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Tau waifus are for plebs
Eldars waifus are for patrician

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Not this shitheap of a thread again.

Reminder that half-breeds are not canon. That one librarian is ancient rogue trader lore that has nothing to do with current fluff. Reminder that waifufaggotry is cancer and you don't even like the Eldar as a whole.

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>xenos waifus
>anything but absolute trash

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Oh boy, eldar vagina defender is back...

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repost repost repost

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Its disgusting to fuck both.

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Where do Eldar husbundos fall on that scale?

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Most fittingly, in the receiving end of a powerfist.

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Fuck, finally some good fanart.

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they are BASED

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Who will die out first, the Eldar or Mankind?

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In what scenario? The answer is probably still Eldar.

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Egg heads vs Fish face? Hmmm. Which one should I fuck with my bolter first?

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They're too faggy to be husbands.

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they will die together, romantically, while tau will rise.
Seriously, Ynnead will consume souls of eldar and when golden throne will collapse, emps will do same with humans, unwillingly.

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Do you have a single source on that?

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Eldar women are such a big turn off that their whole race is dying. Meanwhile Tau population is thriving.

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Guilliman approves this message

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They're obviously dwindling for a reason.

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being infertile doesnt mean that they are faggots

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Because they don't have enough spirit stones for the CWE, but the DEldar are doing pretty fine, all things considered.

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Please stop Shitposting Roboute, it's unbecoming of a Primarch.

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They willing Dress like 80's punk rock stars. That's pretty gay itself.

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I don't think 80's punk rock stars looked like this. But this was before my times, o I could be wrong.

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>Implying that humanity hasn't the finest ladies in the galaxy

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Above everything except human.

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>some human that has probably mutated so much that an Eldar looks more human than him, probably worked half to death on some hive world and unable to have a thought on his own
>above an average Eldar

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>not wanting to cuddle in a foxhole with a Catachan girl as you roast marshmallows over a lit flamer.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

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Yes. Humanity is the greatest species that the galaxy has ever produced, and ever the least is of a higher class than the best of any other race.
Eldar are the second, and are moderately tolerable. But any lower down the metaphorical totem pole is unacceptable.

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well, physically Eldar are better
and by character and personality, both are literally same
so overall, they are better, at least by physical strength

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You apparently have no idea how this whole husbando thing works.

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>Humanity is the greatest species that the galaxy
It didn't even have the longest running empire in the galaxy.

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Heretics, the lot of you.

The Imperium will never fall you treasonous dog.

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I don't know why, but I allways thought the Steel Legion would have the hottest female members. Can see your point, though.

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In the dead one

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Shit thread, fuck off

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Great thread, please stay

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All waifu's are equal.

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Doesn't really matter, Xenos all irrelevant now anyway.

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I was going to say this, then I realized that Eldar probably put the manliest of human manly men to shame.

Every Eldar has the perfectly aesthetic, unrealistic build of a Spider-Man-ish superhero, and unlike humans with slight but muscular physiques, they're actually stronger and faster than the biggest dudes mankind has to offer. They're educated, focused, and yet still have that wild streak of passion and fury that comes to the fore when they get their Khaine on.

Eldar men are probably a more inviting fantasy for chicks than Eldar women are for dudes.

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It's far more likely that a human girl ends up in the wh40k version of a "captured by the viking" crappy romance novel with heavy rape-undertones by some Eldar-Fabio, than some guardsmen getting his Eldarfu.

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Cegorach is love and laughter?

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Love isn't really his domain and he only cares about the Eldar. I have no idea why GW needed to pull this Ynnead shit when there were already hints of Cegorach and his Harlequins working on it.

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Khaine is faith and fury.

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Isha is health and home?

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Maybe his plan isn't done yet.

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Fuck off. I also hate that asshole who keeps pushing Imperium/Aeldari alliance shit, but this is just a waifu thread.

Just dump semi-lewds and enjoy the show.

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He's kinda like Tzeentch, he's always planning.

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But this will happen, you want it or not. Both want to destroy chaos and working for it, and its likely, that ynnead and big E will do that together.
+Eldrad wanted an alliance in the first place. But circumstances made it impossible

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>Eldar men are probably a more inviting fantasy for chicks than Eldar women are for dudes.

You have no idea how right you are, and let me just say that it is a deep and constant frustration that there's so little fanart of Eldar men with human women.

