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Noone else bothere Edition
Something about space furries Sub-edition

Find old bread here, you can read it yourself >>53172906

>Thread FAQ

>Official HH 7th Edition Errata (not updated since January 2016)

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more

>HH Books, Novels and Rulebooks galore

>/HHG/'s Legion demographics

>/HHG/'s allegiances

>Primarch Popularity Poll


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First for the only children the Emperor loved

>> No.53196977

Second for best legion

>> No.53197050

You get to design and add one unit to the next FW black book.

It can be legion specific or generic, what do you do?

>> No.53197351

Raven Guard Raptors.
Can't wait for FW to release the freaky sneaky beakies.

>> No.53197390

I dunno, what he does to Ra in MOM is pretty damn cold - a lot of the book is him setting Ra up for what needs to be done. My impression was the golden bananas were just tools to him, like almost every other group in the imperium - they may have thought they were special in His eyes but hey, so did the primarchs. Sometimes it seems the only person He had genuine affection for was Malcador.

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Unimaginative/boring suggestion: jump pack veterans.

More fun suggestion: heavy support destroyers, with a range of funky weaponry (i.e. not just rad missile launchers).

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How come since MoM everyone suddenly thinks they know what kind of person the Emperor is. Have they been reading a different book than me?

Emps will always be super vague and mysterious and open to interpretation. That's just part of the setting.

>> No.53197434

I think everyone were tools to the emperor, he just respected some more than others.

People like Dorn, Horus and Valdor were probably well regarded by the Emperor but I don't imagine that he would sacrifice a whole lot to save them if they were in mortal danger. Malcador was probably the only guy around who could not only keep up with the emperor but who also properly understood his vision for humanity.

>> No.53197448

True. I genuinely think Malcador was a much bigger loss to the post-heresy imperium than Sanguinius.

>> No.53197478

>jump pack veterans
I would suck Bligh's sweaty cheese covered cock to be able to equip vets with jump packs.

inb4 a flat 100 points to equip the squad

Heavy destroyers also sound pretty sweet, a bunch of bastards hiding in ruins spewing out phosphex missiles or marching up the field with chem-munition flamers (sorry DG).

>> No.53197481

Emperor's favorite son

>> No.53197492

Scowl, mohawk Valdor > confused, slav Valdor

>> No.53197502

Give every legion 1-2 new units, and fix existing ones.

>DA get Deathwing, Ravenwing bikers, and some special guys a la Templars with terranic greatswords

>EC are good. Points may need calibration tho

>IW get some form of new unit, maybe something that obliterators/mutliators are based on?

>WS get a melee biker squad, melee Jetbike squad, and maybe some other special squad

>SW are in a good place too, their fan base is the only real problem

>IF get special Terminators, and phalanx get a secondary look-over

>NL could probably use something, but I have no idea what.

>BA get Sanguinary guard, lamentii Terminators, and probs some special Seeker/veteran squad

>IH get Gorgons going to 2W, Immortals get a price drop or effectiveness increase, and maybe some other special unit

>WE butchers can all take power fists, and rampagers all get power weapons (or caedere weapons become worth a damn)

>UM are good, the HS Terminators should maybe see price reductions across the board though

>DG deserve more stuff, but I honestly can't think what.

>TS get sekhmets nerfed to hell and other than that are good

>SoH are good, would be cool if they got reavers to feel more like a dedicated 'skirmisher' squad (hit n' run?) than boring ol' special vets.

>WB special units are prettt solid, it's just everything else that needs fixing. Then again, WB can suck it.

>SA pyroclasts need better guns (or can all take power weapons), fire drakes are good tho. Can't think of what an additional unit would be

>RG are good, but a unit that played like 40k Sternguard (i.e. suped up seekers) would be neato

>AL termies need a hella fix, headhunter could use special ammo, and they deserve some jetpack marines too if it's fluffy

I guess it'd be a scouring or just a big book of various campaigns, but something where the 40k iconography and 30k feel blend a little bit.

>> No.53197519

Burning Angels

veterans+heavy flamer+jump pack+optional chainsword/bp

actually i really like the idea of jump units with bolters under 7E rules

>> No.53197658

Daily reminder that Argel Tal and the Gal Vorbak are traitorous trash
pls pay respects to the Occuli Imperator, who was sent to babysit Lorgar's ass for fiddy years

>> No.53197731

>Eye of the Emperor
>Grand Rebellion plotted around you

One job.

>> No.53197771

He was a bit of a dumbass though.
>shall I report that time where lorgar had the entire legion aim their guns at us, so he could tell them something secret?
>nah, that incident probably wasn't important

>why do we never get messages back from Terra? it's like they don't get out reports at all
>nothing to worry about though

>apparently other 15 custodes assigned to the word bearers have all died in mysterious circumstances
>ah well, shit happens

>hmm, argel tal and all the gal vorbak have suffered some ailment at the exact same time, down to the second
>what a shame, I wanted to spar with him, I do hope he gets better soon

>> No.53197794

Handsome devil.

>> No.53197810


>you mean some literal sharpened stick tribes people killed 4 astartes captains and a custodes in the presence of a primarch and 2 more captains?
>ah well, who am I to argue, btw what happened to the bodies?

>> No.53197834

Alright brehs, I don't want to make a thread just for this so forgive me for a 30k/40k lore question that came to mind for me earlier today: Is it possible for people to become psykers if they're not born with the natural potential? I'm aware that psykerdom isn't a binary thing, and that everyone sits somewhere on the spectrum from a complete blank to alpha+, so I guess the question is better phrased "Can an individual's psyker rating go up or down within their lifetime?" Can Tzeentchian blessings, exposure to weird warp shit or unknown alien tech affect people's ties to the warp and psyker potential?

>> No.53197868

Psychic power are not an uncommon gift of Chaos.

>> No.53197928

Yeah, Ahriman was only really good at divination pre-heresy, after getting teleported to the planet of sorcerers after the Burning of Prospero his psychic powers are boosted allowing him easy use of biomancy and pyromancy powers. After casting the rubric he is further boosted to be good at using telekinesis and adept at telepathy.

>> No.53197955


>>DA get a knightly unit with greatswords and power battle axes.
>>EC are good as is, but indeed need a calibration
>>IW get an emphasis on vehicle combat, maybe that special bunker-rhino that McNeill wrote about.
>>WS get a hunter squad, both on foot and on jetbikes.
>>SW.. Fuck the spess yiffs.
>>IF get special boarding troops, moving in a.. phalanx.
>>NL could get a terminator guard for Curze
>>BA get Sanguinary guard in relic armour with Azkaellon as character and like the other anon said: lamentii Terminators. Also, Amit.
>>IH get a special durable vehicle that can buff nearby units.
>>WE Perhaps a retooling and rebalancing?
>>UM could use an Evocati squad and need e dedicated boarding shield squad that would invoke their role as Spess Romans
>>DG deserve an early plague marine unit, akin to the Gal Vorbak of the WB
>>TS get sekhmets rebalanced and Spire Guard added
>>SoH could use some dedicated Agents of the Warmaster characters and perhaps a Cadre of the Warmaster, a single squad of veterans to join a brother Traitor army.
>>WB make the Mara Ghal better by reducing points and increasing effectiveness. Plus add a nice ranged unit
>>SA need a vehicle unit that emphasizes their affinity with weaponry and tech. An early land rader prometheus perhaps?
>>RG are good but could use a special stealth dreadnought.
>>AL... no idea..

>> No.53198046

>when sparring is life
true enough he failed a shitload of wisdom checks
he had a big sword tho

>> No.53198102

Daily reminder that the Custodes and Sisters were besties. No Astartes allowed in the Emp's secret hideaway :^)

>> No.53198232

This. He liked it when his tools worked as intended. Malcador, Dorn, Custodes, etc, Horus before the betrayal, all did their job in a nearly ideal manner for the Emperor. He favored them the way favor my car over my wife's car because my car doesn't have an air conditioner that seems to always have issues, mine just works.

>> No.53198306

That's how I use my reavers with combi weapons. It makes them expensive, but they can fill any role, high base attacks for assault, plasma and melta combi for terminators and tanks, and banestrike for meqs.

>> No.53198355

I just want my WS5 power weapon squad to jump around with my praetor blasting people with stasis grenades and chopping them up before they can even respond. It would be a nice thought but probably too expensive and would make other units redundant. Imagine if you could give vets jump packs or boarding shields, no one would run regular troops anymore.

>> No.53198381

Right, so as well as gaining/improving general psyker potential, gifts can take the form of specific abilities? Good info, thanks guys!

>> No.53198399

The command squad can do that right? They're ws5 and come with artificer armor and can take jump packs.

>> No.53198426

I also want a squad that can survive a round of shooting. Five guys isn't enough for a close combat unit in HH.

>> No.53198468

RG could do with receiving rules for the whispercutter already.

>> No.53198486

Either give them a traitor daemon unit, Lupercii(?) or continue with the theme of having units that can be used with either loyalist or traitor, fixing Reavers would also be helpful

Being honest though I have no idea what kind of unit you could add to the SoH/LW due to having a veteran/seeker type unit and an elite terminator unit already. Honestly I could almost see them getting another vehicle unit, or something with deepstrikeor they could fucking get teleportation transponders[/spoilers]

>> No.53198488

Yeah, it really depends on what you want and how the corresponding god is feeling at the time.

