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Magic: The Gathering Modern General (Competitive Discussion)

This thread is for the competitive discussion of the modern format. Kitchen table discussion is not welcome, but they don't read OPs anyway.

>Metagame thoughts?

> http://mtgtop8.com/format?f=MO

> http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/modern

Weekly Modern Metagame:

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skred red

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GB tron
nothing at the moment
>Metagame thoughts?
It's alright
Unbanned eye & ban temple.

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skred red
>Metagame thoughts?
aggro pushed out a lot of neeto brews
can't think of any rn, format is still young with amonkhet, as foretold stuff might change things

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Tron is cancer
>As Foretold
Lol control babbies at my LGS showed up with that and proceeded to 1-3 as they generally do

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Do you guys see any future to a U/R counterburn deck with Curious Homunculus, Guttersnipe and Insult//Injury?
Insult//Injury deals 12 damage to face if you cast both parts with Guttersnipe on board.

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>This thread is for the competitive discussion of the modern format.

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Living End
>Metagame thoughts?
Living End got a shit ton of new tools from Amonkhet and looks to be able to finally move in on the format
No reason to ban or unban anything right now, there's a healthy amount of viable decks

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It's 10 damage since Guttersnipe's effect will resolve before Insult. Even then they're gonna kill Guttersnipe, or you, before you have a chance to do your 9 mana wombo combo.

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>tron is cancer

Oh boy, this discussion again. Can't wait!

>metagame thoughts
People need to stop whining about tron and get gud
I'd like to see stoneforge unbanned, just to see what happened

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>pushes fair decks out
>promotes linear aggro
>no good way to hate it out
>not cancer

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Almost finished naya burn
Not brewing but considering going from naya to boros just to run a playset of lightning helix. But green gives destructive revelry so idk
>Metagame thoughts
Loving it
Ban karn because fuck tron.
Urban bbe because it'd be funny.

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/tg/ modern tournament when

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>>53044769 (OP)
Mono green devotion
Panharmoncon jank
>Metagame thoughts?
I just started. Tron is annoying but it's only 10% of my lgs
I have no idea.

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>no good way to stop Tron
>only strategy that can beat them is playing extremely fast aggro like Burn and Affinity
>sets a ceiling on the format, you have to go super low to the ground and beat them before they assemble their free win manabase
>even the decks that prey upon Tron/Cancer are starting to fall short with all the new goodies that were printed that slot into it
Hopefully Harsh Mentor can push it back down again but we'll have to see. Tron is the most degenerate cancerous deck in the format though, its not even hard to get it online either despite what babbies will tell you. If you start with even 1 piece in hand and a map you'll easily have it turn 4, two of the lands in hand can almost assure a turn 3 tron since between map and sylvan scrying thats 8 ways to find the other land not counting just naturally drawimg into it, then all you need is one of the many dumb payoff cards in hand and you are assured a win. I saw a game where a competent Jund player kept a good hand in the blind, his opponent was on Tron and didnt cast a single spell the entire game until turn 4 where he cast ONE fucking Ugin and won the game off that and no other spells.

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Official unban tier lists

>Should Tier:
Green Sun's Zenith
Splinter Twin

>Could/Maybe Should Tier:
Dark Depths
Birthing Pod
Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Punishing Fire
Second Sunrise
Stoneforge Mystic
Umezawa's Jitte
Gitaxian Probe

>No Tier:
Artifact Lands
Blazing Shoal
Chrome Mox
Dig Through Time
Dread Return
Eye of Ugin
Glimpse of Nature
Golgari Grave-Troll
Mental Misstep
Rite of Flame
Seething Song
Sensei's Divining Top
Summer Bloom
Treasure Cruise

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Fuck off. You don't speak for everyone. Especially with this pants on head tier list

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How can you live being so incredibly wrong?

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Not an argument

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>should maybe
>dark depths
>second sunrise
How's that extra chromosome treating ya bucko?

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Never happening
>Splinter Twin
Should but this would mean them admitting to a mistake so it wont
Would be fine, might give normal Jund a resurgence. This is the most plausible unban and the one id like to see most.
>Dark Depths
Without meaningful land destruction or disruption this should stay banned. Its not the most broken thing on the list but its a strategy that is hard to fight.
>Birthing Pod
Not sure about this one
Yeah hes probably fine, a 4 mana walker isnt gonna make control good suddenly especially since tapping out turn 4 for a brainstorm or fateseal can easily be a death sentence against the aggressive decks in the format
>Punishing Fire
Would like to see this but I feel like its giving Jund way too much power. Maybe.
>Second Sunrise
No. Stupid 30 minute turn combo decks are annoying and unfun to sit across from. This can stay banned forever.
>Umezawa's Jitte
Way too good, completely warps the meta around it if it becomes legal. Never ever.
Another no, gives too many free wins and takes the skill out of the game.

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Saying, "Not an argument," is not an argument. Also, there's nothing to argue. That post was just objectively wrong.

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Not an argument.

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Id be fine with Blazing Shoal and Rite of Flame

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Then you have no idea what you're talking about

>> No.53046332

This... Is a good idea.

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Blazing Shoal is for Infect which is completely dead atm anyways. Rite of Flame is just because I want to play a Blood Moon deck thats actually decent.

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>Using cockatrice when Xmage exists

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U/W Merfolk
Esper Delver, and if that fails, some form of Gifts
Some form of Death and Taxes, or maybe it will just turn into hatebears. Too Early to tell
>Metagame thoughts?
Control still sucks but i think the key is with decks like lantern and other Chalice decks. I would build Sun and Moon if i wasn't retarded and traded off almost all of my shocks
Unban: Preordain, Second Sunrise. Maybe Glimpse and Twin if you're feeling crazy enough
Ban: SSG, Street Wraith, Ancient Stirrings
It doesn't matter though anyway because these changes will never happen anyway

Question for the thread though:
>What card sucks in modern that you really want to play with?
For me it's Gifts Ungiven

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Too slow

>> No.53046407

What? The is the first I hear of this. If the opponent doesn't know how to skip worth a shit, then yeah no shit, same is true for MODO. That's why I host games at a 15min time limit.

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Ahahahaha no. Xmage is so vastly superior it's not even funny.

>> No.53046480

Why don't people run Heroic Intervention in Elves sideboard? It seems like the perfect answer to any sweeper the opponent sided in

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Ill play on Xmage. If we can get at least 6 people. Practice is always good.

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>sets a ceiling on the format

I'm sorry, your durdley bullshit flavor of the week deck will never be good even if you had tron banned. Aggro is good because, surprise surprise, killing your opponent quickly is generally a good idea.

