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First for tyranids

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what about "being hyped for the edition change" general

fuck 7th, I'm so excited for 8th

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How many points (roughly) is the Calth box?

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r8 my army list

>> No.53063794

>Using a BT image as the OP
The absolute maddest lad.

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Which book will you get first?

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I'm old enough to know hype is stupid, specially regarding corporation products.

That does not mean I can't enjoy said product once it is release.

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Depends on how you build, but if you go all one chapter is say somewhere around 1kish
There's literally 61 marines in the box, that shit adds up

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That's because 7th was the end result of 4 editions of nothing but patching. We've needed this rewrite for a long time.

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Dude looks like he's taking a selfie with the timberwolf.
Srsly me too. Although all this desperate hope is usually a bad sign.

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Well put on your big boy pants and make the next general then, won't you?

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The big problem Games Workshop has is that it's terrified of lasting victories for the villains that run the risk of showing up the Space Marines. At best, Xenos/Chaos receive Pyrrhic victories after smashing through a bunch of Imperial Guard/PDF/Sisters of Battle. At worst, they're set up so they can smash through a bunch of Imperial Guard/PDF/Sisters of Battle so they can get their arses handed to them by Space Marines.

Neither Chaos nor Xenos feel like credible threats because there's just so much damn Bolter porn. The rule of the setting has largely been that there is very little that cannot be beaten by the application of men in power armour (so long as they have Aquilias). In universe, this 'could' be balanced around the idea that whilst the Space Marines are brilliant at saving the day, there's just too damn few of them to act as the cavalry EVERYWHERE that needs it... however, it feels like the only worlds of any importance within the Imperium are Terra, Cadia (rip) and founding chapter homeworlds. So whenever we're told "oh no Nurgle's Rot/cultists/Tyranids/Orks destroyed [planet]!" it means nothing, because they're not Terra/Cadia/Macragge/Baal, etc. Hell, even with Fenris they couldn't give Magnus a complete victory, they had to wuss out with "y-yeah, it's corrupted real bad... b-but it's still there! They could probably recover!" just because GW were too spineless to take out a first founding Space Marine homeworld.

Meanwhile, Cadia gets blown up/sucked into the Warp/whatever finally but the actual way it's achieved only serves to make Abbadon look like a total moron. It's only two books later before the Imperium's trump card shows up and that's in the PROLOGUE.

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Alright Anons, answer me this
>Are you hyped about 8e?
>Do you already know what army will you run when 8e hits the stage?
>Will it be your current army or you will build up the new one?
Also post you minis pics

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Don't know who made this, but it's pretty great. The original "meme" was shit beyond measure but I like this one.

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I am joining Chaos. There is no hope for me.

>> No.53063873

I'm going to be selling my Eldar, Salamanders, and Blood Angels.

Then buying Space Wolves.

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Well this lore preview was quite the cop-out. We already knew everything mentioned in it anyway.

Hopefully tomorrow won't be as much of a disappointment.

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>not Salamanders
You need to step up, anon.

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I hope the second wave of my Inquisitorial Battle Harem does not die to the primer. (That day I learn to never use white Vallejo spray primer)

Also one day I might finish paint this bitches.

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Welcome to the good guys side. The opressionistic bad guys are really tough, and their Liche god stands out but eventually we will prevail.

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>Most likely AdMech because I'll not finish my Black Templars in time
>I own both already
>pic related were my first AdMech dudes

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>She is playing Nids like the meme
>Not using Salamanders for the black kid.

At least use Kerrigan face and a salamander to make it more triggering

>> No.53063921

I created the original meme and this one

Eh, this makes more sense in context because it was a reference to Guilliman chasing after that eldar pussy

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>melting of fenris' glaciers uncovered an ancient hive ship
>all the 'fossils' are actually nids

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It's hilarious how butthurt the majority of Nid players are over GW not giving them decent rules for the last few editions. If you'd believe all their crying then it would appear that GW has made it it's business goal to make tyranids players' lives as miserable as they can.

Top kek.

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>Are you hyped about 8e?
>Do you already know what army will you run when 8e hits the stage?
Building a new tyranid army for 8th. Also, if they do do plastic sisters I will drop everything and go to that.
>Will it be your current army or you will build up the new one?
Bit of both. I don't intend on abandoning my skitarii or custodes entirely.

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>Are you hyped about 8e?
Nope, but I am looking forward to it.

>Do you already know what army will you run when 8e hits the stage?
My Orks for sure and probably expand my Deathguard if the full release looks good

>Will it be your current army or you will build up the new one?
See above.

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Those are Dreamweaver Valkyre with a head swap right? They look pretty good.

>> No.53063955

>hive ship encounters the local wild life
>is battleshocked to death

>> No.53063958

I still don't know enough about it to tell if I like it. I don't like the buffs to shooting and armor, but the new cover system makes more sense than the previous one. If Berzerkers are still Fearless and sanic fast I'll stick to my World Eaters. Otherwise if they fuck assault up too much I'll stay in 7th.

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Never played 40k before but I've been growing more interested in the setting since my old favorite was unceremoniously killed off. I'm curious to see if 8th makes the game more approachable for someone who's never really done tabletop before. If so I'll pick up some crons. I've already started fluffing up some history for my army if I decide to get into it.

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Marines and Im hyped for 8th

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AssAult is looking pretty buffed. I'm excited about it my brother from another legion.

>> No.53063986

Building my tank guard and cautiously optimistic about the rules and what lies in my new codex. It will be nice knowing the usefulness of the Eradicator is increased, hopefully it will continue to be a budget tank. Also looking forward to the high volume of fire my Manticore, Wyverns and Executioners turn into.

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Remember the wailing and gnashing of teeth from Imperial players after the Eye of Terror worldwide campaign over a decade ago when the Forces of Disorder actually won? Conspiracy theories sprouted about how the non-Imperials "cheated" or were helped by GW, and then there were some players that simply outright refused to accept the results or tried to argue how the loss was really a win, or at worst a stalemate (despite the black and white in print results in WD by GW declaring the victory for Disorder). And yet there was none of this protesting over every single other worldwide campaign where the Imperium was the declared winner.

The problem right now is all the background fluff and novels have followed the template of initial Chaos/Xenos victories followed by the heroic Space Marines saving the day in the end. Do the opposite, and you will have accusations of the Imperium being the designated punching bag. Follow the template, and we have the issue of the non-Imperial factions being not seen as a real threat, and the expectation that the Imperium is always supposed to win. All the wailing over the Eye of Terror campaign I think stemmed from this inbuilt expectation of inevitable Imperial victory, and then getting a rude awakening.

The solution? I think GW needs to be more even handed in its focus on all the factions so that all factions can have significant victories, not just a one line mention of newly invented random planet being taken. The problem is increasingly GW seems to be vague and impressionistic in their descriptions of battles or even entire campaigns. GW now avoids giving numbers, dates, or other hard data. More and more now it just seems their battles devolve into skirmishes describing unit type A taking out enemy unit B and then enemy unit C taking out unit A, until the special characters move along the plot. The universe as a whole just feels smaller as now it seems only the big special characters matter at all.

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If you had gone for orange instead of red those would be perfect.

>> No.53063999

The crying seems to come in cycles as GW releases things. CSM players were right pissy up until the million and one supplements came out to finally bandaid their fucked mess of a codex. Now it's Tyranid players' turns to be whineasses.

>> No.53064025

I was considering it but ultimately went with red because Mars and because I already had all the colors for that at home.

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I'm impressed

>> No.53064054

Anything rules related they've shown so far is much easier than before and seems very much accessible, especially with them adding a "super casual" play option that will surely help beginners.

>Cron fluff
Whatcha got, senpai? Self made fluff for armies is always cool.

>> No.53064057

>no more +1 attack from pistol, have to wair until your next shooting phase to shoot it instead (assuming the enemy doesn't fall back)
>ranged units can just fall back so you get shot to pieces by another unit
Nope. Right now my only hopes are stat buffs to dedicated melee units and close combat weapons.

>> No.53064064

Dreamforce Valkire thingies indeed.

>> No.53064065

Man I loved that lego set back in the day. Now you made me want to start a mechanicus army and paint it in those exact colours, dammit.

Not that I ever got any lego though ...

>> No.53064066

nice white supremacist you got there

i fucking hate the fascist 40k community

>> No.53064085

Wait, wasn't this s lego line some 15 years ago? I remember having some snow explorer dudes with transforming vehicles that were cool as fuck.

>> No.53064094

I was waiting to see this post.

