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Land Hate is Okay Edition

Previous Thread: >>53085540


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
Favorite ways to blow up lands?

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What are the best "pure" blue draw spells?
Is recurring insight worth it? Also, why do so many people consider fact or fiction to be so good?

>> No.53099537

I prefer the lasting approach.

>> No.53099670

>Favorite ways to blow up lands?
Terastodon, Woodfall Primus, Acidic Slime etc. where it appears to be merely incidental

>> No.53099746

Man, I really want Land Equilibrium for my Hanna.
This works with Mycosynth Lettuce and Army of the Machines

>> No.53099758

I'm thinking changing my Xenagos deck to Samut, Voice of Dissent to add that spice of white plus untapping. The issue with this is that I'll then probably have to cut my usual eldrazi titans in favor for fun stuff, such as new Odric, Iroas and Heartless Hidegutsu. I want to use these Eldrazi in another deck, but what colors should I go for? I at least want it to be green for ramp, Descedants and World Breaker, any other fun tech/colours for the eldritch tribal? I've seen some fun things with Mimeoplasm+Ingest or Damia, Sage of Stone+multiple landdrops.

>> No.53099778

*Descendant's Path

>> No.53099993

Fact or Fiction is good because it allows you to force choices between bad or worse. For example, if it reveals one card that would guarantee a win (think Grapeshot/Tendrils of Agony in a storm deck, X damage spell with infinite mana, Tooth and Nail, or whatever your choice of massively influential spell is) and four good cards, well you just got four cards for four mana, which is hard to beat.

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I have an eldrazi tribal deck in dimir, pretty fun to play

>> No.53100136

If you have infinite mana and still need a draw spell to win, consider a different general

>> No.53100155

I love Descendant's path, but unfortunately it done me much bad, since it has revealed cards I wanted to draw

>> No.53100157

I want to play a meme deck.

Gimme suggestions.

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Fuck you

>> No.53100188

Is desert twister even worth it now that scour from existence exists? Scour looks cooler as well.

>> No.53100212

Well you can always run both.

>> No.53100240

U/R is pretty common for Eldrazi. Red is fun for them anyways as it gives you MLD, Kozilek's Return, and Treasonous Ogre.

>> No.53100249

If you have infinite and no win con consider killing yourself.

>> No.53100312

Alright, fine, but only if you wear a blonde wig.

>> No.53100332

t. mastermind who always has exactly the cards he needs and mana for one hundred counterspells

>> No.53100369

I meant it as "swing in the neck swing, you brit-teeth" instead of "i would like a intercourse with you"

Chaos and group hug are meme decks, not tribals, minotaurs least of all.

>> No.53100371

Why play your infinite combo if you don't have the means of utilizing it already? Leave that shit in your hand.

>> No.53100409

If you intend to have infinite mana, you should run a commander that benefits from it, like Oona.
You're a retard.

>> No.53100439

>I have an infinite mana combo in my hand
>But I don't have the game winning card!
>If only I had included more draw power!

>> No.53100440

>Favorite ways to blow up lands?
With a Maelstrom Wanderer on the stack.

Snakes and -1/-1 counters.

>> No.53100471

Which is what I've already implied in the post you're replying to goddamn moron.
The game winning card is in your command zone.

>> No.53100513

Wow rude

>> No.53100524

Go swallow a razor, you waste of space

>> No.53100578

Problem is that I already have an UR and GR deck, Melek and Xenagos, plus that MLD/Vorinclex is really looked down upon in my playgroups.
One really good reason for going Temur though is Shaman of the Great Hunt, such a great card.

>> No.53100610

You go play a different format, you utter failure of a living organism

>> No.53100635

>have infinite mana
>FoF split for wincon / four others
>choose the four cards instead of the wincon
good job anon

FoF is good because it's at worst an instant speed draw 3, but also has advantages in being a political tool and filling your graveyard.

>> No.53100670

Keep in mind that with Eldrazi you are essentially playing colorless as a color. So if you did do Temur it would be more akin to playing 4 colors rather than 3 as far as a mana base goes anyways.

>> No.53100814

Anyone got some spicy secret tech for Noyan Dar?

>> No.53100896

Make sure to include the bewootiful Alicia Fuuuuuuuuuuuuucks

>> No.53100964

Braids, coalition victory, Erayo, Griselbrand, primeval titan, sundering titan, sylvan primordial, and upheaval should all be unbanned

And no fast mana rocks should be banned, and lastly the best way to play edh is 1v1 using the multiplayer ban list

>> No.53100981

Emrakul should be unbanned.

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>> No.53101234

>88.71 USD
That's enough to build three decks!

>> No.53101383

>not 8
Fucking money waster, you're gonna be homeless if you keep spending like that.

>> No.53101423

Fuck you shitbag, I'll just eat rice and beans for a year to fund my expensive hobby.

>> No.53101439

>not being already homeless
all the saved living expenses can get you couple other decks

>> No.53101514

>eating at all
>not taking up cannibalism to save money on food to fund the most expensive hobby ever!!!!!1
Fucking casual

>> No.53101583

Just go to restaurants. One simple trick and I can play Gitrog and eat at the same time.

>> No.53101637

Holy fuck what a lifehack

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Xenagos is way more awesome and effective than Samut, is Samut is hot garbage with bad art

>> No.53101709

Odric, Selvala and Captain Sisay though
My Xenagos also got too effective, where I got all the hate

>> No.53101901

Marath or Anime are better for Naya.

>> No.53101964

Thing is, Samut fill more of the same role that Xenagos does, so I don't need to change the deck that much, while Mayel supports something completely different.
Marath could be fun though

>> No.53102035

You could also do a combination of Bruse, Tana, Sidar or Akri. I'd say go Bruse/Sidar.

>> No.53102263

Anyone willing to offer some constructive criticism of my first attempt at an Orzhov deck?


Thanks in advance!

>> No.53102500

Cleansing sucks a lot in EDH.
You really need more ramp and draw, especially draw. I playtested a bit and you run out of cards very easily. Think of phyrexian arena, underworld connections, bloodgift demon etc.

For the most part it looks pretty good. Depending on how much you want your playgroup to suffer you can go harder on the stax.
Erebos is also good, especially to fuck over other lifegainers.

Land tax is absurdly powerful and should be run in two color decks with white. Speaking of lands, urborg + coffers is a decent combo in 2 color as well, you can run expedition map to facilitate it if you want.

Also, look into getting a few cards that are just a straight up hard wincon, like debt to the deathless and exsanguinate, you'd do good to have more wincons than just sanguine bond + exsanguinate. You could run mindcrank to combo with bloodchief ascension.

>> No.53102689

Is there anything gayer than a person who has a deck with a Theros God as the commander?

>> No.53102729


Maybe they guy with the gay lovers from Theros as a commander?

