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First for cult ambush!

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I wonder what all the base psychic powers will be.

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Which book will you get?

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Rate my WIP, Sister of Battle Auxiliary Valkyrie

What is the name of my Order?

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Post your work, armies, projects.

30 marines to paint for the summer while traveling (so limited paint supplies that I can take with me). Just need to airbrush the basecoat and I"ll be good to go.

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they already said the five books are Impreium, Chaos, Eldar, Orks/Necrons/Tau, Tyranids

stop forcing this ultrasmurf deathguard meme you faggot

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Lovely work. A bit too clean for my taste as I always like some weathering, especially on vehicles, but I can see why you'd want a clean fikish on an Inquisiton transport.

The Order of That Time of the Month?

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I want my Skitarii to be a drop army, like the Elysians. I can't think of any bits that would look good on my Dragoon squad so I thought of something else.

How about Dragoons with a warp drive kinda deal? The Dragoons are transported to battlefields by literally battling through hell to arrive through a tear in reality and spear some fucking Heretics while a billion tin men fall from the sky and force some radiotherapy on you.

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Yah I asked a friend to do the base paint with an airbrush and the fucker got way too happy with it and did some other things.

I'm currently working on some teeth on the nose and adding an old SoB model on the back so when the hatch opens there is a bolter bitch shooting

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Smite is the only one shared by all psykers. It appears as each psyker will have a list of powers they have access to in their profile.

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Xth for "Real heroes don't wear power arm-why is the Auspex going off like that?"

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*Panzerleid intensifies*


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Looks great.

Order of the Crimson Tide
Order of the Red Typhoon
Order of the Crimson Horror
Order of the Red Tent
Order of the Red Sky at Morn (sailors be warned)

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Time for some OGRE-KILL!

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>tfw will never ally afriel strain with Deathwatch

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I'm not sure I like these new Felinid superheavies GW's selling.

>Lord of War: Mr. Whiskers
M: infinity W: Lots A: Random Ld: None Sv. -8+ WS: 1+ BS: -

Special Rules:
No leader: Mr. Whiskers bows to now man and gives no fucks even for the rules of the game. Neither player controls Mr. Whiskers.
No Caring: Deploy Mr. Whiskers in reserves and roll as normal. When he arrives, place him on the table and let him wonder it has he pleases.
No Mercy: If Mr. Whiskers sniffs a model, that model's unit takes a 5+D6 leadership check. If he swipes or taps a model the unit takes a number of S10 AP-5 hits equal to the number of units touched. If Mr. Whiskers tries to bite or lay down on a model it is eliminated from play.
No Obligations: When Mr. Whiskers jumps off the table, he does not enter ongoing reserves and is effectively removed from the game. However, no killpoints are ever awarded for the loss of Mr. Whiskers.

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Those sound good.

Right now I have two main symbols, wings and the cross from the BT (Malta Cross if I recall) and bouncing back and forward with a rose or a heart.

I'm working to add as relics to go on top of an Immolator some old metal wings from Pegasus as some old saint relic.

I also use picture related as demon prince when I run silly lists. Since generic living Saint are not a thing

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Anyone got the epub or pdf for carrion throne? I'd greatly appreciate it, can't afford to buy books atm.

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Where? Warhammer tv live stream?

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twitter, there are highlights posted on like herokuapp and what not

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Well, they'd hop through the Warp more than fight through it, but otherwise sounds cool. Stick a Lucian icon on the engines, show they've got similar tech to the Legio Astorum Warp Runners.

How are you doing the drop-assault? Counts-as Scions or D-99? Might be fun to add in some Flamer drop squads. I know in 30k you can drop Secutarii in with Arvus Lighters and more or less automatically gib a Baneblade or Spartan with 12 BS5 Cognis Haywire shots, which is an excellent cheesy tactic for telling deathstars to fuck off, but we can't do that here.

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Hoping to get some done this weekend, but idk if I'll have the time.

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Nothing changed since the last time you posted? Still looking forward to seeing some sexy well painted wyches.

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Has anybody got the old White Dwarf monthly mags link? You know, from 70's onwards?

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Sadly, no. I was going to paint last night, but I forgot to prep more sheets for my wet pallet. I still have no idea how I'm going to paint the flesh, though.

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Order of the hockey team from Detroit.

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Flesh is my bane. I've been painting for decades. Still bad as fuck at it, but good enough to save fuck up model.

But skin and faces is something I've never done remotely passable

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Scenery, as it'll be NPCs with better rules than nids.

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This is what you fucking nidleafs get for shitposting all last night.

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For real though, where's that piece of Death Guard art from? Looks like it's official.

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Anon...flyrants are not flyers. They're HQs who can buy into FMC status...

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>home for the summer, finally want to start assembling a 40k army from the couple of tau battlesuits I got years ago
>"Oh there's a new edition coming out don't bother getting into 40k right now"

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Assuming it's broadly similar, how picky will people be about WYSIWYG with equipment?
Putting together a wych cult kill team for SWA, and hopefully they'll be useful in 8th, but I'm worried the weapons will be all over the place for the table top.

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Oh wow, like we're the only ones with flyers.

>> No.53085625

Magnetize your suits. Don't be a moron.

>> No.53085650

>Magnetize your suits
I remember looking this up 3 years ago when I got them and thinking it was way too much work for me when I fuck up assembling balsa wood planes. Also expensive.

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All my special weapons are magnetised

Go Go Battle Harem!

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>implying flyrants won't be forced to slot into flyers
You're delusional if you think that six flyrants: the list isn't getting nerfed. There will be two entries in the Nid dex:

HQ: Hive Tyrant, no option to purchase wings
Flyer: Flying Tyrant, has wings.

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You want to get into 40k then do it. Unless you want to be a tourney player then just do what you want and worry about specifics later.

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I keep forgetting that site exists.

Looking over it now though, it looks like we can expect CSMs to get a soft, trademark-friendly rebranding as "Heretic Astartes". I guess it fits, but it doesn't sound as weighty as "Traitor Astartes".

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You've got to get some fleurs-de-lis or decoration on them somewhere. They don't look nearly loyal enough.

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You can get like 20 magnets for 5 euros (at least where I live, which happens to be one of the most expensive countries in EU). If you want make it easy just slap the magnet to the arm/shoulder and on the gun and be done with it. If you want to put the extra effort on it you can carve the arms/guns to fit the magnet inside it.

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I think it's a sensible move. I don't see why flyers have to compete with other fast-attack choices for slots.

That said I kinda want the hydra and similar AA batteries to go in the Flyer slot. That way I wouldn't feel like I'm wasting Heavy/Fast slots on flyers that may or may not exist.

>So will all fighters get +1 BS, or just a special rule that lets them move and fire at full BS? I think the former is the better choice just for one less special rule, but then you figure in hovering...

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Why are orks with Necrons and Tau? I feel like the horde Xenos should be grouped.

