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First for the krumpin and stumpin boiz

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What's the best chapter and why is it not the Black Templars?

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Because the Dark Angels have cool chaplains

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Blood Angels

Not the Black Templars because Psykers are worth having.

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Something-that-isnt-first for the Wych Cults, just like our units.

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GW literally made a halo reference in the first gathering of the storm books with the relic bolt pistol, just read the fucking description, probably also why you can ram a stormsurge to hell in 7ed

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So, Sisters of Silence basically the atheist Sisters of Battle. Their unbelief is just so strong they literally block the warp.

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So how far into Age of the Emperor will Chaos find some way to corrupt Guilliman or the Inquisition declare him a heretic or... something.

He's too Noblebright for Grimdark: The Grimdarkening.

I'm guessing he fucks up hardcore somehow and the huge rip in the warp that's covering half the galaxy is directly his fault.

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yeah nah

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my dudes > your dudes

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No, they're atheist because the Emperor founded their order when he was alive, and they're blanks, which is why they can block the warp. The Sisters of Battle would hate them for both of those reasons.

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wot you git they're just warp nulls

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Iron Hands because we look better in black than you do

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I can't decide between Blood Angels and Grey Knights.

8th Edition makes me wonder what the hell is going to happen to both of them.

I really like assault armies, and the new rules on pistols make hand flamers and inferno pistols make them a lot more useful.

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Go blood angels.
Can be equally as fancy as grey knights, plenty of conversion potential, one of the best primarchs, way more toys than knights etc etc etc.

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I think I'm gonna pick up Iron Hands, with vehicles getting more use I can see a lot of functionality from them since they shit out techmarines and nothing ever wants to die.

It's like playing nurgle marines but instead of being slow as fuck they fix all their metal boxes. If their bonuses are close enough in 8th edition then an IH techmarine in a land raider would be fucking horrifying.

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2d6th for unreliable charge range.

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>I can't decide between Blood Angels and Grey Knights.
Blood Angels with allied Grey Knights.

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blood angels, if only because there's less mental gymnastics involved in pitting them against non-chaos forces

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are we at least going to get a free move when we fail a charge like fantasy?

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Never been a problem for any actual assault army. All the real melee models have Fleet or bonuses to make sure they make it into combat.

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The best chapter is Deathwatch. Because it's every chapter.

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It sounds like it, yeah.

Also you no longer remove casualties from the front so Overwatch doesn't extend the range you need to make the charge when it kills a couple guys.

ALSO you only need to get within 1" of the target so you effectively have a +1 to your roll now.

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That chapter that has become irrelevant because the Imperium is pro-Xenos now?

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Fair sure you still move the distance rolled, yeah.

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What sort of bird wings would look best on Scourges with red armor on sea bases? Raven wings, hawk wings...?

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Have they actually said how wound allocation will work?

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Might as well wait it out till more information comes to light or the new edition hits. That being said, GKs tend to be a cheaper army to collect with their low model count. The blood angels do have a start collecting box though, doesn't seem to have what you would probably want though, no assault marines.

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The assumption is the controlling player has total control over allocating Wounds like in AoS (except I think there's a clause that stops you from playing musical wounds with units of multi-wound models?)

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Got to wonder if you guys get paid for memeposting.

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>GW is selling plastic Horus Heresy sets
>Forge World now sells 30k Legion Tactical Squads using the GW plastic sprues instead of using the resin ones
Does this mean Forge World may move onto plastic?

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Only Guilliman and those close to him are neutral on certain types of Eldar, there's still plenty of room for murdering xenos.

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AoS forces you to allocate a wound to a model until the model is dead. Still, seems a bit silly to let a player just allocate all wounds to the guy with a storm shield sitting at the back of a unit. At least with the "allocate to the closest model first, you're rewarded for flanking an infantry unit.

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Actually, I own full armies of both as well as Space Wolves and Deathwatch but I don't know which one to start working on due to the new edition.

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Forgeworld's been doing that from day one with their old conversion kits, man. I doubt they'll move to plastic any time soon, if ever.

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Why is Fulgrim a snake?

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Space wolves since their wolves weapons will become ice weapons, they'll tone down the wolf wolf wolf, rejoice!!!

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I thought Mortarion refused to ascend to daemonhood?

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No the plan was that GW would do plastics for some of their really common kits so FW could focus on specialised kits rather than spending all their time making MK IV Marines.

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Why are you a faggot?

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Fuck. I guess they'll never go to plastic

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Not a huge Chaos guy but I'm really interested to see how Fulgrim comes out.

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>implying you get a choice when the Dark Gods actually properly want you and you've so much as given them a foot in the door

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Why not different types of fish fins that look like wings? But if it has to be birds, eagles or cormorants could work, maybe even flamingos to really stand out.

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Nope, he's super demonic.
Only person to refuse daemonhood is Abby and the only non demon traitor Primarch is Alpharius.

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Why is Fulgrim a faggot?

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Because Slaanesh wills it.

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His daemonic ascension was forced on him during the final journey to earth. Played like a damn fiddle by typhon.

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Isn't Alpharius dead?

I thought he died and Omegon took up the Alpharius name.

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Why are you a snake?

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>Perturabo and Lorgar will be killed off screen because LOL only Belacuck is the only undivided daemon Prince

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because who can resist what wiggles between Ferrus's oily thighs

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Because he loved his brother a little bit too much. Including having an entire factory set to make clones of him after he killed him.

>> No.53037089

Morty is now a giant fly. bzzzz

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Why snakes are Fulgrim?

>> No.53037103


They also look better headless then Templars, it's true!

>> No.53037109

Yes but that's functionally the same thing as being Alpharius.

>> No.53037111

I knew what would be behind that spoiler but I clicked it anyway.


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Did you like it?

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What makes that even more disturbing is Fulgrim's almost completely feminine face

Like a woman's head on a large muscular man's body

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GW have already sold their fill of his crappy old model, he's already doing nothing but job in ludicrously pathetic ways.

GW aren't stupid, they know the money Primarchs bring and they will gladly throw some old ass resin WHFB model under the bus for it.

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Fuck you

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That's another valid possibility, though fish fins might not do one much good around the spires of Commorragh. I'll think about it. Thanks.

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>no giant Perty fortress golem
>no crazy priest Lorgar who shows his new converts such as Chaos Sisters, Chaos Orks, Chaos Eldar etc.

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>no crazy priest Lorgar who shows his new converts such as Chaos Sisters, Chaos Orks, Chaos Eldar etc.
Lorgar is a giant chaos spawn and he's being kept hidden from outsiders to prevent his failure shame even further the word bearers

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With 8th ed I'm finally going to join the hobby.

The Thousand sons army appeals to me the most but I am turned of by daemons.

How many daemons can I expect in the new Thousand sons "codex"?

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In todays latest announcement: Watch as the goys in Nu Goyims Cuckshop get BLACKED as they retreat!

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You don't need to run any if you don't want to.

New psychic phase means psykers can't act as warp charge batteries for other psykers which means you aren't gimping yourself by not running daemons, and also summoning is getting nerfed.

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>under the bus
You mean under the rocks?
But, er, in all seriousness, is Fulgrim the only Daemon Prince with a non-humanoid form? And either way, do you figure his model will just be a big ol' snake, or if they'll humanoid him up a bit?

>> No.53037251


Thousand Sons and Daemons of Tzeentch may be allies, but I dont think they are going to be the same faction.

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Are you sure anon?

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I hope summoning works like AoS.

>> No.53037271

This is becoming tiresome, my shitposting friend

>> No.53037274

If you mean summoning infinite daemons that time have ended

>> No.53037277

90% of things look to be working just like AoS so it's a fair bet.

