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Good Legends Edition


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
Whats your favorite way to copy/clone things?

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I've had some spicy plays copying something with Dack's Duplicate, then dropping Phantasmal Image/Clone/Vasuvan Shpeshifter/Sakashima on Dack's Duplicate.

>> No.53123938

I am actually building him right now, despite buying

>> No.53123947

>accidentally hitting post
Him over a year ago.

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I have used OCTGN for several years. Only issue I have with it, that it's bothersome to download the card packs every time they come out

>> No.53124199

How playable would a control deck with pic related, Shackles and Twiddle effects be?

>> No.53124421

Not very.

>> No.53124493

Most of the time worst you can do is to steal their commander, really. Thankfully it can be used to steal legendary lands as well, which can be pretty prevalent.

>> No.53124537

Garbage at best, unplayable shit at worse. If you want a mono-blue shell, go with Talrand and zerointeraction.dek.

>> No.53124558

Karona as your commander, proceed to ramp hard and drop in an Ugin to maximize your plays.

>> No.53124590

Consider the following. I'm running Falkenrath Marauders and Yahenni in my Marchesa, The Black Rose deck. I've found that Yahenni puts in a lot of work, but I'm considering replacing Falkenrath Marauders with Falkenrath Noble. I don't really have a lot of humans in the deck though, so the Noble's sac ability will probably not grant very many +1/+1 counters. I like big creatures and would like to have something like this to hit people with.

Opinions/suggestions for Falkenrath Marauders/Noble?

Also, another question. How does Yahenni perform in a Alesha, Who Smiles at Death deck?

>> No.53124604

I'm a faggot. Meant Falkenrath Aristocrat obviously.

>> No.53124688

Marauders isn't really reliable unless you're dropping it turn 2 and putting vigilance on it. On the other hand, a 4/1 with a situational trigger in a deck that won't get it off as often is a one-and-done trade that *might* amount to 4 damage and a +1/+1 on Yahenni two turns later. If you're floating combat tricks consistently, go with Aristocrat and maximize your gains. If your curve is such that you end up ramping quickly most games, then stick with Marauder.

>> No.53124694

Yahenni is baller in my marchesa deck, and I ran aristocrat for a while then took her out for cheaper sacrifice outlets. I would never run the Marauder, and I would run aristocrat over them if I felt I didn't have enough sacrifice outlets, otherwise I would choose a different card. You are spoiled for choices with that deck and it's always hard to make cuts

>> No.53124789

>Whats your favorite way to copy/clone things?
Hard choice between Followed Footsteps and Progenitor Mimic. Probably the former.

>> No.53124796

Thanks. I will keep that in mind and be on the lookout for a replacement for Marauders then.

>> No.53124806

Dack's duplicate is honestly one of the best clones. Clones with haste are just nuts. I've accidentally gone infinite with it once. I don't run any infinite combos with deadeye navigator, but my opponents sure do.

>> No.53124841

>Whats your favorite way to copy/clone things?
It keeps being versatile.

>> No.53124908

Heres the sac outlets I use in marchesa:
Grimgrin, Corpse-Born
Carrion Feeder
Phyrexian Plaguelord
Viscera Seer
Ashnod's Altar
Yahenni, Undying Partisan

I also have a few one-shot sacs, like Disciple of Bolas and Sidisi, Undead Vizier, but as we all know, Marchesa shines at abusing one shot dudes. My list's not super tuned, but these guys all do a lot of work. I don't think I'd replace any of them with Falkenrath Aristocrat, but it's gotta be better than the Marauders.

>> No.53125073

I guess so. I've been building a mono coloured deck for each of the colours. Having a hard time finding a fun, interactive deck in blue is harder then it looks because most of the time it devolves into hardlocking opponents.

>> No.53125087

Maybe just try to have fun?

>> No.53125144

I built Kami of the Crescent Moon counterspells and Titans. It was pretty fun.

>> No.53125213

About to order my boy here because instants are fun. List isn't really finalized, anyone have any experience? Should I run self mill or symmetrical discard? I figure cards named liliana are generally good for the deck. Wincon looks to be a fat X spell or turning him sideways while buffed

>> No.53125235

>symmetrical discard
What the fuck? Have you read Toshiro?

>> No.53125270

not the poster, but i guess those are ways to get instants into the raveyard.
i guess if you really want a big toolbox of instants in your raveyard, shit like mesmeric orb could do the trick. of course the easiest would just be to get them in there by casting them, and getting flashback value from them.
hatred could work in terms of wincons.

>> No.53125283

I think you should use either Animar or Kruphix, in my opinion they are the best commanders for big eldrazi since they ramp like crazy with colorless

>> No.53125373

Just play Ixidor, Jalira, Geralf or Lorthos, if your playgroup is mega casul

>> No.53125433

>of course the easiest would just be to get them in there by casting them
No shit.

>> No.53125509

Nah. Not in the mood for a Taking Turns-esque deck.

My group isn't casual, but I want a deck that is more 'fun' as my other commanders are things like Daretti stax, Chainer and Seton combo.

Ixidor might be fun. He also works with my collection of old bordered pimp.

>> No.53125523

Basically to put instants in the bin, make more tricks available. I think entomb is probably enough spice. I'm not to focused on mana doubling since space is tight, so free spells = gains

>> No.53125565

Entomb is neither self-mill or symmetrical discard. Those cards are generally awful. If any of those Liliana cards you mentioned weren't LotV they're shit too.

>> No.53125624

Dacks is a very underrated card
Unfortunately the only deck I run in red is 5c and stunt double just works with child of Alara so much better

Nothing like progenitor mimicking something then cloning the progen mimic and giving it haste/dethrone

>> No.53125629

Sun Quan counters and equipment
My favorite mono blue deck

>> No.53125710

Marauders fucking suck, Aristocrat is one of the better sac outlets even with 0 humans, the choice is obvious m8

Remember that a sac outlets makes you practically immune to exile/bounce/tuck which are otherwise hard counters to Marchesa's ability

>> No.53126114

Markov Blademaster is usually better, although it doesn't have haste

>> No.53126596

Looking for some feedback for my lovechild. Apart from "get better lands tutors" (which I'm slowly working on) do you have any recommendations? Am I blatantly missing any good draw spells, removal, or ramp?


Be gentle, famtachi.

>> No.53126643

Does anyone have the Vinzstudios box mapping apps for Android? I can't seem to find them anymore.

>> No.53126647

>Whats your favorite way to copy/clone things?
Stunt Double which I have a foil of, Body Double, and Cackling Counterpart as a trick is nice. Please rate my brew


>> No.53126679

Blade of Selves

>> No.53126700

Whoops meant for>>53126596

>> No.53126719

Added to my to-buy list. Thanks.

>> No.53127005

I'm somewhat new to MTG. Been playing some Pauper at my LGS, but I want to try some EDH because a lot of people play that format and I want to try some flashy cards that aren't common.

I like Ramp, funky color combinations (maybe enemy colors or Tarkir tri-color) and big beefy monsters. Which commander should I play?

>> No.53127114

Xenagod is a good beginner commander

>> No.53127152

just pick anything Gruul

>> No.53127235

Temur Surrak could be what you want as well.

>> No.53127293

Temur or Gruul, for sure. Animar, Surrak, Xenagod, maybe Radha.

>> No.53127412

Play Yasova so you can steal other people's big flashy creatures while playing some beefy monster on your own

>> No.53127414

As others have said, RG (Gruul) is the most straight forward answer, with Xenagos being the best stompy general. I'd take a look at Mayael as well.

>> No.53127485


Stop posting Hazezon, only I'm allowed to play him! My deck does enchantment theme, etb theme, blink theme, land ramp theme etc. Multiple tutorable infinites. By far my best deck.

>> No.53127902

How often do you actually cast your commander

>> No.53127905

I built this terrible combo deck trying to use alternate win conditions.
Have I missed any obvious inclusions?