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Cool. The super gods kill the Chaos gods. Now we can get our war and terrorists who hate working together with scum who killed their families.

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A far more interesting type of narrative to play with if you ask me rather than its opposite. A long the lines of classic "Mars needs Women!" tropes.

Female Inquisitors and Male Corsair Princes a best pairing

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>not wanting a Krieger waifu to snuggle with in the trenches
It's like you people don't even know how to treat a woman.

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Gotta impress da gurlz wif ya flash wagon

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It was done both times
librarian and corsair half eldars were eldar from fathers site.

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Half eldar do not fucking exist in modern 40k.

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Don't play a retard, implying that you didn't get what I meant to say
you are even worse than "I'm vegan/atheist/gay" tier subhumans

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ooga booga where da elf women at

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>not wanting some badass Tallarn girl to warm you in the cold desert nights
Are you guys sure about that? Stop it. Get some help.

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I don't like women who will eviscerate me for looking them too lustily.

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Well... But isn't that the tension about it? And even they have some needs I guess.

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Source ? I've seen the lewd ones but they are in russian

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>not wanting to raise an army of little hybrids with a Tyranid queen

>> No.53024724

>Female Inquisitors and Male Corsair Princes a best pairing

>The Ordos Xenos Inquisitor who gets a little too close to her on-off Farseer ally
>The Rogue Trader who regularly hooks up with Corsair Princes (and Commorite outcasts when she's feeling kinky)
>The missionary who winds up the slave of an Exodite king after an administratum error sends her to a Maiden world rather than a human colony


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I know anon. I KNOW.

>> No.53025821

You're not supposed to look them with lust but with love

>> No.53026216

I trust Guillimans noble taste in supreme Eldar women

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A prominent Xeno Hybris radical Inquisitor in my RT games has a very vicious feud going on with a Corsair Prince because she slept with him in order to acquire his services against a mutual enemy. I feel no shame for it.

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A prominent Xeno Hybris radical Inquisitor in my RT games has a very vicious feud going on with a Corsair Prince because she slept with him in order to acquire his services against a mutual enemy which he later broke. I feel no shame for it.

>> No.53026935

>because she slept with him in order to acquire his services against a mutual enemy which he later broke


Very very hot.

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so GW is considering foot fetishist opinions too?

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Daemon waifus are best taste though.

Think about it:
>Not actually xenos
>can literally made out of human hopes and dreams (or human rage)
>forget guilliman's elf ficki-ficki, do you really think big E didn't get a taste of some of that sweet neverborn poontang when he was in the warp learning how to make the primarchs and becoming a god?

Why isn't this emperor-approved yet?

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Is that Aang?

>> No.53027481

>can literally made out of human hopes and dreams (or human rage)
Only Khorne is a human chaos god

>> No.53027636

>>Not actually xenos
Thats one of the most tempting point, sweet, forbidden heresy.

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I'm sure that human hopes and dreams contribute significantly to Tzeentch, especially now that humans are the dominant sentient species in the galaxy.

>> No.53027788

Tseench was made by some avian autists iirc

>> No.53027798

>You'll never be a zealous and inspiring Ministorum Priest or a Bombastic Inquisitor but due to your weakness to sins of carnal flesh accidentally Rasputin a small convent of Sororitas on some remote shrine world

Emperor help me.

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also, Khorne and his minions are essentially humanmade
why do they have elven ears in this drawing?...

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How many people in the Grim dark future of 40k do you REALLY think are all that hopeful?

>> No.53027854

>"Close your eyes and think of Terra. Close your eyes and think of Terra..."

>> No.53027912


Can 40K have its own containment board yet?

>> No.53027933

It's had one for quite a while.

>> No.53027950

You're in it silly.

>> No.53027956

Let me guess, you're the type of person who complains when people talk about video games on /v/.

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What should I bring to court Cinder?
I'm guessing not flowers...

>> No.53028263

Enough. Humans are always ambitious and hopeful. They just adjust their expectations to the situation they are in.

Because it's qt?

Doesn't mean others don't contribute to it. Just like Slaanesh gets nourishment from non-eldar too.

>> No.53028309

She was sinfully into it too.

>> No.53028379

No arguments there, but C'tan waifus are better than either.

>> No.53028470

Is that a slav Eldar?

