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"Where they at" Edition

Previously: >>52916094


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
Where does your group meet, if not the local LGS?
What card makes you groan whenever it's played, even if it's something you can work around?

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>Where does your group meet, if not the local LGS?
Different people's houses. We rotate
>What card makes you groan whenever it's played, even if it's something you can work around?
BFZ Ulamog. That fucking exile pops my good shit every single time

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Is this thing worth a damn in colorless turbo ramp, or is it just too much work to get online?

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Would you play in this EDH game night?

Event Stucture: Each event consists of 2 90-minute rounds with multiplayer pods of 3-5 players. You'll be playing using my point system to accumulate points over 2 rounds. Point leaders will be rewarded with rewards points. The total number of points rewarded will be equal to the number of players.

Open from 5:00PM - 12:00AM!

Here is a comprehensive list of commanders which CANNOT earn rewards points! Due to their inherently powerful/degenerate nature, we shall regard these as NOVICE level commanders.


>> No.52940933

As such, we need to designate EXPERT level commanders. So far I believe the top tier EXPERT level commanders should consist of any legendary creature with NO abilities; just pure vanilla. The following commanders will start the game with 1 point in the point system.


By extension, these commanders will also start the game with 1 point but they will be regarded as ADVANCED; not quite expert, heh.


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I would punch you in the dick for this awful bait

>> No.52940952

If you're running plenty of untap effects, maybe

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Gogo Hokori Stax

>> No.52941137

>Expert tier
>Advanced tier
>The only difference between the two is your autism and ego stroking

This is pretty good bait. The voltron generals in the banned list was a nice touch. This is all subtle enough that people may defend parts of your post for you, encouraging shitposting.

10/10 I might put in something about banning Sol ring but not mentioning mana crypt to increase replies, but this is pretty good stuff already

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Yeah, I don't like Legendary Lotus either.

>> No.52941297

Ah, good. Someone knows I'm not baiting. I saw the ad and I was just baffled as to why anyone would bother.

>> No.52941391

Johnny, the owner, sees it as a way to prevent t3 combo creep. But it's dumb. The regulars there are pretty spergy in general.

But you can buy packs with reward points, which is neat.

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Also my degenerate Daretti deck gets a starting bonus point, which is dumb.

>> No.52941413

>mono-red is advanced
As it should be. Slobad here I come

>> No.52941469

Yeah, advanced faggotry. It's terminal

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>Purph is "Novice" degenerate level
>yet Arcum, Yisan and walker Teferi are not

Holy shit what is this place and how do I join this league to fucking stomp these dorks

>> No.52941480

>The regulars there are pretty spergy in general.

Yeah, I only went a few times while they were in Orange. When they moved, I didn't bother. Of course, that only leaves SoCal magic in town and I can't stand that place.

I wanna support a local shop, but, yeesh.

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What are the house rules that your LGS or group employ? My LGS lets players get a free mulligan and scry 2 after they keep. I'm not exactly sure how I feel on the scry 2, but it's more than likely not game breaking.

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Check out Guild House in Bellflower. It's more general /tg/ but the do FNM and the owners are super nice. You can play any of their board games for free while in store. I highly recommend.

Power 9 in Signal Hill has a lot of the regulars from Rivals CCG (which was literally the BEST card shop/owner I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Shame Dave sold the shop) but also has the shitty Asians too.

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>there's an easily fetchable, free card that literally says your opponents can't equip swords

why have i never seen this in deck lists?

>> No.52941772

It is a highly meta dependent card.

I have played EDH at 3 different stores in one city for a year and never came across a swords voltron deck.

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Anyone got a Darien decklist I could take a look at? Been looking to build him, and hoping to make it more consistent, preferably without having to shell out for a Crypt and Vault.

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someone at my LGS was raving about how good this guy is as a commander for monoblue control because it offers consistent draws.

he's just wrong, right? 4 mana to draw a card seems inefficient and bad.

>> No.52942245

He isn't as bad as the other gods. He is an infinite mana outlet which is always good, he can pick up a worldslayer and use it, and he can be a good early game blocker depending on how things go.

The most important bit is winning the game with infinite mana, it's part of why thrasios is so damn good.

>> No.52942280

yeah, that's what i was thinking. he's worse than a deck headed by just thrasios with no partner.

>> No.52942348

He's not the worst god for commander but he's really not very good. Also needing a colored mana to win with infinite is not nearly as good as Thrasios only needing colorless. It's not that big a deal though I guess and this goes well with Paradox engine while also being harder to kill than something like Oona, Tasigur, or more accurately in mono blue, say, Arcanis or whatever.

I really don't like the gods at all. I know Theros's mono colored gods were not that interesting either but yeesh. The one I find most interesting mechanically is probably the worst for commander (Hazoret).

>> No.52942364

Kind of. In tier 1 competitive EDH he is strictly worse than thrasios. If it's somewhere in between he is better. He will shine more in metas that actually win through combat because he can block, and more casual mono color decks can run mana doublers like caged sun, making mono-colored more attractive than shelling out a bunch on lands, and also boosting the gods ability it a non infinite way.

Even if you don't look at it that way, thrasios is at the top of tier 1 next to tazri. If a general needs to be better than that to be playable most generals are in a lot of trouble.

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If you bounce or otherwise put your commander into your hand, it can be cast for it's face value cost correct?

>> No.52942436

Yes. Commander tax only applies when casting it from the command zone after the first time.

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>Arjun has Hive Mind and Eye of the Storm both out
>guy eats shit from Saskia Infect before he can cause too much bedlam
>grumbles about not being able to cast Puzzle Box, Possibility Storm and Knowledge Pool

I wanted to deck him, chaos players are the worst

>> No.52942630

are there any worldgorger memes for jhoira?

>> No.52942683

You haye bad chaos players, good chaos players dont try to cast essentially the same thing 5 times while masturbating. The good ones throw out a wincon and then masturbate.

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I have four commander decks.
What colours are they?

Three are red,
And green follows suit,
Black and blue,
Are each used by two.

Lastly, leastly,
We have white,
It has one,
Now, for the fun.

I have two guilds,
And one triple threat.
Then the other,
It's four colour.

Some mortal enemies,
Just never meet.
Black and White,
They would just fight.

Other enemies,
Don't meet alone,
Like blue and red,
Better than dead.

Green's friendly enough,
Meets most only once,
But red sees it twice,
Which is pretty nice.

Only one combination,
Is engulfed by another,
Like a vore-fetish mate,
Variation is great.

I made this at like 2am, unless i really fucked up there should only be one possible answer

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Top 10 Penises in Anuses

#1: Your Boyfriend's Penis in Your Anus

>> No.52943135

You were pretty tricky anon but
in that order.

>> No.52943150

Gruul, Rakdos, Grixis, Ink.

>> No.52943176

But then there are four red decks, not three.

pretty close though

>> No.52943202

Fuck, it's late and I'm mixing things up.
Ink, Grixis, Gruul, Golgari.

>> No.52943477

Can someone help me with a budget jeskai mana base?
Budget mana bases with green are easy but I do not know what to do without green.

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I'm gonna do it EDH. I'm gonna make 5 decks, one for each of the Fate Reforged Khans.

>> No.52943529

exactly half of them are great commanders

>> No.52943559

This is some puzzling shit.
Alesha, Tasigur, half Shu Yun?

