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Rolled 17 (1d26)

Latinized english Edition
8E Real Player's LA rules Sub-edition

Salamander players finally arrived, and when Cain murdered Abel he shouted "Nixon shock!". Our efforts to fix FW's mistakes were fruitless, but at least list advice was given. Luna Wolves don't play fait, Ulfsark pics are lovely and our planet's myths are a recopilation of Imperial history. Xenos and heretics are coming, get ready to pay the tithe issued in the last bread ->52921354


>Official HH 7th Edition Errata (Updated January 2016)

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more

>HH Books, Novels and Rulebooks galore

>/HHG/'s Legion demographics

>/HHG/'s allegiances

>Primarch Popularity Poll

>HHG Discord


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Previous bread >>52921354

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I claim this thread in the name of my glorious space dad

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Moving goal posts much? Inferno was supposed to save /HHG/. Just accept that we are absolute garbage.

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I wish they'd hurry up and make artalax models. They're a cool concept, but forgeworld are really dragging their heels with them.

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doesn't help that none of you post pictures of what you are working on.

here's a tip lads, go find your models, and upload a photo. And that guy that responds with THICC to everyone try actually providing constructive criticism.

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Behold ! The first psychic power of the 8th edition
looks like age of teh emprah to me

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Well, if you insist...

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There's got to be a way to make white scars look better.

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>Mortal Wounds are a new mechanic too – these cannot be saved by any means and punch straight through thick armour and even invulnerable saves!
Oh boy.

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Not really.

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HHG was never made great. Every morning I wake up expecting it to come, but it is always one book away. That can't be it. I haven't woken up at all. It is just a dream. It is all a dream. I am in it, and you are in it, too. I am the dreamer, but you are having my dream. Do you get it now? You do, don't you? HHG... was never... great.
With three days left, I followed my orders from
(((FW))) and launched the operation. I made memes, I baked numbered breads, I failed and was archived. HHG survived, but I was locked as a breadanon. How happy I would have been if they'd let it die then and there... Our wishes do not come true. We just cling on to our dreams, our phantoms. Mine, and yours. But I think this one is coming to an end... After all, you've figured it out now.
You can post lists, paint minis, make memes... Burn the whole catalog down, and it still won't make HHG great. It, or any general of this board. And that was our business. Autism. We baked our daily bread with austism paid to us for memeing. Maybe us getting Age of Emperor'd was just balancing the scales.
You know, HHG was never the heaven we wanted it to be, but I was still happy to have lived with everyone there. It was such a short time. Such an autistic peace. But while I was on HHG, I was happy. So I hope I'm not the only one who looks back on those days with happiness.
There's more to remember than hatred and raeg... But of course, this is you, thinking that I should think that. It is no mystery now. I am just an anon, a fragment of the mind you have lost. The real me died a long time ago.

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stop, stop. it's too early. You can't do this yet, you need to wait until there's at least 200 replies. Don't fucking poison us this soon

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Changes to the psychic phase:
-psyker no longer generate warp charge
-psyker are able to cast a number of power equal to their psychic mastery
-casting require to beat the number indicated on the power with 2d6
-one psychic discipline per faction

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Maybe with furs and battle damage?

Maybe you can darken the colors?

Maybe make the trim chromed gold?

Shit I don't know.

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I'm confused by how the painter was able to do relatively crisp freehand lightning bolts, but fucked up the rest so badly.

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How about using a box?

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Puzzling, isn't it?

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A stormraven converts better, why would they choose to use a box instead?

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But thin paints don't cover, can't paint white with shitty runny paint.

>> No.52948536

Hey did you know, cereal boxes are easier to use than plasticard?

>> No.52948562

>one-coat man
>100 dips a day

>> No.52948574

But seriously, cereal boxes are really good for converting

>> No.52948598

At this point they could get better results building the whole thing out of legos.

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Is it bad that the thing that offends me most about this is the moldlines on the gun barrels?

>> No.52948624

How else are you going to cover all that grey plastic?

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Nah, there was a promo a few years ago for tank toys in cereal boxes. Two birds with one stone.

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That's what I told my opponent

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What is going on with the counters (for want of a better term) on the eldar bases?

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Looks like they are basically auto includes. Jump pack domitars with better weapons.

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Yes really.

>> No.52948747

Not quite LEGO, but close

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Can't read the vexilliarius' poker face

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What colors did the Mongols were anyway?

Probably not horribly clashing red white and yellow

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>-casting require to beat the number indicated on the power with 2d6

So there's no difference between a mook sanctioned psyker and a greater daemon in that regard?

>-one psychic discipline per faction

Like each faction gets one discipline on their own on top of the generic rulebook ones or each faction fan only use one or what?

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Pretty sure they're mongol-like rather than actual Mongols.

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some characters might still get bonuses to their roles.

probably a set of their own powers per faction

all this identical to AoS

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Mook Psyker only gets one power, too.

Remember that each additional mastery level represents a huge jump in control. Being able to cast three specific and powerful spells in a short span of time is exponentially more difficult than psychically pointing some lasguns.

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Sure, but that doesn't charge the fact that a mook psyker is as proficient at casting the same spell as Magnus. Would have assumed that a powerful psyker has more control over psychic powers, not just more of them.

But guess it's an acceptable simplification of things.

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think about it...pretty sure a super psyker will still get bonuses to their roll

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Thousand Sons
- Re-roll 1's on psychic test
- All psykers can manifest an additional power
- New lore consisting of one power per cult
- GOTCK adds 2 to all psychic test results

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can't wait to paint that in my candy red

>> No.52949708

That's why you do a bunch of LAYERS. It takes a while but it doesn't look like shit.
Don't get discouraged by all the hate btw, if you work at painting you'll get better.

>> No.52949738

Forget about your red, I love how you've done the light from the warpflame

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Osirons are a 50 point upgrade to any TS contemptor talon.

Where are you getting the HQ from? They're elites

>> No.52949875

>-one psychic discipline per faction
That fucks with TS a bit.
They'd have to lose the disciplines associated with Cult Arcana and instead just get a flat casting bonus.
Or they get their own discipline, but it'd need like four times more powers than a standard 'Imperial' or 'Did Nothing Wrong' deck.

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To be fair, in the list of legion specific units on page 210 of Inferno it lists the Osiron as an HQ choice, while on page 211 it simply states that the Osiron is a 50 point upgrade for a Contemptor Dreadnought in a regular Talon. So there is definitely a little wiggleroom for both interpretations here. FW will need to FAQ it.

>> No.52949947

>So there is definitely a little wiggleroom for both interpretations here
Well, there's room to question it, but prevailing logic, the community at large and the army builder software have all interpreted it as an HQ choice.

>> No.52950011

So does that mean you could take 3 as one HQ?

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so are HH models receiving new rules right away or do we have to wait longer

>> No.52950024

My bad, I wanted to say one specific psychic discipline per faction, along with the rulebook ones

>> No.52950043

We are stuck with 7th, for now.

>> No.52950045

GW said it's not affecting HH right away. No telling how long after 8th edition it'll be, though. They may wait until Angelus is released.

>> No.52950047

I thought the HH was going to stay in the 7th edition

>> No.52950060

and on the next page

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>They'd have to lose the disciplines associated with Cult Arcana and instead just get a flat casting bonus.
>Magnus as a LoW
>9 Psychic dreads as HQs
>4 Sekhmet squads as Elites
>6 Vet squads as Troops
>3 Ammitara squads as Fast Attack
"You just need to ally a few SoS :^)"

>> No.52950468

It is, for now at least. It will not be transitioning along with 40k, I presume that Angelus will be the transition book, with new Red Books following short after based on the new rule-set.

>> No.52950470

>picture doesn't say anything about what battlefield role it is
You sure showed me.

>> No.52950486

Faction rules and special character maybe, but a lvl. 3 psyker casts as well as a lvl. 1 does.

