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>> No.52916711

First for Hellhounds!
RIP Hellhounds~!

>> No.52916747

They're going to get a huge buff and you know it.

>> No.52916788

All Torrents are now more sad until proven otherwise.

>> No.52916844

From what I've heard Hellhounds don't really need a buff. Going to hold off on purchasing some until I see the new rules. Going to concentrate on getting my guardsman put together. Got more then enough of them as it to last until 8th comes out.

>> No.52916907

Given the 8" Teardrop was replaced by an 8" D6 Attacks, I bet the Hellhound will receive a 20" D6+3 or 2D6 attacks. The extra attacks representing the ability to get more models under a template that isn't connected to your unit.

>> No.52916912

>Doing a random number of hits is a buff

>> No.52916921

RIP Leman Russ tanks
Your front armor can't hold back Autocannons or Scatter Lasers anymore.

>> No.52916955

But /tg/ told me if more than 2 of my models got hit I should kill myself and that my positioning was shit

>> No.52916974

But your Leman Russ gets an armoursave now.

>> No.52916981

Anyone know if the beast arises is on the megas yet? I cant find it and theres no search function

>> No.52916994

It's called tactics son. Shoot them into cover, flush them back out.
But it's 8th now, so I guess tactics are out the window.

Besides, if you're getting less than 6 on a torrent, that means there's less than 6 in the unit you want dead.

>> No.52917056

>Putting every single model 2'' from eachother like a fucking autist is totally tactics guys

I do hope there is a penalty for having the majority of a unit's models in base-to-base

>> No.52917061

Nope, apparently people wanted randomhammer, instead of warhammer. Where everything is a random dice roll instead of actually relevant to the models on the board.

>> No.52917106

Like there was any tactics left with Taudar or Eltau, grav-spam etc cheese lists besides point what you want to shoot and watch it evaporate.

>> No.52917143

I hope it depends on the unit, like defensive squads can hunker up shoulder to shoulder for a bonus, while scout squads will have some benefit for spreading out and covering more ground

>> No.52917145

So instead of fixing those issues it was better to just outright remove all tactics and replace them with "shoot the big ones with the big guns and hope you don't roll a shit number of hits"?

>> No.52917152

>Flamers no longer even ignore cover.

Let's play 'See how many guardsmen I can fit behind two bullgryns!'

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What's the difference between a Nidleaf and a fucking Aussieork?

>> No.52917223

We don't know that...your assuming. We haven't seen the full info on Flamers and won't till 8th comes out. Your just as likely wrong as right.

We haven't seen how Dreadnaughts and MC's degrade as they take damage either. So don't think we have seen everything yet.

>> No.52917248

This seems to have been gw's solution
Fuck balance issues just remove the core rules that allow for balance issues to occur

>> No.52917249

I liked not needing to roll a save for <S8 (<S7 if side), then using camo nets and obscuring for a cover save. To hit modifiers and armor saves are alright, but by looking at the Dreadnought I don't have much hope for LRBTs to be given much more in terms of durability.

>> No.52917260

>Being the one that charges first is even more of an advantage
>All tactics have totally been removed.

One is fucking, the other isn't ?

>> No.52917317

Then I envy the lack of grav, haywire, and D-weapon spam in your meta.

>> No.52917325

Ok, most tactics, you fucker, it's an exaggeration, but even still this edition is set to have the least importance on positioning yet.

>> No.52917376

>moving forward is a tactic
>can position entire army in a huge bubblewrap so assaultfags are stuck with their asses hanging out every time
>anti-armor weapon damage is purely random, cannot reliably damage things

>> No.52917379

>templates removed
>armor facings removed
>small arms damage vs vehicles buffed
>cover no longer helps against high ap
Least importance is an understatement. Position is fucking pointless now.

>> No.52917420

Fuck that hurt to even read.

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Is this the face of the Ultra Ultramarines?
At first I thought it was just a mark 4 helmet, but his "ears" are different.

>> No.52917439

> Leman Russ= 10 wounds 4 plus
> Land Raider = 14 wounds 4 plus
> Riptide = 16 wounds 3 plus
> Stormsurge= 20 wounds 2 plus
> Wraith Knight= 25 wounds 3 plus
Friendly reminder charging Tau with strike before anyone else, including Space Marines, Eldar, and fucking Daemons! Welcome to 8th edition

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Army pics? Show them if you got them anons.

>> No.52917454

There's the problem. All the 'community feedback' they've gotten are from tournament autists who love spamming D and screeching over blast templates.

What about the rest of us who actualy had fun with our games?

>> No.52917464

Don't worry, the rules will make the game go so fast you won't even notice.

>> No.52917493

Oh man enjoy your T7 tanks.

>> No.52917505

>believing Warhammer has had any real tactics pretty much ever, especially with 5th, 6th and 7th


>> No.52917511

They seem to have half listened to WAACfags and the AoSfags that screeched about how 40k was too complicated to play.

Though really, before 8th I'd never heard more than a handful of people complaining about templates.

>> No.52917536

It did if you didn't play against WAACfags that spammed board wiping shit.

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>> No.52917550

>Believing that fish of fury constituted better tactics

Either way, sounds like a downward slope over time, except ending in this shitfest.

>> No.52917559

Well being a bitch about blast scatter and template placement has been part of the game for so long it is basically tradition.

>> No.52917561

Haywire and Lance is plentiful but no one plays with Grav and D is for Apoc. Ynnari/DE player prefers to no scatter deepstrike Fire Dragons and the Eldar/Admech doesn't plan on Grav faggotry.

Its a small friendly group I play with until my army is finished and presentable. Then I'll go find a store to be constantly tabled as I play with my Armored Regiment.

> Land Raider = 14 wounds 4 plus
More like 2+ or 3+ because the Dreadnought has a 3+ Save. I expect shit like Hellhounds to be T6 W7 4+ and LRBTs T7 W8 4+

>> No.52917563

Maybe it's just stylized?

>> No.52917569

We know that the new marine sculpts have neck guards, so perhaps their helmets are based off of Maxima.

>> No.52917581

Why have Strength and Damage has separate stats, and not just change the S/T table to affect how many wounds are dealt? What exactly does a S10 D1 weapon versus an S3 D 1d6 weapon mean?

>> No.52917598


>> No.52917602

Oh boy... I sure love fast games. Hanging out with friends for a few hours and playing an in-depth wargame sounds like a real bore...;_;

>> No.52917610

Implying a game based on dice rolls wasn't random to begin with...

