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Unban Moxen edition.


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

Thread Question: How is your day going Sheldon?

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Fuck sheldon. I hope the wotc mtgo banlist becomes the new standard

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Thank you anon for helping a lazy, phoneposting fuck out and making a new thread.

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Sol Ring should be banned, along with any cards with more than 5 CMC.

>> No.53139117

prossh deck, rate/suggestions please
no im not generate enough for food chain
boltwing marauder is on the short list
semi budget

>> No.53139120

Posting my deck in need of improvement again. I need help deciding what to cut, or if there's anything I'm missing that has to go in.


>> No.53139128

Grabbinh that prime spot early on in the thread for maximum attention chances!


Trying to tune this Atraxa deck into a more quirky and fun version. Alternatively increase overall consistency and direction of things.
Thought about going the Superfriends route, but too much of that is probably going to end up as a boring turtle deck.

Any suggestions for some silly cards that work with Atraxa and can abuse her effect? Already know of that Enchantment cycle exiling sometihng each turn at the cost of a Fading counter or something, though not too sure about them yet.

>> No.53139139

Gather the Townsfolk, Thatchers Revolt, Honor of the Pure.

>> No.53139172

I can see why Thatcher Revolt and Honor of the Pure are bad (the tokens go away and it only effects white creatures respectively) but is Gather the Townsfolk bad?

>> No.53139177

>Sol Ring gets banned
There will be alot of people who will get pissed and more than likely quit playing altogether, those who don't quit will just throw worn powerstone/thought vessel, bauble, and myriad landscape in every deck. If you literally can't deal with a simple mana rock your deck is fucking shit

>> No.53139182

imo GtT is only good in multiples, not so much as a singleton.

>> No.53139187

>upgrade my mizzix deck so its dumb durdley big stuff
>now its archenemy #1 in my playgroup because of my spell reanimation subtheme
Wat do /edhg/

>> No.53139199

>what is Tiny Leaders

>> No.53139201

Who poorfag mono green here?

>> No.53139203

>friend plays Xenagod
>he's a hobby Magic salesman, buys/sells for several thousand euros each month, gets all of our playgroup great deals all the time and is a nice guy
>we all want to keep playing EDH eith him
>he 'enforces' a mix of the regular and 1v1 banlist with some custom additions
>he's the only one in the group with an aggto "cheat everything out" deck
>nobody can use Sol Ring

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Alright /edhg/, if you were allowed to make a deck with any Planeswalker as the commander, who would you choose and why?

>> No.53139225

dack fayden. easily dack fayden.

>> No.53139226

so i can do my 2 island and any 2 land infinite combo

>> No.53139238

Some Jace, Mind Sculptor deck-stacking OTK mill bullshit, probably.

>> No.53139243

My man! That's what my first idea was

>> No.53139248

Sol Ring allows for T3 Xenagos though, so what you're bitching about?

>> No.53139250

Sarkhan Unbroken because T E M U R

>> No.53139260

All of the creatures that buff while attacking, like accorder paladin, riot ringleader, etc. Your creatures really need to be getting value because you will get fucked by wraths. I also feel that with creature based aggro decks, because of the prevalence of wraths and combos, there are really only two boardstates you can have: useless, or you win. You are going to be winning with your stuff that makes things really big, coat of arms, cathars crusade, beastmaster ascension, etc. You should also have eldrazi monument I think, and other ways to stop your stuff from dying. Also you should have more ramp, more card draw, and fewer lands

>> No.53139265

Bant Tamiyo so I can finally play non 60 bant

>> No.53139287

Unironically this >>53139250

>> No.53139315

That he's shitting out Eldrazi with haste left and right with a deck entirely built around cheating them in while simultaniously having the cards meant to accelerate other decks and fuck with such tactics banned when our remaining decks are slow stuff like Teysa sacrifice durdle, Nekuzar groupfuck, Angel tribal and Atraxa counter gimmicks.

>> No.53139319

If you literally can't deal with the second strongest mana acceleration in the game with no downside maybe you're playing a regular game of Magic and not Vintage.

>> No.53139346

Unraveler of secrets because im a combo nog and I dont want to play teferi. I just want to slam and jam that emblem every game.

>> No.53139348

Alright, I took out Riot Ringleader, Gahiji, Honored Crop-Captain, Wild Beastmaster, Hamlet Captain, and Hero of Oxid Ridge since all they do is buff during attacks. This frees up a lot of room, but what should I put in there as card draw/ramp/etc?

>> No.53139357

Sounds less like your playgroup needs sol ring and more like it needs control.

>> No.53139359

just mull to force of will. it's that easy.

>> No.53139364

Stop trying to play eternal formats if you dont like the fact they include cards from early magic history then. go play modern/standard edh if you hate sol ring so bad.

>> No.53139370

This, and I just got one too.

>> No.53139376

>second strongest
Nobody is willing to shill money for crypt except for people who like to blow loads of money on cardboard or know slant eyes to craft them, Mana Vault is arguably more worthy of a ban than sol ring but still has a drawback, or if you're playing blue just get Annul to deal with the ring

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How is this allowed?

>> No.53139555

It's funny, like "haha oops" funny.

>> No.53139610

For the same reason this is.

>> No.53139676

All of the on color signets and talismans are very good ramp and fixing. I would also recommend the 2 mana green ramp, like nature's lore and farseek. Those in particular get much better if you have any duals with basic types. As for card draw, green has some really good options for going wide, like shamanic revelation/collective unconscious, as well as just some good ones like harmonize, sylvan library, etc. Red gives you access to wheels, which are very good for you because you will likely empty your hand of cheap creatures, then draw a bunch more so you can flood the board. Good ones are wheel of fortune, magus of the wheel, reforge the soul, and maybe wheel of fate.

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hey /tg/ is Samut anything good or should it be avoided?

>> No.53139717

Its another keyword soup commander in perhaps the weakest 3 color combination. There isn't really anything interesting to do with her besides make a generic naya beatdown deck, and then there are better commanders for that. It would be nice if her ability was interesting, but I feel its just not impactful enough to matter.

>> No.53139722

Good card,

>> No.53139729

It's just dumb keyword salad. Is it good? Yes, in that it provides value. Is it in any way a fun interactive card? I suppose, with its T ability, it could be? Anima, Rith, or Marath are much more in keeping with the ideas behind EDH as Naya commanders.

>> No.53139732

>should it be avoided?

>> No.53139736


How's it look now?

>> No.53139764

Better I think, and I also think you can cut lands for spells. Your average cmc is only 3, plus you have some cheap ramp, so you could probably go down to 35 or 36 lands and make more room for cards you want.

>> No.53139787

There have been three or four threads now with anons asking for advice with Toshiro Umezawa. I'm always late to the discussion so I'll post it early in this thread.

Some tips I wish someone would have told me when build Toshi:
- It's tempting to make killspell.dec. Don't do it.
- Toshi is a lousy wincon. Even Hatred/Tainted Strike cheese won't get you far most games. Run some of the standard monoblack finishers or run an equipment voltron strat. I personally found equipment voltron to be lackluster as the primary focus of the deck since Toshi lacks evasion but it may work for you.
- Don't skimp on the ramp. You'll have a low CMC and it'll be tempting to cut some lands or artifact ramp for neat spells. Don't do it. Getting stuck on 4 or 5 lands with this deck is no bueno. You can't lean on Cabal Coffers and Crypt Ghast to dump your hand.

Here is my decklist if you want some ideas of what to do with it:


Browse the changelog for additional ideas. What didn't work for me may work for you so try new things. Any questions about specific cards or subthemes feel free to ask.