>> No.53028531

I think it's intended to be a deadbeat dad eldar, if I remember right.

>> No.53028535

Eldslav or Slevdar?

>> No.53028568

There's more of those?

>> No.53028709

Goddamn I wish /wst/ was still a thing, I need art or a fic of this.

>> No.53028749

>or a fic
I have one in a wip state.

>> No.53028828

Yes, but they are very lewd, and also in russian.

>> No.53028850

There's an erotic fiction thread in /d/, if you ever get it finished, post it up there please. Hell I'd even take the WIP in a pastebin.

>> No.53029019

The sex scene is the most wip and fairly sloppy, the rest just needs touch ups. But here you go, hope you enjoy it.

>> No.53029071

Oh so that's what robotic limbs look like in 40k


>> No.53029150

High end ones, yeah. They range from clunky pieces of scrap to barely indistinguishable from a regular limb.

>> No.53029211

ember is going to kill her anyway so NOTHING!

>> No.53029416

The build-up was really good, her indecision and the Prince's arrogance was delicious, but yeah a but more expansion on the sex itself would be great. Some foreplay especially, and maybe a bit more stuff about her thoughts and feelings during the act (like, whether or not she still feels the need to repent, maybe) to bring it to life. But it's certainly a really good starting point and got my uncomfortably hot and bothered. Thanks for posting it.

>> No.53029503

You make me wish I could read more than my poor English skills.

>> No.53029592

You're welcome and I appreciate the critique, means that the issues I see is not something that sticks out to just me. I also feel I miss an opportunity considering the fact that she's a psyker, but I'm not sure how to incorperate that more than I already have.

>> No.53029659

The ability to pick up on one another's emotions as their mental states start to get increasingly heightened. You could have Minerva get glimpses of things Eredruin would like to do to her, be they particularly kinky/sordid or not, or he could sense her arousal/attraction to him despite her protests and use that to get under her skin.

>> No.53029708

Those are good suggestions, I'll keep them in mind.

>> No.53030439

>not wanting to be ravaged by Leman Russ's wolf cock

>> No.53030454

>tfw no Praetorian waifu art
Well at least I can ride that moustache

>> No.53030465


*cough* Krieg *cough*

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>> No.53031020

Posting BEST 40k related waifus.

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>> No.53031297

>not wanting a Vostroyan waifu to drink and tinker weapons with and then maybe some tipsy handholding after that

>> No.53031739

You don't get Chaos.

>> No.53033161


But you're right, we need more praetorian qts. More praetorians is general, dammit

>> No.53033385

>not wanting a Krieg waifu to snuggle with in the trenches while the rain and artillery come pouring down

>> No.53033410

>I don't like thing

I hate half the threads on /tg/ most of the time, and you know what I do? I ignore them. If it'truly shit it will die.

>> No.53033572

Well thank you anon

>> No.53034123

She would probably be confused and object the whole time
>Anon release me we cannot perform our duties this way.
>Anon we should space out else an artillery strike will kill us both.
>Anon I don't need additionnal warmth and this is a very ineffective way of sharing it.

>> No.53034164

>Anon I excrete from there

>> No.53034194

>trust me, the Emperor wants this
>this is good for morale
>you'll start to understand eventually

>> No.53034203

My only waifu is the Norn-queen

>> No.53034238

>Anon, your mating attemps are pointless, fertile women are not allowed to leave Krieg.

>> No.53034324

>I swear on the Emperor himself, I'm going to get you to experience genuine joy and love before we both die on that battlefield

>> No.53034390

>tfw no Praetorian husband

>> No.53034501

>I-ah I'll be honest Inhave no idea what we're supposed to do next, how about you?
>I don't know, they never really explained it back at the temple, just some vague stuff about birds and bees that that's where babies come from.
>Wait, so now we need Animals for this ritual. By the Emprah this is reproduction thing is complicated.

>> No.53034554

Well here's one human girlxeldar guy/husbando pic I got and or know of. Courtesy of the drawthreads.

>> No.53034654

waifus are for memed up retards, you wouldn't have a "waifu" if you weren't exposed to this pool of filth
then there are the ironic ones but you're not being ironic, ironic is being you

>> No.53034779

>then there are the ironic ones but you're not being ironic, ironic is being you
I didn't know Jayden Smith Goes to /tg/

>> No.53035510

Is there a way to kitbash orks to make them look like reapers?

