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First for Dorn!

>> No.53183053

So weapons are now points-free like in AoS?

Also second for ___Tau___

>> No.53183055

Second for Mortal Poison!

>> No.53183062

Calling it now

ALL eldar units will have something that does mortal wounds

Except the Avatar of Khaine.

>> No.53183071

5th for Kharn

>> No.53183076

If you cant keep up, don't bother.

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Those stat-blocks were for narrative play. We'll probably see point costs tomorrow.

>> No.53183099

Only in open and narrative play (the downer modes for babies)

Matched play will have detailed point values for everything.

>> No.53183105

That looks like a pretty tight fit.

The crisis suit wouldn't be too roomy either

>> No.53183126

Will grenades exist in 8th edition?

Seems odd that there's been no mention of them at all and the only data sheet we've seen doesn't have them (thousand sons never did have the usual frag and krak, but sorcerers could take melta bombs before).

Could well see them being the kind of extra detail that they drop to streamline the system.

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I can actually see the Poison rule being replaced by mortal wounds, or maby just multiple damage wounds

>> No.53183159

So we will see the point values in quasi-General's Handbook or faction Codices? That's pretty bad desu - I hoped that they will pack everything on free datasheets like in AoS but with points for units too
No, AoS has only points for units - not for wargear like weapons and shit

>> No.53183164

>AoS started without points.

>> No.53183166

That's larger compared to the fire warrior than actual crisis suits are. I think they're piloted from fetal position or something.

>> No.53183183

could be limited to defensive grenades that give you some bonus if you are charged, and offensive grenades that give you some bonus when you charge

>> No.53183188


Are Tau midgets or are truescale crisis suits the same size as Dreadnaughts?

>> No.53183190

>So we will see the point values in quasi-General's Handbook or faction Codices?

Probably. I mean it's not like we didn't have to buy codexes before, that there are any free rules to begin with is something almost nobody ever expected out of GW.

>> No.53183200

units and battalions*

>> No.53183212


I want that fucking meme to die.

>> No.53183228

Have they said if the core rules are supposed to be free like with AoS?

>> No.53183229

>Hey guys it the new GW TM here today with the brand new rules for our favourite green creatures, the Orkz!
>Now we know that they were really good last edition, so in this edition were making them a bit more fair in this edition.
>So the universal stats for Orks are all now T3, BS6+, M2 and WS3.
>But don't fret too much Ork players, the new Gorkanauts (or possibly Morkanauts XD) are BS5+!
>Have a nice WAAAGH!!! and tomorrow we wil be back with the Tau and their respective buffs for the new edition!

>> No.53183232

Posting again if anyone wants to meme my poorly drawn Space Marine. Got some funny results a thread ago.

>> No.53183253

What meme?

>> No.53183266

It would be a tight fit regardless.

>> No.53183272

>this edition we're*

>> No.53183278

>40k is literally being re-written by Frontline Gaming of all people

How is no one talking about this?

Why do they chose now to pander to the tourneycucks after all these years? could they suck Reece's dick any more on the community site jesus christ

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I'm almost willing to bet that they just redacted the points from the real profile and tomorrow when we come back we will see a sheet with both power level (for Narrative and Open) and Points (for Matched)

>> No.53183317

Oh I don't mind buying codices - there are no point values in AoS battletomes and I have still bought one for fluff and because they are neat as fuck so I'm okay with this. I just hoped that they will include everything important on datasheets like all unit rules and point values both for units and gear - AoS warscrolls are perfect and only con is lack of point values. I know that they wanted to do an experiment with GHB but I hoped they will not do it again with 40k

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Was Corax an actual "nice" guy? (having in count how the primarchs were)

>> No.53183354

stop trying to force this meme, no one cares about your drawing

>> No.53183355

why is his torso on backwards?

>> No.53183360

It's easier to reprint and adjust point costs in just the 40k equivalent of the general's handbook than redoing every data sheet every time. They'll be doing the same thing they're doing with the general's handbook and be balancing on more frequently. This is good.

>> No.53183407

See >>53183166 you blind boy
Fire Warrior models come up to around the top of the thigh armor plate

>> No.53183409

Hey, I thought it was a dumb little thing that was meant to facilitate some humorous community interaction. I couldn't care less if I made a meme slightly successful on a Siberian spear fishing forum.

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Not really. He sent the Imperial Army general who came to save him from Istvann on a suicide mission after he found out he knew Corax needed saving because of a dream.
And said that the Raptors were no longer considered RG because they killed some wulfen who weren't being sublte about their plan to kill Corax rather than guard him as Russ told them to, after seeing the Raptors.

Corax is a dick.

>> No.53183505

Whut animu da-

Was going to post that, but decided to search instead.
Decided to post anyway so everyone knows I reverse searched it before posting, and therefore have now transcended.

>> No.53183510

Take note that they asked the tournament organisers to playtest their shit. You know, those guys who have been trying to keep 40k at least a little bit balanced with comps and special requirements and such.

Also, a player that does all the calculations and plays on a very competative level will be better at telling you what is OP or doesn't work, compared to somebody who just throws models on a table in his garage, cracks open a beer, and just wings half the rules.

>> No.53183516

I thought Tau used joysticks instead of jacking in.

>> No.53183536

That's probably why that suit pilot is waving at the fire warrior, she needs to borrow his joystick.

>> No.53183560

That would have made them walkers instead of mc.

>> No.53183565

Do you have to wait for the next version of the GHB to get point values for new models?

>> No.53183586

why? both dreads and dredds are jacked in.

>> No.53183617

>muh beer and pretzels

Nigger the average /tg/ poster could shit out a better codex than the GW writers. the average /tg/ poster DOES

Tournament players are the ones who can't design a game because as soon as something isn't fully optimized they don't give a shit, it's a wonder they even want to leave 7th at all

8th will be a game for passionless cunts, but that suits you so i can see why you're not worried.

>> No.53183621

No those are typically released simultaneously with a battletome, and those points are rolled into the next GHB

>> No.53183637

Pentinent engine and dragoon too.

>> No.53183648

No - it should be updated in App but sometimes GW just forgot about some units like rat swarms

>> No.53183666

Drop a link when you sell your army.
Untill then: Whatever

>> No.53183685

Make sure to make a webm of your army set on fire for us before you kill yourself

>> No.53183700

As I said before.

GW mostly asked tournament ORGANISERS to playtest 8th edtion. Tournament organiser =/= tournament player. Comprehend ?

>> No.53183732

This guy >>53183685
has it right.

Please be one of those losers who flipped their shit when AoS dropped and destroy your investment into shitty plastic crack because you're fucking anally annihilated

>> No.53183749

>average /tg/ poster could shit out a better codex
From the shit I've seen posted here I can confidently call you a delusional faggot.
You are a delusional faggot

>> No.53183755

rip. picturesforsadchildren.

You were the only decent webcomic made by a sad failure.

>> No.53183766

MFW everyday they put out new rules that make the fluffy armies I've run for years actually useful in the crunch.

>> No.53183804

Enjoy your fluffbunny armies become the fotm cancer ruining games.

>> No.53183847

You mean people will sperg about an idea and force a thread to be deleted?
"Maybe movements+d6 could work"
50+ replaying bitching about M+d6

You can't make discussion during USA time. They have the highest concentration of autistic and sperging cunts per capita

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>> No.53183917

How foolish of me i thought there were problems, but instead all is perfect much like every unit in 8th amirite

I forgot, this IS New Games workshop™ after all!

>> No.53183925

>You mean people will sperg about an idea and force a thread to be deleted?

You mean the thread that was on page 11 anyway? Stop trying to drag dumb arguments from a previous thread into a new one.

>> No.53183934

...Isn't that what we do every new edition?

>> No.53183946


So what army are you selling tonight ?

>> No.53183980

Wait people use pages? Strange, why would they when glorious catalog view exists?

>> No.53184016

It says the page number in the bottom right. You can tell what page a thread is on and how close it is to falling off the board easily.