>> No.53037284

We have no idea, but with the changes to summoning and with Daemons of Tzeentch likely changing to resemble their AoS equivalents they should be a lot less viable.
As for the Thousand Sons themselves, the changes to cover, AP and the psychic phase should all serve to make them a lot more powerful.

So though we don't know for sure this is the edition where Daemonless Thousand Sons are most likely to be good.

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Then stop feeding the tumblrina troll.

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>I play Chaos Space Marines

>> No.53037303

Usually that's
>I play Tau
But I do know some really cringey younger players who play CSM/KDK

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>mfw tau, eldar scatter spammers and daemons will get shit over by GW
>mfw GW will punish Phil Kelly by letting Cruddace write the new eldars

>> No.53037312

Fulgrim has always had the body type of a Lamia with extra arms.
Also we don't really know what Perturabo's Daemonic form looks like so his might be less humanoid too, other than that though all of the Daemon Primarchs are fairly humanoid.

>> No.53037313

>not "I play Eldar"
Are you guys kidding? New to the hobby?

>> No.53037325

Eldar doesn't imply fedorafag neckbeards.

Tau does because weeb cheese.

>> No.53037328

That probably means that Phil Kelly will keep writing Tau, and I don't think that's a future anybody wants.

>> No.53037330

Who out of the primarchs has gotten minis previously? I'm assuming that, if you don't count HH, only the Daemon Primarchs have been represented, but which ones have we seen, just Fulgrim and Magnus?

>> No.53037331

>play guard
>just realized that all of my vehicles have to be perma stationary otherwise I will never be able to hit anything
good thing I like using blobs.

>> No.53037332

>Eldar have literal Katanas and "teleport behind you" type tech/characters
The literal only weeb thing about Tau is the suits

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Threadly reminder that this cunt is one of the main rule writers for 8th.

Are you ready for Tyranids to be dogshit for a second decade in a row?

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We've seen the 4 god aligned ones. Fulgrim, Mortarion, Magnus and Angron.

>> No.53037339

>ALSO you only need to get within 1" of the target so you effectively have a +1 to your roll now.

Not quite.

If you end your charge 1" or more away, you aren't within 1".

It's very important to correct this misconception before someone tries claiming a roll of 8" is a legal charge against a model 9" away.

>> No.53037340

Oh you mean those old Epic 40k models?
That was just all the god aligned Primarchs.

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>I play GW games

>> No.53037343

maybe social media pressure will make this fuck stop with his terrible and biased codex writing?

>> No.53037348





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Honestly, weeb cheese is looking pretty fucking classy after reading about Space Marines 2.0, who are going to be even more super elite than the normal super elite space marines, who already have super super elite individuals and Death Watch.

>> No.53037357

Do we know what Lorgar looks like?

I hope he doesn't even look demonic, just a lot bigger and covered in those ritual tattoos

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>Phil Kelly
>being kind to any army besides eldar and in a way lesser extent space wolves
Anon please

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>> No.53037368

At least try to come up with something new.

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>your average spacewolf player

>> No.53037370

Big ass surprisingly human looking fucker with spikes all around his head, sort of like a crown.

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Yeah, it's this.

>> No.53037379

Ah, so, just missing out of Pert and Lorgar, assuming that Curze and Horus stay dead.I mean, we just got Alpharius during Gathering Storm, right?

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>Magos and his army are sent to a dead world to look for old tech.

>Magos stumbles upon a Necron tomb, works feverishly to see what scientific goodies he can find.

>Magos wakes up Tomb World.

>Magos gets mind scarab'd

>Necron Overlord decides to keep the Adeptus Mechanicus as a pet project

>Magos turns his army into a Necron tech-cult

>grafts Necron tech into his armor

>Adeptus Mechanicus robots/cyborgs get the same treatment

>Skitarii who aren't purged from asking too many questions get small gifts from their new overlords, the best of the best even get to carry Gauss weaponry into battle

I'm can't decide whether I want to play Necrons or Admech (they both have themes that I like), so I was thinking of just combining the two.

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Leman Russ

>> No.53037396

So he replaced his head with an exotic fruit?

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You been living in a cave or something?

Phil Kelly wrote the last three Tau novels, and was the author of both Warzone Damocles books.

I mean, if you want more of that, whatever.

>> No.53037407

You do know the blast weapons will become auto hits on the new edition right?

>> No.53037409

Im calling it now
New marnes will have +1LD, +1 BS and +1 wound

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Who is the best traitor primarch?

>> No.53037419

Only flamers are auto-hits that we know of. Blast will at best have an increased chance to hit large units.

>> No.53037425

I dunno man, it still worries me

>> No.53037427

It's a dark souls reference for the four Kings of the abyss ;^)

>> No.53037437

There's more than a few stories where admech does Many Heretical Things due to their enrapturement with Necron stuff. Go for it.

>> No.53037438

Blasts will probably be a single to hit roll that if successful generates a number of auto-hits.

>> No.53037440

/d/ has taught me that the dragon girl is best, so Fulgrim? Don't see MGQ here often.

>> No.53037443

It looks like a Sweded version of the DBZ Frieza saga I once saw.
...Maybe it looks better in resin?

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File: 71 KB, 250x665, Daemon_Primarch_Lorgar_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess it's supposed to represent the four gods and form a crown or something.

Wasn't there some twitter post or something where they mentioned blast weapons would be different from that? I could swear I seen it posted somewhere.

>> No.53037449

Hey guys, why can't I post pictures on mobile?

>> No.53037455

hope they will buff foot-slogging melee bosses. i love my terminator lord but every time i field him i just know it's 170 points down the drain

>> No.53037464

Hopefully. I'm too scared to buy FW because if you inhale their resign dust you'll get cancer

>> No.53037472

I've been snorting FW resin for years and it hasn't done shit to me yet, don't be afraid just go nuts.

>> No.53037474

Lorgar and Perturabo are the only daemon primarchs to not be given any lore updates. I'm scared for them.

Well nothing has been said of Angron since he was beat on first armageddon either. Maybe he's still stuck int he warp.

>> No.53037475

Whether or not it will be worth doing is up in the air, but at this point we can say with some certainty that foot slogging melee will be slightly better

>> No.53037478

Man maybe I should wear a mask or sonething.

>> No.53037484

The only daemon primarch who we don't know the looks of is Perturabo.

I'm afraid of what GW will do with it if they ever decide to make a mini of him

>> No.53037491

>Be me
>Playing at my FLGS
>Guy comes in with FW minis
>I throw my army on the ground and run out of the door screaming

>> No.53037512

This edition is looking like another "fuck melee" so don't get your hopes up.

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>The only daemon primarch who we don't know the looks of is Perturabo.

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Question regarding this Fracture of Biel-Tan horseshit.

So I'm kinda new to this whole "advancing the storyline" thing but basically I have both Eldar and Dark Eldar armies and enjoy them very much. Made all kinds of cool characters and stories for them, especially the Dark Eldar, but I have a cool Biel-Tan Autarch who commands his own armored division. He's like an old 19th century general, very fun to play with, hell bent on Eldar manifest destiny. When I'm playing with him I'll do things like ask if my opponent would like to "discuss terms" after blowing up a Leman Russ with my Fire Prism for instance, lotta flavor. I'm also a big fan of running Lelith Hesparex.

