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Pathfinder General /pfg/

What was the last really sticky situation your got into? How did they get out of it or succumb to it?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>53299999

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When will you get tired of this anime bullshit?

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You now realize it was page 9

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never i suppose. cute girls for all \o/

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What is better, Dervish of Dawn or Mobile fighter?

For reference, links below.



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>What was the last really sticky situation your character got into? How did they get out of it or succumb to it?

Every dog has his day.

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You realize you sound exactly like a pedophile?

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Play something better than a fighter. Beg your GM for Path of War/Spheres of Might.

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You realize you really need to stop policing threads and moralfagging on 4chan

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>Implying grown up girls can't be cute too

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What's stickier, getting raped by drakes so hard your lungs get breached, or shitting yourself during an orgasm during said rape?

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Stat Kenshiro for /pf/.

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Reminder that Augunas nerfed the Lore Warden fighter.

Reminder that Augunas also nerfed the wayfinder resonance thingy, ESPECIALLY the clear spindle resonance.

Is Pathfinder getting killed by foxes?

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The former. Regrowing lungs is harder than wiping up and bathing

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If you're limited to CRB classes for some reason just pick any of the other martial options.

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He's a monk who gets an at-will instant death melee touch attack at disadvantage.

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Hunter or Ranger? When? Why?

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Hunter gets a bigger and stronger animal companion. It will have more meat to eat up.

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Slayer or Ranger for TWF?

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The difference between the Ranger animal companion and full Druid animal companion is seriously just one feat with no other prerequisites- Boon Companion.

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The last truly dire situation one of my characters ended up in?
>Modified Kingmaker game
>Devils are invading the kingdom and have taken over a port city
>In over our heads because maybe two people in our group of 4-6 actually know how to play Pathfinder well
>We realize once we're into the devils' lair that we're supposed to take down an Infernal Duke
>We're level 15 on average
>Happily, the Queen tagged along
>The Queen who had married my character for political gain only
>The Queen who was part of the family of elves that had been the main antagonists for the first few story arcs
>The Queen who had been disappearing mysteriously every time she accompanied us anywhere
>The Queen who we were pretty sure was lying through her teeth about her goals
>The Queen who turned out to be a half-celestial Paladin
>Every time we thought she was betraying us, she'd been taking down a threat related to this very Duke
>GM handed me a page with her statblock, and between a Barbarian's insane raw damage and a TWF-ing Paladin's smite damage, the royals cut through a pit fiend that should have kicked their asses inside of 5 rounds

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Which is better for Mounted Archery?

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Anyone know a feat or trait that will allow for full movement while wearing medium armor?

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>Stay up to do app because of momentum
>Wake up and start second guessing the decision
AMs are awful hours.

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Ranger. Druid doesn't get the early feat access, and is more suited to either casting or just using wild shape to mix it up in melee.

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Could a Summoner and Unchained Rogue gestalt work? Send in your eidolon, move in with it and get sneak attacks due to flanking?

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It's a little basic bitch, but yes, it could work. Depends on just how much of your UC Rogue side could squeeze out of the Charisma you'll need.

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Why is there a Protean bloodline for sorcerers?
I thought that they were dedicated to the destruction of EVERYTHING.... So it doesn't make sense for there to this sort of thing
Same thing with Daemons actually...

How are these things being "creative"?

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Was playing a kensai magus, and my character got beat the fuck down in their first session. I'd assumed they were dead, but the GM let me know I'd just been captured.

Woke up chained to the wall, with her coat lying on a nearby table. After a few minutes of interrogation, they made the mistake of leaving her alone, with her arms exposed and in sight. I'd been allowed to use Complete Arcane's rules for tattooed spellbooks.

A few rounds' worth of frantically casting acid splash at her chains later, she managed to grab for her coat and rip open the lining to pull out her emergency spellbook, study dimension door, fly, and feather fall, and teleport right out of the dungeon after casting the first two of those.

The problem then was that they had a whole mess of flying sentries. What happened next was basically pic related until she just could get to the right spot and feather fall her way down through a magic barrier the summoned pursuers couldn't pass.

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Wait, why did the Lore Warden eat a nerf?

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Proteans don't want to destroy everything, they just want to make it so that nothing ever has to have a permanent shape.

But what the fuck do you mean by "creative"? Nobody said Sorcerer bloodlines had to be themed around being creative.

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I mean I can see an Erodaemon summoned or geas'd or something and getting porked, it specifically mentions that they're very patient and will play the long game if it results in maximum heartbreak.

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Cuz paizo hates martials having fun

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He means how did they have kids. The creation of life is literally antithetical to Daemons, who represent death in its myriad forms.

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>Deadly Agility is getting rebalanced to 1.5X with 2handers and 0.5x with offhand

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Wait, the drake punctured her lungs?

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Because Pathfinder is supposed to be full attack bots or full casters. Nothing else.

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You can get sorcerous powers without an ancestor having sex with something. An outsider or its plan just has to have significantly affected you for your powers to be linked to that outsider type or plane.

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Isn't that generally avowed or something, not sorcerer who's all about the blood?

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AMs is when you shouldn't be typing up characters, AMs is for YouTube videos.

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Also please source on that claim.

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Right, they want to return the universe back to it's original chaotic state. Don't know about you but to me that sounds pretty much like a death sentence for anything that isn't a Protean.

And I'm talking about the Protean/Daemon's being creative. Not sorcerers.

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It's still a death sentence for proteans, because the existence of an energy gradient is a prerequisite for explicit things to exist.

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It's right there in the fluff text. Sorcerers in Pathfinder have received their powers just from surviving avalanches or storms, or because someone made a deal with an outsider. Avowed, you might recall, is 3pp. It's not expected to interfere with the fluff for other classes. If you weren't being autistic, you'd probably realize that.

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>shitposts all the time with his sexual innuendos
>people can't stand him anymore
>"omg stop moralfagging i do what I want"
>furiously masturbates

omg anon that's you

You mean at least 12 years old? Of course you mean that. You're not right in the head. Why wouldn't you mean that.