You could pray to tzeentch for the ability to detect lies and you might be granted with a strong instinctual feeling when someone lies, or you might be granted with hearing every lie ever as it is spoken slowly driving you insane like that one space marine captain, or you might get turned into a tentacle monster because fuck you.

Just remember that Khorne won't grant you psychic powers.

>> No.53198518

Something like a transport land speeder with deepstrike, infiltrate and stealth? A ten man transport capacity with jump pack units disregarding bulky but no terminators. Shroud bombs of missiles for extra sneakiness.

>> No.53198527

Not early, no, they don't have enough bodies, but after attrition sets in, mid-late game they clean up the board pretty well.

>> No.53198585

>In matched play, your points will be capped across the whole game. So if you’re planning to summon units to the battlefield, you will need to set points aside to do this. You won’t need to specify what the points will be for though, so this does leave you with your options open and if during the game, you decide that what you really need is a fast combat unit instead of a durable objective holder, you’ll be able to summon the right tool for the job, points permitting. You will no longer be able to indefinitely replicate Daemon units, and instead, summoning will be used more as an alternative mechanism of deployment, much like deep striking or outflanking is today (both of which exist in their own forms in the new Warhammer 40,000 too).
Sorry WBros.

>> No.53198628

So summoning is basically an allies det now?

>> No.53198853

Yeah, that's good though. The old system was broken as hell and was truly no fun to play.

Dunno how good this'll be (doesn't look bad honestly) but anythings better than what we have now

>> No.53198989


>Dark Angels
Dreadwing (destroyers with access to stasis) and Stormwing protocols (breachers with access to jump packs)

Death wing terminators: A blend of shooty and choppy. Plasma repeaters and caliban swords. Great for heavy infantry and light vehicles but can suffer against heavy vehicles and light infantry.

Black Knights: close assault unit with artificer armor and caliban swords. Maybe furious charge or monster hunter, make them deadly against mechanicum a high T robots.

>Emperors Children:
Actually they're decent as it is. Just some points adjustments

Quite good as is, they don't need much. Maybe Stor-Bezashk would be cool.

>White Scars:
Keshig Terminators with power glaives.

Unique scimitar or outrider bike unit that's better at assault than shooting

>Space Wolves:
Fine as is. Much cooler than their 40k incarnation and more or less reasonable-ish world eaters.

>Imperial Fists:
Not much to change, really good legion. Templar brethren are excellent, and one of the loyalists best assault units. Maybe make phalanx warders less expensive and give them all access to combi weapons.

>Night Lords:
Points adjustment. Other than that they're decent in the right hands. Although they suck against custodes.

>Blood Angels:
Sanguinary Guard, jump pack artificer command squad with inferno pistols and power weapons.

Lamentii Terminators. Assault oriented terminators.

>Iron Hands:
Give Gorgon Terminators access to combi weapons and immortals come with volkite chargers standard.

>World Eaters
Brutal in the right hands, I think they are weak in certain regards. Maybe a little balancing, that's it.

Powerful when played right even if their legion specific units are really expensive. They're fine.

>Death Guard
Give Death Guard destroyers access to hand flamers for chem flamer, rad missile, rad grenade, phosphex goodness. Other than that they're good.

>Thousand Sons
BULLSHIT. They're fine.

>> No.53199083

>Lamentii Terminators
What IS the source of this idea? I swear it's something that some anon made up while wishlisting, but now it's getting repeated enough that people think it's actually a thing. Happy to be wrong, but just don't want people to get their hopes up then get disappointed when the thing "everybody knew" was coming, doesn't.

>> No.53199134

>Sons of Horus/Luna wolves:
Make reavers a little cheaper and fix Abaddon by giving him a rule or paragon blade.

>Word Bearers
Very powerful when played right.
Give Ashen circle access to volkite serpentas and 1 heavy flamer for the squad.

Include Argel Tal as an Hq that can actually fight.

Not many people play them but their combi flamer vets with marksmen are bullshit. Quite good in the right hands. I'd like to see perhaps an assault unit that heavily implies the future of the black dragons chapter in much the same way the raven guard tried to bolster their numbers.

>Raven Guard:
Good as is, id like to see their mutant marines as disposable shock troopers.

Alpha legion:
Headhunter fix. Compared to vets they kinda suck except for in assault where they're marginally better with rending power daggers. Lernean fix.

>> No.53199182

>after some point into the game, your malefic psykers will be useless
Good, filthy WITCHES shouldn't anything.

>> No.53199184

>Give Ashen circle access to volkite serpentas

>> No.53199245

Their hammer of wrath is st5, their attacks with axe takes are st5, I want some st5 shooting before I charge, especially against stuff like thallax or myrmidons. That and volkite being a heat ray, kinda goes with their burny ethos.

>> No.53200031

Make 20-man blobs great again. May or may not be limousines/open topped Rhinos.

>> No.53200103

>General Traitor
Units for the Agent of the Warmaster rule. Named characters (although I don't know who would fit that off the top of my head) or generic customs, either would be fine.

>> No.53200129

When did the big open-topped Rhino become that?

>> No.53200132

Needs to be longer.
>t. Fulgrim

>> No.53200158

Mechanicum Build-A-Vehicle. Generic chassis (flyer/transport/tank/skimmer) that can have Transport cap, armour, HP, weapon mounting points and guns all bought up to a point, and a HUEG list of wargear options. Probably two, because one Superheavy LoW, one not.
Overcost all the options by a little bit, and put a 0-1 restriction, but it lets you go nuts.
It that's too much, just a version for the Ordinatii, where you can duct tape a single Titan gun or a whole bunch of other shit to that glorious chassis.

>> No.53200178

I wish their build-a-LR Macrocarid had an option for 12 transport capacity or an assault ramp. Or both.
Dude, it's Mechanicum.

>> No.53200201

Today I was helping set up for one of those secondary school fete things, the kids games room had one of those "pick a random square, chance at chocolate loot" things with a fort on it I helped put together. I had a spare 15 mins and there were some kids arts and crafts things on the next table, so I made the world's lowest budget diorama.

>> No.53200250

True, and also that LoW list let us convert transports to carry automata and shit. Half the abilities on them can't be used, since I can't load a Rhino or Dreads into my Stormbird because I don't have any.

>> No.53200303

>The Warsmith looked at the attempt of a fortification in front of him.
>"It's as if it was made by mere children", he thought
>"Place the Quad guns on top of the towers. I want a Havoc squad on each rampart. Laser destroyers and Quad Heavy Shrapnel Bolters on top, Quad launchers on the back."
>"Master of Signal, I want you up there coordinating fire and acquiring firing solutions ASAP. Fix primary targets by order of importance, secondary targets by proximity"
>"Siege Breaker!"
>Everyone turns to look at the Warsmith
>"LOL, just kidding. We're all Siege Breakers, we don't have need for those guys :^) "

>> No.53200372

Didn't Lorgar claim (correctly) that they were daemon worshippers and have them Exterminatus'd? That sounds like an effective cover-up.

I think they have to have SOME potential, which everyone does unless they're a blank or a null.

>> No.53200403

Summoning will presumably be riskier than bringing reserves on, but you don't have to predetermine which daemons you summon. If you set aside 400 points for them, you could have two or more sets of 400 points' worth of daemons and then choose which one is best under the circumstances.

>> No.53200440

Aww. Maybe they'll make the new psychic powers decent, but that was pretty much the only thing keeping us in the "Decent" league and our only unique trick worth a damn. Thanks for caring, though.

>> No.53200454

I admit I did consider using some of the sticks and cotton wool to make an exploded vehicle, but sadly I had limited time to Fortify My Position.

>> No.53200480

It sufficed for some Sons of Dorn being cover for some Sons of Dorn, however.

>> No.53200593

Dead marines provide a healthy 3+ cover save because their corpses are still wearing power armour. It's like a T4 3+ version of the Wall of Martyrs.
Iron cage-tested, it has both Perturabo's AND Dorn's seal of approval!

>> No.53201233

what the hell are lamentii terminators?

>> No.53201487

A meme, like balanced destroyers.

>> No.53201493

>Lamentii Terminators
I think "lamentii guard" are mentioned in passing in Book 6.

>> No.53201807

S5 T5 destroyers look pretty tantalizing to me.

Infantry heavy in general sounds good when you are rocking a heavier stat line.

Halo Blades are going to be exceptional in 8th edition, S+3 and SV- 3 or -2 at initiative.

>> No.53201944

Damn, that's a well-painted Iron Warrior

>> No.53202035


>> No.53202089

Page 20, book 6. Although they aren't stated as being terminators.

>> No.53202102

>tip of missile being fired is red
>tips of missiles in magazine are not

>> No.53202350

>> No.53202453

MkIII iron hands torso and legs with iron warriors helmet... looks great!

>> No.53202468

trenches for IW with heavy weapon teams
Imperial fists also get these but they can move 12" per turn

>> No.53202488

why did I want to fug camp fulgrim but not this girly fulgrim

>> No.53202495

Just placed my order for my fists

>> No.53202507

because fulgrim is perfect

>> No.53202519

>current millenium
You can even choose to be a traitor

>> No.53202563

I just want to kill the loyalist and reach the perfect orgasim! hold me down and fuck me with your chainaxe

>> No.53202575

now that's too far

>> No.53202596

you just aren't perfect enough

>> No.53202621


Black knight style dedicated melee unit with greatswords, possibly proto-Deathwing?