>> No.53102786


>> No.53102814

I'm sorry you hate fun so much

>> No.53102883

I wish I had a Land Tax, the deck is (mostly) budget. I'll keep that in mind though.
Cleansing is meant as a mid/late game play; nothing like blowing up all their lands unless they pay 10+ life for WWW. I'll keep that in mind though.
I'd actually taken Exsanguinate out; (needs too much mana to be effective imo), Mindcrank is a great idea! Thats going in immediately.
Any recommendations for card draw that aren't the 'pay 1 life draw one on your turn' cards? They're too slow for my tastes, its why I put in sign in blood, read the bones and night's whisper.

Thanks again :)

>> No.53102908

>unban Braids
>ban Sol Ring
>this is fun

>> No.53103055

Phyrexian arena might seem a little slow, but it's deceptively powerful. You're pribably looking at it like "just 1 per turn?" but more often than not this ends up keeping your hand at the same size. Arena is really damn strong man. There's a reason why the blue equivalents cost about 5 mana.

Besides that there's damnable pact, erebos, greed and promise of power in black, and of course the almighty necropotence (if you're gonna run necro, use the ice age art unless you're a little bitch).

In orzhov you're not really going to find draw that doesn't hurt you. There's always mind's eye and staff of nin, maybe scroll rack although that's more filtering than anything.

For real though, use arena. It supports your enchantment theme, the pain is offset by your lifegain, it fits your deck like a velvet glove.

>> No.53103140

Oh, I forgot about it but Hatred is amazing, and you should probably be running aetherflux reservoir. You could consider venser's journal depending on your meta, and beacon of immortality is actually pretty sweet with plenty or "whenever you gain life, target opponent loses life" effects.

Black sun's zenith is not that good in my opinion, maybe try something like ashes to ashes, it's a pet card of mine. Merciless eviction is a very strong boardwipe as well. Alhammarret's archive is also something you could consider I guess.

>> No.53103178

This is a dumb question but

Can you target every attacking and/or blocking creature on the board with this but choose to deal 0 to everything other than 1 creature that eats 5?

As in; If you have a Heroic creature out can you target it with this and just divide that to 0? As it says "any number of targets" and says I can divide it as I choose...

>> No.53103189

Sorry forgot pic related

>> No.53103200

Forgot again, but necrologia and ad nauseam are some of the best draw in the entire format. Your deck won't bring out their true potential, but if you're just looking to draw cards then these are fine options.

>> No.53103219

Except Fact or Fiction is so good because you IGNORE the pile of four cards and pick the guaranteed win.

You get the final choice.

>> No.53103230

Yeah, I don't know what I was talking about.

>> No.53103283

>25.08.2015 - You choose how many targets Roil's Retribution has and how the damage is divided as you cast the spell. Each target must receive at least 1 damage.

>> No.53103350

Put little girl in your deck, now you can deal 1/2 damages to things.

>> No.53103377

>unban braids
>keep sol ring unbanned
>yes it is

>> No.53103380

I guess I'll swap out Black Sun's Zenith for Phyrexian Arena. ty!

>> No.53103420

If you devour a bunch of shit with Mycoloth while you have Reyhan out can you dump all counters that were on those devoured creatures onto mycoloth?

>> No.53103435

I generally don't think it's the best idea to swap out removal for a compketely different type of card. The biggest change you need is sim0ly some more ramp (signet, mind stone etc) and some more draw. Playtesting is king though, no better way to figure out what you need than to olay some games.

>> No.53103477



the creatures are sacrificed "as Mycoloth enters the battlefield", which is different from "when Mycoloth enters the battlefield", but the result in this case works either way

Because the creatures are sacrificed during the resolution of a spell or ability, any triggers related to them dying or being sacrificed (such as reyhan's), will wait to be put on the stack til after the spell or ability (in this case Mycoloth) finishes resolving. At that point Mycoloth will be on the battlefield and a legal target for the reyhan triggers which are immediately put on the stack

>> No.53103478

Europoor here, I don't understand.
Would you please explain?

>> No.53103533

Fucking neat, thanks.

>> No.53103538


It's a joke, normally you put a small amount of extra money on the line for tip, add it to the price of the meal for the total. In this case he gave a "negative tip", i.e. He actually wants the waiter/waitress to pay him cuz the service was that bad

>> No.53103554

Figured it out for anyone interested. The partner commanders come together in
1 combination for each enemy colored guild.
5 combinations for each shard.
8 combinations for each clan.
7 combinations for each 4 color.

>> No.53103653


Problem is some of the partners are unplayable which means some of those numbers are inflated

You can't play the UW partner so you cut out quite a few combos right there

>> No.53103696

I'm confused what you mean by Ishai being unplayable.

>> No.53103739


playing such an actively bad commander is against the rules, little known fine print ruling, ask a judge

Same with ludevic

>> No.53103759

The UW birb + Bruce Tarl kills people.

Got a friend that made a heavy control deck, it tries to stick Ishai for a round or two and then whacks someone with a doublestriking lifelink 12/12.

It's not as bad as it seems, it's usually a 4 mana 5/5 or 6/6 flyer at the very least by the time your next turn starts.

>> No.53103819

Whoever was responsible for Ludevicshould be banished to Yugi Oh card design.

>> No.53103822

>Needing to call a Judge for EDH games
>Being bad at childrens card games

>> No.53103823

Ah, I understand now.

So 1 for enemy guilds, 5 for each shard, 8 for each clan, 7 for each 4 color. If you include each by itself, 1 for allied guilds, 3 for enemy guilds, 5 for shards, 8 for clans, 7 for 4 colors.

>> No.53103838

>weak card design is Yugioh
The power creep in that game is absurd.

>> No.53104115

Full chaos mono red Grenzo

>> No.53104117

Did you even read his post?

>> No.53104130

Ludevic isn't just weak -and-bad design.
Yugi Oh is just plain bad design, likely combined with non existent playtesting

>> No.53104149

I just realized that I forgot to swap out Cleansing. Looks like it'll be that for Arena.

>> No.53104190

The real problem with Yugioh is that they have to make cards for the show, and the show is built around pulling bullshit wins out of your ass, not having a well balanced game.

>> No.53104289

did you even read his image?

>> No.53104343

the turnabout stuff is the best part of the game, you just have to make sure both people are playing for fun

the ultimate truth about all card games is the more "serious" the players are, the less fun the games you play will be

yugioh suffers the worst from the tryhard stuff because of the crazy card design, though I'm honestly torn since lots of MTG design has been far too lame recently, the Amonkhet gods were way too tame

>> No.53104393

>Playing Sen Triplets at LGS
>Dude plays homeward path
>I transmute tolaria west for my stripmine and get rid of the homeward path
>Dude freaks out about land destruction, fun and how I don't understand the format

EDH is my favourite format but Jesus Christ why is the playerbase so fucking cancerous.

>> No.53104442

I don't mind nonbasic destruction but it does tick me off when someone destroys my basics, especially early game

LD and counterspells are seen as unfun mainly because they don't let the player on the receiving end play the game, other removal still lets the receiving player feel like they got to do something, even if the outcome is ultimately the same

>> No.53104455

>Playing Sen Triplets
>Complains about others

But seriously, the player base isn't that bad. You just run into the bad ones and have to tolerate them for a longer time due to long games.