Now that you have shitposted leave please

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I think GW should take a bit of the focus off the Imperium and marines vs Chaos for once. How cool would it be if the starter box for this edition was like, Nids vs Tau, or DEldar vs Necrons or something? It'd give them a chance to make some more cool scenario ideas and characters for the other races and flesh them out a bit more. Do a campaign of the Tau having to fight off a daemonic incursion into their empire now that it's surrounded by a massive warp storm or something, or a Tyranid campaign on that planet Gahzkull's on his way to that's locked in eternal war between Nids and Orks. Just let the Imperium and CSM take a back seat for just a little while to let the other factions' stories catch up a bit.

>> No.53064123

Pro tip: nids as such are going to be squatted, they will be to GSC as what stormtroopers are to IG.

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Yeah dog.

It's never too late, anon. People resell those sets even to this day. I was a rigorous collector tot back when those sets were new but I never managed to get the ice base HQ, bought it a couple years back for about $50 and completed the collection. Looks pimp on my shelf.

Ice Planet 2000, the kino of the plastic building bricks world.

>> No.53064152

I shall repeat my response from last thread.

I agree with almost everything you say, especially the last paragraph. It feels more like a wrestling league than a WARhammer game, everything is described like a skirmish no matter the size. I could fairly easily make a "fight template" that would work for every action in a recent campaign from a squad skirmish to a planetary campaign.

I will remark that not every Imperial player plays Marines and supports all the wank, though. I play Admech, and although they're technically a seperate nation we get rolled into Imperium. I would personally have us lose battles outright and win battles outright to winning an endless string of bland victories as the Marine's bitchboys #23423. Let the brave Skitarii march singing into the jaws of a Warp Rift, let them get ground down and the Forge World fall to Chaos or Orks or Deldar and have them spit oil in Death's eye. Then have them assault a Tau Sept or Craftworld and burn through the defenders the same way, not just "A fragment of Space Marine Chapter irrelevant saved the entire Forge World of X/Won this war against the Eldar with the slight assistance from an ENTIRE ADMECH FLEET OF MILLIONS. Space Marines being present in any way locks the battle into one predictable path, and not only destroys the enemies credibility but also that of the Marine's allies, since we just look incompetent at all times and are barely mentioned. I suspect a lot of Knight, Inquisition and Guard players feel the same way, and others.

>> No.53064153

Oh c'mon. Don't give him any (you)s - just report/hide and ignore it tho
>is much easier than before
This. Having to fuck with 200+ pages of rules hadn't make the game more complex but just more irritating to get into.

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>> No.53064184

Yes, Horde Nids, new one, used to play Nurgle Daemons.

>> No.53064207

>dark angels, more specifically death/ravenwing
>yep, it's the current army that i've been building for about a month now

>> No.53064216

The former hasn't been confirmed, it was just speculation as a "counterpart" to be able to shoot it in melee
For the latter it seems to be implied that there is some "price" to pay for it, speculated to be being shot at by the unit they are disengaging

>> No.53064219

>Marbo is back

and he's 25pts

my boner cannot be contained

>> No.53064224

>used to play Nurgle Daemons
Tell me about them Anon. I'm thinkig about running them both in 40k and AoS. Were they any good in 7e? Never played against desu

>> No.53064235

With the changes to vehicles, I wonder if Landspeeders will see more tabletop usage.
I for one welcome our heavy flamespeeder execution squads.

>> No.53064237

He's only back because of the unfunny forced 1d4chan maymays, unfortunately.

And he doesn't even have his fucking demo charge. What a shame.

>> No.53064239

Of course. Carcharodons.
Army that I am currently building.
I have prepared 27 models that I will be primed and aibrushed before my departure for the summer. (with some limited painting supplies). Hopefully I can paint them all between the beginning of June and early October. It's my summer's objective

>> No.53064243

>can actually benefit from strong pistols like plasma, melta, handflamers in CC, rather than the statline you paid for ceasing to exist for "+1 attack at S/0AP"
>complaining that mindlessly tarpitting things to hide in melee is finally gone and screaming about edge cases that aren't going to happen often

>> No.53064246

Ah, mistook it for the Alpha Team sets for some reason.

>> No.53064252

Shame the rules are only for 7th edition

>> No.53064254

Will GW pull a Konami and start selling TCG cards instead?

>> No.53064269

I'm pretty hyped for 8th. I do have a number of armies built already, so it'll take a lot of time to adjust to the changes.

I might also start something new depending on where the rules fall. I've been looking towards guard or Orks

>> No.53064270

Aren't they already?

>> No.53064272

Why? Newbies want to play as space marines. space marines are the most popular army, space marines bring home the bacon. No reason to cater to xenos players.

>> No.53064273

They were alright, hardy but I'd struggle to reach things. Objective capping was hard, but if you got them it's a job getting you off them.

>> No.53064276

Someone seriously believes that twitter account is not a falseflag?

>> No.53064286

Yep, it's the secret business plan of Nu Goyims' Cuckshop

>> No.53064287

>8th edition FAQ: literally all models we sell will have rules immediately on 8th edition release

the 7th rules are just for people who want to play him now, or for the few butthurts who will keep playing 7th, genius

>> No.53064296

MFW i played almost identical list few months back.

>> No.53064300

Well, I would like to play a 40k based TCG. I'm pretty suprised they didn't try to make it again

>> No.53064312

Shit my Repressor won't have rules.

Unless they mean all models that currently have rules will have rules for 8th?

>> No.53064315

doesn't need it when he can make most of the opponents terrain dangerous. Plus he can jump back into reserve now. He's based more around what he was supposed to be, sneaking in and slitting throats, whereas before he was a 65pt demo charge. I'd argue he's more useful now, at least if you play him smart. He'll be very handy at disrupting the back line and picking off support units.

>> No.53064327

Woah. They gave Genestealer Cults their own codex!? Cool!

>> No.53064328

You can tarpit, it's good for fending off melee units and if they keep sacrificing turns to retreat you've done the same job anyway, you can just get shot while you tarpit. It's a significant nerf, but it also means you can physically push units back and change tarpit targets/retreat to an objective when you want to deal with the enemy you've locked up. Personally I disagree with the Vehicle thing, the Template thing and the loss of Initiative, and I'm ambivalent about psychic powers, but this seems to make sense to me. At worst, it'll make things more mobile and interesting.

>> No.53064329

Marbo's not for sale.

>> No.53064338

There is one, or at least was one. I remember seeing a 40k TCG.

One player even had an Ork mat with the game logo. But I can't remember the name of it

>> No.53064344

He doesn't have a model anymore, the one in the stock photo is a kitbash.

>> No.53064347

I've always been wondering if there's any more to this image than "woman that has huge tits eating food with somebody".

>> No.53064348

>Unless they mean all models that currently have rules will have rules for 8th?
Yeah, they mean this. Look at the rules released today - it still has initiative. 8e rules will be released in quasi-compendium like in AoS

>> No.53064355

Only to get instantly squatted again next edition. Because everything Tyranid related is totally gonna get squatted.

>> No.53064365


>> No.53064366

Now? As in for the last 10 years?

>> No.53064367


>> No.53064380

name one guard player who actually used the Marbo model. Every guard player worth his salt converted his own Marbo. It used to be a right of passage, one of your models did something kickass and you converted him into your marbo.

>> No.53064400

Oh shit I didn't see your answer in the last thread.

Yeah I completely agree with you that GW's shit writing is also ironically making most Imperial factions look incompetent too, Imperial Guard most notably. I think now that GW is pretending to care about what the fans say we should all be vocal about this and demand their fluff to be held to much better standards. It's not just that Marines are invincible mary sues, but the writing in general has been greatly dumbed down in the military sense. We went from semi-realistic strategic showdowns with the occassional hero duel, to Herowood 40k where Guilliman, Yvraine and the rest of the superfriends team up against the evil Abbadon and his minions.

I want the broad, multi-lateral campaigns where each military force (not just each character) had it's own story to tell from 4th and backwards. I do NOT want some B-movie or cartoon where a few characters have personal duels in which none of them ever really dies and the outcomes are as predictable as the rest of the story.

>> No.53064406

Alrighty. It's a work in progress, lemme get a pastebin up.

Some art of the faction's Phaerakh by drawfag Ty. I've decided on a white-bronze-green-gunmetal color scheme for them, and she doesn't have her death-mask here, but then since we don't know what Necrontyr look like, she wouldn't.

>> No.53064408

What is your point?

>> No.53064415

I know one. But yah everyone made a Marbo.

I remember I dude that made Vietnamese catachan he used helicopter models as Chimeras and tons of flamers.