>> No.52917620


>Positioning is pointless now
>Even though you explicitly suffer BS modifiers due to a variety of things like range, LoS etc
>Even though cover is more important then ever due to it stacking with armor saves
>Even though getting the charge off is more important then ever due to the removal of initiative and variable movement stats between units

Spotted the autist. Just admit change of any kind triggers you, faggot.

>> No.52917626

Where are the current (or most-current, at least) rules for the Stormlord?

>> No.52917630

Retard, you still have to roll To Wound. So good luck damaging high T models with that S3 weapon.

>> No.52917635

>What exactly does a S10 D1 weapon versus an S3 D 1d6 weapon mean?

S10 D1 would be something that wounds easily but doesn't do much damage.
S3 D1d6 would be something that had a hard time doing initial damage but once it did could cause a lot.

>> No.52917648

Squats are NOT confirmed, stop spreading fake news holy shit you ruined my day
Why what the fuck why did you
Stop it I can't stand
I'm sick of this

>> No.52917661

Maybe they will implement a mechanic where shooting at a certain facing makes the armor save worse, or gives a modifier to wound.
Which would be cool, and make sense, it's just monsters need a mechanic to stop them from being too much better. Maybe their damage table will be a lot harsher

>> No.52917665

>Can stack everyone in a single piece of cover and win.

Sounds great.

>> No.52917679

It was reasonably predictable though, now it's even more random.

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>Reading the SoB Codex
>The history section features Sisters getting slaughtered as much as winning
>Thinly veiled reference to Khornate Knights

Feels bad.

>> No.52917725

>Why have Strength and Damage has separate stats
Because you don't know how to read.

>> No.52917730

We haven't even seen any of the BS modifiers yet beyond the fact that they exist. For all we know you only drop in chance to hit when units are outside your range, which would mean positioning matters even less since you can technically hit from further away.

>> No.52917738

must be nice having a codex that paints your army the best of the best, unbeatable and awesome.

>> No.52917754

Where is the source that says you get modifiers based on range and LoS?
Cover stacking doesn't matter with high rend. If you were in cover versus an Ap3 weapon at Sv4 you could still take a cover save. Now if you are in cover versus say a -3 Rend, it doesn't matter because your total save has been reduced to an unrollable value and you have no alternative ßave.
Removal of iniative and new charge mechanics just means that units meant to get stuck in will be just as reliant on getting stuck in as they were before. No change.

>> No.52917791

It depends on how much cover adds to the save. If it's say +2 then the -3 rend is mostly negated.

>> No.52917805

I feel like there is a large amount of AoS players and others who were too afraid that their stupid ideas would get called out in previous editions, but are now posting with arrogant confidence in the idea that the new edition will prove their idiocy right.

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>Ork codex
>all stories about them beating up space marines, out smarting eldar, fucking with tyranids, mounting the heads of chaos lords on their own trophy racks and back stabbing the tau over and over again.
It sort of makes up for how much they suck on the table top.

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>> No.52917835

I highly doubt any cover will add +2 unbolstered

>> No.52917853

Why do they like checker patterns so much?

>> No.52917869

Even +1 is going to be relevant. Marines getting a 5+ save against a lascannon is better than them not getting a save at all.

>> No.52917873

So ALL cover is gonna be +1. Seems legit.

>> No.52917888

It might work better if it's simple bonuses rather than penalties. Like giving a vehicle a re roll on armor saves when shot from the front, or making it so a Riptide only has 3+ armor default but 2+ on the front.

>> No.52917921

Cover saves being an armor mod feels very strange. I still get the sense it'll be hit modifiers instead

>> No.52917936

Your senses need tuning.

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Not featured are my OG plastic rhinos I recently acquired that I need to put some spikes on, and the troops have some paint on them. Slowly, but surely.

>> No.52917940

So what you're saying is that he's a Schroedinger's retard?

>> No.52917947

I think it makes sense. Hiding behind a tree probably won't help you if you get shot by a rail gun.

>> No.52917953

They're big fans of ska music

>> No.52917956

Like almost everything the Orks do it's best to just assume they're genetically programmed to.

>> No.52917958

Y'know they confirmed it, right?

>> No.52917967

I kinda like it. It always felt weird that a tree was equally capable of stopping a shot from a meltagun as from a laspistol.

But I do hope cover still can save all types of troops from being evaporated.

>> No.52917978

If a fucking Dreadnought gets a 3+ and 7 wounds then a Lemon Yiff gets better than a fucking 4+.

I can't imagine the amount of wounds a Ordinatus Minoris has, at 14 hull points that must translate to about 60 wounds.

>> No.52917985


Elaborate trolling scheme on the part of the older members of the GW Pro Painting team dating back to the old 'Eavy Metal days, mostly on new members, sometimes members of the public as well.

>> No.52917987
File: 1.33 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_0758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Crap pic, amd the lamenters are still in-progress, but here ya go.

>> No.52917992

This is the dumbest shit imaginable

>> No.52918005

>This is the dumbest shit imaginable


>> No.52918009


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chekaz iz roit flash boss

>> No.52918013

How horrible am I for wanting to field 30k Space Marine squads in 40k? Such as Breacher Siege Squads, Despoiler Squads, etc

>> No.52918014

How is this different than current in this situation? Before your armor was negated by ap2 and in cover you had a 5+. Now your armor is reduced and the cover gives you a boost making it a 5+.

>> No.52918025

What about you? If you had fun enjoying the shitfest that was 7th edition, then you will enjoy 8th Edition, as obviously your standards are just that low.

>> No.52918049

Literally the worst in 30k, even worse in 40k
Carcharodons or CSM

But why would you want to though?

>> No.52918086
File: 11 KB, 324x564, 3e80f7f4cf40fada37e94615347feb26cc14dfa32c63a9265ae0c65095c3b408.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what new models can we expect from the new edition? What new units would you like to see for your faction? Any returning named characters or stuff in the fluff that's never had a model?

>> No.52918096

Will the Ynnari be playable in the board game?

>> No.52918136

New space marines and new Death Guard are confirmed.
I'd think the Ynnari will probably get some unique models instead of just mooching off the other Eldar lines.
Apart from that it's all up for grabs.

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>What new units would you like to see for your faction?

>> No.52918191

I want plastic berzerkers in the worst way, and hopefully some rules for CSM to take drop pods. Outside of that, maybe some more daemons or something.

>> No.52918211

Hotgluing is disgusting, anon.

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>play SoB vs Dangles Maelstrom
>Dangles gets card to kill my WL in a challenge on his turn
>fails to kill her because lol 4++ and EW
>go to one wound though
>roll for tac objectives
>roll Blood of Martyrs
>get 1VP if one of my characters die
>get d3 VP is character has Martyrdom
>oh shit
>Canoness dies in combat
>opponent gets 1VP for warlord
>I get 3 from objective

We're an army of martyrs, man. Get used to it.