>> No.53035786

I don't know why everyone says Tau are anime. they may have mech suits but THIS is a right fresh anime look.
Tau are gundam, Eldar are anime.

>> No.53035822

They haven't exactly been depicted much lately, but Legionnaires seems to have a industrial, slightly punkish aesthetic under their military uniforms - this makes sense when you think about how they're a big industrial hive world, and a lot of guardsmen are probably conscripted hive gangers.

I think you'd be lucky to get any beauties in the Imperial Guard, though - lots of regiments will throw any bodies into the meatgrinder they can, but it's not as if they'll pick up all the supermodels for the token chicks. Some regiments don't even get the option, though, so take what you can get.

>> No.53035866

Seriously shut the fuck up
no one cares about/likes your deeply flawed wifu senario.

>> No.53035948

>Xenos Waifus
Xarxes, get the anti-grav cross

>> No.53036193

>not wanting a strong dreadnought to hold you lovingly in his big, strong, armor-plated arms
Completely understandable you would proba-most definitely die. It would be horrible. Just a *pop* and human goo is everywhere. Literally everywhere, like someone shoved dynamite up a pig's ass, lit the fuse, and blew its butthole (and the pig) to smithereens. I have no idea where I'm going with this. Your waifus are bad though.

>> No.53037072

>be me
>realizing every day that I will never have a filthy xenos eldar waifu, whose ear I will tickle and kiss.

>> No.53037717

See that you all! That is why we all should love our IG Waifus, no matter what regiment we prefer and stand united against those XENO-LOVING HERETICS!

>> No.53037747

Looking at that picture made me think.
Can you CLEAN a nurgle space marine?
Can you HEAL a nurgle space marine so that it will no longer have any sickness/infection?
I mean the warp fuckery will stay but what about the actual viruses and bacteries?

>> No.53037776

you would likely need some sanctified industrial grade cleaner to get that shit out.

>> No.53037815

so you're saying its possible?
ok thanks

>> No.53037894

Its magic *snort *snort

>> No.53038053

A feel I know all too well, anon

>> No.53038152

>Anti-grav cross
Never change Argo

>> No.53038975

>Inquisition start getting reports that a rogue hive fleet has grown Imperial markings and started fighting alongside Imperial forces
>can't decide if it's heresy or not

>> No.53039026

>Not wanting to get captured by a strong eldar waifu

>> No.53039069

that's a strange way to spell comfort a cadian girl over the loss of her home planet and bond by shooting heretics

>> No.53039107

A CWE would have no use for you and, depending on her mood and how pissed off in general the craftworld is, either ignore you or kill you quickly. A Dark Eldar would turtore you in ways that make you immediately wish that would have been killed quickly by a craftworld Eldar. No sex, that is memes and fanfiction. A corsair is much more of a gamble, though considering that they do this for fun and tend to become Dark Eldar anyway they might tortue or kill you in amusing ways anyway.

>> No.53039169


>> No.53039464

>Being into interspecies yuri

>> No.53039606

>this thread

>> No.53039619

>Not wanting teach a nice Krieger lass about love and life
>Perfectly okay with Eldar waifus
Get. Out.

>> No.53040101

When it comes to waifu's in 40k, there can only be pick that'll be more heretical than fapping to a xeno wench. And she's all I'll ever want.

>> No.53040197

>this thread

>> No.53041715

So we all know that Female Space Marines are Heresy, but one thing I've always wondered is, are there female Custodes?
Space Marines are made to be mass produced, but each Custodes is custom made, so anyone can be made into one as the process is unique to each individual anyway, right?

>> No.53042123

That's actually an interesting question and not one I've seen answered. There's never been any suggestion that the Custodes include women, but as you point out, given that the surgeries and augmentations are tailored to the individual, theoretically it could be possible.

>> No.53043534



>> No.53043571

>are there female Custodes?

the emperor probably could have made some, but he didn't

>> No.53043612


>> No.53043793

Do you have a source for that claim?

>> No.53043926

>being this butthurt about someone's waifu

>> No.53044340

>the Guilliman of disapproval casts his gaze in your direction

>> No.53044371

Shut up Guilliman you didn't even went for a good eldar waifu

>> No.53045818

>tfw no gf, only grimdark.