>> No.52943564


>> No.52943614

Alesha, Tasigur are good.
Shu-yun is good in tiny leaders(Half Commander.)

Ez maths.

>> No.52943621


Mulligan till you have no less than 2, no more than 4 lands. People would cry about mana keeping them from winning so we decided on that.

Still gotta reveal hand to mulligan.

>> No.52943643

So, I built Yidris when he came out and he's a pretty powerful storm commander, but every time I dropped more than three or four spells in a row the whole rest of the table would just scoop. I tried building him straight-up value but he never connected in time for cascading a 6 or 7-drop to matter.

Yidris has been always either too strong for my playgroup or too slow to even hit anyone. Is there some build somewhere in the middle I'm not seeing?

>> No.52943659


Double strike blows tho. Can't even attack directly twice

>> No.52943672

How much is your budget? Khans Fetches are still kinda affordable, and with the bad fetches(the ones that come tapped) you can get a decent manabase for a decent price. Just get 3 Shocks, All fetches you can afford from the earlier mentioned, get some checklands, painlands and fill with basics according to your color needs. For artifacts, get the signets, Solring, UW talisman, the three diamonds and a chromatic lantern. That should be enough fixing.

>> No.52943678

basic lands and mana rocks, that's as budget as it gets

>> No.52943779

Around 30 dollars or so.


What mana rocks do you recommend besides signets?

>> No.52943840

fellwar stone, talisman of progress, commander's sphere, chromatic lantern, darksteel ingot
also give calciform pools a try, drop some big x spells later

>> No.52943889

Tasigur > Alesha >>> Shu Yun >> Yasova >>>>> Daghatar, in terms of power.

In terms of fun, however, personally it's Alesha >> Shu Yun > Yasova > Tasigur >>> Daghatar, for me.

I wish Shu Yun was a little less build-around- you either build him to one-shot someone out of nowhere or not at all, and if you do your deck has a hard time doing literally anything else, and Yasova seems exceedingly fun until you realize that she boils down to "You won't actually use that ability much unless you have Conjurer's Closet or other tricks."

Daghatar is for challenge mode. For the most part, you only ever run him if you want to play Abzan for the 99, and is even sadder because Ghave exists. He's for when you don't want to be as hated as Ghave or Karador, don't want something as warping as Doran, and... and even then Anafenza is almost a strict and direct upgrade and Teneb is good if all you want is the 99.

Daghatar's flavor text is lying. There is no victory for him.

>> No.52943934

god, you just reminded me

i haven't seen a ghave deck in forever. every abzan deck i've seen in the past like two years is a karador deck. does playing ghave a bunch get too samey or something?

>> No.52943978

Evolving wilds, terramorphic expanse, exotic orchard, command tower, commander's sphere, felwar stone, sol ring, darksteel ingot, and the appropriate signets, bouncelands, triland, and maybe a rupture spire. Beyond that, you could throw in a talisman or keyrune for your most used colors if you feel like you still need more ramp.

>> No.52944028

Thanks anon

>> No.52944123

Who /cockatrice/ here?
I get really tired of trying to find games with randos.

>> No.52944142

I still havnt made my mind up on which I should try. Cockatrice or Xmage.

>> No.52944332

mirage fetches and panoramas
ravnica bounce lands
prairie stream and/or irrigated farmland
mystic monastery
exotic orchard
grand coliseum
meteor crater

>> No.52944721

I'd avoid the panoramas tho, they feel slow.
Keep with the mirage fetches, pain lands are good as well, temples are nice but still over priced. Opal Palace, Shimmering Grotto or Unknown Shores, Holdout Settlement isn't bad either. Skycloud Expanse is pretty much a cheap filter land as well.

>> No.52944745

I'm hoping they come out with a new adzan commander pretty soon. Hopefully the tribal themed decks will feature an abzan elf deck.

>> No.52945112

god, i hope not. every other tribal deck i play against is elves.

>> No.52945128

Tasigur is very fun

>> No.52945153

What do you want then?

>> No.52945156

Ghave just makes it too easy to enter infinite mana loops especially if the rest of the board durdles goodstuff

"ashnods+triskelion+doubling season, everyone dies, rematch?"

>> No.52945172

i'd like to see more class-based tribal decks. clerics, knights, soldiers, etc.

the only one of those that's edh playable is wizards because azami is disgustingly powerful.

>> No.52945271

What deck should I build if I want to gain the most life possible without going infinite?

>> No.52945303

Trostani is probably the easiest.

>> No.52945316

God Daghatar is so lame when you see him next to the other 4

>> No.52945324

Look like Karlov's the guy you're looking for there

>> No.52945332

I could go for that. What's good stuff for a Karlov deck?

>> No.52945405

How many basics lands should I be rocking in a 3 color deck? It's grixis marchesa and right now I am just using one of each basic, and only put 2 taplands in (testing the new duals from amonkhet).

>> No.52945498

I want a semi-casual deck for when the newbies in our groups join up. Never built a tribal and i'm not sure how to balance well between dredge and zombies, that being said did i do good?

>> No.52945506

That depends pretty fucking heavily on how expensive the remaining 30+ lands are.

>> No.52945672

I already have all the lands in the deck. I am still missing Badlands and Underground Sea, but I'll get those as soon as I find some in person (gotta inspect to make sure they arent fake)

It's got 9 fetches, filters, painlands, shocks and some utility lands. They are pretty expensive I guess.

>> No.52945733

One each is probably fine outside of a Wasteland meta.

>> No.52945754

you know, it's funny, as soon as someone uses ghost quarter, strip mine, wasteland, or tectonic edge in my playgroup, the rest of the group instantly teams up on that guy, even if he was doing something reasonable like blowing up a gaea's cradle. i don't really understand why.

>> No.52945781

Sounds like they've got a case of the downs.

>> No.52945819

"land destruction is the worst!"

rules of edh night at my lgs are pretty fucked.

gain 1 point for killing a player
gain 2 points if killing a player for exact damage
gain 1 point for saving another player from death
gain 2 points every time you wrath 5 or more creatures
gain 2 points for exiling the graveyard of a reanimator deck
lose 2 points for every land you destroy
lose 2 points for every extra turn you take
lose all points for winning through infinite combo
lose all points for winning through poison counters

>> No.52945862

>no fun allowed: the group

>> No.52945864

>lose 2 points for every land you destroy
I feel like this one is a bit mean. There's a big difference between mass land destruction and sacrificing your wasteland to destroy some player's Gaea's Cradle, Cabal Coffers or similar land. I feel like the latter shouldn't lose you points.

>> No.52945875

>implying Infect is fun for anyone
>implying land destruction is fun for anyone
>implying someone comboing off while you can't do anything is fun for the other players
>implying taking multiple turns in a row while no one else can do anything is fun
People like you are why Commander is going downhill. Shitty fucking tryhards

>> No.52945885

a new guy showed up and brought a mill deck. it was janky and fun, not really the most powerful, but he managed to actually win. he got no points. he technically didn't "kill" anyone.

>> No.52945916

eh, the issue is that without the threat of combo, stax, and extra turn decks, no one bothers running any control and games just turn into 4-way monogreen.dec fuckfests.

