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Could you like fucking not? I've dealt with enough degeneracy in a single night today.

>> No.53304730

First for Pramaris Marines getting out of Rhino's

>> No.53304743

Fresh neophyte of the Dark Angels Chapter, eh?

>> No.53304744


Can we give Marinelet players a break and go back to bulling IG players?

>> No.53304747

tell me /40kg/
where do babies come from?

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>why should I trust you?
>Come on! The is New Games Workshop!

>> No.53304761

Fresh forced memer of /r/Warhammer40k, eh?

>> No.53304767

Dark Angels are the gayest chapter in existence!

Even Rainbow warriors are more straight than them!

>> No.53304789

Nope, never been there. I hate to break this to you, but it's rapidly becoming a native 4chan 40k meme thanks to the one DA autist who flips out everytime it's mentioned, who I am assuming is you.

Thank you for your hilarious contribution.

>> No.53304799

I kek'd

well, GW is based in Nottingham. Guess in which city's past you should focus your research on?

>> No.53304804

I must ask one of my battle brothers to polish my Mace of Redemption

>> No.53304807

instructional video on how to use rhino's effectively in 8th

>> No.53304813

Lion and Luther, sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G (ay)

>> No.53304818

It's definitely not me. >>53304617 is not me. >>53304636 is.

But keep trying to force your memes I guess. Hint: if it's 3 people circlejerking, it doesn't count as a "native 4chan 40k meme".

>still no sources cited

>> No.53304819

>Apotechary spent longer time healing chadmarine than me

IT'S NOT FUCKING FAIR! I bet he's having his geneseed pounded by Chad every night.

>> No.53304824

Hardly a forced meme when it is true

>Lionel Johnson
>Closet Homosexual
>Wrote "The Dark Angel"
>"The Rock" is a gay bar
>Men shooting hot loads into other men (plasma weapons)
>Men introducing their special geneseeds into younger men

Marines are a gay joke and DA are the biggest gay joke in 40k for decades. So stop pretending it is otherwise

>> No.53304838

How does being British count towards homosexuality? Your list is shit.

>> No.53304849

Alright fair enough then.

So to get this abortion of a thread back on-topic: what are you guys expecting they'll reveal in the live Q&A today? Last one they did had a fuckton of info.

>> No.53304850

>X person is a fag therefore everything related to them must be faggotry
>muh rock is a gay bar
Debunked, see >>53304714
>they use plasma weapons not because it's the only weapon in imperial arsenal that's the best at removing power armored targets but because of muh gay projection
If this isn't retarded I don't know what is
>Men introducing their special geneseeds into younger men
Every single fucking space marine chapter does this, dumbass.

No matter how much you force your meme, it's just confirmation bias on top of retardation on top of projection.

>> No.53304855

>Genestealer-bearing hips edition
Considering that the world record for heaviest baby was 9.98kg (22 lb) and mearused 71.12 cm (28 inch)
And then also taking into account the superior genetics and added resilience of of a 4th generation genestealer hybrid.
I think it is fair to conclude that said genestealer babies would still be farely large and still totally survivable.
wouldn't want to let perfectly good broodmothers go to waste after just one birth afterall

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More about cute Primus Marine doing cute things.

>> No.53304877

Guesses on next Faction Focus? I heard some rumor of Imperial Knights next, which would make zero sense given we haven't seen several other factions which are much more heavily represented. I'd like Orks or Nids, but would settle for Necrons.

>> No.53304879

Being this new.

The bar closed around the 90. It was a gay bar in Nottingham.

Running joke during WWII

>> No.53304888

you're gonna eat my degenerate biomass when you make planetfall and there's nothing you can do to stop my vore fetish

>> No.53304892

Read the Adarki Aeldari one again. They specifically said Knights are next

>> No.53304894

I think CSM should have their faction focus rewritten to include more info like the other faction foci.

>> No.53304895

It's not a rumour, they straight up said it will be Imperial Knight next time in DE Faction Focus.

>> No.53304896

They updated the Dark Eldar one after it was posted and added a line about Imperial Knights being next, it's not a rumour.

>> No.53304898

Id love to have SoB focus, but Orks or Nids need love.

Also marines got squated before SoB so I can die happy

>> No.53304902

>w-what do you m-mean i need to b-b-back my proof up with sources?
Until the day you prove that there was a gay bar in Nottingham called The Rock using sources not called 1d4chan or Dakka Dakka, no one will believe you.

>> No.53304905

I want to see Nids, or tbqh, Space Marines (even though I don't play them)

I kinda want to see what the "iconic" 40k army is looking like for 8th.

>> No.53304920

No. We can kill everything with lasguns now.

>> No.53304929

>what the "iconic" 40k army is looking like for 8th.

But Primaris already got THREE articles.

They're the new iconic ones.

>> No.53304930

I'd like to see nids purely because of how garbage they've been for several editions now.
This whole dumbing down of the rules makes me anxious about what will happen to the already gutted biomorphs list

>> No.53304939

Yeah thats because you die from one bullet so theres nothing to heal if you get shot. Chadmarines can take two bullets.

>> No.53304942

Isn't it clear?

>> No.53304947

Welp, this is what I get for reading the articles right after they're posted and then not checking till the next day. Thank you for informing me!

Also: WHY? There are so many other factions which are itching to know how they operate in 8th, or how some of their gimmicks may have changed. Imperial Knights are a bunch of knights, and we already know how super-heavies, walkers and vehicles operate in 8th. What's to tell, aside from giving us random stats? I'd much rather learn about Mob Rule or Synapse, along with other changes to each of those factions that could help make them more viable. Or I'm just curious how RP/Gauss work in 8th.

>> No.53304948

This is true

I can't wait for the first Black Library book in which the Primaris are sent to rescue a failing Marine force and the Marines are just like 'so this is what everyone else always felt like'

Nothing will change for their enemies though. That'll just be the same 'its a Marine/Primaris so its better than at us at everything and will kill us' ded

>> No.53304950

GW facebook just confirmed, tomorrow's article is on Close Combat Weapons.

>> No.53304954

how can manlets even compete?

>> No.53304957

B-but my manlets....

>> No.53304959

They've got to get their pre-orders in before they let the cat out of the bag.
>protip: they can't

>> No.53304965

>inb4 all close combat weapons by default come with -1 AP on top of their standard AP value to represent close combat being more effective at armor penetration than shooting attacks

>> No.53304966

Vehicle article was also updated accordingly.

>> No.53304971

Tbh Knights will be interesting to see how tough a Knight is. With a few other stuff. But ya. I'd rather have had a different faction

>> No.53304973

Cool, here hoping my 2 Lighting Claws vanguard won't be obsoleted

>> No.53304987

>inb4 S adds native AP in melee

>> No.53304994

I'm kinda disappointed in the 8e vehicle thing.

It's definitely gonna feel like big inf over an actual vehicle, I fear. It probably wont be a problem in the actual game, but yeah.
They could have at least had some vehicles having rules to increase toughness or armour save or something directionally.

>> No.53304995

your fat ass fingers more effective than a bolter? i doubt this

>> No.53304997

>which the Primaris are sent to rescue a failing Marine force

You mean the Indominus Crusade rescuing Baal and the Blood Angels from the Tyranids?

>> No.53304998

only 1 T value and reversing means your passengers deploy further forward
though if gw has anyone with a braincell they'll just make a rule that says shooting a vehicle in the rear means you count it's T value as 1 lower than usual
but they mentioned nothing of the sort in the vehicle article

>> No.53305000

>Power Sword: S User D1 AP -1
>Power Fist: S +1 D D3 AP-2
>Power Swords now cost 35 points and Powerfists flat out double the character's cost

>> No.53305003

where is the news about the Q&A anyway?