And the number one thing to remember with Toshi is to make sure you stick around for the long game. Toshi grinds out value better than most generals and that is what your gameplan should be first and foremost.

>> No.53139811

So I just got the Minds Vs. Might duel deck and I was thinking of building a Jhoire deck. Is she fun?

>> No.53139822


>> No.53139832

I'm sure she can be built to be super fun but most of the lists I've seen are obliterate into eldrazi Titan decks which are repetitive and obnoxious

>> No.53139836

Alright, I cut some lands but I've encountered a new problem. I now have 4 card slots open but no idea what I should put in there.

>> No.53139842

Legacy has Sol Ring Banned and it's Restricted in Vintage.

What exact Eternal formats were you talking about in plural?

>> No.53139848


>> No.53139871

Stop feeding the ban Sol Ring shitter. He can't convince his playgroup to house rule the big 3 rocks so he's shitposting here. Got BTFO last thread when someone gave him proof that few people cared for Sol Ring to be banned. He's sad and should be left to his own devices.

>> No.53139876

What's good removal in Naya?

>> No.53139896

Beast Within, Song of the Dryads, Chaos Warp, Vandalblast, Krosan Grip, Swords to Plowshares, Oblivion Ring

Off the top of my head. I think I'm forgetting some. I purposefully didn't list Path because the ramp can be relevant and shouldn't be in everyone's list.

>> No.53139908

swords to plowshares and path to exile are quite good. Beast within is very flexible. White has a ton more options for creature removal, and as for non-creature removal, hull beach, decimate return to dust are some good ones off the top of my head

>> No.53139919

Swords to Plowshares, Krosan Grip, Selesnya Charm, Aura Shards.

>> No.53139923

34 entire pages of comments of people wanting Sol Ring to be banned is hardly proof people don't want it banned retard.

>> No.53139953

I have Swords to Plowshares, Chaos Warp, Beast Within and Vandalblast.

Why are Beast Within and Chaos Warp so good? Chaos Warp especially seems like it could go horribly wrong.

>> No.53139957

It's insignificant when you consider how many pages that's out of. Sol Ring is completely fine and only babies who can't handle a little speed want it banned.

>> No.53139961

Bant Tamiyo.

I love Bant but none of the commanders appeal to me at all.
Derevi is too broken
Roon is too boring
Rafiq is too boring
Jenara is a pure waifu but I feel like she doesn't contribute anything past that
Pgrif sucks since group hug is for fags

>> No.53139962


Not the guy who posted it, but if you actually bothered to read some of those 34 pages you'd see most of the posts aren't saying anything about "wanting Sol Ring to be banned".

>> No.53139964

Stop fucking feeding him, anon.

>> No.53139990

Permenant removal is so good in this format with problem lands and artifacts that can quickly run away with games. Out of the 50ish games I've cast a a Chaos Warp I think it has put in something worse maybe one time.

>> No.53139992

I feel bad for the idiots that think lands have colors. Thats the only thing I could see making this card more of a problem than any other blue mass bounce spell.

>> No.53140026

Beast Within is good because it's efficient. 3 mana for a kill on some pretty big things, and that 3/3 just doesn't compare. Chaos Warp is good because most decks are heavy on the start of their curve, say 1-3, maybe 1-4. If you hit their commander, let's say, a Prossh, or a Gitrog, they chances of them improving their situation off that are slim to none.

>> No.53140063

Considering that Prophet of Kruphix has only 23 pages under the same criteria, I think you need to reevaluate your idea of "proof."

>> No.53140071

Beast within is probably only green removal that can hit creatures along with Desert Twister. Chaos Warp is only red removal that can hit enchantments.
The pro is the flexibility, since Vindicate is always good. There's really not many options in Naya for flexible spells.
Beast Within's drawback isn't really a drawback, but rather extremely reasonable trade, as is with Chaos Warp, which I tend to avoid as removal and I have used it on my permanents 90% of the time to gamble for a bomb.

>> No.53140112

To be fair, Sol Ring was there ever since Alpha, where Prophet is a relatively new card, at least commander was a thing before it was released

>> No.53140124

See >>53139964

>> No.53140147

Yeah stop talking about the format and POST YOUR DECK'S THEME SONG.

Not really sure I get what you mean, that the post count is inflated because Sol Ring is older, or that PoK deserves to be banned because it's newer?

>> No.53140151

Hello edh fags. Modern dave here. Thinking of getting into edh, and I was talking to this guy who plays at my LGS and said I wanted to build a mono black Sheoldred deck, and he basically rolled his eyes at me. What's wrong with Sheoldred? She's one of my favorite cards ever, but is too expensive to play with in other formats. I thought edh was supposed to be the format where you could play your pet cards.

>> No.53140153

Got a link for these pages of comments? I feel like reading a bunch of salt

>> No.53140168

>modern Dave
Fuck me. Meant Modern fag

>> No.53140181

Some fags always bring in a competitive side to anything, even stuff that's just for fun. Just temper your expectations since you might be playing with people who are competitive as fuck, or casual as fuck. It's fine playing it just casually as well, that's how I mostly play because it's fun.

>> No.53140183

It was just a search of Sol Ring in mtgsalvation. If you want pure salt just find the banlist thread.

>> No.53140187

Hi Dave. It appears your friend is a faggot. Sheoldred is pretty good in EDH. Most people run her as a 1 of 99 instead of a commander but she's still pretty good. Check out edhrec.com for what people do with Sheoldred decks.

>> No.53140210

sheoldred is just a value monoblack list most of the time, and is boring. thats probably what he was annoyed about. But fuck him play her shes good. Don't forget your grave pact.

>> No.53140217

Okie dokie thanks

>> No.53140345

>inb4 Praetor pasta

>> No.53140449

Sup Dave. Yeah, your friend's a faggot. Sheoldred is a fine value commander. Kind of expensive, but black's got a lot of ramp power in EDH and there's always mana rocks. Combine with some sacrifice engines and some value dudes and you've got a decent mono-black pile. Look into Grey Merchant of Asphodel recursion loops as a solid and powerful win condition.

>> No.53140473


Thanks for this Anon. I friend of mine wanted to run this dude as his first commander, and was asking me for help the other day. I can show him this now.

>> No.53140486

>modern Dave
Modern Dave here with a great new product. That's right! It's...Sheoldred Mono-Black EDH. Burn wait, there's more!

>> No.53140628

I thought it was overall and over time thing, and there was lot of time to whine about Sol Ring before PoK was released to shit the format

>> No.53140681

Commander wasn't really that popular before 2012.

>> No.53140714

Eh, it was around in our circles somewhat.

>> No.53140810

If you're a faggot and you turn it into "Cheap Eldrazi.exe", it's not fun. If you actually use your mind and some creativity, there's all manner of fun card chains you can make work in succession.

>> No.53140879

Make your deck even better.

>> No.53140988

Your name is Modern Dave now.

>> No.53141040

would like some help plz, I dont wanna spend too much money

>> No.53141075

OK gimme a second, Ill look and give budget advice

>> No.53141084

Your average cmc is a little too high for your lands count, even counting rocks.

>> No.53141124


Silent arbiter
Peacekeeper (alittle pricey)
Celestial convergence is really Jank and budget, but I love it.
Debt to the deathless
Righteous aura

I'd run less enchantments and more boardwipes. Your commander literally works regardless how fucked the board gets. Cut any enchantments that don't actively fuck opponents or protect you.

Cut some mana rocks and shroud equips.

Erayo is in your maybeboard, he's banned in edh

>> No.53141155

Suture priest,
souls attendant
If you go hard boardwipes and long game: darksteel reactor

Or azors elocutors.