>> No.52945920

>rules implemented obviously trying to promote """fun"""
>incentivize fucking over someone for having the audacity to want to play a graveyard deck
Stupid rules are awful, but that kind of bullshittery is absolute cancer.

>> No.52945922

A lot of players confuse EDH with Durdle the Gathering. You can durdle and play beaters at the kitchen table with your friends. The spirit of the format is a myth.

>> No.52945969

yeah that one pisses me off. i had a low-powered mimeoplasm deck that just couldn't function because my yard was being exiled constantly. i showed up a week later with a deck made entirely of fogs and wraths to take advantage of the "save another player" points.

>> No.52945970

This is pretty different but in my PDH group, the meta was out of control with graveyard shenanigans that basically every deck now runs Tormod's and Relic

>> No.52946004

>i don't run answers because i'm shit at this game: the post

>> No.52946047

4 color clerics

>> No.52946138

>have one deck that is super tuned
>never want to play it because people act like the world is ending playing against it
What is your bugaboo deck that causes your playgroup to conspire against you?

>> No.52946140

Leovold was banned already anyway, so I wouldn't be surprised

>> No.52946157

Time to break out good ol' Kiki-Jiki

>> No.52946170

shirei for some reason. grave pact aristocrats too strong for the group with no good answers.

>> No.52946197

Dude for real this same shit happens to me with the same deck. After I boardwipe every turn while summoning demons with Gravepact and Shadowborn Apostles everyone decides I'm public enemy number 1 all the time.

>> No.52946202

I hold the personal opinion that every deck should run one of the yard exile rocks and every black deck should run Bojuka Bog. Exceptions obviously exist but more often than not, this will not lead you wrong.

>> No.52946221

One group seems to be afraid of most of my decks.
They're understandably afraid of my Memnarch and Skittles decks, but they're also afraid of my Brion Stoutarm.
Funnily enough, they're not afraid of my Ghave combo or Hanna stax decks, but I think that they've lost their hope with those two, though.
I win almost every game with my Ayli, but they don't seem to bat an eye to that, and most of all, I'm left alone most of the games, since I'm playing cleric tribal

>> No.52946227

i'm not even running the shadowborn apostle list. i've got shit in my deck like basal thrull and bottle gnomes.

>> No.52946270

On the flipside, players who get butt blasted over having their very scary boardstate hated on are the fuckin' worst.

>> No.52946314

>guy taps out for mirari's wake and mana reflection in a single turn
>giggling looking at his overfull hand
>throws a tantrum when i kill him before he gets to untap
>"why do you even play EDH if you don't want anyone to have any fun?"

>> No.52946374

This is why I play flash enablers, cant fear my boardstate if its not on the board.

>> No.52946412

I've met plenty of people like this. They usually run pubstomp that folds to removal

>> No.52946466

The most annoying thing is when you draw all the hate when you don't have any relevant boardstate, but there's one guy whose boardstate screams them winning on next turn and someone rather wastes their removal on your permanents or attacks you

>> No.52946496

This shit bugs the fuck outta me. Someone used rec sage on my signet while another guy had zendikar resurgent out. Wasn't exactly a big surprise when that guy won.

>> No.52946515

>lose 2 points for every extra turn you take
>lose all points for winning through infinite combo

how about both?

>> No.52946516

GUYS! Should I go to my LGS EDH night tonight to play with randos? I haven't had great experience playing with randoms so I am a little nervous.

>> No.52946542

I remember a game where a guy let me ult Savant Daretti by punching someone else in the face with his fleet of angels. I then proceeded to Slave-lock the board.

>> No.52946545

I guess you shouldn't show up then and continue to never know. It's for the best really.

But seriously what have you got to lose.

>> No.52946554

Yes. You've got nothing to lose. If they're huge spergs tough out a game or make an excuse and run for it, but they might be chill.

>> No.52946573

If you have multiple decks, I'd test the waters with a medium powerlevel one. Leading off too strong might invoke some sperging

>> No.52946578

Well technically I have something to lose. I waste an hour round trip and maybe 30 mins playing a game when I could be playing Fallout New Vegas. Just saying.

I also play a 99% competitive Edric deck and a 98% Food Chain Prossh deck. So they will probably be butt blasted if they lose.

>> No.52946581

Poor threat assessment infuriates me. I've told this before here, but here goes
>opponent casts Tempt with Discovery well into the game in a 7 player pod
>everyone takes the fucking bait, searching for irrelevant lands, some searching for basics. They took the bait anyway after I told them what it means for the game.
>I tried to cast Armageddon on my next turn, but the blue player who was sitting on artifact mana mostly anyway counters it, let alone with a fucking FoW
>the guy who searched for 7 lands goes infinite on his next turn and everyone except me was surprised that he won

>> No.52946591

in addition to (>>52946578) I also have mono black good stuff, which is actually kinda good, and a jank Keranos control deck.

>> No.52946647

I want a stupid janky deck with no removal or sweepers, can it work? I acutally have some removal built in into the demons i will be tutoring and also grave pact effects so maybe it can work.

>> No.52946686

Maybe some lifegain to deter early beatings? Like Blood Artist/Zulaport Cutthroat. Also Lightning Coils works wonders with Apostles.

>> No.52946692

I'm definitely trying it out. Having mana to do nothing with because you can only make 5 and your dreamstone hedron costs 6 happens quite often in my experience. An extra lotus seems great to me.

>> No.52946769

Didn't want to include artist and cutthroat since they feel like win more but you make a good point, with 30 lands i can't easily get a demon on the field before turn 5-6 so i better have some way to gain the life i will lose in those turns. Lightning coils are bonkers good, i didn't notice they give a token for each counter. I laso ended up putting in pawn of ulamog for extra ramp/chump blockers

>> No.52946824

>gain 1 point for saving another player from death
HOLY FUCK that's infuriating, games already go on for long enough when you discourage infinites, now you want people slowing down the game even more?

Build Gitrog, add every tutor that exists, fetch Constant Mists and enjoy the points

>> No.52946830

You'll want an Archfiend of Depravity for sure. Possibly an Abyssal Persecutor for early beats because some of the early demons are stupidly costed. Indulgent Tormentor seems pretty alright although trades like a bitch. Stronghold Overseer is a spicy card that can stop infinite 1/1s from killing you for only BB.

However, lifegain is a thing that's lacking and this deck looks a bit vulnerable to slow starts which could lead to being unable to stabilize.

>> No.52946853

Adding answers to threats is legit, pseudo-banning threats by using a points system is not.

Especially Relic of Progenitus and Nihil Spellbomb that cycle for 2 if no one plays reanimation.

>> No.52946904

Do you think that Slice in Twain is too redundant if I run Krosan Grip and Naturalize?

>> No.52946962

go with xmage

>> No.52946968

You shouldn't run that card because it's shit.
Ancient Grudge or Sundering Growth if you can roll the colors, Nature's Claim or Sundering Vitae's cheapness over the cantrip effect are arguably better.

>> No.52946984

The main turn off for me was the cost anyway, that's why I was figuring I should cut it (along with redundancy).

>> No.52947187

>>Thread question
>Where does your group meet, if not the local LGS?
My house on the kitchen table. We do sunday brunch and commander.