>> No.53305005

Google the "The Rock City" Nottingham and stop being new and retardad

>> No.53305006

I said close combat "weapons" anon. Stop projecting your obesity onto me.

>> No.53305010


your're entire faction is being obsoleted and you're worried about lightning claws???

>> No.53305012

The vehicle article mentions that charging effectively replaces tank shock. Between this and the restricted reserves, I'm 100% sure I'm skipping this edition.

>> No.53305014

We've already heard about the number of wounds that knights will have (20+, IIRC?) which also means they are unlikely to have more than 30 or so. Then you can assume a decent Sv and their usual Invuln for their front. Sure, we can get specifics, but we already know the gist of how tough they'll be.

We saw that the DEldar weapons certainly had a fair bit of AP, but they may have just been DEldar.

>> No.53305016

Bye cheeser, no one will miss you.

>> No.53305021

>skipping this edition
anon, this is the last edition.

>> No.53305023

This isn't a gay bar at all. It's a live music venue. Do you even know what a gay bar is?

>> No.53305031

The source is the fucking people of Nottingham, including some of the GW employees.
Of course it's hard to find a source: no one just said 'oh, this place will probably close and the story behind it will disappear, I'd better take a photo, then post it on this interesting thing called the internet I heard about, I bet we'll be able to share photos with everyone on it'.

Anon, people have been joking about DA being gays for at least a decade. They won't stop because some faggot is butthurt on the internet - actually, I'm pretty sure most people posting right now do it BECAUSE you're butthurt. You really need to accept this.

>> No.53305035

Except Force Swords are AP -3 and Power Fists will surely be higher than that even. Stop memeing.

>> No.53305036

I'm an IG player...
But okay!

>How many guardsmen does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Ten. One to screw it in and nine corpses to reach it.

>> No.53305045

Would you rather there be Futa sisters of battle or female (male) space marines?

>> No.53305046

>hoping my 2 Lighting Claws vanguard won't be obsoleted

Hoping my Jump Pack double Plasma Pistol / Grav Pistol Vanguard vets are priced appropriately in 8e.

>> No.53305047

Well I don't think the Indomitus Crusade will be doing it specifically, seems that Crusade's just going on down in the Terran Side, but I got no doubt Primaris are gonna swoop in and save Baal yeah. Probably gonna do the same on Armageddon too since those are two of the battlefields we know are getting attention soon. After they kick Mortarion's butt of course. That will make it 2 for 2 when a Daemon Primarch finally gets a new Miniature they also lose.

>> No.53305050

It's funny to pretend GW is completely inept.

>> No.53305051

I've yet to meet a straight British guy.

>> No.53305059

Please don't use my fetishes for shitposting Anon

>> No.53305062

It's not happen anytime soon anw ( 5 years I assume) . So I wouldnt worry too much over it.
And I have a thing for Lighting Claws ok ?

>> No.53305063

>nine to die heroically for the emperor

>> No.53305065

Even if Primarines are costed very aggressively, we already know that their core unit (Intercessors) are going to be very restricted in both size and weaponry options, meaning regular marines will still have a role to play in 8th.

By 9th, old marines should no longer be sold and there should be no reason to have them be mechanically different entities, so you can just use your old marines and call them prima's.

>> No.53305069

>muh anecdotal evidence totally counts!!!!!!1111one1111
So many words, so little content.

And I'm not the only person who finds these forced memes obnoxious. Neither am I the only person who thinks you're full of shit and are either projecting or just desperate to find new ways to insult factions.

>> No.53305071


>> No.53305072

>Futa sisters of battle
Illegal under Imperial Law

>female (male) space marines?
As long as they're biologically male this isn't a lore problem. But there's no way you could make a Space Marine look like a trap with all the cyber-implants, mangrit hormones and BrickMcHugeBeef brand space steroids you're pumping into them.

>> No.53305074

It has been historically a gay meeting bar.

Can you stop now. Fucking USAfags getting trigger by gay people being an inspiration for your manletmarines

>> No.53305075

sorry if you got offensed, but i really think that the golden days of cc are over, but, playing chaos, i would like to see it at least as much as you

>> No.53305080

Who else is excited for the return of tyranid warrior spam?
>but muh multiwound multihit weapons
Will no doubt be restricted in some manner, because with the new armor rules, anything that would be great against tyranid warriors, would also be equally good against Chadmarines
And if there is one thing we know consistently about GW, it's that they want to shift lots of new spame marine models.

>> No.53305084

Why don't normal Marines get the Bolt Rifle? I mean there's no reason they can't use it and its just better.

>> No.53305086

Hopefully Mort's heart is exposed so we can see the former supreme grand masters name carved into it

>> No.53305089

How do I get started with Tau?
Coming from orkz and just want as much dakka as blueberrily possible.

>> No.53305098

>ignoring the fact his search is Chinese

>> No.53305100

lol, I'd like to see a source on that.

You just keep digging a hole for yourself all while failing to prove that the word "The Rock" has any connection to gays or gay bars. Hell, the place isn't even called The Rock, it's called The Rock City. If GW actually intended it to be a gay reference it would have been called the latter.

>> No.53305101

If GW is smart, Warriors will also have a rule similar to the Tau Drones but in reverse that let them push off wounds onto the gaunt broods within 3".

>> No.53305102

You are the one getting trigger for 30 years of memes.

Accept the crushing reality of homosexual Dark Angels. The fucking poet page makes reference to how it inspire the Dark Angels of 40k

>> No.53305104

That would honestly be hilarious. Wonder if Voldus is gonna add any more names to it. Although its probably Guilliman who's gonna kick his ass this time.

>> No.53305106

Why don't you pick on someone your own size?

Oh, right...

>> No.53305108

The fucking Spawn you get today.
Back in my day we just ate everything around us, there was an innocent and uncomplicated charm to the whole thing.
Then these Genestealer cucks come along crying "No! We have to be culturally sensitive, we need to integrate them before we consume their biomass".
Look where that has led this once great species; 'Girl on Hybrid Metamorph ' porn all over the Hivemind Network. Entitled, bitchy Patriarchs who've been raised in a society where they are the special snowflake and others take care of their problems, who then flip their shit when they learn that in the Hivemind, no one is important, you are a smaller part of a larger whole.
We need some good old fashioned Hive Tyrants to put things back on track, ones who remember that everything is food and nothing else! Make the Tyranids great again!

>> No.53305115

I am.

I'm going to buy another start collecting tyranids set so I can convert my Cthulu Hive tyrant and field MOAR WARRIORS

>> No.53305116

>DA-autist is chinese
it explains SOOO much

>> No.53305126

Lionel Johnson
The just added an ' to the name.

>> No.53305135

Embrace the fact that everyone here's going to hate you and give you shit even if you run nothing but footslogging breachers and an ethereal.
That said, start with a commander and then pick out what troops you want to run, then go from there. You have a ton of options with Tau, each shootier than the last.

>> No.53305136

Were you the one who posted this?

>> No.53305138

This thread has already reached maximum shitposting and autism potential, evac immediately.

>> No.53305143

>illegal under the imperial law
I'm sure girl cock would be considered a sanctioned improvement on the holy human form
>if the penis is feminine then it's cool
-Attributed to The Emperor, The Lectitio Divinitatus

>> No.53305145

I don't think there's a psychological complex capable of describing how insanely desperate and stupid you are and look.

See >>53304818

So because he's a gay man therefore everything relating to him must be about fags. Good job.

>> No.53305146


Pretty good! I'll remember that one.

>> No.53305147

I'd rather never play 40k again.

>> No.53305154

Did Yarrick get his klaw from Ghaz or from some no-name warboss?

