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First for Yvraine is the best to come out from GTS

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Anyone excited about CP?

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>play 8e
>go to jail

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Sir, I'm going to need to investigate your computer and search history.

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I smiled.

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>8th edition
>Now confirmed jailbait

Looks like we gonna have to go underground to continue playing 40k

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>play 40k
>get put on a list

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>elf slut

Fuck outta here

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Really want to see faction specific strats. I wonder if any faction special rules will be rolled into them.

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>Impying there are elves that aren't sluts

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fix the last link you lazy bumfuck

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I could see Acts of Faith being shifted into them, since then you can have the individual acts apply to any sisters unit instead.

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>implying bellysaurus isn't the best
there's also that other fully armored elf that's better than yvraine

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I didn't imply otherwise.

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I'm working on some fluff to give a golden Necron army an excuse for being golden. Here's what I got:

The Golden Contingent (named Fool's Profit by the Imperium) is a force of gold-plated Necrons under command of Trazyn the Infinite. Their objective; to obtain ALL of the gold in the galaxy for Trazyn's collection, through whatever means necessary.

Raids on wealthy hive world's are frequent, and it is suspected that Trazyn plans to one day sack Holy Terra and add The Imperial Palace to his collection.

Rumor has it that the Golden Contingent has a small squadron of Aeonic Orbs, on which they are experimenting with using the stars contained within to fusion some gold up.

Tl;Dr they love goooooooold

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So a LoC has 16 wounds and a 4 ++ according to the new article. Are we expecting Magnus to have more or less this statline as well? because christ that sounds strong.

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Probably at least as many wounds as the LoC, maybe even more considering Magnus has more wounds than a LoC at this moment.

A good hit with a battlecannon means the LoC instantly dies though.

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So I wonder, will they introduce a rule that stops big models from being wounded by weaker weapons ? Say something like:

>behemot of war (X): this model can't be wounder with a weapon with strength of X or less

If not, will stuff like Knight armies become more acceptable once even a lasgun can wound them ?

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It was mentioned in the Characters article that magnus has at least 12+ wounds, so yeah very likely he'll be tough as nails.

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that's so fucking awful

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Plastic Sisters in 8th?

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>Their objective; to obtain ALL of the gold in the galaxy for Trazyn's collection

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>A good hit with a battlecannon means the LoC instantly dies though.
You realize that statistically you will probably never see this happen ever in your entire life, right?

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It's possible they'll get rules similar to Rubric Marines, +1 to all saves if the gun doesn't meet a requirement.

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after all this stuff that has been revealed, why would they. are you stupid?

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Since you need something like 500 guardsmen with FRFSRF to kill a Land Raider, I don't think it matters.

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They might just get a rule similar to what Rubrics did, letting them re-roll their 2+ armor save against any weapons that only deal 1 damage or whatever, but I can't see them being immune.

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>Plastic Sisters

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> Knight costs 250 pts
> You need over 1000 points of lasguns to kill a Knight
> Knight players complain that they can be killed by lasguns

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Plastic Sisters never so I can continue feasting on your delicious tears.

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Everything being able to hurt everything (in theory) being one of the first things mentioned, I doubt there will be rules that make models truely invincible against certain weapons.
The idea behind it is most likely to make things like Imperial Knight armies less binary and more enjoyable to play against. Hopefully that will be the case, even if it takes more lasguns that you can fit guarsmen on a table to kill multiple knights with just Imperial flashlights.

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I guarantee you at least two of the Thousand Sons ones will involve auto passing psy tests and ignoring perils.

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Not the plan, at least not in regular games. Who knows what's going to happen with apocalypse stuff when you're dealing with titans.

However in normal games it's not gonna happen, they want anything to be able to wound anything in a normal game. That's intentional.

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I've seen 5 grots defeat a hive tyrant in close combat.

Never trust your dice.

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Just make them directly subservient to the Silent King, the Triarch Pretorians are already clad in gold after all.

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>2CP - for the entire psychic phase roll an additional dice when manifesting psychic powers and discard the lowest.

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You know gold isn't just slabs of metal used to build the palace, but an element that shows up everywhere, right? Oceans could have gold filtered out of them, just not in any way approaching efficiency.

It's like a middle-schooler had a silly idea and tried to explain it without thinking about it at all. I know a lot of 40k shit doesn't mix in fluff but that's just bad.

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Can/should I get into 40k if I'm a poor fag?

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> Be autarch
> Path of COMMAND
> Gains command points equal to the turn number at the start of turn

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Do you have a couple hundred dollars to spend on a small army?

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You can get 1000-1500pts with $200 depending on faction/availability of second hand armies

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Can: Sure. just buy a Start Collecting and play some small games. They are fun.
Should: Eh. Depends on your willpower. You will want to buy more units, if you can spend 40 a months or save up for 100 once, then go for it.

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Someday anon, someday...

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Do you think you have the money to spare?
Because even a fairly simple army can costs hundreds of dollars.

If you're still interested you might want to look into whether anyone in your area plays Shadow War Armageddon as that's a lot cheaper to play.

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Fuck off and play donut steel pirate orks instead

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He could add a bit where he mentions that the Necrons would melt down entire world's, just for a few pounds of gold.

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Shadow war might be more your deal while you slowly build up a small army, theres a general thread up right now and they have all the rules scanned along with links to printable tokens and stuff.

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They only really seem to mention commanders adding points and missions giving certain unique command abilities, but do you think certain armies/commanders might get different abilities too? i.e. a destiny dice like system for Thousand Sons
Also, if armies got their own abilities what do you think some of them might get?

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The idea was already dumb enough as is.

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I could see some rule that gives FNP-like extra save against weapons that meets certain criteria (s<4, only D1 etc.) Heck, even having 4th edition like apothecary rule (1st wound per phase/turn is discarded) could give them long mileage.

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Except that would be just as if not even more retarded... Trazyn isn't even interested in gold. He's interested in SCIENTIFIC relics.

makes way more sense. Even the third edition dex had golden necrons in it. It's just metallics from a different world meant to make them look ornate.

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Why are you like this? :(

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Never lose faith Sister...
The Emperor protects

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ALL gold is a bit excessive

Add some unfathomable mumbo jumbo like him actually wanting only all gold that traces back to a certain quantum frequency or that made up some rare old one artifact that got shattered through the galaxy during the war in heaven

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>One account of the Emperor's origin goes so far as to say that he had mortal brothers and sisters and details the time and location of his birthplace - eight thousand years before the first millennium, in a primitive village along the banks of the Sakarya River.
>The Sakarya (Turkish: Sakarya Irmağı, Greek: Σαγγάριος, Sangarios) is the third longest river in Turkey.
When did you find out that the Emperor is a fucking roach?

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Please don't. I don't want you to come back to these threads saying how terrible GW is for selling a box of Tac Marines for $50 because you want an entire army all at once instead of buying it piecemeal.

And I don't want you to come back here praising 'Based Chinaman' like a tool when you start buying FW from a recaster instead of doing the right thing and buying it direct from FW.

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People seem to be quite concerned that "anything can hurt anything", but I think they idea that they're going for it that yes, lasguns CAN hurt a land raider, but instead of doing perhaps 1 or 2 wounds to a 24-wound land raider per turn you should perhaps focus on something else

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>doing the right thing
>overpaying for resin models

how about no

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>reddit spacing
how about no

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Did you never wonder why he wasn't blond with blue eyes?

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Because his appearance is obviously based on Conan the Barbarian?

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Lore question: Why do ynnari soulburst when non-aeldari die? How do they utilize the souls of non-aeldari?

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do you have friends that are willing to play low points games or even shadow war games? when i started 40k it was before im at the job im at now and i couldnt afford much, after 4 months i only had a 500 point army. look up kill team/ shadow war armageddon, buy models off ebay and learn to strip/repaint, check out craigs list etc

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Oldest structure on Earth is in Turkey.

>> No.53231828

Wait you're here too? I thought I left your faggotry back on /m/. How's that "Shadow War Armageddon Private Server" coming?

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there weren't any Turkic people in that place eight thousand years ago.

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they jack off

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Not even worth it assumption this point. The new edition is basically baby's first wargame, with rules dumbed down to make them easier for 8 year olds and an emphasis on speed of play over literally any other concern.
To fix a few balance issues they redesigned the game from the ground up. It's about as close to modern 40k as Rogue Trader was, just going in the opposite direction.

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he isn't as manly or rough as conan. he's more like turkish jesus

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Lmao so bitter. So sad.

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>he doesn't know how to read PDF2s

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Since both seem like they'll be useful and strong now, in terms of fluffiness vs looks vs how they work should I pick up a heavy warpflamer or soulreaper autocannon for my Scarab Occult Terminator squad?

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So according to Atia
>you will be getting some new tau stuff that's not directly part of the t'au empire :P
Bets on Kroot Mercs, Chaos/Renegade Tau, or Farsight-uniques?

>> No.53232038

It will depend on the point cost, that we've not seen yet

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FRFSRF will be a Command Point ability if it exists at all in 8th.

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Every complaint about 8th has "I'm a huge WAACfaggot and my broken cheese army won't be as good" behind it.

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Say what you want, she's right five times as often as she's wrong. Her prophecies may not always unfold as we prefer, but they do unfold.

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Damn straight, in bitter. They're turning 40k into a game I never would have started playing back when I did, and one I have no interest in playing now, making the thousands of dollars I've invested into this game a complete waste. It's One More Day all over again and yes, it pisses me off. Doubly so since I'll never get real rules for Sanguinious, the Lion, Khan, or the Emperor in 30k since FW will have to update their stuff for 8e as well.

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They all but confirmed FRFSRFGSADFGSW in the Weapons article where they talked about rapid firing.

>> No.53232082

I'd like Kroot Merc, but since they have said that the Kroot Shaper is not an HQ choice I don't think it'll be that
The most likely option is probably Farsight, but Chaos-corrupted Taus would be an interesting addition, since it would actually expand the Chaos faction, that currently is in the same situation as Death in AoS, creating an army that isn't either daemons or SM

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Fucking autocorrect

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Not him but I've been typing like that since before reddit existed. Is reddit that convenient of an excuse for everything?

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They already said it was an order and it goes off automatically

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How the fuck can you defend 7th edition?!
Seriously, tell me what you liked about it and what army did you play?
Let's see your most recent army list.

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7th fucking sucked mate

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Alright, alright. I guess I'll just wait. I was getting a tad bit impatient while waiting for 8th and really wanted to finish painting and assembling these guys sooner even more once the stat reveals on rubricae and their weapons came out plus hearing of the new rules in general.

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Sell your army then, if you wouldn't play it anyway

And buy Renew Your Vows, good sales of that series would show Marvel their errors more than complaining about it on a Korean train stamper agency

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I hope it's not more farsight shit.

>> No.53232198

Farsight Enclave Close Combat Specialist Samurai Battlesuits

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I'm not defending 7e, it's an objectably bad edition. But the problems weren't nearly so bad as requiring an entirely new game being made. 5e had a much better set of core rules, but was hampered by boring, shitty codices. 8e should have been something closer to 5e with late-7e codec design (Traitor Legion style balance and fluffy rules).
GW's 8e throws the baby our with the bath water.

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Who cares. We only want a basic troop choice kit for SoB.

Or flat Psyker polar bears. Anything else is just worthless shit

>> No.53232233

The past few editions have been pretty bad bro.

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>They're turning 40k into a game I never would have started playing back when I did
So i take it you never played 2nd ed?

>> No.53232264

Wouldn't have played it them, either. 40k didn't hit its stride until 3e.

>> No.53232266

>"problems weren't nearly so bad as requiring an entirely new game"

Oh really? What makes you say that?

Did you just love having to fire every gun at the same unit?

Did you think 26 pages of special rules was a good thing?

Did you just love sweeping advance or the clunky as fuck psychic phase?

How about how MCs were better than walkers in every conceivable way?

How about formations? Fun too I guess?

Sweeping advance is a good idea?

You can't defend 7th but you're bitching about 8th?

Please just quit. You're the type of person we don't need in 40k.

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>Implying 2nd was even close to AoS or AoS second edition
>Saying glorious 2nd was even close to AoS or 8th is just Heresy
>Implying glorious AC would allowed this bullshit

>> No.53232281

A'ut colonies army

independent from the T'au empire but sharing the same goal of expanding the reach and influence of the tau

less model count but having more experienced fighters and more practical tech, they have warp travel

prepare for groriously honorabru close combat with samurai suits

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>a few balance issues

the game hasn't been good in 2-3 editions, it need the 3rd edition esq reboot

>> No.53232309


Except 40k does need a reboot. 7th edition is just a massive swamp of rules exceptions and the cost to own said rules is almost as prohibitive has building an army for said edition.

