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First for Ladyboys

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first for underdog guard

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> Ladyboys only subedition
Why would you do this?
I dont get all the love for traps the ll look like guys to me

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We need more qt models in 40k

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(not) sisters of battle when?

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Remember everyone:

It's not gay if you do it in his wife's bed.

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Nth for Cadian plastic Guard are here to stay

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Kek nice, this is going on my ever-expanding list of "it's not gay"

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>age of IG

Not on our watch

>> No.53148175 [SPOILER] 

It is mostly a meme.
But the taste for them is that they end being more girly than girls.
So if you want a reason that could be it

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>all this transexual degeneracy
Slaneeshmas was a mistake.

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id at least like updated kits so i don't have to constantly kit bash melta guns and plasma guns

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Why are they so swole

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eating chaotic grains

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>its mostly a meme
Tell that to the discord i am in where the second most active channel is just pictures of traps. i think it may be because society is becoming more open which means people are becoming more sexually open. but thats just one autistic nerds opinion.

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Are you crazy ? It was a riot !

>> No.53148220

How is this a positive?

Plastic Cadians look like arse

I was mildly hyped for something NEW and good looking. instead: same shit cadians, same mongoloid catachans forever

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I wanna die.

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>trap oriented discord
link for science reasons?

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Maybe new box for veterans?

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Except 'girly' is not attractive, and really just an exaggeration of common female traits.

Autogynephiles like traps due to porn-induced desensitization. It's really that simple.

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Sorry cant do that anon

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You need to be a buff gorilla man to survive on Catachan.

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i wish we would go back to finecast it was so much better.

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I can understand the appeal, but just like "horrible world news" it is not that the world is getting worst but we are getting to know more often how bad the world is.

Same with sexual deviancy. There is not really an increase in that, but we know about it more.

Now back to 40k

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maybe the heaviest things we lift are not our weights but our GIFTS OF THE DARK GODS

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>T8 W12

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Its not a perfect kit but it is wonderfully kit bashable atleast. I'm not sure there's a more versatile torso out there.

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Sure, sweetheart

Do you think in 8th, Slaanesh will get new toys... I mean, new units to play with ?

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They were all probably miners,industrial workers, or had some other labor-intensive job before defecting to chaos.

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So if I hide my squishy HQ in a blob of infantry that it buffs, my enemy can't hurt it with weapons that were previously large blasts because templates are gone and it can't target the HQ?

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Just cave in and buy Krieg, the quality is worth the price in the end.

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I'll do it, I'll really do it

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Not really, there has been a steady increase in STDs that coincided with the sexual liberation movement. In fact queer groups have the highest rates of STDs, and it's proven people who belong to these groups are often brought there by a combination of pornography, child abuse and constant propaganda.

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>shoot leman with 2 lascannons
So this is the power of notoneshots

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In essence. People have more freedom to experiment. Don't see anything inherently good with it, and it pleases Slaneesh.

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It takes about 500 bolters being rapid fired to kill a squad of 3 russes
> is it possible for guardsmen to get this erect?

>> No.53148344

>implying renegades won't get similar rules

>> No.53148348

We'll have to see how "indirect fire" weapons work before anwsering that question.
So far, we know that you can take shots at them with Snipers.

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Im hoping, at the very least that there will be a couple new toys and a sc! box

>> No.53148365

Do we want to see the probability of that happening compared to now?

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Did alfabusa die? Last time I remember seeing something from him people were still bitching about >aeldari

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I just want plastic Valhallans. I just want to run the 597th. For the love of god why won't you make a new Cain model geedubs please it would sell so fucking well.

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43 bongdollars for 10 infantry


on an email address for a based chinaman.

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Hmm you maybe right but i guess its just that i have seen an increase in trap stuff around the web and its diluted my perspective. Anyways on 40k I wont if Sanguinary Guard will be worth it now that i cant run a Dantestar

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My guess would be artillery gets a -1 to hit if they don't have LoS

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I mean i dont mind experimentation i just hate this whole new thing of everythng has to be a femboy. I just want to look at some nudes from actual girls.It may also be that i have been told to become a trap multiple times.

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Give in friend. Embrace the stupid faces.

>> No.53148412

Believe it or not but steel legion will happen

I'm not sure if the cadians will be gone, probably not in the near future anyway

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I hope lascannon will cost around 30 points. If all 4 lascannons hit leman without cover save, they will kill him for sure.

>> No.53148437

Who would win? 100 primarch sized Guard or 1 Guard sized primarch

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It's because guys are better than girls at everything, even being girls
Just put your bias aside and fuck a qt trap in the boipucci and you'll understand

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The Primarch.

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>ogryns are already almost primarch sized

>> No.53148475

>shoot leman with 1 lascannon
>lol explosion

Dying in 2 shots > Dying in 1 shot

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>It may also be that i have been told to become a trap multiple times.
You should tell Slaanesh worshippers to calm down if you are a straight, maybe.

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Are they actually cute boys though?

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This. Give that boiclit a good hard dicking.

>> No.53148522

Plenty of girls like traps, since both genders think girls are pretty, so you don't have to be gay to be a trap

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Yes, can relate. Have fairly feminine features (pretty guy) and got the same crap for it. No, i have no interest in men, or you, just stop.

>> No.53148529

3rd party

>> No.53148537 [DELETED] 

Falseflag, this image's been circulating since June of last year



>> No.53148538

>Slotta base

Not buying it.


>> No.53148545

Calm, it's fake.
More precisely, it's a russian guy doing his own sister stuff, and selling them like crack in a dirty alley.

>> No.53148553

Only if we get new guard models that turn out to be a female regiment or a bunch of Sweet Polly Olivers if you want some reverse traps to compensate.

>> No.53148562

Well i dont buy that whole shit tho. Also i like actually looking like a man.
It's not that i look feminine its just that i am fairly submissive in my daily life so i get some shit for it.

>> No.53148569

I'll buy your crack in a dirty alley.

As long as your crack isn't itself a dirty alley.

>> No.53148571

>porn-induced desensitization

Found the /pol/lack.

>> No.53148591


STD's have to do with 2 major thing, the first being that most of those couples one cannot get children, so little usage of condoms.

Second, its actually far harder to get STD's than people think, especially in oral and vaginal sex.

Anal sex however, the risk shoots up a couple 100 times.

Take this, refers to HIV but illustrates the point.

Oh, another part is that this people have been shunned most of their lives, anyone who gives them validation they jump their bones, just like girls with daddy issues. More sexual partners = more stds.

>> No.53148594

plz be true

>> No.53148605

How do I order this shit? Do fucking want.

>> No.53148606 [DELETED] 


>> No.53148609

Search for "grishnakmodels" on the interwebs, then. Good luck.

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The moment FW swaps out Krieg for the Praetorian Guard is the moment I'll crack. I have heard rumours the Elysians are going away, and I'll admit i could be tempted if they brought out some Harakoni Warhawks or Phantine Skybourne as replacements.

>> No.53148620

Assuming a marine is shooting, the old odds were 1/54 and the new odds are about 140/6561 I think.
Or in other words, in the past it was a 1.8% chance for 1 lascannon to instagib a Leman Russ and now it's a 2.1% chance for 2 lascannons to instagib a Leman Russ.

>> No.53148634

Third party Russian guy that takes ages to respond.
Look for Grishnak

Also it is clear that it ain't FW or GW, because the resin does not suck ass

>> No.53148636

>porn induced desensitization
>durr I'm gonna use big words that have as much weight in the scientific community as SJW buzzwords to sound smart because someone linked me to a Christian blog that confirmed all my biases

>> No.53148641

Let's not do this again.

>> No.53148643

>I have heard rumours the Elysians are going away

they aren't

>> No.53148646

I'm sure part of it is that men are sluts. The chief restriction on how often they have sex for heterosexual males is women saying no.

>> No.53148651

This, a lot of girls i've got was purely from looking feminine feature wise, despite being fit, im not buffed and have little body hair, doesn't help used to be a metalhead so had long blond hair.

Yeah, makes sense. I'm the opposite, not submissive at all, but get that shit due to looks.

>> No.53148654

Will they ever learn ?

>> No.53148672

Why the fuck not? They look like the mooks from the Incredibles. There's so many more interesting airborne regiments.

>> No.53148673

Literally no one on this board cares, go back to talking about plastic models or shut up, just because no one irl wants to hear the drivel about your personal crusade against gays to save the fabric of society doesn't mean you have to post it here

>> No.53148675

>Realising he has been detected, the triggered /pol/lack immediately responds with his reddit meme

Are you guys ever concerned you're becoming stale and predictable?

>> No.53148677 [DELETED] 

>posting an image of an angry old jewish man
like pottery

>> No.53148684

You can make effective all-GW Praetorians just using Cadians with headswaps from the Freeguild Outrider kit. Trim the feathers off and you're good to go.

>> No.53148687 [SPOILER] 

except the realisation that raveners don't actually wield their spinefists on their fists and will completely ruin your army's theme

>> No.53148689

You can already get good looking rein Praetorian Guard from Victoria Miniatures.
Pic related is 50 dollarydoos so it's still pretty expensive.
They also make a female version if that's your thing.

>> No.53148700


Like who? Harakoni are a meme regiment with almost no info or presence in the fluff.

