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Rolled 11 (1d26)

Rare armies edition
Flock of Stormbirds subedition

DarkMech, EC and SoH degenerated into infighting, Custodians decided to walk and fluff power levels were determined by gibberish. Magi decided to hide no longer while Militia join Istvaan Loyalists in the underappreciated club as WB lore went blurry for a while. A very pretty Stormbird carried matte coats for the 1KSons but the Mech are a better choice than Chaos. All this and more in the last thread: >>53130736

>Thread FAQ

>Official HH 7th Edition Errata (not updated since January 2016)

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more

>HH Books, Novels and Rulebooks galore

>/HHG/'s Legion demographics

>/HHG/'s allegiances

>Primarch Popularity Poll


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First for fuck legions go blackshield

>> No.53151699

Any love for Militia/Cults out there?

>> No.53151709

Nearly got my WB list down now, I think. Core is 20 Ashen Circle and 10 GV in two units of each, geared to the nines.

I was planning on sticking in a Lightning to crack Spartans open, so the Mortis might be a really good idea for AA and light AT, thanks. Rest of the list isn't set yet, but plan was Layak for AC troops, Mandatory Chaplain with Jump Pack to lead one of the Gal Vorbak deepstrike squads and for Daemon allies one of each herald with 20 Bloodletters, 20 Daemonettes, some Beasts of Nurgle to run cover for the Ashen Circle and some Screamers respectively. A kind of mini Infernal Tetrad, given I can get Cursed Earth on Layak guaranteed to buff them. Was planning to have a Damocles Command Rhino as HQ #3 since a massive portion of my army can deepstrike in and the extra Orbital Strike would be handy. Was thinking I should find a squad to stick in there, maybe just 5 plasmaguns if I have a spare 200pts.

Not sure what to do when Lorgar wants to come along, since I have to give up Ashen Circle troops then. Tacticals seem dull with so many daemons covering the front line part. Helps?

>> No.53151727

Fourth for the Iron Warriors

>> No.53152008

>literally who: the faction

>> No.53152178

Reminder that there are only 3 loyalist legions.

>> No.53152222

>Thousand Sons
>Pale Nomads
>Imperial Heralds

>> No.53152239

>maybe just 5 plasmaguns
I'd be tempted to use melta or combimelta vets (vets over support marines because of tank hunter) because your daemons will be better against heavy infantry than against tanks, but I'm not sure.

You need scoring units, and you need cheaper units after all that fancy stuff, so don't be too harsh on those tactical marines.

>> No.53152279

How do you run your Predators? Does anyone use Conversion Beamers? Plasma?

>> No.53152406

How can a post be so wrong yet trail with so many repeating digits?

>> No.53152415

I'd rock the Vets, but sadly I am out of Elite slots, so melta supports it is. I have 40 Scoring Daemons, so yeah, I guess Tacticals may be the way to go just because the daemons will be up and forward using deepstrike. Given the Daemons are Fellow Warriors, can I use the Damocles to no-scatter them, or would I have to switch to Dark Brethren? That's not too bad, given I've only got 1 HS and Layak is a Diabolist.

>> No.53152437

>chaplain leading gal vorbak
But that's against the rules, you heretic.
Also, 20 Ashen Circle? Do you just enjoy pain? I mean, I get it, brother, they are neat models, but twenty is just horrible.

>> No.53152510

Is it? He's got a jump pack, so he can deepstrike, and Zealot is handy.
As for the Circle, the answer is maybe. I really want cool elite jump pack dudes, and the flamers and Phosphex are badass. I guess I could use them as regular Assaults instead.

>> No.53152513

I like keeping things simple. A trio of autocannons are flexible, practical and cheap.

>> No.53152616

There's some rules confusion about non-Daemon units joining Daemon ones and whether they are allowed to do so or not. I honestly don't know where that came from, but it's been bandied around so much that many people consider it to be part of the rules. It's not part of the USR, at least.

>> No.53152743

Would you allow a Custodes player to use the 40k warlord table? We had a rather lengthy discussion about this today und ultimately decided to allow it since it is fairly harmless and some are outright useless, but I'd like to get you guys' opinion on the matter.

>> No.53152874

The only really nasty one there is 2.

>> No.53152919

Some are fairly harmless, true. But Custards are already pretty solid as it is, and I don't think they should get a minor buff without offering something to their opponent as well. At the same time, if both players agree, I don't see why not.

>> No.53152984

Argel Tal and Raum were cool dudes

>> No.53153060

III legion traitors reporting glory to fulgrim

>> No.53153184

2 and 3 are very reasonable, but chances are a custard boss doesn't really need help in combat.
5 might blunt incoming fire for a squad.
4 would be lovely against TS but pointless against everything else.
1and 6 are garbage.

>> No.53153198

Does anyone happen to have a good scale-picture for the Voss-pattern Lightning, or even it's actual dimensions? I'm trying to see how my proxy compares to it

Bonus points for Lightning Classic™ scale/dimensions

pic slightly related

>> No.53153206

Wouldn't mind using some as meatsheilds for my Alpha Legion

>> No.53153208

Anyone has a download link for Magnus the Red and Leman Russ epubs/mobis?

Links in this general aren't up to date...

>> No.53153220

Honestly, considering what else the other warlord traits offer I'd say the 40k custodes selection is actually a downgrade.

>> No.53153453

I thought they'd be common because the list is basically an invitation to bring your 40k IG army (except for the Chimeras, so it favors Vraks armies, I guess).

>> No.53153494

Reminder that Sacrificial Offering is actually a very effective rite of war and should get more use. You can probably justify footslogging your army using it, since you can outflank and you've got a solid firebase in the middle of the board.

>> No.53153706

I ran a conversion beam before, unless you're playing on an open field dont bother, stick it on a contemtptor

>> No.53153780

Daemons from other factions cannot be together, but it's perfectly acceptable to join regular people with daemons.

>> No.53153789

I was thinking either that or an Army of Dark Compliance. Some levies would make for great fodder seeing as there aren't any Iron Warriors available for that role :^)

>> No.53153823

Try googling the words "Magnus" "Prospero" "zip" and "hhg". With the ""s. It was posted here a while ago.
If you want to read cools stuff about Perturabo, you can find Hammer of Olympia several editons ago as well :^).

>> No.53153869

What kind of units should be part of the anvil and which part of the hammer? Besides the obvious like "Militia Artillery with a billion bodies and Termies in LRs"?
Example: Legaye Commanders can outflank Dracosan Vindicators filled with axemen, but that's not really a good idea

>> No.53153890

I heard White Scars use them to defend their fortress bikenastery in Mundus Planus.

>> No.53154334

Pick your provenances based on fluff. Alchem jackers is a common one, and easy to justify in the fluff. If a unit breaks due to shooting they get pinned instead of running, which represents their fear of their Space Marine allies pretty well. While it's good (fearless), I'd avoid the Cult Horde provenance. Fearless should be far more rare in this game, and a cult horde makes more sense attacking in mindless wave attacks.

Deck out your force commander at least a little, for survivability, give your basic troops +1BS (I think there's a way to do that), and then take a fire team with heavy weapons. Radio Free Isstvan had a good idea - use the genestealer cult mining laser guys as lascannon teams. Then throw in a couple of siege guns. They didn't think any of the fast attack options make sense, fluffwise, but you could take ogryns in your elites slot.

For the marines I'd load up on fast stuff, especially fast shooty stuff like attack bikes and javelins (shooting into side armor), dudes in Rhinos w/ short-ranged pintle-mounted weapons like multi-meltas, and light tanks.

>> No.53154423

Makes sense. I played a game with someone who spammed them to hell and back, and I'm talking about 3 pred squads, 9 techmarines and a contempt or talon full of the shit.

It was pretty humor.

>> No.53154456

The conversion Beamer's just not worth it, LoS and other factors mean you'll rarely get good use. Flame storm is trash too (unless maybe SA), since you're forced to get waaaaay to close for comfort since S7 is literally everywhere, plus c'mon, what's an AP3 flamer doing that something else couldn't be doing better? Both are shit options imo

The Magna-Melta is breddy gud, though that 18" means you've gotta play it smart. Cracks AV and anything that walks like a motherfucker, though. Plasma gun is cool too, if you roll well then it's killer, if not then sucks 2bu. These are very good-tier options, but easily outclassed by a Vindicator or Medusa.