>> No.52950505

>Not just writing an unit entry when the description of the Osiron takes up a whole page anyway
Fuck Inferno.
I mean, I can see the confusion and why people have plumped for it being an HQ. If you track the way the unit is talked about, that's the conclusion. Does it make sense or is it clear? Fuck no.

>You can have an Osiron-pattern Contemptor. An Osiron-pattern Contemptor is an HQ choice.
>Oh, rules? Well, you take a default Contemptor Talon, pay 50 points and get these rules and this statline for the melee weapon kthxby.

That's a statement followed by a process that doesn't actually contradict the statement.
Which was phrased that way for no fucking good reason. I actually actively dislike the torture the English language is put through in parts of Inferno.

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Finished the grave wardens. That's all my squads done, only vehicles and some characters are left.

>> No.52950585

take an army picture

>> No.52950617

I need some food and tea first but I'll see what I can do.

>> No.52950645

Waaaaay better than my termies, you sir are a true master. May saint Duncan bless you

>> No.52950862

May be of interest to fists players:


>> No.52950930

I need one last look over for my Ironwing list. Emailing it to 30kchannel today and want to make sure it's up to par. Most of the list I've seen played on the channel are real competitive and want to make a good show.

>HQ 623 points
Preator + Command Squad in tartaros terminator armor. Preator has a terranic greatsword, combi--statis round, and an iron halo. The squad has combi-plasma, power fist and chain fist. All in a Land Raider Phobos with armoured ceramite and multi-melta.

Terminators work real well with the RoW and the Command Squad comes in at a nice discount. Not much of a deathstar but can tie out others, the statis shell works real well on the charge and I've had some real good experiences with the greatsword.

>Elites 200 points
Contemptor-Mortis Dreadnought with lascannon and havoc launcher.

Anti-everything, also covers flyers.

>Troops 585 points
Three identical Tactical Squads. Sergeants with calabanite warblades, melta bombs, artificer armor. All in Rhino's with combi-meltas

Basic, bolters get +1 W within 12 inches, Combi's are to help take a hull points off of dreads or kill a single person, worth the 5 points.

>Heavy Support 1765 points
Predator Tank Squadron. All have lascannon sponsons, machine spirit, and one has a executioner plasma destroyer.

Cheap minus one of them, shooting at BS 5 the damage off of the cannons is good against infantry and light vehicles. Mostly just want them firing every turn,

Deredeo Dreadnought with ailos missiles. Another anti air, infantry, and light vechiles. The missile system works great with tank hunter. Also a mobile gun platform.

Malcador Assault Tanks, these have been my game winners. Three of them with demolisher siege cannons, lascannon sponsons. and armoued ceramite, one is the squadron command tank. Have been moving my troops behind them to take advantage of their cover and killing/tar pitting anything that can assault it in melee.

>LoW 415 points
Typhon with lascannons.

self explanitory.

>> No.52951017

So, 3588 pts. Can't you turn those Rhino Combi-meltas into Multimeltas?

>> No.52951144

I did not do good on my math. The game is set at 3500, I need to do some cutting.

I use to run multi-melta's on my rhino's but they ended up getting killed before they could fire them off. I still use them on vet squad rhino's when I play them.

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>> No.52951378

Cut the lascannons off of the typhon, there's half your points already. Combi's aren't really necessary with your preator and command squad, there's the other half minus a few points.

>> No.52951414

The meta around my locale is real competitive and I enjoy that side of the game. I have a few people a city away that are completely fluff driven and I have fun with that side of the gaming as well.

>> No.52951416

Ah, the reason is the Rhino may not live enough to shoot more than one time, so a single shot melta is preferred to spending on a full multimelta.
Considering combimeltas have a range of 12" and thus a melta range of 6", why not instead bringing a HK missile that has the same strenght and infinite range?
The only thing I could agree with is to cut the Typhon's lascannons, and maaaaaaybe the Mortis' Havoc launcher, but everything else is good and you'd still need to let stuff go. A tough one.
A bit unrelated to point cuts, but the tacticals are despoilers?

>> No.52951418

repostan in a thread that isn't autosaging
IH Libby practically finished

>> No.52951527

I've tried hunter-killers but the rhino has to stay stationary and I never get to use them effectively since I tried to keep the list very mobile. The Tact's aren't despoilers, I've tried that as well but the DA bladed mastery isn't worth the effort and I can't charge them out of Rhinos.

Thanks for the feed back, I'm only a few points away from e-mailing the list.

>> No.52951557

Imperial Knight, ready for a billion magnets to be installed and a pretty monumental number of subassemblies. You think I can get away with putting the armour plates on the Thunderstrike Gauntlet before painting it?

>> No.52951906

>I've tried hunter-killers but the rhino has to stay stationary

>> No.52952039

Good work on the glow effects, especially the eyes.

>> No.52952229

> Mortal Wounds
So is that gonna replace Instant Death? If it does Eternal Warrior might be replaced with an added Mortal Would save

>> No.52952249

HHG, help my pick my legion.

Iron Warriors
+ Like tech and template weapons
+ Cool models
+ WW1 Muhreens
- Mediocre special units (fuckin iron circle are expensive)
- Loyalist IW are cool but kinda cliche

Iron Hands
+ Sweet models
+ Cool rules and units
+ Ferrus is my waifu
+ Red Talons
- Boring paintscheme
- Limited tactics

Sons of Horus
+ Cool paintscheme
+ Cool playstyle
+ Torgaddon did nothing wrong
+ Justaerin are sexy
- Kinda hard to draw inspiration for (mad max warrior technobandits?)
- Kinda underpowered?

+ Vulkan is cool
+ Modelling opportunities
- Pure green looks kinda dumb
- No phosphex funtimes

Word Bearers
+ Top tier scheme
+ Gal Vorbak
+ Pyromaniac assault marines
- Fuck Lorgar
- Daemons are boring
- Traitor only

+ Unsanctioned xeno weapons
+ Nasty in assault
+ Your Dudes
+ Reaver Lord can kick ass when you invest a lotta points
- Kinda sue-ish?
- Expensive base infantry

I'm an indecisive piece of shit, I know.

>> No.52952301

I'd go with Blackshield. Pick the dudes you have the most fun playing.

>> No.52952318

>+ Gal Vorbak
>- Daemons are boring

>> No.52952333


>> No.52952354

Thanks makes sense... Which means GW won't do it and will do something brken, stupid and lopsided instead

>> No.52952370

>pure green looks kinda dumb
You tell me mate
>no phosphex fun
Who needs phosphex when you have your entire army obsidian forged ?
In all seriousness I'd say pick a shattered legion made of wathever you want, it let you have the playstyle and paintscheme you want

>> No.52952396

Go for Salamanders
There are plenty of green schemes out there that can make the scheme work better, plus added fire effects can break up the green wonderfully
My personal fave is Duncans scheme, see what you think


Trust me, after you get used to super meltas and flamers while tanking all the pain from your enemy, you wont miss phosphex

>> No.52952412


>> No.52952470

We never see Iron Hands on here, and it looks like you like the vast majority of the shit they do. They're no more restricted than most of the other Legions, Breacher siege lines with Vindicators and outflanking speeders, tank columns with air support, termie and Dread lists, all kinds of shit.

I've seen some amazing paint schemes for them, too. There was one lot that had this badass metallic sheen to the black vehicles, kinda reddish where the light caught them, looked fucking awesome with red cabling and steel emblems and trim and such. If I see that guy again I'll take some pictures if he's cool with it.

Point is, you don't have to prime black, layer Abbadon Black, wash with Nuln/Agrax, and you don't have to go Spartanstar Sicaran Spam every game either.

>> No.52952487

I quite like the whole Big Angry Possessed Beasties thing, but regular ol daemons and summoning don't really do much for me. Should mention I'm an IG/Chaosfag when it comes to regular ol 40k.

Thanks for the advice, anons! I'm gonna pick up my next set of primer this weekend and test out the schemes on a few of my old marine kits before I look into putting them onto HH stuff.