That and the rules are blatantly mediocre as well as convoluted and bland.

If 7th ed was allowed to continue as it is 40k would die due to how hard it is to get into the game. It has all the same issues that 8th ed fantasy had internally as well as the awful business choices GW made with it externally.

The whole thing needs to be hard reset so the game can finally be brought forwards and balanced after years of awful shite that have been pumped into it by inept game designers.

I'm sorry if you've bought into the kool-aid over the past years but it's for the best the way they have rebooting the game.

>> No.53232327

gotta be honest, i'm mostly okay with a lot of these changes if they level the playing field (i graduated yesterday and put up an art exhibition so i don't give a damn about 40k right now)

maybe we'll find complexity in simplicity, like how cartoons and comics/manga love to play around with super strength

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You need to learn how to greentext before doing it

>> No.53232345

>Chaos Tau with pseudo-biological Oni like battlesuits
I'd play it.

>> No.53232349

8th edition rules because tactical marines, devastator marines, and assault marines are finally able to play like the lore suggests.

It never made sense to me that if I wanted to hit a tank all my bolter dudes had to shoot it too just so the one guy with a missile launcher could fire at it.

>> No.53232370

The only real issues are the psychic stuff, which I've complained about since 6e, the walker thing, the horribly unbalanced formations, and the introduction of flyers/superheavies/gargantuan creatures in normal games.

Again, I say a tweaked version of 5e would be the way to go. Hell, that fake leaked ruleset before 6e dropped would be better than this crap.

And when it comes down to it, as much as I dislike the current edition, I still prefer it to the shit that is 8th edition.

>> No.53232398

Please burn your army.

>> No.53232399

Instead of just calling 8th ed crap, explain what about it is bad and why.
We can only rip apart your arguments if you make one.

>> No.53232403

>People are sometimes using a capital letter while greentexting
> And sometimes, they even put a space after their ">" sign !
>This triggers me so much !
>Oh, I know, I'll show them how much this triggers me by
> Spending a post on
> Complaining about

>> No.53232408

Just like all other edition changes.

>> No.53232440

There aren't really any rules to it, a lot of people just tend to do it a certain way because it's marginally faster.
And it's not a new thing, it's been true for a decade

>> No.53232467

That wasn't the issue. The problem is that the first one is a """quote""" of what someone else said, while the other two are your opinion on the matter
It's to be either one, not both

>> No.53232502

great concept. 40k should be stupid

>> No.53232508

Getting trigger by a thing that has happen for almost a decade now.

>> No.53232534

No dump? Fine then

>> No.53232539

The day when full rules for 8th will become available can't come fast enough. This is torture.

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>> No.53232550

i want to make a list of my existing models for 8th ed

>> No.53232564

>no qt commisar to firmly but fairly restore your morale

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Fluff-wise, I'd say the warpflamer seems more justified. Rotary cannons seem to have been pretty rare in the traitor legions. Still, it's GW's setting and they say that both are suitable so I'd say there isn't a strong argument for one over the other based on background material.

Looks-wise, I prefer the warpflamer. I personally think the soulreaper looks quite awkward with the mixture of baroque and high-tech elements, while the flamer gets it just right. Also, I'm a sucker for those horizontal heavy flamer barrels.

How they work? Well, both of them should be strong against elite infantry and OK against really big, tough single models (wound up to T 9 on a 5+). The soulreaper obviously has a range advantage, which could well be critical for a somewhat slow unit in an army which can't afford too many of them. I expect you will pay for that though.

>> No.53232585


I just want them to release the rules already. this drip feeding got stale a week ago.

>> No.53232593

Just about everything except the bit about creatures becoming less effective as they lost wounds.
The to hit chat in assault and the to wound chart are the best mechanics 40k has, and they're dropping them.
Getting rid of USRs, which are useful since they're, you know, universal.
Movement values
The terribly simplistic morale system
Armour save modifiers
Flat to-hit rolls in assault
Everything being able to wound everything
Removal of initiative
Characters no longer being able to join units
Vehicles using the same rules as creatures
The new psychic system (can we please just go back to a simple Ld test?)

>> No.53232599

Haha thats all folks another solid victory for the brave men and women of the Imperial Guard

>> No.53232601

U fel 4 my ruse m8

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>New morale system screws over units with more models
>To-hit modifiers screw over anyone with bad BS
>Cover adding to saves suck for anyone without a worthwhile save to add it to
>Even if these are balanced by low points cost, have to buy three or four times as many models as marine players for similar price per model

But of course, as an ork layer, that's what I deserve for playing a game-breakingly powerful army.

>> No.53232678

>tfw FLGS WAACfag is spooked his "aeldari" army he spent nearly $1000 on since fracture of biel-tan release will become middle tier at best

>> No.53232679

getting rid of USRs does kinda suck
movement values are great
armor save modifiers are great
flat to hit kinda sucks
ability to wound everything helps balance stuff
vehicles using the same hit point system as dudes is great

>> No.53232723

Go on.
Dont listen to this faget >>53232645

>> No.53232733

>tfw t3

>> No.53232749


yeah but did you read the new strategem rules?

You can pay points to ignore a battleshock test.

I assume Ghaz has a huge bunch of them if you include him.

>> No.53232756

>The to hit chat in assault and the to wound chart are the best mechanics 40k has, and they're dropping them.
wew lad

>> No.53232778


>> No.53232789

A good commisar inspires even in death. I also just noticed that loli commisar doesn't have a shirt covering her belly

>> No.53232790

I want a loli commisar model now.
Where can I get a loli Commisar now?

>> No.53232794

ghaz could remain lord of war which might not be a slot in the most tactically flexible, command pointsy detachment

>> No.53232797

>no matter what happens ork players are victims
Are ork""""""bros""""""" the feminists of 40k players?

>> No.53232804

Shot through the heart
and you're to blame
you give love
a bad name

>> No.53232807


>> No.53232819

Anyone want to give me a hand on what i should pick up for a Raptor army?

>> No.53232831

fixed for realism

>> No.53232848

Are WAACfags all that guy? Are power gamers all WAACfags?

>> No.53232855

>Movement values
The hell is wrong with those? It fixes a lot of stuff with lower tier armies (I'm looking at you hormagaunts.
>Save modifiers
>Vehicles using the same rules as creatures
Oh shit, can't have that. What do you mean the difference between, say, a Necron Spider, a Dreadnought, and a Broadside is bizarre and abitrary?

>> No.53232856


>> No.53232860

>The to hit chat in assault and the to wound chart are the best mechanics 40k has, and they're dropping them.

>Hitting literally everything on 3+ or 4+ except in the rare occasions there are characters with WS7+, in which case they hit on 5+, is so great

>> No.53232861

Scouts, Vanguard veterans and Landspeeders

>> No.53232877

Assuming you roll a 6 for your shots with the battle cannon (which you need, a 5 will leave him with 1 wound), and assuming you hit all 6 shots, wound all 6 shots, then he fails all 6 saves, you still have about a 4% chance to actually roll enough wounds to 1 shot him

It is like, literally billions to 1 that this happens.

>> No.53232887

I thought it would be sexy times...

>> No.53232888


>> No.53232903

>1 casualty
>the whole unit flees


get with the new edition, necronfag

>> No.53232932

Now instead half the unit drops dead.

>> No.53232937

>Are WAACfags all that guy?
But not all Those Guys' are WAACfags

>Are power gamers all WAACfags?
You can powergame without cheating, rule-layering, or otherwise being a insufferable shit.
Hell you don't even have to be a netlister, some power gamer try to find novel and new way to maximize potency in a given army

>> No.53232949

No, commisars will reduce casualties fro-

>> No.53232955

This was part of one of the displays at the Inner Circle display.

>> No.53232961

>Getting rid of USRs, which are useful since they're, you know, universal.

It's too early to say there won't be any rules that cross armies/units.

>Movement values

Yeah, lets just have everyone move at the same speed, no matter if it's an Eldar or a Terminator.

>The terribly simplistic morale system

Ld. 10/Fearless galore.

>Armour save modifiers

AP2 Ignores Cover spam.

>Flat to-hit rolls in assault

You're either stupid or a liar.

>Everything being able to wound everything

Yeah, those Riptides and shit were total bitches.

>Removal of initiative

Lets just see how it'll work out.

>Characters no longer being able to join units

Yet at the same time you can't target them if they're near a unit, etc. So nothing of value was lost.

>Vehicles using the same rules as creatures

You mean like bikes, battlesuits, etc.?

>The new psychic system (can we please just go back to a simple Ld test?)

Have you seen it in operation yet?

>> No.53232967

nice ld2 guardsmen you have there champ

>> No.53232969

what would my army look like. I am basically starting from the ground up. I have some tact marines but that's really it. https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-US/Raven-Guard-Mor-Deythan-Strike-Squad I was going to use this for issodon and proxy for something else because the models are great.

>> No.53232972

So how many Space Marine chapters are just gonna outright say no to Bobby G's bettermarines?

>> No.53232982


one day in one particular game with one set of dice it'll happen. don't you wanna be the guy to beat the odds? beat the house?

>> No.53232991


Not them but Imo they should have changed the WS chart to something more in line with the old S vs T chart so that higher WS meant more advantage.

>> No.53232993


>> No.53232995

>1 dead + d6 going to make anyone flee

>implying the battleshock doesn't happen at the end of the turn anyway

>> No.53232996

You can ignore one battleshock test per phase for the cost of 2 command points.

It seems likely that there will be more than one test each morale phase and, more importantly, there will probably be other things that your opponent can spend their command points on. So while orks have to spend all of theirs just to stop their army disintegrating, everyone else gets piles of re-rolls and other nice shit.

>> No.53233001

is there an option to say yes?

>> No.53233008

Well I've no idea how 8th edition wil work for raptors, the shit i suggested are just their themtic units and the ones that go int Ravenguard/Raptors detachment/formation

>> No.53233010

I think it's ironic that people play a dice game but then do everything in their power to manipulate the rules and their units to make actually rolling dice a mere formality.

Then they bitch when the new edition makes things more random based on dice rolls because "it's too random, it takes away all the skill!"

>> No.53233028


>> No.53233032

>The to hit chart in assault and the to wound chart
It blows chunks and you know it. Under the current system almost everything just hits on 4+ anyway outside of a very small number of units with very high WS and special rules that modify to hit chances. You can achieve a much greater degree of variance while not bogging the game down with pointless charts by having unit specific to hit modifiers.

>and the to wound chart
Is still there, it just has a different shape now that makes high toughness better against high strength but slightly worse against low strength.

>Getting rid of USRs, which are useful since they're, you know, universal.
I mean that's not really that big of a deal, it kinda sucks that every unit will have their own variant of FnP or similar things but getting rid of them also allows the game designers to put all of a units rules in one place and add some more granularity in design to each unit

>Movement values
U wot M8? The move stat is the best thing they could have done to the movement phase and is probably the single greatest change in 8th ed. It offers so much more space for unit balance and game design and finally even adds a bit more tactical depth to the movement phase

>The terribly simplistic morale system
Kinda sucks but not a terrible loss when most armies didn't even use the old one, and when they did it bogged down the entire game

>Armour save modifiers
This is also one of the great changes of 8th ed, finally guns have scalability and no longer will you have situations like AP 3 that was either useless or far too powerful depending on the unit and thus hard to balance appropriately. The relatively low values also means that armor finally matter, especially for armies like Orks and IG who now actually get to take their saves and not rely purely on cover or bodies

>Everything being able to wound everything
Is not that big of a deal when a guardsman has a maybe 1% chance to take a single wound off a 12+ wounds land raider

>> No.53233059

But anon, that's one of the points of building an army. You don't just randomly throw units together, you pick units that complement each other, or have a bit of redundancy.
In the end, if you want to have a higher chance of winning, you need to lessen the effect of negative dice rolls.

>> No.53233065

>Bitching about morale.
>Nevermind the fact that it was almost universally ignored for the past two editions.


>> No.53233072

Why is losing so painful? Why do I feel like crying when I get tabled turn 3? How do I serve the emperor when Eldar keeps wrecking my shit?