Also sydri goes infinite with the aetherflux reservoir if you're into that

>> No.53141231


Festival, holy day, darkness, angelsong, batwing brume, energy arc, dawn charm, harmless assault, pollen lullabye, auraification, teysa, envoy of ghosts.

Cut bribery, run test of endurance
Pendril mists
Storm cauldron
Static orb
Winter orb
Sphinxes revelation

You don't need 30+ creatures

>> No.53141240

thanks, been making changes

>> No.53141267


My biggest advice is to abuse the fact that you gain 2 life each of your turns regardless of the state of the board.

Run stasis-y cards and mass bounce spells.

Cyclonic rift, evacuation.

Hell, rising waters, smokestack

You could even run approach of the second sun

>> No.53141273

have any advice for fun casual play? besides grouphug?

>> No.53141305

>"Hey, you guys are playing commander, right? Can I join in?"
>"Yes, sure."
He joins us and takes out his unsleeved 60 card deck with a foil Krenko, Mob Boss as commander(also unsleeved). We start playing and he only plays swamps and some of the black goblins. For some reason he loses. After the game he wants to show us his winning combo. He puts Notorious Throng,Teleportal and Krenko on the table.
>"Wait, how does this work? What has Krenko to do with faeries and rogues?"
>"Goblins are also rogues"
>"No, they are just goblins"
>"I'm pretty sure that they're also rogues, even if it doesn't say so on the card. Anyhow, was nice playing with you. See you next week!"

>> No.53141349

Trying to think of a fun deck to play in multiplayer, how fun is Kraj?

>> No.53141376

I'm confused. I have never seen anyone that oblivious of rules

>> No.53141391

you were visited by the casualfag. he plays so casually he dose not let the game hinder him. In any way.

>> No.53141396

Kraj is okay, but you have to be picky on what to include, since he's costly as hell and baits some cards that are useless without him

>> No.53141421

Oloro tends not to be a "fun" deck to play against, considering nothing stops him from gaining life. Avoid stax and stasis sttategies if you're concerned about your opponents having fun.
But if you want to try something "fun" with oloro at the helm... maybe w/b cleric tribal with blue support? It would be a complete reworkaround.
Think basic ayli deck, but with blue draw and counters.
Never cast oloro, he's only there for the 2 life a turn.
Alternatively, go mono black oloro "pay life " tribal.
If you're looking for esper goodstuff for a "casual and fun" oloro deck, just go as pillosfort as possible, and try killing your opponents with shit like copper tablet, or iron maiden. You hide in a bunker while (Theoretically ) your opponents kill each other, and you counter anything that removes your pillowfort.

>> No.53141635

your picture has inspired me to make a Progenitus hydra tribal deck full of memes and dreams. What are some spicy hdyras I should know about and how does one go about crafting a five color mana base?

>> No.53141832

Hahaha holy shit

>> No.53141985

10 shocks, 10 abur duals, 10 fetches, one of each basic, then season to taste for the mana base

>> No.53142015

Rubinia then?

>> No.53142021

Garruk, Apex Predator so I can feed on the tears of planeswalkerfags

>> No.53142045

Samut is a brutal voltron commander, extremely efficient but boring to play. The ability might as well not exist

>> No.53142086

Dumb question but how does the deck actually win? It's a common conundrum of mine with monoblack decks. It it all just about slowly grinding board advantage and raking up mana for a big Exsanguinate or are there alternative ways to win fast?

>> No.53142300

Command tower nogger.

>> No.53142331

That would be part of seasoning to taste. I was not advocating a deck only running 30 lands

>> No.53142357

i'd put in at least 3 of each basic for ramps and so you don't scoop to from the ashes

>> No.53142364

The art is terrible

You should only play commanders that look fucking great

>> No.53142371

You summed up 35 though.

>> No.53142376

Tezzeret the Seeker.

>> No.53142410

Between Talrand, Zada, Gonti and Mina and Denn, I don't think I like the art of any of my commanders.

>> No.53142419

I got pretty fucking salty tonight. The Phenax player spent every game allowing Atraxa to resolve and instead kept countering all my shit like Fleecemane Lion.

How bad is your playgroup at threat assessment, /mtg/?

>> No.53142432

Maybe you should stop playing Karamemetra

>> No.53142457

I was playing Anafenza +1/+1 hydra jank.

>> No.53142479

Another case for Baral, chief of the funpolice

>> No.53142513


I'd probably drop Darksteel Ingot or the appropriate Guild Signet into each of my decks to replace Sol Ring. Or another land. Not that hard.

>> No.53142520


Sorin Markov because I'm an asshole.

>> No.53142677

I went to sleep and now I'm back, trying to put the finishing touches on this deck.


Is Rune-Tail worth it? Since I have no life gain it feels like it would be dead weight if I drew it late game.

>> No.53142973

I see no point in Rune-Tail. You can dip below 30 lifes really quick in most games and if you cast it then it's just a 2/2 for three mana. And even if it works, the effect isn't that great and enchantments can be removed easily.

>> No.53143011

Should I replace it with another creature or something else?

>> No.53143084

How is Hazoret the most popular god?

>> No.53143089


I think you've finally met the person Maro was talking about when he penned this article:


>I didn't realize my mistake until the Employee Prerelease for Morningtide. I was sitting across from an employee who was far less experienced, and the intricate web of tribal interactions was mind-melting to them. The Goblin Warrior could be affected by Goblin tribal and Warrior tribal, but the Goblin Wizard was affected by Goblin tribal and Wizard tribal. And then there was the Human Wizard. Goblin tribal would affect the first two but not the third, while Wizard tribal would affect the last two but not the first. Now add in ten more creatures and the board was impossible to digest for most of the players. For the first time, we saw people leaving the Prerelease after only one match.

>> No.53143094

Looks like you have enough creatures already. I don't see graveyard hate in that list though, which is very important in EDH in my opinion.

>> No.53143101

Mos fun/unique to build around I presume

>> No.53143108

From experience, I'd say having cards in your hand is funner than not.

>> No.53143111

I run a Mikaeus the unhollowed myself and sheoldred is 1 on the 99, but mono black decks do have struggle to deal with artifacts and enchantments so i'm not playing it in 1v1 (loosing against mono white full aggro, abzan midrange and mono green 90% of the time)
Multi edh is a great format for mono blacks

>> No.53143121

You might have some trouble color fixing, so consider running fetch lands like Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse, Myriad Landscape, Naya Panorama, and Ash Barrens.
Plus then you can add in Renegade Rallier in place of Rune-Tail for lots of value..

>> No.53143138

Howdy partner

>> No.53143217

Currently, Commander is a lot like singleton Vintage if you have an infinite budget/collection. Some people want it to be closer to singleton Legacy.
It's not that far-fetched of an idea.

>> No.53143223

>Vomiting your hand onto the battlefield/into your opponent's face isn't fun

>> No.53143229

Avoid annihilator and MLD and she's a blast. I tried avoiding Eldrazi altogether but cards like Newzilek, Desolation Twin and Void Winnower are way too fun to use.

>> No.53143235

What graveyard hate is there in Naya? I know there's a white one that exiles cards but I forget what it's called.

Should I just replace a basic or two with terramorphic expanse/evolving wilds?

>> No.53143244

What do you think of desolation twin? I didnt put it in my oldzilek deck because they're vanilla, are they actually good?

What about breaker of armies, you run that?

>> No.53143261

Most popular nuGod at 31 decks is like being the smartest kid in the short bus

>> No.53143264

Is Renegade Rallier worth it if I don't have a way to proc Revolt on demand?