>> No.53104462

You should've seen the look on the Arcanis player when I Wake of Destruction'd.

>> No.53104713

How good is this?

>> No.53104848

Probably not good enough. I'd run Reclamation Sage over it, but if you're looking for more 3-drops then it could make the cut.

>> No.53104895

Any decks/commanders that are completely oppressive against Combo decks but not that bad against everything else? There's this one jackass who always insists on making us set up when he wants to play his "Turn 3 go Infinite I win GG!" deck. I want him to regret it. I want him to sit there unable to do anything while we all play.

>> No.53104929

>someone tells me to include Emeria Shepherd in Selvala
>shrug and try it
>Sakura-Tribe Elder
I'm glad I listened.

>> No.53105035


eh idk, i think it might actualy be better than rec sage in most decks, because, most green decks will have a few naturalizes in their deck anyway, so turning 1 of those into a more narrow removal with upside seems value

having both is nice though

>> No.53105211

I run it because my meta involves someone who plays Arcum, someone who plays Sharuum, someone who plays Breya, and someone who plays Silas/Reyhan.

>> No.53105252

thats disgusting lol

>> No.53105362

Teferi's Response. Nobody will ever see it coming.

>> No.53105387

Alt art cards you want. Picture related. Not a fan of the normal art at all.

>> No.53105393

it doesn't help when literally 95% of the cards in any given set are
>a) absolute wastes of space, cardboard and time spent to mentally process this, and yet
>b) still require at least 4 lines of text (though surprise it's probably going to be more) to describe even the most basic of mechanics, topped off by
>c) having any sort of FAQs on cards be completely abolished years ago, leading to essentially a "make rulings on these cards how you want" kind of fuckfest, compounded by absolutely zero attempt at any sort of comprehensive rulebook, an absolutely terrifyingly misguided sense of "We're 'Murrica, so we make our own rules even to the point of ignoring our own card interactions," and parent company staff interactions that could stand to be absolutely abysmal to the point of suicide as that would be an upgrade from what it is now.

This is coming from first-hand interactions as a judge for Yugioh under Konami from about 2011 to 2016. It's just such a shitshow all the way around, and this whole Link Zone thing is just shit icing on the shit cake.

In other, actually on-topic discussion, I actually lost a game to Approach of the Second Sun. It was myself (Queen Marchesa), my bro (Oloro) and our buddy (Karador). Karador had snuck a spirit token into me to steal the monarchy the previous turn, then cast Approach. With his Monarch draw, he used the Dredge of Golgari Grave-Troll to make it his next draw, and neither me nor Oloro could really do anything to stop him (his hand was just a ton of land and dudes, with no countermagic even if Karador had taken the full 7 turns to get Approach legitimately, and I had no counterspells that could deal with a white card).

I get that it's new, and they wanted to see how it would shake out in actual play. But when it's literally down to "play Blue to counter it, maybe kill the guy before he can redraw it, or lose", like, I don't quite get why they'd unban Hulk and ignore Approach.

>> No.53105421

The unused art for the online release of Candelabra of Tawnos
>muh diiiiiiiick

>> No.53105478

So are there any mana rocks more efficient for generating colored mana the turn they come out at a 2 cmc than the signets? I'm running 6 of them now in yidris storm and I really like them because not only do they raise the storm count efficiently but they can also be tapped right when they come out to cast 1 and 2 mana spells of all different colors.

>> No.53105504


just tax the cunt so hard he cant combo out.

>> No.53105570


in a 4 color deck, you might have success with felwar stone

>> No.53105580

If they ban approach of the second son then it's going to cause a slippery slope of banning all the alternate win-con cards. Before anyone says anything I know the same thing could be said for coalition victory but I think they did that because anyone running that in edh has access to a 5 color creature that no one can really get rid of permanently

>> No.53105659

>7 mana
>gets sent into your deck
>has to be played from hand
I'd get complaining about it when you can have two copies of the card but when you need to draw 7 down to get it again it's not really that strong.

>> No.53105665

Fellwar Stone is king. Not much else at 2 cmc that instantly give you colored mana, since Diamonds all come in tapped. Lotus Bloom works nicely, of course.

Not colored of course, but never underestimate the flexibility of Mind Stone or Fractured Powerstone for being better than nothing. Bonus points if your playgroup ever tries Planechase Commander!

>> No.53105686


>fractured powerstone

dont forget the new max hand size strictly better version

>> No.53105839

Lurk more before posting.

>> No.53105888

Nah, he deserved that win with Approach for that sweet combo.

>> No.53105956 [DELETED] 

Holy shit that's phenomenal

>> No.53105966


>> No.53106025

Yeah, gonna be asking my local artfag to see what he can magic up.

>> No.53106258


>complaining about that Rube Goldberg machine win with pure Jank

Your attitude should be illegal

>> No.53106334

Hey /tg/, I'm trying to find good targets for shardless agent to cascade into in sultai, I have the basic 2 mana ramp artifacts and haste equips but was wondering if there was anything interesting?

>> No.53106343

What about like lotus cobra?

>> No.53106349

I just witnessed the single most act of petty bitchiness I've seen yet in an EDH game. First, here's a little back story. The guy in question has become a rules lawyer, but in a bad way. Over the last, I don't know, 4-6 months, I've watched this dude devolve into something that I have trouble playing with because it gets ME riled up about shit. Between the passive aggression, tournament level rules nitpicking, and generally just shitty attitude, he's very quickly claimed the title of a genuine that guy. Keep in mind that the players in this store are relatively new and definitely lean closer to casual than cutthroat.

To clarify on rules nitpicking, I'm talking about shit that doesn't matter in friendly games, situations like when one player says "Eh, I'll move to combat. Actually, hold on" and this dude fiercely saying its too late and that he's declared moving to combat even though nothing has changed.

So, to make a long story short, this dude, player A, was taking his turn, and another player, B, flashed a Jin Gitaxius. A and B had a counter war, and player B won. This dude scoops with Jin on the stack, and immediately says that all spells on the stack are exiled, ie Jin, and the turn is passed. The problem isn't about the rules, because that is what happens technically. The problem is that it was a 100% spiteful and petty move. I was blown away at this shit. There was only 3 of them left(2 without him), so it's not like he was making it better for people. He just wanted to fuck over the other guy out of spite.

Blog over. I'm still processing this dudes attitude, sorry.

Tldr: that guy spite scoops to exile a spell on the stack

>> No.53106373

Don't bother, Shardless BUG don't work in EDH like it does in Legacy

>> No.53106381

I never recognized that art as a female character until I flipped my phone upside just now

>> No.53106416

It's actually already in there

>> No.53106427


Still seems decent

>> No.53106432

Okay, is that actually what happens? Because everything that I can find seems to imply the (in my opinion more reasonable) ruling that only the things that A controls are exiled, i.e. not Jin.

>> No.53106445

Well okay now how about this, how crazy are you?