>> No.53085784

There was this leak or something that said most of the flyer weapons would be assault version of any heavy weapons with reduced range.

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Anon. I might be being a retard here but are you using just standard Castellan Green for your vehicles?

Do you have a PLOG or something?

>> No.53085813


What if they just become like Jump Infantry again?

>> No.53085816

That was retracted by Natfka I think.

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They are not entirely SoB, mostly using their rules to represent an Inquisitor personal army. They are missing more paint on the face so they don't look animic and some golden details, because gold is the best colour.

The vehicles are going to have more SoB and Imperial imagery. Planning to add some chained wings on some of the transports, the Penitent Engines or on their own base and use them as AoS markers

>> No.53085849

Magnets or pins

>> No.53085852

I think he does, I've seen these tanks before

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>Perfect warriors


>> No.53085880

Why is she wearing her bolt pistol on the hip that she'd use if she was drawing with the power fist?


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how common is it for daemons of different chaos gods working together if not called upon by mortal cultists? Also, are the chaos gods just super powerful daemons, or are they something separate from the rest of the daemonic populous?

>> No.53085928


It's not Castellan Green, but it's close. I wanted to go FULL SHERMAN and grabbed some Tamiya XF-62, said to be as close to proper Wartime olive Drab as possible. I also wanted to try at least one competitor to GW paint and BOY do I regret it. Hand-painting that stuff without getting brush marks everywhere is much more difficult than the thicker GW product.

Do yourself a favor: if you want to play the hand-brush game, go Castellon green and don't look back.

I'm also less and less satisfied with this picture. The lighting is all wrong and the phone camera is captial-S shit.

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They can defeat any foe...except the sun OH GOD HELP WE NEED SPF50!

>> No.53085956

Daemons will work with eachother during invasions. After that they kill eachother and try to decide who's the real winner.

The Chaos Gods are actually gods.

>> No.53085970

Thanks Anon. I have been looking for inspiration for my guard and do have a soft spot for SPACE SHERMANS and love the look of yours.

May I ask what colour the guardsmens fatigues are?

>> No.53085981

Chaos Gods can work together to dick someone over. Once that someone has been dick over, they usually will fight each other

>> No.53086037


Faces are mostly about getting the shading right I think, but I've only had moderate success with them. However, I've only done flesh tone flesh, not pallid greys.

>> No.53086050

How good do you guys think Command Points will be? I'm excited, because if they are good, it'll be so easy to have a shitload for muh Orkz

>> No.53086076

What do you guys think of the rumor GW will just fuck with everyone and release 8e rules tomorrow?

>> No.53086078

The Fatigues are Death World Forest. One of GW's most reliable paint colors, I find.

And the circular symbols are from the Iron Hands Transfer sheet courtesy of FW.

>> No.53086088

Where did you hear that?

>> No.53086100

Even better they pull a Konami and start a TCG

With plastic Sisters of Battle as card holders

>> No.53086101

>I feel like the horde xenos should be grouped

no go fuck yourself

They're not like, grouped as in "they're friends" it's just easy ways to divide all the races

Orks/Tau/Necrons are all too individualized so they can't buddy up with anyone, Eldar/DarkEldar/Harlequins/Ynnari make for a perfect book

Even 'Nids and GSC are technically different armies, while bros

It's not so much as "Orks are with Necrons and Tau", it's more like the teacher pairing students up into groups for a project together

>> No.53086116

it's not coming before june

>> No.53086117

I'm retarded it was for him >>53086076

>> No.53086147

they're pretty shit

you can only use one per phase, bid with them for turn 1, some of the effects sound pretty lack luster, activate ONE unit during the charge phase, like ggggg

>> No.53086153

but then how come its not Blood Angels and Necrons they actually do projects together

>> No.53086172

because even though blood angels and necrons text each other sweet nothings they're still forced to play with the other white christian boys

>> No.53086196

"Fuck me in the ass because I love Jesus" loophole?

>> No.53086209

Are weapons magnetizable? I'd have thought they're too small to work properly.

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Bit of an old picture, removed the numbers on the Tauroxes, and gonna add green tiberium crystals to the bases. Adding an Imperial Knight styled like a Nod Avatar Mech. Have another Start Collecting Box in the works. Need to add troopers with flamers and GLs since those will be vastly improved in the coming edition. Goodbye Hellrain Brigade Formation. ;-;

>> No.53086219

Cheers Anon. You're a right gentlemen.

I wish your guardsmen good fortune.

>> No.53086227

ssshhh just let it happen. We don't have to let those mean inquisitors know.

>> No.53086231

Oh and add custom Brotherhood of NOD transfers I printed out to the vehicles.

>> No.53086232

Nids and Orkz working together wouldn't work for so many fucking reasons

>> No.53086247

It is only heresy if another Inquisitor lives long enough to tell.

Trust me I'm an Inquisitor that use "special" psykers and living "saints"

>> No.53086293

Have you seen holes in the Bolter muzzles? Well there magnets of that size and smaller. You can add magnets to everything with enough patientce or money

>> No.53086310

>tfw can't post my stuff because it's already packed for the tourney tomorrow

Wish me luck, boys. I'll do my best to spread the Omnissiah's glory.

>> No.53086334

Hopefully not too flexible and busted.

Not a fan of the whole "bidding for turn 1" thing. Otherwise, could be a decent concept.

>> No.53086346

This right now feels like everyone gets Act of Faith but better.

>> No.53086354

01000111 01101111 01101111 01100100 00100000 01001100 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01000010 01110010 01101111 01110100 01101000 01100101 01110010 00100001

>> No.53086379

Do we know yet if Command points will be faction specific or generic or a mix of both?

Giving faction based command point bonuses would be an easy way to add "unique FOCs" without actually adding FOCs in the codices.

>> No.53086418

I knw they;re not allied. Jees man you need to cool it! I just figured if you're going to group up the Xenos Codices you might as well put hordes with hordes and empires with empires. Plus, why give tyranids their own dex and then stuff 3 other xenos factions in another?

>> No.53086426

Ahahahah how the fuck is the xeno alliance even real? Like they are all so incompatable nigger ahahaha.

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I can confirm. I ordered a bunch of magnets from ebay and most of the ones I bought were 200 for a few dollars. If you go china, you're paying close to a penny per magnet he most expensive ones I bought were 1x1mm which was $10 for 50, but I don't have to use them as much as my 2x1mm.

Pic related is some of my fucking around with magnets while building my NL. I didn't think I'd have as much fun as I did, and it wasn't that hard at all.

>> No.53086451

look at the aos books

death is like ten pages

>> No.53086459

I'm sure it'll be like the psychic rules, everyone knows a few generic ones while also having unique stuff specific to them

>> No.53086480

From an Imperial perspective, xenos are all just The Enemy Withoutâ„¢, and the lore has always been extremely Imperium-centric. Probably GW's rationale behind making Xenos a single "alliance".

