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>> No.53058944

It still crack me up that he girl is playing Nids.

Will GW make ovipositor dildos now?

>> No.53058946

First for Cadia!

>> No.53058957

Even then it still comes across as that kid in elementary who kept changing the rules so he could always win

>> No.53058971

I laughed at op pic.

>> No.53059008

Sly Marbo 7e rules


>> No.53059018

What happened to Calgar, now that his primarch is back?

>> No.53059026

What do you think of this list? I'm running it as all looking like the Inquisition, but most of it as rules-wise IG. It's pretty straightforward, only thing not obvious is that I intend to use the Shotgun/GL Veterans as an escort for the Hellhound - flame clears buildings, Vets charge and mop up.

>> No.53059027

muh wurgums

>> No.53059029

my dudes > your dudes

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>> No.53059049

Finally is released from the hell that is dealing with Cato.

>> No.53059056

Guilliman is busy being Lord Commander of the Imperium. It's likely that Calgar is still just doing his job as chapter master because Bobby G is too busy running fucking everything to run the Ultramarines.

>> No.53059057

first thought is to shave some points and give your chimeras heavy flamers as well

>> No.53059062

What's wrong with Chaos Marines?

>> No.53059078


? They can't take any more weapons. Would you replace a weapon? The Heavy Bolter to Heavy Flamer is a free swap.

>> No.53059111

Fluff article when?

>> No.53059112

They keep getting passed over for new units, weapons, and toys! We have Tech Hertics and they should be shitting out new weapons by a Deamon Primarch's Butt Load. Yet nothing....

>> No.53059118

Demonhost? I've try using those things many times. I have never made them work.
And I'm the crazy bastard that has manage to make PE and Repentias work.

You are better of using DCA

>> No.53059121

Reposting my list for the last 7th tourney at my local store, rules are:

>1250 points
>1 CAD
>1 Book (no supplements)
>500 points must be spent on troops
>No LoW
>No more than 1 model with more than 5 wounds/hull points

I've got 35 points spare to spend on Combi-weapons etc.

The alternative would be to take two exorcists, and drop Celestine for a bare bones priest, but I feel like Celestine's ability to tank pretty big hits will probably be better since most of the list is pretty fragile..

>> No.53059127

>The Heavy Bolter to Heavy Flamer is a free swap.
even on the hull mount?

Well, if it is, do that. Heavy bolters don't do anyone any good.

>> No.53059129

In about 3 minutes

>> No.53059134

With the Cadia blow-up will we see new basic infantry IG models? Friend is thinking about getting into 40k by buying IG start collecting.

Also are you thinking about making up a new army for 8e?

>> No.53059143

Double-flamers on Chimeras are gonna be nasty in 8th

>> No.53059144

Wait we have Tech Heretics? Link?

>> No.53059160

Give Flamer SoB Immolators Multi Melta.
Give melta SoB Immolators Heavy Flamers

Add dozer blades to Immolators
Add storm bolter to Exorcist

Beside that you have the most basic and functional SoB list in 7th

>> No.53059167

Hopefully IG get something, it's been a while for them. I am starting tyranids but havent a fucking clue what to get as a starter aside from the start collecting box

>> No.53059169


Well shit, that's a pain in the ass because I glued them in. I've still got the spare Flamers though. Might have to do some conversion work.

The only thing i'm waiting on is the Assault Grenadiers from Anvil Industry I ordered (to match the two Vet squads i've already got), then i've actually got everything in that list, about 40% painted. Most of the vehicles, Baneblade is WIP. All in Inquisition colours.

>> No.53059175

New fluff:

>> No.53059185

>Also are you thinking about making up a new army for 8e?
Yeah, making a nidzilla list. So far got a SC box, 12 hormogaunts, a trygon, and a carnifex

>> No.53059188

Got a pile of old marines that I might strip and try to pick the glue off, and probably paint as Astral Claws because I like the scheme and it's pretty simple.

Should I keep them on 25mm bases? Might just buy round MDF 32mm bases instead of official GW ones.

>> No.53059189


Problem is, I don't have any DCA models. I'm using the Daemonhosts because the Inquisitor is a radical. I've got 5 Flagellants kitbashed with the ghost things from AOS that my friend is making for me as counts-as Daemonhosts. Going to look great when they're done.

>> No.53059197

>Beside that you have the most basic and functional SoB list in 7th

Cool I guess, should have expected as much.

Hopefully when 8th comes around there'll be good excuses to take some of the armies weirder units, like power armoured hordes, or Penitent Engines.

>> No.53059208

>Might have to do some conversion work.
well, as always wait for the rules to come out before sawing anything up

>> No.53059218

Nothing of value the post.

>> No.53059219

Well that was underwhelming
>its the eye of terror but it's a big crack
>also time shifts is a thing now guys

>> No.53059225

Well, hoped for something more. It's a fuckin nothing desu

>> No.53059229

Scenery, because if I wanna be an NPC, but with better rules than Nids.

>> No.53059230

>Some worlds felt centuries go by in an instant while others were all but froze in time, and still others have suffered constant temporal shifts.
This could be actually pretty nice campaign material

>The SM company reach a world were millennia has passed from the creation of the rift, where an heretical mix of Imperial Truth and xenos history has been created

>> No.53059232

It's really not a whole lot of anything "new", but it's cool that they're expanding on the big fuckoff rift a little.

>> No.53059237


>> No.53059242

I guess they didn't want to push any buttons explaining the marines2.0 yet.

>> No.53059250

>Should I keep them on 25mm bases?
If GW wants to replace old marines with the new one some day I would rather magnetise them to whatever you wan bases. Maybe we will be allowed to use old marines to proxy new ones if they are same based (32mm is my bet)

>> No.53059253

Use those as DCA

Hell I've use Repentias as DCA since I have 9 of those bitches.

There is a way to make PE work.
You need 6 and at least 4 transports to block line of sight to them or at least give them cover save. It is the old school Rhino wall move everything forward pop smoke and hope for the best. You get turn 2 charge some times.

It won't work against waac, but it can be done.

>> No.53059256

>The Crimson Path is part of a strategy that Abaddon the Despoiler plans to accomplish with his Thirteenth Black Crusade. His goal is to conduct a massive campaign to breach the barriers of the Cadian Gate in order to shatter the protective fields projected by the Pylons that hold back the tides of the Eye of Terror. Once destroyed, Abaddon's Daemonic allies would be able to manifest into realspace as the Warp spread outwards, across a trail known as the Crimson Path. The expansion of the region of Chaos space would eventually spread into the Segmentum Solar and in time would engulf Terra itself
> The rift is variously known by the cultures of the galaxy as the Crimson Path

>be Abbadon
>blow up cadia to launch the crimson path to terra
>instead it goes 90° away from it
>then a primarch comes back to lead a new crusade to undo the damage this failure caused, so you don't even get to rip the imperium in two for that long
>and magnus already allowed the daemon primarchs to enter realspace, so you didn't even do that

>but it's ok, because chaos fanboys will still insist you aren't a massive failure

>> No.53059265

Why the fuck don't we have Scenerymancers for each army except the Tau?

>Catachans can plant fast-growing jungles
>Exodites and their bullshit
>Orks fast-grow giant fat squigs
>Tyranids just spawn giant tentacle pillars

That's how you solve Tau problem.

>> No.53059284

Tau have moving scenery with that Tide wall thingy.
It is kind of silly

>> No.53059301

>no enginseer+servitor work crew that can assemble imperial terrain features mid-game

>> No.53059307

When are we getting more news? I thought fluff stuff came out today?

>> No.53059316

>new edition comes out in a month
>Now they gives us new rules for Sly Marbo
gee thanks

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>> No.53059318


I'm also thinking about getting an ig start playing box.

>> No.53059335

>i'm a fucking retard the post

>> No.53059342

>on Friday, we’ll take a look at Battle-forged armies

>> No.53059345

Tits say girl, part of the face says boy.

Please just be a bad angle.

>> No.53059375

He does have a point. 7th is dead by the end of semester.

It is nice to have rules for SW:A and 7th for a squated character but it is almost a pitty fuck for the Guard.

>> No.53059380

CSM can already kinda do this with geomortis, but especially worldwrithe.

>> No.53059399

>It is nice to have rules for SW:A and 7th
>and 7th
Yep you're actually completely buttfuck stupid.

>> No.53059407

Did they retcon cadia being under constant attack for ages?

>> No.53059411


>7e rules for Sly Marbo

>> No.53059416

Explain. The rules are not for 8th

>> No.53059418

its dead now boi

>> No.53059422

Welp, some people want to stay in 7th edition (don't ask me why) so I'm sure someone will be happy with these rules

>> No.53059426

>Forgeworld relase agent shit on resin should pads never fucking come off
>primer wont stick
>Already on the models, can break if I take them off

How about I spray them, even though it wont stick very good. Spray with "purity seal" or something, then spray black again?
Or only do seal spray and then black primer.

Would this work? Would it get too thick or not stick properly?

>> No.53059429

Yep. They even made Cadia not prepare to fight chaos.

Granted it was a big invasion to the point of plot wrong big, but come on it was silly how easy Cadia fall

>> No.53059443

>Gork's Grin

>> No.53059444

So you're a complete retard?

Good to know.

>> No.53059446


>Transporting 6 Penitent Engines

A truly terrifying proposition.

Tbh though, they are the only SoB I don't own any of, I really should change that.

>> No.53059456

>Sly lost his Demo Charges

And like that they lost me.

>> No.53059471

So remember how there was a campaign that ended with Abby winning on the ground and no fleet?

Cadia continued from there, basically. Abby came in a huge fleet and beat what little defense remained after kilking the Imperial fleet above Cadia.

>> No.53059478

Buy chinaman. I got fed up pinning up the bastards.

>> No.53059490

>new guard
Don't know but with shadow war and other snippets of lore floating about suggesting a 3rd war on Armageddon maybe we'll get really lucky and see plastic steel legion (I mean probably not but I can dream)

>New army
Before the 8th announcement I was planning a Chaos army using the 30k sets, now I'm sitting around waiting for the full rules to drop cause what I really want is a full Deathwing army but I don't know if it'll be viable

>> No.53059492

It didn't continue from there. Otherwise it would had made sense

>> No.53059512

>Hey mommy look! I used a retard on chinese cartoon image forum!
I think you have some brain damage Anon and don't really know what is your problem - 7e rules for Marbo came late so players that want to stick with new edition will not use them for long but they are still useable for quitters not willing to play 8e

>> No.53059523

The booby traps are pretty much straight from codex: catachans, which makes me very happy.