>> No.53184026

>was wrong about a point of contention
>thinks /tg/ is a bastion of rules geniuses not just a bunch of autistic losers who don't even play the games they talk about
>didn't bring any real points of discussion or contention with any rules in particular just "but muh tournament organizers are cancer"
>gets annoyed when his point is dismissed with "muh beer and pretzels"

Maybe bring forward something to actually talk about? Then we can, you know, talk about it?

>> No.53184061

Because chrome explodes when I try to load the catalog.

>> No.53184067


Listbuilding and gameplay balance is a joke right now, and you know it.

>> No.53184090


The average /tg/ poster has always been and will always be an imbecile.

>> No.53184137 [DELETED] 

>GW literally admits Eldar are getting a nerf
>waacfags overwhelmingly btfo

>> No.53184140

You wish faggot, might have some painted shit in your force for once.

Gb2WHFB general where this bait actually flies fami

>> No.53184174

No one's nerfed since everything has changed, cheetahfag.

It IS funny to poke at eldars, though

>> No.53184175

So if we haven't already dismissed 8E as a total disaster, we must think GW is perfect?

Most of us are just hoping it'll be better than 7, which is a pretty low bar to clear. And the fact that they actually have playtesters should at least limit the amount of totally broken bullshit.

>> No.53184200

>I can actually use my Avatar in 8th

don't care about any jetbike or psyker nerfs anymore

>> No.53184218

>Eldar to Aledari
>Tau to T'au
>Imperium to Dark Imperium

What does all of this mean?

>> No.53184222 [DELETED] 

>GW literally admits they are a broken monobuild army
>we're not getting nerf-raped, I swear!
Way too fucking funny.

>> No.53184234

But Mr. Cheetahfag, they buff them more!

The name is still silly.

>> No.53184235

I apreciate the effort, anon. Saved, and will probably do something with it later.

>> No.53184256

>the average /tg/ poster DOES

Most /tg/ homebrews I saw from 7e used Wraithknights and Riptides as the balancing point of what a MC / GC should be.

>Not treating them as outliers and trying to balance their amongst the other 99% of 40K

>> No.53184276

What nerfs did you see from their preview? All I saw were
>We're buffing your "Okay" units

>> No.53184299

Probably branding stuff. I don't think it means all that much as they understand the common vernacular will still be Eldar, Tau, Imperium, Space Marine instead of Adeptus Astartes, Imperial Guard instead of Astra Militarum, etc.

>> No.53184311 [DELETED] 

Not silly, just hilariously fitting. The designated faggot faction gets the name out of a tumblr furfiction.

top kek

More fitting, fluffy names for all factions my man.

>> No.53184321

>Orks preview
>Oh, let's look on Grotsnik!
>He's soo MaD that he have 5+ fnp while he have 6+.
>Wooh! So orky!

>> No.53184332

>can Overwatch
>can run
>Better AP
>No dumb Warpflame rule
>Warpflamers are actually really good
>Aspiring Sorcerer has actually useful spells he can actually use
>He also gets other Force weapons, all of which are beastly as fuck

I'm loving these Rubric changes.

>> No.53184350

Not that anon, but they didn't show any nerf quite obviously. I wouldn't really feel much love for the new edition if the article about my army said "Everything you use is now worse"

However they acknowledge the units that are most infamously overpowered in the codex, which would most likely mean that they have been rebalanced
Maybe not enough, but at least they'll not be as retarded as now

>> No.53184361

Definitely branding matters. Just like Imperial Guard was renamed to "Astra Millitarum".
Or like when tyranid players had to wait an entire edition to get overpriced models for the Mycetic spore (renamed for a name THIS stupid that I can't even remember it without looking it up), when kinder eggs and converted toys where doing the job just fine.

>> No.53184370

>useful spells
>1 mortal wound

>> No.53184377

Don't forget about reaper cannon having the same AP modifier as a lascannon.

Also warpflame pistol on aspiring sorcerer is gonna help a lot when your rubrics are stuck in melee.

>> No.53184384

>tumblr furfiction
Eh? I thought it was just them trying to give it a more Latin-sounding version because that's "cooler"

Is this another case like /co/'s Ironheart?

>> No.53184403

That's practically guaranteed damage. You deal free mortal wound each turn that also forces morale tests at the end of turn.

>> No.53184409 [DELETED] 

This is what eldacuck players actually believe.

>> No.53184421

>Don't forget about reaper cannon having the same AP modifier as a lascannon.
This probably means that "rending" will translate into an additional -1AP, considering that the soulreaper cannons were AP3 and rending in the previous edition

>> No.53184430

Didn't Tolkien make up the word Eldar?

>> No.53184444

When did this happen? i just see a bunch of Age of sigmar-tier replies going
>"haha burn/sell ur army now fgt XDDD"

modern /tg/ is full of unironic gw-cucks so im not surprised at all though

>> No.53184446

So he can remove one model instead of just wanking around while providing Warp Charges for alpha psykers?
Yeah, they look pretty brutal. They might end up being overcosted, but at least now they are actually beastly.

>> No.53184453

I mean, just the fact that it doesn't require a warp charge and is on average a free wound with no saves against whatever is close by is nice. Plus you'll get another spell from the table on top of that.

Really, just the fact that it's more than a warp charge battery is nice.

>> No.53184463

Tbf, impericucks are just as bad with their high gothic that sounds like it was written by a very very stupid 7th grader being forced to take classical latin.

>> No.53184468

>that "rending" will translate into an additional -1AP, considering that the soulreaper cannons were AP3 and rending in the previous edition

That's what I was thinking too. We'll see when Assault Cannons pop out.
S6 AP-2 Heavy 4 will do nicely.

>> No.53184476

Potentially fixed the purchase of Soulreaper Cannons too. Seems to be worded similar to Noise marines rather than "If the unit numbers 10 or more..."

>> No.53184480 [DELETED] 

That just their stock free spell, I imagine they'll still have access to the Tzeench discipline.

>> No.53184485

>This probably means that "rending" will translate into an additional -1AP
If this is true, who's ready for AP-1 basic eldar weaponry.

>> No.53184487

>Turning an "e" into "ae"
>Adding an "i" at the end

It's been years since I last studied Latin, but that's how I would try to turn the word Eldar into a Latin word

Also I don't play Eldar

>> No.53184492

>No shooting and charging
>No fearless
>No VotLW Ld Bonus
>No battlecannon bait immutable 4++
>Mortal wounds

You'll need some salt with that sugar otherwise you'll go hype-o.

LD8= three wounds minimum for battleshock, which is neat but still not crazy thematic.

>> No.53184500

And there is our daily reminder that unless you hate GW, hat everything GW does, hate everything GW makes, and hate everything GW sells, and hatepost about it hourly, you are a GW drone.

>> No.53184518 [DELETED] 

Eldar was okay.

Is hilariously right in every way.

>silly latin names
>as bad as something out of a tumblr fanfiction
Keep telling that to yourself top kek

>> No.53184519

And that method would be laughable and entirely incorrect.

>> No.53184522

>how dare this niggers enjoy their hobby and have some hope for its future??? Unacceptable! Grrrrr!

>> No.53184525

>implying Death to the False Emperor isn't new Chaos Leadership rule

>> No.53184536

Show us your painted army there, tough guy

>> No.53184541

Can we stop feeding cheetahfag-kun

Hide and/or report move on with your life

>> No.53184542

More Aeldari IP shenanigans means more power for 8th age

Dus gun be pleb

>> No.53184544

They've still got a 5+ against battlecannons, and now they'll actually benefit from being in cover more. Ld 8 isn't bad when you compare it to the standard marines, and I think this is another case where you could chalk it up to psychic feedback with one of them going inert as the Sorcerer struggles to maintain control.

>> No.53184572

>Which would then be represented on the datasheet... which it isn't.

Have more rerolls on first round of combat there kid. Nothing personell

>> No.53184575

>implying Death to the False Emperor isn't new Chaos Leadership rule
Standard Marines also have Ld of 7, so they seem to have the same value.