>> No.52952543

Yeah, I was thinking of going with shattered legions with an Iron Hands breacher squads and a couple blobs of Salamander tacts and melta/flamer support and Iron Warriors to hold points and clean house in exceptionally nasty areas, with some support from IW rapiers and outflanking SoH/IH volkite vets and dreads. Feel like trying to get them all in a SL list would be a challenge, but hey, could split it up into multiple armies for small games.

>> No.52952596

> IG/Chaosfag
Instead of Deamons, why not run the Sacrificial Offering RoW on Word Bearers, it works around a combination of Marines and a Warp cult of humans, combine your 40k fetishes into one eh?

Oh also consider running Samus, he's the most Gal Vorbeck looking Daemon who ever existed and can run as your Marine LoW

>> No.52952608

>Iron Warriors
>+ WW1 Muhreens
I'd say they're IG-y marines. Lots of artillery and mechanized warfare, their commanders aren't afraid to spend them and they aren't anything special yet they still fight on and follow their orders (traitors following Perty's word unquestionably, loyalists keeping their oaths to the Emperor through all)
>- Mediocre special units (fuckin iron circle are expensive)
We pretend those don't exist, only Havocs and Tyrants.
>- Loyalist IW are cool but kinda cliche
I never thought so many of us would think similar.
>Iron Hands
>+ Ferrus is my waifu
>+ Red Talons
>- Boring paintscheme
You surely can liven it up
>- Limited tactics
Don't fall for the mechanized meme. They're a ranged legion, which is kind of the same of IFs but with better mech stuff and less sword and shield.
>Sons of Horus
>+ Cool paintscheme
>+ Cool playstyle
I like you
>- Kinda hard to draw inspiration for (mad max warrior technobandits?)
Mean looking guys for SoHs, or Germanic Romans for Best Wolves
>- Kinda underpowered?
You said they had a cool playstyle? Full agression frontal attacks, that's them.
>+ Modelling opportunities
Do tell
>- Pure green looks kinda dumb
Then mix it with stuff. Like flames, black, obsidian, emerald, scales or other kinds of stuff.
>- No phosphex funtimes
>Word Bearers
>+ Pyromaniac assault marines
>- Fuck Lorgar
>- Traitor only
I know right! Lorgar so a shit his legion cannot use Loyalist Iconoclasts anymore. It doesn't help the Iconoclast Centurion leader became daemonic diabolist Zardu Layak

>I'm an indecisive piece of shit, I know.
Lol it's a stage. Sort of.

>> No.52952650

>Sons of Horus
>-kinda underpowered

Well my friend, allow be to introduce you to death dealers, maloghurst, combi plas veterans and drop pods

>> No.52952687

Can agree that's fucking terrrifying, and I have Cyber-Occularis to help me Intercept them. It's not impossible that with a good heat blast and some dakka I can lose the entirety of my heavy support bar some Myrmidons in a Macrocarid Turn 2, and my Levies get ripped up by having to move into range for BS5 Tactical Dakka.

>> No.52952801

>Germanic Romans
>Best Wolves
Ah yeah

There's just something about pulling that off and smirking as you remove something(s) your opponent really didn't want removed

The new Centurion character in For Honor screams Luna Wolves and I'm so fucking excited

>> No.52952828

I was under the impression that the rhino couldn't move and shoot a HK, did I get that wrong?

>> No.52952847

Any anons going to Warhammer fest in May?

>> No.52952878

>The new Centurion character in For Honor screams Luna Wolves
Post him. I feel we associate LWs with them only because they followed the Principia Belicosa and wore pelts. Surely there's more to that.

>> No.52952879

Best feeling. I have my megacheese squad of Droplites to wreck Spartans and Leviathan Dreads and I bet it's the same. I feel kind of a dick whenever it happens for about two seconds, then I remember I'm playing the store twat's UM spam list and I should not feel bad for slamming it and then dropping Ursarax on his Quad-Mortars. Fast Mech Best Mech, everything in my list save the Enginseers and the Levies has a 12" move and PotMS or some variant of Scout and Deepstrike.

>> No.52952901

Give lists. Both yours and that UM you dislike.

>> No.52952958

Don't think that's the case, I thought HK missiles could just be fired like any other weapon on the vehicle. I mean, the standard tactic with javelin attack speeders is the drive on and immediately fire ALL ZE MISSILES, it's not like you see people keeping their speeders still to fire HKs.

>> No.52952970

Looking sick m8

>> No.52953125

To be fair those look crap too. People don't know how to shade white minis. That wash is a mess.

>> No.52953131

In game his weapons are a gladius and a caestus, and it's been stated he's gonna have a really brutal fighting style, knocking people to the ground and getting free heavy attacks in and shit. Heavy armor, cape, pelt on back. Plus he's got a great execution


Delete units are fun, they maybe cheese, but there is a reason why we use them, would it be wrong if I added a droplite squad to vet-plasma-pods?

>> No.52953169


>> No.52953217

My list:
Magos Reductor with Machinator
ArchMagos Archimandrite with max tankiness and occularis

2x3 Thallax
10 Hoplites in Arvus
3 Ursarax punching
3 Destructors with Grav, in kitted out Macrocarid with ArchMagos
2 Vindicators or Basilisks, AV13 and PotMS
Some Enginseers

Either FC and 100 Cult Horde/Cyber-Augmented Levies, or 60 Adsecularis.

Sometimes a Knight for higher points.

His list:
Praetor, Paragon
That dude who makes his launchers shoot Phosphex
Primus Medicae

Guilliman, 10 Suzies in Spartan
2x Suzies or Tacticals, size varies.
Sometimes those CML termies, or some plasma supports.

2 Leviathans

I know, I'm a bit of a dick using grav and Droplites on an elite list, but he won't shut up about how awesome his list is, so me and IHbro like smashing it up with Haywire.

>> No.52953223

>would not paint

>> No.52953263

You're ramn right, thanks for the info.

>> No.52953272

Probably, yeah, but it does feel awesome. Also perhaps the fastest way ever to force a meta change is to just say "Omnissiah Says No" to any Spartans, Typhons or Leviathans you encounter and get people to stop using the boring things. Moment someone picks up a Baneblade or Castaferrums or something they lose their ride so they can't NOPE it, but fuck 1400pt Deathstars.

>> No.52953275

his list is fucking cancer and everything wrong with 30k desu, only thing missing is some melta, machine killer vets in dread claws. jesus.

>> No.52953306

And people still wonder why so few are willing to post their models in these threads.

>> No.52953334

Yes, don't use pure white as the base color.

>> No.52953337

Honestly the fact that its an upgrade to regular talon (and thus you could presumably have a mixed talon of osirion and non-osiron dreads) makes me think the HQ thing is a typo and it should say elites.

But I guess we'll have to wait for an faq. Or email FW but they're pretty lethargic at replying I think

>> No.52953344

This one's too bluish for my liking, but it does look great.

>> No.52953350

Part of my thing is I love infantry and use vehicle mainly to just get them were they need to be, been meaning to add a mechanicum force to by LW because because hoplites and their shooty brothers are sexy and giant robots+walkers are fucking awesome

>> No.52953383

what could I do to lore my Traitor EC army?

>> No.52953411

>on the 7th day of omnissiahmas, my logistics train gave to me
>10 hoplites zapping
>6 thallax hopping
>4 occularis spotting
>3 ursarax punching
>2 basilisks shelling
>and an archmagos in an abeyyyy-ant

>> No.52953424

It's so elite I kind of mow through it, though. AP2 means pretty much nothing, even with autowounds, because S4 can't do much otherwise and the only thing that it hurts much is the Archmagos and his squad, who are hiding behind AV14 and 2ppm scrubs the entire game. Then T2 the Spartan dies instantly, the squad inside is probably smashed with grav and/or Vindicator and the Ursarax walk through everything while invariably distracting quad-fire or Leviathans to go squish them. It seems very optimized to kill Marines, not so much for killing atom-structure MechZilla armies. Spends most of the game hacking away at the electron-cloud rather than the nucleus, then occasionally the Levis or G-man get stuck trying to kill 6++ levies and the rage is truly delicious. Revenge for beating DGBro so damn much he swore off playing at that store.