Cool guy. Sadly someone stabbed him and stole his army box.

>> No.53064421

It's really picking up in frequency these past few weeks is what I meant.

>> No.53064424

What the fuck is this clusterfuck of a drawing

>> No.53064428

He'll get rules for 8th

>> No.53064436

>all models avaliable will have rules
i love sly, but i dont think he will have rules for 8th, unless he gets a new release with new IG stuff

>> No.53064449

Well, yeah, I get the meme it's meant to be. Was just wondering if she's anyone noteworthy or just a busty girl doing a funny gesture.

>> No.53064458

That's nice. Want to mix them with new Death Guard. Hope that 2x SC box + DG half of starter set would be enough for 1000pts in 8e

>> No.53064463

Yeah, it's why I primarily prefer 30k and Forge World fluff books (Not BL, they have the same problem). They actually portray a war, rather than the current superhero comic, except with worse characters. It's why I can't wait for Fires of Cyraxis to give the Admech a proper outing, since they were born into this clusterfuck and didn't have any characters to compete until Cawl.

>> No.53064464

for ancient shit they never update but has new rules, they will probably just port it over.

it would be even better if they pulled their heads out of their asses and put old characters like Vect back in the game since every fucking DE player has a converted Vect they used until he got squatted in the new-ish DE codex. instead of being retarded and squatting everything without a model for whatever stupid/jewish reason their corporate pukestains came up with

>> No.53064474

That's a lotta fluff already. Sounds cool after skimming over it, I like it.

Not entirely convinced on the drawing, the face looks a bit too derpy.

>> No.53064475

I'm excited, but no one will play me now so I doubt 8th will fix that. I'm going to finish up my current army. If I can't find regular opponents in 8th I'll probably quit again.

>> No.53064476

>I disagree with the Vehicle thing, the Template thing and the loss of Initiative
I don't, if only because vehicles have NEVER been done well in 40k.
They were either useless (RT/2e), death traps for the units inside (3/4e), force multipliers that invalidated infantry (late 4e/5e), or obsolete/useless if they didn't have at least AV13 front (6/7e). If has never worked, so mix it up.
Templats is hit or miss. Gained a little, lost a little, but goddamn will flamers and blast weapons be fearsome in ZM games.
The initiative thing, I'm ok with, because all it really did was punish units that should have been good in assault, but weren't due to PF alikes. It was like how useless they were when power weapons ignored all armor saves. You get the charge, you get the benefits.

>> No.53064481

>Was just wondering if she's anyone noteworthy or just a busty girl doing a funny gesture
Never found more of her but she is a noteworthy person because she is a busty girl doing a funny gesture

>> No.53064505

Fair point.

>> No.53064510

> no one will play me now
Did you try get someone into 40k by KT, SW:A or low point games? It helped me to find new players for __AoS__ because it allows to keep the game on budget

>> No.53064514

Which FW books would you recommend?

>> No.53064530

>no one will play me now
And exactly why is that?

>> No.53064536

If you are into HH, book 6 was great. Bunch of no-names doing battle on worlds forgotten to the larger conflict.

>> No.53064542

He probably plays riptide/wraithknight spam

>> No.53064543

Badab War and siege of vraks are top tier

>> No.53064547

Just because there's not a model for sale doesn't mean people don't love the character, and more importantly, have a model representing him in their army. And if that's the case it's a stupid move to remove the rules for him. Seeing rules for Marbo come back gives hope that other armies may get back beloved characters like doomrider, Chenkov, Al'Raheem, etc. I'm sure other armies have characters they'd like back but I play guard and don't really know what got removed from other codexes

>> No.53064549

>no one will play me now
Gee wonder fucking why

>> No.53064551

Sort of a Necron medusa type affair. It wasn't exactly the direction I had intended to take it but it's pretty nifty regardless I think.

Yeah when I start writing the harder part is getting me to stop. It'd probably benefit from being a bit more condensed but I gotta do me.

>> No.53064603

It looks like Imotekh the Stormlord's retarded sister who decided to get into fetish porn instead of rebuilding the empire.

>> No.53064605


I'm not hyped, but I am hopeful that DE get better. I'm putting my Marine project on hold for the time being to switch over.

>> No.53064622

Really wishing I had drawn that "necrons not for lewds but proud and noble race" image idea right now ...

>> No.53064627

Mostly hyped. Going for Tyranids hoping the Hive Mind will rule anew. Currently mostly focussed on Dark Angels for the last three years, so it'll be a blast to get the bugs out again.

>> No.53064657

>Not-butthurt pessimistic crying and raging Tyranid player

Are you real ?

>> No.53064679

Then say that instead of going on some stupid "every model will have rules in 8th" tangent when he don't have a model and it don't apply at all.

>inb4 "imblyging its me XDXD"

>> No.53064684

Why are Nidsfags so fucking dumb?

>> No.53064688

I'm cautiously hyped.

I'll be playing one of the armies I have, potentially picking up Thousand Sons to go with my Daemons if they make them fun, otherwise I'll have my nids and my gsc.

>> No.53064695

>friend is super excited about shit
>has a fully painted Nid army
>working on converted malanthrope
>also working on a converted Lictor
>i have a few mostly assembled squads
>one has some paint and primer on it
>been "working" on them for months now
>mostly just sit at my desk

Depression is a bitch, guys. I'm trying to motivate myself with my friend's excitement, set small goals and shit, but the passion just isn't there. It's not a matter of disliking 40k or modeling/painting because when I do manage to get something done, I do enjoy it. However, I can't find the energy to actually do it.

>> No.53064699

Is there anywhere I can read about Robert Gillermen waking up? I want to see him flipping his shit.

>> No.53064716

Hey man, gotta get those tombbux somehow. An army doesn't run on captive suns alone.

>> No.53064722

Yeah, I'm mostly miffed about the lack of facings, changing a couple words about vehicle health really doesn't matter much.

Templates is not really about power but more that I preferred the feel of a template slamming down onto some poor squad. Compared to Nova psyk powers and Coteaz' psyber eagle, it's just way less satisfying and unique, and removes the neatly scaling effectiveness against units with more or larger models.

Initiative is just mostly because Sicarians and Dragoons relied on high I to not be splattered instantly, so I'll have to see how easy it is to get the charge with them now, and the enemy can now just spend a single command point to invalidate that advantage and smash them instantly.

>> No.53064746

>Alright Anons, answer me this
>>Are you hyped about 8e?
Yes. Fuck 7th with a rake.

>>Do you already know what army will you run when 8e hits the stage?
Deldar. Hopefully, my wych cult will be playable, otherwise I guess I just pack then away forever.

>>Will it be your current army or you will build up the new one?
I own it, but they're just not together yet. I'll likely be buying other shit like hellions, too.

>Also post you minis pics
Still a wip

>> No.53064753

Book Six in the HH black book series was great, almost no character involvement other than a couple names of commanders, big scenic battles and lots of background info. Book 2, the Drop Site Massacre, was also really good, IMO, and it's one of the most epic battles so far. I really enjoyed both, and the Siege of Vraks books in the IA series. They're all in the MEGA last I checked.

>> No.53064758

You working?
I find getting shit done get me motivated to get more shit done, while sitting on my ass waiting for the seconds to pass just makes me do more of that.

I got more warhammer work done in the evening of the last 14 days than I did the four solid months sitting at home before that.

>> No.53064773

No one will play with me because everyone who plays 40k in my local area suddenly dropped off the face of the earth.
One moved away.
One finally started going to therapy but then disappeared after their first session.
One is battling health and finical problems.
One simply dropped off the face of the earth one day.
And one just doesn't play anymore but is good friends with the manager so they just come in to sit around and chat.

At this rate I wont have anyone to play 8th or shadow war with.

>> No.53064776

There is literally just one guy being butthurt and shitposting

>> No.53064782

That democharge was the boobytrap. After throwing the demo, he would be a fire magnet and 4+ cover, stealth and go-to-ground make him resilient. If charged, he'd usually hit first with I5, 4 attacks and 2+ poisoned knife.

Back in the day he was just a sniper that would vanish if enemy got close so your idea of "what he should be" should go back to 1d4memeddit..

>> No.53064790

We'll have to wait and see the details of command points but as far as making the charge goes, Dragoons will probably be at least M 9 and if they preserve their +3" to charge separately then depending on how that works (if it extends their declarable charge range pat 12" or not) then their average melee threat range will be 19"+

>> No.53064791

I'm pretty hyped and I'll be playing Iron Warriors until the sun goes cold.

>> No.53064850

You're having wrongbad fun!: The Post.