I tried reading the book but I got kinda bored so I read a summery instead. Holy balls, whoever wrote that plot musta been on like, a 400mg dose of Drano or something. So much in it doesn't make sense, and I legit hate the concept of the Ynnari. Everyone's all huggy muggy much with the Imperium, everyone's taking everything so damn seriously, that shit with the Rubric Marines, Biel-Tan is in pieces, apparently Haemonculi can be killed now, like damn. It's like some Dragonball Z kinda deus ex machina and shit.

So what I'm getting at is like...so... what do I do with my army now? Like obviously I can still play it, GW didn't come into my house and light my models on fire. But I liked making my own stories around the fluff and such with my friends. I have so many named sergeants and things, I have like, stories and shit I wrote about their exploits. Yeah it's retarded nerd shit but still like, that's my army yo, I'm a little particular about it. And now it doesn't fit in the lore anymore.

I mean the answer is the same as any 40k fluff I guess I could ignore it but what really worries me is like, what happens when 8th rolls around and Lelith and Biel-Tan are all Ynnari exclusive models/factions or some shit? This pisses me off.

>> No.53037541

Since when was Dorn a little girl?

>> No.53037550

Meant for

>> No.53037576

Bie-tan isn't dead and most of them didn't join the Ynnari, with a bunch even hating them. Your guy could be one of those.

>> No.53037579

I'm really sick of my mind-wiped cyborg slaves, who have been lobotomised to remove all emotions and individual thought leaving only cold logic and preprogrammed commands, failing there fear tests.

>> No.53037585

Why are you fielding servitors anyways?

>> No.53037594


>> No.53037599

>Magnus the Red
>a fucking BLUE slime

>> No.53037602

His Epic model was blue.

>> No.53037607
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>thinking magnus the red is actually red

>> No.53037610

Same way I play my infantry and tank-only Tau army. They operate in a time before the creation of Riptides or Ghostkeels, or their commander rejected the use of them because the soldiers consider them too hard to maintain and fit into the combined-arms tactics of the Cadre. Do whatever you want, fuck the lore.

>> No.53037611

They're separatists.
Like the traitors in loyal legions and vice versa, your guys don't have to go with the flow.

No decision, especially something that big, will have unanimous support from everyone. There's no reason your dudes have to support it.

>> No.53037613

I thought Biel-Tan lost all their webway portals and they were all 100% down with the clowns and the Dark Eldars and the Yvraine mary sue BS as they cantered their way into Ulthwe. Also isn't Iyanden and Ulthwe also totally down with them too? All my Eldar models are Iyanden, Ulthwe, and Biel-Tan. I don't wanna have to strip them all and come up with my own damn craftworld to be immune from this horseshit.

Plus if I have to run Ynnari to have access to Lelith again I'm gonna be upset.

>> No.53037618

I don't play 40k with a fucking theodolite. Those two are functionally identical.

>> No.53037621

Stop with this shitposting. 1" away is within 1". Don't be that pedantic faggot who tries to argue rules based on massive stretches of purposefully misinterpreting english. The designers clearly don't give a shit about that distinction, the game is played for fun. If you're one of those people who would go "NUH UH THATS 1" NOT W I T H I N 1" you're the kind of fat faggot no one should be playing this game with anyways.

>> No.53037623

I always assume that when servitors run, it's because the attached unit panicked and gave them the wrong order.
Everyone else is retreating; the cyborg slaves are advancing in the wrong direction. Eventually they'll start walking into walls if not stopped.

>> No.53037625

>Magnus the Red
>Daemon Primarch of the Chaos God of Deception, Change, Schemes, and general dickery

>> No.53037627


>> No.53037636

Those models look hella tight yo I wish 40k was still this goofy.

>> No.53037640

You know, of the many things you can say about this version of the Primarchs, the one I feel the worst about is Angron. He just seems so 'generic demon dude', I feel bad. I mean, Magnus may look fucking weird, but at least he's memorable.

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That's right goyim, you're supposed to buy our new Redditing Stor- I mean Gathering Storm book for the low price of $50. No refunds!

>> No.53037648

Is anyone in a similar situation where they like the general idea of a faction but hate the models? Chaos seems like a fun concept but the models are just garbage.

>> No.53037650

No, they just got a bunch of support from there, people followed them, but tge craftworlds themselves don't ifficially support them.

Ulthwe even threatened to kill Eldrad if he did something stupid sgain, then exiled him and sent the Ynnari away.

>> No.53037657

Nah you should be fine. The Craftworld broke up into it's component parts but is still around and only a relatively small proportion of the locals joined the Ynnari. Have your guy try to carve out a new home for his people, preferably by kicking out the savages that have colonised the worlds that his people seeded

>> No.53037661

>No refunds
>Is currently offering refunds

>> No.53037666

you could at least recolor Magnus and Angron
and why is best girl Mortarion

>> No.53037667

to be frank, the greater daemons are more interesting than all of the primarchs

>> No.53037674
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They actually aren't for the Gathering Storm books.

>> No.53037696
File: 194 KB, 674x704, Mortarion_Reaper_of_Worlds2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because Mortarion is best girl.

>> No.53037703

>Slaanesh having the best models of the 4
I didn't know that was ever a thing

>> No.53037706

all GS books are in the OP mega section. It's terrible writing but at least you'll be up to date

>> No.53037721

>implying the bloodthirster isn't the best one

>> No.53037734

Autarch of the 1st Biel-Tan Armored Division and Director of the United Swordwind Academy Men's Chorus, Vice-Brigadier Sir Allison "Iron Man" Concord does not base his operations out of a *colony* like some underclass Corsair scoundrel. Freeing and protecting the maiden worlds is the Craftworld Eldar's burden and he bears it proudly, but to mistake this benevolence for encouragement of colonial life? For a decorated man such as himself? Oh ho ho, sir, you are clearly not of good breeding.

>> No.53037742

I almost want to argue about Magnus here, putting up Weird Bird Guy against Weird Babylonian Fertility God, but yeah, I'll concede the point.

...No, seriously, what the fuck else do you call that?

>> No.53037757

Magnus looks like a mongoloid and Angron looks like he's playing some sort of weird air guitar

>> No.53037762

Angron is worried about people touching his daemon-junk, clearly.

>> No.53037786

I had to stop myself from drinking bleach after reading just a summery of the second one yo I don't think I can handle this homesick abortion spun into a 3 volume set.

>> No.53037794
File: 82 KB, 768x1024, IMG_1521.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New Daemon Primarch Mortarion images LEAKED!

>> No.53037805

>mfw Skitarii are described as being able to have their emotions turned on or off as needed, no access to stubborn and only access to fearless is one relic.

>> No.53037806

fuck off

>> No.53037850

Man that's a shitty conversion, almost as bad as the paintjob.

>> No.53037867

It's a conversion? From what? It looks like it's 90% play-doh. (I assume that's actually greenstuff, but fuck if I know.)

>> No.53037888

Nightbringer body and scythe
CSM chest and shoulders
Belakor wings
Putty tubes and extra wraps.

>> No.53037889

SO then what /would/ he do?

ah.... hmm not really sure what we can for you then. I suppose you just work on the basis that sure there's some new stuff for new factions but fundamentally nothing's changed if you want to play as you were. Until 8th drops anyway

>> No.53037896


>> No.53037915
File: 179 KB, 854x859, absolutedisgust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53037974

Blood Ravens. The other chapters have something good? Hey we have that one now too :^)

>> No.53037981

He would return home from a long and glorious campaign to find his Craftworld shattered and overrun with religious zealots. After days of deliberation and discussion of the events with the remaining Autarchs of Biel-Tan he would, without firing a shot, surrender his ship, his sword, his tanks, relieve his men, and even bid his beloved Howling Banshee escorts into the command of the Ynnari Swordwind, asking only a single vessel in return.