>> No.53106453

Actually I'm trying to abuse the artifact part of it and being able to recast it multiple times for value, although looking at shardless bug should give me a couple ideas as I forgot about legacy just like WOTC did

>> No.53106476

Only a select few special agents know the secrets of the Sultai werewolf tribe deck, run by Kydele and Silas Renn. It can't speak of it, but it solves EDH.

>> No.53106488

Actually, no. I just looked it up. That's even worse on his part.

> 800.4g. If a player leaves the game during his or her turn, that turn continues to its completion without an active player. If the active player would receive priority, instead the next player in turn order receives priority, or the top object on the stack resolves, or the phase or step ends, whichever is appropriate.

>> No.53106532

So not just a spiteful dickbag, but a spiteful cheating dickbag, who chose to cheat not even to win, but to force someone who beat him to lose too.

>> No.53106570


The guy won anyway, but yea. I couldn't believe what I was watching. It was the peak of That Guy, and this is coming from a former That Guy who's been working hard at not being a That Guy for a long time now. That's why I can't play with him anymore.

>> No.53106729

Unfortunately it's a $200 card

>> No.53106942

I would play with him, just waiting for him to make a mistake and call him out and explain it properly, so the others stop believing his shit. I'm fairly good at rules and interactions, but I only am autistic about minor things if there's someone who claims "too late" or something for passin turns or something and if they try to rewind themselves as well.

>> No.53107026


That is a huge part of why I can't play with him. I'm too spiteful to enjoy it. I'm decently versed myself, but mostly on odd fiddly interactions with the stack, particularly on certain combos. That way, I can explain it better, and explain how to interact with it. Actually, it's the reason I stopped complaining about Deadeye.

Anyway, I'd love to see it.

>> No.53107203

Can't decide should i add this to my Trostani or not.

>> No.53107272

>pure jank
What universe am I in

>> No.53107360

I just think that fat autists trying to rules lawyer wrong is amusing. Like, if you want to be like that, at least be right.
I am not a judge (since I'm a lazy fuck and haven't been in any tournaments to be mentored) and I have had to correct judges in my LGS several times, such as with flashback, since the guy said that Remanded flashbacked spell returns in hand normally, even though flashback exiles the spell on resolution.
There's some worse mistakes and some lesser mistakes as well, but that I remember the best for some reason, probably because after it the judge looked up rules for flashback and said that the spell becomes exiled on resolution in a way that implied that I made the claim about the Remand.
There's literally nothing worse in MtG than bad judges with an attitude.

>> No.53107380


Exactly. Thankfully, the judges around here are pretty cool and relaxed. It's the guys who think they're judges who are the problem.

>> No.53107394

Consider Forcefield.

>> No.53107439

as much as i would like to add it it is just a little bit out of my budjet

>> No.53107462

I use Martyr's Bond in my Rith and I think it's absolutely magnificent

>> No.53107498

Go for it.

I play Circle of Despair in Athreos, which is situationally worse than Righteous Aura, yet I still frequently get great value out of it.
People often don't realize that "a source of your choice" doesn't count as targeting, so Rightous Aura circumvents dangerous voltron keywords like hexproof, shroud and protection.

Forcefield costs over $200.
Righteous Aura costs 50 cents.

>> No.53107615

She'll be mine soon. Whenever I've done an order for EDH, I've just never been able to justify it

>> No.53108094

Just don't play with him again, tell other folks at your lgs about how shitty he is. If they don't believe you they'll see after a game.

Also, he can't say move to combat and then when someone responds be like "nope, I already said it. Too quick for you". Even in tournaments that does not work, magic is not a game of reflexes.

>> No.53108113

What are some underrated tribes? I like my werewolves but they're getting a bit old, and zombies are stupidly pricey.

>> No.53108293

Humans maybe? Or Elementals

>> No.53108356

I'm currently building a Neheb deck with minotarus and some discard effects.

>> No.53108394


>> No.53108557

Kek. Arcane tribal with The Unspeakable as commander

>> No.53108895


That's not even how the rules work, though.

>> No.53108979


The regular foil of avatar of woe is better imo.

>> No.53109166

Damn. Storm and LD in one card? Yep, that'll never ever ever ever see print again.

>> No.53109198

You see, I don't see that because most of the alt-win cards have ways to deal with it in colors outside of blue (or Glorious End). Like, what can white do to stop that, Angel's Grace for a turn? Or green, there's literally nothing in green that they can meaningfully interact with there. Black can't even mill it because you could just EWitness/Reclaim/anynumberofspellrecursioncards and dig it right back out of the yard.

>implying both 7 mana and 7 cards down is terribly difficult in EDH
I mean shit, the guy busted it out in a new deck he built, Karador dredge, and won the the turn after he played it the first time. And that's not taking into account any sort of (U or B)/W decks that can just draw right through those other 6 cards.

I mean yeah, I could see your point if everyone was playing the most competitive EDH decks out there, but not everybody wants to or can afford to crank it all the way up all the time, and Approach is still a problem.

>Karador, STILL a powerful general in and of himself
>Dredge, literally used in vintage decks for 1st-2nd turn wins

Now, I'm not busting my guys balls about playing it, quite the opposite. The RC is fucking retarded, that's old news at this point. I mean, I saw the previews here and said the same thing. Outside of blue countermagic or Glorious End, there's no meaningful interaction with the spell to stop the wincon once cast.

Other alt-wins, like Epic Struggle, Felidar Sovereign, etc. need to trigger off during the controller's next upkeep after being cast; Approach just wins unless countered, and that shit's dumb. Even other so-called "counter me or I win" spells have answers (usually in the form of split-second stuff), Approach just doesn't and that's stupid. Maybe I'm still a little salty, but I don't see Approach sticking around.

>> No.53109276

>Tldr: that guy spite scoops to exile a spell on the stack
>800.4h If a player leaves the game during his or her turn, that turn continues to its completion without an active player. If the active player would receive priority, instead the next player in turn order receives priority, or the top object on the stack resolves, or the phase or step ends, whichever is appropriate.

>> No.53109380

That was already established in the thread

>> No.53109669

How is manglehorn not an exact upgrade of rec sage?

>> No.53109681

mb, didn't catch that anyone actually provided the ruling.

Not hitting enchantments would be the obvious reason.

>> No.53109692

Gotcha, actually didn't see that obvious difference, mybad

>> No.53110296

So, due to my tweaking and upgrading on my decks, I've officially outscaled my meta (with the exception of 2-3 people). I'd like to make a deck I can pull out for the more casual folks. I was thinking fatties.

Would reanimator be a good route to take with this, particularly if I force a budget? I was thinking either Teneb or Mimeoplasm to keep it a little more chill, rather than things like Karador.

My other thought would be a cheater deck, like Mayael. Slow rolling start, and fairly medium-paced threat deployment.

Is this a good set of ideas? My meta is at a point where kill spells, board wipes, and counterspells are not hugely prevalent in any decks other than my own.

>> No.53110446

I just got back into Magic after a very long break. Anyone have a suggestion for a good commander box and a place to get good sleeves? I'm looking for something with some cool art on it if possible (primarily for the sleeves, I'm looking more for functionality for the box).