Honestly though, youre missing the point of God's gift to light AV crushing. Slap some lascannons on, grab a dozen blade, and enjoy pimpin' around bitch-slapping anything short of a land raider to hell. Especially with something like Armored Breakthrough, it'll give you a kickass core of machine might to control the field.

>> No.53154474

How'd it do?

>> No.53154726

Sounds like the type of army that'd play obnoxiously well on the 'common' LGS table (one hill, a forest, and light terrain to taste). Even in a city-fight map, leaving a CB Pred or two at the end of a street effectively forces your opponent to take different routes, though it also depends on how big your tables are

>> No.53154733

I was thinking of using attached Iron Warrior Masters of Signal (they don't test morale from ranged) for shoot squads, or Zealot Chaplains for Levy blobs, and Masters of Discipline for whatever else is needed. It's pretty a different version of the Tyrant's Army, after all. Just say they're Olympian-raised regiments and they'll be used to tyrants.

I suppose Imperial Fists could use Alchem Jacker troops since they can't be pinned in forts. But I'd need to check the last one more.
Hmm, I guess what Marines have that others lack is their skimmers and elite choices, while mortals get gudtillery and people who are cost effective guarding a point.

>> No.53155955

Ryan from Radio Free Isstvan announced leaving GW games today to avoid waiting around for whenever FW finally updates 30k to 8th ed and I can't blame him. Honestly it was the only tolerable podcast for this spergfilled hobby.

>> No.53156356

Here I am, born to be Emperor
Im the Emperor of the universe
Here I belong, fighting to survive
In a world with the darkest powers
And here I am, Im the Emperor of the universe
Here I belong, fighting for survival
I've come to be the rulers of you all

I am immortal, I have inside me blood of Emperors, yeah, yeah
I have no rival, no man can be my equal
Take me to the future of you all

Born to be Emperor, Emperor of the universe
Fighting and free
Got your world in my hand
I'm here for your love and I'll make my stand
I was born to be Emperor of the universe

No man could understand
My power is in my own hand
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, people talk about you
People say you've had your day
I'm a man that will go far
Fly the moon and reach for the stars
With my sword and head held high
Got to pass the test first time, yeah
I know that people talk about me, I hear it every day
But I can prove them wrong 'cause I'm right first time
Yeah, yeah
Alright, let's go, let's go, ha ha
Yeah, watch this man fly, wooh
Bring on the Sisters, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon
Here I am (here I am)

Born to be Emperor, Im the Emperor of the universe
Here I belong
Born to be Emperor, Emperor of the universe
Fighting and free, got your world in my hand
I'm here for your love and I'll make my stand
I was born to be Emperor of the universe (universe, universe, universe)


>> No.53156451

So, what I'm taking away from this is that if Vulkan cuts off the Emperor's head he'll gain all the Emperor's knowledge and power?

>> No.53156827

Barring any major changes, Custodes are going to get a massive nerf with the new changes to wound rolls

>> No.53157323

Maybe they'll give them all the cool shit from Inferno to compensate.

>> No.53157382

Rules for 30k skitarii when?

>> No.53157653

Looking at running a cheapish Champion with my Breacher squad; does a Thunder Hammer(MC'ed for free, Boarding Shield, and Digital Lasers seem decent? Or should I just leave him as a regular Centurion with that wargear minus the free MC? Shit, maybe even another Praetor?

>> No.53157753

daily reminder that you and ppl like you who think any part of current rules will carry over to the NEW GAME without appropriate rewrite and balancing... are fucking DUMB

>> No.53157792

fuck him. all he did was whine about ppl playing power lists and then told ppl to play drop pods and sniper vets. while he chopped off his salamander fire drakes thunder hammers and equipped chain fist.
get utterly fucked and good riddance.
his brainless co-host that does nothing but agree with him and drone on can also go play in traffic. bai

>> No.53157834

we have them already

>> No.53158061

I think it was a slow burn. He was pretty frustrated after the cake questions didn't get answered or even acknowledged, then Inferno happened and he was salty about the OP stuff, and finally the 8th ed info drove him over the edge. It's been a while since he started dabbling in other systems…

Too late to ask him for list advice now.

>> No.53158272

don't worry Trump will save him

>> No.53158494

Where? Don't say tech thralls.

>> No.53158592

Really depends on the legion, but in general Champions are not terribly interesting as he's a miniscule upgrade over the centurion outside of fighting against another consul or against a praetor, where the situation is such that he's likely outmatched anyway.

>> No.53158675

So here's a sudden thought I had while working on my Custodes, I just wanted to get it out there before I turn in for the night.

Do you think one of the reasons why the Sisters of Silence were kept so close to the Emperor, and allowed access to him personally and the Golden Throne, as well as so many of his secrets, to the point that he told them things even the Legio Custodes didn't know about, that maybe... just maybe, they had another job.

To kill the Emperor

Out of all the people he kept in his inner circle, only the Sisters could see through his glamours and illusions to the real man beneath, with all the implications that has behind it, and were shown in Master of Mankind. It's possible, just possible, that the Emperor wanted them nearby not just because of their powers' use against Chaos, but because they out of everyone around him would be able to detect any hints of corruption in himself, and be able to stop him before he could destroy humanity. Something he couldn't trust anyone else to do, susceptible as they were to his powers, while the Custodes were too loyal to him personally that they couldn't be trusted with the responsibility either.

Obviously this idea generally pre-supposes you not being of the mind that the Emperor was a selfish dick, but even that wouldn't necessarily negate the possibility.

>> No.53158762

I tried to listen to that podcast once, but then one dude went on a rant for like at least 15 mins and I was like: what am I even listening to. If a guy talks to me like that in real life I would've walked away or told him to stop at least three times by then.

Good riddance.

>> No.53158806

Man, that should be part of the OP. I don't understand how people see the changes revealed so far and instantly seem to arrive at the conclusion that *everything* else will stay exactly the way it is right now.

>> No.53158836

>Emperor not being a selfish dick
That is not computable by my mind, my friend

>> No.53158860

What should a good podcast contain? Do you know any good podcasts, or like asking for good BL writers, it's a trick question as well?

>> No.53158893

>Do you know any good podcasts
None about 30k.

>> No.53158895

Not that anon, but they're in Inferno. Rules for the Secutarii Hoplites and Peltasts, but the Peltasts can swap their guns for Rad Carbines for free, basically making them slightly pricier but tougher and more accurate (Cognis and BS5 all the time, with possible PE: Infantry) Skitarii Vanguard. Can fit 20 in a squad, so 40 Vanguard in Triaros transports with a couple Thallax squads is a hell of a front line.

>> No.53158910

I like the age of darkness podcast, good vibes and useful advise about painting

>> No.53158983

Projecting in 7th

Lol faggot, why bother with dead rules ?
Next book will be printed in 8th rules.

>> No.53158999

Secutarii aren't skitarii.

>> No.53159124

Just like Aquilons arent terminators, right?

>> No.53159260

I like Age of Darkness. I also listen to Eye of Horus and Imperial Truth. I think podcasts are a nice distraction and they help me keep immersed in the hobby. Also: I think most of the BL authors are pretty good desu.

>> No.53159303

Do you guys put your Siege Breakers up close? I like the idea of having one throwing Phosphex Bombs and breaking down walls versus standing back and shooting.

>> No.53159315

Any hopes that 8th ed will bring proper separation Terminator armors?

Also, what the fuck is Tartaros armor gonna do now that sweeping advance won't be a thing?

>> No.53159417

Tartaros will probably get some new special rule

>> No.53159433

His shit equipment options hold him back a lot from doing anything but babysitting a backline shooting squad. On the frontline I'd rather have a Forgelord do the heavy lifting.

>> No.53159447

Until we know how a regular terminator armor ticks it will be difficult to make predictions about its variants.

>> No.53159463

It'll be ported to 8E like it is, with no change whatsoever

>> No.53159521

Aquilon Terminators are explicitly referred to as terminators whereas it's made clear that secutarii and skitarii are not the same thing.

>A military formation developed in parallel with the Skitarii Legions of Mars in the lost and ancient days long before the Imperium was founded, the Secutarii were created as the honour guard and protectors of the Titan Legions.
>Inferno pg. 286

They were made around the same time but aren't the same thing.