>> No.53143307

Desolation Twin isn't anything special, it just fights through counterspells/spot removal better than regular beaters. My Jhoira deck is full of board wipes to avoid getting beaten to death and delaying into lategame, so the fact that they're vanilla doesn't matter much when people don't have time to establish blockers.

I've considered Breaker of Armies since he can fuck over utility commanders like Meren and Mizzix and handle hexproof cunts like Lazav and Sigarda, but he's a little too much of a basic bitch. It's higher priority that my beaters provide card draw or an impactful ETB on top of being able to beat face.

>> No.53143309

It's pretty good but every creature deck should have sac outlets.

>> No.53143322

What sac outlet would I put in this?

>> No.53143373

Birthing Pod, Eldritch Evolution, Ashnod's Altar.

>> No.53143388

You can always use Relic of Progenitus

>> No.53143537

Birthing Pod and Relic of Progenitus seem solid, what should I replace for them?

>> No.53143681


Rest In Peace
Samurai of the Pale Curtain
Angel of Finality
Honor the Fallen (for creatures)

Ground Seal
Night Soil
Scavenging Ooze

Burn Away

Some Artifacts
Tormod's Crypt
Relic of Progenitus
Grafdigger's cage

There some others I'm sure I am missing, but that's off the top of my head.

>> No.53143747

>Thread Question: How is your day going Sheldon?
its going good, just casting my mana drain and sol rings
feels good but you know what doesnt feel good?
when people use those cards in ways I dont, that feels bad. People shouldnt do that.

>> No.53143771

who do you play?
>tfw you know flip walker nissa would be much better but you got heros verses monsters for christmas and Polukranos is ok on a budget of like 100 bucks for magic a year

>> No.53143810

G Omnath.

>> No.53143921 [DELETED] 

Should I convert my Borborygmos Enraged deck into a Omnath, Locus of Rage deck? I actually like Borborygmos, but the only way to win seems to be to combo off and kill all enemies in one turn. So you sit there and draw your entire deck, while everyone else watches you and waits to be killed. This doesn't feel like winning the game, rather it feels like ruining the game.

>> No.53143942

Should I convert my Borborygmos Enraged deck into a Omnath, Locus of Rage deck? I actually like Borborygmos, but the only way to win seems to be to combo off and kill all enemies in one turn. So you sit there and draw your entire deck, while everyone else watches you and waits to be killed. This doesn't feel like winning the game, rather it feels like ruining the game.

>> No.53143961

RG Omnath is super boring.

>> No.53143999

If you want to maintain the clown fiesta feeling, might I suggest utilizing Wort, the Raidmother?

If you want to just angerfuck people off the table, then Xenagod would work.

I know very little RG commanders, so if you like the lands focus of Bobo and Omnath, I don't know what to suggest.

>> No.53144035


RG Omnath either wins through a ton of Elementals (usually by destroying/saccing them) or Blade of Selves.

>> No.53144082

The new EDH mtgo banlist is fucing retarded. Ban Deveri but leave Leovold? Ban to Basics but let people play Stasis?

Seriously, this is the banlist a fucking child qould come up with. I have absolutely no faith at all in WotC anymore. Anything they've done of value in the last two decades has clearly been the good misfortune of Lady Luck. None of the people working there are capable of creating a functioning game and I wish all of them to feel the pain of a thousand dying lives as their cildren starve.

You might think that was hyperbole, but if anything I held back to not sound cruel.

>> No.53144120

I think I'll just use Mina and Denn, Wildborn as commander, keep the land theme and throw in whatever funny cards I can find. I just want to get rid of the cheesy combo stuff.

>> No.53144242

Disregard this posts, Anon. I play Angry Omnath at my LGS every week, and people have learned to watch out for my deck
I think it's a blast

>> No.53144293

Saheeli so I can finally have an Izzet artifact commander

>> No.53144321

I think I might actually put in breaker. I have a nekusar, a gisa and geralf, 2 merens and a mizzix in my playgroup, I expect that it'll do good work. Of courze, annihilator kinda had the same effect, but it's nice to be able to pick creatures if you want.

>> No.53144407

Original Planeswalker asker here: I actually have a Rubinia Clone/Steal deck that's super fun. It's not heavily dependent on her but it's still pretty good.

>> No.53144425

Sorry for the late response but you can go different ways wincons for the deck. Some try to go equipment voltron. Some lean veey heavily on hatred and tainted strike. I decided to go for a reanimator package as my primary wincon since it synergizes with all the killspells. I have a backup voltron equipment package but it's not my primary wincon. Toshi himself can't close games (easily) so you need to find something else that works.

>> No.53144488

>Only Abzan legendary that deals with both making lots of tokens and saccing lots of tokens is Ghave

>> No.53144524 [SPOILER] 


>> No.53144576

What's wrong with Ghave?

>> No.53144579

Well considering there's no human Wizard in Morningtide/Eventide (or even Lorwyn Block for that matter) I think it's safe to say Maro was fabricating shit to justify a business decision that came from up the chain of command.

>> No.53144581

Anon why do you have a nearly 6 mb picture of a man holding a candy bar saved on your hard drive?

>> No.53144599

Precisely for such occasions dear Anon

>> No.53144614

Its ice you fuck!

>> No.53144732


What would you change about this /edhg/?

>> No.53144780

noob question: what should I count X as in my mana curve?

t. a non-red palyer

>> No.53144804

Nothing really, I was just hoping for more

>> No.53144808

Depends on the spell...

>> No.53144845

I think he was just setting an example anon. There's no Goblin Wizard in the block either.

>> No.53144865

I preordered and play two versions of Atraxa, superfriends and a creature based version. I have to say that the superfriend version is leagues better, but it's one of those decks I can only play once a night because it can be oppressive if there's no control deck available to stop me.

The one tip I would ever suggest with Atraxa is to never underestimate charge and storage based mana ramp. Cards like Pentad Prism, Mana Bloom, Crystalline Crawler, Calciform Pools, Dreadship Reef, Saltcrusted Steppe, Everflowing Chalice, and Astral Cornucopia have all won me games due to the insane amounts of mana my decks can achieve. Doubling Season and Winding Constrictor both make proliferating an Astral Cornucopia, Everflowing Chalice, or Pentad Prism that much better.

(Do note, if you put Pentad Prism in your deck, never, ever remove the last counter or it's useless)

>> No.53144889

fireball and it's clones. I usually count it as the minimum cost to cast and have any effect

>> No.53144902

It will be fun for you, but no for the crybabies who sperg out at the beatuy of a MLD spell. the games is zero sum fun, so why do you care if the others have fun?
I say that you should go and wreck shit with it

>> No.53144949

>fleecemane lion
Come on dude, it's a bad jank beater

>> No.53144966

EDH is just that, a format where you play your pet cards. However, there is a large community of competitive EDH players which will dissect every single card in a deck along a strict formula to achieve best results.

I like to call these people faggots, because once an individual gets so anal about a game, they have to be a faggot.

>> No.53144996

How much ramp are you intending to run? Typically you will want to be casting X cost spells for at minimum 5 so XRR will usually be 7 cmc and so on. Are you building Rosheen Meanderer?

>> No.53144998

Or maybe someone told him that some focus group found this aspect challenging and he played it up very heavily and inserted an actual WOTC employee (because if a WOTC employee can't figure it out then what hope does the common man have) to justify a business decision.

>> No.53145000

That's not how you spell Gemstone Array

>> No.53145033

This. EDH is the game where you gather up all your draft chaff, your junk cards too worthless to sell, and your favorite cards that just don't work in competitive environments, and mash them together. Players should not play a casual format with a competitive mindset.

