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Zany Robot Skeletons Edition

For all your questions on Dark Heresy (1st and 2nd Editions), Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, and Only War.
Not the wargame, not Chapter Master, not Space Hulk.

>Why did FFG lose the 40k RPG License?
Because they were bought by Asmodee that caused some sort of licensing conflict.

>Will GW make their own 40k RPGs now?
Probably not. But if they do it will likely be worse than we can possibly imagine.

>Where did the Mandragora Apocrypha go?
The namefag working on it has fucked off to finish it in peace after our autists yelled at him over the unfinished version they found.

Book Repositories (If you're planning to download any Rogue Trader materials, read the .txt file in the RT directory)

There is a new Homebrew Megafolder option in above MEGA directory containing several things.

40K RPG tools, a site that contains stats or references for almost all weapons, armor and NPCs/adversaries. Not updated past DH2 core.

40k RPG Combined Armory (v6.48.161023), containing every piece of gear in all five lines. Now includes all DH2e books.
>Now in Homebrew megafolder

Mars Needs Women! (v1.2.10) (Mechanicus Skitarii and Taghmata for Only War)
>Now in Homebrew megafolder

Fear and Loathing in the Eastern Fringe (V1.6.4) (Playable Xenos for Rogue Trader)
>Now in Homebrew megafolder

The Fringe is Yours! (v1.8.4) (More Xenos, Knights, and Horus Heresy gear for Rogue Trader)
>Now in Homebrew megafolder

Previous thread: >>52817093

What's your favorite character that you've played?

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I played a repentant Heretek assassin once. He used his knowledge of Heretek shit to help him murder Hereteks and shit.

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I've heard tell that weathly Imperials can sometimes buy single organs/discounted version of space marine geneseed.

What would be a good way to represent these kinds of things in terms of stat boosts? And what prices should they go for or what hoops should players have to jump through?

Like would a reproduction Biscopea give +2 to toughness or something, but not quite be SM-tier? Could someone buy an Occulobe and use it if they had the gold and survived the transplant?

For the organs that aren't just knock-offs but are ACTUAL stolen gene-seed, could I use a random table to have some hidden effects? Like a player manages to buy a real Secondary Heart, but it turns out to be BAngels stock and he starts getting the Thirst?

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There's a techpriest who essentially remade themselves with space marine organs, then had to continue remaking themselves so they could kill space marines & replace parts as they failed - because it's an intricate process that doesn't work with adults, and installing random space marine organs out of order and without geneseeds is asking for problems.

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Shit like that just wouldn't work. Space marine organs need the other organs, genetic compatibility, constant oversight of an apothecary, and the raw fortitude and endurance on the part of the person being implanted to function and not horribly mutate/kill the implanted and even then it still does sometimes.

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Black Crusade GM here. I'm currently working on translating D&D's Curse of Strahd to the Black Crusade rules and setting.

Strahd's an unaligned fallen Blood Angels Librarian. All the zombies and undead are freaky half-dead servitors resulting from mad science, made from the hereteks and Dark Eldar Haemonculi that Strahd sponsors. The vampire spawn are partial space marines that Strahd never advances beyond the Neophyte/Scout stages, preferring to keep them weaker than him and thus more obedient. That vampire hunter Ezmerelda is now a hyper Radical Inquisitor snooping around Strahd's castle to kill him, dissect him, and figure out how he's so strong.

I finished mapping out Castle Ravenloft on Roll20, now I'm adding in the NPCs and their stats. Wish me luck, lads.

Pic related, it's who I'm currently using for Strahd.

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Majority of marine implants require recipient to be pubescent/adolescent male as they are designed to integrate with both the natural growth spurt and the other hormonal changes that occur from the other implants.
Even if the potential recipient was genetically compatible, the organs would not develope properly in an adult, most likely killing the subject.

>tl;dr. Only one that could work for an adult male would be black carapace, only useful with right armour.

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Ideas for DW one shot mission that ends in last stand esque?

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I'm really thinking more in terms of stats and method of acquisition. I don't care about the feasibility in-lore, and I can always just say it's "imitation" gene-seed, which does similar stuff but not as well.

I've already made the decision to implement the stuff, now I'm just asking for help on the execution, not whether or not to do it in the first place.

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If you're going for it, then look at Gland Warrior alt career/Lostock implants for the sort of limitations to apply.
Otherwise, I'd suggest allowing them a maximum of half the effectiveness of the true implants, and rate each as a unique item that must be individually acquired ( to reflect difficulty of finding and getting them correctly implanted).

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Fucking hell, I love that comic.
Perfect image for a Chaos Blood Angel, too.

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Yeah, it's really good. I'm using Otto in armor as the Vampire Spawn soldiers.

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from some guy's idea last thread:
>Investigate murders on Port Wander
>Discover they're Yu'vath-cult related
>Confront cult
>Rak'gol attack
Have it end with them in a three way battle to the death with cultists and spooky xenos monsters.

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Good starting point. Thanks bruv

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My only 40krpg character was a Space Wolf Tactical Marine in a Deathwatch game. He was my very first RPG character, and it's because of that game I found my current group (which is awesome). He was built pretty balanced between melee and ranged combat, but his real strength was diplomacy. One time he talked down a planetary revolt with a single vox conversation. Space Viking diplomacy can be indescribably powerful.

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Best-worst idea ever: A Hrud-swarm/Ork WAAAGH! combo.
>Orkz only get bigger as they get older
>Mass Hrud movements cause rapid aging due to warp-time dickery
>A big group of Hruds accidentally creating an entire Warband's worth of fucking hulk-orkz in a matter of minutes

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I find that funny even if it's a bit weird to justify. Would the time lapse count as them fighting? Or would they turn into obese Ork-ogres?

Either way it'd be pretty cool and terrifying.

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well if they're fightan as the warp-fuckery happens I think they'd get stronk as is the custom. Imagine, an army of BEAST-sized orkz with a group of slimy shadow-jelly-men in tow just making them bigger and beefier.

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Deathwatch, Mark Of The Xenos, Magos Phayzarus.

>In the seventh century of M41 he obtained the corpse of a fallen Space Marine and extracted the warrior’s Omophagea organ for study. After years of analysis, splicing, and self-experimentation, Phayzarus succeeded in replicating the Omophagea’s memory-absorbing abilities by grafting a sample of the organ into his own spine. He did not long enjoy his success before the new tissue began to fail.

If you just want stats for organs, then open up Black Crusade to chargen and read.

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>What's your favorite character that you've played?
I have to give that to my first character. Even years later, nothing tops learning the details of 40K ooc and ic simultaneously as you discover relics of the Horus Heresy, and playing a stunted underhive sniper who signed onto a private military firm for a better life was a blast.
Lucius, Bekowski. I miss you guys. GG, gentlemen.

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>What's your favorite character that you've played?

Bernar "Brainy" of House Vaahkon, an Adept.

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>favorite character you've played
Gerard the Butler, Seneschal/Financial Advisor/Mafia 'made man' to his Lord Captain, Jean-Luc Tiberius Janeway. it was a very memey game but it was fun.

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What happens if someone with Pure Faith picks up a daemon weapon?

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Gradual willpower tests until they eventually lose it or the weapon. Then comes the corruption

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>What's your favorite character that you've played?
Either the Augustin Uri, AdMech CIA-inspired spook or Cpl. Kruger, the gruntiest grunt who ever held a rifle.

Amusingly, despite the wide power difference between BC and OW, I'm pretty certain Kruger would win in a fight.

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Tell me, how much "power" does an occupied Eldar soulstone possess? I understand that the Eldar and its entire soul remain within the gem, and that it's noticeably psychic to those with the talent, but how would it "react" to humans?

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There's a RT scenario (Warpstorm Trilogy?) where the players find a soulstone of a powerful Warlock/Farseer. He helps them on their journey and even gets a Eldar "ghost ship" to come to their aid.

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This one is of a warlock who died long ago, still locked into the tiny shard of armour that the gem was attached to.

I figured it'd take a long time for her to, well, open up to the party. They're humans, after all.

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I'm torn right now.

I'm about to get Brawler on my character in Only War, and I can't decide between two weapons which I'd like to use, either a Poul Maul or a Chain Axe

Power Maul has the benefits of being a power weapon, being part of my standard kit, and having Concussive.

Chain Axe has the same Pen, does more consistent damage, and just seems cooler.

Which should I go for, do you think?

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Concussive is handy, and iirc chainaxes are Unbalanced. I'd stick with the maul, but if you're Dodge-oriented you could go with the axe. Hell, you could even dual wield them if you want, use the chainaxe for lightning attacking soft targets and parry/counter with the power weapon to wreck enemy weapons.

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For my necron game, I was thinking it might be fun to have an introduction session before the player characters enter their hibernation. What kind of things can I do to show just how much the galaxy of sixty million years ago has gone to shit? Should I do anything from before the biotransference?

>> No.52938686

Depends, do they know they're getting into a warhammer rpg?

If not, have them kit out characters for world of darkness victims, play it out as the original setting, have them be hoovered up and biotransfered, then wake up post-hibernation next session, giving you time to convert their character sheets over.

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It's all hypothetical at this point. I want to have at least a flimsy story planned before I invite people to play, though I feel like being honest with where the campaign is going is better than a bait and switch that would turn players off.

>> No.52938939

well the trick is making sure SOME of the players know, and the others don't, and get a feel for them. It's something you gotta work with your group on you know? Know them well enough. I couldn't do that with my group because they're all micromanagers and not one of them would accept not being the one to build their character from scratch if we changed systems.

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They'd have to know they're necrontyr though, right? Wouldn't make much sense not to tell them that.

>> No.52939272

Not if you do it right. Use a different word for them, you can get away with a lot. They were from little principality that spoke a different language than the common trade tongue for them, no reason for everybody except humans to have monocultures.

>> No.52939426

It's only unwieldy if you wield it two handed, rather than unbalanced. Which is what I'm going for.

Still, I'm not quite sure which I do. I'll dwell on it a little more, but trying to get a hold of a rare weapon seems like a pain in the ass, to be honest.

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will there be any more books coming out for this system at all? just back after 10 months and found the RPG is ded. why?

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>lost faith in the emperor
i still thought about the emperor
chaos is still better chance to live to old age than in the imperium of man [/spoiler

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I might finally get to play Black Crusade soon, my group found a GM, well, we knew him and even played D&D with him but we talked about Black Crusade and he expressed an interest in GMing.
I've played Rogue Trader with a semi competent GM, his main problem being he has a hard-on for loyalism and the inquisition and no one likes to actually deal with the inquisition when we're fucking mutant space pirates, especially since all of us aren't actually loyal, I'm Slaaneshi as fuck, one other player is straight up building a Khorne 'Zerker as soon as he heard we could play as Chaos Marines, another wants to be a plague marine, I'm looking forward to being a pirate prince, my little brother took one look at the archetypes and wants to abuse the Rite of Fleshmoulding, and I think we'll have a Tzeentch Sorcerer too.
Think is, GM said it's best if we stick to rank 1 archetypes and lead up to turning our characters into the splatbook archetypes at rank 2 after we learn the game, and I agree with him, I've been brushing up on the rules and while I want to play a Pirate Prince I'd love to roleplay a lead up to gathering a crew and getting a ship, especially working together with the other players.
Plague Marine is going to be generally the nice big guy who just wants to spread disease, Zerker actually just wants to play a badass with chain axes but isn't going to go all murder hobo, he's going to do the martial honor aspect of Khorne too. I think he's looking forward to fighting Monstrous Creatures and taking their skulls Predator style.
I have no idea what my brother is going to do besides shape himself into a monster able to keep up with the chaos marines but I want to play a Slaaneshi sniper/duellist/face using parry to defend myself in close but mostly using a Howling Rifle to give firing support to the Chaos Marine Players. I think the plague marine said he wants a plague knife and grenades so I have no idea but I know I don't want to be near his targets.