>> No.53148702 [DELETED] 


>> No.53148704

I play EC slaanesh marines how can I make them look like the newer chaos models with more corruption like this khorne fag

>> No.53148709

>Can be rendered inoperable with a single lucky projectile


>> No.53148712

Was meant for the guy you're responding to but still, talking about that kinda stuff here is just a good way to make people start going autistic

>> No.53148713

So what is likely going to happen to rules like Sunder and Armorbane?

>> No.53148714

Not that anon, but why are they a meme regiment, exactly? They got namedropped in Warzone Fenris and The Gathering Storm, so GW hasn't forgotten about them.

>> No.53148718


Honest question, not meant to demean or try to sound smartass, how many female partners have you had?

Women are anything but coy, make them feel comfortable and not judged for sex, keep turning them on by understanding what she likes, and she will be jumping your cock every single day.

A woman saying no is more often than not the guy being a bit too thick and not turning her on/knowing how to/understanding her signals, or her being with him for reasons other than sexual attraction.

Women love sex, crave it, gives them validation and intimacy. But tons of societal bullshit on top of it, they need intimacy and support. Or anonymity (this way they cant be judged, this is why women jump on foreigners/tourists)

>> No.53148731

Trust me you don't want overrealism in your 40k, it wouldn't be fun

>> No.53148743 [DELETED] 

>muh feelings
>muh support
>i need 24/7 therapists round the clock to fuck a guy
Maybe women just weren't supposed to survive natural selection.

>> No.53148744


true enough, still hilarious conversation. But will restrain

>> No.53148771

>MGTOW spotted
Just because Nancy in highschool wouldn't suck your dick because of her daddy issues doesn't mean all women are emotionally unstable sluts
>t. A non-trap girl

>> No.53148772

Thats hyperbolic. You just need to make her understand that you won't judge if she wants you to fuck her ass while reciting verses from the bible (true story).

Make sure she knows you are fine with her kinks (but have limits on what makes you comfortable, but dont make judgey), and you know... be there for the relationship instead of expecting shit to happen by magic, and its fine.

>> No.53148773

Dunno. Maybe a mix of new chaos models, some slaaneshi old ones, and some bits from Dark Eldar ?

>> No.53148794

With blasts going away the taurox battle cannon is just going to be a randomized autocannon

>> No.53148799


Yeah, they got name dropped but like I said we know next to nothing about them. People say they are awesome, they are better than Elysians or what have you but pretty much all we know about them is that they are heavy drop troopers who use carbine lasguns...

Actually we know that they use the bog standard cadian uniform which is gross.

>> No.53148808

So the faction focus for AM was less helpful than the last one.

>> No.53148814

True, but they still look sick as hell (pic related). The Phantine are apparently pretty much the SAS, but have even less actual lore. I just don't like the Elysian models really, but I'd like to play an airborne regiment hence my annoyance. It's those stupid helmets.

>> No.53148815 [DELETED] 

Is Nancy even a real name? I've never ever met anyone named Nancy ever, it's almost like a fake meme name to me

>crack a joke
>vaginal jew goes full autist

I mean if I can recite shit from Revelation I'd be down, that book has always interested me.

But if her kink is getting BLACKED or swinging then fuck no, I'm shaming her to hell for it.

>> No.53148819

It actually gave some info, so it was better.

>> No.53148820


That isn't even remotely true.

>> No.53148827

>post dubs that results in someone mentioning traps
>derails general for multiple threads
>everything is going as planned

>> No.53148829

At least they use cadian-style carapace armour like kasrkin, which looks a hell of a lot better than the alternatives imo.

>> No.53148844

>not being into swinging
Dude it's 2017 get some perspective

>> No.53148845

dumb question time!

so living saints are basically daemon princes of the emperor right?

>> No.53148860 [DELETED] 

>hello /r/feelthebern

>> No.53148863

>going to a 40k thread
>sympathetic anon counceling a /pol/tard over sexual and relationship matters
>suddenly feels like I'm in highschool again

Never change, /tg/.

>> No.53148875

We call those girls "dove", because they shit white.

Religious girls are the best source of shameful anal. Also had the most questionable morals.
The amount of mini skirts, wide cleavage and crosses that where basically titfucking during exams was shameful. But it was a nice view.

Professor at university by the way

>> No.53148876

>Of Tzeentch

>> No.53148884

Yes. Now burn for that comparison, heretic.

>> No.53148890

My aunt was named Nancy actually, hope that's not some weird projection
I was just memeing how people talk to MGTOWs, guess I should have put an /s plebbit style
No hard feeling lad, no need to get triggered

>> No.53148894

Is it still possible to get Elysians in more classic upright poses? Want to start a Guard army and like the Carapace aesthetic but Cadians are too buff for my taste, would like more slimmer models. Sadly all the Elysians FW has are in action poses which I hate.

>> No.53148895 [DELETED] 

Uh oh, looks like /r/EnoughTrumpSpam has come for me! Gotta go!

>> No.53148897


Yah that's a cool look but I think that might be fanart.

>> No.53148907

Living Saints are mortal.
A closer comparission would be to a champion or chosen.

>> No.53148915

The Elysians aren't exactly swimming in fluff either. Harakoni is generally described as being the stormtrooper equivalent to the Elysian's guardsman equivalent, so I'd be interested in seeing them as a sideline product like the Militarum Tempestus.

>> No.53148917


>I'm shaming her to hell for it.

And thus never have sex, again. Women talk and someone who shames for sex goes quickly into the local black book.

You do not have to accommodate those fetishes, if they make you uncomfortable thus communication is key, there is little need to shame her for it. You probably have very weird fetishes that a lot of people would laugh at you for.

>> No.53148922


No, 2 out of 5 torsos are hunched over and the elysian kits tend to come with only 1 or 2 standing straight legs pose.

>> No.53148930

They canonically wear Kasrkin-style carapace armor so it's probably not too far off the mark

>> No.53148931 [DELETED] 

No I've seriously never ever seen a single person named Nancy

>thou was merely gesturing to be one of lower intellect

It's not that they make me uncomfortable, it's that they're fucking degenerate and gas chamber worthy. Anyone who supports such filth is not worth my time and certainly not worth my effort either way.

>> No.53148932

Question to try and get back on topic
What would be each of the primarchs weird kinks?

>> No.53148934

Personally speaking I can tell you that I like 2d traps for the same reasons I like lolis (chest to hip ratio and size difference)
the dick is either minimal enough to not be a dealbreaker for the rest (the fabled feminine dick) or something that help underlining even further how often traps are more cockhungry than actual girls and the overarching subjugation theme that fuels the power fantasy

generally it's also because good artists take more money from doing niche stuff so the quality of vanilla ends up lacking in comparison of what people consider compromises

>> No.53148950

If they do make plastic sisters I hope they give them some new units. Some seraphim with huge spears and feathered wings would be really badass.

>> No.53148955

Hilarious story and very true.

Repression tends to result in higher kinkyness, reason why Saudi Arabia has insanely high level of sexual child abuse (boys).

>> No.53148958

are any of the horus heresy books about the traitor legions particularly good? I read the first heretic/betrayer and had a lot of fun with them, and I'd like to read some more if you guys wouldn't mind making any recommendations

>> No.53148961

>when you fap to a picture of a trap and just try and ignore the dick because the rest is so sexy and well drawn
The ultimate shame

>> No.53148968

We are hitting /r9k/ levels of sad here.

Cheetahfag shitpost into safety!

>> No.53148974

No because that would be a good idea. You're getting more Ultramarines instead and you're going to like it.

>> No.53148979

its creepy to think that even professors are staring at students

>> No.53148981


Think sanguinius is quite obvious, dat sweet blood play.
Anyway, won't be replying sexuality related things anymore, it is derailing. Apologies for that.

>> No.53148985


no, elysians don't have presence in the fluff like Cadians or Catachans but compare the elysian lexicanum page to the harakoni.

and i wouldn't mind seeing more harakoni but their role kinda filled by the militarum tempestus anyway

>> No.53148992


>> No.53148997

>Le gas chamber
How's middle school?
I know I sound like a looser right now but when you get a little older you'll realize how cringy you are kid, maybe you should lay off 4chan till then, might I suggest 9gag?

>> No.53149001

So is this what happens when school is out and the kids flock to the board? Degeneracy everywhere?

>> No.53149014

Doesn't anyone just like having vanilla sex with vanilla girls anymore?
Why has everything got to be shaming or traps or cucks or innumerate other weird fucking meta fetishes?
Is there no place for regular sex with regular women in today's society?? GOD HELP US

>> No.53149021

are we just talking about political shit ?

>> No.53149024

Hard not to. When you are sitting in front of them. Want to me too look at a window while teaching or taking an exam?

Then outfits I've seen for an exam or the obvious tit presenting try to squeeze some information for they lack of proper studying. Put our local whores into shame.

>> No.53149033

I sometimes hold hands with my GF, but only after I call her parents and ask if it's okay

>> No.53149035

I guess that might be my problem is that i dont really have a power fantasy,

>> No.53149037 [DELETED] 

>oh shit i have no response
>better call him edgy

Fucking this

Whatever the fuck happened to heterosexual sex in missionary position?

>> No.53149038

Nah, it's boring. I can't even finish without at least a popsicle stick and two tablespoons of peach yogurt in my ass anymore

>> No.53149041

vanilla is boring as shit its never turned me on in my life

>> No.53149044


>So is this what happens when school is out and the kids flock to the board? Degeneracy everywhere?

Not specifically kids doing this, just the ever increasing vitriol and general disinterest in reconciliation between progressives and traditionalists in our society.