>> No.53046074

>inject females with a male gene seed
>creates hyper Slaaneshi dick girl demon with super powers because the gene seed comes from a male originally (the emperor)

That seems pretty heretical to me desu

>> No.53046107

>genetically compatible with humans
>psychic control over millions of bodies, can be all waifus simultaneously
>comes with her own ship
Objectively the best choice.

>> No.53046272

your pain pleases me

>> No.53046282

>tfw love will never bloom for a regular guardsman in some hellhole

>> No.53046472

>being this flat

nice man

>> No.53046483

Who cares? Xenos are all irrelevant now anyway

>> No.53046727

top kek

>> No.53046830

>space elves
>not for plebs

>> No.53047611

You eventually stop caring about the pusy and use your blue balls to RIP AND TEAR

>> No.53047831


>Quarian waifus are for plebs.
>Asari waifus are for patrician.

Wew lad.

>> No.53048172

Custodes are only oily men

>> No.53048270

>this thread

>> No.53048400

You know with how many times you've seen this kind of thread Mr. Space Marine, you would think that you would have gotten used to it by now.

>> No.53048536

>saving thumbnails

>> No.53048538

mr spess mahreen has tisms.

>> No.53048597

Nah. He can't get used to it. He is too small to take this level of heresy. He has to just run away.

>> No.53051245

why not both?

>> No.53051337

Was posting a picture for ants part of your plan?

>> No.53051371

He's a small guy

>> No.53051437

A true scholar

>> No.53052353


>> No.53052835

This picture show otherwise.

>> No.53052887

Uh, he had Jain Zar before?

>> No.53053760


>> No.53056721

Oh wait I found a better one.

>> No.53058740

>Space Wolves
>better than Ultramarines
anon please

>> No.53058808

Please stop bumping this thread.

>> No.53058918


>> No.53058945

Fuck off faggot, I don what I want. If you don't like it go back to hiding in your generals.

>> No.53058953

As you wish

>> No.53059023

Please stop.


>> No.53060440

Furfags out.

>> No.53060569

No he didn't. The fuck you talking about?

>> No.53061240

It really warms my cockles.

>> No.53061391

Or like people that complain about Messi/Ronaldo threats on /sp/ or blacked threads on /pol/

>> No.53062122

How much of a degenerate does an Eldar have to be to willingly fuck a Human? They probably have too be the neckbeards of the Eldar species, the ones with poor self-esteem or are overweight

>> No.53062145

There are a few pics with Guilliman boning Jain Zar on Paheal.

>> No.53062153

I don't think both of these things are issues Eldar have.

>> No.53062178

Are you implying that some porn some faggots makes is canon or what? No wonder Eldar talk on this board is so retarded.

>> No.53062229

The probably are, but an overweight eldar with poor self-esteem is probably still more confident and skinny than the average human.

>> No.53062230

Of course not, ya git. At least not by my part.

>> No.53065601


>> No.53065653

Please don't bump the thread if you don't have anything to contribute.

>> No.53065681

Fuck you.

>> No.53065762

Please just don't.

>> No.53066218

and the sexiest mechs

>> No.53066789

Titans are NOT FOR LEWD!

>> No.53066877

Good thing knights aren't titans

>> No.53069391

>Implying eldar women wouldn't sometimes get tingly at the thought of being dominated by an unrefined, hairy brute

>> No.53069540

That's basically what happens in S.M. Stirling's "In the Courts of the Crimson Kings" with his homage to John Carter and Deliah. His Martians are both a lot more ectomorphic than humans, and also generally weaker because of the gravity thing.

The princess in this finds his raw masculinity and muscles to be very sexy, and takes him as her consort. This is considered incredibly distasteful to like, every other Martian, in the same sense as Eldar would consider such a relationship to be like, monkey fucking, or how we would view a relationship with a neanderthal or hominid.

The Martians in this of course, are way more Dark Eldar-y, and are generally vicious conniving rat bastards who like sharp objects a lot and are just plain not nice. It probably doesn't help that Mars is by this point, basically all but post apocalyptic and the desert is slowly consuming everything. I mean, there are cities and stuff, but the golden age passed well before human civilization even started, and they were civilized before humanity even started making stone tools more sophisticated than something Homo Erectus could do or discovered fire.

>> No.53069727

I guess no level of dignity and refinement can eclipse the primal appeal of the alpha male

>> No.53070273

Is there a semi-underground anonymous imageboard in Eldarnet?