>> No.53086493

Speaking of generic and specific stuff, I sure hope we get a glimpse at how Warlord rules will look like. Hopefully no more random ones.

>> No.53086523

Why are nids so cute?

>> No.53086545

Didn't they say you'd be able to choose warlord traits so they behave the same every match?

>> No.53086566

>Unpopular 40k opinions
Am I the only person that wishes the Orks were just removed from the setting completely? They're just ridiculous and add absolutely nothing. I know they're meant to be there for comic effect but it detracts from the lore and feel of 40k completely.

>> No.53086576

>the neck twist to get the missile launcher to fit

that looks fucking awful

why aren't your havocs aiming their weapons

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File: 272 KB, 1000x1378, 1000px-Evil_Sunz_in_battle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's your favorite Ork clan, and why is it the Evil Sunz?

>> No.53086594

deth skullz > evil sunz

>> No.53086597

Anon, 40k as a whole should be ridiculous and almost comedic. Orks fit in perfectly, much better than for example Tau or even Necrons.

>> No.53086601

>Unpopular 40k opinions
Space Marines are legitimately the best faction and consistently display the widest range of characters, and have the best examples of GWs abilities to make models and write lore.

>> No.53086615

>the lore and feel of 40k completely
it's a satire setting, dude. Every other faction is just as jokey as Orks are.

>> No.53086630

I get that, but all the other factions are at least "cool" in some way. Orks just ruin it, wish they were retconned completely out of existence.

>> No.53086645

>bein' a thiefin' git
It's like you don't even wanna go fast

>> No.53086654

Orks are plenty "cool"

>> No.53086690

>blue power weapons

I prefer silver with blue wash. Solid blue contrasts too much with the rest of your colour scheme and looks quite harsh.

>> No.53086699


...Hello? Anyone? Now's not the time to be silent I'm about to launch a rocket.

>> No.53086703

you can't go fast if I shoot ya wif my lootas

>> No.53086719

Like I said, unpopular opinion. They just don't do it for me at all.

>> No.53086737

They fit the setting better than Tau at least. Tau were only introduced to make fun of the setting as a whole since they're so "logical". They used to be at least.

>> No.53086748

>only grots have BS3
You ain't a grot, is you?

>> No.53086770

Order of Monthly Murder

>> No.53086782


Do you have any examples?

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File: 46 KB, 295x394, Gitstix-295x394.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53086826

So that counts as 2 twin-linked big shootas?

>> No.53086838
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Working on a new case for my Vostroyan SW:A team.

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>> No.53086868


I love the look.

>> No.53086869

Imagine trying to paint all the nooks and crannies of the guns

>> No.53086889

RGG, is this why we never are you around? Is your regiment in a non stop war with mutant felinid forces?

>> No.53086908

If I had my models with me I'd post a pic. If you've got a blue wash, try experimenting on some bits you've got lying around.

>> No.53086925

Orks are unironically the heart of 40k. I don't even play them, but they exemplify all the best parts of 40k as a universe. Without them, 40k would take itself far too seriously, and that's no good.

>> No.53086947
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So let me see if I understand this correctly. Assuming in 8th edition, if orks are ld 7 or even 8 for bosses, and I am running 30 orks in a squad, 15 of them get shot to death that turn, I then lose a guaranteed 8 +D6 MORE at the end?

So if they sperg out and the ork book comes out, and they leave in green tide, I lose 40 orks due to eating all the enemy firepower that turn, then at the end I am losing another 33 +D6 orks??! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

>> No.53086955
File: 212 KB, 997x1600, blue wash example.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This is as close as I could find. It looks like boltgun grey (all my paints are old so I don't know the new names) with many coats of blue wash.

>> No.53086962

Orks need to be at the center of another big story like they were in Armageddon. Preferably this time they can have a leader other than Ghazzy. Not that he isn't the shit, but it's nice to see a faction have more than one really important character.

>> No.53086966


If you don't think an entire army of football hooligans with OH WHAT A DAY, WHAT A LOVELY DAY-tier ramshackle post-apocalyptic looted vehicles isn't the tightest shit, I don't know what to tell you.

They're way cooler and more original than Tau or Eldar, that's for sure.

>> No.53086977

The Beast Arises?

>> No.53086980

They have the same battleshock rules in AoS and orks have a bunch of ways to work around it, including getting more Ld if the mob is large.

>> No.53086984
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I bet he dislike the most 40k model too.

>> No.53086986

You're correct. Age of Sigm- I mean 8th edition is going to be a fun and balanced ruleset!

>> No.53086989


You're right anon, none of the playtesters or designers thought of this, there surely won't be any abilities for Orks to mitigate battleshock like there are in Age of Sigmar.

>> No.53087010

That's a lot of assuming there. Our ld will be lower (assuming since spess mehrines dropped), but you're ignoring the fact that bosspoles will likely buff it, then there is another rule from AoS that will likely follow where ld goes up by 1 per 10 models in the unit. Then there's the myriad possibilities for special rules. I wouldn't worry too much about green tide, especially since we're gonna actually roll armor saves now

>> No.53087013

Good grief. Fair enough, I thought it was mostly good for vehicles and suits.

>> No.53087042

Fuck, that thing is the perfect combination of awesome and stupid.

>> No.53087056

You act like others should know instinctively how that garbage game works.

>> No.53087059

What's the point of having a huge machine if you're gonna strap the vulnerable pilot to the very front of it, completely exposed to small arms fire?

>> No.53087072

Do you not yet understand that every word of this setting is a joke?
It's funny, that's the point.

>> No.53087078

>Not knowing the Emprah protects

>> No.53087082


Anybody with a lick of common sense would realize that GW's obviously not going to give players the option for a green tide if units are going to lose thirty fucking guys to one morale roll. Use your brain.


>> No.53087091

It's not funny, it's stupid.

>> No.53087105


t. Tau player

>> No.53087115

Because there's probably servitor in it to retrieve it when the penitent dies.

>> No.53087138

We probably won't get the literal one giant mob green tide, what we'll probably get is a FOC with a shit load of troop slots, and some kind of rule where having the boyz close to each other buffs them in some way based on how many are nearby. At least that's what would make sense to me

>> No.53087147

It's pretty funny Mang. Like the gimpsuit chainsaw nuns.

>> No.53087150

>40k should be more serious
this is why the setting is getting so stale

>> No.53087171

or the gimp in the Dragoon walker

>> No.53087172

Plus, I'm betting that Orks and Nids will probably have Command Point abilities that render Battleshock almost nonexistent

>> No.53087173

How acceptable is using blu-tack to switch out parts?

>> No.53087180


Blame the Tau. Absolutely not a single ounce of humor in that entire faction.

>> No.53087187

Or the fucking Lost in Space robots with plasma cannons.

>> No.53087193

Are you the same anon that's been going back and forth between here and SW:A general basically asking this same question? Either way, they're your models dude. If YOU think it's acceptable, it is.

