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I just really felt the need to share this. This is why roll20 is a meme at this point. Most games aren't this bad, but this is an example of a no go zone. Post more no go zones, so we show new people where not to play.


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Wow that's really awful. Fuck.

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Anything that is advertised in /pfg/
Unless you're into that kind of thing, in which case more power to you

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This reads like someone who has either never played/run a game before or someone who is taking the piss out of roll20.

I refused to think that someone is this dense without collapsing into a singularity.

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The lack of self awareness makes me fear about how my fellows perceive me.

>you can call me sanguine im 16 years old (but very mature so dont worry :P)


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This can't be serious. This has to be some kind of parody of how crappy roll20 is.

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Non Roll-20'er here bumping for more insanity/idiocy.

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>i changed the AC system ill tell you more about it if you get accepted but basically there is cloth ac metal ac and middle ac you need to average them and it depends on weather and moisture levels

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>i changed the AC system ill tell you more about it if you get accepted but basically there is cloth ac metal ac and middle ac you need to average them and it depends on weather and moisture levels
This has to be performance art.

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Are we sure they're not a rolemaster dev who's taken several blows to the head?

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Holy fuck. It's so terrible, yet almost beautiful. This must be what a Sanity check feels like.

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Cringy teen does something cringy, news at 11.

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You swing a steel mace at a goblin!
AS: +87 vs DS: +51 with AvD: +31 + d100 roll: +61 = +128
... and hit for 14 points of damage!
Blow raises a welt on the goblin's left arm.
Roundtime: 5 sec.

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Rolled 20 (1d20)

Might as well.
The DMG would have me ask for a DC 10 San save.

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Hey now I stopped playing dwarf fortress years ago

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I feel like Mythweavers doesn't get enough flak on here, it's just as fucking awful as Roll20. I once played a Mass Effect game where one of the players rolled up a 'male' Asari who had been genetically experimented on giving them 'super powerful biotics' and also a penis apparently. The GM thought it was the most fucking incredibly original idea he'd ever heard and wanked the guy off incessantly.

I just want to play a grizzled Krogan merc who mutters he's too old for this shit whenever they get in a firefight. Is that too much to ask?

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Yes, because your idea is just as bad as the other guy's, only in the other direction. He went off and made the speshulest snowflake he could, you just copypasted the most generic shit you could find.

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>DM is 16
>age (noone younger then 18 i dont get along with kids lol):

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>can't spell persistent
>can spell pontificate, but uses it incorrectly

Fuck me whoever made this is a genius.

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>male asari
Also why do DMs always jack off the worst players?

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I'd take generic over cringe if we're talking extremes. At least generic usually ensures a solid base to work from.

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>Generic, yet harmless concept in line with the lore is equally as bad as concept that disregards the lore entirely.

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You're going to find those players everywhere you go, Mythweavers isn't special for that.
That said, you're only telling your side of the story. Maybe it was an eloquently written character and you're just sperging out because it disagrees with your headcanon and you didn't get the spotlight. Maybe it's just as shitty a character as you say, who knows. You do sound like yet another boring "I play human fighters exclusively and shit on everything else for being speshul snowflake" player though.

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>favorite anime/character:
Well, /tg/?

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The only reason this didn't give me cancer is because 4chins already gave it to me.

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The worst thing I found about Mythweavers is that they have a swear filter that can't be turned off. Even in private games. Apparently regardless of what kind of gaming you're running, the admins still want you to be aware of the chilluns that could (not) be watching.

I'm sorry, but I'm a big boy and sometimes I like to say 'fuck', and so do my characters.

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>concept that disregards the lore entirely.
It doesn't, though. It specifically incorporates the fact that Asari are female only in order to make itself more speshul.

You may not like the way that it interacts with the lore, but it's certainly not disregarding it. Not that Mass Effect has worthwhile lore in the first place, but that's more an overarching issue than with this particular case of terrible characters.