>> No.53127909

What's the most embarrassing thing you've seen playing edh?

>> No.53127962

I've seen a grown man literally throw a tantrum when he had his Grim Monolith hit by a Naturalize. On the floor, screaming, flailing arms and legs.

>> No.53127985

I don't believe this

>> No.53128048

An aspy woman got mad at her husband because she jumped the gun countering an x spell with Mana leak before he declared the x value
Paid for it
Then he paid for it by getting a chair thrown at him

>> No.53128111

And this is why you always let the significant other win.

>> No.53128347


He hits the board almost every game. Original idea was that he'd be generating a bunch of dudes that were being given haste and had anthem effects for knock out swings but that was too glass-cannon-y. Turns out late game tons of tokens is fine enough on its own without any boost effects. Now the idea is that he's generating a bunch of etb effects, which is much more generally useful. My deck actually has him playing tons of roles now and cheeky combos now. My favorite is Shields of Velis Vale on an opponent, then let Hazezon die, and watch all their creatures get exiled. Among other things.

>> No.53128349

I countered somebody's shitty loxodon once, which made him salty because it wasn't even that good. Then the next turn another player played a domri rade, which made him even saltier since I didn't have a counterspell left for it. Then because we didn't have any good creatures the domri rade guy ulted him, which made the first guy seething mad.

After that the domri rade player killed him, and he stood up and threw his chair on the ground, screaming at me about how I let a domri rade ult happen because I was salty at him or something.

He sticked around ranting at the table for the rest of the game, but when I won with aetherling at the end he actually started throwing a tantrum and just straight up screaming. He wasnt even screaming words, he was just yelling, it was absolutely hilarious.

>> No.53128558

Guy in my group got his infinite combo with brago out and after his first trigger(wasn't a mana ability) I krosan grip'd his main combo piece after he declared everything he was going to do, he gets extremely pissy and starts drawing cards to get a counter despite not being able to do so with grip on the stack to grab a counterspell. Everyone points this out to him and he throws a shit fit about how he always gets targeted and threatens to target me every game for the rest of the night, each game after that I proceed to target him overall regardless of others boardstates because of his hatred for me and he gets more upset until he slams his fist onto my table and I ask him to leave. Regardless I'm sure I'm the asshole in this scenario for targetting him but I don't know why he got so goddamn upset about a combo having a flaw

>> No.53128595

>let the significant other win or else they will throw a chair at you

>> No.53128610

>a friend returns to EDH after years of not playing
>joins his first game with our local group
>he gets out Shattergang Bros
>t8-ish he casts a Braids
>casual fag of the group starts tilting
>guy is new and exclusively plays gruul
>explain my friend didnt knew about the new banlist
>everyone tries try to relax him
>all agree on 'cycling' Braids after one turn
>gruul guy is still on defcon 1
>tries to alphastrike my friend
>fails horribly
>spaghetti's his deck all on the floor
>rages all over his cards as he storms out

Next week he asks if he can borrow one of our decks

>> No.53128739

Lazav is a dick.
>reanimate mindleech mass with lazav out
>smack that guy with my fuckhuge beater
>play the traumatize in his hand on himself
>wind up yarding Necrotic Ooze
>lazav is literally half the cards in this guy's deck
>he stares at me with cold dead eyes while his buddy is laughing hysterically
>calmly picks up his cards, walks to his bedroom to "sleep" at 3pm
>me and the other guy are sitting in his living room
>suddenly there is a loud bang, followed by a dull thud
>buddy punched his room safe, broke his hand and had the safe fall into him
>he's just lying there, beside the safe with a mangled hand, swearing like a sailor
>about how I did this because I'm such a dick, and it's all my fault for being cheap
>we call the ambulance, he tells it to Fuck off when it shows up and kicks us out
>his girlfriend comes home a few days later and chews him out for not going to the doctor
>never speak to him again

>> No.53128743

Unfortunatly already has a Kruphix deck in my meta, we don't want the decks to be too samey

>> No.53128770

I had the exact opposite happen once, like a someone cast Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker and then my signet was countered. I have lost all hope for the guy, so I didn't even care. He has tried to Negate gods for at least 10 times and he never learns.

He was playing Melek and he had a counterspell on top that counter creature spells and deal damage equal to creature's power and he wanted to counter my Worldspine wurm after he already passed priority and I went through combat.

>> No.53128785

Get ready for the value drop

>> No.53128823

I seriously thought at first in mid story that he just shot himself, for the bang and thud

>> No.53128860

>tribal focus for ICM
>all C17 are going to be tribal

>> No.53128876

I'm the bad guy in my group. My Mana rocks get a lot of hate, but they never seem to have removal left for doubling season?

>> No.53129079

>We chose to make the activation use white mana (remember green can untap creatures) to give Samut a Naya (red-green-white) color identity for Commander. Her abilities also played well with the exert mechanic, and red, green, and white were the colors for exert, helping Samut double as an exert commander.

We are to blame for this dumpster fire of a card, my dudes.

>> No.53129080

Nowhere do they mention a tribal focus for icm.

>> No.53129093

Isn't this old news? It's Eternal Masters 2: Nostalgic Boogaloo, with the same set size and price.

>> No.53129108

Spoiler that shit next time. I almost threw up.

>> No.53129115

We're not to blame for the art, would've played it otherwise.

>> No.53129142

It's nice to know that Wizards takes EDH players into account during their design, though. Languish was clearly a nice budget option to 'replace' Damnation for those without access to it, Cascading Cateracts seems a perfect fit for any commander deck with 3+ colours. Just lots of nice things you can slot in the 99, which I like.

>> No.53129157

>Angels, demons, dragons, hydras, sphinxes
I can't imagine a reason to print this set besides reprinting Iona, avacyn, and consecrated sphinx.
But I promise radiant, archangel will be at mythic.

>> No.53129170

>turn 8 braids from the 99
>somehow this is a strong play
How hypnotised by Sheldon can you get?

>> No.53129205

Sure but I'm not so enthused if it means we're going to get painfully forced clusterfuck cards.

>> No.53129215

He's a shame to the Clans and deserves to fight a mighty Ragebeast.

>> No.53129216

Know what happens when a format draws wizards' attention? Splinter twin gets banned, five cards get banned out of a standard that was designed to be half as big as it was released, top gets banned, top 8s are consistently 6 of the same deck and two t2 meta killers.

Edh players can make anything work. Please stop noticing us, wizards.

>> No.53129248

>the set brings an array of massive Angels, Sphinxes, Demons, Dragons, and Hydras alongside some of our favorite and most memorable spells.

It may be shit tribes but its still tribe

>> No.53129253

>Not crux of fate

>> No.53129266

Thats not an declaration of set theme silly.

>> No.53129281

>not playing maelstrom nexus
For what purpose?

>> No.53129308

So my friends are bad at deck building. Or rather I'm too autistic for them, whichever you prefer. I still want to play with them, but I'd rather not build a non-functioning deck. How do I shoot myself in the foot and still have fun?

>> No.53129310


>down to me and UG player
>Untaps some lands
>Sits there for a second
>Phantasmal Image
>On his Witness
>Getting back Venser
>Venser on Witness
>Getting back Chord of Calling
>Casts Chord
>Gets Woodfall Primus to kill I don't even fucking remember
>Passes turn
>Kill him

>> No.53129321

It may not be but let's be truthful here everyone likely has all these goddamn creatures to begin with and they'll be printed at dumb rarities and the sole chase card will end up being Avacyn. All these masters sets are complete fuck ups anyways so we shouldn't bother discussing them

>> No.53129330

Play a pre-con

>> No.53129347

Aether Hub is basically a newer Tendo Ice Bridge.

>> No.53129386

Damn. That is embarasing. Did you tell him he had the kill starting him in the face after the game?