>What card makes you groan whenever it's played, even if it's something you can work around?
Fuck pic related.
My LGS has an 'infinite combos discouraged' "policy" so people just play artifact mana/dorks with paradox engine. The biggest offender is all of the commanders that tap to draw a card(s) in some way.
Joe Schmoe had 6 cards to start his turn with and Thrasios is just going to push all the lands to the bottom so he draws a spell every time. You can sit here and let Joe Schmoe combo off for 10+ mins while he looks for some win condition. I'm going to go find a different game.

inf combo discouraged policy is just the LGS owner telling people they can't be mad if people don't want to play with them, or gang up on them if they're doing stuff like tutoring for infinite combos and just trying to combo off, same goes for MLD, blood moon and stax/lockdown type cards. In general, games are fine and fun.

>> No.52947251

>What card makes you groan whenever it's played, even if it's something you can work around?
Because usually a few people are playing white and at least one of the sons of bitches drops this turn 2 or 3

>> No.52947320

Even when I'm playing a deck with 0 hasty dudes and don't care too much about blocking, it's still just obnoxious.

>> No.52947331

I love Blind Obedience. It's such a great card for making people slow the fuck down.

>> No.52947365

It's a great card but holy fuck do I hate seeing it on the other side of the table. It's usually not worth spending removal on so it just sits there like a turd all game.

>> No.52947412

Those are good, but don't forget Beast Within and Chaos Warp to hit anything, Sylvan Reclamation and Return to Dust to get rid of gods and darksteel, and Reclamation Sage to abuse bounce/flicker/recur/tutor.

>> No.52947416

Hello friends

>> No.52947423

We all know Shu Yun's true calling is a degenerate eggs johnny build

>> No.52947446

>inf combo discouraged policy is just the LGS owner telling people they can't be mad if people don't want to play with them
That's the way it should be handled. Bans and points systems only change the meta so that the next worst thing becomes the worst thing. The solution is social.

>> No.52947479

i would appreciate some feedback on this deck. my play group keep targeting me first every game and its getting really fucking annoying so i want to make a deck where no one can do anything and since leovold is not allowed anymore im going with gwafa


>> No.52947510

In general, people are nice and there are few power level issues.
The vibe our LGS owner has instilled is you can't be mad if someone destroys your turn one sol ring, you were ahead and they spent a card to get rid of your resource that put you ahead. Same is true of gaea's cradle/coffers and the like. Most people are not tempted by discovery or just get strip mine or bojuka bog if they need to.

There's also little MLD because most people won't play with people who just want to Avacyn into Obliterate.

>> No.52947516

>Where does your group meet, if not the local LGS?
we alternate between my place and another guys place in the play group as a compromise for travel distance. sometimes we go to an LGS but its rare and usually to draft

>What card makes you groan whenever it's played, even if it's something you can work around?
glacial chasm

>> No.52947548

You are running azorious control, so you will be targeted every game.

You can run one of leovold's inspirations, spirit of the labyrinth, to fuck with them if you use Gwafa Hazid's ability on their turn

>> No.52947564

LGS EDH is usually bad in my experience unless i already know the people im playing with. then again my LGS is filled with try hard sperglord who all think they are pro players

>> No.52947570

>Where does your group meet, if not the local LGS?
Usually we meet at 1 of 3 houses

>What card makes you groan whenever it's played, even if it's something you can work around?
Too many to count, so many cards piss me off but oddly none of them is MLD.

Unrelated question, is it a bad idea to split a box of mm17 with a friend for $90?

>> No.52947607

>Unrelated question, is it a bad idea to split a box of mm17 with a friend for $90?
depends on how you and your friend deal with splitting up the cards. if you pull a lili and your friend pulls dog shit will he be mad same with the other way around?

>> No.52947643

The plan is we will open all the packs together, then we will look at the price of the cards we pulled and divide them between us so that we both pulled the same value or roughly a few cents off, we already agreed to sell any real money cards, foil goyf in particular.

>> No.52947715

as long as your selling anything worth some major dosh and splitting it you should be alright

>> No.52947763

Sounds risky, better murder him if you crack anything good.

>> No.52948108

If I had a friend who never really played much magic before and wanted to get into the game again but only really wanted to play casually, should I get him into EDH or just play another format with him?

>> No.52948130

EDH or pauper are best for casual play.

>> No.52948180

EDH is honestly the best casual format assuming the play group isnt cancerous as fuck. every other format is pretty shit right now or way too expensive to get into

>> No.52948199


Everyone in the group is also new to EDH and no one is playing anything cancerous yet. I just didn't know how wise it would be to get a brand new player of the game to first get into EDH.

>> No.52948231

How do you get a player in the group to build a more casual deck?
Our regular playgroup is
-me playing 5c/4c mediocore stuff
-one that only plays tribal
-that one guy who never spends more than 30 cents on a card
-LolWhatsInMyBinderThisWeek.dec guy

the last guy learned how to play magic like 6 months ago and already has 2 decks worth like 3k each both are fast and extremely repetitive
My original reaction to that was to make a really oppressive deck, I did and now the other people we used to play with don't really ask to play edh anymore. We havent played in weeks.
Apparently the fact that the new guy won 50-75% of the games isn't what broke them it was the fact that now it was me winning 75% of the games and the new guy winning the other 25%
So how do we go back to playing a game that everyone has at least a snowballs chance in hell of winning?

>> No.52948264

>Where does your group meet?
At the FLGS! Unfortunately, this requires that our local That Guy be able to approach us, and everyone else is too nice to turn him down.

>What card makes you gr-
You already posted it. Don't play that fucking card. AAAAUGH.

>> No.52948275

There's some good homebrewed duel decks floating out there whose sole purpose is to show new players the rope without overwhelming them. Ease him in with those and then move on to EDH is what I'd recommend

>> No.52948288

If you get him into EDH as his first format, you won't have to deal with the mentality that comes with other formats. You judge cards differently in EDH and giving him the fight perspective to start (assuming you plan on playing EDH with him most of the time over any other format) goes a long way to forming good habits.

>> No.52948301

*right perspective
Fucking fingers

>> No.52948327

Talk to the guy. Ask if he can't tone down the powerlevel of his deck or build another, more casual one. This isn't supposed to be difficult.

>> No.52948356

packed a foil Daretti
what do

>> No.52948357

the problem is that he really loves his decks and "spent a lot of time and money on them" and now that im the boogieman he claims its not his fault

>> No.52948390

>spent a lot of time and money on them
That's the kicker. He did it when no one else was. You should transition back to a lower power deck and when he starts noticing that he's the asshole again, maybe he'll be more inclined to listen. Don't forget that you don't have to play with this guy if he won't comply to the group's powerlevel. Let him see what all of that time and money means when he's out of a group.

>> No.52948426

It is partially your fault for making the problem even worse. If you would've confronted him sooner, it wouldn't have gotten to this point. Instead you decided to be a little bitch and just push back without thinking about the long term good of the group.

>> No.52948444

>points system

confirmed worst.

We had an EDH league at my FLGS. First season, one guy built a thrasios infinite combo deck to abuse the points system specifically to prove that it was flawed. He'd mindslaver lock everyone, and use tasigur(since tasigur was only banned as a commander) to keep recurring the mindslaver.

Worst thing was, we 'had' to watch him combo off, since there was a rule against scooping to prevent people from getting points. I mean, there was nothing stopping us from getting up and walking out of the store with our things besides potentially getting banned from the LGS for a bit.