>> No.52918225
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Red Butchers for my CSM. I figure if TS got Rubric Terminators then it's not too far a stretch for World Eaters to get Bezerker terminators.

>> No.52918247

Listen, if I get plastic berzerkers I will absolutely hotglue the entire fucking squad and I will post it on /gif/.

>> No.52918270
File: 53 KB, 383x532, WazdakkaGutsmek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fingers crossed

>> No.52918273

More Tau Tanks please

>> No.52918292


It's not like "shoot the vehicles and hope you rolled a 6 for damage instead of a 1" wasn't already tremendously RNG.

>> No.52918316


Can Night Lords get Atramentar since everyone uses our raptors?

>> No.52918318
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I haven't played 40k since 3rd Edition. Been fucking around with other games, primarily Warmachine.

Should I trust New Games Workshop™? Is this going to be a revival of the game? I do like the lore and playing thematic armies, but when I tried to get into things around 2011 or so, things seemed to be dying out.

>> No.52918324

I think the 30k models look awesome desu

>> No.52918359

They're completely dumping the old cancerous ruleset but if the new rules are any good is yet to be seen.

>> No.52918373

>your raptors
Nigga they're Chaos Assault Marines.

>> No.52918382

Hey that's a thought...
What if 40k added action economy? Such as you can move and then either Shoot, fight in close combat, charge, or use a psychic power but only one of them, two for a small number characters. That would defiantly increase the tactical level of the game.

>> No.52918384

Yeah why can't there be no dice like 7th?

>> No.52918385

And now you have an additional roll to make it even more random. People bitched about dreadnoughts getting one shot in 7th because of lucky rolls but now instead they're getting two shot because of lucky rolls.

>> No.52918400

We can't really make a judgement til we get all the rules but it seems like a step in the right direction from 7e. Honestly I'd wait for the edition to launch and check your LGS' scene if I were you.

>> No.52918427

It's not that there was no dice, but adding 20 more rolls a turn doesn't really seem to make anything better.

>> No.52918435

Have y'all seen this?

>> No.52918444

I din't realize you had 20 Lascannons. Or 20 flamers I thought you preferred Grav spam.

>> No.52918459

fuck you only giant robot now in grorious blueberry empire

>> No.52918461

I just realized, Defilers are probably gonna be amazing

>multiple legs and huge, so probably gonna be faster than average walkers
>4 hullpoints already, gonna end up with at least 10
>ordnance might get reworked so the battle cannon doesn't make the other guns worthless
>likely will have a 3+ armor save along with the 5+ invuln

>> No.52918470

Whoops that was just the sound track.
here is the movie

>> No.52918477

To bad I play skitarii and guard, I don't take any grav. And every anti-tank weapon and flamer like weapon is likely going to roll like that, neither of which is hard to take in large numbers.

>> No.52918488

This edition sounds better every day.

>> No.52918494
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>Post your face when Snazzguns keep their existing profile thanks to GW laziness and thus become god-tier in 8th Edition.

>> No.52918522

>inb4 it becomes assault d3

>> No.52918538

s:d6, ap:d6; d:d3, 1d3 shots, 4d6'' range

>> No.52918549

U rustled ya doof?

>> No.52918556

>flash gitz become amazing for the first time in ever

gitz are cursed to forever be joke units anon

>> No.52918562
File: 198 KB, 800x385, buggy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Christ, the people replying to you so far are retarded.

Yeah, basically weapons like that are unlikely to exist, or be a weird and mostly useless novelty like hotshot lasguns. They give all these different stats, but ultimately the only thing that actually makes sense is some weapons are more powerful than others and get better S, better AP and better D, so any sensible designer would just roll them into a single number and be done with it. But apparently 40k players like to over-complicate things so they have three different stats.

>> No.52918571


>Take 20 Flash Gitz as part of my Dakkastorm Detachment
>Opponent quits after first shooting phase takes 2 hours

Another glorious victory to da Orks!

>> No.52918581

What I was getting at was what each of these things represent. For the most part, high S weapons represent high-caliber shots, or things capable of really hurting. In 7e, D is the primary way of dealing multiple wounds, and is in place of a standard strength value. I'm aware that they server different mechanic functions, but what I was asking was what each one individually meant in context.

I suppose I could see that? Those are going to be some super weird weapons, though. Like the S3 D 1d6 being some sort of crit weapon, where you rarely manage to hurt things with it, but when you do it wrecks?

>> No.52918586

>Carcharodons or CSM
... Or regular assault squads?

>> No.52918595

That's Goff pattern.

>> No.52918606

Yes it's heresy of the greatest degree

>> No.52918608

There isn't any reason to roll ap in to the same stat as the other two. A weapon might be damaging but suck ass at penetrating armor.

>> No.52918615


>> No.52918618

I'll be happy if Forgeworld at least fixes the Hammerhead variants they made so they can shoot both guns in a not terrible way

>> No.52918627

30k despoilers are troops

>> No.52918648

>available in plastic
here's hoping.
At least GW said in the FAQ that no miniatures are getting removed from the line on the site so at least we aint getting squatted

>> No.52918654


>> No.52918670


Nigga, they're Night Raptors. They even have fear with lightning etched into their new sculpts.

>> No.52918709

Going by shadow war it seems likely that it will be a fixed -2 mod

>> No.52918715
File: 8 KB, 224x224, 1491607086768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>take despoilers
>run them as assault marines
Unless he literally meant using the 30k rules

>> No.52918720

I guess low-S, high-D would be like a high-velocity weapon which might hit something critical but might also get deflected and do very little, while high-S, low-D would be more like a big explosive shell which is guaranteed to shake you up, but isn't going to wreck you outright. On the other hand, it seems almost as if it would make sense the other way around too; high-velocity makes a small hole reliably, explosive rarely penetrates but totally fucks you up if it does.

Realistically, most weapons which are good at one will probably be good at the other too and have decent AP to boot and you will need all three to take out tough targets so nobody will bother with anything that doesn't offer that (except orks, who probably won't get a choice).

>> No.52918752

Why would we be T7 if the Dreadnaught at AV12/12/10 was converted to T7?

methinks it'll be T8 or T9, with a lot of wounds. That'll represent the tough armor and durability of the Russ. BUT! As anyone whose studied tank design will tell you, it also has tones of flaws and it has that rear armor issue. I suspect this could be represented with a reletively low armor save: 4+.

So you take shittons of punishment, but you don't get to avoid said punishment because the enemy can see your shot traps, exposed tracks, viewports, side doors, rivets, and rear armor and is aiming accordingly.