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Did you want any advice on anything or are you just putting that out there?

>> No.52945171

Mostly putting it out there.
I would like advice on which core archetypes would help us get to the characters we want, I think Apostate would work for leading up to Pirate Prince but I'm still reading and new to this game so some advice would be great.
Also any sniper talents I may have overlooked?

>> No.52945272

The slaanesh book has talents relating to minions if your GM allows that massive imbalancing act. Is your GM really going to allow the Rite of Fleshmoulding?

I'd recommend the reaver long rifle as it is easier to get and carry compared to the 16 kg weight of a howling rifle. More range help with actually being a sniping weapon and the easier availability will make it easier to turn into a legacy weapon.

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GM is okay with us becoming powerful as long as we all have fun and roleplay. But the stronger we get the greater our challenges, so a Flesh Shaper would be useful. It sounds like it'll start small but quickly evolve into a high power campaign as we potentially start our own Warband.
I was probably going to use horde minion rules for a pirate crew to support the party.
I get the better sniper weapon, I just a sonic weapon, plus I like the Overcharge and I think the Concussive property will help the melee fighters out a little.

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>Think is, GM said it's best if we stick to rank 1 archetypes and lead up to turning our characters into the splatbook archetypes at rank 2 after we learn the game
Black Crusade doesn't have Ranks, but if your GM has you start with Core archetypes and lets you buy into Tome archetypes midgame that sounds awesome.
>Zerker actually just wants to play a badass with chain axes but isn't going to go all murder hobo, he's going to do the martial honor aspect of Khorne too. I think he's looking forward to fighting Monstrous Creatures and taking their skulls Predator style.
Awesome! I recommend you advise him to clear that with the GM, though; the books have a lot of BLOODBLOODBLOOD THE STRONG ARE STRONGEST ALONE bullshit in their fluff on Khorne. It's one of my larger issues with Black Crusade, because I love Khorne's less-emphasized aspects. That, and saying the Lord of Battles shuns those who have allies or miniond when any faction worth a damn has more than one dude and it's the only way to shed any appreciable amount of blood, fluff has more Khornate cults among the strategists and generals of the Guard than among the rank and file, and, oh yeah, the minor detail that Command is a Khorne-aligned skill.
Overall it sounds like you guys are shaping up into a synergistic party of well-rounded badasses. Lay some groundrules on backstabbing though; I recommend throwing out Glorifying Acts entirely and encouraging cooperation, which does impair the Flesh Sculptor's bonuses for augmenting the unwilling.

Character limit... cont.

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Apostate is social, social skills are Slaanesh-aligned for some reason, and Pirate Prince is social. Renegade is solid for fighting though; you'll be taking a lot of advances to get up to Tome archetypes' power level anyway, and not starting with social skills means you'll be buying them, aligning you to Slaanesh that much quicker.
Heretek is probably a good fit for the Fleshmoulder, though I'm not familiar with it. Renegade or Apostate might fit better.
Chosen is probably best for a Berserker; they're the fighty one. Champion or Forsaken could work though, for building towards Khorne's favour, and it's honestly really appropriate for an honourable Berserker that he'll be earning berserker status while remaining pure of the Butcher's Nails.
Plague Marine is another ambiguous one. Again, could be any of the three, though I'd think Forsaken for flavor.
I assume the Sorcerer will be a Marine and not a mortal psyker? They don't really have a Tome archetype to build towards unless the GM refluffs Thousand Sons Sorcerer for them or lets them go for something generic like Veteran of the Long War despite their Psy Rating not matching, but a free Psychic Power or two might make up for not getting more Special Abilities when everyone gains Tome Archetypes.

>> No.52945539

GM already said he likes the idea of an honorable zerker better, GM himself is aligned to Khorne and is a fluff buff. I'm not sure he'll take command but if he does use it I might recommend he become our Lord if we do someday get a Warband.
My brother plans on augmenting himself mostly, we help get sacrifices, he augments the party.
I was considering Apostate and buying into combat but starting with some combat skills and buying into social aspects as I align to Slaanesh does sound more fun for roleplay.
Thanks for all that advice, I'll bring these ideas to the group next time we talk about the game.

>> No.52945657

>I get the better sniper weapon, I just a sonic weapon
I believe there's sonic ammunition for SP/Bolt weapons, and a Heretic who can afford a ship and basically be a Chaos Rogue Trader can probably commission a custom rifle of some sort. Even simply adding the Accurate quality to the Howling would go a long way toward making you relevant in combat while CSM tear shit up; something to consider as you advance. If you are set on single shot weapons, though, I highly recommend asking to take Inescapable Attack out of DH2e. It helps a lot with making your shots actually do anything, since unlike fullauto you can't count on just spraying out so many shots that they can't dodge them all - you're putting all your force in one bullet.

Personally I'm a big fan of the Angelus Bolt Carbine, a forbidden weapon produced in the Imperium that's a 3-shot rifle for mortals using illegally "misplaced" unmarked Astartes boltshells. It'd naturally be compatible with a lot of variant ammo. I had an Isstvanian Inquisitor in one of my games use one, loaded with appropriated Deathwatch relic boltshells from one of the splatbooks. I'd been playing Bulletstorm, so a sniper rifle with steerable ammunition was on my brain.

>> No.52945764

What book has the sonic ammunition?
I did plan on getting a Telescopic Sights for my Howling Rifle, if any players go Tech Use I could discuss making my Howling Rifle Accurate or just convince an NPC to do it somehow.
I obviously won't start with a Howling Rifle but I felt like the sonic rifle would be appropriate for a character who seeks more and more sensations, louder noises, softer sheets, tastier food, more intoxicants, etc

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Has anyone played an Untouchable before? How was it? Did you have a Psyker in the warband who hated your guts? Was it fun to say "no fuck you" to enemy psykers?

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Beast-sized Orks who've been sparring for millennia. Shit would be terrifying.

>> No.52947859

Do you guys like to flesh out your character personalities before the game or do you just pick up whatever traits/tropes during the game?

>> No.52948054

I tend to have a starting place in mind pre-game, and then change it slightly to reflect the talents and such I take.

>> No.52948458

I roll up my stats first and pick or have an idea in my head that I want to do. Generally I roll first so I can figure out what I'd be proficient in.

>> No.52948878

What would a good undivided sorcerous ritual to drag a planet out of the warp look like? I'm trying to avoid the usual piles of dead bodies made in a certain configuration. It's different than what Magnus did because this planet is coming out of the warp either way, the villain is just using the ritual to bring it out a few years early in a location more to his choosing.

>> No.52948900

So 40k RPGs will never be made ever again? That's a load of shit

>> No.52948949

>ever again
Nah man, probably another place will get the license but this is the death of the FFG ones.

>> No.52949527


Plenty of homebrew is still made, but we try not to talk about it because it causes arguments.

>> No.52949766

Making concept before the game, fleshing it out in game.

>> No.52950141

I'm not certain, but I'd hazard a guess at the Tome of Excess. They're called Shatterscream Rounds.

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Which Deathwatch specialization is better when making a sniper character, Devastator or Tactical ?

>> No.52950766


OR death threats and doxxing in that one case.

>> No.52950891

Tactical, hands down. Anything a Devastator can do, a Tactical does better, often paying less XP for the same shooty talents, and you have the option of spending your Deed on a Tactical-only Signature Wargear that bypasses Renown limitations but can only be spent on certain items, such as a power sword or a Deathwatch Sniper Rifle.
You pay slightly more for Ballistic Skill, but you have no expensive Characteristics, you get a free magazine of special issue ammunition (such as, say, Stalker Rounds), and you can get +10 to hit and +2 to damage with bolt weapons in Solo Mode for your Special Ability. A Stalker Bolter is a great weapon, benefitting from Tacticals' Bolter Mastery, but see if your GM will let you Elite Inescapable Attack from DH2e so you're less vulnerable to dodges, since you'll probably seldom get to actually snipe unaware targets if you operate with a killteam who lack the training to offset their armour's bulk and noise.

A Devastator has two things a Tactical doesn't: a free Heavy Bolter with backpack ammo supply (useless here, as while it's a horrifyingly effective weapon you want to be a sniper, and the HB is as unsubtle as it is overpowered, so it's dead weight that prohibits jump packs or stealthier grav chutes) and a Special Ability for +1d5 kills on a Horde - thoroughly irrelevant with the amount of horde kills Bolt weapons with specialist ammunition and Storm of Iron can rack up.

>> No.52950958

I usually only have the vaguest outline prior to the game, then flesh it out during the adventure's events

>> No.52951109
File: 173 KB, 774x1000, dark_eldar_haemonculus_by_rayph-d5t13hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, so I'm looking for rules/stats on Dark Eldar Haemonculi and his creations. Do they exist? If so, where?

>> No.52951659

Isn't the sniper rifle from Rites of Battle way better at sniping than the Stalker, nullifying Tactical's benefits ?

>> No.52951787

Pretty sure Only War has some DE stuff. Happy searching.

>> No.52951996

>Anything a Devastator can do, a Tactical does better
tl;dr = tacticals need to do more damage in DW, see my new stat block.

>> No.52952037

Yeah, I just found it using 40k RPG Tools, as listed in OP.

It's basically a master wiki for all 40k RPG stuff. I bookmarked it for future reference.

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File: 574 KB, 2040x1272, Ivia System.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Before Rogue Traders

>> No.52952174
File: 846 KB, 2040x1272, Ivia System 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After Rogue Traders

>> No.52952286

Beautiful. I would love to get a template for this.

>> No.52952464

For the raw solar system, I used the ingame assets from Space Pirates and Zombies, as well as some stuff found on Roll20. Here's a link to it all.


The fluff on top was just regular GIMP editing, as well as custom logos for a group's OW regiment and stuff from google.

The RT and OW campaigns are interconnected, with the OW guys deploying at IVIA I to battle a horde of daemons, who the Rogue Trader and his band unwittingly unleashed before bailing out of there. Going to be badass.

>> No.52952623

Thanks for sharing!

>> No.52952675


>> No.52953480

Mechanically speaking, Devastators need to be better for there to be any reason to play one over a Tactical, since a Tactical can just take Signature Wargear (Heavy Bolter) and be a better Devastator.
I don't have any personal experience with the RoB sniper, but I'd stick to a Stalker. Additionally, Bolt weapons have better Penetration, though they do lack Toxic, and while Bolter Mastery and specialist ammunition are a pretty good deal, they're not what make Tacticals better than Devastators. The advancement tables are the big difference; Tacticals get some stuff essential for shooting earlier than Devastators do, and for cheaper, while there's other stuff that Devastators never get at all.
Really, sniping is less effective than dakka, but it's still damn cool. With the amount of damage Astartes weapons pump out, plus damage bonuses like Mighty Shot applying per hit, the benefits of fullauto over accurate really shine, but Astartes snipers still have one major advantage; their helmet autosenses allow Called Shots to be made as a Half Action, just like Standard Attacks. Once you pick up the Talents to make Called Shots at no penalty, there's pretty much no reason to ever make Standard Attacks while your helmet is on, because you can always fire on whatever location you want to hit at the same TN.
Now you know why we do not Ascenscion.

>> No.52953645

I like the background packages and some of the class traits but the tables are garbage and vindicare needs to be removed

>> No.52954070

What's that armor piece that's like a small shield over the armpit and shoulder? Sounds like 'vah-jess-kew.'

>> No.52954100

Did necrons use power armor back when they were necrontyr? Would it be possible for such an item to end up in the cold trade?

>> No.52954160

>Orkz only get bigger as they get older
Orkz get bigger when the fighting is better, not with age, that is Fantasy.

>> No.52954225

Well I mean
I'm sure constant ork battle being time warped by Hruds counts as good fightan
It bugs me that Adept has no real good unique 'ascension' path

>> No.52954801

Isn't it mainly to display heraldry and such?

