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First for the Iron Warriors

>> No.53163136

Storm Bolters better be Assault 4 or I'm gonna be pissed.

>> No.53163140

3rd for Sisters a qt

>> No.53163158

what if they're rapid fire 2?

>> No.53163171

Knowing how loyalists always have to be better than Chaos that isn't impossible, but if we're being fair they should be assault 3 or Chaos terminators should just be more expensive to match.

>> No.53163172

Assault 4 12" range

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>> No.53163179

Combi weapons news is causing chaos among my Sisters.

We might have Slaanesh incursion with this much over joy!

>> No.53163183


That's probably exactly what they will be. It is just two bolters stuck together after all.

>> No.53163186

First to equip dubs get to shoot twice

>> No.53163191

That'd be fucking gay and would make them no different from combi bolters. Assault 4 or nothing.
Assault 3 doesn't make sense though, Storm Bolters have 2 barrels not 3.

>> No.53163193

>Want to get CSM for 8th
>don't want shitty squatting models
>don't want to buy a lot of bits just to convert them to look decent

Are they ever gonna update the average CSM or what? Fuck

>> No.53163203

combi-bolters will probably be rapid-fire 2

Anyways I'm more interested in what they'll do with the assault cannon.

>> No.53163205

My Skitarii are hyped for 8th E!


>> No.53163206

Play chaos, no payoff.

>> No.53163217

Anyone else fucking HATE the fact that Imperial Guard heavy teams are carrying about guns that look way too big and heavy for them to actually move about? There is no way those two little guys look like they could stick the lascannon or autocannon on their back and hoof it around. I mean the old ones on wheels looked stupid sure, but at least they looked fucking practical. What does the lascannon do now? Just sit there all battle stationary after being dropped off by a Chimera? Stupid, stupid and I'm angry about it. Muh fucking immersion.

>> No.53163220

>Brings a Titan formation to a "narrative" game
>T 20
>W 50
>SV 2+
>Opponent sends fabious bile into combat with them
>he hits first due to assaulting
>wounds on 6+ (because everything can do that in 8th
>I fail my save
>His weapon is Instant Death
>Remove Titan from the field
>Remove other 2 Titans after failing battle shock

Still looking forward to 8ed?

>> No.53163223

Na, thats combi bolters.
Stomies are gonna stay the same.
But termies will get to use them as pistols.

>> No.53163236

Me boyz are quoite pleazed wit dis new info on da dakka.

>> No.53163237

Heavy bolters have one barrel and 3 shots, clearly barrel number and number of shots do not correlate.

Rules wise it'd make them the perfect counterpart to combi bolters by making them more reliable at range but less reliable at close range.

>> No.53163244

>This stale pasta again
Please go away

>> No.53163247

>failing battle shock
They will rpobably have a huge Ld save, making it impossible for them to fall back

>> No.53163252

Size =/= weight.
if anything they have spaceage material that makes them light

>> No.53163261

Probably the current statline but with Damage D3 and of course AP 0, rending being that you gain AP -3 on wound rolls of 6.

>> No.53163266

Get mkIII/mkIV tacticals and one(1) CSM Terminators/Raptors box and booms, enough bits for conversion and a bunch of non-autistic models

>> No.53163270

>no different
ah but the combi-bolter will have minus one to hit because combi-weapon
Either that or a combi-bolter will be twin-linked bolters and the storm bolter will be assault three, so better at long range but worse up close... kind of like now

>> No.53163271

Heavy Bolters having 3 shots still make sense, 3 bullets come out of 1 barrel. 3 bullets coming out of 2 barrels would just be weird.

In the past it used to be Combis were more accurate but not as reliable while Storms were reliable but not as accurate. So it makes sense to bring the reliability thing over.

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Like rats, roaches and racoons, shouting does no difference if you keep giving them what they want.

>> No.53163275

pls give me back my damage D10 assault cannon GW

>> No.53163278

Another day, another rule reveal that hates Eldar. Aside from TL scatlasers on Wave Serpents, what do we have? TL shuriken catapults that will never get in range because bikes have to shoot from a distance?

>> No.53163280


desu the older metal ones actually look portable, especially the Steel Legion ones.

>> No.53163281

Thats to complicated me thinks. Just allways AP-2 should do

>> No.53163282

>implying anyone here owns a D10

>> No.53163285

I'm expecting Assault 3. Combo bolters will probably end up being Rapid fire 2 effectively for 4 shots at short range and 2 at long, so having Storm bolters be a constant 3 works out nicely

>> No.53163286

But the leg armor is all loyalist and looks different than the chaos bits and would look too different

>> No.53163288

Alternatively just buy either BoP or BaC and just add the necessary iconography, Chaos don't need to be spikey marines.

That works best for Alpha Legion and Iron Warriors though.

>> No.53163291

4 - 6 - JAM!

>> No.53163300

Let me drink your delicious WAACfag tears knifeear

>> No.53163308

Scats arent twinlinked.
Shuriicats are.
As are most Falcon and Serpent weapons

>> No.53163316

>Hating Eldar

Pick one. The worst the Eldar have been since 40k is 40k has been at worst mediocre. They have never tasted bad rules. Not even in Battlefleet Gothic

Relax, one edition was Falcons, other seer council, flying circus, scatter Spam, you will have your broken option as usual.

>> No.53163317

I miss second ed, I remember in one game one of my my assault cannon termies killed two bloodthirsters before exploding in the face of a bezerker squad... things rapidly went downhill from there

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>> No.53163336

that's still six shots

I never rolled three dice unless it was the dreadnought's assault cannon, though.

>> No.53163344

I don't think chaos marines (who lack resources to forge new gear) would simply toss out their armor the moment they went heretic, and if anything it's a bigger smack in the face to the loyalists when you show up to battle still clad in relic armor

>> No.53163354

So kitbash some spikes and shit.

Or do you completely lack imagination and creativity?

>> No.53163361

>Did you just come here to complain? They are squatty as you already mentioned

>> No.53163364

I'll pick hating Eldar, because this isn't GW were talking about, this is The New GW™.

>> No.53163370

Wave Serpent has TL scatlasers and other shit, Falcon has TL catapults and nothing else.

>> No.53163378

GW has made a fine job killing creativity and kitbashing.

Remember when we had rules and art for things without models?

>> No.53163381

>oh crap, they hate eldar so much they're just going to be average tier
I like the new GW

>> No.53163389

Good. Squat the fucking weeb factions

>> No.53163390

Thing about the TL thing is that if they just go with "Everything twinlinked is now x2 shots" then a lot of things will get fairly arbitrary buffs depending on whether the buff or rule says "reroll hits" or "gain twin-linked rule". They'll have to be a tad careful.

>> No.53163397

What the FUCK, why did they remove the ONE fucking weakness they had?!

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>> No.53163419

"I can't kitbash and fuck around to convert my CSM dudes baww baww baww"
Fucking kys.

>> No.53163422

> tfw Dire Avengers have TL Avenger Catapults
> 40 rending shots from 18" per 10-man squad

Thanks GW.

>> No.53163425

Get out

>> No.53163427

>Battle Cannons only -2 modifier

>> No.53163432


Get fucked non Tau players

>> No.53163435

Really no reason to be.

Previously twin-linked weapons gave orks a 56% chance of hitting, a 57% improvement on our basic BS. Meanwhile, BS 3 units only got a 50% improvement and BS 4 ones a mere 33%. Now everyone gets a 100% improvement, so we are relatively worse off than before.

With blast weapons, at least the new system is faster and makes everyone suffer with random number of shots, but BS matters a lot more now.

Combi weapon changes don't seem to offer much benefit. A couple of shoota shots hitting on a 6+ is pretty crap. At least there doesn't seem to be any downside to adding them if the skorcha hits automatically and we can shoot the skorcha multiple times. Still, this is much more a benefit to marines than orks, so orks are relatively screwed.

Only really positive news seems to be that melta is now basically crap, so our vehicles can close with the enemy more safely.

>> No.53163451

Oh god. This shit is broken as fuck. What where they thinking!

>> No.53163456

Not having rules for my crazy conversions hasn't stopped me from making Sorcerer Dreadnoughts and Rubric Raptors.

Besides you can blame Chapterhouse for that one.

>> No.53163465

You are so obviously fake you ruined it, autistic faggot.

>> No.53163466

who on /tg/ wouldn't own at least one of each 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d20 and 1d100

>> No.53163467

>Formerly AP 3 weapon doesn't have the same modifier as an AP 2 weapon


>> No.53163475

Yeah, and if they had kept formations (which they haven't, just a thought experiment) then the Dominus Maniple would grant Plasma Calivers and Radium Carbines Assault 6 and a double-tapping Dunecrawler.

Co-Ax guns would mean double-tapping Baneblade Cannon and Wyverns with 8D3 shots, too. Miffed that Large Blast is a piddly D6 hits, though. Would be nice to get at least a +1 to that.

>> No.53163486

I just realized, does this mean any twin-linked large blast weapons are gonna be 2d6 shots?

>> No.53163497


Plastic Repressors confirmed!

>> No.53163504

This only works once you know.

>> No.53163507

Please stop, you're breaking my heart!

>> No.53163512

we aren't falling for this shit again, anon

>> No.53163513

>Battle Cannons were AP3
>Lascannons were AP2
>Lascannons are now AP-3
>being one worse than a Lascannon it would only make sense for a Battle Cannon to be AP-2

>> No.53163517

You know you need to be 18+ to post, right dearie?

>> No.53163521

How does it feel knowing that the life you live all you do is shit post on a Mongolian finger painting website?

>> No.53163525


Only the Krieg and Elysian heavy weapons look like they can actually be carried

>> No.53163526


Guess they weren't kidding about a new faction

>> No.53163534

If female players always choose Orks or Nids, what do gay men play? Excluding Eldar because I play Eldar and I'm manly as fuck.