Broken in spirit he would make his way alone to Commorragh and live as a hedonist, dining with arena performers and regaling drunken tales of valor on the battlefield, occasionally called away to fight in the arenas himself, the last true Autarch of Biel-Tan being nothing but a sideshow amusement for the slavering throngs, wishing each time one of his opponents would give him the soldier's death he was denied in his service.

>until 8th edition

Well that's the rub, isn't it? If I can't take Howling Banshees except as Ynnari it doesn't make sense for them to be the personal escort of a Ynnari-hating Autarch. I'd need to put him out to pasture at that point.

>> No.53038001

Just assume all combats are set in the past. It's not like most opponents are going to be a stickler about the skirmish happening in M42.

>> No.53038062

>getting this mad because words have meanings

>> No.53038067


God I miss Primarchs being depicted as basically just the legendary first "chapter master" (Yes, a legion at the time) and beloved founder instead of fanciful superbeings who black-hole all narrative to be about them.

>> No.53038068

Yeah I mean I could do that. But if I'm cherry picking the lore I mean geez why stop there, why not retcon the Tau and the newcrons and every other cancer that's weaseled its way in over the years?

>> No.53038090


>> No.53038091

He's right. The rules are as they're written, not what we want them to be.

>> No.53038093

Anon.. I have bad news.

Commoragh was destroyed when Yvraine was made Prphet of Ynnaed. Khaine's gate opened and Daemons destroyed everything, and super-nids ate the rest.

You'll have to go to the New Dark City built by Vect.

>> No.53038110

>Be Bela'kor
>Get Dwarf'd and ROCK'd in an alternate dimension
>Get fucked over by a couple of IF, the most incompetent space marines, and be completely irrelevant in 40k
Is there a bigger mess of a daemon prince?

>> No.53038117

Yeah I'm pretty sure Vect just sealed off satellite realms and the daemons destroyed a bunch of stuff. Basically what Andy Chambers books had happen.

>> No.53038125

>Super nids

>> No.53038131

The details are a mess in tuose books.

Even Magnus, no one can agree whether it'll have lasting effects on Fenris still.

>> No.53038140

>purposefully misinterpreting english. The designers clearly don't give a shit about that distinction

English has nothing to do with it. Is 1 less than 1?

The designers wrote the rules very precisely. If they had meant "up to 1" away" they would have said that.

>> No.53038143

OK, but I like games where assaulting is a situational thing not something only dedicated assault armies stand a chance at. Also, I play shooty orks and I'm concerned they will end up paying for special assault rules which aren't useful to my army.

>And either way, do you figure his model will just be a big ol' snake, or if they'll humanoid him up a bit?

The description in the GS book said he was 'serpentine', I think, so probably staying the same.

Yeah, exact same issue I have. At least there's a good range of third party bits and potential for lots of conversions.

>> No.53038160
File: 55 KB, 331x949, Anrakyr2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do yall think necrons will be in 8th edition? Do you think they are going to slow down models to keep with the low initiative? Do you think their still going to be almost unkillable?

>> No.53038164

Since he went into hiding to escape the berserkers.

>> No.53038171

Is there any chance that guard will be getting at least one of these fancy new figures like Celestine and cawl?

>> No.53038186


>> No.53038189


Vect got help from the Mandrakes and now they build a new sub-realm.

And the gates have been shut again.

>> No.53038191

With all the sliding back to older editions, old reanimation protocols will probably be back.
They'll definitely have a low move stat though, possibly even give their opponent positive to hit modifiers in melee.

>> No.53038193


He got hit by an activated Rune Axe crafted to slay the Chaos Gods. The fact that he lived after the blow shows how powerful he is. Prior to its activation, while the Rune Axe had anti-Chaos properties, it couldn't harm Be'lakor. Like all magical weapons and mundane weapons, they just phase through provided that he sees them.

Which utterly debunks that the daemon in that old battle report is Be'lakor since the rocks should have phased through Be'lakor's body.

>completely irrelevant in 40k

1) his information led to Ahriman going through with the second Rubric that restored Magnus to his full self and power
2) He is instrumental in Abaddon's rise as Warmaster of Chaos and Chaos Ascendant

This makes him responsible for Wrath of Magnus and Fall of Cadia.

Also his shenanigans unwittingly helped the Imperials by causing the Phalanx to appear over Cadia to defend it against the Blackstone Fortress.

>Get fucked over by a couple of IF,

And by the Legion of the Damned and the Chaos Gods that refused to help him and barred any daemon from helping him out.

Dude, is more important than every daemon prince in the setting.

>> No.53038215

Two Hive fleet tendrils almost merged at one point, right? They had adaptations against basically every major faction between them.

DEldar helped kill them but instead of killing them all they intentionally took some of the ones that had already merged to have them for the arena.

They got loose.

>> No.53038224
File: 34 KB, 450x600, 450px-Hrud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hypothetical question here:

>If the Hrud get an army in 8E, how will they play?

I'd hope to see something that is painstakingly slow/weak on turn one, but builds up momentum/durability as the game goes on. I don't know if that playstyle has been covered (aside from perhaps Dark Eldar).


>> No.53038226

>They got loose.

In the Webway, in the middle of daemonic invasion, isolated from the Hivemind/

I am so scared.

>> No.53038246


Not relevant

>> No.53038265

Hrudposting is a forced pseudo-meme that no one even gets.

>> No.53038277

Hruds are dimensional outsiders. They have no stake in the setting other than being a temporally stop in their migration.

Also they also been temporally to the and of the Imperium. So they have nothing to fight for since they already saw it all and been there.

>> No.53038310

>isolated from the Hivemind
...someone hasn't read the Anphelion Project.

All it takes is a few of those things to metamorphose into synapse creatures and it's going to go tits up realfast for everyone else.

>> No.53038321

>tfw gonna stomp 'em to bits this weekend
>tfw can't wait

>> No.53038324
File: 142 KB, 800x939, 1492414686700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How did you all figure out which faction you loved?

I started about half a year ago but I've bounced between a few armies because I haven't found one that 'clicked'.

I like the lore and visuals of some, but haven't found an army that I want to stick with.

>> No.53038326

They didn't just keep them for the arena, the heamonculi worked on them trying to unlock their genetic secrets.

They also made a few dark eldar/super Tyranid hybrids.

>> No.53038339

get your testosterone levels checked.

indecisiveness is a symptom of being a female.

>is it your period?

>> No.53038346
File: 158 KB, 628x858, Plague_Marine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanted to try a Plague Colony at least once before 8th landed, how does this look?

### CSM Death Guard Vectorium (Chaos Space Marines: Codex 1850 pts ###

#### Uncategorised ####
* **Force Options (Supplement options here)**

Death Guard

#### Core ####
* **Plague Colony**
* **Chaos Lord**

Blight grenades, Chainfist, Combi-flamer, Dolorous Knell, Mark of Nurgle, Sigil of corruption, Terminator Armour, Veterans of the Long War, Warlord
* **Plague Marines**

2x Flamer, 6x Plague Marine, Veterans of the Long War
* **Plague Champion**

Bolt Pistol, Power Fist
* **Plague Marines**

2x Flamer, 6x Plague Marine, Veterans of the Long War
* **Plague Champion**

Bolt Pistol, Power Fist
* **Plague Marines**

2x Flamer, 6x Plague Marine, Veterans of the Long War
* **Plague Champion**

Bolt Pistol, Power Fist
* **Plague Marines**

6x Plague Marine, 2x Plasma Gun, Veterans of the Long War
* **Plague Champion**

Bolt Pistol, Power Fist
* **Plague Marines**

6x Plague Marine, 2x Plasma Gun, Veterans of the Long War
* **Plague Champion**

Bolt Pistol, Power Fist
* **Plague Marines**

2x Meltagun, 6x Plague Marine, Veterans of the Long War
* **Chaos Rhino**

Dozer Blades
* **Plague Champion**

Combi-melta, Power Fist
* **Plague Marines**

2x Meltagun, 6x Plague Marine, Veterans of the Long War
* **Chaos Rhino**

Dozer Blades
* **Plague Champion**

Combi-melta, Power Fist

#### Auxiliary ####
* **Spawn**
* **Chaos Spawn**

Mark of Nurgle, Spawn
* **Chaos Spawn**

Mark of Nurgle, Spawn

>> No.53038357

When I first laid eyes upon the Thousand Sons I knew they were the faction for me, after reading up on their lore my choice had been made.