If yes, there you have.

>> No.53071776

Such technology was lost in the Fall.

>> No.53072219

How long until the Eldar are just rolled up into the imperium and just become another force along with felinids and the inevitable space half-elves?

>> No.53072821

You are making the mistake of assuming that an alien race finds the same things hot as humans.

>> No.53075097

>seeing that image again

I'm feel obligated to post the "alternate" version of that.

>> No.53075126

Ugh, there's something about this guy's art that just rubs me up the wrong way

Seems like all their proportions are slightly off or something

>> No.53075428

>and then they were both executed for the soldier breaking military bearing

>> No.53075724

Yeah, his Eldar don't look alien enough.

>> No.53075983

WHFB elf chicks occasionally find that thought hot.

>> No.53076065

What's the source on that?

>> No.53076098

Guardians of the forest.
The Asrai noble chick needs a distraction so that she can meet her lover, so she tells her handmaidens to cavort with the main character.

She mentions that they were interested in seeing a human up close and despite being gracelessly HUGE there's something very stimulating about them.

>> No.53076127

Well, that's Black Library for you.

>> No.53076191

Still canon.

>> No.53076286

Eh, at the end of the day she still doesn't lose her love to another elf. There is nothing wrong with being curious. The warhammer world does a good job at avoiding the cliché of the human self-insert getting the elf pussy by the power of being the human self-insert.

>> No.53076325

yeah, no shit it doesn't. Still doesn't change the fact that the bretonnian gets an elf waifu who gives him magic artifacts.

>> No.53076489

The wood elves do that the whole time, inbetween kidnapping children or raiding some castle because they felt a bit bloodthirsty some day.

>> No.53076520

Let's be honest, they're hardly 'alien.' They're literally elves.

>> No.53076621

And? They are a Xeno species with a completely different origin. Any ordinary Eldar is already physically superior to any ordinary human, and all the muscles that a human could built won't help him. If they really like muscles nobody would stop an Eldar to pump themselves full of whatever muscle-building venom Dark Eldar could create to be more attractive. Which is something they probably don't need because despite being very skinny, for their greater tallness, they are still alluring to all sexes, while on the opposite side such an effect hasn't been reported.

>> No.53076640

Yvraine seems to be keen on ultradicks.

>> No.53076670

Get that fanfiction out of here.

>> No.53076879

All of Tabletop Gaming is literally group fanfic writing. You are taking an established setting, inserting your super special OC-do-not-steal, and telling a story about them and other people OC-do-not-steals going around saving the world because the author's (the GM usually, but it can also be the company that created the system your using if your using the game's default setting) characters aren't good enough to do it themselves.

>> No.53076931

No, what you guys doing with this whole Yvraine shipping is taking an established setting and taking a joke too far while shitting on the faction other people enjoy aka this whole eldar waifufaggotry until said people get fed up with having to see it in every thread and tell you to take it to fan-fiction.com.

>> No.53076980

If this had been a thread someone derailed with Eldar waifus you might have a point. Probably not, but you could at least make a case.
But OP makes it very clear in his post that Eldar waifus are the entire point of this thread. Meaning YOU are 100% the jerk in this instance.

Or to put it another way, no anon, YOU are the asshole.

>> No.53076995

Not canon.

>> No.53077056

It's not like it's only contained in one thread though it's the situation has calmed down and I'm here to stop you, derail this thread or shitpost it into oblivion. All I did was opposing the statement that a character wants to do a thing in a setting, because I think that it's fanfiction. If this would be a fanfiction thread, then you would have a reason to complain.

>> No.53077490


Go outside just once, m8.

>> No.53077544

But then there would be a chance that I meet normal- and phonefag, like you.

>> No.53077763

Oh, but I just have a life outside 4chan, my dude.

>> No.53077882

I call bullshit.

>> No.53078022

>not canon
nah, it's canon.
AOS is a different setting with aelves and duardins.

>> No.53078231

>How much of a degenerate does an Eldar have to be to willingly fuck a Human?
Around the level of someone being into bestiality.

And bestiality is a thing, so it would happen.

>> No.53078282

It's canon to fantasy battle, which is dead and buried and no longer canon.

>> No.53078541

It's not at all unimaginable.