>> No.53087202

Well, that is the joke. There the serious hard-scifi guys who make fun of the setting by putting it in context. The problem is people who don't get the jokes.

>> No.53087203

Depends on whether they stay on. No one wants to play with a guy whose models are constantly falling to pieces during the match.

>> No.53087207

I want them to expand more on the Void Whale heading towards Catachan and have a hilarious grimdark Moby Dick story starring Badrukk

>No ounce of humor in that entire faction
>He doesn't know about the "Commorite Cultural Exchange"
That's how I know you don't read the fluff.

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personally, I think flyers are dumb. it should read "Flyers 0-0"

because flyers move super fast and hog up the entire sky, not just a 4' by 6' table

unless the flyer has hover mode like vendetta

>> No.53087230
File: 160 KB, 261x271, tumblr_lzgbz7gVJk1qjmdhho1_400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I want them to expand more on the Void Whale heading towards Catachan and have a hilarious grimdark Moby Dick story starring Badrukk
MFW the warp rift swallows Badrukk and the Whale

>> No.53087238

Which is a pity, because Tau are ripe for mind control doublethink jokes. Just imagine the propaganda posters on a Tau subjugated world.

>> No.53087239

May be a simple matter of having a Warboss in the middle of 3 30 boy blobs and him having a leadership buff that stacks with any Bosspoles or other rules of the squads

>> No.53087241

Holy shit, as a new player this is like a fucking epiphany. Now it all starts to make sense.

>> No.53087245
File: 214 KB, 900x954, 1328940607504.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to make an army of DoomGuys. What codex would best represent this? Deathwatch? Custodes? Grey Knights? Raptors SM Chapter?

>> No.53087256
File: 162 KB, 403x433, 17103791_692086617627873_4407797590165411459_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>unless it's my faction, then it's ok to be retarded

>> No.53087260

Depends on the crowd. I personally wouldn't say anything to you, but I'd absolutely look down on you, think you were a cheapskate and be more likely to avoid interacting with you

>these captchas are getting fucking ridiculous, 3 separate verify steps?

>> No.53087263


I was fucking around with them, hence the naruto run lightning claws, and I thought the bat helmets were hilarious. The original caption of the pic was "DID I HIT THEM, BROTHER?" while the autocannon looks incredulously over at his superior.

>> No.53087267


They just continue this insane story riding the eymperal waves of the Warp.

>> No.53087274
File: 5 KB, 205x246, 1493151892019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Brings a Titan formation to a "narrative" game
>T 20
>W 50
>SV 2+
>Opponent sends fabious bile into combat with them
>he hits first due to assaulting
>wounds on 6+ (because everything can do that in 8th
>I fail my save
>His weapon is Instant Death
>Remove Titan from the field
>Remove other 2 Titans after failing battle shock

Oh boy, here comes 8th edition.

>> No.53087276

It's a satire of scifi and politics and a ton of other shit. Literally every word of the setting started life as a joke.

>> No.53087279

Imperial Guard because Doomguy ain't no gene-enhanced pussy

Step 1
Get Straken

Step 2
Modify to resemble Doomguy


>> No.53087284

The Tau is set up as a straight man to the galaxy's antics. They think they're in a normal sci-fi setting, but everything works like space fantasy instead.

That's why they'll send out a massive generational colony ship with hope in their eyes, only to have it rocketing back to them shortly later full of Orks and covered in guns

>> No.53087289

At least they're better than the ones that required you to draw an outline around an object from a while back.

>> No.53087302
File: 13 KB, 249x202, images-24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The moment you realise that, the moment you trult see why 40k is great

>> No.53087305

Blood Angels are the most RIP AND TEAR loyalists, but Raptors are badass.

>> No.53087308


Titans come in units and have bravery 5 or less?

>> No.53087310

How do you even take something so over the top as 40k seriously? Even if its not particularly comical its so fucking ridiculous!

>> No.53087315

Exactly why i went for GSC, they're fucking hilarious, the new codex is gold

>> No.53087319

>This bait again

>> No.53087320
File: 2.38 MB, 5184x3456, IMG_5694.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic

>> No.53087326

I had a captcha the other day that was select the cars, and it was a picture of a car park. Bitch, every fucking square has a car.
Then I had to do a second one as well.

And trying to post this it couldn't even connect to their servers or whatever to do it, the first time.

>> No.53087339

Suspension of disbelief, my friend.

>> No.53087351

The worst I've had was "click x, keep clicking until there are no more pictures of x," fucking retarded

>> No.53087370

You can tell how autistic a person is by how seriously they take 40k. It's a direct relationship.

>> No.53087374

All this reminds me of how d&d material casting was literally supposed to be funny as fuck
Like to be a Wizard you were basically actually batman, whipping out small strands of spider thread to cast webs and stuff from your magical bag of everything. Grognards make the best games

>> No.53087375

So how new are the tactical marines anyhow? I know the assault marines and Devastators are almost completely fresh.

>> No.53087376

The pauper princes are the fucking best

> Claim to despise wealth
> Literally wealthiest cult and best equipped Cult short of the Bladed Cog.

>> No.53087410

I can't decide which is better, the entry about a cult developing on a Tau world, or the taufags who didn't understand that the ethereal had been brought into the cult in the last thread

>holy fucking hell these captchas

>> No.53087411

Does it strike anyone else as a little odd that the battalion detachment FoC requires 2 HQs?

Given it's only 3-6 troops required it seems a little off scale.

I get that with street numbers on my phone from time to time.
It's just tapping the one damned tile for 15 times and I hate it.

>> No.53087413
File: 60 KB, 600x620, IMG_1704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the second most 40k model

It is a tank that shoots missile from its organ tube while music is playing mid battle.

There is a live concert while enemies of the Imperium die!

>> No.53087427

It's like the gothic equivalent of that guy with the flamethrower guitar from mad max!

>> No.53087444 [SPOILER] 
File: 39 KB, 549x540, 1494035923548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the most 40k model
Don't kid yourselves

>> No.53087448

>he thinks shes supposed to live
this. Theres actually a fine art when it comes to writting 40k stories. You have to combined the perfect level of cheese and badass in order for it to be good. One line that has stuck with me from gathering storm 3 was when Gulliman charged forward and Celestine was crying tears of joy at the sight of him rag dolling the black legion.

"he let forth a roar of pure, undiluted fury"
fucking 10/10

>> No.53087450

>what are spacesharks?
>what are minotaurs?
Even the yiffs give the menstruation gang a run for their money

>> No.53087459


I didn't know this until now but the entire reason I learned how to play the phantom of the opera on a pipe organ was so I could play it on the organ missile tank.

>> No.53087482

I like the model, but that thing was made during a time when the people at GW totally forgot what made 40k 40k and what made Tau the Tau.

Battlesuit ok. Knight size suits is something the Mechanicus would do not the Tau.

That model outside of 40k is pretty rad on itself

>> No.53087489

Those are dream caste Valkyre with a head swap right?