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Because Augunas thinks that having +11 to CMB by level 20 is too powerful.

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>sexual innuendos
"cute girls" was the only thing said. What exactly is wrong with you that you see a sexual innuendo in the phrase "cute girls"?

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>omg anon that's you
I haven't posted a /pfg/ OP ever though.

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The Kabal

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What are good starting feats for damage-dealing melee martials?

Should I bother with unarmed / grapples?

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I hope this doesn't jump over to Starfinder. I know they nerfed magic already, so that's a good step.

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Presumably you're using Elephant taxes? Powerful Manuevers and Weapon Focus are generally not bad ideas.

>> No.53307532

Can I take a double hackbut as an arcane bonded item with one level in wizard?

>> No.53307537

I feel like Starfinder might be good... just a hunch, though.

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>nerfs to DA for twf
>TD nerfs incoming
>twf still is a shit pile
N-not like I wanted to dual wield ever.

>> No.53307582

I really want to get to intimidate people when I kill their buddies... How the fuck is that restricted to one single class?

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Starfinder will sink the company.

>> No.53307611

Double Slice will work with Deadly Agility, confirmed.

It's just an extra F E A T T A X

>> No.53307613

If I were DM I'd probably allow it on a per-case basis if it were an exceedingly brutal kill (like Massive Damage) or a critical.

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Oh so I now have to take Weapon Finesse, Deadly Agility, Double Slice, TWF, improved TWF and Greater TWF? g r e a t

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I do my best work drunk in the AM. None of my sober apps got accepted!

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So I guess we're all going to be playing Polearm Dancer Dexfags with nodachis and Elemental Flux now?

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Starfinder will be what convinces them to abandon Pathfinder entirely.

I guarantee if Starfinder works out they'll release THE FINAL AP which bridges the two.

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Doom glory kills. It's what I wanna do.

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Sounds likely.

What kinds of questions will /pfg/ run with Starfinder?

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Congratulation to those picked for Mighty Quest yesterday. Didn't get in? Why not aply here?

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Are there any Inquisitor archetypes that are better than vanilla Inquisitor?

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Oh and if I want to two weapon fight and initiate I need to spend the feats for thrashing dragon style, and the swift every combat to activate it.

Rev up those Riven Hourglass, Mithral Current, Elemental Flux Polearm Dancer builds. There's no going back now!

>> No.53307689

What if I got in but I still wanna try you out?

...You got any need of pure martials or archers?

>> No.53307696

monster tactician. you're welcome.

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So, Fanganon's your side girl?

>> No.53307728

Shoulda been a STRfag from the start, my dude. Also Thrashing Dragon still works with STR; dual-wield those longswords and battleaxes like there's no tomorrow!

>> No.53307729

Reminder that in four hours, PLD is going to have another session happily with each other.

>> No.53307735

Sure, why not? Got a bit of everything in the apps that are posted. No fullcaster yet though.

>> No.53307737

If you really wanted to min/max your chances to get in, you should go kineticist. DM said he'd like one.

Otherwise, there's already a fair amount of martials and atleast one archer.

>> No.53307746

That's not healthy, anon! Which characters of yours got accepted?

>> No.53307758

Strfags still need double slice, the twf chain and prodigious twf.

>> No.53307768


Will they pitch in for diapers for the newest member.

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>Hello, my name is Cashmere and I got cat cock shoved in my butt. Also eggs.
>Hello, my name is Gloriana and I got mounted like a bitch by a dog that knocked me up
>Hello, my name is Cierra and I got fucked so hard in the ass I shat myself
>Hello, my name is Lysander and I'm uncomfortable
>Hello, my name is Sigmund, please press F to pay respects

>> No.53307781

I unironically want to play this because being a guy who has bunch of monster buddies to command appeals to me but I hate the default fluff of the Inquisitor and mass summoning is cancer.

>> No.53307791

They'll pitch in for reading comprehension lessons for pfg anons.

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>Dexbased speedy lancers are the new strong meta
>tfw no more rank E luck

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You realize Lysander got his dick cut off and got turned into a girl and got raped right

You realize he's permanently on girl hormones now right

>> No.53307822

Low-grade memes, the both of them!

>> No.53307826

What?! I thought the comments during applications that Vult would hoard all the sex for himself (or fuck the girls first) was a JOKE.

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Why do a spear when you can do a nodachi?

Or I guess a greatsword with stalker Killer's Implements?

>> No.53307844

And that's fine if they want to keep that good time to themselves, but if they continue to shit up this thread then I hope they all die in a series of fires.

>> No.53307854

What low-grade meme are you working on now, you filthy drunken memester you?

Spears got RANGE and are COOL.

>> No.53307855


Vult killed one man and turned the other into a girl.

I mean he was very clear when talking to slow that Sigmund wasn't acceptable because he wasn't trappy enough

>> No.53307867

Nodachi's ain't got reach.

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Because reach is really good, and glaives are cool and nodachi are smell and are for losers who can't optimize right.

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I'm constantly amazed by how easy you faggots are to bait

>> No.53307883

>Press F to pay respects to a good and caring daddy

>> No.53307891

Welcome to /tg/ friendo

>> No.53307897

Nodachi are for huge fucking nerds who think they're Sepiroth. Glaives and spears are for the kool kids klub.

>> No.53307926

desu Sephiroth wasn't even that bad

>> No.53307931

Cannibal Princess

>> No.53307946

Guys, GUYS. You're forgetting the biggest most coolest thing about Deadly Agilty being stronk now.

You can be a dex-fag Landsknecht now, like a Swordlord or scimitar guy!

>> No.53307963

But between glaives and spears, which are better?

>> No.53307983

Which game is this filthy pile of flesh-eating nobility applying for?

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Reposting in the new thread

So since everyone's shitposting I can't imagine this will get any attention, but I modified the Ragechemist archetype for Alchemists to be less shit. Have a look if you want. Just make sure to read thoroughly, the changes are pretty minor.


