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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Priscilla, Queen of the Jungle Edition

So we know who Rory's first pick is going to be, who else should be in the party?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>53255199

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We were on page 6.

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>Priscilla, Queen of the Jungle Edition

A queen with a thousand kings!

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>Priscilla, Queen of the Jungle Edition
>So we know who Rory's first pick is going to be, who else should be in the party?

Have these threads ceased to be anything other than an online game circlejerk?

Why the fuck are any of you still playing this game?

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P A G E 6
A G E 6 P
G E 6 P A
E 6 P A G
6 P A G E

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What's your characters name? Mine is Kuzad Graves.

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>Have these threads ceased to be anything other than an online game circlejerk?
It's one or two guys that keep making the new threads early and posting bullshit in the OP to stir up drama.

We discuss the game just fine, as well as the upcoming game Starfinder, outside of some idiots.

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I prefer Priscilla, Queen of the Painted World.
and her fluffy, fluffy tail.

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Can I play?

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No faggot you can't

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Priscilla's a fucking disgrace.

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Do we have anything else to talk about?

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Will Rory's fluffy tail maid girl comfort him after he got date-raped and ass-fucked while he was disguised as a twink?

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/pfg/: Whore edition.

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I mean, we're clearly degenerated. But not THAT degenerated.

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B-but why? I have all my custom pony themed stuff ready!

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May as well drive the shitposting up to 11, right?

>Gloriana is a cute MILF
>Cashmere is a cute nerd
>Bon-bon is a cute doofus
>Tem is a cute gun girl
>Lysander is a cute girl (male)

Will a real man please stand up? The girls of PLD need you!

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EhnJolly said about 2 hours ago
I am reading over these suggestions, and something I want to note here is that so many of these are a radical overhaul to the system that we couldn't implement these in a reasonable amount of time. We only have so much time to work on this, and massive system wide changes like this are going to change so much about the mechanics as to delay things much more than we'd like. At this point, we're hoping to try and implement smaller changes to fix existing issues such as focus cycling, although with the amount of strong swift actions we have, we'd like to think that choosing to regain focus or keeping one's swift action is still a difficult choice in and of itself.

MichaelSayre said 4 minutes ago
We don't really agree that there's any fundamental flaw in focus, just some issues with the current way things interact that we're working on fixing. A complete rewrite of the book simply isn't going to happen, both because we don't agree that such is necessary, and because we don't have the time or money to throw out a perfectly serviceable and functional system for something that a majority of players may or may not consider "better". More than that, many suggested "fixes" are actually things we already tried and discarded for various reasons early in development, so while we're not going to go around telling everyone "sorry, tried that and it sucks", there are suggestions we aren't going to be able to run with because we've already been down that road and we know how it ends.

Is Spheres of Might confirmed for kill and never fixed?

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He did and got stabbed in the back for his troubles.

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Tell us, /pfg/. What are you still salty about long after it was acceptable to be salty? I want to hear about rejected apps, bamboozles, nerfs to builds, shit from paizo that really got your goat. Lay it all on me.

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>Is Spheres of Might confirmed for kill and never fixed?
Put it in the box with the Avowed.

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I'm still salty about the entirety of the Dragons 2 app process. Everything from flip-flopping on Avowed, to closing early, to the secret background checks.

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I still have a grudge against the Avowed after I let one of my players play one against my better judgment, and my entire game imploded.

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Harrow Medium. Investigator being borked until level 4. Akashic Mysteries being completely unsupported and completely unsalvageable.

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Hi Rory.

I remember last time you said this, the player replied to remind you she hadn't even used any class features because your game didn't get to the first fight.

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When is the Path of War errata coming out?

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I'm in. Who I do I contact?

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Who's Rory?

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I don't understand why people think it is such a bad idea to take an infant out on adventures. I take my daughter with me all the time on my adventures and she only has moderate brain damage.

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I have a deep and terrible hatred for the fact that Scarred Witch Doctor got changed from constitution to intelligence.

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I tried to force a meme two years ago and it never stuck.

Also, Scarred Witch-Doctor and the Ultimate Equipment erratas.

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Oh fuck off. Why don't you tell the class why you think the Avowed is dead and gone, hm? And don't go "muh d8s" or "muh full-attack blasts" either.

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There will never be any support for the slayer.

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It's a fucking porn game. It's all just a giant shitshow of fetishes. There is nothing reasonable to discuss about it.

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I think you need to apply for the position of male fucktoy for these girls

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I came here to post this. Paizo fucking hates hybrids.

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>I'm iffy on avowed (it's in playtest, I'll think on it)
>harboring a grudge against the Avowed author
>not disallowing Avowed in his 3pp memegame
>Avowed being in the list of acceptable 3pp materials on the chargn page

this does not compute

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I took a little break.

Silvia 'Killswitch' Whitacre

>Be designed as a personal assistant for a merc house
>Some dickweeds sneak into the factory, botch a mission, and upload what they were trying to steal in your frame for later recovery
>That never comes
>gets put into service anyways
>Shit fucks up around you, get abandoned in the woods
>Turns out what was uploaded in you was a sentient super-computer-virus that can affect the physical world. The NSA is jacking off -right now-
>Silvia learns to survive in the wilderness
>Learns how to manipulate
>ill suited to society and rightfully paranoid about the psychos who made her like this wanting her back
>saves up, buys a mecha and puts that shit together
>Continues upgrading it from scrounging off of mechs she defeats, particularly those of her pursuers.
>Needs more money and information about her past, so PMC call is an easy choice

Silvia is solid. Weird and has a horror-tinge to her, but really solid. I like that the character has a driving force (discovering more about herself), and I equally like that there's some great sci-fi influence put into the app as well. Good post modern ideas like ghost in the shell and stuff like that has been put into this app.

This character is intensely weird, but she has a right to be, and they're using an interesting class (I've actually never seen an occult class played!) This app accomplishes pretty much everything it sets out to do, creating a backstory of a weird paranoid android that occasionally fucks up the world around them with their brain. With that said, I think there's not much room for improvement because its already on the strong side design wise.

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That half of the spots for RotJR went to memes that shilled themselves all over the thread and the other half went to friends of the DM. If you never planned for the selection process to be fair, don't run a competition that pretends to be.

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I was making a joke in general numb nuts, calm down

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I've already got a first draft for personality added in, I'll try to communicate a proper drive a bit better, but I think I've got a start.

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>unfair process
>the DM literally made an entire second game so nobody would be left out after they brought their friends

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This has been explained to you already.

People thought there was only going to be slots for 4 people, in one game.
Then it ended up being 12 people, in two games. 4 of which were friends of the GM, 3 or 4 of which were "big names". That's still 4 people who got completely out-of-nowhere and selected for the games anyway, with three times as many slots as was first assumed.

You're just salty because you didn't get in, sour-grapes bitch.

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could you not

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This is Rory, they talked about running this game back in the IRC channel.

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Rolled 1 (1d4)

Backstory - 5/5 A well designed overall character and backstory that builds into and justifies all of her little problems, including her paranoia. It also gives her an antagonist faction hook, which is also cool.
Characterization - 4/5 This is probably personal bias, but I don't super like the 'curious and new to the world' trope, and it mixes a little oddly with her paranoia. A little work in tying her paranoia into her own curiosity about herself would bump this.
Signature System - 3/5 A rather boring signature system as its a straight boost, but it gets the job done, can't complain but would love to see something a bit more creative.
Mecha-ness - 3/5 She feels a little more like a cyber-punk character than a Mecha character, but she's compelling and the two settings can be somewhat close. I feel like trying to mecha her up anymore and she would be less interesting. Her being slightly outside the genre is her appeal in this case.

Thats it, I like Silvia quite a bit, ONWARDS

>1. Pixie
>2. Sarashi
>3. Jules
>4. Chance

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Does anyone have a link to mighty quest? I need to send my app

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>4 friendslots
It was only 2

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So who are you? The GM? Or Disk. I bet you're Disk.

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What would be better for TSS? An Initiative bonus, or, a Stealth bonus plus increased miss chance from Veiled Moon stuff, or, a Diplomacy/Bluff bonus, or, a Sleight of Hand and feint bonus (combined with sneak attack and an actionless feint trigger within a few levels)? All of them scale by level.

I can pick up the others eventually too, but I can only get one of them before level 6.

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What level would be ideal for an Oracle to multiclass into Antipaladin?

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I'm you, but lewder.

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Some useless e-celeb I've had about enough to hear about.

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It worked for Wolf and Cub he can work for me

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None of the above, I'm Shizuka. I didn't even get chosen, and I know you're being a salty whiner that's just stirring shit "for fun". Grow up, get over yourself, and get on with your life. It's not healthy to dwell on the past!

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REEEEEEEE, it's about ethics in /PFG/ game player selection!

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Just because birds can jump from a tall building, flap their arms and fly doesn't mean toads can.

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Keep posting it, it annoys >>53260185 and a bunch of other faggots.

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That just proves the DM was a faggot. But I could deal with that. He had a massive fucking boner for Corwin, Shizuka, Onryou, Etan, and Casimir(but this was probably just as a fuck stick for Onryou) months before apps were due.

The two apps that legit grind my gears are Sabouten and Arahnha. The former was literally just fucking green text that boiled down to "a prostitute that got a vision to go to Sandpoint" and the other one is a shitpost tier paragraph of Sentai memes.

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What do Bon-Bon and Temeria even look like?

>> No.53260342

*sniff* Kaijitsu Sisters assemble!

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>, I'm Shizuka. I didn't even get chosen,
Don't act like you didn't not get in just because of time constraints.