>> No.52948480

>getting a temp ban for walking out of a game
Your store is shit. No two ways about it.

>> No.52948512

I said potentially because I don't know the actual consequences? I didn't bother asking. I just sat there with my head in my hands and kept asking, "Is it over, yet? I want to play commander."

>> No.52948540

I'd argue that Yasova is more fun than Shu Yun, because the only thing more fun than beating someone's face in is stealing their stuff and beating their face in with it.

>> No.52948577

>Implying any of these are bad

I hope this is bait. Because if you really think Rafiq is too much, but Skithiryx isn't then you should probably start playing Yu-Gi-Oh.

>> No.52948634

I've yet got to see a points system which wasn't completely idiotic.
Each the point systems seem like they have absolutely no thought behind it, and they were made in less than an hour drunk or high.
Worst of all, they always seem to have weird stuff on store's own banlist, likely because a complete autist yell them to ban a card he lost to and they do, because they don't care about EDH tournaments and to shut the guy up.

>> No.52948664

>gain 2 points every time you wrath 5 or more creatures
theres gotta be a way to do this 2x per turn and just not care who wins or loses because you are getting 4 points a turn

>> No.52948691

>>implying Infect is fun for anyone
>unironically using the combat step

>> No.52948720

Only way I can think of is recurring Martial Coup over and over again, which if you can do infinite amount in a turn, you're getting infinite points, since you don't win by doing that, unless you have something like warstorm surge on the field.

>> No.52948729

you are missing the worst part
what exactly makes you a graveyard deck?
does having a certain amount of reanimator cards make you a graveyard deck
what about cards with delirium
what about cards with delve
what about cards with threshold
what about mill decks that get value off of the yard
these aren't "reanimator decks" but then again its a very loose term so who knows.

>> No.52948806

ewit + capsize with buyback
martial coup for 5
destroy all creatures
make 5 tokens
every 16 mana you can produce gets you two points and now the game isnt about winning its about scoring

>> No.52948824

>I should just be able to play what I want,when I want with no interference

No Anon, people like YOU are why it's going downhill. Because rather than adapt your strategy, figure out how to beat cards/decks, or just running some damn answers, you just sit on your ass and whine. Magic is being dumbed down and flanderized to cater to people like you.

I'd bet my bottom dollar you're the type to play white or green and complain about *insert artifact here* screwing you over.

>> No.52948837

no wait Crystal Shard, Conjurer's Closet, Erratic Portal, mimic vat or Soul Foundry instead of capsize could cut down the cost significantly

>> No.52948905

The Theros Temple cycle is an amazing set of cheap taplands.

>> No.52948944

>or just get strip mine or bojuka bog if they need to
This is my favourite thing. The first time that card was played in my group, we all searched for lands while the player that played it was smirking while throwing his nykthos, his coffers, his phyrexian tower and urborg on the field. His smile faded when he realized that we'd all searched for strip mines and blew up the urborg, coffers and the nykthos.

>> No.52948977

Paradox Engine + Strionic Resonator + 6 mana worth of mana rocks (at least one of which taps for white) + and Eternal Witness on a Mimic Vat + Martial Coup + an initial 9 mana investment = infinite Martial Coups for 5 in a turn.

>> No.52949001

Closet is only in end step and others sre only usable once in every turn

>> No.52949029

You forget that you also have to pay for Vat too.

>> No.52949074

still worth as much as a win
>lose all points for winning through infinite combo
im sure they would find a way to make you lose all your points, so on top of all of that you have to also kill yourself at some point because if you lose you absolutely cant win and therefore cant win using an infinite

>> No.52949115

oh so just like competitive meta, every single deck is a labman deck
what the hell were they thinking?

>> No.52949162

But you won't win through those means, therefore you won't win through infinite.
Sure, you can generate infinite tokens, but we're talking about gaining as much points as possible, so you just generate a small amount of tokens to beat face with.
Also, technically you can't win through infinite, if you use combat to win.

>> No.52949173

>gain 1 point for saving another player from death

>> No.52949189

im sure kiki-conscripts counts as winning through infinite

>> No.52949315

When/Why the fuck did they ban leovold? I picked one up with my birthday money a few weeks ago and have been too busy to actually build it.

Should I talk to my group about still running it?
Shit birthday gift to myself desu. ;_;

>> No.52949363

>Too much
Infect is banned and so are you.

>> No.52949390

It's because it's able to no effort shut everyone down. Leovold and a wheel? Congrats, everyone's stuck top decking. There are other cards to deny people any play but not many that do it so easily or consistently.

Yes you can try to get your group to allow it, but are you going to actually make a Leovold deck that isn't cancer?

>> No.52949393

Also what sultai should i build instead now? I played the combination at the pre-release and it was so sexy.

>> No.52949455

This is what I came up with.

Enough mana rocks to tap for 2 generic + isochron scepter eith raise the alarm + paradox engine + darksteel forge + nevinyrral's disk.

Infinite tokens due to isochrin scepter casting the copy, then just disk the tokens away and use the scepter again to untap the disk.

Infinite points.

>> No.52949464

Updated a few things mostly the landbase and some fetches I acquired. Please give feedback


>> No.52949482


>> No.52949493

I should sleep more.

>> No.52949516

Tasigur for degenerate goodstuff (which is why you shouldn't build it)
Mimeoplasm for degenerate combo
Sidisi for fun reanimator shenanigans
Damia for reactive goodness

>> No.52949573

Does gitrog fit any of those decks? I have one knocking around and need to do something with it.

>> No.52949620

I'm not speaking to infect's power level or viability. I just don't understand the logic of Rafiq being overpowered but not Skittles. I've built both and I can tell you right now it's far easier to kill someone with Skittles. And a lot more players piss and moan about infect over double strike.

>> No.52949627

Fucking johnnies get out of my general reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.52949634

Gitrog is more fun and degenerate on his own

>> No.52949642

Oh yeah that's definitely true, I misunderstood.

>> No.52949648

Well, gitrog triggers from Tasigur's ability, so i'd say it fits in well. That said, Tasigur is usually combo and not goodstuff like the other anon said

>> No.52949851

What does goodstuff really mean? I get that it's probably the all-star mvp cards in a color identity but how do they win? Is creature-beats the normal goodstuff way? Attrition? Is the path to victory purely based on what is "goodstuff" in your colors?

Can y'all help me decide who to use since leovold is out? I want to ramp, draw, have answers to every problem, and play awesome cards (both creature/non-creature) that are splashy and change the tide

>> No.52949858

Is there an instant/sorcery version of Jarad's or Xathrid Demon's ability? Basically fling against all opponents?

>> No.52949872

>Fucking johnnies get out of Johnny the format
What did he mean by this?

>> No.52949881

To me goodstuff was always using the best and/or most optimized cards of those colors

>> No.52949919

Wait, Leo's getting the axe? Shit, better sling the spare one I have lying around while he's still fiddy

>> No.52949979

He's played in legecy i've heard, any card in competitive formats always costs a lot of $$$. I don't you will have to worry if he's going to lose value

>> No.52949988

Too late.

>> No.52950114

>Unbanning Protean Hulk because it's "In the exact same category as Kokusho"
>PH and Kokusho are the same

What did they mean by this? I know Protean Hulk has plenty of counterplay. But last time I checked, Kokusho didn't break the game after it's trigger resolves once.