>> No.53149045


>read betrayer
>Kharn was actually a really fucking decent person before Khorne skullfucked him
>even Angron was pretty fucking cool to people he decided to care about

I actually found myself getting bummed out considering what was gonna happen to them

>> No.53149054

Gas Chamber makes you cringe?
Back to redddit.

>> No.53149058

Can't tell, I'm 29, and my dad works for Games Workshop. He says that lady ultramarines will be a thing, and that Slaanesh is getting dunked for degeneracy.

>> No.53149060

Because all he non-trap males got thrown out of helicopters

>> No.53149067

>just the ever increasing vitriol and general disinterest in reconciliation between progressives and traditionalists in our society.
smart anon is smart

>> No.53149076

it's difficult to find good vanilla on the Internet, m8

I'm not joking

>> No.53149077

My dad works for Nintendo.

>> No.53149085

can we just talk about 40k not this nonsense

>> No.53149096 [DELETED] 

No. Go back to /r/Warhammer40k

>> No.53149099

>I don't mean to sound condescending but...
>Make the irrelevent point that women love sex just as much as men.
>Proceeds to list the various criteria that need to be met for women and the hangups they have to overcome to agree to ACTUALLY HAVE sex

Were you trying to support my point, or did you just not read your post back to yourself before hitting [Post]?

>> No.53149105

Don't acknowledge it. Report, hide, and move on.

I'm just itching to know what my Great Unclean One's stats are going to look like.

>> No.53149111

>you will never browse a /tg/ free of tumblr entryism and /pol/ shitposting ever again in a post-2010 USA world

meanwhile I have been banned several times for stupid reasons like "off topic" for posting 40k-related shit (I don't know, ask the damn mods) and these idiots stay here and don't have their posts deleted

whatever, to keep this on-topic though, is MSU still going to win the day in 8th? I haven't really read the updates regularly but I hope 8th edition means I can run 10 man CSM squads with heavy bolters as my heavy and splitfire those at infantry while my plasma dudes pop rhinos, and it won't be the worst thing in the world

>> No.53149114

>holding hands

>> No.53149115

This in essence.

Society is becoming more and more polarized. We are approaching the Fall, sadly I doubt we will spawn a god/ess of lust in the process.

>> No.53149117

My dad is Mr. microsoft

>> No.53149119

What do you want to talk about? we have already chewed through all the new hype information. So we are left with this

>> No.53149123

Probably not. It's most likely a better idea to shitpost this thread into oblivion and start fresh in a new thread. Unless the jannies step in and BTFO the loons.

>> No.53149131

Do we know anything about army structure in 8th?

Will you still be able to do things like picture related?

>> No.53149132

Where do you think you are?

>> No.53149133

At this point it seems so.
This thread is just a lost cause at this point, either report everything and hope the mods decide to actually do something, hope the shitposters run out of steam at some point and stop or just abandon hope all ye who enter here.

>> No.53149134

I'd rather talk about this than acknowledge the new bullshit character rules.

At least the faggot GW dick suckers who claimed 8th edition "wasn't a copied and pasted AoS" can now hang themselves.

>> No.53149139

>liking vanilla
God you haven't lived life until you've done something so degenerate you lay in bed wide awake thinking about what you've done

>> No.53149143

I must know my Wrath of Khorne Bloodthisrters wound count.

>> No.53149145

But character rules are different in AoS.

>> No.53149150 [SPOILER] 


>> No.53149153


>> No.53149154

because vanilla doesn't interest some people so they don't like it. like oh boy penis in vagina wew

>> No.53149161 [DELETED] 

It's time to fucking stop.

>> No.53149168


That bad? Way to kill your games GW.

>> No.53149170

What about reverse traps (pic related)?

>> No.53149173


Recommend me a horus heresy book about one of the traitor legions anon

>> No.53149177

>I'd rather talk about this than acknowledge the new bullshit character rules.
The new rules are functionally no different from the old ones except for the fact that you can't create OP deathstars (at least theoretically). That, plus the added benefit that characters can now affect more than one unit only makes these rules better than the old ones.

>> No.53149178

um Is slaanesh dieing please say no

I guess I just hate these conversations

>> No.53149179

We know that there are 14 FOCs now. Beyond that, we don't really know enough yet.

>> No.53149182

Is this a good footslogging squad load out for black templars?

>9 initiates, 5 with bolters 4 with chainsword (wysiwyg)
>sword brother with grav pistol, power fist, melta bombs
>5 neophytes with chainsword
Might have the emporers champion join in with them. Is this good or should I ditch the neophytes and take a rhino?

>> No.53149185

there are supposed to be three styles of play, basically normal 40k, "narrative 40k" whatever that means, and unbound (which isn't called unbound anymore)

I really doubt they're going to go back to pre-6th with strictly CAD armies, the multiple faction list cat has long been out of the bag. and look how siggymar works. there are supposed to be formations that you pay points for instead of formations that give you free shit.

>> No.53149193 [SPOILER] 

You can't show that on a christian wood-chopping imageboard, you fool !

>> No.53149196

Considering the eldar just got a new god who's entire purpose is to eradicate slaanesh, probably

>> No.53149200

See the AoS people are like Crows and enjoy AoS for the big fancy models, they don't care about the rules.

The crows will keep the money flowing.

>> No.53149205

>just the ever increasing vitriol and general disinterest in reconciliation between progressives and traditionalists in our society.

The cycle continues....

>> No.53149217

>except for the fact that you can't create OP deathstars

Maybe that is the exact issue all the crying WAACfags have with it ?

>> No.53149223

Seems like a good idea but 29 bucks for 5-10 heads seems like a stretch if that's the only part I'd use.

>> No.53149227

B..bu..but I spoilered! plz dont ban

>> No.53149238

Bits sellers are your friends, anon.

Alternatively it'd help if you were actually putting together an empire/freeguild army because the kit comes with alternate heads and you could still build them as pistoliers.

>> No.53149240


Don't fucking act like them not being able to balance for shit, so they created a dumb ass bullshit mechanic that shouldn't exist is a good thing.

Just. Balance. The. Game.

>> No.53149251

Can we just go back to talking about guardsmen (girl) hype? All the guard anons must have left to paint their ratlings

>> No.53149253

fulgrim based on my fav legion the EC watching them go from perfectionists to unhinged psychopaths is drama in its most beautiful form its sooo good EC best legion.

I know im on 4chan but we could at least keep bs in its respective board

>> No.53149262

I could make OP Death Stars with T3 armies of the Inquisition and SoB?

Why nobody told me?!

>> No.53149264

>Just. Balance. The. Game.
That's what they're doing.

You not liking it is something else entirely.

>> No.53149266


>> No.53149267

That's exactly what they're doing you mongoloid

>> No.53149269

They are balancing the game anon
>with 8th

>> No.53149274

>proving him right this hard

>> No.53149281


This is true, but I would be worried after seeing how many games end up "balancing" things, basically homogenizing the shit out of them.

>> No.53149284

There wouldn't be a WAACfag problem is the fucking idiots writing 8th edition balanced their damn codexes.

They've admitted their so fucking incompetent at Codex balancing that they've created a core rule mechanic to stop them.

It's like an 800lbs man duck taping his fridge shut instead of simply not eating.

>> No.53149287

b-but I like the eldar aswell why can't I have my eldar dark eldar and slaanesh without GW pging my dark eldar and Emperor's children

>> No.53149288

A Thousand Sons is pretty good.

>> No.53149292

>Just. Balance. The. Game.
That's what they're doing.
You haven't actually explained what's wrong with the new system, you've just called it "bullshit"
So what exactly about it is bullshit?

>> No.53149296

definitely, going by even just fluff, if Guilliman is walking there's no way Fulgrim will be able to keep his ego from jumping off that pleasure planet to finish him off, so we may see some new cultists or maybe some newly made corrupted Pheonix Guard

>> No.53149305

You seem perturbed.

>> No.53149309

Would anyone complain if I ran standard Guardsmen with snipers as ratings? The models just look fucking stupid and with 8e snipers are looking viable now.

>> No.53149315


This would be great, guardswoman are common in the lore, and wouldnt make sense that "in constant war" the empire would give three fucks about "not having women as soldiers". its idiotic.

Now, to make an all-girl IG army painted in black and pink.

>> No.53149318

I should buy some snipers.
Oh... wait. I forgot that I'm playing nids.

>> No.53149320

the very act of desiring to be in a qualitatively different situation is a power fantasy
and desiring to be more desired is one that would abnormal for someone not to have

but I guess people who don't have (or have less) insecurities will feel less the need of a relatively more powerful power fantasy

good for you on being a better adjusted being, I guess

>> No.53149324

Well there was this thing with crusaders (for storm shields) death cult assassins (for 2 power weapons for the price of less than 2 with a person attached) and a bunch of characters hidden in there for buffs and force weapons. Riding an allied in GK land raider as transport. It was quite effective and stupid resilient for a unit with majority T3

>> No.53149325

It's a dumbass way of balancing when you could simply write balanced codexes you fucking idiots.

Like I said it's like an 800lbs man duck taping his fridge shut instead of simply not eating.

>> No.53149327

Stop posting Horatio in 40k threads.

I know he is the most beautiful thing in the universe, but restrain yourself

>> No.53149328

Wait, are we getting female guard?

>> No.53149329


History may not repeat itself but it does rhyme

>> No.53149341

Says you. I think the new rules are great.