>> No.53305156

Oh god I didn't notice it!

This explains why he is getting so trigger by FUCKING HOMOSEXUOA DARK ANGELS

Where is the cheetahfag to trigger this fuck into oblivion

>> No.53305163

We should do this for every race in 40k.

>> No.53305167

Had a name. Think it was Urglak or somethin'. He's dead now.

>> No.53305168


He killed the warboss so its some no namer.

>> No.53305171

Everyone knows all Grey Knight Grand Masters have a branding fetish

>> No.53305176

That meme has been around for years and years, since at least 3rd you spastic idiot.

>> No.53305181

Slaanesh wait your turn, this is tyranid fetish shitposting hour.

>> No.53305184

Yeah I mostly picked Tau to be the griefest son of a bitch I could be.
Guess I'll embrace it.

>> No.53305187

What would it take to make Repentia good while keeping them Repentia at their core? It seems like the entire concept is just fucked

> Baseline human, so low toughness
> Seeking death, so no armour
> Melee unit with standard-human initiative and weapons that lower it further
> in an army full of better melee options (Seraphim, Command Squad, Celestians, Death Cult Assassins, Crusaders)

>> No.53305196

>when you run out of fake pseudo-evidence so you resort to calling out their race

>i-it's old, i-i-i-i swear!
Oh yeah, and you're a girl because you cut your dick open and flipped it inside out, right?

>> No.53305199

He is a Chinese poster homosexuality triggers them hard. He must be a closet homo and the crushing reality is making him sperg out

>> No.53305200

Okay, thanks, I figured. Somehow I got it stuck in my head that he took it from Ghaz and that was a part of their rivalry.

>> No.53305209

>all Grey Knight Grand Masters have a branding fetish
>It explains why Voldus' Daemonhammer has his name on the striking surface, so he can brand while attacking.

>> No.53305210


>> No.53305213

Make them dirt cheap with sexy models and when they die you get command points.

>> No.53305217


We already saw the rules for Force Axe, Sword and Staff. I'm 99% sure power weapons are just:
Sword - S User / AP -3 / D 1
Axe - S User+1 / AP -2 / D 1
Maul - S User+2 / AP -1 / D 1

>> No.53305218

Not mine, mine looks like this:

>> No.53305219

>when you run out of fake pseudo-evidence so you resort to calling out their race

>> No.53305226

Nah. Only time they ever met in person was whilst he was Ghazz' prisoner after losing on Golgotha.

>> No.53305229

Anon what else do you want? Bring the GW guys that wrote the gay jokes to prove you wrong?

DA are a gay joke end of the story move along and deal with it.

Unless you are so ignorant of British culture that the clear evidence of the joke slip past you.

>> No.53305232

Don't. Nobody is going to play with your bullshit next Ed.

>> No.53305238

Why ? Real vehicles don't work like that. Far as I've learned weakest armor facing on a tank is not the back where the armor is just as thick as the front and side but the underside.

>> No.53305239

>replaces tank shock
>skipping this edition
Lol what?

>> No.53305244

Ich sehe eine Kontonummer im Hintergrund

>> No.53305246

> Just make them cheaper
Okay, addendum. How do we do it in a way that doesn't apply to literally every model in the game?

> When they die you get command points
I like this one, though.

>> No.53305250

Actually genestealer cult predates tyranids as we know them since they where a 1st edition army.
Nids weren't really around until 2nd edition outside a single entry in the rogue trader corebook (where the hive tyrant was more like a xenomorph queen, motherhood included).
The whole cycle thing is even copied 1-1 from their first rendition.
Just embrace the fact that when you base a faction of penis rape monsters, you're gonna get some fucked up shit.

>> No.53305252

>other DA players falling for trash tier b8
>7th ed bandwagon fags detected

Back in my day we were too busy being angry about our tiny ass supplement codex to care what other shitty chapters and chaos niggers thought.


>> No.53305255

- T3 S3
- FNP, 5++ to represent their extreme faith
- Wulfen rule that lets them attack even if they "die"

>> No.53305261

This explains a lot
Most Chinese people are closeted homosexuals because of their tiny cocks and low sex drive, he's probably trying to fight the conditioning

>> No.53305266

Britain actually has the largest gay population on earth

>> No.53305269

Do not give a drawfag ideas.
Actually, do it.

>> No.53305272

The Tau Start Collecting! is a fantastic value, especially if you can get the box further discounted; I was able to get mine for $64. We don't know what's what in 8th yet, so I'd recommend sticking mostly to core units you know will be used. I'd say two Start Collecting and a Battlesuit Commander will likely cover you to start.

>> No.53305273 [SPOILER] 


>> No.53305274

>I SWEAR IT'S REAL GAIZ!!!!!!!!!111111!!1!!!!!
You still haven't proven anything at all. Your gay bar bullshit is unproven, your gay poet bullshit is grasping at straws, and everything else is either just shitty pseudo-humor or blatant projection.

Anything else you want to say to embarrass yourself further or are you gonna go back to spouting memes like an imbecile?

>when you run out of fake pseudo-evidence so you resort to calling out their race

>> No.53305277

Seriously? Are you seriously going to do this?

>> No.53305279

>he's back AGAIN
Do you have an alarm set to go off when someone challenges your pet Chapter's fragile masculinity, dude?

>> No.53305280

What DA bait? They are the gay joke. It has been like that for 3 decades.

Not my fault new guys get trigger by it

>> No.53305283

Definitely liking this. It looks like the real winner is "They do shit when they die", which I should've seen coming.

>> No.53305285


>> No.53305291

36 mins tills GW stream about 8th edition! Remember to tune in!

>> No.53305294

This is pretty funny to watch

>> No.53305297

>tfw want to make a huge-ass ruin for my local club's gaming table but all my foamboard is warped
On their twitch?

>> No.53305298

I dunno, do you have a regular posting schedule that you follow to insert one forced meme into the general every 30 mins?

See >>53305274

>> No.53305313

Have them strike at initiative like they used to. I 3 sucked in close combat, but not that you can charge out of vehicles and always hit first on the charge they should do fine, as long as they're cheap.

>> No.53305317

>Lionel Johnson
>Closet Homosexual
>Wrote "The Dark Angel"
>"The Rock" is a gay bar
>Men shooting hot loads into other men (plasma weapons)
>Men introducing their special geneseeds into younger men

Is not clear enough as a gay joke then you have a cultural impudent to understand it. Don't worry we will still buy you recast models so you can enjoy your closet homosexuality without need to expose to the public.

>> No.53305323

1st edition Space hulk was the tightest shit ever so go fuck yourself with a plasma pistol.

>> No.53305326

That's good ! Saved for inspiration - I'm trying to convert a tyrant head to scratchbuild a malanthrope in anticipation for 8th.

>> No.53305327

Him and that Fabius Bile titan killing meme have been the highlights of these threads lately.

>> No.53305329

>playing a narrative game
>opponent deep strikes his formation of warlord titans 9" away from fabius bile
>tries to charge, rolls an 8
>point out he's 1" away, not within 1", and charge fails
>he starts complaining
>whip out my 12" slaaneshi dick and ask if he'd rather have it jammed 8" or more than 8" up his ass
>inflict instant death on his virgin asshole
>crying and nursing his ravaged ass he rolls battleshock and his titans run away

how's 8th for you?

>> No.53305333

You realize it's like a dozen different people doing it now because you've sperged out in hilarious fashion like 3 times in a row over this? Just stop responding holy fucking shit.

>> No.53305340


>> No.53305342

See >>53304850
You have failed to debunk a single thing in that post. Other posters have called it out as blatnatly unfounded.

No matter how much you repeat yourself, it does not become true.