>> No.53145068

I found my 4 drop slots to be too full to want Gemstone Array, I tried it for a bit but it always sat in my hand for awhile. That being said, I've changed around my curve so maybe it would be better now.

>> No.53145081

>Have Chandra Firebrand out.
>Have Mirari out.
>-2 Chandra
>Play pic related, pay 3.
>Target an island, a swamp and a plains.
>Literally ruin everyone else's day for 9 mana.

>> No.53145094

Holy shit are these awful rocks just get a gilded lotus

>> No.53145118

Are there any commanders that are (generally speaking) "Play the card, win the game" type cards? I mean like Craterhoof, Insurrection, stuff like that that typically just wins the game when it is played at the right time.

>> No.53145144

Not in an Atraxa deck anon, the value from pentad prism begins with a turn 3 Atraxa which then sets up the rest of the game to be quite nice.

Gilded Lotus being compared to Pentad Prism should always be better, but I've found the Prism to add so much more mana than a lotus, as well as allows earlier benefit.

>> No.53145162

Prossh if you have a Food Chain out but you would also need something like Purphoros or Blood Artist or Goblin Bombardment to actually win

>> No.53145176

Omniscience is usually an auto-win in many decks
If you build a Primal Surge deck, then Primal Surge would be a wincon

>> No.53145182

I used to think...

>> No.53145189

You sound like a fun person to play with.

>> No.53145200

Well one of them had a Sheoldred out.

>> No.53145250

>getting butthurt over a praetor

>> No.53145262

something something Sheoldred something something MLD something something mana rocks something something removal something something MLD

>> No.53145265

>Not being on the meme train

>> No.53145269

Not bad, but shame they don't hit majority of cheap nonbasics

>> No.53145322

Since when are praetors a meme? All are easily dealt with or their abilities are not so much of a hindrance

>> No.53145336

I used to think that land destruction had no place in casual EDH... But now I realize I had a warped view of casual EDH. I used to think that cards like Sheoldred, Jitte, Ulamog, a few God enchantment creatures, etc all had no place in casual EDH.
Nowadays I realize that these things are fine for casual EDH, but with that realization I've also realized that Land Destruction should be fine as well. The truth is that if someone is playing mono red they not only can't take care of powerful enchantments but they have very few ways to take out creatures with over 7 toughness or indestructible creatures. So are you going to tell me that they should either A) get very lucky or B) willingly lose the game because they have no options?
No, neither of those choices are acceptable. The truth is that land destruction is the most powerful tool in Red's arsenal, not using it puts mono red players at a supreme disadvantage. If you feel like you're allowed to use supremely strong creatures "because they can be removed" or supremely strong enchantments "because they can be removed" then I feel that I'm allowed to use supremely strong land destruction "because you can run mana rocks".
And just as you say "Well you should run more removal!" I say "Well you should run more mana rocks!" and then you can say "Well I do but they aren't in my hand right now!" and I reply WITH THE EXACT SAME SENTIMENT towards removal.
So at the end of the day I say this; If the point of casual edh is still to win, which it obviously is if you're running $20 powerful praetors, then I'm going to do what I can to win, which is to keep you from being able to play those praetors.

>> No.53145361

I assume it's because they are the epitome of Timmy creatures, big costs, big abilities, iconic and part of a cycle. People just like them.

Sheoldred is one of the better Praetors as well, giving an insane amount of value if she lives for a turn but no value if she dies before the next upkeep.

>> No.53145426

Land destruction is fine but doing it because
>waah he has a praetor
Makes you seem extremely childish even for a casual game. Red also has enchantment hate, granted it more in the form of chaos cards but its more and better than black has Feast of Dreams which is shit already and if you think the Theros gods are overpowered you are a casual of the greatest tier that deserves to lose every game.

>> No.53145444

>replying to pasta

>> No.53145445


>> No.53145450

That's the point. Bad and/or turbo casual players see them as big, OP creatures that win the game if they resolve when they're really just nice value creatures. It's a meme.

>> No.53145457

>Chaos Warp

Name one other mono red single target enchantment removal.

Also name another single target way for red to take out indestructible creatures.

>> No.53145478

>playing Erebos vs Jarad
>opponent has Urborg and Coffers out
>copy Coffers with Thespian's Stage
>kill his Coffers with Wasteland

>> No.53145491

Absolutely nothing wrong with land destruction if you have a gameplan to follow it up. If he had destroyed every land with nothing else to win with, then he'd be a dick. As is, it's no worse than countering everything or having lots of removal.

>> No.53145601

I think their reasoning for banning back to basics is that monocolor decks can run that without downside and it creates "undesirable gamestates", while stasis and the orbs are symmetrical and often require specific strategies to benefit from.

Why in gods name they chose to leave ruination and blood moon unbanned is anyone's guess.

It's a shitty list but you can kinda see their thoughts behind things.

>> No.53145611

Sorry I don't pay attention to the memes and shitposts of this thread.

>Name one other mono red single target enchantment removal
Capricious Efreet, Tyrant of Discord, Anarchy, Crack the Earth

>Also name another single target way for red to take out indestructible creatures.
Burn from Within, Carbonize, Fall of the Titans, Red Sun Zenith, Magma Spray

Its not fucking hard to use google

>> No.53145623

>Playing against a friend's combo deck
>Cast Sadistic Sacrament and take out three different combo pieces.

He coudnt really win after that, but somehow I didn't feel like an asshole.

>> No.53145649

Lmao, the only one that is maybe playable is Efreet.

Half the ones you pretend take out indestructible creatures actually don't. Did you even read them?

>> No.53145662

Their banlist only makes sense because they stole it from Leviathan. Then they left a whole of stuff off of it, which made it no longer make any sense.

WotC is a company composed entirely of cockmonglers who deserve to die slowly in a own.

>> No.53145672

Warp World, now stfu

>> No.53145679


>> No.53145718

>Carbonize, Red Sun's Zenith, Magma Spray
Not that fag but these don't deal with Indestructible. They just exile if it would die, however lethal damage does not make it die to begin with. You still need to make it die somehow to get it exiled, they only prevent recursion.
>Fall of the Titans
And that's literally straight damage with no bells or whistles.

>> No.53145732

I cant tell if english is not your native language or if you're retarded or both.

>> No.53145737

Samut, Voice of Dissent actually. A fair bit of ramp but I was mostly looking for a rule of thumb. Thanks for the help!

>> No.53145759


>> No.53145775


Well good luck on that anon

>> No.53145779

Dude, "if a creature damaged by this spell would die this turn, exile it instead" spells don't work on indestructible. Do you know Indestructible works?

>> No.53145832

He clearly does not. Calm your tits.

>> No.53145841

I run Kambal, other than Sanguine Blood what are some kinda cheap things to throw in.

>> No.53145860

If I build my entire deck around cheap mana rocks and MLD am I a dick

>> No.53145886

>Sorry I don't pay attention to the memes and shitposts of this thread
It's consistently posted in just about every thread and has been for quite some time.

>> No.53145905

Suture priest, Karlov, norn's annex, well of lost dreams (really, do it), pristine talisman, vizkopa guildmage, felidar sovereign

>> No.53145931

Yes because you feel the need to shitpost about it.

Who spends all their time in /edhg/ to memorize pastas?

>> No.53145932

Delaying Shield to protect from Commander Damage

>> No.53145954

>bitches about shitposts
>shitposts anyways

>> No.53145959

I-I don't get it and am worried

>> No.53145998


>> No.53146006

>Join new edh group
>Everything seems fun.
>One guy clearly has the strongest decks so I tend to end up focusing on him if he has the strongest board state, which is usually the case.
>He decides that I have a fascination with attacking ONLY him, always.
>So then he only ever attacks me, even if I have no board state.
>Sometimes it doesn't work and I end up coming back and killing him. (He'll always complain that I'm focusing on him again even if he just hit me in the face for the past 5 turns for no reason.)
>I tend to play mono red a lot.
>He ended up building a deck packed full of red hate and pro-red etc.
>So now I have built a deck packed full of land destruction to use solely on him.