>> No.53110450

And people like this complain about Sheldon.

>> No.53110458

Damn it, I meant to post this image (not that it matters all that much).

>> No.53110790

>Go to MTG Tokyo.
>Find the Saskia precon for 1000 yen.

That's a spicy deal.

>> No.53110842

Mardu Warriors

>> No.53110982

Ultimate guard is doing some great stuff nowadays. The Boulder, Flip N' Tray and Flip N' Twin are all great. If you're looking a little more budget, the Ultra Pro satin tower is pretty good. But Ultimate Guard is shaping up to be the new standard for deckboxes.

Sleeves from KMC have mixed reviews right now. The Hyper Mattes of old are great, but newer runs seem to be having issues. The new run of Dragon Shield Mattes are fantastic.

>> No.53111031

Playing Approach and having something with Dredge 6 out to topdeck it, and not getting either approach or your Dredge 6 hated on is jank.

>> No.53111075

>1000 yen
Isn't that like 8 USD?

>> No.53111205

Human tribal has tons of support.

>> No.53111369

>You mean you don't have an extirpate effect, counterspell, or graveyard hate on demand at all points throughout a game? What a shitter.

Approach shouldn't be banned in the slightest but you're the one whose attitude should be illegal.

>> No.53111377

8.87 according to google

>> No.53111619

So what is some useful tech for a black vs black matchup? I specialize in boardwipes but I'm up against an Erebos deck. What do?

>> No.53111660

What's your commander? Erebos is a pretty solid commander, especially against pure black.

>> No.53111886

What are some commanders you guys consider fun to play and/or play against?

>> No.53111935


>> No.53112002

Land tax is even fine in mono white decks.

Draw three cards a turn for one mana? Yes please.

>> No.53112018

If Erebos runs a lot of enchantments, you're gonna have a tough time. Try swapping out some of your boardwipes or kill spells for something like Gild or Final Reward or -x/-x spells to get rid of him. Otherwise just try to go for commander damage when he can't block with Erebos.

>> No.53112055

So I just heard that MTGO is making their multiplayer ban list the 1v1 banlist? Aside from that just being fucking awful, will there be any affect from that bleeding over to paper? Didn't edh officially change to Commander so that the mtgo version would be the same? Is wizards going to hijack the ban list?

>> No.53112066

It isn't him being indestructible that gives me a tough time, as I run Gravepact & bros. The problem is indeed his enchantments like Grave Betrayal and his penchant for shittons of ramp from Coffers, Urborg and Ghast and such, into Exsanguinate.

>> No.53112081

>letting (((Wizards))) dictate the banlist for your casual format
Just talk it out with your local fags, holy shit.

>> No.53112162

If you want to get janky with the counters, there's Contaminated Ground to make his Coffers a regular swamp, and also Tainted Remedy to stop him gaining life.

>> No.53112172

>tfw just got a Mikaeus, the Unhallowed for 8€

>> No.53112190

Your post was extremely unhelpful.

>> No.53112334

Sure, but they're probably the least played obvious tribal. They're played in modern, but not much elsewhere

>> No.53112426

Not being able to hit enchantments makes a massive difference in my book

>> No.53112507

That's a but harsh, Ishai isn't great, but Ludevic is actively detrimental to its crontrolling player. Only useful as a donate target for Zedruu.

>> No.53112608

Well Ludevic isn't the worst in Nekusar, but otherwise yeah

>> No.53112715

I don't think that's gonna happen, since wizards already released another article apologizing for all the butthurt they caused with the post.
Worst they can do, is to stop printing commander products or revoke sheldon's judgeship, but neither is gonna happen. There's probably gonna be autists who doesn't understand that it's only for magic online, so they might screech BANNED CARD, so it might need some explaining

>> No.53112733

For you

>> No.53112761


>> No.53112828


>> No.53113247

Is 40 lands too many lands? I am just getting into Magic and I like this format more than any other.

My logic behind playing this many lands is that I can shave off some mana rocks and fit more spells in. Is this a bad practice?

Pic related, current favorite commander

>> No.53113276

Usually you'll want around 35. Extra lands don't really make up for mana rocks because you can't normally put out more than one a turn. The point of mana rocks is to accelerate your game plan.

>> No.53113284

what's the most unique deck that can compete on at least a semi-competitive level? somewhere around the power level of azami or yisan.

>> No.53113308

Except in a few specific commanders built around land stuff, (Azusa, Gitrog) you're looking for 33-37.

>> No.53113317

Depends on your strategy and your commander. You can usually go a bit lower than 40, the conventional wisdom is 38 (and then adjust from there). You'll still want manarocks because they will fix your mana and ramp you ahead of your usual curve of one additional mana per turn.

>> No.53113348


Thank you Anon.

>> No.53113406

No problem. Always willing to help new players.

>> No.53113438

Unless you prominently feature artifact wipes, it's better to have 35 lands and 5 extra rocks than 40 lands.

>> No.53113570

in fast rocks: the meta?
insanely good

>> No.53113589

>he thinks an LGS can just willy nilly houseban stuff
That's just going to alienate newcomers.

Wizards needs a concise banlist that can be assumed for format play.

>> No.53113596

My go-to is around 45 mana sources that are either lands or 1-3 mana ramp for a deck with a "normal" curve. This usually translates into 35 lands and 10 cheap ramp spells or rocks, but sometimes closer to 40 lands and 5 rocks if card advantage is more important than accelerated mana.

Remember that most commander decks would much rather be mana flooded than mana screwed, since you can always cast your commander. Being mana flooded in multiplayer usually only means you'll be a low threat until you draw playable cards and then you're back in the game, while being mana screwed means you're missing land drops that make you fall behind for the rest of the game.

>> No.53113618

>crocheted dr who case
you may as well just kill yourself, anon.

>> No.53113638

>Is 40 lands too many lands?
I always start at 35 lands 10 ramp
gone as high as 37 lands 14 ramp and as low as 28 lands 16 ramp

>> No.53113829

What are your favorite ETBs of any color to abuse with flicker effects?

>> No.53113926

I really don't understand why it's even happening. Is it really that difficult to code a different ban list for multiplayer and 1v1? They are pretty much different formats. All it's going to do is cause confusion.

>> No.53113931


>> No.53113953

Wizards is terrible when it comes to programming and online shit in general.

>> No.53113986

40 should be a minimum before adjusting for mana rocks. (I usually remove one land for every two mana rocks give or take)

It never ceases to amaze me when people constantly complain about getting mana screwed and then I come to find out they only have ~30-32 lands.

>> No.53114024

Have you ever seen MTGO? It looks like they haven't updated it since it came out. I wouldn't be surprised if including that many banlists took it down for good.

>> No.53114089

Which one of you did this?


Because i like it. I like it a lot.

>> No.53114117

Wizards is incompetent especially in online field.

>> No.53114265

Care to explain what it / what you like? I can't imagine the blue god being that great as a commander.