>> No.52950120

His price is actually going nowhere but up. He's one of the best cards in legacy by FAR. Maybe sell before they ban DRS but thats it. Plus no one ever opens CNS packs so this fucker is basically on RL

>> No.52950190


>> No.52950209


>> No.52950242

I have 5 noncreature spells over 4 CMC in my Samut Legendary Tribal.

Is it alright to fit Gaddock Teeg into the last slot?

>> No.52950258


>> No.52950339

This format is literally "Timmy: the format" though.

>> No.52950369

Goodstuff means cards that are good by themselves while not necessarily having any synergies with the commander, like Consecrated Sphinx and Glen-Elendra Archmage among others.
Strong cards that also can maybe win the game by themselves.

>> No.52950406

>Looks at ban list
Yeah keep telling yourself that

>> No.52950452

Only among and according to literal mouthbreathing retards and new players though.
Anyone sensible who has played EDH for longer than two months, has made their deck themselves alone and isn't in inbred meta, will be closer to Johnny than Timmy.
Big dumb creatures isn't a viable strategy where people can actually play.

>> No.52950454

theres literally not a single aspect of edh that lends itself to Timmy decks over johnny decks.

>> No.52950459

>banlists consist of combo enablers, undercosted shit and "unfun" cards
Keep telling yourself that.

>> No.52950473

>what is spike?
timmy confirmed for being retarded as usual

>> No.52950478


>> No.52950480

My guess is the category of "good value card in many decks, can be part of highly specific combos" which are okay because the card won't break the format when casuals just slot it in.

>> No.52950493

>i cant be wrong its everyone else thats wrong

>> No.52950525

Its just red/green goodstuff at this point with a subtheme of dragons. A majority of the games I play with it anymore, I tend to forget about the commander for a few turns because in deck stuff is more interesting to play. It is honestly one of those decks that folds to a moderate amount of removal, which they rarely have.

The other tuned deck I have is Arjun, which I have been playing much more of recently. Wizard theme with superfriend and artifact subtheme. they like it better when I play that deck because they know the wincons, so they know how to stop me before I do something too drastic

>> No.52950543 [SPOILER] 


>> No.52950547

how bad are the rest of the decks in your meta if a 7 mana big dumb beater is hated off the table?

>> No.52950569

>It's a Timmy
>It's retarded
Yep, checks out

>> No.52950609


>> No.52950721

>you should probably start playing Yu-Gi-Oh
We don't want that sort of shitter here over at yugimans pls.

>> No.52950754

>When they put Sheoldred in the deck simply because their commander has black in it and Sheoldred is good

Literally cancer, start thinking when you build decks rather than just stuffing in every broken card in the colors that you can.

>> No.52950784


>> No.52950792

You don't have to do this every thread, MLDPraetor-anon

>> No.52950822

Aren't you already getting tired of shitposting about praetors and MLD?
Literally nothing wrong with either

>> No.52950837

Manabarbs + Citadel of Pain

>> No.52950865

at least hes not that fag who keeps posting his decklists with the god awful song titles

>> No.52950881

Suzuha from SAO by Satou Kuuki.

>> No.52950914


>> No.52950929

If you're playing elf tribal and Leovold is 'just' an annoying elf that's three colors, that's fine.

I mostly agree with the Leovold ban but I was mulling over putting together some elf deck.
I guess my options are a non-elf commander, which I was considering with thrasios/tymna/atraxa or cutting blue/black and using one of the GB or GU elf guys.

So what'll it be, GU, GB or a non-elf commander?

>> No.52950960

Nath of the Gilt-Leaf

>> No.52950965

Nath oppressive discard, make them discard as soon as they draw

>> No.52950995

saucery speed womp womp

>> No.52951027


>> No.52951072

Fuck you gA is a decent guy

>> No.52951076

I know, reading is hard
its ok
everyone here sucks at magic

>> No.52951170

>being mad about Sheoldred
Wew lad, i would understand you if you were talking about Vorinclex or Jin but man you actually choose to whine about one of the worse praetors

>> No.52951605

How worthwhile is Zendikar's Roil in Angry Omnath?

I am having a hard time justifying its spot as a five drop since it only makes 2/2s, still it can be a ton of tokens to use elsewhere.

Open to any other advice:


>> No.52951606

Is there even a point to playing edh that even has a single rule other than the ban list?

And what's with the points garbage, you either win the game or you don't

>> No.52951643

>playing feldon
>get off to a good start with a couple of early rocks
>bane of bala ged hits the yard with gratuitous violence already on the field
>reanimate it with feldon
>cast temur battlerage and double cast seize the day with its flashback cost
>my opponent hasn't realized what's going to happen at this point
>exile two blockers with the attack trigger in the first combat, blow up a third
>repeat this process in my second combat, hitting him for 28
>he scoops before my third combat phase and calls me a cheating bitch playing a broken t1 deck
Sure, Kruphix, my monored looting deck is t1.

>> No.52951670

Yeah it's called an actual casual format where Braids is unbanned and Sol Ring, Crypt and Vault are banned.

>> No.52951674

>Is there even a point to playing edh that even has a single rule other than the ban list?
starting life total?

>> No.52951702

I mean, Feldon is a good deck. He could easily be playing Garbo casual Kruphix. Maybe you misread the table.

Honestly, casual vs. hardcore isn't enough to placate table politics. Explosive vs. not explosive feels more fair.

Your deck may be BAD, but still needs to draw focus from the rest of the table if it can go off.

Though I get Feldon is super counterable with some decent GY hate.

>> No.52951721

you can still get a t1 braids without those rocks
and you cant have her be a commander only way you are ever going to #freebraids is if the banned as a commander list comes back

>> No.52951779

Oh I get that I pulled some crazy nonsense and pimp slapped him, but really, if you let anyone hit 12 mana before interacting with them, the exact same thing is going to happen. All he did was manipulate his library for a magical christmasland combo, play a few rocks, and then shit out a few generic creatures. I just thought it was funny because he was talking a big game about his unstoppable deck.

>> No.52951782

They're still lightning bolts when you or your opponent kill them so it's worth yes

>> No.52951794

Zurgo helmsmasher. The deck only has 3 creatures in it and the rest of the cards are artifact ramp, mass destruction of all the permanent types, lots of spot removal, and tutors

>> No.52951964

If there's a five-drop you should consider in Angry Omnath is pic related.

>> No.52952078

Not true, really. I play at casual tables and I pretty infrequently blow up Thran Dynamos because them having mana usually DOESN'T mean I lose the game.

He was wrong to brag about his trashy deck. But I don't think being upset over losing a game to what you thought was a durdly value deck in one turn is worth mocking.

I once sat at a casual table where one guy was playing Geralf. Bad mill Geralf. It was a six man pod. One guy cast Final Fortune and just did nothing and died.

It seemed safe to tap out and not keep Krosan Grip in hand, despite bad monoblue (who was mana screwed all game) to keep his Rings of Breathhearth out. After all, he just wanted to make more zombies.

Nope. He fabricates for Basalt Monolith, gets infinite mana and then Blue Sun's everyone out the game. Tell me "git gud" or "no such thing as spirit of the format" all you want, but I still think I was right to skip out of the next game. People playing draft commons next to him and he decides that is an appropriate way to end the game.