>> No.53059527

True, but I loved him as a precision Demo Charger.

>> No.53059529


>> No.53059533

Formations are being kept but with point costs and theres rumors of a FOC with 1 HQ + multiple Elites with less command points so heres hoping the deathwing returns

>> No.53059539

im LMAOing at your life

>> No.53059540

Any greatcoat wearing regiment as the new IG posterboys would be amazing, be they Vostroyan, Valhallan, Krieg or Armageddon.

>> No.53059549

Thanks. Thank you very much.

>> No.53059550


>> No.53059582

It was good, but limited him to a one-time suicide bomb. Now he can charge a vehicle, blow it up, then immediately go back into reserves. Which is pretty neat.

It'd be more than just a fun gimmick if he could charge out of reserves, though. Maybe they'll give him 8e rules that let him do that.

>> No.53059617

Things we learned about the massive warp storm bisecting the galaxy:
>It is called the Great Rift (among other things)
>It is not a secret
>It is widely regarded as a Bad Thing

>> No.53059634

Will TSons be viable in 8th edition?

Will Rubric Marines finally not cost insane amounts of points while being completely mediocre ingame? Will Scarab Occults finally be worth their points cost?

>> No.53059636

Probably caused by all the warp travel. Eventually when you poke so many holes in fabric, it's gonna start tearing

>> No.53059644


>> No.53059649

If we got plastic steel legionnaires I would immediately set to work making Vostroyan conversions.

>> No.53059656

>small boss

>> No.53059664

>chaos fanboys
>not Black Legion fanboys

>> No.53059669

Answer me!

>> No.53059670

Yeah I've seen the same and it looks. I pretty sure I'll be able to field them, it's more a case of whether Terminator's themselves are a viable unit. 2 wounds is a good start and someone has suggested that there's an AoS system where you can resist rend that might get ported over. If that's the case I'll probably consider it.

For sure, I actually quite fancy greatcoats with Cadian respirator heads. Also kinda hoping that grenade launchers become viable this edition

>> No.53059677

We don't know anything about any unit, so who knows?

However from what we've learned they seem to have gotten better, with their weapon most likely not being as powerful but being far less specialized

>> No.53059680

Does this look like the WIP general to you, you incompetent retard?

>> No.53059686


>> No.53059697

> grenade launchers

They'll probably be S6 -1 d3 wounds. Not great, but decent in a pinch. 50/50 chance of krumping a marine at least.

>> No.53059703

They could easily make a single box of greatcoat wearing guardsman that with pretty minimal conversion kits could make any of the greatcoat wearing regiments (they wouldn't make one for Krieg though that's killing FW's golden IG goose)

>> No.53059723

Warp Smiths
Dark Mechanicus

>> No.53059733

That would need for GW caring for something else beside marines and bad marines

>> No.53059737

Neither of whom have updated models which annoys the fuck out of me. I really want a chaos tech faction

>> No.53059743

It seems that rubrics and the likes will be more viable, especially with the psychic phase edits. The days where we relied on 30 Tzaangors over more former battle brothers are now behind us, friend.

>> No.53059752

It's a metaphor for climate change.

>> No.53059768

But anon Dark Mechanicus are like the players from the 40k rpg
They just slap a demon into a machine and call it a day

>> No.53059791




>> No.53059797

Then where the hell are my Kai Gun as special weapon options?

>> No.53059799


>> No.53059802

It's why I like Chaos Dwarfs, they bind and subjugate demons to do their bidding. It's awesome

>> No.53059806

If they ever do a Dark Mechanicus army i want a corrupted version of the Castellax-Achea that developed psychic powers of it's own and that's cybernetica cortex is now a large exposed fully biological brain.
It would fit perfectly with my Thousand Sons.

>> No.53059808

never ends badly

>> No.53059809

Go convert one.

>> No.53059814

>be Tau collector
>now forced to collect Craftworld, Dark Eldar, Harlequins, Ynnari, Orks, Tyranids, Genestealer Cult and Necrons

Why is this fucking allowed?

>> No.53059824

Take this one

>> No.53059831

Usually doesn't actually, as the ones that failed to successfully daemonforge die quickly. The weapons/creations you see in combat are the successful attempts by smiths who know their shit and are that good at it

>> No.53059834

Because it isn't. Your not in a grad alliance. Your in a $10 stop gap book together. Doesn't mean you'll get to use their stuff.

>> No.53059842

too fat

>> No.53059846

Except it's not. It's simply for organization. We already went over this before, NPC.

>> No.53059851

>Because it isn't. Your not in a grad alliance
Even if it was a grand alliance you still don't have to catch 'em all. Just ignore and report the shitposter

>> No.53059852

>tau collector
You deserve every bit of shit you get.

>> No.53059864

The Word Bearers do this too

>> No.53059894

Using demons always backfire sooner or later. Only retards use demons in 40k

At least use some warp magic like sensible man, but demons is just asking for something to go wrong

>> No.53059918


The biggest problem for me with most IG models is that they're just "X" in space.

I'd love GW to make a more in keeping with the setting kit, like they did with the plastic stormtroopers (although I always like the metal 3rd edition ones as well)

>> No.53059959

Unlike marines? That are just generic space marine with added bits and different paint job?

Mixed IG armies with different regiments should be a thing. Because unless the Guard is getting invade in their home world. Other regiments will be present on the battlefield

>> No.53059962

>using warp-fuckery and the favours of super-hell for your cause
what could possibly go wrong

>> No.53059982

Wtf does Quiet have to do with any of this?
That filename is such a fucking trigger I can't even.

If you're gonna post attention-grill, then at least use a 40k cosplayer or cuck off to /v/

>> No.53059985

Only backfires for the WEAK OF WILL

>> No.53059996


So triggered I can't even tag fuck
see >>53059982

>> No.53060000

>Mixed IG armies with different regiments should be a thing

They are if you want them to be. Go buy a fucking box of Cadians and Catachans.

>> No.53060005

Quiet is a honorary guardswoman

>> No.53060006

Reply from like 3 Generals ago because Cruddace sux grox nux

Naw, Cruddace is technically autismo-smart, he just doesn't have any integrity as a person or game designer.

>> No.53060008 [SPOILER] 

But anon, she a cute! CUTE!

>> No.53060021

So, is time distortion from the big split going to explain why we are still in the forty-first millennium, despite the GS books apparently taking at least a few months to resolve and starting right at the end of 999.M41?

>> No.53060027

Isnt quiet essentially a slutty vindicaire?

>> No.53060029


Is he a sociopath?

>> No.53060036


Space Marines are iconic though. Cadians are just 28mm colonial marines, and Catachans are goofy Vietnam war models

>> No.53060044

I mean in the sense of actual model variaty.
It where GW can go wild with different upgrade kits hell FW could it. But no we end with squated BT and fucking dreadnoughts and knight heads

>> No.53060045

quiet isn't a slut tho

did you even play the game

>> No.53060091

I mean, I'm sure her appearance was justified in game, but Kojima just likes stacked white chick's in military gear

>> No.53060104

They're not Marine iconic but there's something about the look and imagery of Kriegers that I think just clicks with the 40k setting as a whole.

>> No.53060105

Generic Space Marine vs Generic Colonial Marine.

It is stupid how ever you put it. Let's just move on. Since 40k is just the copy pasted and generic the setting.

>> No.53060111

also tight suits shoving manly buttocks in your face

but that doesn't make raiden or snake slutty

>> No.53060121

>her appearance was justified in game
kinda poorly, since the end and that other old guy weren't in mankinis

>> No.53060122

Even in game she was rather whorish, did you forgot the shower scene, the rain scene or even the idle animations in her prison cell.

Granted she gave the boss the best birthday gift ever.

>> No.53060123

Any nid nogs here? I am thinking about putting together a swarm and so far I have this, all it needs is a Swarm box and a Venomthropes box. Is this alright for a melee swarm? I think the Venomthropes will be wonderful in 8th due to spore clouds utility

>> No.53060130

did you play the game?

>> No.53060133

There's been so much butthurt at my LGS about Numarines, but not about the weird lore implications. One guy said that better marines invalidated his marines. What the heck does that mean?

>> No.53060134

The End had that weird photosynthesis suit that regen'd stamina ingame though. I guess that sort of answers it, but it leaves the question as to why Quiet never used the same suit...

>> No.53060136

They still had lungs on top of photosynthesis, she didnt after the fight in the hospital

>> No.53060138

Missed opportunity. But that's just me that want true equality and every video game character must have the option to use slutty outfits in battle

>> No.53060141

Snake was the biggest slut though..

>> No.53060148

>Tau now advanced 10000 years more
>Tau just keep getting the best luck with warp storms

>> No.53060151

Because it was less sexy?

The existence of her alternative outfit kinda ruins justifications though, because it shows plenty of skin without being fetishwear.

>> No.53060152

>farsight still alive

>> No.53060157

>One guy said that better marines invalidated his marines. What the heck does that mean?

That means the game isn't going to focus on the regular marines? That means his models are now old and busted?

I sympathize a lot with marine players. Their armies are on the way out but everyone wants to pretend that these new things are just a side unit or what have you. Hell no. In a few years it'll be Numarines all over the walls.

>> No.53060163

Before, their guys were the protagonists. Now they are NPC support for the new protagonists.

>> No.53060165

Shame, too. The end's proto-ghille suit was cool.

>> No.53060167

>His sword keeps sustaining him with the souls of his fallen foes

>> No.53060176

The alternate outfits are just for fun, they aren't canon.

>> No.53060177

i still use these fuck the arbiters

>> No.53060179

is it just me or does sly marbo seem really good for 25 points?

>> No.53060182

Which one? The blood, silver, gold, boss (the open jumpsuit one) or fox unit?

>> No.53060185

>Guys I have no idea why I can't fucking die
>Has nothing to do with this mysterious old one blade I picked up on that demon world
>Fuck you shadowsun stop using stasis you cheat

>> No.53060190

It means he's a faggot that won't use anything that isn't top tier

>> No.53060198

There's a billion cutes.
Gotta manage your venn diagrams.