>> No.53184587

Cheetahfag-kun actually improves my day a little sometimes.

>> No.53184603

Those templates look like a surprised face.

Also is the guy that posts the cheetahs the same every thread or are the cheetah images really popular for laughing condescension?

>> No.53184608 [DELETED] 

>implying latin 'ae' doesn't go at the end
>implying Aeldari isn't how they call themselves in their language
>being this defensive about a faction he doesn't play
Wew lad


>> No.53184622

Appearently having 2+/4++ against all Damage 1 weapons means nothing.
Only having a 5++ against battlecannons, which are nerfed and complete shit as we established yesterday, means that Thousand Sons will still be unviable next edition.

On a more serious note Im curious what an Icon of Flame is gonna do.

>> No.53184623

>No battlecannon bait immutable 4++
3+ save base, +1 from cover, -2 from Battle Cannon = 4+ Save

Sure you need to be in cover, but I'll take being worse vs AP3 for being 2+ vs small arms (All is Dust)

>> No.53184625

>Against battlecannons

Inb4 Mot is still a 6+ from 7thpleb and mono-tzeentch is still btfo.

>> No.53184626


>> No.53184630

Cheetanon fucking with >aeldari fags is all I have to look forward to in these threads. Infinitely better than disinfo anon

>> No.53184639

>On a more serious note Im curious what an Icon of Flame is gonna do.
+1S to all ranged weapons
It applies to firing flamer in melee

>> No.53184640

Oh yeah, real tight fit.

>> No.53184641

templates were rather surprised when 8th dropped, after all.

>> No.53184646

Except it doesn't matter, because a battlecannon is only AP -2 so any marine has a 5+ against it in the open.

>> No.53184648

>Playing an NPC race

You get what you deserve.

>> No.53184660

+Str on shoots belongs to the noiseboys now.

>> No.53184662

Playing anything other than space marines means you're a side character.

>> No.53184663

Need to get dem copyrights.

>> No.53184664 [DELETED] 

Happy cheetahs just have a healing effect. Such a wonderful animal.

>cuckdari player THIS anally anihilated he's getting btfo like never before

>> No.53184685

But anon didn't you see the recent focus?!


>> No.53184688

Have they officially announced how invulnerable saves will be handled?

And can Cover modify invulerable saves?

>Fun fact Rubrics have a 4+ invulnerable against D1 due to All is Dust.
>Assuming same as currently.

>> No.53184690

That's not how you spell Tyranids.
At least get your armies right when trolling, you idiot.

>> No.53184691

>There being an "incorrect way" to translate a word into a language that doesn't have any similar equivalents to that word

There isn't the word "elf" in Latin, nor there is Eldar, so there isn't a correct or incorrect way to translate it into that language
You are either the first one to attempt that translation and the word stick, or you are one of the most important writers in that language and you have the "authority" to say how it should be written

It doesn't necessarily go at the end. One Latin name is Gnaeus, and ether in Latin is written "Aether", so stop talking about shit you know nothing about and go fuck one of your so loved cats

>> No.53184694

Reroll to wound rolls of 1 for ranged attacks.

>> No.53184696

Sounds like they're even more useless, but you're trying to make it a good thing.

>> No.53184712

Also, consider that Aspiring Sorc always hits on 3s, does D3 wounds per unsaved wound and can pick actually powerful weapons going from S:U AP-3 to S+2 AP-1. Plus D6 S3 AP-2 auto-hits each combat phase because why not.

The dude is a beast now.

>> No.53184713

Bad link.


>> No.53184719

>Strongest person is the boss
>it works because they believe
>never win a fight without their friends at their side
Orks are the shonen protagonists of 40k

>> No.53184727

I feel like Invuln saves will be the same as now, but won't stack with cover. So effectively they'll place a minimum value for you to save against if your armor and cover gets punched through entirely.

>> No.53184732

>Rubrics have a 4+ invulnerable against
>1. Other Rubrics
>2. tempestus

well yey lad.

>> No.53184734

> sperging this hard over made up words

>> No.53184735

>hurr my kunningly edited faction focus link!

Six threads ago called, it wants it's meme back

>> No.53184737

0/10, https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/11/warhammer-40000-faction-focus-this-faggot/

>> No.53184754

Sounds like you just want to bitch and moan without actually looking at the rules and thinking.

>> No.53184755

Spoken like a true dumb bastard good job letting the point whiz past your head

No you're right, /tg/ is just a hatewagon i forgot i should just shitpost all day and never dare to discuss anything

>> No.53184760

Power weapons may be D1
>Only seen force

Plasma could be D1
>Guessing it will be D3 personally.

>> No.53184763

I wonder if Scarab Occult terminators will also have All Is Dust. Becaus having a +1 on your saving rolls with a 2+ armour save would be ... insane.

>> No.53184771

fuck off faggot

>> No.53184773

Orks are more NPC than Nids. Orks are Designated Comic Relief NPCs and the standard mook for Spehs Muhreens to fight before the REAL threat arrives. At least Nids tend to be the primary threat when they show up.

>> No.53184782

Would mean they'd have to specify that you always fail on a roll of 1, rather on a result of 1

>> No.53184787

Unless they fixed their own lore and made them psykers and not dust men because you know. Magnus' personal psyker bodyguards should still keep their form.

>> No.53184794

That would be disgustingly durable against the new AP4

>> No.53184795

This guys get it.

This guy fell for it and now are salty when ever they show up

>> No.53184813

I was wondering as All is Dust specifically mentioned Saves not "Armour Save".

>Tho I just relooked at Shooting article:
>In the new Warhammer 40,000, cover is a bonus to your armour save.

>> No.53184814

Until the Swarmlord loses a punch fight with Papa Smurf.

>> No.53184818

Orks are the team rocket of W40k

>> No.53184821

They already specified that, I think

The biggest thing that would do is reduce the AP of any single damage weapons. Assuming you were in cover, you could still get a 2+ save against a plasmagun, if they deal 1 damage.

>> No.53184831

they're not dust though

>> No.53184843 [DELETED] 

>desperately pretending to know his shit while mistaking the greek word aether for a latin word
>i-ill just ignore the fact that Aeldari is in elfcuck language, it blasts my booty too much!
>being this triggered because his faction finally got a fitting name
Maybe my sides will become a new elfcuck god once they leave this dimension.

>> No.53184846

>New general
>haven't seen the fabius bile pasta yet
I-is this anon all right ? Maybe he had an accident ? This almost makes me worried.

>> No.53184848

Yeah, Invuln saves still exist though, since the article on psychic powers mentions mortal wounds ignore them.

So All is Dust boosts armor and Invuln, but cover only boosts armor.

So Rubrics in terrain are pretty heavily resistant to anything that only deals 1 damage, and will still have a reasonable invuln save against it outside of cover.

>> No.53184849

Honestly I'd rather have Dusty Terminators with a 1+ (failing on 1s) than Brotherhood of Psyker Terminators

>I have Grey Knights for that.

>> No.53184850

So, reading the craftworld article further puts any hope of my deldar being good this edition into the grave.

>> No.53184856

Because a laser beam will not be stopped by a concrete wall from reaching you, but it may reduce the beam's power enough to allow you power armor to dissipate it

At least that's how I've interpreted that rule

>> No.53184877

Sure, it's Greek, but it's Latin too


Now tell me how that, like, totally doesn't count

>> No.53184888 [DELETED] 


>> No.53184894

>picking on Dark Eldar

That's a new low, man.

>> No.53184909

Plasma is D1 in SW:A and most of the statlines in 8th ed are toned down versions of what's in SW:A.

>> No.53184919

They get their powers from pain anyway.

>> No.53184923

>Because a laser beam will not be stopped by a concrete wall from reaching you, but it may reduce the beam's power enough to allow you power armor to dissipate it

But why wouldn't the concrete help reduce the power of the beam enough for your energy shield / reality warping powers to redirect it?