>> No.52955062

You playing a Grey Knight, son?

>> No.52955583

>Khorne's less-emphasized aspects
You mean the ones that literally have never existed in 40k and were present only in Fantasy, having been mentioned in Liber Chaotica, a WHF book?

>> No.52955648

>Has anyone played an Untouchable before?
>How was it?
Very much a mixed bag. Unless you are dealing with psykers/daemons, it is a net negative on your abilities to do your job in the Inquisition because of the social penalties, and it's an XP sink.
>Did you have a Psyker in the warband who hated your guts?
Yes, she was my boss. It lead to some uncomfortable moments where I was ordered to provide her relief from her pain.
>Was it fun to say "no fuck you" to enemy psykers?
Occasionally, yes.

>> No.52955677

I do post some stuff, it pretty much never garners interest though.

>> No.52956122

What stuff?
What I would like to see is more crazy gear. Balls out nuts equipment, Imperial and other, for people to use.
I have had my patience pushed to it's limit by GMs who seem to fear, more than anything, the pcs being competent and powerful on their own terms.
Give your players crazy shit! Give their enemies crazy shit! Have them fight a mechanicum krios with their own landraider, crash into each other, and engage in glorious fisticuffs with an archmagos and his beep boops in the middle of a radioactive warp breach firestorm!
If your battles can't be described with a metal album cover, something is wrong.

>> No.52956239
File: 2.68 MB, 4080x2775, 1464646512524.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What stuff?
Fluff, is what I've posted for the most part recently. With most recent being a short document about the Inquisitorial Conclave I use for my homebrew sector. I have posted my homebrew gear, but that was ages ago.

>If your battles can't be described with a metal album cover, something is wrong.
I like the way you think.

>> No.52956321

ah, yeah those are shotgun shells, shotguns are like 1/3 of the range

>> No.52956372

A buddy of mine enjoys homebrewing stuff like a local pattern of Plasma Gun geared for rapid fire held in low regard by the AdMech because while stormbolters are fine and dandy, plasma coils are harder to make and for every one of those produced, the Guard could have been issued two plasma pistols. That, and they're a little more prone to overheating.
I've made a few things up myself - mostly vanilla stuff, but a sword inspired by the Knight Castigator's Tempest Warblade but with a plasma reactor in it instead of a volkite core came up once, and I strive to crunch out any canon or /tg/ Chapters any of my players might desire to play, with Trappings, Squad Modes, and Relics. I spend more time on that than on the encounters, and I spend a fair amount of time homebrewing and tinkering to make fights appropriately threatening. I've crunched out something like a dozen xenos species, half of which were sapient and had their own tech.

>> No.52956408

Damn, that's unfortunate. Still, shotguns are good close-range alternatives for a sniper if you need that half action for moving instead of aiming - might be worth getting a combi-shotgun module tacked on to your rifle if you can bear the weight.

>> No.52956462

Do you have Hrud?

>> No.52956510

That's not a bad idea, I'll see how well I can handle weight after character creation, entire party is still in the brainstorming phase and figuring out when we can play.
If I feel like I can I might try to get a combi-shotgun attached to my starting weapon.

>> No.52956557

>plasma gun geared for rapid fire
I know of at least two like that in the books already.

>> No.52956567

Light power armor is also an option as you can pick and choose what subsystems you get while also getting good protection.

>> No.52956659

That would be useful, might be difficult to get at first but we might be able to manage to get some for us humans who aren't stating as CSM

>> No.52956695

It is actually perfectly fine to get it as a starting acquisition as it is at very rare with getting one dropping it down to a -10.

>> No.52956733

>I like the way you think.
I just need to find a metal album cover that has a Crusade era mural of a Christian and Muslim dueling each other, both beaten and battered, grim and joyless, the corpses of their fellows in heaps around them, fighting on a battle no one will win at this point but for the fact they believe in righteousness of their individual cause, no matter the futility of the end result.
The situation I am facing in my own game.

>> No.52956815

Oh cool, I'll ask GM about it, might be useful to help my poor Renegade keep up with CSM and Unbound Psyker.

>> No.52956866

Don't try to keep up with them, do your own thing that works with theirs.
You aren't going to do individual combat better than the csm, or psyker nonsense, so do your own route.

>> No.52956967

Not dying will still help though.

>> No.52956995

By keep up I meant have enough AP to not get merced by a stray bolter shot.

>> No.52957041

Not running into battle with the csm goes a long way towards not dying. Recognize when a fight is out of your league, and they will be to challenge the csm.
A good way to shore up your own end is minions and mercenaries. Get a horde of your own, become a leader.
>I meant have enough AP to not get merced by a stray bolter shot
If you are being shot at by astartes bolters, you have done something exceedingly wrong, and need to rethink your life choices lol.
Human bolters are actually far more survivable, but honestly, cover > armor if you intend on tanking hits.

>> No.52957061

How "rpg-friendly" are the last events in the lore?

>> No.52957125

For RT/DW/BC, shit is a little different, but still business as usual.
For both DH lines, Calixis and Askellon would have both already met their individual dooms long before the current time events.
That said, we don't know the exact effects the new Ruinstorm is having.

>> No.52957132

I don't intend on tanking hits, just planning on having some extra AP if I do get hit, I'm planning on having good agility for manoeuvrability and stealth, going before enemies and getting behind cover. The extra AP would help when things don't go to plan, and things never really go to plan.
I was planning on being Pirate Prince so a horde (pirate crew) would be what I was planning, using my charm to get them under my wing.

>> No.52957138

Aren't the RPGs like centuries earlier than the tabletop?

>> No.52957188

Yes, they are, at least 100 years beforehand iirc.

>> No.52957194
File: 367 KB, 2577x3566, renegade awesome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Renegade, eh? Here's a few tips.

1) CSMs wearing power armor CANNOT use non-Legion ranged weapons, at least not without somehow modifying them. BC Core Rulebook, pg 175, just above "Power Armor Subsystems". This means you have a much wider range of ranged weapons available to you, and kinda pigeon-holes CSMs into melee or using the same few guns. Use this to your advantage, take weapons they can't.

2) The CSM and Psyker likely have sheer damage output covered between the two of them in fights. Thus, I suggest more of a support role, something that isn't about doing damage so much as reducing enemy combat effectiveness. I recommend the Quick Draw talent and the following weapon loadout:

i) Grenade Launcher, with a Fire Selector if you can get it, and a SHIT LOAD of different specialty grenades. Hallucinogenic Grenades, Frags, Krak, Photon for Blind tests, Stun grenades, Web Grenades for immobilizing targets and making them helpless, etc. Grenades fucking rock, and a well-placed grenade can make all the difference. I'm a GM in Black Crusade right now, and my Pirate Prince PC has a Launcher with the Hallucinogenic Grenades. Fights become a joke since most of the enemies are all tripping balls, thinking they're invisible or tiny or something and NOT SHOOTING AT THE PCs!

ii) Just a plain average Flamer. It hits multiple enemies at close range with Spray, but most importantly, it has the Flame special rule. Enemies will be busy trying to stop/drop/roll and WON'T BE SHOOTING AT PCS!

iii) An Autopistol. It has Full-Auto fire, which allows for the Suppressing Fire action (CRB pg 239, LOOK IT UP) at -20 penalty to enemy Pinning tests. Enemies will be busy running for cover under your bulletstorm and NOT SHOOTING AT PCS!

Between these three + Quick Draw to switch between them for free, you should be making enemies fucking useless punching bags for your teammates to murder. They'll love you.

>> No.52957229

I know that deathwatch specifically states that it takes place far before the events of Dawn of War II for the purposes of playing as a Blood Raven.

>> No.52957299
File: 1.59 MB, 4342x2079, Tome of Excess splatbook.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you roleplay as a /d/egenerate Slaaneshi sex freak without being a total creepo and That Guy?

>> No.52957339

Make sure ahead of time that your group would be ok with that sort of thing, try to make it funny, and don't go into explicit detail. Rather, imply what your character is doing or wanting to do, without getting nuts. Ex: "My heretic goes into the next room in private. You hear a series of strange noises. When he emerges, he looks visibly relieved."

>> No.52957366

I did plan on using a flamer like that, hadn't considered auto-pistol or grenade launcher yet, my main ranged damage planned to be a Howler Rifle. Hallucinogenic Grenades does sound awesome though, and suppressing fire from a pistol would be great.
What about using Howler Rifle to knock enemies down so they have to spend an action or a half getting back up where they aren't shooting at PC's?
Obsession with sensations are more than just sex, grinning like a madman and enjoying the heat coming off your flamer and basking in the scent of roasting flesh, tapping your foot to the sound of the gunfire.
Plus just make references to being a sex freak, focus your information gathering in the red light districts, use seduction, when offered something like "you may take one of my female slaves to your rooms as I am being hospitable" comment "what only one? and why only female?"
As long as you don't do it all the time you should avoid being That Guy

>> No.52957431

Dark Heresy 2E

Can you have multiple elite advances? Like Psyker Inquisitor or an Untouchable Sororitas?

>> No.52957449


>> No.52957474

Are there lore examples of Untouchable Inquisitors?

>> No.52957479
File: 126 KB, 297x271, morty smith.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Howler Rifle is a good weapon, with Concussive and Accurate. Our Pirate Prince uses it. However, it's better if you plan on being damage dealer. You can't really rely on the Howler's Concussive too much if you're considering the Support Role I suggested. Stun Grenades are better for Concussive, since they have Concussive (2) (a -20 to the Toughness test to resist), and Blast (3), so it can effect multiple targets if they're clustered. Also, Krak grenades fired from the Grenade Launcher are comparable to the Howler Rifle's base damage, while having the Grenade Launcher's versatility. The Howler Rifle has two advantages, though: Accurate, which allows for better chances to hit AND up to +2d10 more damage; and greater range at 90m vs the GL's 60m.

It's entirely your choice, though. If you prefer higher potential damage on single targets, take the Howler. If you want greater flexibility in tactical effects and the ability to affect multiple targets, take a GL with Fire Selector and a bunch of different grenades (most of the specialty grenades have easy Availability).

>> No.52957495

Alizebeth Bequin, Eisenhorn's agent, was an Untouchable, but I don't think she ever made the rank of Inquisitor. If she didn't, I think she was such a hot shit, experienced Throne Agent that she might as well have been.

>> No.52957539

Not-so-recently had a game die in front of me, seemingly because we started high level and I chose to play a VA.

>> No.52957601

Howler Rifle also has Overcharge, a Tome of Excess Weapon Quality, which means I can expend 3 shots to get Concussive (2) and Devastating (2), allowing me to rip apart hordes or knock enemies down more effectively. I just need to take a toughness test or become fatigued from the extra noise.
I feel like the extra range and accuracy would be more useful. Also I think the Nurgle Marine might be taking a grenade launcher, if he can.

>> No.52957627

Whatever you think works, it's your game, dude. Have fun.

>> No.52957653

I can still lob hallucinogenic grenades without a launcher right?

>> No.52957706

Yeah, but the range = 3x your Strength Bonus. The Launcher just gives you greater range and can take modifications, like a red dot sight, to improve effectiveness.

>> No.52957709

I like how 2e made such characters a temporary deal with them being reinforcement PCs.

>> No.52957734

Also, if you're gonna take Hallucinogenic Grenades, you and your team should probably get your hands on some gas masks, so you don't end up stoned yourself lol. Happened to our Pirate Prince in the first adventure, she got caught in her own blast radius, tripped balls, and spent the fight shooting imaginary aliens bursting out of the walls.

>> No.52957779

Why would the Calixis sector meet it's doom?

>> No.52957813

I see, weapon choices are actually difficult, I think my character would want both because of his obsession with sensation that he hasn't developed yet.
I know the plague marine will have a gas mask, he plans on hooking it up to his intestines so his breathing sounds like farts when his intestines start falling out of his stomach later on.
I'll recommend the gas masks and probably grab one myself but my character will probably ditch it over time as he grows annoyed with the sensations around him being cut off even by the tiniest amount.