>> No.53233077

>Yet ANOTHER woman that plays Tyranids
I swear to God there's something to be explained there. A femanon explained once but I can't remember what she said.

>> No.53233097

>Yeah, those Riptides and shit were total bitches.
Assuming riptide stays t6 2+ as it is now I think it gets more durable in 8th. Lasguns still wound on 6, bolters get to 5+ (27 marine boltshots per wounds against the current 54 per wound) but s8-11 weapons only wound on 3+ instead of 2+ and it will probably gain more wounds just like everyone else. On the offensive side if battlecannon is the gold standard for large blasts we can safely say that Ion accelerator is dead. Good thing we still have heavy burst cannon which looks sexier anyway.

>> No.53233100

>armor save modifiers
There's a lot of bullshit in this post, but let me address this one.
Tell me, what's so great about an AP system where the only values that matter are 2 and 3?

>> No.53233105

No, that's how we ended up with 7th edition death star bullshit. Stacks upon stacks of buffs.

Or did you like having a Ravenwing/WolfStar with Invisibility and 3++ wound shifting?

>> No.53233119

If you can't play female space marines, you pick the cute alien bugs.

>> No.53233124

Women are driven by two primal urges - to eat everything, and to push out lot of babies. Tyranid resonate with both of those.

>> No.53233128

>two editions

More like 5.

>> No.53233131

Tentacle porn.

Also, Nids are not hyper masculine or feminine.

>> No.53233142

never played against anything like that

lol why should i care about shitters

>> No.53233145

Don't forget rerollable saves!

>> No.53233163

Personally I prefer https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-US/Raven-Guard-Dark-Fury-Assault-Squad

>> No.53233166


>Removal of initiative
Alternating activation is a much more interesting system, now you actually have to put some though into the fight sub phase rather than just rolling buckets of dice and seeing who has the better averages.

>Characters no longer being able to join units
Now they basically just auto join all of the units their standing next to, there's really not that much change here other than that you can no longer build multi character death stars.

>vehicles using the same rules as creatures
I will mourn the loss of different AV for different sides but I get why they changed it and nothing else of value was lost.

>The new psychic system
Is basically a better version of the old one, except now more powerful powers will be harder to cast. Which is a much better balancing mechanic than just buying powers for points and won't end with just all psykers having to be Ld 10 by necessity

>> No.53233192

I want to play Grey Knights but everything so far points to Blood Angels being way better this edition.

>Pistols in assault
>Chargers attack first
>Flamers auto hit and D6 wounds
>Hand flamers and Inferno Pistols are finally worth taking
>Independent characters can't join units, everyone is basically the Sanguinor now - AOE buffs
>Fast vehicles and Jump Packs are our speciality
>Wondering what sort of crazy rules they have planned for Death Company

>> No.53233194

I wish more armies could field Command Squads as an HQ choice. It doesn't seem right for a captain to be leading a couple of marines and a venerable dreadnought into a small skirmish.

>> No.53233195

Gender neutral faction (for the most part).

And space nuns is a poor choice for female gamers.

>> No.53233231

What if tyranids are like bees and ants and are actually a large force of mostly female nids?

>> No.53233234

I want to make a Space Marine army super bad right now, but before I really get into it I also need to see if they actually fucked everything up with Numarines.
And I can't decide on a chapter

>> No.53233238

How so?
I am a chick and always kinda liked the Sisters... only that sadly GW isn't giving them some love with better molds and stuff

>> No.53233249

What I meant was that you shouldn't just have a single unit to cover an important role. Knowing the weakness of your army and building accordingly is important. If you struggle against tanks, maybe you should get more anti-tank weaponry?
I actually want the exact opposite of a deathstar unit. More units, so you don't get tabled the second your super-mega-important unit dies to a bad dice roll.

>> No.53233254

They are just cute animals

>> No.53233258

I was already starting a space marine force when the new edition came out. I lucked out though, since I was making a homebrew chapter that's really focused on history and tradition, so if Numarines are dumb I can have them think so as well and it be fitting.

Only thing that concerns me is chapter tactics and how to kit out characters with point costs for the variety of gear being so different.

>> No.53233271

ya'll pray to ynnead and yvraine today?

>> No.53233279

>I am a chick

>> No.53233288

Remove Ynnari
You're worst Aeldari

>> No.53233314

Isn't that canon anyway? As in, the more important creatures are female, as far as one can tell, to breed and do most of the heavy work required for tyrannoforming, while the (even more) expendable males throw themselves into the meatgrinder? Guess this would tie neatly with their insect theme.

>> No.53233329

For me its the Space Wolves

>> No.53233346

Unthinking vermin with a drive to consume and destroy everything they encounter.

>> No.53233348

I mean isn't that basically how it is?
Most nids are workers, stuff like Hive Tyrants are drones and stuff like Norn Queens are self explanatory.

>> No.53233349

>tfw warhammer based channels start doing political bs

>> No.53233360

Tyranids have no gender, though their spacebound specimens that churn out hordes of warrior forms could be considered female I think.

>> No.53233364

Building Minotaurs right now. If I like NuMarines and they are good, everythings fine, as the High Lords executioners will find a way to get them.
If not, I can rely on their whole "Fuck our ban from Ultramar, we never wanted to have anything to do with you anyway." And maybe still nib some weapons from NuMarines while staying true to their fluff

>> No.53233378


Arch has always been political.

>> No.53233384

jesus christ how horrifying
irritating voice to boot

>> No.53233392

Is the yours 1sr Arch vid?

>> No.53233405

>feminists perspective

Instantly disregarded. Women do deserve equal rights, but feminists are just a special breed of SJW that are particularly talented at creating issues where there are none.

>> No.53233411

I'm sorry, your whole religion is just part of Cegorach great plan to save the Eldar race

But don't worry, your sacrifice will not be forgotten. We'll make a great ballad about it

>> No.53233415

just throwing in my 2c. not that guy.

>unit specific to hit modifiers.
or you could just make WS matter more?

>high toughness better against high strength
No it makes Toughness much better than strength due to the difficulty of acquiring S8+ and the relative ease of finding T4-6. Mostly just makes T3 even more awful than T4 since things like autocannons, scatter lasers and all other high-volume firepower will wound T3 on 2+ and space marines on 3+.

>game designers to put all of a units rules in one place and add some more granularity in design to each unit
Have you seen the Thousand sons dataslate?
What does death to the false emperor do? Because it sure as fuck isn't on their dataslate. How many points does a unit of 10+1 thousand sons cost? Also missing from the dataslate. They haven't improved in the slightest since you still have to refer to 3+ locations for every single unit.

>The move stat is the best thing....
I don't know if you know this, but there was more than 1 way of moving in 7th/6th/5th/4th. Terminators have slow and purposeful while eldar have fleet and can both run and shoot. There were even units that could do things like move 12" or even more! You even had units that could move in the assault phase even if they weren't charging.
Replacing all that with M values isn't a bad idea to reduce complexity but don't you dare pretend that Initiative wasn't one of the most flavorful stats in the game.

I don't think it bogged down the game but also have no problem with giving people old fearless universally. Plus, my current melee army is already operating more or less under those rules (daemons).

>Save modifiers
People have been calling for these forever. I do not see an issue here.

>Is not that big of a deal when a guardsman has a maybe 1% chance to take a single wound off a 12+ wounds land raider
That is a reasonable event. I don't like the fact that a LoC can be oneshot by a demolisher or other nonsense like that though.

>> No.53233416


Yes. Low model count games are the best kind of games anyway, don't fall for the BIG ARMY scheme.

>> No.53233429

>Wasting ammunition on dead men
0/11 Would not die with

>> No.53233431

If you se a dogshit on the ground do you pick that up and show it to people as well?

>> No.53233459


>> No.53233483

So guys, I made a thing, what do you think?

>> No.53233496

>Video is almost 1,5 years old
>hehe, I know, I'll post it in the 40kg for a massive supply of (you)s
Here, for you.

>> No.53233501

I was watching some vids who were nice and just dealt with 40k. but it seems everything has to be a SJW vs anit-SJW war now adays


no you don't know you are a big dumb clown hmpf
>crosses eldar arms


>> No.53233504

Mercy is a legitimate use of the Emperor's ammunition.

>> No.53233514

how many killa kans and dreds will I be able to run in 8th?

>> No.53233520

not why I did it but ok smarty

>> No.53233537

you can field as many as you want, big boy

>> No.53233538

All of them. I don't think there will be a limit on how many units are allowed to run, though it is in the movement phase rather than the shooting phase.

>> No.53233551

>Not using your Emperor given ammunition to kill his enemies and avenge your fallen comrades

>> No.53233553

>soi soi motherfucker

>> No.53233559

There are plenty of stupid things on the internet. We don't even need a galaxy spanning Imperium for that. But you don't need to share them here. Especially when the whole point is that it's shit no one should care about.

>> No.53233571


>> No.53233574


>> No.53233580

>Replacing all that with M
Except their not doing that, we already know that battle focus is still in so in all likelihood we are getting all the old movement rules while also having base movement that varies from unit to unit.
No longer will a slow and plodding plague marine be exactly as fast as and Eldar harlequinn base.

>Have you seen the Thousand sons dataslate?
It's quite clear that what they posted isn't even close to the real thing, it's clearly a cut down version they made for the preview.

>or you could just make WS matter more?
You could but the current system is also fine and I get why they were trying to get rid of all the charts for stat comparison.
Though this system does allow you to more easily do things that affect hit chances asymmetrically.

>> No.53233593

>It's quite clear that what they posted isn't even close to the real thing, it's clearly a cut down version they made for the preview.

>> No.53233600

time to fix up all my old orks. I haven't played regularly since 5th edition (which was probably my favorite out of playing 2nd-7th)

I'm excited for 8th, I've missed 40k

>> No.53233604

Play shadow war

>> No.53233605 [DELETED] 

Quick, I need the image where marines fly their ship into Nurgle/his minion while rocking.
Your efforts shall be rewarded with a rare pepe that is only one week old.

>> No.53233623 [DELETED] 

Why is it, given the setting that 40kg fags are so left leaning?

>> No.53233648


>> No.53233651


thought everyone who cares a little for the setting knows that.

>> No.53233654

Humm Not THAT's a potential use for the Tiger II I got in my used lot.

>> No.53233658

roaches moved into anatolia in the 10th century ad
he's most likely a Hittite

>> No.53233659

Search for that shit youself, I ain't spoon feeding you you big baby.

>> No.53233663


> He saved the thumbnail.

You've just fucking ruined my day.

>> No.53233665

Oh, don't worry, we'll only see Ultramarines from here on out!

>> No.53233669

The Emperor is no pauper. We need not be so miserly as to deny His soldiers a quick death. Besides, dying soldiers can be worse for morale than dead ones. Commissars have been mercy-killing forever.

>> No.53233684


>> No.53233691

Question. How normal would it be for noise marines to keep their Emperor's children iconography? I got some kakophoni modles from FW but plan to use them in 40k rather than 30k and I'm wondering if I should keep the wing and claw shoulder pads or swap them out. I'm leaning towards keeping them.

>> No.53233698


>> No.53233701


>> No.53233710

>How so?
>only that sadly GW isn't giving them some love with better molds and stuff
You answered your own question.

>> No.53233714


No, those units will just get more wounds.

When a warhound Titan has like 70 wounds and is T12 you're not going to give a single shit about lasguns shooting at it.

>> No.53233722

It's a game for children, and young people tend to be left-wing.

>> No.53233724

keep 'em man, it looks ace, and it wouldnt be too weird for some to keep their legion colours.

I'm doing the exact same thing with my EC army, cause fuck pink

>> No.53233746

lets not do this

>> No.53233750 [DELETED] 

Thank you

>> No.53233751


That means literally nothing though. Only an idiot for example would be afraid of charging his unit into some grots out of fear that the grots will win.

Probability always trumps anecdotes.

>> No.53233752

That would make them a "bad" choice for anybody, has nothing to do with being a chick

>> No.53233766

>fuck pink
anon do you even like the best color?

>> No.53233795

After all, isn't that what a Commissar is doing when they shoot a coward? Those men were already dead inside.

>> No.53233796 [DELETED] 

Do not engage /pol/bait , do not reply to /pol/ bait metaposts, report and hide.

This metapost will self-destruct.

>> No.53233801


I dont get your question.

>> No.53233818

> they were trying to get rid of all the charts for stat comparison.