Make Saul Tarvitz worth a damn

special breacher squad, kinda like medusan immortals. possibly make tyrants two wounds with a bit of a points hike.

an actual legion special unit, something like vets that can get equipped with jetbikes and power weapons

pretty good as-is

more termies, rethink bolter drill

fucking aratemnar when?

lamentii, sanguinary guard, points hike for the burning doublewound rapesword

make immortals worthwhile with something like stubborn, cheaper iron-fathers with tech-focused wargear options, two wounds on gorgons and clan morragul special rules because I'm a fanboy

let rampagers take power weapons, buff caedere weapons, possibly loyalist red butchers?

suzerians could do with a nerf, but otherwise ok

more chem/bioweapons, possibly some kinda proto-plague muhreens with chem-huffers, T5 and fnp

nerf those fucking sehkmets. spireguard allies.

lupercii, cost reduction for reavers and some legion-specific wargear that isn't a relic

argel tal as a HQ, cheaper ashen circle... not much else here desu

pyroclast projectors become S8 when focused, maybe a melee focused RoW with pissed off marines covered in fire

pale fucking nomads

give headhunters special ammo already

more emphasis on unsanctioned wargear, their own warlord traits and a system similar to militia provenances for Wrought by War

Rules for Papa E's companions and possibly Papa E himself, as well as expanded Knights-Errant and Agents of the Warmaster

>in general
I just want destroyers and moritats to be worthwhile and militia to have more unit variety, though some more fancy ancient tech and rules for ayys can't hurt.

>> No.53202643

>FW still refusing to say anything and adding an ambiguous as shit disclaimer to their red books
Anyone else starting to worry?

>> No.53202662

>saul Tarvitz
fuck that loyalist scumbag

>> No.53202689

Nah, but only because I'm in the "doesn't give a fuck" stage. And from seeing this threads and proposals, players don't know what they want (or are too scattered on their wishes), and they want the Lamentii only because they read the name.
Those guys are honour guards for places where BA bled a lot, and that's it. They aren't even a combat unit.

>> No.53202713

>Rules for Papa E's companions
>what are hetaerons

>> No.53202728

shut it and go back to trying to fix your busted nose, Lucius, you fruity lookin cunt

>> No.53202743

my bad, meant models

>> No.53202761

what nose?

>> No.53202813

Oh, I see... You must have lost it in Eidolon's arse. :^)

>> No.53202847

Worried about what? Even if they didn't change editions, red books only last 1.5-2 years before getting invalidated.

>> No.53203066

triggered me
Yeah you tell him Loken!

>> No.53203090

O.G. Lok drop that nigga

>> No.53203113

>tfw it's been since BaC release and I still can't make the jump between SoH, DA and AL

>> No.53203125

Shattered Legions my man

>> No.53203160

SoH using AL rules and allied with DA.

>> No.53203186

Blackshields man.

>> No.53203199

Don’t bother with DA. Their color scheme is the worst and their moment of glory is shooting each other to pieces during the Scouring.

If you want to get into daemonic stuff slowly as the FW books advance, go SoH. For a cleaner look and being able to fluffily play against anybody, AL.

>> No.53203229

Look at these dope transfers

>> No.53203272

Not my cup of tea, sorry.
I'll probably go with DA if there's a flexible enough rite in Angelus, but the pain is with me every day my guys remain unpainted.

I like blackshields but not as a centrepiece.

Since I've had enough time to muse on what to do with the boring black scheme, I'd do quartered and halved schemes with black/dark red, green, brown etc. along with a lot of freehanded icons.
And differently coloured pauldrons with heraldry have been a thing since the old days.

The sea horse is quite cool, I'll admit, but the rest isn't much.

>> No.53203310

Blackshields make the most sense from a hobby perspective, you aren't tied into any particular MKs of armor, you have huge amounts of leeway in origin as well as army tactics and get to choose your own paint scheme.

>> No.53203338

>I'd do quartered and halved schemes with black/dark red, green, brown etc. along with a lot of freehanded icons.
Alright, that does sound good. Throw in some SoH blackshields then (mostly black with some of their original green showing), they'll fit right in. Not sure the rules allow it, but you can just run them as DA.

>> No.53203424

That is true, but I prefer building upon already established (and hence limiting) fluff.

It's an all-or-nothing deal for, unfortunately. If the Ravenwing protocol allowed dreads this would have been much more easier. Got a massive boner for them.

Thanks for the suggestions though, just had to vent the frustration at my own tardiness somewhere..

>> No.53203457

This desu.

I reckon by now that Lamentii will get rules due to popularity, but I've never gotten the obsession in the first place.

Sure, they pop up in a few books, but they're literally a force left behind after the battle, not one involved in the fighting though iirc it's implied they're at least in part left behind because of black rage Marines, right? Or has old fluff that's it's from sangys death stuck around? Or both, and it just got worse?

>> No.53203464

>have a solar auxilia stormlord with tank commander , 4 twin linked heavy flamers, a pintle mounted heavy flamer and 2 flamer sections in the back
>mfw i just realized that charging it in 8th will mean 9d6 heavy flamer and 20d6 flamer hits on top of the 15-30 st6 sv-2 hits

the age of the space marine is over
the time of the auxilia has come

>> No.53203507

Little challenge a friend posed to me. We (all the 30k armies) all get our ideal armies, fit into a single FoC so no Apoc bullshit, geared up to the max and we become the Warlords. We're all full Great Crusade mode allies, Summoning rules are restricted to the new ones so no infinite Word Bearers or Tzeench and OUR D-Weapons use 30k rules. Individual armies can embark on transports of others and benefit from bubble buffs and shit, but Faction buffs like Archimandrite or Primarchs only work on that FoC.

We're up against all the damn Nids in the world, plus the GSC, and there are Chaos incursions popping up. We all start at our preferred gaming place, and we have to go save mankind like some kind of extremely lame movie because reasons. Armies and plans? Game rules for determining weapon power and transport and such are as current, and we're perfectly allowed to help each other.

Personally I would rock Double Manta as usual and play airdrops, since I can load up 8 Spartans and Hoplites and go gather everyone together. Problem would be replenishing forces, unless WBbros can pull some psychic rezzes from somewhere. We can only ally in so many Levy blobs, and Respawn from Lacarymaerta will only last us so long. We'd need the Imp Fists to Fortify A Position somewhere, probably an island we can use to ferry everyone around with RG dropships and Stormbirds.

>> No.53203514

I still think lamentii will just be represented by the day of sorrow ROW, and that's it. It's all about an outnumbered garrison left on some backwater planet fighting to the death when the traitors come, which is probably what happened to most of these honour guard forces watching over old battlefields.

>> No.53203522

The establishment of fluff doesn't contribute anything if you are torn between many different concepts though.

I wanted to play IW's, WE's and DA, prior to even those considerations I had waited for the Thousand Sons to release for around five or six years.

The point is to dive into something you can live with, otherwise you just sit around on a board contemplating making a decision without ever making one.

>> No.53203556

Now that I think about I would love their to be another type of heavy support marine optionOr Saturnine terminators as a a heavy weapons squad

>> No.53203624

>though iirc it's implied they're at least in part left behind because of black rage Marines, right? Or has old fluff that's it's from sangys death stuck around? Or both, and it just got worse?
The Red Thirst existed before the Heresy. The Black Death is post-Terra.

>> No.53203625

What is that, a map for squats?

>> No.53203690

Oops. New map, drawn to standard human ocular equipment.

>> No.53203714

Boys join the Astartes; men join the Auxilia.

>> No.53203766

Warriors join the Imperalis Militia.

>> No.53203808


And people worth a damn join the Mechanicum. We have plenty of cannon fodder and war machines, thanks, and ours are more reliable.

>"I don't like warriors. Too narrow-minded, no subtlety. And worse, they fight for hopeless causes. Honor? Huh! Honor's killed millions of people, it hasn't saved a single one."

>> No.53204263

Have any of you ever used Z's EMS (Express Mail Service)? Did you get any shit from your customs or did it just arrive normally?

>> No.53204363

Most shit from china just arrives normally.

>> No.53204381

I can't wait for 8e volkite

>> No.53204616

Why? New AP system, wounding, and save modifiers are going to make volkite worse, unless it gets some significant changes (-1AP hopefully)

Am I missing something, cause as is I'm sad af

>> No.53204655

>implying they won't get D3D.

>> No.53204656

Well yeah I'm hoping for S5 AP -1. It'll shred marine blobs that don't hug cover.

>> No.53204686

I'm working (slowly) on my Custodes. Here's a WIP of a Paragon Spear and a Pyrithite Spear next to a regular Guardian Spear for comparison. Reasonable? (Beyond the obvious need for cleaning up, I mean.)
Also, still looking for ideas for the Adrasite Spear. Any help would be welcome.

>> No.53204798

You're a god amongst men anon, it looks beautiful. Keep it up

Same here. If they get any form of AP, S6 (deal with blobs), and D2/D3 damage, I'm a happy man.

If it's 1D, AP-, S5 with current volkite rules I'm gonna be pissed

>> No.53204805

What's the over-under on Angelus being an 8e book?