>> No.53046547

>Which card sucks that you want to play with?
Blood Moon, everyone says its an amazing card but the decks built around it suck ass

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NuGideon is going to warp the format such that only tron or it are passable decks.

Eventually wizards will realize this, and ban tron, because it's keeping the truly good control decks that could fight gideon tribal out of the format

And finally, modern will be diverse and perfect.

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Plus the small servers are usually never laggy

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I play aggro so that argument doesnt work. It does set a ceiling on the format, decks like Abzan and Jund literally cannot beat Tron except through extreme luck.

>> No.53046585

So we have two so far, can we get at least two more?

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>Birthing Pod


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>Other (Pls post) 1 vote

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>Abzan and Jund literally cannot beat Tron except through extreme luck.

What? Why doesn't everyone play tron and aggro then? Why does anyone even bother with control or midrange?

>> No.53046656

>inb4 b-but theres sideboard cards that you may not even see that dont actually stop them like Ghost Quarter and Ceremonious Rejection!
Only SB card that beats them is recurred Fulminators or Crumble and good luck getting to 4 lands for Crumble while they exile your lands with Karn.

>> No.53046664

Man do I love playing the Tron vs Junk matchup

>> No.53046696

RUG delver is the best blood moon deck. Don't let jerks tell you the deck is bad either

>> No.53046721

They don't. Do you even play modern? Most decks are tron variants are aggressive strategies

>> No.53046724

Rite of flame would push storm over the edge, never gonna happen. Just be happy with your turn to blood moons

>> No.53046781

Not on modo, but plenty of people play both jund and abzan at my shop

>> No.53046804

Because Jund/Abzan have good matchups against the aggro decks and a lot of combo like Scapeshift/Ad Nauseam thanks to hand disruption. Tron s not the only deck you'll play against but going up against it is an assured loss usually which is bullshit since it wasnt about skill it was about being matched against a deck like that, that preys on slower decks while also having decent game against everything else.
Ill elaborate on this further by saying that you can tune/make a deck to beat another deck usually, theres a guy at my LGS that has a hateboner for Burn and builds decks to beat it, but this comes at a cost of making your deck worse in the other matchups, notably in this example he generally wins against Burn because he has so many main and sideboard cards to fight it, however he usually never makes top 8 because he loses to every non Burn matchup because his decks arent constructed with a wide array of answers, the only answers he has are to Burn. With Tron this is not the case, the deck has a 90-10 win rate against any non fast aggro deck and still has game against Aggro thanks to chalice. Its a catch all deck that completely invalidates certain strategies because if you cant win before Ugin or Karn comes down then you cant win at all.

>> No.53046876

It costs a lot of money to switch. As the cost decreases (due to media format, such as Modo or xMage), the presence of tron jumps up huge amounts.

>> No.53046911

sfm won't be format warping but it may make non-green decks playing white better. If there's any problem it would be junk.

>Being this retarded two threads in a row

>> No.53046913

>Jund/Abzan have good matchups against the aggro decks and a lot of combo like Scapeshift


As someone who plays Jund and Titanshift, this is bullshit. Titanshift is a borderline unwinnable matchup

>> No.53046918

>the deck has a 90-10 win rate against any non fast aggro deck
This is a complete embellishment. I've been playing Esper Control for years and Tron is 70-30 in their favor at worst. It's closer to 50-50 now that they don't run Eye/Emrakul. I know it's harder for decks without Path and counterspells, but it's not completely unwinnable.

>> No.53046939

Basically Tron has no opportunity cost to having such a strong late game, there is no downside to playing cards that absolutely rape slower fair decks like All is Dust or Ugin other then a slight disadvantage against Aggro decks thats being shored up by Chalice. The reason I and most people have an issue with this is that it takes the player skill out of Magic, getting paired against Tron may as well just be recieving a game loss. It makes the game less about studying matchups, practicing, and playing tight and more about "Who did I get matched up with tonight?"

>> No.53046951

So assuming what you said is true, what exactly is the problem? Modern, regardless of what you play, is a pretty fast format. Doesn't some deck have to be the "cap" on the format? Even if you ban tron, something else will take its place and become hated, no?

>> No.53047011

Read this: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/metagame/modern#online

Affinity: 9%

Eldrazi Tron: 6%

Dredge: 6%

Storm: 5.5%

Burn: 5%

Death's Shadow: 5%

Notice anything?

All the decks in the 5%+ Range are either Tron, or fast aggro/combo.

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>getting paired against Tron may as well just be recieving a game loss

Ah, so you're butthurt *and* bad. You make it sound like tron has a 90% win rate against the field, which it doesn't. Good luck out there kid.

>> No.53047021

No, the deck that goes the tallest in the format after Tron would be decks like Abzan or UW control playing stuff like Elspeth Suns Champion, but they have to have 6 lands in play to cast her not three. Tron should be banned for the same reason cloudpost is, fast mana is unhealthy for Modern. Karn is fair at 7 mana not at 3.

>> No.53047034

Not him, but my problem with tron is that by design, it is unfair and protected. Wizards, for retarded reasons, refuses to print good nonbasic land destruction. Wizards, for greedy as fuck reasons, refuses to print good planeswalker removal. Tron takes advantage of both of these, and as a combo deck, doesn't have to deal with removal as much as any other combo deck. If we got a wasteland reprint, or a Price of Progress reprint, or From the Ashes, or Ruination, I'd probably be fine with Tron.

>> No.53047053

Wait people are playing Storm again? What changed?

>> No.53047060


There are a number of decks that bukkake tron (affinity comes to mind), but any slightly more reactive deck is fighting up such a steep hill based on the completely undisruptable combo tron is able to assemble.

If you can't see that you might be a tron-baby.

>> No.53047076

Shadow is falling out of grace somewhat, which was a bad MU

>> No.53047086

Not butthurt, I play Burn so getting paired against Tron is usually just a free win, but again it doesnt feel good because it feels like getting a free win just for sitting down and getting paired against a certain deck, it doesnt feel like a battle like a matchup against Jund, Deaths Shadow, or Affinity can be. Overall id be fine with less free wins if it meant that Modern as a whole was healthier , even if my deck takes a dip in meta share because its "prey" is banned out id be fine with that.

>> No.53047094

Coupled with the fact that theres barely any decent ld and no playable pw removal outside of dreadbore in modern. And other than crumble to dust or LD+surgical theres no good lines.

kek that cherrypicking
>t. Tron

>> No.53047103

Combo shits on tron if it makes you feel better

>> No.53047136

No it doesn't. Tron is the best combo deck in the format.