>> No.52918753

If only you could roll ap before choosing targets.

>> No.52918759

My only concern would be them skipping the rules for them since I don't think they sell the gun bits anymore. I could probably convert some of them easily enough using Ghostkeel fusion or Riptide burst cannons, but I would want that extra variety for a mechanized Tau force

>> No.52918764

I think you have those mixed around. A high velocity she'll actually isn't going to cause much damage due to over penetration, but a high explosive shell would, despite not being able to benetrate armor very well.

>> No.52918771

The idea is S/T is the measure of how likely something is to cause damage vs how likely something is to resist damage.

D is how catastrophic the damage is. Interestingly enough, the whole brunt of the damage is born by a single model who took the shot. That means that you fire a Lascannon into infantry and roll 6 wounds, you wasted 5 of them. Making Lascannons into clear anti-tank/monsterous creature weapons. This edition is shaking out some interesting hidden gems. This though also means a S3 damage D 1d6 weapon will not exist as s3 is clearly an anti infantry weapon, and all basic infantry have 1 wound. You would be wasting wounds firing such a thing at infantry, and at S3 even if it can wound a tank on a 6 a special weapon that low in strength with anti-tank levels of damage is silly as it cannot reliably harm a tank.

Now as to why there is unlikely to be a S10 D1 weapon is such a weapon with such a high strength would be pointless for anti infantry. It would be better suited for anti tank, but to be worth while for anti tank it needs to do a bunch of wounds. So let's figure S10 D3 being a much more reasonable number.

>> No.52918800

>Enemy sniper picks off on rivet at a time until the plate falls off


>> No.52918801

Pretty much.

>> No.52918813

Maybe vehicle T is calculated through FA divided by 2 rounding up and adding 1
So AV 14 becomes T8

>> No.52918814

When? Last video I watched from Miniwargaming said they confirmed cover as to hit penalty so it's useful for everyone.

>> No.52918815

At least that isn't going to be nearly as much of an issue in the new edition. Any AP at all helps against armoured targets.

>> No.52918817

>tfw Neutron lasers will be nerfed to only be able to kill three models

It wouldn't be so bad if the kit had enough bits to make the mounts for the other weapons.

>> No.52918830
File: 1.46 MB, 1439x2458, 1490579943311.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I still won't be happy until armor facings are announced in some way shape or form

>> No.52918861

>What models do you want to see for your faction?Plastic Noise marines!
Return of the Noise Dread and Pred!
>What name character?
Freaking Fulgrim!

>> No.52918875

Or possibly Front+Side+Rear divided by five and rounded up, or any number of other formulas. More likely, they decided to keep it able to take roughly the same number of hits from a suitable weapon (I'm guessing autocannon for light vehicles, krak missile for medium stuff like the dread and lascannon for heavier things) or simply made up numbers that 'seemed right'.

>> No.52918887

You will never be happy.

>> No.52918898

Never know. We may get special rules that make vehicles more durable on the front in some manner

>> No.52918900

Not everybody likes the rules being more of an abstraction than they already are.

>> No.52918902

I cross mine as well. We need more Wazdakka in our lives

>> No.52918905

No it's likely that some anti-tank weapons will be set numbers like damage 3.

We have only seen 3 weapon profiles that isn't enough to draw a ton of conclusions other than Lascannons have variable damage, but likely one of the highest spreads for damage. I would wait to see a profile for a plasma gun and meltagun.

>> No.52918930


>> No.52918937

Damage numbers are only for single targets.
>Damage is a big change. This stats effectively lets a single hit deliver multiple wounds to one model.

>> No.52918959


We fucking scrumhammer now.

>> No.52918970

Exactly meaning a Damage 3 weapon would become an anti-tank weapon. Or anti Terminator.

>> No.52918991
File: 410 KB, 800x533, Burna.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Da triumvirate ov Mork


>> No.52918992
File: 1.81 MB, 680x603, a98.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They have thougness and wounds we Tyranids now!!!
>Tyranids will remain the same

>> No.52919006
File: 76 KB, 720x632, 88602eaf403ab4c2e762e6b9ac3a85c6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you guys think Trukk-boyz, or trukks in general, be viable in 8th edition?

>> No.52919016 [DELETED] 

But that's my point, neutron lasers were effective against heavy targets and could still do decent damage to squads because you could reliably hit two or three models because of small blasts and imperatives giving you virtually no scatter.

Needing to change it up a bit wouldn't be so bad if the kit had parts to make a mount for each weapon.

>> No.52919032

Wait shit, I'm suck in another conversation.

>> No.52919040

Or it's literally just rear armor translated into Toughness, seeing as T7=AV10.

>> No.52919058

The GW employee who's allowed to post FAQs on his Twitter.

>> No.52919071

Trunks will probably be more durable, since they'll be less likely to blow up from literally anything. Might end up with toughness 5 or 6 and 4+ armor.

Boyz in a trukk might be better off as well overall, since Orks will probably have a lower movement speed, so having a platform like that to more easily get a charge off will be nice.

>> No.52919075

Depends on how vehicle explodes results are treated and if boyz are less likely to be pinned now

>> No.52919077

So why has he still not tweeted about vehicle facings?

>> No.52919081

More than likely melta will be d3 at full range and d6 at half range.

>> No.52919085

Filter the word squats
It's the only way

>> No.52919087


Inb4 actual Str14 Superlascannons though.
Gotta kill those murderalizers and bloodsecrators somehow.

>> No.52919089

>Hordes of cheap faster than eldar moving infantry that can wound anything in packs of 30 and attack first as they will charge you

You better be ready for the zerg rush I'm going to do. 8th is bug edition

>> No.52919101
File: 48 KB, 449x599, 449px-Horo_(54).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.52919103

Why is Wendy's a meme now?

>> No.52919122

Because they don't exist?

>> No.52919123

I would expect d6 and either 2d6 or d6+3 personally

Meltaguns are supposed to be better than Lascannons and flagging heavy armor, and they have to get a lot closer to do so

>> No.52919133

Totally depends on the stats of trukks, boys and everything else, which we have very little idea of.

At a guess, trukks are going to be something like T 5, Sv 5+ and W 7 and things like scatter lasers and autocannon aren't going to be more than D 1 and AP -1 so their survivability will increase a little, which is good. I also suspect orks will be Move 5 and mega-armour (possibly even eavy armour) will make you slower, so transport will be essential.

>> No.52919157

Dark Angel player

Give me Azrael and Ezkiel plastics, maybe a Lion model at the extreme end.

Maybe some unique style assault squad since that one book with the assualt troops having angel wings over their jet packs like those blood angel ones.