>> No.53260358

I never understood the problem of nepotism in /pfg/ games, it just makes sense to me that to give priority to players you can trust even if you're recruiting publicly. If I were DMing for /pfg/, I'd do it unabashedly.

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>Not getting in due to time constraints
>Getting soul crushed
Pick both

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Pic is Temera from a previous thread

Here's Bonbon's app: https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/4760286/character-apps/?pageforid=4773157#post-4773157

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You're a faggot, op. A great big faggot

>> No.53260388

RIP in peace Kaijitsu Sisters.

Corwin x Shizuka would have been the cutest thing ever.

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The original question was asking to dig up the past things we haven't settled on. He's just answering truthfully.

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P1-X13 aka "Pixie", pilot of 'Dullahan'

>Company decides to make a psionic-super-soldier
>tank grows them, the rest of the batch dies but one lives
>train the ever-loving shit out of her, further enhance her with implants and surgeries, full on Spartan II training program level
>Gets an implant for her arm, but as she forms a personality, its a disobedient angry girl
>Drug the shit out of her to keep her docile, send that child soldier into battles to fight things
>She's pretty good at it
>One day a white mech fights her and they mecha-talk about ideals and shit I guess until she breaks free of the mental control
>Smashes everything, frees herself, experiences emotion
>Afterwards, wants to find the white mech again, joins up with the PMC to fund herself doing that

Pixie is quite obviously a character written by someone who has watched a pile of mecha, Pixie ticks all the boxes. Her backstory is solid, and justifies who she is and her motivations, as well as how she picked up her mech and everything the GM seems to want, its REALLY solid in that respect, and its solidly written to boot

However it mostly tells us about Pixie's past, and just gives us a few ideas as to who she is. Pixie is unfortunately, something that I hate, even if its justified. She's a kind of standard 'knows nothing about the world' character, and as such is a mostly blank slate, I do appreciate that her outbursts of rage and such were added to her personality, as it will likely protect her from becoming a Rei clone.

But that's just a personal taste thing.

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>I never understood the problem of nepotism in /pfg/ games

People want to believe things are 100% "fair", and are salty when there's any perception they're not. We're gonna ignore the fact that the very concept of fairness (aside from simply rolling a die) is utterly asinine, since everyone has their biases.

>> No.53260449

>Her backstory is solid

>It's some magical girl snowflake
>muh white mek
>muh emo

>> No.53260455

It never happened, so it can never be spoiled! It still exists in dreams!
Yeah it was time constraints. But that still doesn't give you the right to be whiny.

>> No.53260478

Fucking and? people still slob your characters fucking dick a half goddamn year from then despite not even being in play. At least your work got appreciated on some level.

>> No.53260479

I'm salty that Priscilla is going to get a slot in TSS because a small handful of turboautists from the discord decided to overmeme her just like Rory did for himself.

>> No.53260480

Thanks, anon!

>> No.53260502

>C U T E

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Rolled 2 (1d3)

Did the DM approve Elans as a race btw?

Backstory - 5/5 Pixie has everything I like to see, hints towards characterization, possible plot hooks for enemies, possible plot hooks for allies, justification for having a nearly unique machine
Characterization - 4/5 Points off for the blank-slate thing. I just find it kind of lazy characterization and something I don't really like. Its all justified and such, but I have my prejudices.
Signature System - 2/5 This is... Rather poorly written and seems to just be 'do everything you do better at some risk'. Maybe its just a wording problem. I know what its trying to get across.
Mecha-ness - 5/5 Cyber newtype girls are a classic mecha trope, and Pixie is one to a T.

See the mecha-ness part. I don't really see a 'magical girl' thing there.

Right, onwards, only three left

Maybe i'll get through them all tonight and i can stop namefagging.

>1. Sarashi
>2. Jules
>3. Chance

>> No.53260508

>At least your work got appreciated on some level.

Do I detect a hint of bitterness, Anon?

Have you tried not making a shit character?

>> No.53260511

Your rage gives me life!

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Temeria is the player, you know. The character's named Cierra!

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Due to unforeseen circumstances mostly beyond my control, my assessment that I'd get the next review done within a reasonable span of time has turned out to be a bold faced lie. Please wait warmly until recharging is complete. Or don't, and regale me with your creative uses of language about my work ethic. Whatever floats your boat.

>> No.53260541

>4 of which were friends of the GM, 3 or 4 of which were "big names". That's still 4 people who got completely out-of-nowhere
I'm curious who fits into which bucket, care to share your insights?

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>> No.53260559

>But that still doesn't give you the right to be whiny.
Yes it does,.

Subtract your faggot ass and the cat paladin thing that also didn't get in because of time and that just leaves 2 slots.

>> No.53260565

Who said Priscilla is gonna get in, anon? There's two weeks left until the app deadline: there might be newer, fresher memes cropping up soon!

>> No.53260583

I'm not shizuka's player, just a guy who's been screwed by schedules before.

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>> No.53260609

Temeria please

Go help Wist get the eggs out of her butt and post logs

>> No.53260627

Depends on what you're going for. Oracle 1 for one of the Dex to AC revelations isn't a bad deal. Then two levels of Antipaladin (Insinuator, preferably) for CHA to saves, and depending on whether or not you want to go a more caster-heavy route, or be a martial, go Oracle or Antipaladin, respectively

>> No.53260629

Priscilla isn't a meme, she's just being shilled by a small group of loud assholes from the discord. Do you really think the discord dandies are ever going to shut up about their chosen hero?

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File: 1.62 MB, 828x1280, 1493941126647.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We must fight memes with memes, anon! Those are the RULES OF NATURE! (tm)

>> No.53260632

Never. Not because they don't want it to, but because it crushes the will and soul of all those that work on it.

>> No.53260643

I offered but she won't let me

>> No.53260657

I applied to a game in which the PCs were vampire hunters who had been freshly killed and turned into vampires themselves, and now had to contend with their new natures. The DM picked pretty much the worst applicants possible, save for a couple. My only solace is that the DM was probably a shitty writer and the game was dead on arrival anyway.

>> No.53260675

Would this gimp my spellcasting too much if I go back to Oracle after 2 levels of antipaladin, or should I be okay?

>> No.53260688

People who wanted SOM to be the POW killer: BTFO

The only person shilling the system now will be that one guy with the Senjougahara avatar.

>> No.53260692

Did you try nibbling on her neck as you massage her shoulders?

>> No.53260699

You shouldn't rely on anything with a Save DC, but two levels of antipaladin won't hurt you

>> No.53260702

Then roll with the gay Aurelian meme, that one has legs. Kobolds are a flash in the pan compared to that one.

>> No.53260704

Are you implying she's a bad app who would never make it in without the support of others?

>> No.53260716

She'll curse me, Glo'. She's very witchlike that way.

>> No.53260727

Is he implying that this is a setup?

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>mfw this is the third Slow character that has become a spicy hot meme.

>> No.53260742

That wasn't me...

>> No.53260745

Now post yfw Slow is probably still getting the PLD logs

>> No.53260746
File: 417 KB, 702x1000, 94092588703d18984dbed436df45fd91.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean Talore/Siobhan Bjorknas?

I'm pretty sure he's on the writing team, that's why he shills it so hard and gets defensive over SoM.

>> No.53260751

An imposter?!

>> No.53260779

I'm certainly not implying the app is worth the attention it's getting.

>> No.53260813
File: 23 KB, 339x512, jules.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Julian "Jules" Rivers, of House Athos, Aka "Farsight", Pilot of the Thunderstrike

>Orphaned at birth
>Never felt like he belonged, but eventually gets apprenticed to a mechanic
>Julian was happy learning to mech, when he was 12 he gets a shell and is told to 'go nuts'
>Takes a year to get it running, but hell yeah he does
>Turns out he was being watched by house Athos.
>good at scouting, manifests psionics
>last mission comes upon a covert psioncs facility.
>Ejects when he's about to go down, steals a test suit and a mech, gets salvage rights, hell yeah.
>Fucks off to Rezia to get a leave of absence

This backstory is Solid, but it shares the problems that Wiseman has, where as the character is a very solid badass mercenary type, he similarly lacks a driving force to push him to join the PMC. In fact this seems like a character that wouldn't want to join the PMC really.

A touch there would bring this backstory that is pretty solid, and a character thats got a driven personality to a fully built character. He just needs that touch to fully integrate with the story itself.

This is another strong app that I struggle to bring real criticisms against, my other one would be that he doesn't feel particularly mechy-y, its not like he's dissonant with the tone either.

>> No.53260854



>> No.53260872

How do you name characters?

I'm so bad at this.

He's a sneaky sniper and he's a creepy old pervert in the body of a little boy. Help me name him.

>> No.53260881
File: 23 KB, 311x512, Thunderstrike.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 1 (1d2)

Backstory - 4/5 Just needs to touch up his reasons for joining the party PMC
Characterization - 5/5 Solid all around, even going down to things like how he dresses, this is a very fleshed out character
Signature System - 5/5 This is a winner and cool as heck, electrified attacks and enhanced tactical stuff is super nice. This is what a signature system should look like.
Mecha-ness - 3/5 A solid mecha-y character, he doesn't tick the boxes like others, but he fits in the setting and I like his style as kind of a gentlemanly pilot.


>1. Sarashi
>2. Chance

>> No.53260894

Sorry Slow, I love kobolds. I'll never give up on my kobold memes

>> No.53260901

Trevrep Atohs


>> No.53260902

"don't accept this character"

>> No.53260933

A cute witch, huh?

>> No.53260954

Mac Nightman
Name the little boy Dennis.

>> No.53260969

That's not a very good name, anon.

>> No.53260977

Why aren't you in Mighty Quest then

>> No.53261007

There are no motherfucking kobolds in that game


Christ are you dense

>> No.53261025

There might still be kobolds. Not that the game is all about them anon

>> No.53261029

I want to smooch that kobold!