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What do you think of this idea:

All the big mecorporations are run by the demoted deities.

If Lamashtu and Lolth don't make it, they'll be running the next Umbrella Corp. or equivalent.

>> No.53308020

Wait, Zola's still alive?

>> No.53308027


Seriously, though, glaives look cooler and are thus probably less effective than spears.

>> No.53308035

And I applied to the other one with my one character that had the potential to go fullcaster... Kek. I doubt you'd want to see the same.

>> No.53308043

I kinda like the twirly-swirly glaive-wielding girlies.

>> No.53308065

Bardiche remains the coolest and most effective.

Until we get a proper Monster Hunter switch axe pole arm.

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>Lamashtu running a megacorp

Sounds like there won't be a shortage of genetically-engineered killbeasts.

>> No.53308146

What about the fauchaurd?

1d10, 18-20, reach and trip

For the small price of a 3k ioun stone you get access to this balling reach weapon that's super abusable with a stalker->landsknecht for a 14-20 crit with pre-errata pummeling style strike useable on AoOs with your super high dex you have a ton of them

>> No.53308193

It's good once you have the money

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File: 2 KB, 119x22, 1472665143772.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.53308228

Oh my god ban this anon already

>> No.53308242

found the mod

>> No.53308248

Fuck ooooooooff.

>> No.53308274

the basis of the build, which should in theory function even with current DA (unless i'm missing something)

Is bladed brush for 1-handed fauchard, DA for dex to damage, and landsknecht for 1.5x dex.

Then keen the fauchard, combat reflexes and then levels in landsknecht for maximum crit fishing.

Now, other than scarlet throne and mithril current, and the associated mixed combat feats. Anything obvious to be included?

Yikes, i just realized how many feats this build takes, even with elephant in the room taxes.

weapon focus, DA, combat reflexes, quick draw, mixed combat, bladed brush

>> No.53308284
File: 287 KB, 530x843, __niijima_makoto_persona_and_persona_5_drawn_by_akira_natsumemo__b98003d99f7e4360b3f6636295d6bb61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to fight with FISTS OF JUSTICE. What's the best class to work for that between first party/path of war shit?

>> No.53308303

Monk of the silver fist (PoW archtype) with silver crane, iron tortoise and eternal guardian?

>> No.53308364
File: 73 KB, 579x767, gqW2NEIlTruWAEthyy6bKJqF3e7EdGvd_w2R813Gf34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That seems a decent option, though more defensive focused than i'd want. I suppose I could replace one of the disciplines with Broken Blade or something if I go with that, right? Not familiar with PoW that much.

>> No.53308380

Actually, outside of the stalker thing bringing a keen fauchard to 14-20, I don't think the 3k investment for +10% crit is worth it compared to just using a bardiche.

>> No.53308464

10% more crit is a lot when if any of your crits confirm they all crit. That's the whole appeal of Strike of the Silver crown.

>> No.53308481

True, but this now seems like a build that takes way to long to do a really strong thing, aka a gimmick or meme build.

>> No.53308486

I didn't mention broken blade as its going to be errata-ted soon and may not be what you want to use. Instead, I suggest Fool's Errand, for CC-control type stuff a HERO of JUSTICE would use, or chimera soul for natural attacks and how amazing those are for offense.

>> No.53308506


By level 6-7 you're still getting 1.5x dex to damage on a reach weapon with a 14-20 or 15-20 with full initating with a full BAB prestige class with high amounts of dex synergy

Hardly a meme build in my books

>> No.53308512

Chimera Soul's good?

>> No.53308522
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Oh, there's errata coming out? I see. Primarily I want to hit hard, fast, with lots of unarmed attacks and be the first one into combat and hopefully the last one out. All out offense and shit like that.

>> No.53308523

level 6-7 takes too long to get rolling though. If you aren't doing your thing by 5th, the build is trash.

>> No.53308549

Note that Broken Blade will probably still be okay post-errata, it just won't have absurd damage boosts anymore. It will most likely still have stuff like maneuver boosting.

>> No.53308557

Chimera Soul gives you natural attacks, and you can use natural attacks along with your weapon attacks at only a -5 penalty, so you're effectively multiplying your damage output.

>> No.53308567

> It will most likely still have stuff like maneuver boosting.
So trash then. Just like tempest gale.

>> No.53308568

The general feel is that they're overnerfing a lot of things, so I wouldn't count on Broken Blade being usable.

>> No.53308570

Doesn't sound very justice-y then.

If you just want to murder people as fast as possible, broken blade, primal fury, full attack with boosts like bronze knuckle and kill everything.

Still take silver crane for flavor though, maybe a couple fool's errand. Do note that fool's errand's 9th level maneuver is literally Wish's copy a spell but for maneuvers. Any 8th level or lower from any discipline, maybe even the Prc exclusive maneuvers.

>> No.53308580

-5 Penalty is pretty fucking big.

>> No.53308585

Steelfist Commando

>> No.53308589

The general feel is entirely scaremongering.
Out of all the concrete claims I've seen, nothing has felt overboard and they're buffing the damage of a few strikes as well.

>> No.53308602

Definitely look at Fool's Errand. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/208645/Divergent-Paths-Fools-Errand

It has a gimmick where you can inflict a "locked" condition, which reduces enemy movement to 0 for as long as the enemy is locked by you, and you can spend some of your movement to drag multiple enemies you have locked without needing to roll for a combat maneuver.

It also has a lot of things that mix weapon attacks and unarmed attacks in the same action, if you like doing that.

>> No.53308613


>> No.53308626
File: 30 KB, 556x140, twf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Say that to twf builds, which "did too much" and now get to lie in a grave of feat taxes and boosts that only benefit the first attack.

>> No.53308636

If you start as a human warlord, build is mostly functional (as long as you mostly ignore mithril current strikes), by level 1. DA, weapon focus and bladed brush.