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>Oh, young DM, you can't give me cancer, I AM CANCER!

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Guts, I like to use him and my isekai character of the season/month as 'inspiration' for my human male fighters of varying grizzledness, because who doesn't love being a murderhobo with a large sword and totally missing the point of the character and fetishizing a broken man's lashing out at the world?

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Don't pretend you guys didn't do something this stupid when you were sixteen.

Well, probably less stupid, but some kind of stupid.

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Asari are a female only race in the Mass Effect universe. Male Asari literally do not exist. That isn't head canon.

Pretty much t b h.

No. I wasn't even that edgy with my first character, despite it being very easy to go full edgelord.

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Lelouch, Vash, or Sephiroth. Take your pick.

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This seems like a person who just graduated from GaiaOnline.

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Not really.
Stupid, but not this kind of stupid.
We played stereotypes and threw martials on catapults to the frontline.

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Asari are an all female race, having a male one isn't just against my headcanon, it's against one of the most fundamental fucking parts of the lore. Combined with the super biotics shit it is literally textbook Sue bullshit.

Also, I'm not sure how you get the idea that I play exclusively human fighters from one character in one game, who was briefly described in one sentence. Sometimes it's nice to just relax and play a classic character concept.

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Never realised the day that my favourite fucking anime could affect my application.

This is just so fucking awful.

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First character I ever played was a scantily clad warrior woman chick who tried to blow up the town mayor for shits and giggles. It physically pains me to remember it.

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I went whole horse and made a setting based on just shit i liked at the time.

it was pretty bad

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OP here, I volunteered for this one myself just to see how bad it is.


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What's wrong with /pfg/?

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why do they all insist on half a hundred custom rules. surely if you find yourself with a dozen complex homebrew rules you should just play a different system.

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I appreciate the guy who made a WH40RPG with 5e.

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As soon as you claim to not be playing D&D you lost all your future players.

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Because D&D 5e is popular, and they are to lazy to learn a new system.

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All of these are /pfg/ games.

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Im not from this board, i come here becouse i find /tg/ to be a very confortable place to be at and out of respect i try not to post anything

That said, could someone explain to me what's wrong with what OP posted? It seemed like some generic and simple legend of zelda style adventure and it was obvious it was a teen that wrote it, but besides that i fail to see anything offensive about it

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what about this ban list guys.

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Get out, and legend of Zelda is trash. It's Japanese Tolkien.

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yeah i guess its kinda hard to see if you don't play, but basically they do everything super wrong.

And I mean like painfully wrong

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>doesn't get enough flak.
I will never not shit on this guy:

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>legend of Zelda is trash

I didn't say it was good, just nothing to be upset about

>Get out


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What is this person's problem with conjuration?

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Honestly it's not that surprising to me either for a teenager, but if you saw a good application next to it, it would make a little more sense.

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I posted a player asking to be a 12 year old girl prodigy wizard complete with edgy dead parent backgroun in a HotDQ game, and when I posted it here /tg/ said it was a normal character for FR. This is not the best place to poke fun a cringe.

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What the fuck drives you to do this shit?


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Those aren't that bad, if you have a bunch of people wanting to smash a car, and they buy a used car for that, it's their problem, they are doing it for fun and they know very well what they are aiming for.
Mostly, a teen with no self-awareness, if you want something more specific the forum has a point by point deconstruction.
Sensible, It's clear and says it's for setting reasons, so I can't say more with no context.
/tg/ at large likes poking fun at FR, we were messing with you.

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I bet it was this guy: >>53032840

Apparently that dude is always trying to apply with the exact same child character in any game he can.

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I don't know do you want the group listing? it was looking good till I got to this part.

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What's so bad about him? I don't see any information on his account.

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One of the first things you will learn about /tg/ is that there are quite a few people who get very upset when people are having fun the "wrong" way.

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I don't understand banning eldritch knight but not arcane trickster.