>> No.53163542

>Melta AP-4 and Re-rollable D6 at close range
Sternguard spam is the new WAAC list of choice

>> No.53163548


Fuck. Off.

>> No.53163549


>> No.53163553

I mean you can be gay and manly at the same time.

>> No.53163554

sorry im totally out of loop now

could anyone give me a quick rundown on lore changes in next ed?

>> No.53163557

Its eldar. Dont worry, you can come out of the closet.

>> No.53163558


Some pretty wild new announcements with 8th ed.

>> No.53163561

Ah yeah.
Thought the pulse laser was twl

>> No.53163569

Shits fucked.

>> No.53163572

You're thinking too small anon

>> No.53163575

I'm enjoying this kind of shitposting.

We can calm down now

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>> No.53163579

That's exactly what most people were predicting.

Being able to land D6 hits on a single target is a massive improvement. Makes them much more viable against vehicles. BS 3 lascannon now does an average of 0.97 wounds to a T 8 Sv 3+ vehicle, battle cannon does 1.17. Not bad.

>> No.53163580

Just start saying Dark Angels are traitors and people will start talking lore all day.

>> No.53163581

Oh son of a bitch I'm not gonna like that in game.

>> No.53163583

pls tell me

i couldn't find any good website to sum it up

last day i saw a thread talking about scaled marines and reference to cloned(?) ones

>> No.53163588

Tell me about it. Better than the last few days

>> No.53163605

I'm with you. But they were designed during the era of 40k gaming when shit had to look "heroic" and "extreme" on the tabletop instead of practical.

>> No.53163613

I was thinking that, but Doomweavers aren't twin-linked.

>> No.53163618

Only the exarch can buy a twl.

>> No.53163619

Guys with weird obsessions with masculinity tend to pick Space Wolves or Imperial Guard.

Guilliman is back and he's making marines 2.0, Cadia is kill, Abaddon ripped the galaxy an even bigger new asshole, Magnus and Mortarion reformed their legions, Eldar death god is born, Biel-tan broke, commorragh is full of Daemons and Orks still aren't relevant.

>> No.53163620

>with wheels
krieg ones look heavier than the cadian ones to boot

>> No.53163624


>> No.53163630

they're a sleeper hit really. unlike fire prisms they doubled up on shots when in squads but no one really uses them

>> No.53163633


Guess GW really weren't kidding with the New thing huh?

>> No.53163639

Robert Girlyman got up, Cadia got BTFO
Abaddon apparently ran wild in imperial space and shit's fucked by the time we get to 8th
Chaos is supposed to be gitting gud but we'll see

>> No.53163652

>battle canons are trash
they really want to feed the "and here are my anti armor conscripts" memes don't they ?

>> No.53163656

Kek, but there's an ugly motherfucker space wolves player at my FLGS with a cute nerdy gf I want to cum in her earhole

>> No.53163658


>> No.53163660

Tested them out for a bit on TTS, never understood why no one used them much on the table. At least from what I saw.

>> No.53163672

The new regimental standard seems to be saying that guardsmen aren't supposed to know that commissars will shoot them for cowardice... how does that make any fucking sense? The whole point of shooting people for cowardice is that they fucking well know you are going to do it so they don't dare run.

>> No.53163674

Each "shot" you take is not a literal translation of what might be happening during the imaginary battle. Each roll of the die can be anything from a single aimed shot to a wild magazine dump.

>> No.53163689

thanks guys

could you give me details on marines 2.0, abaddon not failing and magnus/mortarion reforms?

guess dark eldar are fucked? it was implied in prev eds that demons will swarm comorragh

also i haven't been on 4chan for more than a year now. there are now ads here?!

>> No.53163690

Wrong, real men play Khorne. Only children and furfags like SW.

>> No.53163693

>faggot asks, 'Why am I such a faggot?'
How do we ask Duncan for painting tips?

>> No.53163707

Thanks for reminding me why I don't miss 2nd Ed

>> No.53163714

Facebook, in person at Warhammer World or on the Twitch channel.

>> No.53163715


depends on how cheap units are that can bubble-wrap your tanks.

>> No.53163717

>t. phoneposting cheetahfag

>> No.53163741

Don't take it so seriously, it's obviously a tongue in cheek article.

>> No.53163751

Reminder than Kharn is homosexual.

>> No.53163754

Because contrary to popular belief the Comissar is there to shoot faltering officers and take over if necessary. Regular guardsmen are very rare targets.

>> No.53163769

Monogame WAACfags

>> No.53163779

Because its satire and in universe propaganda.

>> No.53163793

I monogame because I have a life. I'm sorry, anon.

>> No.53163794

How the fuck did you know

>killing faggots makes you a homosexual
Tranny logic, everyone.

>> No.53163797

finally someone says it

that's why they're attached to command squads

>> No.53163803

I'm pretty sure that regimental standard is to curb the number of Commisars getting killed by Ork Snipers.

>> No.53163807

It's more anti medium-heavy infantry in a army that's neck deep in it.

>> No.53163814

shit excuse
i, too, have a life and I play plenty of different games

Frickety frackety fruit, git the fuck gud

>> No.53163816


Does anyone own this? Most people around here just use two d10s of different colors

>> No.53163822

You're literally the only 40k World Eaters player in this thread lmao

You make it too easy for me.

>> No.53163827

What standard?

>> No.53163834

Sure, and you play the easy win army because it's a waste of time playing games you don't win.

>> No.53163839

And single shot barrage can be unreliable. Torrent shot useful only on rare occasions.

>> No.53163841

would they shoot high ranking commanding officiers like colonel/general?

>> No.53163845

Well no one really knows anything about the new marines, they could be like mass produced custodes or they could be the exact same as normal marines just with better equipment.

As for Abby, he still kinda failed because he wanted to open a warp rift that would consume terra but it missed, but now chaos can attack pretty much anywhere in the galaxy sine the Eye of Terror now goes half way though it.
As for Magnus and Mortarion, we don't know much about morty but in Magnus' case he got the Thousand Sons back together to fuckup Fenris and though some of Fernis' population is still live they managed to drain the energy of it's world spirit and use it to teleport the planet of sorcerer's back into real space next to prospero.

>> No.53163869

>D6 hits for D3 each on a W12 T8 model
>it costs 150 points
>you can mount additional heavy bolters, meltas and lascannons on it for a cost of a single HW Team model
You were saying?

>> No.53163872

Marines 2.0, all we know is Girlyman is making some
Abaddon rammed a blackstone fortress into cadia and that blew it up
dont know about mag/mort
Dark Eldar are probably fucked, the eldar god of death or it's lackey grill let demons into comorragh
Also Custodes and sisters of silence are back and stalking the universe once more
Also the same eldar god of death's lackey apparently knows how to revert the Rubrick thingy and taunted Ahriman with it by reversing it on a few guys and then turning them back to dust or killing them or whatever

>> No.53163879

it really isn't
vehicles have gained a massive boost to their hitpoints with the transfer to wounds
those battle cannon shots are going to be hitting on a 4+, wounding on a 4+ and doing 2 wounds average each after which vehicles will still get a 5+ save

they're hot garbage right now
not calculating in the to wound rolls and saves you'll do a whooping 3.5 wounds on average if they're bs 4+ and 4.6666 wounds if they're bs3+
if you're firing at a vehicle which is toughness 8 you can halve those numbers
and after all this enemy vehicles will still have a 5+ save
meanwhile we've also lost our reroll to penn since ordnance (and armor) is gone (unless it counts as heavy now) and our anti infantry capabilities are completely annihilated with the loss of templates which in my opinion will be better than 2 hits that do 2 damage on average all teh while still giving most non cardboard armored infantry a chance to still save it
It's not even a certainty that vehicles will be exempt from the -1 to hit that heavy weapons get when moving
Fingers crossed that it has some amazing special rules or is relatively cheap if not we won't be seeing the mainstay of the IG a lot anymore

>> No.53163884

Kek, have some happy cheetahs.

>> No.53163887

so basically are we being set up for "40k end times" ?

also do we know anything about the eldar new god?

>> No.53163893

Absolutely, if that colonel/general is acting against the best interests of the imperial military or showing exceptional cowardice/incompetence.

Commissars function quite similarly to Arbites. They're there as an impartial third party to ensure standards are maintained. Just for commanding officers instead of planetary governors.

>> No.53163895

In a display of gross incompetence/cowardice?
Absolutely, lets the commons solder see there's judgement for all.

And there's ALWAYS are competent second, third or fourth officer carrying every incompetent general.

>> No.53163900

Ynnead is the name, eating souls to git gud is the game

>> No.53163901


You mean like the Sly Mark rules GW put out last week?

>> No.53163921

Tell me how you can play more than 1-2 days of 40k a week and still have a "life".
> play BA in 7th
> easy win army

>> No.53163927

Are Centurions gud now?

>> No.53163931

Mark's a sly guy alright.

>> No.53163937

So I'm an Admech player, and I've currently got a full War Convocation with a couple extra Dragoons. I want to fill it out to a proper fighty army, since Vanguard are fun and I want to give the one who singlehandedly shot down a Librarian on bike and his Biker Sarge friend in one round his own squad.
What's a good number of Vanguard and Dunecrawlers to have? I have one box of unbuilt Skitarii, ten basic rangers w/ one Omnispex and the usual 200pt 10 Vanguard 3 Plascals squad. Do I want some Arc Rifle Rangers, or just another two or three Crawlers and 25ish Vanguard?

>> No.53163942

Sorry you can't be broken this edition Knife-Ears. Can't wait to see that army listing on eBay.

>> No.53163943

Serious question here.
Have items orks ever been top tier? I only started playing at the tail end of 5th, and they've been bad as far as I know.
Was that always the case? We're they good back in the day?

>> No.53163948

so what, shes just gonna ride in and wrek slaneesh?

>> No.53163952

4e orks had a few meta lists that carried over into early 5e.

>> No.53163956

Even more broken than before.