Level 3 can be quick draw, level 5 is whatever, level 6 is mixed combat and another with your alt FCB, and level 7 is landsknecht.

Viable enough yet?

>> No.53308638
File: 358 KB, 526x487, 1493434830765.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Justice can either be about protection of the weak and innocent, which you're describing, but it can also be retribution and paying back unto the wicked. The latter is what I want to do. There's everything 'justice' about being an unrelenting dynamo on the battlefield that seeks to actively punish the wicked.
Fools errand seems neat, definitely a little more controllery but that could be fun.

>> No.53308656
File: 225 KB, 737x563, Skele.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Two days ago
>Haha guys Thrashing dragon will be fine it's broken blade and PF that are too strong
>Haha sorry guys TWF needs to be absolute dogshit no matter whether you're using maneuvers or not, get fucked dex faggots no damage for you EVER

Well my warlord build is fucked.

>> No.53308675

So I have been thinking of my build benchmarks. Basically the levels I consider relevant for when builds should come together.

Normally I put it as:

But have seen:

What do you think? What are all of your benchmarks?

>> No.53308686

>TWF fags are fucked
>Strength Fags are double fucked now that there is literally no reason to not be a dex build with path of war on the table.

>> No.53308695

The 2nd seems a lot more better as far as having 'builds' ready to go. Level 3 imo is where I would prefer to start for low level and if you can't build around that then you don't have a good build at all.

>> No.53308701


Thinking about what happens at 20 is worhtless outside of theory craft

>> No.53308705

Where were you when DSP's dev team burned their last chance at redemption for no reason at all?

>> No.53308709

I don't like the "EWP from Ioun Stone" thing since all it takes is someone tapping it and you've suddenly got a -4 to all attacks. Also I think you'd need Combat Reflexes, right? And Bushi might really help out since you're already taking quick draw, mixed combat, and focusing into mithral current.

>> No.53308724


>> No.53308726

>Where were you when DSP's dev team burned their last chance at redemption for no reason at all?
Why does it always seem that Taveena is always at the center of these shitstorms? Is she just the lowest woman on the totempole?

>> No.53308736

1st/3rd/4th are usually my "minimums" for competence, with 5th-7th for "extra addons".

Laughing at people who still have yet to see the actual fucking numbers

>> No.53308741

my benchmarks are generally 3,6,9,12 and so on.

Strange I know.

>> No.53308758

We know she's not the one who gets to make the questionable decsions. I think she's just their "/pfg/ community associate" or something.

>> No.53308769

>she's just their "/pfg/ community associate"
So she's the lowest on the totem pole?

>> No.53308778

>Is she just the lowest woman on the totempole?
Ding ding ding. That's why she has to deal with us in the first place.

>> No.53308779

Implantation removes that weakness. I make it a focus to always get ranks in heal and a +5 to heal magic item to rush those implantations.

Also you can always use a way-finder if you're desperate to protect it.

>> No.53308788

>Laughing at people who still have yet to see the actual fucking numbers
You have a lot of blind optimism

>> No.53308793

Fools Errand is a mess though, a nonsensical bunch of not!grapple stuff that works on Reflex saves and has no satisfying fluff or crunch as to how it works. Some fuck wants to Lock me? Fine, I'll eat the fucking AoO and do as I please because all he's got to threaten with is "Imma point muh sword at you so stay still" or some BS about glaring at peoe so hard they stay there, but doesn't run on, say, intimidate like that description should.

>> No.53308798

Yeah, I'd personally say 3rd is preferable to get the base level stuff, like deadly agility, crucial feats like raging vitality, or pointblank and precise.

5th is when you should have the bulk of the feat chains finished, with gimmicks operable, if not fully up and running.

7th is the last call for any build. If a build needs to pack in feats to just work beyond here, it's a garbage fire.

10-12 should be considered the endgame of a build. Anything else is is a victory lap, and shouldn't be counted on in the process. Too many games end before here for those levels to really weigh in heavily.

>> No.53308812

That still sounds pretty shitty, thematically though.

>> No.53308825

>Space Lesbian

>> No.53308832

PoW is dead, SoM is dead, Paizo's UC fighter is garbage...

Who will save us? What about DHB's martials?

>> No.53308833

I think it needs a bit of Black Seraph in there.

>> No.53308844

What is the best pointbuy? 15? 20? 25? 10?

>> No.53308846


>> No.53308850

No, not even those can save us. It's fucking over, play a half caster or nothing.

>> No.53308854

Why is SoM dead? What happened?

>> No.53308856


>> No.53308858

20 or 25

>> No.53308859

what can I say, I LOVE characters who are obsessed with self-upgrading. Generally why i play nat attackers so frequently.

>> No.53308860

I expect nothing from it anyway, since I barely use PoW. People doom and gloom way too damn hard.

>> No.53308861

15 is master race point buy. That or 3d6 no drop

>> No.53308873

25, it makes monks viable without going so far that everyone can get an easy base 18.

>> No.53308888

Do all of /pfg/'s games really end at such low levels?

My current games are:
>level 12 (playing a wizard)
>level 16 (GMing)
>level 20 (series of one shots, last one I played a fighter)

>> No.53308893

It's easy to say that when you have no investment in it.

>> No.53308899

The playtest came out and it was shit.

>> No.53308900

Most /pfg/ games don't even start, so there's that.

>> No.53308916

>Getting an average of 9-10 on rolls
>The best

Get out of here you pretentious ADnD fag. Not even people who played ADnD actually fucking used that.

>> No.53308918

25 is my personal favorite. Anything more feels excessive.

It's enough for 16/14/14/14/10/10, after racials that'll likely turn into 18/16/14/14/10/8. Anyone who believes that need more than that is being silly.

>> No.53308938

So this is the power of dubs, not bad.

>> No.53308976

Nigga he got quads, not dubs.