>> No.53184925

Come now, Adarki Aeldari have never been part of the problem

>> No.53184929 [DELETED] 

>latin didn't adapt from greek
>he's actually triggered enough to forget the greeks were around first
I'm drowning in foreign, golden salt. It is a good pain.

>> No.53184939

>This guy fell for it

Well, I'm only one of those, and how could anyone fall for such an obvious link? Or did you fall for mine? What did it say about you? Something good, I hope.

>> No.53184942

Because Invuln saves tend to work equally well against everything, and aren't concerned with the force involved. Forcefields in 40k tend to be weirdly spotty.

>> No.53184945

What if armour were a flat reduction to attack strength rather than a save?

>> No.53184960

True, I was willing to write it off as mechanics

>I'd rather Cover affected To Hits, but oh well.

>> No.53184967

LotR had something like this. There was no save rolls apart from heros who had limited ammount of save rolls per game. Instead armors and shields increased toughness.

>> No.53184970 [DELETED] 

My mistake, didn't read the 'd' on 'deldar'.

>Adarki Aeldari
Please tell me this is an actual thing.

>> No.53184975

That's not the point. The point is that there are Latin words that begin with ae. Than you needed to move the goalpost because otherwise you didn't know how to keep shitposting

But keep doing it if that's the way you give meaning to your life

>> No.53184983

>Brings a Titan formation to a "narrative" game
>T 20
>W 50
>SV 2+
>Opponent sends fabious bile into combat with them
>he hits first due to assaulting
>wounds on 6+ (because everything can do that in 8th
>I fail my save
>His weapon is Instant Death
>Remove Titan from the field
>Remove other 2 Titans after failing battle shock

Sorry, had to make a picture to go along with that silly rant

>> No.53184996


>> No.53185010 [DELETED] 

>uses false example to prove a shit point
>gets called out and btfo
>'d-dont m-move m-muh g-goalposts!'.
Your tears are delicous. My fucking sides.

>> No.53185015

>Graphic has Knights while storytime is about Warlord Titans

Disgraceful, go ahead and take Battle Shock test

>Good work on the picture anyways.

>> No.53185020


I'd really like to see a new Fabius model.
I would hope that it would look like a crossover between a warpsmith and a possessed marine.

>> No.53185024

>Dark Imperium

>> No.53185035

Probably referring to the half of the Imperium isolated from Terra via the Warpwound

>> No.53185036

The stc for lightbulbs has been lost

>> No.53185060

rowbootey refers to it s a dark imperium to contrast it from it's golden age

>> No.53185061

Not the butt destruction level: 9001 eldar fag, but Do you just browse google all day finding cheetahs yawning?

>> No.53185069

Why don't they go around the warp wound? Did they forget space is 3D?

>> No.53185082

Why do you assume the Warp rift is 2D? Did you forget space is 3D?

>> No.53185085

You shut up with that logic.

>> No.53185094

I fell for an Eldar fake one. When the real one show up I thought it was fake due to the Aeldari kraftworld thingy.

What does it say of me?

>> No.53185095


>that title
What did they mean by this?

>> No.53185096

I doubt it takes him more than ten minutes.

Too bad he won't find any new cheetah pics in about twenty years. Inbreeding/extinction's a bitch.

>> No.53185109

>ITT: people keep feeding the troll

For what raisin?

>> No.53185113

I could see them pulling some shit like the Emperor's light doesn't extend beyound the galactic plane, but that would be absolutely retarded.

>> No.53185126

>why don't they just divert their course for few thousand lightyears?
dunno, boss

>> No.53185127

we've already gotent today's ration of useless spoilers and have nothing better to do.

>> No.53185135

weight gain fetish

>> No.53185136

How does Khorne feel about orks?

>> No.53185146


People are bored and want to argue with something, even if they know they're getting played.

>> No.53185153

What discussion?
"Agre or ur all poopyheads" is a dull argument.

>> No.53185155

Dis makes me happy, and sad.

>> No.53185158

Look up Tuska Daemonkilla. TLDR - he loves them.

>> No.53185159

>duncan will never apply two thin coats across your ceramite hard pecks

>> No.53185164

Each time I see one of those, it makes me want to watch some Bob Ross while painting miniatures.

>> No.53185169

More like FAGtion focus: Gaydari

>> No.53185173

Buu-bu-but Cheeta-kun, thats not a cheeta in your picture!! Thats a leopard!!! HOW COULD YOU LET ME DOWN LIKE THIS

>> No.53185177

It's an actually thing

I lied. Their new name is "Drukhari".

>> No.53185180

>happy little orks.jpg

>> No.53185199

Nice, I retweeted this to my wifes son so that he can be as cool as you are.

>> No.53185206

You just notice?

Anyone actually believes Sisters of Battle will get a full plastic realease this year?

>> No.53185209 [DELETED] 

>being so astronomically shitter-shattered he doesn't see the hilarity of that faggot name

>> No.53185216

That's the "Imperium Nihilus" on the map. I could see that being the low Gothic name for it I guess. I was wondering about a source though.

>> No.53185231

Take it, my friend. It's all yours.

>> No.53185232

We coming full circle.

>> No.53185242

>woops, you got some Khorne Red on your power sword by accident. Don't worry though, it's a happy little accident - now it looks like it's got blood splattered across it

>> No.53185276

I narrate in my mind as bob ross while i paint my CSM. "Shoot, lets get crazy, were gonna get some Blood for the Blood God, and a medium brush. Now what your going to do is place some on your pallet, just like that, ooh would you just look at that color. Now you're just going to dab a bit of that and work it into your bristles, and get all that excess paint off of your brush, now once you've found a consistency you want we're going to just lay down a nice pattern on this chain axe, and remember there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents."

>> No.53185278

Ships travel through the the warp. Given that the warp is created by living creatures it's not entirely clear how far it extends into darkspace above and below the galactic plane. Tyranids can go around of course.

>> No.53185297

You haven't been paying attention.

>> No.53185300

I'll keep on believing 'till my death, silly-ahegao-maids-kun.

>> No.53185308

>it's golden age

Did the Imperium really have a golden age, short of Grand Crusade -> Horus being named Warmaster?

>> No.53185317

Are Soul grinders any good?

>> No.53185322


Sales and GWs attitude toward AS say so.

>> No.53185327

not really, i don't at least

>> No.53185334

They were okay.

Now ???

>> No.53185335

No one knows, 8th ed man.

>> No.53185343

>I thought I was the only one to do this

>> No.53185360

KDK with small core and 8 soulgrinders could overwhelm other armies that weren't prepared for it

>> No.53185373

I like to pretend I'm narrating my own painting show like Ross when I paint. It helps me focus when I point out what I'm supposed to be doing to myself and the imaginary audience gives me more incentive to finish painting.

>> No.53185387

they are though.
Did you think they were all humies?

>> No.53185401

>this still exists
Awful fluff addition.

>> No.53185408

M32-M35. Up until the Nova Terra Interrugnum and Reign of Blood.

>> No.53185422

I'd be disappointed with anyone who didn't channel Ross when they paints.

>> No.53185440

I laffed

I stopped laff.

>> No.53185496

So post-Beast.
The Imperium is already worshipping the Emperor.

Pretty sure that's not the "Golden Age" that Rowbootay is talking about

>But I could be wrong.

>> No.53185565

>Tau to T'au
T'au is the planet
Tau is the people

>> No.53185596

Okay fuck it, give me the latest lore stuff, just hit me with it don't hold back. I know it's gonna be bad so just do it fast like band-aid I need to get this over with.

>> No.53185618

The whole empire was named T'au empire in the latest map with the big warp scar cutting the galaxy in half.

>> No.53185633


>> No.53185635

Don't break cadia

Abaddon broke cadia

>> No.53185653


>Cadia is kill
>Guilliman rides again
>Great Crusade 2.0 into the new Great Rift confirmed

>> No.53185700

>Guilliman's first name is pronounced "Rowbooty"

>> No.53185707

Ignoring cover modifiers would be the tops

>> No.53185710

Row boot aye

>> No.53185726

Aeldari queen for Imperium Secundus 2.0. soon.