>> No.53159529

The only thing he can do that no other marine can is to use a Tank Hunter Chainfist. The only two termie squads that have enough heavy weapons for him to buff either already has Tank Hunters, or is ashamed it only has Wrecker.

>> No.53159574

Hopefully will FW finally give something to Indomitus so it isn't a strictly worse option.

>> No.53159584

'Behind the lines' might mean in a command post miles away or on a space ship. I would consider a siege breaker with a heavy support squad behind the lines since they can actually see the enemy.

>> No.53159632

>but you get blind and I3, totally fair :^)
I think Indomitus should be the deep strike terminator suit.

>> No.53159658

>Conversion Beamer not worth it.
Actually I'd disagree there, I run a squadron of 3 conversion preds with my Iron Hands (with a command tank) and they generally cause mayhem, because blowing apart assault sections early game and raining down pain on backliners later is always good. And the look on your opponents face as your preds casually fistfuck his typhon with your conversion beams is priceless.

>> No.53159714

Man, if you can take out assault units early game and casually destroy Typhons with 3 conversion preds then your game table probably looks like this.

>> No.53159757

Ignore Rend unless it's -2 or better.
Built-in pseudo-Deep Strike
Movement 6"

>> No.53159764

>things that never happen on any sensible table

>> No.53159833

Actually the Typhon kill was at warhammer world on the Imgran Bridge (pic related) and to be fair it was good rolls, but tank hunting s10 does its job. As for assault units, its not too hard to kablam someone with conversion 3 conversion beams turn 1, especially if you are on 8x4 tables or bigger.

>> No.53159889

My god that is beautiful
My god that is terrifying, 0/10 would only cross with pic related grey behemoth

>> No.53160014

Yeah, me and my buddies try to go down to Warhammer World at least every quarter. Where in we play 30k on the pretty tables, usually city fights ZM games or on the bridge.
Its always fun to play 8-12k games on massive pretty boards with massed legion detachments.

>> No.53160334

Speaking of large games, what's your convention for when FoC slots start getting really tight? I'm easily out of HS, FA and sometimes Troops slots by 4k with Admech, and besides Enginseers and beamer sniper squads there's not much in the Elites. Do people just take loads of Knights and Terminator platoons?
Also, what games do you normally play? We only have shitty GW 4x4 boards here, so we keep things around 2k tops, but I see a lot of 3k and 3.5 lists here.

>> No.53160369

In big single armies games we generally run the rule 1 force org per 4k, past 4k you get a second, with the caveat is you have the same rite of war/army sub type going over, with limitations as the RoW/army type requires.

>> No.53160391

Would that hold true if you're running something really limiting, i.e. Terror Assault/similar rites?

>> No.53160397

Speaking of terminators what do you think of the puppetswar ripper models?

>> No.53160528

Dr. Twofacepus.

>> No.53160547

I think terminator suits will get the old thing, where their save won't go below a certain number (probably 5+, 4+ for cataphractii).

Wasn't indomitus suppose to have improved optics or something, so shouldn't it get bonus to BS or ignore a negative modifier to BS?

>inb4 FW gives Indomitus suits optics that make all their shots TL

>> No.53160765

>implying FW will give best termies anything when they don't sell the models

>> No.53160804

Quick /hhg/ I need a couple of those big stupid collages with snipped text from the rulebooks, like the Leman Russ and Mortarion ones. Time is of the essence. Thank you in advance!

>> No.53160824

Like this?

>> No.53160831

Yes exactly, my friend

>> No.53160833


>> No.53160846

>FW don't even put out blank shoulder pads and 30k era weapons kit for them

How can a company be more butthurt?

Deimos hull special rules when? Also, when will the Proteus carry 15 dudes with augury web reducing it to 12?

>> No.53160856

>> No.53160948

Thank you again!

>> No.53160997

I run that rule with Black Reaving, so yes. If you pick the Rite, you run with the limits. Terror Assault always ends up as a bunch of shit podding down anyways.

>> No.53161120

Is there a reason that all transports bar the Spartan are set so you can just barely not fit the obvious command squad option in them? Land Raider can't take Primarch+Termies, Macrocarid can't take Archmagos+Myrmidons+Scout, Triaros is either way too big or slightly small depending on whether you want full Troop squads with Axiarch or anything else, Dracosan can't hold Marshal+Household Guard unless you drop the Demolisher for 9 spare transport cap.

On a not at all unrelated note, Archmagos with Abeyant and three Myrmidons in a regular Macrocarid, or Archmagos without Abeyant and three Myrmidons in a Macrocarid with the Scout Web?

>> No.53161142 [DELETED] 

Guys I have received today Kor Phaeron and Erebus and one of Kor Phaeron's claws is missing, they came like pic related, I didn't get them off the original pice of resin (matrix? I don't know how you call it in english). Will Forge World send me one or will they tell me tu fuck off?

>> No.53161143

Ay, while we're at it, anyone got that pic of Dorn gassing Alpharius?

>> No.53161155 [DELETED] 

Forgot pic

>> No.53161220

It did alright the first two turns but a completely static army has glaring weaknesses. Ended up drop podding several units and ended up tabling him.

>> No.53161235

Guys I have received today Kor Phaeron and Erebus and one of Kor Phaeron's claws is missing, they came like pic related. I didn't get them off the original piece of resin (matrix? I don't know how you call it in english). Will Forge World send me one or will they tell me to fuck off?

>> No.53161256

Yeah, they'll help you. Look around your house or whatever and see if maybe you dropped it first, if not then give them a call.

Now seriously fuck off don't repost after like 3 minutes, that's an awful way to get help

>> No.53161275

I reposted because I wrote it horribly and forgot the pic anon, sorry

>> No.53161283

then delete the original, all the info we need is about 2 posts above this.

>> No.53161308

I deleted it before reposting, is the post still there for you?

>> No.53161347

Yes. It's so that you have to actually think through what you're doing when it comes to buying transports. A LR/demolishercosan/kitted out macrocarid are all really fuckin good at transporting small squads for (relatively) cheap, so being able to carry 15+ models would push it over the edge into ridiculous territory.

It helps keep balance. Small # of troops = cheaper and easier (rhino), more troops and more durable = more expensive (Spartan)

>> No.53161362

Why MK5 is so unpopular?

>> No.53161389

It's a hastily designed and constructed cheap suit that is used to equip the dregs and low priority members of the legions. No on wants to play as a bunch of useless legion fuck-ups. Plus no legion are particularly well known for it.

It does look really good though. Top 2 or 3 imo.

>> No.53161400

I have my Despoilers in mk V for my SoH to represent new raised legionaries hurled into the field with mass produced equipment. More veteran units are in a mix of 2, 4 and a few rare suits of 6 (fluffed as salvage from Isstvan).

>> No.53161422

i run NL with a unit of terror squads/sometimes vets in mk5, representing them in run-down armour thats saved them more times than they can count, shoddy construction or not

>> No.53161438

Oh, and when I get some Destroyers done for my SoH they'll likely be in mk 5, given the least prestigious wargear for thier bloody task. >>53161389
I also have it as the standard for my IH Isstvan survivors, reasoning that they steadily replace worn out gear for this mark known for its ease of repair and plentiful supply. The only exception being Immortals who get mk 3 because the Immortal models are cool.

>> No.53161477


all people use for that list is spamming pay her batteries and squats

>> No.53161489

psyker* batteries

fucking autocorrect

>> No.53161580

Here's my attempt at Kalus Ekaddon.

>> No.53161613

I know a Word Bearer player who uses cultists as tarpits for giggles.

>> No.53161640

Fuck I hate phone posting.

>> No.53161672

I'm not convinced wearing a topknot that close to a jet intake is a good idea.

>> No.53161705

True, but ideas being bad have never stopped folks doing them before. And if I remember book 6 has a black shield doing the same.

>> No.53161711

Because it's butt-ass ugly.

>> No.53161718

I really like Dark Angels, one of the things I like most being the robe over Power Armor aesthetic. Unfortunately, nothing in their FW range has this yet, so I'm holding off for now. When they do drop it, Starting up my Fallen army.

>> No.53161741

Just use the 40k DA robes or BT tabards. That's what I'm doing.

>> No.53161805

Personally I use them for fuckheug tarpits and a couple Spawn and Russes to hold ground for Sacrificial Offering. Levies still score despite being Disposable, which is handy.

>> No.53161843

Just for fun. The beginnings of a heavy support squad.