>> No.52953451

Please elaborate.

>> No.52953462

Go watch a lot of extreme weird porn and you'll know exactly what to write

>> No.52953468

I didn't even notice I'd written it like that. Thanks for the laugh on my day off. Reminds me of when we wrote pic related.

>> No.52953478

There is something quite funny about taking an army of mainly 4+ saves against AP2 spam.

>> No.52953482

what units should I take to best represents heresy era EC aside from the special characters and kachophina

>> No.52953520

I want to get into horus heresy, but absolutely hate most of the color schemes, lets say, i love the look of iron hands, but hate the colors, can i just invent the color scheme or will there be a lynchmob crying out for my head on a plate?

>> No.52953529

I already do that why do you think I play EC post and heresy-era. my commander gets vored by a slaanesh daemon he is in love with but doesn't die and the daemon keeps him in her womb for 3 days

>> No.52953538

>lets say, i love the look of iron hands, but hate the colors
>love the look
>hate the colours

>> No.52953542

So true. So, so true, and that's why Mechanicum is so good. We basically point at everything meta and say "nope, not today". And as he's convinced that internet theoryhammer is the answer to everything, he'll never bring a normal Whirlwind or 40 Tacticals that would mess my T3 day right up.

>> No.52953555

Alternative colourschemes are a thing, I doubt there are many "history buff" level people around when it comes to having to use the "standard" colour schemes, as long as it is clear which legion they are looking at.

>> No.52953576

Try and do a variant of it at least so it's recognisably your Legion of choice.

He just means he loves the grungy industrial cybernetic look I assume. Be nice to the kid.

>> No.52953592

the design, not the color scheme you silly goose

>> No.52953613


>> No.52953630

I feel like we covered why the Luna Wolves can be associated with Rome in certain ways a while back, but basically they were summed up as gangs of Rome, the Germanic tribes inducted into the legions, leading to the whole Savage Roman vibe. At least thats what I remember from that conversation

>> No.52953662

As they started to get rich off their conquests they got into robes that used gold threads. They liked silk robes (they sort of catch arrows, at the very least making it easier to pull them out) and silk is relatively easy to color brightly. So they were probably a mess of colors.

They were also known for never washing their clothes, only replacing them after they had worn away.

>> No.52953678

thanks, ill do some photoshopping and see what works best, trying to keep a lot of the original colors there but spicing it up maybe.

>> No.52953680

It sounds like you'll get a bonus to the power's effect if you roll a higher score, and mastery level will somehow fit into that roll (more dice, keep the highest maybe?).

>> No.52953686

Is that best image you could find to demonstrate the Iron Hands aesthetic?

>> No.52953775

Command squads are awfully expensive for not scoring.

>> No.52953778

no I just like Emperors Children

>> No.52953794

One can only hope, because if it's just a flat out 2D6 vs. the required casting cost of a power, seems a bit silly.

Something like you getting extra D6 per mastery level (beyond 1) and getting to choose 2 dice could work (additional die would of course be optional). Just make those extra dice count towards your Perils of the Warp, so that you can make casting easier, but at the cost or higher risk of screwing up. Hell, let a psyker roll with just 1D6 if they want, that way you don't run the risk of a double, but it's also harder to cast even simple powers.

>> No.52953806

That one was fun
Why Palatine Blades of course
dat bulge?

>> No.52953849

I find it silly how TS vets can buy Brotherhood of Witches but Command squads can only have powers when Ahriman is around.
Why must FW hate Command squads sooooooooooo damn much?
Srsly. It's as if each legion's Command squad was a version of Angronius' unwanted Devourers.

>> No.52953877

good idea and ignore the bulge she just has a thicc pussy

>> No.52953903

His list is pretty weak desu. What's the points set at?

>> No.52953922

Are those so mean?

I was thinking about how to go against tonks with a pod list, so how do you solve that in a pod list?

>> No.52953933

And they were even worse before the current red book gave them a points cut!

>> No.52953940

Ec command squads can wield phoenix spears and rde bikes, yo.

They are pretty cool.

>> No.52953978

Yeah but I wanted some heavy infantry as well and stick my preator in a squad but didn't want to get termies and a spartan. I was considering veterans but decided against it.

>> No.52953997

But really expensive.

>> No.52954097

Perfection has its price.

BIy the way,I am thinking about allying SA and SoH since I couldnt decide which one to go for.
Would probably ally in two veletaris squads in demolisher dracosans and a tank commander in a Malcador.

I amunsure how to design a 1000 point Soh detachment though and still play to their strengths.

Maybe orbital assault? So fee points, even with a Delegatus...

>> No.52954111

>You surely can liven it up
I was feeling like running Red Talons to mix in some red, and taking inspiration from that one image of a legionnaire with fresh ceramite for some replacement pieces. Maybe some light grey/off white ceramite with the typical Red Talons blood splatters on it?

>I like you
>Best Wolves
Isstvan III never forget. Fell in love with the Luna Wolves ever since I first read the original HH trilogy.

>Do tell
Flaming swords ala Guilliman's 40k model (but not shit), drake scales draped over pauldrons and boarding shields, messing around with artificer made gear and walking through flames. That sorta thing.

>Lorgar so a shit his legion cannot use Loyalist Iconoclasts anymore. It doesn't help the Iconoclast Centurion leader became daemonic diabolist Zardu Layak
At least there's always whatshisface who got captured in Ultramar. Seems to have been dragged into the perpetual/knight errant/nuHH shitshow though. It's a shame, the Knights Errant were an interesting concept. Space Marine A-Team/SAS thrust into the most crucial battlefields and thickest firefights to ensure Big E's will is carried out.

yeah, was considering something like that or an AoDC. Would wait until militia get a rewrite or FAQd though, their rules are a mess of misprints right now.

>> No.52954129

a delegatus, some reavers and assault marines or termies? or maybe just sword/pistol tacs?

>> No.52954144

could the Emperor's children ally in a lore friendly way with either the thousand sons or the world eaters?

>> No.52954174

I don't see why not. They were all at Terra.

>> No.52954210

Probably, also probably a flier.
Maloghurst with some justaerin sounds delicious to allow all those tasty guys being scoring.

Weaponmaster vets in a Dreadclaw sound so fluffy, I am just worried that all those infantry killing dudes can only plink impotently against serious tanks.

But I guess thats what (combi)meltas,demolishers and justaerin chain fists are for.

Thank you for the advice!

>> No.52954218

could they do side campaigns like against the loyalists before terra? im mainly EC but might add some allies to spice it up

>> No.52954237

loyalist EC + WE at Isstvan III, traitor EC + WE at Isstvan V, possibly the Shadow Crusade. or hell just come up with your own fluff. loyalists brought together outta desperation or headhunters assembled by traitor command to ride out and kill. the 1k son's appreciation for the beauty of Prospero could mix in well with the EC too.

>> No.52954288

eh, a melta bomb and some combi bolters on weaponmaster vets could take on some smaller vehicles. or chainfist justaerin, or a contemptor with a TL lascannon and meltagun fist? I think the kharbydis has a melta ram as well.

>> No.52954294


When will Custodes units get rules for their own Ammo Runts?

>> No.52954365

A lot of EC were be used as hunter-killer forces, chasing down the loyalist forces alongside elements of other traitor legions - there's even a rite of war in Book 6 specifically covering this. Not saying you have to use this rite, (I'm not a fan of the no objective scoring thing myself,) but it's solid fluff justification for EC forces joining up with other traitor legions.

>> No.52954382

Good idea, forgot about podding in Dreads. Mean sons of itches.

>Leviathan with Siegeclaw and cyclonic melta.


>> No.52954399

why is this still a question?