>> No.52952132

>an appropriate way to end the game.

>> No.52952254

I am having a hard time fitting either or both into the list, any suggestions?

Also open to making room for Green Zenith as well.

My friend is looking to build his second deck and liked the look of Omnath, Locus of Rage and set around a $300 budget to let it hit the ground running in the high tier of our playgroup.

We all use each others' decks so at that level would be commanders like Lazav, Scarecrow King, Jhoira, Aurelia, Animar, Maelstreom Wanderer, Atraxa etc.

It is an exclusively multiplayer group of 3-4 players at a time.

The current list is built around building up a good horde of Angry Elemental and blast the board away.

There are some very obvious good cards in the maybeboard for him to consider or use in the future for upgrades but we're looking for any advice on the current list and suggestions for other money cards down the line.

The most obvious exlusions from the current list and maybeboard are the ton of fetches I know a landfall deck would love just because I thought the budget was better used towards the real meat of the deck.

>> No.52952278

If this is an argument, it is an incredibly oblique one.

You can say it is "not a thing" all you want, but telling people you are playing casual and complaining about anyone who even looks in your direction only to tutor up a combo piece to kill 4 people in a huge pod makes you a dick.

I'm all for competitive play. But there is a difference between playing competitively and playing casually until you are bored and want to win.

It is like the sort of people who say "I could just tutor or cast this and immediately win the game, but instead I'll play this, be thankful". You get to feel big AND put everyone hostage.

>> No.52952313

Stop trying to make fetch happen Gretchen, its not gonna happen!
Liege of the Tangle makes some huge elementals but it's also asking to get landwrecked depending on who are you playing with. Zendikar Incarnate I quite like but he doesn't have trample and in this deck you won't actively try to make him a trampler or fling him so idk. Probably those two could go to side and let Forays and Roil in.

>> No.52952317

>tutor up a combo piece to kill 4 people in a huge pod makes you a dick.
no it doesnt because its not a thing
his opponents playing draft commons isnt his fault

>> No.52952433

Let's phrase this differently. Don't LIE to the table about your deck being casual and worse than everyone else's. Priding winning over bad decks due to you misrepresenting the quality of your deck is only a thing someone deeply socially unaware would do.

You can build good decks. You can play good magic. Pride yourself in your ability. But know your audience.

>> No.52952467

what are more cards like mother of runes? i'm thinking there was a creature that sacs land and another that returns them to your hand.

>> No.52952490

i've seen this happen a few times. guy comes into the lgs with his new prossh deck he built. tells us "there's no infinite combo, don't worry about it". table hates on the usual suspects, memnarch and grimgrin. prossh guy drops food chain turn 4 and chains his mana dorks into prossh, makes a million kobolds, then goblin bushwhackers us out.

the worst part is that both of the blue players getting hated on meant that they'd used up their control trying to not die, so this basic prossh shit went completely uncontested.

>> No.52952525

that will teach you to trust your opponents lol

>> No.52952538

There's Benevolent Bodyguard, Dauntless Escort, Samite Elder.

>> No.52952569

i was playing my dumbass maelstrom wanderer coin flip tribal deck. i hadn't even attacked anyone yet.

>> No.52952583

Sylvan Safekeeper is the land sac one.
Soratami Rainshaper for bouncing a land.

>> No.52952638

My group meets at out house, because we all live together.

Makes really easy when I want to play, I just go downstairs and see if any of my buddies want to play.

>> No.52952653

There is always gonna be some inherent trust when sitting down at a table with someone.

I don't have to deal with this any more. I got a regular playgroup. I know them in and out.

>> No.52952665

suggestions for Ephara blink/flash tribal?

>> No.52952697

You really need advice for a blink deck?

Alright, I guess. Momentary Blink, Mulldrifter, Restoration Angel, Archaeomancer, Brago, Duplicant, Revelliark, Solemn Simulacrum.

>> No.52952700

Conjurer's Closet, Mistmeadow Witch, Brago, Deadeye Navigator

>> No.52952737

sylvan safekeeper was the one i needed. thanks

>> No.52952753

cloudblazer, panharmonicon, rite of replication

>> No.52952793

okay i haven't seen the judge thread in like a week so i just ask you guys

1.) if i cast a clone spell and target one of the Myojin does the clone come into play with the divinity counter?

2.) this happened in a game some time ago. player A had elderscale wurm and Platinum Emperion on the field and was at 7 hp. player B attacked him with 12/12 balefire dragon. what happens? we ruled it as player A losing because he had no way to win the game anyway and it would have just been player B fishing for removal while gaining retarded amounts of hp each turn

>> No.52952813

Wispweaver Angel, Flickerwisp, Wall of Omens

We're basically building the deck for him.

>> No.52952842


If I hit the table with this in my regular playgroup, I turn into the boogeyman apparently.

>> No.52952863

1. Yes. Clones change into the creature they're cloning *as* they enter, so they do trigger "as ~ enters the battlefield" and "when ~ enters the battlefield" effects properly.
2. Balefire would deal no damage because both of the other creatures stop player A from losing life, THEN Balefire's ability triggers after combat damage calculations, killing the two creatures, but leaving player A at 7 life.
Effects that trigger on dealing combat damage happen after combat damage is calculated, and triggers even when the defending player has Worship, Plat Emperion, etc.

>> No.52952895

On #2 wouldn't Balefire deal no damage to Emperion and Elderscale since it couldn't deal combat damage to no one?

>> No.52952909

>1 when cardname enters the battlefield, did you cast it from your hand? yes, then it gets a counter.

>2 Balefire deals damage 12 to player A, elderscale wurm doesn't prevent damage. Player A life total cant change so player a doesn't die. Balefire then triggers and deals 12 damage to both player a's creatures. Player A has no creatures, but 7 life

Nothing stops Balefire from dealing damage.

>> No.52952924

It still "deals" 12 damage to player A, Plat Emperion simply stops the result of that damage causing player A to lose life. It still technically dealt 12 damage to player A.

>> No.52952942


>> No.52952951

>Nothing stops Balefire from dealing damage.

>> No.52952974

specifically in this scenario.

Neither elderscale/platinum actually prevent damage.

>> No.52952983

they were talking about a specific situation. nothing in that situation stops balefire from dealing damage. obvious there are dozens of cards that can stop balefire from dealing damage. did you misread something?

>> No.52953003

I'm gonna get one expensive fun card for my budget Jhoira deck. Should I get Jin-Gitaxias, Consecrated Sphinx or Omniscience?

>> No.52953016

i thought banefire

>> No.52953018

kozilek is pretty good

>> No.52953075

Is there any other way to block a big trampler other than banding?

>> No.52953110

Sorry, forgot to mention that it's a semi-casual deck so no Eldrazi or MLD.

>> No.52953112

first strike deathtouch
or you could just kill it

>> No.52953156


>> No.52953160

I once wiped 5 people at once in a really long game with a single debt to the deathless and they've never let me live it down.
They still owe the Orzhov, you can never be free of them.

>> No.52953176

how do you feel about extra turns? time stretch is pretty sweet

>> No.52953191

fog bank or that one angel i can't remember
souls of the faultless

>> No.52953238

Is there a commander other than Norin that focuses on flickering and ETB effects?

