the one for Amonkhet

>> No.53326939

>food chain

i dont play food chain decks but fuck me if they arent tier 1

>> No.53326952
File: 99 KB, 819x1024, Glorybringer-Promo-MtG-Art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bigger version

>> No.53326967

They literally just had to make the invocations like this. Beating on a rotting horse, but goddamm this looks so sweet.

>> No.53327085

holy shid that would be awesome

>> No.53327157

So you tutored for Harmonic Sliver, yeah?

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