>> No.53149342

Who needs snipers when your bugs just eat everything ?

>> No.53149343



>> No.53149344

Sucks to suck... Wait i play Khorne Daemonkin, fuck.

>> No.53149358

im sorry anon ill stop

the more female warriors the better

>> No.53149360

>wouldnt make sense that "in constant war" the empire would give three fucks about "not having women as soldiers". its idiotic.

You're the only idiot.
An Empire constantly at war would need women to constantly be having babies.
Sending women to die would be cutting their own legs off.

>> No.53149362

Hive guard
Skull cannons will be the snipers of 8th

>> No.53149368

Hardly a Death Star. Since that thing ate so much point out of your T3 for what they could do assuming the LRC didn't explode on turn1-2 before dropping its cargo.

It was usually better to just spam 6 Exorcist than try to make that thing work consistently. And fucking Exorcist fire 1d6

>> No.53149369

>Just watched the trailer
>Nu-marines are all but confirmed

I don't want my marines to look shit, friends. What is Rowboat brewing up? Sigmarines?

>> No.53149373

>all these fags butthurt that their bullshit deathstar is no longer legal

Top fucking kek. Hopefully actual bodyguard units like Celestine and her grills and Inquisitors and their henchmen can still attach in some way though.

>> No.53149386

god who knows they will probably some how be faster then my eldar. because when you charge me I lose my inhuman speed

>> No.53149387


And women spontaneously generate fetuses? Look at many examples in history of societies that due to war started having far more women than men. They did not all start banging the same dudes, most died alone and childless.

There is ample supply of female misfits, gangscum, criminals, infertile women, women wanting to fight to fill the role.

>> No.53149392

>he doesn't know about the multiple books and codexes where guardswomen are mentioned
>he thinks the imperium has a population problem
>he literally has never read a piece of 40k fluff
I can't wait for my all femguard army so I can paint their lasguns pink

>> No.53149394

Given the amount of content they put out, meticulously checking every single possible combination is not realistic. The best way to balance things is to remove the exploit entirely.

>> No.53149395


>> No.53149397

>no chaos nu-marines
>playing against loyalists with my csm will no be like fielding a bunch of midgets against an army of huge thick-cocked alphas pushing my shit in for the emperor

alright the CSM neglect was painful in the past but now the red-headed stepchild status has gone TOO FAR

>> No.53149398

That still doesn't explain anything. You haven't said what's actually wrong with it, you've just said it is.
So what is wrong with the 8th edition way of doing characters compared to 7th. Don't say that they should have balanced the dexes instead, explain what is actually wrong with the new system.
Because right now you only seem to not like it because it's new and different

>> No.53149399

Wait your right! The guaranteed hits (most likely D6 or some shit) will mean I can more consistently charge through cover. Thank you based 8th.

>> No.53149400

You could simply not have death star units by balancing the codexes themselves.

Not by making a sweeping core rule mechanic thats just pants on head retarded.

>> No.53149415

>ordered some Cataphractii Terminators

>might put some Stormshields on them, if possible
>add Asterion Moloc

>> No.53149419

>Like I said it's like an 800lbs man duck taping his fridge shut instead of simply not eating.
That's what GW has been doing for years with shitty results, already.
Now, it's tabula rasa time.

>> No.53149420

Celestine and her helping of EXTRA THICC are part of a rule's package, you can't take her alone. I bet that instead of the rez, tho, she will have a SHITTON of wounds, like on par with a knight.
Inquisitors are actually ICs, the rule would apply.

>> No.53149424

holy shit, if this is your work you are a great painter, but i think you need more practice with the eyes! Meanwhile, my eye work is god like but i still fuck up at edge highlighting

>> No.53149425

GW figure out people only by marines.
So WHF was axed in order to have Ground Marines.
40k run out of space marines so they are making Space-Marine^2 to increase sales.
In fact they want so much marines that they made 30k so they can have more marines release with their marine release.

8th is Ultramarines vs Evil shit marines, also there is this guys here we don't care

Buy more marines!

Every time GW releases something marine related, God kills someone that would love you

>> No.53149426

If anything it would seem like retinues are more usefull than they are now. Like a command squad actually being used to escort your libby/chaplain/captain, rather than a cheap, 5 meltagun suicide unit in a drop pod.

Which armies have no retinue option for their HQ btw ? I mean if even Nids have Tyrant guard ... It surely is impossible to have it worse than the NPC race :^)

>> No.53149428

The new guys are about as big as Rubrics.

>> No.53149431

Are Nids going to be fun in 8th do you think?

I've been out of the game for a couple years now but might get pulled back in.

>> No.53149433

So, my only regular opponent insists on setting up every game as a city fight, because he's got a shitload of scenery. He also plays marines.

How fucked am I? Already struggling to get to grips with his gunline armies as I play mostly high-mobility, low-survivability stuff (speed freak orks and admech with lots of ironstriders and sicarans). Seems like this will be a lot worse when I get little benefit from cover and he doubles in survivability.

>> No.53149436

>you could simply have your cake and eat it too!!
Eighth can't come soon enough, I will literally jerk off to the new rules and use WAACfag tears as lube

>> No.53149441


>> No.53149454

>ICs can't join units anymore, just like AoS

what the heck. I've read how it works so it seems like it won't be so bad but this will be weird to play as I've only played 6th and 7th 40k, this means my chaos lord doesn't need an escort anymore so he can just . . . bike around by himself. he'll get lonely.

>> No.53149456

get back in your tank charley

>> No.53149457

>setting where people are canonically easier and faster to make than guns
>main Guard faction from a planet where every single person is a grunt in the army at some point, regardless of gender

>> No.53149468

Scenery usually helps assault armies, lol.

>> No.53149472

He can still drive next to his friends, he's just not part of the same "unit"

>> No.53149473

>Hive guard
Oh, you are right. Alternatively, maybe zoans will be able to snipe with their psyker lasers ? We'll see.

>> No.53149474

Waaaait ... You're having trouble against a gunline army, using fast, mobile stuff, on a table with cityfight density of terrain ? How is that possible ?

>> No.53149479

Doesn't change the fact that sending women to die is stupid if your end goal is to make more soldiers.

>> No.53149480

The benefit to an escort is that they can't shoot a character unless it's the closest unit. If you bubblewrap your lord with Bikes or Spawn, he can't be shot at. If you don't, then anyone who manages to get close enough will have an easy clear shot

>> No.53149487

That may work in the beginning, but it would be extremely difficult to make it work
Every time a new unit is included or an existing unit has its rule changed they would have, to prevent the creation of new deathstar, test it in literally all the possible combinations to be sure it wouldn't break the game

It's much easier to make a rule that makes it actually impossible to create the current deathstars

>> No.53149497

>laying against loyalists with my csm will no be like fielding a bunch of midgets against an army of huge thick-cocked alphas pushing my

rubrics are allready more than a head taller than regular marines. they are the same size as deathwatch marines.

>> No.53149498

I dont really see the problem with the new rules. Your character will still be able to get in a transport with his unit, you can just walk him behind the bodyguard unit and they all go into combat together. What's the issue here? Just fags butthurt that their special snowflake combo can't be used?

>> No.53149500

>Professor at university
me toowhere you at?

>> No.53149501

yeah but my point was now you can kite your ICs around between units in theory (assuming you have a fast movement stat) which seems cool I guess. should be more tactical, if it's a viable idea

>> No.53149504

Anon have you consider. I don't know playing Rock Paper Scissors? It might a far more simple game for you to understand.

Anon honey you should be using his blood as lube while raping him in that board and units you run. Git Gud for fuck sake

>> No.53149505

Speaking of empire/freeguild, I wasn't in the tabletop scene when Fantasy was around but I started playing Total War: Warhammer and Vermintide and the setting is way cooler than Sigmar, I understand the need to streamline the game but they didn't have to have such gay armies. The Empire was so cool.

>> No.53149506

just do what the dark eldar do make them in lab tanks mass produce and no women needed

>> No.53149521

Good one Bobby. Go play AoS you'd fucking love it.

If you released all the codexes at once that wouldn't be an issue. Like Infinity does.

If 1d4chan unpaid acoustics can find rules abuses then why can't paid GW play testers and rules writers?

It's retarded in 2 ways.

1. It's GW admitting that they're fucking idiots and can't balance their codexes internally.. Instead of saying "there won't be any death stars because we are going to balance our codexes" they've said "we don't trust our faggot writers (I.e ourselves) so we made a rule making it impossible. That's good enough right?"

If the new codexes are supposed to be balanced and play tested why the fuck do you even need this rule? It doesn't make any sense. They're just admitting they can't Codex balance.

2. It's change for the sake of change. It will play out exactly like 7th edition characters because you will have the character hug a unit but he won't be in it technically.

The meaning of the change pisses me off more than what the change will mean on the table. I play Tyranids, I don't fucking care for my selfish reasons.

>> No.53149526

women can have multiple children. In a society that focuses around making more soldiers i'd imagine they have quite a few.

>> No.53149527

Third world country. Well not really just the non shithole country in SA.

No longer teaching, private sector doing basic excel sheets pay way more and there is less need to worry about regressive logic

>> No.53149533

I don't see why they didn't just make new rules, rebrand it and everything, but keep the existing lore? I mean it's not like anyone plays aos for the shitty lore or anything.

>> No.53149534

Ah, the Krieg method.

>> No.53149535

When you get to that stage you'd just make males or some combat mutants.