>> No.53064857

I plan on kitbashing my old Fire Drakes and some SM shit to make a Squat army.

Which army rules should they follow? I was thinking SM for simplicity and flexibility. Although I had thought about using the Skitarii or even IG since they love mechanical and vehicle stuff.

I don't know 100% but maybe strangers on the internet might be able to help.

>> No.53064871

>Fire Drakes and some SM shit to make a Squat army.

Anon, use Kharadron Overlords.

>> No.53064891

Just buy kharadron overlords and stick them on 32mm bases

>> No.53064895

Thought about it but I have the stuff for it now.

>> No.53064898

Right now it's one guy, but there have been I believe 4 of them in total over the past 24 hours. Each had a different manner of speech, you can tell them apart.

>> No.53064904


>> No.53064905

Plus you'll be able to use KO rules in 8th anyway.

>> No.53064924

Not the guy you're replying to, but not even.

>> No.53064957


Super excited to unleash my templars and maybe win a game. I got my hopes up when they said that fluffy armies will get bonuses. NO PITY, NO REMORSE, NO FEAR

>> No.53064958

>>Are you hyped about 8e?
I'm pretty optimistic but I wouldn't go as far as hyped
>>Do you already know what army will you run when 8e hits the stage?
Inquisitor + Guard with maybe some other imperial elements mixed in now and again.
>>Will it be your current army or you will build up the new one?
A new army.

>> No.53064964

No man, I'm psyched. With the new changes, Synapse probably helping with Morale, Shadow in the Warp fucking up psychics (maybe even Morale), our bugs moving faster, all we need is proper stats to points correlation and Tyranids will be a blast. I'm already happy if nids are playable in a fun way without spamming flyrants. I got 36 genestealers waiting to finally bloody themselves again.

>> No.53064967

I only just noticed they're playing the 4th edition Battle For Macragge set.

Crashed Aquilla Lander returning when?

>> No.53064981 [DELETED] 

If it's legal in your country, try using kratom when you paint. It's a leaf from southeast Asia, you mix it in water and drink it. Tastes terrible. Mild stimulant for me that is like liquid painting motivation. The only reason it's illegal in some countries is because Thailand banned it forever ago for political reasons and other governments followed suit because they love kneejerk bans.

Anyway it doesn't get you high or anything, unless you take too much in which case the nausea will be stronger than the weak, shitty high. It can occasionally make you woozy though so not best for driving. Whenever I take kratom I just feel like "hell yeah, 40k is awesome, I'm just gonna paint up the coolest dudes and play awesome narrative games" and spend a few hours painting and listening to paint vlogs. It brings the spark back a little.

>> No.53064994

>Nids for now
>Mostly done, but still need to be painted.

>> No.53065037

nids and orks are fucking retarded!

>> No.53065042

I loaned mine, along with the citadel moonscape set and 2x citadel woods to my universities gaming club. Recently I remembered about that and got access to their storage. None of it was left, except for a blood angels army from 5th edition basecoated enchanted blue. Feels pretty fucking bad.

>> No.53065053

Well you're going to have to make up toughness and strength values for everything and then scale down the wounds appropriately.

>> No.53065059

Never let anyone borrow something you want to keep.

>> No.53065076

It's your duty to strip those blood angels and paint them up as the emprah intended

>> No.53065079


>Are you hyped about 8e?

Yep, less bloat and easier rules means my friends might get into it.

>Do you already know what army will you run when 8e hits the stage?

Already got some of my DE ready and branching into Nids for good old Nidzilla.

>Will it be your current army or you will build up the new one?

Still need to finish my DE then I can focus on Fexes and shit.

>> No.53065092

I'm pretty hyped

I'm not expecting it to be perfect, that would be unreasonable, but this sort of overhaul is what we needed and it's sounding pretty great

I do think it's a shame that random charges weren't a little more controlled (move + D6" or something) but that's really a very minor complaint compared to the greatness of other changes.

I'm hype for 'standard' vehicles being good, I'm hype for psykers reverting to working on their own power instead of needing a small army of batteries to do their job, and I'm especially hype for all of the armies being re-released at once AoS-style under the same design umbrella.

Some are complaining that being able to retreat will still make shooting too powerful. I understand the wariness, but to this I say these things:

1) Assault units seem to be getting greater flexibility and damage output.

2) Good planning and using the right units at the right time will prevent the enemy from retreating from a single fight and blasting you down with the rest of their army. Tie up other units, make good use of your fire support. 40k should prioritise guns before melee, even assault-focused armies need good fire support to get them there and take out certain targets.

3) Command points could make a big difference

4) I've been really into AoS lately. In AoS shooting units are strong for obvious reasons, but that's why they cost so many more points than assault units. Expect similar in 40k.

Overall, I'm very excited. I'm looking forward to dusting off my beloved Tyranids especially.

>> No.53065112

>dude posts about being depressed and not wanting to paint >>53064695
>I reply suggesting he could try kratom, which is a stimulant like coffee that motivated me to paint
>my post is deleted

wat? it was against the rules how?

>my post is deleted but the generals are constantly shitposted to death by politics and people who don't even play the game

literally suck my dick you janitor/mod. why don't you actually do your job instead of deleted on-topic posts for being off-topic?

>> No.53065113

I dunno man, I would trade a crashed aquilla for a Blood Angels army. Then again, I guess it depends on how big this army is.

>> No.53065117

Have any list concept for them? Slso post a pic of them, even if they are just assembled. Really want start playing 40k with Nids - their models are like tabletop porn for me

>> No.53065136

Or if the base coat is thin enough you could just spray on a second layer of red.

Or if you're feeling really artsy keep the blue but start painting layers of red on top of it and leaving the blue visible only in the recesses for a really cool shading effect.

>> No.53065163

Or just paint them blue and call them a successor chapter.

>> No.53065188

True dat

Not all Blood Angels successors need to be red

>> No.53065192


I do work, and I hate it. Most of my time I have to work on my shit is after my work, and when I get home, I never want to do anything.

>> No.53065201

>Are you hyped about 8e?
Vary much so
>Do you already know what army will you run when 8e hits the stage?
My Vostroyans
>Will it be your current army or you will build up the new one?
Use my current. The Firstborn are still paying a millennia old debt, who am I to prevent them from doing so?

>> No.53065259

Am I just stupid or do his rules basically say put him next to the enemy and then have him get shot to death? Can he charge from deep strike and I just don't see it?

>> No.53065279


>Are you hyped about 8e?

Looks good, though I have some resevations about models moving out of combat and then my squishy Slaaneshi daemons getting blown to bits but we'll see. And I'm meh about the new flamers as my other army was SoB/witchhunters and while the new flamer is godtier against smaller units it seems very underwhelming against the hordes they were normally meant to deal with.

>Do you already know what army will you run when 8e hits the stage?

Concidering that I just finished painting said armies, I'm sticking with them for sure, don't really care about power levels and 8th seems to be, if anything, reining in the absurd imbalance.. Would love a jumppack back on my Cannoness though.

>Will it be your current army or you will build up the new one?

I have a Harliquin/wraith army that I've been wanting to get back in action. asuming eldar isn't broken anymore they MIGHT see some action if the Wraithseer gets rules quick.

>> No.53065293

I hope they wont return shooting in one visible model that kills whole unit.

>> No.53065309

>playing Slaanesh


>> No.53065332

True, I ended up having to take a year out between semesters so the last thing on my mind was the loan.
The army was in pretty bad shape and was used for people without armies to give them a go of the game, it wasn't worth taking. Couple that with already having almost two companies worth of infantry the last thing I needed was more marines, even if it was to sell them onwards.

>> No.53065359

I'll squat you, you insufferable memefaggot.

>> No.53065408

lol fuck mobas am i rite guys

>> No.53065446


>> No.53065456

> Actually diagnosed with PTSD
> Tortured by a teacher like 15 years ago, still haven't gotten over it.
> Sometimes I sit and stare at my collection of unpainted models
> Can only paint when I'm at the gamestore
> Can't feel any emotions anymore, merely pretending to be happy for the sake of my friends.
> No joy for winning games, no joy in being with my friends, nothing.

This hobby is the only thing holding me together, I just wish I could be happy or have any passion for this..

>> No.53065457

>Are you hyped?

>Do yoy already know
Yah, orks.