Also, knowing what we do about the new edition which legion do you wildly speculate will benefit most?

>> No.53204854

Seeing that volkite's suppose to cause extra wounds, why not give it D3 Damage?

>> No.53204878

Shouldn't it have AP as bad or worse than bolters? (i.e. -0)

It'll have high strength and maybe D3 damage. That's plenty.

They look more like halberds than spears, but that's okay - they're easily identifiable. I think Adrathic weapons look like a cross between a thin lascannon and an archaeotech pistol. Corax's would work, if there were an easy to get one.

>> No.53204893

Because that mean it'd murder vehicles and other big shit in a hurry.

>> No.53204898

So, allied commanders against the "unknown xenomorphs"?

>> No.53204917

To be fair, guardian spears aren't spears, either.

>> No.53204944


>> No.53204957

My, these are beautiful. What bits did you use to make them?

>> No.53204967

20 dudes with calivers would cause 2.22 unsaved wounds on a T8 3+ model. Same unit would cause the same amount of glancing hits on an AV12 vehicle under current rules.

Sure, you can chip away 2.22 wounds from a Russ, but that thing has 12.

>> No.53204972

Red Thirst was around before Sang's death. There are only a handful of cases, and from what I remember they are handled only by Sanguinius himself or Azkaellon. Only them, Raldoron, and the Legion's chief apothecary know about it.

>> No.53204980

I don't know about "should," it IS an infantry shredder.

And why extra damage? It'll likely get Deflagrate back. Extra damage would make it kill individuals better, not hordes (since damage doesn't carry over).

>> No.53204986

>20 dudes

10 dudes, that is.

>> No.53205025

look like sang guard weapons

>> No.53205031

>I don't know about "should," it IS an infantry shredder.

By fluff or by rules? I mean, the whole Deflagrate rule talks about it igniting the person getting hit. Does that not sound like the model suffering from that ignition, not the unit? If I fire an incendiary round into Bob over there, Mike next to him won't take extra damage even if Bob's insides are burning away.

>> No.53205075

Axeheads from the Sanguinary Guard, melta barrel from the Mk4 set, combi-melta magazine, random bolter sickle magazine, some greenstuff.

>> No.53205084

If Deflagrate was supposed to just overkill the first dude it would've done that in the current edition. But it doesn't do multiwounds to one guy, it does extra wounds to others.

I'm inferring this because there's not a huge amount of fluff for how "deflagration" actually looks, as far as I've seen.

>> No.53205125

>If I fire an incendiary round into Bob over there, Mike next to him won't take extra damage even if Bob's insides are burning away.
It says "deflagrate", the word for a normal subsonic combustion, but supposedly it's so powerful it might become a fire hazard for nearby squadmates.
Remember how in Dark Heresy or some game like that there is a critic hit table that when plasma hits your femur it explodes and the bone shards may hurt your teammates as if your leg had been a frag grenade stump all along?
Well like that.

>> No.53205149

Pretty much. The first big problem would be getting everyone together, since quite a few armies would be lacking transport, although max points means Spartans, Triaros and Gorgons for all. Flying transports would be invaluable, although I think I'll ban Warlord Titans/Psi-titans just because it takes more than a full FoC of anything else to kill one. They'll be a lot of gunship rescues on armies like Ironfire, given they're not exactly mobile. Solar Auxilia will be beasts, with 18 Dracosans and Malcadors and full Leman Russ squadrons everywhere. Always seemed odd to me that they can easily outhorde and outtank the Horde and Tank factions easily.

>> No.53205172

Well meme'd fellow Loyalist

>> No.53205197

>"These attacks have a devastating effect on organic matter, explosively burning flesh into ash and jetting fire."
>"volkite weapons impart so much thermodynamic energy to the target that those under their shimmering rays simply combust."

>> No.53205225

So what's so great about this weapon that can't be done more reliably with frag shells?

>> No.53205254


>> No.53205276

You can always say "no superheavies" and battles will depend more on strategy instead on Superheavies and their supporting units. Thing is, your comment up there was a mere stating of things and I was prepared to answer questions, and yours wasn't one so it threw me off.
>They'll be a lot of gunship rescues on armies like Ironfire
I don't understand this either.
You know, all your talk about people getting together to fight xenomorphs and rescues reminded me of the first levels of Starcraft 1.
Man those were the times, I cannot wait for the HD remastered version.
Also, about the Dracomemes, what will it be the points limit? Because yeah, you can bring Infiltrate/Outflank 9 of them Vindicator transports with axemen inside them (apparently better in 8E because of no Init), plus 9 Outflanking Vanquishers (thus bypassing Flare shields), while 180 Lasriflemen serve as an anvil in their Dedicated Aegis Defense Lines, with a combination of tank traps, razor fields, AA guns and ammo stores, good morale rules and Thudd & Artillery guns backing them up...
But that costs like a shitton and a half of points or more.

>> No.53205339

That they aren't Str3 / Str4 like the usual frag grenades and missiles.
I'm no volkitefag, I myself prefer plasma and melta over volkite, but those martians choom guns and they were killy. There weren't enough of them, but there still were many of them and they entered service in specialist weapon squads, not unlike any weapon that wasn't a bolter.
Also, they're in the Troops slot instead of being a Heavy "FW released yet another unit for them?!" Support choice.

>> No.53205351

Those ECs are loyalists killing traitor SoHs.

>> No.53205414

>That they aren't Str3 / Str4 like the usual frag grenades and missiles.

And in fluff world a S4 frag mortar can turn a power armoured Marine into Swiss cheese.

Point being, if your great weapon's crow wiping abilities rely solely on the primary target getting hit and exploding with enough force to damage people around it, why not just make explosive shells that all pepper the surroundings with deadly shrapnel? Grenade/missile launcher is bound to be simpler and cheaper to make and maintain than those martian heat rays that were hard to make even in M31.

I always thought the effect was devastating to the organic target itself, burning it real good, rather than causing damage to everyone around them. Especially when you can't place the models far enough apart to stop this from happening, but you can make blast weapons nearly useless.

>> No.53205481

Yeah, that's probably a better rule for Superheavies, although given it's a silly scenario I might just ban the ones that would make it far too easy, so no Knight Detatchments, Titans, Ordinatii, Primarchs and such, but I wouldn't knock someone wanting a Mastodon or Stormbird given how much air Nids and Daemons can throw out.
The gunship rescues would be because they don't have a huge amount of firepower when moving, so the most effective thing for them to do would be to find a hill somewhere to hold and wait for extraction or reinforcement.
Got to love that holdout mission that actually played fair in the Terran campaign. You could wipe out literally every Zerg before the "rescue" arrived.

Points limit would be "as much stuff as you can cram into one FoC" which would be completely unbalanced but given we're insanely outnumbered and all on the same side it shouldn't matter too much. We'll have our hands full just surviving the Nids for a while and the Aux don't do superbly against air if they've been tankspamming rather than fortifying. I was asking if anyone had any cunning ideas

>> No.53205532

That's very observant of you. It's probably why it is titled Loyalists

>> No.53205588

You're focusing on the wrong spots here. Volkite weapons are strong rifles. That's it.
It's not a crowd control weapon and that tactics rely on it getting deflagrate.
It's a strong gun.
It has the added bonus effect of exploding people so hard colateral damage is a concern (it's not like the usual bolt rounds don't explode too), but its main job is to wound mortals on a 2+ and tackle tougher enemies marines may encounter, and if it was at one a time considered as a prospect to become the astartes main firearm, then it's safe to assume there were waaaay more volkites than plasma guns. Way more.
Because it is but a strong rifle the martians had, and nothing more.
As for your innovative idea of a gun that shoots explosive shells as anti-infantry weapons, go ask the Seeker cadres. They'll demonstrate their Tempestus rounds to you. In 8E they'll be good since placing a billion small templates is just tedious.

>> No.53205612

Thanks, I alw-
The one who posted that pic before thought it was traitor ECs, and I'm not good at recognizing sarcasm over the internet.

>> No.53205680

>Volkite weapons are strong, expensive, hard to make and maintain, rifles that aren't very good to fire on the go, unless it's a very compact and less powerful variant.

Maybe anons shouldn't pimp its crowd control properties and maybe the fluff shouldn't talk about how utterly devastating its to organic targets, causing them to erupt and burn inside out.

But I guess we can get rid of the special rule then and just make it a S5/6 AP0 gun.

>> No.53205703

It's ok bud, I think I know who you're talking about too. Not a clue where all of this Traitor EC suddenly sprang up from either. Us loyalists have to stick together.

>> No.53205732

You know how anons are, they like to exaggerate things. I mean, it's not like bolters don't do the exact same thing.
I see volkites as bolters + 1, only that they are harder to make.
>But I guess we can get rid of the special rule then and just make it a S5/6 AP0 gun.
Not sure. At least volkite calivers are now free for Tactical Support squads, like flamers and gatling brrrrts.
And stick together we shall.

>> No.53205741

>all that work
>still couldn't fix the shitty SM smoke launcher

>> No.53205762

Chargers. Calivers are 5pts.

>> No.53205835

Yes, chargers, srry.
Hey, what weapons would represent those? Maybe chargers are souped up SGMs while Calivers are longrifles?

>> No.53205840

So I need some help figuring out what to add next to my Imperial Fists.