>> No.53149546

The Imperium will collapse one way or another long before it ever runs out of soldiers.

Also see >>53149387 for general explanation, or >>53149392 for 40k explanation

>> No.53149547

We know that the battlefield roles are basically the same, except transports and flyers and now their own categories.

We know that there are some FOCs which look a lot like the old CAD only at different scales. At least one which requires you to take elite, fast attack and heavy support choices.

The benefit of being in a detachment seems to be that you get more command points for 'balanced' detachments with a mixture of battlefield roles. What command points do is still somewhat of a mystery. All we can say for certain is that you are limited to using one per phase.

>> No.53149551

I made a house rule for a special character I'm working on converting. Does this seem OP? I'm not great at balance.

>> No.53149554

I play Tyranids. I didn't use death stars. I owned one FHT. No crones.

I'm merely pointing out its shit.


Let me shed a tear.

>> No.53149555

Thin your paints.
That face is good, though.

>> No.53149557

But anon, 1d4chan isn't able to find a rule abuse unless it's at least 1-2 editions out of date.

>> No.53149564

Oh shit, we need an orks snipers!

>> No.53149566

Whats the best bit sellers anyways? For 40k, Fantasy, Sigmar etc.?

>> No.53149569

>Imperium does stupid, non-optimal shit

Shocking. Next you'll be telling me that simply drowning the enemy in your men's corpses isn't an effective war strategy.

>> No.53149577

Might as well give her a 1+ rerollable save and 25 attacks on the charge, it'll all have to be redone in a month anyway

>> No.53149581

>Leman Russ S8, 3+, 12 wounds

Just watch: they'll make the fucking riptide even harder to kill than that just to spite the guard. Don't ask me if it'll have more wounds, better armor save, or higher toughness, but mark my words it'll be statistically more difficult to kill a riptide than a Leman Russ. And I will be salty about it FOREVER!

>> No.53149590

yes best method more soldiers

exactly like space marines
how would that even work

>> No.53149593

Being this buttdestroyed over no characters in squads.

>> No.53149596

>If you released all the codexes at once that wouldn't be an issue. Like Infinity does.
And what do they do when they release a new unit? Or when someone manages to find an exploit? Unpublish all your content and start again? Do you have any idea how game design works, like at all?

They're making a concerted effort to remove rules that have caused problems AND they are trying to rebalance all of the existing units. If anything, 8th is the edition where they finally start giving a shit about gameplay again.

>I don't like change
Oh, so you're just a silly billy.

>> No.53149598

>women can have multiple children.

Exactly, so sending them to die is wasteful.
If a woman has two sons she's more valuable creating two sons than getting sent to die.

>The Imperium will collapse

I don't care. I'm challenging the notion that it's idiotic not to use female soldiers in times of sustained war.

>> No.53149599

>Bolt-action anything

>> No.53149600

>it'll all have to be redone in a month anyway
Yeah, I know. But those rules aren't out yet.
What about it is OP exactly?

>> No.53149602

Hey man I wrote the Darkstrider on the Tau S10 Turret would ID Dreadknights within the first month.

But the rules writers didn't.

Cruddance, the father of your leaf blower meta, is a leading man so you guard babies are safe.

>> No.53149606

Fulgrim and EC when

>> No.53149612

Ask the Celestial Lions

>> No.53149616

So, long story short, you hate it just because you don't like change

>> No.53149618

In 8th you can actually fix bayonets against tanks though, so that's no longer just a meme

>> No.53149619


>you are limited to using one per phase.

Like those strategic objectives or abilities that show up in Apocalypse?

>> No.53149625

>stelfy kill

top kek

>> No.53149628

>how would that even work
They believe - they hit da target!
or even better - grot snipers!

>> No.53149629

>how would that even work

Ork sniper rifles are belt-fed. And fire really big bullets, thus making it harder to miss.

>> No.53149630


>how would that even work

Probably some Grot or Gretchin contraption.

>> No.53149637

What I am most excited for regarding 8th is the eventual pack of sad grognards creating a 7th edition general after the books drop.

>> No.53149639

Why not send them? In the year long if not more trips to the battlefield.
You can make more soldier while traveling to the battlefield.

This are 40k ships there is enough space to have the entire earth population on them. (Well not sure if all but maybe all asia? )

>> No.53149642

Nothing that stands out, I was just being facetious.

>> No.53149643

What happened to expecting excellence and good work? Are we supposed to expect mediocrity and clap and bark like a seal when they write a rule that prevents them from being too mediocre?

If you did your damn job right you wouldn't have to unpublish anything because you did it right in the first place.

>> No.53149646

Is be okay with that just so long as the Riptide costs more points to bring to the fight.

>> No.53149660

To be fair, infantry swarming over a tank has historically done terrible things to the crew's life expectancy.

>> No.53149663

Is anyone here who plays 7th actually not planning on playing 8th?

>> No.53149668

>Why not send them? In the year long if not more trips to the battlefield.
>You can make more soldier while traveling to the battlefield.

Because that's still limiting their output capacity. A year will give you a baby. That's not enough for population replacement.

>This are 40k ships there is enough space to have the entire earth population on them.

40k ships are only a few kilometres long.

>> No.53149670

I hope nids get good rules
>Inb4 muh Cruddace

>> No.53149680

Then you make a wargame and write perfect rules. Cause people are amazing at doing stuff perfectly without even the slight chance of error or room for misinterpretation.

>> No.53149681

soon I hope my brother soon we will have our daddy back

grots might work>>53149630

>> No.53149682

Oh, ok. Fuck you then.
Anyway I removed relentless and the stubborn AoE effect. The idea is that she's good when surrounded with friendly troops, but not great on her own.

>> No.53149685

A few butthurt faggots probably, but so far it's looking good compared to the shitshow of 7e.

>> No.53149698

They won't. Cruddance has shown his contempt for 2 editions and the battle shock changes prove he still hates us Nids.

>> No.53149701

>leaf blower meta
What does this even mean? I know it has something to do with chimeras but goddamn if I've ever seen them be more than moderately effective

>> No.53149705

An Eldar player at my shop with a bunch of grey jetbikes says he will still play 7th, the man is a walking stereotype

>> No.53149730

Be realistic anon. Do you really expect a company, ANY company, to be able to put out a perfect game day one?

Deathstars are bad, and they removed Deathstars at the root rather than trimming them away individually. GW has done a lot of shitty things in the past, but this is not one of them.

>> No.53149731

Oh I see you don't understand 40k

If you want to send women as baby factories mid transit you do it!

But mug 21 century logic. It stays in the past! You nimrods

>> No.53149737

>all this butthurt

>> No.53149740

I bet he gets asschapped when the dice don't play ball.

>> No.53149751

Every edition there will always be a legion of grey-haired neckbeards who swear up and down that they'll never move on to the next edition. And they'll talk or write for hours on end about everything they hate about the new edition.

Then, eventually, they switch.

>> No.53149753

Don't speak of the devil, please.

>> No.53149772

>you only won because this is my fun list, if I bring my forge world and jetbike list it wouldn't be any fun for me because you'd forfeit

>> No.53149778

I got a special folder for this.

>> No.53149780


You don't have to write perfect rules to prevent game breaking play.They just have to be solid enough that something game breaking doesn't happen.

Pay me as a rules writer and I will because I'm not mediocre.

>do you expect any company to be decent?

I could have purchased a cheaper Rollex watch with the amount my group has spent on 40k. I expect that watch to work and it does.

Why can't I expect excellence (not perfection) from GW? They certainly charge enough for it.

>> No.53149782

40k ships aren't nearly that big. And even if they were, growing humans on them would be a logistical pain in the arse. That's what hive worlds are for.

It's not like the male/female ratio matters much, as only a very small proportion of the population ends up in the Guard.

>> No.53149784

The one guy in my local group who seems to be quitting is the one guy I cannot fucking stand. To say he is an obnoxious fatass neckbeard WAAC piece of shit is an understatement.

I welcome 8th with open arms.

>> No.53149793

When they can't find games to play their WAAC faggotry they'll hop over. Like clock work, also they'll bitch for like a year after everytime their loosing about how "7th was better"

>> No.53149794

So what new form of weaponised autism has been released by Warhammer Community today?

>> No.53149804


I am expecting excellence, which is why I am pleased they dealt with the death star problem

>> No.53149805

Admission from GW they can't write balanced codexes.

>> No.53149808

8th edition doomsaying

>> No.53149815

>1. It's GW admitting that they're fucking idiots and can't balance their codexes internally.. Instead of saying "there won't be any death stars because we are going to balance our codexes" they've said "we don't trust our faggot writers (I.e ourselves) so we made a rule making it impossible. That's good enough right?"

I actually think that's a good thing. They realise that there will always be stupid people on a team that large and put a system in place to limit the damage. This way they only need to be smart once, instead of being smart every time.

>> No.53149816


I known that since Chaos 3.5

>> No.53149819

This is perfect

>> No.53149822

Anyone else legit sad that Celestine's THICCness will never be yours?

>> No.53149825

>Oh I see you don't understand 40k

Again, I don't care. I'm not making a point about 40k, I'm saying that it's not idiotic to keep your women from fighting in long periods of sustained warfare, it's infact the opposite.

A women can easily put out 10+ children in her life. About half of those would be boys who can be sent to fight.
Those five boys will be more useful than she would be, and that's discounting the value her daughter could bring.

You send women to fight only when you've essentially given up on the future of your people.

>> No.53149835

The GWs site or Us?