>Will it be your current army or
New one! I'll be only picking up models that I like so I'll be full of Flash Gitz, Mek guns, Meganobz and a Gorkanaut.
I tried getting into 40k for a while now but I never really liked, while I loved AoS from the first time I played it, so I'm extremely hyped for 8th. Just hoping it won't be an unbalanced POS

>> No.53065481

what does this have to do with 40k tabletop, i cant read ant

>> No.53065483

Imagine me posting the picture for ants picture, because I'm too lazy to do it.

>> No.53065499

So why does it seem that all the video games of 40k are either the blood ravens or the Dark Angels being the main Marine faction?

>> No.53065506


Being sensible with your loadouts, about 1100-1200 points.

>> No.53065513

>Are you hyped about 8e?
I am cautiously hyped
>Do you already know what army will you run when 8e hits the stage?
Not yet waiting for the rules to drop,
>Will it be your current army or you will build up the new one?
Depends, if some units become competitive again I plan on starting a new army

>> No.53065514

>Tinnitus screaming in my brain all day.
>Can't clip a bit from the sprue without it screaming.
>Can't paint a lick without it screaming.

I mean, I want to finish a lot, but even with music on it only has so much I can take on a day.

>> No.53065532

So how are they rolling out the 8th edition codexes?

I just recently started collecting Grey Knights and am now wondering if purchasing the codex at this time would make any sense.

>> No.53065535

Which army will help me win the most in 8th?

>> No.53065538

I'm planning to assemble a Tyranid Kill Team, any good formations I could use?

>> No.53065564

Them's some sweet looking Vostroyans my friend, good job

>> No.53065581


It's all over GW's website so it's relevant

>> No.53065582

>Kill Team
Those don't exist there.

Generally, for Kill Team and Nids, the best to do is either abuse the fact that you have Psyker access or just spam a quarter of a million small dudes.

>> No.53065585

Blood Ravens: Dawn of War series, Kill Team
Dark Angels: Deathwing, Storm of Vengeance
Space Wolves: Space Wolf
Blood Angels: Space Hulk, Regicide
Ultramarines: Space Marine, Carnage, Squad Command
Imperial Fists: Legacy of Dorn - Herald of Oblivion

I dunno anon....

>> No.53065592

>blood ravens
created for dawn of war, no suprise they are in there
>dark angels
space hulk? and space marine was ultramarines. what other games are there?

>> No.53065596

You need a spark m8, go buy some bread and go find some critters to feed.

>> No.53065598

Well damn there are a lot more games than i thought...

>> No.53065610

Bring a Venomthrope and give it Stealth. You can be THAT asshole.

>> No.53065614

And how about the pack with a hive tyrant, 3 tyranid warriors and a bunch of gargoyles? Should I add the Psyker then?

>> No.53065631

Hive Tyrant can't be used in Kill Team. Warriors and Gargoyle make a good base though.

>> No.53065640

There are way more. Check the Lexicanum Vidya Games article or 40kWikia.

(Google might help too, Anon)

>> No.53065644

You retarded or something? 40k has been getting games for over 3 decades already. you thought there were only 2 or something?

>> No.53065645

5 books at about $20 each, they cover a few factions per book but all books have the core rules included. It would be a bad idea to buy a codex now but you should be able to get a cheap second hand one soon if you want the fluff/painting inspiration

>> No.53065676

I may be anon... I may be

>> No.53065686

relevant to both posts:

I'm kinda surprised DA are focused on as a main marine faction considering how edgy they are. A dark shadowy cabal of torturers who keep people in dungeons and have interrogators mindrape the repent out of people. Brainwash, false flags, and murderous coverups are classic Dark Angels.

Meanwhile GW seems to be trying to kiddiefy the lore in some ways, like downplaying Slaanesh and even semi-squatting Slaanesh in AoS, not to mention shitting on Dark Eldar. It just seems like in some ways they want to move 40k away from its gritty-hair-metal-game for-grownup-nerds past, and make it the wholesome-WoW-parents-love.

This makes me cautious about 8th edition. The single biggest worry I have is they are going to file off the edges of some of the darker factions, it just reeks of corporate disrespect for the IP. The reason people tend to dislike Dark Eldar is because they are actually viscerally evil. Dark Eldar aren't mustache twirling cartoon villains like CSM where the evil is just glossed over as bad guys of war stuff, Dark Eldar are metaphorically the child molestation, racism, slavery type of evil that makes people uncomfortable. I don't think that is compatible with New Games Workshop™, but we shall see. So I am cautiously hyped about 8th as well and I hope it will give breathing room to some underpowered factions/units, but god please don't make this game family friendly.

>> No.53065699

In that case....welcome to /tg/, brother.

>> No.53065719

Don't give up yet. Let's keep our fingers crossed for 8th bringing in new players (which I hope it will, or the game is dead)

>> No.53065737

I still see it at >>53064981

I thought kratom was some shitty hippy incense. TIL

>> No.53065747


theyre bootiful

fuzzy hats off to you my man

I'm doing a bunch of steel legion up as well as some tempestus with empire pistolier heads as stormtroopers.

You somehow make the Taurox look good too! I bought the conversion kit for it so I'm a little jelly.

How many points of them do you have?

>> No.53065751


>> No.53065793


Honestly I would recommend finding meaning in your life first if you keep questioning these hollow pursuits.

Unless you have done that already but then, why would you still be depressed?

>> No.53065802

if you have no meta in your area, try making one. in the US you could put an add on craigslist, "looking for a group of people interested tabletop games, would like to meet at x times and we can play [your house/or try to get an actual club with membership contributions so you can rent some space]"

if it's people who don't know 40k, it might be hard when they see
>those miniature prices
but not impossible if you live in an affluent area with no store and nerds jonesing for some traditional games, I guess.

>> No.53065842

I like you

>> No.53065849

My missus bought me the Seraphon/Lizardmen starting box. I don't know whether or not I want to do them in fantasy or convert them into Tarellians to act as stand-in Kroot for an oldschool fluffy Tau army back when they were hardcore conventional forces combined with neat auxiliaries and their basic smaller-than-Ghostkeel suits.

>> No.53065850

>Are you hyped about 8e?
>Do you already know what army will you run when 8e hits the stage?
>Will it be your current army or you will build up the new one?
My actual army, I dont wanna buy nothing more

>> No.53065851

You could also start players off slowly with Shadow War too since the price of entry is so much smaller.

>> No.53065883

Convince me not to take a chainfist on my terminator lord, or to take a power fist instead. You probably can't, it looks too cool.

>> No.53065936

It's your shit, if you want paint them with varnish and add a dildo I won't stop you.

>> No.53065943

Thanks, hope you post some pics of those Steel Legion when you finish them up. And I have at least 2000pt.

>> No.53065954

Stuck it on mine. Don't care, looks badass

>> No.53065966

Do it, the chaos terminator lord chainfist looks amazing. Especially if you want the Khornate rip'n'tear aesthetic

>> No.53065972

You gave up too fast. You'll never win a debate with me.

I'm just trying to rationalize spending those points, everything says "no just take a power fist" but I want my opponent's vehicles to fear being near my chaos lord too.

>> No.53065974

This is gonna sound crazy, but hear me out. Convert them all to have lasguns and guardsman helmets, and make a greenstuff commissar jacket for the one in charge.

>> No.53065986

Dope! how many of the troopers do you have?

And yeah! for sure theyre just resting in a bath of paint stripper right now so hopefully ill get them ready for when 8th launches.

>> No.53066006

For what purpose?

>> No.53066007

Model up a slaanesh lord who takes his fisting to a whole new level

>> No.53066009

it looks cool but
>he only has one usable finger, an awkward one in the middle, there aren't even other fingers on the fist (besides the thumb)

I guess that's for pushing buttons and poking cute daemonettes in the butt.

>> No.53066027

Lizard Guard, what else?

>> No.53066036

I'm very excited about 8th. I am pretty new to 7th, so I still really like 7th, but some of the stuff I've seen so far for 8th makes me think all of my favorite units are just going to be better. I'll keep playing my Guard as they are my favorite army.

I will also add Inquisition units. I just got done building and creating an Inquisitor warband death star unit that I probably won't be able to ever use in 7th, so I'm crossing my fingers that they will still have a warband like unit in 8th.

You're making me want to buy some of those boys. They look great. I'm super excited for heavy weapons in Vet squads. I'm debating grabbing a Voystroyan squad with 3 Plasmas and a Lascannon in preparation for 8th.

>> No.53066045

Is that a fluffy thing that I'm not aware of?

>> No.53066054

Your friends will at some point have other commitments, you wont have this hobby for ever, then you will experience having 'nothing'.

What worked for me was empathising with people who are positive and sociable. I really began to see how narcissistic and complacent my attitude was. Constantly down playing others achievements, reassuring myself that its good to have little ambition.