>> No.53047161

Death's Shadow was super fringe last time I played Storm.

Just looking at some lists online it looks like you get eight copies of Goblin Electromancer now and Gifts is a four-of which seems weird.

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File: 28 KB, 600x400, Antitronkiddies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53047176

Modern is "who did I get matched against tonight: the format."
If you want things like player skill to be a factor then play a better format.

>> No.53047179

The new baral storm is much more resilient than old ascendancy lists, you get the ability to play a guy and go off at nearly instant speed, without the opportunity for a lot of counter play.

>> No.53047202


If by durdle you mean play creatures at 3+ cmc and spells that aren't hard counterspells, then yes, let me durdle.

>> No.53047206

Sadly, there is no better format besides commander, which is currently full of autistics who will argue that whatever beats them isn't casual enough.

Thanks sheldon! I'm seriously considering just ditching MTG, it's pretty dated at this point.

>> No.53047209

Theres nothing durdley about playing the best beaters and hand disruption in the format and then losing to a turn 3 Karn because your deck wasnt packing enough Lava Spike effects.

>> No.53047232

I dont feel this is the case, theres a lot of player skill involved in some of the top matches like Jund, Abzan, Burn, Affinity, Scapeshift , Storm, and Company decks

>> No.53047240

>Sadly, there is no better format besides commander

Try legacy or even the new standard.

Legacy is super open RN due to the banning, and standard has a playable mono-blue control deck.

>> No.53047247

Honestly if they ban cards for not being fun to play against they should ban tron. Just being objective. I don't actuality care

Honestly, nobody sits across from tron and thinks, oh boy this is going to be a fun and interesting game of magic in about to play.

>> No.53047290

Just Thoughtseize the Karn lmao

>> No.53047346

Lol and then they drop Ugin and literally win off a turn 4 play and nothing else
Or they topdeck another Karn and slam that and start controlling the board state like a true control deck :)

>> No.53047356

Hurrrr I flip over my combo on turn 3 and instawin. Might as well just roll a die, would probably be just as skill-intensive.

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It's not prevalent in north america as much, but the card does see play in some sideboards. It's decent/10.

What's your guys honorable mention picks from this set?
KLD for me was Gonti, AER I'd have to say Kari.

I'm sorta drawn to this card, like is it powerful enough as is? Why couldn't it have deathtouch and less power? Does it even need it?
And yet it still seems like shit.

I just want to play it with Devoted Druid and Finks and CoCos as a 1of young peezy snek lady...

>> No.53047406

Yep. Checks out. You're retarded.

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File: 196 KB, 549x354, 13352160456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Hurrrr I flip over my combo on turn 3 and instawin. Might as well just roll a die, would probably be just as skill-intensive.
You have never played with or against a Melira deck.

Pure shitposting at its finest.

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File: 8 KB, 242x200, 1492968179454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's another "ban tron" thread

>> No.53047437

Sorry for your inability to understand context. If you muster both of your brain cells you may be able to piece together who that was in imitation of, CoCoshitter.

>> No.53047481

Really? Literally the last deck I played at FNM the guy just cast CoCo off one of his mana dorks and flipped over all three pieces. Really stimulating, skill intensive magic there.

>> No.53047486

>Deck X being bad against matchup Y
>Deck Y should be banned

Yup, /tg being bad as usual.

>> No.53047491

Awe, did you put that paragraph together all by yourself? So precious

>> No.53047503


I think the MU would be fun if modern actually had good hate for lands.


Yeah imagine that. It's almost like a good amount of players think it's cancer and format warping. But that probably doesn't mean anything.

>> No.53047512

CoCo only gets two creatures. Fuck off to whatever hole you crawled out of

>> No.53047513

We'll probably have this discussion every day until wotc reprints wasteland.

>> No.53047529

>it feels like getting a free win just for sitting down and getting paired against a certain deck

Gee, it's like if we are playing any competitive format ever? And as burn player, it's not like we are playing skill intensive gameplay anyway.

>> No.53047571

There's no diversity in Legacy, everyone plays BUG goodstuff.
Just look at the latest top 8

>> No.53047590

>he doesn't run Seer in his Finks/Anti-counter CoCoCombo deck
I bet you run Ballista too. Worst CoCos I've ever seen tbqh famillia.
You're right about Druid combo being nuts though.

>> No.53047606

>wah muh tron

Yeah, really hard to tell how many people bought into DSJ here. What's that, thoughtsieze can't take lands? Awww, poor you. It sure is a fucking shame your deck doesn't have 100% winrate.

>> No.53047617

Legacy is delver/deathrite: BUG boogaloo edition. No format escapes gbx cancer now

>> No.53047627

I love how all the Tronfags come out of the woodwork when you even mention that Tron is cancer. Can't wait for it to be banned.

>> No.53047648

>flipped all 3 pieces
>CoCo only gives you two creatures
Really fries my chicken

>> No.53047649

Doesn't Death's Shadow have a favorable matchup against Tron?

>> No.53047678

I'm down

>> No.53047703

wait i thought>>53047481
was saying the CoCo assembled the remaining pieces of the 3 card combo, and i thought you were saying "lol no it's a 2 card combo now!!!!" instead of saying that CoCo only grabs 2 cards, not 3.

>> No.53047740

>no diversity

Top 8: Show and Tell, BR Reanimator, Foodchain, Grixis Delver, Elves, Lands, Stoneblade, Storm

>> No.53047755
File: 343 KB, 1440x1440, antitronfags.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53047762


>> No.53047776

I was pretending to be retarded, didn't think that someone this dumb would earnestly voice the same opinion so soon >>53047617

>> No.53047780

Not as autistic as crying about a balanced deck that just happens to beat durdly garbage.

>> No.53047798

What's the best way to piss off Modern players?
Going by this thread it seems that the answer is to play Tron?

>> No.53047819

The gr land destruction deck is pretty obnoxious.

>> No.53047834
File: 13 KB, 500x415, youall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw another ban list announcement without a Tron ban

>> No.53047848

Ponza is radical, who doesn't want to curve out with t2 Stone Rain t3 Acid Moss t4 Inferno Titan?
If only Plow Under were good in it.

>> No.53047859

You can go two ways: play a deck that's easy for people to dislike (tron, eggs). Or you can "pretend" to be the most casual of fags and say stupid shit like blood moon needs to be banned.
either way it's guaranteed replies

>> No.53047877

Anything that essentially just doesn’t let them get to play is a staple nuisance of any format.