>> No.53087507


I'm of the opinion that the Riptide and taunar suits the tau philosophy, but the Stormsurge agressively doesn't.

>> No.53087512
File: 120 KB, 900x505, God it feels good to be imperial.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53087516

> Ethereal had been brought into the cult

Fucking SAUCE. Yeah, he lifted the quarantine, but that doesn't fucking mean that he was infected you Nidfag.

>> No.53087526

Speaking of Roboute, he had a hard life. I still remember that scene with him alone in that room, trying not to break down at the injustice and horror of how bad things have gotten.

>> No.53087532

Dream-Forge and Statuesque heads with FW Legion bolter thingies.

Part of me wanted to trigger some autistic fucks. But in all honesty I just wanted a couple of Sisters as allies and now I have like 40 this waiting for paint

>> No.53087565

Part of me also picturing doing all kind of music styles. From pop to metal.

https://youtu.be/AO7D7InvmAw Enjoy some silly mish mash.

>> No.53087574

If you know the part about the quarantine, then you know the sauce I'm referring too. Between the short period of time and characterizing the world as efficent/productive.whatever (which is exactly how imperials viewed neophytes relative to the normal citizens), I'm inclined to interpret that as they successfuly got him. He might not be infected per se, but he could easily have been indoctrinated. All it would take is one clever purestrain, not to mention the possibility of mind-control

>> No.53087579

yea, he definitely was top 3 choices for a loyalist primarch returning to fix things. Russ would have gone on an immediate rampage, Dorn would have rushed right at Abbadon

>> No.53087592


Exprcists are the chapter you want. Their Captain strikes at S10 with his Daemonbane maul because he's S5 base.

>> No.53087597

well that was fun, decent guitar player too.

>> No.53087610

The thing is they had flyers and things like the big as Drones to that job.

Hell even maybe auxiliary since that was the original theme for the Tau, a mix of different minor Xenos working together for the (Tau) Greater Good.

Maybe if the Tau where alone sure go for those suits, but when you have those Xenos to go wild with different designs and shit it end looking lame

>> No.53087616

So if I'm understanding the new detachments correctly, its now easier than ever to run a fluffy inquisitions army?

>> No.53087626

That's going to depend entirely on how factions and keywords work anon. We just don't know

>> No.53087633

> Inbred bug mutants got to an Ethereal
> Imperial assasins couldn't get to the Ethereal until GW gave one of them plot armor

yeah, sure, whatever you say autist.

>> No.53087634
File: 132 KB, 720x1280, IMG_2919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It seems that way.

I doubt we can ride other factions and keywords armies transport but a man can dream

>> No.53087647

Do not mention the assassins and Tau. That was the worst show of plot armour in some time.

Neither Tau nor the Assassin left that writing with dignity

>> No.53087685

Yeah, it really showed just how shitty assassins are didn't it

>> No.53087692

Bro, far as being autistic goes, I've already established that this shit is humor to me, I could give a shit if some nameless gribblies died or not, that's just the interpretation of the fluff that made the most sense to me when I read it, not something I'm emotionally invested in. Are you seriously suggesting that the Tau-assassin was not overwhelming plot armor bs for the the Tau?

>> No.53087698

And Tau too. One Assassin simply walk to the space pope and killed him

>> No.53087727

> Tau spend entire story picking apart Assassin plot armor
> One assassin gets to keep his, bullshits his way through everyone

whatever you say buddy

>> No.53087766

May I ask specifically what you guys are talking about?

I'm interested but not sure what's going on.

>> No.53087778

What's the longest range tyranid unit? The biovore? Kinda funny the exocrine has a much larger cannon but has shorter range

>> No.53087779

The recent Damocles Gulf books that gave some updates/formations to Farsight Enclaves and IG, Mont'ka.

>> No.53087781 [DELETED] 

Any word yet on the UltraUltra Smurfs? other than the fact that they're probably a Geedubs incentive to make painting even easier.

>> No.53087789

Vindicare misses twice, yes the guys that can shoot down Eldar jetbikes no problem. He got blinded, you know the guys that can only be blinded by warp magic
Eversor lost in melee, they didn't even shoot it to death
Callidus the guys that infiltrated psychic things like eldar, genetic and Psyker shit like Genestealer and Orks. But some how the Tau smell her funny and proceeds to defeat her in melee.
The Culexus was the one that did it. The guys made to fight psykers. Some how was the best against no Psyker race.

It was bad very bad writing

>> No.53087795

They are all vagina/period jokes

>> No.53087806

Any word yet on the UltraUltra Smurfs? other than the fact that they're probably a Geedubs incentive to make painting even easier.

>> No.53087808

Callidus I kind of justify, because it is speculated that the Ethereals do produce a pheremone that results in the total obedience.

>> No.53087833


>send a psychic assassin against the non-psychic race

Just why.

>> No.53087842

I mean, in fairness, does the Imperium know they have no psykers?

>> No.53087848

This >>53087779
It was a Tau wank so bad. Not in the sense that Tau won, but in the sense of LOL Tau wins plot armour.

Assassins failing at their specialisation hard to the point of ridicule.

Pask the anti Baneblade and leader of the common soldier simply sent his men to die to then return in a Baneblade.

Space Tau pope with maximum security and special shit, got killed by an anti Psyker Assassin, the fucker simply walk there, even rode a tank with other Tau.
While the Vindicare and Callidus that are used to this level of deep cover inside enemy territory got discover like nothing

>> No.53087871

Anon the Callidus can infiltrate Orks, Genestealer Cult and Eldar. The last two can read your mind and tell you are not them. They usually fail when doing finer cultural things. The writers could have use that to tell the Assassin apart, not use they smell funny

>> No.53087882

And orks/genestealers have a genetic way to sense whar's part of them and have been infiltrated. Apparently the Tau pheromones are more effective than a creature made by the old ones as a biological weapon, and a subversive entity made to undermine species from within that was made by a literal hivemind from beyond the galaxy?

Lol, fucking Tau players. Holy shit kill yourself.

>> No.53087890

Yes, the Imperium knows.

>> No.53087892

I'm using a Skitarii Maniple to fill up points next to my Elimination Maniple. I'm wondering if I should use the Datasmith or one of the Skitarii Alphas (the one in the PlasCal squad) as my Warlord and also which table would be best to roll on.

A Datasmith Warlord obviously has the advantage of being with the robots and can potentially get the 8+ canticle for his unit while the Alpha has the Preferred Enemy bonus. Not sure if using the Skitarii traits and Tactical Objectives would be optimal either on that one, since Strategic Traits have some very powerful stuff in them and Skitarii objectives having some requiring Skitarii units, which I'm only using 2 minimum sized ones of.

>> No.53087917

>consistently display the widest range of characters, and have the best examples of GWs abilities to make models and write lore.
I can't actually tell if this is Poe's Law or not.