>> No.53161856

First half of my Loctatus Storm Squad
The Praetorian helmets and left arms are still in the mail, but I'm really happy with how they look so far

>> No.53161862

How do people manage to do this?

>> No.53161868

Aah its good to see /hhg/ anons from Australia

>> No.53161902

>image isn't upsidedown
What the fuck are you doing.

>> No.53161919

God I feel stupid. I rarely actually use my phone to directly post photos. This is why, the time I do this, it flips. Fuck.

>> No.53161931

Looking nice, I'm guessing the torsos are from the ultramarine upgrade kits?

>> No.53161941

more importantly why not use secutors? surely they'd be bettet in assault? or do you mean your magos is not using a machinator and is just shooty ?

>> No.53161942

> Being an Ultramarine

>> No.53161971

good fucking riddance, best news of 8th yet !

>> No.53161995

Yea m8, taking inspiration from this art, I plan to use the Invictarri upgrade kit for my Suzerains since the official models look fucking awful and aren't glorious Mk IV

>> No.53162129


Combi weapons aren't one shot wonders anymore.

>> No.53162203

Units with combis are bound to get expensive or non-existent.

>> No.53162225

>veterans, veterans everywhere
Unless there's a major points jump for vets, POTL spam may only get worse in 8th.

>> No.53162261

you're a moron.

daily reminder that you and ppl like you who think any part of current rules will carry over to the NEW GAME without appropriate rewrite and balancing... are fucking DUMB

>> No.53162271


>> No.53162294

Quad Heavy Bolters are proud creatures.
They prefer to work alone.

>> No.53162311

>he thinks forgeworld won't just half-ass a book so they can go back to making knight heads

>> No.53162415

i wonder how long until you realise it's an entire new game and it won't be possible to adapt the old books without a rewrite - no half assing possible

>> No.53162431


It's always good to see other Sons of Horus/Luna Wolves players.

Getting up close and personal with everything I've got always seems to get people's eyebrows cocked.

How do you run your black reaving reavers? I'm having a hard time keeping them cheap enough.

>> No.53162505

Because the helmet looks like a baby crying, and the studs everywhere fuck with good livery.

I only think it looks good with a lot of mag pouches and grenades on the torso/belt. Makes it look like some grizzled veteran who's more concerned about his kit than where he's going to get his next hot meal.

>> No.53162548

any cool examples of cyber familiar models?

>> No.53162607

Destructors are better in assault because of PE and Power Fists, the Archmagos is there because I need somewhere to put the Archimandrite, I don't know what you're on about since Secutors and Machinator Arrays have nothing to do with transport space.>>53162129
Mechanicum Manta and Stormbird are now pretty insane. Prepare the 18 Hbolter shots and eight lascannon.

>> No.53162612

> The half range double damage is now just double damage
Huzzah anons, my Reaper Autocannons are still useful

> Pic Related
Literally any Servo Skull will suffice

>> No.53162627


>> No.53162655

Haha, time to rev up those acid bolters.

>implying things will stay the same.

>> No.53162756

>no half assing possible
Oh you sweet summer child.

>> No.53162886

Gonna make death dealers special rule really good at close range for combi weapons by effectively negating the -1 to hit for using both weapons.

>> No.53162917

yeah i'm certain that all the current rules will stay the same and the only thing that changes is unit and weapon profiles

>> No.53162990

Hey, if they do stay similar, Death Dealers will be a nightmare. Admitted they could change it, and either way I have no issue. Reapers could finally be worth a flaming fuck so I am omega level happy.

>> No.53163153

Seekers could be useful as well with their native BS5. Would also mean they can fire scorpius bolts at BS4 when on the move, which sounds pretty tasty.

>> No.53163181

Assuming that they stay at BS5 and that there isn't a change to scorpius to prevent this etc etc

>> No.53163192


>> No.53163212

Yes, yes. But it gets tedious to put that on every single post discussing the potential new rules applied to 30k, and I can't be bothered.

>> No.53163274

Not saying that. Just going on what we know so far. Speculation and positing possible outcomes with what we know now is how humans anticipate the future, or are you unable? Is it likely that heresy rules will change in accordance with 8th? Most likely. But if Death dealers stays the same, then that would be the effect.

>> No.53163329

machinator means you can't take grav imploders, i wouldn't want amagos in combat without one. so wonders what's your plan is

>> No.53163386

"just imagine NEW RULE applied to UNALTERED EXISTING UNIT won't that be OP / GARBAGE / AUTOINCLUDE?"


>> No.53163400

You're new here, aren't you?

>> No.53163421

>phoneposter who can't into formatting being a cunt to everyone
What a fucking surprise.

>> No.53163433


>> No.53163437

He's just got a Photon Thruster instead, with PE and BS5 it's basically half a grav imp, if better against Marines and less so against Custodes and Primarchs.

>> No.53163460

>please don't invade my safe space

>> No.53163479

not him but it's so weird people saying this all the time. Everything is getting an overhaul, not just weapon profiles and a few shooting rules. It's not even like trying to make accurate guesses based upon leaks, it's just pointless speculation because we all know that it won't be the case.

>> No.53163489

>unwitty retort

yes that was my first post on 4chan ever

>> No.53163515

>long boring civil explanation
the fact you have to type that all out shows how fucking downhill this chat has gone. fucking mcdonalds staff everywhere

>> No.53163550

let me try again then

>fuk u newfag

>> No.53163623

what I meant was/hhg/ still bitches about S/T Blackshields.
Don't bitch about the bitching, embrace it or ignore it.

>> No.53163638

any fellow SoH and IH players got a good recipe for their sea-green sorta colour scheme? I really can't figure out how to pull it off for either of em, though I've tried with kabalite green over a washed slate grey with the warmaster's own.

>> No.53163697

Despite all the actually reasonable bitching about it being too early to make guesses, I can't help but wonder about the revitalized concept of terminators with combi-weapons. Nobody ever bought volkite chargers (I'm looking at you, Lerneans), and depending on the rules for lightning claws, maybe even less people will.
Not to mention why claws when you'd have infinite combi-plasmas?
Or did I read wrong and it's still one shot?

>Only the Tyrant's Siege Master can take a combi-weapon, but every Fulmentarus can take one

>> No.53163724

Do a couple thin layers of Syrabite over the Kabalite I guess.

>> No.53163767


Not a super great paint job, but a simple technique to get a lot of marines done and still looking pretty good.

>> No.53163809

>u didn't save my memepic

>> No.53163832

Also this. Snib snib

>> No.53163994

>In the new Warhammer 40,000, twin-linked weapons instead get double the number of shots.
>[Blood Angels'] Legion Predator Tanks may also exchange their Predator cannon with a twin-linked Iliastus pattern assault cannon for Free.

>> No.53164019

>Making assumptions.
>At this point.
I'm guessing we are gunna see a few changes there.

>> No.53164214

Given how expensive these models are, I'm feeling hesitant to finish assembling my Mk II dudes because there's no way to know how useful certain weapons will be a year from now. Just giving us a timeline would be nice.

Seriously, I'm pretty fed up with FW's silence. It's not only with this edition transition; their only responses to the million questions they've received since early 2016 have been those unofficial, often-conflicting email responses. The RFI cake FAQ never got answered. They never addressed the rules issues that are rife in Inferno, despite the book getting a second printing. We're not even talking about balance issues, which I realize are subjective and difficult to test, but actual rules that don't work well.

For all GW's problems, they've been more open than FW for a while now.

>> No.53164341

Just get a BaC/BoP box and a pair of the DA Vets/Fallen boxes. Just because FW hasn't come out with real ones yet doesn't mean you can't mix-and-match with GW ones.

>> No.53164371

I like the changes of 8th so far

>combi-guns are now viable AF
>heavy bolters are good and worth it
>gun damage is actually fairly balanced
>termies are gonna be pretty good (it seems)
>AP is more balanced
>marine hordes is scary
>choppy is more Killy
>chainaxes will mean something

>> No.53164377

I'm hoping there will be a Q&A session at warhammer fest where somebody will be able to pin the FW guys down a bit more on the whole 8th edition thing, but I'm not that optimistic. The audiences that go to those things can be pretty sycophantic, and certain fansites send teams of people who hog the designers' time.

>> No.53164440

No Top Knot!