I think he's looking for format specific ones.

>> No.53047879
File: 319 KB, 491x373, 1468976804652.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>picture says us
>post says you

>when you shitpost so hard you forget which side you were on

>> No.53047888

You forgot T1 blood moon :^)

>> No.53047891

My favourite thing about modern is that after two non-tron decks play game 1 both players board out their blood moons.

>> No.53047909


>> No.53047911

That's not possible.

>> No.53047933

>double spirit guide


>> No.53047935

You don't play modern. Go away standard retard

>> No.53047961

Ponza doesn't play ssg. Time to stop

>> No.53047974

>He doesn't play 20 Simian Spirit Guides 20 Chalices and 20 Blood Moons.dec

>> No.53048130

Spotted the tronfag

>> No.53048138
File: 36 KB, 482x427, 1472182976126.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw fucking standard is the last refuge of control

>> No.53048180


>Top 8: Combo, Combo, Combo, Aggro, Combo, Pseudo-Control, Shit, Combo


>> No.53048259

Well I actually play legacy, unlike yourself, so take that his you will.

>> No.53048275

>kek that cherrypicking
>>t. Tron

Sorry to inform you, but anyone that has that mentality is a cuck. Yes you can have bad matchups, but there isn't a matchup in modern that has a 100% winrate

>> No.53048280

>affinity comes to mind
Lol good luck beating 1-2 Paths/a single Pyroclasm into Oblivion Stone/Karn into your only payoff/Ulamog. The matchup's 50/50 at best, less than that if Tron packs sufficient hate.

>> No.53048502

Based wotc under new management, its time for midrange bitch tears

>> No.53048694

what was the last good control deck in modern?

>> No.53048778
File: 532 KB, 975x847, 1493083335134.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tron, now here's your (you)

>> No.53048784

there never was one.

>> No.53048814

I wasn't talking about his point I was speaking to the fact that you ignored 90% of his post. Also no one said anything about tron's exact winrate you just keep bringing it up like its an actual point.

Don't breed.


>> No.53048842

uw tron
slow twin
those uwr decks
scapeshift before every was playing titans (ok this wasn't really good)

>> No.53049041

>tron is overpowered because of land
>meanwhile every other deck is allowed to run 4c goodstuff because of fetches and shocks

rly makes u think

>> No.53049046

>burn player
>best friend of almost 10 years drops chalice on 2 and 1 in the first 3 turns
Tron destroys friendships

>> No.53049109

No tron is overpowered because it's fast mana via land in a format where there is currently no good LD or way to hate it out. Have you even been reading the thread?

And no we don't have 4c goodstuff you mong try again.

>> No.53049178

>No good Land Destruction
Lemme guess, because siding in ghost quarter or tec edge means you can't bolt/thoughtsieze/path on t1?
Because you want to run 3 colors with a greedy mana base, right?

>> No.53049325

No you fucking idiot. It's because Ghost Quarter fucking sucks.

>> No.53049443

>ghost quarter or tec edge
Ghost quarter is barely land destruction, it stops them for a single turn while setting you back by more than a turn in most cases.

Tec edge is never online early enough to matter unless you are also doing other LD or permission.

>> No.53049491

Chalice is the true enemy that needs to be banned

>> No.53049506

>tec edge
>when tron comes online with three (3) lands nd it requires 4
>ghost quarter
>giving them a basic for their colored spells and setting you back a turn unless you pair it with surgical which is a 2 card combo
Yeah no good LD retard

>> No.53049527

Nah it's a valuable crutch for all kinds of awful jank decks.

>> No.53049585

Tec edge is hot garbage and gq is a tempo nightmare.

>> No.53049634

Redpill me on mill. Does it piss people off as much as everyone says it does?

>> No.53049652

It's basically burn except you have to kill from ~50ish life and your "burn" spells are more inefficient

>> No.53049657


>it's a valuable crutch for all kinds of awful jank decks.

What is Blood Moon?

>> No.53049713

It pisses off people who think they're good and know that mill isn't. There's enough graveyard value decks and emrakul decks that you probably won't get good mileage out of it in modern.

>> No.53049736

Should living end decks use As Foretold?

>> No.53049789

It's frustrating to play against, there's a mill player at my LGS who I've played against twice. It's not so much the mill that has beaten me but the crypt incursion for 40 odd life when they are on 1 or 2 life and I haven't drawn into my tormod's to clear my grave yard of creatures

>> No.53049820

>playing bad GB tron build with 4 surgical extractions for ultra spice and hate
>opponent is on 8rack
>surgical both his afflictions and racks
>doesn't conceed
Why? Sure you have Mutavault and Pack Rat, but you can't honestly think those are a faster clock than Karn or Ugin.

>> No.53049864

A little late to the party, but I'm fucking down for it. Fucking /tg/ tourney sounds like fun.

>> No.53049901

>playing GB Tron
Kys my man

>> No.53049911

You know, hardcasting Worldspine wouldn't be that hard if you were running Tron Lands
Just something to think about.

>> No.53049940

I also play Affinty, Burn, and Stompy.
Thinking about building Skred next if I can get some decent results playing on XMage

>> No.53049968

>Tron Tooth and Nail

>> No.53049992

>Tron and Nail
Lets make it a deck

>> No.53050049

I think it's cool to play against, so I have nothing against it. It's never very good tho

>> No.53050080


>> No.53050099

This was a deck when they were in standard

>> No.53050106

Whats the wincon? Atarka, World Render + Xenagos? Atarka even has the added bonus of being 7 mana.

>> No.53050171

How do you do when you play stompy? I want to build it as a present for my brother so he can start coming to modern nights, but I feel mono red burn is just the better choice.

>> No.53050175
File: 8 KB, 227x222, 1451546761120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post your Druid lists!

As soon as it places in a GP everyone will meme the same list, so now is ideal the time to shitbrew


>> No.53050194

Tron into tooth and Nail entwined for emrakul and xenagod

>> No.53050248

Emy-Chan can be chumped, though. Atarka has double-strike when attacking and trample. I mean, it's all still a terrible idea, but it could be the LEAST terrible.

>> No.53050270

I'm talking about Aeons Torn not the new emrakul.

>> No.53050332

I never actually knew they were in standard at the same time. I didn't get in to magic until Dark Ascension and only started going to events after Dragon's Maze.

World rapist and Xenagod seems pretty good, might wanna run something with protection of some kind though. Eating a path would be massive feel-bads >>53050194 seems to have the right idea.