Taking you seriously though... even though I like me some SMs, don't you think this is just a side-effect of GW spending much more time developing them than all the other factions?

Also, if we're doing unpopular 40K opinions: the Dreadknight wasn't nearly as bad as people like to say, at least aesthetically. Centurions look infinitely worse.

Tau were REALLY made to try and draw in anime fans around the turn of the century, when anime and manga were getting big in the West. GW more-or-less admitted this when they came out.

I developed an irrational dislike of Riptides, after seeing so many people pandering on WIP threads, etc. by posting their unpainted, unconverted, and totally unremarkable Riptides just after they came out, for no reason other than because the kit/unit was all the rage at the time.

>other than the fact that they're probably a Geedubs incentive to make painting even easier.
Well, that, and the fact that they probably want to give 40K its own Sigmarine analogue. You know, despite Sigmarines existing mainly to give AoS its own Space Marine analogue.

It's like a vicious cycle of one-upsmanship, in an attempt to make the most SOOPAR EPIK faction to draw in the over-excited, sugar-rushing kiddies.

>> No.53087926
File: 231 KB, 572x380, 1431331282429.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>don't know too much about a part of fluff that is in the grand scheme of things is rarely mentioned
>make an incorrect assumption based on the small bit knowledge I do have
Guess I better kill myself. Why are you so angry, anon? Where did the Riptide Wing touch you?

>> No.53087941

Hopefully we can expect the Great Rift to hand the Tau some ass kicking at the hands of Chaos.

>> No.53087965

Odds are Necrons'll join in on the fun, too.

>> No.53087975

>mind controlling the guy that mind controls the other guys
And then the hive fleet shows up you end up with that one pic of greys controlling reptilians controlling illuminati controlling jews contrilling americans

>> No.53088010

>Another episode of imperium wank is good writing
Your donutsteel elite assassins are wank of the highest order.
Somehow infiltrating Orks and cults is dumb as hell

>> No.53088019

>Pask in a baneblade
>Ahriman has feelings

I am just as butthurt about both of these rewrites.

>> No.53088025

>inb4 Rodney Goldyman was Alpharius the entire time
>inb4 the Yncarne wa Omegnon

>> No.53088037

>>Ahriman has feelings
This is new? He spent a good 85% of the first book in his own trilogy being a mopey whiner.

>> No.53088114
File: 2.46 MB, 3648x2736, Fully Deployed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53088137

Hopefully, but you know GW will suck the Tau's dick some more. I fucking hate the Tau and their fucking weeb players so much. The plot armor is so thick and pandering that it's shameful. Every fucking time the Tau turn up every other faction has to be written in the most pants on head retarded way that I wish I could strangle whoever wrote such trash. Because god forbid the factions are just written decently. No, it can't just be the Tau outsmart someone or win like an underdog, the Tau writers and players aren't happy unless the opposing faction is written like a bunch of slack jawed mongoloids who sit around shitting their pants compared to the grand Tau.

And I know Tau can be decent, like the Farsight Enclaves. So why are the regular Tau so full of bullshit? Are useless weeb faggots that much of a moneymaker where they can't stand to see their faction have to win on their own merits and have to win against neutered and mentally damaged versions of everybody? Give me a break.

>> No.53088173

fully deployed, not fully painted

>> No.53088185

It was released in 2013.
John French is never forgiven.

>> No.53088202

So they can be the best.

No, seriously. One of the younger players at my LGS plays Tau, and he says he does it because they're the best. Not in a my guys > your guys way, but in a "I believe that this is an objective fact" way.

>> No.53088211

no such thing as a fully painted Tau army.

>> No.53088228

I have one. Albeit it's only 1,000 points but still

>> No.53088249

Mine's mostly painted except for the newer stuff that I've only managed to basecoat and put on bases. I've been working through other projects lately. The new stuff is coming up after a few more non-Tau units, though.

>> No.53088265

They can literally use mind control on a hyper-indoctrinated Space Marine Librarian given the right circumstances, doing so on the completely psychically-defenseless Ethereal would be child's play.

Also, Aun'va was literally their supreme leader in the middle of a full-fledged warzone with the absolute best protection they could manage. And he still died.

>> No.53088268
File: 88 KB, 720x421, Painted Tau.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's this one guy trying to sell an entire Tau army for $2100 on the Houston Bitz Bazaar FB group. I find the idea of having someone purchase an entire army wishful thinking. Also, that pretty much gets rid of 1/2 to 2/3 of the aspect of the hobby.

>> No.53088289

I'm beginning to think the alliance meme is becoming something people actually believe.
They're just mass rule update books so they can bring everyone up to 8th at the same time.

>> No.53088301

but...I'm really enjoying watching Ahriman get his shit together and find his fancy new hat.Can't wait to find out what happens to Astraeos.

>> No.53088303

5e codex has the rubric 'succeeded beyond his wildest dreams'
When Magnus banishes him, he's not regretful in the slightest, just dismisses Magnus as a whiny failure and sets out about surpassing him.

>> No.53088316

>2/3 of people hate 1/3 of the hobby.

Face it anon, painters are a dying breed.

>> No.53088350

Honestly prefer heretic astartes, if we go traitor astartes then you play the one of the traitor legions of the traitor astartes, could lead to a case of GW using one word way too much for a army again

>> No.53088356

They send the assassins in groups of 4, one of each assassin per group.

>> No.53088366

>Still no starter set in sight

When am I going to get my Death Guard and Double Marines, bros?

>> No.53088384

Not my place to tell other people how to live but I really don't understand why anyone would get into this hobby if they didn't want to assemble and paint models and roll dice.

Paying people to paint your minis never made sense to me.

I also don't understand why anyone would buy a painted army.

To me, the journey is more important than the destination. I enjoy all the hours of assembling and painting, probably more than the actual game (of course 6th and 7th have been 5 years of shit and I play assault armies).

>> No.53088389

Am I That Guy if I play daemons? Or is it specific to mono-tzeentch?

>> No.53088401

I like assembling but I fucking hate painting.

>> No.53088403

All signs point to June.

I'm hoping to split the starter box so I can grab the Death Guard, but I think many people will be looking for those. Might just finish painting what I have and wait for the eBay prices to go down when they do come out.

>> No.53088407

A friend of mine is curious what the 40k equivalent of Lizardmen and SKAVEN are.

>> No.53088422

Have you tried it with Friends? At my local gw we sit around at one of the tables painting and chatting, I just wish we could drink while we're at it

>> No.53088426

Tzeentch and Tzeentch-heavy, but even then it's mostly if you spam horrors or focus on screamerstars. I love my burning chariots enough that I do without it when I play them.

>> No.53088434

Old Ones and Tau

>> No.53088444

People have many different perspectives Anon. Personally, I've only paid to have one model painted ever and that was because I was afraid I wouldn't do a very good job painting Lysander. I was debating doing the same thing with Belisarius Cawl, but I'll give him a shot. I think for most people it's a time issue, the painting just takes time they feel they don't have.