FW has deliberately made things broad enough that pretty much any combo of allies is fine, relax for goodness sake. There were loads of side campaigns during the heresy so its easy to say your dudes are from one of them.

Seriously what do you think will happen if you try to play with an allied force? people aren't gonna chuck you out because of "not in muh major events"

>> No.52954417

It's easy with the World Eaters; they weren't all assigned to Lorgar's Shadow Crusade, and I can see them needing another legion to determine their strategy.

The problem with Thousand Sons is that we don't know that they did anything between Prospero and Terra. Probably, but not that we know of.

>> No.52954419

yeah i'm a traitor so id have them working against the loyalists ill think of something

>> No.52954565

Anyone got the screencap of some neckbeard doing exactly that, stating that the two armies never fought in the fluff so he was going home?

>> No.52954608

please tell me it ends with him getting fuckin slapped

>> No.52954642

>Ec command squads can wield phoenix spears
Oh are you sure?
>Any character model with the Legiones Astartes (Emperor's Children) special rule with access to a power fist as an option, may instead take a Phoenix spear for the same cost
>Legion Command squad, Unit type Infantry. Special rule Chosen Warriors
>Chosen Warriors: a model with this special rule may issue and accept Challenges as if it had the Character type. Note that this does not allow a model with this special rule to use any other rules associated with the Character type.
Say, we are MEANT to gentleman's agree FW's mistakes away, right? I know I would, what about you?
Would you allow discount Phoenixes, 3++ IH Command squads, +1WS for WE CSs in challenges, Mastercrafted Sallies or power dagger Alphas?
I'd say something about the UMs and DGs, but they can bring Suzerains and Deathshrouds as command squads, they don't give a fuck :^)

>> No.52954663

Yep. SoH player here. I think they're underrated. Very few things can stand up to their outflanking-drop-podding-deep-striking-in-your-face-12"-or-less-onslaught when pulled off properly with the dice on your side.

There's something about banestrike combi plas/melta reavers bouncing around the board with their jump packs and deleting or crippling a meq/teq/mc/tank a turn.

>> No.52954678

good idea ill have them be traitors on the hunt

still I like to be as lore accurate as possible >>52954417
yeah I love the EC for everything they represent but it would be nice to have some not so perfect blood hungry gladiator dudes

lore is important!

>> No.52954679

Jej. Funny thing is, UMs and RGs are recorded as having practiced fighting exercises against each other, which is the reason the other legions got their Ashen/Sable blind as the Guilliman-standarized Moritats.

>> No.52954716


But...werent they able to do this when Massacre came out?

>> No.52954761

this hobby sometimes man....

>> No.52954763

Back when HH1 Betrayal came out, since Command squads were proppa Character squads by then. Legion terminators also had the Experimental weaponry rule as well, probably about legion specific bits.

>> No.52954778

Sabrina was the only good witch. Nobody would give a fuck about Hermione if she wasn't played by Emma Watson.

>> No.52954797

desu id prefer my game always be canon

>> No.52954808

For me the Luna wolves, culturally, are the most like the modern special operations community. Speed, surprise, and aggression is the name of their game. Their internal hierarchy is also Wolfpack like in the same way that most special operations units today are that way. Rank means less than what you've done, and what you're good at.

From an aesthetics standpoint, yeah, id say theyre like Germanic romans.

>> No.52954852

S-stop tempting me, anon.
Strange how the Slaan are the Old Ones but Slaanesh (suffix -eth meaning prince) is the baddie.

>> No.52954897

The Old Ones were Slann, not Slaan. Though I'm not sure how significant that is.

>> No.52954918

personally that seems a little silly, every legion fought with and against each other one at one time or another, the very idea of a 'canon' game is kinda silly because the outcome is never set, either person could win.

best taste. Sabrina was the shit.

>> No.52955103

>most primarch fights in the game don't finish before the end of the game
>most primarch fights in fluff end up with both still alive and nothing really achieved by the fight

>> No.52955148

well I still prefer the units of my army and the opponents to make sense. but I don't mind doing a side campaign that has no impact on them major story. but if we play say burning of prospero and you bring ultramarines instead of space wolves then i'm kinda out.

>> No.52955198

Yeah. There is wiggle room in the lore. FW establish a whole unit of TS misses the teleport out because they're holed up outside the warpstorm. They break out and steal a couple of ships and vanish out of currently known history.

They, for example, could be anything you want. There were a couple hundred at least, I think,

>> No.52955234

That's fair. It's what the fluff doesn't cover that gives us the freedom to mess around.

>> No.52955260

AoS and 40k are now the same game. Oh boy.

>> No.52955264

>They, for example, could be anything you want

>> No.52955280

Nth post worst post. Fuck off cunt

>> No.52955292

yeah in a random game as long as you are loyalists and i'm traitor I don't care. hell even if you want to be traitor it could be some sort of infighting.

>> No.52955670

Have anyone tried using Oil Wash?

>> No.52955769

It's great for blacklining.
>apply gloss varnish to model
>apply oil wash
>wait for it to dry
>remove wash from raised surfaces with q-tip or whatever
>matte varnish to seal it in

>> No.52955863

Do oil washes dry?

>> No.52955926

touch dry, but technically not completely, no oil paints truly dry. Sealing it in is the best protective measure you can take.

>> No.52955965

If you want. But consider their experience versus people from the bulk of the 4th Fellowship, who were sent away before the battle even began.

>> No.52956049

>FW establish a whole unit of TS misses the teleport out because they're holed up outside the warpstorm.
Not only that, but Inferno mentions that there are believed to be about 90,000 Thousand Sons by the time of Prospero, and it's not known for certain if all of them were present for the purge.

It's entirely possible that there were Fellowships active away from the Sons' primary forces, especially since it's said that Magnus had all the captains trained so that they can operate independently from him for an extensive period of time.

>> No.52956145

The entire 4th Fellowship but a standing HQ unit was missing from Prospero. The Captain came back with one squad later and they all died except Arvida.
That is indeed several thousand marines who missed the entire surprise gangfuck.

>> No.52956178

How the hell did they go from a small legion of 15,000 to 90,000? I can understand increasing every legion's numbers, but by that much? That makes them average-sized at the very least.

>> No.52956186

The avtomat shurikenikova always ruins that pic for me....

>> No.52956257

>Estimates of their strength place it as potentially being as high as 80,000-85,000 warriors - ironically perhaps their greatest ever number immediately before their destruction, with the bulk of this strength located on Prospero when not explicitly sent upon a mission of conquest. Even at this level of manpower, the Thousand Sons comprised one of the smallest of the Space Marine Legions.

I was actually slightly off, but even still, they were evidently among one of the smaller legions.

>> No.52956300

Because all the numbers had to go up, even the guys to whom the exact numbers being of mystical importance was actually part of their fluff.
Tzeentch giveth, Tzeentch taketh away.

>> No.52956325

>I can understand increasing every legion's numbers, but by that much? That makes them average-sized at the very least.
I know right? Hey does anyone know how many RGs were there before Gate 42?
Because 80-85000 TS aren't too far away from Dorn's 98000 or Mortarrion's 95000

>> No.52956347

>ammo and armor sealant
>basically, apothecaries
So, FnP5+ on EVERY custode unit?

>> No.52956612

>Because 80-85000 TS aren't too far away from Dorn's 98000 or Mortarrion's 95000
Yeah, that's what bothers me. It's barely less than what a pretty normal legion has.

>> No.52957607


"The Last Son of Prospero" short set after Path of heaven isn't in the megas.

I forgot what happens to Arvida.

>> No.52957613

>> No.52957774

How many AdMech units have in-built Deep Srtike capability?

>> No.52957817

All jet and jump units (Thallax, ursurax, HQ can take them), and flyers. Don't think there's anything else

>> No.52957874

Plus the Vultarax, the first of surely many Strato automata to come.
You can put stuff in a deepstriking Arvus, though. Even a Castellax. You can give it a lascannon so the enemy can't ignore it.