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>Banned Archetypes.
>Rogue: None
>Wizard: All
Fuck yeeeeeeah we in this shit senpai!

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Yeah, it seems low magic.
Where is the campaign?

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How the fuck do you use a word like erudite, but not use any kind of proper punctuation or spelling?

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dude gather a group and then use roll20 to easily hold weekly games or whatever, don't just open a fucking game and invite strangers, roll20 is completely fine

it's the shit cesspool of players and awful people clogging up most sites that fuck it up

then again I guess most people don't have the benefit of vetted forums and long time friends to run games with

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Read what the reasons why its stupid thing someone did.

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Post is packed so full of red flags it's comical.
Biggest one is the 16 year old DM has never played the game before, but has somehow homebrewed new armor rules, and they're based on the weather.

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Sesquipedalianism, the use of long words when is used when trying to sound "smarter" than you are.

Then fun thing is, explaining it falls in the same trap.

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I feel like that word's mere existence is irony

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Oh no dont get me wrong, I love roll20 and I join games with strangers. I just saw this and new how wrong it was and felt "I should share this with people as a way to show red flags" and thats how this thread started.

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Eh, looks over-homebrewed and rather complicated but not too horrible. At least the GM knows how to capitalize letters.

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Also, not only long, but "complex" words.
The point is, you are artificially trying to artificially smart. Like including irrelevant factoids in conversation
Search for the phobia of long words.
Fuck, there is a factoid

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Its opposite is also ironic

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But the American Civil War was strictly over the question of whether a state could secede. The leaders on both sides literally said this. Several states -seceded- over slavery (four clearly seceded for other reasons), but that's irrelevant to the question of what they were shooting each other over.

>> No.53033227

You forget that was most likely made by an American. An American who was only taught "yeah we had one civil war because of slaves."

>> No.53033229

> Several states -seceded- over slavery (four clearly seceded for other reasons), but that's irrelevant to the question of what they were shooting each other over.

It had relevance then.
The mount stupid is reserved for people who say, for example.
> Several states -seceded- over slavery (four clearly seceded for other reasons), but that's irrelevant to the question of what they were shooting each other over.

And can't follow through or say anything about it except for what Hitler Channel said.

>> No.53033250

I meant:
>But the American Civil War was strictly over the question of whether a state could secede.

I messed up a copy-paste. See kids? Using long words doesn't make you less of an idiot.

>> No.53033510

I did things equally as stupid, but I at least used spellcheck and understood the words I was using.

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I cringe anytime I think about it. I wish the friends I had made RPing had been there in the beginning to save me the embarrassment.

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Look at the character he plays.

>> No.53033817

This has to be a troll
>you can play as any class but you cant cast spells they are too powerful for mere mortals
>also no magic powers of any kind no magic healing only normal healing
But magic isn't real so anything is technically to powerful for mortals...
>even if you do something like rape
>we will be using the 5d6 drop the lowest die roll rules and you also get 4 bonus flex scores to put where you want
But in 5e max ability score is 20 and 5d6 drop the lowest averages to about 18. +2 from racials and that's 20. And that's before the 4 extras.
>critical failures that go from hitting you’re self to breaking weapon (even magic weapons)
>short rests are 5 hours and long rests are 5 days i think they needed to be longer and also 5 is an easy number so i think this will work better :)
>i changed the AC system
>persistant morality scale if you go all the way evil you will go to hell

Fuck. Every week I don't DM I am worse than this person.

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> 16 year old made this

Yup, checks out. However some small part of me wants to get on the ride, turn my brain off and see where this hot mess takes us.

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This was a full body cringe hooooly...

Homura did nothing wrong

>> No.53033972


>16 year old, but mature for their age.
>Thinking this is a good idea.

They need to choose ONE and stick with it.

>> No.53033979

I wrote shitty self aware bionicle fanfiction that I never took seriously. And started getting real into MtG.

So yeah, this beats that real bad.