Humans and Eldar look so much alike, it wouldn't be unlikely for an eldar to look at a man and think "well, he's not the ugliest creature I've ever seen."
The biggest hurdle to overcome would be the typical Eldar arrogance.

On the other hand, Dark Eldar have probably raped countless humans throughout their history just for the fun of it.

>> No.53078760

It's not even the ugliness, it's also the fact that humans must be so slow for an Eldar that they might fall asleep. At one hand their movement is sluggish and graceless, without erupting energy and elegance. On the other hand their mind, it must be like talking to a retarded child and their dull minds bring nothing but boredom. Then there is the fact that to an Eldar humans must have the emotional depth of a muddle and the passion of a brick.
Humans are also manlets
I think you guys are underestimating the differences between these races.

>> No.53078811

so typical elves
and there never were successful Human-Elven families, and half-breds never became trend, amirite?

>> No.53078824

Necrons > All

>> No.53078856

I can't think of a setting in which the mental differences between humans and elves are this big. Certainly not standard elves.

>> No.53078928

>Humans and Eldar look so much alike, it wouldn't be unlikely for an eldar to look at a man and think "well, he's not the ugliest creature I've ever seen."

Or as >>53021549 & >>53021638 points out, far more likely that human women takes the Eldar D rather than the other day around. And when GW still played with the idea, the two known half-eldar in setting had eldar fathers.

Regardless, this is shit that's unlikely to the point of never happening (not counting Dark Eldar rape) as the setting is written.

>> No.53080077

>t. Beckjann

>> No.53081605

Smartest thing said here

>> No.53081623

C'tan > Necrons

>> No.53085002


i can only agrree with anon here. As a fellow writefag myself i liked the story but there could have been a little bit more, The End was too quick, i think. It felt like you needed to finish the story and thats never something that should dictate a piece of writing.

>> No.53085082 [DELETED] 

Please don't bump the thread if you don't have anything to contribute.

>> No.53085171

>but there could have been a little bit more,
Any suggestions beyond what has already been said?
>It felt like you needed to finish the story and thats never something that should dictate a piece of writing.
Accurate. I wrote it more or less as scaffolding to work with to get the final product.

Thanks for taking your time to critique it, anon.

>> No.53086235

no it isn't my slavic friend.

>> No.53087605

>We are a superior race! Millions of years of independent evolution! Utterly different to you humans! Just look at my slightly lanky build and pointy ears!

>> No.53087644

>implying you need to choose between Necron and Tau

>> No.53089100

Still mai waifu

>> No.53092058

>this big
they are never elaborated upon.
For all intents and purposes the difference is the same as WHFB.

>> No.53092106

Please don't bump the thread if you don't have anything to contribute.

>> No.53092186

I've never saw a description that describes the same mental difference, as stark as with the Eldar. If you have some, give it to me.

>> No.53092368

tyrion considers a human talking in eltharin kinda neat, like a dog or a monkey speaking words. He thinks the person insulting him is pretty cool because he can't understand what the guy's saying on account of his bad accent.

Then in guardians of the forest the elf princess triggers the bretonnian by saying that humans are untrustworthy because the empire was divided 500 years ago and how humans even get stuff done if they die so fast due to tiny lifespans.

The hound of winter also tells the human that they are Very different because he is an elf and the only thing common is that they are warriors.

Also in a story a sea elf living in marienburg gets into an argument with a bunch of marienburg guards and tells them something to the effect of "Scratch a human and you get an ape."

>> No.53092419

These seem to be about elfen arrogance and not so much about different mental capabilities. I know that warhammer fantasy elves are supposed to be smarter, but this often just comes down to their better udnerstanding of the winds of magic. It's not as stark as this description here about so-called human geniuses.

>> No.53093043

>"...the Eldar enjoy lives of rich sensation and wonder..."
>Eldar fighting Imperium over territory.
>Greenskin stops bye to stretch their legs after a long travel.
>A momentary alliance arises.
>A life enjoying Eldar meets Krieg soldier.

The possibility for fluff and/or bromance.
>The Eldar keeps making remarks and tries to get under the skin of her new "allie" reaction.jpg was not found.
>The Krieg soldier is noticing the Eldars physical advantages but lack in coordination and individualistic nature is effecting their combat efficiency.
Que~ Eldar is increasingly annoyed by the lack of responds, tries to teach this lesser being how to humor.
The Krieg soldier stick to eldar to improve viability in combat, he may not be fast but a little extra covering fire never hurts.