It sounds cliche but it's empowering putting yourself in the shoes of people who are proactive. It feels alien at first but slowly you see the effects of not feeling inhabited sitting at your desk or on the internet 'waiting' to do things.

>> No.53066060

That's why my nigga has two hands

>> No.53066061

How do the Tauroxi work for you? I have one I've been meaning to use, but I'm debating about whether to use the Prime or the regular.

>> No.53066062

No, but I'm just saying it'd be funny.

>> No.53066083

Its a good decision. The points increase is equal to a meltabomb that you would have to take against all heavy vehicles.

>> No.53066089

This is the most resent pic I have. Painted about 30 more since so around 60-70ish.

>> No.53066148

I agree on DA being a slightly odd choice as poster boys but I think it was more that case that it was their "turn" rather than for Lore reasons. Before Dark Vengeance they hadn't had any love for a loooong ass time.

As for Kiddification, I dunno. I started playing when I was 11/12ish same with most of the people I play with. If anything I think the players are probably getting older as the computer games reach out to people who wouldn't have considered playing the games in their teenage years.

I started before Dark Eldar were a thing and remember the eye rolling when they were released, a nu-model-army for the nu-metal age. Can't say I know anything about their contemporary lore though. I guess we just wait and see

>> No.53066169

Discussions are not about winning or losing, but about exchanging facts and opinions, Anon.

>> No.53066189

Do you ever find your restricted with what you can build and bring due to the limited models and bits for vostroyans?

>> No.53066195


I don't know.

I don't think I like the fact that you can't insta kill things with double strength and the fact they removed AV.

I would have rather just had them remove the vehicle damage table if they were going to derp around like that.

Feels like lost flavor to me.

But, no use in complaining about it. Can always wait till next 9th edition.

>> No.53066205


not him but cheap and cheerful is the way to go with these things.

Unless the Prime is cheaper or better armoured this coming edition then it wont be worth the points.

The regular Taurox is good for just bringing a twin-linked autocannon to the fight as well as obviously the transport capacity.


They look great all together. I've always liked Vostroyans since they were released with Cities of Death all that time ago.

Hopefully I can produce the same effect with my legion. Im planning on converting them all heavily so they all have unique poses. (I have about 50 of them) It may take me a while but I think itll be worth it.

>> No.53066235

9th will never happen. Age of Emperor is the last edition.

>> No.53066243


Use a previous edition then?

>> No.53066252

I love the Taurox, cheap as hell, never gets immobilized, and twin linked auto canons are better then multilaser.

>> No.53066294

>I don't think I like the fact that you can't insta kill things with double strength
It constantly amazes me that people actually like any of the insta-death rules. To me, they're the opposite of fun - just remove your big, expensive centrepiece model, because this gun deletes it. It's so far removed from what I want to happen in games (expensive models are durable, character/large vehicles get to exist for multiple turns) that I struggle to understand the view of wanting these rules around at all.

>> No.53066308

Yeah for sure, but I'm a big fluff player and they do come with all the urban fighting weapons they are know for grenade launchers, flamers, and heavy bolters. So I don't mine to much. And the flamers are supers easy to convert into meltas.

>> No.53066314

Man, so much painted guard! And some real Voystrian mechguard too! This general has some real hidden gems lurking in the background.

>> No.53066338

>tfw don't want to pay several hundred dollars for a glorified board game with paintable units

this shit would be an even better hobby of it didn't fucking cost so much goddamn money and I didn't have to drive 6 miles to the nearest sweaty otaku nerd center just to play with some fat guy that abuses the fuck out of the ignorance of a new player just to win

why did dawn of war 3 have to be so fucking shit? I fucking despise mobas

>> No.53066343

How do you convert flamers to meltas?

>> No.53066370


That one and insta-removed on the stomp table were two of the ones I really didn't mind.

>> No.53066390

If you like painting go for it. Vostroyans have so much charter they are such a joy to collect and paint.

>> No.53066393

it was a joke, but pisces never get those.

>> No.53066412

GGA? I'm not sure if you're saying I'm GGA or you noticed that I was playing against him. Either way, it was a fun game against GGA.

But yes, so much painted Guard. It's good to see. I like your squad with the chem masks. Looks sick.

>> No.53066419

(((((((IT´S A JOKE))))))))

>> No.53066445

>Unless you have done that already but then, why would you still be depressed?

Because depression is more than a case of the feel bads? Kids today feel sad and then go on about how depressed they are for Facebook likes. I was diagnossed when I was 6 and was in and out of doctor offices for 10 years before we couldn't afford it anymore. Now at 28, I just deal with it as best as I can, even if it's just staring at a bunch of plastic.


I don't have PTSD, but I do know what it's like pretending to have feelings. I can't tell you anything your therapist hasn't already told you, though.


That sucks, man. Nothing to be done about it?

>> No.53066468

Beautiful anon, love those chimeras. And you are right about the hidden gems, /tg/ truly is a guard board.

>> No.53066504

Can anyone post some sexy wych minis? So far I haven't seen any paint jobs that don't make them look like men.

>> No.53066506

Actually I put GGA in green because he wasn't here, but I wanted to acknowledge his contribution to the thread.

Yea, the chem masks only come in 5s but I needed the extra meltas anyways and I figured "Well, as shotgun assault-flamer vets they're probably charging into the ruins they just set ablaze. Best give them chem-masks so they don't worry too much about smoke."

It was also my first foray into the realm of resin. I was so pleased with the results I went and bought some more upgrade packs for the next platoon.

>> No.53066539

Oh okay, that makes sense.

The mask idea for Flamers sounds cool too. I might have to look into that.

>> No.53066571

Brothers, give me your best W40k reaction images and gifs. It's needed

>> No.53066575

>This general has some real hidden gems lurking in the background.
We should ask about Anons opinions and pics more frequently

>> No.53066593


>> No.53066597


>> No.53066600

New to warhammer, could i use stuff like risk figures and lego minifigs in conjuction with actual GW figures in game to save costs?
This isn't for tournaments or anything this is more for game night with friends.

>> No.53066602


>> No.53066614

Will a Chainsword be better in melee than a normal CCW in 8th?

>> No.53066616


>> No.53066620

also i got a warning for that post

>> No.53066623


Mine are still WIP, and I think I fucked up my priming, so they're probably going to end up shitty.

>> No.53066638


>> No.53066654

just kidding

>> No.53066669

>death traps for the units inside (3/4e)
Do you remember rhino rush?

>> No.53066684

Made for AoSg but Khorne is pretty universal

>> No.53066688


>> No.53066693

Depressed anon here.

I didn't see your post at all, sorry. I'm at work. Maybe that's why it was deleted. I have no idea what that stuff is beyond what you said there. Is it illegal?

>> No.53066697

Will you play DoW 3 if they fix the problems with it?

>> No.53066711

I will play it when Tyranids DLC will be released

>> No.53066716

You mean, a perfect game, that will never happen to exist?

Most likely, yes.

>> No.53066735


>> No.53066743

Always liked this.

Of course a book on reasons to be an Ork would call you a git.

You don't get dat from a book, you'z just muckin about, you should grab yer choppa and yer shoota and get to foitin, not readin about it in a pansy book.



>> No.53066748

the problems are inherent in the core game design. "fixing" it would mean Dawn of War 4. If that one sucks less, possibly.

>> No.53066752

If you play at a Games Workshop store, no, they only allow GW miniatures. They allow conversions, but it has to be about 80% GW figure. You might get away with a couple of non-GW figures, but not too many.

If you're playing with your own group of friends, then it's up to everyone else if they are okay with it. If you are playing at a gaming store that isn't a GW store, then it's up to the players and the store manager.

>> No.53066758

Yes. Just don't go to a GW store and expect to play with your legos there.

>> No.53066784

>tfw you paint for fun when you can't get a game and sell models for more than twice the base cost
Everyone needs a hobby, anon

>> No.53066798

Just saw off the flamer tip glue on a melta barrel and purge away. Oh and the heavy bolters can be auto canons fairly easily too.

>> No.53066807

I remember seeing this post when DoW2 came out.

>> No.53066815

Im pretty hyped
Gonna play my guard with some corsairs allied in probably to get the space elf mercenary feel
Guard I got, corsairs are new
Heres my most recent squad, I based them already but im too lazy to take a new pic, still working on the lascannoneer

>> No.53066841

Nathan Explosion would probably love Warhammer. Fantasy, 40k, AoS, all of it. Dude would probably buy GW if they'd let him.