>> No.53060201

Hey soon you'll be able to play your old marine models as squats.

>> No.53060203

>Implying qt stacked woman would waste her time on making IG cosplay
B cups is best you will get, whiny autist

>> No.53060204

I'm pretty sure the open jumpsuit one is meant to be Sniper Wolf

>> No.53060206

iirc he used to be 50p pr 55p with the same equipment+demolition charge

>> No.53060209

Assuming 8th edition is as balanced as GW says with every unit being useful

How long until they release a model with disgustingly under costed stats and weapons

How long until the next pyrovore

>> No.53060211

If he was a toptier fag then he'd use Eldar

>> No.53060213

>8th is out next month

I keep hearing this, where is proofs?

>> No.53060215

>What the heck does that mean?
Same thing it meant for the empire players when sigmarines showed up. Just localized to the people who play regular space marines and no one else.

>> No.53060216

Thank you. I was confusing with the big mom scar thingy.

>> No.53060217

>Left on the ass end of a huge storm
>No more attempts at peace with Imperium nor any unlikely reinforcements from them

>> No.53060221

They probably didn't bother with balance since those rules will be invalidated in about a month.

>> No.53060223

there isnt any you dumb idiot

>> No.53060224

yep. in-game text says something like "you get to play with sniper wolf... or the next best thing"

>> No.53060225

There is none

>> No.53060229

Permission to HNNNNNNNNG sir

>> No.53060233

In a few years Chaos will have 'Won' but the emperor would have 'made plans' and 40k are gonna gracefully join the AoS stage.

Time to uplift the rats and lizards!

>> No.53060240

What armies do you look forward to being viable/no longer unfun with 8th edition /40k/?

>> No.53060241


Okay.. I still have a few squads of these old ass Terminators in my chaos force.

But that is missing the point. These Numarines aren't just a new mark of power armour. They are super hero demigod dudes above the old dudes now. The lore supplants that of the old marines.

It isn't just a case of new models same lore. It's new models, new lore, new focus on these dudes. That's why even as someone who isn't maining SMs I don't like the change. It's like when you get a sequel to a game or movie and it doesn't focus on the old characters you love, instead it introduces a bunch of new characters and focuses on them instead. In this case they are replacing protags that we've been following for 30 years.

>> No.53060246


>> No.53060248

At least with the new system they would be able to re-balance it relatively soon, instead of having that overpowered unit for years until the new codex/edition comes out

>> No.53060250

>be obviously skeptical of something that has no proof
>that makes me a dumb idiot

>> No.53060255

custodians and grey knights are super marines too and nobody cares

>> No.53060256

It's quite unlikely they're going to leave 40K in limbo for very long, they're actively encouraging people not to spend money on this stuff, gw bleeds the longer this goes on. Also, weren't both 6ed and 7ed released in june?

>> No.53060259


>> No.53060260

No, you're a dumb idiot for asking for proof when it's fucking obviously just rumors

>> No.53060276

That thing has so much photoshop that Im starting to doubt the bolter and chainsword are part of the original image.

>> No.53060280


custodians and grey knights don't make up 85% of the armies of 40k

>> No.53060282

GW are offering refunds for all codexes that were purchased recently, they wouldn't be doing that if 8th wasn't dropping any day now.

>> No.53060285


>> No.53060288

Or they're just adding new content? Content that adds to the game and takes absolutely nothing away?

>> No.53060290

I thought pyrovores were dumpster tier

>> No.53060299

custodians and grey knights are from the 80's, relatively unchanged

custodians and grey knights are not explicitly space marines+1, directly supplanting the original space marines

>> No.53060302

>Tits say girl, part of the face says boy.
>Please just be a bad angle
You should probably stop watching anime for a while.

>> No.53060303

White Dwarf says Far Future Grimdark War next month, and the magazine's out on the 16th. Weird date.

It's next month.

>> No.53060309

Is that dried cum on that Disney cup?

>> No.53060315

They don't displace the standard marines in their own army.

>> No.53060317

I approve

>> No.53060320


>> No.53060322

Fuckin Nids. I'm still gona pick Tau because low point games and KT/SW:A but I want to see bugs viable

>> No.53060323

Four warlords are AoS right?

>> No.53060325


>we're getting new protagonists for 40k
>these old guys are going to get less releases and less focus
>taking absolutely nothing away

Why do you do this? What is it about what's happening that you don't understand?

>> No.53060331

>baseless alarmist assumptions

>> No.53060335

So marines don't get to be the best of the best any more.


>> No.53060337

No, first set were AoS, that finished and now they are doing a 40k one.

>> No.53060340

I've only read it in my language until now, but most likely yes, unless they start a new column in the same style for 8th edition

>> No.53060341


If that's what your cum looks like you had better go see a doctor.

>> No.53060350

they said that guillimarines aren't going to replace regular marines. They'll probably be an elite option

>> No.53060351

See the problem with that is, GW doesn't make money from longstanders.

GW wants to make money from longstanders, and there's only one way to do that- make their current armies less valid than the new armies.

>> No.53060354

>GW is offering refunds

Holy fuck, has GW actually changed? they used to be the most money hungry faggots in the world even a year ago

>> No.53060362

All I see is
>such grim
>very darkness

>> No.53060368 [DELETED] 

Yeah goyim, this is New Games Workshop (TM)

>> No.53060370

Not even refunds, vouchers. So you get your money back, and you get to keep the books you bought.

>> No.53060376

Seriously? Being the best is the whole fucking reason I went SM! Now I'm just gonna be as shit as the other NPCs? Fuck that shit.

>> No.53060382

Why do you fear change? Do you order the exact same thing from the same restaurants when you eat out?

>> No.53060388

Yeah, they're being great.

>> No.53060393

Well, under that assumption, GW have managed a serious shift in culture and put a lot of effort into making the game balanced. So presumably they aren't going to have a rapid shift back to the old ways. That said, the same people responsible for the unbalanced shit are mostly still there and whatever factors led them to do it (including the financial incentive of WAAC players buying whatever is most powerful) so I expect a gradual slide back into power creep over the next few months, probably with obviously overpowered stuff showing up within a couple of years.

How long has any other game company been able to keep a similar product line balanced? I kind of doubt that GW can out-perform the best of their competition in this regard, considering what they have to work with.

Of course, there is an outside possibility that they actually have put together an internal system of balancing which corrects the tendencies they had previously and their resources allow them to do this better than other companies. We can hope, but my money would not be on that happening.

>> No.53060406

How does adding new models make my old models invalid? I still use marines from 15 years ago

>> No.53060411

>So marines don't get to be the best of the best any more.

And who are they replacing them with... Oh right, Super Marines. Oh but nobody owns any and has to buy an entire new army of them. Who is winning here?

>they said that guillimarines aren't going to replace regular marines. They'll probably be an elite option

Marine players are getting ansty. They've had to delete a few comments from their facebook page. Of course they're not going to tell them, 'hey your army is old and busted now, buy this new one'

>> No.53060433

I just recently found my way back to 40k and as soon as I saw the savings in the new box sets I knew something was up, lovin this new management and company philosophy

>> No.53060434

>has to buy an entire army
It's people like you that make salesmen jump for joy

>> No.53060441

Except that's wrong you fucking retard. Again, they've said they are not a fucking replacement for regular marines.

>> No.53060452

Didn't they start losing more and more money as 7th went on though? Especially if this new balanced version starts bringing home the bacon, they should have alot of evidence to justify keeping it balanced

>> No.53060457

Wait and see. Wait and see.

I welcome our new female NuMarines

>> No.53060462


>the PR team said this!

Stop being an idiot.

>> No.53060463

The exact opposite. Their stock price has been skyrocketing for the past few years

>> No.53060465


I just got a £20 voucher after buying Imperial Agents 2 days before 8th was announced, should I save it to get the new rules, or just splurge it on something else?

>> No.53060469

I'm in the same boat, what be these savings ye speak of

>> No.53060484


Why? I didn't say I was going to buy anything. We know most of the autismos aren't going to be happy with manlet marines and will move on to buy the updated stuff.

>> No.53060485

Wait for new start collecting boxes

>> No.53060489

I'll take the word of people who actually work at the company to your completely unfounded alarmist nonsense any day of the week

>> No.53060491

He means the new Start Collecting boxsets and the Horus Heresy games, they have better value for money than buying the minis individually.

>> No.53060495

Credit notes but yeah, tomorrow is the deadline though

>> No.53060501

>5 daemonhosts

Also dual heavy bolters is one of the worst chimera loads and why are you giving vanquishers heavy bolter sponsons?

>> No.53060518

Yea but I meant how much is it actually saving
I'm sure someone has a base value

>> No.53060520

They have changed in some ways, but this specifically isn't a change. One thing people miss in all the memes against GW is that they actually tend to not fuck you over if you are unhappy with a product you received, i.e. they will send you more models if you can prove the shit you bought was fucked up, or even missing parts (no way to prove the latter but do send people product for missing parts, especially FW) etc.

Don't get me wrong, I'm always up for a REEEEE against these motherfuckers, but they do seem to be improving and they do actually make sure the stuff you got is to their standard.

>> No.53060528

Dual HB are the worst for IG Chimera.
The only time it does not suck balls is when you use Chimera with Inquisition and give it psybolt.

HF and Multi laser every day!

>> No.53060537

Does anyone know where I can get high res pictures of environments that would make good custom battlemaps?

>> No.53060539

SC boxes are usually around $40 less than they would be if you bought all the pieces separately.

>> No.53060554

That's fine. But they also went and made the game more expensive, less balanced, and completely fucked any form of casual PuGs at LGSs over the last few years, which completely overshadows that

>> No.53060566


Please anon no, I've not finished painting my current army.

>> No.53060570

Not that guy but I'm new to the game and I've been reading old 40k stuff, it seems like during the "razorback spam" era of Blood Angels some years ago a lot of them just took heavy bolter razorbacks. But I thought heavy bolters were universally considered crap? In fact most razorbacks I've seen people take are just standard HB, what's the reason for this?

>> No.53060577

>In fact most razorbacks I've seen people take are just standard HB, what's the reason for this?

Probably to keep it as cheap as possible.

>> No.53060582

Actually if HB get a Save Modifier and ML don't, that would be a point to HB for sure.