>> No.52919158

Penal Legion,Chenkov, all other old Guard characters would be nice. And I wish they'd make the Russ the best tank in the game.

>> No.52919164

>faster than eldar
>will be M6"
>will die to everything since shit saves and no more cover
I hope you like Leman russes with batle canons

>> No.52919168

T7 at least, because T7=AV10.

>not asking for plastic Asmodai

>> No.52919172

So much this. I miss Chenkov.

>> No.52919174


Plastic kriegers

>> No.52919176

Because people gets bored
What are shield maides?

>> No.52919189

just a box of assorted ork and other bits with rules allowing you to created various ork vehicles.

>> No.52919190

He should at least confirm it so that people can kick down his door and skin his face.

>> No.52919199

Dreadnoughts are T7 and they were AV12.

>> No.52919201

I think T7 would be closer to AV11/12 if the leaked dreadnought stats are to be believed

>> No.52919232

AV10 is T6.

Str 6 Weapon = 4+s to glance.

>> No.52919236

>Eldar will run faster than Guardsmen, and Hormagaunts run faster than both.

Templates are gone senpai I don't give a shit about losing d6 models when they respawn
Also cover saves now modify the save son, my so I won't be losing d6


>> No.52919241

This is good, since I am halfway through building a trukkboy army

>> No.52919243

Hey /tg/ GGA here being a 6th Edition scrub I never got to play any of the older additions and was thinking of trying them out now and just seeing how they are. What Editions should I try? And what Edition is best for Tyranids? I want to give my Nid friend some love too.

>> No.52919252

They were rear armor 10 though.

>> No.52919269
File: 38 KB, 480x480, 1488142559708.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dumb wendyposter

>> No.52919270

The dread statline is a little worrying if specialist weapons are as cheap as they were in 7th

>> No.52919289

In what sense? They'll probably die the same to melta guns as they did before.

>> No.52919299

I got in at 6th so I wish I had a chance to test him out. Honestly I hope GW doesn't just make the Guard an NPC faction like the Freeguild in AoS. The largest military created should get more lore and time in the spotlight.

>> No.52919305

Oh, and don't forget an updated veteran pack, with the wargear they can take actually included

>> No.52919320

It's pretty easy to magnatize the neutron lazer icarus array and eradication beemer.

>> No.52919322
File: 93 KB, 500x367, sif (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanna get into 8ED after taking years off.

Big Bug Tyranids or Space Wolves?

>> No.52919323

4e Tyranids were strong, prepare to cry if he brings 4e genestealers and broodlord.

>> No.52919327

If they take our templates I'm going to mass up on shots. Punishers and Exterminators with Heavy Bolter sponsons everywhere.

>> No.52919365

4Th edition bugs is literally the greatest army to every play, so many options, units and all balanced well

But also the current GSC coded is good if he likes his bugs on the manly side

>> No.52919381

Neither because 8th hasn't released yet

>> No.52919384


Neither, play Tau


>> No.52919385

Crusader/Sword Brethren plastic kit, the current upgrade kits are too outdated.

>all other old Guard characters

You know most of their bonuses could be brought via Command Points, this new system does open up a lot of cool stuff like Guard Regiment rules, Vows for the Emperor's Champion, Hive Fleet specialization, etc.

>> No.52919390

From what I've seen of the rules, Guard will likely be pretty strong in 8th. Slow advancing tidal waves of men and guns that never tire. Which is how they should be, but they aren't so much now with how easy it is to cripple vehicles and shut down our pie plates with a simple snapfire damage result.

Chenkov was fun. I assume you're familiar with his rules. With him Conscripts were the ultimate back line defense against damn near anything. 5th was really when Guard shined, but I think 8th is going to make a come back for them.

>> No.52919392

T7 is about the equivalent of AV11. So if they are using side armor for creating vehicle toughness values, chimeras would be T6 since their side armor is AV10. Really just expecting to see some vehicles hosed that already didn't see much play. LR will probably be T10

>> No.52919398

It's a bit late to magnetize things already built. Didn't bother since nothing else was worth taking and nobody in my local meta uses fliers so there wasn't any reason to take an icarus array.

>> No.52919420

They get armor saves to compensate though.

>> No.52919430

>tfw DE will probably get T6 paper planes with no more than 5 wounds

>> No.52919445
File: 41 KB, 1150x808, hoshijiro gauna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Big Bug Tyranids

>> No.52919470

>not ÷)

One job

>> No.52919482
File: 328 KB, 960x540, buggy 03.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>T7 at least, because T7=AV10.
Seems unlikely, since the dread is T7 and there's no fucking way the trukk is going to be that tough.

Old dread could take about six S 8 AP 3 krak missile hits before falling over. New one seems likely to take nine S 8, AP -2 D D3 ones. Old dread could take maybe five lascannon hits, new one can take about four. Old dread could handle maybe nine autocannon hits, new one (assuming S 7 AP -1 D 1) can take 32. So vehicle durability against big guns is generally similar while smaller stuff takes longer to kill them than before (but there's no lower bound now).

I expect a trukk will have to be possible to kill with one lascannon shot, so no more than 6 wounds (increasingly stupid stat name with all vehicles now using it too) and take a similar amount of autocannon shots to kill (currently about four to five hits, so they need to be getting wounded on a 2+ and having virtually no save). That points to something like T 5, W 5, Sv 5+... and it's still an improvement.

I'm also hopeful that they will have some ability to fight in close combat. If we're really lucky, ork vehicles will have ork attack stats representing the crew fighting from the vehicle. Being able to lock the trukk in close combat and not have it getting shot up while the boyz are busy seems like it will help a bit too.

>> No.52919484
File: 368 KB, 1536x1536, b136bb0d462c48308f6d45da27c6ff81?fit=max&h=1536&w=1536&s=c198c9f78aafd477d2674c0b7b678250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do the GW Tartaros Terminators fair compared to FW Tartaros Terminators? Are they different poses, etc. I want to make a Terminator similar to this guy

>> No.52919488

5th edition was good though half the codices were never updated until 6th ed so you might want to try 4th ed instead so you can have an even playing between the armies.

>> No.52919489
File: 26 KB, 600x620, 99590104047_EldarPhantomTitanBody01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stat me Mon-keigh

>> No.52919490

Customizable Living Saints

>> No.52919494

Yes PLEASE. I don't even play Orks and Gutsmek is the coolest shit.

>> No.52919517



Sorry Senpai

>> No.52919530
File: 696 KB, 1428x1880, 20170425_041615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52919532

10s across the fucking board
Goddamn eldar

>> No.52919533

4e was basically 3e with all the errata and FAQs slotted in.