>> No.52957845
File: 2.19 MB, 1600x1600, flloyd mandingo by blazbaros.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol, cool. Go nuts.

>> No.52957895

Plague marines don't need a gas mask.

>> No.52957911

Yes, but he needs one to indulge his fart fetish.

>> No.52957960

I'm looking forward to it, my main problem with Rogue Trader is we couldn't be chaos, and the GM we had, while he's okay at GMing and knows loads about the fluff, tends to have a hard on for being loyalist.
That's not going to stop him from hooking one up to his intestines. I think part of the idea was his breathing would spread some of his gross diseased gut juices in the air, for fluff more than mechanics.

>> No.52958225


>> No.52958348

I mean RT lets you play as non-loyalists, it just doesn't let you go full-KAYOSS. You can be a recidivist mutant who lives outside Imperial law, or Ork/Kroot mercs even. I guess if you really wanted to play Chaos worshipers that makes sense but I've never really seen the appeal in any non-fetish-related circumstance.

>> No.52958451

Speaking of RT, how will the changes coming with 8th edition change your guys campaigns?

Also, if you already have a group (separated) and just need a way to play, is Tabletop Simulator a good option or is roll 20 better?

>> No.52958495

That's the thing, it was hard to even live outside of imperial law with the GM, he had to add the inquisition checking up on us, for some reason. Or we were working for them for some other reason.
Also we didn't know about playing as Orcs or Kroot at the time.
Anyway, he's also the only Loyalist, the rest of us play Chaos or something else in the tabletop, I have an Emp. Children army and I'm building a Daemons of Slaanesh army, the Zerker has Khorne Daemonkin, Salamanders and Blood Angels, so I guess he's a little loyal, plague marine has daemons of Nurgle, Orcs, and Necrons, the Sorcerer has Thousand Sons, and my little brother has 'Nids. Aside from the zerker (who was Arch-Militant) we all just got sick of the inquisition butting into our business every session and making sure we're being good loyalist rogue traders.

>> No.52958523

Ah. I get that. Seems kinda shitty/rules-lawyer-y of him but I guess you made the right choice. Maybe not have him as the GM for a bit, seeing as I can see that's pretty selfish and I even play loyalist Inq on tabletop Sort of. My army is mainly Jokaero weaponsmiths because I prefer memery to winning ever

>> No.52958613

Yeah new GM commented that it sounded boring, so we're all looking forward to being on the other side of Imperial Law, plus if he runs RT we can be a bit less chaos but still work outside of Imperial Law, just stealing shit and selling it for profit, play as actual Space Pirates instead of Privateers for an Inquisition that hates us.

>> No.52958654

The RT game I played we were all criminal scum except the Rogue Trader who passed it off to the Battlefleet/passing Inquisitors as a 'heretic rehabilitation ship' when in reality he was just kind of a rebellious prick whose family got shafted by the Adeptuses one too many times.

>> No.52958732

We didn't have a player Rogue Trader, GM just ruled he was comatose on his planet and we were acting with his signature. My Renegade house Navigator ended up being in charge of the ship and was the one who ended up having to do most of the negotiating as I was the one with most authority/prestige/actual social skills. Was annoying since we had like 3 characters with mutations and a tech priest, thankfully my own mutations were easily hidden but we had someone with a tentacle arm. Next time I'm rolling up the rogue trader, I usually end up as party leader anyway with the other players being kind of passive.

>> No.52959159
File: 378 KB, 2000x1600, The New 40k Galaxy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Calixis (DH1), Koronus (RT) and Scarus (OW) are explicitly fine in GW's new map. It's Askellon that got BTFO when the Eye extended, so DH2 is no longer a valid setting, and the Hadex Anomaly grew monstrously, so Jericho Reach (DW) is fucking completely gone. The Screaming Vortex (BC), being chaos, is presumably business as normal.


I'm holding off my upcoming Only War game until 8th Edition hits, and I can survey the changes. Given how half the galaxy is cut off at any given time, it can be kind of limiting, if you need something on the other side. With Rowboat's Great Crusade 2: Electric Boogaloo, though, it opens some REAL nice opportunities, for both crusading and new / returned technology. I mean, how can you say things like the Sicaran and Jetbikes are lost technology when you now have multiple peeps present who actually invented the things and understand them fully?

>> No.52960007

was askellon really that close to the eye?

>> No.52960151

So I guess if you're running an Only War game from modules or in that region, they should never see hide nor hair of Tau at all.

>> No.52960238

The Eye grew in size.

>> No.52960269


looking at the positions, askellon is fine. calixis, scarus, and askellon form roughly a straight line, the ixaniad sector closer to the eye of terror than the three of them, it being either between them and the finial sector, or the finial sector taking the place of the ixaniad sector.

askellon would be to the right of and slightly down compared to scarus.

>> No.52961795

Correct me if I am wrong but don't psykers hate being close to untouchables how and what pain did you relieve from her

>> No.52961968

>psykers hate being close to untouchables

>> No.52962262

Hello /40krpg/, I'm going to be running my first game of Rogue Trader, and it will be my first 40k RPG in meatspace (I haven't played the wargame). For those who play irl, how do you handle combat? Miniatures seem like the easiest way and I use wet-erase marker on a vinyl map grid for Pathfinder so I could do something similar instead of terrain, but GW miniatures are expensive. From what I read some people abstract combat because they don't want it to turn into the wargame, is that wise or even a problem? I'm running for a group of relative newbie D&D initiates, our campaign is wrapping up and a few want something in space and one is specifically reading about 40k.

>> No.52962337

Use lego

>> No.52962445

That sounds neat. Any issues with scale?

>> No.52962483

As long as you remember that things like range and movement are measured in one meter increments, you'll be fine.

>> No.52962725

>Nurgle Marine might be taking a grenade launcher, if he can.
There's a weapon modification that allows Legionnaires to wield mortal-issue weapons by making room for their fuckhuge fingers on the trigger, but I have a soft spot for the mental image of a CSM with a shoulder-mounted grenade launcher networked via Weapon MIU cybernetic.
The Voss-pattern Grenade Launcher is also worth a look. Iirc it's from either Only War or DH1e, and given its power the GM might not allow it, but it's hilarious. S/3/- on a launcher with a 6-shot magazine, so you can go full Junkrat and just lob grenades in the general direction of the enemy while giving zero fucks about Ballistic Skill because even if you miss, Scatter might land your grenades where they're needed. I always enjoy using it, preferably with a variable load for maximum fuck you - there's nothing like a krak grenade nailing an apostate cleric in the gut and frying him before a hallucinogen grenade and an incendiary grenade Scatter into the pews to announce that the Inquisition is in the building.
Better than thinking there's xenos on her leg and hacking it off with a chainaxe.
Nothing spoils a heretic mass like hallucinogens.
Carrying both shouldn't be hard, and actually makes a cool mental image (rifle and GL both slung and ready to Quick Draw) but in a pinch you could just get an underbarrel grenade launcher for the Howler. It's one-shot, but it doesn't require swapping, so if your GM doesn't let Quick Draw or a shoulderstrap keep you from having to drop a gun to swap to another without taking time to stow the first, it's worth getting.
Placeholders like bottlecaps or erasers can work fine, but if your players want to model their characters that can be a fun project. A dry erase grid is great if you're using a map; just remember to incorporate some cover.

>> No.52963168

40ks NotMiami

The capital city of a Garden world made rich by being the first stop for Rogue Traders fucking around beyond the edges of that end of the Imperium, or a regular Hive with a facade pretty white upper spires paid for by Rogue Trader deals but is just as horrible as every other hive city, surrounded by swamplands inhabited by feral worlders and mutants?

>> No.52963384

Both Calixis and Askellon had bad ends in store as presented in the lore and followed in the modules, from the Slaught and the Pandemonium expanding fatally.

>> No.52963393

With the correct release of hormones and a certain mindset+predilection, pain becomes pleasure.

>> No.52963938

>underbarrel grenade launcher on a Howler Rifle
I do love the idea of an emergency grenade for when things go horribly wrong, I'd have rapid reload so it being one shot wouldn't be too annoying.

>> No.52965211


>> No.52965328


Scarus sector where OW officially takes place has zero Tau, and zero chance of meeting them, since they're on the other end of the galaxy.

>> No.52965539

Im not aware of any fluff about Necrontyr. However, I'm sure such an advanced race likely had some form of power armor, though, probably not too different from how their metal bodies ended up being. Maybe take basic power armor and add some homebrewed advanced subsystems and features that seem appropriate and resemble existing Necron traits/features. Maybe the armor mends itself and its wearer, like with a Regeneration Trait or something? Maybe it makes it much easier to teleport the wearer, due to hyper advanced teleport beacons? Maybe it allows the wearer to use Necron weapons more easily?

>> No.52966393

>believing the Slaugth were a real threat ever
Oh no so scary worm piles

>> No.52966433

I mean it also takes place in the Jericho Reach for the Achilus crusade, where the Tau are.

>> No.52967016

For added fun, make the whole thing a daemon weapon.

>> No.52967073

jericho reach was DW only, really, with wacky galactic warp portal to allow marines to fight nids and tau. The jericho reach is pretty fucked right now, considering it would be almost entirely swallowed by the great rift, as the hadex anomaly was in the center of it.

>> No.52967538

I mean it is explicitly mentioned in OW with descriptions of the Margin Crusade redirecting there

>> No.52967868
File: 1.05 MB, 1832x1196, Jericho_Reach.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the warp portal is in the margin region of the halo stars and dudes that go there don't come back, like sure your regiment could end up in the Jericho reach but then they're unable to interact with any of the dh1/dh2/rt/ow setting stuff.

also, looking at the map of the jericho reach, it's settling in harder that jericho is hard fucked.

>> No.52968008

hhmm. you think this horrible warp rift stuff going on, the severan dominate would rejoin the imperium if it hasn't forcefully been pulled in already because ow is like in the 740's or something?

>> No.52970551


>> No.52970823


no forgiveness for traitors. they will die or die trying.

>> No.52971325

The Imperium wants those worlds back, and with the common threat of xenos and Chaos looming, it's perfectly believable that the Dominate might arrange a capitulation that lets the Imperium reintegrate them and save face. An heir to the Dominate could easily convert to the Imperial Creed and lead an uprising against the family head, whether staged with the ruler's help for the good of the family and the Dominate or an actual betrayal. Nobles have turned on their own and been permitted to retain governorship for bending the knee before.
Of course, Dominate soldiers might have to be executed, but that just opens up wonderful opportunities to roleplay ex-Sevaran Penal Legions.
I believe it's listed in the books as the Auxiliary Grenade Launcher. Look into getting Exterminator Cartridges, too - one-use flamers that tack on to your rifle come in handy when enemy Hordes get too close, and slapping on a silly number of modules and customizations to turn a simple weapon into a tacticool monstrosity is a) funny and b) excessive. Praise the Prince. I think Slaanesh would approve of a scope, a bayonet (preferably Chain for vibrations and noise), an underbarrel grenade launcher, an exterminator cartridge or two, a modified stock, and a custom grip all being applied to a Howler Rifle to Claim it as Yours and Yours Alone. That'd be one hell of a Legacy Weapon.

>> No.52971745
File: 96 KB, 250x250, 6c7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Goddamnit, ever since I typed that out the gun's been stuck in my head
The sleekness of its frame marred by protruding upgrades, the heat that washes over the area when an Exterminator Cartridge is expended, the buck and roar of an Overload shot, the way the stock and grip are molded perfectly to each contour of the sole wielder's body, the way they conduct the vibrations as the chainbayonet rips and grinds through armour into flesh and bone, the spatter of warm blood and chunks of flesh as the bayonet tears free...
Slaanesh pls go

>> No.52971810
File: 150 KB, 1475x542, ghibelline howler rifle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I imagine Howler Rifles looking something like this.