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This is like saying that WWII was strictly over who could possess Polish territory, and completely ignoring all of the factors which pushed things to the boiling point.

Whether states could secede was only a question because states wanted to secede to preserve slavery.

>> No.53034135

And they wanted to preserve slavery because they were agricultural economies who, when attempting to industrialize, were fucked over by Northern congressmen and business interests.

There's plenty of blame to go around, but pretending the Civil War was only about slavery, or that the Southern States were pure ebilz is the Dunning Kruger effect in action.

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I tried writing a fantasy/comedy/romance story. I got about 40 pages in and even gave it to my English teacher to proof read.

Brunette master swordswoman
Tomboy master swordswoman with short grey hair and eyepatch
something something about a mystical magic music box
caravan destroyed, rescued by competent-but-not-as-masterclass-as-they-are good looking dude
Side story of emotionally sensitive young blonde masterclass general
General partners up with loli swordsgirl that is far more mature and collected than her age, also wields giant katana
Everyone has anime ninja movement

Even looking at this fills me with shame

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>when attempting to industrialize
Honest question here. Why would the South have any interest in agricultural industrialization when they had an unlimited source of free labor?

>> No.53034443


Heavy Industry anon, and the Cotton Gin was easier to operate with fewer laborers. Slaves were only 'free labor' in the sense that they only cost food, shelter, and the wages of overseers.

Reducing the number of slaves in your field while increasing or keeping the same output sound good? How about being able to build railways or manufacture stuff locally instead of having to buy stuff from distant northern manufactories?

The real question is why wouldn't the South have wanted to industrialize and achieve a, for then, modern economy?

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The second two aren't too bad. The first is cringy though.

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>The real question is why wouldn't the South have wanted to industrialize and achieve a, for then, modern economy?

Because the south was a Libertarian Paradise, with all the wealth going into the "right" pockets.

Everyone else was kept dirt-poor and uneducated, which came in super-handy when they needed mobs of cannon-fodder to "Preserve Our Way of Life".

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I'm STILL kekking!

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>if you do things there will be CONSEQUENCES
>but you can still do anything i wont stop you
>(even if you do
>something like rape) but yeah

How can the author of this fix his mistakes and make something good?

That is why you should do what many of us here do not.

GO out, go to bars, talk to strangers, make friends, form a large social circle, and have people who will inform you on how your behavior makes you look.

Better to look stoopid sooner and make better choices late.

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10/10, would read.

>> No.53034801

Another strategy is to play a system that's not popular.

I imagine putting GURPS as your system would be a great filter for the kind of people like OP's link.

Granted, then you'd have the problem of having few players to play with, but what can you do.

>> No.53034814

>Tolkein is bad
>Zelda is bad

Found the edgy kiddy.

>> No.53034851

I'd recommend doing it for the keks.

Also consider the Brits were killing the slave trade at that time.

Can't tell if troll or idiot. Most likely both.

>> No.53034894

Nigga y'all can't even speak of cringe until you've lived through the rp fourms of Gaia online

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Why don't we give this kid a serious game, be patient with him, and try to help him get the experience he needs to be a good dm.

Bonus points if hot girls can talk in voice chat and make him cream himself. I know you're here Alicia I've heard your vocaroo requests on /soc

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lol! :)

>> No.53035347

it was you, clearly.
Isn't even funny, beyond stale.

>> No.53035653

While this is on my level of copy pasta. It wasn't actually me. I guess I'm one of 2 people who still find
>nothin personnel kid

>> No.53035782

>hi my name is sanguine alias but you can call me sanguine im 16 years old (but very mature so dont worry :P) and this is my first time playing dungeons and dragons. i want to play mostly with other new people but if youve played before thats okay too just dont try too override my authority okay :) so yeah if you want to play just apply below but say “sss creeper” in your post so i know you read the rules!
I've been got right?