>i swear it's multiple people

>> No.53305344

On twitch, yes

>> No.53305353

>chinkanon is a better dark angel roleplayer than any of us because he doesnt even have to try to play up the closeted aspect

>> No.53305358

Your sperging is just fueling it.
Everyone that doubt it now thinks is true.

There is nothing wrong on liking a gay joke Chapter.

>> No.53305361

Hope it's good.

>> No.53305363

>When shitposts evolve: the post

>> No.53305370

Also, I should add Incubi Power Klaives are "S User+1 / AP -3 / D1" which seems perfectly in line with them being souped-up power weapons.

>> No.53305372

>when you run out of fake pseudo-evidence so you resort to calling out their race

Please keep projecting, it's very entertaining to me.

>> No.53305373


>> No.53305381

And remember, there are no bad conversions, just happy little biomorphs...

>> No.53305386

Except that it's neither a gay joke nor true.

But this thread is filled with delusional retards whether or not they believe this bullshit so it'd be nothing new.

>> No.53305387

Do you think the virgin primaris dark angels blush when they receive their brothers' geneseed?

>> No.53305401

There are day I wish this board had flags so we can just ignore the closet chinese home that doesn't understand British culture and gets trigger by it

>> No.53305405

Firewarriors, some suits for support, maybe a devilfish, and don't forget those Kroots for fluff points and spam those fucking Riptides, and buy that tau kv128 stormsurge if you can ! Just trigger the goddamn looser autistswhy cry that Tau are broken straight into oblivion ! JUST DO IT FOR THE GREATER GOOD

>> No.53305407

americans wont understand the humour.

>> No.53305410

I dunno, the fact that you write gay erotica in the name of "memes" does say an awful lot about your sexuality though.

>when you run out of fake pseudo-evidence so you resort to calling out their race

>> No.53305411

Wow, not even 60 mins in and this thread already gone to shit. Good fucking job guys.

>> No.53305414

It's almost like they're just girls that aren't wearing armour, trying to sword fight.

>> No.53305416

What else is new?

>> No.53305419

Bullying is fun.

>> No.53305420

We just find out that it is a Chinese anon that is getting trigger by the truth.

I bet that the geneseed inserting into young male does not register as a gay to him

>> No.53305422

Indeed, anon, there is a poster that is here, every day, every hour, on every WH40K general, intentionally spreading the DA is gay meme, only waiting for you to react.
No, actually, it's a squad of 4 koreans funded by the chinese government, working 6 hour shifts to achieve maximum shitposting.

>> No.53305423

Letting them strike first on a charge even with eviscerators would help. If you could reliably get at least one good round of combat I think they'd be a lot more useful.

>> No.53305429

I'm gay, and I think you're retarded.

>> No.53305432

See >>53305410

>when you run out of fake pseudo-evidence so you resort to calling out their race

>> No.53305433

No, because then they would be S2 T2 or even S1 T1.

>> No.53305435

Atta boy, keep dancing for all the other idiots.

>> No.53305437

This is just like the rape of nanking

>> No.53305447

USA fags woke up and the whole thing devoled into a mess. Previous thread during morning time had some pretty solid w40k discussion, even about tyranids without fetish shitposting or le NPC race or anyone forcing primaris memes

>> No.53305448

The fuck is wrong with you?
You are so assblasted mad about it, that you are resulting to green texting.

DA are gay jokes deal with it and move along. It has been that way for three decades.

>> No.53305451

>> No.53305457

>vehicle charges squad of wyches
>can't then drive away for some reason

>> No.53305461

>t. doesn't know history
>when you run out of fake pseudo-evidence so you resort to calling out their race

You must be really desperate if you keep repeating yourself like this without proving any of my points wrong in return.

>> No.53305463


>> No.53305479

>> No.53305481

got the clamps

>> No.53305485

Keep thinking that 'The Greater good' rule which is sorta supporting fire will be something like "d3 nearby units get to lend overwatch"

Because if not, Tauballs aplenty.

>> No.53305488

Holy shit it's really him

I screencapped this other anons post from last time just for this possible occasion

>> No.53305490

Do you enjoy having things shoved up your asshole, chanon?

>> No.53305494

>> No.53305495

We did prove it several times you are just sperging now.

You want some GW approved image saying DA are fucking gay? Or some time travel machine to the time when the nerds of Nottingham came with the idea?

Also why does it bother you so much the fact they are gay? Even if it is wrong why be mad about it? Just ignore and more along

>> No.53305498

What about adding a rule that lets them make 1 Melee attack when killed in the fight phase, as a take my enemy down with me. Plus the ability to run and charge?

>> No.53305502

Where will the Q&A be today? Twitch or Facebook?

>> No.53305504

Wyches No Escape ability only affects infantry

>> No.53305508

So should i just come back later or is the entire day going to be like this?

>> No.53305510

>> No.53305514

They don't send dark angels to fight eldar any.more after the imperium realised they enjoyed having their rear armour penetrated by the d cannons

>> No.53305522

I'm sure they'll link it on facebook either way. It starts in 20 minutes.

>> No.53305527

Give us something else to talk about and we might. Humans naturally follow a conversation that's happening already instead of wanting to make a new one.

>> No.53305529

Cool bishies.
I don't like bishies, but you made do a talent so I give props anyway.

How long it take you to knock out these'n?

>> No.53305537

FAQ starts in 20 mins.

>> No.53305540

See >>53304818

I dunno, the fact that you're so infatuated with the notion of calling everything else gay sort of makes your opinions on sodomy clear though.

You proved nothing save that I am blatantly right, unfortunately. I've posted multiple times how your supposed list is either unfounded, grasping at straws, or pseudo-hunorous attempts at making your list look funny. But you'll keep insisting that you're right, because you're just a meme spamming retard.

Why are you so obsessed with fags anon? Could it be that you're one yourself?

>> No.53305542

See >>53305488

This DAfaggot literally is incapable of stopping himself from giving them (You)s which means people are going to keep making gay Dark Angels jokes because bullying on the internet is fun.

>> No.53305544

Those are almost a decade old now; I had requested them when Jeanstealer was still a namefag that existed. As much as I don't miss the old days, I'd take them over this, all said and done.

>> No.53305551

Counterpoint- we get taught not to 'randomly start a new conversation' as children.

'Cos the children which don't adhere to those social conventions are ADHD.

>> No.53305557

Stop it.

>> No.53305561

You're not wrong, but it's not helping now, is it? Instead we're all stuck watching this shit and waiting for something worth talking about to pop up in its place.

>> No.53305563

Actually they are asexual.

>> No.53305564


>> No.53305572

Anon these are adorable I love them.

Can you do a kawaii genestealer?

>> No.53305576

I have the worst feeling this FAQ is going to be garbage and not tell us anything relevant.

>> No.53305580 [DELETED] 

>i'm just being a retard on purpose i swear



>> No.53305584


>> No.53305585

We need more fabulous memes.
Is there a grot that can be put to work somewhere to make them?

>> No.53305587

I'll have a go at it.

I like the new primaris models and think they look great, but I can't help but feel a bit sad at the same time. The badly proportioned classic marine sculpts were part of the charm and saying good bye to them is a little painful.

>> No.53305590

batty angels

>> No.53305598

I mean the vehicles rules came out recently. and i didnt see much talk about it in the thread.

>> No.53305599

google Jeanstealer

>> No.53305602

>anon makes a post about how the DAfag can't stop handing out free (You)s
>he gives it a (You)

>> No.53305604

>Could it be that you're one yourself?
I'm a proud AMERICAN, my Chinese friend, I like BEEG TEETEES

>> No.53305605

Sounds like someone needs to repent

>> No.53305609 [DELETED] 


>> No.53305612


I'm still not sure why everyone insists that the old sculpts are going away; is there precedent for that? I know that the older-old marine sculpt got replaced, but that was a deliberate replacement, not a supplement like Primaris are said to be.