>> No.53185727

only after seeing that do I realise just how much i want to go Asagi on them.

And plastic sisters are confirmed

>> No.53185728

I still can't believe that out of all the ways they could pronounce his name, GW picked the worst one.

>> No.53185741

So what happens now?

>> No.53185743

>And plastic sisters are confirmed
They ain't confirmed until I hold the fucking box in my hands.

>> No.53185754

>Row, row, row your boot aye gently down the warp stream, If you see a chaos god don't forget to scream!

>> No.53185755

Wait a month for 8th edition to arrive and we'll see

>> No.53185768


>> No.53185770

Take Cadia back.
Plant a flag on the shattered remains,
Spit into the warp phenomena
Rinse and repeat for full soft roboute

>> No.53185773

Any Idea how Renegades and Heretics will be effected by 8th? I was looking at converting a force of Blood Pact or maybe some Roman styled Khorne warriors, and I wasn't sure how to build the list. Also, good conversion bits for this? Even just alternate heads will do, I hate Cadian helmets.

>> No.53185776

I cant belive you have nothing better to complain about.

>> No.53185777


Seems likely that the first major campaign after 8th drops will focus on Armageddon, as they made a point of stressing how the planet is now being invaded by Khorne.

>> No.53185786

Guilliman died fairly soon after the heresy, reckon he means the great crusade as humanity's golden age

>> No.53185794

You could look towards Anvil Miniatures. They've got some decent bulk deals on a pretty good variety of helmets and armor options.

>> No.53185795

They'll have rules from day one, but we don't know in which way and how much viable they'll be

>> No.53185800


Which reminds me, why'd Chaos have to go rain on a perfectly good Imperium vs. Orks krumpfest, anyways?

>> No.53185820

Will they? They're not GW core, they're a FW side project.

So much war for so long in a single place.

>> No.53185821

Speaking of Guilliman. Who seem's to be doing a good job unfucking everything, who else thinks that all the other loyal primarch are going to fuck this up with petty infighting? Except Dorn, Dorn will build walls.

>> No.53185824

I know right? 8th is looking better than expected so I'm stuck picking low-hanging fruit.

>> No.53185836

They're in the starter box.

>> No.53185837

>Not being a thrilled git that the krumpfest just got bigger and killier

>> No.53185846

They have confirmed that all models will have rules from day one, even FW ones, and have repeatedly said that "all the armies that are playable now will be playable in 8th"

>> No.53185854

I figured his Golden Age he referred to was the Grand Crusade up to the Drop Site Massacre

>> No.53185855


Demons just don't do anything for me all on their own. Too fantasy. I prefer my krumpin' sci-fi style.

>> No.53185858

Renegades and Heretics?
You sure you dont mean nurgle cultists?

>> No.53185864

>"all the armies that are playable now will be playable in 8th"

Nids confirmed squatted :^)

>> No.53185876

>krumpin' sci-fi style

Best be using all shootas then. Choppas are pretty fantasy.

>> No.53185887 [DELETED] 


It's a cheetah anon, don't be retarded. Leopards spots are brown in the center, with a black circunference.

>> No.53185895


Nah, Orks are way more Mad Max than fantasy, even with their close combat weapons. Those things are hunks of industrial steel welded onto handles, not swords.

>> No.53185912

1st War for Armageddon was Chaos vs. Imp. And Chaos is feeling their oats at the moment.

>> No.53185913

>FW HH admech won't get rules
It fucking sucks

I want ordinatus damn it

>> No.53185925


Yup, I know. First war is also worst war.

>> No.53185933

First war for Armageddon was
the siege of ullanor

>> No.53185946

The Khan wouldn't give a shit, neither would Russ, they just like fighting. Last time we saw Vulkan, he'd reached maximum emo and didn't give a shit about the Imperium anymore.

Corax is probably still crying like a bitch over fucking his legionaries up somewhere and was never comfortable as a political leader anyway due to his upbringing.

Really, amongst the loyal Primarchs, other than the Lion, Guilliman didn't have any real rivals who'd even want to challenge his leadership, he's really the only one with a hard-on for statecraft.

Even the Lion was more interested in being a supreme military leader than actually micro-managing an empire but he'd certainly fuck things up if he returned because he'd want to be Not!Warmaster and Guilliman doesn't trust him as far as he can throw him.

>> No.53185952

Eh. It wasn't yet Armageddon at that point .

>> No.53185957

...and every shuriken weapon ap:-1

>> No.53185963

Same difference.

>> No.53185964

counterpoint: it wasn't called armageddon

>> No.53185969


Shuriken catapults will be S4 AP - .

>> No.53185971

It gives them a good excuse to make an Angron mini in a few months.

>> No.53185978

RE said everything will be updated. I don't think they said when though. Make your army anyway. Only downside I feel is that taking leman Russ tanks isn't as good since they have to roll to hit on that terrible terrible terrible. Terrible. BS.

>> No.53186059

>litterally the average BS
>got more hits to compensate for it

guardfags don't deserve the place they're being given

>> No.53186073

We can use the Ordinatus already, man.
Quoth the FW page:

>The Mechanicum Ordinatus Sagittar/Ulator is a Lords of War choice for Mechanicum armies in Horus Heresy games. It can also be taken as a Lords of War Choice by Adeptus Mechanicus: Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii armies in games of Warhammer 40,000 using the rules found in The Horus Heresy: Mechanicum – Taghmata Army List.

>> No.53186082

>Cultists bring:
Cultists with autoguns.

>Renegades and Heretics bring:

>> No.53186110

Its a Horus Heresy unit, not a standard 40k unit. Its not found in any 40k IA books or army lists, so we likely won't see rules for it until they update their Horus Heresy line to 8th.

Or release fires of craxys

>> No.53186126 [DELETED] 

>literallt BS2 guard with a few niche units

>> No.53186135

If indeed rending translates to an extra -1 AP, then shuriken weaponry will have AP-1
This is just a guess based on the SINGLE what-used-to-be-rending weapon we have stats for in 8th

>> No.53186171


>> No.53186179

I feel like it'll depend on the weapon. Something that was Rending by virtue of going BRRT an having the rounds shred through heavier armor through sheer volume of fire would make sense to just upgrade the AP of. Something that's rending based on the idea of making a single more accurate shot like a sniper rifle may still have the 6s gaining AP thing

>> No.53186184


There's no reason shuriken catapults need to keep rending, though. It's not like they've always had it. Since GeeDubs is looking to rein Eldar in, I wouldn't assume that any current rules must necessarily translate into in 8th.

>> No.53186210

Do you have a point or are you just being chronicly perturbed?

>> No.53186214

Shitting on guardians and dire avengers is a wrong move if you want to peg down eldar. It'll just push jetbikes into the mandatory troop even further.

>> No.53186234


Speaking of AELFS in SPACE what are the bets on best Aspect Warrior this time round?

>> No.53186266

Mortal combat scorpions.

>> No.53186273

I could see s3 AP-1 for catapults honestly.

>> No.53186274

Fire Dragons. Like always.

>> No.53186306

I would be fine with >>53186273

It would make Shuriken guns a bit more akin to Scions with their Hotshots, except with AP -1 instead of -2.

It also fits well, since tiny molecular edge disks really should be low strength but better AP.

And as >>53186214 said, anything that makes people want to take foot infantry in Eldar more is fine by me.

>> No.53186309

>"more hits"
>2/6 chance to auto-hit 5" bubble > random attacks

>> No.53186322

Eldar should be fast but fragile, so jetbikes should have worse saves (4+) and jink should only be a hit modifier of 1.
Also raise the price of all the bike heavy weapons since you can take one of each.