>> No.53088453


Imperial Guard.

>> No.53088458

A long time ago I used do that. Still not very fun. Doesn't make the majority of the painting process any less tedious.

>> No.53088461


This is either quality bait or you're a fucking moron.

>> No.53088471

Genestealer Cult, mass gribblies, deadly in CC, squishy as shit without buffs

>> No.53088492

so, warhammer enthusiasts, what's the deal with space marines having really thin thighs and conical calves? I understand weight dispersion and that squats don't exist, but surely there are other exercises that work the upper leg? Or are space marines just huge fans of bell-bottom jeans?

>> No.53088495
File: 1.87 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-05-07-34-02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

R&H kit bashes for my guys

>> No.53088497

I feel kinda bad for you anon, I get a lot of joy out of doing that. Have you looked into ways of cutting down the tedium? Such as sprays for the base coat, washing in batches? I personally like to focus on one model at a time like it's a centrepiece, even though it's just another neophyte cultist

>> No.53088510

Bravery removes by model. IE if you lose by 2 you lose 2 models regardless of wound count.

Fabius just did 50 wounds. Can you pass a Ld10-50 check? I assume insane courage is still in game but that's still a 35/36 chance to wipe the theoretical squad of titans.

>> No.53088525

Not feasible in my living situation
>washing in batches
Sounds like it'd just confuse me as to which parts go to which model.

>> No.53088534

Battleshock counts the number of models lost not wounds taken.

>> No.53088543

Nah, like finish base coats for several minis at once, then nuln-oiling (or whatever) all of them at once. Although that falls apart if you paint before assembling

>> No.53088559

I do sub assemblies and then paint, which is what I was referring to.

>> No.53088593
File: 675 KB, 1632x1224, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just finished my 3rd(and final, for now) BDSM boat. It's the one in the back. I still need to wait for a good day to go outside and seal it with some dullcote.

>> No.53088598

It's bait. I know we're probably gonna get some 1HQ 0,0,0 0-6 flyer FOC.

>> No.53088601
File: 34 KB, 413x395, drunkard of sensible chuckles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>BDSM boat

>> No.53088624

I am the opposite of you. I really, really like the smell of citadels plastic glue though

>> No.53088628

Man, I wish I can be good at highlight.

>> No.53088646

Send all your models to me and I will happily build them, in return you can help me paint up my units.

>> No.53088653
File: 1.99 MB, 488x291, 1461173725030.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>smell of citadels plastic glue though
i literally got a respirator for assembling

>> No.53088661

I'm thinking about making a SWA kill team themed around the cast of Sealab 2021, but what the fuck would I use for the wheelchair guy?

>> No.53088682

I can understand the imperium being like larger faction, but holy shit all of them in one book would be a massive tome. LSM, Skitarri, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Guard, and just about everything else they've ever made.

>> No.53088691

An Ork, exchange the physically crippled with the mentally crippled

>> No.53088707

Yes which is why we show up none painters then tell the None painters their armies can look this bitching too...
For Cash. Sex if they play 'Nids.

>> No.53088713


>> No.53088724

Well my friend do I have a deal for you. I'll paint your stuff for you. reasonable rates too.

>> No.53088725

Good suggestion, but I had a better idea: use a sentinel pilot mounted on toothpicks with greenstuff sculpted around it

>> No.53088745

probably a good idea. I glue them in a well ventilated area and desu I spend hundreds of dollars on toy soldiers and am 30 years old. I never really had any brain cells to lose to begin with.

>> No.53088784

un fortunately i live in australia. desu if I had a friend like you I would gladly do that because I like painting different things but I really want to get one army fully done. I don't want to play until my entire army is fully painted and based. I pretend it's no big deal when I see an unpainted army on the table top but I secretly despise them haha.

>> No.53088803

Anyone got a PDF for May 2017 WD?

>> No.53088907

which faction?

>> No.53088915

They look so fucking happy

>> No.53088930


You had better be using them as chaos with the aspiring champ being Sparkamus Prime

>> No.53088961

I was thinking either guard or Inq, cadian fatigues should be easy to paint like the wetsuits. Inq qould let me make Murphy an Inquisitor...

>> No.53088964
File: 60 KB, 1024x576, IMG_2115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How viable is a Warpsmith based Chaos Space marine army?

>> No.53088983

Like nothing but Warpsmiths?

>> No.53088999

Nah like Chaos Space marines but led by a warpsmith and lots of daemon engines

>> No.53089029

Your numbers suggest potential. At least in fluffy ways.

Why not full dark mechanicum/mechanicus?

Traitor iron hands?

>> No.53089050

8th ed. who knows

7th ed. They're lackluster.
They can't fight dedicated cc units,
They get to shoot a melta or a flamer kinda nice
I've rarely seen repair be used because vehicles have a tendency to detonate
They're shatter ruins or whatever its called is forgotten %70 of the time
And they're just super expensive

>> No.53089055
File: 93 KB, 468x477, DeathSkulls_Warboss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Deathskulls because I love that they're just a bunch of grubby hoarders and blue is the luckiest. I also love the idea of Deathskull Kommandos.

>> No.53089058 [SPOILER] 
File: 47 KB, 621x502, 1494043891956.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all these "40k is a joke setting!" posts

Yeah dude I only like 40k ironically too :^)

>> No.53089072

see >>53086645

>> No.53089087

It's not about liking it ironically, it's about liking it for what it is.

>> No.53089104

I plan on doing that theme entirely, but at the same time the Chaos Space marine models just don't look techy enough and I'm not sure if I'd be able to make a good looking conversion of Adeptus Mechanicus

>> No.53089117

40k is a joke setting that takes itself seriously.
As in it's hilarious to us but the characters take it all at face value, creating and setting a unique tone for the setting.

I mean just how ridiculous and hysterical is the concept of Blood Angels, Space Wolves or even the design aesthetics for Tzzentch bird-like creatures. This is without touching the obvious things like Orks and Gretchins.

It's this balance between being super serious and hardcore with silly concepts and stompy models that made it appeal to me.

>> No.53089141


Who says I can't go fast? All I gotta do I nik your wheels and then theys my wheels

>> No.53089163

Despite my bitching about 'smiths
The formation Daemon Engine Pack is fucking incredible and one of CSMs best in all honesty

>> No.53089188

You could use admech/skitarii bits for a crippled guy. Maybe some bionic legs or the servitor tank thingy.

>> No.53089198

but you won't be painted red. less red less speeeed

>> No.53089203

why the fuck does all my shit have desu in it I didn't put it in there.

>> No.53089213

replaces t bh, senpai

>> No.53089215

It always weirds me out a little seeing people paint in store. There's a ton doing it, but it just seems odd to me to bring in all your paints, unpainted models, pallet, brushes etc.
Just much easier to do at home.