>> No.53114318

it's like playing thrasios with no partner but worse

>> No.53114333


What others have said, but we can't discount a possibly more malicious aspect to it. Yes, Wizards is shit at coding, but they also want to steer things their way, and making a banlist exclusively tailored to 1v1 play can be their way of basically strongarming people to play 1v1 instead of multiplayer.

>> No.53114452

Free Sway of the Stars

Sway dindu nuffin

>> No.53114472

Card draw tribal. Use Only the finest shit cards to fly under the radar and then rail everyone with commander damage.

Yes I am bad at magic.

>> No.53114545

it just looks like a bad high tide budget list

>> No.53114737

>durr I float mana and cast my commander afterwards, good luck cunts

>> No.53114759

if someone can get to like 15 mana and they haven't won yet something is very wrong

>> No.53114801

Yeah, and we all know it's impossible to cheat cards in for less than what they actually cost

>> No.53115058

at that point why not just cheat an omniscience

>> No.53115070

I appreciate getting rk post to return to do new art of his iconic Avatar of Woe design, unlike Avatar of Hope (a cool choice, if not to my personal taste and Masques block nostalgia), but I still prefer the original too.

>> No.53115084

Yeah, because there's no reason to have more than one card to cheat in in the entire deck

Don't respond to me ever again

>> No.53115144

Ultra Pro Eclipse are pretty legit too, if you can find them.

>> No.53115199

right, because "as good as omniscience" is a good rationale to ban a card

>> No.53115225

"Better than Omniscience because you're not reliant on other cards in your hand" is though

Now what did I tell you?

>> No.53115246

you're trying to make points but all i'm hearing is "I have Autism, respect my superior intellect you plebian."

>> No.53115248


>> No.53115272

Fuck, I have been bested

>> No.53115364

if i can play jokulhaups i should be fine playing sway

>> No.53115464

You could've at least said Decree of Annihilation which hits hands so your commander doesn't get pathed or countered by your opponent's floating mana.
Setting life to 7 is the reason it's banned and Decree is not, it sets up for a 1HKO so much more reliably than regular MLD.

>> No.53115578

decree and obliterate are both generally better for the main reason sway is banned in the first place, the dumbass jhoira eldrazi mld deck.

>> No.53115652

Should I go for Temur, Sultai Eldrazi or even fewer colors? Anyone has experience?

>> No.53115687

oona is a pretty neat general if you're using the new eldrazi that pull stuff from exile.

>> No.53115725

Aren't only like 5 of the exile-pullers playable though?
Such a shame they didn't go further with it and split effort between exile/Waste mana.

>> No.53115798

something like that. the most success i've had with a dedicated eldrazi deck was a monobrown kozilek deck. just fill the fucker with artifact mana and eldrazi and watch as your reliable card draw stapled to a 12/12 annihilator 4 wins you the game by itself most of the time.

>> No.53115883

Are any of the mono-colored walker commanders good? The only one I ever see is Freyalise in other decks.

>> No.53115902

Pretty much only oblivion sower was any good. It's a real shame.

>> No.53115903

rate my prossh, trying to crush a faggot friend of mine
it's semi budget, I appreciate suggestions

>> No.53115906

teferi is the best and is really fucking good
daretti is pretty good for monored stax if you're into that sort of thing
the rest are so-so

>> No.53115938

if you ever spring for a slightly pricier card absolutely get food chain for any prossh deck

>> No.53116011

reprint WHEN

>> No.53116073

more like
ban WHEN

>> No.53116195

I'd cut dragonlair spider a little too costly for the returns unless your opponents are playing 2-3 spells a turn.
Add boltwing marauder. another one shot combo with prossh

>> No.53116216

They're gonna go back to the normal Sheldon banlist in June or July for multiplayer after the negative backlash from the announcement so it doesn't matter.

>> No.53116242

Never. The price barrier is keeping it from infesting a great deal of other metas and Wizards has tipped their hand that they think it's a problem card.

>> No.53116285

the spider works pretty well in the meta im playing in but i see what you mean
boltwing marauder is now on the short list, thanks for the suggestion

>> No.53116441

That spider always does good work for me in my Marath deck. It skirts the edge of being dangerous enough to eat removal, but most of the time there are bigger threats which lets it stick and produce lots of value.

>> No.53116494

I love the shell / chitin / coral armor aesthetic of Zenikar.

>> No.53116552

she has a face? i always assumed she was just looking up and had a sort of elesh norn thing going on

>> No.53116914

>thinking that a card is banned because it can be played in a single niche deck effectively

>> No.53116943

we're talking about a card that wouldn't make it to a single competitive decklist if unbanned

>> No.53117202

Why not go full jank and use Protection of the Hekma and Ajani Steadfast's ult

>> No.53117467

So? There's other cards like that as well, like Shahrazad, Biorhythm, Coalition Victory, Painter's Servant, Sundering Titan and Worldfire. Also Limited Resources, please unban Limited Resources, it doesn't deserve to be banana'd

>> No.53117589

painter's servant and coalition victory are the only two cards on that list that i agree with the ban on. the rest are annoying, but craw wurm players have way stronger shit to worry about than getting wrath of god+biorhythm'd on turn 15

>> No.53117862

>6 player EDH
>guy does infinite combo and kills everyone on turn 5
>we play without him as if he died
>"wtf I won, next game"
>gets mad as fuck

>> No.53117921

i was that one guy a few weeks ago, except instead of going infinite i had the AUDACITY to have craterhoof behemoth in my deck


>> No.53117927


>> No.53117943

>being so salty that you collectively cheat

>> No.53117952

I kinda wonder, do people consider stuff that's not infinite but allows for almost arbitrarily long plays like Paradox Engine to be infinite?

>> No.53117986

Made some revisions to this deck before it sees play with my group next week. Anyone have thoughts on to improve it?


>> No.53118016

if your group doesn't like infinite combos, just agree not to use them instead of acting like cunts

>> No.53118041

impossible, that would require communicating like a functional adult

>> No.53118047

Wishboards with cards that are normally too specific to be playable Y/N?
For instance, a Burning Wish package with Rush of Knowledge, Borrowing 100,000 Arrows, Chandra's Ignition, Disaster Radius, Volcanic Vision etc.

>> No.53118075

Why exactly did you stop complaining about deadeye? Wondering if I missed something.

>> No.53118084

>Limited Resources
The first part is fine to combat green ramp, the second part is what kills it. Should've scaled with players.

Are there any cards that can combat green ramp without entering MLD territory?

>> No.53118134

>Wrath of God+biorhythm'd on turn 15
More like turn 3 with Devoted Druid+Vizier of Remedies or any other infinite

>> No.53118159

and while we're at it let's ban fireball and thrasios and every other infinite mana dump under the sun

>> No.53118170

You're retarded anon.

>> No.53118175

Seems like the infinite mana is the problem here.

>> No.53118199

Assuming that your playgroup allows wishes, of course.

It just feels boring to load it with normal answers.

>> No.53118214

Painter's Servant sees play in Two-Card Monte in Vintage.