>> No.53163961

Fuck. My phone murdered that post.

>> No.53163967

2nd ed/gorkamorka was their hayday it was all downhill from there

>> No.53163972

Probably having more wounds, a bit weaker to armor shredding but AP2 isn't a thing anymore.
Their weapons are going to be fucking horrifying, think of the hurricane bolters.

>> No.53163980

It was born prematurely and will have to get fat on Eldar souls before it can fuck Slaanesh's shit up, it also has it's own cult surrounding it that is basically a combo faction of all Eldar (Craftworld, Dark, Harlequins and probably even some corsairs and exodites in lore).

>> No.53163982

How to play a day of 40k a week and still have a life:
Do stuff, like work etc. Mon-Fri
Saturday, play with friend/LGS
Sunday, do whatever, maybe play another game if you feel like it or do other stuff like go fishing or go out with friends

You know you can do stuff on workdays as well, since if you have like an 8 hour day, there's plenty of day left to do stuff
Git the fuck gud

>> No.53163984

I have that YouTube link memorized at this point. After I came on tg and talked about buying my first wargaming army(skitarii) everybody either replied in binary or with that video, sometimes both

>> No.53163988

I want my old flesh tearers army back i reget selling it for food and rent

>> No.53163990

>Squadding your Titans
>assuming ID will still be a thing when we have mortal wounds

top fucking kek

>> No.53163997

That's basically the plan, yes
You can read up on like lexicanum or 40k wiki or something im sure

>> No.53164001

lol filthy dumb poorfag scum

>> No.53164002

Non-Grav variants are certainly more appealing. Heavy bolter plus hurricane bolter means a lot of dead hordes

>> No.53164008

Stop replying to the fucking bait.

This appear every.fucking.thread.

>> No.53164010

I could see the exodite responde

>> No.53164013

>Tell me how you can play more than 1-2 days of 40k a week and still have a "life".

That''s a 40k OD there man,

A game or two every other weekend, alternate with boardgames, movies and shit.
Keep it from becoming a routine.

>> No.53164023

i seriously hope they remove poison from DEldar guns. i'd like to have a game against my brother's Tyranids but the poison just fucks him over instantly

>> No.53164027

even if they were amazing I couldn't bring myself to field any because of their maximum retardation with the design
Fuck me they look dumb

>> No.53164040

slanesh has such a big headstart (feeding on the original empire and his cult and human desires since then) that i can't image ynnaed could win. especially how easily slanesh beat the original eldar pantheon

>> No.53164051

What in the flying fuck is a mortal wound

>> No.53164053

>Titan Formation
Imossiburu, Formations are confirmed gone.

>His Weapon is Instant Death
In 7th Edition, not confirmed in 8th Ed, and not confirmed it works the same way. People need to stop filling in the gaps of 8th with rules from 7th because they aren't compatible.

>Remove other 2 Titans due to failing Battle Shock
Well, if it's anything like AoS, which it is looking like, single models don't take battleshock.

>> No.53164068

Wound, no save allowed.

>> No.53164069

How am I supossed to get my melee Orks into combat with all these shooting buffs?

>> No.53164078

automatically wounds and no normal saves can be taken against it unless specifically mentioned otherwise

>> No.53164079

With a truck

>> No.53164084

Where did they say that top hatches wont be a thing anymore on transports?

>> No.53164089

Stick them in a wagon or git gud

>> No.53164091

>missile launcher with x2 the lascannons
> x 3
>6 lascannons. 3 missile launchers.
>Now more powerful than devs in fire power.
>D6 x 6

I can not comprehend the firepower.

>> No.53164096


8th is just AoS second edition.

>> No.53164102

>Marines 2.0
we don't know, the horrible low-res images look kind of cool though
He dropped one of his black-stones on Cadia destroying it for the most part. The pylons that held back the eye of terror failed causing warp rifts to extend across the galaxy. It was meant to extend to Terra but seems to have failed in that respect.
He rounded up the thousand suns and invaded Fenris, bunch of people died and a Planet in the Fenris system was destroyed before he got pushed back, nothing the Yiffs won't get over. Also the planet of the sorcerers is now in real space in the Prospero system. <just_as_planned.jpg>
Later he has a barney with Robo-Guilliman on the moon, it's all very Saturday morning cartoon, plot progresses but nothing really changes for him. Also something someting Rubrics, probably a plotpoint if you're a TS fag otherwise not interesting
Not a clue, but there's a Death guard release coming up (almost certainly one half of the 8th ed box)
bunch of Daemons showed up because death god, lots of dead eldar and slaves very sad. Some part of Commoragh are on lock-down deldar have lost a bit of turf but aside from that not much has changed

>> No.53164115

>You will never be able to feast on succulent Eldar flesh
>You will never be this happy

>> No.53164119

How am I supossed to get my Black Templars into combat with all these shooting buffs?

>> No.53164141

That's what Cegorach is there for

>> No.53164143

Did anyone else realize how stupidly powerful Ravenwing Plasma Talons just became?

>> No.53164155

> tfw geedubs hasn't said anything about tau and eldar in a while
> final updates before 8th ed release are how OP tau and eldar are in 8th
> fite me faggots

>> No.53164160

With a glorious land raider or a humble rhino.

>> No.53164177

No jinks anymore tho

>> No.53164178

You make 3, 20 dude squads. Make a thin line across the deployment zone.

Run turn one.
Turn 2 assault since you lock in combat anyone within 1" you can in theory lock every single one of its units in combat

>> No.53164181

Oh yeah and vect jumped ship to make a new Commoragh with even more blackjack and hookers and the Mandrakes are one of the big things holding back the daemons.

>> No.53164186

Dunno about the best way of doing things, but I've got some experience playing Skitarii/Cult Mech. One of my favorite armies in the game due to their lore/the fucking awesome guns they have.
I like doing 2-1 ratio of vanguard to rangers, with the rangers holding midfield objectives and softening enemies at range, and the vanguard moving forward to plasma the shit out of everything. I would recommend you go for the crawlers and some more vanguard. Crawlers are super versatile with what they can take, and you should always take 3 in a unit if you can for the 4++

>> No.53164190

They've been jerking off Land Raiders in pretty much every article thus far about how amazing they are, so get some of those and stick your sword brethren in those famalam

>> No.53164191

Who says Jink won't be a thing anymore?

>> No.53164200

>can only take like 2 raiders for most games
>get fucked to death after disembarking a rhino or just blown to pieces before even getting there

>> No.53164212

GW did.

>> No.53164220


>> No.53164228

But what about their assaulty brothers with twin linked meltas and flamers?

>> No.53164230

All vehicles are assault now and you can except a 3+ save and at least six wounds on rhinos.

>> No.53164231

steel rain :)

>> No.53164237

Looks like melta got relatively better at long range vs. lascannon.

Old lascannon: 0.5 HP per hit vs. AV 13, 5.6% chance to explode.
Old melta, short range: 0.58 HP, 24% chance to explode.
Old melta, long range: 0.33 HP, 2.8% explosion.

New lascannon vs. T 8 3+ target: 1.94 wounds per hit.
New melta (short): 2.24 wounds.
New melta (long): 1.75 wounds.

So you only lose about 22% effectiveness over half range with the new rules, while with the old one it was 43% fewer hull points and being massively less likely to get an explosion.

It also seems that most anti-tank weapons are getting more similar to each other. There really isn't much difference between a battle cannon, a meltagun and a lascannon now in terms of how they perform against most big targets. Previously they each had a more distinct niche of armour values they were better against.

>> No.53164241

You can charge out of all vehicles now my dude.

>> No.53164253

fuck these things are so fucking stupid

>> No.53164264

So they will get to hit/wound modifiers for being bikes/fast skimmers or whatever

>> No.53164268

>all vehicles are assault now
[citation motherfucking needed]

Q&A I think.

>> No.53164274

>in universe propaganda.

But the entire point is that it doesn't make sense as in-universe propaganda.

>> No.53164283


>Not liking teddy bear marines

>> No.53164293

You forgot, your moms gonna freak too.

>> No.53164294

Wow, actually the Orkanauts are marginally even better as well. Might pick one up if things keep on like this.

It's kind of strange trying to quantify universal changes in regards to a specific unit. Yes, on the one hand a specific unit got better vs itself, but on the other maybe all other units got proportionally better. Who knows, I guess we'll find out when 8e finally arrives.

>> No.53164320

It works fine, don't be a traitorous heretic that runs away and you won't get shot.

Really though it's a joke article, don't take it so seriously.

>> No.53164323

What are the confirmed Leman Russ stats?

>> No.53164331

probably yeah

>> No.53164338

I was converting some for my gk. They still look dumb tho.

>> No.53164340

Go read Horus Heresy Book 7.

>> No.53164344


Look at the thread idiot.

>> No.53164347


>> No.53164348


>> No.53164350

T8 W12 Sv3+

>> No.53164376

>GK Custodes Teddymarines
what chaos god came up with this combination

>> No.53164389

Anons, I need help.
My friend wants to start playing 40k and he chose IG. I have shown him the Start Collecting and Armoured Fist of course but he is really scared of painting huge stuff like Leman Russ and minis faces.
Could you recommend any speedpainting/newbie-friendly tutorials for IG for people without an airbrush and 120 of paints? I want to show him that it is possible to keep the hobby on budget but it's easy to talk like this if you are a Crons player like me and don't make him buy dozen of paints

>> No.53164400

Care to math out the battle cannon vs the lascannon against T7, 8, 9, and 10?

>> No.53164414

Yeah, the blast kept scattering off into nowhere and I kept fighting Stormravens and Heldrakes, but then I stopped playing nothing but CSM and BA and actually got some use out of them. Last game the one crawler gibbed 5 Sternguard and a Librarian. More vanguard it is, I love how many spares there are in that kit.

>> No.53164416

All hail Slaanesh

>> No.53164420

use rattlecans?