>> No.53164490

I have a feeling the Fallen will turn out to be the Lion's troops who got framed. Luthor's dudes got help from the Chaos gods just as the Lion vs. Luthor fight ended - they whisked away the loyalists. The traitors were left standing around with Luthor's and the Lion's bodies, realized they'd made a terrible mistake, switched back to the Imperial side, and pretended they had always been on that side.

Would that mean fewer robes among the fallen? In other words, was it just the Calibanites who wore them?

>> No.53164544

Oi u cunt

>> No.53164642

Combi-weapons should be more expensive than a special weapon + a bolter. Yeah, you take a to-hit penalty if you fire both, but getting two shots from two-handed guns in one turn is a big deal. In 40k that's fine because they tend to be rare, but in 30k there are tons of armies with 10-man veteran squads all equipped with combi-meltas or combi-plasmas. It'll be another case of 40k rules not working well with 30k loadouts.

I assume you mean HB will be better because of the -1AP. True. Ultimately it comes down to points costs, because all the other heavy weapons will still be better.

Historically, Terminators have been good or bad based on their points cost. For us, that's a FW decision and not a GW one. Does that make me feel better? Not really. This is an army list in which all troops choices but one were grossly overcosted for a long time, and they eventually partially corrected just one of them (assault marines, still expensive for how easily they die).

>> No.53164653

>>marine hordes is scary
How? I think I missed that one.
This will be a chance for FW to change their armour-ignoring artillery rules that make footslogging unassisted 20 man hordes a suicide.
>Of course FW will fuck it up even more and give AP5 artillery armour modifiers :^^^)

>> No.53164739

how are heavy bolters worth it?

>> No.53164781

Even years ago as a wee munchkin getting into the hobby, I wasn't a fan of how TL just gave you a single re-roll rather than two shots. Feels kinda nice seeing that finally get changed, since it really does ramp up the combat potential for a lot of units.
>Phobos LR now bretty gud for anti-tank.
>Termis with Combi-bolters now put out twice the shots
>delicious Reaper ACs

>> No.53164808

Oh man, that's a part of 30k that I have a real problem with. Unless it's nuclear artillery, it should not be wiping out heavy armor within a significant radius. That's not what artillery does and it's not what it's for. Besides, with those large templates it'd still be useful even if it wasn't AP3.

I like that idea, with a couple of caveats:
1. I don't think he'd accept death as an option; he knows how important he is to humanity (less charitably, he's a megalomaniac). That's fine, if the Sisters can stop him without killing him. Not sure they could kill him anyway.
2. How would blanks/nulls detect corruption? Shouldn't you need a psyker to do that?

>> No.53164850

What do you specifically think about Medusae? The fact they're barrage in 30k instead of their usual direct-fire only makes a big difference.

Do you think FW will still half ass things after the opportunity this "reset" offers?

>> No.53164893

In 2nd edition they were treated as if both barrels were calibrated to fire at the same spot (somewhat related, WWII planes tended to have their guns aimed slightly inward so they'd all converge at a specific distance). So you rolled once to hit, and either missed or did two shots' worth of damage.

Then 3rd changed everything and the new thinking was that they fired parallel shots so it'd be more likely for one of them to hit, hence the reroll.

Just giving you two shots makes sense too. I guess the difference between a TL weapon and two individual ones is that you only need one hand/sponson/turret to fire it, and both shots have to be directed at the same target. So it'll still make sense to say "twin heavy bolter" instead of "two heavy bolters".

>> No.53164900

Now, TL (or even quad-linked) heavy bolters will be putting out considerably more shots per turn, which greatly increases their infantry mulching potential.

>> No.53164951

I wonder if this retcons storm bolters, or what kind of NEW rules will storm bolters get to make them different from Combi-bolters.
I just want to load up on Banestrike and fire that shit.

>> No.53165039

speaking of, non upgrades headhunters just got quite a bit better, depending of course if banestrike remains kind of the same.

>> No.53165077

Assault 3 (opposed to Rapid Fire 2) seems reasonable. More shots at long range, less at short range.

>> No.53165079

sup /hhg/, I've haven't been able to post for a few months, can someone gimme a rundown on the latest memes so I'm up to speed

>> No.53165101

I see someone in need of a quick rundown.

>> No.53165157

Bogposting in /hhg/ confirmed?

Last time I was here was before inferno, so I've been gone a while

are yiffies and thousand wrongs shit or good?

are custodians OP as fuck? Can I seriously bully my local psyker with sisters? all questions I need answering

>> No.53165187

>Assault 3
That's a lot of dakka
So, TS got Asphyx shells because 40k blue egyptian group marines get Inferno bolts, at AP3
But Vengeance AP3 bolts are made from Banestrike, which is mentioned to be specifically designed to breach power armour.
Perhaps Banestrike should be better than Rending against power armour.
What about a -2 save modifier, to keep up with the changes.

>> No.53165204

I have some feldgrau on the way and I'm going to experiment with that as the easiest way.

>> No.53165218

Wolves are discount WE with arguably the best challenge-other-primarchs-to-measure-dicks Primarch, and TSons are just kinda meh, their weapon upgrades are alright but their special characters seem to be good.
Also magnus' dick is a D weapon. Cuz logic.

>> No.53165224

I don't really have an opinion on barrage or not. I just don't think any large blast should be AP3 or better. You can't keep that level of armor penetration over a large area, unless maybe you're talking about a titan-level plasma weapon or a vortex bomb or something. If you want to get fancy, AP3 in a small blast radius and something weaker over the large radius.

Will they half-ass things? Probably not. They did when 6th went to 7th, but GW didn't give them enough information or time, and they were close enough that FW could get away with being lazy. They can't now; this requires a total rewrite. I assume they'll take their sweet time and it could be a year before we see new rules. But... I was more confident before Inferno. That book took a long time to write and still had a lot of rules that don't really work and some questionable costing. And we all liked that FW was responsive to community complaints when they released those red books last year, but it's been a while without any indication that they're going to address other issues. Their silence when multi-bombing was FAQ'd out of existence was frustrating, too.

>> No.53165245

>Also magnus' dick is a D weapon. Cuz logic.

Well, they don't call him the Red Giant for nothing

>> No.53165281


>> No.53165285

>TSons are just kinda meh
Their LA rules is pretty much Mutable Witchery, Biomancy Praetors can get Primarch-tier stats, Sekhmets are BULLSHIT and they get all sorts of witchy shenanigans and rerollable sniper vets, and their LA rules have NO PENALTY whatsoever if you don't overdo it with the witching.
Which no TS can do, of course :^)

>> No.53165296

>red giant
He should get that looked at by a doctor

>> No.53165318

large blasts may only be d6 hits

>> No.53165329

He tried. The Warp Fire killed the doctor.

>> No.53165355

Shame he has little arms.

>> No.53165376

>I just don't think any large blast should be AP3 or better.
I mean yes, Marine blobs aren't superb, but where would you cap it? AP4? The way marine armies work with the current AP system means that either non-marine armies pack significant amounts of AP3/2 weaponry en masse or we do about a quarter of the damage you can return fire with, given that 4+ Auxilia and Secutarii are pulverized easily with what most (because everyone plays marines) would consider "acceptable" blasts because I'm All Right..
I'm worried that 8e will swing into padded sumo mode, given how wimpy all the weapons have seemed so far and the increased durability of everything. It needed a slight damage tone-down, but not too much.

What's the point of artillery if it's NOT blasting large holes in infantry formations as they advance? That seems the entire purpose in a game like this, where targeted AT and anti-elite comes in smaller packages for squads of about ten dudes max.

>> No.53165406


>> No.53165411

>TSons are just kinda meh
That's ridiculous!

Also, aside from "discount WE", Space Wolves also get cheaper-than-usual weapons upgrades, especially on those Grey Slayer squads. Power weapon spam, basically.

>> No.53165417

I used 3/4 sybarite green, 1/4 stegadon scale green.

That's purely because my hobby shop didn't have Kabalite Green though,

>> No.53165422

Tzeentch. Not even once.

>> No.53165464

>That seems the entire purpose in a game like this, where targeted AT and anti-elite comes in smaller packages for squads of about ten dudes max.
I thought "30k" meant "more marines per square feet". And such formations are especially vulnerable to artillery fire.
I'm not denying that's the purpose of artillery, charges don't happen in real life anymore because that thing works so well...but mind the fun of invalidated hordes.