>> No.53308983

>Unarmed fighters are being nerfed in PoW
>Two handed weapon fighters being nerfed in PoW
>TWF builds fucking gutted and useless now in PoW

So what are the decent PoW builds now?

>> No.53309004

Two handed dex fighters.

>> No.53309006

Even for a REALLY Mad class, like archery paladins/bards, this is enough.
Str: 14
Dex: 18
Con: 14
Int: 8
Wis: 10
Cha: 16

>> No.53309021

Iron Tortoise, bitches. 2hand tha fucking shield.

>> No.53309045

See the second issue. It's getting nerfed. it's all fucking nerfed.

>> No.53309047
File: 13 KB, 164x276, 1442507782905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All I want. All I want, is a campaign that starts at level 11-13 and expects you to write a badass sufficiently developed for having such a level. I don't want some artsy-fartsy level 1-3 campaign anymore, I want Chargen I can chew on.

>> No.53309061

Nothing, then. It's all going to be barely better than 1pp shit, but with more hoops to jump through.

>> No.53309075

Okay let's be honest here, has anyone EVER used a dragon that wasn't chromatic, metallic, or imperial?

>> No.53309094

No GM around here is competent enough to handle play above level 6 or so.

>> No.53309104

I used an ancient wyrm time dragon as a BBEG for 2 year 10-23 campaign that incorporated multiclassing post 20.

>> No.53309113

I wish I had more high level games. Or more accurately, I wish some of my games would get high level sooner.
My current games (a lot of them once per two weeks):

>Level 3
>Level 3
>Level 3
>Level 4
>Level 6 (GMing)
>Level 9 (Game on hiatus)
>Level 11 (But a relatively low power party for level 11)

>> No.53309116

Why what did they do to twf in PoW?

>> No.53309125

Pretty sure most people are looking forward to the Path of War errata, you're just freaking the fuck out about actual problems you liked abusing getting fixed.

>> No.53309130

How are two-handers getting nerfed?

>> No.53309132

What's a good equivalent name for a Glasgow/Chelsea Smile in Golarion?

Absalom? Egorian? Westcrown, maybe Daggermark?

>> No.53309136
File: 33 KB, 197x239, rad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nerfing stances and boosts to only affect the first attack in a full attack. Also: >>53308626

>> No.53309140

Astral dragon visited the druid's demiplane once, I used a timedragon, battledragon, and void dragon once.

>> No.53309146

Wow, buddy, you want to back hot opinion that up with literally anything?

>> No.53309179

I'm looking forwards to it. You should have seen the thread when it was announced. Most people understand doing more damage than a full attacking barbarian with one ability and destroying cr +3 creatures in the same time is something that should not happen.

>> No.53309182

I've used primals a few times. The space dragons are neat too, and occult. Currently have a nightmare dragon semi-possessing a PC in my game. Also, barbtongue wyverns are pretty fun to drop on a party.

>> No.53309186

Note, that nerf is only applying to some stances and boosts, but the DA nerf, and the likelyhood of the one Trashing Dragon stance getting hit are not good signs for TWF.

>> No.53309198

>most people
>that thread
Again, you want to back that up with something real?

>> No.53309205
File: 65 KB, 348x331, 1413836153628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's guaranfuckingteed that any halfway decent thrashing dragon boost and stance is getting gutted now, though.

>> No.53309217

Just pick whatever's the roughest city or district from your character's home region.

So a Korvosan might say a "Shingles Grin", for example.

>> No.53309219

Westcrown's the kind of place that would have that, so Westcrown Smile.

>> No.53309231

Why don't you just accept that it will be bad? It's going to be bad. It has all indication of going too far.

>> No.53309233


>> No.53309238


>> No.53309240

>Just pick whatever's the roughest city or district from your character's home region.

Yeah, because Americans call the Glasgow Smile the "Detroit Smile."

>> No.53309248

Shingles Smile, it needs to have some proper prose to it, if not be alliterate.

>> No.53309250

Daggermark seems fitting.

>> No.53309256
File: 32 KB, 1024x576, 20b377502d20ce1776f12d3a8788c9054964492c_hq[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Piercing thunder gets nerfed in PoW:E errata

>> No.53309262

Yeah, which means even less chance to hit on your first time.

>> No.53309268

The problem is initiators only have damage going for them. Without that, there's no point in using them.

>> No.53309277

And they aren't even buffing maneuvers with status effects/DC's, so they're getting shafted more.

>> No.53309278

Only -2 with multi attack
Also, -5 from full BaB isn't bad compared to third and 4th iterative and they're ALL at -5, no stacking penalties

>> No.53309282

>implying we don't all use Riven Hourglass and Mithral Current with Polearm Dancer and Glaives.

>> No.53309301

This right here exactly.
>DSP: Scarlet Throne maneuvers are too strong when applied to two-handed weapons
>PFG: Maybe just limit it to wielding one-handed so that fighting style can stay slightly relevant?
>DSP: No that's too difficult, NERFS ACROSS THE BOARD
Does not instill a lot of confidence.

>> No.53309305

Really? I heard SoM was fine.

>> No.53309308

Riven hourglass is too good, it's gonna get nerfed too.

>> No.53309324

The idea was to add combat utility and damage without making them overwhelming One of the things they did compare was to the barbarian, a class who's only job is doing a ton of damage.

>> No.53309336

Aren't those guys true neutral? What did you do to piss one of those off?
Was he just curious or was there some sort of reason for that visist
I guess its just because the iconic vision of a dragon is usually always either covered by one of those three that I don't see the others getting that much attention. Well, that and that mettalics and chromatic had an entire new book describing each type and the others all get like 3 lines of text since their stat blocks take up so much room.

>> No.53309341
File: 115 KB, 404x270, 18217582_1512711272073829_286116715_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well most maneuvers have shit utility and with damage being nerfed...


see ya in the funny papers, path of war.

>> No.53309350

One handed combat is already plenty relevant with Scarlet Throne.

Besides take Scarlet Throne away from 2-handers and there are no disciplines for THEM to specialize in unless you think 2-handers shouldn't initiators at all.