You do realize the new S vs T is just a chart presented based on the rules it follows rather than graphically?
They probably did that because they realized nobody used the S/T chart and instead rendered the system down based on the rules they defined for it.

>> No.53233824

If they're a bad choice for anybody, then they are by extension a bad choice for female gamers.

>> No.53233862

I like it,but i dont the way it looks on some painted minis i've seen online.
I do pink highlights tho

>> No.53233867

>best color
>not green
Gitz gonna git

>> No.53233868


>> No.53233889


I've explained this before faggot: it's the colors.

Women like to play Tyranids and Daemons more then anything because of their color pallettes and somewhat more abstract, organic designs.

>> No.53233919

>green is best color
>posts image of a red scrapheap

>> No.53233925

Low quality molds and literally the only force that has all females and they are still subserviant to a man, the emperor.

Basically GW is saying the only strong woman faction for humanity are those who devote themselves to the patriarchy.

Are there female guardsman? Sure, but GW doesn't make models for them. You'll need to buy from a third party.

>> No.53233928

> but don't you dare pretend that Initiative wasn't one of the most flavorful stats in the game
are you delusional ? initiative made 0 sense for anything but initiative tests and weapons that reduced your initiative to 1 causing you to strike last
in 7th the melee fase is a dice rolling fest that could just as easily be automated , nothing you do, aside from maybe calling a challenge will affect the result of it in any way, it was boring and heavily favored high initiative factions. rapid movements should be represented in a higher weapon skill.
The two "flavorful" stats , T and S are still in, which is a huge relief

>> No.53233933

Any rules that compare values based on certain parameters could be made to use a chart, the difference is that this one can also be elegantly be explained through text alone.
By contrast, the old wound chart was mostly like that but was weirdly arbitrary at the edges and the old WS chart was just nonsense.

>> No.53233939

it can look bad sometimes I painted my marines classic black and pink but I understand

smelly greenskin

so liking bright colors means you are a women?

>> No.53233954

considering they still call themselves emps chilluns to mock him i don't see why they wouldn't keep the iconography either

>> No.53234005

But anon my nids are a nice dark tan.

>> No.53234016


>> No.53234025

Male to female "chicks" don't count anon.

>> No.53234032

>feminists are just a special breed of SJW
>Not SJWs are just a special breed of feminists
Most feminists I know are pretty chill about things. SJWs, like most radical idealists, push things too far.

>> No.53234065

Bright colors and giving birth.

>> No.53234067

the old wound chart was still explainable by words
start at 4+ to wound for equal S/T
+1 for each point of T above the S with a 7+ reverting to a 6+ and an 8+ being impossible
-1 for each point of S above T down to a minimum of 2+
weapon skill was the tough one

>> No.53234071

>so liking bright colors means you are a women?

>> No.53234073

Maybe I just only met the wrong kind then.

>> No.53234095

Exactly. Hell, in Europe, where we don't have too many crazy SJW, sensible feminists don't like them, since it gives them a bad name. Just like well integrated and hard working immigrants or children of will hate the rowdy newcomers with a passion, because they get to lose hard earned credibility because of people being shitbags.

>> No.53234097


>> No.53234106

>weapon skill was the tough one
Not really, weapon skill is easier. Opponent WS is double yours 5+ to hit, then below that untill equal 4+, if lower then 3+. Bit boring actually, it's almost always 4+ or 3+.

>> No.53234108

>7+ reverting to a 6+
This is what I meant about it getting weird at the edges.
Just saying 4+ at equal, 3+ at greater strength, 5+ at greater toughness, 2+ at double strength and 6+ at double toughness is a lot simpler.

>> No.53234127

More diverse Tau Auxiliaries, official Gue'vesa support hopefully... Who am I kidding, we're gonna get more Battlesuits and Farsight.

>> No.53234134

>weapon skill was the tough one
If your ws is greater you hit on 3+
If your ws is equal or worse you hit on 4+
If your ws is less than half of your target you hit on 5+

>> No.53234157

lotr sbg wound chart took a while to get used to

>> No.53234164


But everything used to be bright back in the days when it was grimderp instead of grimdark.

>> No.53234167

oh i do agree with you
just saying that the old S/T system was not all that hard to comprehend whereas the WS usually required us to open up the reference
heh you're right i'dd never noticed that

>> No.53234169

no cus sisters are going to get squatted and honestly deserve to be.

>> No.53234175

So why aren't they all playing space marines?

>> No.53234200

wait was he being serious I thought he as trolling

>> No.53234203


>> No.53234207

>so liking bright colors means you are a women?
I seem to remember women having an increased sensibility towards colours explained by having the role of gatherers when humans were hunters-gatherers

but I don't know how much of that is pseudoscience

>> No.53234231

the difference, while statistically significant, is trivial in magnitude

>> No.53234240

i wish i could use pocket sand on all the shitposters

>> No.53234245

i'm a male and love bright vibrant colors and flamboyant designs and I think that might be pseudoscience pink happens to be my favourite color

>> No.53234253

You take as many of the xeno scum with you as you can, soldier. Learn from your defeats and improve if you can, but above all... keep fighting.

>> No.53234262

Because everyone was gay back then. How do you think stuff lile disco and Saturday night fever happened?

>> No.53234286


More like they deserve to be folded into a single codex alongside the Inquisition, Grey Knights, Imperial Knights and Deathwatch like ye olden days of 3rd Edition where they were just clumped into a list with Imperial support elements before Codex creep ruined the game forever.

>> No.53234288

Oh yes, being able to spot blue berries among dark grene leaver, or telling unripe orange from ripe red berries as opposed to being able to judge distance and trajectories.

But can you tell hot pink from magenta and fuchsia?

>> No.53234291

Women are less likely to be colour blind, and more likely to be the opposite (having extra types of cones on their retina) - though whether that actually makes them more colour sensitive isn't proven.

Mostly it's just training. Average women spend more time fussing about colours than men, so they are better at spotting differences.

>> No.53234293

Because the Emperor protects. Always.

>> No.53234306

traps dont count as chicks.

>> No.53234309

Some color distinctions reside in X chromosome so in average women will be better at colour than men by simply having more chance to get those genes.

Same as color blind you are more likely to be color blind as man than as a women.

Why this happens? The fuck if I know evolution is random as fuck. Pandas exist and they are bloody carnivores that eat giant grass. Hell they are so lazy that their reproduce almost by accident

>> No.53234327


i hope someone paints some nu marines like that

>> No.53234330

>i love vibrant colors and flamboyant designs
im right with you family

>> No.53234366

Panda's are actually that lazy because they get so little sustenance from eating bamboo that they need to save as much energy as they can. So they do as little as possible.

Pandas as a species seem to have decided to commit honourable sudoku at some point or something.

>> No.53234369

Is Age of Sigmar fun? Thinking of picking it up because way more grills play it.

>> No.53234396

Well their armor is new, fresh out of the factotum, and shiny so it should be bright and bold.

>> No.53234397


It's still the way I paint Marines to this day, simply because it was how I was taught Marines should be painted when I first started playing 40K.

I never paint anything crusty looking or dirty or battle damaged, because the setting is dumb and should be treated as the hilarious heavy metal album cover parody setting it actually is.

>> No.53234399

no its terrible, but im also still butthurt over whf being killed. i miss my giant blocks and wheeling and just everything about fantasy.

>> No.53234408

Pink is my favorite color, too.

>> No.53234419

I really want GW to bring back cyboar riders. I always loved those models.

>> No.53234426

Ask their general.

If you want girlgame malifail's your best bet.

>> No.53234445


>when sister fags think they speak for everyone

>> No.53234463

>I never paint anything crusty looking or dirty or battle damaged, because the setting is dumb and should be treated as the hilarious heavy metal album cover parody setting it actually is.
I'm slowly getting to love the bright and saturated colour schemes like that too

to the point I'm planning to update my nids to follow a colour scheme I suggested to another anon some threads ago

>> No.53234473

is he wrong though?

>> No.53234483

my brothers!

good question atm probably no but ill get to know the colors better thanks

>> No.53234487

>Unstoppable Ferocity: +1S and Attack whether you charge or get charged

>> No.53234489

I always feel like the more dull, dirty, and battle damaged color schemes are so popular because they're pretty easy ways to cover up a lack of painting skill which is why I use them for a lot of models

>> No.53234498

Is Khaine best dad or bestest dad? I don't remember the Emperor hugging any of his sons.

>> No.53234514

just looked them up they are all gorgeous colors but the difference is easy to see

>> No.53234521

emperor had had many children before his primarchs whom he hugged

>> No.53234524

Khaine might be the best, or even bestest, dad, but Slaanesh will always be the best daddy.

>> No.53234536


Brightnids best nids.

>> No.53234554

I mean, if you're gonna claim grimdark means gritdark, and bitch about the lack of muted colors or realistic weathering on someone's minis, I'm gonna bitch about the Earth-like terrain you based your mini with despite the fact that your chapter isn't fighting on Terra. Even if they were, Terra doesn't have Earth-like terrain anymore.

>> No.53234561

I dunno about that. Alivia Sureka, who was a fellow Perpetual of the Emperor and companion to him since the days of ancient Terra, was sterile. Perhaps all Perpetuals are sterile.

>> No.53234572

I wouldn't hug my tools either.

>> No.53234575

then explain daughters of the emperor

>> No.53234620


>> No.53234664

>that moment when you realize the Emperor was space Allah all along

>> No.53234665

That's not really the issue. Model your shit how you like. It's just annoying that GW seems to prefer muted, sombre palettes these days when the old bright ones suit the absurdity of the setting better. It's literally just the "Why do they seem to take this shit so seriously these days?" complaint about paints.

>> No.53234667

I don't IG, what's FRFSRF?

>> No.53234687

I love Mailifaux. Never met any female players though.

>> No.53234692

So neckbeards are pacifists?

>> No.53234695

Fuckin Run For Safety Real Fast

>> No.53234698


>> No.53234701

First Rank Fire
Second Rank Fire

Best IG order.

>> No.53234703

1st rank fire, 2nd rank fire -order. One squad can double tap with lasguns.

>> No.53234704

First rank fire, second rank fire.
It used to be +1 lasgun shot, not is x2 lasgun shots.

>> No.53234705

Fuck reddit fuck ShareBlue rape faggots

>> No.53234707


>> No.53234715

>not even Äéld-årï

>> No.53234727

It's got the largest percentage of females, though it's moderated by lower overall number of players.

it's closer to the 1/15 mark, as opposed to warhammer's 1/80, or warmachines 1/~200

>> No.53234729

War is the natural, glorious state of mankind. Without it we are nothing.

>> No.53234751

khorne otherkin pls go

>> No.53234752


>> No.53234755

T isn't a flavorful stat as not only can everything hurt everything now but it can also be represented by an arbitrarily large number of wounds.

I works independently of movement (being on a jetbike or having a jump pack doesn't mean high Initiative despite increasing movement) and accurately resembles a model's ability to swiftly react to events. If you are opposed to the idea of high I armies always going first in combat a logical change that preserves the idea of rapid response would be to force a unit-wide Initiative test to go first. Chargers going first makes little sense if you imagine an ethereal charging a squad of GK with halberds or some lumbering ogryn going after an Autarch or Keeper of Secrets. It makes even less sense when there are units like Space Wolves who have counter attack and will charge out of cover in response to being charged. Measuring one's ability to strike first is often a staple in game systems as it helps create distinct archetypes. If you aren't looking at the Warrior/Thief dynamic and are a little more modern you can consider the assault rifle/sniper dynamic. Even in real life one's ability to react before others is a benefit in close combat. If someone throws a punch at me it is entirely possible for me to parry, dodge, or brace myself given that I have enough time to react. I have no clue how you imagine measuring a unit's ability to react being nonsensical. Please explain how Initiative was not a flavorful stat.

>> No.53234767

I have no idea how to order from Chinaman. Shit would be cash for shit that's out of production

>> No.53234768

Says who?

>> No.53234791

Still not a real improvement. You're probably better off trying to seduce a nomie girl to the dork side than find a dorky girl.

I guess you've got the bonus of mostly competing against neckbeards. But even then the handful of nerd girls I've met in real life are gross or chubs.

>> No.53234792

Your codex is literally called Khorne Otherkin lol

>> No.53234817

>Shit would be cash for shit that's out of production

Sure it would but usually people buy a dozen contemptor dreads (and ruin them by sticking on bags or grass on them) and say BASED CHINAMAN up and down threads

>> No.53234826

very rare to find anything meaningful OoP

>> No.53234840

>being this jelly-jelly we're the only ones who got daemonkin
Worship heathen gods? Get fucked like heathen gods.