>> No.52958147

Doesnt the Arvus have a jury-rig rule which means it always snapfires? or am i misremembering some other FW aircraft

>> No.52958429

Wait, can magi take BOTH jet pack and abeyant?

>> No.52958677

pssht... nuttin personell... heathens..

>> No.52958928

>letting daddy's friend erebus backstab one of your most loyal and dutiful captains, and wasting countless men in a useless "crusade" on the other side of the galaxy from terra
>turning to dark gods because daddy was mean
>spending all your time getting strang along by daemons and "meditating" while you knock around your progenoid glands to slaaneshi smut
bugger off lorgar, argel tal was too fucking good for you

>> No.52959843

Top kek, curzeling, top kek.

>> No.52960072

If you have to choose only one between these AdMech Fast choices, what would you pick and why? Just in general.

> Arlatax
> Ursarax
> Vultarax

>> No.52960172

>Be me
>Be one of three Iron Warriors Players at GW store
>Laugh as I'm the only traitor, and hit their tables with 6 Basilisks from the other side of the gaming area
>Do this during narrative battles.
>mfw I cripple my weaker legionarys to keep Pert's dreams alive.
Iron Without Iron Within

>> No.52960224

That's from older publications. The 30k Arvus has BS3 and can even buy Twin Linked.
I'm not familiar with the Arlatax, those Jumping Castellaxes with both dakka and choppas, but the Ursarax can fist at S10 (which the Arlatax cannot) and are as mobile while still being resilient, cheaper and at a more manageable size.

The Vultarax doesn't punch like the others, focusing on killing AV and light hordes with impunity from high. Haywire a bitch.

>> No.52960225

Arlatax, just for the cool factor of giant jetpack robots ripping through motherfuckers with giant power claws. Also a boner for melee MCs. Ursarax are a fairly close second however.

>> No.52960245

>6 Basilisks
You what m8?

>> No.52960419 [DELETED] 

They're still easily among the smallest legions.

>> No.52960530

Daily reminder that Argel Tal would have personally lost them the war and that Erebus did literally nothing wrong.

>> No.52960577

How survivable is a single Automaton with Paragon of Metal?

>> No.52960643

Ahhh. 8th Ed. spells the return of the old ways for Iron Warriors.

>> No.52960767

Fuck off, Erebus.

On a related note, anyone know any decent third party possessed miniatures/bits that would look decent on/with gal vorbak?

>> No.52961022

I'm having trouble choosing between Night Lords and Thousand Sons.

Night Lords
+Sevatar is both a cool character and a sexy model
+ADB does a great job giving them character beyond just being edgelords
+Seem a bit more Your Dudes-friendly than Thousand Sons
+/-Major edgelords
-More expensive than Thousand Sons
-Paint scheme can be a little dull, unless you do the lightning. Which I would like to do, but I'm not sure if I have the patience for it.

Thousand Sons
+I like their mission to preserve knowledge
+Love me some mages
+Egyptian theme is neat
+Ahriman is a pretty cool guy (model isn't nearly as cool as his ForgeWorld colleagues, though)
+Amon is also an interesting character
-Seem like one of the more played legions
----This one isn't too much of a big deal, because it's only me and a few other friends in the area that play. But I like being a snowflake.
-Magnus has generally struck me as kinda boring

>> No.52961140

I'm a fan of Thousand Sons myself but it sounds like Night Lords are a better match for you pham.
You can always buy a couple TSons as display pieces but not field them as an army.

>> No.52961235

Tip for the lightning-buy the FW etched brass, it has lightning stencils on the edge. Do one blue-gray line through the stencil, and then a thin stark white line.

>> No.52961351

Shit dog, I have been busting ass trying to improve my freehanding for this shit and I didn't know these existed.

They've even got little Nostraman runes going around the edges too. They look small enough that you could probably just prod a brush through them and stamp the outline onto a surface, then do a little highlighting yourself. Hot damn.

>> No.52961353 [DELETED] 

Yeah, I've kinda realized that I have some sort of hidden enthusiasm for Night Lords. A big part of it is the underdog appeal (hell, my favorite loyalists are White Scars), but I do really like what ADB has done with them, and they have some of the coolest battlecries and catchphrases, IMO, like "Ave Dominus Nox," and, "Die as you lived, brothers of the Eighth Legion: in midnight clad."

Bro, yes, thank you.

>> No.52961388

I don't even edgelord, i just saw a dude doing it during a hobby day at gw and thought it was cool and a really good way to get a super-fiddly bit of detail done easily. Say what you want about FW rulewriting, they're generally top notch on models and modelling

>> No.52961407

Yeah, I've kinda realized that I have some sort of hidden enthusiasm for Night Lords. A big part of it is the underdog appeal (hell, my favorite loyalists are White Scars), but I do really like what ADB has done with them, and they have some of the coolest battlecries and catchphrases, IMO.

That said, I do still really like the Thousand Sons, but there's just something missing from them. I think it's partly that they lack an author that considers them a pet project, like ADB with the Night Lords, so there's just a little less feeling there when it comes to my view at them. Not entirely sure, to be honest.

Oh man, that looks like a big helper.

>> No.52961425

How so? As a fellow lover of all things ferric I'd like to hear your opinion.

Night Lords, if the lightning ends up being a pain then see if just getting lightning done on shoulders or limbs makes it bearable.

>> No.52961472

>Say what you want about FW rulewriting, they're generally top notch on models and modelling
You can't get it right all the time, though.

>> No.52961487

If this is the price we must pay for Castellax and Thallax, so be it.


>> No.52961503

Yeah, that is the most mediocre thing they've produced for a long time, even counting knight heads and LotR stuff

>> No.52961510

Lads, this is a daft question, but what are the scales on Thallax and the Triaros Armoured Conveyor? No fucker in my area plays Mechanicum and I'm really considering getting into them.

How big actually are the models I'm paying for? I know it sounds poorfaggy, but I want to know how much resin crack I'm actually buying before I fork out. The thallax look about the same size as ogryns and are only about three or four quid more expensive per set of three, which strikes me as unusually good value for FW.

Pics for scale (not necessarily with bananas) would be really helpful if any mechanicus anons are up.

>> No.52961536

I'll reserve judgement until we get at least one picture from another angle.

Also isn't it sort of weird to release a Primarch model that's only "usable" for one battle. Doesn't he go full birdman immediately after Prospero?

>> No.52961543

Why the hate for this model? It's fucking great. Sure, the angle is shit so he looks a bit weird, but the actual model is good. No crazy horn tits or overdone armor decorations or a base larger the primarch himself.

I mean, would you honestly prefer pic related?

>> No.52961595

I unironically liked the horntits and that magic effect looks fucking weak for a being of Magnus' power.
>better watch out wolves I'm gonna throw some burning pebbles at you

>> No.52961602

>horned codpiece
uncalled for, but accepted

>> No.52961626

The proportions look off, and i guess that as magnus is topshit biomancer so that works in a lore-sense, i just don't like the way its represented on the model. The armour is too simple for a primarch not saying i want 40k magnus/custodes over-the-topness, but ahriman is more blingy than him for fucks sake, the weird flaming rock things don't look like something the second-greatest-psyker ever would conjure and are gonna snap day one, even on a scenic base, the weird back-horn-iron-halo thing just looks weird. I love all the other thousand sons stuff released, especially the castellax, but magnus feels like either a rushed production or a conflict between FW people on what he ought to look like.

>> No.52961671

>No overdone armour decorations
That's only because he keeps poor Osirion around as a walking decoration stand. I'm glad the real Osiris is dead so he doesn't have to see this.

>> No.52961711

I feel FW could have added more scarabs but I'm not quite sure how...

>> No.52961720

The dreadnought itself is not shaped like a scarab.

>> No.52961725

>dwarf in power armor
Space Squats confirmed!