>> No.53149844

>Why can't I expect excellence (not perfection) from GW? They certainly charge enough for it.
Because your idea of what excellence is is retarded. Especially if you want to insist the new Character rules aren't an improvement from 7th.

>but balanced codex
irrelevant. Now we know that even if the codexes aren't balanced Deathstars probably won't be an issue.

>> No.53149846

It's cop-out to writing balanced codexes

Just fire (or send them to the Lore Dept) dumb shits and have their codexes be peer reviewed. I'm sure there's some who aren't shit enough they can peer review their shit.

>> No.53149864

please delet this

>> No.53149867

Not only her THICCness...

>> No.53149869

Why do our job?! When we can just have an intern write the next thing for free!

>> No.53149877


Well, at least 8th brings the Heirodules back to the fore front as a viable threat, rather than something laughable compared to what the Imperium, Orks, Eldar, Tau and Chaos could bring to the table.

>> No.53149880

>A women can easily put out 10+ children in her life
Over double that. look up Hutterite fertility rates to see what a community can do when they try to maximize the number of children per female.

>> No.53149881

When your population is 999999999999999 quadrillion, sending a few million women to die does not make any difference.

>> No.53149885

hot we need more hot stronk grills

>> No.53149896

Sending 0.1% of your butchest women into combat hardly constitutes giving up on the future of your people. It would be more idiotic for the Imperium to try and change any planet whose culture encouraged that sort of thing.

>> No.53149903

Out-of-the-loop 6th ed player here, looking to start a gue'vesa custom Ig list for 7th/8th ed. I want to take an allied detachment of deserter power armor, but I also want an excuse to get a vindicare in there somewhere. Am I forced to take Grey Knights? Or can other imperium armies get assassins in 7th?

>> No.53149905

That is Horatio, he is a man.
Although there some female Horatio.

>> No.53149912

New bread soon

>> No.53149922

I never said 7th better. I judge 8th edition by itself and not compared to 7th.

If it's an improvement from 7th then it is simply an improvement from grand incompetency and extended mediocrity.

The rest of your post was just a dank sick burn but actually said nothing at all.

Bruh 8th edition is releasing slowly so we have no idea how any of the allies work right now.

Best wait.

>> No.53149927

Don't bother 8th is coming out soon, wait till then to see if youmre able to take assassins

>> No.53149936

just send the barren ones. or better yet, be a scifi setting, and have access to cloning technology or artificial wombs.

>> No.53149940

Why send women at all then?

Again the point is it's not idiotic to not send women to get shot. There's usually always something better to do with them.

>> No.53149946

anon I actually have no idea what you are talking about enlighten me on this meme

>> No.53149950

>If it's an improvement from 7th then it is simply an improvement from grand incompetency and extended mediocrity.

You're angry about improvement?

>> No.53149954

All imperial armies can take assassins in 7e, probably be the same in 8e.

>> No.53149963

I'd unmastercraft her pistol. Otherwise it's okay. (At a glance)

>> No.53149969

Take it, boy

>> No.53149972

If my dog went from shitting on my bed to my carpet I guess I'd have something to be grateful for.

However the dog is still shitting up the place.

>> No.53149973

Because you send the barren ones, the life sentence criminals and the insane.

>> No.53149976

>What are opus dei.
I've seen families with 30+ kids from the same mother.

You seem to think that entire planets are made into regiments is the norm. Not even Cadia did that.

It is a % of the population that goes Guard, if part of that % are women who fucking cares, they will die just as good against super human, Xenos, demons other humans.

>> No.53149982

The answer to both is: the Imperium does not control the recruitment process, the planetary governments do according to local customs and circumstances.

>> No.53149983

I keep thinking she has a pencil mustache

>> No.53149985

Baby steps anon.

Rome wasn't built in a day.


>> No.53149987

No, but celestine technically is.

>> No.53149990

I can't believe there are retards still doubting 8e will be better than the shitshow that's been sixth and seventh ed. I am sooooo fugging ready for 8e to start

>> No.53150005

So what I'll have to wait until 10th edition?

Writing good rules isn't a big deal, only GW makes it out to be.

>> No.53150007

Do you not understand what would happen to an exponentially increasing population in pretty much any scenario? Let's say we go into this weird baby factory scenario of yours, assuming that half the population doesn't just rebel when you try to implement it and cause a civil war, what happens when the population increases tenfold in two generations? Your entire civilisation has an unsolvable logistics crisis, that's what. I hope you like famine.

>> No.53150009

That makes sense, probably best to do it locally anyway. It'd be more costly, even in the long run, to completely dismantle the culture of a planet just to get a few less women shot in battle.

>> No.53150012

On a Hive planet, where single hive cities contain billions upon billions of people, and starvation is a daily issue, you could send a Billion women offworld to die in some random war and actually improve the living conditions of those left over, since things won't be quite as crowded and the population will probably bounce back by the time the next tithe rolls around anyway.

>> No.53150016

>pencil mustache

>> No.53150029

praise slaanesh

>> No.53150030

I don't know how improving on a shit show of 2 editions is an accomplishment.

How about expecting a solid edition? Forget 7th edition, who cares, it's gone.

>> No.53150042 [SPOILER] 

She looks like Horatio, the most beautiful thing in the universe.

Or the newer version

>> No.53150044

>tfw no canoness domme gf

>> No.53150060

All success here is measured relatively. Would you tell your kid that their writing assignment for school was shit because he isn't the next Tolstoy?

Manage your expectations. If you think GW is shit, like we do, then you'll be excited to see what they've done. If you think GW is great, then you'll be disappointed.

>> No.53150065

Assassin meta to take out characters quickly could be interesting at least

>> No.53150076

During the trump election campaign people on /pol/ were making 40k Memes depicting him as the emperor and right wingers as imperials. You can expect /pol/ to be popping up here a lot more often because of this

>> No.53150080

Is 8e the Vindicare Assassin edition?

>> No.53150084

Why not ?

>There's usually always something better to do with them.
Ha, I see.
It's because pic related is anon's fantasy, since anon is obviously a dirty, heretical, slaaneshi worshipper, who prefers to satiate his lewd appetites by using consensual sex for the sake of procreation as an excuse, instead of letting women fight against the xenos and the traitors.

You silly boy. <3

>> No.53150090

What about Land Speeder/Vyper/Deffkopta headhunting meta ?

>> No.53150103

>dark lipstick with white hair

>> No.53150116

Ork player here.

It cant possibly be worse

>> No.53150117

God fucking damn I hate oldfucks, literally the only people I see REEEing about 8e are 40+

>> No.53150120

Look up the USS-Acadia... there's a lot going on when military women aren't getting shot at, even on wartime footimg

>> No.53150126

Until the rules are in my had and I'm actually playing them I expect nothing.

>> No.53150127

>implying anyone but the people who thought AoS was bad would hang themselves

You were told for months on end that no one cared about your whiny bullshit. And now that the rules are dropping people mostly love them, so fucking get rekt grognard

>> No.53150128

>Commissar is best kind of girl

>> No.53150134

oh ok I like thier motives

can you just kill me anon

>> No.53150140


He hasn't been playing for more than 2 decades! Everyone point at him and laugh!

>> No.53150148


>> No.53150152

How bad are the new character rules for orks? Seems like painboys are basically just sniper-bait now and only mega-armour warbosses are likely to be worth taking.

Also, enemy characters are going to be basically immune to our shooting.

Only ray of hope is that boss nobz might be able to assassinate characters in close combat again.

>> No.53150168

Probably of the people I see excited for 8th are older players.

>> No.53150170

Pretty much exactly this, the grognards of my FLGS are going to be the ones actively trying to kill local play

>> No.53150180

Put them in trukks? Seems like a reasonable points cost solution.

>> No.53150183

Russia really triggers me. Not because they are Russian but every fucking English speaking forum, media, game, everyone makes an effort to use English to communicate and this mother fuckers go to the SA servers and speak fucking Russian! At least use Spanish or Portuguese there.

That was my rant carry on

>> No.53150184

>have buddy that I frequently play against
>demolish him all the time
>feel bad
>try to set up city terrain to give his mobile army the advantage
>he still gets rekt

>> No.53150187

Don't equate GW to a child, grown men earn livings there.

I expect solid and excellence (not perfection) because they've "listened to the community" and its "the best edition ever" and "New Games Workshop©®™"

They've sold me on it, now I expect it.

>> No.53150195

Here's hoping, maybe we'll finally get models for the rest of the assassin temples.

I'd much prefer fast hit and runs and counter traps to the current setup, it would be a lot more fun. Use Creed to bait in your opponents character hunters but whoops looks like there was actually a Warhound hiding behind him all along.

>> No.53150208

I can see it happening, but it'll be lot more work and maneuvering than just sniping a special snowflake

>> No.53150213

>They've sold me on it
There was your mistake.

>> No.53150214

Same boat I expect good enough. Not mediocre and mostly working edition like we had since 5th.

>> No.53150221

Put them in the middle of an ork unit and keep moving them so that independently from how many casualties you get there is always one of those orks between any enemy and the painboy?

>> No.53150226

The crows will always be attracted to the big shiny models no matter the rules. To the AoS crow, rules are secondary to model size.

>> No.53150235

Well done, you're even more gullible than most of /tg/.

>> No.53150244

Yeah but /pol/ has been continuously failing to get a foodhold on /tg/. They make themselves too obvious, and sperg on about shit that we generally don't give a fuck about, or are too smart to fall for.