>> No.53261030

>So we know who Rory's first pick is going to be, who else should be in the party?
I thought we determined this a few threads ago

>Cornelius and Amalthea have been on top of the meme game from the get go. Aurelian has a lot of Captain Slow heat and the recent questions about his sexuality are good meme fuel too. Priscilla is talked about a lot, but it looks like it's mostly self-shills so I don't think it's going anywhere fast especially now that the pandering to titty-rollers is official. People already started meming Sappy's character with Slow's before an application was even made, but it doesn't look like there's much going on to meme Simi now that she's been fleshed out. Adrian Love is the new hotness, but we'll have to see if he's got legs.

>> No.53261056

Whats so wrong with cornelius. The app looks about right to me

>> No.53261125

I know nothing about this character but somehow I've never in my life wanted to see someone violated more. Tell me there's logs?

>> No.53261140

_angry drake noises_

>> No.53261160


>> No.53261175

I did

Vult - Yesterday at 3:08 PM
angry drake noises

>> No.53261183

God damn it Vult.

>> No.53261192

Cashmere moaned quietly as Anon's eager tongue penetrated her slit, and began pumping in and out, the corrupt juices of her Nightwalker cunt inflaming his desires. "I just want to help you lay your eggs, milady," He had told her. But first, she needed to relax, and get in the mood...

>> No.53261197

I finally posted my Dex 18, Cha 16, disarm +16, using-juggling-implements-as-weapons, spellcasting, initiating, perfume-and-jewelry-wearing dragon lady to TSS. Meme me!

>> No.53261206
File: 1.11 MB, 500x281, 1494493882641.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because I'm new.

>> No.53261211

>Meme me!

>> No.53261214

Ech. I'll finish up tomorrow. Too tired to think straight


>> No.53261218

You people need to realize that the logs don't manifest immediately

>> No.53261220
File: 270 KB, 804x964, sad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53261224

What if I get a new app in before tomorrow?

>> No.53261230

I'll review it

>> No.53261242

It's been three weeks.

>> No.53261271

Of which most was working on her backstory and non-sexual RP. It was Thursday that she lost her fight.

Cute girls get tucked into bed first, and abandoned in fights second!

>> No.53261280

>implying she didn't abandon someone else to a much worse fight
>implying the rape isn't karma punishing her for being a faithless comrade

Who's the real victim here?

>> No.53261351
File: 232 KB, 426x639, nightman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh gods. it really was the boy's soul that he got into then.

>> No.53261366

The real shame here is that priscilla is actually a very good app, probably as good as it gets for "cute' characters, and because of that its recieved more attention in a short amount of time than is healthy for it, become a meme, and lost all validity in the eyes of many.

Inb4 "its not a real meme". It clearly is at this point, as much as anyone can be a true scotsman, its just somewhere between "normal meme" and "millhouse meme" and yet to settle.

>> No.53261381

Hey! Happy to say that (thanks to Keledrath's notes) in spite of the crushed wills of those who have come before, the non-maneuver errata is complete and the maneuver errata is about half done, with the beasts that were Broken Blade and Primal Fury tamed. I'm currently working through Scarlet Throne, and if all goes well, I should have the entire errata complete in a couple of weeks. Tempting fate, really, but godDAMN do I want this to be done.

>> No.53261386

Priscilla is not a meme.

>> No.53261392

Priscilla is a meme.

>> No.53261400

This thread's OP says otherwise.

>> No.53261402

That's a lot of face/charisma characters in the same party.

>> No.53261406
File: 362 KB, 713x722, ae4e6628a7e130ef06a8e4ec8e365824.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Agreed. Otherwise theyll crawl into bed with you instead

>> No.53261412
File: 755 KB, 767x720, 1485775661384.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm currently working through Scarlet Throne
Nerf Zenith Strikes please.

Skill check to attack is cancer.

>> No.53261414

I want to see the red kobold get into TSS and treat the other party members as her hoard.

>> No.53261429

While balance isn't actually the primary goal of the errata so much as fixing the myriad typoes, inconsistencies, unclear RAW, and general fuckups...

... yeah, it's being nerfed hard (along with its upgraded versions). Mostly the damage, though, rather than the actual functionality. We'll be having a beta release of the errata so that we can find out if it IS nerfed enough or if we need to do more.

>> No.53261442

Excellent. A couple weeks is exactly what I was looking for.

We're talking in the range of 12 right?

>> No.53261499

>nerfing the damage of Zenith Strike
Literally the only purpose of those maneuvers is to give full attack damage on a standard. That's fucking it, and it's part of why Scarlet Throne is great for anybody who wants non-charging mobility and the damage a martial needs.

Fuck off everyone who is salty because you can one-round a standard monster that way. You could anyway with a full attack

>> No.53261500

I'm sure she could be convinced to crawl into bed with you if you PMed her

>> No.53261513

>secret background checks
I don't think that ever happened.

>> No.53261525
File: 1.61 MB, 444x250, 1477545047072.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Rising Zenith Strike
>get it as a level 3 character
>3 levels before iteratives

Fuck off.

>> No.53261530

Trying to make a Void Prophet Zealot.
Thanks to screwy house-rules I have three feat slots open, but they're all at first-level.
Playing with feat tax rules, so that's already covered.
Due to agreement with my GM, I can't take "+1 to thing" feats.

Anybody have any ideas? About all I can think of right now is Martial Power then Improved Trip and Disarm for flail-fun. But that seems so shitty when I'll be using my standards on maneuvers.

>> No.53261537

But I did PM her and she won't respond...

>> No.53261538

Hopefully considerably less.

Twice standard action attack damage at level 3 is excessive on all characters, especially when combined with boosts and stances.

>> No.53261541

Wow, you can overkill a single enemy. Heads up, man, that's not a big deal.

>> No.53261550 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.54 MB, 5026x3263, 1494903967451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll let this speak for itself

>> No.53261553

Yeah I wonder who made the OP ohh I do.


>> No.53261554

If you want to do conditions:

Dirty Fighting, Improved Dirty Trick, Kitsune Style.

>> No.53261560

All the Zenith line really needs is for the damage multiplier to be cut by an additive factor of 1/2. So instead of x2, x3, x4 it goes ,x1.5, x2.5, x3.5.

>> No.53261564

It looks excessive, but it's basically just equivalent to a critical hit for most weapons.

>> No.53261570

>not wanting to smooch the catfolk

>> No.53261575

I wouldn't either. Get a life.

>> No.53261577

>Effectively crit almost whenever I want

Fuck off.

>> No.53261585

>straight damage
Not a big fucking deal.

>> No.53261589

We've actually had Psybomb run the numbers on it and YEAH it's super goddamn problematic being able to crit every two rounds.

>> No.53261591

It's hard, Anon. It's been months and it hasn't gotten any easier. I've cut back on my drinking, though. PMed some cute Anons. Gotta cope somehow.

>> No.53261593

Thing is actually, it's not excessive if, say, you'd be triple-wielding daggers and instead do that.

Or if all you have is a staff, or a sling.

Where it's excessive is when it's instead used to boost a large two-hander or a double-musket.

>> No.53261595

except you don't get to use a shield or TWF even when one-handing

>> No.53261613

Fuck his numbers, I've played those games. Zenith Strikes don't fuck up play. What fucks up play is that Scarlet Throne has almost exclusivity on something that every discipline should have a version of.

>> No.53261614

You literally make no sense.

>> No.53261625

I think the solution would be to ban the use of ST maneuvers with 2h weapons.
Strictly require a free hand, no exceptions.

>> No.53261636

I will meme you if you give me an hour or so.

>> No.53261638

ST would be shit, then. Great maneuvers, but nothing can salvage one-handing.

>> No.53261644

We're not inclined to take anecdotal evidence over actual numerical data. There's anecdotal evidence that Kineticists are good blasters, but that doesn't make it true.

>> No.53261650

Im a gamemaster of my own game. Weve been arguing the last 4 hours about scheduling. I don't mean to ignore you! Im shy!

>> No.53261673

A giant clusterfuck of save-or-lose maneuvers with extra damage attached and the killpower of "I autohit and autocrit" is more than enough to counter the DPR decrease from using a 1h weapon.

>> No.53261681

Sure, okay, no anecdotal. Doesn't change the fact that Zenith Strikes should set the standard for what a no-frills damage strike should be. If you have a maneuver, and all it does is kill someone, it should be comparable to a Zenith Strike. That's all a Zenith Strike is good for.

>> No.53261682


>> No.53261688

Oh yeah, and before I forget, you can also 2hand your weapon when doing anything not ST.

>> No.53261692

No, it isn't. The damage loss is huge.

>> No.53261697

Only for Str users.

>> No.53261698
File: 76 KB, 360x409, Bored little goblin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't even know why I come to these threads anymore.

>> No.53261706

Yes, we need another reason to fuck strength

>> No.53261710

>dealing damage instead of just chaining endless disarms and trips based on skill checks

>> No.53261716

>Temeria runs a pfg game
The plot thickens.

>> No.53261718
File: 458 KB, 885x834, 82c07d90d6b1fb1081e3c1cb3caf29df.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53261725

Dead is better than prone or disarmed. Dead is the best status condition you can inflict.

>> No.53261728

Many low-level damaging strikes are being changed to not add additional damage and instead apply debuffs or otherwise control effects - especially in Primal Fury and Broken Blade.

>> No.53261744

You're going to have to math at me here, because I'm not seeing it.
If your STR is +10 and you're powerattacking for +10, the difference is 10 points if you don't 2hand. That's less than what you can get off a sure-hit 4x multiplier unless your base damage sucks ass. And if you take an enemy out of commission for 2.5 rounds with a stun-strike, that's generally enough time to wipe their allies uncontested.