>> No.53305615


Fine I'll draw my own

>> No.53305616

I think most agree that the new primarines look very nice. I'm not sure if we'll truly see the old marines go; in 8th they'll be cheaper, weaker, but more flexible than the Intercessor squads. By 9th, they are likely to no longer be sold, so they can just be used in place of the newer models.

>> No.53305619

well the issue there is there isn't much meat on the bone in that article. It basically just reiterated stuff they've already discussed in other articles.

>> No.53305622

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the sculpts. This was an evolution a long time in coming, and I'm glad the truescale has hit the tabletop.

However, considering the lore fenangling they've done to get here, and what will be required from here on out if they do plan on 'phasing out' the oldmarines, it's not looking like a terribly pretty picture.

>> No.53305623

Well in your perverted country bisexuality is a thing. I'm fairly sure it also classes as mental illness just as much as faggotry does too.

>> No.53305629

>when you can't handle the banter and make the same reply over and over again

>> No.53305634


Btw, can someone ask about female marines just to get the final nails in the coffin?

>> No.53305637


>> No.53305641

>Power Swords now cost 35 points and Powerfists flat out double the character's cost
We know that no upgrade on a tactical marine sergeant costs more than 27 points.

>> No.53305642

was it autism?

>> No.53305643

Wow shill out. There is nothing wrong with being gay.

>> No.53305647

No, actually, anon, I am calling out the fact that you are an actual autist, a delusional faggot, and an unsufferable, pedant cunt. I do not think you realize, but you are not currently arguing at all. You are writing strawmen in greentext and mostly, people find it funny that you believe you will accomplish anything ever.
I genuinely hope, that you enjoy slowly becoming a meme, and that all of this is just an autistic work of trickery. Because you are investing way too much time and work into this for you to be a decent human being, and I have only been lurking so far.
That's the last drop of attention you get from me you hopeless crétin.

>> No.53305651

I was kinda thinking about starting a new army with 8th edition, and got stuck between Black Templar and either Nurgle or Tzeentch Chaos Daemons...then the primarines came.
I mean, they look cool, I get the buisness decision behind it, but the fluff....plus i doubt you'll be able to use them with the old black templar conversion kit.

or maybe i'll just go for some orks and make some crazy conversion army...

help me I'm doomed

>> No.53305652

>Definitely the same guy.
>Gigantic amounts of buttblasted.
>DAngles amounts of buttblasting
>All up in here his butt so blast.
>Catamite Primus butt exterminatus.

>> No.53305653


>> No.53305657

Where the fuck are janitors when they are needed

>> No.53305659

how can you be getting this fucking mad over nothing?

>> No.53305666

We should ask about gay DA and assblast the homophobic chinaman

>> No.53305669

Bolt rifle has the exact stats Kraken rounds would be in 8th edition.

Sternguard all the way baby.

>> No.53305671 [DELETED] 

>j-just banter I swear
Shitpost there instead then.

Repeating unfunny humor over and over and over ad nauseum is a legitimate symptom of autism. Perhaps, is that what you are?

t. fag

Gee, it's funny how many posts I can get under a single general reply, eh?

>> No.53305676

Hey can I have a (you) please

>> No.53305680

oh they're here, they just dont give a fuck.

>> No.53305683

It would be amazing if GW confirmed the Dark Angels homosexual origins on a livestream.

>> No.53305688

Here (You) go

>> No.53305691

Fucking chinese men like the DAfag

Since the Vietnamese moot hates Vietnamese girls for some reason.

>> No.53305694

FW are probably gonna do some unique stuff for Primaris Marines
How much you wanna bet FW are gonna bet it'll be another excuse to show off their favorite OC's?

>> No.53305696

Fucking spamfilter.

Go to facebook and WarhammerTV, the stream is starting there.

>> No.53305698

>when you run out of fake pseudo-evidence so you resort to calling out their race

>> No.53305700

>He's still going

>> No.53305701

Because the setting could use a little more grimdark:

Primaris marines are spies and saboteurs as much as they are supplements to fighting forces. Guilliman is offering them to chapters he knows would be more loyal to Emperor or Imperium than to Guilliman's rule, and they're trained in part to find loyalty and disloyalty, and arrange battlefield accidents for those who would speak out against the new Lord Commander.

>> No.53305706

but they don't accept gay people there, unlike the Dark Angels

>> No.53305709


Anon you are sperging out of control. Calm down your tits

>> No.53305710

I would do it (I made pic related, after all), but I also must draw things. And even if drawing dank memes is funny, my time is sadly limited.

>> No.53305716

Can you just like summarize it for me A-Anon-Kun?

>> No.53305720

Or you know.
Perhaps you're right.
Perhaps the joke doesn't have anything to stand on.
Perhaps the Nottingham gay bar never existed.
Perhaps we have absolutely no fucking reason to keep repeating that DA are gays ad nauseam.
When did this even matter.
When did this ever stop anyone.

>> No.53305722

Ugulhard. He was the example snakebite warboss in 'Ere We Go, which was the same book where Ghazghkull was introduced as the sample goff warboss.

>> No.53305726

>green taxting the same thing over and over makes a point

He won't stop! Every time! Works like clockwork

>> No.53305729

>when you run out of shit pseudo-chapters so you resort to basing them on gay poets

>> No.53305739

>thou was MERELY PORTRAYING THYSELF as one of lower intellect

>i'll repeat myself one more time maybe that'll make it funnier

>i'm a retard who flings shit and i recognize that but i'll just keep on flinging shit anyways
Good work.

>> No.53305740

eliminating companies and replacing them with his own, that bastard.

>> No.53305741

No. It havent started yet.

>> No.53305748

But there is a reason (they're gay and try to hide it)

>> No.53305753

Maybe you like traps?

>> No.53305754

Yeah it's definitely him.

Holy shit how can one man hold THIS MUCH butthurt.

I mean aside from being the newest member of the Dark Angels going through his initial endurance training.

>> No.53305756

>you will never be as smillie as smillie

>> No.53305761


whoa whoa whoa.

The argument here is about whether DA are homos. Which is mostly a silly joke because they're space marines.

HOWEVER, Surely no one fucking disagrees that DA are traitors? Literally every DA book/story/etc is the DA abandoning important missions or objectives to pursue the Fallen. Usually the protagonist will even have an aside where they have some inner contention about how conflicted they feel about betraying the rest of the Imperium, before always concluding that they must hide their Chapter's secret shame.

The secret inner council bears the crushing truth of how they fucked up big time, and now carefully manipulates the rest of the chapter to erase the evidence.

DA are essentially traitors hellbent on hiding their big betrayal.

>> No.53305763

So instead of this back-and-forth bullshit about gays, why don't we tackle the real problem with Dark Angels right now?

Namely: What should their identity be, now that everyone has some traitor in their legion?

That used to be the Dark Angels' big secret; while everyone else was purely loyal or purely heretical, the Dark Angels had a group go heretic while the rest of the chapter stayed loyal. That was unique to them.

Now that everyone has some loyalists and heretics in their ranks, what the fuck should the DA's gimmick be? What could their Big Secret be?

>> No.53305768

>>when you run out of fake pseudo-evidence so you resort to meme posting

>> No.53305773

God dammit anon dont start the trap talk i get enough of it in my daily life.

>> No.53305776

Red Scorpions have a great aesthetic, but they'd be a lot better if they're fluff wasn't just "We're the most space mariney space marines evah! No one is more space marine than us! We make Ultramarines look like heretics in comparison!"