>> No.52961820

What the hell is the Karacnos' deal? It's supposed to be a self-propelled Mortar (despite the whole table being inside its 60" range)...but it has two 18" independent autocannons and is also a ram with Galvanic drive.
One thing is being prepared for anything like Inquisitor Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau, but that tank is simply scattered all over. It even superficially resembles an ork battlewagon.

>> No.52961825

those autocannon mounts looks very silly

>> No.52961835

What unique aesthetic elements do the Imperial Fists have? I love the colour scheme and stubborn loyalty but they just seem so generic. If you removed the chapter icons from their unpainted minis would there be literally anything to set them apart?

>> No.52961839


>> No.52961885

Forts forts forts forts?

>> No.52961891

the original hull already has the ram built in for when it is a troop transport. they removed capacity and filled with rockets.
the short range guns are self defence.
these are hold overs from the original hull itis based on

>> No.52961893

Big shields, big fists, and big armour.

>> No.52961909

Ok, I'm looking forward to adding AdMech Ally to my Orbital Assault combi-X heavy army.

Magos Prime w/ Jet pack, 1~2x Thallax, and either Ursarax or Arlatax (when the model come out) is my bet (no Elite or Heavy saddens me, but anyway), but how should I equip the Magos, and which Order?

>> No.52961954

The fists have a very blunt, blocky aesthetic. Emphasis on their variety of the knightly look is the big one, they're very western german/Holy Roman. DAngels are very monkish in an eastern germanic, teutonic, secretive way, whereas the Fists are knights in full crusade mode. For aesthetic, think more sword and shield, permanent armour middle-of-a-crusade look rather than the DAngels great-weapons looking like they're going lithuanian purging while wreathed in robes and secrets.

>> No.52961986

>implying that's a bad thing
Tis better to die with honour than live ten thousand years as a snivelling rat scuttling behind the bootheel of greater men.

>> No.52961999

They're a true multi-cultural (insert /pol/ rhetoric) legion. Blacks, asians, south americans, etc.. as they all draw from Terra's various cultures.

I mean technically this could be true with any chapter from any multi-racial/cultural planet (aka most) but GW is lazy

>> No.52962012

You know, that's actually kind of a neat little fact.
Separates them from all the rest of the Britmarines

>> No.52962014

Because FW is autistic and tries to make a militarily unrealistic setting militarily realistic

>> No.52962050

Division is anathema. Wherever they are from, Inwit or Terran, they all must act like Dornians. Smiling is forbidden, only handshakes now.

>> No.52962107

First step to being a true Dornian. If you see a iron warriors landmine, step on it.

>> No.52962142

Someone was asking for an army shot. Unfortunately my phone camera kind of sucks and this was the best I could do.

>> No.52962185

Imagine if the IWs had stayed loyal and the IF went rogue.

Horus would have turned up to find Terra turned into a massive, confusing and impossibly intricate deathtrap rather than turning up to find nothing much had changed except the Imperial Palace had had a few gun emplacements and crenulations added to it.

>> No.52962186

I fucking love your washing machines

>> No.52962214

Very nice.

>> No.52962347

They're not Autocannon though, they're Lightning guns. Similar stats though.

>> No.52962407

Infantry heavy armies are the best. Glad I switched from armored breakthrough to dudespam.

>> No.52962428

Are we gonna see a migration of butthurt 40k players when 8th drops, seeing as HH is gonna continue using 7th rules?

>> No.52962449

I kinda hope that 8th ends up being garbage
That way I'll have people to still play HH against, and not have to shelve the army for that once a year game where someone local actually has another HH army.

>> No.52962545

they're very "meta" I think, or maybe stereotypical is the better word - if someone asks me what the stereotypical horus heresy army looks like its all vets in pods, spartan deathstars and leviathans in pods snoozefest.

>> No.52962654

washing machines?

>> No.52962669

its designed as an assault tank I think, you basically drive it along with the rest of your triaros use the mortar to soften meatbags and the lightning guns to fry light armor while your normal triaros deals with heavier infantry. its basically a space STuH. or you can just sit it back, give it interceptor through an occularis and use the lightning guns as anti deep strike defense while the mortar uses the barrage part to stay out of long range AT shooting its actually pretty versatile.

>> No.52962682

he means the box dreads.

>> No.52962774

Just gotta do the bases and they'll be good to go. 10 guardian spears are awful to paint.

Sorry about the bad photo, my lighting isn't too kind.

>> No.52962901

You mean a Sturmgeschutz? That'd be more like the Vindicator with Laser Destroyer, I think.
>Autoaim artillery
Magos u are giving me the spooks. Though why would you buff a Karacnos instead of to a Thanatar or Reductor Artillery?

>> No.52962915

A term for box dreads, those missilenaughts of his are bootiful

>> No.52963085

very, very nice

>> No.52963114

Place yer bets folks, how long until somebody sticks a battlecannon onto pic related and claims it's a krios?

>> No.52963121

I imagine it's a little small for a Krios?
It's a small traction engine, not an open frame battle-tank.

>> No.52963124

what is it

>> No.52963137

>the magic of agrax earthshade

>> No.52963145

new set up for pre-order today.

>> No.52963290

Well, that's solved the problem on where to get control panels and capacitors for the Whalebird, at least. Shame they didn't make them bigger and proper transports, though. Would have been awesome.

>> No.52963350

>obligatory ">he doesn't stop" post

>> No.52963381

Since the Custodian Squad is done it's time to work on the faster units in the army....also the third Caladius

>> No.52963534

Is Arch- upgrade a mandatory for 2+ armor and shit, for a Magos?

>> No.52963620

The Landraider is actually called
"fat car"

Good show old bean.

>> No.52963648

35 points nets you +1T and 2+/4++, which is a tad better than Terminator Armour. If the Magos is just there as ally fodder it's your choice, but as a Warlord for a whole army then yeah, pretty much mandatory. Also Machinator Array. It's amazing, take one. 25 pts is not much for another+1T, Night Vision, 3+ Battlesmith, two Shred Armourbane Power Axe attacks, a flamer, an Inferno pistol and Fusillade Attack for them.

>> No.52963658

>can't believe it, why would it be named fat car?
>open image
>phat karr
>goddammit anon

>> No.52963675

Its gay colour cheese
Because they are eldar

>> No.52963731


>> No.52963859

Beautiful, workhorse anon, well fucking done.

>> No.52963872

Whats so awful about guardian spears painting wise?

>> No.52963875

Too bad I'm kind of stuck with Jet Pack...

Bloody limitations.

>> No.52963894


I should just go all out with my ambitions for the gold spray on everything I have. I keep thinking in the back of my head its a bad idea, but goooooooooooooooooold.

>> No.52963914

Do you mean all your models, or literally spraying everything you own gold? Because I hope it's the latter.

>> No.52963919


That would require me to paint strip everything I own first, and I don't have that kind of time anymore.

>> No.52964082

Mal tried to plug him into the Palace's anti-psyker defences for reasons.
Khan found out and got pissed, him and Mal have a big argument.
Meanwhile Arvida goes for a swim in the great ocean, pursued by the shark that was his old tutelary, Ianius. Eventually he finds an aspect of Magnus hiding out in a cave beneath the palace and they all have a psychic threesome.
The person that wakes up is no longer fully really Arvida and in fact is another actual pre-existing person in the fluff.

>> No.52964294

That looks cool af, I'm a sucker for shit like that

>> No.52964396

...I might buy one for giggles.

Looks like a fun kit

>> No.52964420

I want to hate this but I cannot

>> No.52964425

Noob question. Why is Maloghurst considered good? Is Vets as Troops that much a big deal?

>> No.52964437

Master of the Legion and Veteran troops. He's amazing,

>> No.52964452

Vets as troops are pretty great since they lower their price and allowed you to take the two best USR for them at the same time

>> No.52964453

not the stuG the StuH, it exchanged the high velocity 75 for a low velocity mortar useful against softer targets, it reinvented the stug from an assault gun turned into a tank destroyer back into a infantry support tank. and you would give it interceptor because it has a pair of short range independent targeting weapons that if the tank is used as a normal mortar can't shoot anything, might as well use it to discourage meltashits.