>> No.53093197

the physiology is pretty similar to WHFB elves and WHFB humans.
Elven mages think their human counterparts are babby tier in their understanding of the winds of magic, their reflexes are extremely fast and they move at a similar eerie speed when compared to humans and so on and so forth.

>> No.53093299

>Elven mages think their human counterparts are babby tier in their understanding of the winds of magic

In this they're actually 100% correct. It's not a matter of debate; human mages have to dedicate themselves to learning a single type of Magic in order to not blow their brains out, while Elves can learn 'pure' High Magic as well as the individual, more specialized lores if they choose.

>> No.53093349

And again it just comes down to magic and reflexes have nothing to do with intelligence. We are talking about intelligence here.

>> No.53093376


Dark magic is just rotten high magic and Nagash learned it when he was a mortal human. Every human necromancer learns Nagash's Dhar variant.

>> No.53093413

>they move at a similar eerie speed when compared to humans and so on and so forth.

Then explain how did Archaon cleave a group Witch Elves with a few swings of his sword.

He later grabbed a Chaos Elf by the back of his neck and lifted from the ground. The elf was a like a helpless child in his grasp.

Humans are superior in WHFB.

>> No.53093424

>Dark magic

No, Dark Magic is a mixture of all the winds. Essentially pure Chaos.

>> No.53093488


High magic and dark magic (and derivatives like Necromancy) are both all winds unseparated.

All magic in Warhammer comes from Chaos of course, so technically they're the same as lores of Chaos Gods which also are pure Chaos.

>> No.53093504

Archaos is not average human.

>> No.53093566

He's probably the same guy that will argue that the Emprah is an ordinary human.

>> No.53093652


>> No.53093826

reminder that this is the latest canon picture of archaon in the old world.

Humans are dumber than elves due to a combination of poorer lifestyles and lesser lifespans.

>> No.53094355


>> No.53095503


>> No.53097059

wish there were pics of eldar in SoB armor.

>> No.53097574

eldar and dark eldar are just fae folk from celtic mythology. they morph over time, but kernels of their original identity remains.

>tricksters, pranksters, unusual inhuman cruelty
>unnatural powers of persuasion, beguilers, deceivers
>travellers from another world, portal keepers
>linked to arts and music
>long lived or frozen in time

they exist as a marker for the end of childhood in an oral and ritualistic pagan tradition, which gave children a higher leeway for mischievous behavior. there was enough merit in it that it jumped the air gap to christian tradition and we still have these stories in our culture today.

>children being naughty, cruel
>too cute to say no to
>imagination and games of make belief
>creative bursts of singing and dancing
>nostalgia for childlike innocence

note that the fae were essentially evil, and their stories were used to scare children into growing up. if you entered their stone circles you would be trapped in their land, and time would flow more slowly and when you returned hundreds of years will have passed and all your family and friends will have died.

in the 40k universe they are the extension of the high elves and dark elves from warhammer fantasy. and they serve as a warning to mankind, as to what happens if a race becomes too decadent and arrogant. it will become the agent of it's own destruction (chaos) and devolve into it's primitive form (barbarism). this is essentially a christian trope warning the european civilizations built from the traditions of rome, not to become like it's mother and fall prey to it's children.

because christianity loves to invert things, it essentially took the fae (the parable of growing up) and turned it into the elves (stay ignorant good goy, or you will fall from grace). occultism, of which the christian tradition borrows many of its teachings, is obsessed with viewing the world through the inversion of opposites and finding the contradiction as the essence of the true being.

>> No.53097881

The heads and necks are too large for their bodies.

>> No.53097927

Ayy Macha still qt.

>> No.53097968

Wish there were Pics of Felinids in SoB Armor.

>> No.53098336

>> No.53098820

>But thats sweet, sweet heresy

>> No.53099439

nope, elves are definitely more intelligent. Tyrion compares himself favorably to every human in the realms of looks and fightyness and intelligence.

Teclis thinks that elves consider themselves superior because they are more intelligent, live longer lives and don't get sick and are hot AF. They don't consider that humans live in a far more dangerous world that they are well adapted to and thrive in, that humans are quick to ally themselves and bury their feuds unlike the elves. Humans are also not autistic about their pursuits.

That is literally the same differences that the eldar and humans have in 40k.

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