I currently have the following for infantry(not including Terminators):
10 MKII Veterans
10 MKIII Veterans
10 MKIV Veterans
10 MKIII Breachers
10 MKIV Seekers

I have 10 MKIV Marines that are unbuilt and unassigned and I'm unsure what to do with them. Another Veteran squad with 5 Combi-Flamers or a Heavy Support Squad of 10 Autocannons? Or if anyone has any other ideas I'd love to hear them.

>> No.53205856

Who is your favorite non-primarch character from a legion you do not play and why is it this nigga

>> No.53205859

The beam gun, the bigger beam gun, the heavy beam gun, the beam cannon and the beam annihilator.

>> No.53205897

Did i got to read a badly forged pfd of Perturabo - Hammer of Olympia or are they really talking about his penis? And thats what she said puns?

Otherwise it seems fine, no fanfiction stuff.

I can't be certain with the stuff BL pushes these days...

>> No.53205902

Mk IV was good at targeting, right? So heavy support. Autocannons are good, but missile launchers are popular too.

>> No.53205920

>BL touches on the subject of primarch dicks
Please tell me this is a thing.

>> No.53205926

But the "Bigger beam gun" is already a heavy weapon!

>> No.53205946

So are sniper rifles.

>> No.53206033


Book is out for a month or so. If this was true /tg would have had a meltdown.

So i guess there are ppl out there who sneak genitalia in my heresy books. Good lord.

>> No.53206221

Look for the altered copy of the Guilliman one, it's hilarious.

>> No.53206232

Post a screenshot of the passage, you nerd.

>> No.53206339

You can bring AA guns for every ADL you take. Not the best option points wise, but SA Is the army that can take the most fortifications of them all, and you aren't using up your Elite or Heavy choices to defend against flyers like most other armies do.
An autocannon Mortis has better BS than your quad gun, but yours is cheaper even counting the cost of the ADL it is mounted upon, and that also gives your mooks a place to duck in, and possibly an ammo store as well.

>> No.53206478

Do the Mk II torso upgrade kits and heads work well on BoP Mk III plastic?

>> No.53206611

Will the work? Yes. Will they work well? Eh. FW stuff is 'slightly' smaller than GW plastics, so while it isn't a huge difference it may look a little odd. But one of FW's selling points for the faction kits was that they could be used with the BaC/BoP sets, so I'm sure it's not that bad.

>> No.53206626

And you can stick your troop master on top for BS 4.

>> No.53206662


I'm too stupid to make screenshots from my kindle. Deleted the 'original' file.

1st part:

>"'Look at the size of that boy's penis!' One courtier cried out, gesturing madly at the bulging penis hanging down beneath Perturabo's knee length skirt. It's bulbous head flared into the gaudy shape of a fleshy hammer, it's girth the size of a small baby's arm. 'Uhh, that's probably borderline pedophilia, my lord!' A servant whispered conspiratorily. 'Erg-, yes well, I see what you're saying' the courtier replied. 'Very well, look at the odd angle of that boy's legs!' The courtier pointed out the obvious strangeness of Perturabo's bowed legs. From either a large amount of time walking with such a hammer headed shaped penis or perhaps by design, Perturabo's legs had bowed to the point of reducing his height. In later years it would be debated whether he was the shortest of all Primarchs, him or the Lion, but usually the Lion would win out, thanks to the added height that came from the stick shoved up his ass he liked to lean upon. Dammekos did his best to look anywhere but at the engorged hammer of flesh."

2nd part:

>Teardrops of lava plummeted from the underside of the capital warren. 'That thing's the size of a continent,' said Forrix. His tone was changing, becoming excited. 'Heh heh, that's what she said!' Perturabo said. 'my Lord!' called up an astropathic liaision. 'I am receiving word from...'

3rd part:

>'By the Emperor's shrunked right testicle, you sound like someone shoved the Hand of Domination up your arse. Spit it the fuck out!'

>> No.53206722


>> No.53206727

I just spit senpai's blood all over my computer. Thanks bro

>> No.53206765

>FW sample pictures have MkIII upgrades applied to MkIV models
This triggers me.

>> No.53206791

This honestly is what drives me insane with the Imperial Fist upgrade set. It looks so fucking weird.

>> No.53206845


>> No.53206933

When you run heavy support Squads what size and what loadout do you use most?

I'm torn between Autocannons and Plasma cannons

>> No.53207082


>> No.53207108

Autocannons and missile launchers are the norm. Lascannons in a fortification or void shield generator if you're designing an army around it.

>> No.53207129

FUCK that image is terrifying I'm stealing it.

>> No.53207203

Some Legions have rules and/or units that make them benefit from specific loadouts, depending on the target. IWs for example should never, under any circumstances whatsoever take normal HSsquads when they can take Iron Havocs instead, regardless of loadout. Similarly, IF benefit most from Lascannons and Heavy Bolters.

>> No.53207245

>want to do army entirely in mark 2 and 3
>vehicle crews are only mark 4
>cool moritat is only mark 4

>> No.53207312


>> No.53207348


>> No.53207363

I hope you're handy with an x-acto knife and greenstuff. It's time for CONVERSIONS

>> No.53207408

is that a combi bolter/autocannon?

>> No.53207507

No, that's just the adaptation so the marine can shoot it like it was a rifle, instead of having to lug it around like 40k Devastators do with Heavy bolters.
It's ergonomics.

>> No.53207806

Is there any good source for SM dozer blades besides FW or Chimera kits?

>> No.53207843

One of the vehicle crew models from FW is MKIII.

For the Moritat you should do what I did and use an Iron Hand's Immortal MKIII torso/head/leg piece and go from there.

>> No.53207863


>> No.53207907

>Not having S8 Autocannons on your Imperial Fists fighting tanks versus their BS5 S6 Heavy Bolters

>> No.53207944

Why did Magnus help the traitors? Magnus agreed that the 1KS deserved their punishment. Did he ever discover that it was Horus who commanded Russ to kill his sons?

>> No.53208025

We don't know the exact reason yet. Magnus has spent the entire time since Prospero trying to discern the future in order to decide what to do. He (if you include his shards) has been helpful to both sides.
In the current canon, the TS have shown up at Yarant to help wreck the Space Wolves, but there's been no information about that other than they were there.

In old canon he threw in with the bad guys because Horus offered protection from further Imperial attack. He basically had nowhere else to go. Then it becomes about revenge.
He knows it was Horus but also knows he was played as part of the great game and whaddyagonnado?

We will hopefully see this all develop in Crimson King but McNeil's recent work makes me think we won't and instead will just get memes about how wrong the TS are and how based Lucius and Sharrowkyn are. There will proabably also be an Iron Warrior showing up to school everyone.

>> No.53208120

On one hand I really wanna read a book about the death guard getting corrupted

On the other I don't want to read a book all about boogers and pus

>> No.53208221

I was talking more about scimitars, outriders, javelins, and every flyer pilot.

>> No.53208320

The 1d4chan page claims that Legion-specific Terminators count towards Pride of the Legion, but Betrayal doesn't really specify. Is this actually a thing, or is it just conjecture because it's not specific?

>> No.53208327

>Horus offered protection from further Imperial attack
They were chilling in the warp on the Planet of Sorcerers. How was the Imperium supposed to attack them?

>> No.53208334

Age of Darkness Army List rites section has (almost) all the answers m8.

>> No.53208341

Oh; just buy single models of unbuilt MKIII or MKII off of eBay. Failing that just buy some recast FW squads of 5 for under $15.

>> No.53208367


That is a lot of resin crack, anon.

>> No.53208398

None of them are in the proper seated driving position though. It would be a huge pain in the ass to convert every bike since the plan was to do this with White Scars. Thanks for the advice but I'm probably just going to go with another legion idea.

>> No.53208433

There's a reason the old nonsensical stories are being re-written, anon

>t.Laurence Goldenberg

>> No.53208544

Any thoughts on this as fluff for a second legion? I've finished my Night Lords, and feel its time for a new project

>force of the dead
>survivors of a thousand sons veteran company that were mauled badly by hrud, >80% casualties throughout the company, very few able to return to service conventionally but a lot of candidates for the Osiron dreadnought project
>sergeant becomes Osiron dread, leader, only one to retain any skill with his psyker abilities
>three troopers go nuts from the implantation process interfering with their abilities, mechanically three cortus dreads with the rip'n'tear loadout
>three troopers with intact minds but massively weakened psychic abilities, three regular contemptors with fist/gun
>Heavy bolter dude gets implanted in deredeo, goes slightly crazy in the 'i am the gun' way
>Meltagun dude is gets implanted into a meltalance Leviathan, becomes a nihilistic death-seeker because of the loss of his pyromancy abilities
>only survivor of the squad who recovered their bodies becomes techmarine then forgelord to care for his fallen brothers, mechanically is the compulsory HQ who leads the assault squads that will fly in to hold the breach
>the dude who flew their stormeagle also got fucked up, didnt want to go into a regular chassis but got himself implanted into a Xiphon cockpit a la mechanicum pilots because muh free as the birds pilot archetype
>used as a veteran linebreaker detachment command sends in when things get a little hairy

>> No.53208674

>everyone loses their powers
>everyone is a special snowflake consumed by bitterness
>dreadnoughts out the ass

You realise that you don't actually want to play Thousand Sons, right

>> No.53208980

Now that I think about it how do the Traitor Legions survive in the Warp at all? In Deliverence Lost Corax manages to suck a Word Bearers ship into the Warp with their Gellar Shields off and they get torn to bloody pieces by daemons in under a minute. It's not like faith can protect them since the Word Bearers are more fanatically devoted to the Chaos Gods than anyone else.