>> No.53165469

>glory to fulgrim

>> No.53165533

This is why no one likes Slaanesh. It takes bishes and makes them girly. Too girly.

>> No.53165566

Hey, I just realised, if combi-weapons can fire both parts at the same time, there might actually a point to combi-volkites. What a time to be alive.

>> No.53165570

I like my blobs too, hence the front line of Secutarii marching steadily into the enemy sans transports or the Adsecs everywhere. The problem is that Tacticals pack the defences of normal marines and so what wipes them wipes pretty much the entire Marine army. Also artificer sarges discourages taking anything that isn't AP2 outright. Save mods should help, but just making the entire Marine army dramatically tougher is pretty damn boring. Personally I just think they should make stuff like quadmortars and arty tanks more fragile so you can disable them outright before charging, since fighting through what's essentially a whole Castellax to kill one 60pt Quad Mortar is bullshit. The forcing of all marines to the top two notches on the save scale and beyond means that fighting them en masse like this is equally extreme. Be AP3, AP2 or massed Rending or bounce off harmlessly for the most part.

>> No.53165608

I'd cap it at AP6, if not AP-. Flak jackets in WWII did a great job - something like 60% fewer casualties with them on. In the far future of humanity, shrapnel is sharper so your 5+ save only reduces casualties by 33%. That's still fine. Though I guess the blast itself will kill you if you aren't in a pressurized suit of armor. So AP3 or 4 in a small blast radius (Sister of Silence and unhelmeted Space Marines shouldn't really get their saves).

But I can see the balance issues you're talking about and that needs to be a higher priority than realism. Still bugs me though.

>> No.53165617

>tfw Breachers now get a flat 5++ and immunity to rend less -2/-1

>> No.53165708

It'll still depend on how combi-weapons will be priced. No point taking combi-volkite if they cost an arm and a leg to compensate (which seems likely, given how much of a buff that would be)

>> No.53165710

What a time to be alive.

>> No.53165735

What I meant was to weaken Astartes artillery. It used to be the only artillery they liked was Whirlwinds (HIS WRATH FALLS FROM THE HEAVENS) because self-propelled artillery pieces could keep up with their fast assaults.
Now Astartes legions have some of the most powerful static artillery pieces in the form of Phosphex Rapiers, Medusae and even Scorpius Whirlwinds...which are more powerful as long as they remain immobile!
For practical effects they out-artillery the Solar Auxilia. Just let that sink in.
Do you think that should be allowed to stand?

>> No.53165771

This will be the killing blow to termies with Volkite chargers, and to Lerneans for that matter.
I am correctly guessing 8E will be ported to 30k with no balance whatsoever :^)

>> No.53165788

Says who? Magnus?

>> No.53165812

The Scorpius's weapon seriously doesn't look like it can do as much damage as it does. But I don't play IW or DG so I'm a lot more okay with nerfing Astartes Artillery than a lot of other players.

>> No.53165881

I do see your point, actually. Currently the Ordo Reductor are the only ones who can out-artillery the Space Marines, and that advantage melts away whenever quad-mortars show up. Personally I'd slash volume over power, though. Quadmortars become HS proper and take a price bump, Scorpius becomes 0-1 and heavy (AP3+) arty tanks don't get squadroned. Ironfire can give them squadronable tanks back, I guess.
I play OR, but I'd be happy to cut our tanks down to squadrons of 1-2 and make them a 0-2 pick, just to stop everyone being shelled to fuck. Our Vindicators could probably use a price bump, too. 120ish points for a 150pt tank with -1 Side armour seems a little cheap.

>> No.53165914

I'm betting they'll be bumped to 20 points

I'm hoping they'll price combi-weapon based on what the secondary weapon is instead, though.

>> No.53165936

I can't hear you over all this fab!

>> No.53166020

I'd instead cap Rapiers to 0-1 or 0-2, Scorpii LOSE AP3 shells but gain AA plus normal ammo and leave the 0-1 arty squad like it is...but Medusae LOSE Barrage :^)
>120 Vindicators
That's what Vindicators cost, no prob with that one.

>> No.53166133

Yeah, that looks good. Being able to skip around cover and stronger armour seemed odd for what's described as a blunt force battering ram of an artillery piece. The Vindicator thing was for Machine Spirit + Dozer Blade, if I wanted to push it I could get a Demolisher Chimera chassis for 95 points, and give it PotMS for an extra 10.

>> No.53166354

Stop being gay, Fulgrim. It's a huge problem.

>> No.53166355

I'd prefer if it was just quad mortar rapiers that were limited. I like my other platforms damnit.

>> No.53166489

im not gay!

>> No.53166580

You sure act like it.

>> No.53166592

That's for reminding me about DA Dreads and Acid rounds.

>> No.53166755

slaanesh says i'm not gay....and she says im very pretty!

>> No.53166778

F-fulgrim stop. T-traps are gay.

>> No.53166820

What the hell is that thing? Alt, why did that cammel head explode?

>> No.53166847

Thudd guns being imposed a limit is something we can all agree on, it seems.

>> No.53166900

Welp that was your first mistake.
>What the hell is that thing? Alt, why did that cammel head explode?
Got hit by a coconut. Can't you see the stars floating around it?

>> No.53167155

So other than Phosphex and Life-Eater, what other biological and chemical weapons might there be in the DG/Reductor/IW arsenal? Some form of mass irrad bomb for denying massive areas, or something that destroys enemy equipment rapidly?
I know Genetor Anon was talking about that Dead Money Cloud, that seems cool.

>> No.53167227

DG chem projectors and Toxin weaponry is said to be vasgotox and compounds like that.
What is the dead money cloud?

>> No.53167256

Limited supplies of DAoT nanomachine weaponry. Imperium can't into nanotech but I can see them discovering some canisters of the stuff in a forgotten DAoT laboratory and certain legions deciding the best use for a barrel of self-replicating grey goo is to stick it in a shell and launch it at the xeno.

>> No.53167321

>Phobos LR now bretty gud for anti-tank.
>tfw spartan/super-heavy quad lascannons

muh dick!

>inb4 assault cannons will be even more killy, making TL HB less effective in comparison

>> No.53167327

>hate AI and any sort of automated machine because of the incredible damage they can do if they run amok
>use nanomachine-based weapons
Oh imperium. You so silly.

>> No.53167334

So much has been lost, never to be re-learned.

>> No.53167711

I find it hard to argue against anyone who declares SENTIENT NAPALM to be dangerous. Seems like a sensible guy, took one for the team.

>> No.53167725

While that's true, unfortunately/thankfully not everything can mount assault cannons. Heavy bolters are also the stock option for a number of vehicles, which means that good anti-infantry options will always be available. That said, somewhere, a BA player just popped a raging boner.

>Baal Predator squadrons putting out so much dakka that anything and everything not in a tank is immediately torn to shreds.

>> No.53167745

To be fair, this is the Imperium and Mechanicus we're talking about. Neither of whom are humane, reasonable, or even sane most of the time.

>> No.53167762

This stuff from Fallout. Corrosive toxic gas that was produced as a weapon and made by this place's ventilation system to provoke the use of the other experimental tech they were testing there - auto-docs and fancy hazard suits. Once it covered the whole town after the nuclear war, it corroded the suits and fused them to the flesh beneath, which basically makes the workers into insane zombies, you need to hack off limbs to kill them or the suits rez them. It sticks around for about 300 years+, too. Gets into the walls and such, if not sealed environments, so that entire place is basically a massive worthless deathtrap full of Nurgle Cultists if not for all the priceless loot inside the sealed-down casino you go steal. I imagine it would be a hell of a Reductor weapon for denying territory until you can send Thallax teams and such to go do what you need. Cloud Ordinatus When?
That whole DLC is a hellhole, actually. Great story, cool endings, but the gameplay is a hell of a grind thanks to stripping your gear and giving you jack shit back to kill the Ghost People with. And all the cloud everywhere steadily draining health and the radios and speakers all killing you if you stand too close to them for long. Then you have to leave most of the loot behind or explode unless you get lucky or smart and Alpharius your way out.

>> No.53167778

Well, more shots means more potential for jamming.


>> No.53167780

Of the Dark Age relics, the one that gets me is the portable fucking void shield.

You're telling me the Emperor had the opportunity to preserve a single branch of technology from the Dark Age to enable him to enact his goal of uniting humanity, and the tech he chose was gene engineering so he could create Men of Iron: Flesh Edition?