>> No.53060592

Cheaper, and different available loadouts, razorbacks are not chimeras

>> No.53060608

>7th is less balanced

But 40k has progressively had fewer examples of absolute brokeness every edition. I think people just believe it's less balanced now because of power creep, they think because numbers are overall higher now, that means current cheese is stronger because it would destroy old cheese. In reality, old cheese was cheesier, but when you go back and look at some of the old cheese it looks weak today. Because it was powerful relative to a meta with lower numbers. Did people who say it's less balanced today even play the game in older editions?

>> No.53060611

>Painting your models
I bet you are the guy that is basing models tho

>> No.53060613

Why would missile launchers not get a save mod?

>> No.53060616

AP4 is super situational. It just bounces off marines and the majority of heavy infantry, but against 'ard boyz and Kataphrons it's highly effective. It was probably just cheap at the time though.

>> No.53060628

In 8th AP 4 will probably translate to -1, so that might be nice.

>> No.53060637

yeah but why not just take a rhino, is a HB really worth the extra points. the second most common loadout in my area has been las/plas, which at least seems useful.

my question was "why heavy bolters" not "why razorbacks"

>> No.53060642


It still makes me laff to think that a few editions ago what was considered game breaking was T5 Obliterators.

>> No.53060651

Back then the upgrade for double plasma and lasscannon or twinklinked lasscannon costed like half the point cost of the transport

>> No.53060659

The IG box is like $80 in savings IIRC. The tanks in this game are way too fucking expensive.

>> No.53060663

There is no way in hell you can tell me with a straight face that 7th is remotely as balanced as 5th was

I've played against the same Chaos player since we started the hobby like 10 years ago. I quit around 7th due to the fact that the games between us were literally landslides in my favour as Tau. Even when I specifically de-powered my lists.

In 5th the game could of easily gone either way. Also you only need to read fucking Eldar's codex to see how unbalanced alot of this shit is

>> No.53060672

I'm a fucking leaf so YMMV but basically the start collecting boxes have about $130-170~ worth of models for $100 and the sets they put out last Christmas had $300-350~ worth of models for $200.

>> No.53060675

To keep em cheap for the most part I suspect. It's not that heavy bolters are complete crap, they're just not as a good as the alternatives in most cases. From 3rd ed onward a S6 AP - weapon is more useful against a wider range of targets than S5 AP 4 even though they might not ignore the armour saves because they can wound more MCs and penetrate higher armour values as well as hitting infantry. Exactly the same logic aplies to giving guard units Autocannons

>> No.53060676

Nah, he just needs to take one look at the Strength from Death rule to see how fucking broken 7th is

>> No.53060679


I'll take her then.

>> No.53060683

Seems like you mistyped tyranid "player".

>> No.53060688

No, their overall sales have been good recently.

Now, it could be that they have noticed that Age of Sigmar sales have been really good since the release of the general's handbook and are interpreting that as meaning they could have been doing even better with a balanced 40k. Or they have made predictions about how sustainable the unbalanced model is and decided to put a halt to it despite it helping them short-term. Any number of reasons they might want to change their ways.

On another topic, if the new scenery sets are sold out on the webstore, will I still be able to get one if I turn up at a physical store at opening time on Saturday? Really quite keen to get some of those tractors.

>> No.53060695

>tyranid player spotted

>> No.53060700

So has anyone figured out what the average wound count is gonna be for Knights and shit? Gonna start placing those wound dial orders now.

>> No.53060701

I'm not sure if it was 3rd or 4th, but weapons with no AP got a penalty against vehicles

>> No.53060712


And wishing that I just paid the money just to buy precast bases

>> No.53060727

why is this one? guy posting meme variations of that black guy and girl playing? that pic is from many years ago

>> No.53060731

>On another topic, if the new scenery sets are sold out on the webstore, will I still be able to get one if I turn up at a physical store at opening time on Saturday?

Each store gets a certain amount but you should get there early if you're worried about them selling out.

>> No.53060733

>grenade launchers being viable
I think they will. My guess is they'll do D6 wounds
If they only do D3 wounds, I will really despise the loss of templates

>> No.53060751

>wound dial

is this an official GW thing or just a third party thing people are planning on using?

kinda upset templates are gone. they were actually cool. having a big piece of flame-shaped plastic to show where your flamer dude is shooting is kickass, now I just have to imagine it which is lame.

>> No.53060754

if they do d6 hits like flamers why take flamers at all

>> No.53060755

Try texture paints mate

>> No.53060775

I think they specifically said knights are going to be one of the things that gets 'dozens of wounds', so I'm going to say at least 24. We've literally just got the dread to go on, but that was 3 HP : 8 W so 9 HP : 24 W seems reasonable.

>> No.53060776

Ya caught me, but I havent pick up my kits yet.
Fellow Nid Nogs please give some input on my list? see>>53060123

>> No.53060778

my group uses tiny rubber bands to represent wounds

you can hang them from swords and heads

>> No.53060794

vast majority of vehicles have 3 hp you can't ignore armor values

>> No.53060813


3rd party. Litko makes some really nice ones. GW does have Wound Trackers but it's just 8 D10s in a random color which I don't think is as neat.

>> No.53060815

Not him but dried cum kinda looks like that. Yellowish and crusty.

>> No.53060819

pretty sure it would have been 4th because I stopped playing for a after 3rd and didn't get back until after a year or so ago and I don't remember there being any penalty

>> No.53060823

those are too fucking big for 25-40mm bases

>> No.53060838

>grenade launcher
>D6 wounds
>same as a lascanon
I think you're going to be disappointed.

>> No.53060846

auto hit and possibly ignores cover would be my guess.

>> No.53060848

That reminds me, theres a cool looking ring with a built in wound counter that I saw at my local shop. Now I have an excuse to get it kek

>> No.53060865

Krak missiles definitely would, maybe not frag tho

>> No.53060873

Why do you think we know what's going to be good in 8th?
that list is shit if you played it today, but who knows what will be good with nids in 8th.

>> No.53060876

That said any good source of d3? Because it seems 8th is going to need a lot of those now.

>> No.53060879

>Brings a Titan formation to a "narrative" game
>T 20
>W 50
>SV 2+
>Opponent sends fabious bile into combat with them
>he hits first due to assaulting
>wounds on 6+ (because everything can do that in 8th
>I fail my save
>His weapon is Instant Death
>Remove Titan from the field
>Remove other 2 Titans after failing battle shock

Can't wait for 8th.

>> No.53060886

modulated d6

>> No.53060888

Good, they never should of been in base 40k to begin with

>> No.53060893


>> No.53060908

>implying anon has money to buy 3 titans when he can't even into common sense

>> No.53060912

Instant Death mostly non-exist. Mortal Wound is the shit now.

>> No.53060913

Instant death won't be in 8th.

>> No.53060914

I'm using d10 dice and they work fine

>> No.53060919

t. Another retard who cant into reading comprehension

>> No.53060920


Old ones working from beyond the grave with their new favorite champions. Endgame of 40k will be blue vs blue, the smurfs with bolters vs the smurfs with pulse guns.

New chaos God is the chaos god of greater good and hope

How do you say WINNING in Tau?

>> No.53060961

How the fuck are they gonna rewrite "the purge" detachment?????????

>> No.53060977

Do Tau Pathfinders and Fire Warriors have the best Guerrilla warfare poses among all infantry units?

>> No.53060982


If you're wasting you're money on 3 titans I'd say you don't have much common sense to begin with senpai

>> No.53060990

Based on current information, nids will likely get mob-rule from AoS and Ignore battleshock within x of synapse creatures, 8th is looking more movement friendly with nids likely getting a huge buff there, point values are anyones guess but they'd likely remain similar for most units due to GWs incompetence/laziness. Is there any particular reason the list would suck if fielded today? I have no experience with nids so I'd like to understand what I'm missing

>> No.53061009

>it is impossible that they would give titans eternal warrior
Try not judging the system in its entirety when all we have to go on is a bit of marketing giving us broad strokes on the game to generate hype?
Pretty certain formations are gone, for one.

>> No.53061032

No, they are rename and added random point cost.

8th will be shit like every 40k edition. The question is how much will it suck?

>> No.53061042

They said formations are still a thing but have inherent point costs and have various effects on the command point system

>> No.53061058

Dude, what the hell. This is terrible. If that Zoanthrope dies, you're fucked. Instinctive behavior is a really bad time, even if they reworked it in 8th.

>> No.53061063

I'm still skeptical but the few things we are hearing are steps in the right direction.

>> No.53061064

>8th will be shit like every 40k edition
So what are you doing here?

>> No.53061094

That would require the titans to have leadership 5.

>> No.53061098

Oh shit you're right, I was wrongly under the assumption that vemonthropes had synapse. Thanks man, completely missed that

>> No.53061108 [SPOILER] 

I'd actually buy the Titan maniple if I had enough money, and would only be slightly ashamed

>> No.53061130

I hope the lion comes back and brings peace to the imperium on the other side of the rift, forming his own empire just to screw guilliman.

>> No.53061145

I enjoy dicking around with toy soldiers with friends while having beer and my children are playing their video games.

You know living a normal regular and also enjoying the freedom to bitch about unimportant rules on a anime image board

>> No.53061147

>Harlequin in 8th edition
>When adding a unit to your list, choose Light, Dark or Twilight. Add that word to that unit keywords
>Troupe Master, Shadowseer and Death Jester all have special AoE and/or psychic powers that affect each unit in a different way
>Light makes the unit hit harder
>Dark debuff the enemies fighting them
>Twilight gives them special rules that are the 8th edition equivalents of 7th's infiltrate, scout, shrouded etc.
>The AoE/power of a character is larger if him and the affected unit are of the same type

Make it happen, GW

>> No.53061157


>> No.53061177

We rts nao

>> No.53061179

Post it on their facebook, they're actually paying attention to it now

>> No.53061194


>> No.53061195

I want to write to GW, tell them how awesome some of their boardgames are and ask them to make more.

Is this likely to have any effect? If so, what's the best way to contact them?

>> No.53061197

Welp, I would rather spend my time on playing a game I actually find fun and not being shitty but at the end of the day it's not my business

>> No.53061222


>> No.53061223

Hey I can't enjoy objectively bad things.

Like for example most zombie movies are trash but they can be enjoyable

>> No.53061225

Facebook or e-mail I guess.
Effects? Probably not much, if anything at all, but maybe you'll cheer up some intern/game designer.