>> No.53035825

Why does /tg/ have an obsession with shitting on roll20? Sure, there are shit games, some barely better than this one, and 70% of the games are D&D or Pathfinder, but with diligence and playing other systems as well, I had pretty good games there and met a lot of great people.

>> No.53035832

I dunno, the amazing thing is that the game is advertised as 'no adult 18+ content' but he states he'll allow rape in the game.

>> No.53035851

It's because GMs like this happen. They're fun to shit on, and attempts at constructive criticism are ignored or provoke autistic shrieking.

So may as well laugh at them until they shape up or ship out.

>> No.53035865

It's out in public, so it's easier to point and laugh, while there actually being context for it so that we may laugh as well.

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First character was a bad attempt at being PTSD-ridden. For a kid that didn't really understand even the vague ideas of shellshock that I do now, that basically meant being over-indulgently emotional. That might've been fine, if not for the fact that he ended up being the plotpoint, the excuse for the party to get dragged off somewhere else when he started feeling bad.

I hate it, and I hate myself for it. Though literally every character I have played since then has been far, far better, it still haunts me that the first game that I played, and honestly the last game I played with more than idle friends, was such a failure because I had yet to learn that sadness does not equal character. On some level, I think it's even turned me off from trying to play normal human fighters again because of how badly I fucked up.

>> No.53036015

Sixteen? No. Not at all. Thirteen, yeah, a decent amount.
Which is part of why it seems cringey to me, he seems underdeveloped for his age to me.

>> No.53036040

I made a generic wizard named madagast the yellow. Turned out fine

>> No.53036149

see, this sounds a lot better than a lot of the stuff I've seen.
Like, I've seen published anime with worse.

It's not amazing by any means, but I wouldn't beat yourself up over it unless the plot itself was just awful.

>> No.53036159

>Can't tell if troll or idiot. Most likely both.
Everything he said was true.

>> No.53036212

I play with ny group of friends so no worries.
We opened LFG once for a D&D 5E campaign, we rooted out retards so it wasnt so bad. Worst was a persona campaign me and said friend joined but a year and a half later and he still keeps contact with the gm and the sanest member of the party, they play to this day.

>> No.53036257
File: 21 KB, 720x374, 15726947_1314669258582052_1424288459270327588_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My history prof had a saying that went.

"When you start off in school, they tell you that the American Civil War was about slavery. Then you get to college and find out, no, it was a bout economics and industrialization and states rights. And then you go into graduate school and you spend thirty years reading primary reference documents in cold archives and looking at battlefields and you discover that it really was about slavery after all."

So you aren't wrong, it's like saying that the movement that became white evangelicalism in the 60s formed as a reaction to sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

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>> No.53036302

Well basically it was about only upholding the ideals of the founding fathers at first, with economic issues in the background, then the slavery part got thrust into the foreground. So it was kind of both, among a bunch of other things.

Basically if it sounds simple, it's not. Though it could also be what people at the time thought it was, like how late medieval people viewed the various wars going on as things of passion and honor rather than understanding the economics and politics behind them. History can get so dry it forgets the element of human error and perspective.

>> No.53036319

>a 'male' Asari who had been genetically experimented on giving them 'super powerful biotics' and also a penis
Honestly, that sounds like exactly the kind of shit BioWare would write.

>> No.53036371

maybe he fades to black

>> No.53036383

I actually never did. One of my mates almost went full black-overcoat-and-katana-teleports-behind-you for a while, but no one else in my group came even close to doing anything that cringey.

>> No.53036403


True in some regards. But, Some niche systems that are really fun attract the worst kind of players as well.

Anima Beyond Fantasy
WoD Old
Role Master

Are but a few systems that are actually quite fun and fine but, The players they attract on average are more then cringe in many regards.

>> No.53036524

You're joking right? You do understand it's fake don't you?
teleports behind you

>> No.53036583

Can't be real. You're trolling us, aren't you OP?