>> No.52965315

Long shot but; does anyone know which book pic related is from?

>> No.52965405

Book 6 - Retribution, page 47

>> No.52965408

Book 6, Retribution.

>> No.52965415

the word bearer assassin?

>> No.52965773


I can't imagine how incompetent a word bearer assassin would be.

>> No.52966163

The WB vigilator in the vulkan books was pretty badass and Got Shit Done, but he ended up working against the legion. So apparently, the only loyalist WB in the galaxy is also the only competent one.

>> No.52966256

Cheers lads.

>> No.52966434

One might consider that quite ironic, unless it's on purpose.
GW does always portrays Chaos as being incompetent to some extent, don't they?

>> No.52966460

The black has to be thinned before being applied to delicate curves and sections so you don't get it on the gently raised gold detailing. It's basically 2-3 passes each and takes 15-20 minutes per spear.

>> No.52966497

Nah, it's Janus, the first Grey Knight.
The WB assassin, Narek is a whole other thing that's still dangling.
He went rogue from the WB and tried to steal the magic dagger that can (supposedly) kill primarchs, so he could kill Lorgar. He got captured by the Ultramarines and locked up.

Then, persons unknown freed him and kitted him out with the equipment, identity and cover of a Knight Errant. He then attached himself to the Salamanders taking Vulkan's body (with the magic dagger stuck in it excalibur style) home. When they arrived at Nocturne he fucked off and is currently missing, with no real explanation for anything to do with him.

>> No.52966504

Being chaotic neccesarily requires making at least the occassional illogical choice.

Plus there's the whole 'seen things that Man isn't supposed to see' side of things with Chaos worship too so a degree of insanity is part of the parcel too.

>> No.52966515

>BL opens up a plot device that makes no sense, then leaves it hanging

How unusual!

>> No.52966635

Hey don't judge me, sometimes the fun is in the little things
Anyways how is the wip mantle of the elder drake looking ?

>> No.52966670

I keep reading about the battle of phall in various wikis and articles and it seems a pretty important event, what with some Imperial Fists managing to attack Perturabo, but which book is it mainly detailed in? Fulgrim or Flight of the Eisenstein?

>> No.52966742

The Crimson Fist.

>> No.52966911


>> No.52966916

so bored of HH and only just realised. was looking forward to Inferno for ages and never thought about why. anyone excited for the long wait till crazy angel book? what do in the mean time?

>> No.52967094


>> No.52967669


So he was a loyalist? Am I reading that correctly?

How many loyalists from traitor legions were really around? How many were murdered at Istvaan and how many made it to the Siege of Terra?

I'd like to imagine some loyalists from traitor legions had proper roles within the Imperium.

>> No.52967717

I look forward to them tying the plotline up in the middle of a completely unrelated book.

>> No.52967800

Sons of Horus had people stationed on Terra, if you're going by the fluff from Vengeful Spirit.

>> No.52967826

Got bent over a barrel by the Sons of Horus today, again. How do I make Terror Assault work? If I Infiltrate, I get shot to shit on the way in; if I go in Dreadclaws, they get destroyed and charged; if I Outflank, they turn up haphazardly or worse, get the wrong side of the board and have to walk 40" to reach anything.

Having real problems with this Sons of Horus list; 2500pts, pretty much what you'd expect from double Calth plus some Rhinos; the problem units that screw me up are a 10-man Heavy Support Squad with Calivers, Artificer Sergeant, Artificer Apothecary and Artificer Master of Signals (fuck Long March, fuck Relentless artillery bombardments), and a 20-man Tactical Squad with Bolter/BP/CCW with Apothecary, Chaplain and Praetor all in 2+ armour. I can crack the unit if I catch it on its' own, but the army deploys as a giant dogpile of units covering each other with Veterans outflanking.

>> No.52967828

Trying for a Myrm cult/Reductor force, all input welcome on fluff and crunch.
Especially on what weapons + rules to give Archmagos, should i take a prime? a reductor? should he be shooty and go with myrms in Macrocarid? should he be choppy? Would he better with Secutors?
Any other options instead of Ursarax? I was thinking of using them for tank hunting

ArchMagos Prime
Chainfist + Paragon Blade + Rad Furnace
Machinator Array
Abeyant, Aug scanner, Cyb-Familiar, Djinn, Infravisor, Meltabombs, Rad grenades.

3 x Thallax
3 x Thallax
3 x Thallax
3 x Thallax

3 Ursarax (3 x PowerFist)
3 Ursarax (3 x PowerFist)

Macrocarid Explorator - Ceramite, Aux drive, Dozer blade, Flare shield, Grav imploder, 2 x irradiation engines

Macrocarid Explorator - Ceramite, Aux drive, Dozer blade, Flare shield, Grav imploder, 2 x irradiation engines

Myrm Destructor - Grav imploders
Myrm Destructor - Irad engines

>> No.52967845

We need a new raw toast.

>> No.52967957

A fresh pre-filled sandwich?

>> No.52967987

Take an Archmagos Reductor, since ignoring terrain lets you cut those dozer blades, he has a better statline (S10 Chainfist, yo) and your Thallax and Ursarax won't take casualties from dangerous terrain. This is a Matrix of Ruin, right? Then you need a Reductor anyway. Drop the Paragon, it's fairly useless with I3 and a chainfist anyway, and you can lose the Augury, Meltabombs and Infravisor as you have a chainfist, Machinator gives Night Vison and then use all those spare points for Cyber-Occularis for full Interceptor and cover reduction.

Cut a Thallax squad and stick in 20 Adsecularis as a strong frontline, thus sparing enough points for the full 4 Occularis.

>> No.52968014

Dunno about NL, but he can't outflank you with units that he can't reliably bring onto the board in the first place.

>> No.52968045

Another thread, another /hhg/. People keep calling it "bread" but the proper term for that substance is "raw toast".

>> No.52968056

Personally, I prefer my toast raw.

>> No.52968080

>raw toast
I bet you play UM you degenerate scum

>> No.52968183

awesome advice all round, thanks.
Yes i forgot to say matrix of ruin to gain the extra heavy slots, is that a good standard approach?
any other advice to make it more fluffy?
how about the ursarax, i dont see them used or talked about, but deepstriking jetpack powerfists seems good antitank

>> No.52968238


I’ve tried a bunch of lists to try and beat this, the latest being two Contemptors and a Volkite Terror Squad in a Dreadclaw, 2 Outflanking/Infiltrating Volkite Terror Squads, Llansahai with 20 Tacticals and a Fire Raptor, but I just can’t stand up to his raw power in shooting or melee. What am I doing wrong?

>> No.52968269

Alpha Legion actually

>> No.52968438

It works, you don't really need any of the shit you're losing since you're comfy on every slot bar HS. Scoring Macrocarids are brutal. Maybe a Secutor squad, perhaps in a Triaros packing Plasma Fusils and then swap the irrads for grav, since you already have four irrads on your Macrocarids. Also maybe give one of your Macros the Explorator Array and then stick the Archmagos in the other one, since then you have 2+ rerollable reserves for your anything and can SCOUT GRAV. I've seen entire quad-mortar units be erased turn one from 12" scout, 12" move, PotMS Irrad. That's for when you expand your list from that points level, but I will say that Thallax are to be kept to the minimum compulsory choices, due to an extra 2 Myrmidons or a whole Vindicator with some toys are worth a hell of a lot more than an Ogryn squad with 1.5 autocannons and no melee.

Ursarax are amazing, I love them very much and they have a nasty habit of distracting big things like Leviathans or entire Medusa squadrons because they figure that they're IDd by S10, which is true but also means that you're blind-firing expensive units at a small squad of dudes ducking between cover, or slogging slow dreads after them. Wouldn't recommend deepstriking them, though. They don't really shoot and that's a T3 charge at best.

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