>> No.53066892

That melta looks geat! Interesting take on the autocannon, how easy do you find it cutting up the metal parts?

>> No.53066894


>> No.53066904

Please let Iron Warriors be relevant and heavy ordnance heavy again, throw in a few unique HQs and continue Honsou's story

>> No.53066918

Man but if you think the Chaos wank is bad now, imagine what it'd be like under Deathklok ownership.

>> No.53066927


>> No.53066940

Fuck, the game would entirely be from a chaos point of view. It would be absolutely hilarious though, and somehow even more grimdark.

>> No.53066941

Goto a doctor and get help.

>> No.53066961

I'd be happy with new badass oblit sculpts and not having to switch weapons every turn.
>pic related

>> No.53067010

10/10 would purge alongside with

>> No.53067029

I sure am glad they decided to make the game palatable to the drooling draim bamaged individuals that eat up the shit that is AoS from GW's 'Golden Throne'.

Enjoy your lobotomized game!

>> No.53067049


at least try.

>> No.53067060

t. 9th age

>> No.53067067

I've got a Space Wolves army on 25mm round bases. Will I have to switch them all to 32mm bases come 8th?

>> No.53067078

>Are you hyped about 8e?
I'll be glad when the competitive community re-vamps and creates their own rule-set in a couple months that isn't for 8 year olds.
>Do you already know what army will you run when 8e hits the stage?
I sold most of my shit as soon as the rumors dropped.
>Will it be your current army or you will build up the new one?
Not with this edition.

>> No.53067094

What do you guys think Cypher wants?
Is he here to return the Lion's blade? Is he here to try and kill The Emperor? Will he be a playable Dark Angels unit at last?

>> No.53067112


I did once upon a time, but I can't afford it now, especially without insurance.
>inb4 plastic army men prices
Buying one or two kits every other month is a hell of a lot cheaper than uninsured therapy + Meds in burger world.

>> No.53067147

He's actually a good guy and wants to kill Abaddon.

>> No.53067160

I probably would not take kratom anon. at low doses it is a coffee like stimulant. At high doses it is like an opiod. It is addictive and you can go through withdrawals if you stop.

>> No.53067163

I kinda just wait for "The Mood" to hit. It generally doesn't take long because my actual job is confined to it's 7-5, workday-only time (and that includes transit). That leaves me with plenty of energy to work on models, even after taking another hour each day to exercise.

Just gotta wait until I hit that critical mass of inspiration while browsing 40k material -generally a miniwargaming campaign or Corvus Cluster or something similarly full of pretty-well-painted models to make me jealous.

Also, I never-ever-ever-ever-EVER think of it as "Having" to paint. If you "Have" to do it, it's a chore. If you "Want" to do it, its a hobby. Once you make that distinction and choose NOT to paint, it becomes a lot easier to decide you WANT to paint, and subsequently follow through on that impulse. I also don't buy more than 200-500 points ahead of my painted army. That way I'm never intimidate by my to-do list.

Finally, I don't hesitate to buy new bits or experiment for that 500 point queue. The more different each squad's loadout or pose or theme* is, the more exciting it is to paint.

*theme being "Charging", "Shooting", "Getting Bandaged", "Planning ahead", or "Running Away" as examples.

>> No.53067176

why not just make a force of Fallen to use with Cypher?

>> No.53067201

>I also don't buy more than 200-500 points ahead of my painted army. That way I'm never intimidate by my to-do list.
My man, that is a fucking brilliant idea.

>> No.53067213

I play the Dark Angels, I would rather wait and hopefully put him in my army.

>> No.53067222

Maybe he just wants to ask the Emperor for forgiveness personally.

>> No.53067225

Yeah I suffer from chronic depression and seeing a doctor was one of the best things I did in my life and I should of done it alot sooner. It sucks that you can't afford a doctor. It is free where I am from and my meds are about 10 dollars a month. I am probably going to have to take meds for the rest of my life. Beats the alternative though.

>> No.53067258

Actualy, simplifying games makes them much more complex strategically. See pro sports, pro chess, pro anything really. The true brain dead children are the ones who can't take basic things and perform at an extra ordinary level.

>> No.53067311

Get Vanguards

equip all of them with a second pistol

You now have flying Cyphers

>> No.53067314

joke's on you, i actually play ultrasmurfs

>> No.53067332

>We wuz real sportz n shiet
I mean, if you want to quantify a d6 4+ rolling fiesta with 2nd grade math for a game, I suppose GW is your fanbase of choice.

The problem with that argument is that you are willing to cede all but the basics of a game, for the sake of broadening it's player base. You could break down 40k to checkers and people would still defend it as a 'complex and thought provoking tabletop wargame'.

>> No.53067341

I wanna play him for his cool lore and character. But I don't want to break the DA lore feeling so I can't just put him in

>> No.53067343

Anon stop please

>> No.53067354

as opposed to the unbalanced shitpile it is now? I will thanks

>> No.53067357

It's not perfect. I played with a 1000 points guard army for about half a year. But then...is that really a BAD thing?

>> No.53067370

Im not sure how you guys havent discovered the joys of batch painting.

>> No.53067394


Doing more than 4 minis at a time physically drains me of life.

>> No.53067406

Good, but at 2500 points your gonna face some heavy opposition units...

Most of your troops only have 1 wound...

>> No.53067411

You don't have an expensive pile of untouched boxes and I'm assuming you had fun. I'd mark that down as a win.
I've discovered batch painting. It's the joy I haven't discovered. I enjoy assembling my models but because I have shaky hands and perfectionist tendencies painting tends to piss me off. I also lean towards competitive and I don't like having models with shitty paint jobs on the tabletop when my local meta is full of Golden Demon runner-ups.

>> No.53067412

40k was never a complex game. I played 2nd edition when I was about 10 years old. Which is arguable the most complicated edition. Calling it a wargame is also a bit of a stretch. It's a fun game to play with friends with cool looking models.

>> No.53067427

Checkers can be complex and thought provoking if you play against a genius. Have you noticed that nothing done at a pro level is even remotely complex? Not just sports but any competition. The players are what make the game complex, and if you're a brain dead idiot you will lack the ability to do this. In short, the game isn't bad, you are.

>> No.53067436

>Meant to be improved.
>No longer ignores cover.
>D6 hits, whether a target unit is in a skirmish line or a Napoleonic musket block.
Sounds balanced to me.

>Assault is supposed to be improved.
>Unlimited overwatch. (Hi D-Scythes).
Seems perfectly legit.

>> No.53067449


Well, it may not be that bad.

However, I generally think they derped up when they gave everything toughness and wounds.

Just seems all kinds of wrong and unappealing.

>> No.53067450


Holy shit, I remember doing that exact same Autocannon conversion on my troopers.
I converted it back to a Heavy Bolter because it was ass to transport.

>> No.53067466

1. Game play needs to speed up. The less autists can argue about things like where the scatter dice is pointing and which units are underneath the template the better.
2. No more D weapons, everything's supposedly rebalanced too.

>> No.53067471

>2 things are changing perhaps for the worst
>whole edition is shit
>even if it brings over 60% of the armies to a competitive level

>> No.53067505


Im most productive when theres a tournament coming up and it makes me focus like a madman on the essentials to get things ready. You've just gotta get into the zone.

I painted a whole Tau 1250pt army in 24 hours for a tournament and finished painting the bases on the bus there.


ya just gotta huff the paint first then chase the dragon into the paint pot.

>> No.53067509

I see lots of complaints about this but no logical reasoning behind them. Why are wounds and toughness bad for vehicles? They will degrade in capability as they take damage, so what's wrong with that system? Aside from I don't like it because reasons

>> No.53067544

pls help me decide what to buy next guys

I play DA and i have a demicompany with 3 droppods, 1 vindicator, dread and command squad.
I want to buy 2 rhinos and put elites and dread in drops, but ive found a secondhand IK paladin for 65€.
Shouldd i focus on completing the demi or get the knight and rape my tau friends stormsurge?

>> No.53067594


theres no critical hits depend on armour facing which is relevant for a lot of vehicles.

If the toughness value changed depending on the facing then it would be better.

Or if you did more damage depending on the facing.

If also there was different saves for different kinds of unit like Starcraft having Bio and Mechanical then it would be better too.

Having everything sharing the homogeneous statline causes issues in terms of representation.

Also by the sounds of it theyve change the wound chart because theyve repeatedly said that everything can wound everything so Im not sure how a lasgun is going to take out a warlord titan but okay.


buy what you like the look of the most.