And again, you'd only have to not 2hand when doing ST things.

>> No.53261746

But I'm not Temeria anon. Does he like kobolds too?

>> No.53261753

Hey then, give me a hand. I've slaved all night but I fear my work didn't turn out so right.


(Yes it's that character again)

...Do you think the outfit looks like trash? I have no idea how to make chainmail.

>> No.53261763


That's cool and all, but dead is the best thing you can inflict as a martial (really as any character). It just is, and it always will be.

The additional damage on maneuvers, especially low-level maneuvers, is a tremendous help in dealing with not having great weapons yet. You better be upping the DC hard on these changes, otherwise I'd rather have damage. Every time.

>> No.53261775

Every day it's the same song and dance, vapid memes and cuteposting.

I mean, the design isn't bad but it doesn't look like chainmail, which is easy enough to draw by giving at least the illusion of many little circles connecting to one another.

>> No.53261780


I wish Maneuvers were new ways to fight and not just added damage. The very presence of added damage boosts means most of the time full attacking is still the correct answer to all tactical problems

>> No.53261784

Then why did you interrupt? We were talking about PMing Temeria.

>> No.53261785

We're not changing maneuver DCs. Initiator damage is too high compared to other martials, and, indeed, almost everyone in Pathfinder. This is not an ideal state and not the design goal of Path of War.

>> No.53261787

Someone who hates Priscilla and wants to strangle the memergy out of her presumablt because they hate love and are basically the grinch?

Certainly not someone actually trying to shill her if thats what you are implying, unless they are retarded.

>> No.53261790


>> No.53261795

>which is easy enough to draw by giving at least the illusion of many little circles connecting to one another

Tell me how

>> No.53261796

I really think that the issue isn't in the +damage low level maneuvers but instead in the level 1 access to +damage stances and boosts.
Most of the degenerate blenders I see are stacking damage boosts and damage stances with things that grant large quantities of attacks, and that's functionally what Zeniths do.

>> No.53261806
File: 45 KB, 389x263, character name.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Find Gary Gygax's Big Book of Names, or look at the object to your right.

The games we want to run, but can't.

>> No.53261807

It is when everyone else wanted to play too.

Fuck, seriously, that one guy in the party who kept going "oh boohoo, I'm not NEARLY as good as you guys, all I do is delete everyone off the map, I can't do BOSSES" could fuck right off.

>> No.53261810

Many boosts are being changed to 'next attack' rather than one round duration, for precisely that reason.

Those are also being nerfed. Really, we can't afford to give people at low levels more damage than a Barbarian's rage, you know? Something that we wish we'd realised sooner...

>> No.53261812

So uh...

You going to be giving stuff to techs like Solar Wind? because without all the damage boosts it's very, very fucking empty.

>> No.53261837
File: 151 KB, 474x426, 1448993288759.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The games we want to run, but can't.

Tell us about them.

>> No.53261845
File: 41 KB, 564x727, Knight Woman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Many boosts are being changed to 'next attack' rather than one round duration, for precisely that reason.
Oh goodness, thank you so much. That was a serious problem Initiators had and i'm glad it's being resolved.

>> No.53261850

>Initiator damage is too high compared to other martials, and, indeed, almost everyone in Pathfinder.

This is a fucking good thing and I can't believe what I'm reading. The ability to constantly kill threats with good action economy is what makes Path of War characters worthwhile. The DCs are already criminally static and they need to be more reliable if you're going to take that from Initiators.

>> No.53261856

I didn't interrupt, though. I was responded to, and then responded in kind.

>> No.53261866


This is really good news! Please make OD cha based and make ZS functionality core with a tower shield focused archetype while you're at it.

>> No.53261878

I'm seriously worried that they're taking a page out of Paizo's book and thinking that martials cannot have the ability to function effectively compared to casters.

>> No.53261900

The thing is that Barbarians were one of the few acceptable martials *because* they could deal enough damage reliably to make direct damage a threat. You need Barbarian level damage to play as a damage dealing character, or you need to have your status effects work the majority of the time (and they need to be good effects too).

>> No.53261901


What bizarro pfg have I walked into.

>> No.53261902

Listen in a word with magic

Mundanes are fucked.

Mundanes are so much fucked.

>> No.53261904


Non PoW characters can way too easily dip in. Spheres has the same problem where you really have very little reason not to dip features, Incanter being the most offensive example.

>> No.53261911

>Damage can't be overpowered


Fuck off.

>> No.53261913

That's no excuse to make maneuvers strictly worse.

>> No.53261919


Maneuvers aren't the issue, it's boosts and stances

>> No.53261920

join it then!

>> No.53261922

Direct Attack Damage is the least effective way to win encounters, so it's very hard to make it overpowered.

>> No.53261925

Solar Wind at present isn't changing as much as other disciplines.

We have no intention of making Path of War characters numerically more powerful than other martials. We intend to give them combat utility through maneuvers, but at present we do not have the resources to give them more out-of-combat utility.

Path of War is not intended to be balanced compared to Wizards or Clerics, but against Magi and Inquisitors. We have no intention of giving initiators access to the campaign-warping power that 9th level casters offer.

>> No.53261933

Trust me, anon.
I like PoW as much as the next fan, but.
It managed to do exactly that.

>> No.53261935

Is it just me or is Teavana consistently the bearer of "we errataed the wrong thing, I hope you're happy now"?

>> No.53261938

Don't join it

I want to get in first

I never get to play

>> No.53261941
File: 166 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_of7wjvxhsJ1tbqjljo3_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Dead is the best condition and it's never worth doing anything else
>We shouldn't attempt to fix this

>> No.53261944


Are you kidding? Killing stuff is easily the best way to end encounters. The only problem beat sticks have is that everyone kills each other so effectively that not killing things in one turn means you get killed in return.

>> No.53261946

Boosts and Stances are important for making basic attack patterns for Initiators meaningful. Consider opportunity attacks, or attacks granted by other characters. These still need that leg up because direct attacks blow

>> No.53261955

>We have no intention of making Path of War characters numerically more powerful than other martials. We intend to give them combat utility through maneuvers, but at present we do not have the resources to give them more out-of-combat utility.
Then you're going to cripple PoW and render it trash.
Seriously, existing martials ARE UNDERPOWERED. Being better than the current Paizo curve is NECESSARY to matter in combat as a big stupid fighter.

>> No.53261962

Existing Martials are not under powered, they are incredibly effective at their job of KILLING SHIT.

You're a retard. the whole problem with martials is that all they can do is kill shit.

>> No.53261966

Taveena, have you ever watched Thunderbolt Fantasy? That's what I imagine the initiators to be like at higher levels.

>> No.53261973

You are killing PoW by making them fall in line with shit like Fighters and Barbarians. Again, Barbarians are floor of what you should be able to do as a martial character. The FLOOR. Not the ceiling.

>> No.53261974

Wow you're dumb.

A Fighter is perfectly adept at slapping something until it falls over.

The problem is that doing so is boring as sin.

Making him killier doesn't fix his problem.

>> No.53261976

And... replacing flat damage boosts with more varied effects is going to do exactly that?

>> No.53261981

I'm currently playing a game as a hardened lowlife currently working for a crime gang. It's 5th session and I've yet to kill anyone. The worst I've done was to punch a lizardman unconscious during an actual armed fight and make his buds run off. I'm gonna interrogate next turn.

Of course, this ain't PF, because in PF I wouldn't even have the ability to punch anyone as a non-dedicated martial and fall on my ass while kobolds point at me and laugh.

See >>53261944

>> No.53261984

We're trying to make it balanced with the Barbarian and the Fighter, not the Swashbuckler. Their damage isn't going to be trash.

I mean, I wouldn't call him that, but... that is the problem, yes.

Sorry to say I haven't, though I've seen a few clips. Any parts you can particularly recommend? Would love to see more. >>53261973
What >>53261974 said.

>> No.53261986
File: 1.04 MB, 1275x717, ohgeez.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>players have been invited to a noble function as the guests/body guards of a baron they helped save
>the fighter and bard decide it is their opportunity to hit on noblewomen
>have them make knowledge nobility checks to figure out who is who
>find a girl, daughter of a count, who is there with her fiance
>fighter decides to hit on her
>bard says 'yeah sure why not'
>other two party members are currently with the baron, doing their body guard jobs
>fighter gets crass with the noblewoman
>noblewoman's fiance shows up, tries to diffuse the situation
>have him and the bard make knowledge nobility checks on this guy
>turns out the guy was a commoner, but an extremely accomplished soldier
>fighter continues to be rude, threatens the guy
>fiance demands an apology
>fighter refuses
>the fiance, not wanting his betrothed's honor besmirched challenges the fighter to a duel
>the duel ends up happening in the gardens
>the baron the party is with is basically in 'oh geez they fucked up harder than I ever imagined they would' mode
>fighter gets his teeth kicked in by the fiance
>cuts off the fighter's hand (because the fighter touched his betrothed with that hand)
>tells him to get out of his sight
>next day the baron they were with sends the party away on a 'mission' that turns out to be basically nothing

>party pissed, especially the fighter
>pissed he couldn't just beat the guy

FUCK, what did they expect?

>> No.53261989

O-okay! Ill start one tonight!

>> No.53261992
File: 75 KB, 730x470, Tyre Phoenicia 10th Century BC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I talked about it here last year.

I had a grand plan of running a 25PB game with PoW and Psionics in the part of Faerun that was based of the Delian League of the Mediterranean.