>> No.53129431


>> No.53129490

You can't. You may get to play with your friends but you'll still have a slug lodged in your foot.

>> No.53129521

>mfw I'm too stupid to understand

Don't spoonfeed me I need to figure this out on my own

>> No.53129584

Phatasmal image on palinchron results in infinit mana. From there he can do whatever he wants including win the game, provided he has the right cards, and chord is the right card.

>> No.53129590

Well obviously I'll lose some enjoyment being unable to play what I want, but the gain from playing with my actual friends instead of randos will outweigh that.
Probably a good idea.

>> No.53129611

Did he have a way to win with infinite mana?

>> No.53129616

Oh, you said DON'T spoonfeed you.

>> No.53129662

Its ok I figured it out but he said chord was in graveyard and was grabbed by witness, infinite mana doesn't win you the game if you have anything worthwhile to play

>> No.53129669

Is he even viable as a Commander?

>> No.53129675

He had Chord of Calling and E Wit. That's any two creatures from your deck. Any three if you Phantasmal Image E Wit at the end. If you can't win with that you need help.

>> No.53129676

>Ever tried to take a rib from a nigger

>> No.53129679

>go infinite
>bounce phatasmal image to them copy e-wit
>get back chord
>cord for any number of things like fierce empath fetching deadeye, bounce empath, fetch that card drawing creature Im blanking on, bounce with dead eye to draw deck, aim blue sun at opponent

>> No.53129705

>this is a strong play
It is
It's just not game breaking
You know if we just got rid of fast m....

>> No.53129715

Build casually, play competitively. With that in mind, to avoid being bored out of your mind with a crawwurm.dec, pick a theme that's heavy on synergy but very inefficient even when cards synergize. For instance, 5c spirit/arcane, morph tribal, ninja tribal etc.

>> No.53129766

That card is actually pretty shit
I have (5) 5c decks and I've tried to use it in every single one because I have a ballin foil version
The decks that can use it are very few but I imagine if you can deal with dropping this, waiting a turn to get value and building your deck in a way to never whiff it could be a great card
I'd put it up there with cast time, an obviously powerful card that in no way shape or form is going into one of my decks

>> No.53129773


I did.

He is a nice guy and we had a good laugh about it.

>> No.53129794

Fuck I would pay money to see that.

>> No.53129834

Not really, just like how a turn 8 smokestack isn't all that strong either.

>> No.53129844

Try to kill them with x shitty card and build your deck around it
Like forced fruition, killing the table by casting/copying cruel ultimatum over and over, warpworld.dec.
Just pick a non spike card and make your deck do that
Try to win with the wonky "win the game" cards
Get your Johnny on!

>> No.53129901

Depends entirely on your meta

>> No.53129925

Well smokestacks can scale every turn
And a lot of decks get shit on when you start making them sac perms

>> No.53129978

how does Brago "go infinite" with strionic resonator?

>> No.53129993

5c level up tribal

>> No.53130007

Fuck this card

>> No.53130035

Except less good with power conduit.

>> No.53130073

By using Google

>> No.53130090

Art aside, it's hard for me to pinpoint exactly what is wrong with this card. It may be the keyword soup (keyword soup reeks of lazyness to me). It may be the untap ability, which has nothing to do mechanically with the rest of the card.

>> No.53130092

Anyone trying out new cards in their brews? Pic related is my current project.

>> No.53130111

It's that it functions as a big middle finger to any of the poor souls who bought Wade Into Battle 2 years ago.

>> No.53130139

>mana vault for infinite mana that empties end of combat

Fucking impressive

>> No.53130158

Gemstone Array says hello

>> No.53130187

A guy was trying to pull up the comp rules on his phone during an argument, when he unlocked his screen the last thing he was looking at was a selfie of him cross dressing and jerking off. We all saw it. He pretended it didn't happen and continued looking up the rules and arguing but his face was red as a tomato and I was trying really hard not to laugh at him

>> No.53130223

Man I've been thinking of this
Gon be bad

>> No.53130267

We've all been there.

Ask him if he wants to play 1v1 some time.

>> No.53130275

>Be wizards
>Kick you when you are down

>> No.53130371

>looking up cards to help a friend with a deck
>he's sees some of my drawings and recognizes me as a porn artist of decent reputation and asks me to draw some stuff for him
>mfw I'm giving him fap material in exchange for cards

Crossdressing is pretty gay though

>> No.53130384

>infinite mana to fuel infinite Strionic Resonator
>hurr how can I win with infinite flicker
>durr I wonder why people run Reality Acid, Venser, Spine of Ish Sah, Capsize, Altar of the Brood, Lab Man etc.

>> No.53130389

Is he cute?

>> No.53130414

You nailed it. It's one big poorly designed card, from top to bottom.

>> No.53130566

What's the best way to setup some early defenses so I don't get curb stomped playing Scion of the Ur-Dragon?

>> No.53130570

Roon is the objectively best designed commander.
No other commander is as balanced, versatile, fun and technically deep as Roon.
If you do not agree with this you have bad opinions.

>> No.53130602


>> No.53130610


Why is there motion blur around the buildings? Is she on rollerskates?

>> No.53130615

>trading porn for cards
I wish I could into art.

>> No.53130635

when I use to work at Brazzers I use to trade memberships for cards at Face a Face.

>> No.53130650

>very fast noggo dissenting at incredible hihg speed

>> No.53130750

cards with defender are pretty good at defenses

cantrip defenders like wall of blossoms are an option

creatures under curve like fleecemane lion or watchwolf are also okay at keeping people from hitting you

>> No.53130804


I'm actually planning on using her as a Commander that looks like she's Voltron (and can win that way) but also throw in some crazy combos as well (Saffi Eriksdotter + Suntitan combo) and some other stuff.

But I will probably get some sort of alter for her as well.

>> No.53130806


I can get behind this.

>> No.53130842

>Tap ability
This card has always been bucking futts

>> No.53130853

He resembles jontron

>> No.53130887

>does nothing until after a full turn

How do you even get to use him?

>> No.53130893

>But I will probably get some sort of alter for her as well
>Only probably

>> No.53130916

What's wade into battle?

>> No.53130930


i play with casuals don't bully me

>> No.53130932


I've never actually gotten any alters before, so I am not sure what the cost would be. So, probably.

>> No.53130934

Played him on cockatrice yesterday, slapped everyone's shit in 4-5 turns.

Blade of Selves is your friend.

>> No.53130963

The 2015 boros precon

>> No.53130971

But anon, is that any way to talk about the New Green Planeswalker(tm), who will join the Gatewatch(tm) when Nissa(tm) leaves because she isn't Marketable(tm)?

>> No.53130976

What did you put blade of selves on
Just him?

>> No.53130986


>> No.53130994

Roon Planeswalker when?!

>> No.53130998

I might be autistic, but I never saw why people played Roon as a flicker commander. To me, he's voltron as fuck. He's a Voltron who's fucking hard to block

>> No.53131021

Didnt Nissa get possessed by Emrakul in some aspect or was that Tamiyo?
If so evil Nissa might be a thing to "redeem" her shitty arc

>> No.53131023

Oh I thought we were talking about niglivesmatter

>> No.53131029

Just him, which tutor 4 extra equipments a turn in 3-players and 6 extra in 4-players

>> No.53131033

RW EDH precon. The one with the lady giant.

>> No.53131049

Doubt it. None of the other Gatewatch have gone multicolor. Nissa is out of there.

>> No.53131051

Yup, still gotta make the manabase though.

>> No.53131060

I remember one of my friends bought that deck. He was pretty new, but he quickly realized that boros is better suited to playing multiple small, efficient creatures rather than fatties in a color combination with no ramp.
Im amazed that he realized this despite being a newbie, yet the people at Wizards, who design games for a living, did not. I wonder if it was intentional sometimes.