Anyway, waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day when Roll20 was just starting up, I found a rando group on Imgur that I still play with. Fun times...

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Perhaps he has a reason, but can't put the words together.

>> No.53036694

>Anima Beyond Fantasy
only ever played that with friends, how bad is the roll20 community? are they all turboweebs and chuunis?

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>> No.53036709

Not a bad idea, but I don't have the time or compunction to do so.

>> No.53036754


Turbo weebs I can handle. Its when they start adding magical realm. + other oh lewd shit.

But the turbo weebs can be a turn off for just general lack of creative volume.

>> No.53036774


So hentai adventures. I can see how that just takes the piss.

>> No.53036933

Blatantly false. The South wasn't a "libertarian paradise", nor was the lower classes purposefully kept "dirt poor and uneducated". Try to read more mate. You obviously don't have a very firm grasp on history.

I didn't RP there, but I used to be a regular. I cringe to this day about some of the things I've said.

>> No.53036956

I'm gonna join guys I'm gonna do it

>> No.53036977

keep us updated, try to guide the kid into being the kind of DM you would want to play with, rather than massively trolling him.

>> No.53037011

Are you kidding? Massive trolling is the only way to make him a better GM.

>> No.53037014

I'm not an angry man, I don't think I could be mean to the boy. I'll try to keep the child on the straight and narrow

>> No.53037032

Is it though?
the answer is yes

>> No.53037048
File: 499 KB, 944x720, Smug w teacup.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Mature" at 16 years old
>No proper capitalization, among the grammatical carnage
>"Play as any class" but "can't use magic" effectively limits the game to barbarians, fighters, and rogues
>5d6d1 character creation
>5 hour short rests and 5 day long rests instead of standard gritty resting rules (8 hour short rests and week long long rests) because "it's easier to remember"
>Betraying party is encouraged if you are playing a Chaotic Evil Tiefling or homebrew "Dark Dwarf" (instead of SCAG Duergar)
>"Prestige Classes and Hybrid Multiclassing"
>Literally every application question
>Emoji in a campaign description
>All of this is """"""DnD 5e""""""

Anon... this is without a doubt the worst game I have ever seen on Roll20. Please show me worse ones if they exist, as I want to go further down the rabbit hole.

>DnD wiki races and classes are legal

I really want to see just how insane this game will be. I'd be tempted to apply for this game if I was available on Saturdays to tag along for this mad ride, but thankfully I am not able to play on Saturdays.

Alas, this kid has already been battered down by a party of fa/tg/uys. Poor kid, he had to learn the hard way. Still, I hope to see non-ironic applications, since I want to see just what sort of desperate madmen apply to this game.

>> No.53037055

When I was sixteen I played a Chevalier whose wife died and was trying to do everything possible to bring her back to the living world. He suffered a mental breakdown when he realized that he was being strung along and then fell to an evil alignment as he began to use unholy means to resurrect her.

Long story short and several human sacrifices later, he succeeded, but she immediately killed herself upon seeing what her husband had degenerated into and used special means to prevent a future resurrection. My character then left the group after finally losing it all and probably became a wraith or something.

How many edgy points does 16 me win?

>> No.53037108

DESU a lot of that could just be some random old European myth hero.

>> No.53037127

>google (common word that I would use) synonyms
>pick one that sounds COOL

>> No.53037143

>there are certain things that will let you roll twice and take the better role


>> No.53037173

I think we can make a worse looking game to join and still have people sign up.

>> No.53037261

>1683 views in application
how the fuck so many people want to play this shit

>> No.53037273

Bad luck he was an 11th level fighter

>> No.53037280

Anon, this sounds like a fun idea. If I wasn't so self-concious and OCD about making competent settings, then I would get to work on doing this.

Now, fa/tg/uys, how would we go about making the worst Roll20 game?

>> No.53037292

It was posted on /tg/ for all of us to see. That also helps give it views.