>> No.53067613

the knight looks badass but the rhinoscan carry, give cover n stuff

>> No.53067619


>Why are wounds and toughness bad for vehicles?

Seems like the same kind of derp as making the larger battlesuits monstrous creatures.

As long as I've known of warhammer, no vehicle has ever had wounds, so it seems like GW got lazy or had a moment of blatant lunacy when I look up to find a dreadnought is operating under the same damage system as a carnifex or krootox.

Wounds are not what I associate with walkers and tanks of any kind.

>> No.53067635

Different Anon, but I feel a good way to speed things up would have been to use the AV idea of S+D6>T to wound instead of comparing S and T on a chart in your head.

If you want 6s to always win and 1s to always fail, you can include it too. But I always found the decision to use a chart system rather than an arithmetic system very strange if they ultimately worked the same, and last addition the only reason NOT to was that extra 6 on the right and the extra 1s on the left. Now that that's gone they could just say "X+Y>Z, 1s miss, 6s hit".

>> No.53067646

No i was telling you to stop cause i dont need this autism shitting up this thread and probably carrying into the next one

>> No.53067651

I would love to pick up a knight for that price.

I don't even play imperium.

>> No.53067671

You can call them hitpoints if you like. The real loss is different facings being stronger or weaker. THAT I could never agree with.

>> No.53067695


>> No.53067746


I agree there too.

I'll also kind of miss walkers only taking hits in melee on their front armor and laughing off small arms fire most of the time.

>> No.53067767


That's generally what's always gotten me through the fog, but it's been awhile since I have hit that point. The last time didn't even last that long. I started painting and wanted a few models done, but it barely lasted a single night.

You are correct in that you can't think of it was something must be done because otherwise it won't be done. The problem is that you still need some sense of urgency else it will have no point. That's how I feel at least. Finding that balance is difficult at best.

My que is pretty big, already. Out of 2 SC boxes, 3 transports, 3 squads, and an HQ blister, I have most of one SC build and one armless squad I may have fucked up priming. I've already bought a bunch of bits because of SWA, and I'm always scouring for more, especially since I want to wysiwyg and magnetize weapons. However, weapon bits aren't usually cheap.


Yea, that's how I am. Bipolar, major depression, and possibly schitzoid on top of that, too. Therapy starts at $100/session and meds are just as expensive at a minimum. I'm glad it worked out for you, though. Honestly, I don't remember much from when I was on meds, which was maybe like 12 years ago, though. Everything was just kinda nothing, I guess.

>> No.53067768

I'm going to remember that this weekend when I sit down at the work desk. Thanks for the inspiration.
No that's right. It would make a lot more sense for newer players. I didn't think about that.
Agreed, it is a shame. However, it did bug me that the predator had AV13 when the front looks just the same as a rhino.

>> No.53067831


I got like 14/20 for painting score too.

I won all three of my games as well so everyone got their ass handed to them by a 4th ed Tau army in 6th with the paint still drying on it. (it was a funny length of time before the 6th ed codex came out. summer 2012 I think)

>> No.53067915

How do you guys feel about grey knights painted a color other than silver or grey?

>> No.53067926

Do you need to prime models before using the spray paints?

>> No.53067933

Well they wouldn't exactly be grey knights anymore.

>> No.53067956

Heresy What color were you thinking

>> No.53067966

White. So they can be white knights

>> No.53067982


bit dumb desu.

its like collecting ultramarines and painting them pink.


the spray should be the primer. if the spray doesnt cover the model properly just touch up the areas with whatever colour you used to spray it with.

make sure you test the spray on a single model first in case the spray is fucky. also the air humidity should be low when you do it (i.e. not raining) otherwise it wont coat the models properly.

>> No.53067984

I remember last time vehicles had wounds and toughness. I wonder when they are going to bring back the vehicle outlines with the transparent plastic overlay?

Honestly, wounds is just a terrible name for a stat. How does it make any sense that you start in perfect health with lots of wound and when you get injured your wounds go away? Wish they had taken the chance to change the name to 'endurance' or 'health' or something.

>> No.53068021


eh. thats not too bad then. you could go full meme with it and use bretonnian stuff or demonic dragon slaying items to meme up your models a bit more.

>> No.53068055

it's how many times you can be wounded before being incapacitated...

>> No.53068145

thats not a reason why its bad tho

>> No.53068193

Red and brass.

>> No.53068231


>> No.53068250

They are your dudes anon.

>> No.53068265

Does anyone know what the situation is with items which have sold out before they are eve released? Will there still be ones available for sale in the shops on release day, or will they only ship the number that have been pre-ordered?

Want to know if I can turn up Saturday morning at my local GW and get one of those mechanicus tractor kits.

>> No.53068305

It's "how many Wounds this thing is capable of suffering before it can't fight anymore". It's not "health" that is "lost".

>> No.53068311

He doesn't deep strike.

He just appears and can't move during the movement phase.

Meaning he pops up an inch away from the enemy, shoots them with his ripper pistol, and then charges. (Where he'll get shot to death in overwatch)

>> No.53068336


He enters from reserves though, doesn't he? He can't charge if he enters from reserves.

>> No.53068407

Doesn't matter if it's Deep Strike or not, you still can't charge.

>> No.53068457

Depends if it's webstore only. If not your LGS should have it eventually.

>> No.53068470

r8 my 8th edition list

>> No.53068499

2/10, too elite of an army

>> No.53068502

I will field an even point value of Chaos Cultists with a single Dark Apostle and we will slug it out all fucking day

>> No.53068525

The cogitators on the new matalurgic thread hyperventalizer(tm) are spoiling up as we speak brothers, someone gimme a good picture to use as the image

>> No.53068553

40k McDonald?

>> No.53068557

Is that book about Jain-Zar and her in opposition to Eldrad relating to Eldrad supposedly creating the problem that is Ghazghkull?

>> No.53068578

Nah. The other factions would just be consistently as grimdark as they're supposed to be.

>> No.53068615

>They only hire Genestealer Cultists because they're the hardest working and don't complain
>the pizza faced guardsman reject can't get your order right
>the manager is an ex-commissar and threatens you with death for saying his employee took the order wrong

>> No.53068629

>rolling the assault phase

>> No.53068689




new thread
no hoard armies allowed unless they're fully painted

>> No.53068934

I'm cynical that the team that fucked up and gave us this mess I should going to suddenly pull their head out.

>> No.53068983

the day you can take conscripts by themselves will be the day I play Guard.

>> No.53069133

Isn't it a different team? Other than the Nid hater of course.

>> No.53069156

Imagine buying, modeling and painting that army.

>> No.53069267

Now that we can move and shoot heavy weapons, are veteran weapon teams finally going to be good? A moving bs4 lascannon/whatever with 2 special weapons and a bunch of ablative wounds sounds pretty good.

>> No.53069335

Look, if Crud Mc-Maths-is-just-opinions can make the team, my faith in that team is zero.

>> No.53069430

red and silver and gold

>> No.53069431

Well, they will be BS3, but yes they will be great especially if we still get the camo cloak option.

>> No.53070098

Holy fuck that image hurts. Fuck americans so much.

>> No.53071301

Please don't spread misinfo. Kratom has a low potential for addiction according to research, and from my own experience, it's not very addictive because it's not a feeling you want constantly. I regularly stop using it for several months at a time, then when I want to paint a large batch of models I will use kratom a few times per day until the models are complete (it lasts about 3 hours on an empty stomach, so let's say I'm painting for 9 hours on a Sunday I will take it three times).

Kratom is legal in most of the US. It is illegal in some countries because Thailand banned it for economic reasons forever ago and other governments followed suit because governments love kneejerk bans. Kratom recently became a big deal in the US because the DEA decided to meme ban it and people raised a fuss so hard they actually rescinded their ban until "further investigation" as to whether it is harmful. It's been a year since then and it's still legal.

Anyway, kratom is a mild stimulant. It's ground up leaves you mix with water and drink, tastes disgusting. It's not going to get you high unless you take way too much, in which case the nausea will be worse than the weak, shitty high. It can make you woozy occasionally though so it's not good for driving. For me, kratom is like liquid painting motivation. I drink 2 teaspoons of that shit and get excited about painting models again, it makes me feel like when I'm in the store and looking at boxes and imagining playing games. You know, that feeling you get until you get home and actually open it lel.

So overall I would recommend trying kratom to anybody with tons of unpainted gray plastic at home. Unless you have an insanely addictive personality, you should be fine. Kratom isn't some hard drug, it's one step on the ladder above coffee tier. Lot of misinfo about kratom because the culture surrounding it full of stoner retards and governments like to scare people.

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