>> No.53309361

You create a lot of time paradoxes with Riven hourglass.

My Gestalt Harbinger/Exploiter wizard fucked with time...a lot

>> No.53309366

So what, are they going to take away +1d6 stances and +initlevel damage boosts now?

So I guess one of the handful of reasons to keep steel serpent is now gone.

>> No.53309371

You mean besides primal fury?

>> No.53309384

anyone actually played DHB's martials? How are they? I'm thinking of jumping ship.

>> No.53309404

Well, it was a water world setting and the seadruid pulled a castle card from the deck of many things, so her demiplane was a tropical beach island that the druid was storing all the fish she found. It had a tikibar and little hut and waves good for surfing, and a magic volcano. So the dragon saw it and was curious and came to have some drinks on the beach, so he was there when the druid came to check up on the plane.

Oh i used a linnorn too once in a viking campaign that was a really cool story

>> No.53309405

Which is also being sent to oblivion and is boring.

>> No.53309413

I keep seeing the words DHB and Unchained fighter lopped together. Is there an unchained fighter or not?

>> No.53309424

two handed weapon fighting is boring though


there, that's every two handed weapon user.

>> No.53309431

What are you even talking about? A natural attack secondary doesn't affect your weapon attacks in any way. It is literally just extra attacks at a moderate penalty every time you full attack.

>> No.53309435
File: 27 KB, 400x400, 26.56 KB of Feel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All I want is a hand-and-a-half style, where you alternate between one-handed and two-handed.

>> No.53309441


>> No.53309454

>two handed weapon fighting is boring
No it's not.

You're just a faggot.

>> No.53309473
File: 155 KB, 959x1060, Orc shitposting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, it is.

Go put your hulk hands on and do creative two handed fighting like hitting a dude and then hitting him harder. Oh! Do some creative stuff like hitting him even HARDER at the expensive of your attack or AC!

>> No.53309481

DHB is just a shit poster, don't sweat it

>> No.53309523

The main thing about 2h is that it lets you pick up extra toys like maneuvers while other combat styles don't.

>> No.53309524

Currently working on a Gunsmoke Mystic // spherecaster.
Having trouble picking between Armorist and Incanter.
Armorist gives a free Rifle with great enhancements, full BAB, and feats.
Incanter gives fucking amazing magic, that'll allow for lots of utility.

I'm leaning Incanter, since 3/4ths BAB is enough when all your attacks are touch attacks and I'll be able to snap up the item creation feat for making my own magic Rifle.


>> No.53309533

Have you tried using bastard swords or katanas.
They can effectively be one handed or two handed weapons wielded with shields for some ocassions or not for others.

>> No.53309544

There's no style that really supports doing what is what that anon is saying.

>> No.53309545

Combat maneuvers suck ass though

>> No.53309554

That's extremely easy to do competently anon, longswords and scimitars aren't really that much worse than their bigger equivalents a few levels in and open up a lot of versatility.

>> No.53309568

Pathfinder combat isn't dynamic enough to even care about the difference.

>> No.53309572

Armorist is laaaame as soon as you've got the handful of things you actually want.

>> No.53309587

>Armorist is laaaame as soon as you've got the handful of things you actually want
That's pretty much every sphere casting class ever.

>> No.53309614

PoW is the best way to represent this kind of dynamic fighting style, but it needs disciplines that are one-hand only (like ST should be) or else there's no benefit for doing that over THF. Then you can flip the grip on a one-handed weapon as necessary for the maneuver you want to initiate.

>> No.53309617

Is it me or does full attacking seem to be the root of all evil in Pathfinder combat?

>> No.53309631
File: 16 KB, 351x329, 1453223647344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After playing Europa Universalis IV for a couple hours, I've only got one question for you people.

Why the hell isn't there a campaign built around becoming increasingly wealthy landowners and merchants who sell their shit for dosh while getting involved in everything from rival merchant princes to native uprisings to even the local government stepping in?

>> No.53309638

That. That and narrative power being locked into spells.

Unless its a spell, you're stuck with skills that have zilch for narrative power.

>> No.53309645

>TFW all I've ever wanted is a proper dueling discipline that focuses on using a one hander for attacks and a light off hander for defense and disarming

>> No.53309650

Scarlet Throne already has several maneuvers, styles, and AN ENTIRE FUCKING PRESTIGE CLASS for you mewling One handed combat fags.

There's plenty of incentive to go one handed over two handed with path of war at the table because One Handed combat actually gets support to not only meet but surpass two handed combat.

>> No.53309662

It's only "shit" if you're that faggot in the discord that is obsessed with fighters being the best at everything.

>> No.53309668

haha don't you mean our totally not shit writing, rules, and region of k i n g m a k e r ? why not just give ol daddy paizo your money and get a 15% guaranteed quality product.

t paizo.

>> No.53309671


>> No.53309682

Also because Pathfidner, at the end of the day is about killing things and taking their stuff. You can have a wide variety of motivations for doing so, but at the end of the day that's what the game boils down to and trying to boil it down to something else is going to cause problems.

>> No.53309683

Because to do anything like that, you'd have to burn down your PF books and then make some kind of economy that actually makes sense, or at least doesn't fall apart the moment you frown at it.

>> No.53309687

>No GM around here is competent enough to handle play above level 6 or so
I think you meant, "No GM around here is capable of dealing with the incredibly min-maxed munchkin builds we'd come up with".

>> No.53309696

pathfinder is an awful rules set for being merchant princes.

Like being medieval orc killers in world of darkness or having decent rules in exalted, you don't play that.

>> No.53309707
File: 57 KB, 283x344, 1443176065494.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>haha don't you mean our totally not shit writing, rules, and region of k i n g m a k e r ?