I have awful luck and flood out 9 times out of 10
Its not bad, and gets crazy nut draws from time to time and It cost peanuts to build.
That being said, Mono Red is probably better considering the current Modern Meta.

>> No.53050725

>opponent casts two delver on turn 1
Fucking lol

>> No.53050755

>casts two delver on turn 1
Ban cephalid spirit guide desu

>> No.53050812

>turn 1 burning tree delver > burning tree delver > burning tree delver > burning tree delver > serum visions

What a world we could live in

>> No.53050814
File: 25 KB, 650x650, 1486046075764.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>his delver list doesn't play ssg into t1 manamorphose into t1 delver delver
Step your game up my man.

>> No.53050920

>tron player deathly afraid of TECTONIC EDGE
shit, can you imagine being this guy?

>> No.53050971

>people afraid of tron in general

Lmao just turn 2 them they can't get tron if they can't make it to their third turn

>> No.53050997
File: 116 KB, 223x311, picture_new.php.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only mill modern viable is pic related.

My only problem with Chalice is when someone online T1/2 a chalice in G1 and then quits so you can't sideboard cards and play magic.
>on burn, mountain, pass
>SSG, Chalice for 1
>sigh, ok, still gonna play him through
>get him down to 8 anyways
>that's okay, I've got sideboard for this exactly this type of shit
>"naw, i'm just going to win, it's fine"
if I could cut his jugular i would

>> No.53051042

Is this a bannable post?

>> No.53051720

Why do you guy hate a deck that is the 8th best deck in the format? I get that it beats the fuck out of jund and junk which require a lot more money to play so the salt can come from there but seriously we have this discussion so much. Death's Shadow seems to be on the watch list more than tron is right now.

>> No.53051738
File: 18 KB, 363x503, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53051774

Read the thread, people have given multiple reasons why it's a terrible deck for the format and contrary to popular belief, not all anti tron posters play BGx.

>> No.53051796

mean to reply to >>53051720

>> No.53051802

One Shard Volley in Burn seem good? Sometimes I feel the deck just needs one more bolt.

>> No.53051803

No more bannable than tron

>> No.53051814


>> No.53051823

so very bannable then :)

>> No.53051841



>> No.53051856


Prefer to run 1 or 2 Deflecting palm maindeck. It's the spice that Death's Shadow basically has no way to play around

>> No.53051862

Hell a lot of people who want it gone myself included play decks that have great matchups against Tron. Its still cancer though and im fine with it not being in the format.

>> No.53051925

Oh you.

>> No.53051933

All I see have been meme and people not think about the good tron hate that is out there not to mention that it have plenty of bad match ups. To be cancer it would have to take over the meta not just be a bad match ups for mid range deck. You can cast stoney silence and slow them down enough to beat them or you can cast crumble to dust a well. fulminator mage i a good card you can get with cord of calling for junk combo deck.

>> No.53051961

What makes zoo the better bushwhacker over say 8 whack?

>> No.53051962

8 Whack

Free-Win Red

>Metagame thoughts?
Basically everyone at my LGS folds to Blood Moon so I cheese wins with it every week. It's really satisfying to sleeve up decks that only play basic mountains and ritual out a blood moon or chalice.

I feel like at some point we're going to lose Mox Opal and/or SSG. I hope it's the opal because I really love to play SSG in my all-in Red builds, but fast mana is bad for the format generally imo.

>> No.53051991


Zoo variant has threats that stand better on their own and plays a more versatile burn package. Can also power out more dudes and go hella wide.

8Whack is more explosive and a much better meme though. Play 8 whack.

>> No.53052003

Wow my Tron list must suck then

>> No.53052011

I already do play 8 whack with good results last few moderns. I might look more into the zoo package though

>> No.53052016

Yeah that was such a bullshit game for me christian.

>> No.53052090


In my experience it's mostly just about consistency, 8-whack has more ugly opening hands compared to zoo, but nuttier nut draws obviously

>> No.53052117

Anyone have a link to the Tron build that plays 4x Sundering Titan 4x Spreading Seas main? I think it's Jeskai colours for some reason.

>> No.53052158

post list?

>> No.53052210

Ive played Abzan and Jund, and the matchup is even worse than 90-10. It is in fact borderline unwinnable. I have beaten Tron exactly 1 time at a high level event with either of these decks, and that one time was with Abzan against Blue Tron. Part of the reason i now play DSJ

>> No.53052251
File: 88 KB, 241x875, tmp_364-1493351980582-385771475.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53052264

>meme replies
I didn't realize that differing opinion and valid points were memes tron baby.

>good tron hate
None of the cards you listed are good and here's why
Gee land hate that comes down a turn after tron comes online. Sure hope none of yuor lands get exiled.

Needs to be paired with an aggressive opener or else you'll just be raped late game like usual. Not to mention it does nothing against a tron hand that has natural tron or can assemble it without map.

>f mage
3 mana LD isn't good and we can see that from all the other 3 mana LD spells in modern. Only has some game if the Tron player has a slow hand and you have a recursion engine.

The only "good" hate for tron currently is to play a deck that goes under it and that is one of the main problems with Tron.

>it has bad matchups
The matchups are all polarized bullshit and having a deck like Tron in the metagame helps promote linear and uninteractive strategies. Should those strategies be allowed to exist? Yes they should, but they shouldn't be promoted in such a gross way and have their natural predators are completely and utterly pushed out because of fags who play tron.

I'm not against Tron existing but when the only way to combat it is to go under it with shit like Burn, Infect (rip), and similar linear strategies I don't think that's healthy for the game.

Print good tron hate or ban it because if this thread is evident a lot of people are sick of it. That or unban Twin.

>> No.53052266

Primal Command is like half a Plow Under + creature tutor/life gain/grave hate, so that's something. It's practically a Time Warp with upside for us.
Being able to play dumb beatsticks like Stormbreath Dragon and Panglacial Wurm is fun desu.

>> No.53052268

Thats why you need to go back to playing Burn

>> No.53052316

I love how Stormbreath just skirts past the format's triumvirate of single target removal.

>> No.53052370
File: 9 KB, 184x184, 1466513262438.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53052439

You're right, I think it needs a fourth pyroclasm in the board.

>> No.53052491

DSJ here. I'd say it's like 65-35 your favor most of time. If i get the correct draw and come out very aggressive with a TBR then you just lose but otherwise you just cast Ugin and i cant win. However Eldrazi Tron is a little easier for me, probably 50-50?

>> No.53052522

Sorry m8 but Blue Tron is easily the worst variant and you added cards to make it even worse

>> No.53052914


>> No.53052970
File: 133 KB, 223x311, dif.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i run two but i'm in mono-red where my options are more limited

To handle planeswalkers in R... devour in flames? is this shitty card really my best option?