>> No.53038358

I mean 8th is out next month, what's the point?

Looks alright, I suppose.

>> No.53038359

Good thing they'll have pretty pictures for those with impaired reading comprehension.

>> No.53038365

I like Imperial Guard, Death Guard, Orks and Sisters of Battle.
So I thought "why not all of them?"

>> No.53038370

>To try a Plague Colony at least once before 8th lands

>> No.53038400

I tried nearly all of them.
Bought CSM, bartered that for IG, bartered that for Tau, bartered that for Sisters, bartered that for Orks.

Kept orks.

Bought marines, bartered that for Eldar, bartered that for CSM

Kept CSM.

Bought Deathwatch... and noone will even look at them, despite mint condition and all.

>> No.53038416
File: 61 KB, 500x646, 1459411893986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm an artillery/chimera vet based Imperial guard player. I honestly have no idea what the fuck is going to happen to my army come 8th.

>> No.53038418

No. That lot WERE the 'Imperial but not Space Marine' trio

>> No.53038433

Same. I'm most interested in what happens to my Leman Russes

>> No.53038434

>tfw Fall of Cadia took place on the homeworld of one of the most notable IG regiments, IG gets nothing out of it.

>> No.53038438

To bad Robot Gorillaman killed Alpharius after the heresy and the cabals mission was lost.

>> No.53038443

You lack anti-tank, like serious, 2x2 melta guns and a chain fist is not anti-tank

>> No.53038447

The Black Legion go nothing also despite Abaddon being on the cover. What's your point?

>> No.53038450

Iguess it will have to be omegon who comes back

>> No.53038452

hopefully they get buffed to like 6-8 HP, lumbering behemoth comes back and they keep Pask in the game!

>> No.53038466

It's not like CSM didn't get Traitor Legions literally a month before or anything.

>> No.53038470

I've only ever played Dawn of War. Not all that happy with Dawn of War III, although it has a few good points. The FLGS I play D&D and MTG at has a 40k group and I've gotten taken in by the hype for 8th edition. I want to start a Space Marine or Necron army, my two favorite factions from the Dawn of War games. Should I wait for 8th to drop or start buying models now?

>> No.53038474

I'm hoping they make it so you don't HAVE to take Chimeras to even be decent. I hate using them.

>> No.53038476


>> No.53038481

Necrons aren't gonna get new models any time soon, Space Marines will be changing come 8th edition.

>> No.53038491

Kataphron Destroyers. They're built for combat, so it makes even less sense.

>> No.53038498

buy a single squad, paint them up and hold onto your balls as 8th drops. 8th seems so far to be impressing everyone and 90 minute games sound appealing!

I usually take 4 chimeras into 1850 points, I love the damn things! I usually have 2 basilisks, a manticore and a hellhound. Something about the chassis works for me.

>> No.53038507

Necrons just got new models back in 6th.

>> No.53038512

The Ultramarines have no record of such an event and the Inquisitor investigating it turned out to be an Alpha Legion sleeper agent.

>> No.53038514

I just don't see the point.

>> No.53038518

I noticed when looking at the models at the FLGS. Bit more Egyptian theme, interesting. No one in the shop seems to play Crons or normal Space Marines.

So I might as well get a squad of Scouts or Crons and participate in the FLGS's Shadow Wars campaign until 8th drops?

>> No.53038522

No, they will be getting one new unit.

>> No.53038529

Because he want's to try it? It's not really that hard.

>> No.53038538

>people actually believe this
GW is going to slowly creep the numarines into the game in more and more forms. The old models will be phased out over a long period of time. By 9th edition they will no longer be producing the current marine kits.

>> No.53038539

that sounds like a great time, plus you'll be chatting with people who will be talking about 8th and, when the game hits, you'll have people to play with.

>> No.53038545

>Playing nids is indicative of being female


>> No.53038564

Like they stopped producing the kits that came before the current one
What's the problem?
The numarines aren't even bigger than Deathwatch or Thousand Sons marines, that are sized like the current one but without the power squat

>> No.53038570

I'll probably start with Space Marines, because I heard they will most likely be in 8th's starter set. Do I have to paint them as they appear on the box? I don't like Ultramarines.

>> No.53038585

Yes. Games Workshop no longer supports other chapters and most likely the new starter set marines will have molded-on ultramarines insignia on them.

>> No.53038590

Thing is, Nids aren't shit because of general rules. They're shit because their own Codex is a failed abortion with Down Syndrome. If Cruddace isn't the writer for their own book, they'll be fine.

>> No.53038597

Is black the best undercoat?

What undercoat should I use for golds?

>> No.53038599

You don't have to, since they are your dudes and if you want to paint them red, green or gold you can do that

What we'll have to see is if the ones in the starter box are generic space marines or, like the Dark Angels in the previous starting box, they have a ton of symbols of their chapter, that you'd have to cut out if you don't want to play them as Ultramarine or one of their successor chapter

>> No.53038601

Okay. I'll just play Necrons then.

>> No.53038607

I don't see Marines changing. The current Tactical Squad box is only 2 years old.

>> No.53038609

No, but the starter set might come with special snap fit models made for that set. They may have molded on Ultramarines symbols.

>> No.53038610

Ignore him, he's just shitposting

>> No.53038619

I see. I just don't like the color blue. As an MTG player, seeing blue induces a feeling of utter rage inside me.


>> No.53038623

Brown for any sort of brownish metal, brass, bronze, copper, gold. Black for silver.

>> No.53038627

>GW no longer makes other than Ultramarines decals
>The box is not going to have specific chapters like Dark Angels, Space Wolves or Blood Angels in them
Yeah, you're not going to get what you need to make other chapters than Ultramarines. Fuck GW.

>> No.53038631

>No longer supports other chapters
I mean they got Guiliman but that's it. And we know the New Marines aren't restricted to UM.

>> No.53038636

White and grey are the best general purpose base coats, but I always pain an undercoat of brown just for parts that will be gold.

>> No.53038638

Like you didn't get what you needed to make Blood Angels, Ultramarines or Space Wolves from Dark Vengeance

>> No.53038652

>Fuck GW.

Goodbye, then? Not going to indirectly support them by playing the game, are you?

>> No.53038665

Obviously the imperium as a whole is a dictatorship and the administratum wouldn't like it, but are there planets where they democratically elect planetary governors/ruling governments?

>> No.53038668

started in 2nd ed playing yiffs, I was into Nordic mythology at the time and liked playing with a Jarl and his merry band of Huscarls drinking and ROFLstomping chaos and nids across the galaxy. Started playing Eldar for a while but found them too fragile but not until I had an Eldar BFG fleet which I dominated our group with, still never did particularly well with them in standard 40k though.
Moved onto Mordheim and Necromunda for a while and played sneaky sneaky Skaven and Delaque who I always did pretty well with and thought would translate to 40k with my new Dark Eldar army... I couldn't have been more wrong. I don't think I won a single game with them and I was already getting bored of the 3edgy5me lore. So obviously the next stop was DA......ahem played Deathwing for a while and they were fun and challenging and gave me satisfying wins.