>> No.53164422

The chaos god of love.

>> No.53164425

Duuuncan! Go to YouTube and research how to paint Cadian camo, how to paint imperial guardsman, and how to paint weathering and battle damage.

>> No.53164429

How would you stat each power weapon?

>> No.53164448

soon you'll be able to have consensual sex in the missionary position with a space marine

>> No.53164479

I hope so

>> No.53164491


Tell him to use the dipping technique

>> No.53164556


>> No.53164597

It's a power weapon before ap was given to melee

>> No.53164613

Previously a battle cannon shooting a dreadnought would take about 5 hits to kill it. That's around 9 shots with BS 3 (7 or less on 2D6 to scatter under 4").

New battle cannon gets D6 shots, hitting with 50% (1.75 hits on average), wounding the dread on a 3+ (1.17) and giving it a 5+ save (.78) with each failed save resulting in D3 wounds (1.56 average). Slightly over five shots to kill the dread.

Against the front armour of a leman russ, the old battlecannon would take about 14 shots to do the job (8 or less to hit the larger target), new one needs just 10.3.

>> No.53164659

I would recommend he not try to hard with face a starting out. Eyes and face detail are difficult. Better to go with a layer of flesh tone and call it a day

>> No.53164672

Anon, help me convince my girlfriend that Eldar is cuter than nids. I don't want her to waste money on stupid bugs

>> No.53164678

2 cans cost as much as 8 paints at my lgs
Yeah, I showed him Duncan the first day he asked me about new edition. 14 paints is pretty much but maybe we will be able to cut 4 or 5 of them

>> No.53164694

The worst kind
>A magos that has filled his coolant system with ethanol.

>> No.53164695

Youll need to convince me you have a gf first.

>> No.53164696


>> No.53164698

They are not cutter mate

>> No.53164719

Inherently false tho. Nids are cute as fuck. You might be able to convince her on necrons tho, scarabs are cute little bastards too

>> No.53164720

I can tell you vaginas are wet inside. Now pls halp

>> No.53164724

He can cut everything but a single base color for the hull, agraxearthshade, possibly nuln oil, black, leadbelcher, and white or some other color for the aquillas.

>> No.53164753

):< eldar arent cute, they are appalling to humans.

>> No.53164759

Convince her to make an Eldar Genestealer cult to go with them

>> No.53164767

>heavy bolters are Heavy 6 -1 AP
Holy fuck i might actually start putting them on my HWTs and tacticool squads

>> No.53164770

She's not big on the egyptian zombies thing, unfortunately...

>> No.53164778

Eldar is for man children like you, Nids are for refined tastes

>> No.53164784

Not sure where else to put this but:

Someone extracted all the music from DoW III, arguably the best part of the game.

So if you want something to listen to, or play the Ork Victory theme(22:41) when you win, here

>> No.53164802

Play cute Scourge. Better game and cuter than Eldar.

>> No.53164820

1st ed, when there were literally only orks, space marines and eldar.
I'm sure they must have had 1 good list then.

>> No.53164822

Twin linked Heavy Bolters are Heavy 6. It's a gun on a Landraider for fucks sake.

Normal Heavy Bolters are going to be Heavy 3

>> No.53164829

>Remainder that Morkai can overpower khorne and enslave him to his will
>Remainder that Logan Grimman outsmarted Angron and led to his defeat
>Remainder that world eaters are always outsmarted by space Wolves each time they face each other

>> No.53164830

No can't do man, Cheldar is a bunch of autistic fagets while Nids are cute as fuck. Just look at this. How could Cheldar ever hope to compete with them.

>> No.53164834

>Twin Linked

what is reading comprehension?

>> No.53164839

1 shot, d6 wounds.

>> No.53164840

>alt-right nazi bullies local SJW's, 2017, colorized

>> No.53164852

Well shit. I hope they at least make Tyranid swarms competitive in 8th ed...

>> No.53164865

He said right in the post he doesn't want to use 120 paints.

>> No.53164866

>Not the biggest SJW of all

>> No.53164873

Velociraptors with guns>Spess Aelves

>> No.53164874

d6 shots, each shot does d3 wounds.

>tfw Pask gives all his tabks twin linked

>> No.53164879

Heavy D6 with D3 wounds per.

>> No.53164907


So how does AOS handle this? If I get 6 wounds do I have to roll the D3 6 times or once for all of them?

>> No.53164920

Then he's doing it wrong. Wrong!

>> No.53164952

He's a fucking white male!

>> No.53164959

Roll a D3s for each successful wound, since now your opponent allocates wounds it doesn't matter what wound roll produces what damage.

>> No.53164971

Roll to hit > Roll to wound > if wound > Roll to save > if fail > Roll number of wounds

>> No.53164988



you know where to go

>> No.53165032

Goddamn, I'm not even a poltard and I can see you're such a fucking cuck

Let people have fun if you're unable to

>> No.53165073

Man you're a no fun faggot

>> No.53165084


>> No.53165119

Assuming WS4 is enough for WS 3+ then kroots might be ok assault units in next edition. Hits on 3+, strikes first if they charged and shaper gives reroll 1's for to wound rolls. Obviously every other codex has better assaulters but space chickens can get shit done on counter charges and/or backline harassing in melee now.

>> No.53165124

Making any sort of jokes is considered pol tier now? When I see people with that kind of attitude it really makes me feel like pol is right. Thought police much?

>> No.53165153

attacking someone for their humor? typical of /pol

>> No.53165158

>streisand effect in action

>> No.53165160

They'll probably be roughly Ork equivalent. With better guns

>> No.53165185

I wonder how they'll handle the weapons with multiple fire modes like the Frost Cannons
If we made the direct counterpart with what we currently know it would be
Dispersed: d6 hits, S6 AP -2 D d3
Focused 1 hit, S8 AP -4 D d6

The former is obviously better in most cases, particularly on the stormwolf where it's twinlinked, and thus 2d6 and 2 hits

>> No.53165192

Oh shut up you fucking wimp

>> No.53165232

Might as well give up on that dream. They'll never get rid of Space Marines.

>> No.53165236

Assuming 4+ to hit...

Lascannon vs. T 7-8 Sv 3+: 0.97 wounds.
Lascannon vs. T 7-8 Sv 2+: 0.78 wounds.
Lascannon vs. T 9 Sv 3+: 0.73 wounds.
Lascannon vs. T 9 Sv 2+: 0.58 wounds.
Lascannon vs. T 10 Sv 3+: 0.49 wounds.
Lascannon vs. T 10 Sv 2+: 0.39 wounds.

Battle Cannon vs. T 7 Sv 3+: 1.56 wounds.
Battle Cannon vs. T 7 Sv 2+: 1.17 wounds.
Battle Cannon vs. T 8 Sv 3+: 1.17 wounds.
Battle Cannon vs. T 8 Sv 2+: 0.88 wounds.
Battle Cannon vs. T 9-10 Sv 3+: 0.78 wounds.
Battle Cannon vs. T 9-10 Sv 2+: 0.58 wounds.

Battle cannon is now almost always better than the lascannon, but the distribution is weird. Against T 7 and T 10, the battle cannon is much better, against T 9 it's barely better than the lascannon.

>> No.53165279

Pretty sure that's exactly how they'll deal with it. I think the next thing we're really waiting on is if/how keywords are going to work. We've got no idea how the old torrent weapons will work yet and how or if they'll interact with cover.

Could just be they'll be the same a a flamer but with a longer range, but I'm hoping for something more interesting

>> No.53165325

Seems beleted.

>> No.53165334

The problem is that the modes that used to be blast are now really stronger than the other mode, and since they aren't different weapons you can't give them different cost value to make them more or less worth it
In the current situation I would never shoot with the focused mode

Maybe I should ask about it on their Facebook page

>> No.53165342


>> No.53165357

you're right about the kitbashing part, but unless you're playing with tryhards(who wouldn't like your kitbash anyways, probably accuse you of modeling for advantage) Nothing is stopping your from making your own rules for custom models.
Much like >>53163456 said
And any ork worth his teef can make some awesome models that will never get rules. Like this looted carnifex, It's honestly wouldn't be to hard to give it a profile halfway between a carnifex and a dreadnaught. If anything 8e will make it easier since vehicles are like everything else now.

>> No.53165375

>> No.53165382

>(who lack resources to forge new gear)

Here we go with this meme. Remember when Chaos Marines could not have rotary guns (aka Assault cannons) then the Rubric Marines came with one?

>> No.53165420


>liking teddy bear marines

>> No.53165453


>> No.53165456

Im away from my comp can we get some verification on this?

>> No.53165462

Maybe the focused modes will give a large wound bonus like the melta at half range or something

>> No.53165487

Well, with that specific example, focused will be better against anything T 7 with a 4+ or better save or T 8 with a 2+ or better save. But no better against T 9 or more... not exactly intuitive.

>> No.53165494

It's just some simple fraction multiplication, surely the device you're posting on has a basic calculator?

>> No.53165510


>> No.53165513

Want to check math that you can do by hand?

Or I'm missing something?

>> No.53165564

Th TS weapons are a bit confusing because I remember there being fluff stating that Chaos doesn't have access to cyclone launchers or Assault cannons because they lacked the tech after the heresy. And yet here we are.

>> No.53165573

Shouldn't the dispersed mode have an advantage because of its multiple hits?

After all outside of special rules the focused mode will miss 1 every 3 shots

>> No.53165600

I wonder what they'll do with rapiers, think they'll have their own stat or literally be quad linked lascannon?

>> No.53165626

That was older lore and it was used to explain chaos legions lacking newer toys but this fell apart especially with the new Horus Heresy stuff from FW. Chaos lack a lot of those nifty toys too and are shown as having access to a lot of the stuff they don't have in 40k.

Also, it's worth noting that newly defected Space Marines would bring some gear too as well as scavenging from dead loyalists.

>> No.53165627

I heard there was a scan of the Shadow War: Armageddon rules floating around.