>> No.53305777

>Recently a small child has gotten access to /tg/ and has been running rampant through the halls calling what experts describe as 'a hissy fit'.
>In other news: Dark Angels are homosexuals.
>More on this, if he ever develops

>> No.53305780

Their nigh uncontrollable urge to rape men.

>> No.53305786

Hey look, I put some of your posts in here. You became a legend. It's okay, you can calm your throbbing erection now.


>> No.53305787 [SPOILER] 

Who do you guys think is the gayest Dark Angel?
Also, which of their army's is the gayest? Greenwing, Ravenwing or Deathwing?
Are Dark Angel players also secretly gay?
Or are they just emo?
Are the Fallen gay? Or are they the straight Dark Angels who left because they didn't want to take part in their brothers "funtime"?
Was Luther gay? Did he love El'Johnson? Did El'Johnson love him?
If El'Johnson was gay, did he ever try to have gay sex with another primarch?
Would it be considered incest if space marines had gaz sex? Why would the Emperor allow this?
Is the Emperor a closet homosexual?

>> No.53305789

Good thing the Q&A stream is about to start, this thread is infested with nothing but shitposters, genestealer fuckers, and other degenerates.

>> No.53305790

Go away, gay.

See >>53304818


>i'll keep repeating myself maybe that'll make it funny

>> No.53305796

You seem fixated.

>> No.53305798

The DA gimmick should be Luther remaining loyal, and the Lion's portion of the legion turning traitor but keeping it secret (not chaos traitor, just fuck you I'm my own king sort of traitor). It would also fit with the calibanians trying to assassinate the emperor.

>> No.53305800

Does this count as spamming?

>> No.53305805

Didn't Azrael do some time travel shit with Cypher?

maybe you could do something with that

>> No.53305809

I like it.

>> No.53305811

You repeating yourself is hilarious, like the repeated cumshots the Lion takes from true loyalist chapters

>> No.53305812

>tfw you will never be the alpha purestrain genestealer, fucking the brains out of your hypnotised human harem to create more servants for the cult
why even go on desu

>> No.53305819 [DELETED] 

le funni maymays XD
I too LUV reddit MEMES XDDDD

>> No.53305826

do the next best thing and join the dangles
if you're into boys that is

>> No.53305828

Oh boy anon, you're really gonna set him off into DOUBLE AUTISM MODE now.

>> No.53305833

Is she actually a trap?
'Cos I thought it was some genius OC shopping.

>> No.53305840


>> No.53305847

I couldn't stop myself from kekking out loud

>> No.53305850

>when you run out of fake pseudo-evidence so you resort to green texting

>> No.53305855


>> No.53305856

Question regarding Primarines

How are they really formed? Because it says they are created at Mars, but what about the Dark Imperium completely cut off from the Solar System? Can they still have their Techbros build Primarine dispensers at their HQ or some such shit?

Can Primarines only be new recruits or can they, say, send their entire first company and upgrade them all to Primarines?

>> No.53305858 [DELETED] 




>> No.53305859

I'm not :c

>> No.53305861

>gay traitors
yep, fell secretly to slannesh
luther fell so he could get some of that lion booty

>> No.53305864

I miss when deathwing terminators where actually Indians who smoked the peace pipe and ditched their chapter to go purge a genestealer cult.

>> No.53305865

Oh my side exploded and my tearing in laughter at the office!

>> No.53305866

A post of mine is part of this unholy collage! What a time to be alive!

>> No.53305870



That's all you have to say about how the DA are traitors?

Well I guess there isn't much counterargument, since it's pretty obvious if you read any DA lore that they are traitors and all their Chapter customs revolve around it.

>> No.53305872

What filter is this anyway?

>> No.53305874

ah so, most dishonoraburu anonymouses srander good name of dark anger

enemies of state must be destroyed for make benefit grorious peopres repubric

>> No.53305876

It's on.

>> No.53305883

LUL that one guy who says Dangles aren't gay


>> No.53305890

You seem more butthurt than your ancestors after the rape of nanking

>> No.53305893


>when you run out of fake pseudo-evidence so you resort to calling out their race

Discord bot NotSoBot, command .magik

I actually haven't voted on the poll but ok.

>> No.53305894

If you're attractive and a good actor we can LARP it

>> No.53305900

I'm impressed to how the fag is in this much denial.

Even if it was not true the amount of gay reference the DA have should make it clear

>> No.53305907

Is there no end to this autism and butthurt?

>> No.53305917

Holy FUCK that sounds awesome
I always wondered why they had all those feathers and indian stuff, while normal dark angels had a "monk-knight" aesthetic.

>> No.53305918


>Now he has your IP

>> No.53305919 [DELETED] 

>when you run out of fake pseudo-evidence so you resort to calling out their race

>even if it's not true my delusion makes it true
Good job.


>> No.53305920

Oh anon.

This thread is golden. Sorry for those who are tired, but I haven't had so much fun on /tg/ since forever.

Thank you too, dumb closeted shitposter.

>> No.53305921

The ride never ends anon.

>> No.53305923

twitch is still offline

>> No.53305931

FB is on.

>> No.53305936


Well there you have it. Even Autism-chan admits that they are traitors.

He'll fight to the death that they aren't gay, but even he can't deny the facts of their repeated betrayal of the Imperium.

>> No.53305939

i'd rather not disappoint somebody else

>> No.53305941

This may be changed in the future, but am I the only one who gets bugged by weapon options for biker characters.
I think it should be that you get one weapon option and one hand has to stay on the handlebar, having two lightning claws and not steering seems like a really bad idea

>> No.53305944

Wait, so the DA are gay meme is because the author the wrote the poem they are based off might have been a faggot? That is pretty weak. Do you guys think that everyone who listens to Wagner is nazi, haha? I think you guys, might be the autists.

>> No.53305946

>when you run out of fake pseudo-evidence so you resort to repeat posting

>> No.53305947


>> No.53305952

>ultimate founding
top writers

>> No.53305957

>i don't have anything to say
>don't have the good sense to shut up
>call them plebbitors that should win my case

>> No.53305960

>I put on my robe and splorch

>> No.53305967 [DELETED] 

I can't be bothered because it's yet another forced reddit meme that's not even worth wasting time to prove wrong.


How does he have my IP if I haven't voted yet?

>> No.53305970

anon, anon, anon I don't think you get it
the only reason people are saying DA are gay is because it triggers people like you to no end

>> No.53305973

Oldmarines can be turned into primarines

Here we go

>> No.53305976

>Author is gay
>Dark Angels is literally a reference to a poem about being gay.
>The Rock is a gay club.

>> No.53305978

The Facebook Q&A just said that Marinelets can be modified into nuMarines.

Old Marines are squatted.

>> No.53305981

It's the last fucking founding.


>> No.53305983

Your dedication almost makes me think that the DA aren't homo-traitors

>> No.53305986


"Existing space marines [in the fluff] can be converted into Primaris Marines"

Some Special Characters going to get injected with chad-juice and get beefier models confirmed!

>> No.53305987

halt xenos!
release all your captive males in the name of the lion!

>> No.53305989


>> No.53305992

He was gay and struggle with closet homesexuality just like DA struggle with being closet traitors

Sperging anon is in such denial

>> No.53305995

>Existing old marines can be upgraded to primaris in fluff, primaris are recruited from humans as usual.
I fucking told you mon-keighs, stop crying.

>> No.53305997

Are any anons gonna give us a play-by-play?
Reckon they'll release a transcript?

I hate listening to people talk about stuff they're passionate about which I might not like.

>> No.53305999

>Wait, so the DA are gay meme is because the author the wrote the poem they are based off might have been a faggot?