>mfw I thought of Kingmaker
>mfw I remember Blingmaker
>mfw I remember the climate in Kingmaker isn't conducive to growing cash crops or the more relevant types of crop in general
>mfw I can't grow sugar cane or cotton, only millet and more millet


>> No.53309709

No because that's because combat stops making sense around level 13. Like PF characters surpass anime characters in the amount of contrivance and bullshit tactics the game expects you to bring to the table.

>> No.53309714


>> No.53309718

If there's anything that paizo has done that truly makes me rage to this day, it's the travesty that is the geopolitics of Avistan.

>> No.53309724
File: 80 KB, 1280x720, 1448253875993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, this is incorrect! The Greenbelt and all of it's associated regions for colonization throughout the adventure are located in a zone more analogous to Germany and the Netherlands than Poland or Lithuania - a region famous for wine and wheat and all sorts of beer!

>> No.53309732

Yeah, I'm thinking Armorist 4, then dropping it for Incanter.
It'll be really damn useful early on, but then I can just forget about progressing it.

>> No.53309740

In Kingmaker you could just spam mints and it would basically solve all your problems.

You can also use monsters and cohorts too. In fact in a game we had, we had an Owlbear as one of the enforcers or something that relied on strength.

>> No.53309760

>In Kingmaker you could just spam mints and it would basically solve all your problems.

>Hey guys, we're going to get wealthy minting coins with all our nonexistent gold and silver mines

>> No.53309769

So based on various bits of metaphysics fluff I've read, is it assumed that there are planets aside from Golarion that have life and their souls go to the same outer spheres?

>> No.53309778

>we had an Owlbear
How does that even work?
I vividly remember finding a Goldmine in Kingmaker.

>> No.53309791

>is it assumed that there are planets aside from Golarion

They're canonically detailed. Look up Distant Worlds.

>> No.53309814

Yup, the gods of golarion are known on other worlds, well the major gods anyways, but usually under different names. For example, almost every world and people know of a lady of souls. They might have their own planetary or regional gods though.

>> No.53309816

>How does that even work?

>> No.53309831

"Worry not, my armies! The enemies march to our gates and you have not been paid for a year now. Your families starve and you have nothing to show for this war but scars and Legionella pneumophila! They have promised to feed and reward you, but we can outbid them! Just now our mints have produced a new patch of wooden coins to pay and-hey, where the fuck are you going!?"

>> No.53309837

What do you get from Armorist that you don't mind not scaling?

>> No.53309844

What of Legendary Rogues content should I look at? How do I make rogue cool with it? What can I do?

>> No.53309864

That's not the owlbear being the enforocer that's the druid being the enforcer and using the owlbear as a his beating stick.

>> No.53309867

Ultimate Warefare and Ultimate Rulership fix a lot of the problems with kingdom building and mass combat. I ran a campaign using them and had a good time with it.

Though my players basically got shat on continuously because the bigger kingdom next door bullied them.

>> No.53309882

Okay, that's how I'm fluffing it next time my players try the BANKS BANKS BANKS strategy.

>> No.53309883

Is the Legendary Assassins pdf in any of the troves?

>> No.53309906

One of my party members talked to an owlbear and convinced it to join.

I'm talking about the main city you dipshit. They could still sleep in the mints or whatever. It's not like any of the other buildings really provide anything that a mint couldn't do. They also take up only one space and are pretty cheap on BP

>> No.53309913
File: 436 KB, 1920x1080, julian-santiago-julsan-jellomain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>MFW I realized why gelatinous cubes are murdermonsters

>> No.53309928
File: 138 KB, 522x590, 1494590190786.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How does that even work?

>> No.53309929


The other buildings provide a temperate atmosphere free from toxic mercury and arsenic vapors.

>> No.53309958

They might die but then we would be at level 11 or so and then we'd be able to turn all of our citizens into liches anyways. Our kingdom are comprised entirely of kobolds and fairies anyways so it's not like it'll make a difference.

>> No.53309993

They provide an environment not dominated by toxic fumes and saw dust, they provide distribution centers, places of worship, of comfort, of production of things you need to live, places to, you know, make a city functional. There is a reason why even cities that produce nothing but bankruptcies like Las Vegas has facilities that aren't just casinos.

>> No.53309994

A rifle at level 1, infinite free ammo for whatever firearm I'm using, full BAB early on before to-hit begins to massively out-scale touch AC, and medium armor proficiency.
At level 4 it's a +1 rifle of Distance, a free feat, and Armor Training.
The net cost is 4 talents, since I can make up the two lost caster levels via Magical Knack. I'll be drowning in talents anyways, so that'll be a fine trade.

>> No.53310018
File: 152 KB, 655x720, tmp_9701-1494916142335368583794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no, those were just concepts.

Yeah, she'd be the one behind all those kinds of outbreaks. Best part, she can hire PCs to put them down and test to see if they are good enough to become the next set of monsters.

Would Lolth be running the Fox News equivalent?

>> No.53310051

implying the jewish gnomes and dwarves would not be running the public news. Lolth and the drow would probably be running skin care and make up companies

>> No.53310054

Why are shadowdancers so bad and how can you make them better?

>> No.53310061
File: 60 KB, 540x531, 1337026210728.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>mfw you divide your city into districts and construct buildings according to the general theme of their quarter
>mfw our city had a fancy-pants noble quarter with exotic shops, luxury houses, gardens and monuments
>mfw it was a bitch to finish because you can ONLY CONSTRUCT ONE GODDAMN BUILDING AT A TIME


>> No.53310065

And that's part of why I hate this stupid game.

Up to level 10 is really fun. Post level 10, it's just fucking stupid powerlevel nonsense.

>> No.53310068

Give them casting.

>> No.53310072

Play a ravelord harbinger specializing in veiled moon maneuvers.

>> No.53310118

Because the rules are there to be rules and leave things like roleplaying, realism and stuff to the players and GM.

>> No.53310122

I wonder if you can make a variation of E6. More like E10, actually.

>> No.53310124

What are the odds the make up is spider eggs that turn you into a spider?