>> No.53061226

So basically 40k Mark of Chaos for Harlequins?

>> No.53061234

No problem, it's an easy mistake. If you stuck in a few more Zoans, you'd be somewhat alright.

>> No.53061239

Marketing loves feedback so yeah, they should have a contact page on the website or alternatively try posting on their fackbook/twitter as they actively monitor them

>> No.53061241

Basically yes, that's what I used as a base

>> No.53061249

>Facebook or e-mail I guess
Why they have no twitter profile? They have even an instagram one

>> No.53061264

To be fair, twitter is fucking garbage.

>> No.53061273

Welp, simple and somehow elegant, I would dig it

>> No.53061274

Had a 10 point deficit so I upgraded the venoms to zoans, can you give me any other pointers on the list?

>> No.53061275

Can't have that many interns.

>> No.53061287

Awesome to see Sly Marbo is back in the fluff.

>> No.53061292

Some of the employees are on Twitter.

>> No.53061293

Maybe they were testing the social media waters with Facebook like they did 8th edition with AoS.

>> No.53061316

He never went away. At worst he was just so deep undercover that we didn't hear about him anymore.

>> No.53061318

>FW units getting new rules for 8th ed is making me seriously consider getting a decimator
>check FW for price
>steep but whatever, I can afford this
>"arms/weapons sold separately"
>close page in disgust

>> No.53061331

Not making your own decimator :^))))

>> No.53061336

Is Guirlyman going to be the new protagonist of 40k? Even though Chaos is supposedly the main antagonist, we haven't gotten anything from their viewpoint since fucking Wrath of Magnus. The entirety of GS could be reduced to 'The Adventures of Celestine, Yvraine and Guilliman'.

>> No.53061338

Welp, I found it pretty useful as an information and news gatherer. On the other hand instagram is in my opinion a piece of shit. I'm following some titty monsters and they can not even post any nudes on instagram - twitter allows that

>> No.53061350

Fuck, any more?

>> No.53061354


Thoughts on his rules? For 25pts it seems like a good choice.

>> No.53061369

And who would these semem demons be?

>> No.53061370

Using him in Kill team tonight. There's going to be a butthurt Venomthrope.

>> No.53061374

Since it appears this editions will focus a LOT on heroes we may soon get some new chaos hero sculpts. Praying for new abaddon myself even though I hate black legion. I just wanna get in on primarch like hype

>> No.53061384

who was the old protagonist of 40k

>> No.53061396

The protagonist of 40k is Your Guys.

>> No.53061411


>> No.53061427

FW is an evil mastermind when it comes to makes more expensive models even more expensive.

>So, you like this unit, and want to be able to swap the weapon options between games ?
>Well too bad sucker, we only sell one of each weapon options in a bundle with three of those models ... and only a single one of them has one of the 5-6 weapon options
>Now pay up, and maybe we won't send your order whith half of the parts as miscasts.

If FW didn't send free replacement parts for the miscasts they send out people would have burned them on the stake a long time ago

>> No.53061433

Well, you've got Gargoyles. They blow, get rid of them. Upgrade those fleshborers to devourers on your Termagants. Consider taking another MC for synapse, or just some warriors.

>> No.53061441


Oh yeah I imagine he'd tear it up something fierce in Kill Team.

>> No.53061442

>Really like Dreadnoughts
>want to get a Leviathan
>46 Pounds
>well that's not so bad for a...
>without weaponry
Well shit. And it's not like he appears in any boxed game, so I could just buy one of those off ebay. Such is life.

>> No.53061463

anastasiya_kvitko and ohgeelizzyp and latex_lucy_official because I'm a fuckin degenerate

>> No.53061465

It's not like 25pts will get you much else, but he's probably getting one pistol shot off and then dying because +1 to cover doesn't make t3 2w all that survivable. Probably best used as a model by popping up out of LOS but within charge range of some vehicle and trying to get a melta bomb on it, other than that the dangerous terrain ability is his best atribute, but it isn't exactly massive.

>> No.53061501

>tfw FW models are mentioned and have rules in 40k books
>AoS units and models are still ignored outside of FW's website

Fucking tired of this shit fampai

>> No.53061510

Not anymore. Named Space Marine Heroes will be the Imperium focus.

>> No.53061522

>there are people here that think eldar, tau, and space marines wont still be the top three

>> No.53061528

MC? Also, thanks for your help

>> No.53061531

All i see is cleavage anon

>> No.53061539

>and you get to keep the books you bought.
Well, if the art/lore in those books are any good, I'd say that's a pretty sweet deal, all things considered.

>> No.53061543

Monstrous Creature.

>> No.53061545

Trash taste on the first one, second maybe if you are into that. Third one could be worst.

But I'll defend your right to have those tastes and for people to freely do this degenerate shit

>> No.53061556

>yfw they're still op, but the meta now consists of Banshees, Terminators, and Vespids/Kroot.

>> No.53061561

I accept that, I just want the gap between them and the bottom-tier to be close enough that good tactics and a bit of luck can make the difference.

>> No.53061571

Would you snuggle a zoanthrope

>> No.53061572

>The mechanics are simple – any units that suffered casualties in a turn must take a Morale test at the end of it. You just roll a D6, add the number of models from the unit that have been slain, and if the number is bigger than the unit’s Leadership, the unit loses the difference in additional models.

I felt a great disturbance in the Warp. As if Millions of Ork Players cried out in rage as their swarms of Boyz were removed from the table for no reason.

>> No.53061575

Oh right lol, was thinking it was tyranid specific

>> No.53061586


>> No.53061592


>> No.53061595

Like it wasn't what already happened in 7th

>> No.53061599

Current mob rules blow ass to begin with, but we can assume they'll have specific rules for Orks.

Or i'm full of shit and orks get none of the buffs they've needed for fucking YEARS now

>> No.53061618

Hey /TG/
Which Space Marine Chapter would John Wick belong in?

>> No.53061622

Pestilent Plague Marine with Blight Grenade

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Is it just me or has chaos completely turned into a Saturday morning cartoon villain at this point? I read Wrath of Magnus hoping that it would be a return to form, and on the tabletop it absolutely was, but... there were two books in the set, and the first book, the bigger book, was a story about how the Thousand Sons invaded Fenris again and lost again. The writers really went through pains to not specify exactly how much both sides lost; I don't remember reading a single statistic or figure about exactly how many Rubricae and Sorcerers were lost vs. how many loyalist marines died. For all we know, this was a story where the Thousand Sons were decimated by the Space Wolves. The story itself read from the perspective of the Imperials, showing them as glorious heroes who all managed to take down scores Rubric Marines before they died. In fact, there was even a particular article where a Space Wolf captain fought his way all the way to a balcony of a silver tower, only to be met by a sorcerer that flung him off with a psychic blast. Guess what happened? He got caught in mid air by a Dark Angel and was let back down to continue fighting. Every single time the Thousand Sons made ANY progress in Wrath of Magnus, they got shut down almost immediately. And again and again the story repeated that narrative in different theaters. Thousand Sons show up, do something imaginative, lose anyway. Even the planet at large managed to defend itself fairly well despite a full-on daemonic incursion. I guess you could say that if one planet in the Galaxy could get away with this it's Fenris, but still. The point is, Chaos has become a joke. Everywhere they show up they just get mowed down, even when a daemon primarch is there. I was SO excited to see Magnus orchestrate the downfall of a planet, but he couldn't even do that.

>> No.53061632

iron hands

he might be of weak flesh but he wipes out his enemies methodically with calm precision

>> No.53061647

>implying Wick would be the most badass hitman the Officio Assassinorum ever produced
Who needs the other temples when this guy can kill an Ork warboss and all of his nobz with an autoquill!

To hell with the Eversors, somebody needs to clone John Wick!

>> No.53061651

Yeah, I bet GW will not give them any modifiers like pic related

>> No.53061655

Fuck i made my Marbo with democharge, and he lost it.

>> No.53061657

It was from the tail end of 3rd through 7th when everything was all just a setting, set 10 seconds to the apocalypse and the fluff just expanded on what was going on at so and so a place at such and such a time rather than tried to tell the whole galavxy as a story. Your guys™ may have made a difference in a small campaign to attack/defend a planet somewhere, and even that's a stretch for a regiment, Tio've, company etc. but they aren't going to shit when that planet is destroyed by the biggest warp storm evar!!!111.

>> No.53061663

Officio Assassinorum, my dude

>> No.53061666

it still hurts

>> No.53061682

It is as if people didn't think to look how AoS handles the battleshock mechanic.

>> No.53061684

I believe your assumptions are correct. And it is a damn shame.

A damn shame!

>> No.53061692

Le orruk and le aeldari memes hurt more

>> No.53061693

>play saturday morning cartoon villain faction
>complain when they act accordingly

>> No.53061696

Considering a lot of the changes (no more i2 in particular) to the rules benefit the Orks, I'd wager the Orks will get a similar effect in the form of a bosspole or just having a Nob leading the mob as is.

>> No.53061704

But the Thousand Sons never had the intention to completely annihilate the Fenris sector and the SW.
They just wanted to cause enough mayhem to teleport their new homeworld from inside the Eye of Terror into the same system as Prospero, their old homeworld. And leave the SW crippled to such an extend that it is doubtfull if they'll ever recover or even avoid extinction

But 'bad guys' going down like orks has generally been a problem in most recent fluff, from GW as well as BL. Guess that it's too hard to write properly about stiff opposition and still make the good guys look competent for them now.

>> No.53061715

Because they are not doing this. 4 pages of rules and a half scroll is to much for them

>> No.53061719

I see no nudes

>> No.53061720

Is Age of Sigmars morale system works liek the proposed 8th, you;d need to have 12 faggots running away before the icon and banner break even.

>> No.53061724

Well more or less all of them use their pistols as their close combat weapon sooo probably a fists successor for accuracy or raven guard for stealth.
Or raptors who get the Stealth and Legendary marksmen

But honestly he's a Vindicare in a suit

>> No.53061741

Boy did stopping and thinking about shit go out of style this year?

>> No.53061748

8th system IS the Age of Sigmar morale system Anon. It's just a copy-paste of AoS battleshock phase and believe me - you are not losing half of your unit after battleshock/morale test.