It's because the author was a gay man who wrote a poem about his dark secret of being gay called the Dark Angel.
The Dark Angels are named after that poem, and their primarch is named after the poet and the Dark Angels liewise have a dark secret.

They also wear dresses.

>> No.53306003 [DELETED] 



>> No.53306007

Best way to get started with Tau is to kill yourself.

>> No.53306010

>Dangles get new, hot geneseed injected by the Chadmarines

>> No.53306013

>you-you're all redditors
>accept for me, paragon of Chinese culture

>> No.53306015


>> No.53306018

"What happened to Mk 9 armor?"

"Who knows!"

Oh GW.

>> No.53306022

the best part is that after they purged the genestealer cult they just straight up quit being space marines to help rebuild the tribal traditions on their home planet.
The chapter master was mildly pissed as he was now in a dreadnought due to a lack of terminator support. But they ended up just taking the armors back and honoring them by keeping them white.

I particularly liked the part where they painted all their armors bone color to resemble ghosts because they figured they where all gonna die on this purge.
Lots of other cool stuff in there.

>> No.53306027 [DELETED] 

There's no proof that the Dark Angel poem is about being gay though. It's about resisting sin. Lionel Jonson was also an alcoholic, who's to say it wasn't about struggling with alcoholism?

Fucking debunked.


>> No.53306029

can someone link me the livestream please? I cant seem to find it

>> No.53306033

I can't check the stream, did they explain exactly why or how or just dropped it?

>> No.53306040

>chinky homo-redditor falls for shit bait

>> No.53306042

Went the same way as the Mk 1 Cawl Rifle
>to chaos

>> No.53306044

>Dark Angels are not gay

>> No.53306048

>There's no proof that the Dark Angel poem is about being gay though. It's about resisting sin. Lionel Jonson was also an alcoholic, who's to say it wasn't about struggling with alcoholism?

Drinking alcohol isn't a sin.

>> No.53306059 [DELETED] 


Excessive indulgence is a sin. Drinking it regularly isn't, drinking it for intoxication is.
>keyword: alcoholic

>> No.53306061



>> No.53306062

>Primaris Marines are joining Dark Angels
>"And now big guys, time for your initiation..."


>> No.53306065

It worries me that you've become the breath of fresh air in this thread.
Would literally rather play magical realm than continue casually baiting butthurt dangles dude.

>> No.53306066

well a staggering discovery was made by a dark angel
after allowing himself to be injected by the bodily fluids of one of these new marines he started noticing the effects of change himself and before long he was spreading the joy of the intercessor seed all along the chapter

>> No.53306067

>years of marineplayers telling SoBs they're gonna get squatted and are a worthless army
>get cucked and squatted by Robot Gorillaman's alpha primarines

you just can't write this kinda stuff

>> No.53306069

but drinking cum is, and the DA do that more than they betray the imperium

>> No.53306070

Leave him he doesn't understand British culture, let alone western culture.

Hence why he is so assblasted!

>> No.53306076

Jeesus fucking Christ dude. Just let it go already.

>> No.53306080


it's not a forced meme, they do it in every work they're in that I ever read. It happens the same way most of the time:

>DA are in the middle of some important duty.
>They receive a report there's a Fallen sighting two systems over!
>They have a sad moment where they think about how their job isn't done and leaving will be abandoning their allies... but fuck that the Fallen is more important!
>They go after the Fallen, lose a bunch of guys and the Fallen usually escapes anyways, meaning not only did they betray their duties and abandon allies but they did it for NO GAIN.
>scene where the inner council talks cryptically about the big betrayal they have to carefully cover up
>Cypher shows up at some point to help or say something confusing.
>the end

Tell me that isn't an accurate summary of nearly every DA story.

>> No.53306087

I wonder is Chaos cults and Gene stealer cults ever fight in the underhive. I have the hilarious mental imagine of the two sides getting into it so much that it comes to the point they cease to threaten the upper hive.

>> No.53306091

Dropped it.

>> No.53306094

Saw that coming.

Please do keep posting updates for those of us who aren't in a spot to watch the livestream! Thank you!

>> No.53306095 [DELETED] 


>> No.53306099

it's not on twitch, it's on facebook

>> No.53306102

As a SoB player this is bitter sweet

But the DA gay denial is making my sides explode to even care about the squating

>> No.53306103

Yeah, they do.

>> No.53306106 [DELETED] 

>tfw you realize the Rock is a BDSM dungeon where your standard fuck-parties are held daily
>tfw Asmodai tortures the fallen into trap-faggotry a la Bradley Manning
top kek

>> No.53306107


>> No.53306111

These 40k threads are mostly shit these days sadly.

>> No.53306112

Yes please. I don't have a Facebook account and the livestream on FB won't load for me.

>> No.53306114 [DELETED] 


>> No.53306117

>Gathering storm books.

Didn't see a big manhumpy pile of green when Cypher was walking down Terra Blvd.

>> No.53306121

So fucking link it, holy shit.

>> No.53306123

definitely autism

>> No.53306125

Every thread
This guy responds every single time almost instantly in every single thread
It's phenomenal, this kind of weapons-grade autism is rare to come by
My fucking sides

>> No.53306127


>> No.53306129

>> No.53306134

new thread when? This one is shit

>> No.53306139

There! Right, there!
Look at their references to sin.
Look at the killer shape they're in.
All of their slightly stubbly chins
Oh please they're gay, totally gay!

I'm not about to celebrate,
The evidence could indicate
asexual warmongering saints
Dark angels gay? I say, no way!

>> No.53306143

Not soon enough brother.

>> No.53306144

I was never more glad to see the cheetahfag

My sides can not take it anymore!

Unlike the DA recruits!

>> No.53306146

According to live stream, average imperial citizen doesn't know the Gulliman is alive or even know about space marines as more than a vague legend.

Technology to make new marines is being given to all chapter masters, they are not just made on mars.

>> No.53306147 [DELETED] 


>> No.53306153

T. kid's on the warpath to giving himself a nosebleed.
Are there meds which should be getting popped?

>> No.53306154

what makes you think the next one will be different? Everyone is gonna keep bullying DAnon and he's gonna keep responding to each and every post due to his weapons grade autism.

>> No.53306158 [DELETED] 

>b-but muh Kharn! pls ignore Asmodai the male dominatrix turning fallen into traps!

>> No.53306159


>> No.53306161

>cheatafag comes back at the right time.
i'm sorry i doubted you

>> No.53306163

You already have all the info you need to find it, go do it yourself you fucking child

>> No.53306166


>> No.53306167

>According to live stream, average imperial citizen doesn't know the Gulliman is alive or even know about space marines as more than a vague legend.
this is just fucking horseshit , images of the emperor's 9 angelic sons are fucking everywhere

>> No.53306174

t. homo that repeatedly gets boned by loyalists

>> No.53306176 [DELETED] 


>> No.53306180

>Balance updates will be ongoing through feedback on the community site after the comments are implemented, if some things are really bad they will post hotfixes before the annual points adjustment.

>First batch of Primaris Marines were all made on Mars but the tech to make more of them is being given out to all Chapter Masters now.

>Close combat is "much more devastating now", if you surround the enemy units they can't retreat, melee units are generally a lot faster now, you can consolidate into combat, even vehicles which fall back from combat cannot shoot without a special rule to do so

>> No.53306185

Yes, those are not exclusive.

>> No.53306188

Average citizens being unaware of the actual existence of Space Marines has been a part of the setting forever.

>> No.53306190


He's not even trying to argue back now
He's making huge lists of people that hurt him
He wish we would stop

>> No.53306193


>tfw you realize hammerhand grey knights with force swords are unbelievably good

>> No.53306197

Seriously though does this count as spamming?
Can I repot this for free?