I haven't used the deck yet, but I feel like this situation has gotten completely out of hand. I don't want to bring a deck designed to fuck over one person, but he has built a deck designed to fuck me over already. I love playing in this group and everyone else is super chill and fun and play casual awesome decks. I've tried to explain to him that I only attacked him because he has the strongest decks, but he seems completely incapable of seeing just how strong his board state is at any given time and complains if anyone destroys anything of his.

>> No.53146012

If you want to go down the lifedrain path (which you should, if you go pillowfort, something BW is excellent at), Polluted Bonds is nice if you can get it out early. Bloodchief Ascension can be nuts, but it paints a huge target on you. Subversion will gain you tons of life, but dont count on it to win you the game.

>> No.53146059

In any competent group, Bloodchief Ascension reads "At the beginning of each combat, creatures attack you if able"

>> No.53146070

Well when you post shit why should you get anything meaningful in return?

Samut isn't that great of a commander for Naya or even X spells in general. Would be better off using Marath or Rosheen if you are going for GRUUHL X.

Nothing wrong with that, used to play with a guy using daretti and would always target me regardless of others boardstates, so I started jamming Thada Adel in every blue deck I ran and stole his pieces.

>> No.53146078

It's just that that card is generally despised here, anon. For different reasons. Some people hate that it's a black character that is also a relatively strong creature. Some people hate the inherent lazyness of it's design. Im in the latter category.

>> No.53146086

But why did he target you? Was it because you had the strongest deck or because he didn't like you?

>> No.53146095

That's why I said it paints a huge target on you. You would need some pillowfort card like No Mercy or Solitary Confinement to make it work.

>> No.53146102

I laughed at this for far too goddamn long, I play Nekusar and a turn one bloodchief absolutely says that every game

>> No.53146160

Yeah, I probably won't put them in. I mostly like the haste effect so I'll do creature spam. I just pulled him so I thought I'd give it a go.

A brown guy in an egypt-themed set. Go figure. Lazy design as in they just slapped an effect on for each color?

>> No.53146186

>isn't that great
Samut is a contender with Uril for best Naya Voltron but no one likes her either because she's a nig nog or because she's stealing Kalemne's thunder

>> No.53146190

anyone else getting connection errors when they post?

>> No.53146234

It didn't really matter what I ran, Newzuri, Isperia flying tribal, or even Geth goodstuff I would always be the focus except for a few games where he would "ally" with me then attempt to pull some infinite/lockdown combo on me and keep playing until I just gave up so we could start the next game and brag about how he won. He was just spiteful every game and ironically wondered why I started ditching meetups when he came if you're here bryan just know I still don't much for you

>> No.53146251

People hate her because of her horrible art, her "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" face, her keyword soup, the fact that some random insignificant woman whom everyone ignores has an "inspiring" abilitt, which suggests that she's some revolutionary or something, which is wrong as hell. Also, her keyword soup and her obvious commander pandering.

>> No.53146274

Lol, pussy. You ran away rather than just have an honest discussion with him?

>> No.53146314

>Lazy design as in they just slapped an effect on for each color?


>> No.53146327

I'm sure she has potential but right now I'm not seeing it and would rather run Gahiji over her

He was in the military getting PCS to Okinawa so I didn't figure I had much reason to deal with him any longer and I did eventually tell him off when he came to my house to say farewell and shut the door in his face

>> No.53146341

The first line is recognizable enough to know it if you've seen it more than once. If you have any sort of memory at all then you should be able to know it's a pasta.

>> No.53146363

There's only one course of action left: Auntie Wort Extraction Tribal. Use Earwig Squad+Boggart Birth Rite, Jester's Cap, Memoricide, Cranial Extraction, Slaughter Games, Gonti, Praetor's Grasp, and Sadistic Sacrament to siphon any amount of fun from his deck.

>> No.53146381

You sound like a massive faggot honestly.

>I don't know why he attacked me! I was just playing GOODSTUFF in a casual edh match11!1! what the fuck d00d?!

>> No.53146409

Yeah with a group that has Karador and Sliver Queen I'm the faggot for being targeted. I could just stack my deck like darettifag and Karador did

>> No.53146436

There's nothing really wrong with goodstuff. And even then, only one of the decks he listed was goodstuff. Goodstuff isn't even that terribly good. It's value, but not inherently better than casual decks (and even then, casual can mean many different things).

>> No.53146455

>A guy went out of his way to come to my house and say goodbye to me and I bitched out on him and slammed the door in his face.

You're literally a disgusting human being. I bet you're the type of guy to say things like "WOMEN ARE SO FUCKING STUPID THEY ONLY GO FOR THE ASSHOLE GOOD LOOKING GUYS"

And I bet you think that Bryan guy is one of them.


>> No.53146470

Not him but this sounds like projecting.

>> No.53146474

Sheoldred's problem is twofold: one, she's excellent in the 99 as she's just a "value grinder" card and not a combo piece (only indirectly at best - if you pair her with Sidisi she can slowly fetch a combo piece by piece) and thus she is a waste in the command zone (as the ways the game can hinge on having her available all the time are very unlikely). Two, she's a meme commander, a favorite of newfags to the format who don't know better. Don't let that stop you, but honestly generals like Sidisi and Gonti perform much better in monoblack.

>> No.53146479

He was an asshole in general, why do you care so much about some faggot you never met?

>> No.53146508

Because you're everything that's wrong with Magic the Gathering t b h.

>> No.53146528

Fuck off bryan

>> No.53146540

This. Goodstuff can be every expensive card you own shoved in a deck or it can be reanimating skittles t2. A casual deck can be a very cohesive strategy, like Uril Enchantress, or a literal dumpster fire. Being mad about "goodstuff" is like being mad at the weather. Who cares until you know the situation?

>> No.53146564

No you are anon, a whiny invested cretin with minimal information and massive terrible opinions. I bet you're the type to skip lectures because "wikipedia and crib notes, man."

>> No.53146566

But what if they net-decked ?

>> No.53146567

I'm not mad about goodstuff, I'm saying that no one who runs goodstuff and accepts that it's just a bunch of "good" cards shoved into a deck and willingly titles the deck a "goodstuff deck" should NOT be surprised that other people are targeting him at a casual EDH table.

>> No.53146578

This desu, I run Ertai, the Corrupted Superstax and I splurged on the dope ass promo art.

>> No.53146579

I can tell just by what you said that you're an anti social dweeb. How's my minimal information doing so far?

>> No.53146602

Do people really treat EDH like its Modern?

Just fuck already

>> No.53146622

Just memeing, senpai

>> No.53146635

I am genuinely concerned.

>> No.53146636

If you netdeck goodstuff, you have such a profound lack of imagination that you're living modern art, so I'm cool with it.

Those are completely unrelated statements. My casual decks are Drana goodstuff and feldon goodstuff. My competitive decks are Ghave combo and boardwipes, as well as Brago flickerstax. My casual decks are casual by virtue of lacking a cohesive strategy, so they are fun as a result of potentially janky hands. Brago and Ghave are unstoppable single minded rape trains designed to win efficiently. Note the distinction: goodstuff is not cohesive, thus less efficient, competitive is designed to win.