The game would start in 1368 DR and go through the Roll of Years, so they would defend their barley farms from Sahaugin, Shadovar, Drow, rogue Dragons, Thayan refugees, and maybe participate in Xorvintaal.. Depending on which city-state the PCs allied with, they could be merchant princes, senators, or abandon the country for a Planescape game.

Basically, I would ignore Golarion, most of the 3.5 - 5E campaign setting changes, and use 2E Forgotten Realms material.

I couldn't get any players from the LGS to sign up. My schedule has also gotten worse.

>> No.53261999


No, you're wrong. They're ineffective at killing shit because they have to constantly make full attacks and charge to deal their damage. This is the number one thing that makes them inflexible: the shitty action economy on getting that damage output.

>> No.53262000

I'm now about 90% convinced these are trolls trying to ruin the attempt at fixing PoW properly because they feel they can pressure Taveena into bad judgement calls by complaining loud enough.

>> No.53262016

Which doesn't change the fact that once they're doing that, they're raping things to the ground in a turn

Barbarians are even better at it, and get pounce.

>> No.53262027

Real question now.
In light of >>53261999 's comment, do you feel the lowered strike damage will make full initiators have to be more reliant on full attacks to keep up?

>> No.53262039

Just don't forget that "damage" is the equivalent to binary save-or-loss.

ALWAYS measure it up to make sure it does not take more turns on average to kill something than it does to simply turn it into your permanent slobbering sex sleeve.

Or slave, i guess that works too

>> No.53262041

You realize fighters outperform barbarians by a big margin now, right?

>> No.53262045

PoW is never going to fix that damage is bloated and defenses don't scale properly, that's a PF problem.

>> No.53262048

As damaging boosts and stances are being changed to only trigger on the first attack in a round, full attacks should provide considerably less of a benefit over strikes.

>> No.53262052


And pounce means you have to charge, which means you're stuck doing the same thing over and over again to puke out a bunch of attacks.

Damage on stances, strikes, and boosts is what makes Initiators able to do other things than charge, five-foot step, and full attack. It means they can just make a standard action attack and have it be numerically viable.

>> No.53262054

The thing is that initiators' only weakness on the full attack front over normal martials is maybe a lower strength or dex because they wanted a good IM as well.

That's still made up for by all the other shit, I'd wager.

>> No.53262056

Loved the Avowed, then the build I was really excited about got nerfed into oblivion. All I wanted was a CHA based swordsman, but 2hu had to break it.

>> No.53262066

Doesn't matter, same result at the end of the day.

>> No.53262068

2hu didn't have to break it, it was already broken.

>> No.53262078





>> No.53262079

You've always got Starknives, at least...

>> No.53262083

Not really, unless the strikes are getting an upgrade.

If I do one hit at +4d6, then boost or not it's very easy for me to be better off doing three hits at no +d6s

>> No.53262088

That's not a good thing at all.

>> No.53262089

Still salty about Overlewd picks.

>> No.53262098

You cucked him. You had Chad Thundercock come up and cuck him and take his hand because he wanted to roleplay. You're a shit GM.

>> No.53262106

Slapping anything less than a strong control condition (like dazed) on an enemy is not utility.

>> No.53262110

Not him, but starknives are a meme in general. His only hope now is waiting for full BAB avowed, gestalting with Hidden Blade, and begging his GM to let him be Cha-based

>> No.53262112

I've always liked Broken Blade for the dirty tricking it does and get butthurt when it's banned because of the damage, so I am veeeery okay with this.

>> No.53262118



>> No.53262120

They're not adding out of combat shit, retard.

>> No.53262121

Then you'll love the new Broken Blade, at least! It's got a much larger focus on that.

>> No.53262127


>> No.53262138

You can do that all you want, but they're not about to add a bunch of utility maneuvers. They don't exist.

>> No.53262139

At first I felt the pain from my builds getting nerfed, but actually this makes a lot of sense. I think.

>> No.53262141

I'd say episode 9 would fit that best, when Screaming Phoenix Killer fights the main villain. Or in short, "How not to Thrashing Dragon against a Veiled Moon user".


Episode 12 has a great reveal, but I couldn't find any subbed clips. The first few minutes of the final episode are basically the memetic version of level 20 initiators duking it out, and I'll link that below in case you haven't seen it before.


>> No.53262142


>> No.53262153

I'd play this if you ran it

>> No.53262156

He foreshadowed what would happen and the player did it anyways. What do you expect.

>> No.53262170

Sure, then dude, point out to me where we're getting initiating abilities that are at all comparable to stuff that 6th level casters get.

>> No.53262175

No, I wanted to PM that other Anon. You're in the wrong here.

>> No.53262181

Wrong post

>> No.53262200

>Incorporeality at will
>Teleportation at will
>Stances that grant constant scent
>All-day attack negation
>Ability to steal magic buffs from opponents
>Constant blindsight
>All day healing
>And more


>> No.53262211

yeah, all those pale in comparison to even magus, the 6th level caster with the worst spell list.

>> No.53262226

Wuxia game based in Quain, initiation is mandatory for all characters.

A mech game somewhere between Macross and Buddy Complex, with the aesthetic of Star Driver.

>> No.53262227


>> No.53262231

You mean higher level strikes and stances?

>> No.53262242

A good system would allow any sort of stat-based class. STR wizards and CHA barbarians.

>> No.53262250

if any stat does anything, then stats are meaningless

>> No.53262252

>>All day healing
This is supposed to be a highlight?

>> No.53262257


That... That was last year? No... It feels like yesterday!

>> No.53262258

Well, that was awesome, anon. Thank you. ^^

We're not going to deny that 6-level casters have more utility than the Path of War classes, but fixing that is out of the scope of the errata. It's still something we want to do, though. That said, they're doing better on utility than a Barbarian or Fighter, while putting out way too much comparable damage.

>> No.53262261

Those strikes better compare favorably to a Fighter or Barbarian's full attack, then. They have to, or else I'm just going to full attack. No, I really don't care about a DC 15 chance to prone. That's not worth my time.

>> No.53262265

Are you guys releasing a second print version of PoW with the errata, or are you releasing a separate PDF you read along with the original release?

>> No.53262268

>6th level casters get better abilities as they level up
>so do initiators


>> No.53262273

>Incorporeality at will
Maneuver level 3. Probably should be moved higher
>Teleportation at will
Maneuver level 2.
>Stances that grant constant scent
Maneuver level 1.
>All-day attack negation
Any counter.
>Ability to steal magic buffs from opponents
Shattered Mirror, maneuver level 2 onwards.
>Constant Blindsight
Okay this one's high level
>All day healing
Silver Crane from level 1 on

"""higher level"""

>> No.53262277


So no "I cast Fist!"?

>> No.53262287


Initiators get very limited in scope powers, many of which are only available as part of strikes and most only through Supernatural disciplines, which not everyone wants to take.

>> No.53262298

Barbs and Fighters suck and are not a good example of anything except how much per round damage you should be doing. Even Tome of Battle didn't use them as a measuring stick.

>> No.53262299

I hate that meme, why do you have to be a Wizard, the whole joke of the muscle wizard is that he's not casting any spells, he's just punching someone

If you want to be a muscle wizard, be a fucking MONK.

>> No.53262321

>Initiators don't get ANY utility
>"What about these things"
>Initiators don't get ANY utility except in a wide group of disciplines that not everyone wants to take

Holy moving goalposts, batman.

More nonmagic disciplines should get cool stuff though yeah

>> No.53262332

This is correct. This is the appeal of PoW classes: I don't have to full attack to be an effective damage dealer.

>> No.53262334

Where is my farming discipline centered around grooming crops?

>> No.53262344

You don't get it. Alternative skills.

STR: Big clubs
DEX: Ssssooords
CON: Meat
INT: Technique
WIS: Tactics
CHA: Leadership

Just do that for every class.

>> No.53262345
File: 389 KB, 1600x1126, Ancient Thebes (jbrown67).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe I'll try running it again in a few months.

I'm so far behind on all the latest handbooks.

I would also have to warn players that some builds may not work out that well because of the encounter tables.

It gets pretty bad when the shocking grasp Magus and air bloodline Sorcerer have to fight a Gelatinous Cube in a sewer.

>> No.53262347

Really, what initiators should get is a bundle of non-combat maneuvers they ready in parallel with their normal maneuvers. And non-combat stances, again gained in parallel.

>> No.53262351

Most of those ARE strikes from Supernatural disciplines. Your DM may or may not let you use them just as an at-will power.

>> No.53262353

>they're all effectively the same

Just freeform RP already

>> No.53262357

>Scythe-based discipline
Count me in!

>> No.53262359

Are you retarded

>> No.53262370

Imagine a spell that has a big throwing force, like if you were shooting a cannon?

You'd need STR to control it. That's assuming spells would work like that.

Or, I don't know, spells that do things with your STR base stat, like huge get huger.

>> No.53262373

Don't act as if it's even remotely a common thing.

>> No.53262374
File: 390 KB, 723x814, sazraserizri.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>S-Sazra, do you think... *hic* If you carried me around on your back, it'd kind of look like you had wings *hic* and we could pretend we were normal.

It's not a meme, but I'm don't know how to make memes.

>> No.53262383

Anon when people lose an eye they compensate by listening harder.

Only retards would go to war with only one specific set of skill. Smart fighters are those who come back.

>> No.53262385

By that logic, my DM may not let my wizard cast out of combat or may not let my rogue have arms out of combat.

>> No.53262389

>non-combat maneuvers

Either those are unlimited per day, in which case they become warlock clauses, or they're limited per day, in which case it becomes LITERALLY SPELLCASTING.

The only thing that mechanically distinguishes maneuvers from other class features is the fact they have short term battle cooldowns.