>> No.53306201

Answer to 'what about melee' is same old 'melee is awesome, you can do lots of damage'. Only real new thing is they said melee units are generally faster than before.

Power Fists are -1 to hit.

>> No.53306203 [SPOILER] 

Chapter genesed Primarines confirmed, specifically Blood Angels will still suffer the curse.

Death Company/Wulfen Primaris confirmed.

Also concept art for DA Primaries specialist marines:

>> No.53306204


>> No.53306205

>being this mad because the World Eaters are more loyal than your homo-legion

>> No.53306207

holy shit do you guys not realize you're being baited by this shitposter?

>> No.53306211

Power fist are -1 to hit

>> No.53306216 [DELETED] 


Garbage aside I'm too busy listening to the livestream to care about the shitposts in this thread.

>> No.53306218

Powerfists and hammers confirmed for striking fist on charge but at -1 to hit.

>> No.53306219

Power Fists are -1 to hit rather than striking last. We can expect anything that was previously Unwieldy to have similar to-hit modifiers.

>> No.53306221


>> No.53306222 [DELETED] 

>implying gay dungeon jew marines isn't absolutely hilarious as a concept
My fucking sides anon. Help them. Save them.

>> No.53306225

>the emperors fucking son returns
>nobody tells anyone
space marine =/= the emperors son
he's pretty much depicted in every church

>> No.53306226

Psychic power are chosen, like AoS. 'You can roll on the table if you like'.

>> No.53306227

>unwieldy weapons like powerfists will be a penalty (To hit?) rather than striking last

>you can now select warlord traits, psychic powers, and so on at will, no rolling required

>> No.53306228 [SPOILER] 

You know what happens when you claim the Dark Angels are flamers?

>> No.53306230

I think it is.

But can Chinese handle gay ass?

>> No.53306231

>he doesn't care but he still responds

>> No.53306232

Warhammer TV on facebook

No link possible

>> No.53306233

And yet you reply to every post making fun of the most gayest chapter.

>> No.53306234


>> No.53306237

>it finally happened
>picture is actually relevant

>> No.53306240

Thank you!

>> No.53306244 [DELETED] 


>> No.53306245



>> No.53306246

and we are baiting in return
it is a ouroboros of shitposting

>> No.53306250

>But can Chinese handle gay ass?
he's a dangle , post genji please , otherwise he won't get his rocks off!

>> No.53306254

>Truescale Calgar, Dante, Azrael, Grimnar, Halbrecht, Cantor.

>> No.53306256


>> No.53306259

Perils of the Warp does Mortal Wounds.

No faction-specific detachments.

>> No.53306263

>if you surround the enemy units they can't retreat
>you always get to strike first on charge

this really tickles my tentacles

>> No.53306266 [DELETED] 

>slaneesh-worshiping DAcuck triggered by the mere mention of khorne
You can't make this shit up.

>> No.53306268

And he replies even though he is too "busy" watching the stream

>> No.53306269

>ye-yeah I don't care at all

>> No.53306277

>tfw not sure if I should go through with this as my Steel Legion tank colour scheme or just do the gray + dead flesh scheme instead

>> No.53306278

>the right kind of gay.
>the wrong kind of ass.
For some reasons characters I know from an innocent thingo just kill my wood.
Shadman has nothing to offer me, it's very sad.

>> No.53306279 [DELETED] 


>> No.53306281

I got tired of him, is anyone else reporting the closet homosexual?

>> No.53306282

>there won't be Faction specific Detachments or Force Orgs anymore, but Factions will all get unique Stratagems to use with their Command Points

>if you fill Detachments with all units of one Faction you get access to more Faction-specific Stratagems from that Faction.

>you can spend Command Points before the start of the game to manipulate the Force Org chart and make certain units into Troops for example

>> No.53306283

Holy shit you fucks why are you so triggered about the gay jokes? Why are you keeping making the gay jokes? What the fuck

>> No.53306286

you retards are only encouraging this shitposter

>> No.53306294

White Scars have a 'hit and run' ability which uses command points? Doesn't everyone hit and run now?

>> No.53306295

They said you can consiledate into other units after winning close combat.

Charge one unit, wipe it out, consiledate into other one, now that unit can't shoot them next turn unless Taufags.

>> No.53306301

Command Points can be used to include "somewhat different" units by spending them before game instead of during HELL YES. That was precisely what I hoped they'd let you do.

>> No.53306303

Perils makes sense, armor doesn't protect you from having your soul devoured.

No faction specific detachments is more interesting. It's good news, as we won't be getting potentially broken detachments which only benefit one faction (Riptide Wing 2: Electric Boogaloo).

>> No.53306307 [DELETED] 


>> No.53306313

>example: If you use "Imperium" as the Faction Keyword around which your Detachment is based, you only get generic Stratagems, if you use "Space Marines" you also get Space Marine ones, if you use "Blood Angels" you also get Blood Angels ones in addition to the Space Marines ones, and so on

>> No.53306315

>pretending to be part of le edgy alt-right even though he is clearly gay

>> No.53306317

Well I'm gusta.

Looks like a cashtastic upgrade pack though, sure you're ready for the 90pt russes?

>> No.53306324

All right, new thread. And please, be more respectful this time.


>> No.53306325

I'm sorry I didn't expect close homosexual Chinese to be so trigger about gay plastic little dolls.

>> No.53306329

Transports can carry any number of units up to their capacity.

>> No.53306338

>You absolutely cannot null-deploy with Drop Pods

>Sharing Transports confirmed, they can carry a number of models but those models can be divided across any number of units, "you can put two 5-man squads in a 10-model capacity transport if you want"

>> No.53306342

...huh. Very interesting. Also implies that we can do mixed-faction detachments?

>> No.53306343

Better head to /WIP/ this and the next 40k general will be shitpost, QA and shitposting about QA central.

>> No.53306347 [DELETED] 



>> No.53306350 [DELETED] 

>tfw i made an autist get a MASSIVE sperg attack just by posting meme cats
top kek

>he is still assblasted (((asmodai))) tortues the straight fallen in the Rockdsm dungeon into joining the gay cult that they denied in the horus heresy

>> No.53306358

They won't be battle-forged though.

>> No.53306373

Ooooh! So <Sept> and the like are being used for this purpose! Very cool!

>> No.53306385

He is a dangerous faggot, you just have dangerous autism

>> No.53306413 [DELETED] 


>> No.53306431

Is he gone?

So, livestream stuff. Something-something force orgs are mandatory but any faction?

>> No.53306471

Consolidating into combat is a thing again thanks to Pete Foley's info!

>> No.53306491

About time.

>> No.53306669

All have to share 1 faction keyword if you want those command points Bro.

So Taudar dead(ish)

>> No.53306755

Yeah! My assault army can do it's fucking job!

>> No.53306786

>you can now select warlord traits, psychic powers, and so on at will, no rolling required


>> No.53306818

Hoping Kroot are a keyword

>> No.53307094

ITT: Canadians remain unbanned
If gook moot would rangeban canada our problems would disappear

>> No.53307171

>Marines still gonna be the sad all-rounders they always were.
>Shoot the nids and charge the guard
>And fail at everything else

>> No.53307284

It's old because it IS old you sperg. I remember people talking about the connection at least 10 years ago back when I visited Bolter and Chainsword.

>> No.53307304

Just why.
This thread was sort of safe.
You want to taunt the sperg? Fuck off next door.

>> No.53307799


>> No.53308503

>being this triggered on the internet
lad how do you think getting triggered is going to help your case, all your doing is making the meme more memorable, if the meme is really shit it will die by itself

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