>> No.53234850 [DELETED] 

why does the human race bother?

>> No.53234851

How pathological is your addiction?
My set:
>Dark Eldar
>Genestealer cults
>Imperial Knights

Plus, I got a box of Deathwatch marines, and a box of Rubic Marines.
I am thinking of getting into Tzeench deamons plus Thousand Sons, and Tau.
I also have Sylvaneth stuff for Age of Sigmar, and the sky dworfs are tempting me something fierce.
Someone kill me.

>> No.53234869

most bland chaos god in the galaxy

>> No.53234872

I've got a pretty wide variety, though I've also gotten a lot better about finishing things before moving on and buying something else.

>> No.53234877


I have over 2000 warhammer models.

But I'm starting to sell shit off I can't deal with all of this stuff anymore.

>> No.53234887

No anon, I don't support schizophrenia like believing that you're a helicopter trapped in a human body.

>> No.53234892

>Still not a real improvement. You're probably better off trying to seduce a nomie girl to the dork side than find a dorky girl.

Oh definitely, most nerdettes that move about in public have either paired up or grown numb/spoiled for choice by constant blunt advances.

>> No.53234911

But it's literally not...

>> No.53234920

I want to sell some stuff aswell mostly orks and old models how do you do it anon?

>> No.53234925

>degenerate slaneeshcuck thinks his opinion matters
Top kek, I will shit fury upon you and come back as a Daemon when you kill me, then shit fury upon you and come back again and again and again.

Khorne I love Blood Tithes.

>> No.53234927

I wish that I had gotten any good at that.
I haven't even touched my models in over a month.
I dread the idea of selling my stuff. It would be an admission of having a made a terrible mistake.

>> No.53234931

>mfw my little plastic men are always a favorite of the firls I bring back to the flat
>some even tried painting then fawned all over me saying how great I was when I'm tabletop quality at best

It's all about the attitude lads.

>> No.53234936

Look at the fucking cover. It literally says

>> No.53234945

Good god. I'm glad I'm not at that point. Having to move places every year means I have to save space, and this way I save money.

>> No.53234946

Yeah, I do work pretty slowly, but I've found a system that works. I'll usually pick out all the bits from one model, set them on my desk, and then have those bits stare me in the face until I assemble and paint them.

>> No.53234958

>slaneeshcuck so assblasted he's already projecting his degeneracy
Top kek, your butthurt feeds my God.

>so subjerged in his disgusting fetish he literally can't read
top kek

>> No.53234960

Cadians (2e)
Marines (1e)
Dark Elder (3e)
Necrons (metal)
Chaos Marines
Grey Knights
2 armorcast reavers, 2 armorcast warhounds
30k Night Lords

>> No.53234961

my goddess has flavour and plenty of sexy stronk demon women she also stands for more complex concepts. khorne is rawr we like blood and killing your like a more angry space marine

>> No.53234967

Used to own 2k+ of:
>Chaos Daemons


But I've been downsizing hard.
My Orks are still going strong as are my CSM.
All other armies have been put up for sale.
My Empire sold amazingly well as did the Daemons
The meta meant only half my Eldar sold
8th meant I only got rid of the Corvus from my Deathwatch

>> No.53234969


I've had success selling units in local classifieds. Probably gonna have to turn to Ebay for single character models though.

>> No.53234977

It says Daemonkin you mong.

>> No.53234981

I'm not a slaaneshcuck, cheetahfag. I'm sorry if your codex is literally Tumblr.

>> No.53234982

you just walk outside and bring girls into your home is this not illegal?

>> No.53234991

>mfw I have to move at the end of this month from my one room apartment.
>mfw need the help of my parents who are not even aware of the extent of my pathology.

I'm thinking of just packing all of my warham boxes into generic brown boxes and hoping that my folks don't ask too many questions.

>> No.53234996

>Eldar spiritstones are Slaanesh's poop
>Whenever Slaanesh devours an Eldar soul, the waste comes out as a spiritstone
>That's why Croneworlds are littered with countless spiritstones. They are the result of Slaanesh eating trillions of Eldar at once

The Eldar have poop over everything. They are into scat. DISGUSTING!

>> No.53235004

But it LITERALLY doesn't... Go the fuck back to your containment board, you sad loser.

>> No.53235013

Point out to me where it says Daemon. It's Otherkin.

>> No.53235024


>Y-yes your models are a-amazing.. p-please d-dont hurt me...

>> No.53235032


>> No.53235035

It literally says it right there!


How are you guys not reading this?

>> No.53235039

>muh sexy daemon traps
>better than getting superpowers for killing cucks, aliens, heathens and degenerates in glorious melee combat
Kek, shit taste.

>> No.53235043

>tfw no gf who likes 40k
>tfw no gf at all

>> No.53235045

I've got an Orks army tof finish painting, with a few more unit I need to assemble (twenty boyz and one trukk) but I've a already bought a few Space Marine kits and three Broadside Battlesuits. I've decreed no more non-Ork things until I've finished painting my Orks.

>> No.53235050


Who now?
Is this someone to take serious

>> No.53235051

i got total of 8 armies between 40k and whfb, i started collecting 10 years ago and i haven't fully painted any of my armies, with Tyranids being the only army even close to painted with only Tervigon, 10 or so stealers, exocrine and 20 gants left

>> No.53235055


>show chick my models
>she said and I quote, "nice dolls"

>> No.53235056

This is the oddest troll I have seen in a long time.

>> No.53235059

>Oh wow, my mistake

It's okay Anon, we know reading is hard.

>> No.53235077

>Khornefag is either so pathetically lonely he has to resort to this level of trolling, or literally cannot read.

>> No.53235082

He's been cropping up lately. Intentionally misreading things and accusing people of gaslighting him when corrected.

Best thing to do is either ignore him or insist that he's agreeing with you by also ignoring what words mean.

>> No.53235086


its the same guy who had an autistic rant about gaslighting and refuses to be wrong so he ends up falling back on 'le ebin troll xd' as a strategy.

>> No.53235087

It's all about exposure to people.
My school days are way past and I'm not into booze, gymsshit or thumpa-thump so that leaves precious little contact with "the market".

>> No.53235089

Anon, look at >>53235004. It's clearly Khorne Otherkin.


I'm not an Otherkin though, I'm just an anon pointing out that the codex is titled Khorne Otherkin.

What does gaslighting mean?

>> No.53235090


>> No.53235099

He's been shitting on Khorne the entire time. Why are you false flagging?

>> No.53235102

Well she isn't wrong.

>> No.53235109

>What does gaslighting mean?

Something that doesn't fit this sort of context at all, but we've already established that he doesn't understand words, so whatever.

I was a bit doubtful that you were him, but you wouldn't have picked out my post otherwise.

>> No.53235116

yes im sure a bunch of dudes yelling about blood makes a great drama and narrative dumbass khornefag

khorne is just an angry boring god with now taste

>> No.53235119

stop responding to the epic bait

>> No.53235120


>> No.53235121

I guess.
I still love them. I want plastic sisters so I can start collecting them. I don't even care if they are not that good on the table. I want a sisters army damnit.

>> No.53235124

No I'm serious, I don't know what you mean by gaslighting.

>> No.53235128 [DELETED] 


stop responding. just report him.

>> No.53235131

>tfw picking up 40k to improve my social life

>> No.53235133

best god more strong daemonettes to make me their bitch!

>> No.53235135

They can't say no if they're not awake anon.
It's like painting, practice makes perfect. I was bullied for years, could barely talk to a girl before dropping my spaghettis, and now I'm the one that gets the banter from my frienss because I broke my bed with one of the girls I regularly sleep with.
There's hope for everyone.

>> No.53235150

Well you lot seem to be having fun.

How does it feel not to have new plastics?

>> No.53235154

how will that help

a good one of the "you guys are just depressed with confidence comes tones of girls from out of the woodwork"

>> No.53235161


>> No.53235165

>T isn't a flavorful stat as not only can everything hurt everything now
that's beside the point.
>but it can also be represented by an arbitrarily large number of wounds.
the wounds needn't be arbitrary bigger animals can endure much more than smaller animals no matter whose skin is thickest
> Even in real life one's ability to react before others is a benefit in close combat. If someone throws a punch at me it is entirely possible for me to parry, dodge, or brace myself given that I have enough time to react. I have no clue how you imagine measuring a unit's ability to react being nonsensical
which could be represented by a higher weapon skill in the 7th ed system or a special rule regarding saves in melee in 8th
a whole unit always striking first because "they are slightly faster" doesn't make sense, makes me think of lotr elves and that's not a positive thing.
Sure now we still have an i go you go system but atleast it gives benefits to players who maneuver smartly (and high initiative armies will have a benefit here since they're also the ones who'll get better movement) and turns the assault phase from a dice rolling phase that's already whose outcome is already decided to a phase that is just as tactful as the movement phase or the shooting phase
chargers striking first does make sense to some degree considering overwatch is a thing, the defenders quickly fire some last second pot shots before scrambling to ready any melee weapons they might have while the people charging are already prepped for melee combat

>> No.53235166

>tfw that's me too
>tfw every time i go into a store to play, i never bring my dudes inside
>tfw i just walk around the shop, buy a box, and walk out like nothing happened

>> No.53235169

If I was getting laid thanks to gyming, it wouldn't be with girls anon. But being a student helps to be on the market yes.

>> No.53235172 [SPOILER] 

>being this low-tier into Slaanesh
get out

>> No.53235174


>mfw khorne berserkers are getting "great new rules" but still have those ugly as fuck 30 year old plastics

>> No.53235176

Unlike with video games and anime you have to actually leave your basement and interact with humans face to face.
That's what I think his reasoning is.

>> No.53235190

S-soon, anon... soon.
We chaosfags should all put aside our differences and concentrate on the real threat, that upstart Emperor!

>> No.53235195

Playing toy soldiers with other autistic man-children will be an improvement in my social life.

>> No.53235196

What kinda Orks you looking to move? I'm just getting into them.

>> No.53235211

Sorry but a million boobs won't beat the dick-skirt.

>> No.53235215

All the girls who played the game around my area played Nids and Nurgle aligned CSM

>> No.53235231

For me it was nids and Chaos Deamons, usually Tzeentch.

>> No.53235256


>> No.53235262

Maybe not tons and it certainly didn't happen overnight. Rather several years and I needed a hard reboot, leaving my country, basically starting over when I went to Uni.
Without anyone to say you're a massive nerd, you can just BEE URSELF to the new people you meet. That and the fact that people were more mature so I didn't feel as judged. But god it felt good to be finally "normal".

It'll take time before you accept yourself. I still don't from time to time. Auto persuasion works little by little. We're all going to make it.

>> No.53235267

>vaginal jews attracted to misery and scheming
Pure coincidence.

>> No.53235268

>all this talk about wanting a GF
>especially one for the hobby

I don't actually understand this at all. People, especially significant others, are tiring and stressful. I sincerely doubt most of you >tfwnogf people could even handle having someone else in your life.

Fucking talk to someone then. That's 100% your fault. Here's a hint: no one gives a shit. If you don't ask about playing, then don't complain that you're not playing.

>> No.53235300

The true form is pretty Slaanesh too all things considered.

>> No.53235314 [DELETED] 

a battlewagon 10 nobz meganobz and some lootas plus some left over bits and a slightly damaged deff dread new model

maybe although I find most of them insufferable

even been outside thanks many times i'm a student so interact with many people girls don't fall into your lap and I don't see what anime and vidoe games has to do with this what are you the cool kid who doesn't like animes?

whatever talk to me when you have issues and a shitty childhood then factor in that my type of sexuality is rarer then ever don't talk to me like i'm not as good as you

>> No.53235331

>all this bullshit "tfw no gf" talk

Can we just get back to talking about how great 8th is gonna be? We have more confidence about fighting over rulesets than that guy does with talking to grills.

>> No.53235366

I bet my terminators will be better than your terminators.

>> No.53235371

>muh drama
Yeah I know all about slaneeshcucks being emotional like women. Real men have fun on the battlefield.

>muh dik

>> No.53235376

i wish we had an idea of 8th flyer rules already
i still think i'm going to get this one regardless if it means i won't get any laser destroyers to cheese out my AT in 8th

>> No.53235379

but are your terminators pink

>> No.53235402

>tfw no gf talk
Where? I want to make fun of those weak faggots.