And then I stopped playing

For 10 years

and then I got back into it, I've had a good thing going with my guard list for a while and was about to move onto a Fallen/Chaos list cause I fancied a change just as 8th was announced so now I'm sitting on my tod until it drops waiting to see whether I want to throw my lot in with the ruinous powers (sort of the plan was that the fallen would think themselves the loyalists) or maybe reprise a Deathwing/yiffwing army

>> No.53038671

No but you don't get what you need to make even the chapters that they show in the current plastic box sets. Someone should sue them for false advertising. They clearly show the old decals being used but inside there's only the fucking UM transfer sheet, which is worthless because Ultramarines are basically worthless.

>> No.53038672
File: 3.26 MB, 6016x3384, 009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I decided on Daemonhunters back in 5th edition because of how, for me, it embodied the all of the best parts of 40k. You had the Inquisition, Imperial Assassins, Stormtroopers, and Grey Knights all in one book. And these were pre-Matt Ward Grey Knights, mind you. Their whole identity was being the white knight that the king (inquisitor) sends to slay the dragon (daemon), they were, at the time, one of the hardest armies to play in 40k because not only did they have almost no unit diversity (without relying on the Inquisition) but they really epitomized the elite unit style of play where you every detail could decide the game, the whole thing just felt right.

And then Matt Ward fucked it all up.

So I realized something. Hey! Ward ruined the theme by giving them baby carriers, and now half my LGS is going to play Baby Carrier Knights, and there I was just imagining game after game of me playing an army with baby carriers in it against other people who are probably playing an Imperial army anyway, if not Grey Knights specifically. So then I thought to myself "I never want to have to worry about fighting against a faction that's supposed to be my ally" and then I realized that one of my concerns from before Matt Ward was that I would have to keep crossing my fingers that a Chaos Daemons player would finally appear for me to be best friends with, but even then that wouldn't be very sportsmanly seeing as how my army is not just designed to be played against Chaos Daemons armies, it's actually designed to *beat* Chaos Daemons armies. Who would actually want that? No wonder there are no Daemon players around here. I should play Chaos Daemons. It'll give me an opportunity to show people how much of a good sport I am.

>> No.53038684

Planets are free to do whatever the fuck they want as long as they make their tithe and worship the emperor.

>> No.53038685

I've always like Knights, especially the Crusaders' aesthetic, even when I was small, so BT were like a natural calling. Plus I love big dudes in big armors going into QCQ, and zealots are cool as shit, there's genuinely nothing I don't like in them, except Helbrecht's barehead.

>> No.53038686

The Imperium is a vast place so there's probably some obscure backwater where that happens.

>> No.53038707

Yes. The administratum doesn't care as long as they're getting their tithes and the planet also follows Imperial Law.

>> No.53038720

Probably some but the Imperium wants its tithes and will remove rules who don't deliver. So I wouldn't expect it to be common, see video.


>> No.53038724
File: 1.71 MB, 500x500, 1488502986508.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all xenos on the same team

>> No.53038735

The compilation books aren't all alliances.

>> No.53038736

>CGP Grey
You have to go back.

>> No.53038748
File: 217 KB, 1800x679, Space Marines - 500pts (4).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I settled on this for my 500pt army, it's meant to be fun and effective so bare with me. I chose the command squad because they have +1 attack compared to the assault squad, I took an apothecary for the FNP, the 10man tac is going to split with sarge and plas going as one in front (along with the other 5 man tac) and las holding up behind them. Is this good enough to get my foot in the door? Any input is appreciated

>> No.53038751

Reanimation protocols will be an even more hardcore ward save.
But yeah 3" movement all the way.

>> No.53038753

You get
>Imperial Fists
>Dark Angels
>Crimson Fists
>Space Wolves
>Black Templars

Any other chapter you are basically fucked.

>> No.53038755
File: 973 KB, 2999x2599, 40k starter pack copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These are the five books you are getting.

>> No.53038757

they aren't. alliances are just telling you who CAN be grouped with who, that doesn't mean orks suddenly stop fighting each other or that khorne is suddenly cool with tzeentch.

>> No.53038761

Man seeing a CGP Grey on /tg/ is one of the weirdest experiences of my week.

Dude could lore my Imperium any day though.
Good luck fitting that shit in five minutes.

>> No.53038762

You have to go back? Back where? Back in the video logs? Back to the Future? Back to History Class? Back to Poli-Sci Class? Back to School? Back to University? Back to bed? Back to fucking? Back to the list of things this one Poster doesn't agree with so as not to offend them like the shit they are?

>> No.53038763

You're so fuckin stupid lol

>> No.53038771

I mostly want to find one that I really enjoy playing, but haven't found one yet.

Nice, I haven't looked into the lore much for quite a few armies. Their aesthetics aren't for me but I understand why others do.


>> No.53038775
File: 3.48 MB, 6016x3384, 012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pt. 2

So I invested in Chaos Daemons. I bought some metal nurgling blisters, some metal plaguebearers, some pink horrors (both plastic and metal--this was back when LGS's had yet to sell off the last of their 3rd edition Pink Horrors) and then some Daemonettes and a Keeper of Secrets as an HQ. Plenty of diversity, powerful units, I can learn how to paint on the Nurgle minis and then once I've developed some skill really go the Slaanesh minis justice.

I was so enthusiastic about how well everything was coming along, I started with the Nurglings, moved onto the Plaguebearers, and then painted the Pink Horrors, a Keeper of Secrets, and was trying my hand at painting Daemonettes, but that's when I realized they were actually REALLY hard to paint right. Trying to get them to look anything like what I saw on the box felt next to impossible, my Keeper of Secrets was flawed when it came to the skin but ultimately had enough detail on it to make the overall picture look good but these daemonettes are just impossible for me to get anything right past a flat color...

Then 6th Edition and the new Chaos Daemons codex hit.

Most of what I had established had been outdated by newer miniatures. Sure, I could still use the ones I had... but I can't buy any more of those miniatures. All I have access to now are the plastics. And the two different types really don't jive together. I also noticed that the new book actually made mono-god lists viable.

So at that point I decided to start a mono-god army. My favorite god is Slaanesh. I have a Keeper of Secrets all painted up.

...But everything else in the army seems to involve those daemonettes...

...Second favorite's Nurgle. I've gotten a lot of practice in. And I do love Nurglings. Also possibly the best army to do conversions with next to orks... Yes... Nurgle it shall be!

>> No.53038787

I fricking love how Sisters of Battle play but I dislike working with metal models. Too bad I basically want to run a horde of them.
Imperial Guard's playstyle hasn't clicked with me yet but I love the steel legion models. Haven't got a chance to play my orks yet (I just bought my army) but I'm excited to try.

>> No.53038796

Bought the Battle for Macragge set way back and have been a SM fan ever since, and after all these years the Swarm calls to me and I'll be picking up my bugs (for better or worse) soon. Which armies caught your eye?

>> No.53038797

Why not go for Sisters of Silence?

>> No.53038809

If you don't play at a GW store you could use 3rd party Daemonetts.

And before they raised the price on them to $60 a box I was using the plastic witch elves kit to make Daemonetts.

>> No.53038810

Because they don't have any variety or flavor of the Sisters of Battle. Maybe if they would actually be expanded into a proper army.