Anyone know where I can grab it?

>> No.53165648

Their general.

>> No.53165655

should be in the SW:A general search for /SWAG/ on the catalogue

>> No.53165693

Doesn't seem to be one up. I'll check later, thanks

>> No.53165721

See I get that but I'm fairly sure that TS don't get Assault cannons or cyclones in 30k and that Iron warriors are awash with cyclones

>> No.53165753

imo the chance to hit larger vehicles is significantly better , not to mention you can scatter onto a diffrent enemy
but granted , it's not as bad as i initially made it out to be when it comes to vehicles.
But now i do 2.4 unsaved wounds to MEQ's gutting what made the LR the mainstay of any guard army, it's versatility against both infantry there is going to be no reason to not take a vanquisher now unless they also made that retardedly bad.
to put things in perspective, a punisher gatling cannon (if it maintains it's current s5 ap)- does 2.7 unsaved wounds to marines and 1.111111 to a dread while still maintaining the huge damage potential against soft infantry which the battle cannon now sorely lacks

>> No.53165780

>Hot-shot lasguns are Rapid Fire 2

Maybe my stormtroopers won't be quite so shitty this edition....

>> No.53165785


>tanks with toughness values, wounds, saves and no facings

>templates do identical hits to a grouped up horde of nidss as they do 3 terminators.

>bloodthirster as easy to hit as a grot in combat.

>land raiders can now die to lasgun fire

>all your formations are now obsolete

>all your rulebooks, codexes and 30k red and black books now obsolete

> conscript hits in combat before an aspect warrior if it managed to roll ts random charge dice first.

>independent characters are cannon fodder

>glory days of consolidating into next combat return. Enjoy getting your line rolled up.

>eldar still overpowered

What are you going to play now your games dead ?

>> No.53165813

You can fire hull and sponson weapons with battle cannon now. It's a flex pic that is reasonable good against anything istead of more specialized variants.

>> No.53165845

only if you use FRSRF
and it'll still be hot shit if you need to get within 9 inch range to effectively use it
also -2 rend is worse against everything but termies
atleast we wound t5 on a 5 now and t6+ on a 6

>> No.53165861

A weapon that costs more points is better? What a fucking shock.

>> No.53165915

> Sternguard firepower LITERALLY DOUBLED


> Tfw you've already been putting combi-plas on all of your dudes
> Everything from the lowly scout sergeant, to your captains and sernguard veterans.
> And now your scout marines can once again put the fear of god into poor assholes.

>> No.53165916


>muh AV
id rather have more survivable tanks than them getting glanced to death for the millionth time

>muh templates
>what is battleshock

>muh bloodthirster
>letting your bloodthirster get hit by grots

>muh lasguns
lasgun fire destroying titans not being the reason the Emprah himself gave your sorry ass the weapon in the first place

>muh formations
formations are cancer and shouldnt have been in the game in first place

>codex creep
same as all the other codexes in the history of time

>muh charges
>letting your aspect warriors get charged by conscripts

>roll up wowohh
wow stop deploying your whole army within 6" of each other

you have no way of knowing that yet

>> No.53165937


>> No.53165941

> Bolter Centurions
> 24 bolter shots each
> 6 Heavy Bolter shots each

>> No.53165959

yeah but if that thing barely outpreforms a minigun tank against armor then what is the point ? Hull and sponson weapons need to be bought which costs points. as it looks now the base LR is going to be significantly less usefull compared to 7th unless it suffers a drop in point costs which i highly doubt it's not going to be worth it
i'm suspecting the Leman russ exterminator is going to outperform it in every field

>> No.53165970

lol you're funny anon. Make up more scary stories.

>> No.53165971

Damnit you're right.

Hype withdrawn, reserving for plastic Steel Legion.

>> No.53165973

What alternative world do you live if unlimited podding combi-weapons were bad?

>> No.53165986


Just stick some ork heads on and youre good to go

>> No.53165996

both a punisher and a vanquisher are cheaper than a standard LR in 7th you ape

>> No.53166002

Why do you stick so much foliage on all of your models.
>reddit spacing

>> No.53166003

I too am startingto appreciate my Deathwatch not selling.

Combi melta on everything.

>> No.53166018


nah im p hype for new stormtrooper rules

Especially with the deepstrike rumour where you dont scatter and always get half your guys turn 2.

Just deepstrike them in and fuck shit up.

>> No.53166031

no argument so you resort to
>muh reddit


>> No.53166038

You guys ready for the age of the BRRRRRRRRRRRRRT

>> No.53166042

d100 is just the d10 with a zero after every number. They come in basically every basic polyhedral dice set.

>> No.53166054

Can the new edition just drop already?

Do we have an official launch date or just rumours?

>> No.53166086

Marines are 1 wound, so the real calculation is:
D6 attacks=~3.5
Sv5+=~1.1 Wound

Damage is of no consequence because it's a 1 wound model.

>> No.53166094


next couple of weeks hopefully.

the warhammer day event is 27th/28th so probably then.

also theres a live stream on the 13th where they may just dump a load of info.



>> No.53166100

>Grot blastas are actually viable weapons now
>Da boyz can get closer to the enemy faster during the movement phase
>no more i2/charging attacks first
>Twin-linked = double the dakka (15 Ork warbike squad = 90 SHOTS down range!?!
>combi-weapons aren't just glorified shootas anymore
>Nobz in a Naut

'Ere we go boyz! Time ta give da rest o' deez gits a proppa' stompin'!


>> No.53166120

damage doesn't work that way in aos and i see now way why it would work that way in 8th
this isn't like 7th D weapons which specifically mention the model suffers D3 wounds

>> No.53166126

>can finally play tau without using cheesetide and being called a faglord


>> No.53166128

I just wanna have fun with sum dakka.
Warbikers and warbuggies with 6 shots per model.
Hell Warbuggies with 2 shot rokkits.

The Vulture is a sexy beast though.
Wonder how the vendetta will be with it's... 5 lascannon shots.
Or twinlinked large blast pods...

>> No.53166149

I hate that art not because the art itself is bad, but because that's not what Eldar look like. They're supposed to be incredibly uncanny valley to humans. If I want to fuck it, it's not an Eldar.

>> No.53166150

They confirmed on facebook that this is exactly how it will work

1 hit, 1 model

Damage doesn't carry over to other models

>> No.53166175

>people are adamant Plasma Guns will be -3 rend and Autocannons -2 rend

Consider the following mathammer for Wounds inflicted with the max shots:

Rend -1 D3 Damage Autocannon:
Vs MeQ 0.4
Vs T8 3+ (vehicle) 0.2-0.6
Heavy Bolter:
Vs MeQ 0.6
Vs T8 3+ (vehicle) 0.3
Rend -2 Damage D3 Plasma Gun:
Vs MeQ 0.592
Vs T8 3+ (vehicle) 0.296-0.888
Vs MeQ 0.5
Vs T8 3+ (vehicle) 0.3-1.8 (not factoring for 2D6 pick the highest at close range)

>Autocannons are better at busting tanks than Heavy Bolters
>Plasma Guns are slightly better against infantry than Meltaguns

Obviously range is a factor, but if the points costs are similar to what they are now, they basically even out.

>> No.53166191

I'm out of the loop, are there any confirmed Tau nerfs? I want to play them but I don't want to be a faggot

>> No.53166193

Here hopin' trukks'll be gud.
Full speed assault disembarkation please, Goliath truck style.

>> No.53166200

care to post proof ?
that would just completly invalidate The LR

>> No.53166209

Who says they won't triple in cost?

No. Because you are wrong.

>> No.53166213

Formations are out and they were the major power boost for tau. Also riptide is all but confirmed to take a hit, which is good thing for everyone.

>> No.53166223

>that would just completly invalidate The LR
Or encourage you to fire the lascannons at vehicles and other multi-wound models since that's a thing you can do now while the HB's mince infantry

>> No.53166226


nah Heavy Bolters are rend -1 and were Ap4

so Autocannons are probably the same.

It actually makes them better against marines out of cover. I'm glad that anything worse than Ap3 actually does damage now.

St7 ap4 spam is going to be better than before against high toughness stuff.

>> No.53166259

No "Tau" nerfs, just core game rebalance.

Shoot big shit, or multiwound infantry, the BC is a jack of all not a specialist gun.
Use the Exterminator for muhreens.
Vanquisher for really bigs
Punisher for hordes
Not hard.

>> No.53166267

Forgetting the real important thing:

BC is no longer ordnance, so get your sponsons / hull mounted actually matter.

>> No.53166287


also gets hot on executioners isnt going to kill the tank after one volley. or plasma sponsons on other versions.

>> No.53166298

Grot blastas have exactly the same issue they always had: 12" range on a unit which can't cope in close combat.
No indication that orks are going to be any faster than they are now.
Still need to get into close combat, only now with worse cover saves which can be denied by heavy bolters, etc.
Enemy forces will have relatively larger benefits from new twin-linked rule.
Enemy combi weapons far superior, ork shooting gets relatively worse, again.
At last, a reason to buy a £65 model which looks terrible!

>> No.53166317

>> No.53166337

yeah but now the battle cannon is as effective as a 10 man squad of guardsmen ( without FRSRF , with it the guardsmen are twice as effective)when it comes to killing MEQ's, the gun that ate 5 of them easily in a shot last edition

>> No.53166353

fun !

>> No.53166388

On the bright side it's good now against those 2w terminators

>> No.53166394


>> No.53166410

Jervis Johnson had nothing to do with 8th? Good.

>> No.53166419

>only vehicle in the game that can carry fewer troops than it would in real life
>damaging your models trying to get them in
>such fun

People like you are the reason GW feels free to shit on ork players. Who cares that your army is horribly ineffective? You've got more random tables, so you have more fun!

>> No.53166426

Crazy thought.
Use your sponsons and hull mounted to kill infantry while your battle cannon kills big things

Or use the Guardsmen.