>> No.53131064

if you don't post basics youre a bitch

>> No.53131069

Ooga booga where all the white creatures at
But seriously we need a roon Planeswalker card

>> No.53131092


Ajani is a member of the Gatewatch, just not one who wanted to come along to Bolas's house.

>> No.53131098

Boros has some sick angels and Titans and shit. Lots of anthems, yeah, but white has some decent Voltron action and red has some creature control that translates well to fatties

>> No.53131109

Guess I'm a bitch

>> No.53131131

In the graveyard :^)
Embalm is a white mechanic :^)

>> No.53131135

So, I like building decks out of trash I have in my collection, and I decided to build a Zegana deck with cards I had lying around.

Turns out, I may have better cards then I thought laying around

>> No.53131144

Hey guys i want to go the BLOB on on my friends, and i found this, i have pratically every card for this deck however would you guys recommend some cards that are possibly a switch with/must have?


>> No.53131156

What are you doing to chain copy with wort? Conspiring normal copy spells?

>> No.53131160

Oh yeah I guess he is. Just not a part of the core 5.
I stand by my prediction that Nissa either gets harvested or goes rogue.

>> No.53131176

I made Jhoira.
I'm stuffing it full of artifacts. Rocks and Clocks.
I'm thinking of taking out Ulamog/It That Betrays and putting in more Colossi for Darksteel Forge/Unwinding Clock.

What are the fattest artifact creatures? Inkwell Leviathan is cool. Any affinity fatasses?

>> No.53131217

Gearhulks and panharmonicon are actually really good if that's the direction you wanna go.
Dropping combustible gearhulks in a deck with 12 drops usually means he's a draw 3.

>> No.53131230

In building a Naya human tribal-ish, should I use Samut or Gahiji as my commander?

>> No.53131305

The recently-sired abomination of a commander is far superior unless you are dedicated to tokens as your main form of winning.

>> No.53131308

I don't have a lot of ETB effects, though I like combustible for draw.

>> No.53131375


>> No.53131441

Someone just drawing cards instead of trying to win or play well
aka most of the MTGGoldfish commander clash stuff.

>> No.53131550

Just "that" Narset guy getting mad when he gets hated off the table before he can swing.

>> No.53131569

Nice, sadly I'm in Orzhov only so the things I'm using to dodge the lose trigger involve either outright saccing the enchantment or animating it and then saccing it as a creature/burning it with its first mode

>> No.53131588


>> No.53131666

>dude o-rings and sundial lmao

>> No.53131732

Not a creature, Satan.

>> No.53131742

dark one probably meant fiend hunter fampai

>> No.53131882

Attack, then secind mainphase use the ability. Unless you need it precombat then it's not nearly as bad as, say, Charging Troll

>> No.53131898

Nissa, Under Bolas

W H E N ?

>> No.53131927

>Nissa turning back to elf Hitler
Now that's something I would love to see.

>> No.53131957

>Play budget Talrand in my aggro heavy group
>Cantrips and counterspells everywhere
>Have a legion of drakes
>Slowly swinging at people but they keep board wiping
>Eventually win game thanks to Wash Out and most everyone sharing a color
>They say the game would've gone faster if I wasn't playing control
>My face

I was trying to kill you with drakes you fucks. Don't get mad at me because you wouldn't let me

>> No.53131970

You're just scared you can't handle a strong woman of color like Samut. I bet your favorite commander is a fucking while male.

>> No.53131996


>> No.53132008

All white everything.

>> No.53132024


I think he's saying its a good thing m8

>> No.53132026

Next B+R
>White males are banned for being oppressive to the format
>Jace is errataed to be hispanic

>> No.53132035

>white male
Sun Quan is an honorary Arian

>> No.53132036

post tech?

>> No.53132045

what does harvested mean? eldrazied?

>> No.53132048

Blue is unfun :^)

>> No.53132051

>Jace is errataed to be hispanic
Do not give them any ideas

>> No.53132065

>Jace is errataed to be hispanic
They can't, they won't have a cute weak blundering ignorant white male then.

>> No.53132069

I'm operating under the assumption that bolas uses amonkhet as a planeswalker spark farm and the trials are a way to awaken the spark before he eats them

>> No.53132084

>before he eats them
Vore fags gtfo

>> No.53132101


>> No.53132140

>Multiplayer Nicol Bolas politics/big grixis spells
>Roleplay Nicol Bolas the entire time

Is there any greater feeling?

>> No.53132146

I thought the Blade of Selves didn't work with Legendary creatures?

>> No.53132162

Portcullis/Karn lock with ward of Bones
If your opponent can play cards, they might win

>> No.53132181

But I want to keep my friends, and more importantly turn them on each other

>> No.53132184

They enter the battlefield but die as a state based effect. Etb triggers still go off, as do leave the battlefield triggers.
t. GR omnath

>> No.53132197

Selvala cosplay while playing Selvala in the winter. The fur ruff is cozy AF.

>> No.53132221

Not/ b/
You literal cocksucker

>> No.53132229


>> No.53132286

You sweet summer child

>> No.53132343

Why the hell is Thrasios 11$ now in some sites. He used to be 2$. Was just about to buy it because he was one of the cheapest partners along with also being good

Did some Legacy/modern deckbuilder senpai notice him?

>> No.53132353


>> No.53132359

infinite mana sink to draw your deck for very cheap.
used in legacy (or vintage?) but mostly C-EDH

>> No.53132376

>Why the hell is Thrasios 11$
He's excellent despite what tg will tell you

>> No.53132420

Sorry anon, I got doxx paranoia. It's not like it's that interesting a cosplay anyway, only my face is exposed.

>> No.53132436

So, at the LGS I frequent Duel Commander tournaments follow the new MTGO list (Because fuck the french list), however, because of that there's a flood of Tasigurs and Oloros, along Crucible locks with strip mines, and I am seriously considering using Pithing Needle in my 99 (Food Chainless prossh because fuck the MTGO Banlist too) I really would want to know what choices besides the Needle I have to prevent LD (Already have the new Amonkhet land and Darksteel Citadel, and enough removal to deal with the Crucible, still the Tasigurs do run a lot of recursion and it just becomes impossible do deal with that.).

>> No.53132458

Turning the game into Archenemy+EDH while modifying the Nicol Bolas deck to have 200 cards and 60 life instead of 40, along with having all schemes.

>> No.53132475

Damn that sucks
Selvala is my waifu lol

>> No.53132551

So, those people actually exist?

I mean, I'm a quite left-leaning guide, but fuck me, I still don't condone insanity and throwing logic out the window.

>> No.53132555

Propaganda and other similar effects.

>> No.53132668

I need LANDS.dec. Any options besides Gitrog, Omnath, and Azusa?

>> No.53132682

Good ol borb.

>> No.53132715

Angry Borb, Ruric Thar all permanents

>> No.53132716

Hes super fucking good. A 2 mana win condition accessible to you at any point of the game

The chaos deck's partners were indisputably the best. Thrasios is literally tier 1, Vial Smasher is a beast 1v1 and Kydele is a super mana dork to partner with any other partner commander. If only every partner were at least as half as good

>> No.53132738

What are the absolutely biggest creatures (toughness wise) available for monoblack, that don't cost extraordinary amounts of mana? I like my Toxic Deluges and Mutilates to be one sided, and I already run Tree of Perdition and the Dark Depths combos.

>> No.53132765

Hunted Horror.
Also look through Demons, they're generally extremely cost efficient, if you can deal with their drawback.

>> No.53132788

>not playing FFA Bolas vs Praetor tribal vs Volrath vs Eldrazi tribal

>> No.53132789

What's a good commander for old fashioned rock grinding? I was thinking Mazirek would be a good one, or Nath, but I'm generally unsure.