Now /k/... /k/ is a real mess. But those of us who actually care about freedom won't leave without a fight.

>> No.53150246

Focus on image, forget about words.
I just save a cool picture for you.

>> No.53150249

>>T8 W12

how do you know dis?

>> No.53150251

Quick, someone find a Russian, this needs translating!

>> No.53150252

You'd have lost 2 leman russes for that before.

>> No.53150265

The ones who held expectations and bitched and whined were the ones who got GW to write 8th in this manner of change.

Not you guys who sat complacent.

>> No.53150269

oh god yes

>> No.53150276


You send women to fight when circumstances demand it. Those hypothetical babies won't amount to much when the planet is overrun and its population slaughtered to the last woman and child.

>> No.53150281

Read the faction focus article about Imperial Guard on the GW commie website.

>> No.53150292

They made an army focus article about the Imperial Guard with actual informations in it

>> No.53150295

fresh baked bread >>53150274

>> No.53150301

She's got some pretty extreme kinks tho

>> No.53150302

I think the character rules work out fine for horde armies, actually. I mean, consider that a Painboy will probably have his feel no pain bubble granted to any Ork units in a radius, so he can affect multiple squads, and in general you can easily afford 30 boys to blob around any given character to ensure that a deep-striking unit won't pop up behind them.

Compare that to say, marines, where the biggest unit they can get is gonna be 10 guys, and it'll be hard to get a proper bodyguard going without resorting to multiple expensive squads.

The tradeoff is that Orks and Tyranids probably won't have any snipers to work with, but they said assaults bypass the character restriction anyway, so when it comes to a fight you can just have the entire mob get them at once.

>> No.53150306

You two retards talk as if the people from /pol/ don't also play the game and don't also keep up with news and paint and assemble models like the rest of us.

>> No.53150320

Faith in the Emperor is not a "kink" anon.

>> No.53150322

Don't worry, I can approximate :
'Why the hell did they sent us on this planet instead of the talarn roughraiders ?"
"I don't know, ma'm"
"Don't speak, conscript. Just... keep on... fanning"

>> No.53150329


Anyone with a full head of gray hair can just be ignored out of hand

>> No.53150330

Someone should shop Ilsa into a lady commissar

>> No.53150332

Woman are used in the imperial guard because the average trooper doesn't have to carry jack shit, lasrifle and more ammo than you ever need weighs nothing. Not to mention lasrifles don't have kick.

>> No.53150333

y tho

>> No.53150338

>Compare that to say, marines, where the biggest unit they can get is gonna be 10 guys
Well, at least now I'll have an additional reason to play Blood Claws to max capacity, hoping they're actually made good

>> No.53150341

>Compare that to say, marines, where the biggest unit they can get is gonna be 10 guys
Crying templars.jpg

>> No.53150346

>butt groping
>implied sexualisation
>dick sucking lips
oh boy

>> No.53150347

this is a bad thing?

>> No.53150385

IS sigmar okay with straight shota?

>> No.53150392

>What the hell sent us to this planet, not the Tallarn Desert Raider?
>I don't know, m'am
>Shut up, just keep on waving

>> No.53150396

Exceptions exist, obviously, but it's still going to cost marines a lot more to get a huge mob of guys for their characters one way or another. Can't just hide a librarian in a small biker squad and have him be pretty safe, since you'll probably leave an angle open where he can get shot.

>> No.53150404

I am RGG and I am in fact painting ratlings as we speak. I got a 6 pack for 20 at my local over a year ago and they've been sitting primed since.

>> No.53150427

he's got more important things to worry about

>> No.53150449

You just need 4 men to hide a character, think the number 5 on a dice, hell you could do it with 3 if you're good, and without templates this isn't just invinting templates. A 10 man squad should be fine.

>> No.53150455

Thanks lads

>> No.53150478

It will depend on the army you'll be playing against.
You'll have to consider the speed of the enemy units and see if they'll be able to get in a zone where they can shoot at your characters

It's an additional layer of army positioning that many people said was lost when they removed templates and blasts

>> No.53150496 [SPOILER] 


>> No.53150516

I'd allow it.

>> No.53150533

>play a non-cult CSM army
>get nothing but boring vanilla
>cults get a whole book
>new units and rules
>also primarch
>non-cult get nothing

>> No.53150572

Yea. I remember when it took infinity bolters to kill a russ from the front

>> No.53150582

cause you don't have flavour so you don't get a book that's what vanilla is

>> No.53150598

Can anyone confirm if any of the megas have "Invasion Swarms: Tyranids Painting Guide"? I can't seem to see it on there.

>> No.53150620


>> No.53150621

It just needed the meltagun that was dropped first turn by a drop pod

>> No.53150642

>You send women to fight when circumstances demand it. Those hypothetical babies won't amount to much when the planet is overrun and its population slaughtered to the last woman and child.
More importantly, the Imperium has SO MANY people that it doesn't need to do something as retarded as require women to serve as little more than baby factories.

>> No.53150709

Cannoness 65pts
Not!SheildEternal 50pts (6+ fnp from it 55)
Not!Blade of Conquest 25
Relentless with onlt an assault one weapon! why
MC bolt pistol 5pts

Stubborn/Crusader/Rage nonsense: because set loadout and bs4

Seems okay, if anything underpowered because a s4 powersword isn't all that impressive, Blade of Conquest isn't worth 25pts.

>> No.53150732

>More importantly, the Imperium has SO MANY people that it doesn't need to do something as retarded as require women to serve in the military

>> No.53150779

That would be one situation were you may feel the need to conscript everyone. But at that point your fucked, and we're not talking about constant war anymore, but a war reaching it's conclusion.

>> No.53150812

>what you think women look like

>> No.53150815

>from the front


>> No.53150849

It's true that most women are very small and physically unimpressive, and that's compared to me who is not very tall or physically impressive.

>> No.53150852

>The Imperium
>Not being retarded

>> No.53150893

Choosing between Grey Knights and Blood Angels for 8th Edition, which would you pick and why?

>> No.53150917

so? can they pull a trigger? That's about the only pre-requisite for joining the rank and file of the imperial guard

>> No.53150944

Neither because Matt Ward is back and I expect him to start ruining them both again very soon.

>> No.53150946

I think people vastly underestimate women i'm sure there are more than a few not useless women in the world

also they would be trained and outfit to fight as well as any other gaurdsmen

>> No.53150951

Wait and see for their army focus articles, at least
If they are like the Imperial Guard one from today they could give you a further inside that can help you decide

Also it depends on what you want if they are actually both good armies. We'll have to wait at the very least until the release of 8th edition, and most likely a few weeks more to actually now if they are good
Grey Knights are really elite with a ton of psykers, without a focus (or, at least, not one defined by their fluff) toward cc or shooting, while the Blood Angels live for the fast and hard assault

>> No.53151020

>I think people vastly underestimate women

I don't. Women can be great and do great things. Doesn't mean that even a slob like me could easily kick 99% of their asses.

>i'm sure there are more than a few not useless women in the world

Use isn't all about proficiency in fighting though.

>> No.53151048

>Doesn't mean that even a slob like me could easily kick 99% of their asses.
Not if they had a gun you couldn't

>> No.53151058

nobody cares about your opinions on women faggot this is a 40k thread where is my blood

>> No.53151082

>Doesn't mean that even a slob like me could easily kick 99% of their asses
Back to the basement with you

>> No.53151088

>MC bolt pistol 5pts

MC is 10pts in 7e.
But again overall balanced.

>> No.53151104

It's not like guardsmen go out with only a gun in hand. Think about the weight of any standard kit to go with it. Long distance travel with said equipment. Granted I bet not even 95% of the men on this board could put up with it either.

>> No.53151143

Depends on the conditions.
I'm pretty sure if could wrestle it away if I get the drop on them.

Is merely acknowledging biology wrong?

>> No.53151201

>standard kit to go with it.
Two batteries and a flask? Dude, imperial guardsmen are not US marines. In the eyes of their commanders they're just walking lasguns. They sacrifice them by the millions to gain an inch of territory. They don't get a "kit", they get a gun and they get told which direction to go die in.

We're not talking about you sneaking up on them, which you couldn't because they'd hear the fucking cheetos bag crinkling in your pocket, we're talking about a gunline.

>> No.53151223

i'm pretty sure you could not fight a girl who frequents the gym and works out and being a breeding machine isn't the only thing

girls aren't all weak anon some work out and can become some impressive people not like the useless ones who sit around looking for a strong male to "protect them"

>> No.53151261

>I'm pretty sure if could wrestle it away if I get the drop on them.

Unless they're standing still they'll hear your wheezing as you try to walk after them.

>> No.53151326

>i'm pretty sure you could not fight a girl who frequents the gym and works out
>girls aren't all weak anon some work out

I'm pretty sure that I could. I know a couple of fitness freaks who go to the gym everyday. I'm still bigger and stronger than either of them.

>being a breeding machine isn't the only thing

Never said it was.

>> No.53151381

And I'm sure that if you and those girls were handed a gun and told to march somewhere, they'd get there first.

>> No.53151384

>im biga and stronga girls are weak flowers and im the strong man who will take care of them since they can't fight at all

>> No.53151431

Not in my experience.

I am bigger and stronger. That's my point, most men are.

>> No.53151462

>girls are weak and can't do shit I must protect them
anon please

>> No.53151502

I don't really feel the need to protect any girls though. I can guarantee you I wouldn't step in to break up a fight or anything like that.