>> No.53262408
File: 1.15 MB, 1252x746, Smile of the Free One (ArbuzBudesh).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't been on this board for the past few days, so it must have been someone else.

Or, you've been here too long.

>> No.53262409

Ain't nothing wrong with warlock clauses.
Ain't nothing wrong with retreading solid ground.

>> No.53262411

That's pretty valid when most initiators don't get those disciplines natively.

>> No.53262418

Oh my gosh that's adorable.

>> No.53262421

Convince pfg to like the avowed again and we'll talk.

>> No.53262436

We never did.

>> No.53262442
File: 517 KB, 727x705, 1483721331837.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this a blanket errata, like, a general rule that affects even PoW:E stances too?

>> No.53262448

This is the heart of the damage debate. I started playing playing Path of War classes because I did the math and I saw that I could achieve pseudo-full attack numbers with standard attacks or standard + swift. This opened up a whole world of combat to me. If my standard action attacks go back to being a basic attack with a minor bell or whistle, I'll just use full attacks. I have no incentive to do anything else.

Barbarians have other things they can do with their action as well, but nothing comes close to being as useful as a full attack. That's the metagame.

The comments about raising Maneuver DCs is a valid one, because whatever I'm doing has to be more effective at ending the fight than just making a fistful of attacks.

>> No.53262453
File: 37 KB, 293x613, size.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It seems like the kobold should maybe be a little smaller, comparatively speaking. They're like 3' tall, right?

>> No.53262455

>E Flux gets nerfed too


>> No.53262463

In games with SoP, there's an enchantment(fae-forged) that gives the same effect. It costs money though.

>> No.53262473

So what are the current spicy memes for TTS?

>> No.53262479
File: 128 KB, 1920x1080, 1491208063418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Ghostwalk.

Spiritualists have level 1 incorporeality at will.

>> No.53262481
File: 23 KB, 406x388, 1491901958983.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Even magus has better utility about that

I'm having difficulty taking you seriously.

>> No.53262482
File: 232 KB, 1428x1808, do not sexualize this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I may be slow, but don't let it be said that I'm not making the attempt for these when life isn't getting in the way. Unfortunately, the need to wake up pretty early tomorrow means at best I'll be rolling after this to see who I'm going to have to give a highly delayed review to next.

Kirha Kirhanna; LG Female Catfolk
Battle Butler | Warlord (Desperado)
>Be child of poor catfolk family with a history of working as servants to Chellish nobles
>Aspire to make her service valuable, because that’s what a good servant does
>gets enrolled in an etiquette school
>which also happens to be a splinter group of the Empire’s assassin’s guild
>focused entirely around training servants to nobility
>her first posting is to a family with a ruined estate, and she gets an odd request
>rather than attend the mansion, how about an adventure on behalf of her employer?
>go participate in some deep jungle expeditions, maybe grab some rare plants, and the position of Head Maid will be yours!

I walked into this expecting to immediately despise Kirha, but the complete refuge in audacity of the character made the entire thing loop around to being kind of endearing the more I look it over. The backstory doesn’t have a whole lot to really talk about. It’s goofy, it’s dumb, it’s right at home in a harem comedy anime. I can kind of see her working, especially considering how she’s explicitly from Sargava, but the absurd nature of EAGER alone feels like it would force the campaign’s tone to conform to the character.


>> No.53262510

>everything you do needs to end a combat immediately or it's shit

>> No.53262511

That's... why initiators have more utility than Barbarians and Fighters. Not ENOUGH, but we can't fix that in the errata.

It's not a general rule - each boost and stance is being looked at individually. PoW:E might get similar changes made to them, though.

We fully intend for strike + stance + boost damage to be comparable to that of other damage dealers.

>> No.53262523

>we're not going to raise the DCs for strikes
So even though I'm going to be forced to keep several low-level maneuvers, you're not going to remove their stupid built in DCs like 12 or 13 + Modifier?

>> No.53262524

Maybe, but I've consistently been drawing her taller than she should be. I'll keep it in mind next time though.

>> No.53262530

Rolled 4 (1d27)

The personality section makes up the other half or so of the app, and… Feels really bloated compared to her backstory. Throwing out the fetish maid aesthetic of the art and pretending the premise isn’t absurd, she looks pleasant enough at her core, but I can’t help but feel like most of this could be trimmed without hurting the character as a whole. It’s still entertaining, but just feels like filler.

The Good
>While the concept IS absurd, most of it is admittedly just background noise that
>Honestly, in a game that abandons all pretenses of trying to stay true to “pulp action flick”, she looks like she could end up being the thing holding the party together

The Bad
>The motivation just isn’t there, and that hurts more than anything
>it’s still trying to play a joke from the wrong genre straight, and will require the rest of the group to buy into it
>oh come on, you’re a combat maid trained by an assassin guild splinter group called EAGER, you can’t tell me it’s not a joke
>telling people to not sexualize the cat won’t stop them

Backstory 6/10 - As dumb as it is, the very nature of the application just makes it kinda fun to read. It’s a dumb but still an entertaining premise, one of my guilty pleasures.
Compatibility 5?/10 - She’s got Warlord on one side, so she’ll always have some semblance of usefulness. I can’t really guess at what Battle Butler will actually bring to the table with the quick glance I gave it, though.
Wanderlust 1/10 - She’s here because her employer said so, and beyond being a good servant, hasn’t got anything to keep her invested in things.
Overall Pulpiness 2/10 - She seems more at home in a Light Novelist’s take on a pulpy adventure flick.
Bonus: While I feel neither character is really fitting for the campaign they’re applying to, Kirha and Akane appear as though they would bounce off one another well, especially now that I actually look at them side-by-side.

>> No.53262540

With a full attack, a competent martial class will kill an on-level threat. This is better for literally everyone than applying many penalties or conditions.

>> No.53262546

I think 4e and 5e made a lot of the Small races like 4' tall and make the boundary of Small into a wobbly "four and a half feet maybe" instead of "exactly four feet", which probably has influenced a bunch of art for halflings/gnomes/kobolds indirectly.

>> No.53262555
File: 74 KB, 269x298, 1484049749012.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's not a general rule - each boost and stance is being looked at individually. PoW:E might get similar changes made to them, though.

You know all the initiators are gonna flock to Elemental Flux now, right?

>> No.53262560

Are we using this word in the same way? Because utility is when the Wizard gives everyone water breathing or brainwashes the guards into ignoring you. Utility is not what is included in most maneuvers.

>> No.53262561

I need to get off this wild ride.

>> No.53262562

Yes actually.

That is the standard you are competing with to be useful as a non support character in PF.

>> No.53262575
File: 83 KB, 660x495, you poor bird.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well that's gonna be a fun one to get to.

>> No.53262576

I have no idea where 'kill equal CR to your level on full attack' came from.

I've seen PoW devs say numerous times that they were balancing around taking two turns to kill something of equal CR, or one turn on certain circumstances hard to repeat.

They just overshot.

>> No.53262584

It comes from Barbarians.

>> No.53262595

Hasn't the poor bastard had enough?

>> No.53262606

And Fighters.

>> No.53262614

Beyond the scope of the project, unfortunately. We can't rebuild the system from scratch in errata, no matter how much we might want to.

We're not going to delay the errata for another two years so we can do PoW:E's rebalancing and errata simultaneously, anon.

They have very slightly more utility, in the form of walking through walls, flight, and healing. It's not very good, but it's there.

oh boy did we
This time it wasn't my fault, though! I only just got here.

>> No.53262622

Id like to say that barbarians are the problem, but honestly I feel like two handed weapons play a big role in this too. Just look at the advantages you get from using one giant weapon over two weapons or a weapon and a shield and its just silly.

>> No.53262624

You know that the PoW devs played 3.5, where that was absolutely 100% a thing, right?

>> No.53262634

>walking through walls
Ghostwalk needs a damn nerf, it's already good enough in combat.

>> No.53262702

>We can't rebuild the system from scratch in errata

Even then, you could just change the base DC to, like, 10 + 1/2 initiator level + initiation stat, instead of 10 + maneuver level + initiation stat. That would get rid of most of the problem in one swoop.

>> No.53262709

>Beyond the scope of the project, unfortunately. We can't rebuild the system from scratch in errata, no matter how much we might want to.

Yes you can. Here's what you do.

Use the formula that's already in the System's chapter and actually apply it to every maneuver that calls for a save. You know 10 + Initiator Level + Initiating Modifier? There, now all maneuvers work at all levels.

>> No.53262713

This isn't really related to the errata itself but I was wondering, what was behind the internal reasoning for your team removing spells from the Ambush Hunter, Knight-Disciple and Rubato?

>> No.53262715
File: 293 KB, 1140x701, Rutilus Triumph (Netarliargus).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take a break from Pathfinder, or just /pfg/.

I'm here to catch up with what's going on in the system, and what to expect from players.

>> No.53262726

No problem. For bonus points, have the unsubbed version of that episode 12 scene and the gist of it.


At 2:50, it's revealed that Shang's sword wasn't even metal, it was actually wood painted silver. Unfortunately for the villains, his ki control is so good he can project sword ki through a simple branch and still cut them from afar, sort of like the Wave strikes from Mithral Current. This is why he calls himself "Edgeless Blade". The last technique in the clip was a pressure point attack to make the enemy's ki detonate within their body. Shang would know this move because he's actually adapting his Monk martial arts to swordplay, like reverse Broken Blade.

>> No.53262728

This pic is obviously shopped

>> No.53262736

Only some initiators have those utility, and only if they pick those disciplines maneuvers as part of their build. It's a crap example. A base Warder or Warlord cannot do any of those things and a Stalker can only do a few.

You mean Control. Initiators have some combat control, but they don't have much of any utility.