>> No.53132822

It's easy to look up what creatures start with the biggest toughness, it's literally "sort by toughness". But that method leaves out the creatures that have the potential to get really big really fast. For example Thief of Blood almost always hits the field in the double digits and is nominally "just" a 1/1. Or Necropolis Regent who's a 12/11 after a single punt to the enemy. Are there any similar creatures? I'd especially love some black equivalent to Managorger Hydra.

>> No.53132830

>rock grinding?
What's that

>> No.53132842

Nath my nig. Rando discard for the spoll slangers. Poops tokens for stacks and beats. Grindy af.

>> No.53132843


>> No.53132855

Can anyone sell me on this smug bitch? I'm inclined to build a deck with her, but I'm not sure how fun a deck you can make, since she doesn't really do anything crazy herself. Not looking for anything super competitive or 1v1, just want fun group games.

>> No.53132873

These days Nic Fit is the new Rock though.

>> No.53132887

Politics deck, throw in all the politics cards you can muster, along with Monarch matters cards, a few wincons like Rise of the Dark Realms

It doesn't matter if you can't win if you can get everybody to destroy themselves.

>> No.53132890

Titania because tree tits.

>> No.53132893

The most effective I've seen her is basically boardwipes tribal, while earning value from her monarch status.

>> No.53132908

So good stuff?
Damia modern stuff is a popular and good deck
It's edh build a deck and test it

>> No.53132914

Exploding baby lends itself to lands

>> No.53132934

I'll try him out then.

>> No.53132977

>Child of Alara Manland Tribal

>> No.53133005

> It doesn't matter if you can't win if you can get everybody to destroy themselves.

I like that mindset. I've never tried a Politics decks, mostly just token bullshit and big stompy (Mayael).

>> No.53133052

They were right, retard

>> No.53133087

Congratulations. 7 mana for a tutor once per turn.

>> No.53133217

Just build mono brown Emrakul

>> No.53133244

Journeyer's Kike was a staple in the format for a long time
Seems good desu

>> No.53133307

no, 2 and 5
would you prefer it to this, you doublenigger?

>> No.53133352

>for a long time
Until when? It still is.

>> No.53133398

I'd rather play Behold the Beyond, Diabolic Revelation or Insidious Dreams

>> No.53133438

Real men play Demonic Consultation.

>> No.53133602

Jace henceforth will be known as Jose

>> No.53133695


Mina and Denn. Exploration in the Command Zone is fantastic.

>> No.53133894

Your lack of dank wurms (besides Panglacial Wurm!) disturbs me:
>Armada Wurm
>Autochthon Wurm
>Engulfing Slagwurm
>Enlisted Wurm
>Novablast Wurm (not really, but he's still dank)
>Worldspine Wurm

>> No.53133898

But that's Explore, not Exploration.

>> No.53133958


>> No.53133970

Roon Ally tribal

>> No.53134015


I was thinking of those, yeah. Deck is still a work in progress and looking to be a lot of fun but it can be a bit slow out of the gate. Although I have managed to get Scion out by turn 3. I imagine there's a way to get him by Turn 2 but I'm also playing in a setting where we're trying to keep the decks around 60-70% power.

>> No.53134084

Jose Beaner
Jose, Architect of Tacos
Jose, Menery Apex
Jose, the Filled Burrito
Jose, the Hubcap Separator
Jose, Unloader of Piñatas
Jose, Immigrant Prodigy


>> No.53134115

Just play planar portal, you tard.

>> No.53134117

But it's not. What are you even talking about?
Explore is a cantripping sorcery, one time Exploration, which is an enchantment

>> No.53134184

>running artifacts
Sorry, I'm not tremendous faggot.

>> No.53134194

do u like wurms

>> No.53134239

tfw the only cards that say artifact in my deck say destroy target right before it

>> No.53134279


What about this?
Will it be worth it to buy?

>> No.53134315

I bet you fags run creatures and use the combat step too.

>> No.53134420

yup. Howl of the Horde gets pretty nuts. Increasing vengeance if you have the mana (battle hymn) gets you six copies if conspired, plus two for the original if its conspired.One game I got off a massive Commune with Lava and did howl of the horde on a flashbacked increasing vengeance. then got the table kill with massive raid

>> No.53134476

I personally haven't seen it in years
Deck techs on YouTube and lists on tapped out are getting more streamlined over time
A lot less decks use it than they did in 2011

>> No.53134519

Never buy precons, especially not multiple precons taped together.

>> No.53134521

His dad prays for death every night
I'm sure of it

>> No.53134526

He's so much fucking fun. Providing the slap with 6 combat phases to kill the table is a blast.

>> No.53134529

Are you a new player who needs an instant collection? Then yes. If not? Move the fuck along.

>> No.53134576

This is the face of a defeated man.

>> No.53134587

Well those lists are for faggots, kite is the best 2 drop manarock unless you're a spiky tryhard who considers a 5 turn game long. Also fantastic tagteam with Sensei's

>> No.53134619

>never buy precons

>> No.53134681

Unless you can scalp them for triple the MSRP I guess.

I sure hope you aren't suggesting a commander that can only do boring uninteractive timmy shit in the form of only three different decks played by a hundred thousand different faggots is worth having bought an entire box for.

>> No.53134683

Honestly it could be a blast if you drop in Leyline of Singularity, dunno if it'd be "good" though

>> No.53134707

What Izzet walker would be best for Arjun, if any?

>> No.53134732

Dack is the only Izzet Walker.

>> No.53134734

The answer is always Dack.

>> No.53134762

Dedicating three mana a turn to not really ramp is not great in every meta
We are pretty casual in my group and if you're just sitting on your ass not developing your board at all people will take advantage
sorry if you think people playing spells under 6 cmc is tryhard

>> No.53134767

>I'm autismal as fuck
>I'm going to go to my first commander night
>I played in a meta with a bunch of dickass faggots using degenerate decks, and as a result, most of my decks are incredibly dickish
>I want to play and have fun, but I don't want to blow people out
Help anons, what should I do? I've already decided Brago, Ghave, and Uril are no dice. I could bring my big black deck, that's pretty much a bunch of expensive beaters shoved into a deck, including Dirty Mike, Skittles, and Sheroldred, but I'm not sure how happy people are going to be about that. Any advice or general tips?

>> No.53134781

I mean, there's also Ral Zarek and Saheeli, but sure.
Thought so, but didn't want to screw myself out of something good.

>> No.53134790

>AutocardAnywhere identifies Skittles.
This is amazing.

>> No.53134808

Wow, that is actually amazing. Can I easily add it to firefox?

>> No.53134843

Yup, using it now. Also keep in mind that you can turn it off on certain sites.
Doesn't identify Dirty Mike tho

>> No.53134862


If you have fun with it, yeah. Do you remember what fun is? You supposedly play a format based around having it.

>> No.53134881

I want to build a Nuclear Warfare deck based on Child of Alara with as many AOE destruction/exile/sacrifice/discard/-x/-x effects as I could ever possibly pack in there.

What kind of shell would I shove that stuff in? Just playing a bunch of ramp artifacts and utility Enchantments seems like the obvious road, but I'd ideally blow those up all the time as well.

>> No.53134954

How do you win?

>> No.53134965

Just put together a Toshi deck.

Much more tuning is required.


>> No.53135027


It's by no means competitive, but it's a lot of fun in my meta and relies heavily on landfall and turning lands into creatures to beat people to death.


>> No.53135055

That would be the next hurdle. Considering the whole deck would just make people miserable anyway, I suppose adding in some infinite combo bullshit could work. Tooth and Nail with some 2-card combo or something.

>> No.53135066

Kamahl, fist of Krosa.

>> No.53135116


Some friends of mine are each building an Origins walker deck and looking for someone to build a Nicol Bolas deck for >>53132458 related.

>> No.53135142


>> No.53135235

Oh hey, the thread is a bit more active for once when I'm around.