>> No.53053079

Xmage lags like fuck all the time

>> No.53053117

You should look in to getting an ISP that isn't shit, or try not living in a 3rd world country

>> No.53053215

Your computer is junk

>> No.53053272

It's the xmage servers that fucking blow dick

>> No.53053310

>the deck that runs 8 discard spells has no way to play around a combat trick

come on now

>> No.53053321

Nah bro, woogerworks is fucking great. I get 20 Ping max. stop being a fucking Brazilian.

>> No.53053368

>it's practically a time walk

Can people stop saying this? It's never a good comparison.

>> No.53053409

How do you all settle on deck? I've jumped around six or seven archetypes, but can't ever seem to find one I've enjoyed for a long time.

>> No.53053445

There's a lot of factors that go into it
-Playtest, either online, with proxies or a borrowed/budget version
-Cost (I don't feel like buying Abzan, but I can sure buy Burn)
-Your store's meta (if winning is a big deal)

>> No.53053467

I play xmage so I can just swap whenever I feel like. desu my indecisiveness with decks is why I've mostly stuck to Xmage.

>> No.53053495

Duuuuuuuude what if we played Approach of the second sun in GW tron?

>> No.53053513

fuck dude if you're going to waste 3 mana to do 5 damage to something play browbeat at least then you'll get a chance to draw real burn

>> No.53053515

how to fix modern
cult therapy
name a card
Search target player's library, hand, and graveyard for cards with that name, and exile them. That player shuffle's his library.
Flashback: Sacrifice two creatures.

>> No.53053518

How about we dont

>> No.53053531

yeah man run 4 of them

>> No.53053533

Way too good

>> No.53053549

I'll settle for just reprinting cabal therapy that can hit nonbasic lands as well.

>> No.53053557

*name a card named urza's tower, urza's power plants, or urza's mine

there, now it's fair

>> No.53053560
File: 54 KB, 312x445, 80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sleeper card in Modern against combo and Tron.

>> No.53053577

>uncounterable wins
> a bad idea

>> No.53053586

I really want to make it work, but even with fetches, it seems hard to generate the 3-4 gravestorm you'd need.

>> No.53053587

This is awful

>> No.53053590

Jesus you babbies have such a hateboner for that deck, even printing good cards against them arent enough for you its gotta be some busted shit.

>> No.53053615

What good anti-tron cards have been printed in the last 4 blocks?

>> No.53053616

Well I chose burn because
1) you can start with cheap mono red then upgrade to boros/naya if you like it.
2) it most likely will never have to deal with bans.
3) it's one of the cheaper T1 decks
Maybe this helps

>> No.53053618

Deaths Shadow Jund with Baubles, fetches, and one of those Enchantment Seals

>> No.53053633

Crumble to Dust

>> No.53053635

today on: absolute jank

Heartless Summoning + Myr Retriever + Myr Retriever + Bitter Ordeal

>> No.53053643


>> No.53053667

>it doesnt count unless I say it does

>> No.53053676

Crumble To Dust isn't good though.

>> No.53053688

Yea and lightning Bolt kills tarmogoyf

>> No.53053725

Crumble to Dust is not an answer to tron, because crumble to dust happens one turn after karn.

>> No.53053727

>this 4 mana card that deals with tron after it comes online is totally good against it I swear
kys my man

Crumble would be playable at 3cmc but 4 is too slow against tron.

>> No.53053732

there's no good anti-tron cards. Tron is weak to aggressive decks, not any particular card. Attempting to interact with tron is a waste of time, their deck resolves around 0 cost cards, you'll never beat them in tempo or card advantage by going after their lands. Ignore everything they do and attempt to win is the best strategy.

>> No.53053978

Crumble works fine in blue decks because you can just counter his T3 or T4 play and then Crumble afterwards. It's kind of bad in Jund though.

>> No.53054089

>opponent hard casts their karns and ugins because you have no threats

>> No.53054098
File: 21 KB, 600x337, 1479812777316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53054135

Countering Karn or Ugin on turn 10 is pretty easy, anon. You should have plenty of time for a Tasigur or Colonnade beatdown, anyway.

>> No.53054191

sowing salt was already a card and also wasn't that great against tron

>> No.53054264

This with Baubles, Fetches, and a Seal of Fire in DSJ. Exile 3-5 cards from a combo deck or Tron seems good especially since its a mana cheaper then Slaughter Games. Can even work with Planeswalkers and Fulminator Mage.

>> No.53055909
File: 35 KB, 231x319, pathtoexile_WPN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WB Eldrazi & Taxes, as ever.

just putting in work with E&T

>>Metagame thoughts?
it's fine

need to stop happening so frequently

>> No.53055962

its specifically for sideboarding in when i know a lot of planeswalkers will be involved. losing to new chandra is just embarrassing.

>> No.53055986

how's the burn matchup?

>> No.53056186
File: 387 KB, 1728x972, purest waifu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its fine. they can't really kill you with creatures and 7 burn spells is a lot to ask between tk seer and sculler.
i mean in a perfect world you drop thalia and start processing their lands with wisp+strangler to kill their dudes and lock them out of actually playing magic while you beat face for the next three turns.

>> No.53057437
File: 60 KB, 312x445, Electrolyze_GP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>page 9
Rate this deck

UWR Draw-Go:

Creatures: 5
4 Snapcaster Mage
1 Torrential Gearhulk

Instants: 26
4 Path to Exile
2 Lightning Bolt
3 Think Twice
2 Logic Knot
2 Negate
1 Lightning Helix
2 Electrolyze
4 Cryptic Command
3 Hieroglyphic Illumination
2 Sphinx's Revelation
1 Secure the Wastes

Other Spells: 3
3 Supreme Verdict

Lands: 26
4 Celestial Colonnade
4 Flooded Strand
4 Scalding Tarn
2 Hallowed Fountain
2 Steam Vents
1 Sacred Foundry
3 Island
1 Plains
1 Mountain
2 Sulfur Falls
1 Mystic Gate
1 Ghost Quarter
22u 17w 14r

Sideboard: 15
3 Runed Halo
1 Celestial Purge
1 Lightning Helix
3 Vendilion Clique
1 Izzet Staticaster
1 Wear // Tear
2 Crumble to Dust
1 Wrath of God
1 Gideon Jura
1 Elspeth, Sun's Champion

>> No.53057482

Is there a deck that has a good matchup against both bgx and tron?