Yes the BC used to be good as a Marine killer. Now it's good at killing big things. Adapt.

>> No.53166438

>what is varnish

>> No.53166441

So do we know how often there is going to be faction focuses released, because they released the astra militarum a day after csm, and we still don't have one for today.

>> No.53166463

They seem to be every other day

>> No.53166478

Imperial Guard one came out yesterday, Tuesday. CSM came out Sunday.

So there will be a faction focus tomorrow, then Saturday.

>> No.53166504

>better against marines out of cover
By a whopping 0.03 of a Wound per Autocannon.

>St7 ap4 spam is going to be better than before against high toughness stuff.
Only if they get D3 Damage, otherwise they're actually worse than Heavy Bolters because they both wound T8-9 on a 5+ and Heavy Bolters have the extra shot and the same -1 Rend. Against T10 HB's are about 20% less effective.

>tl;dr the new Wounding chart buffed mid-strength multi-shot weapons far more than Rending benefits high strength 1-2 shot weapons

>> No.53166511

And yous iz wut we inna biznizz call "a pinkbelly git wut need ta zog off"

>> No.53166527

Really hope they redo CSMs. That was downright disappointing when compared to IGs.

>> No.53166540

Ah okay sorry I thought csm came out on Monday, well I guess I'll just wait till tomorrow, all I want is confirmtion if a joint admech is going to be a thing

>> No.53166542

That's not as big as you think. If the battle cannon isn't going to kill medium infantry effectively, and is only slightly better than a lascannon at wounding MC/Vehicles, then why would I take itnover a more specialist vehicle?

Yay I can fire my lascannon! But I could have taken a Vanquisher and fired it along with a lascannon instead and it would've damaged the vehicle more...

Yay I can fire the heavy bolter! But I could have taken a punisher/exterminator and killed far more light/medium infantry than the battle cannon...
Yay I can fire the plasma cannons! Wait, why didn't I put the plasma cannons on an executioner? Maybe it was too expensive?

You get the idea. The battle cannon -and we're ONLY talking about the BC because every other weapon can also fire along with the primary turret weapon- doesn't look very good against the medium infantry and has limited utility against light infantry where it's limited to 1.75 average wounds- Its basically an anti-tank gun outclassed by the vanquisher

>> No.53166561

>the BC is a jack of all not a specialist gun.
that's exactly the point, a vanquisher is the specialist gun for killing big shit and the autocannon/punisher variant are anti infantry
It's lost it's main purpose and now sits as a jack of all trades but master of none, it'll never see use anymore considering a 50 man FRSRF squad of conscripts now does more than twice the amount of damage (3.7 unsaved wounds compared to the BC's 1.56) when in rapid fire range and still does more damage at max range to a fucking dreadnought
Its mediocre at killing armor (it's gained some effectiveness statwise , but so has everything) same as before but now it's next to useless when it comes to killing infantry whereas before it was amazing at it.

it's being outperformed by conscripts for crying out loud, not even infantry squads

>> No.53166565

>Sergants with combi-weapons will effectively be an extra special weapon wielding trooper
>My Chaos Terminators with combi-melta can try again when they all miss the fucking Land Raider in front of their face
>Land Raiders having double the amount of shots they do now

>> No.53166584

Crazy thought, this might be a deliberate move combined with re-jigging the points cost so that a basic Leman Russ is cheaper and more ubiquitous than the specialized variants.

>> No.53166614

There's honestly not enough information. Many people are judging changes in 8th as though a huge number of unit and weapon profiles are going to remain largely the same, and there's not a whole lot of evidence for that. However, based on that line of thinking:
In general, it's going to be a lot easier to get into melee.
Tau's abundant S5 shooting isn't going to be as versatile.
And Character changes mean not as much ability to target characters, and many characters may function differently.

On the otherhand, Tau have a lot of twinlinked, which now double-shoots. HRR might be great again. Units can split-fire as a default, meaning pathfinders with special weapons and crisis suits can pick their targets and other mixed units have utility again.
Characters no longer join units, so buffmanders and shapers and etherals and cadre fireblades will likely now have an aura buff, instead. Additionally, depending on how wargear drones function, tau ICs might be very tanky.
Snipers apparently /might/ be able to target characters regardless of them being closer or not, and Sniper Drones are currently some of the best snipers in the game (Still subject to change).

8th is still a black box, though, and it's honestly too early to call.

>> No.53166617

>It's lost it's main purpose and now sits as a jack of all trades but master of none,
It's old purpose was "shoot space marines if able, do whatever if not"

It's not better at doing whatever but worse at killing marines.

>> No.53166623

>Its basically an anti-tank gun outclassed by the vanquisher

I'm betting the Vanquisher will be 1 shot S8 AP-3 D6 Damage (roll 2d6 and take highest when determining Damage)

While Battle Cannon is D6 shots S8 AP-2
D3 Damage

Battle Cannon is quantity of shots while Vanquisher will be a single shot.

>> No.53166661

or how about i do exactly that but take a vanquisher cause it's bound to be better at killing big things ?
>it's good at killing big things
it gets outperformed by conscripts
against t9 3+ save a BC does 0.19 unsaved wounds, 50 conscripts with FRSF do 3.7 (1.8 if not in rapid fire range)

>> No.53166671


>> No.53166680

i know but the other anon was arguing that

>> No.53166689

Why are Meltas not Assault 2?

>> No.53166708


>> No.53166735

>against t9 3+ save
Oddly specific, considering nothing yet has been released as T9.

>50 conscripts with FRSF do 3.7 (1.8 if not in rapid fire range)
Impressive you got all 50 conscripts in 12" of a target without losing any.

>> No.53166739

It's probably going to either lose twinlinked and just have a special rule that lets it hit hordes more easily.

>> No.53166749

>or how about i do exactly that but take a vanquisher cause it's bound to be better at killing big things ?
Because a Vanquisher might be sufficiently more expensive that taking a basic Russ is your budget option for the loss in effectiveness.

>it gets outperformed by conscripts
It's a lot harder to kill than conscripts, though.

>> No.53166763

>color mismatch
It tickles my autism

>> No.53166764

To be fair sponsons are now more appealing.

>> No.53166790

Assuming you can shoot them with no penalties.

>> No.53166801

Are these new marines going to overwrite current classic tacs as the main version or are they going to be rarer like Terminators?

I ordered a couple of boxes today and now I'm suddenly terrified that it's all going bye bye

>> No.53166810

>take a vanquisher cause it's bound to be better at killing big things ?

It's a generalist option. It's worse than specialist options at killing their intended target but better than them at everything else.

So for the Vanquisher it's worse at dealing with big targets but better at dealing with infantry.

>> No.53166824

oh i'm sorry let's have leman russes shoot at eachother and then see how they hold up to our fierce conscripts
a LR damages itself for 1.4 wounds
the conscripts damage it for 3.7

you gonna keep arguing that the battle cannon is just fine and great at killing large things or you gonna concede yet ?

>> No.53166849

Looks to be elite units, fits the lore and they wouldn't dare fuck with the already bad model scale

>> No.53166881

>get excited about twin linked
>remember the hellions I bought have 2 guns on the bottom of their gliders
>check the rules
>Splinter Pods aka assault 2 18"

>> No.53166895

it sucks for being a generalist option now being the point since it you know , can't kill infantry effectively.
>Because a Vanquisher might be sufficiently more expensive that taking a basic Russ is your budget option for the loss in effectiveness.
a vanquisher is a cheaper option at the moment , sure that might change but i highly doubt they tried to uproot the internal balance between models in a faction.
forgot to add
>Impressive you got all 50 conscripts in 12" of a target without losing any.
if you get 25 withing 12 inch you still do more damage than a leman russ

>> No.53166903

You are putting a 50 models unit that needs to have every model within 12" of the target against something that can shoot at 72".

Guess what, a unit of meltaguns is also better at dealing with a single target than a lascannon.

>> No.53166914

lol good one you got me xD

now pls get cancer and die

>> No.53166918

Maybe they'll have some special rule that will make them more effective?
let me hope

>> No.53166938

>get excited about twin linked
>remember all of my chaos bikes, termnators and hellblades have twin linked weapons

>> No.53166942

>a vanquisher is a cheaper option at the moment

Yeah, it surely is something affidable making prediction based on point costs that are confirmed to be rewritten from the ground up.

I bet you are also convinced that combiplasma are still going to be cheaper than plasmaguns.

>> No.53166950

>there will be 7 guard orders
Lets speculate.

>> No.53166964

Because it's not shots, it's a coherent beam that has to be focused for full effect.

>> No.53166972

Battle Cannons shoot 72
Conscripts shoot 24

Might as well say conscripts and Vanquishers are straight inferior to Scions Command Squad with 4 Meltaguns.

>> No.53166980

They said they'd show us a full Rubric datasheet to make up for it later this week.

>> No.53166984

>kill that dreadnaught!
>teleports 50 conscripts to rapidfire range of an enemy vehicle

>> No.53166995

>giving a fuck about other people opinion
Just play with army you like Anon and don't be an asshole - that's all. Ignore the whinyfags

>> No.53167000

>full Rubric datasheet
Hopefully "full" includes weapon profiles and point cost(s)

>> No.53167007

>teleports behind dred
>nothing happens because there no armor facing

>> No.53167010

First rank, fire!
First rank, second rank, fire!
First rank, second rank, third rank, fire!
First rank, second rank, third rank, fourth rank, fire!
First rank, second rank, third rank, fourth rank, fifth rank, fire!
First rank, second rank, third rank, fourth rank, fifth rank, sixth rank, fire!
First rank, second rank, third rank, fourth rank, fifth rank, sixth rank, seventh rank, fire!