>> No.53037365


Muh nigga

>> No.53037366
File: 141 KB, 442x412, fran-coveredinroaches.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kaiji, Joseph Joestar, Cure Marine, Renge, Hakase (from Nichijou) Kaiji Ito, Rei (from FOTNS) Misato Katsuragi, Toshino Kyoko, Kenshiro, Aptom.
It's definitely one of those.

>> No.53037394

Mah nigger

>> No.53037441

>upholding the ideals of the founding fathers at first
Yeah, like slavery or the right to secede (over slavery).
>economic issues in the background
Like slavery.
>the slavery part got thrust into the foreground.
Slavery was the number one issue in the Civil War from the get-go. Disputes over whether new territories would be pro-slavery or not were going hot for years prior to the war.

>> No.53037452
File: 42 KB, 236x355, IMG_0907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A Scooby Doo / Gears of War crossover?

>> No.53037460
File: 24 KB, 288x252, 1485463985885.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you can call me sanguine im 16 years old but very mature.
That sums it all up quite well.

>> No.53037507
File: 350 KB, 500x282, vomiting blood.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>grizzled Krogan merc who mutters he's too old for this shit whenever they get in a firefight

>> No.53037695

At least disregard for grammar and smileys.

>> No.53037710
File: 145 KB, 1864x1048, [BSS]_REDLINE_[1080p][207485B6].mkv_snapshot_00.58.02_[2017.04.26_17.05.02].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The racing queen.
Outclasses the maddest speed freekz while being impossibly cute.

>> No.53037724

Not on this level.
Well, actually, yes, but that was when I was 13.

>> No.53037732


It's a shit game for autists who can't roleplay and need rules to help them do something simple as imagine. This generates as a tumour that risks infecting the whole board with autists.

>> No.53037735

Patrician taste.

>> No.53037774
File: 105 KB, 850x703, 1382299995198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>special homebrew dark dwarf

>> No.53037800
File: 1.89 MB, 247x254, a joke.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>using Roll20 with friends that you already know but can't meet in person with and you're all too cheap for Fantasy Grounds

that's good

>actually looking for groups to play with on Roll20

that's bad

>> No.53038531

Roll20 rolemaster and anima communities together with IKRPG's are the best in roll20. He is trolling you.

>> No.53038716

Kind of this.
Just avoid D&D (any iteration), WoD and maybe SW games and you should be OK.

Other, more niche systems require dedication and specific interests which usually goes together with not being a shitter like that.

>> No.53038760

Why crossbow expert?

>> No.53038828

Those feats are known cheese to do absurd amounts of damage. Most DM just adapt, but I guess he doesn't want to.

>> No.53039177

Cultural differences. Which was always, and still is, a sticking point. Which in turn was the context in which banning slavery, in a part of the country in which very few people were wealthy enough to actually own slaves, was the impetus that led to southern secession.

What's particularly funny is that, had they not seceded from the Union, it would have probably have taken several more decades for slavery to have been abolished.

>> No.53039622

Any game from /pfg/

>> No.53039724

>Then remove the self awareness.
>Add pointless synonyms of common words, use the longest.
>Text only.
>DM is 15yo.
>Add attack rolls mechanics of Realms of Atlantasia just because - Don't adapt it, just staple it in and call it homebrew.
>Core only.
>But also homebrew - link www.dandwiki.com/.

That's all I've got.

>> No.53039808
File: 665 KB, 1104x800, 1484701140530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i have never been a player
>permament DM

>> No.53039834

You know, if I considered any place with weeaboo teenagers a no-zone, I would have committed suicide to get off reality.

>> No.53039930
File: 182 KB, 614x540, Hans Fitz II.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Try again. This time, be the biggest and the strongest.

When someone hits you with the best they've got, demand another.

>> No.53040047

>What's wrong with /pfg/?

There's nothing wrong with Poon-fetish General. It's the reason we have /d/ after all...