>> No.53038816
File: 51 KB, 619x626, 1493543655675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53038818
File: 924 KB, 2707x4813, pally.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pt. 3 (final)

From that point onward, I put aside what I had as memorabilia, nurgle minis included, and started fresh with some plastic Nurglings and some plastic Plaguebearers. I made some killer conversions since then, some nurgley chaos spawn that I've used as Beasts of Nurgle and the Palanquin conversion you see here (he's not that glossy in real life I swear) and have been become more and more committed to conversions as time has gone by, just doing little things like changing arm postures, carving out new wounds, filling up old ones, I've actually come to really enjoy the creative freedom I have with a Nurgle army, it's way better than I expected. If you like the idea of being able to easily play god with a knife and some greenstuff, then I would whole-heartedly recommend playing Nurgle Daemons-- they're the best.

>> No.53038819

There's an option under Renegades and Heretics to have your commander be a Heretek Magos. It gives you +6 FNP a la Skitarii, among other things. This would also make you Allies of Convenience with Necrons.

But 8th is gonna ruin that so don't hold me to it.

>> No.53038838

You should get a lamp, its hard to see your minis and clearly you put some passion into them

>> No.53038845

The basic gist of it is that the Thousand Sons were tragic heroes who fell to villainy as a result of their hubris.
They tried to use their powerful magic to prevent the Horus Heresy but ended up only making things worse, and for that they were excommunicated as traitors and almost destroyed by the Space Wolves, now it's been 10,000 years and they're back for vengeance.

>> No.53038850

Why not use the Raging Heroes Sisters, they are much cheaper and look great. Plus I bet there are other plastic/Resin 3rd Party sculpts out there. Vote with your money and post the pictures to GW. If everyone who wanted plastic Sisters did this and showed GW that people are willing to

>> No.53038852

another* lamp.

I need two light sources and only have one...

>> No.53038864


That's not how Grand Alliances work...

>> No.53038892

Because Raging Heroes sisters look like shit and not 40k at all.

>> No.53038907

Like undeads in AoS.

Every turn they regen 1d6 warrior models.
Other units will regen fewer models or just regen wounds lost.

>> No.53038911
File: 181 KB, 852x1702, P_20170503_052638_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just found this guy today, good lord time flies

>> No.53038919
File: 143 KB, 818x1177, IMG_0310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Raging heroes
Oh yeah sure here's my counts-as Celestine!

>> No.53038923 [DELETED] 
File: 17 KB, 300x300, thinyopaints.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just got this guy today, good lord time flies

>> No.53038926

He said best chapter, not best chaos legion
Which is also wrong, because that is Death Guard

>> No.53038928

Oh dear he seems to have spilled something all down himself

>> No.53038943
File: 1.51 MB, 480x360, Five fingers say to the face.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That also has the shit chapters, which makes it automatically not the best

>> No.53038946
File: 17 KB, 300x300, thinyopaints.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just found this guy today, good lord time flies

>> No.53038953

Well... That's... an extreme reaction.

>> No.53038956

lol yeah, I was too worried to actually cut the model. Looks a bit silly now but it is 40k after all

>> No.53038969
File: 855 KB, 500x281, saf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let me guess anon, you made the paint SO thick on that one eye that you thought it'd be a good idea to just turn it into a wound

>> No.53038984

Its not too shabby but I dont have a proper camera atm, I just wish I knew about washes and proper layering 10 years ago

>> No.53038990


>> No.53038993
File: 55 KB, 564x548, 486847114bc243a626aca114f1ca637d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your telling me this doesn't look like a Sister Repentia?

>> No.53038997

Holy shit, this post by Aaron Dempski-Bowden is the greatest 40k thing I have ever read. He posted it on Bolter and Chainsword, but here is a dakka post about it, open the spoiler


>> No.53039002

do you have the sister picture?

>> No.53039017

The only parts that match is that it's a female and she has a huge chainsword.

>> No.53039031

so terrible.

>> No.53039040

Ok hi aaron

>> No.53039061

Okay, let's review what makes a Sister Repentia.
She doesn't wear armor Check
She Carries a Big ass Chainsword: Check
She's a Sci-fi Nun Check.

That's all the boxes bro.

>> No.53039063

I knew what post it was before I even clicked the link. It's famous.

>> No.53039085
File: 97 KB, 723x1024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That could work if SoB had generic living Saint.

I used the Harbinger of Menoth as Demon Prince or other big demon thingy. When I run a silly summoning SoB list.

I'm going to miss the stupid summoning power in 8th assuming they don't make my top mid army totally shit

>> No.53039090


>chaos marines constantly killing each other
>they can still somehow pose a threat to the Imperium

>> No.53039096

Except she looks like something out of fanart that misses the whole point of 40k in favor of appealing for your dick rather than something actually out of 40k.

>> No.53039106

>No armour
>Huge power boots.

I would had agree with you but the power boots killed it for me. It reminded me of the huge feet in shaman King.

>> No.53039134
File: 160 KB, 800x800, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This bad sculpt got the point better.
RH are just space nuns, cool, but they are not Sisters of Battle

>> No.53039136

>"I am fucking retarded, please end my life"

>> No.53039148
File: 163 KB, 800x800, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even their Saint Celestine got the point better.

>> No.53039157

find yourself a friendly chinese.

>> No.53039165
File: 63 KB, 500x690, IMG_9573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Statline me scaled down to wraithknight size /tg/
>pilot is assumed emotionally stable for today

>> No.53039195

>roll a D6 every turn
>on a 4+ the pilot fucking wipes the entire board clean and turns everyone into tang

>> No.53039203

Raging heroes minis only look good to people with no taste.
They are overdone, busy lumps.

>> No.53039222

The vast majority of 3rd party minis do

>> No.53039227
File: 60 KB, 377x507, 1410539201892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yfw tyranids will suck yet again
I never asked for this.

>> No.53039238

Say what you will about GW, it's hard to beat the quality of their models they make these days most of the time

>> No.53039240

We've still got being cute going for us, I guess.

Also what are good colours for shading orange, anyone?

>> No.53039242
File: 354 KB, 1800x1066, IMG_5228.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And nothing of value was lost

>> No.53039260

>on a roll of 6 the entire plot falls off the fucking wagon into some pseudophilisophical bullshit and the writer gets institutionalized

>> No.53039262

Just wait until the Genestealers on Terra stage their uprising. You'll all be sorry.

>> No.53039271
File: 49 KB, 775x583, be8dd0be80b473ceced5a5c11112d65d83750c4b_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53039273

'Bout the only thing they fail on these days is posing.

>> No.53039282

In GW colour terms Fuegan Orange shades Jokaero orange

>> No.53039292

Marine player (noob) who has missed out on updates since smite was added.

Anything new?

>> No.53039297

Yeah I got that, but I know you can shade with more than just the corresponding shade paint.

Like I just used a dark blue shade over green, I wss wondering what are good colours for orange?

>> No.53039310

Go to the community site and check.

>> No.53039316

Burnt Umber, brown, Reikland Fleshshade

>> No.53039320

I've seen some decent plastic sisters converted from kabalite warriors, SM bits and greenstuff.

>> No.53039321


>> No.53039327
File: 144 KB, 1280x720, IMG_9577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you try to make your models pose as overly dramatic as possible because you secretly think exaggerated poses are cool

>> No.53039330

to be honest anyone who wouldn't allow that is probably a sjw or normie

>> No.53039347

Theres a part in one of the Last Chancers novels where they have to sneak into a heavily fortified tower and they do so with the aid of a batshit crazy Interrogator/Fleet admiral(?) (His exact nature escapes me) who calls down a sudden orbital strike so they can sneak in as survivors. Everyone is shitting themselves as people turn to ash one hill over but this daft motherfucker is standing tall on the ridge, arms wide, coat flapping in the pressure wave, LAUGHING HIS ASS OFF at the sheer carnage wrought with the push of a button.