>> No.53262739

The formula in the Systems and Use chapter is "10 + maneuver level + initiator modifier".

The assumption seems to be that the +2 from a discipline weapon works as a math fix. We know it's a problem, but we can't afford to do this in errata, where it completely changes how the system is balanced.

>> No.53262749

>it completely changes how the system is balanced.
No, not at all. All it means is that you can now ready low-level maneuvers at higher levels instead of leaving them to waste on your character sheet because you can't swap out all your moves

>> No.53262755

Spells plus maneuvers plus powerful class features is OP. I wasn't there or part of that decision.

You're not wrong. All Warlords and Warders have is a better skill list.
Seriously, I'm saying that they're not that much better, but they are SLIGHTLY better.

>> No.53262758


I often wondered why Initiators can't just pick the disciplines they want

>> No.53262765

Thats why I always liked monk abilities that deal with ki. Its a lot cooler than magic and especially cooler than psionics.

>> No.53262768

>where it completely changes how the system is balanced

It wouldn't be "completely changing", though. It would just make low-level maneuvers have the same saves of high-level maneuvers, and your max level maneuvers would have the same saves they do now, give or take 1 point depending on exact level (e.g. 1st level maneuver at IL 2 -> DC 11+stat, 9th level maneuver at IL 18 -> DC 19+stat).

>> No.53262778

What? The Warder's skill list is pitiful.

>> No.53262786

Humm. Thanks for the review. I'll definitely look into trying it in a bit closer with the story.

>> No.53262787

Warders have a standard skill list. They just have more points than the average martial. I'm beginning to think that the value of a skill check has been vastly overrated.

>> No.53262803

That's not even true since almost everyone is an ordained defender.

>> No.53262819

Sorry about ROaB.

>> No.53262828

They have Diplomacy,.Bluff, and some Knowledges. It might only be standard, but it's better than the crap Fighter and Barbarian get.

Guys, I really can't change this, okay? I'm not able to make such big changes to the system. I'm just here to fix up the typoes and put in the balance patches Kel already wrote up. I'm not personally rewriting anything. I'm just trying to get this out the door so that there aren't maneuvers with a target of your movement speed or a range of one full-round action.

>> No.53262833

Poor reviewanon

>> No.53262836

Seriously, it's a two-sentence change.

>Delete the save DCs in all maneuvers.
>Replace with a DC equal to 10 + Half your Initiator Level + Your Initiation modifier.

>> No.53262838
File: 122 KB, 400x255, Tchazzar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What makes you say that?

>> No.53262844


>> No.53262852

Tell Kel to get off his ass and pay attention, then. I don't know where he's getting his feedback from, but this Save DC shit should have been in the book from the very start.

>> No.53262861

>History, Martial, Nobility
Oh man the three most useless knowledge skills in the game after Knowledge(Psionics).

>> No.53262904

What happened to ROaB? I'm looking forward to that one.

>> No.53262907

Keledrath is not on the project anymore. It's just me. I don't have the go-ahead to change this.

I know, okay? We can't fix this in the errata. It's a legitimate problem with the classes and the system as-is, but we can't do anything about it right now.

>> No.53262913

What? I think the first and last are incredibly useful.

>> No.53262918

Who does have the authority and where have they sequestered themselves?

>> No.53262924

They effectively fucking can nowadays.

>> No.53262925

Plat shut it down, apparently couldn't take the pressure to fix stuff and make it workable

>> No.53262929

For Roleplay or flavor mostly.

In most campaigns, those skills are pretty worthless.

>> No.53262962

So what you're saying is that this errata is just going to be some damage nerfs and not address any actual fundamental problems? Yeah, let's get the email of whoever we need to talk to in order to get you the clearance you need to do this correctly.

>> No.53262974

Shut up retard

>> No.53262976


>> No.53262979
File: 810 KB, 930x1080, BitesZaDust.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And another one gone ,and another one gone.

>> No.53262986

That sucks. I hope Starfinder makes him reconsider.

>> No.53262989

No, if it's going to be done, it needs to be done right. No matter how you feel about damage, the issue with Save DCs and Low-Level maneuvers is a big problem.

>> No.53263011

How about we wait to actually see it

>> No.53263024

It'll be too late then. You know how this works.

>> No.53263026

The errata is going to be about 60 pages of fixing typoes, ambiguous wording, straight-up nonfunctional abilities, missing durations and triggers, unclear rules, and rewrites of Broken Blade and Primal Fury. It's ERRATA, not a rewrite. We can afford to throw in some replacements for some particularly problematic minor outliers. We can't screw with the core of the system.

>> No.53263047

So another game goes to the dead pile.

Any other pfg games died recently?
Is Startoad's E8 game still running?

>> No.53263050

The Save DC is plainly a mistake. It's not going to suddenly make some maneuvers break. I'd like to see some examples of how low-level maneuvers with high-level Save DCs in high-level play will make some adverse, unforeseen change.

>> No.53263060
File: 212 KB, 2382x458, TaleasOldasTime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53263063

Bumping up save DCs for low-level maneuvers isn't changing the "core" of anything. Characters can already swap out all their low-level maneuvers, so it just keeps them slightly more relevant at high level or for dipping. It literally doesn't even need a rewrite of anything, just two sentences.

>> No.53263068

Anon. Read what Taveena's said.
Even if she agrees with you, she. can't. change. it.

>> No.53263085


No he scrapped it after one session

>> No.53263091

So who can?

>> No.53263093

>Is Startoad's E8 game still running?
No, though he did start to recruit for other games for some reason

>> No.53263102

Did it just go that badly?

>> No.53263103

You can't even trade up all your maneuvers the same number of times. You have a very limited number of trades. A relatively small, but still significant, portion of your maneuver list will be basically unusable after a point unless you picked the right maneuvers.

Shut up and stop trying to smooth things over on the internet. We're trying to get the name of the guy who can make that approval.

>> No.53263118

Well isn't /pfg/ just a big bowl of frowns tonight. Let's turn them around. TSS applicants, which other characters do you think would have interesting interactions with your own?

>> No.53263122

Why would anyone want to play with that cunt anyways

>> No.53263124

Oh boy. To do what? Spam his inbox with shit he's already decided on.

>> No.53263126


Oh god, after all that bitching about how people were missing out because they were too lazy to read up Eberron lore or couldn't handle E8.

>> No.53263141

Don't fucking talk about these fucking stupid bullshit games if you want to see me smile.

That would put a big fucking smile on my face. Huge. If you faggots can go 24 hours without posting this bullshit it would be the best day I had in months.

>> No.53263153

Isn't that the one where it was a 32 point buy, Martials get a free gestalt with another martial in addition to it being an normal gestalt game, AND there are free feats?

>> No.53263154

The worst shit in the thread is the anon saying PoW is crippled if they can't outdamage barbarians at minimum.

I'd take waifu talk over that any day.

>> No.53263173

I disagree. I'd take mechanical bullshit over waifushit every fucking day of the week.

>> No.53263175


There seems to be the mistaken idea that "fixing" martials means making them trivialize all the things they already trivialized even further.

>> No.53263197

A while back I read a post where someone mentioned a fighter build that uses dimension door to out DPS archers? Does someone have that saved?

>> No.53263199

>don't you dare talk about Pathfinder games in Pathfinder General
Why the fuck are you even here? Go back to your home boards. You don't belong here.

>> No.53263223

Are you that scared of rocking the boat?

>> No.53263227

>literally everything I don't like is /pol/
You do realize you only validate those retards by doing that.

Nothing about that post indicates my political alignment, numb nuts.
>Pathfinder games
Except your not. You're jerking off over how you want to fuck characters that don't even fucking exist and how other people suck because they made something that doesn't make your dick twitch.

You piss off. Take that shit to the ERP general on fucking /soc/.

>> No.53263236

Arguing about the game may, in fact, influence the game. Stranger things have happened, and it's more topical than e-celebs

>> No.53263250

>You can't even trade up all your maneuvers the same number of times. You have a very limited number of trades.
Why don't they let you just swap all your maneuvers instead of just one at a time? Everybody is only going to ready their highest level maneuvers anyway.

>> No.53263261

Yeah. Ki transfer through difficult mediums is also an easy way to signify how strong a character is.

>> No.53263276

Ki is literally just fucking Psionics though.

>> No.53263283



>> No.53263292

>I hate seeing people discuss characters in a roleplaying game.

>> No.53263299

The easiest way to sum it up is that psionics are mind energy and ki is life energy.

>> No.53263300

Yes it is.
>Internal Power generated through discipline and or training
>internal power generated through discipline and or training

>> No.53263306

Nah he is right. Monks are technically a psionic class.

But monk Ki is on a different level than normal psionics since its earned through training. Not just mind, but body.

>> No.53263311

What is Akasha, then?

>> No.53263313

When it all boils down on who wants to fuck who. Yes, yes I fucking do.

>> No.53263314

and thats why its different ahhhh body not mind

>> No.53263325

I wanna ERP with DHB!

>> No.53263328

By raw/default fluff?

Akasha is a cluster fuck of primative arcane, divine, and psionic traditons.

>> No.53263330

Nah, its both. Mind and body. Psionics is just mind. Ki is psionic, but psionics is not ki.

>> No.53263337

Huh. I always saw it as Ki (Life force) + magic

>> No.53263341

Ki is derived from your Wisdom stat though.

>> No.53263342

>boosts lasting for only one attack
So I can no longer use them with Defensive Focus? Get fucked.

>> No.53263348


>> No.53263352
File: 1020 KB, 500x373, forrest's_PoW_gif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Speaking as someone who can make that decision, the problem is that even if something seems, on paper, to be a simple fix ("change two sentences,") in practice, it might not be.