>> No.53089219


We'll see who's faster when Gork and Mork toss us into the best loot pile first

>> No.53089222

You're on a weeb site run by a jap and you're surprised with the word filter?

>> No.53089224

Newfag detected.

>> No.53089226

>he doesn't know about the word filter

>> No.53089227


Hi newfag. Enjoying your stay?

>> No.53089229
File: 138 KB, 800x575, IMG_3634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least your troops will never know the horror of being decapitated by a tyranids crotch

>> No.53089247

when did it change? I've been posting here for about 10 years

>> No.53089250
File: 827 KB, 1081x500, truescale.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so /tg/, how does it feel that all your space marines in your armies will be manlets compared to the newnew marines coming soon? Will you rebuild your entire armies or just play with your manlets?

>> No.53089262
File: 114 KB, 1204x680, 1491489806911.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53089265
File: 86 KB, 688x630, carnifex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss the old carnifex
long enough ago that no one is going to believe you're an oldfag

>> No.53089269
File: 6 KB, 100x100, meteorino kripperino.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It changed when hiroshimoot took over.

>> No.53089282

>Play TSons
>All models are either single cast or metal upgrades
>I will never sell them

I will enjoy denying these new fucks armor
I love the screamfex

>> No.53089308

>40k is a joke setting that takes itself seriously.
>As in it's hilarious to us but the characters take it all at face value, creating and setting a unique tone for the setting.
you just defined the term satire.

>> No.53089316

That's which one? Link if you're able?

>> No.53089336

I don't post much anymore. I only stick to a couple of boards because the site has been taken over by stormfront.

>> No.53089343

Will be playing Necromunda with family and friends to try out something new and the idea of playing cops and robbers sounds way too good to pass up but where can I find the rules for the Enforcers?

>> No.53089358

more like manleTSons.

>> No.53089382
File: 833 KB, 1800x3065, Deathwatch - 1850pts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know it's practically useless to be making lists and asking for advice with 8th right around the corner, but I'm trying to make a fluffy Deathwatch list anyways, so it should translate.

Anyways, what do y'all think?

>> No.53089415

Smith with 2 dinobots that can use his WS(the maulerfiend) and BS(the forgefiend)

8 S8 shots at BS5 is devastating

>> No.53089479
File: 35 KB, 280x234, IMG_3635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yea, I miss the oldschool nids, but I can see how switching to a H.R. Giger style alien-nightmare was more appealing for marketing and sales

>> No.53089704


>> No.53089715

"Giger". That's funny.

They're basically a copy of Zerg now.

>> No.53089731
File: 17 KB, 164x205, Zoanthrope.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never forget Zoanthropes

>> No.53089738
File: 933 KB, 220x250, give it.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People keep saying new 40k not until June, but they're running out of shit to taunt us with

I mean what else can they show us?


>> No.53089742

Is 40k Satire though?

>> No.53089764

>Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

>> No.53089775

What varnishes do you use to protect your models? My testors dull coat still seems to scuff sometimes. Dunno if Im just not putting enough on or not.

>> No.53089780

>Is 40k Satire?
We're through the looking glass people.

But in all seriousness, it is as big of a satire as is possible. Every single element of classic 40k down to the names of even the minor characters and planets are fucking jokes.

>> No.53089787

every army will get its own thing. how they choose to classify army is still debated (for some fucking reason).

They'll announce the new starter set, probably do a batrep or two. they have enough to last a while.

>> No.53089798

but is it STILL satire. it clearly started that way but now...

>> No.53089809
File: 8 KB, 259x194, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It used to be but then it started taking itself a little too seriously

>> No.53089829

While a lot of the thread has been lost, I think that it's still widely acknowledged by the writers that it's a satirical setting. It takes itself seriously for the sake of marketing to a modern audience that doesn't remember the 80's, but the heart and soul is still satire, ymmv.

>> No.53089831

Things we want that could eat up two weeks each if one day per faction:
Example models from each faction
Faction-specific detachments
How factions handle leadership (synergy, ATSKNF, Commissars, etc.)
Special new Lord of War releases like Primarchs

Things we'll get:
A day on NEW and IMPROVED Challenge rules
In-depth coverage on minute terrain rule changes
Some generic paragraphs vaguely hinting at future plot developments
One day talking about each faction in the most general terms, offering nothing new, and teasing one model's stat line

>> No.53089859

Heh. Mag Uruk Thraka. Still can't get over that...

>> No.53090074
File: 56 KB, 576x960, 18360504_10156178192260031_1602347889_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trying to finish a command before a mini-event thing tomorrow. I really like how the commander came out.

>> No.53090137

It was originally but then GW started taking itself seriously. The Horus Heresy novels play the setting pretty straight.

>> No.53090149

>The Horus Heresy novels are full of puns

>> No.53090177

Early devs confirmed that story was bunk. They generated Ghazzy's name from an Ork name generator table.

>> No.53090258
File: 649 KB, 3264x1836, Ultramarines really do steal everything.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not mine, but I saw this while looking for inspiration for my predator paint job and had a right good giggle at this master class hobbyist.

>> No.53090290

>every army will get its own thing

Just Space Marines, Eldar, and Tau will get new shit.

Every other army will get rules, but nothing new.

GW will start to phase out everything that isn't a Space Marine.

>> No.53090309

>deadpool assassins
Is there anything more unoriginal than that?

>> No.53090326

Deadpool is a cancer to nerd culture, if you even want to unify every single nerdy facet of media under one "culture."

People who genuinely find Deadpool funny or clever need to be shunned.

>> No.53090341

>Not noticing Command and Conquer references when you see them
wew lad.

>> No.53090350

It's the missing link between Genestealers and 'Nids proper.

>> No.53090535

Honestly doesn't bother me. What would bother me is if these aren't just truescale marines and instead are some special type of marine that's introduced.

I have marines from nearly every edition and each has their role in my Legion

>> No.53090538
File: 3.20 MB, 6424x3688, NOD 2.0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kids these days

>> No.53090539

Nothing wrong with enjoying Deadpool.

People taking it to the extreme and obsessing about the character is fucking cancer though.

Especially when it seems most of the obsession comes from the people that have never even opened a comic book.

>> No.53090601

Orks and Nids need to be fucking removed

>> No.53090670

So how about those sample force org charts lads?

>> No.53090724
File: 155 KB, 680x780, Magical Fortress.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How is Warhammer going to be taken seriously as a setting if it has goofy green skinned aliens and zerg knockoff bugs that don't fit into the ascetic at all.

>> No.53090739

I like it so far looking forward to how it shakes out once we have all the rules. Like what the fuck command points can do.

>> No.53090805

Deffskull got fasta dan anny uvver klan, cus we'z all got brand new weels and dey all lost deirs.

>> No.53090806

weak bait

>> No.53090811

Just let me pretend

>> No.53090871

I'm hoping they do stuff like override overwatch for one turn or something.

>> No.53090881


Nice rendition of the old faithful scheme.

>> No.53090927

new thread

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