>> No.53057514

Just play Esper. Also 5 Snap effects seems way too much. 3 Snaps is fine but I could see 3 Snaps and a Hulk working too.

>> No.53057560

Define "good". The reason BGx has been, is and will be a force in the format is because its the so called "50% deck", meaning that it's strength is that it's on even grounds with most of the meta. That being said Burn is somewhat favored against Junk/Jund and recks Tron.

>> No.53057660

>All this talk about countering Tron
Can we also talk about how to make Tron better?
Anyone tried Approach of the Second Sun or Cascading Cataracts?
Where is BolasTron Anon?

>> No.53057672

>making tron better
why? So it can get banned?

>> No.53057684

Ad Nauseam can lose to Tron's best draws but should be favored vs both in the long run. RG Titanshift.

>> No.53057720

They can't/will never ban Tron
The lands are untouchable. The only thing that could be banned are threats and tutors. There's a handful of possible threats and tutor would only slow it down.

>> No.53057728

What makes the lands untouchable?

>> No.53057733

>The lands are untouchable
What makes you say this? Artifact lands weren't safe.

>> No.53057783

Wizards like the idea of Tron lands
They are less oppressive than artifact lands since you don't get free benefits from them right away.
You have to do a bit of work to get Tron online, using Map, Scrying and Stirrings

>> No.53057807

All the same can be said of cloudpost. If tron becomes the number one deck it's done.

>> No.53057910

Cloudpost is one card, not three.
They didn't ban Glimmerpost in the same time, right?
You could make a case that they banned all 5 artifact lands at the same time but it was because banning one would just result in it being replaced and nothing changing
Tron-like decks don't exist, I don't think they'll ban it
>But Storm and Dredge
Storm won on turn one and is still alive
Dredge is still alive

>> No.53057944

Admittedly I play neither but I have a hard time believing a deck with 8 thoughtseises + Lily (+Collective Brutality in the side and sometimes main) would have a hard time against AN.

>> No.53057950

ramp decks do exist though
so do combo if you classify tron as that
if you think it's control then baning tron will only make things better in that regard

>> No.53058119

The format is basically
Tron variants
Shadow variants

Everything else is jank. It's pretty diverse though...

>> No.53058204

Lantern control: http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/648/220/67b.jpg

>> No.53058266

and together they're a bit over 40% of the format. Until the bans legacy was miarcle + delver variants at 40% and standard had 1 deck at 40%.
Deck wise (an argument can be made otherwise for archetypes) modern is the most diverse format.

>> No.53058396

I don't think Tron fit the control-combo-aggro archetypes, it is kind of its own thing
When I say Tron-like, I'm not talking about its archetype but its gameplan
It's not a traditional ramp deck since it use lands that increase mana under specific conditions instead of a ton of mana-generating things. The only other Tron-like deck I know of is the aforementioned 12post deck

>> No.53058623

What the fuck are you talking about?

I'm quite sure the only reason tron isn't banned is that it hasn't been top1 in two consecutive major tournament. It's sayonara when it happens.

>Cloudpost is one card, not three.
Artifact lands are 5.
>They didn't ban Glimmerpost in the same time, right?
You only need to ban Urza's tower.
>Tron-like decks don't exist, I don't think they'll ban it
That doesn't mean anything or haven't you seen summer bloom, top, splinter twin or pod ban?

>> No.53058878

>I'm quite sure the only reason tron isn't banned is that it hasn't been top1 in two consecutive major tournament. It's sayonara when it happens.
I agree with that.

>>Cloudpost is one card, not three.
>Artifact lands are 5.
Read what I wrote after that
>>They didn't ban Glimmerpost in the same time, right?
>You only need to ban Urza's tower.
This is a stupid idea. Banning one is equivalent to banning all three since you can't replace it.
>>Tron-like decks don't exist, I don't think they'll ban it
>That doesn't mean anything or haven't you seen summer bloom, top, splinter twin or pod ban?
I didn't see Summer Bloom and Modern Top
Splinter Twin has no equivalent but it was a bit too oppressive at the time Unban Twin?
They tried to create a new Pod with Eldritch Evolution and Evolutionary Leap but failed
Also, wasn't there a "Podless pod deck" around for a while?

>> No.53058908

>Ur storm
>Rised from tier shit to tier 1 in 3 months
>Shits on all those decks

>> No.53058968

Ur storm shits on shadow decks?

Surely you jest.

>> No.53058980

I think that just kills Storm outright if they don't have a Grapeshot in hand.

>> No.53059080

My Tron brews always get shit on. That Second Sun card is interesting, I'll have to test it.
Right now I'm trying to come up with a Tron Prison deck that packs Spirit Guide and Chalice as 4 ofs but I'm not sure what shell to put it in. Maybe a Ghostly Prison Spreading Seas Sundering Titan mana denial one.

>> No.53059187

>This is a stupid idea. Banning one is equivalent to banning all three since you can't replace it.
same for locus lands, none of the lands that went with cloudpost see any play with it banned.

>> No.53059243

That's not the same thing
None of those land had "This card doesn't work without cloudpost" written on them

>> No.53059280

Instead they have "This card is worthless without cloudpost" written on them.

>> No.53059339

Tron lands work without each other. They provide 1 colorless, come untapped. Glimmerpost makes 1 colorless, gets 1 life when it enters and comes in tapped. Both these are just bad versions of other lands.

>> No.53059347

You're right for Glimmerpost but I wouldn't call Thespian Stage and Vesuvz "worthless without Cloudpost"
They just have no use in current Modern decks but it could change (it probably won't)

>> No.53059370

>Tron lands work without each other.
Don't play dumb, you know exactly what I meant.

>> No.53059428

I do know exactly what you meant. And all the lands that combo with glimmer 'don't work' in exactly the same way

>> No.53059473

Without Cloudpost, we still have Loci in the game (Glimmerpost).
Without Urza's Tower, we have no more Urza's Tower in the game.

>> No.53059576

>Read what I wrote after that
I read it the first time, I understood it the first time, but did you read what you wrote yourself? It made no coherent sense.
>This is a stupid idea. Banning one is equivalent to banning all three since you can't replace it.
Exactly. Do I have to mention how banning the engine works out for entire decks?
>Also, wasn't there a "Podless pod deck" around for a while?
I'd like to see how they did in tournaments. At the time of banning, there was nothing but giant middle finger to anyone who had bought into pod.

Also, byt the top I was refering to Wizard's ban policy regarding what happened to miracles.

>> No.53059626

>It made no coherent sense.
You're right. I was a bit busy with work while writing that post, I couldn't write everything I wanted.