>> No.52971902

Me and my friend trade off GMing in our party, and he ran a good Rogue Trader campaign, then we switched to d&d for a while. Now the party wants to get back into Rogue Trader, and I'm up next for GMing. The problem is that I could never get a handle on the game mechanics/balancing.
Is there some, like, beginner's guide or cheat sheet I can use, or any streams or podcasts of it I can listen to to get a grip on it?

>> No.52972646
File: 807 KB, 990x650, sister of dakka.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But anon, they're creepy monsters that run a huge criminal empire or something because they can't fight head on because of their natural weakness to the FLAMES OF THE RIGHTEOUS excuse me

>> No.52972738


They were also what reduced the Dark Angels from the biggest Legion to a middling one, creeped out the Space Wolves, spooked the shit out of Horus, and destroyed at least one of the lost legions.

>> No.52972897

>can't fight head on
Dude, those things are fucking nightmarish to fight. Just ask the Storm Wardens.
They just don't usually bother to fight, because unlike most races, they don't see much point in putting themselves on the frontlines when they can manipulate or fleshcraft expendable troops into doing it for them. There's always some schmuck willing to make a deal for forbidden technology, but a deal with the goddamn brainmaggots always serves THEIR ends and screws everyone else sooner or later.

>> No.52973397

What daemonic weapon property should I add though? I planned on getting a daemon sword with the shrieking property for extra concussive, it hadn't occurred to me to add it to my gun.
That is deliciously excessive and I'm totally doing it.
Please stop, my penis can only get so erect.

>> No.52973411

Should I get Dead Men Walking or the Word Bearers omnibus?

>> No.52974187
File: 107 KB, 510x546, 1418444340828.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, while reading Tome of Excess I noticed a few rules and things that weren't Slaanesh dedicated, is the same true for the other Tomes? Should I download the other Tomes even if I exclusively dedicate myself to Slaanesh? Is there worthwhile Slaaneshi stuff or no?
I'm aware the Tome of Decay has rules for crafting Daemon Engines but other than that, playing a bit of Rogue Trader, and binge reading the core rules and Tome of Excess I'm kind of new to Black Crusade and 40k RPG in general.
I just noticed the hilarious Khorne ritual in Tome of Excess and wondering if I might be missing some Slaaneshi stuff from the other tomes?

>> No.52974343

Each tome has an aligned and an undivided archetype for both chaos marines and mortals.

>> No.52974369

Each Tome is primarily aligned with its corresponding god, but you can find some unaligned stuff in there too that could fit with other alignments.

>> No.52974395

Actually in Tome of Excess only the Dark Apostle begins play unaligned, other 3 archetypes are all Slaanesh.
So, extra weapons, drugs, armor, weapon modifications? Stuff like that?

>> No.52974516

Drugs are only found in Core and Excess.

Blood has a shitload of melee weapons, and only the daemon weapons are Khorne-specific; the others can be useful for some kind of gladiator theme, maybe. Blood also has rules for Legacy Weapons and Mounted Vehicles, like motorcycles. Legacy Weapons could be a cool replacement for Daemon Weapons, since they reward you for sticking with a "favorite" weapon even when "better" options are available.

Fate has a bunch of psychic powers, with expansions upon the Slaanesh discipline. Obviously good for a psyker.

Decay has rules for Daemon Engines, Possessed, and Daemon Princes, all of which can be Slaanesh aligned, so you can bring some heavy hitters to the table.

>> No.52974586

>motorcycles and legacy weapons
Downloading Blood now thanks.

I may not be a psyker, but my little brother is being a Slaaneshi psyker/flesh shaper so I'll get Fate too, and I might as well download Decay for those daemon engines and princes.

>> No.52974632
File: 1.83 MB, 2560x1037, anc_hero_07_warlock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stat me.

>> No.52974656

Can you make a daemon weapon into a legacy weapon?

>> No.52974690

I believe Blood covers rules on how to do so, but advises that its up to the GM to decide whether or not to allow this, since it can be overpowered. However, it still gives rules on what to do in case it's permitted.

>> No.52974726

There's also some very important horde rules for humans

>> No.52974733

You can't choose what a daemonic weapon gets.

>> No.52974770

Good to know
fuck, alright, I'll just shove a daemon in my gun and see what happens

>> No.52974787

No, only the other way around and it is a fuckton harder to keep as you need both a daemonic mastery roll AND an elevation test every time either of the two would be called upon i.e. you're probably not keeping it for more than a few tests at most unless if you're endgame levels of power and infamy.

>> No.52975051

Is it possible to have 2 legacy weapons? One ranged and one melee? Near as I can tell defending myself with a sword doesn't force me to pass an infamy test if my legacy weapon is a gun and vice versa, unless I'm reading it wrong.

>> No.52975076

They're also very few in number. Not a dying race per se, but I always assumed that reproducing is rather difficult for them, so the death of even a handful of Slaught is a serious concern.

>> No.52975105
File: 73 KB, 751x862, khorne berzerker dual chainaxes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can't have two Legacy weapons UNLESS your "signature weapon" (which is what a Legacy weapon is supposed to be) is actually a pair of weapons used via Two-Weapon Wielder, like a shield and sword, or pair of pistols, or pistol/chainaxe combo or something. Blood has rules covering many of the questions you're asking, so just download that, read through the Legacy Weapon section carefully, and you should be fine.

>> No.52975240

>He doesn't have a gunsword for melee and ranged
Get gud heretic

>> No.52975271

I'm still reading it all, just got up to the bit about legacy sets.
But I can still use a sword if my legacy weapon is a gun or should I just try to get my rifle balanced and attach a mono-chain bayonet?
That's what I'm considering, I want to parry and counter-attack though.

>> No.52975387

>Please stop, my penis can only get so erect.
Glad I wasn't the only one, I was shivering while I typed it. But accepting limitations on how erect you can get isn't very devout of you. Kick reason to the curb and go beyond the impossible; that's hoe Slaanesh rolls.
Every book is worthwhile, for the equipment if nothing else. They all have Undivided shit, and Tome of Decay has half again as many archetypes folded in since no pure Undivided book got made.
That actually does raise the question of how weapons with multiple 'components' work as a Legacy Weapon. If you have a bayonet, an auxiliary grenade launcher, and two Exterminator Cartridges on a rifle, do they all count as one gun, gaining Legacy bonuses, or as separate weapons, subjecting the ranged options to the test to use a different weapon than the rifle at the core?
If your signature weapon is melee, you can use guns at no penalty, and vice versa, but unless dual wielding as a paired set you can only have a single Legacy Weapon. If you invest in a Recoil Glove and the Ambidextrous talent, you might be able to do that with a rifle and sword, but as a GM I probably wouldn't allow it.

>> No.52975416

The point of a Legacy Weapon is that you only use that particular weapon even when other, "better" options of the same weapon type are available. You gain the benefits of a Legacy Weapon when you just use that one weapon, and may lose the benefits if you start to use other weapons.

If you have a Legacy weapon, you are allowed to use other weapons that aren't the same type as your Legacy Weapon. So for example, if you have a sword for a Legacy Weapon, you only use that sword for melee. No other melee weapons, or else you risk the sword losing Legacy Weapon status. However, you're still allowed to use any type of ranged weapon as you see fit, since those weapons wouldn't be competing with the sword anyway.

An exception to the "no other weapon" rule is if you have Two-Weapon Wielder and your Legacy Weapon is one handed. Then, you may use other weapons, even others of the same type, in your other hand. The Legacy Weapon maintains Legacy Weapon status so long as you favor the Legacy Weapon in all things. Ex: You've got that same Legacy sword from before in your right hand. You never let go of it, and it's your primary weapon in melee. In your left hand, you use whatever else is convenient, ranged or melee. When you use other melee weapons, you need to favor the Legacy sword, using it to make the first attack each time, for example. Basically, if you have to choose between the Legacy Weapon or the other weapon, you choose the Legacy, or else risk losing Legacy status.

>> No.52975485
File: 286 KB, 2528x2378, clxJcsr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could use some help in the Rogue Trader game I am running

The players have set up a colony on a world where a bunch of fragments from a Space Hulk crashed in order to mine it for Archeotech. While investigating one of the fragments the players found a handful of (damaged) Men of Iron constructs inside so they quarantined the ship and forbade anyone go near it. Only the Explorator succeeded on his forbidden lore test to identify the constructs.

The players just arrived at the Lathe worlds and the Explorator blabbed to the High Fabricator about the Men of Iron they found on the planet (and the fact that he stored some deconstructed bodies aboard the ship). In response the High Fabricator seized the RT's ship and is planning an expedition in force to the colony.

How should I try to play this turn of events in a way that the entire crew doesn't get turned into servitors and have their planet Exterminatused for extreme ultra tech-heresy without it reeking of GM deus ex Machina. I don't want to destroy the entire campaign because of these events. So far the players have generally been upstanding Rogue Traders loyal to the Imperium (with only minor heresy).

>> No.52975593

>But I can still use a sword if my legacy weapon is a gun or should I just try to get my rifle balanced and attach a mono-chain bayonet?
Get both. Wear the sword for captainliness, wave it around while making speeches or addressing your crew. Use it to parry and maybe counter in combat, though with Parry and Counter Attack both being Aligned to Khorne you're probably better off investing in Dodge, since that works in melee AND at range, relies on Agility so you can dump WS if you have a decent pistol, and is Slaanesh-aligned.
Keep the bayonet around for delicious excess and the tingling sensation in your palms as revs of the chainblade send rumbles through the whole weapon's frame, as well as emergency melee usage when there's no time to draw the sword. (Even if you have Quick Draw, your hands may be full of rifle.)

tl;dr don't bother investing in Parry, just dodge and blam things at point blank or skewer them with a chainblade. Get a sword anyway for ornamental captainliness.

>> No.52975599

>While investigating one of the fragments the players found a handful of (damaged) Men of Iron constructs inside so they quarantined the ship and forbade anyone go near it.
>So far the players have generally been upstanding Rogue Traders loyal to the Imperium (with only minor heresy).

Maybe some kind of trial or tribunal where the Fabricator decides what to do? Allow the PCs to make their cases, and show that they made the best move that could be done given the circumstances and came straight to the Fabricator to handle this? Surely that should show that these fine men are no traitors, but rather loyal Imperials who happened upon one of the many horrors of our galaxy.

>> No.52975646

The High Fabricator, in typical cogboy fashion, wants to ignore common sense and start building the Men of Iron

It's the RT's job to stop this of course

>> No.52975722

But can I make my howler rifle balanced and parry with a bayonet?
I'm starting with +10 Parry so it won't count towards alignment, and I'm planning on so many Slaanesh aligned talents and skills that 1 Khorne talent isn't going to affect my alignment at all.
Plus since I start with +10 Parry I can buy +10 Dodge towards my Slaanesh alignment.
I can very much quick draw the sword with my rifle in hand thanks to pistol grip, I just can't dual wield them, also Duellist's Grip on my sword, still not sure if I want mono-chainsword or just straight power sword.

>> No.52975725

I doubt it's a matter of loyalty so much as the AdMech wanting this to stay quiet, but someone might notice if an RT went missing, so the High Fabricator might find it more convenient to mindwipe them than servitorize them if it comes to that.
A trial sounds like a great idea, though, and coming straight to the Mechanics should earn them some goodwill for devoutness and proper procedure in the eyes of the Machine God.
Voidships aren't that expendable. After a VERY THOROUGH check for scrapcode, MoI influence, or any other kind of corruption, the ship will likely be returned. Might be a long trial, to leave time for a full sweep, but hey, if they make it out alive the ship will be freshly oiled and maintained while they waited, and then hopefully returned to their care.