2e is an entirely different game, but quite fun nonetheless.

RT is similarly completely different, but it's always pretty great running people through the battle at the farm scenario.

>> No.52919541

I built a box of them, and one of my guys is in a very similar pose with the outstretched hand and upward facing gun.

>> No.52919549

GW or FW?

>> No.52919550

where is this from?

>> No.52919556


>> No.52919567
File: 46 KB, 960x720, 1447824023182.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Being able to lock the trukk in close combat and not have it getting shot up while the boyz are busy seems like it will help a bit too.

Yes please

>> No.52919577

Using the 7e Toughness charts T7 is equal to AV10, with S4 hurting on a 6+ and S3 being unable to harm it.

>> No.52919585

>Using the 7e Toughness charts
Thats your problem

>> No.52919596

GW. Should have clarified. Had similar leg/torso options too.

Can't speak for Forgeworld at all

>> No.52919601
File: 54 KB, 219x260, 1445655128501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks lad

>> No.52919615

That is the plastic Tartaros sergeant...

>> No.52919621

They confirmed it on the live stream the other day bud.

>> No.52919623
File: 329 KB, 893x859, Deff_Skwadron_Cockpit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, marine flyers are generally about as tough as dreads, right? How many fucking supa-shoota hits would it take to kill a dread? I'm guessing they get AP -1 at best, so 5+ to wound, half the wounds saved and at least double the current HP in wounds to get through. So ork fliers, which already struggled to shoot down any other race's planes are now probably less than half as effective.

>> No.52919648
File: 1.36 MB, 2592x1944, IMG_20170107_143333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haven't taken a real head count in ages but here's 2k from last weekend.

>> No.52919667

You are all literally worse than tripfags and a cancer on this entire board.

>> No.52919692


>> No.52919726

If we don't get fucking Szarek the Silent King I'm killing myself.

>> No.52919735

AP 0 Bolters are unacceptable.

>> No.52919740

Flyers will probably have less defenses than a ground vehicle to represent being more vulnerable to immobilize. Probably less wounds, same with open topped vehicles.

>> No.52919763
File: 80 KB, 488x700, exodite-rules.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why we don't already have them I'll never know.

>> No.52919764

Harlequins kiss. Low strength, high D. If terminators are getting 2 wounds, then I think multi wound heavy infantry will be more common. Also as character killers. Most non monstrous characters have pretty mild toughness. I'd rather take down that commissar with one wounding hit that does a lot of damage than let him punch me with his power fist for example.

>> No.52919772
File: 2.05 MB, 4290x2860, bugs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no Templates in 8th



>> No.52919782
File: 469 KB, 1920x1017, Deff Skull.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Flyers will probably have less defenses than a ground vehicle to represent being more vulnerable to immobilize. Probably less wounds...

Well, that seems OK...

>...same with open topped vehicles.

>> No.52919785


>> No.52919795

>no bright orange claws


>> No.52919805
File: 29 KB, 400x219, Bruh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone please explain what the fuck is happening to the AP stats for weapons, -3 for lascannons and nothing else for bolters, and lasguns? The fuq is dis shite?

>> No.52919816


Second for big bugs

>> No.52919818

Do you not understand how modifiers work?

>> No.52919830

Yep. Competently played infantry centric guard were very very nasty to deal with. So many bodies, so many guns.

>> No.52919853

Essentially, it's changed so armor matters more. Rather than strict cutoffs, you'll get things that might have -1 AP, ignoring lighter armor while still having an effect on heaviest stuff.

Bolters not having any sort of AP is likely so they don't punch through power armor too easily. It'll still have about the same effect on guardsmen, just now they'll have a slight chance to live

>> No.52919891

Hopefully we see a discount on some of the heavier armored models, as they've lost a fair bit of effectiveness.

>> No.52919950
File: 186 KB, 457x303, IMG_0532.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even have a Malanthrope and classic armorcast Haruspex.... impressive

>> No.52919952

Essentially, everything is getting a survivability boost. Vehicles have a shit-ton of wounds, marines get 2+ saves against bolters in cover, etc.

This is probably to make the first couple of turns of shooting less decisive; now getting first turn will be less important and games should last long enough for melee armies to close the distance. The emphasis on speeding up play is probably part of this too; each turn takes less time, so you can have more turns.

>> No.52919962

It really lack a focus color.
Orange or Pink or something.

>> No.52919984

Seems more likely to be a BS penalty for cover the way flamers work.

>> No.52920008

They'll probably just have more wounds.

>> No.52920031

cover has been confirmed to be an armour save mod by one of the devs on twitter.

>> No.52920034
File: 126 KB, 1280x960, Chimera.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really like your tank scheme. I mad a Chimera with a similar scheme recently, but I think your grey/orange looks better.

Grey/Orange with green spot colour is the best scheme.

>> No.52920040

So flamers don't affect cover at all? Seems odd.

>> No.52920045

You got to test 8th? Or did you mean in the past you've played infantry centric Guard?

>> No.52920051

Holy shit I am so jelly of that scheme and army.

>> No.52920053

Terminators have 2 wounds now, so that's made them harder to kill.

Marines are probably only going to be getting 4+ saves against autocannons and the like, but will likely have 5+ against things that used to be AP 3, so that's a swings and roundabouts kind of situation.

Cover helps heavy armour guys more now, as it adds to your save. Terminators in cover will be able to handle pretty much anything short of anti-tank weapons and marines will be getting their 3+ saves back most of the time by ducking behind some scenery.

>> No.52920062

they've actually somewhat gained effectiveness.
power armour still gets a save against lascannons now.

>> No.52920080
File: 1.37 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20170409_154418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you mean by green spot? Searchlight?

Also thanks. After literal weeks of people shitting on my Ogryns thanks to that one guy spamming them it feels nice to get positive reinforcement.
Have a bassy

>> No.52920083

na, if it was AoS it would have a rule where you jump up and down to deal more damage or something

>> No.52920106

I suppose, but a 6+ isn't much to write home about and they trade that for being more vulnerable to autocannons and heavy bolters. Cover is nice, but it means you have to camp it or you'll be cut to pieces, so anything mobile will need a transport.

>> No.52920112

we don't know full rules yet.
but yeah maybe not anymore.

the devs may want to further emphasize close combat as they way to clear entrenched infantrt.

>> No.52920131

They need some highlights or something desu, the red looks very flat.

>> No.52920140

Termies are oddly the same against lascannons though, 5+ armor or their 3+ or 5+ invul

>> No.52920147

>Cover is nice, but it means you have to camp it or you'll be cut to pieces, so anything mobile will need a transport
that does feel appropriate for a wargame.