Should have just preserved the personal void shields, then regular humans would rek shit, no need to create legions of roided up egomaniacs who have a 50% chance of turning despotic.

>> No.53167829

It's not sentient, merely motion-seeking. Misguided are the men in their fear of the unknown.

>> No.53167859

>Always play melee characters in Fallout
>mfw breezed through that DLC due to not being affected by the scarcity of ammunition and ghost people being vulnerable to melee attacks


>> No.53167882


More like chlorine trifluoride, stuff even the Nazis thought was a bit too much. Properties includes things like being able to self-oxidize, ignites glass and concrete on touch, produces toxic gasses as it burns, etc.

>> No.53167914

>merely motion-seeking

Oh that's alright then. Don't worry lads, the super-napalm isn't actually seeking you out, it's just attracted to fucking movement.

Just stand perfectly still in the centre of the firestorm, it won't glomp onto you!

>> No.53167933

For me it was Bloody Mess. Those throwing spears they carry are pretty much a one-hit on a limb with that and the gas bombs and mines are two or three kills right there. Mostly the problem was the continuous health loss and Radios making you stay taking that for longer as you pick your way though everything, at least until I gambled my way to two hundred Stimpaks. I should really do a melee run of New Vegas once I'm done with the Energy Weapons one, since that REALLY screwed me there. Can't even use the Holorifle, it's not affected by EW perks.

>> No.53167962

They're relics because, AFTER being recovered, nobody was able to understand them AND they're damn hard to recreate. Even more difficult than Terminator armour, it seems.
Back in the day Combat Augment Arrays could be issued to colonists in times of emergency. I like to think of them as more intrusive versions of the Elysium's exoskeletons

>> No.53168029


All I can say is thank fuck Hitler got gassed in WW1. Churchill had a boner for chemical weapons but he didn't command an autocratic government like Hitler so British military chiefs continually shot him down whenever he suggested chemical weaponry.

If Hitler hadn't had personal experience of chem-warfare, I imagine he'd have ordered the use of them, and no one would have been able to contradict him, Churchill would have got his way and we'd still be scrubbing sarin out of the walls over half of Europe.

>> No.53168042

If you're close enough for it to be a problem, you're either blind, can't run, or you were just outside the shell's burst when it hit.

It's all the fun of an actual fire, combined with the fact that the conflagration will be also steadily creeping across the field.

>> No.53168060

That sounds about right.

>> No.53168072

Still need to get through that one. Just finished Honest Hearts and started Old World Blues. So far I've enjoyed NW, but the DLCs are really bringing up stuff I don't like, such as combat. In the base game I could get around it by equipping companions well to do most of the fighting for me, because I just could do it without expending tons of ammo and pumping stims into myself constantly.

Am I missing something? I got Guns and Energy Weapons at 90+ %, I've tried picking weapons with high damage (not just DPS), I got Shotgun Surgeon for my shotguns, DT of 30+ via armour and perks, boosted my criticals and damage, etc. Yet it takes several magazines to kill even basic enemies and they do damage to me enough that I have to take cover and pump stims into myself.

Meanwhile any companion seems to just tear through those same enemies with no problem and only get taken out if overwhelmed.

>> No.53168139

>Combat Augment Array

Is there a particular book that's described in? I only have Legiones Astartes AoD and it's not in there.

Sounds interesting, I love the hints at the Dark Age of Technology.

>> No.53168164

>open console

Combat problems solved.

>> No.53168225

>chlorine trifluoride
I always forget its name. The good stuff. Add motion seeking and you're set. That's why it has its AP value, that's why it's also poisonous.
In Echoes of the Old Night, Death Guard marines wade through Phosphex. It's described more like acid that also happens to burn. Remember Destroyer anon's Phosphex Huffer? Like that.

>> No.53168255

>I always forget its name.

Just remember "substance N", it's much easier.

>> No.53168261

I'm not sure it would've made a big difference. Warfare was pretty mobile during WWII, and even on the Eastern Front where there trenches, there was enough depth that an early WWI-style breakthrough wouldn't have happened with the help of gas.

Given how much of it they used in death camps, I'd say those tactical reasons were more significant than any moral compunction.

>> No.53168278

>Remember Destroyer anon's Phosphex Huffer?

>> No.53168316

The stuff was made to destroy the French Maginot line, since it could burn through reinforced concrete. Since the Germans just went around the line, it never got used.

>> No.53168367

It's not you. The NV DLC mobs have their DTs ramped up to 11 to compensate for people being at higher levels or having better equipment, which means that they'll eat belts of ammo like candy buttons. FO4 has the same problem, once you start getting higher level or decide that trying a DLC might be fun, you're thrown up against mobs that simply won't die. It makes a sniper run a pain in the fucking ass too, since anything that doesn't die in one shot will come and mop the floor with you within 10 seconds because they know exactly where you are and your pea-shooter won't do anything to save you.

>Back on topic though: For a 5-man Support squad, would it be better to give them plasma guns or go with volkite calivers?

>> No.53168405

Stalingrad would have turned out differently.

Churchill at least was looking for excuses to use it against German population centers, even a limited battlefield deployment of N-stoff might have given him enough political clout to authorise it, and once the first canisters of sarin got dropped on a German port or something, retaliation and escalation by Germany would be inevitable.

>> No.53168425

>Remember Destroyer anon's Phosphex Huffer?


>> No.53168444

Volkite because they look cooler and CHOOM

>> No.53168484

>5-man Support squad, would it be better to give them plasma guns or go with volkite calivers?

I'd say plasma, calivers feel better when there's a whole lot of them. Then again, who knows how 8e will change this. Maybe volkites get like D3 damage or something?

>> No.53168509

The DLCs in NV tend to scale up difficulty by dumping a massive pile of health and damage onto enemies rather than actually making them smarter to compensate for endgame guns, which makes them hell at round number levels when they tier up. What level are you?
A few things you might want to do:

- Make like a Sternguard and get yourself some special ammo. Hollow Point AMR for beasties, AP/Pulse for beepboops and explosives for regular dudes. It magnifies damage so much it isn't even funny.

- Make sure you have an Anti-material Rifle or LAER or something for max dakka, Weapon Repair Kits stop degradation from Max Charge ammo from being problematic at all. If you've missed it and not taken Wild Wasteland, get the YCS-183 unique Gauss Rifle and snipe with that if you want Energy Weapons.

- Sneakshot people where relevant, it helps a bunch.

- And Stay Back! perk. Lets you knock anyone but the Lonesome Road end bosses onto their ass with a good shotgun hit, which lets you just beat down on their pitiful faces over and over.

- Implant GRX perk if you have the End for it, free infinite non-addictive Turbo that lets you Matrix your way through most of Dead Money's irritating bits and such.

>> No.53168529

>Churchill at least was looking for excuses to use it against German population centers, even a limited battlefield deployment of N-stoff might have given him enough political clout to authorise it, and once the first canisters of sarin got dropped on a German port or something, retaliation and escalation by Germany would be inevitable.
The Eternal Anglo was surprisingly merciful.

>> No.53168539


Incubi Darkness -> Kabalite Green -> 50/50 mix of Kabalite & Sybarite Green -> Highlight Sybarite Green -> Finer highlight of Gauss Blaster Green

Paint thinned down Incubi Darkness into recesses for shading.

>> No.53168545

I think he means this.

>> No.53168646

>What level are you?

32, if I remember correctly.

Honest Hearts wasn't too bad, but I didn't expect Old World Blues to be the way it is and thus I didn't pack that much armament with me to begin with. Basic stuff. And it's not like I can go back and get better stuff. I'm stuck with what I got. Just have to deal with it and buy ammo and stims with the loot I collect.

>> No.53168726

Grab a LAER from the Internment Camp, get yourself a bag of Max Charge cells and the Stealth Suit, couple pulse nades from The Sink if he's selling any. Light the bastards up. Old World Blues is fairly brutal till you get geared up, but there's some nice stuff in there. If you prefer bullets, grab Christine's COS sniper and blast off some head. Silenced, too, so you can often get a few crits.

>> No.53168866

The hell are you guys talking about?

Also, I wonder if I should plan my Javelin purposes for 7th ed rules (missiles being much better than the lascannon option because you get two shots instead of one), or for 8th (4 vs. 2 shots? don't really know).