>> No.52953248

Yeah, I already got that one and the cheaper extra turn spells, it's pretty much my main wincon. I'm mostly mulling over which of Jin-Gitaxias and Omniscience would be the least cancerous for my opponents to deal with.

>> No.52953258

you mean like brago or roon?

>> No.52953270

Brago, but your table will hate you.

>> No.52953283

They hate me already, cheers.

>> No.52953296

Kalemne Swordtron

>> No.52953302

souls of the faultless doesn't work, because the trampler only deals 4 damage to it. Guard gomazoa is probably the other fog bank you're looking for

>> No.52953326

Riku of two reflections.

add in pic related and abuse those ETB's to your hearts content

>> No.52953349

Also, fog bank and guard gomazoa don't block more damage than their toughness, so they won't work either.

>> No.52953430


>> No.52953492

So I've been making a Kruphix, God of Horizons deck centralized around Investigating/Clues, and artifacts; but i've been having a struggle on one key point.
Should the deck be named God of Horizons: Zero Dawn, or Green/Blues Clues

>> No.52953508

it was seraph of the sword, but the other anon is right. there's also godsend.

>> No.52953589

Man, why are all the new non-legendary cards printed in C11-C14 so much more fun than the garbage in C15-C16?

Who the fuck thinks undaunted, basic landcycling, modal spells, and french vanilla creatures with Myriad make for interesting multiplayer cards?

>> No.52953620

Mageta the Lion is a good way to do this.

>> No.52953633

GU's Clues.

>> No.52953693


I like it a bit, not so much in colorless because the main advantage to me is the rainbow mana, but in multicolor as a decent mana fixing option, pairs well with colorless ramp like sol ring and mana crypt

Not a great top deck unless you have paradox engine out

>> No.52953731

Are the 1 cmc phyrexian mana cantrips and the green and black pacts worth it in a yidris storm enabler deck?

>> No.52953761

Maybe in a proliferate deck to get it online ASAP.

>> No.52953771

Yes. Free storm is free storm. Noxious Revival is quite good in a Yidris deck, as well.

>> No.52953812

the kill spell is incredible

>> No.52953855

I have this in my Karn deck. Most people haven't seen it, funny the first time they try to equip some Lightning Greaves.

>> No.52953887

Surgical Extraction isn't, obviously, Mutagenic Growth, Gutshot, and Mental Mistep aren't great but aren't bad, Noxious Revival and Gitaxian Probe are great.

>> No.52953899

What commander should I play so I can have the most amount of card art featuring blacks?
I'm not too sure if there is a commander better than samut, but if there is, I would want to know.

>> No.52953975

Use as many cards from Mirage block as you can

>> No.52953977


Cockatrice is way better

>> No.52953998

Some of them are good, sure, but they're incredibly generic spells that only read "this card is too good in a 5-6 player shitfest and it sucks in 1v1 or at 1v1v1".

Compare that to the sheer amounts of INTERACTION that happen in the C11-C14 cards.

>> No.52954075

Incorrect. Cockatrice players are lying scum who "accidentally" shuffle their libraries after a Brainstorm.

>> No.52954085


Never once seen that happen

>> No.52954110

The myriad equipment and Undaunted wrath were pretty great, though. And while most of the mechanical cycles belonged in the dumpster on fire, a good number of one-off cards like Benefactor's Draught, Selfless Squire, and Deepglow Skate (From 16) were at least alright to mess with.

>> No.52954113


Dude I'm with you except modal spells, mystic, fiery, and wretched confluences are so awesome

Moreso in cube than edh I suppose

>> No.52954127

It also, what's the word? Works.

>> No.52954135

tymna is a black
I played a thrasios and tymna deck and my friend asked me why one commander was a fish and the other was a blind nigger and said they can't work together flavor fail

>> No.52954376

Dude was a total jackass, huh? What an ass.

>> No.52954456

Prossh with food chain. People go like "oh wow I can barely interact with you", I mean, c'mon guys, naturalize is barely 15 cents, there's even a bant player who's filled with counters and artifact/enchantment hate and just goes "well not much that I could do". Not my fault if all these asses can't handle their mana and see me tutor out FC with transmute.

>> No.52954481

I like the idea of this. I'd love to see a list when you finish it.

>> No.52954517

And it's also cheating, which you can't stop them from doing. It's not worth playing on a program that allows your opponents to cheat with no consequence.

>> No.52954534

Xmage also works great if you're not an actual 'tard.

>> No.52954563

And then I'll stick Deadeye Navigator on a Reclamation Sage and everyone goes crazy hating on me and forces me to blow all my mana and lose it anyway.

>> No.52954601

>with no consequence
It's called leaving right then and there and not playing against that person in the future.

>> No.52954619

Yeah, it could work if I partner with sidar, although I don't know if that would give me more access to removal due to card art restrictions over red.

>> No.52954626

Yeah, it's like this program I play Magic in called Real Life. People can just cheat and there's nothing you can do about it.

>download Xmage
>run Xmage
>Xmage has crashed
I guess I'm retarded.

>> No.52954649

If I have to leave every game I try to play because people know they can cheat online (and usually won't try to do so in person), then I'm not exactly going to get to play many games. Xmage is fully functional and it makes it much harder to cheat. I'll stick with that.

The difference is that most people don't have the balls to do it in real life. The internet is a different place and people can and will take advantage of that. Especially shitters who have such low self-esteem that they have to cheat at a card game to get their kicks because losing would just shatter their ego.

>> No.52954665

>Xmage has crashed
Never once had this problem.

>> No.52954715

I've never once had someone try to cheat playing against me in Cockatrice.

>> No.52954718

What the fuck is that impulse to cheat on Cockatrice? There's literally nothing in it for you. Not even a system that keeps track of wins and losses so you can impress other gays with mad stats.

I can't have a casual fun game with this one guy because if I'm not paying close attention he will cheat like a motherfucker. Watching our previous replays has this dick trying everything in the book. Fucking why you retard

>> No.52954784

Because some people just can't handle the idea that they'll lose. A fuckton of people only play online because they can cheat without fear of getting called out in any meaningful way. If they tried that shit in real life, they'd get called out on it and probably run home crying. If they do it online, they can preserve their ego and some of them even feel "skilled" for getting away with cheating. They're too stupid to get better or just concede when they would lose.

>> No.52954803

Are you sure of that? Because unless you're paying attention at all times, they can easily do it without your knowledge.

>> No.52954826

Is it because they think your deck is a reflection of yourself? Meaning that if you lost you weren't bright enough to build a deck that can win.

>> No.52954860

Who fucking knows? There are plenty of people who can't handle losing for one reason or another and it usually results in them either trying to cheat or being sore losers and raging when they do lose.

>> No.52954889

I'll be honest, I felt this way very early on. Then you realize that people can just throw money at this game and win and you start having fun just screwing around.

>> No.52955020

New thread!


>> No.52955091

Dumb question

Does "protection" stop karmic guide from targeting blood baron from the graveyard?

>> No.52955145

>unless you're paying attention at all times
Which you should be if you're playing Magic at all.
Plus, it's even harder for them to do it without your knowledge since the chat log records literally every single action anyone does at any time, with timestamp and what the action was.

>> No.52955159

No, unless an ability says otherwise within itself, all abilities only work while the card they are on are on the battlefield.

>> No.52955176

Nope, protection like basically all abilities only works while you are on the battlefield.

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