>> No.53186323

Rowboat Gillman:
>gets beaten by angron
>gets beaten by fulgrim
>gets beaten by magnus

>> No.53186326

Scorpions dealing mortal wounds
Fire dragons for anything that isn't basic infantry (full squad of MELTAS with ordnance-damage dice, as well as more reliable transports)

>> No.53186354

>Also raise the price of all the bike heavy weapons since you can take one of each.
This needs to die, and I play eldar.

1 per 3 heavy weapons, or VASTLY more expensive weapons/bikes
and/or drop the armor save.

Especially because "jink" is likely to translate into a to-hit penalty

>> No.53186355

If GW don't go full retard it'll probably be something like dealing mortal wounds on hit wound rolls of 6.

>> No.53186357

does anyone have the Ordo Sinister epub yet

>> No.53186363

Which traitor primarch will become loyal?
Which loyal primarch will turn traitor?

>> No.53186378

None and none. Now quit spouting that bullshit rumor.

>> No.53186396

once had a baneblade go nuclear on turn 1 thanks to 5 fire dragons in a wave serpent

blew up the land raider next to it too

>> No.53186399

Mandiblasters work at the begining of the fight phase, implying *before* attacking normally.
I could see something like "roll a dice for each scorpion. On a 6, mortal wound"

>> No.53186403

>generic nobledark with no intrigue

>> No.53186410

Jetbikes being a 4+ save is an obvious change and I don't know why they haven't done it already.

Bonus points if Deldar jetbikes get boosted to 4+ as well.

I feel like increasing the price of heavy weapons would be enough. It'll also help if they don't have any way to mitigate the -1 BS from shooting heavy weapons while moving.

>> No.53186411


>> No.53186419


>> No.53186429

It may be that they're automatic hits similar to Hammer of Wrath, so you just roll to wound. Then on a 6, it's mortal.

It's still a really, really really weird choice for Mandiblasters to get past Forcefields and kill Daemons though, since that's not what they've ever been known for.

>> No.53186441

literally what happened ffs
at least the entire squad of the cunts was caught in the gigantic blast and vapourised

>> No.53186448


>> No.53186587 [SPOILER] 

Both are loyal

>> No.53186619

>Since GeeDubs is looking to rein Eldar in, I wouldn't assume that any current rules must necessarily translate into in 8th.

Reece is a huge Eldar fag. Good luck with your balancing Eldar in 8th edition goals

They're still going to be the best faction unless something really weird happens

>> No.53186662

Why on Earth do you think it was this one guy that did play testing?

>> No.53186678

is he trying to shoot with the knife and holding the pistol like a knife?

>> No.53186680


I'm not saying to shit on Guardians or Dire Avengers. They can easily get amped up to make up the power gap even if shuriken catapults aren't -1 AP.

I'm just challenging the assumption that shruiken catapults must absolutely still have some kind of armor penalty when, historically, they haven't always pierced armor any better than boltguns.

>> No.53186682

How to improve 9th edition: remove Eldar. Only WAAC players and people with no hygiene use them anyway.

>> No.53186700


Jink is likely to just be removed from the game, as I see it. It's yet another rule which slows things down and doesn't need to exist, especially given how strong bikes are at the moment.

>> No.53186771

>jinx is now a special rule that gives a passive to hit modifier malus at no disadvantage for the biker

>> No.53186798

>Jink gives units a -3 to hit but they can't fire their guns unless they're Eldar because fuck you
Gotta think like GW.

>> No.53186835

I fully expect some units to get a rule like
"If this unit moves, enemies shooting it have a -1 to hit"
Possibly replace with "if this unit advances"

>> No.53186841

>Gotta think like Phil Kelly

>> No.53186902

wtf am i looking at??? Look at that small head.

>> No.53186906 [DELETED] 

>All is Dust: Add a 1 to your saving throws against weapons with a damage value of 1
Does this mean Rubrics are essentially MoT Terminators against small arms fire?

>> No.53186918


>> No.53186980

And imagine if the terminators too have that rule

>> No.53186990

They likely will. Meaning you need AP-3 small arms to start modifying the save of rubric terminators in cover

>> No.53186998

And it means that Scarab Occult terminators (assuming they have the same rule) will be MoT terminators on crack with a 1+/3++.

>> No.53187036

>1 per 3 heavy weapons, or VASTLY more expensive weapons/bikes
and/or drop the armor save.

The big problem with scatter-laser bikes is that they become almost unkillable in the hands of a competent player on a board with a decent amount of terrain while allowing the eldar player to attack almost everywhere. Being able to put a lot of firepower on a manouverable, moderately survivable platform isn't too bad; deffkoptas, space marine attack bikes, landspeeders and countless other glass cannon units are fine. Things only get ugly when you include the eldar jetbike rule allowing them to retreat behind cover. That rule is fine, so long as they are restricted to point-blank weapons, but becomes horrific when combined with long-range ones. Crisis suits have a similar trick but lack the speed which allows jetbikes to redeploy when threatened.

Dropping the armour save seems sensible, but I doubt it will help because the real problem comes from their ability not to get shot at. Restricted numbers of weapons isn't a solution I'm fond of using at all, and especially not when you've already encouraged players to build their models with a special weapon on each one. A price increase is a general solution to pretty much every problem in the game, but I'm not sure exactly how much it should be and whether it needs to be just on the weapons or the bike too. The problem is that 'not getting shot at' is a very difficult ability to quantify. The other option is to stop letting them dodge back into cover, which seems likely to annoy the players or to make units fast enough to engage them viable, which at least gives land speeders some purpose.

>> No.53187039

You'll be basically forced to shoot on them with your 1dX Damage weapons
Thing that you most likely would want to do anyway, since now terminators have 2 wounds

inb4 terminators always consider the Damage value as 1

>> No.53187068

He's doing some metal gear hand shit to show Alpha Legion are the traitor Raven Guard.

>> No.53187124

Wonder how they'll buff Berserkers. Maybe exploding dice or something fluffy like that.

>> No.53187145

>...what are the bets on best Aspect Warrior this time round?

Always, always bet on scorpions. I've played 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th and they were absolute fucking murder in every single one. In fact, I think they started out best and just kept getting better. God knows why they are the favoured ones and why they never get a plastic kit, but I'm confident that it isn't going to change.

Second place is probably Dark Reapers. S 5 AP -2 seems to be the sweet spot for weapons this edition, being able to do something significant to heavy tanks while also butchering marines of all kinds.

>> No.53187147

Why is he fighting admech forces?

>> No.53187149

Yeah, they have nice stuff. Would these work for Roman type Guardsmen? I don't know about the Brody helmet part, but it seems that's the best compromise I'll get outside of learning to greenstuff.
Any other ideas for similar bits?

>> No.53187172

See that weird robot claw to the right of him? Looks like a defiler no? Well they're probably Dark Mechanicus.

>> No.53187184

>what is the Horus Heresy
How fucking new are you?

>> No.53187203

How are Daemon Engines transported to battle if they're uncontrollable?

>> No.53187213

Wyvern will have D3 D6 shots?

>> No.53187239


Wyvern 8d3 kek

>> No.53187241

Big problem with scatbikes was that they were jack-of-all, master-of-all.
>fasted unit in the game
>great guns that could deal with anything but av14, and with their speed it has to be av14 all around
>good range on guns, you don't even have to go close and personal
>good saves against small arms, can mitigate further with JSJ-movement
>jink to deal with any heavier weaponry
>cheap enough so you won't be outnumbered in a meaningful way
>troops so they don't contest any other slots if there are any detachment limits
>don't need formations, in case formations are limited

I mean some land raider/monolith all-in could contest them but even then you could just scoot around and win by objectives, assuming you have nothing but scatbikes.

>> No.53187270


>> No.53187273

About a year. I thought dark mech stuff looked more chaos-y. That shit's just straight up Mars colour tech priests.

>> No.53187278

Same way Helbrutes are most likely - they're sedated, the limbs get removed and the limbless machine gets chained up in storage. When it's needed they just put the limbs back on it near the battlefield and send it in first.