>I'd like to see how they did in tournaments.
Same really. I wasn't following much the meta during these days

>Also, byt the top I was refering to Wizard's ban policy regarding what happened to miracles.
It's going to move the meta around a bit but killed an interesting deck in the meantime.
Well, gotta make sacrifices, right?

>> No.53059722

I suppose so. I would rather like Wizards being more open and honest about their banlists. If you take a card out, say that it's under a watch and might be rebanned (case Golgari grave-troll, what were they thinking?) Or if there is case like miracles in legacy, Aaron could come out and say honestly that they are considering banning it. Legacy was supposed to be stagnant format (quote needed, can't remember exact wording), but they still go around and shoot the biggest deck in the neck like they have in modern last few years. And by doing that they also killed some other decks in crossfire. I can't help feeling sorry for anyone who pimped their decks.

>> No.53059789

Banning Top is always a huge hit to the format, whichever it is.
It has a really interesting build-around mechanic, even if it sometimes make a tier 0 deck

>> No.53059838

I love the automation of xmage, but Cockatrice is just so fluid while xmage is one of the clunkiest softwares I have ever used
If we could get a software which responded as fast as Cockatrice with the same GUI, but was automated like XMage, I'd be all over that

>> No.53059861

>>>Also, wasn't there a "Podless pod deck" around for a while?
Podless Pod is Melira CoCo (the earlier forms at least when it was just Chord and no CoC but the name persisted for a while after CoCo was printed), it was called that for a while after the pod ban.

It strikes me that both of you know fuck all about the format.

>> No.53059862

you're asking for contradictory things. mtg is a really clunky game, and any automation software is going to emulate that clunkiness if you want full rules enforcement.

>> No.53059886

Nigga the clunkiness is BECAUSE of the automation.

I would take clunkiness and sounds spazzing out over retards that don't know how rules work and have to be babysitting for 30 minutes.

>> No.53059887

I don't follow name changes and I don't remember Melira CoCo doing a lot of waves in the format

>> No.53059940

Fuccboi, non-selfaware version of Rudy taking on the king of cringe MtG youtubers Prof on his "Modern is too fucking expensive" video.

For once the comments are on point instead of sucking dick.

>> No.53059950

I'm well aware it's a heavily contradictory system, that's why I'm advocating for an alternative to push the limits of that.
I want nice, quick, clean games, and that's what I usually get on cockatrice.

But yeah, the rules lawyering babies has been annoying, especially as of late since everyone and their mother has started to get into modern apparently

>> No.53059966

You'd have to practically create an AI to handle all the shortcutting that goes on in a normal game to check if it's legit. Maybe not impossible, but definitely hard.

>> No.53059973

>since everyone and their mother has started to get into modern apparently
Not surprising.
Before the two Standard bans (Seriously Wizards?) and the Legacy ban, Modern was the best 60 cards format.

>> No.53060026

Yeah, I definitely see the intense coding hassles

That being said, if an experienced programmer would begin working on a MTG Online level of software without the purchase of singles, I'd probably throw some money at it just to see where it went.

I agree completely, I was building ANT in legacy and now that I see WotC is getting more ban happy, I'm not sure I wanna throw too much money into a trap, so I'll just stick with Modern.

>> No.53060035

>I want nice, quick, clean games,
>With automation
And I want Lily to chock on my benis at the same time Jhoira fingers my behind while whispering sweet nothings to my ear.

>> No.53060058

And with two escorts and some costumes, it could all be yours!

>> No.53060074

Ur storm only has to count to 5 against DS

>> No.53060081

Consider suicide

>> No.53060118

Blood moon isn't even good vs tron. It doesn't do the one thing in the format that it's supposed to do so why is it even legal?

>> No.53060139

Storm also has to get through their 8-10 hand disruption spells, it's possible, but the storm counting isn't the problem.


>> No.53060169

What a complete rat's ass. Why are the cards as expensive as they are:
Wizards figured out this is the way to make the most money, not validating them being wrong considering they make millions.

>> No.53060186
File: 32 KB, 277x401, karn-liberated-44720-medium.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Away, heathen

>> No.53060194

Also forgot that in Big company's perspective, if they are doing so much money now, why go ahead and change things and take a risk things collapsing? We can just nudge the corners to keep things about the same as they are now. If for some reason money is not going in their pocket, they will change things.

>> No.53060301
File: 170 KB, 1476x830, Liliana-Heretical-Healer-MtG-Art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only in Indonesia or some other 3rd world country.

>> No.53060606

Hes not 100% wrong but not right either

>> No.53060633

Dude Legacy is safe from further bannings, WotC doesn't care about the format that much.
Just buy Chinaman LEDs if you're really concerned.

>> No.53060740

I already had them on the way, not paying $120 a piece for mana rocks

>> No.53061278

>that entire video
>"M-Modern needs to be this expensive because I say so and I am a finance man ; _ ;
>"What we should be doing instead of making me less money is getting more people into the format so demand increases and I make more money."

Astro Boy became a real faggot after his show went off the air.

>> No.53061312

idk man, I've had some weird as fuck cosplay sex at cons

>> No.53061760

>Wizards like the idea of Tron lands
Citation needed

>> No.53061811

Fuck you. It's brainless good stuff.

>> No.53062037


>I've thought about some weird as fuck cosplay sex at cons


>> No.53062062

That's because you open games 2 and 3 with Leyline and go off before they can rip their 1-of Maelstrom Pulse/Golgari Charm.

>> No.53062132

That too. It's not exactly hard to find people willing to fuck if you go to the right cons. ALA in Socal basically only exists as an excuse for the shitty weebs to get together and get drunk and high as fuck.

>> No.53062670


And you can probably find insecure pretty attractive cosplay girls that you probably already have common interests with cause you're at a con

So you probably have a good chance of tapping off the bat and maybe find someone worth continuing to talk to if you're not a total aspie or revolting neckbeard and fuck it up before you get out of the gate

>> No.53062847
File: 483 KB, 250x167, 1488982389961.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was video was pretty bad. Collectible card game should be expensive, because it's collective card game.


>> No.53063350

It was literally a jewish Astroboy telling us that if we really liked magic we would just pay him for the cards.

He's a fucking slimeball who makes his living off of pretending something is more valuable than it's worth.

I don't even think everyone should have access to every card. I don't like LCGs for that reason, but $1000 is not a reasonable price for cards.

>> No.53063524

What fucking bourgeoisie scum.

>> No.53063540


>> No.53063572

Pls stop samefagging your dumb comment

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