>> No.53061766

They have to give them something similar i'd imagine, otherwise we'd might as well take the orks out back like an old dog. I'm just curious if my bezerkers will ignore battleshock.

>> No.53061771

Instagram, you can't post genitals.

They are more consistent with their censorship unlike Facebook. Recently a girl posted tits, Facebook removed the picture, later she said she identify as a man. Picture restore. It was a sad and happy day for everyone

>> No.53061775

>order from spellcrow on ebay
>shipping takes forever but arrives on time
>find bag of freebies alongside the products I ordered
God, I love the Poles.
On top of my order of 10 robed bodies and 6 robed legs, I also got a sprue of 4 loinclothes, 4 gravguns, 4 combi-meltas, 2 terminator bodies, 2 jetpacks, and 3 sick-ass space-knight heads.

>> No.53061777

>angry greyfax intensifies

>> No.53061785

The problem is that they always take such massive casualties for achieving their 'secret objectives' (which are never revealed until after the fact which just makes it look like CSM where getting btfo until that point) that it just seems like a bullshit consolation prize for Chaos players not to think they've been squatted.

It's always the same predictable thing. Invade with massive force, get absolutely destroyed by Imperium then the book claims we are still spooky dangerous because muh secret objective.

It gets tiresome fast.

>> No.53061797

Yeah, it's all about half-reading something untill you see something you don't like, followed by jumping to conclusions and screaming like a chimp how terrible it is. And not letting facts, logic, or your own lack of understanding of the subject get in the way of your shit-flinging ofcourse.

>> No.53061801

Nah i checked everything for them

>> No.53061814

Girlyman wants the Eldar chick, Celestine wants the Girlyman.
No one wants Greyfax and she wants to purge that Celestine ass.
She must be having a hard time

Wait a fucking second! Is 8th going to be a Harem anime?!

>> No.53061818

Master of Ambush: After your army deploys, Scouts redeploy and Infiltrators deploy, but
before the roll to Seize the Initiative, Sly Marbo may booby trap three pieces of battlefield
terrain on the table. Each piece of battlefield terrain should be marked with a small marker
to remind both players that it has been booby trapped. Enemy models treat booby trapped
pieces of battlefield terrain as dangerous terrain. Note that having multiple units booby
trap the same piece of battlefield terrain has no additional effect.
>multiple units booby
trap the same piece of battlefield terrain
Wait what? Who can booby trap terrain except for Marbo?

>> No.53061821

You're moaning because GW didn't let you destroy the homeworld of another faction?

>> No.53061824


>> No.53061830

>They have to give them something similar i'd imagine
And they will do Anon. People are bitching that AoS is just "roll to hit/wound" but there are tons of modifiers, abilities and shit. GW will surely copy that as they copied the whole system

>> No.53061832

He's a legendary calidus assassin that uses guns

>> No.53061833

space marine scout bikes

>> No.53061837

For Pussy? Or just tits?

>> No.53061838

Isn't that scout bikes thing as well?

>> No.53061839

more importantly they wanted the space wolves to suffer as they had, they wanted the wolves to see their world burn and their people slaughtered. They wanted retribution.

>> No.53061850


>> No.53061862

Stop posting AoS stuff! You're ruining the fun of watching people bitch about stuff they know nothing about

>> No.53061867

But their booby traps actually deal damage.

>> No.53061872

Depends on what you define as "guerrilla warfare" poses. Pathfinders especially do look really tactical and sneaky posed, which might be the "guerrilla warfare" you're looking for.

>> No.53061882

because dangerous terrain doesn't

>> No.53061885

>But 'bad guys' going down like orks
>going down like orks
>not remembering the Imperium nearly got crushed under the boot(s) of The Beast 'Prime-Orks' in The Beast Arises novels (fucking VULKAN came back, tried to take out the Goff Prime-Ork in single combat, and FAILED)
>Orks didn't have a secret objective, they were just their to WAAAAAAGH! (building a galaxy-spanning empire was just a bonus really)

Saying Chaos goes down like Orks is insulting to Orks. At least you know the greenskins don't have an ulterior motive besides 'Wez gonna stomp you gits good an' proppa'!"

>> No.53061896

The big problem Games Workshop has is that it's terrified of lasting victories for the villains that run the risk of showing up the Space Marines. At best, Xenos/Chaos receive Pyrrhic victories after smashing through a bunch of Imperial Guard/PDF/Sisters of Battle. At worst, they're set up so they can smash through a bunch of Imperial Guard/PDF/Sisters of Battle so they can get their arses handed to them by Space Marines.

Neither Chaos nor Xenos feel like credible threats because there's just so much damn Bolter porn. The rule of the setting has largely been that there is very little that cannot be beaten by the application of men in power armour (so long as they have Aquilias). In universe, this 'could' be balanced around the idea that whilst the Space Marines are brilliant at saving the day, there's just too damn few of them to act as the cavalry EVERYWHERE that needs it... however, it feels like the only worlds of any importance within the Imperium are Terra, Cadia (rip) and founding chapter homeworlds. So whenever we're told "oh no Nurgle's Rot/cultists/Tyranids/Orks destroyed [planet]!" it means nothing, because they're not Terra/Cadia/Macragge/Baal, etc. Hell, even with Fenris they couldn't give Magnus a complete victory, they had to wuss out with "y-yeah, it's corrupted real bad... b-but it's still there! They could probably recover!" just because GW were too spineless to take out a first founding Space Marine homeworld.

Meanwhile, Cadia gets blown up/sucked into the Warp/whatever finally but the actual way it's achieved only serves to make Abbadon look like a total moron. It's only two books later before the Imperium's trump card shows up and that's in the PROLOGUE.

>> No.53061904

>tfw just got my codex refund voucher
Absolute N U T T

>> No.53061910

That is because some moderators think tits are genitals. So people avoid posting them.

>> No.53061923

Gulliman picks yvvraine over celestine because yvvraine is the alpha female, celestine gets drunk as fuck to drown her misery, greyfax tries to comfort her, Lez out ensues


>> No.53061925


I bought a new codex during the voucher period but my LGS doesn't give receipts and now they "can't find" the record of my transaction (I think the dude is just too busy/doesn't want to look it up).

The fuck do I do in this situation?

>> No.53061927

Any Imperial world mentioned in fluff at all has a 50% chance of dieing off in the next three sentences.

>> No.53061944

>GW will surely copy that as they copied the whole system
>copy the whole system
I certainly hope not, since that means one or two factions might be up for an extremely unceremonious squat treatment like the Tomb Kings got. Not even a WHFB fan, but that was just unfair.

>> No.53061957

Anon, I mean they copied whole morale system - not everything.

>> No.53061968

>Guys guys, there's this totally important planet there that we totally knew about all this time !
>Aaaand it's gone. Shame we couldn't save it in time huh.

>> No.53061971

offer to buy another codex if he'll give you the receipts for both.
threaten to report him to the irs for not keeping full and accurate records.

>> No.53061982

You ask the webstore dumbass. Hurry up, there's only a few hours left to do it.

>> No.53061987

>an extremely unceremonious squat treatment like the Tomb Kings got
They are top tier AoS Army

>> No.53061998

I think GW requires a receipt I'm afraid (someone posted before about bank and paypal statements not being accepted). In most countries providing a receipt or bill of sale is a legal requirement, if you have a bank statement you can probably at least work out what days he should be looking at.

>> No.53062020

>Saying Chaos goes down like Orks is insulting to Orks

How? Chaos is more powerful than Orks.
It's insulting to Chaos because Orks are comparatively weak.

>> No.53062035

Orks won the 11th Black Crusade, they tied with chaos regarding victories on those. Unless you coun the GS version of the 13th and not the original result.

>> No.53062065

Sorry Anon, but I don't really see anything funny in such stupid shitposting as the illiterate saltyfags whining

>> No.53062081

Remember the wailing and gnashing of teeth from Imperial players after the Eye of Terror worldwide campaign over a decade ago when the Forces of Disorder actually won? Conspiracy theories sprouted about how the non-Imperials "cheated" or were helped by GW, and then there were some players that simply outright refused to accept the results or tried to argue how the loss was really a win, or at worst a stalemate (despite the black and white in print results in WD by GW declaring the victory for Disorder). And yet there was none of this protesting over every single other worldwide campaign where the Imperium was the declared winner.

The problem right now is all the background fluff and novels have followed the template of initial Chaos/Xenos victories followed by the heroic Space Marines saving the day in the end. Do the opposite, and you will have accusations of the Imperium being the designated punching bag. Follow the template, and we have the issue of the non-Imperial factions being not seen as a real threat, and the expectation that the Imperium is always supposed to win. All the wailing over the Eye of Terror campaign I think stemmed from this inbuilt expectation of inevitable Imperial victory, and then getting a rude awakening.

The solution? I think GW needs to be more even handed in its focus on all the factions so that all factions can have significant victories, not just a one line mention of newly invented random planet being taken. The problem is increasingly GW seems to be vague and impressionistic in their descriptions of battles or even entire campaigns. GW now avoids giving numbers, dates, or other hard data. More and more now it just seems their battles devolve into skirmishes describing unit type A taking out enemy unit B and then enemy unit C taking out unit A, until the special characters move along the plot. The universe as a whole just feels smaller as now it seems only the big special characters matter at all.

>> No.53062160


>> No.53062192


>Only a few units (not factions) will ignore battle shock
>Too many armies ignore the leadership phase

No synapse confirmed

>hey anon I suck GWs cock everyday and I can 100% confirm that GW will do right by you and give you synapse

Like all the other times GW has done right by Tyranids? Since 5th? With no 7th edition codex? GCults being AoC so it's not even a supplement? No Decurion?

>y-y-you haven't seen the rules

I've seen shit Nids rules since 5th.

>New Games Workshop ®©™

Eat my ass

>> No.53062199

I choose the warscroll compendium of the imperial guard.

>> No.53062202

How is that nearly enough to change the fact that large units take proportionately larger battleshock losses after the same amount of casualties?

Unit of 10 marines, Ld 7, say +1 for ten guys and nothing else (unlikely, but for the sake of argument). Take 50% casualties. Take 0/0/0/1/2/3 extra losses due to battleshock, average 1 marine.

Unit of 30 orks, Ld 7 (wildly optimistic), +3 for 30 models (slightly optimistic), take 50% casualties, lose 6/7/8/9/10/11 extra orks to battleshock, average 8.5 orks. With a 6+ save against those losses, reduced to about 7 orks.