I wanted to be that guy so I play Emperor's Wrath.

>> No.53039353


She's a religious fanatic desperately seeking redemption for real or imagined failings by dying in service to her Emperor - Not Check

Repentia are supposed to look ragged and desperate. Madam Chainsword up there >>53038993 looks relaxed and calm. The only thing she's carried away with is smugness. The whole theme of the model is entirely removed from that of the Repentia.

>> No.53039359

Is that in the OP?

I think I found it

>> No.53039366
File: 1.04 MB, 3326x2366, IMG_1962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A deviant brother!

>> No.53039369

Good morning from America
Did I miss anything good while I slept soundly on my pile of guns and MAGA hats?

>> No.53039373

Carroburgh Crimson maybe? IDK what sort of shade you want

>> No.53039375
File: 191 KB, 1280x800, gil-salvado-hc-stormbolter[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you think they will do Storm Bolter justice in 8th edition ?

>> No.53039383

Dumb Nidleaf poster

>> No.53039385

Yeah that's it.

>> No.53039389

Sorry Imperial slave your storm bolter will never be as good as our combi bolter and it's twin linked glory. But you can cry about that to your Chaplin.

>> No.53039400

Went for brown like the other anon suggested.

Fuegan doesn't darken it enough to shade properly in my opinion.

>> No.53039404

Fancy new roubooty marines. Neat

>> No.53039407

>1 (one) shot per turn
>being so shit at shooting you need your guns to be twin linked

>> No.53039432

a few people talking about how they got into their armies, a little rules debate, some clarification the events of GS and a look at alternative sisters models. That's about it, all pretty civil.

You ready to begin a new day of shitposting?

>> No.53039437

She's wearing bandages, and exoskeletons to make her run faster into battle and holding the head of a demon she slew. I think she's so smug because she is atoning by slaughtering the foes of the emperor. She can't help it she is good at it.

>> No.53039461

2 shots per turn with a slightly better than 50% accuracy. at 0-24" is not better than
2 shots with reroll.

>> No.53039471

>2 shots with reroll
>chaosfag is so delusional he doesn't realize his gun is rapid fire

>he isn't even able to assault on the same turn he shoots
This is what happens when your dad has daddy issues.

>> No.53039494

you can assault on the same turn of you're a terminator because relentless

>> No.53039497

I should really start getting up early more, sounds like a nice respectful discourse

>> No.53039503

Maybe she knows Gav

>> No.53039516

>if you're a terminator

>> No.53039519

And that explains the perky tits and power armour boots?

>> No.53039533

We were talking about the guns themselves not the users.

If you want to talk about the users
>he has no access to cataphractii or tataros armor
>he doesn't have any special units to make up for it like the Deathwing Knights or the Wolf Guard
>he isn't even able to take TH/SS
With omniscient space jews, you lose.

>> No.53039534

I'd want to dress to impress when there's Ogryn dick on the table

>> No.53039541 [DELETED] 
File: 308 KB, 600x446, IMG_5250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In the grim darkness of the far future is BLACKED replaced by OGRYNED?

>> No.53039554
File: 128 KB, 1600x1056, Grey_Knights.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got IG (~750-1000pts), Eldar (~500pts), and a larger force (~1750pts) of GK.

Which should I get back into for 8th Ed? Also, when is 8th Ed out?

>> No.53039555

Since you are 90% more likely to be a terminator, biker, or walker than anything else.

>> No.53039561

>not secretly wanting a walking slab of meat and muscle ogryn to club you over the head and fuck you

>> No.53039563

Those aren't power armor those are exoskeleton to run faster not protect the leg.

>> No.53039580

In AoS it's SCAILED.

So probably.

>> No.53039587

>dark angels are Jewish
A lot of things fit into place now, I always thought dark angels were supposed to be analogues of free masons or something

>> No.53039614

n-no dark angels j-j-just have hebrew names i swear

>> No.53039621

sure sure, hopefully they'll get rid of the distinction alltogether and both side will just have rapidfire 2 and have done with it

DA are space Catholics obsessing over the sins of their fathers

>> No.53039625

So the Fallen have all of the secret Nazi gold they can't let anybody know about?

>> No.53039627

>This new
>Not knowing about Gav
Get out kid.

Their love was the purest one. There was no sex inlvoved. Even when facing Slaanesh

>> No.53039630

Yes and Combi-bolters are Chaos Space Marine Issue. And they are found mainly on Terminators, Dreadnaughts, and CSM bikes. All of which have relentless.

>> No.53039633

>oy vey goyim remember the luthercaust
>or rather don't

>> No.53039639

and lo did the shitposting begin

>> No.53039643

DA are just gay jokes.

Primarch name is a gay dude
The rock is a gay bar
Their main gun is plasma, that shoots hot loads into other men
Secretive in nature like closet gays

All thou I'm not sure new GW even knows that. They don't seem to know basic lore

>> No.53039648

Go back to 1d4ddit

>> No.53039660

Supprisingly accurate

>> No.53039673

>mfw no bro-tier commissar wingman threatening shopkeeps just trying his best to get your retarded abhuman ass laid

>> No.53039676

DA btfo

>> No.53039679

Anon this shit is old as balls, I don't expect new people to the hobby to know this.

The joke hasn't been touched in decades thou

>> No.53039690

your gay you fucking fenrisian scum

closet heretics

>> No.53039701

new thread
no Americans allowed
no ((((dark angels)))) welcome

>> No.53039714

That is another gay joke, but not so evident as the DA one.

SW and DA are a massive gay joke.

>> No.53039737 [DELETED] 

oh so you're a (((blood angels))) player then?

your primarch's existence is a gay joke, he's so fucking gay he turned the warmaster into a guy loving faggot

>> No.53039757
File: 730 KB, 900x616, jncobus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Looks more like this tbqh senpai

>> No.53039762

If anything BA are metrosexual jokes, but I'm not sure that was a concept back then. So maybe Greek jokes, in other words marines are a massive gay joke

>> No.53039764


>> No.53039790 [DELETED] 

oh boy it was a xenosfag tard that was shitposting all this time have a slow clap you NPC nigger jew

>> No.53039895

But anon I have the best army along with NPC armies. I'm a god to you plebs

>> No.53040032

>he says while wanking off to his riptide-wraithknight/wave serpent alliance

>> No.53040215

If (and only if) The imperium and the Craftworlds would come to be allies, I would still expect alot of tyranids would need a good stomping and some bugspray so I expect the Feathwatch to continue doing what they are best at: Kicking xenos ass (preferably tyranids)

>> No.53040650

How did the old protocol work?

>> No.53041146

Is it bad to buy packs from ebay like this?
It seems like a cheap way to start building an army, so whats usually the catch?

>> No.53041188

my heavily pigmented friend
i guess i will build a new blood angels army as soon as the stats are finished tho

>> No.53041448

it is like in sports: the line belongs to the area it contains. therefore 1" is also a part of ''within 1"''

>> No.53041545

Since you want to get your foot in to the door dont buy them all at once but maybe start with a tactical squad and assemble and paint them and mybe when u are finished the 8th will be out. especially the apothecary, maybe the captain and probably a few of the weapons will change. but the basic bitches will still be needed after it.

>> No.53041591

He was a Imperial Navy forward observer.

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