Trying to tune this Atraxa deck into a more quirky and fun version. Alternatively increase overall consistency and direction of things.
Thought about going the Superfriends route, but too much of that is probably going to end up as a boring turtle deck.

Any suggestions for some silly cards that work with Atraxa and can abuse her effect? Already know of that Enchantment cycle exiling sometihng each turn at the cost of a Fading counter or something, though not too sure about them yet.

>> No.53135266

This >>53135142 is a good idea, but maybe you could also run a subtheme with using lands as bolts, like that RRR enchantment that lets you discard lands to bolt things with. Milling may be an option too.

>> No.53135292

Let me +1 my Planeswalker, that's the penultimate version of fun. Fuck spells and magic and shit I love Jace.

>> No.53135321

How do I properly [Expand Dong]?

>> No.53135342

So I want to get into this Commander thing since people is starting to make a lot of tournaments on my local shop.

What are the best decks? Like the Tier 1 among commanders.
Are the 2016 bundle a good investment? That shit is over $200 now.

I was looking for info but most lists/tiers are made by literally whos named SasukexxxUchiha666 on tappedout.
I want to know if they are more solid resources.

>> No.53135348

>not playing Brick and Charge counter Tribal Atraxa
Look at this faggot.

>> No.53135360

You can set it to.

>> No.53135377

Leovold, unless the local shop runs a banlist with him on it i.e. 1v1 EDH iirc.

>> No.53135402

Playing Commander with the goal of playing competitively is the wrong approach. At that point you're just playing a worse Vintage.

That said, 2016 didn't have too much broken bullshit. Almost all OP commander decks are based around powering out an infinite combo ASAP and none of the 2016 Precons offer that with their speed. Ydris and Atraxa can still cause some serious trouble with their effects and at worst can give you access to some stupid combos due to their 4 colors.

>> No.53135408

Conjurer's closet, that one red enchantment that creates a temporary copy whenever a nontoken creature ETB, minion reflector, strionic resonator, panharmonicon.
Sprinkle in other stuff with good ETB/LTB abilities that benefit from the dong framework.

>> No.53135420

Obviously no tier list is perfect, but http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/list-multiplayer-edh-generals-by-tier/ really is pretty good.

>> No.53135422


For some people yes. Why that escapes you I have no idea, though I assume it's autism.

>> No.53135575


I've been wanting to play her, too. I love that art. I should check if the one scene I play with is fine with the Monarch rule.

>> No.53135683

Leovold is on the regular commander banlist.

>> No.53135714

They don't have a fucking choice, it's a rule of the game.

>> No.53135791

That shop might play by Wizards rules, it might not. Wotc doesn't have Leovold banned for FFA afaik. Either way the list the store abides by matters most.

>> No.53135794

Better verify that whole untap step too while youre at it. Your playgroup might be uncool with you playing more than one mana per land you play.

>> No.53135914

The only things you need to check with your group are if they're okay with proxies, what their house rules are, and if they allow wishes.

>> No.53135974

>staxx playgroup
>Tfw they've houseruled that you have to sac a permanent every upkeep and only get 1 untap step evert 3 turns

>> No.53135977

>Mina and Denn
Good to abuse Hideaway lands with.

>> No.53136016

>tfw your decks feel super weak without G ramp
t. Timmy

>> No.53136103

All two of them they can play.

>> No.53136108

Blade of Selves
>(Whenever it attacks, for each opponent other than defending player, you may create a token that's a copy of that creature that's tapped and attacking that player or a planeswalker he or she controls. Exile the tokens at end of combat.)
Legendary Rule
> If a player controls two or more legendary permanents with the same name, that player chooses one of them, and the rest are put into their owners' graveyards.
So, when the copies of Gondo enter the battlefield, you have to sacrifice all but one.

What happens if you sacrifice the non-token Gondo? Do you get yet another additional combat step from the token Gondo's "whenever this creature attacks" trigger?
Or does the token skip the "whenever Godo attacks" trigger because it entered the battlefield already attacking?

>> No.53136128

>does the token skip the "whenever Godo attacks" trigger because it entered the battlefield already attacking?

>> No.53136208

You're not supposed to be using it every turn anon. Hint: it's instant speed

>> No.53136209

No they are already "tapped and attacking" they never attacked

>> No.53136224

I know, that's what I said.
You don't get bonus attack steps with godo + blade of selves

>> No.53136231

Well i derp

>> No.53136239

from the tokens*

>> No.53136244

Wizards rules are only for MTGO, and hopefully will stay that way. Stop conflating MTGO and reality.

>> No.53136253


No one in the one group I play with use any cards that make use of the whole Monarch system so I wasn't sure.

>> No.53136270

Doesn't matter. If you're the monarch you draw a card, that's how it works.

>> No.53136285

I play commander so I can play all the big bois I can't in modern. Having cool 5/5s is more fun than winning.

>> No.53136317

I know that there's always something for somebody to argue about in lists like this, but how come that Ezuri is so low. His infinite turn combo is absolutely trivial to build and even without it he's incredibly degenerate.

>> No.53136332

>tfw playing a nongreen eldrazi deck
Thran Dynamo is your friend

>> No.53136447

I'm not going to spend time defending it. For me it's just to get a general sense that "No, Jeleva is going to be super busted, play Nekusar instead."

>> No.53136521

Eh im just giving you a hard time. Its just a new emblem and it actually makes the game way more fun for control decks and aggro decks and generally helps speed the game up.

>> No.53136655

Hopefully everyone adopts the new banlist.

>> No.53136701

Ezuri is really bad.

>> No.53136754

started playing magic a little over a year ago and got into edh about 2 months ago, do you guys thing $600 is too much for a deck? Maelstrom Wanderer is my general

>> No.53136854

They won't because Wizards fully supports Sheldon's list for paper and their list is purely for MTGO. They make their products with it in mind.

>> No.53136896

It's not "the new banlist" though. It's purely for MTGO. Regardless of which list people like more, the other one is the proper one.

>> No.53136991

600 is reasonable for a higher end edh deck, but you might wanna drop 30 bucks on a precon that has some staples in it for a good test. It would suck to dump 600 and hate edh.

>> No.53137002

I'm aware it's for MODO, that doesn't mean it isn't a strictly superior banlist.

>> No.53137049


He's slow. That tier list is literally for the maximum known efficient output for the commanders on unlimited budget. All the lists are well over 1000$ and most high tiers can consistently kill by turn 3-5. Degenerate/strong commanders like Oloro, Kaalia or Kruphix are also Tier 3 due to not being as cut throat on unlimited budget as the tier 1.

Newzuri needs time to build up the counters for Sage of Hours degeneracy, and if that fails has limited options besides making mana dorks stronk or summoning a Mycoloth that will become huge in 3 turns while the tier 1 can combo off in an instant.

However, he can be preety cutthroat on a local, somewhat casual level of play. He has combos, several options and has preety good colors.

I really like him, but put 4000$ on a Newzuri deck against Prossh, Teferi and Tazri on the same budget and he doesn't stands a chance. That's what that particular list is for

>> No.53137063

>unbanning Emrakul, Leovold, Prophet of Kruphix, etc.
>banning fucking Sol Ring

Uh huh

>> No.53137119


It's literally 30$, has a preety decent mana base, a commander with a game plan, and new potentially broken cards for the format like Command Beacon or motherfucking Thrasios.

I know that Kaladesh forest will be worth 10$ in 10 years. Good land taste

>> No.53137129


There's literally nothing wrong with Prophet of Kruphix

>> No.53137145

If you think those are somehow inferior to sol ring then you should hand over your mtg license young man.

>> No.53137149

>nothing wrong with fully leveled lighthouse chronologist for 5 mana

>> No.53137180

so you agree with him

did you misread?