It's simply true that most men are bigger and stronger than most women.

>> No.53151505

Another event dubbed a "Battle of the Sexes" took place during the 1998 Australian Open[32] between Karsten Braasch and the Williams sisters. Venus and Serena Williams, aged 17 and 16 respectively, had claimed that they could beat any male player ranked outside the world's top 200, so Braasch, then ranked 203rd, challenged them both. Braasch was described by one journalist as "a man whose training regime centered around a pack of cigarettes and more than a couple bottles of ice cold lager".[33][34] The matches took place on court number 12 in Melbourne Park,[35] after Braasch had finished a round of golf and two beers. He first took on Serena and after leading 5–0, beat her 6–1. Venus then walked on court and again Braasch was victorious, this time winning 6–2.[36] Braasch said afterwards, "500 and above, no chance". He added that he had played like someone ranked 600th in order to keep the game "fun".[37] Braasch said the big difference was that men can chase down shots much easier, and that men put spin on the ball that the women can't handle. The Williams sisters adjusted their claim to beating men outside the top 350.

>> No.53151507

You admitted to being a 'slob' who probably never exercises and is overweight.

And you think that somehow, you're magically going to just beat out some chicks who actually do any level of cardio?

I'm sure neither of you are up to any military standard, but I would bet more on the person that doesn't get winded after a flight of stairs.

>> No.53151515

Your experience of walking the 50 feet between your local games workshop and the taco bell across the street?

>> No.53151556

nah not by much I could find a girl stronger than me

whats up with guys needing to feel sooo much stronger then girls testosterone is high as hell or something

>> No.53151598

>You admitted to being a 'slob' who probably never exercises and is overweight.

I would classify myself as a slob, but I'm not overweight and I do like to go for long walks and the occasional run.

>And you think that somehow, you're magically going to just beat out some chicks who actually do any level of cardio?

I'm sure I could. Cardio won't make up for the fact I've got strength and reach.

>Your experience of walking the 50 feet between your local games workshop and the taco bell across the street?


>nah not by much I could find a girl stronger than me

No offence, but you must be pretty weak.

>> No.53151652

>aged 17 and 16 respectively
beating up teenagers, lolz

>> No.53151669

>Cardio won't make up for the fact I've got strength and reach.

Which doesn't matter for fuck all in >>53151381

A gun isn't that heavy, especially if it was a Lasgun and you don't have to carry that much extra ammo

A fist-fight? Sure, you'll probably win against a girl who just lifts weights unless she actually knows a martial art. But that isn't a major factor for Guardsmen

>> No.53151710

>I'm a slob and even I could beat up these girls who go to the gym!
>Yeah, they're both teenagers
>Yeah, I go hiking a lot

So by 'slob' you just meant that you don't bathe or something?

Do you also think those two girls would be unable to beat an obese man or a manlet in any sort of physical contest?

>> No.53151713

not really this must be a troll or you have way to much testosterone and the delusion that all women are these weak chickens

>i'm a bad example of strength since I purposely prefer being weak and thin

I want a girl who can fuck me up in martial arts
>why live

>> No.53151720

please for the love of god, stop typing and go out and get a life. it's the rampant amount of fucktards like you that lead to the rampant amount of fucktard SJW's and so called "feminists" on the other side yelling about fucktards like you.

>> No.53151833

I don't get how some people get this idea in mind that since women are generally weaker than men on average, that somehow translates to the upper percentage of women is still weaker than the lower percentage of men in all physical areas.

>> No.53151835

>A fist-fight? Sure

Well that's what I'm talking about. Snakes have managed to shoot men. This particular thread of conversation is about women being small and physically unimpressive.

That said I very much believe that given my advantage of size and strength I could wrestkle a gun away from most women given the opportunity.

>So by 'slob' you just meant that you don't bathe or something?

No, though I rarely bother shaving and mostly eat shitty food. Also I didn't mention anything about teenagers.

>Do you also think those two girls would be unable to beat an obese man or a manlet in any sort of physical contest?

It honestly depends. Most manlets I know would still have a strength advantage by my reckoning. I know manlets who are stronger than me.
As for obese, I find obese people can be quite tough. Obviously there's a big difference between so fat you can't move and the big fellow they pay to stand outside the bar.

>you have way to much testosterone

No, as I say, I'm average at best.

>all women are these weak chickens

I didn't say all. Just the vast majority.

>please for the love of god, stop typing and go out and get a life.

I do have a life. Thanks to that I interact with lots of women, and I can't think of one who could beat me in a fight.

>it's the rampant amount of fucktards like you that lead to the rampant amount of fucktard SJW's and so called "feminists" on the other side yelling about fucktards like you.

I can't see why I'd cause a feminist any grief. It's not like I go out and beat up women, or run an exclusive dojo that won't accept women on account of their weakness.

>> No.53151843

it's easy to see who here has read Guard fluff and who hasn't. some people seem to have some kind of misunderstanding that Imperial Guards are given zero training and only lasgun with couple of power packs when they usually(<important word here) get given all kinds of equipment.

>> No.53151904

>That said I very much believe that given my advantage of size and strength I could wrestkle a gun away from most women given the opportunity.

Given your advantage of size I would expect that to go with you getting shot. Being large tends to not be conducive to sneaking up on people or avoiding bullets.

But of course, this is all stemming from the idea that it's somehow a huge waste to give a woman a lasgun and draft her into the guard, when all she has to do is walk for a few hours, fire a dozen shots, and then die with the 49 other people she was sent there with.

>> No.53151942

agreed anon my strong gf dommy is out there and if you are into that then you will find her as well

im saying not all girls are weak nothings only strong girls should be happy

>> No.53151978

>But of course, this is all stemming from the idea that it's somehow a huge waste to give a woman a lasgun and draft her into the guard

Well it is. The original point was that it was stupid not to send women in when constantly at war.
I said it was stupid to send women in when constantly at war.
Constant war requires constant soldiers and women can provide more soldiers by giving birth than by getting shot.

>im saying not all girls are weak nothings

Neither I am, just that I could probably beat up 99% while not being very impressive myself.

>> No.53152040

>just that I could probably beat up 99% while not being very impressive myself

Alright, glad we sorted that out. All women are nothing but breeding factories compared to your mediocre fitness.

>> No.53152050

and i'm saying you are fucking wrong

>> No.53152107

Could y'all maybe stop giving this guy (you)s? There's two options here, either he's an extremely successful troll or he believes what he's saying and has thus ascended to his true title of Autismus Maximus, Lord of the Downies. Neither scenario makes you look good for responding.

>> No.53152118

Well I'm not.

>> No.53152180

Why would acknowledging that I am bigger and stronger than most women and so able to beat them up make me a retard?
It's just fact.

Everyday when i worked in a shop I'd have women coming over to get help for getting something off the top shelf, either because they were too short or too weak or both, to get it themselves.

>> No.53152273

finally got around the watching the new trailer

pretty hyped now desu

>> No.53152320

at this point I would submit this to the next banner contest but we all know pass users are fagets and won't vote for it

>> No.53152342

>buff to abbadon
>buff to berzerkers
yes please

>> No.53152350

I'm honoured, thanks friendo

>> No.53152357

Now look at the Imperial Guard one and see how an actual army focus article should be don

>> No.53152365

>No new models though

>> No.53152397

How do they justify the landraider having "dozens if wounds" while the leman russ has 12?

>> No.53152400

I want to see the Eldar one. Wonder if they'll mention WKs or scatbikes?

>> No.53152441

The Land Raider is supposed to be a super tough transport of the semi-divine superhuman protectors of Mankind.

The Leman Russ is supposed to be an okay tank, mass produced for use in the shitter hordes.

>> No.53152477

>How do they justify the landraider having "dozens if wounds"
You want to find a quote for that?

Its the Knight that has "dozens" of wounds.
The morkanaught has 18 wounds, the russ has 12.

A land raider will be t8-9 w12-16 sv2-3+ or something like that

>> No.53152506

Really unlikely
Those articles are made to hype the armies, having one say "now your army is on par with the others while earlier it was a constant rapetrain" isn't going to hype many people, except the ones that don't play that army
They are most likely going to talk about the units that are less used, like the War Walkers or the Banshees

>> No.53152618

Because the land raider already has better stats than the leman russ, being AV 14 all around with 4hps?
And that's ignoring the fluff side of it, where leman russes are reliable tanks whose armor is "not the most sophisticated but is practical and rugged, allowing it to weather the harshest environments or enemy fire" while the land raider is an ungodly moving fortress, whose armor is bonded in high pressure enviorments, making it able to resist even the mightiest of blows.

>> No.53152650


how would any armour be able to withstand monomolecular blades/shurikens? especially shit like "plasteel" or "ceramite"

>> No.53152679


Sure, but they would need to really tweak the point costs to valance it out.

>> No.53152682

Strong molecular bonding.

>> No.53152776

Monomolecular doesn't mean much given there's such a big disparity in terms of molecule size. From a molecule of helium to a big ass covalent networks visible to the naked eye.

It's just code name for "very sharp" and sharp stuff gets stopped and blunted all the time.

>> No.53152794

interesting, i had forgotten that shit like graphite was also a single molecule

wouldnt imagine a diamond sword would do very well against concrete

>> No.53153399

Are eldar covered in soul stones or do they just like big red rocks?

>> No.53153644

Thanks a lot anon, now I can't unsee it.

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