>> No.53168906

>the Stealth Suit


I miss her, best waifu.

>> No.53168924

>The hell are you guys talking about?
They're talking Fallout, also nice digits.
Your waifu is your suit.

>> No.53169004

Yeah, that one. I was phoneposting.
This is all the fluff there is about the Combat Augment Array. I like the word "array", and it made me think of those exo-skeleton things in Elysium. If I even modeled one for a marine, I'd add lots of piston-looking tubes protuding from his armour, but it's also said to mess with your body's neural pathways, musculature and adenaline.
I suppose imagination varies. Reading this, how do (You) imagine it to be?
>The hell are you guys talking about?
Why 30k of course. What else? :^)

>> No.53169080

That's actually a tough one
Things I think are mostly gonna stay the same, with the exception that the Lascannon works a lot better now
We're still a long way from HH switching to 8th, wait until we see the 40k rules, look at the specific stats for equivalent weapons and make up you mind then

>> No.53169087

As long as you didn't carry Med-X, yeah. Best waifu. Slightly sad they never implemented companion interactions, would be fun to see her and ED-E and Arcade talking. Also surprisingly good armour, even if I did feel bad whenever I got shot.


I always thought they were just subcutaneous upgrades, but that does look pretty damn cool. Shame the wording is so damn vague and the use kinda limited. Might be awesome to put an Ordinator Armourbane Lance shot through something pricy and guarantee Explodes, though. Maybe I'll try that.

>> No.53169226

Book 4. It basically sounds like an Elysium rig. It grants the bearer the ability to change a single roll to a 6 once per game.

>> No.53169353

>Shame the wording is so damn vague
Eh, what matters is the concept, it's up to your imagination to make it work. That's how I see it.
>Might be awesome to put an Ordinator Armourbane Lance shot through something pricy and guarantee Explodes.
Then for a Magos instead of the pistons that are already part of his body, it could be an auxiliar frame mounting capacitor banks for a surge of Holy Motive Force when needed, as well as a vacuum valve system plugged to his bodily engine and weapon. That way you get to guarantee a six, but still run the rist of a nasty burnout after its use.
Play "Angel of Doom" when you use it

>> No.53169379

>it made me think of those exo-skeleton things in Elysium
>Implying it's not pic related

>> No.53169401

> Not a 6 specific to combat
I still don't understand this, it means a AL Saboteur can use it to cause a Vehicle explosion before the game begins

>> No.53169405

I'll think on it. I have to create a mould for the volkite charger that comes with the GW Tartaros terminators anyway (since I'm a poorfag and can't afford delicious resin), so if I need volkites I can make some and convert as necessary.

>> No.53169415

The way it's worded, the model using it must be already on the table. But with Dynat, you don't really need it so bad.

>> No.53169437

I don't know if this is true, but if it is, my Breachers salamanders army I'm planning just got a lot better if it is.

>> No.53169483

Srry, but I didn't watch Stargate. I watched Farscape.
I'm trying to find the Upgrades episode, do you happen to have a link?

>> No.53169495

But those are Chargers, not Calivers.

>> No.53169553

>It's a 'SG1 get super powers from sinister alien devices and use them to beat up hicks in a bar' episode


>> No.53169788

>and convert as necessary
I'm not going to be sticking straight chargers as calivers, they're too small on their own. But the key part that defines volkite weapons is their barrel, so if I make them out of greenstuff I can convert something that's actually the size of a caliver ya dingus

>> No.53169831


>A Legion Sicaran gets 12 rending unjinkable autocannon shots
>A Spartan gets 8 Lascannon shots and 12 HB shots
>A Stormbird

>> No.53169853

My sicaran venator feels like more and more of a mistake every day.

>> No.53169914

I don't get the music choice, but yeah, that's the idea. I was going to use the Titan Tech-priest as the regular Magos/Magos Reductor, but now I'm thinking of a heavily converted and robed Ogryn body with those Electro-priest generator cables running over his torso from a backpack and down to the gun. Shouldn't be expensive, not like anyone was buying any before.

>> No.53169925

having massive tactical squads is still fluffy. They were one of the more numerous legions too if I remember correctly. Dunno, I think Astartes fighting Astartes is just cooler but whatever floats your boat.

>> No.53169938

Dear god, the twin-linked Punisher Valkyries. Also Vulturax is getting a nice upgrade there, as is the Whalebird. 8 Lascannon, damn.

>> No.53169981

I have 2 of both, and am as such fine with all this.

>> No.53170075

looks like ass compared to every other mark unfortunately. I like the shoulder guards and extra attachment running under the arm but that's it.


>> No.53170090

>got killed by Armless the Harmless

>> No.53170235

Dunno, but it's my 2nd favorite after Mk6. Mk4 is the ugliest desu, never cared for the anteater face.

>> No.53170238

Come up against a knight and you'll be happy again.

>> No.53170461

>no half assing possible
Slaps me on the knee

>> No.53170816

It's unfortunate though that even 8th Edition probably won't make the Mastodon any good.

>> No.53170892

There will be no half assing, only full assings will be allowed.

>> No.53170963

Why not? Its only problem is points cost. New edition, new set of over/undercosted units.

>> No.53171207

>tfw they turned Pert into a crier in his novel
>tfw even old ladies call him out on being a manchild

>> No.53171219

I thought the girl in your pic had her muscles exposed, but that was a dress. Sure, I guess it could be like that too.
I like my fluff overly complicated, as if it was a damn Alpharius plan.

>> No.53171439

Weird question, but did Loyalists regularly use Phosphex during the Heresy? I could imagine the Imperial Fists and Iron Hands using it against some enemies.

>> No.53171530

Iron Hands likely did.

>what's that? some of our own troops are screaming in pain?

Also Wolves definitely given that they went absolutely ham on prospero

>> No.53171551

When I think of manchildren, I think of people throwing tantrums and kicking stuff when their plans go wrong. Perturabo does this a few times...but no one calls him on that.
About her sister telling him what his mistakes were, which I saw as a combination of a superiority complex with paranoia, well she's entirely right. It's not nice, but she was right.
>I am no man. I am far more
>In those words is the poison that spoils your potential.
Perty needed an Auriga.
At least he repented in the end.
But by then it was too late.
The Dark Angel Dreadwing used that kind of weapons, and the Lion, sanctioned by Imperator Regis Sanguinius, orders its use on a forest in Macragge.

>> No.53171610

>At least he repented in the end.
>By trying to kill his father and brothers and then becoming a gnarly demon dude

>> No.53171627

No one accused him of being smart.

>> No.53171789

The Warmaster offered amnisty, and was one of the few Primarchs that did show him appreciation. Played him like a damn fiddle.

>> No.53172717

>The Emperor will never forgive us
>The Emperor cannot forgive us
Really? He went a little hardcore on punishing a traitorous world. That's pretty small time in the grand scheme of things. The Emperor would have given him a public slap in the wrist at most.

>> No.53172778


Really? How many times did a planet go back into non-compliance and they fucking killed everyone and it wasn't a big deal?

And it's not like Olympia was past the point of no return. There were some seditious factions but it wasn't unsolvable by any means. And it certainly wasn't deserving of planet-wide decimation.

>> No.53172872

Since y'all always talkin about why there aren't more IH players, I figure I might ask for your thoughts.

Does the grey look ugly? I've been using it for generic pauldrons and the like, but after seeing some pictures from betrayal (or somewhere) of IH marines keeping replaced parts standard grey, I though it may be interesting to make some vets designed with that in mind.

It certainly looks weird, but I can't decide if it works or not- a little too bluish imo. Also the armor highlights turned a little THICC, so that doesn't help.

pls no bully, but any constructive ideas are hugely appreciated

>> No.53172896

Sanguinius nuked plenty of noncompliant worlds and he was the Imperium's golden boy. The 8th's entire purpose was to commit such terrible war crimes that planets were fearful to rebel. The Iron Warriors had one lapse of judgement in over a hundred years of loyal service. Legions fucked worlds to death all the time.

>> No.53172912

I should listen to this song a few more times. Gonna add it to the archive.
In the meantime, have a new thread

>> No.53173316

Not a fan, i dislike the contrast. It'd be fine, especially with transfers or something else to break the monotony, but shiny black marine>grey dude

>> No.53173844

I was imagining something like a Juicer Rig, from RIFTS.

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