>> No.53235403

But my terminators are T5 and strike at str8 AP 3 at initiative anon.

>> No.53235404

I'm just glad I procrastinated SO FUCKING HARD about making my custom Kabal/Twin Archons rulesets to go against my friends custom Space Otters chapter.

>> No.53235405

If I wasn't willing to deal with insufferable people I wouldn't keep coming here.

>> No.53235406

>my type of sexuality is rarer then ever
Oh that explains it. You're a fucking snowflake.
I for one hopes my assault oriented army willl be proper. I can't wait to see more Hordes armies like Orks and Nids, they are the most fun adversaries since I'm very effective against Infantry with my own infantry in CC.

>> No.53235407

I want Fulgrim to bully me

>> No.53235424

delet this

>> No.53235425

You mother-fucker, those are fighting words if I've ever heard em.

Also how great is it that Termies are better now? Got the 2 wounds they needed and armor modifiers make them even more durable(invulns are still in too).

>> No.53235453

Add the fact that Sweeping Advances seem to have been removed and you take out one of their main drawbacks as well.

>> No.53235455

I'm really hyped for my Chaos Terminators. One squad with axes and Combi-plasma, striking first and with unlimited plasma shots, and another squad with claws that won't have problems charging into terrain now.

>> No.53235461 [DELETED] 

>le tough guy
lol "I love being a strong muscle bound testosterone driven ape man" if you are to stupid to like a good narrative

you are a stronger man than me
>le internet tough guy

you are an idiot you think I choose to like what I like id call it a fetish if it didn't affect me as a whole don't assume shit ignorant fuck
Id rather be bullied and dominated by a sexy greater daemon of slaanesh but fulgrim is cool dude

>> No.53235462

I hope invulns are counted as an FNP type save, like they would be realistically speaking (considering that the forcefield and the armor would both serve to protect the terminator at once)

>> No.53235485

Actually armour mods make them less durable vs most targets since now you're being affected by AP 3 and AP 4 weapons, meanwhile AP -4 and AP -3 already hit the invuln threshold so there's no difference there.
Still the second wound will probably be enough since it forces you're opponent to you multi damage anti tank weapons on your terminators rather than drowning them in small arms fire.

>> No.53235495

>you are an idiot you think I choose to like what I like id call it a fetish if it didn't affect me as a whole don't assume shit ignorant fuck

>> No.53235505

pretty bad, desu

>> No.53235515

there a problem or did you just want to green text that?

>> No.53235521

>you are an idiot you think I choose to like what I like id call it a fetish if it didn't affect me as a whole don't assume shit ignorant fuck
Jesus, are all chaosfags this autistic?

>> No.53235527

Flyers at least have their own slot now, pretty sure Death from the skies is dead. Might have hit modifiers against them instead of snap shooting. GW has made it a point that they hate binary situations.
New army for new edition is orks for me. Trukks dont blow up anymore and all assault changes are super positive. Forcing Fall Back is aces.
Good shit, getting stuck-in is better than ever
Chaos termies are going to be so good since combi-weapons are infinitely better

>> No.53235534

things change. That's what happens when your hobby is in the hands of a company. Deal with it old fag.

>> No.53235536

wtf did I even say its is a sentence yes

>> No.53235543

Don't associate us reasonable Undivided, Nurgle and Tzeentch folk with that filth.

>> No.53235549

oh no, no problem

>> No.53235550

>you think I choose to like what I like
I do

>> No.53235565

I didn't choose the Ork life.
The Ork life chose me.

>> No.53235572 [DELETED] 

>whatever talk to me when you have issues and a shitty childhood then factor in that my type of sexuality is rarer then ever don't talk to me like i'm not as good as you
Chill the fuck out boyo. I was just trying to be nice and supportive. Don't be so quick to attack people anon.

>> No.53235580

I play eldar aswell dark eldar and EC so im not chaos only

ok im actually lost please tell me
you are all attacking me!

>> No.53235590

>you think I choose to like what I like
> id call it a fetish if it didn't affect me as a whole
I believe being unable to control your own desires is called mental illness anon.

At least Tzeentch players have a nice aesthetic... Fucking Nurgle looks awful.

>> No.53235599

>gets really fired up and wounds fellow boy with 4+

>> No.53235600

Orks benefit from Combi weapons a lot as well. 8th ed is really looking good my man.

>> No.53235625

The Combi-weapon change alone makes me really want to start up an Ork army. I've always hated how Nobz couldn't really get special weapons, but if they can still take Combis then it'll be sweet.

>> No.53235627

Likely, I never liked it as an either-or save anyways
Armor mods affect all and as such better save is always best in comparison. Forcing anti-elite/armor weaponry on, go fuckin figure, elites and armor is solid design.

>> No.53235633

What are some good models to count as Nurglettes? Third party is welcome. Just want to add some variation to my Plaguebearers squad before the 8th edition hits.

>> No.53235635

dont bully nurgle

>> No.53235636

Wanna get one of these but with the Destroyer Tale. The two kits are compatible, right?

>> No.53235652

Kombi-skorchas are looking hot next edition

>> No.53235654

So some grot told me that all currently available Forgeworld units will be receiving updated rules for 8th Edition. Is this 100% the case? Before I go and spend a gorillion pounds. Also, will the new rules for FW be day one, or "Coming SoonTM"?

I'm considering investing in some Death Korps, and them niggerz is expensive, so I want to know that I'll still be able to play them in a few months time.

>> No.53235656 [DELETED] 

you dont control your fetishes and fetishes are not mental illness also the preference I have in women is rare and if you jump to trap you are wrong also I should not say preference since this aesthetic is required for me to feel love.

I think you mean
slaanesh>every other god

>> No.53235664

paint your shit faggit... really who drops 90.00 dollars on a model and doesn't take the time to paint it?

>> No.53235668

>Fucking Nurgle looks awful.

Well yeah. But at least our models look like they are smiling and enjoying themselves. Even ugly people deserve to have fun, you know.

>> No.53235674

Combi-skorchas for days, boyz. Nothing like ignoring BS5+

>> No.53235680

>gas lighting
Well lets see. A gaslight is brighter than a candle but dimmer than a lightbulb so it must mean when an idiot points out your stupid.

Anyone I want you to read the following words.
Anyway I haven't read the Khorne Daemonkin codex but by breaking down the tittle I know it means those related to daemons of Khorne.

Jesh is that so hard to understand. No where in the title does it mention identifying as a daemon of Khorne just being related to them in one way or another.

Wouldn't shock me to hear that Berzerkers and Blood Letters are blood brothers or something.

>> No.53235689

While I love a bright and clean army (my main army is 1ksons with 9 metric fucktons of bling) you must admit there is also something very charming about a dirty, gritty and down to earth army? That's why for my 4th army I'm now starting Death Korps of Krieg anyway.

>> No.53235700

Yep, ignoring BS 5, unlimited uses, and a couple free shoota snap-shots on top of that.

>> No.53235709

If you wanna ship it, gimme an email and let's talk dosh.

>> No.53235712 [DELETED] 

You seem drunk anon. And you defend yourself poorly, putting up a weird string of words.
But most importantly, it's all about the attitude. You have a fetish? So do many people. As long as it's nothing extreme or your keepit to yourself who the fuck cares? But most importantly, what matters is the way you present it.
I saw footfags or scatfags being more socially acceptable because they own that shitor they make people laugh with it.
This is 4chan you silly cunt, there's many people like you. But the minute you show weakness, people will call you out.
It's exactly the same with girls. If you spill your spaghettis when they ask you about the little plastic men on your table, you won't go anywhere. Confidence is key.
Own your fetish, don't be defensive. If you're weak, people will use that against you.

>> No.53235714

I feel like English definitely isn't your first language, these long sentences with no punctuation at all make your posts droll to read

Slaanesh is boring, as well as being almost as edgy as Khorne

>> No.53235730

Earth-tones are best tones.

>> No.53235731

A depressed piece of shit that can't get anything done.

>> No.53235740

>you dont control your fetishes
Yes you do, you mentally weak pathetic faggot.

>fetishes are not mental illness
Tell that to pedos or horsefuckers or necrophiles

>> No.53235746

Ah, shit. I feel stupid for missing that.

>> No.53235753

>all that unopened shit
fuck mang I have to at least build anything new I buy ASAP

>> No.53235782


>> No.53235785

>please tell me
Epictetus, and the stoics generally, say that our desires and feelings are manifest from our judgements and values. Control over your judgements and thoughts of what is proper, or what you deserve, gives you control over your feelings, or at the very least control how you react to them.

>> No.53235793

This, painting is the best way to fight back the urge to buy. I'm trying to 100% finish units before I buy anything else. GW is making that shit difficult with their releases. Fucking new starter box is going to kill me.

>> No.53235825

It's not like I haven't painted stuff, though lately, I have begun to question my choice of color scheme for my biggest army, the Eldar, which has sucked out most of my motivation to work on them.

>> No.53235846

>not even hand painted

>> No.53235848



>> No.53235852

I have pink terminators because of my gf, so...

>> No.53235855

You'd be surprised how cathartic painting can be. Give it a shot on a single model, the sense of accomplishment when finishing a model can get you a bit out of that hole. Even just a little bit. Tons of how-to's, duncan's vids are great especially.

>> No.53235857

can't wait for these fuckers to get beat by the nerf stick...

soon, soon... these fuckers will be collecting dust like my poor orks did for so many years

>> No.53235873

>letting a girl touch your models

>> No.53235888

>The BoP box and two knights

>> No.53235898 [DELETED] 

Why are so many 40k players susceptible to fascist ideology? Does 40k attract fascists, or does playing 40k slowly turn you into one?

>> No.53235899

>effeminate weakling faggot is scared of real men
Like pottery.

>muh evil non-beta chads
>everyone who is not a pathetic degenerate like me is just pretending on the internet
Praise Arkhar my nigga.

>> No.53235909

Making them vulnerable to s4 and worse is a great start on itself.

>> No.53235912

because its red pill. anyway you swallow it redpill leads you to a fascist mentality. nothing wrong with it

>> No.53235923 [DELETED] 

hmm maybe do you have discord?

i'm not drunk! and yes I know human beings are cruel and love weakness and my "fetish" is not just a fetish the girl needs to be able to be a certain way

fuck off grammar nazi no one cares if you get cranky cause someone misspelled your

you are ignorant as ever
1 you don't choose what fetishes you develop reatard
2 ive spoken with multiple psychs who say fetishes can not be classified as mental illness

ok I trust a psych over a philosophy

needing to tell everyone you have a gf do you want a medal anon?
being a strong guy who lifts and hunts and works on his cars is a annoying overcompincating fagget

>> No.53235928

chaos better get some form of drop pod this time and NOT one that costs £90

>> No.53235938

I ask as someone with fascist sympathies, who loves 40k.

>> No.53235966

Just reverse the fins or use some plasticard to add you're own claws, it's not that hard to convert a Dreadclaw.

>> No.53235975

Just ust the Forgew....oh wait.

Why not just take a regular Drop Pod and make it spikey? It's how Chaos usually does, and there should still be enough of them around since the Heresy.

>> No.53235978

It's a fad, 20+ years ago it attracted lefties. Generally gaming of almost any kind attracts people who are on the outside on what is considered to be "normal," because they are looking for an outlet. The real question to ask is why are right wingers currently part of the outgroup in polite company.

>> No.53236000

>I never thought of this
thanks anons now I feel like an actual retard

>> No.53236014

>you don't choose what fetishes you develop reatard
Mentally weak and pathetic you are

>ive spoken with multiple psychs who say fetishes can not be classified as mental illness
>Necrophilia, also called thanatophilia, is a sexual attraction or sexual act involving corpses. The attraction is classified as a paraphilia by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of the American Psychiatric Association.

>Bestiality is seen by the government of the United Kingdom as profoundly disturbed behavior (as indicated by the UK Home Office review on sexual offences in 2002).

>Pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children

Cease trying to argue with me, schizo.

>> No.53236019

I was surprised how easy a Dreadclaw was to convert from a normal pod. If you've ever assembled a drop pod before, I can only imagine it'd be even easier.

>> No.53236020

drop pods are for weak shitstains who aren't manly enough to deepstrike otherwise

good thing drop podding is getting nerfed, shit's ridiculous in 7th

>> No.53236027

How bad is Chinaman stuff? Can a complete noob deal with warping and flash?