>> No.53187300

The Dark Mech WERE Martian tech-priests. Chaos doesn't turn you into a gribbly monster overnight,

>> No.53187337

Yeah but like on which vehicles and shit. And they sound like a disadvantage considering they're one-use uncontrollable machines that have to be built nearthe battlefield and sent unsupported.

>> No.53187338

You think they started putting all the spikes and daemon shit on themselves BEFORE they lost the war and had to retreat into the Eye of Terror?

>> No.53187343


Don't forget that he got shit on by Curze before the Lion stepped in to help.

>> No.53187354

>8th is looking better than expected so I'm stuck picking low-hanging fruit.
That's the opposite of what that expression means. You pick low-hanging fruit when there's so much shit to choose from that you might as well go for the easiest. The expression you seem to want is 'scraping the bottom of the barrel'.

>> No.53187499

>everything about this picture
Jesus Christ lol, this meme has peaked in the best of ways

>> No.53187513

I forgot that
I also forgot
>get beaten by kor phaeron

>> No.53187540

Guys can't you see Roboute Guilliman is an allegory for the modern man?
Keeps getting hit but keeps getting back up with a little help from his friends.
You gotta have friends guys

>> No.53187563

Having friends is a meme

>> No.53187599


Am I a meme?
Or is saying that I am a meme a meme?
Or are they both memes?
Is this question a meme?

>> No.53187603

Memes is a meme.

>> No.53187604


I have friends. They're tiring. I don't get what the hype is about.

>> No.53187616

Maybe you have the wrong kind of friends

>> No.53187629


They seem fine as far as friends go. They just always want to do shit.

>> No.53187631

pls respond

>> No.53187646


>> No.53187655

It's 40k. If you're looking for logic you came to the wrong game.

>> No.53187664

>You gotta have friends guys
you're right, I was only taking the piss to cover up my crippling fear of being alone that is currently being realised

>> No.53187677

Is there really no answer? They can't be the only type of unit that doesn't make internal sense in warhammer.

>> No.53187683

>Memes, the DNA of the soul.

>> No.53187703

>what is internal consistency
Fuck off retard.

>scared of not having an adult holding your hand 24/7

>> No.53187712

as I understand, most daemon engines are controllable by the warpsmith. Pretty sure hellbrutes are the exception.

I know heldrakes follow around a chaos army of their own will, so i'd assume most daemon engines would sort of know who to kill and who not to

>> No.53187754

But how does the Warpsmith control them. Do they work by verbal commands, mind control, remote control... Does it have a range limit, that kind of shit.

>> No.53187775

>>what is internal consistency
Something that has never and will never exist in 40k. Once again, you came to the wrong game.

>> No.53187782

that's not what I meant you fucking dipshit
never reply to me again

>> No.53187793

Was the Battle Cannon made to appear weaker to compensate for sponsons being able to fire normally?

>> No.53187806

you think in the end this guy got the girl?

>> No.53187834

It varies.

>> No.53187836

It does though, if you remove BL from the equation. Specially on FW books all makes sense and is extremely well-explained. AGLÚ

You know very well that's what you meant, you overgrown child. Go watch some cartoons or something lmao AGLÚ

>> No.53187850

can we all agree that this thing is a fucking disgrace? either make a giant walking 'zerker or a super heavy khorne tank, but not both please

the daemons are bound to the machine frames with symbols and rituals and shite that make them obey him. I'd imagine it would be either telepathic or digitally transmitted, with them regaining some sentience and will ofc

either that or they are controlled by allied daemons inside the warp. remember they are fairly single-minded
looks like they it's a sort of quirky "couples" costume

>> No.53187853

AGLÚ AGLÚ AGLÚ give me an example please.

>> No.53187873

Thanks AGLÚ

>> No.53187917

>can we all agree that this thing is a fucking disgrace?

No, he's cool.

>> No.53187948

he's not cool

>> No.53187973


My sides

>> No.53187977

He doesn't need legs, he has treads.

>> No.53187984

Where he's going he doesn't need legs

>> No.53187991

On Forgeworld

>> No.53188028

How exactly do Nids effect the Warp. Is the Hivemind beyond Corruption?

>> No.53188033

FW does a kit for them but they're digitigrade so they're shit.

>> No.53188049

>How exactly do Nids effect the Warp.

A lot of brains working in tandem.

> Is the Hivemind beyond Corruption?


>> No.53188052

If he had legs he'd just be a giant marine and that would be stupid


>> No.53188091

The psychic web of trillions of minds telepathically networked in unison makes a giant FUCKYOU field that gives any non-Tyranid psychic things which end up in the field literal killer migraines, incessant alien language roaring in the back of their heads, Lovecraftian nightmares and visions of being violently devoured. Presumably it even does this to Daemons. The Hive Mind is incorruptible but Tyranids which are separated from a major Hive Fleet and no longer protected by the Shadow are as corruptible as anything.

>> No.53188131

>but Tyranids which are separated from a major Hive Fleet and no longer protected by the Shadow are as corruptible as anything.
chaos nids soon? :^)

>> No.53188145

How does it affect the Chaos God's who are sharing space with this increasingly huge Warp Presence?

Does this kind of make the Hivemind the beginnings of a Warp Entity/Chaos God

>> No.53188151


The Hivemind obviously is beyond corruption
Or else Chaos would have at least made some attempt to do so by now.

>> No.53188176

They really don't care.

Slaanesh (the weakest of the big 4) used the Tyranids to get an all you could eat elf soul buffet on Valedor and threw off the Shadow to feast.

Hive Mind is weak

>> No.53188193

>The Hivemind obviously is beyond corruption

It's shown ability to feel pain and anger.
Pathways to corruption are open.

>> No.53188208

The Chaos Gods probably exist outside the Milky Way, so they've been living alongside the Hivemind for quite a long time now.

>> No.53188216

Sorta. Didn't Vect capture shit tons of nids to experiment upon and now Khaines gate is broken and the dark city flooded with chaos daemons and Shadow daemonthingies and mandrakes.

>> No.53188226

I bet the Bullgryns with those tower sheilds could make good Hastatii, if you could give them a short blade or a lascarbine in the off-hand.

>> No.53188229

>How does it affect the Chaos God's who are sharing space with this increasingly huge Warp Presence?

Slaanesh used and abused it to toy with the Eldar.
Khorne just sees the Tyranids as another plaything.
None of the Gods consider it any sort of threat.

>> No.53188241

So I am considering building something like this, am I retarded or does it look good?

>> No.53188246


There must be plenty of other Galaxies to toy with then, I kind of imagined the Chaos God's would be upset about the Nids eating up their entertainment.

>> No.53188265

I mean why would they? they arent physical and the nids don't care about anything they can't eat.

>> No.53188287

Can't wait for Nugle to put nids hyperadaptiveness to the test.

>> No.53188288

No, because that's also entertainment.
The Gods are confident in their scheme to bring the entire galaxy into the Realm of Chaos.

>> No.53188296

Do I turn these into burnas or lootas? I'm too conflicted.

>> No.53188318

Burning lootas?

>> No.53188325

Wait for 8e.
Then again, flamer screen feels pretty good with the current reveals.

>> No.53188326

He tried and failed already. Nids annihilated the Daemonic forces on Shadowbrink which were led by a Greater Daemon for each of the Chaos Gods.

Tyranids were already wiping out entire worlds with viruses millions of years before Nurgle existed.

>> No.53188335

>Buy more and make both :^)

On a more serious note, just chill on those till you get more info and can decide what fits your army better. Take some time to paint other models or put together something else!

>> No.53188346

But friendship is the Imperial Guard's thing!

More specifically, our Company Commanders' camaraderie with the lascannon teams.

>> No.53188356

The one you think looks cooler.

>> No.53188406

I've got twenty boyz waiting on their sprues for if shootas or sluggas turn out to be better.

>> No.53188434

Don't order yet! I contacted them, and they said they'll have a Renegade builder by summer!