>> No.53137191

Emrakul is absolutely fine, sol ring is actually the second-most degenerate card currently legal. Just because you only use it to ramp into craw wurm doesn't mean that it's weak.

>> No.53137196

>degenerate combo enabler in the most degenerate combo colors
If you play Simic your life's a gimmick.

>> No.53137207

A decent manabase filled with reprints of taplands, trilands and that shitty filter cycle that no one plays.

>> No.53137209

No, did you? Reread my comment sparky.

>> No.53137224

I'm pretty certain there is no degenerate combo involving Prophet.

>> No.53137225

Banning sol ring makes sense
Give me one reason it should be legal besides it be printed in every edh precon
They have banned cards from the precons before its not a deal breaker

>> No.53137249

>If you think those are somehow inferior to sol ring then you should hand over your mtg license young man.
did you mean superior?

>> No.53137281

No, it just lets you play whatever degeneracy you want whenever you want.

>> No.53137315

even if you're not going for degenerate combos you're basically just sharing everyone else's turn to dump your hand really fast. you're pretty much guaranteed to win through combat the turn after you play prophet if that's your deck's thing.

>> No.53137326


Can you really not see the difference between being printed in one or two edh precons and being printed in basically every one? Including the latest?

>> No.53137351


If a few people get one out in decks built around enough Instants, ETB effects and Tap abilities things could become a gigantic fucking mess. That's my only guess.


Because... having it in my opening hand makes my Timmy tingle?

>Opening hand has at least one land, a Sol Ring and a 2 drop mana rock

>> No.53137435

>strictly superior banlist
You're right, but it just so happens that it's also not strictly better. In fact, it fails to address several problems and hits some cards needlessly.

>> No.53137466

Because fast mana is fine and I believe that it should be available.

>> No.53137500

>"waaaaah i don't want to play an EDH game if it takes less than 3 hours boo hoo"

no point arguing with people like that

>> No.53137508

I'll one up you.
>Opening hand is Burgeoning and six lands.

>> No.53137573

He just gets hated off the board way too easily and needs to survive at least 1 turn rotation or a million mana to go off with his combo, while the general "spam counters" shit is done more reliably and faster by other commanders.

>> No.53137688


I just wanna get the maximum value with Rashmi.dec

Is that so wrong?

>> No.53137713

It's fun.

>> No.53137844

Just starting with EDH (and mostly with Magic in general, I've only been playing a month or two). I'm throwing this together out of a few cards I have and some my friends said were good. Tell me which of these are absolute trash and need to go, and I'll move on from there


>> No.53137845

That's not what I said at all and you saying that can only lead me to believe that you have issues with losing too easily to faster decks. Fast mana can be used with no problem in average metas and it'll rarely lead to someone winning immediately.

>> No.53137853

Disregard this >>53137845
I suck cocks and can't read.

>> No.53137907

If you're still lurking 16 hours later, here are some tips I wish someone would've told me:

Don't fall into the trap of making it killspell.dec. Toshi is not a wincon so pack some fatties. Backup equipment Voltron is acceptable but shouldn't be counted on since Toshi has no evasion. You can run Tainted Strike and Hatred with him and not feel real dirty since he's not that big of a threat. Don't skimp on ramp or card draw. It's tempting to do so with your CMC being so low but don't do it. Being stuck on 4 or 5 lands with him while everyone else is ramp city is no bueno and you can't count on the black mana doublers at all times. If your group is real cheeky they will save removal just for those doublers so plan for that. As with all mono-black, make sure to run some lifegain to offset the life loss.

Here is my list:


Feel free to look through the change log for any ideas of what didn't work or directions you'd like to take the deck. Even if it didn't work for me doesn't mean it might not work for you.

And the number one thing to keep in mind with Toshi is that the deck is about the long game. He shines the brightest on turn 20 when everyone is run low on cards in hand and out of steam and you have a full graveyard of shit you've been casting. It's like having an extra fistful of cards over everyone. Don't be overly aggressive because you need to grind out your value.

>> No.53137909

Where are the lands.

>> No.53137934

Yeah Sol Ring and Mana Crypt don't ramp someone two or three turns ahead turn 1, they're perfectly fine cards that belong in a casual format.

>> No.53137944

I will add the lands later. At the moment I need to cut down on creatures, so I put those up. I can put twelve each of Forest, Mountain and Plain if it makes you feel better.

>> No.53137981

Yes, they are. A casual group will usually stabilize pretty quickly because they don't have much degenerate shit to use that extra mana on. The one who played it may turn into archenemy for a few turns and that leads to things evening out.

>> No.53137990

You'll want around over 40 mana sources counting lands, green ramp spells, and artifact ramp.

Are you asking for a list of the creatures that are least valuable in your decklist? What are some other decks in your meta or do you not know/have a meta yet?

>> No.53138007

Human tribal is not going to be viable anon.

>> No.53138019

They are fine in the average meta. If your meta is competitive enough for them to make a sizable impact, then house rule them.

>> No.53138034

I'd take out Gisela, Intrepid Provisioner, Thraben Standard Bearer, Unruly Mob, Auramancer, Alesha because she has black mana symbols so she can't be played in that Naya deck, Captain Sisay to name a few. What do you want your deck to do? Whats your gameplan?

>> No.53138043

I'm just going to be playing casual games with friends, I don't mind if it's trash as long as it's not unplayable.

>> No.53138044

Without know his meta we can't definitively say that. It's probably more fair to say that it won't be the strongest direction to take a Samut deck but Human tribal could work in his playgroup.

>> No.53138116

why hasn't this been errata'd?

not that an early big beater is the most broken thing in the world, it's just that the design of this and a few other cards are lost by the different ruleset.

>> No.53138118

I took those creatures out, and thanks for pointing out Alesha can't be used, I didn't notice that.

>> No.53138122

Casual metas lack removal and run higher mana curves. Fast mana is increasingly more game deciding there than in T1 games.

But no you can just gang up on the player which makes it okay. We should unban Moxen too, you can just gang up on whoever plays them.

>> No.53138138

Where do you think you are anon? People here want to run 28 lands and a Gilded Lotus as their ramp.

>> No.53138142

They don't do functional errata on cards because MaRo suffers from autism.

>> No.53138148

Dies to removal.

>> No.53138150

People around here and on many other forums play the cards with no problems. Are you bold enough to tell them that their metas are secretly having huge problems with rocks when they don't think they are? What do you care if other people are playing with cards you don't like? House rule them if they are a problem for you.

>> No.53138159

That worked with Paris mulligan.

>> No.53138184

what casual decks don't run removal? shit like pongify and terror and krosan grip show up in all sorts of super low end casual decks. even the precons have removal.

>> No.53138189

No problem. Human tribal is fine for casual play, but generally the amount of lands is 35 to 40 lands depending on the curve. Also some of the creatures I mentioned work more with madness/cards that care about discarding, so it's detrimental to you otherwise. Try to get some card draw as well, like Mind's Eye or Slate of Ancestry, or Howling Mine/Font of MYthos.

>> No.53138191

Sol Ring is literally the card most requested to be put on the banlist. Who are these imaginary people you're talking about?

>> No.53138203

I have not seen Terror played in a decade.

>> No.53138217

yeah, sol ring has gotta go.

but not mana crypt, that one's fine.

>> No.53138229

It's literally not. Try browsing MTGSalvation some time since that is where Sheldon gets most of the feedback from and is by far the largest EDH community. Hell even the EDH subreddit would disagree with you.

Inb4 complaining about mtgsalvation and reddit. It's where the majority of the community is and where he gets most of his feedback.

>> No.53138246

I added the multi-color and non-basic lands I have

I have Howling Mine and Lifecrafter's Bestiary, are those any good here?

>> No.53138247

And that's why the Vancouver mulligan was adopted. It's so much less bullshitty than people getting perfectly sculpted hands.