>> No.53236030

Just getting back into the hobby, and finding it frustrating as fuck. Just trying to stick my plastic men together is annoyingly fiddly. Then I smear (thinned) paint all over them like a spastic. No sense of accomplishment yet.

>> No.53236032 [DELETED] 

>being a healthy and self reliant man is annoying!
>t. Eldar player
Oh my blood God.

>> No.53236041

I wouldn't start with it. Plastic is way easier to work with.

Move to it for stuff that's already resin, like overpriced FW shit.

>> No.53236043

>oh look i can't believe it's this bait again

>> No.53236044

wikki fucking pedia over a registered psychiatrist you make the self diagnosers look smart. please explain how you choose your fetishes idiot

>> No.53236045

True. The big benefit to drop pods was the fact that they wouldn't mishap easily and you could reposition afterwards.

If all deep-strikes end up more accurate and less hazardous, then drop pods become less needed.

>> No.53236067

I have experience with plastic but not resin. Why is resin so bad and how much better than Chinaman is FW resin?

>> No.53236069

>healthy and self reliant
being an overcompensating dudebro is not healthy and most likely feels inferior on a daily bases.

>> No.53236075

>I trust a psych over a philosophy
nobody's perfect

>> No.53236100

more like couldn't mishap at all

squad can position and stretch like crazy. guaranteed to get into rapid fire or melta range on turn one

in 8th at least they get shot at if they land close

>> No.53236105

Alright, here are some sources not called Wikipedia.

Robin Goodwin; Duncan Cramer (2002). Inappropriate Relationships: The Unconventional, the Disapproved, and the Forbidden. Psychology Press. pp. 174–176.



First one is an internationally recognized psychiatric manual, second is a document issued by a government agency and the last is taken straight from the WHO. Enjoy.b

>how do you choose your fetishes
By having mental fortitude to resist degeneracy.

>> No.53236107

? so im wrong to trust a registered psychiatrist multiple may I add over some dude from ancient times who was like this is what I think.

>> No.53236111


>> No.53236119

Totally depends on the chinaman, some of it is brittle, warped and will literally give you cancer while other are as good or better than FWs.

The main problem with working with resin is that it needs to be cleaned and is prone to warping which can be corrected with hot water, personally I've never found it to be that much of a hassle though.

>> No.53236133 [DELETED] 

>healthy behavior is overcompensating because seeing it in others makes me feel insecure
>implying high testosterone isn't directly correlated with high confidence
>implying physical excercise specially strenght training doesn't fucking multiply it
You're confirming every single stereotype and it's making me laugh like I haven't in months

>> No.53236146

>Why is resin so bad
It's brittle and warps if it gets too much heat.

>How much better than Chinaman is FW resin?
Not necessarily better but anecdotal evidence puts it as less brittle and going by smell less toxic.

>> No.53236165

I thought shit posting was suppose to happen after all the Amerifags went to sleep dammit

>> No.53236175

>so im wrong to trust a registered psychiatrist
So long as you understand that you're *choosing* to do so.

>> No.53236184

Resin is awkward to work with, desu. A weird mix of brittle and soft, and in some older moulds you might have lots of flash and excess resin to clean up. The Juggerlord is a prime example of this. Even after going two times over him I still found some excess resin after priming. But from what I've seen, Forgeworld is a lot better, since they seem to use a different method, instead of having hundreds of vents and stems.

To you other question, well...one is a chinaman doing this wherever he does with moulds made by the stuff he bought from FW originally, while the other is a company with master models and enough money to buy good resin to work with. Also, they will replace damaged stuff without a problem. Not that chinaman is bad or anything, but I'm not sure you'd get customer service if you actually get a shitty model.

>> No.53236201

Or rather, than avoiding pornography like the plague it is.


>> No.53236216

Oh boy, don't get me started on how bad porn is for the brain.

No surprise that it's got heavy jew involvement in it too.

>> No.53236235 [DELETED] 

I have a fetish towards animals being hurt by a female all of my psychs have said meh as long as it is consensual so I trust them over the internet no matter the source. also caring about some made up term like "degeneracy" you keep your made up shit anon and repressing a natural urge you developed is not healthy at all.

you are generally considered a troll around here so i'm going to move on from you

what I could "choose" to believe my fucking friends word on psychiatry.

>pol oh that's why you care about shit that doesn't matter. you like something I don't sexually cry me a fucking river

>> No.53236236

>dem Khorne flakes

I got the knights at a complete steal I think at 40% off, and at this point I'm honestly considering just selling them for a profit. They were a depressive impulse buy, but I think anyone would've bought them for 40% off, honestly. Just thinking about assembling, let alone painting them sends me reeling.

>> No.53236258

How likely is it to work if you were to slightly warp a model with heat to get free stuff from FW?

>> No.53236285

Resin depends in too many things.

I've had Chinaman models detail quality way better than FW (no fuckig idea how, but it happens) to the point that FW looks like the shit recast.

The meme that chinaman resin cause cancer. Is as true as FW resin cause cancer. The dust from it is dangerous, but if you live in a metropolitan area it won't be much worst. Unless you like to snort resin dust

>> No.53236286


pretty sure there's instructions on the site or in the boxes that tell you how to straigthen stuff

also gw sells liquid green stuff or whatever it is to patch small bubbles so they don't matter either

>> No.53236288

>what I could "choose" to believe my fucking friends word on psychiatry.
Admission of control over your own beliefs is an admission of control over your own opinions. Your vice is not your sexuality nor how you act upon it, but a belief that you have control over neither. It's your own mind, master it. Or don't, it's your choice.

>> No.53236292

but does it still have the teeth butt ?

Also, good idea, but doesnt 'claw-like' enough for my taste.

>> No.53236295

How about a bit less /pol/ and a bit more /tg/?
If you want to discuss porn and the jews there are probably better boards for it.

>> No.53236300


They look like total ass next to a real fake claw, though.

>> No.53236319

>I have a fetish towards animals being hurt by a female
>as long as it is consensual
animals can't consent you complete joke, anyone who told you they can is a mong

>> No.53236321

Fug. I think dread ckaws are one of my favorite things

>dat lightning


>> No.53236322

>muh /pol/ boogeyman! everyone I don't like is /pol/!
Lmao nigga just look it up and READ something other than emotional wank for once in your life. Testosterone being a confidence increaser is literal basic biology. Top kek did you even go to school you slaneescucking, aeldari playing lowlife faggot?

>> No.53236323

resin also cuts weirdly

some parts need shitton of force to cut through if you "go against the grain" whereas others are cut through like butter

>> No.53236324

>I have a fetish towards animals being hurt by a female
Your fetish is animal abuse and it involves physically harming innocent creatures. I'm no PETAfag but you crushfags are disgusting beyond measure.

>all of my psychs have said meh as long as it is consensual so I trust them over the internet no matter the source
What, fucking animals can consent now?

>also caring about some made up term like "degeneracy" you keep your made up shit anon
There is nothing made up about sexual degeneracy. It is a very real epidemic

>repressing a natural urge you developed is not healthy at all.
What the fuck is natural about crushing live animals in the name of sexual gratification? Sexual pleasure exists to encourage sexual species to breed. Explain how crushing other life forms aids reproduction.

>> No.53236333

but if you're on a budget it's 40£ cheaper

It can if you put them there.

>> No.53236336

Yes it is.
The only airbrushed part is the sword.

>> No.53236348

From what I've heard they don't ask that many questions, and you can even keep your parts. But do you really want to abuse customer service like this?

My LGS has -20% on most GW models, so that's pretty nice. But -40% from the regular price is quite a lot, I'd buy that too on impulse.

>> No.53236371

When does "customer service sending you free stuff" come in then? I know a WAACfag that does it but I wouldn't ask an asshole to speak.

>> No.53236378

Add to that not a single company can make proper resin models without flash, bubble or needing a sun bath to unbend.

>> No.53236394

Kikes are a true plague upon this earth.

>> No.53236408

Pay Chinese child slaves for resin QA?

>> No.53236409 [DELETED] 

you don't understand I want a dominate girl who will care for me and do pic related. It is all I can love and if I had to be a stereotypical male I couldn't. you make mental illness sound so trivial

>registered psych
>some guy on 4chan
hmm wich do I trust

kek implying I choose what turns me on. sexual degeneracy is some stupid shit that some people for whatever reason get all angry about fuck that. your final question I don't find vanilla sex satisfying and if you think this is porn addiction i've had these fetishes since I was 10.

>> No.53236410

My parts from Anvil were pretty good, but then again they are quite small.
With that in mind, I do hope someday GW will update everything to plastic.

>> No.53236416

>When does "customer service sending you free stuff" come in then?
Serious mold slips and voids mainly.

>> No.53236436


>> No.53236442

The Kingdom Death resin figures I've bought have been almost flawless.

>> No.53236450

that's what my psych said

>> No.53236458

the reason why people praise the service is that they send you another box instead of simply replacing whatever sprue or little part that was unacceptable

>a sun bath to unbend.
cup of water in the microwave for 1,5 minutes, dip resin in, bend

>> No.53236467

Can't consent to being killed and eaten either, doesn't stop anyone from killing and eating animals.

>> No.53236470

All the people being baited so hard by someone pretending to be into crush shit. Why is this kind of bait even in the 40k general?

>> No.53236479

Please, just stop answering to all these anons. They will just bait you into more shitposting about evil jews, how porn makes you evil and how they know better than you. Just stop it.

>> No.53236484

>kek implying I choose what turns me on
You choose what you expose to yourself. You choose what you condition your brain to equate to pleasure, and therefore "turn you on". Masturbate to cuckold porn or interracial porn on a daily basis for the next 6 months and I guarantee you that you will develop a fetish for it even after cutting off exposure.

>sexual degeneracy is some stupid shit that some people for whatever reason get all angry about fuck that.
It encourages the destruction of the nuclear family, therefore destroying birth rates and damaging population demographics.

>your final question I don't find vanilla sex satisfying
Maybe it's because you're so deep into this shit that you no longer associate reproduction with pleasure. You've managed to destroy a primal instinct that is innate in all sexual life forms. Think about that.

>i've had these fetishes since I was 10.
I think there's something seriously wrong with your developmental psychology if you were exposed to sex at the age of 10, much less this degeneracy.

>> No.53236487

He's building the original just fine and got another one for free...

>> No.53236505

They're Dark Eldar?

>> No.53236517

So you do admit you are a mentally ill degenerate. What are you doing to change it?

Read this man

You CAN do something about it.

>> No.53236593 [DELETED] 

ok ok my mood swing is over the anger part is over and i'm sad now that's how it works. I have BPD and a few other illness so I lost control.

I don't agree with your statement about the nuclear family whatever that is but its ok I respect your opinion. Also I havent conditioned myself when I became sexual active It was to my fetishes i've never watched vanilla more then 2 times.
no need to get mean just let me be me ok

i-its not bait...

I do actually love dark eldar and slaanesh kek

>> No.53236625

Do I want to get free stuff after spending too much money on overpriced resin? Yes, yes I do.

>> No.53236633

Well played.

>> No.53236654 [DELETED] 

>yes goy, keep wanking to our degenerate smut and developing disgusting fetishes

>> No.53236661

>I don't agree with your statement about the nuclear family whatever that is

Read up. Do some research on traditionalism and you'll see why I detest fetishism so much.

>Also I havent conditioned myself when I became sexual active It was to my fetishes
That's exactly what conditioning is! You chose to expose yourself to what you leaned onto, which is why you're in this state today! A "normal" person's early sexual activity would usually be intimate relations with a member of the opposite sex, therefore cementing heterosexual relations and implanting a desire to reproduce. It's like how birds need to throw themselves from nests in order to fly, if they are not exposed to this they will fail to survive.

This could be a turning point for you anon. Learn. Understand. And then become a better person.

>> No.53236670

aye i hope flyers will stop being near immune to anything ground based.
i just want to play taking a ride while flying trough flak and feel good when my boys make it home after a successful bombing run
i don't see why not
how are you getting the diffrent tail though ?

>> No.53236686


Yea, or you could order china. Hell, I think Z has just the upgrade parts.

>> No.53236712

Nah fag, you're a danger to yourself and to others. You have the tools to improve yourself and be happy. Take them, use them, or just remove yourself from this planet.

Whatever you chose, just DO IT.