>> No.52975850

Barring Deathwatch Forgemaster shenanigans, a Balanced bayonet isn't going to happen.
Mono doesn't work on chain weapons; they have pen built in. The closest thing to a mono chainsword would be an Eldar chainsword, which would admittedly be great for a Slaaneshi pirate to wrest from the corpse grip of a Corsair.
A Khorne talent will affect you; Counter Attack isn't cheap even at Unaligned cost, and will delay your access to Slaanesh alignment discounts by an advance. If you're gonna be Parrying, though, it's probably a worthy investment. Since you'll be taking an Advance from an enemy Patron, you might want to consider picking up something from Nurgle too before you Align, since having one from each of the two won't hurt more than having one of just Khorne. Tzeentch will be holding on to Allied costs post-Alignment, so he can wait if there's nothing you particularly need, though taking more than the one advance will delay your Mark.

>> No.52976114

I don't think there's any Nurgle talents I really want that I don't start with, also i just checked, Counter Attack is under unaligned unless there was errata on it.
So since I can't balance my rifle, I'll just shove a bunch of other upgrades on it, pain vents, pistol grip, telescopic sight, underbarrel grenade launcher, exterminator catridge, and use some kind of balanced sword for when enemies come in close, switching my legacy howler rifle to my off hand in pistol grip and quick drawing my sword as a free action.
Eldar Chainsword sounds hilariously good, and I imagine a pirate allied to Slaanesh would take great joy in crushing any soul stones, or maybe collecting them and crushing six during rituals dedicated to Slaanesh. What book has the eldar chainsword gonna download it immediately.

>> No.52976451

>Counter is Unaligned
Huh, really? My mistake.
Just remember, Quick Draw may be a Free Action, but you still have to do it on your own turn. Watch out for enemies with a long Charge distance, and Draw as a free after shooting if they get close.
Aye, Eldar Chainsword seems hilariously appropriate for a Slaaneshi. It should be in whichever Rogue Trader book added the option to play an Eldar Corsair.

>> No.52976542


A trial could work, but my big concern is that the High Fabricator will want to keep this quiet. A trial could be too high profile.

If there's a space hulk roaming around filled with Men of Iron that's probably something the Fabricator want's to keep on the down low to stop a panic from sweeping the area.

I do think that he can reach some sort of deal with the RT and crew, however. They don't really know what they've stumbled upon in character (apart from the Explorator), but having the RT hired to track down the Men of Iron hulk and kill them is a possibility since it limits the spread of knowledge to people who already know. Ordinarily the Admech would send their own fleet to do this, but in my game the Admech has several opposing factions and has been much weakened by the Malygrisian Tech Heresy (which concluded only a few short decades ago). It wouldn't take much to set off another Civil War, and a hulk filled with Archeotech and Men of Iron could easily be the spark that sets the whole thing off. The Fabricator wants to keep the powder keg from exploding for as long as possible.

>> No.52976633

Running my chargen session and maybe a brief intro on Monday.

Was thinking of doing a mock combat near the beginning. Do holodecks exist in 40k?

>> No.52976653

Stuff a daemonette into it for double the Slaaneshi.

>> No.52976664

Training servitors do as do other trainees.

>> No.52976685

A trial needn't be public; the AdMech might be big on knowledge, but not so much on disseminating it. It could be as simple as a long interrogation of each if them and a deal offered to the RT, though a more civil gathering where they're questioned by a small council of senior techpriests subordinate and sympathetic to the High Fabricator.
Stopping panic might not be too hard; not many people even know the Forbidden Lore to recognize a term like "Men of Iron," though a Space Hulk is always concerning.
Sending the explorers with some AdMech backing, perhaps in the form of high explisves, to go board a Space Hulk sounds pretty great for the campaign. Plundering Space Hulks is always good fun and spoopy as shit, and they were looking for archaeotech in the first place anyway.

>> No.52976740

There's a Ship Component in RT that's pretty much a holodeck, but it's far from a common piece of technology. Fulldive VR might actually be more common, and conventional training halls do exist. Inquisitorial Paintball could be a great tutorial.
I can hear the Farseers' <<autistic shrieking>> from here.

>> No.52976780

Thanks, I'm planning to run a RT campaign set in the 42nd millennium, set after a current campaign where if everything goes right the players will empire build. The sequel would, of course, be focused around trying to make everything less shitty for them.

>> No.52976863

Which book adds Corsair?
I found an Eldar Powersword in Into the Storm.
Do I get bonus points if I shatter soul stones and seduce the daemonette?
and sensually clean and maintain the blade after every battle whispering to it as much as it whispers to

>> No.52977035

Oh man Jericho is really fucked. The Hadex Anomaly swallowing everything would be a net gain for the Imperium, compared to Dagon wandering into Calixis through the warp portal or something.

>> No.52977038

I'm planning on the ship being assaulted so I want them to have their weapons when shit hits the fan. Ammo isn't an issue because I have that planned out. I just need an excuse for them to hit requisitions while on board and get any nonstandard gear they might get on a mission.

>> No.52977043

Actually, yes. Take a look at summoning ritual modifiers 5-22 in core and 2-8 in tomb of excess.

>> No.52977153
File: 276 KB, 684x1169, stupid_sexy_slaanesh_by_comicker_kai-d5547qg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think Slaanesh would be fine letting me borrow one daemonette if I offer six Eldar souls then

>> No.52977378

Are there rules for Gal Vorbak in black crusade?

>> No.52977407

Tome of Decay has rules for Daemonic Possession. You might be able to approximate Gal Vorbak with the greater flexibility than tabletop, but the rules are designed to represent 40K's comparatively weaksauce Possessed.

>> No.52978053

>Which book adds Corsair?

Sadly it's a homebrew book. It's in the OP.

>> No.52978314

I forgot they were separate things. What are the possession rules like?

>> No.52978467

Oh, damn, not sure if GM would allow that since it's homebrew.
I'll try for the Eldar Powersword then, putting a daemon of Slaanesh into an Eldar Powersword, especially if I torture six Eldar for 6 days and offer their soul stones in exchange for said daemon sounds fun.

>> No.52979055
File: 47 KB, 600x480, 9fc83574eb760993e67d5f32e3b13ae4_60546.jpg__thumb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>becoming a Daemon Prince in Tome of Decay
>only daemon weapons, legacy weapons, and corrupted weapons can be used, transforming with the Prince and becoming an extension of them
Was Doomrider's bike a legacy mount?

>> No.52979095

No, it isn't, it is made to cover the armpit breach, its a small armpit-shield.

Not that anon but Imperial Knights have it too, my Paladin has a besagew as big as a warboss

>> No.52980426

Has anyone made homebrew for Black Crusade for Chaos Undivided?

Seriously, of all GW's weird decisions their underplaying of Chaos Undivided as an actual path is top of the goddamn list...

E: No, fuck you Cap, a sax is not a horn (it's a woodwind).

>> No.52982120


but Chaos Undivided doesn't exist anymore

>> No.52983965

The Word Bearers are at the door. I think they'd like to have a Word with you.

>> No.52983987


>> No.52984137

It exists at the organizational level. Not at the personal level.
On a personal level, saying you're undivided is the same as saying you either aren't powerful enough or haven't put in the time to draw the attention of one of the greater entities.

>> No.52984163

>Who is Lorgar

>> No.52984281

Where did the quote "have faith, word bearer" come from? Google does not avail me.

>> No.52984443


> A primarch along with perty in an awkward spot after GW retconned Undivided without thinking of the consequences.

>> No.52984459


Horus Heresy novels

>> No.52985025


Exactly, it makes literally no fucking sense. Chaos u-Div is literally what kicks off the motivating event that makes 30k into 40k, FFS.

>> No.52985187
File: 20 KB, 236x398, cultist with helmet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Worst fucking fluff change. Weird little gods and random demons were a cool part of Chaos fluff. Now they're all strict and orderly and you have to pick which of four flavors you wanna be.

>> No.52986375

I have never DMed a 40k rpg before but have some experience dming. My group is getting ready to start a campaign and currently have 5 players with a sixth waiting in the wings.

Is 6 players too much for a new Only War DM to handle? Would it significantly slow down the game?

In 5e our group ran just about as smoothly with 2 players as with 5 so I'm not sure what the upper limit should be. It actually seems like it'd take pressure off of me having to worry about squadmate NPCs as much.

>> No.52986888


And such a weird thing to go to the mat over, too.

I mean: why exactly are there no Undivided princes, other than "we said so"?

>> No.52988264

I don't mind Princes having to be aligned; it makes sense that the energies of a deliberately granted Ascenscion have to come from a God, and that only Lorgar and Perturabo were important enough for the Four to cooperate and not sabotage each other's energies.
But just because Princes have to be aligned doesn't mean that Chaos Undivided is automatically Chaos Undecided. Unaligned simply hasn't Aligned yet, or chooses to avoid the gifts of Chaos, but Undivided is actively worshipping all four major Dark Powers. There's still plenty of room for other weird shit bourne of the Warp.

>> No.52990098

I always liked the concept of a chaos lord attempting to use the forces of chaos to his own ends instead of following their whim, and thus being undivided, but I'm now sure how realistic that is with current fluff.

>> No.52991387

Rate the following quest hook.
A tablet made of an unknown material that has different script on it depending on who reads it. A ministorum priest would see an as of yet unknown excerpt from the lectitio divinitatus, a word bearer might see a prophecy from the book of lorgar, and a tau might see teachings handed down from an etherial. All of these writings would eventually hint that the reader should go to planet X and do action Y, which results in the release of a shard of mephet'ran, the deceiver.

>> No.52991449

>A ministorum priest would see an as of yet unknown excerpt from the lectitio divinitatus, a word bearer might see a prophecy from the book of lorgar,
I see what you did there and I approve whole heartedly, you glorious sonuvabitch.

Also, I like the quest hook so much I might end up stealing it.

>> No.52991531

Is it because they're the same book?

>> No.52991576

If I remember right, yes

>> No.52992154

What system do you run? I was having trouble deciding whether it would work better in Black Crusade or Rogue Trader.

>> No.52992189 [SPOILER] 
File: 991 KB, 500x281, 1493597905569.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I must ask for help, I need to know the best way to become Fuckin' Invincible
Dark Heresy 2E

>> No.52992287

If a player in Rogue Trader starts accumulating corruption points and slowly begins leading the rest of the crew/party towards gaining corruption could he conceivably switch the system to Black Crusade without changing characters, thereby causing the entire crew to fall to Chaos with him?

>> No.52992312

Depends on the campaign I have planned in question, but I'm currently planning a Rogue Trader campaign and I've run DH1, DH2 and Only War.

>> No.52992369

>Black Crusade
You can play Rogue Trader as criminal renegades with high corruption if you don't start outright worshiping Chaos

>> No.52992396

But could the campaign shift into outright worshipping chaos, shifting from "space pirates doing it for money" to "heretics doing it for the glory of the ruinous powers"?

>> No.52992534

well yes but keep in mind that you'd be making them shitloads stronger if you're converting them based on accumulated EXP

>> No.52993045

That's explicitly a thing, but is usually goes poorly for the Lords in the end.
Max Toughness, Agility, and Dodge, get Best Craftsmanship Subskin Armour and Cranial Plating, maybe get cybernetic limbs and heavy armour. If you wear power armour, take the Feudal World background so you're not stuck fatrolling.
Why convert them? Just take away their advancement tables and have further advancement be through BC's Aligned tables, with everything they have so far counting as a unique Archetype.

>> No.52994917


>> No.52997092

Have any of you ever seen the swimming part of athletics used?

>> No.52997209

Radical's handbook, Transgenic Crafting.

1e DH has literally Everything.

>> No.52997229

Buy The Flesh is Weak from Only War.

God, everything past BC is a fucking mess.

>> No.52997504

Large bodies of water aren't very grimdark, so no.

>> No.52997537

What about large bodies of water outside of a hive?

>> No.52997627

Paradise world's are a thing.
Sewer systems and underwater infiltration.