>> No.53138263

howling mine isn't very good but bestiary is great

>> No.53138264

It's the most prolific one obviously anon, given that literally everyone has one. Have you even read this conversation? I've been saying they all need to be banned.

I do browse the mtgsalvation banlist thread. After they banned Prophet the most talked about card is Sol Ring.

>> No.53138274

Both of those would work. Also you need 100 cards straight, commander included, so you need to make some cuts since you're at 106.

>> No.53138323

Alright, I added both of those on, so now I'm at 108. Is 46 creatures too many? I'm worried about the fact that they vastly outnumber instants/sorceries

>> No.53138326

Bestiary is very good whenever I used it. The passive scry is really underrated.
Howling Mine on the other hand is pretty lackluster unless you have ways to abuse it. You might want to go with equipment like Skullclamp and Mask of Memory or another human like Tireless Tracker

>> No.53138330

I haven't played in a while, right after the release of Commander 2016.

How have Kaladesh and Amonkhet done? Any new spicy tech, or a bunch of overexpensive bullshit?

>> No.53138339

>I do browse the mtgsalvation banlist thread. After they banned Prophet the most talked about card is Sol Ring.


Filter out posts where they mention it in terms of quick ramp, where it is only mentioned from quoting a post where someone mentions it, and otherwise posts that don't ask for it to be banned and it's not discussed nearly as much as you portray. 34 pages of (unfiltered) posts in a 1300 page thread is insignificant.

>> No.53138346

paradox engine is great in a lot of decks

i think the only amonkhet card i would play in commander is manglehorn

>> No.53138347

Bestiary is like a better Mind's Eye in mono-green. If you're dumping creatures the card is mandatory.

>> No.53138351

Tell me about Karador, is he the best option if I want to play Abzan colors?

But being honest, I like the themes of Nature, big ass Beasts, rhinos, wolfs, hunters, etc
What deck could me an access to that?

>> No.53138352

I have both a Tireless Tracker and a Skullclamp, but I didn't want to put Skullclamp in if I don't have that many little 1/1 tokens.

>> No.53138376

>Casual metas lack removal and run higher mana curves
That's just plain untrue. You're confusing casual metas for Craw Wurm metas.

>> No.53138391

The best Abzan commander is Ghave AKA "the guy that combos with everything".

>> No.53138405

Jose's Filipino

>> No.53138412

For true Abzan your choices are basically Karador or Ghave.

For big stuff, Selvala, Heart of the Wilds, Animar, or Yisan.

>> No.53138430

>The Foil Pre-release version of Dragon Broodmother is cheaper than a non-foil version in a foreign language

Am I missing something here?

>> No.53138432

Okay, so this is my first time really looking at Ghave. He just goes infinite with any ETB trigger?

>> No.53138440

Tymna and Ikra Shidiqi might work out for that. Doran is also pretty flavorful for a nature theme.

>> No.53138445

every single person who went to that prerelease got one. there are a LOT of them in circulation.

>> No.53138446

I'm guessing I need to cut creatures, but I'm not sure which ones are the worst and need to be cut.

>> No.53138459

Some of the angels aren't that great, like the one that reduces costs of angels and humans with +1/+1 counters on it. I'd toss that desu.

>> No.53138460

Some people really don't like the art and date stamp

>> No.53138495

I'll take it out, but since I'm trying to learn what's good/bad, can you explain why it's bad? It seems a little weak at 3/3 for 5, but the effect seems okay.

>> No.53138506

Fiend Binder, Goldnight Commander, Inspiring Captain, Stern Constable, Intangible Virtue (not enough tokens), and Commander's Authority are where I'd start

>> No.53138512

I'll add that I'm willing to spend a decent amount on cards that might improve it, any staples that I'm missing?

>> No.53138526

Easily killable, and while it reduces costs of stuff most of your dudes are cheap so it's pretty redundant, especially if you start trimming some of the chaff more like here >>53138506 for some ramp/utility spells.

>> No.53138538

>You're confusing casual metas for Craw Wurm metas.
Craw Wurm metas aren't casual?

>> No.53138548

Square-Rectangle comparison, anon.

>> No.53138565

Craw Wurms are the extreme of casual. People here try and pretend that the game is a duality between Prossh/Food Chain on one side and Craw Wurm 35 Forests on the other, but it's a spectrum.

>> No.53138616

>tfw never get any response to optimize your deck
'Tis a shame.

>> No.53138632

>post deck
>only suggestion is to buy a 400 dollar card

>> No.53138647

mishra's workshop

>> No.53138651

Just gotta keep posting it. Speaking of,

>> No.53138685

I guess the game plan is to stack up a few enchantments and either win through voltron damage if I can get Samut through enough times, or otherwise just get somebody like Odric, Master Tactician out and swing for enough damage to win.

>> No.53138693

Not really. Creature heavy formats ate pretty normal, the extreme of casual is people making decks of shit cards they just opened out of packs.

>> No.53138724

Should I drop Slayer's Plate? It seems a little expensive to only strengthen one creature, though I imagine I'd put it on Samut to try and get the commander damage

>> No.53138747 [SPOILER] 


>> No.53138750

I don't know what I need for utility, but I have a few ramp sorceries like Kodama's Reach, Natural Connection, Cultivate, and Rampant Growth. Are any of those worth using?

>> No.53138771

I guess I might as well try again, too.
Pls someone help me iron out this terrible combo deck. Is there any way to accomplish my goals more efficiently?

>> No.53138786

It might be for the best.

Cultivate and Kodama's Reach are always good.

Your deck is not a Voltron deck, it's very different if it was. Overruning the opponents with creatures might be more fitting.

Keep in mind some stuff to cut are cards that synergize with different things, like madness, you're not really running that, so something with repeatable discard for a small minor effect isn't great.

>> No.53138795

Politics decks are difficult to critique since they're so playgroup dependent. Though I would recommend Lightning Greaves/Swiftfoot Boots and Magewright's Stone for those Selvala untaps. Also you generally want a few wraths in case someone gets out of control.

>> No.53138851

>tfw staying up way too extra long to get an early post next thread and hopefully have SOME responses in the morning
It's all about tactics, anon.

>> No.53138880

I had Magewright's Stone in an earlier version, but I cut it, relying more on Thousand-Year Elixir, Seeker of Skybreak, and Wirewood Lodge. Greaves is a good idea, and do you think I'd need more wraths than Wrath of God and Day of Judgement?

>> No.53138886

Speaking of new thread, can anyone be arsed to make one?

>> No.53138962

I'm a huge fan of Austere Command. Perilous Vault is also not a bad idea since you'll have the mana to fire it off. And Oblivion Stone has some nice synergy with Sun Titan.

>> No.53138974


Blighted Agent and Triumph of the Hordes for Infect damage alterantive wincon.

Demonic,Vampiric, Worldly and Mystical considering you're really dependant on getting Vorel/Deepglow.

I never liked Thrummingbirb. 1/1 that needs counters already in the field to dupe. If it works for your meta then whatever.

>> No.53138988

I just don't get it, I like the art and the card.

>> No.53139049

Well it's okay to be wrong.

>> No.53139089

Here you go lazy fuck.


>> No.53139107

Do split-face/aftermath cards count as two cards in the graveyard when it comes to cards like pic related?

>> No.53139111

>upgrade my mizzix deck so its dumb durdley big stuff
>now its archenemy #1 in my playgroup because of my spell reanimation subtheme
Wat do /edhg/

>> No.53139118

counts as 1

>> No.53139155

I think mystical will just tutor for another tutor 90% of the time, but worldly definitely should have been in there already. Good catch.

>> No.53139162

I buy myself staples from time to time for that reason, I do it too. Leads me to buy more specific staples, scrape the deck, now I have more floating around. Repeat. Magic fills my void. i never play either, no chances. I only build. Like I'm playing with knex

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