>> No.53146638

>I did eventually tell him off when he came to my house to say farewell and shut the door in his face
desu that's a really shitty thing to do, regardless of how much of a douche he is

>> No.53146651

But I'm already using Teferi.

>> No.53146688

none because planeswalker cards were a mistake and should have never been a thing

>> No.53146691

>you should shake the hand and fake smile for an asshole you will never see again

It may be /pol/ memeing but this is some nu-male tier posting

>> No.53146692

You're the asshole in this situation

>> No.53146748


>> No.53146752

>I'll act like a cunt to a guy just because he annoys me
baka this is some nigger logic

>> No.53146761

Or you can be a decent human being by just letting him say bye and not shutting the door in his face. You can be cross with someone without being a spiteful doof. You don't even have to fake smile or shake his hand. There's a difference between being a little bitch who can't stand up for himself and being a spiteful douche, and evidently you're both.

>> No.53146806

Sarkhan Unbroken.

>> No.53146826

Military types can be difficult for limp wrists to cope with. Go easy on him, he's fragile.

>> No.53146829

Maybe if you knew our history you could comprehend why I treated him the way I did but this isn't my blog to complain about shit that happened 3 years ago nor do I have justify it to some fat or lanky fuck on a internet forum, now maybe contributing something to the topic instead of this piss poor attempt to troll

>> No.53146836

Our gaming group is each making a commander for one of the 'Origins' flip planeswalkers. What do ya'll think of mine?


>> No.53146882

I use her to cheat in all the Chaos cards to created puzzle game states. Most of my friends enjoy it since I never win, but instead cause weird things to happen.

>> No.53146898

>3 nissa planeswalkers when you already have nissa as your commander
Do you want them to get legend-ruled to the grave/command zone?

>> No.53146905

I'm sorry you got stuck with Nissa.

>> No.53146906

Unless this man killed your dog and pissed on your heirloom imported rug then I don't see a reason to shut the door in his face. You could've addressed the issue by just talking to him and maybe even made a friend in the process.

>> No.53146909

>people who point out how much of a bitch I am are trolls
lmao, whatever helps you sleep at night

>> No.53146925


I was going to go with Liliana, but didn't really want to drop the money on what I'd need for that deck. I had the Nissa's lying around.

Its a 'Planeswalker through time' thing we're doing.

>> No.53146929

spicy tech for sac decks

post more other obscure cards

>> No.53146946

>this isn't my blog
Then stop posting, faghole

>> No.53146961

It doesn't target.

>> No.53146984

At one point he was a friend but now I don't even think about him, except when I originally brought it up and been responding to all these posts.

I am contributing with other posts giving opinions and advice, I'm just posting separately so I don't get my (You) war entangled in other posts, dipshit

>> No.53146986

Only the spiciest tech.

>> No.53146998


I'm back, I made some changes. Need two cuts. Any reccomendations?

>> No.53147002

Then stop posting ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL LIFE, pubesniffer

>> No.53147012

Or you could not be a childish cunt and just say goodbye to him like a man, instead you act like a little bitch and think "Yes! Now I can finally have my revenge by slamming a door in his face, he got what he deserved >:)".

>> No.53147032

Once you stop replying faglord
Some serious projection going on here

>> No.53147065

Lunarch Marshall and Riders of Gavony

>> No.53147072

Butcher of Malakir and Grave Pact.

>> No.53147077

this might be cute at most, but I think it's decent in Zurgo wrath tribal

>> No.53147089

Thats a big anthem.

>> No.53147099

I can see Gavony Riders being kind of iffy, but why Lunarch Marshall? It seems like it would be a pretty nice buff to my creatures.

>> No.53147103

>everyone who calls me out for being a spiteful little bitch is projecting

>> No.53147118

And you're proving I was in the right, way to go sport.

>> No.53147161

Gideon, Champion of Justice. I might be able to hit that ult.

>> No.53147169

The other odric is better and you have a LOT of mans. I doubt you'll notice his absence. Truth be told, I dodn't inspect your list too carefully. There could be a more correct cut. Creatures are not my style baby.

>> No.53147183

How exactly is that proof?

>> No.53147184

He's really not and no one is on your side. 9 times out of 10, if everyone says you're a dick, you're a dick.

>> No.53147234

>2 initial replies
>both are being butthurt about the way some random fag treated another person like their white knights
>everyone is against you
>post number has not changed
>still getting 2 replies

If anything you 2 fags are getting mad about some fucking likely bogus post and being played like fiddles without realizing it.

>> No.53147264

Could anyone give me any pointers on this deck? Additions/subtractions. Someone in my playgroup plays marath so I try to avoid expensive 1 toughness creatures


>> No.53147283

>post number has not changed
>this is somehow an argument in a general where people are constantly asking for help
You are clinically retarded, seek help.

>> No.53147306

Holy fuck, the delusion and mental gymnastics

>> No.53147376

>It's a turn 2 Gemstone Wurm

>> No.53147388

Not suggesting you change your list up as it looks fine but a guy in my group runs a nice shadowborn apostle teysa with a few demons, thrumming stone, and mirror entity. But for your deck doomed necromancer might not be a bad addition


>> No.53147457

About Zur.
I am planning a build and started to wonder what is the degeracy I see people complain besides the ability to tutor on attack?

>> No.53147472

wait what
do you mean Tempting Wurm?

>> No.53147474

>has literally nothing to do with what we said

>> No.53147541

>get your ass told
>I-I-I'll just ignore it and say something inherent
Go finish high school little timmy

>> No.53147595

>posts an unrelated reaction image and deludes himself into thinking I "got told"
What did daddy do to your asshole to fuck your mind up so much?

>> No.53147601

Not only did he not "get told", but you also decided to try the go condescending route and act like anyone who disagrees with you must be underage. You're the one who can't face that he's wrong.

>> No.53147637

Holy FUCK, now I start to feel bad for your playgroup

>> No.53147642

nigga just quit it you're embarassing yourself

>> No.53147685

And when it comes down to it you return to projecting because you can't fathom any other form after getting buttblasted, maybe next time you should lurk before you post

>> No.53147737

None of the replies you got were projecting. Just face it, you were a dick to the guy and now you don't want to own up to it.

>> No.53147750

>keeps using "projecting"

>> No.53147763

New EDH player, what are some fun multiplayer commanders that revolve around artifacts?

>> No.53147768

>be an asshole to an asshole
>wow you're a dick
Woah nice meme you got there from /b/ you can go back now

>> No.53147774

Ban Mana Crypt, Gaea's Cradle and Mikaeus please

>> No.53147783

You have no idea what that word even means you autistic little brat.

>> No.53147789

Arcum Dagsson

>Ban Mikeaus
White mike or black mike?

>> No.53147793

Stop being a dick brah.

>> No.53147800

Black obviously, white mike is jank

>> No.53147803

>You sit down to play casual EDH
>Someone brings out a Zur deck

>Well alright guys good game!

>> No.53147808

For what purpose
Also, if you want crypt banned then vault should be banned too.

>> No.53147813


>> No.53147814


>> No.53147816

What did he do to you to warrant wanting him banned?

>> No.53147823

Yes, that does make you a dick. You can be a civil human being and even openly dislike the guy without being an utter cock about it. Like I said, there's a difference between not wanting to be a doormat and being a hostile douche, and you're somehow both at the same time.

>> No.53147824

Black mickey has a DEGENERATE COMBO with another 6 drop. I bet its him.

>> No.53147839

Dirty Mike isn't that bad and the gimmick deck built around him really isn't that good.

>> No.53147858

That flavor text is pretty good

>> No.53147860

>oh look this naya idiot fails at threat assessment of defense of the heart and doesn't sac his tokens
>oh look mike & trike again, what fun
He's an asspull combo memer that's way too easy to go infinite with.