The hypothetical change to maneuver DC scaling, /regardless/ of its merit as an idea, runs into the issue of scope. There are things that an errata can and can't do. A major concern with the PoW errata is the fine line between fixing as many problems as we can, versus making a document that's unwieldy and difficult for people to use. These books have been printed in hard copy; forcing people to reference a large PDF (or printout) of the errata is already an issue—if you thought the Ultimate Equipment errata was a mess because of how many things it went through and changed, think about what the PoW errata is going to look like.

Changing the maneuver scaling means that a significant chunk of maneuvers now have text that outright contradicts the rules; it's not something we have the ability to feasibly /fix/, within the context of an errata.

Believe me, I'm frustrated by this problem, too. I highly recommend houseruling the maneuver DC scaling, if you think that that's a good fit for your group, but it's just not something that DSP can do in this project.


Magic used through a technique that makes a mould from metaphysical concepts and uses life energy to fill/fuel it.

>> No.53263353

>I wanna ERP with DHB!
>I wanna ERP with the heavily medicated sociopath serial killer who is trying to keep himself from murdering the party through intoxicants

>> No.53263362

The naming schemes definitely implies a more ki/eastern flavor with shit like Chakras and the like but the actual fluff is "magic before magic:.

>> No.53263379

>implying TSS is a legitimate PF game and not just Rory the faggot's thirst-fueled salt-inspired knee-jerk reaction to losing his opportunity to have even more people to ERP with

>> No.53263380

I want to believe you, but also just ignoring the printed DCs and using the new universal one is so simple that I can't conceive of someone finding it cumbersome in any fashion.

>> No.53263388

>think about what the PoW errata is going to look like

At this point, I'm trying not to.

>> No.53263390

Sazra + kobolds would be obvious cuteness and entertaining personality conflicts. She's got elements of over-cheerfulness and paranoia like both of the detailed ones.

Sazra + Cornelius would probably lead to some amusingly stupid bullshit where he treats her like a lesser servant and she plays along to steal everything out of his purse when he's not looking.

Sazra + Caleni would lead to SNEAK BUDDIES.

Sazra + Amalthea would probably involve some buried maternal instinct, because the vast majority of wyvaran children are sickly runts because of poor nutrition, bad environment, etc, so she'd be all overprotective of THE BAAAAABY.

Sazra + Priscilla would lead to Priscilla alternately getting coddled and taken advantage of.


It's pretty simple, if it's the one I'm thinking of:

1. Take 5 levels of fighter
2. Take 1 level of brawler
3. Use the brawler Martial Flexibility ability to temporarily get the Advanced Weapon Training feat, and use it to pick the Item Mastery weapon training, and use that to get the Teleportation Mastery item feat, which now lets you cast Dimension Door a few times using any magic item you have a weapon group in.
4. Take the Dimensional Agility series of feats. Once you get to Dimensional Dervish, you can use Dimension Door to full attack, teleporting in between each attack.
5. In combat, use Martial Flexibility -> Advanced Weapon Training -> Item Mastery -> Teleportation Mastery, use Dimensional Dervish to full attack until you've exhausted uses of it, then use Martial Flexibility again to reset your X/day uses by picking it as a "new" feat again.

>> No.53263392

Its out of scope

>> No.53263396

Hey can you, like, fucking not do that thing where boosts only boost your next attack?

I'm >>53263342 and it seriously fucks me over big time.

>> No.53263409

>a significant chunk of maneuvers now have text that outright contradicts the rules

But they're going to have that with all the stuff you're changing ANYWAY, so why not fix this thing at the same time? The only people who are going to actually be confused by a change to the DC calculations are people who will be confused by all the other changes anyway.

>> No.53263418

What about Sazra and Adrian?

>> No.53263422

You're still going to hit like a truck regardless.

>> No.53263424

That sounds fucking magical and you know it!

>> No.53263429


I thought martial flexibility didn't reset the uses of X per day feats?

>> No.53263436

Now I am less incentivized to take boosts. Boosts were great for me, because they helped my CORE FEATURE function better. Now I don't give a fuck about boosts.

>> No.53263438

Well now he's got like 30 applicants to his private dungeon so wew lad. Cant it be both a pathfinder game and an excuse to get egged by some not!african river worm?

>> No.53263449

I take that back. I'm only going to take boosts that let me do some other action as a swift, and not any that enhance my combat effectiveness in any fashion because it won't work with my class's signature feature at all.

>> No.53263451

it doesn't

>> No.53263453

Ah, but martial flexibility isn't granting item mastery, martial flexibility is granting advanced weapon training!

>> No.53263455

No chance of something like a High Psionics Soulknife fix as an 'optional' sidebar?

>> No.53263461

Now I'm reconsidering making Nic Cage, nobody wants to see him getting assaulted by the vermin.

>> No.53263465

This. This is one of the simplest yet most effective changes you could possibly make in the errata and it's "out of scope"?

>> No.53263466

Regardless, any DM worth their salt will rule it the same, you can't use martial flexibility to reset daily uses

>> No.53263475

Shitstorm /pfg/ best /pfg/, Never change

>> No.53263486

>Changing the maneuver scaling means that a significant chunk of maneuvers now have text that outright contradicts the rules; it's not something we have the ability to feasibly /fix/, within the context of an errata.
ANY errata that changes functionality results in text contradicting rules, though. Just put in a line explaining it and all the non-retards will figure it out.

>> No.53263487

>it's not something we have the ability to feasibly /fix/, within the context of an errata.
Yes! Yes it is! This is what an errata is! That's what errata is like! Being able to correct the balance without actually rewriting every entry is errata gold. Developers dream they can fix a big chunk of their game with a few short sentences and not have to meticulously reconsider every single entry.

>> No.53263490

What changes will there be to Thrashing Dragon? I'm hoping it won't destroy my build.

>> No.53263492

Fuck right off, this is how we lose devs forever.

>> No.53263500

I don't get it.
You're going to change the text and effect of multiple stances and maneuvers. Thus creating a "It says this but now does this" situation.
But you can't change save DCs because of the exact same thing?

>> No.53263501

I'd rather lose a dev than be a sycophant. Arguing like this is important.

>> No.53263510

Reminder that when devs make a mistake we should tell them to go get raped by a horse, it's how they learn

>> No.53263512


So basically this build doesn't even work unless it uses a ruling that no good DM will ever allow?

>> No.53263519

Well, you could just get an item of Dimension Door at will, take the Dimensional Agility feats, and fuck the rest.

>> No.53263520


>> No.53263525

While I don't agree with the specifics of that statement, I do think that we should criticize bad calls.

>> No.53263529

It's TO, unlike the 3.5 shadowpouncers it's taking after.

>> No.53263538

Yall need to chill out.

have a new thread. Start over fresh


>> No.53263541

Shit, guys, this is nothing compared to 4e errata and everybody could deal with that.

>> No.53263542 [DELETED] 

New Thread:

>> No.53263550


Does such a thing exist?

>> No.53263551

Okay. Too late.

>> No.53263554


>> No.53263557

No chill. Chill is anti-progress

>> No.53263564



>> No.53263565

7 x 4 x 2000 = 56,000 gp for a use-activated one.

>> No.53263571

I think they've mentally committed to whatever was already written, regardless of its actual quality.

>> No.53263572

Th-this killing intent! I can't move!

>> No.53263578


>> No.53263591


Ideally, we want to minimize confusion and maximize ease of integrating the errata with the book. Not every maneuver has changes being made; in fact I expect /most/ maneuvers won't have changes. Regardless, it's still a change to the system that'd affect multiple books, and cause the book to lie to the reader in ways that most of the changes wouldn't. This is an adjustment that makes /every single/ maneuver that has a save DC incorrect, as-printed, as opposed to going in and fixing a rules break or applying a buff or nerf.

This is a change that affects multiple books and PDFs, and is something that is quite easy to never realize, because it's so small. Someone who picks up, say, PoW E or Fool's Errand will now have a PDF or book that outright lies to them, not because it was errata'd, but because a separate book in the base system was.

It's not a change that I, personally, oppose from a game design standpoint. But from a feasibility standpoint, both I and DSP as a whole do not believe that it's a workable fix for a project like the PoW errata.

This may change! It's entirely possible, after discussions, that we'll consider going for a sidebar with a suggestion/variant like >>53263455 recommends, but /that/ is actually over my head and something that needs to be discussed internally at a time other than 1:30am EST.

In any case, thank you for the time and energy taken to discuss this. This conversation and the parts of it /are/ going to be taken into consideration, and weighed against the extant issues with this project, but it's not a decision that can be made tonight.

4e errata was honestly a clusterfuck of rules changes that only worked, in my experience, because they had a constantly-updated compendium. PoW doesn't have that, sadly.

>> No.53263604


What mythical games are there where DM's allow custom magic items?

>> No.53263617

I'll be honest: I already feel like this is just going to be a repeat of the Soulknife thing, where everyone at DSP says over and over "we know this is a problem", but then when the perfect opportunity comes up, nobody bothers to change it because a desperate attachment to printed books that are only used by a minority of the playerbase anyway.

>> No.53263631


>> No.53263641

Don't worry about people with printed books. PDFs can have errata applied as notes so you don't even have to change your formatting. Not fixing known problems is how people lose faith in a publisher; not dealing with errata.

>> No.53263716


I'll be honest, I have a hard time seeing that ending up any other way but an assassination of one or the other.

>> No.53265599

I want to playtest my homebrew game, but for that I'd need four players with basic math skills and a capacity for objective reasoning. I haven't met four people like that in my life, let alone ones into role playing.

>> No.53265822

Having the character permanently crippled was unnecessary.

>> No.53265900
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>60 pages of fixing

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