Assuming 3 orks = 1 marine, this system inflicts more than twice as much damage on the ork unit. They need a five point Ld advantage and the save and the bonus for large units to break even.

With the rules we've seen so far, orks need to be way cheaper relative to marines than they are now to compensate for this. Like four ork per marine.

Now, I think it is possible for that to happen or for GW to realise what they have done and give a better bonus to large units (e.g. use unit size instead of Ld if that is better) at least for some armies. But from what we've seen, it's not looking good for large model-count armies.

>> No.53062212

Can we at least all agree that Ynnari fluff is pretty damn cool?

>> No.53062224

SW:A pdf/epub when?

>> No.53062238

No, nothing past 3rd is cool. Get over it.

>> No.53062239

They have their own general
It's there

>> No.53062246

>How is that nearly enough to change the fact that large units take proportionately larger battleshock losses after the same amount of casualties?
It's just one of many examples.

>> No.53062247

At their general. It is another game and /tg/ loves to have general for everything

>> No.53062257

Thank you kind sirs

>> No.53062265


so what? nids propaply going to have moral 10 like undead or daemons in AoS.

cry harder.

>> No.53062268

What's a good ranged weapon for a techmarine?

>> No.53062279

I agree with almost everything you say, especially the last paragraph. It feels more like a wrestling league than a WARhammer game, everything is described like a skirmish no matter the size. I could fairly easily make a "fight template" that would work for every action in a recent campaign from a squad skirmish to a planetary campaign.

I will remark that not every Imperial player plays Marines and supports all the wank, though. I play Admech, and although they're technically a seperate nation we get rolled into Imperium. I would personally have us lose battles outright and win battles outright to winning an endless string of bland victories as the Marine's bitchboys #23423. Let the brave Skitarii march singing into the jaws of a Warp Rift, let them get ground down and the Forge World fall to Chaos or Orks or Deldar and have them spit oil in Death's eye. Then have them assault a Tau Sept or Craftworld and burn through the defenders the same way, not just "A fragment of Space Marine Chapter irrelevant saved the entire Forge World of X/Won this war against the Eldar with the slight assistance from an ENTIRE ADMECH FLEET OF MILLIONS. Space Marines being present in any way locks the battle into one predictable path, and not only destroys the enemies credibility but also that of the Marine's allies, since we just look incompetent at all times and are barely mentioned. I suspect a lot of Knight, Inquisition and Guard players feel the same way, and others.

>> No.53062292

>GW will do right by Tyranids

Like they did since 5th?

>> No.53062295

I like the concept and they haven't done anything obviously retarded with them so far as I know, but I tried reading the GS books and I just had to give up. Literally just pages and pages of shitty battle scenes and terrible writing. Honestly, all the modern GW stuff seems to be just shat out by someone who swallowed a thesaurus.

>> No.53062300

What Yvraine being a literal Mary Sue and casually doing shit everyone tought possible without having a single flaw to her character?


>> No.53062313

servo-harness or conversion beamer

>> No.53062315

Weren't they good before?

>> No.53062317

That's my problem with all of eldar in general, they are Fucking untouchable EVERYTIME

>> No.53062326

was yriel's spear some dillion years old godlike weapon

>> No.53062327

When a character has thousands of years to develop, every good character is going to be a Mary Sue. There were times in Yvraine's past when she wasn't Mary Sue.

>> No.53062339

In 4th before Cruddance wrote two shit Nid codexes but wrote the leaf blower meta mysteriously

What a coincidence.

Guess who's one of the leading core rulebook writers for 8th Edition?

>> No.53062340

To each their own but if someone was running around shouting that the sky is yellow, would that bother you? You know that it's clearly blue so who cares what they think

>> No.53062342

> tfw when Eldrad, the greatest Farseer who should be fucking untouchable, gets fucked in Death Masque

>> No.53062369

>my souless npc army that serves as fodder for marines doesnt have good rules

>> No.53062370

yeah but
ranged weapon

>> No.53062382


>> No.53062383

I've lost count the times Eldrad has die in the lore.

>> No.53062386

No, it isn't an example at all. It's a unit which is worse at handling battleshock than a smaller unit with the same overall durability. If there is a single unit in AoS which can manage battleshock better than a unit which is smaller but proportionally tougher, then post that as an example. Don't post a unit which doesn't achieve the goal and then say that you've got lots more of them so we shouldn't worry about whether it actually works or not.

>> No.53062388

>Any Imperial world mentioned in fluff at all has a 50% chance of dieing off in the next three sentences.
>Armageddon is on War #3 and it's somehow not dead yet
Seriously, the thing has tanked an Angron-led invasion of Chaos, and just got done with/is still on Ghazghkull WAAAGH! number 2.

Unless Gathering Storm ends with Armageddon exploding (extremely unlikely given SW:A), that planet has some adamantium-level plot armor protecting it from doom.

>> No.53062390

It's one of the Crone Swords I think.

>> No.53062393

should also add that it's dark angels so I dont get nice things like convo beamers

>> No.53062395

>every single other worldwide campaign where the Imperium was the declared winner
you what?

There's been three global campaigns, and none of them have resulted in an imperial victory short of EoT's space-based campaign.

>> No.53062409

does it mean anything in current lore? is yriel going to come and save the day and destroy abaddon's last horcrux with it?

>> No.53062419

Screw that, someone commission a hentai artist!

>> No.53062433

Eye of Terror, Medusa and? I don't recall another one might be because I didn't play it.

>> No.53062446

>implying a thing called armageddon is going to experience an armageddon

>> No.53062450

>nids propaply going to have moral 10

So what? Leadership 10 still means you take more losses from battleshock than marines if you have two-three times the models. 12-15 might be enough, but 10 isn't.

>> No.53062459

He could be writing Imperial guard or something we dont know which book he is writing anon.

>> No.53062475

That's because it's an important planet in-universe, what with the three wars being fought there, da profit of da WAAAAGH!!! dicking around there and a rather popular IG regiment being from there.
It's not just planet whatever in sector litterallyjustmadeup.

>> No.53062491

No one realizes that Nids will have a 0 armor from any kind of shooting

>> No.53062492

planets are overrated, moons' where it's at

>> No.53062501


oh noes, some models are going to run.

better than your whole fuckin unit running from the board.

>> No.53062526

weak pathetic fools can't let go of their safe space fearlessness :'(

>> No.53062528

Did you figure in things like Boss Pole adding +2 LD and the Rule to let them roll for every guy who loses combat to strait up return to battle on a 6?

Two rules everyone is pretty much guessing that Orks will get?

So let's recrunch that math because you do have some errors.
10 marines LD 7 Lose 50% unit by the end of the turn. They don't get the +1 LD because there is less than 10 guys. so 5+d6. So 0/0/1/2/3/4

30 Orks with LD 5 (if their stats have been anything at all in the past like Fantasy Orcs), +2 for a boss pole. They lose 15 boys. They get a +1LD for being at 10+ so their effective Leadership is 8. so dice +7
Which means 8/9/10/11/12/13
On a 6+ the Nob can bitch slap some sense back into them and they return to battle. So...
So if 3 orks = 1 Marine that means yes they are losing proportional more on a lower moral check, but less on a higher moral check.

>> No.53062532

Are you retarded?

Nids never ran. Inside of the snypase bubble they had fearless. Nid players played to protect their synapse and the enemy played to destroy it.

Now it doesn't matter.

>> No.53062544

It doesnt? how do you know?

>> No.53062545

they did run

also bitches don't remember losing combat as fearless melting your horde squads away

>> No.53062546

You need to take into calculation that the larger groups maybe are not that easily reduced to 50%
One battlecannon for example easily squishes the marines, but maybe take out 7-10 gaunts or whatever. We just dont know yet

>> No.53062551

Math is off, because bonus for large unit probably counts remaining models. So average 1.7 casualties for marines and 9.5 for orks, which is less bad (proportionately). Orks now take a little under twice the points loss that marines do to BS (assuming 3 orks : 1 marine).

Still inherently bad for large units, but maybe bearable if there is a significant bonus rule in play. Only need about +4 to +5 Ld relative to marines to cope, instead of +6.

>> No.53062562

We had a bubble of fearless, unlike the Marines, which we had to protect our snypase or auto lose the game.

Now we just auto lose the game.

Marines will never suffer enough losses with universal 3+ and min squad units and Ld 7 to lose but 2 models per game. Nids have 6 and 5 up armors and will constantly be losing models.

>> No.53062592

They never ran.

It didn't matter that your horde squad got melted. 99% of the time it was doing damage and tar pitting a much more expensive opponent.

Good thing the proxismed terminators are fighting 20 gaunts.

>> No.53062618

>b-but she wasn't in the past!
First off, I don't care it's still shit writing. Second, by that logic Abbadon, Ghazkull, Kharn and all those fun guys should be infallible mary sues too yet they aren't.

>> No.53062620

I would say calm down, but the man child is working on the core rules. So I expect Nids to get fucked again

>> No.53062639

>too many armies ignore leadership phase
>only a few units will ignore battle shock
>every bit of Nid rules since 5th edition
>Cruddance is in a leading role now

But you're right. New Games Workshop©®™

>> No.53062642

Oh no Synapse as I know it is changing! The world is ending. Tyranids won't be any good because Synapse doesn't grant fearless but something like +1 leadership for every Synapse model in the Synapse network with this unit.

Or Units in Synapse who fail a Moral check take d3 mortal wounds instead of losing models.

Or Units with Synapse may use any other allied model with Synapse to measure distance for any of their abilities, including Psychic powers.

>> No.53062646

Err... that +2 only applies in close combat range. Doesn't help when most of your casualties are coming from shooting.

Also, you say
>proportional more on a lower moral check, but less on a higher moral check
...as if it was averaging about even. But five out of six rolls result in orks losing more.

>> No.53062653

they did run

>> No.53062659

Warm Soapy water and a toothbrush will get it off. You're welcome.

>> No.53062682

>Games Workshop will do right by Tyranids

Like they did in 5th and 6th edition with Cruddance? Like with all the garbage supplements since 5th edition? Like with that awesome 7th edition Tyranids Codex that never existed? Like when they changed GCults to AoC from BB

>m-muh New Games Workshop

>> No.53062684

And Chaos still got fucked on Luna.