>> No.53209298

At the time, the various Traitor legions probably did not have the pacts and allegiances that allow them to travel through the Warp so easily by 40k. The Warp is swimming with daemons, unaligned and otherwise, that love the idea of consuming stuff from the Materium. Without agreements and protection, they would be swarmed like anyone else.

Another possibility is that they could rely on sorcerers on board to protect the ship. Without preparation ahead of time, they might not have had the time to properly guard the ship against the many daemons looking to eat the fleshy bodies within.

>> No.53209434

Gellar Fields, just like everyone else.

>But the Eye of Terror
Isn't the warp. It's the materium with the warp flowing into it. It is a weird 12 dimensional place.

>> No.53209685

Lorgar was his best friend and his been trying to convince Magnus to join their side. He hasn't accepted yet.

Yeah I'm in the same boat (WS). The problem is legs - I'm not going to find dozens of seated Mk II legs.

>> No.53210079

Any good batrep channels out there?

>> No.53210127

I bet during the end times of 40k one of the dark gods is gonna betray their primarch to use their body and materialize into the corporeal universe

wonder which of the 4 its gonna be

>> No.53210256

>fluff of the first psychic dreadnoughts states that there was a high failure rate up until magnus fixed the problems with it
>actual insanity from losing your psykery, like what happened to most of the early Osiron occupants=special snowflake
>lots of things interred in dreads in a list about the living dead
>using the legion with the most cool dreadnoughts and fluff about their use of these dreads for their cool dreads
>playing thousand sons in a way thats not just spamming veterans, sekhmets and magnus/ahriman
i suppose i should play IH or IW with lots of quad mortars and sniper veterans in rhinos instead, because they've got iron in the name?

>> No.53210263

It's kind of unfortunate that the models are in Maximus when the two legions most known for their bikers (White Scars and Dark Angels) didn't really use it.

>> No.53210403

Not to shit on your idea but I believe TSons warlord has to be an independent character which an Osiron is not.

>> No.53210439

should I buy fulgrim or eidolon first? I want my perfect primarch but I feel I should save him for last and get eidolon first.

>> No.53210604


>> No.53210641


It is just that one pic sorry anon here is the person who drew it maybe she has more art

>> No.53210673

To get around that, i was taking a Forgelord with a mastery level as my actual warlord.

>> No.53210727

Thank you anon!!!

>> No.53210906

i'm hoping i can actually get some use of a lemon Russ incinerator now
it having twice the amount of attacks should help but if that's the only thing that changes then it's still trash cause it now wounds marines on a 3+

>> No.53210932

top 5 legions that go well with a Mastodon?

>> No.53211009

I'd go with whatever legion does good in melee or otherwise has a need for a massive assault transport.
So I'd say World Eaters and Emperor's Children.
Blood Angels are good as well, but they have the Assault marine RoW and no Legion specific termies yet, so they don't NEED it you know. And gunline armies like IW/IFs are content with forthumping, and Fists can teleport their termies. But a Mastodon filled with TH/SS termies or suddenly becoming a fort upon death may be worth noting.
As for the usual IWND IH or Obsidian forged Sallies, I think those rules don't apply to LoWs, which kind of sit in their own separate detachment.
That's what I can think off the top of my head. Were you looking for something specific?
Are Mastodons tough enough to brave artillery fire and arrive to the mean fortress at the other side of the map? That's their only mission right?

>> No.53211032

>Are Mastodons tough enough to brave artillery fire and arrive to the mean fortress at the other side of the map? That's their only mission right

from what i understand it yeah, that's their job. Plus melting the main door into the fortress.

Was considering EC. But also WS termis would be fun, shame they don't have their legion specific termis yet.

>> No.53211044

Anons, what banner design would you give to traitors to show allegiance to the warmaster? Only the eye of Horus ?

>> No.53211169

The Iron Warriors upgrade kit is shit. SHIT.

An eagle being eaten/killed by a wolf?

>> No.53211191

6/10 of the heads are good
the rest of it is garbage though, you're right

>> No.53211194

Hey anons, what's your current Heresy collection looking like? Feel free to share any and all forces you have!

Pics not required but encouraged.

>> No.53211548

Fuck I kind of want some of those for my IF.

>> No.53211636

Sounds cool but would probably be very complicated to paint

>> No.53211680

Slowly advancing with my word bearers. Currently painting some tartaros, erebus and kor phaeron. Next in line is a spartan and finishing the tacticals. Then I should fix those daemons that I painted when I was fucking 12, hopefully they'll be ready for angelus

>> No.53211730

Fluffwise is mark 6 and 7 objectively superior to 4?

>> No.53211743

Nope, just cheaper

>> No.53211757

Sure I'll bite.

Imperial Fists (none painted yet):
30 Veterans
10 Breachers
10 Seekers
10 Heavy Support Marines
5 Cataphractii Terminators
1 Deredeo Dreadnought
1 Contemptor-Mortis
3 Land Raider MKIB's
3 Deimos Vindicators
1 Xiphon Interceptor
2 Apothecaries
2 Praetors
1 Chaplain
1 Librarian
1 Champion
1 Siege Breaker
1 Master of Signals
1 Forgelord
1 Moritat

Titans/Knights(only the knights are painted):
1 Reaver Titan
3 Knight Titans
1 Knight Atrapos

Talons of the Emperor' (all painted):
20 Custodian Guard
20 Sentinel Guard
10 Hetaeron Guard
10 Sagittarum Guard
6 Agamatus Jetbikes
3 Caladius Grav-Tanks
2 Coronus Grav-Carriers
4 Pallas Grav-Attacks
2 Contemptor-Galatus
2 Contemptor-Achillus
5 Shield Captains/Tribunes
1 Ixion Hale
1 Oblivion Knight-Centura
10 Prosecutors
10 Vigilators

>> No.53212002

Please tell me you guys made up Pert penis mentions. Otherwise I'll have to buy goddamn book to check it out

>> No.53212023

Yeah, 6 is sneakier (lower emissions/signature), and both protect the cabling of the armour better (6 with backup cables under the armour in case the chest gets hit, 7 just puts the main chest cables under the armour). Think certain parts of the armour were slightly thicker too.

>> No.53212302

A modest but prized force. Not pictured are my jet-pack Palatine Blades, a new squad of Tartaros Terminators (gonna put wing crests on them tomorrow like the Cataphractii), as well as another 6 Tacs, a 5-man Plasma Gun Support squad, another three Bikes, two Rhinos, and another Apothecary in various states of completion.

>> No.53212392

Nice titans mate. What legion are they?

>> No.53212402

Oh these aren't mine. These are from an older White Dwarf; these look like Astorum, though.

>> No.53212425

Yeah, the author himself said you can't trust the perspective of anyone in the book, excepting maybe the Sisters of Silence but the only time you get their POV on the Big E, it's basically a single sentence.

>> No.53212433

I like it.

>> No.53212455

I've been looking at some of the massive Superheavies like Titans and Ordinatii, is it only me who expected them to have more guns? Ordinatii have one big gun and three Infantry heavy weapons, Titans have two or three massive guns and a couple small PDD weapons and the Stormbird has less gun than a Thunderhawk thanks to using Orbital Strike over turbolaser. Where's our Stormhammer-type Megaheavy? Just a massive Fire Raptor with a bazillion turrets and weapon mounts and two or three Superheavy-class guns, or an Ordinatus with the massive cannon removed for several more regular turrets and dakka everywhere.

>> No.53212545

Most of the big titans/superheavies are designed around being a carrier for that one/two guns rather than general-purpose gunboats. The reaver is the most cost-effective option for just bringing loadsa dakka, as the warhound is relatively cheap and super-fast, and the warlord is based around being as close to unkillable as possible.

The Stormhammer is just a baneblade with extra anti-infantry weaponry strapped everywhere, its got a worse baneblade gun and a two-shot battlecannon, along with multilasers/autocannons/lascannons everywhere. Thats not a Megaheavy, thats a general-purpose big tank thats like a baneblade+1. The Stormhammer is essentially a flying fellblade with the big guns replaced with a macrobomb/six s10ap2 missiles, more room to party than a stormlord and probably an orbital strike. If there was a dedicated Stormbird-chassis gunboat, it'd require more gun than can be dealt with at 40k scale, as 40k already struggles with anything bigger than a warhound

>> No.53212550

Don't ask for comment on your fluff if you're going to be a little bitch about it jesus christ

>> No.53212611

Yeah, the Stormhammer isn't a Megaheavy, it was just the best example for what I was going for.
Stormbird is basically a flying double Baneblade, with the same cap as a Stormlord and a souped-up Shadowsword gun in exchange for the megabolter being downgraded to the missile racks.
I can see how it would be a pain to make a Titan like that due to relatively few places to actually mount guns compared to tanks and planes - everything's an armour plate or a joint.
Why would a Fireraptor Stormbird be too hard to deal with? You can get about as many or even more guns as individual models, so it's not really a volume question. Ordinatii and Warlords kinda stretch the scale more due to there only being so many rules you can attach to a gun at that point, I guess.