>> No.52998623

how are people's efforts at consolidating other systems stuff into DH2e's system?

>> No.52998913

Sure. Drudging through sewers and water filtration systems, or feral world oceans in Dark Heresy. And in Rogue Trader, getting mileage out of the good old sunken pirate treasure trope.

>> No.52999137

Favorite character I've played was the brief campaign where I rolled an Exorcised Crusader from Dark Echo. The eventual plan was a sage-warrior character who was hard to break, preferably with a shock-kite-shield, carapace, and chainaxe. He would absorb forbidden lore and torture foes for even minutiae about their fellows (his malignancy was an obsession for knowledge of evil things).

>> No.52999396
File: 118 KB, 317x238, yugi-5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ships down
>needs repairs
>we need to get across a body of water on this planet
>we have no idea what xenos live on this planet
>the [plot device] we need is on the other landmass
>close enough to swim, still pretty decent distance
I guarantee not a single player will go near the water unless they're insane, suicidal, overconfident, or all three.

>> No.52999469

Yes, in my game, the party just recently had to swim through a flooded corridor.
The rules for holding your breath in the game lines is pretty borked, tho.

>> No.52999831
File: 697 KB, 2560x1600, 52c9822c-ecb7-4d15-8fa2-66a461c2836c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

U wot, m8?
Fenris' oceans have fuckhuge ice krakens living in them, preying on fuckhuge whales and shit
Disney's Atlantis is just begging to be adapted as an Ocean World for an archaeotech survey
Lake monsters can be grimdark as fuck

You don't even need monstrous xenos and/or machines to make water spooky; the murky darkness and crushing pressure of the deeps can get to some players with careful narration, though calling for Awareness tests that end up just being fish or kelp or something do help. Hell, something as innocuous as a fish can really fuck with people if the water is known to be so polluted by industrial Hive waste that nothing should be surviving in it; large bodies of water are fantastic for emphasizing Hive World pollution. And that's without even bringing up Ork Submersibles...
Stalled due to real life.

>> No.53000038

I always wanted to play a Slaanesh aligned gourmand, obsessed with delicious poisons and new flavors.

Did you know that pure capsaicin will kill you? Not if the Prince of Pain and Pleasure favors you!

>> No.53000426

>Everything past BC is a fucking mess

Have you even played BC? My group is playing it again right now, after playing another stint of DH2 and Only War. BC is the most unbalanced, poorly designed, and most worty to be called a fucking mess of all the 40k rpgs, and it took 2 more iterations of the system to even come close to fixing a lot of the shit in BC.

Still probably my favorite of all of the lines though, even with all of its problems.

>> No.53002539


>> No.53002738

Does anyone play all the systems by their individual rulebooks?
My groups tends to use only the character advancement and unique rules of a system, while the core rules (like lightning attack or unnatural characteristics) is a mix-mash of all the systems depending on which system we think did it best..

Just wondering how common this is.

>> No.53003338

My group does that. We're currently playing Rogue Trader and using it's classes and advancement, but mostly using Dark Heresy 2s combat rules and talents/traits.

>> No.53004577
File: 231 KB, 1273x768, 1446340597589.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Swamp planet in Only War.

>> No.53004786

God that sounds like a shitshow.

>> No.53005210

Join the Guard, they said. It's your best chance to get off this wretched mudball, they said.

>> No.53005542

I had my players start as survivors of a crash on a water world. IGs of the Space Caribbean.

>> No.53005771

How quickly can a character swap scopes on their gun?
It's clearly not a "snap-on, snap-off" kind of thing that takes less than a round, but can they do it on their own in, say, ten minutes? An hour? Or does it require a cabal of techpriests, ten pounds of incense and three days?
One of my players made a sniper and wants to switch between a telescopic and photo sight as needed.

>> No.53005854

Trade Armorer/Tech Use check, the more DoS, the faster it is.
Say 5 minutes standing, 30 seconds with 4+ DoS

>> No.53006626

>captures a whole slew of guardsmen and serves them food that's ridiculously spicy/sour/bitter
>when they complain, gets angry and slaughters them all for having "an undeveloped palate"

>> No.53006683
File: 437 KB, 1672x1237, 1490934904249.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This goes down the path of the fattening fetishes way too quickly, even for Slaanesh.

>killing your guests
It's both poor form and a poor resolution. It's some AdultSwim-tier shit narrative conclusion.

>> No.53006764
File: 57 KB, 620x383, leviathan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Leviathan always scared the shit out of me when I was little.
Bonus points if you have Mrs. Packard as a bored tech-priestess on the comms

>> No.53006800

>It's some AdultSwim-tier shit narrative conclusion.
You think so? I was thinking more along the lines of some Misery-style abusive host/captor relationships.

>> No.53007342

>And so I told the Magos, "that robe is just so..."
>Sorry Eunice, got another line
>Uh-huh, uh-huh, whaddya mean, yeah whatever
>So as I was saying, that robe was just so unflattering

>> No.53007956

Are there any rules for Beastmen characters or enemies?
Are they even canon at the moment?

>> No.53008109
File: 68 KB, 600x620, 99120102068_ThousandSonsTzangors02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Are there any rules for Beastmen characters or enemies?
Not explicitly, but I think some of the various mutant enemies across the gamelines are close to beastmen. As for characters? Not that I can recall.
>Are they even canon at the moment?
Yes, pic related.

>> No.53008317

He gets offended and decides to modify their tongues using horrible chaos rituals so that every sensation they experience is so intense it's agonizing, to ensure they properly appreciate his cooking expertise

>> No.53008420

>tfw FFG does not have the license anymore

I love equipment based RPGs with lethal ass cobat, and the only games like that I can think of are the 40k RPGs and Blue Planet

>> No.53008535

(Dark Heresy) What happens if a homeworld gives you a talent, but you don't have a high enough Intelligence to normally gain that talent?

>> No.53008634

You still get the talent, since it is granted (rather than purchased) to you the prereqs are bypassed.

>> No.53008672

You still get it, because it is granted to you, not purchased.

>> No.53009414
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I'm working on a Tzeentch-worshipping Lost and the Damned regiment, but I'm not sure what their schtick should be.
I want them to be very professional and close-knit, more renegades than outright fanatics. Like, very close to the Imperial Guard, but also calling upon the warp regularly to suit their own ends.
Any ideas on what I can do with them? I'm definitely having at least one RT campaign where they impersonate a loyalist regiment and try to take out the party, but beyond that I'm not sure. Maybe they're mercenaries. I don't know.

>> No.53009463

Or maybe they're all heavily mutated but cover it up with varying degrees of success, but once their cover's blown, their whole camp turns into warptastic hallucination.

>> No.53009492


They all have Illusion of Normalcy, and their Tzaangors are covered in sheets. 'Tis a terrible surprise when the sheets are removed and the swole birdmen attack.

>> No.53009511

But I'd still like them to keep the cynical, battle-brother vibe. Like, they're in this for themselves, but Tzeentch has done them some solids and they kid themselves that they're just using the warp, but they're really lost to it.

>> No.53009526
File: 248 KB, 1100x684, tseentch lost and damned 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow, none of these are putting up the pictures I attached.

>> No.53009552
File: 92 KB, 480x700, tseentch lost and damned 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are Tzaangors


>> No.53009625



>> No.53009884

Hey Shas, are the necron character rules in Fear and Loathing for HQ equivalent characters or lesser nobles?

>> No.53010785


The Nemesor, Deathmark Guildmaster, Vargard, Triarch and Cryptek are all lesser nobles, equivalent to HQ and Elite slots in the tabletop. They are what one would reasonably expect to find in a Dynasty's Royal Court. Nemesors, for instance, are equivalent to generals, and subservient to Phaerons. They are the lowest level of Necron capable of independent, coherent thought, since Immortals only have soldier tactics left, and Warriors, nothing. The Phaeron and Vargard Protector in the second book are equivalent to high ranking nobles, the top of Necron social structure.

The C'tand Master is an extended joke.

>> No.53011275

Looking through Fear and Loathing, I think one of my characters is actually quoted...

>> No.53011482
File: 40 KB, 538x620, Tiny Fluffy Kitten.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That is highly likely. Many of the quotes in the books come from players, the rest are those who they interact with.

>> No.53011962

Just make them a Tzeentch worshipping version of the lost detachment from Aguirre, the Wrath of God.

>Small detachment of a larger loyalist regiment sent to scout a frontier planet or something
>If they don't report back with news by X weeks, they will be considered dead
>Second in command leads a mutiny against the CO after hearing whispers of treasure on some unknown part of the planet (possibly straight from the birdman himself)
>Second in command ends up being an oppressive leader, driving his men on long marches with no food by threat of violence and promises (lies) of treasure and glory
>Under near constant attack from shadowy unidentifiable forces
>The soldiers are driven to madness through exhaustion and broken promises. They begin to disbelieve everything they see and hear, even the wounds they've sustained during the long march. This gives the regiment high damage resistance.

>> No.53012078

anyone else have a black crusade party fight a darkheresy party, I did it was wonderful.

>> No.53012111

So my DH2E group/OW group (they switch parties when the Inquisitorial squad inevitably fucks up are wrapping up the Nurgle-cult-contaminates-food-freighter thing I whipped up, and I'm likely gonna have them tasked with brokering peace with a recently rediscovered feral world.

The diplomacy and environmental dangers aside, the real threat is the parallel diplomacy by the Tau, attempting a peaceful conversion of the planet. Trouble is, all the lore I've found for the Tau only covers their style of warfare, and not, say, ways they'd try to bring humans to the Greater Good.

Advanced medicine, food, and weapons are pretty straightforward. Is there anything more specific they'd focus on or offer?

>> No.53012133

Story time?

>> No.53012135

Saying that they'll be able to preserve their way of life while having the protection and unity of the Tau or somesuch.

>> No.53012167

I wonder if there's a way to justify them having the tools/tech/warp needed to print uniforms, the way the US wants to.

Give them excellent language skills and an understanding of vox intelligence and protocol.
Drill them like firefighters and strippers to pull full-kit on and off in minutes.

How do you fight a regiment that becomes any other regiment in the theater on a moment's notice?

This would probably go down the same way the German infiltration attempt during the Bulge did: friendly fire.

>> No.53012171

True, whatever strategic position or endemic resource that warrants an Inquisitorial squad will probably involve clear-cutting the snowy taiga that covers most of the planet.

Are the Tau really satisfied with just planting a metaphorical flag and moving on? I know nothing about their motivations besides Space Communism.

>> No.53012201

Have you run a game with a necron PC or party? How did it go?

>> No.53012305
File: 751 KB, 949x572, C'Tan Star Stories.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No, but I intend to in the future one day, after the Only War game I want to run for peeps here. At least I know what it will be called - "C'tan Star Stories."

I think the biggest thing about Necron characters, from a theoretical point of view, is that they are tough as hell, and with resurrection protocols death ain't no big thang. Most of the conflict and struggle will have to come through social encounters and interactions with others. Maybe they are trying to conquer a world and have to impress / intimidate the natives. Maybe they've been sent as a delegation to a rival dynasty or an enslaved world as inspectors. Maybe they've volunteered as the vanguard against enemies who have come to retake their world. Since every Necron I made, at least, has their full mental faculties intact, it opens up a lot of possibilities for how a given Royal Court wants to do things.

>> No.53012396
File: 386 KB, 714x909, necrontyr_by_captain_asparagus-d76f213.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I always imagined starting a game right before the order to go into hibernation goes out - making sure to hammer home just how fucked the galaxy is - and then have them awaken to some imperial archaeologists landing on the tomb world, which isn't inhabited. After dealing with the humans, they'd learn about some threat to their crownworld which hasn't yet awakened, and have to go wake up their phaeron in order to martial the full might of the legions.