>> No.53310178

probably only .5% of the time do you become a spider. its probably one of the side effects

>> No.53310186

Minting coinage doesn't mean jack fucking shit if the economy backing it isn't strong, it's why the Aureus was so strong in the Byzantine era until Venetian rats developed the denarii and dominated the market.

We're dealing with a Resource Curse here; the Greenbelt is resource-rich but that means people who build kingdoms around extraction and sale will find their attempts to add "processing and refinement" to that list will be unable to do it, because the cost is just too damn high.

>> No.53310211

"You can just roleplay it" is not an excuse for garbage unintuitive rules.

>> No.53310233

Could you and your anime avatars get banned

>> No.53310242
File: 248 KB, 498x556, 1494365749646.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53310251

It isn't, but if you want better ones right now you can just suck it up and wait if the Kingmaker game actually makes them better, go scream at JJ until he breaks down crying, grasping at his CG lesbian female PC figurine or make changes to them that make them better.

>> No.53310252

This isn't a case of realism or preference, by RAW a Realm as large as Wisconsin can't build more than one neighborhood of houses at a time without all other projects crawling to a halt.

Oh, here's something I think everyone would appreciate; Blingmaker DM, you should add resources into the hexes that can be discovered and enjoyed by the Kingdom; some hexes are very fertile and good with farms, or some have gems or dense iron ore!

>> No.53310275

Anyone hyped for Kingmaker in Space?

>> No.53310278

Or use Ultimate Rulership and Ultimate Warfare which fix a lot of shit. It's even written by the guy who wrote the original kingdom and mass combat rules to try and patch them.

>> No.53310314 [DELETED] 

Where'd those appear in? I need to slam my GM with those in the face before we get out of book 1.

>> No.53310322

Speaking of Districts, what's everyone's experience with them around here? I want to know how you prettified your cities.

>> No.53310323
File: 1.75 MB, 1035x1110, Scanedit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yfw randomly encounter Lucius Nacht, Romulus Nohrm and Allanz Gremund while they are bathing in a hot spring

>> No.53310328

Planetcrafting sounds fun. I'd like to be emperor of mars

>> No.53310363

Shit art, kys

>> No.53310452

You can buy them. They're from Legendary Games.

Ultimate Rulership, Ultimate Battle, Ultimate War, Ultimate Factions, and Ultimate Relationships.

These together fix a fuck ton of problems with the kingdom building/mass combat systems. I would not even consider playing kingdom building/mass combat without these.

>> No.53310538

I imagine they're just as boring in a hot spring as they are on paper

>> No.53310566

Have your played ever fucked up badly enough to get caught in the dragon's jaws? Basically when have they fucked up badly enough that they really only have themselves to blame. I have a story.

>party is pursuing a woman who is apparently hunting down old lore
>along the way in a floating citadel that had since crashed on it's side they find two guys
>they're apparently mercenaries
>shoot first ask questions later attitude takes over
>they kill one, the other escapes
>later find out it's a mercenary company hunting down the same woman as them
>decide to let sleeping dogs lie
>the mercenary company is fucking pissed the party killed one of their own in cold blood and have the gall to hunt the same target
>they end up in the same city because the clues lead them in the same direction
>party staying at an inn
>get a note from a young boy saying "I am the captain of the Bloated Toads company, come to the bridge over Gagret River two miles north of town. I wish to discuss possible cooperation."
>party goes "yeah sure, this couldn't possibly go wrong"
>head north, the boy guiding them
>get there, commander sitting on the bridge with his big ole' toad familiar (mauler)
>greets them
>party gets on the bridge
>ambush ensues
>boy was a childlike halfling
>two guys were behind ready to cut them off, commander in front
>the man watching the road some 200ft away come out to give ranged support
>fight becomes 5v4
>the players get beaten unconscious and captured
>they're fucking livid the mercenaries ambushed them when they called them out for cooperation

The fuck did they expect? They walked outside of fucking town to the middle of no where. The mercenaries didn't even expect them to be that stupid and were ready for a location negotiation and moving the ambush.

>> No.53310619

>hurr I'm a shit GM

>> No.53310645

Did you give them a sense motive?

Congrats on making sure the party will never seek parley with anyone ever.

>> No.53310693

Sorry, this just sounds like you were a bad dm.

>> No.53310700

So... you punished them for being murderhobos by attacking them when they decided to stop acting like murderhobos?

>> No.53310713

>Did you give them a sense motive?
Yeah, both perception and sense motive on the halfling pretending to be a kid.

>Congrats on making sure the party will never seek parley with anyone ever.
They knew they had killed one of the mercenary company's sergeants, not only that but took his stuff and sort of just dumped his body. I don't see how they thought it'd just be hunky dory especially when specifically asked to go far outside of town alone.

What? Should the mercenaries have just said 'Well you killed Robbie, but no hard feelings."? Should the PCs have been willing to just leave town and follow some kid because a note said the mercenaries wanted to work together?

>> No.53310747

The mercenaries wanted revenge and wanted to juice the party for information. It wasn't about punishing the players, it was about the mercenary's intentions. They didn't even kill the players, just captured them.

>> No.53310896

I'm just saying that, from OOC perspective, it probably would've been better to handle things differently. For instance, having the commander demand weregild before jumping to trying to capture them not only would have made more sense(attacking a group of unknown capabilities with only small advantage in numbers doesn't sound like the kind of risk an experienced mercenary would take as a first resort - any combat may or may not end with some of your people killed), but would've made for a better scene.

>> No.53310976

They knew what the party was capable of. Not only did they have a survivor of a fight with them but investigated the party beforehand. So they weren't an unknown threat.

As for weregild that doesn't fix their dead friend unless they can squeeze the party for 25k gp since the party dumped the body in a river so that no one would be able to find it later. Even the finding someone who can cast true res is essentially impossible.

>> No.53311020

New Thread:

>> No.53311035

Get banned already, for your baiting questions and unrelated pictures.

>> No.53311767

>Any nerf at all
What's wrong with you?

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