>> No.53212615

Don't comment if you're going to not comment on the fluff thats there, i.e. thousands sons and the many setbacks of the osiron project, and then smugly >implying that only bitter fucks have dreadnoughts and break lines

>> No.53212708

BoP didn't exist when the photos were taken.

>> No.53212729

>take plastic CSM crew legs and arms
>MkII torso and helmet

There's your MkII crewman.

>> No.53212748

So, I actually like the Iron Warrior's theme and aesthetic, the problem is:

I don't quite see theyr goals or understand theyr motives.

I know it sounds weird, but for some other prmarchs is obvious and a lot more clear

>> No.53212763

What about the GW kit? Those torsos don't seem too bad and it even comes with a pair of nice MkIII helmets.

>> No.53212850

Anyone got the mp3 of Shattered Legions to share?

>> No.53212861

This one.

>> No.53212937

I count three MkIIIs, a MkIV and a MkV. Good kit.

>> No.53212967

Was Soul Drinker's Spear of Dorn actually Sarrisanata the Pale Spear?

>> No.53212983

Got the .epub perhaps?

>> No.53213004

...so use resin...

>> No.53213027

Omegon / XX Astartes prolly stole it back
can't afford to lose more face by letting the praetorian keep the weapon

>> No.53213059

You don't always need to follow your Primarch.

>> No.53213136

My big guys for (you) thus far.
Currently in the works I have a caliver heavy support squad, 10 man jump assault squad, 10 grave wardens, 5 deathshroud and Morty and planning on a few tanks.

>> No.53213249

>Sevatar has a rule about them and they don't have a unit. FW PLEASE>>53197050

>> No.53213253

>be Perturabo
>architectural genius demigod with huge dong
>build beautiful buildings on homeworld
>yearn for greater things because you're lonely and better than everyone
>dad emperor shows up
>explains purpose of great crusade
>finally something worthy of you
>because of your great knowledge of construction the emperor assigns you the role of deconstructor
>the task he originally designed you for
>you're going to break shit he needs broken
>no need for you to build things he has Dorn for that
*bitterness begins*
>go about your duty with mathematical precision
>get all the shit jobs because you never complain
>very few of your primarchs like you
>Horus is nice though
>unhappy with situation
>that faggot Dorn gets officially made Praetorian of Terra and gets to work on the Imperial Palace
>that should be you
*bitterness intensifies*
>face absolutely grueling opponent
>legion undergoes horrific casualties over years and years of fighting in the mud
>just as you finish up you learn that your homeworld has rebelled against the Imperium
*engage maximum overbitter*
>let out all your pent up rage on the traitorous planet
>burn everything kill everyone
>oh shit dad will never forgive you for this
>Horus shows up
>he will pardon you
>promises that when he runs the show you'll get the respect you deserve
>you join the traitors because you have nowhere else to go

>> No.53213328


>> No.53213408

Shit that wa sactually perfect thanks!

>> No.53213439

A new Dreadnaught
Melee focused, also has a secret compartment in the chest that counts as an assault transport for a single marine.

>> No.53213463

How big will it be? I think any new dreadnought needs to be at least as tall as the knight poriffo. Porcupi. Porypyhyph. That huge knight.

>> No.53213472

>using old and busted resin
>instead of new hotness plastic

This is why you're not making the big bucks in advertising.

>> No.53213480

>secret compartment in the chest
>single marine

>> No.53213526

Nah it would have to be at least Reaver Titan sized

Alternatively, it shits out the remains of the entombed marine armed with a Meltagun

>> No.53213549

Anyone got a link to the great scananon's Perturabo pdf? I'm assuming it's out there and I just missed it.

>> No.53213757

Okay, here's mine. Everything in the pic speaks for itself, though I've got 2 of each custodes tank that couldn't fit in the pic. Fuuuuuck I need to paint my vehicles

>what did we learn? To never mass-buy and then paint, that's what!

>> No.53213765


>> No.53213777

You fucking wizard! Top man thanks and praise be to glorious scananon.

>> No.53213783

Welp, I'm retarded.

>> No.53213785

Raven guard?

>> No.53213815

Impressive. Now finish all of those fuckers, and you have much respect.

>> No.53214033

Yeah, it's gonna be a while, but in the end it's gonna be cool. What's weird is even though I like Custodes least of the 3 on tabletop, they're by far the most fun (and easiest) to paint.

Mechanicum is fun to paint too, just takes a damn long time. Marines, at this point, are just kinda boring. At least they're most all TT standard, and those that aren't are easy enough to do.

I just find vehicles boring to paint.

>> No.53214532

How dare you!

>> No.53214974

>implying IH aren't the one legion that knows how to meld the two together and for it to not be useless

>> No.53214983

make your own garrison force, that way they can do anything

>> No.53215010

>field police

>> No.53215163

Post dream armies
>IW vets backed up by basilisks and havocs in heavily fortified network of trenches and pillboxes with sentry guns
>vostroyan guard fill the trenches with bodies
>mechanicum detachment consisting of Minotaurs and Ursurax
Does anyone else love the Earthshaker so

>> No.53215220


The only time armour-mark incompatibility is a big deal is when trying to integrate different armours ON THE SAME PIECE OF EQUIPMENT.

Hence why that one example in Book 6 (?) with the Mk.III-IV hybrid has half the cuirass being Mk.III, and the other half Mk.IV.

There is NOTHING wrong or difficult with mixing armour marks using various complete components of armour, so having a Mk.III torso & helmet and everything else Mk.IV is A-Ok.

>> No.53215267

Problem, scum?

>> No.53215276

It means something different & more literal in the death guard.

>> No.53215292

>Post dream armies

Sharp dressed Army troopers in Rhinos, backed by Land Raiders and Speeders.

>> No.53215356

>Admech detachment with rows of medusae and advanced chemical artillery attended by servitor repair crews and Magi Reductor, everything shielded with Voids joined with Promethium Pipes.
>Hordes of chaff infantry waiting behind Aegis lines and Russes parked on the ramps up low bunkers containing more Dakka Servitors, slightly ahead of the artillery line.
>Two Mantas filled with Hoplites to drop, Myrmidons in Macrocarids and repair crews, Archmagi standing on the top deck.
>Couple full maniples of Vulturax flying escort and raining down a Macross number of missiles on everything.
>Ursarax jetting off from behind the battlements of the emplacements as Thallax teams drop in behind soft targets.

>> No.53215401

>Two Mantas filled with Hoplites to drop,
We some taufag or something

>> No.53215418

>in 30k
>2 of them in fact
For fuck's sake dude.

>> No.53215537


Well, there's no other fuckheug gunship that has rules for me to steal. I suppose I could use Stormbirds instead, but I like the idea of dropping down an entire armoured battlegroup at once. I dislike Tau on the whole, but it's not like I'm using the actual model. Two Stormbirds would probably cut it now I think about it, though. Macrocarids can go play linebreaker.
I just like massive gunship assaults and rescues.

Also, did we not have this rules discussion two or three times in this thread? I would think everyone would be bored of it by now.

>> No.53215595

how do I take the arvuss lighter unit in 30k

>> No.53215614

Play Mechanicum, Solar Auxilia or Militia and Cults, take Arvus as Fast Attack or Dedicated Transport.

>> No.53215619

It's a transport option for Mechanicum, and I assume for Imperial Militia as well?

>> No.53215621

Left or right for the Pyrithite Spear? I'm leaning more twards the slim barrel/muzzle, but I'm not quite sure.

>> No.53215631

The one on the right looks more legitimate because of how well it fits between the axe blades.

>> No.53215677

left because of the meat

>> No.53215743

Like /pol/, I'm leaning to the right.

Left, while "30k" in style, is a big too busy and it's hard to tell what it's suppose to be. The right one is a clean, simple melta muzzle anyone can recognize.

>> No.53215802

How is it busy it's literally finns on the side of a muzzle, which we all recongise as melta because we're not casuals who play 40k

>> No.53215843

It's a lot busier than the smooth melta barrel on the right, which is basically just a tube with airholes in it.

>> No.53215846

>shaft with techy bits
>axe with wings
>muzzle with blades

Everything's got something extra on them.

>> No.53215917

Right, neat idea anon

>> No.53216136

How does this make you feel, /hhg/

>> No.53216370

Meh. Tournaments gonna tournament.

>> No.53216371

They deserve what they get.

>> No.53216429

Like 8e is coming.

>> No.53216505

It was a tournament, what did you expect?

Call me when he's playing casuals and noobs at weekend pick up games with that list.

>> No.53216547

>guy brings a tournament list to a tournament
>/tg/ hates this
fucking retard

>> No.53216759


Well, all hope is not lost, WBros. At least we can still be vaguely effective by just allying a better faction than ourselves into the game to play in our stead.

>> No.53216810

DE player here, it doesn't help.

>> No.53216828

Nid player here, it really doesn't help.

>> No.53216833

bookfag here that hasn't actually played
should I wait for 8e before buying shit?
also how big is the 30k scene

>> No.53216844

>Piercing Claws (which are resolved at AP-4 when you roll a 6+ to wound!)
So, I guess that's probably what most rending weapons will do in the new system, though we probably could have guessed.