>> No.53118432


congrats, you did a non-interactive infinite damage to all players in a single turn, you won, we are gonna finish playing and having fun, playing casual flavor decks and not competitive ones.

>> No.53118499


>> No.53118504

>spend 700 dollars on list that you had no hand in making
>bring deck to group that doesn't take itself too seriously
>jerk yourself off turn 4 and win

>> No.53118517

>tfw it turns out the three copies of mikaeus the unhallowed sitting in my binder are worth something.

>> No.53118520

>if I deploy these memes and videos about salt, maybe it will start being true!

>> No.53118533

Can you guys help me with something?

I'm brewing an Ishai/Reyhan Partners deck where the point is basically group hugging by feeding other players mana and cards so that they end up casting more stuff which will make Ishai bigger, by the time they realize that they've created something that can kill them I will have tons of tricks to instant-in some indestructible etc whenever they try to kill it.

Something I'm trying to figure out is that I love my cipher deck which triggers tons of "whenever you cast an instant or sorcery" effects using unblockable creatures with cipher, as well as isochron scepter and spellbinder etc... I actually want to figure out if it's possible to give things like that to my enemies so that they end up casting stuff whenever they hit someone or what have you. Does that make sense? I feel like I'm not doing a good job of explaining it but yeah, if you guys have any ideas.

TL/DR: Need repeated free casts for enemies, what do

>> No.53118535

>I'll respond, that'll prove I'm not salty.
It's okay anon, you lost.

>> No.53118552


>> No.53118560

Eye of the Storm has the players cast the copies, leading to a huge number of cast spells.

>> No.53118607

some groups are competitive, and some aren't. i don't know the details, but it's happened a few times that someone shows up to my local playgroup with a deck that's above the average powerlevel of the rest of the table. people who build super spikey decks almost always have some durdly group hug shit tucked away in the back of their bag to bring out for exactly that situation.

>> No.53118642

Your damage control is shit, move on. This is anonymous communication and no one will remember this conversation unless you keep acting like a complete twat. Then we'll remember it to spite you for being a cunt.

>> No.53118663

>damage control
>links two different posters
>implies this is about ego

>> No.53118667

>trying to pin down one specific persons responses on a Laotian urethral sounding image board
nice try faggo

>> No.53118700


On a scale of 0 to Meme, how's my deck?

>> No.53118787

Hey guys, I'm getting into EDH because no one at my store, nor my friends play Modern, and this seems like the most enjoyable format. I'd like to build a deck and I was wondering if Prossh Food Chain would get me hated out of playgroup? I'd like to play something blue, but everyone gets assmad when things get countered.

>> No.53118794


>> No.53118806

prossh food chain is one of the most degenerate decks in the format

what's the rest of the group playing?

>> No.53118899

Just play gay kangz. Should come naturally for you.

>> No.53118903


I assumed that'd be the answer (a few of these are kind of dicks about 'format superiority').

Budget Mizzix, Thrasios and Vial Smasher brew, Xenagos, and Karador.

>> No.53118951

sounds like those are some lower-end decks. go ahead and play blue, but go easy on the early game counterspells. if you counter something big lategame, the guy who got his thing countered will feel sad but the rest of the table will love you for it.

>> No.53118954

>Plays Xenagos
>Complains about anything

>Plays Mizzix
>Complains about anything

These fags are fags, play Prossh and be a fag too.

>> No.53118980

I don't see a judge thread nor do I want to post this in the standard thread since they're easily the most butthurt of all mtgfags besides modern. For Chandra's 1st ability, do I have to immediately play the exiled card on 1st main phase or can I wait until 2nd main phase?

>> No.53118987

Both of those decks are bad.

>> No.53118990

you have to immediately play the card when she flips it.

>> No.53118997

This guy gets it.

Any BUG, or RUG commanders that built 'competitively' (loosely) for around $300-$400?

>> No.53119003

Read the fucking card.

And you're in the wrong thread.

>> No.53119036

I like it.
With that pillowfort subtheme you have no excuse not running Ghostly Prison. Crawlspace is also especially good because Jareth is such a good blocker.

Benevolent Offering is fun and underrated in Soul Sisters.

You might be justified running Mesa Enchantress with that many enchantments, though you'd have to test it out first.

You could use some more removal. Condemn is a spicy choice because you can also exile Jared to gain 14 life, which might be just what you need to snatch a win with Test of Endurance.

Speaking of which, Test of Endurance might be a bitter pill to swallow for your opponents, but fuck 'em; they have no right complaining about losing to such a janky deck.

Find out how casual / competitive your group is before building your deck.

>> No.53119038

Mizzix, even a budget one, is ridiculous. And Xenagos could be wielded by a retarded monkey and still win plenty of games.

>> No.53119042

Banana Man and Wanderer

>> No.53119054

mimeoplasm can be fun and uses some niche cards. maelstrom wanderer is also a big fun explosive option.

>> No.53119060

Alright cool

Fuck you

>> No.53119092

Thanks for the (You)s guys. I'll do some research on Banana King and Wanderer because I actually own both (Wanderer was from a free EMA pack I got).

>> No.53119136

>Fuck you
Not the guy you're responding to, but please never do this again.

Click their post number to quickly create post link.
You also need to not take offense at anything. The sooner you desensitize yourself to insults the more pleasurable your 4chan experience will be. Ego and self-defensive backlash have no value in an Anonymous community, despite what some shitposters might have you believe.

>> No.53119147


>> No.53119160

>Using the "casual game" line as an excuse for being bad at deckbuilsing and not putting wincons in your deck

I mean, come the fuck on. For someone to blow out a 6 player game the other 5 must be running no disruption whatsoever. The fact that it's a casual format is no excuse for building awful durdle decks that scoop to removal.

>> No.53119167

It sounds like someone on the out with their playgroup right now. Do you wanna talk about anon?

>> No.53119187

Is winning by reducing your enemies life to 0 through combat damage just a meme?

>> No.53119195

>what is fun

I played a fungus deck, it has minimal control aside from some toxic/swamp flavored spells.

if I wanted to be a turbo nigger it's pretty easy. You are the same kind of faggot who plays iona and locks players out of the game.

>> No.53119199

>telling an asshole to fuck off is considered being offended

Should I tell (You) to fuck off too?

>> No.53119212

While I'm guessing he's new from what he said, the @ thing is actually a way to respond to people without giving them precious (you)'s.

>> No.53119221 [DELETED] 

9003 ain't me, but you can clearly tell he knew how to quote, and was just denying someone their (You). Just like how I'm doing to you, because no one is this retarded. So no (You) for you, until you shape up.

>> No.53119240


>> No.53119254

Do people like you actually play EDH? I see a lot of people like this post on the general and it seems like you either consistently stack your deck, have a general that tutors or is removal, or don't play the format.

Assuming everyone was playing colors that can run turn 5 removal, they hit all their land drops, no one tapped out, everyone knows each others lists and what they're capable of, and that everyone is running 10 sources of removal/interaction; in a 5 player game that's still about a 52% chance to draw into it before that person combo'd off.