>> No.53236729

The weirdest part about modern politics is that sometimes I can't tell what is and isn't a false flag.

Thank god shitposters like this give the game away by repeatedly shrieking jew memes.

>> No.53236737


Exactly. It was a painful purchase, but I couldn't pass it up. However, they've literally been sitting here since December. The only thing I've assembled out of that 40% off purchase was a box of raptors and maybe some parts from a CSM kit. The pods I'm up in the air about because idk if I want them to be claws for 40k or pods for 30k, and I honestly don't know if I'm going to do the knights.

>> No.53236748 [DELETED] 

i'm not a big fan of constricting myself to these rules. I don't mind my fetishes since most of them besides one wich i've never practised are harmless to anyone. I also don't like the male dominated home as I am a submissive and prefer the girl to be the caretaker and more powerful parenter.

ill do what makes me happy ultimately and offing myself is not the best suggestion

>> No.53236765

Slightly out of topic but I heard you guys had the audiobooks in one of the mega links but I can't quite find it. Anyone mind pointing it out?

>> No.53236803 [DELETED] 

Sexual preference has little to do with conditioning.
I'm autistic as fuck, dislike being around people, hardly talked to or saw girls for like half my life, still don't meet much people let alone talk to them ... Yet I get disgusted even by having to look at my own dick whilst having a shower, and love the way women look and could watch them all day.

But not much chance of me ever getting anywhere, I can't even read the facial expressions of close family most of the time. So all I do in my free time is paint minatures and plan for the next game of 40k.

>> No.53236805

ill just talk about 40k now that i'm calm and take my bellyaching elsewhere. soI have dark eldar but not a lot of wyches how could I make a fun wych cult force?

>> No.53236815


By getting a lot of wyches?

>> No.53236830

I feel the same way might you have a discord maybe we could help each other what are facial expressions anyway kek

I um well yeah good point

>> No.53236832

>I don't have many Wyches
>How could I make a Wych army

Anon, why do you do this to us.

>> No.53236849

I know the tease and the good feeling after buying that sweet plastic crack
I'm constantly lurking ebay now to get me some Sisters of Silence. I even found some that are not that expensive, but I just bought about 150€ from FW and 65€ from some guy on our local ebay-knockoff. I have to stay strong and not give in, at least this month. Painting my stuff will hopefully prevent me from more impulse buying.

>> No.53236851 [DELETED] 

Just letting you know that if anyone who doesn't share your insanity finds out you're hurting animals for pleasure they will probably beat the living shit out of you, or call the police at best.

Until then lmao Aeldari players are literal fetishistic faggots irl top fucking kek

>> No.53236855

>tfw you post about plastic army men in your underwear when you should have left to see your mother for mothers day 2 hours ago

>> No.53236858 [DELETED] 

Just because someone names the jew does not mean they are wrong or shitposting. There is a lot of merit to the concept of a jewish supremacist ideology that is being used to push the destruction of traditional culture and family values.

>i'm not a big fan of constricting myself to these rules
Liberty is but a pipe dream anon. Just because it seems good does not mean it is better for the greater society.
I'm not suggesting you go full cold turkey now and cease your fetish, I'm suggesting you fully educate yourself and understand what viewpoints exist on this. Then gather your own views, decide whether or not your own pleasure is a priority, and then stick to that decision.
>I also don't like the male dominated home as I am a submissive and prefer the girl to be the caretaker and more powerful parenter.
Emasculation is a bad thing. A very bad thing.

You feel feminine because you have not been exercising and have been masturbating. You need to read up on this. Understand that you are not alone, you are a pawn in a worldwide political movement to damage and potentially wipe out your culture and your history. Don't let these people use you. Break free of the shackles you let them put on you.

If you need someone to talk to on Discord my user ID is fallen angel#0485. Talk to me. I'll happily guide you.

It's also a matter of whether or not you've been exposed to sexual deviancy at a young (and therefore influential) age. If you haven't it's highly unlikely that you'd swing the wrong way.

>> No.53236871

im realising how retarded I am now kek

>> No.53236886


I've been looking at SoS for my SoB, actually, and I want a 30k force of them, too. The big thing that's been hounding me, though have been rhinos. I need a bunch of them, but I can't bring myself to pull that trigger.

>> No.53236888


>> No.53236897

> Femdom is bad
You're on the wrong board, partner.

>> No.53236922

then your psych just wants you to fuck off so he can get paid

It's fine to be into it, just don't act it out you weirdo
t. frequent /d/ browser

>> No.53236928


>> No.53236932

The snowflake you're talking to is probably too far gone to listen, but I still think you're doing god's work anon.

>> No.53236936

>not being naked
a-anon, I...

>> No.53236947

Not all, but the local WAACfag is a total DE edgelord who bought CWE when GTS2 came out.

>> No.53236971 [DELETED] 

Femdom encourages the male to take a submissive role, when males are biologically engineered to lead the family. Why else does testosterone encourage muscle growth? Why else do men in ancient history form a large majority of artists, writers, intellectuals, warriors and leaders?

Women in comparison are biologically engineered to give birth and mother children. They were never meant to follow the same roles as men because their mental physique and their physical stature is not built the same way. That is why femininity is also more empathetic, to associate and sympathize with their offspring better.

Of course, this only applies to the human species, there are other species that function differently. But we're talking about humans, aren't we?

I try my best. One cannot truly claim he believes in something without spreading what he believes to be the truth.

>> No.53237002

I know a lot of people hate me already I assure you
I don't think we will get along anon i'm sorry we have very different views lets talk about 40k!
I really dont agree with these views im sorry to avoid another outburst lets move on

>> No.53237004



>> No.53237026

Conversation is born from dissent, is it not? If anything, having conflicting views will make it all the more interesting. I think hearing your point of view could also expand my knowledge.

Don't be shy, contact me whenever you want. I'm open to helping anyone who needs it,

>> No.53237028

What army are you guys mainly going to use in 8th as of right now. What army(s) are you excited for?

>> No.53237059

Berzerkers and berzerkers
>tfw when they finally get new sculpts I'll have to buy 50 more

>> No.53237067

I fucking love /tg/.
You guys are awesome.

>> No.53237075

Not sure. Some of the forces I have are weirdly built or are pretty large. I'll probably go for the small infantry Tau force I have just to get the hang of things.

>> No.53237081

Going to use my Grey Knights. Excited for Chaos space marines again though.

>> No.53237087

I just want them mostly as anti-psyker support and because the models look absolutely sweet. But their Rhino looks just cheap, same for Custodes. After the grav-tanks FW put out, I'd expect a bit more than a regular ass rhino with a golden paintjob.

>> No.53237095

>obtain ALL of the gold in the galaxy
This is the stupidest thing I've ever read, do you know how much gold is in the galaxy? It's not even very rare on Earth and it's far more abundant throughout space. Just say they're the royal guard or something, literally who gives a shit.

>> No.53237112

>Slaanesh player has BPD.
You can't make this shit up folks.

But for real, sorry to hear that. BPD is the worst. For the individual and those around them.

>> No.53237114

Footfags = footdar players?
Scatfags = scatbike spammers?

>> No.53237137

Spoonyone has BPD(2!!!) and he made $5k a month. Can't be that bad

>> No.53237142

>We're talking about humans
Did you just assume my species?

>> No.53237143

You should make it so they seek Golden artifacts stolen from their homeworld that are spread throughout the galaxy thanks to years of piracy by the other races. And they should also be intrigued by high value/shiny items.

>> No.53237158

Does it really matter though? This is a universe where robo-skeletons kicked off a war that saw the engineering of green fungus men and elfs IN SPAAACE, which resulted in awakening literal gods in superhell who threaten to completely swallow realspace if a guy on a golden chair dies. All while the galaxy is in danger of being swallowed by bugs first.
Trazyn having some zany, hare-brained scheme to just collect every bit of gold because he can isn't that bad.

>> No.53237163


I'm thinking about going back to my roots with the new edition, I started playing 40K as Dark Eldar in 3rd edition, now may be a perfect time to go back.

>> No.53237178

>all that armor edgehighlighting
I'm glad I don't play DE, jesus I would go insane.

>> No.53237179

Yes but success doesn't make people with BPD any less of the sucking black holes of neediness and impulse that they already are.

>> No.53237183

>Can we just get back to talking about how great 8th is gonna be?
Can we rather talk about how great Tyranid 6th edition codex is going to be? It's gonna be awesome!

>> No.53237188

kek why is it funny? to have BPD and play slaanesh is it like ironic i'm not being touchy just asking as I don't get the joke

>> No.53237189

Hey, just use your tragedy to make money. Use money to buy more figs. Simple.

>> No.53237205

> people with BPD any less of the sucking black holes of neediness and impulse that they already are
um thanks...

>> No.53237208

I just found this and I don't know if it's common knowledge that it exists, so I am sharing


>> No.53237215

Maybe you could just drybrush them though.

>> No.53237226


It's great. Drybrushing is the easy way out if you really don't enjoy it though.

>> No.53237305

So, Id really like to get into this game but i have no idea where to start.
I really like the chaos and tyranid models; which army would be better for a beginner and where should I start?

>> No.53237328

Bitch go back to the kitchen.

>> No.53237335

I am getting into the game myself and recently bought a Tyranids start collecting box from triple helix wargames. Check out the webpage because last week they had shit load of stuff 25% discountet and it was awesome, the SC box for 37 pounds made me pull the trigger

>> No.53237336

I would take a look at the Start Collecting boxes on the GW site. If you can find them elsewhere for cheaper that's good, but they offer a pretty nice value for the models you get in the box.

>> No.53237338

New edition comes out this summer.
https://www.warhammer-community.com/ for more info. Get like one or two boxes of basic troops or start colleting box at best and wait for the new rules. They should be free. If you have a local shop you can go there to ask for a demo game or something.

>> No.53237356


Alright let me try it. I have like 3 Deldar models sitting around here for some reason, might as well paint'em.

>> No.53237374


dont post stuff like this here. We want to talk about fetishes and jews.

Don't worry though, I appreciate you posting it here. I only saw this through BOLS and didnt bother clicking on it because their website is shit. So now I have time to watch it. Its a really well done animation. I love the audio book over the top of it.

>> No.53237380


>> No.53237392

>it's an autistic robot who left /r9k/ episode
>entire thread is all about muh depressions muh loneliness
What a faggot. I got my girl to play 40k. She likes Tyranids...
Stay out of the next thread pls.

>> No.53237402

i mean... if you really want to see my greasy man tits lol

>> No.53237412

Honestly I'm not above just calling Forgeworld and asking.

>> No.53237442 [DELETED] 

go fucking die in a fire you piece of shit I be nice and you still fuck with me i'll fucking kill you

>> No.53237452

>getting a female to do something her boyfriend likes
>thinks this is difficult

>> No.53237465


>> No.53237469

I don't have a discord. Also unsure if I should trust anybody from a mexican basketweaving board

>> No.53237472

this is probably one of the worst 40k general threads ive seen in a while.

Is it so hard to talk about 40k?

What is wrong with you people?

>> No.53237492 [DELETED] 

I tried to be nice and you ruined it now you get full autism

>> No.53237497



>> No.53237553

It's probably, like, 2 guys spamming the board as fast as the Captcha will let them.

So I wonder if when they say old battleforged armies can still work in the new system if that includes Armored Battlegroups.

Either way, hoping for more tank commander special characters!

>> No.53237557


Were you not paying attention to the last 5 threads? This has been plenty enjoyable.

>> No.53237558

Everybody is eager for more 8th edition news, but what GW gave us today was not really amazing news and hardly controversial. There wasn't really anything to fight eachother over.

>> No.53237565

yeah i'm the bad guy even though I volunteered to stop and then got shit posted ffs

>> No.53237572

fresh meme

>> No.53237575

You can find all sorts of depressed faggots like yourself. With any luck, you might find a cute girl trap with a big dick to fuck your ass.
Seriously, get some confidence in yourself. Or at least work up enough courage to drink bleach.

>> No.53237585

I think that means there might be forces where the basic requirements might be different slots, like one for elites, fast attack, etc.

Feels like it won't work out too great unless there's little benefits or more restrictions though.

>> No.53237606

You can probably still combine as many FOC in a single army as you want, and there are probably FOC with such loose restrictions that you can still do the stupid three-riptides-and-two-wraithknights army.

But most likely the examples above will have little more than 3 CP.

>> No.53237616

fuck you I did nothing wrong faggot

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