>> No.53167017

>fire raptor has a TL avenger bolt cannon
does that mean it's just a normal vulcan mega bolter now

>> No.53167019

Shoot more (FRF SRF)
Hit better (ready, aim..)
Make it dead (On my Target)
Punch gooder (Affix Bayonets)
Hide better (Incoming!)
Go fasta' (Go! Go! Go!)
Rub some dirt in it!

>> No.53167023

Send in the Next Wave
>Summon 50 Conscripts within 12" of an enemy unit. May immediately issue First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire on the newly summoned Conscript unit.

>> No.53167030

"Nothin' Personal Kid"

Teleports entire squad behind enemy of choice in assault range. IG unit attacks first and all weapons count as force weapons.

>> No.53167040

Will this guy possibly carry over to 8th and if so, how would he play out?

>> No.53167067

>Chenkov now loyalist demon summoner

>> No.53167078

I bet he will cost points now and his gun will be like Str 12 and 2d6 mortal wounds

>> No.53167086

S5 AP-3 D6 Wounds

>> No.53167091


Imagine spending $50 for a squad of dudes just to cover them all up with grass wew

>> No.53167097

I want to see this "50 conscript" shitposter actually assemble and paint several hundred conscripts for his army since they're clearly the best option IG can field now.

>> No.53167102

I hope they will update obscure stuff like pic related.

>> No.53167146

If by "update" you mean remove, yes.

>> No.53167147

Imagine going to a tabletop, and your opponent forgets the scouts exist because he literally can't see them. So they survive 6 turns straight of shooting at people with rending bolters

>> No.53167198

My CSM are happy, but the hopes and dreams of my eldar are steadily getting crushed as more shit comes out this edition.

>> No.53167200

Wow, finally people get to here what orks victory music is.

>> No.53167216

do you have autism ?

>> No.53167221

They've said everything that is playable in 7e will have rules for 8e

>> No.53167258

Assholes who actually do that rarely get beyond gluing their shit together and maybe putting a coat of primer on

>> No.53167275


I hope they will update obscure stuff like pic related.

>> No.53167305

Just everything with a model.

>> No.53167336

>Dark Eldar rumors
>Jink is +2 to armour save but -1 to hit with weapons. People inside unaffected.
>Shadow field is +1 to armour save
>Flickerfields is 5++ still.
>Dark eldar vehicles come with a 4+ armour save.
>Raider has 10 wounds, venom has 6.

Rough Riders are getting rules, I don't see their models anywhere.

>> No.53167356

"everything that has rules in 7th edition will have rules in 8th edition"

>> No.53167363

Marbo rules pretty much confirmed that GW will let you use kitbash.

>> No.53167372

>Rough Riders are getting rules

Wouldn't it be the lamest thing ever if Rough Riders got new models and they were just Cadians...

>> No.53167385

Medium and elite nfantry is going to get fucking decimated in 8th.

>> No.53167398


>> No.53167411



>> No.53167428

If you're gonna use quotation marks, post a actual quote like so:

"Is my army still valid?
Yes, it certainly is!
You’ll still be able to use your army in the new edition of Warhammer 40,000.
All current armies will be supported with new rules."

>"Can I still use all my models?
Yes. Every Warhammer 40,000 miniature we sell today will be usable in the new edition of Warhammer 40,000.
What’s more, they’ll be supported with new rules, which will be available from the get go in handy, low-cost books."


>> No.53167431

Would GW, flufffers or tourneyfags care if you used horus heresy mk3 power armour for tactical marines? I prefer its look.

>> No.53167432


>> No.53167436

Getting 1/10 of your forces killed instead all of them sounds ok.

>> No.53167442

New DA player here, doesn't the TL change be bad for our plasma talons?
We still have gets hot

>> No.53167448

How can assault possibly compete???

>> No.53167455

Nah, go ahead.

>> No.53167458

Get off you fucking phone and keep your eyes on the road.

>> No.53167462

You're browsing 4chan while you're driving?

I hope you swerve into a ditch and become a paraplegic.

>> No.53167463


>> No.53167467

First turn charges.

>> No.53167469

Wont the TL change be bad* brain slipped

>> No.53167486

They haven't even mentioned "Gets Hot" yet. We have no idea how plasma weapons will work yet.

>> No.53167493

No. why would they.

>> No.53167501

>Looks terrible
Bruh, I fucking love how that box looks

>> No.53167532


desu I would shoot them more just to get them off the table faster.

>> No.53167534

Why? Then he'd have more screen-time, more bitterness and only a straw to reply with so the grammar will be even worse.

Instead hope he loses control, kills a bunch of hoodlums, goes to jail for a extended period and has to sell his army on the cheap for legal expenses.

>> No.53167551

Since Characters can't be in units anymore but still gets covered by them, does that mean if shroud of heroes remains unchanged it will be hella broken?

>> No.53167595

>tfw play ad mech
>all my models are bright red and really stick out on all the boards at my lgs
I need to make a mars board.

>> No.53167602


>> No.53167632

He won't be able to do the captchas cuz he'll be a robot.

>> No.53167646


I have trouble believing raiders will have a 1+ jink save with next to no penalty.

>> No.53167679

my bad i was reading on my phone and had just woken up.

>> No.53167682

Made some short autism work on battle cannon vs 50 conscripts. Chart assumes multi-wound targets, halve the results for lemon against single wound targets. Chart doesn't include HB damage that comes automatically with lemon.

>> No.53167695

>Implying vore isn't sexy and anons GF won't try to eat him now

>> No.53167703

>>Why should I trust you?
>Come on! This is New Games Workshop™
cracked a grin

>> No.53167728

which chapter is the best and why is it Imperial Fists?

>> No.53167733

Then he'd get a pass and have half the shitpost cooldown.

>> No.53167742

I know a guy that paints his marines in Diffuse-Pattern so that they turn into a blurry smudge when viewed from above. It makes his space marines very difficult to see on urban terrain. They actually look fucking hideous up close, which is even worse than my scouts.

Just another reason why I switched to Steel Confessors. My dudes actually look pretty cool on the tabletop when paired up in whole squads of shining silver tacticals.

>> No.53167758

Who's your favourite character, guys? Mine's pic related.

No memeing. I find his adherence to the Imperial truth while still being a CSM is a cool concept and he's generally a great character.

>> No.53167774

Models that are currently selling

RIP Repressor

Hello to multiple Knight Head rules!

>> No.53167792

either your math is of or mine is
50 shots against a t6+ target with a 3+ save cause 1.11111 wounds
20 shots hit , 3.333333 wound , 1.11111 aren't saved
also double the results for conscripts because FRFSRF

>> No.53167814

>Twin-linked doubles the dakka
Get fucked!

>> No.53167824

wait mine is , 16 shots hit not twenty my bad

>> No.53167833

+ bolter if the player chooses to fire both combi guns at -1 BS modifier.

>> No.53167858

>bolters got a slight buff in 8E
>possibly further improved by IF chapter tactics
>superdakka bolter Centurions are viable and fluffy for IF

>> No.53167865

VMB are usually twin-linked

>> No.53167876

That's preggy, not vore, mate

>> No.53167901

50*(2/6)*(1/6)*(2/6) = 0,926

Only 16,667 hits with BS2.

>> No.53167902


Too bad he got turned into an instrument of virtue signaling by a bent BL author

>> No.53167906

you just know it's going to be over costed and do absolutely no damage now that templates are gone

>> No.53167921

8d3 S4 AP0 D1. Rerolling failed To Wounds.

Make it rain

>> No.53167929

Lets not forget that twin linked might not nullify bolter drill.

>> No.53167938


>> No.53167954


>> No.53167971

>bolters got a slight buff in 8E
How so? Didn't they become much less effective against guardsmen and boyz, since they no longer nullify their saves?

>> No.53167982

I should have clarified. Im was going to be driving to work. I sent that from my phone walking outside.

So to be fair, those comments were justified.

>> No.53167984

New to-wound table means they wound T6 and T7 on a 5+

>> No.53167985


It's from that book of his recently released. He made his squad of uber not-marines and the leader was a woman. Fine whatever, but then Fabius goes on a spiel about how females are the most vicious, most violent and the bestest soldiers ever. Terrible dreck.

At least the author was begging people to buy his book on Tumblr because he has a mortgage to pay. kek

>> No.53167989

You can stand back and still rapid fire

>> No.53167991


>> No.53167994

They Wound T6-T7 on 5+.
Can now Wound AV11+ (as they have a Toughness)

Better vs. Big.
Shittier vs 5+ or 6+ Infantry

>> No.53167999

I know 8ths on the door step, but i have a 1250pt game tommrow, and i could use the feedback!

Allied deatchemnt
zoanthrope 50
Old one eye 220
15 deviour gaunts 120

First curse
20 stealer 280
patriarch, lvl 2, 2 familiars 125

Magus, lvl2, 2 familiars, crouchling 95
11 hybrids, lascannon 80
16 hybrids, 2 sismic cannons, 2 grenade lauchers 120
Russ extermintor, lascannon, heavy bolter 160

>> No.53168016

>begging people to buy his book because he has a mortgage to pay.


>> No.53168030

Why do people do this?
least he is confirmed pathetic

>> No.53168073

This is all there was.

>‘More than once I have questioned the Emperor’s wisdom in bestowing his gifts upon but one half of the human race. For in man, as in all beasts, the female is the deadlier of the species. You are a thing of furious beauty, my dear, and never let anyone tell you different.’

He was proud of his creation, nothing else.

>> No.53168085


>> No.53168092

>For in man, as in all beasts, the female is the deadlier of the species.

What did he mean by this?

>> No.53168099

Predictions on whos gonna be worst off this edition?

>> No.53168123


>> No.53168128

Safe bet would be nids, but then again: This is the New GW!

>> No.53168131

>What did he mean by this?

Please buy my book, I have a mortgage.

>> No.53168141

>What did he mean by this?

That he doesn't know much about beasts.

>> No.53168146

He meant that despite being a 'good' at medicine, he knows nothing of biology

and that the author is a faggot

>> No.53168148


>> No.53168151

space marines

they were definitely designed first and set the bar for other armies

>> No.53168222

Right now it feels like basic marines will be in a pretty rough spot.