>> No.52920184

One of the advantages of heavier armor was that you weren't completely slaved to it, and could advance against light arms. Two units of space marines in cover will now do basically nothing to each other, and guardsmen will be twice or more as hard to kill against bolters.

>> No.52920190

>M A R B O

>> No.52920204
File: 60 KB, 422x422, Untitled-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.52920209

What is with Szarek? I feel like they were trying to do so much buildup for him but he is no where to be seen

>> No.52920210

That's a 100% improvement

>> No.52920230

I laugh at people who consider 40k to be tactical. If you want a serious competitive system, go play warmahordes or 9th age or Malifaux.

40k is a beer and pretzels game and it shouldn't be anything else.

>> No.52920236


Flamethrowers aren't actually that great against cover in general. They were pretty brutal against bunkers, because the fluid could easily splash into firing slits and once inside an enclosed space was very deadly, but equally it would splash over very light foliage (which bullets would just rip through) and just burn that instead of the guys behind. It doesn't really spray around corners, but it does start fires which can spread... so while overall I'd say they do better against most cover than most weapons, it doesn't break my suspension of disbelief that they don't have a special rule for it.

I think it would be just as viable to say explosive blasts should ignore cover. Most of the time shockwaves can go around corners and walls and trees are just as likely to collapse on you as save you from fragments.

>> No.52920243

>getting punched in the stomach is better than getting kicked in the balls.

>40k is a beer and pretzels game

Except that's why things like Shadow War exist.

>> No.52920255

>One of the advantages of heavier armor was that you weren't completely slaved to it, and could advance against light arms
and you still can, even bolters don't have a save mod this time around.

>> No.52920257

Whats the point of feudal worlds? How do they emerge? Are they former colonies that lost their technology?

>> No.52920285

IRL, most ammunition (especially small and medium arms) that is armor-penetrating typically does lower "damage" to its target. AP ammo typically has a smaller ball sheathed in a jacket that enables it to punch through armor, enabling the smaller bullet to pass through and damage the soft parts underneath.

If you're not wearing any body armor, it's actually WAY better to be shot by AP ammo than normal or hollowpoint ammo, because it will usually just pass right through you rather than shatter/tumble inside your body and tear more shit up.

So tl;dr weapons like HSLG's which are S3 AP3 are actually pretty realistic, and raw damage and penetrating power are not directly related.

>> No.52920287

They don't which means everything is more resistant to marines while they stay the same in the open.

>> No.52920289

>Are they former colonies that lost their technology?
in the age of strife many planets where literally fucked into the stoneage.

>> No.52920292

Colonies that regressed to a feudal state. Some may still have some sort of technology but it would probably be limited to nobles and the like.

>> No.52920305

Fresh meat for the regiment or if you're lucky, an astartes recruiting world. Doesn't really matter how they became feudal, you can pretty much make up whatever you want in that regard, penal colony gone wrong, technology broke etc.

>> No.52920325

Because of liberals saying that Wendy is racist for being white.

>> No.52920359

The Wendy's twitter account drops some hot bantz and people are finally catching on.

>> No.52920381

Wraithknight will be t9 24 wounds mark my words

>> No.52920411
File: 131 KB, 569x412, 32.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52920432

It'll have 9 just like gullman.

>> No.52920465

I'd say it'll have like 12-13 because it was a GMC. Not sure if they'll keep those unit classifications yet.

>> No.52920475

Not played 40k in 2 editions, bar maybe 3 or 4 games the edition before the current one.

Skimming through, imperial guard players seem to be whining something fierce since muh tanks. Feelsgoodman. The amount of times my shitty orks were tabled from template spamming faggotry with the only hope being a trukk was destroyed that would send it forward only for the occupants to be gunned down by lines of ig infantry. Do any xeno players still play 40k? Orks and nods had it abysmal for years when I last checked.

Looks like the purging of screeching try hards is set to continue. As for thinking they changed the rules because aos players thought them complicated.... Nah they were just shit. Convuluted retardation isn't the same as complicated.

Shitey orks might see daylight again if these preview rules are anythin to go by.

>> No.52920491

>In depth

You haven't played a lot games it seems

>> No.52920498

>Do any xeno players still play 40k?
Tau and Eldar have pretty big playerbases due to cheese.

>> No.52920501
File: 235 KB, 1280x926, 1475781427792.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Whats the point of feudal worlds?
Basically, very little. Some of them supply decent troops or some basic resources, but generally speaking they are worlds which just aren't developed enough to be useful. The Imperium doesn't throw resources into making them better because it has other things to take care of, so they pretty much just do nothing important.

>How do they emerge? Are they former colonies that lost their technology?

In short, yes. Some of them were blasted back to a primitive level due to war, others had their economies collapse due to shifting trade routes, suffered natural disasters, got cut off by warp storms, had all their scientists and engineers executed for technological heresy or simply lost the knowledge necessary to keep their technology going. A few of them have been that way since before the great crusade, others have fallen more recently. Sometimes they go all the way back to stone-age primitives and rebuild slowly from there, others retain quite a bit of high technology but lack vital elements of civilised society, so they might have laser weapons and cybernetics, but no telecommunications or motorised transport.

In some publications, the term 'feudal world' refers more to the culture than the technology level, so knight worlds, which are fairly high-tech, are considered feudal due to their social structure.

>> No.52920502

So what are you painting for 8th, anons?

I finally settled on running Legion of the Damned so that I can use the same dudes to run multiple lists of Space Marines from the various flavors/tactics late in 7th. I'm still planning on running them for 8th, but some of the changes have made me glad I bought a bunch of flamers and combi-flamers for them.

>> No.52920506
File: 1.99 MB, 443x331, IMG_3900.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no longer able to explode vehicles with powerfists and think of gif related
Oh well.

>> No.52920508

True, needs to have a few more due to stat degradation.

>> No.52920520

>getting punched in the stomach is better than getting kicked in the balls.
No argument here.

>> No.52920524

Very informative, thank you!

>> No.52920531

>Do any xeno players still play 40k? Orks and nods had it abysmal for years when I last checked.

Nidfags are on suicide watch after GW confirmed that the Imperium vs Chaos is the true story of 40k and not the Imperium getting devoured by the Nids.

>> No.52920552

Still need to finish my Kastelans, 10 Skitarii, my Archmagos/Ironstrider and my Infiltrators for all my AdMech forces.

Also need to redo a lot of my Black Templars and also paint 5 Neophytes, 10 Initiates and a Rhino for them as well as redo one of my Pods that I picked up for cheap on eBay that is red with Blood Angels insignia.