>> No.53040203

The worst I did was run a railroady sci-fantasy kitchen sink game that borrowed from all my favorite media. So, you know, the campaign everyone runs when they're 16.

>> No.53040265

mein high octane brethren

>> No.53040583

At the age of thirteen I would lie about my age online but not too much, because of my shrieking voice.
Now that I think of it no one would have ever believed me to be fucking 16 either.

>> No.53040658

On his defense; banning them also allows you to get OTHER feats without feeling super gymped

>> No.53040753

>On some level, I think it's even turned me off from trying to play normal human fighters again because of how badly I fucked up.
Are you implying that you have some kind of stress related to a trauma that happened in your past? I guess you know how to roleplay it now.

>> No.53040783

Oh, so now it's the north's fault they were slavers in the first place. A+. Maybe they should take a little personal responsibility for deciding to get a million americans killed over their right to be more equal than others.

>> No.53040826

Do you mean Kitty?

>> No.53041126

Actually, the founding fathers ideals thing was more complex than that - the North saw themselves as upholding it because they wanted to maintain the Union, while the South saw it as fighting against tyranny as their forefathers did. So both saw themselves as keeping with the ideals of the past.

Slavery had been hotly debated before the war, but it wasn't the same hot button issue in the early years of it. It's not as if every slave-owning state seceded (several 'border states' stayed with the Union), and remember the South seceded because of Lincoln's election. The concern about slave states or not slave states was more a concern about lack of representation in the government by both sides.

>> No.53041130
File: 150 KB, 640x360, 054 - 5Id5btm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only the best girl.

>> No.53041148

That's actually quite dope, especially for 16 old.

>> No.53041451

If you were japanese, that thing would be a LN with two anime seasons and a shitton of merch by now.

>> No.53041784


That whole sentence is a oxymoron.

>> No.53041885
File: 87 KB, 924x530, gnsta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nigga please

>> No.53041931
File: 29 KB, 300x300, rance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53041969
File: 30 KB, 333x200, 200_s.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53042003
File: 149 KB, 600x665, 1423148202418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which is the worst roll20 community and why is it WoD?

>> No.53042013

The writers write like they're edgy teenagers, which appeals to edgy teenagers.

>> No.53042145

>Total Players Needed

>> No.53042199

I beg of you to greentext your torture afterwards.

>> No.53042206

That sounds so tacky that I bet someone could make it into a decent one-shot.

>> No.53042493

>Bear Totem


>> No.53043582

Because it's filled with nothing but entitled autists and railroady GMs. Also gross chicks that want to IC fuck everything.

>> No.53044286

Is there something wrong with the IKRPG community? I've been wanting to play/run a game.

>> No.53044885

And a non-negligible part of /pfg/ hates this shit, but faggots keep peddling it.

>> No.53045674

>From her great bosum
stopped reading there, I assume it only got more infuriating/hilarious/cringeworthy?

>> No.53048660
File: 34 KB, 480x551, 1492703343432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As a proud country bumpkin burger this is the shit I put up with. Fucking costal urban SJWs that can't into their own fucking country's history. Let alone how WW2.

>> No.53049129
File: 1.87 MB, 1414x2000, 8edaac76e2c1ff2570f37409d74734e5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Is this any better a /pfg/ game?

>> No.53049145

not in RPGs, but I did date my cousin around then, so yeah I guess

>> No.53049261


Shit people playing shit games with shit rules in shit settings.

>> No.53049434

it pains me you wont ever appreciate the irony of your post

>> No.53049458
File: 180 KB, 623x414, 1491004384620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you can play as any class but you cant cast spells they are too powerful for mere mortals

>also no magic powers of any kind no magic healing only normal healing

>> No.53049737

Seems pretty fuckin' terrible to be quite honest.

>> No.53050031

>persistant morality scale if you go all the way evil you will go to hell and lead the shadow legions and become an npc and fight so try to be a little good sometimes

I lost it at this one.

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