His deck is annoying and uninteractive, and he's super degenerate in any GBx shell.

>> No.53147868

>be an asshole to an asshole
>wow you're a dick
uh, yes? your friend being an asshole doesn't excuse you for being one too.
and the only reasons you gave for your friend to be an asshole were him targeting you in EDH. meanwhile you shut your door in his face when he went to your home to say goodbye.

>> No.53147870

And you just keep spamming meme images and nothing changes in your favor
Sorry I don't care about your little feelings being hurt, you'll get over it.

>> No.53147878

Surely he meana Black Mike since that card combos with everything under the fucking sun.

>> No.53147883

Sounds like the problem is defense of the heart and other like enablers.

>> No.53147901

So are kiki jiki, deadeye, disciple of the vault and 20 others. You can interrupt the combo quite easily.

Also, nugger, how do you not see that defense of the heart is the op bullshit in that scenario?

Also, annoying and uninteractive is not an argument, you might as well ban every stasis or mld effect, don't be a little bitch.

>> No.53147921

Anon were you the naya idiot? If so just learn from your mistakes if not then explain to that guy the importance of assessment of the field

>> No.53147929

Thanks for ruining another EDH thread with autism battles.

>> No.53147944

While it's a bullshit card in itself, there are non-degenerate ways to use DotH. The only reason anybody plays Mike is to go infinite with him. For some reason value cards like PoK and Sylvan Primordial get banned instead when they don't win you the game.
>You can interrupt the combo quite easily.
You can't. It's instant speed. At least Kiki gets shut down by Propaganda & friends.

>> No.53147951

Holy shit are you the faggot that was assblasted last week because everyone would come over to your house and bully you out of the game? Don't you remember what we told you last? You are probably being a sperg and deserve the negative politics you got. So then you throw someone out of your playgroup instead of sitting down and talking with them and then insist everyone is projecting when they say you're socially autistic?

Good lord the lore in this general just keeps getting richer.

>> No.53147957


>Also MLD is fine if they have Sheoldred in their decks.

>> No.53147978

MLD is always fine >>53145336 this pasta is 100% correct

>> No.53148021

Me again, should I use Always Watching or Brave the Sands?

>> No.53148022

Not like much else happens in these threads

Maybe we should do roll call for the next thread


>> No.53148046


>> No.53148070

>roll call
"Fucking Goon" guy reporting in.

>> No.53148072

MLD is absolutely fine if you have a gameplan to back it up.

>> No.53148090

"You're both a doormat and a douche" guy present.

>> No.53148098

So this thread has inspired me to make a Kydele / Akiri partners deck where I play tons of mana rocks and blow up all lands over and fucking over again while group hugging with temple bell to feed people cards that they won't get to play just to add salt to the wounds while Kydele lets me use temple bell etc to cast mean artifacts while everyone watches me play magic the gathering.

>Deck will be named Bryan's Will.

>> No.53148145

I honestly like this deck idea.

>> No.53148156

Next thread ya morons, doesn't this shit die soon?
Wouldn't brion stoutarm be more ironic considering boros has the most MLD?

>> No.53148169

You gotta identify yourself early.

>> No.53148199

Oh alright then. Reporting in as the guy who asks for deck advice and gets ignored

>> No.53148221

So like 20 people?

>> No.53148233

Galko titty mousepad anon present :^)

>> No.53148245

No because I want Akiri to take advantage of the mana rocks.

>> No.53148295

I will speak for those who remain silent

>> No.53148302

Post the meanest artifacts you can think of that don't have any colored mana symbols on them. Shit that you want to use a Shatter on as soon as possible.

>> No.53148324

Metalworker. There was a reason why that motherfucker used to be banned.

>> No.53148345

Mana crypt, portcullis, winter/static orb, paradox engine, mirrorworks (especially in a deck with loads of mana rocks), darksteel forge, mycosinth lattice, metalworker, crypt, ring and vault.

>> No.53148363

I could argue that the only reason anyone uses defense of the heart is to fetch out combos.

Also you can disrupt itvery easily. I've had peeps nuke mickey before the undying trigger brought back trike. I've had people exile my grave yard in the same window. I've had removal leveled at both halves of the combo be for the other half could resolve. It's creature based. That is to say: highly fragile.

>> No.53148449

>nuke mike
>they use one of the dozen reanimation cards in their hand
>or: if they have lightning greaves in play they just equip that

>I've had people exile my grave yard in the same window
There are like 3 instant speed GY exile spells that hit creatures though.

>> No.53148452

>You can't. It's instant speed.

Then maybe your deck should have more instants. This also doesn't make something impossible to interact with.

Crop rotation+ bajuka bog, shred memories, burn away, rest in peace, leyline of the void, crypt/relic of progenitus, groundseal, grafdigger's cage, glorious end, counterspell

>> No.53148478

Planar Bridge and Paradox Engine

>> No.53148542

>Breya was $3 2 days ago
>She's 20$ right now


>> No.53148598

Minus ground seal, +honor the fallen

>> No.53148612

1v1 commander. she got unbanned i think?

>> No.53148627

>paradox engine.
Destroy on sight.

>MFWdsomeone countered a non-critical combo piece of mine, and the next player threw out a paradox engine and ended up winning

>> No.53148694

Why are all of the solid artifact creatures expensive? Wurmcoil, Blightsteel, Darksteel, Platinum Angel & Colossus, etc.

>> No.53148695

You assume too much. I'm the guy with the combo, greaves, and a handfull of reanimation spells. It just doesnt always work out the way you want it to. On both sides of the table. I would ask you, if hes had tine to sculpt his game to where he can go off with impunity, what the hell have you been doing?

>instant speed grave hate
>tormods crypt
>relic of progenitus
>surgical extraction
>noxious revival
>stone claoker
>heap doll
>Faerie macabre
>mimic vat
>thraben heretic
I could go on.

>> No.53148740

Market price on tcgplayer is only $6, if anyone is paying $20 for her they are a moron

>> No.53148759

precisely because they are colorless and can be used in any deck

>> No.53148886

Also forgot Panharmonicon and Aetherflux Reservoir, to a lesser extent Aetherworks Marvel. Kaladesh block had a ton of retarded artifacts for EDH

>> No.53148900

Angel of Glory's Rise, Mayor of Avabruck, Captain Sisay.

>> No.53148929

>tormod's crypt, relic of progenitus, mimic vat etc. are instant speed
>sorcery speed permanents are instant speed
What the fuck am I reading

If you're implying that because their ability is instant speed they're instant speed then you're fucking retarded. Once the opponent sees Tormod's out then they can just search for something else instead of the Mike combo and still stay in card advantage territory.

>> No.53148980

>implying that because their ability is instant speed they're instant speed
>just search for something else instead of the Mike combo
Congratulations, you've just avoided the mike and trike combo.

>> No.53148983

Shimmer myr, now stfu

Other instants/flash speed answers have been posted. Your continual cry of being unable to do anything about a graveyard based combo just demonstrates your inexperience.

>> No.53149052

Congratulations, you've turned an instant win combo into an eldrazi invasion. Hope you've got a Terminus on hand.
How many decks unironically pack Shimmer Myr outside of Glissa?

>> No.53149080




>> No.53149086

(You) are bad at Magic.

>> No.53149106

Do you just run a deck full of basics or what?

>> No.53150282

Only Burn From Within of those kills ID guys though. You can pretend all you want of the exile, but it only happens if it would die, but it doesn't unless you have something like Everlasting Torment

>> No.53150543

>The short bus
I remember

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