>> No.53188452

Got proof? E-mail screencap or some shit?

>> No.53188525

>Tyranids were already wiping out entire worlds with viruses millions of years before Nurgle existed.

Nurgle created all diseases in the universe.

>> No.53188582

>chaoscucks actually believe this

>> No.53188604

It's canon.

>> No.53188621

I love the autocannon.

What will it be like in 8th?

>> No.53188648

No idea, I don't think It'll do multiple wounds but the change to AP should be quite nice.

>> No.53188667

Nids confirmed to birth Nurgle. Now they try to eat galaxy clean to kill off Nurgle.

>> No.53188683

My guess is: s7 ap-1 d d3 heavy 2.

>> No.53188706

Booo....the change to the wound roll makes it weaker than the heavy bolter now. Heavy Bolter rolls the same as Autocannon vs everything before T10, and fires one more shot. At the same AP it's clearly superior now.

Booooo....not my pompom....booooo....

>> No.53188732

>Five 40 mm proyectiles
>The autocannon its Heavy 2

Only fire two times and reload?

>> No.53188734

I agree with this, it's got to do some sort of multiwound effect to be an effective anti-vehicle weapon. It's explicitly for light anti-vehicle, anti-aircraft, and heavy anti-infantry duty, and it won't be able to do the former two without some multiwound power.

>> No.53188743

something like Heavy 2, S 6, AP -2

>> No.53188753

It still has longer range and wounds T3 on a 2+ unlike the heavy bolter I bet.

And probably gets like D3 damage

>> No.53188776


>> No.53188790

Has GW ever had d2 roll on anything to randomly generate either 1 or 2 hits/wounds/whatever?

>> No.53188829

they've probably never phrased it as d2. but i'm pretty sure they've done plenty of 50/50 things.

Just change failure/succes to lower-result/ higher-result

>> No.53188848

It's canon.

>> No.53188861

Yeah I know there's literally gorillion 4+ rolls. But any d2? 8e could use d2 damage for some weapons.

>> No.53188900

Hey lads, I need help understanding something

Flamers will not use templates in 8th, they're D6 attacks that automatically hit and deal 1 wounds (or damage), and have no restrictions or point cost listed

The hell does D6 Attacks mean and how is all of that supposed to work in game?

>> No.53188908

It is. Thanks, anon. I enjoyed the results as well.

>> No.53188927

You roll a D6 and it does that many hits.

>> No.53188933

>I shoot with my flamer to your dudes
>roll d6, get X hits, lets say 2
>roll 2 dice to wound

I mean we already have nova powers that work like this in the current edition.

>> No.53188960

No, it isn't.

The chaos gods aren't even the oldest beings in the galaxy.

>> No.53188975

Can you even ask the question without answering it? D6 is kinda already in the name, if you don't know what a d6 is then you have a lot more to look up than this rule.

>> No.53188982

>No, it isn't.

Yes it is.

>The chaos gods aren't even the oldest beings in the galaxy.

The Chaos Gods are beyond time.

>> No.53188993

In the shooting phase article it was specified that multiple wounds only apply to one target and not multiple

Is the 8th flamer not a crowd control weapon? What is it good for?

>> No.53189007

That's damage that doesn't spill, not hits.

>> No.53189009


>> No.53189017

The Chaos Gods quite literally retcon themselves into being the oldest beings. When Slaanesh was birthed in the 31st millenium, Slaanesh began to exist at the creation of the universe alongside the other three Chaos Gods.

>> No.53189020

Slaanesh didn't exist until the fall of the Eldar, they aren't beyond time. Slaanesh didn't retroactively do shit that happened before their birth. It might look like that's how things work to you, but you either misread info or read some fan summary that misinterpreted things.

>> No.53189022

Glad I could have a cordial exchange with someone.

>> No.53189041


>> No.53189046

Those are random number of hits, not damage. Is english like your 4th language or something?

>> No.53189048

>Slaanesh didn't exist until the fall of the Eldar, they aren't beyond time

He did and they are.
Be'lakor existed to see the earliest cities of the Necrontyr and Eldar.
The Old Ones and Necrons built giant prison worlds to try and imprision daemons.

>> No.53189053


>> No.53189092

Don't worry, little guy. Here is a little something.

>> No.53189107

reckon we need a new soon

>> No.53189132

Why doe these have different colors?

>> No.53189145

Thinking about getting the armored units rhino /space marine tactical squad bundle. At this point should I just hold off and see what we get with 8th

>> No.53189170

I think I already see where this is going...

>> No.53189181

That is exactly how they work.

Once born, they always were.

>> No.53189231


Introducing new SOON™, Soon© brand SOON™ gives you a vague idea of when something is going to happen, and lets you fob off any and all demands for results by not saying anything meaningful.


>> No.53189254

You can never go wrong with a tactical squad and rhino. Unless you were planning to spam bikes, if that's even still a thing in 8th.

If I squeeze my eyes almost closed, both dresses are black and blue lol

>> No.53189314

Worst forced meme

>> No.53189320

They're not, with proper runic bindings. The Defiler was created specifically to be more reliable than the Hellbrutes. Some people are crazy enough to let them off the chain/they can break free, but most of the time they can be managed.

>> No.53189357

Will my DKOK siege regiment be shit this next edition?
Will I even be able to field it as a DK army?

>> No.53189369

Nids or chaos marines for my 8th ed. army?

>> No.53189371

So swords are still useless then?

Especially so when axes are no longer unweidly while giving decent strength and ap.

>> No.53189400

Swords are the better option most of the time.

>> No.53189463

You mean having the highest armor pen out of any of those melee weapons?

>> No.53189466

>forgeworld armies

>> No.53189497

Khorne has snowmobiles?
Fuckin' sweet, sign me up.

>> No.53189512

this is unironically one of my favorite 40k models.

>> No.53189513

And no strength.

But then again I heard what they're doing to the wound rolls, I honestly don't like the sound of it because it's going to make an increase in toughness on some models basically have no effect.

>> No.53189524

It wasn't just a forced meme, it was a normie forced meme.

>> No.53189528

Trading 1 str for 1 ap is pretty damn even. It's a less than 2% difference when hitting MEQ.

>> No.53189530

Jiang Quan says hello

>> No.53189532


I think I understand why /tg/ loves power fantasies so much now. It's because they have no real friends they can rely on if they need help. So only the coolest, baddest, independent, invincible don't-need-no-man, man can be liked in the setting otherwise ur a faget.

It all makes sense now.

>> No.53189537

>Mfw someone mentioned to me the concept of Nurgle's main concept and goal was about giving up and giving in.
>The concept of letting go and surrendering because of all the decay and death around you
>Mfw now Nurgle seems pretty fucking cool as a result.

>> No.53189539

Well on the other hand, now that you need to be hit with double strength before it becomes a 2+ to wound.

>> No.53189585

It's s4 to begin with. Maybe bringing your wound chance up a notch is only situationally better than reducing their armor save by 1, in comparison to the axe.

And cool, toughness was retardedly strong as a stat increase and was one of the reasons bikes were too much for the cost. It'll increase your survivability against a lot of stuff, but not automatically making you harder to wound for infantry.

>> No.53189591

Yes, exactly.

So if no values change then marines will wound everything up to a T7 great unclean one on 5+.
And the plus 1 strength on the axe has absolutely no effect unless the enemy is t4, t5, t8 or t9.
Which are... quite common values I suppose.

>> No.53189608

Great Unclean Ones will have a much higher score than T7.

>> No.53189641

Of all non-vehicle units GUO is probably the most likely to have a toughness higher than 10.

>> No.53189646

Assuming GW know what they're doing, it will.

>> No.53189693

>halfway down page 10



>> No.53189715

And yet is still likely to do better than the GW team. What does that say?

>> No.53189987

Wait, isn't that the faggotry that nerfed Tau Coordinated Fire not because "RAW or RAI" but because "they'd rather it be weaker"?

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