>> No.53168297

They could be comparatively cheaper in points. My bet is that all vehicles will go up in points to make infantry a better buy.

>> No.53168298

>d100 is just the d10 with a zero after every number. They come in basically every basic polyhedral dice set.

>> No.53168331

Point costs determine a lot, but right now it feels like compared to everything else we've seen that they'll lack killing power due to the bolter changes.

>> No.53168349


>> No.53168363

WOW! Thanks 8th geez. We thought tau was going to be normalized

>> No.53168365

We'll see what kind of firepower the Bigmarines are carrying

>> No.53168372

Never know anyone use own much les used on of those turds, 2d10 percentile's worked fine for years.

>> No.53168393

So I guess you're either going to have to take a lot of Russ' or take a hull mounted lascannon and melta sponsons to really do much.

>> No.53168403

>tfw no true scale chaos space marines
Should I just kill myself already?

>> No.53168432

Or embrace your inner hobbyist and make them yourself

>> No.53168447

I'm shit with green stuff. Maybe I'll make them when true scale numarines come out

>> No.53168448

Put yourself out of our misery.

>> No.53168458

Using a d10 and d10p is different than just using a d10 and adding a 0

>> No.53168469

It's infuriating honestly, and to add insult to injury even fucking Forge World hasn't even made any.

>> No.53168478

perfect chance for practice then and become good at it

>> No.53168579

So assault is dead now? With all these shooting buffs no one is going to live long enough to charge again.

>> No.53168608

I nearly teared up reading todays article... The amount of dakka is going to be staggering.

>> No.53168609

8e just keeps getting better and better.

>> No.53168635

maybe see a few games first before going to that conclusion

>> No.53168643

How about the fact that there's negative to-hit modifiers as well as solid cover giving armor bonuses. Combine that with the lack of AP2.

Though if you're just charging through an open field then you're playing a shitty map for your army.

>> No.53168690

First turn charges possible.

>> No.53168694


>implying anyone who fields heavy weapons squads actually moves them after set up

if you do, your done goofing son. Now, if they are in a 10 man squad why not imagine that half the team is helping to move it-- you gotta get gud with the old imagination son

>> No.53168730


>> No.53168743

glad i didn't jump on the wyvern train and buy like 6 of these fuckers

>> No.53168753

Armor actually matters now, anon. That alone will greatly boost survivability for units across the board. Templates are also gone and the new large blast equivalent only hits d6 targets, so you can run massed cheap assault like gaunts without worrying about one blast taking out a dozen.

>> No.53168771

I think it really depends on how easy it is to assault out of deep strike or transports.

If they actually did any playtesting, there's no way they did throw a green tide against a Tau gun line to see if it was possible.

>> No.53168772

You mean the -1 modifiers that used to make you snap shoot? And cover is extremely situational because it hinders movement.

>> No.53168782

Eh, moving them only means -1 BS now, so we might actually see them being moved around more.

>> No.53168833

In that you get -1 to hit when firing both barrels of a combi-weapon now, maybe that's the drawback? With the storm bolter being two shots at full range AND full BS

>> No.53168846

Would now be a good chance to get into Astra Militarum? I'd really like to run a fluffy proper military style force with multiple infantry squads, Chimeras, Leman Russes and the like. Heavy weapons teams seem really appealing. Perhaps the Heavy Bolter is a good way to go now?

>> No.53168881

>Astra Militarum

>> No.53168883

It ends if they make combi-bolters still just twin linked Boltguns or have them function like the rest. 4 shots at BS 4+ at close range is certainly worthwhile, but storm bolters were already kinda mediocre before anyway.

>> No.53168885

I play Orks and my boyfriend plays Tau

>> No.53168901

Why would storm bolters have three shots? Its got two barrels so it fires two bolts.

The difference between combi-bolters and storm bolters is that combis are for standing and shooting (most likely rapid 2) where storm bolters are for charging.

>> No.53168925

It makes no difference unless you're fucking Guard or something. Melee marines dun' goofed.

>> No.53168939

I apologize.

>> No.53168948

No, wait for the plastic Steel Legion minis to be released.

If I keep saying it, it might happen

>> No.53168963

Somebody post that Astra Miliwhat now?

>> No.53168964

Every time you use AM instead of Imperial Guard. God kills someone that could love you

>> No.53168968

I'm a 6"4 muscle chub leather Daddy type bear, and I play every Eldar faction. I've got a Biel-Tan craftworld force, a exodite Ally army, some Corsairs, and a Kabal of Dark Eldar. Sorry to tell you anon, but Eldar is for exclusively gay men.

>> No.53168978

Things that would give you a cover save without physical cover, like jink or stealth/shrouded, are probably also going to add to the to-hit modifiers reducing shots against some transports and assault units to snapshots.

Most armies are going to have something that can move through cover without taking those penalties. There's also terrain that blocks line of site, transports being harder to kill and not exploding, reduced mass automatic hits from templates and blasts, movement range increases, characters buffing large groups and not just a unit.

And don't forget that there's actual tactics that don't involve charging in like a retard, like holding objectives and making them come to you. If the board is set up to where you can't hide but they can shoot the shit out of you and hold any point they need without giving you a chance to do anything, you fucked up at setting up the board.

>> No.53168988

>Why would heavy bolters have three shots? Its got one barrels so it fires one bolt

It curves out nicely, mainly. Combis are 4 shots at short range, 2 at long. Storm bolters being 3 at all makes them more consistent without either seeming weaker due to the tradeoffs.

>> No.53168990

>Implying Kharn doesn't have sweaty man sex with members of his Legion

>> No.53169015

Why did I even post that. I'm new and that's what I saw on the shelf but I take full responsibility for my crime

>> No.53169028

Point costs are being rebalanced, so that's something to take into consideration. I can see combi-weapon prices jumping up a bit.

>> No.53169033

>Astra Militarum
first things first: only faggots call them like that. To everyone here and despite the previous sentence they're the Imperial Guard, the Hammer of the Emperor.
To answer the question properly: I'd say now is the worst moment to buy an army, because new rules are coming put a few weeks from now. We could advise you to buy some units, but they may end up being terrible, or so OP no one would want to play against you... If you REALLY, REALLY want to buy shit now, I guess you can just settle for a basic guardsmen box for now, as whatever you do, you'll need basic troops. But don't buy anything much, you'll complete that after the rules are out

>> No.53169034

That's okay anon, heavy Bolters just might be a good idea, but wait for 8th to drop before you do anything, don't want to have models that don't play like how you'd like

>> No.53169035

The point of a storm bolter and combi bolter is that they are literally two bolters strapped together and slaved to one trigger. Why would it fire three shots ever?

>> No.53169070

So you're not playing Harlequins

I suppose they are the only hetero space elves
Maybe that's the secret to avoid being devoured by Slaanesh without the help of soulstones

>> No.53169098

Buy Ratlings. They're the new meta.

>> No.53169099

>not playing covens

>> No.53169102

I was actually talking about this pic

>> No.53169127

What should I use as a substitute/conversion for Ratlings?

>> No.53169152

I didn't mention them, as I only have about 800 points, not enough to really have a full force. But nah anon, they're theatrical elves, almost twice as gay as normal Eldar, and you know every Eldar player loves cock in and around their mouth.

>> No.53169155

Nah faggot.

>> No.53169175

I lumped them in with my Dark Eldar, I've got
>10 Grotesques, converted from Ogres
>8 Pain engines
>4 Haemonculi
>30 Wracks
>2 Chronos

>> No.53169198

>Calling me a faggot when his favorite got bullied for valuing science and math by his brothers while they forced inch after inch of generically enhanced cock into his holes
Lol, look at this queer.

>> No.53169218

the number of shots written in the rule doesn't relate to the "real", "fluff" number of shots.
The d6 shots of the battlecannon doesn't mean the cannon shots between one and six slugs in the same amount of time: it's an abstraction of scattering. Similarly, a shuriken catapult doesn't shot a single shuriken.
I'm fairly sure a single shot represent a small rafal of 2-3 bolts in the case of a bolter.

>> No.53169223

well, while you have a good point, I think most people agree that assault 3 is representative of a pretty good overall rate of fire, which SBs have, though realistically yes they would fire in bursts of 2. I'm thinking they're likely to be assault 4, which would be godly.

>> No.53169257

>got bullied for valuing science and math by his brothers

>> No.53169259

well lore wise bolters are mostly fired in semi auto and automatic bursts at close range, because you don't really need to saturate a target usually for the bolt to kill it.
It's more likely with shurikens through because on trigger pull is easily enough time to launch a burst of 3-5 shurikens.

>> No.53169271

>Implying he didn't get bullied for being a turbo autist
I play IW and even I know that

>> No.53169286

I still go with Assault 2, but can be fires as pistol by termines.

It IS as assault weapon, not just a bolter +1.

>> No.53169340

>I play IW
>Unsympathetic to our Primarch's unappreciated genius earning him the jealousy of his brothers

Let me guess, 77th Grand Battalion?

>> No.53169347

>It's more likely with shurikens through because on trigger pull is easily enough time to launch a burst of 3-5 shurikens.
try 300-500. That's the point of shuriken catapults, a shuriken by itself isn't terrible but you fire a shitload of them

>> No.53169354

I'd take it a step further and let anyone use it as a pistol in CC.

Focusing on the assault aspects is a good way to set it apart.

>> No.53169396

it's literally a bolter+another bolter and shortened slightly.
Assault 3-4 would make more sense than them functioning as pistols, because they're not used as pistols.

>> No.53169418

Not sure id want to see sororitas and Stormtrooper sergeants "true grit"ing it.

>> No.53169484

They specifically called those tanks out as things they would update

>> No.53169502

>because they're not used as pistols.
Have you seen a Terminator miniature recently?

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