In short, run more removal is a bad argument made by autistic people. You just lose some games because of the random nature of the format. The rest of the playgroup decided they wanted to play an actual fun game so they continued.

>> No.53119287

Showing you're clearly new and asking dumb questions is not welcome around here. Go away, Sensitive Susan.

>> No.53119302

if the entire table is running disruption, the chances of at least one person having it is really high.

there are three combo players in my play group and they almost never go off because there's always at least one person holding a path or a counterspell or a rout to fuck them over before they insta-win

>> No.53119335

No matter what you play, there is literally no excuse not to run disruption. If you don't, you suck at deckbuilsing. Hell, theres plenty of removal in flavor for fungi if you look around too.

I run Seton druid tribal for god's sake but even in there I run a bunch of removal so that I can at least respond to my opponents plays and not instantly scoop to an Elesh Norn. Games where nobody interacts aren't even fun. You just dump your hand for 20 turns until through sheer luck one player managed to assemble a bigger boardstate and alpha strikes the table.

People call combo decks solitaire, but nothing's more akin to actual solitaire than playing without any disruption. At least combo decks run protection.

You have no clue what you're talking about. At turn 5 everyone has seen at least 12 cards, probably more. The chance of having disruption is far bigger than 52%. A smart player just saves his disruption for something that's worth disrupting.

But sure, go ahead, keep telling me that I'm a cheater and don't play the format, that'll support your argument.

>> No.53119339

Do the math, asshole. I just did.

>> No.53119358

>friend tells me he's new and to go into him
>gets out Kydele, Umbral Mantle, wheels, Thrasios, plays his deck
I'm not sure whether to punch him or congratulate him.

>> No.53119382

easy on him*

>> No.53119397

But you suck at math, so try again.

10/99 x 10/98 x 10/97 ... x 10/88 is the chance of one player not drawing into any disruption in the first 5 turns if you have 10 pieces. This chance needs to present itself 5 times. 52% is way low.

>> No.53119417

blue braids

izzet chaos

isamaru, hound of konda voltron

>> No.53119445

blind seer voltron with all 5 swords

>> No.53119490

Yes I'm aware of how to do probability. I'm not aware of why you arguing with me about the math when you haven't done it.

>> No.53119507

Ironically it seems like you're the newfag here

>> No.53119543

if no one is running any removal and everyone is all-in on one strategy or another, how did the combo player last 5 turns without getting obliterated by a xenagos or something? what the hell is your group playing?

>> No.53119561

It's not my playgroup so I can't answer that.

>> No.53119595

still, though. the hypothetical scenario we're talking about here is a combo player sitting on his ass tutoring for the first four turns of a game while the rest of the table... what, just plays lands and passes? how does that even happen?

>> No.53119655

If it's 6 player game and the person at the table with the combo deck is new then I presume that the other people normally sattle up and have decks geared for a long, grindy game and that normally the first couple turns are for playing ramp and getting out a board state. If the rest of his group agreed to keep going and the combo player was unusually pissed about it then it sounds like he is not a regular in their meta and brought a faster/more cutthroat deck. My guess, at least.

>> No.53119658

I would fucking hope so.

>> No.53119684


No need to hope anon.

>> No.53119719

Just because he doesn't use the latest /v/ meme doesn't mean he's new crossboarder.

>> No.53119832

>everyone knows each others lists and what they're capable of, and that everyone is running 10 sources of removal/interaction; in a 5 player game that's still about a 52% chance to draw into it before that person combo'd off.
Do you actually know how to play combo, or do you just assume everyone pulls the trigger immediately when they assemble Exodia? If everyone knows what everyone else is capable of, then it becomes an assessment and card counting for how much disruption is left.
There's far more to playing a combo deck than just assembling Exodia and pulling the trigger. That's a lesson I learned the hard way.
>waaaah muh spikes
With the proliferation of MTG youtubers, the level of casual level play increases. The general feel of EDH has grown spiker as time goes on. In other words, the general playerbase of EDH has gotten better and more knowledgeable as time goes on.
Also your math is fucking shit, treat it as Archenemy instead of four different populations.

>> No.53119873

i'm trying to help my friend make his newzuri deck not garbage. he outright refuses to play any sort of countermagic, protection for his creatures, ramp, or draw, instead opting to make his entire deck creatures that synergize with ezuri. he loses every single time he brings it to a commander event because our local meta has a lot of removal and wraths. every time he loses, he gets sour and complains that he "didn't shill out for some expensive deck" despite the fact that he's running a full suite of fetchlands with tropical island.

the fuck is wrong with him?

>> No.53119880

>They play Cockatrice or Xmage instead of OCTGN

Literally what is your excuse for not using this vastly superior forum for your magic the gathering playing?

>> No.53119973

He's really bad but at some point was convinced Ezuri was good so he built it, lost, and convinced himself he lost because of a price difference so he bought lands to make up for that but still loses so he blames the same thing.

In short he fucking sucks at deckbuilding and is a whiny cunt.

>> No.53119987

thanks for the advice, i'll tell him that.

>> No.53120028

Jesus that's painful to look at.

>> No.53120029

I have all the expensive cards to build a control deck with Rubinia where I steal creatures

Should I build it or not?
the meta on my LGS includes casual players with weak decks and some guys with competitive decks, how would it perform against competitive decks?

>> No.53120041

depends on the decks the competitive players are playing

>> No.53120107

I promise it's not. Shit is literally 1,000,000x better than the UI of cockatrice or xmage.

>> No.53120379

>if you don't play spiky then you're playing EDH wrong

Clearly by his reaction that guy was not a regular at their meta. I was primarily confronting the "run more removal" argument on its own lack of merit of which do the math yourself or keep quiet.

>> No.53120401

i think that guy is under the impression that you're arguing against running any removal at all

>> No.53120562

I'm glad I'll never be as big of an assblasted faggot like you.

>> No.53120676

I used to use OCTGN for A Game of Thrones but it was a pain in the ass

>> No.53120685

>While I'm guessing he's new from what he said, the @ thing is actually a way to respond to people without giving them precious (you)'s.

Since when has a complete inability to use 4chan been acceptable? Are you faggots still in highschool? This is the kind of thing a petulant child would think is really cool, while everyone else just rolls their eyes and continues on.

Anyways, this is /tg/. If you're younger than 25 and don't have at least a bachelor's degree you're doing it wrong.

>> No.53120905

Glad this thread is about to die.

Can we just agree to stop making them?

>> No.53121064

>Can we just agree to stop making them?

Would you rather have more shitposting im modern threads?

>> No.53121492

>being so salty you devolve into semantics

>> No.53121591

How bad would a control deck with this, Shackles and some twiddle effects be?

>> No.53122150

They're already almost entirely shitposting.

>> No.53123006

Martyr's Cause is the better version of this sir

>> No.53123118

Fuck you, my Keranos pingers deck is gonna be fun as hell as long as I keep telling myself that.

>> No.53123170

Because soul boundnisna. Trigger you can interact with. If you snipe it while its on the stack, it can't blink.

>> No.53123237

Thank you, anon! That made my day!

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