>> No.53013101


You could have a couple of setup / cleanup missions against the ancient Aeldari, the Krork, and the Old Slann to get settled in, then enter the Great Sleep. They would wake up to the Imperium camping their stuff, and could work from there. It can work, not only conquering the humans to re-add the world to your dynasty, but also seeing the devolved Aeldari and Krork.

>> No.53013446
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If you want

let's see some backround first
when I run dark heresy/ most of the 40k RPG's I run it in my "homebrew" sector of Tamahl, which actually exists in the fluff but there are no known planets or anything else about it besides the fact that it is located in segmentum obsurus so tl;dr I can make up shit about it and flesh it out to my tastes.

the sector lord, is also a Lord Inquisitor who also happens to be one of my pc's that I retired and has (surprisingly I might add) survived having MANY groups of acolytes that have come and gone (he is the inquisitor that all my groups serve under in dark heresy)

the dark heresy group that I had in this battle were a group I call "the Incompetent geniuses" as the dice for them NEVER go their way, and thus are often forced to be creative to ever get shit done. but they managed to also survive for a years worth of sessions once a week so they had gotten rather strong, you may be wondering however why they weren't inquisitors yet. well it was because they also managed to fuck up ALOT.
they had about 6 players

the black crusade group is/was a group of 4 CSM that had managed to ravage the sector neiboring my dark heresy sector and they had been playing for about 2 months at this point so taking the xp values into account they were about even in relative strength.

the Black crusade group
Khornate berserker CSM- who became a champion of khorne through lots of skullfucking of dark angels and imperial fists
ANOTHER Khornate berserker CSM- who also skullfucked but not as much as one above
Tzeentch sorceror CSM-had a habit of summoning chaos spawn through perils but was otherwise pretty strong was given a relic by karios fateweaver himself
Slanesshi whipping boy-a guy who's shtick was that he loved to be in pain ALOT so he had a suit made that would continuously spray his skin with acid and then heal him with "warp magic"(best I could come up with while he went into agonizing detail about how good it felt) cont.

>> No.53013640
File: 63 KB, 600x750, 40kinquisition01wk2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dark heresy group
-Sister Hospitallier/SoB-pretty good roleplayer who when it wasn't important could heal just about anyone of anything ever however if the party needed to save ONE person that would be the person she would forget how to heal even if it was JUST a bullet wound.

-Ministorum priest-a very angry priest with a sanctified evisirator and power armor, would badly try to kill the BBEG one on one but would often have his kill stolen, also had his right arm and half his head replaced with cybernetics after he picked up a plasma gun and it you know... exploded(had to burn a fate point for that one).

-Noble desperado-who was only able to hit people who were in one of the following conditions; prone, unconscious, tearing their own eyes out, vomiting, or already dead no exceptions. also forgot his own name at one point

-Guardsman- one of the only people to ever actually hit shit with his weapon (often whatever the priest was fighting) used melta/plasma religiously and through guidance by the emperor would never explode.

-Mutant warrior-Second melee dude had an extra arm that he would "hide" in his armor easier once he got power armor, uses two chainswords. because whenever he got his hands on a powersword he would "lose" it.

-Skillmonkey Techpriest- didn't ever really do much besides complain that the party would commit tech heresy all the time and occasionally order his servitors to kill whatever the party couldn't kill.

there now that that is all out of the way cont.

>> No.53013897
File: 347 KB, 1600x1745, 1423488459247-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

okay now meat time, so the black crusade group decided that they wanted to launch their own "black crusade" as by this point they had amassed quite the army/favors from their respective gods and the cults they had started on the planets they had ravaged near the eye of terror so they wanted to gather new territory, thus they decided (with my suggestion) to infiltrate the Tamahl sector and try to subvert some new souls for the dark gods.

Time for BLACK HERESY lol, i ran them like i would a dark heresy group, they sent their "agents" some new dark heresy characters they had rolled up except they were heretical, and after several sessions they had created several chaos cults on several planets on the fringes of the sector even corrupting the governor on the first one they went too. after some time they eventually overthrew the 3 planets they had taken in the system they had targetted crushing the local pdf and opening a small rift for daemons and such to come through infest their main planet hear after referred to as planet X.

this of course caught the intention of the Lord inquisitor who decided to send a new acolyte team to investigate, when the acolytes get there they investigate for a while before they are killed this is when the Inquisitor notices that planet X is now a daemon infested warp whole so he gathers his sector fleet and goes and lays seige. and sends his acolytes to the neiborhing planets in the system to assess them for taint one of which is where the parties will come to blows.

of course the black crusade party had decided to go out from planet X to a new planet to take that one over after having their agents go to another this planet will be called Planet Z, so first they crusaders decided to lay low and allow their cultists to do their work while they would *ahem "stealthily" take out the noble families of the hive world. and the sorcerer mindfucking the telepathica choir and summoning daemons.


>> No.53013969
File: 171 KB, 1920x1080, 5369926-9156554903-50841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's a good way to start making a John Wick in SPESS! for Dark Heresy 2e?

>> No.53014022

So Tzeench itself was fucking with their dice rolls?

>> No.53014224
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so the heresy crew were ordo malleus so they knew daemons, and had permission from the Lord inquisitor to have some of their own private army assist them and check this world through force.

so when they arrived and sensed the psychic deaths of the telepathica choir being mind fucked they knew it was "bloody daemons" so they called in their big guns. big guns being strike cruisers of the grey knights, imperial fists, and (homebrew chapter) Imperial hands. 3 regiments of imperial guard (drop troopers, infantry, and mechanized), a large convent of the SoB, "their" fleet A grand cruiser, 3 light cruisers, and a handfull of frigates/destroyers.

now they had called in exterminatus in the past of course they used it.... 9 times. this of course brought much discomfort to the lord Inquisitor as they were HIS planets so he forbade them from ordering an exterminatus only he may do so. so of course this plan was out for them, they then decided "fuck it we'll try to kill the daemons" which led to much blood shed heresy and more daemons.

they went down to the planet in force and started "Peacekeeping" by having their troops kill everyone who didn't pray to the emperor according to them which meant whoever they felt like was a heretic. a few sessions between the groups went pretty much like this

crusaders make new cultists/summon daemons
send them to make more
they get shot/stabbed/burned/exploded/stepped/get crushed by buildings/fall"off"the hive/ etc.

repeat ad infinitum

this of course led to the crusaders taking charge, and of course the Geniuses laid the trap.

>> No.53014805
File: 341 KB, 780x1093, 3772501+_22afe7fb7c30bf802cbceaf2fe80d37e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so The geniuses through not fighting themselves and having their army do all the work figured out the identities of the crusaders and prepared to lay a trap for them, they decided collectively that they wouldn't win, they won't be able to rng lol kill the party of 3 CSM and 1 freak that would munch them in combat. sooo they decided to ask their grey knights to kill them along with some of the sentinels guardsmen and chimeras to hopefully cheese them to death.

then came the next session now the crusaders weren't stupid they brought with them their army mostly consisting of the "cannon fodder" cultists traitor pdf etc. then their daemons the sorcerer had been summoning which included a "bunch" of blue horrors, daemonetts that were whipping the whipping boy, and some bloodletters and a juggernaut and the shootzing had begun,

there was a shitload of carnage and shooting going on, this had not gone "just as planned" which the sorcerer then claimed it had all actually gone just as planned. because little did the heresy group know that the artifact allowed him to see the future with high risk for perils because keikaku

so details details the two parties are squared off the heresy party had brought some more toys with them to even it out however, they had a pair of arco flagellants, 6 or so heavily modified combat servitors, and one of the grey knights who wasn't busy purging the daemons and such.

the combat began with the arco flagellants flagellating all over the two berserkers and the priest, mutant, and grey knight went to take down the sorcerer, and the tech priest his servitors the guardsman and hospitallier/SoB went for the whipping boy.

so the berserkers raged both in and out of character as the arco flagellants proceeded to fuck their shit

the sorcerer brought forth blue horrors to distract the grey knight while he dealt with the "squishy normies"

>> No.53014916

Start by describing what that means to you, instead of expecting "muh John Wick" to be all the explanation you need.

>> No.53015015

Ah, sorry bout that.

I'm trying to emulate his skill with guns and his proficency in taking on multiple targets with guile. What kind of talents will i need for this?

>> No.53015083
File: 41 KB, 480x494, 1422370393658-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the sorcerer then caused the priest to fail a fear check and vomit, the mutant tried and failed to do damage through the power armor, the whipping boy screamed in ecstasy whenever the servitors/guardsman/techpriest did damage to either him or his daemonetts and then tried to "share his love" blasting two of the servitors and the daemonetts carving a third.

not to say that the servitors didn't take down a few of the daemonetts themselves along with melta fire from the techpriest and guardsman took down a few more. which drew their attention the guardsman took the brunt of it going down to crit damage levels and the tech priest just hid behind the servitors,

the champion zerker managed to get a lucky set of blows into his flagellant and take him down, and was relatively ok, while the other zerker was still getting his face mashed in by the "powerwhips" by failing to evade them and was forced into critical damage the champion zerker managed to smash the flagellant however saving the other zerker shit talking ensued however an imperial fists captain along with some assault marines left them no time to rest up (random roll to see if anyone from the battle was going to join) the two zerkers then charged the fists and fight ensued when some of the cultists also joined in to support.

after the priest recovered enough to fight he and the mutant double teamed the sorcerer and made him fail a few concentrations and some of the daemons died. the grey knight had to keep sweeping the horrors and finished off his last blue one still had about 7 or so pinks to deal with so he wasn't going to be much help to them.

the sorcerer delt serious damage to the mutant cutting off his right arm and too his amazment "it grew back" just the third arm coming out of the hole really.

the whipping boy had to deal with some imperial hands who had entered the frey by sending a few daemonetts and hurting himself as well as taking pot shots with his rifle at the hospitallier.

>> No.53015150

High Ballistic Skill, Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic), Dodge, Agility

>> No.53015226

but John never goes Akimbo. and is that all there is to it?

>> No.53015227
File: 26 KB, 739x643, 1421550927605-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the hospitallier was having none of this shit and injected some serious "super steroids" into the guardsman as well as managing to rally a few of her sisters to join her on a charge against the "sexfiend" to which said "sexfiend" replied "I AM NOT A SEXFIEND I AM A PAINFIEND"

the tech priest was busy making his servitors punch/cut/shoot the two daemonetts that charged at him to death he did manage to blow one of them up by hitting it with a krak missile.

meanwhile i had been rolling to see how the battle was progressing ofc with lots of losses the loyalists were winning, i informed the crusaders about this who then in many words "got the fuck out of there" well the zerkers skull fucked a few of the fists but not before losing an arm from the captain.and the sorcerer got hit by a lucky shot from the mutant after the priest put a dent in him, so the sorcerer NOPED the fuck outta there leaving the whipping boy,

who eventually was brought to a "pleasurable death" by being sprayed with holy promethium

mostly because they threw hallucinogenic grenades and he got super high/stunned and was flamed to death

and the rest was mostly cleanup the armies fought for a little while before the heretics broke w/o their leaders/daemons and the heresy party noped to their ship.

eventually the crusaders abandoned the sector after Planet X was glassed from orbit, and planet Z was sentenced to the same.

as a result the sorcerer got a nasty chain scar the champion zerker lost an arm, the whipping boy died, and the "regular" zerker bitched,

while the guardsman lost his plasma and melta gun "again" got severely injured and developed a brand new mental defect, the priest got ksed again, the mutant lost one of his arms, the tech preist lost most of his "precious" servitors the hospitallier was ok, and the desperado didn't show up to the sessions because of reason but was no doubt busy shooting people in the legs.

the acolytes were chewed out yet again. end.

>> No.53015876


>> No.53016394

Is Black Crusade the least popular 40K RPG?

>> No.53017125
File: 133 KB, 600x1089, 40k_shhhhh_by_jedi_art_trick-db3xtpj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably not.

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