>> No.53216926


Yeah, I know. Maybe we'll get a bone thrown to us in Angelus, because at the moment we're hardly better than a generic Legion list picking Stubborn. Lorgar is good, Gal Vorbak are decent, that's about it.

>> No.53216943

need help with infantry only mech reductor myrm cult list.
anything i can optimise or replace?
anything to make it more fluffy?

+++ 2485pts] +++

++ Matrix of Ruin (Mechanicum: Taghmata Army List) ++

+ HQ +

Magos Prime: Abeyant, Archmagos Prime, Chainfist, Cyber-familiar, 4x Cyber-occularis, Djinn-skein, Machinator Array, Mastercraft a single weapon, Myrmidax, Power axe, Rad Furnace, Rad Grenades

+ Elites +

Myrmidon Secutors
. Myrmidon Lord: 2x Graviton Gun
. Myrmidon Secutor: 2x Graviton Gun
. Myrmidon Secutor: 2x Graviton Gun

+ Troops +

Thallax Cohort: Ferrox, 3x Thallax

Thallax Cohort: Ferrox, 3x Thallax

Thallax Cohort: 3x Thallax

Thallax Cohort: 3x Thallax

+ Fast Attack +

Ursarax Cohort: 3x Power Fist, 3x Ursarax

Ursarax Cohort: 3x Ursarax

+ Heavy Support +

Myrmidon Destructors: 2x Graviton Imploder, 2x Myrmidon Destructor
. Myrmidon Lord: Graviton Imploder

Myrmidon Destructors: 2x Irradiation Engine, 2x Myrmidon Destructor
. Myrmidon Lord: Irradiation Engine

Myrmidon Destructors: 2x Myrmidon Destructor, 2x Volkite Culverin
. Myrmidon Lord: Volkite Culverin

Myrmidon Destructors: 2x Conversion Beamer, 2x Myrmidon Destructor
. Myrmidon Lord: Conversion Beamer

+ Legion +

Legio: Ordo Reductor

>> No.53217016

>should I wait for 8e before buying shit?
I always think that getting models you like, and painting them in a scheme you like, is never a waste. But yeah, I'd probably hold off trying to put together a full 2000+ point force at the moment, just in case.

>how big is the 30k scene
Enormously variable depending on where you are, to be honest. Best to check out clubs/stores in your local area.

>> No.53217124

Just start with a praetor or centurion and a tactical squad or two. What legion are you going for?

>> No.53217150

Thousand Sons with a sprinkle of Daemons
Is there a difference between traitor and loyalist in terms of playing?

>> No.53217270

1kSons can't Daemons, last I checked. Only WB can Daemon in 30k, and there's no difference for 1kSons for allegiance.

>> No.53217332

Now a proper group shot with all completed minis, barring the 2nd Apothecary and bike sgt's head. Waiting on a new pot for doing highlights.

>> No.53217393

Coolio homes, I dig the white.

But what's the deal with your purple? I can't tell if it's unshaded, or some weird THICC thing, but it just looks so soft and flat. Which sucks, cause your conversions are top stuff and it's clear you're a good painter.

What recipe do you use?

>> No.53217496

>Thousand Sons with a sprinkle of Daemons
Only Word Bearers and human cultists can take daemons at the moment.

>Is there a difference between traitor and loyalist in terms of playing?
Some characters and units can only be taken by loyalist or traitors, for example you cannot take a traitor Imperial Fists army with Dorn or a loyalist Iron Warriors with Perturabo. Also certain units and armies get bonuses against you depending on your allegiance, Knight Errants get PE:traitors I think.

>> No.53217557

No daemon allies legal yet for TS, wait for the Signus Prime book.

>> No.53217580

I'd say get Eidoln first, he's a pretty great character and his "charge like a perfect freight truck" is always super satisfying

Fulgrim is great but such perfection is worth waiting for and savoring

>> No.53217588

But...World Bearers are scum
So what does Thousand Sons have over the other Legions? I'm assuming more Psyker stuff?

>> No.53217605

Why not read the book that has their rules?

>> No.53217619

>what does thousand sons have
OP as fuck rules, psykers out the ass, best termies bar none, cool asf swordsmen capable of deleting most MCs, and snipers that out-breeki the Raven Guard.

Plus cool models and super good RoWs, not to mention the cheese king himself

>> No.53217622

I dunno, won't 8e be changing stuff anyway?

>> No.53217635

>But...World Bearers are scum

>> No.53217663

Thanks kindly! Looking forward to getting some sons
Can I file off the nipple horns of Magnus

>> No.53217666

8th edition for 30k games might be 1 or 2 years away.

>> No.53217675

>Can I file off the nipple horns of Magnus
m8 do some of your own research, the magnus model doesn't even have nip horns

>> No.53217711

Sorry, it's a combination of the wash and the camera. They look nice in person, but they do need some highlighting to make it really pop.

Unfortunately, I don't have a proper recipe for the purple. When I first entertained the idea of doing EC, the only purple paint I had was P3 Beaten Purple (grape purple). After many uncounted additions of blue, red, white, I eventually reached this. I've got a pot of Genestealer and Xereus Purple in the mail with the highlight (Dechala). Genestealer 'looks' close to the pre-wash (only so much I can tell with limited pics on Google), so I want to see if I can achieve it with a mix of Genestealer and Xereus.

>> No.53217720

wasn't aware they were played differently, thought it was just the setting/characters
ohh, was looking at the 40k model, my bad

>> No.53217765

>wasn't aware they were played differently, thought it was just the setting/characters
this is correct but FW produce the legion and character rules so they can update things when they please. There is simply too much info atm for FW to make the switch to 8th ed without delaying everything else and it taking ages anyway. Horus heresy games will continue with 7th ed rules for the foreseeable future.

>> No.53217866

Technically, you can play 30k against 40k. Because of how 30k's armies are designed (meant to be played amongst each other) there is a points skew that tends to leave 30k armies underpowered against 40k below 1.5-2k points. Typically, a 30k army simply won't have enough guys on the table to compete properly at low point levels. However, in larger games 30k can mop the floor with 40k armies, because that's where they shine.

>> No.53217906

What sorts of lists can work at lower points levels? It's likely I'll be playing against a lot of 40k, and I don't want to be stomped every time.

>> No.53217997

If you are playing Thousand Sons against 40k you might as well go full waac with their Guard of the Crimson King using Magnus to drop D strength templates about and flying demolisher cannon terminators as troops.

>> No.53218074

Sorry, I should have specified that I'm not that guy. I play Salamanders.

>> No.53218086

So I'm looking at getting my first 30k minis today, but I've seen a good few people saying Mechanicum is one of those cheese armies like Custodes that tend to the broken side of things. I just want to artillery some people with Reductor and actually use those sweet Myrmidon models, anything I should be avoiding in my lists so as not to be a cunt?

>> No.53218100

Anyone got any copies of the Russ, Magnus, and Perturabo ebooks? Can't seem to find them through the usual channels.

>> No.53218113

Persuade the 40k players to play zone mortalis, that's the main way that 30k works with lower points levels. As a bonus, your flamers are the shit in those corridors.

>> No.53218189

Do this >>53218113 then, convince them ZM games will be super fun then melt their dreads with master crafted meltas and burn their troops with +1S flamers.

Then go ham on any survivors with 2 wound terminators and AV14 dreads.

>> No.53218204

Sounds fun, but outside of ZM is there anything else I can do or am I just screwed? (By the way, by low points I mean around 1500 pts)

>> No.53218206

just don't spam artillery and you will be fine, marine lists are limited to 3 medusa while reductor can take something like 12.

>> No.53218234

Maybe ask if any 40k enemies will be open to using the regular FOCs rather than formation bullshit.

>> No.53218260

The mkIII half may be the front plate only, god knows whats behind it judging by the stare behind the warrior's helmet.

>> No.53218316

I think they might be OK with that. As well as this, is there any list types I should pick from, or should I just make a list of things I like? I'll probably be using this army for a while, so I don't want to make a mistake, like taking a useless unit or building a list that is trash.

>> No.53218323

I wanted two or three artillery pieces just because I've never really got to play with them before, and one of those cool train-tanks.

>> No.53218646

This is why you buy the Iron Hands heads and the Death Guard torsos instead, my bitter friend.

>> No.53218654

Emperor's Children dice are sold out and people on Ebay are wanting £30 at the cheapest.

Life is suffering.

>> No.53218667

Anyone got the MP3 Magnus one?

>> No.53218708

Aren't all the dice sold out?

>Luna Wolves transfer sheet for 100+ bongs on eBay
There is a greater hell, I tell you.

>> No.53219263


Now that I look, you're right. All of the Legion dice are sold out.

Jesus Christ, forge world, sort it out.

>> No.53219416

Got this guy minus the halberd as a gift today, but I have no use for him as is.
Maybe as a Knight-Errant? I mean, once I trimmed-down the =][= symbols he has all over and replace shoulders and weapons.

>> No.53219612

Can't you look for alternatives? I'm sure there's plenty of imitation dice, "pleasure knights" and "royal purple sons" and such.

I bought some dice for my 40k EC by getting pretty standard purple and black marble dice with golden pips.

>> No.53219921

Miniwargaming has nice production cues but the players are hit or misses.

30k is alright but are far and few between.

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