>> No.53062685

only one check per turn at the end of turn so you'll get to charge and fight before losing models, right?

>> No.53062700


Anons, please! You're all pretty.

Fact is: We don't know what's in store for any faction in 8e save the few tidbits we saw about Space Marines, and acting like the sky is falling over rampant speculation is a waste of time and energy. All we can do now is wait (unfortunately).

Save your anger for when the rules DO come and it turns out that nids end up even MORE fucked than they were before.

>> No.53062712

With charge rules not changing and shooting and overwatch getting overwhelmingly better I dare you to get into combat.

>> No.53062733

wrong on all counts

>> No.53062744

How do you Auto lose the game? IB is probably going away. Which means even if your dudes are out of Synapse now they just lose their Mitigator for battleshock.

>> No.53062746

Another day, another bowl ful of nidfag tears.

>> No.53062754

>1 book
>using Celestine

Anon, you fucked up.

>> No.53062756

Oh I'm sorry.

Yes enjoy your +1" to charge assault armies. This is all that separated shooting from being OP in 7th. You know you could have beat Tau 10/10 times if only you had an extra inch every game.

Please. Unlimited overwatch? Firing out of combat with pistols?

>> No.53062775

To be honest, between sweeping advance and mob rule, that already happened in 7th.

>> No.53062805

>GW will do right by Orks

Like all those other times? Oh wait you're sucking New Games Workshop dick

>> No.53062818

The point is you don't know what's happening with Synapse. It's probably not going away as horde armies seem to get ways to mitigate Battleshock losses. Plus, remember balancing shit wasn't just done by one guy but a whole fucking team of experts on breaking shit. The guys GW cringes at when they find yet another broken combo they never intended or thought up or discovered with their 10 year old studio armies.

So this wasn't just internally play tested. I won't say you'll become the horrors from beyond you were back in 3e/4e that made me cower in fear and pray for bug spray; but you'll be better than you were before. Hell in CC your going to be pants shitting terrifying again.

>> No.53062859

Unlimited overwatch. Declair change on a Unit. Only that unit gets to overwatch, not all the ones around it.

I'm not worried. But I play CC Chaos Marines, Horde, Nids just need one little gaunt to get into 1" of an enemy, then the rest can come pouring in.

>> No.53062866

Maybe he added the Celestine page to his IA book.
Is not hard to make one book

>> No.53062872

Cruddance is apart of this "balancing team" in a big way.

I don't trust his judgment on balancing Nids in anyway shape or form

>> No.53062881

No he's giving evidence that there is a very high chance Orks aren't going to suck, and move from Ork tier to Mid-Mid tier, to High tier in skilled hands.

>> No.53062895

New Thread?

>> No.53062898

And I have years worth of real book written evidence that Orks and Nids will suck.

>> No.53062908

>The guys GW cringes at when they find yet another broken combo they never intended or thought up or discovered with their 10 year old studio armies
I find that hard to believe, shit like Ynnari is broken without any sort of complicated combo.

>> No.53062922

Yeah but so are teams from Adepticon, and LVO who love 'Nids so even if he's a part he's only one cog out of 50.

>> No.53062937

And half the reason it is as broken as it is...they tested it on armies that were following 10 year old meta.

>> No.53062944

Last pile of 7e vomit that will be meaningless in few months anyway. They should have gone full anime on their rules just to fuck with people more.

>> No.53062996

Hence the reason the sought out help from the WAACfags for 8th

>> No.53063021

you know I'm going to laugh when you have to spend 40-50 points to get Soulburst and it's likely nerfed.

>> No.53063120

Keep your degenerate anime shit out of 40k. A proper western lewd comic is another matter, and would be entirely acceptable

>> No.53063132

Anon please stop embarrassing yourself. You are a weeboo fanboy once you post here.

>> No.53063149

You've clearly never played as marines. Losing one marine is like losing two of any other infantry

>> No.53063169

>not a Mary sue
>have been btfo multiple times but are still somehow alive

>> No.53063178

I tought you had to be obsessed with Japan to be a weeb. Anime is not degenerate, (((pornography))) is.

>> No.53063195

So, what? We're just going to pretend like pre-5th tyranids didn't exist?

>> No.53063196

>Keep your degenerate anime shit out of 40k.

>> No.53063224

That's not how 4chan works, especially /tg/. Cause by your logic were all Furries and bronzes too right? Fuck off weeb

>> No.53063225

rumors dropping

– Assault 2d6”, multiple units
– Split fire: any unit can target as many targets as they want
– Normally the unit don’t have to target the nearest unit, but there are lots of abilities that have this restriction
– Invulnerable saves simply ignore armour penetration up to the given value. They are not that common, wave serpents and Canoptek wraiths have one
– Most power fields, etc. are separate saves that are taken in addition to other saves just like FnP of today, they may or may not ignore mortal wounds on a case by case basis
– Dodges, camos, etc are now to hit modifiers
– Characters cannot join units
– Characters can only be targeted if nearest target or within 12”
– Larger models are seldom characters, Gulliman is not for example
– Deepstriking units can be placed anywhere. Every unit with deep strike has a value. Have to beat it to land on target, otherwise opposing player can move unit the rolled distance
– There are no mishaps anymore
– Overwatch shooting against deep striking units within 9” at -1 BS
– Summoning is not a psychic ability anymore, normal deep striking with psyker as homing beacon instead
– There are spells that replenish or add wounds to demon squads
– Most vehicles have a single attack with high S, but no AP, some have considerably more like the battle waggon
– Vehicles and units fighting against vehicles usually can fall back without penalty, they cannot move in the charge phase when they have moved or shot in the same turn. Most walkers don’t have this rule


>> No.53063243

Anon, we already know it. At least post them in new thread

>> No.53063245

– Terrain enhances armour in assault phase for the defender, or both in consecutive turns, is negated by grenades
– Assaulting units get +1 attack
– Vertical movement does not count against the allowance but a model cannot go higher than the movement value in a given phase. Lots of exceptions for jumping, flying, etc. of course
Ranges are measured on the ground level from base or model to base or model, whichever is nearer
– Units are deployed within 3” of a transport, cannot move, but can charge in the charge phase
– No more firing from a transport, though some vehicles, especially open topped ones have extra firing points weapons if they transport enough (and sometimes eligible) models. But they use their own BS and the kind of weapon is fixed. For example Raiders have 5 fire point splinter rifles, but only if they transport kabalite warriors
– No challenges
– Hidden power fists viable again, wound allocation by owning player, any model in squad, but wounded ones first
– There are some precision weapons that let the firing player choose the wound allocation (always or on a 6)
– Units have always the same T and Save now. There are some models that have T- Sv – and adapt like drones and grots, most of the other combined units have matchings stats now, Black templar neophytes have a 3+ now, for whatever reason
– Command points allow to reroll saves, hits, wounding or charge distance, reroll any single dice throw, negate all terrain in 12” of one of your models, alter the attack sequence, boost psychic block rolls, allow additional reserves and allow units to get another charge phase after wiping out an enemy
– There are some models like Ghazghkull that have their own abilities that are triggered by command points
– perils of the warp: snake eyes on the test, d6 on table, d3 mortal wounds and losing a spell are the worst cases

>> No.53063259

– Player can spend command points to choose who goes first instead of rolling, whoever spends more
– Matched games have a fixed number of turns, 5 or 6 rounds depending on mission, 18” is starting range and turn 1 charges are completely legal
– Reserves are not random, except for rounding: second turn half the units are deployed, third turn half of the remaining, fourth turn rest
– Flyers have an individual to hit modifier, mostly -2 or -3, a 6 is always a hit as usual, depends on the flying mode for flyers that have more than one
– Flyers are affected by heavy weapon malus, but most flyer weapons are assault,
flyer weapons have often a shorter range and a different name, but are otherwise identical to their ground counterparts
– Terrain does not influence movement distance per se. Some citadel terrain pieces half the movement or do other things.
– There are no warzone rules in the core rules
– True line of sight is used to establish line of sight to a model, but otherwise models count in or out of cover depending if they are in a piece of terrain or if they are touching it and the firing – line goes through the terrain
– In matched play, models have a fixed base size specified in the General’s Handbook. In the two other game types, they can use any base they want


>> No.53063271

>Overwatch shooting against deep striking units within 9” at -1 BS
Laughing Tau.jpg

>> No.53063286

New thread when?

>> No.53063287

You know this is the first time I think I've seen it in art but I think this really highlights just how stupid the current marine pose is.

>> No.53063288

um...um....um... Anon are you saying we're not all Furry-Weeaboos here?

>> No.53063304

seen this same thing, my mate who was a playtester (won't tell me anything other than that the new edition is good) says it's mostly wrong.

>> No.53063311

Nobody gonna talk about Sly Marbo? Wished they would give 8th edition rules as well but sly marbo man

>> No.53063323

Beat in numerous duels in the bowels of the conqueror, then lost to Loken, then died on Terra, and was being outfought by Abbadon before a Bloodthirster intervened.

Being saturday morning cartoon villains is not a good thing.

>> No.53063334

They took away his demo charge, he's mostly just pay 25pts, booby trapp some shit now.

>> No.53063337

>it's the original TV version and not the rebuildshit color layout
wtf i LOVE tau now

>> No.53063353

That's Eldar...

>> No.53063360

Is it? I can't tell all these stupid mecha derivatives apart.

>> No.53063380

ironical shitposting is still shitposting

>> No.53063387

That's Eldar mate.
Tau are Appleseed.

>> No.53063411

Fuck off

Huh, so that's how Tau suits work.

>> No.53063463

I wish GW had the right artists to really ham up the late 80s/early 90s qualities of the Tau.

>> No.53063522

>paint a model for the first time in years
>Fuck It All Up
How to not be shit?

>> No.53063529

Does this look like the WIP thread to you?

>> No.53063565

Thin your paint with blood.

>> No.53063637

Only do this if painting Berzerkers.
If painting Noise Marines use semen, if painting Plague marines use piss and if painting Thousand Sons use brain fluid.

If not painting chaos just use water.

>> No.53063679

You mean

>if painting grey knights use the blood of some sisters of battle

>> No.53063750

Matt Ward plz go

>> No.53063756


Next level shitposts here.

>> No.53063969

I don't know, he sounds super fun.
If he would have had It will not die it would have been even more hilarious

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