>> No.52920557

its so nice but fall so flat.
there snt any focus point/Complementary color

>> No.52920569

thats literraly out of the aos app tho.
those "fun" rules dont exist anymore

>> No.52920577

Power firsts will probably do d6 wounds, so you can still punch tanks.

>> No.52920605

New world eaters and Emperor's children

>> No.52920613

powerfists are sure to be at least D3 damage. 3 or 4 attacks with one can still potentially one turn a dreadnought.

>> No.52920644

So how will it be written on how the Nids are stopped?
>Szarek returns and units the Necrons to fight them
Or my favorite
>Nids detect all the biomatter in Ork space causing the hives to converge and a never ending war of both sides infinite spawning soldiers occurs

>> No.52920674

i'd be willing to bet most of the standard guns for each army don't have a modifier. So it won't really matter much

>> No.52920681

nids aren't stopped.
they're just not the most immediate galaxy ending threat.

>> No.52920685

A blob of bodies should be able to take it out with sheer numbers.

>> No.52920704

>So how will it be written on how the Nids are stopped?

Guillimarines show up and fist fuck them to death.

>> No.52920724
File: 1.89 MB, 1944x2592, mecha squiggy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

people laughed at me for positioning my knight sideways to fit thru terrain better. Said I have a tiny front arc and huge side arcs to be exploited. Who is laughing now?

Also mecha squiggy is ready for action finally.

>> No.52920728

Reminder that in the end its gonna be all orks and nids. Just like the goddamn cockroaches

>> No.52920738

Doesnt matter if Nids are destroyed in the galaxy, there's 12 other galaxy worth of Tyranids waiting in line. I'd love to see the Silent King return to Octarius and destroy the Tyranids and Orks in there only for them to spread to the nearby systems.

>> No.52920748

40k is not a competitive game. All the competitive players have done to it is ruin it and suck all enjoyment out of it with their deathstars and summon lists

>> No.52920769

Some how Ultras team kill SoB to make it more dramatic. Then girlyman and his numarines fall into 7 deadly Nid traps. Get captured by Tau and they are rescued by Vulkan from fucking nowhere.

Tau explode, then Girlyman and Vulkan Eiffel Tower Celestine mid explosion.

>> No.52920777

Doubt he'll kill the Overfiend now that he's in Ghazghkull's gang.

>> No.52920797

That's entirely GW's fault for being shit at writing rules. I don't see any reason why people won't find a way to break the game in this edition considering the rules GW has been releasing prior to 8th ed have either been mediocre or broken as shit.

>> No.52920853

Most of them already didn't have a modifier that mattered against heavy armor.

>> No.52920857

>40k is not a competitive game.
How is it not? You don't have to be a WAAC throatslitter but it's written as a competitive game. The goal is to try to win.

>> No.52920860

B-But it's New Games Workshop!

>> No.52920867

What I want to know is if we are going to be removing wrecked vehicles from the table or leaving them if they cant explode.

>> No.52920869

>Eiffel Tower Shadowsun


>> No.52920881

Hoo boy, can't wait for my flying hive tyrants! Being able to bring down most vehicles with my devourers sure will be fun! D6 haywire hits from e-grubs? Probably 2+ to wound with no armor save on models with the vehicle keyword! Can't wait!

>> No.52920884


Deciding if I should go with my Night Lords or finish my Wych Cult because they might actually be usable finally.

>> No.52920888


No, net-listing faggots combined with GW's inability to have even a modicum of balance ruined it.

>> No.52920905


Good question. To be honest vehicles rarely explode so I'd be happy to have they stay.

>> No.52920908

Procrastinating on loyalist marines and Sisters. The marines because I'm not sure what'll happen with chapter tactics. The SoB because conversions are time consuming

>> No.52920921

What's wrong with netlisting?

>> No.52920950

Whats up with Grombrindal? He looks like new marine but with holiday theme that is year away.

>> No.52920981
File: 120 KB, 720x900, Ork worky bitz gubbinz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw Orks don't have to suffer under the tyranny of I2 any longer

>> No.52920984
File: 3 KB, 120x90, search.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, the weakness is the tension your average rivet undergoes. You see, Rivets work by heating up a bar of metal with a cap on one end until it expands. Then you punch it through a hole in the two pieces of steel you want riveted together, and smash the opposite end flat. As the metal cools, not only does the rod hold the steel in place, but it shrinks as most solids tend to do when they cool. As the rivet contracts, it pulls the steel together creating an airtight fit. This is why rivet-construction ships like the Titanic weren't constantly leaking.

Problem: If the Rivet is pushing the two steel plates together with enough force to make them airtight, then that means the plates are pushing BACK on the rivet with an equal force. So that rivet is under A LOT of pressure. The rapid heating and cooling also makes the steel the rivet was made of really, REALLY brittle. Like glass: Strong but inflexible.

So if you were to, say, deform one of the riveted steel plates with a giant hammer...or a cannon...the force bending plate out of shape would transfer to the already strained rivets. The rivets in turn snap in two. One side goes flying away from the tank, and the other goes flying INTO the tank, where it ricochets around like a grenade fragment and wounds the poor men inside. This is why every tank after the M3 Lee was cast-steel or welded steel Construction. Pic related is a mask WW1 tankers wore to keep popping rivets from striking their face.

So in short: Rivets are a weakness.

>> No.52921011

3rd edition was fairly competitive despite the obvious flaws in the rules. 4th edition too.

going to TLoS and adding in pre-measuring was a mistaaaake

>> No.52921015

Using my battlewagons and trucks for those sweet cover save modifiers could be sweet. Also the rules for tank shocks need to be worded better.

>> No.52921025

Flyrants are dropped to BS 2 along with all other nids to reinforce "close combat themed army" e grubs are turned into 4 shots, haywire on 6s, not twin linked. Can't wait!

>> No.52921044

Tank shocks are probably going away.

>> No.52921067

I'm more confused on why someone would use it unless there was no clear way for the people to move out of the way.
Sure the moral check might make someone run away in fear if they fail it. Rather than running fuckers over, you gently drive by waving as the crowd clears way for you.
All it says is move out of the way and remain in unit cohesion, you can move those fuckers in any direction as far as you want.

>> No.52921089
File: 2.51 MB, 286x258, 1468787176077.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52921095
File: 1.43 MB, 4032x3024, image1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A group shot of the Green Bean Brigade!

On the Left, Diamond Squad & Diamond Track ready to make some fresh-fried Taukabobs!

On the Right, Spade Squad and Spade Track ready to Melt some tanks.

Center-Front, Center, and Between the tanks are Skull Squad, Omega Squad, and Delta Squad respectively. All regular cannon fodder reddy to rank fire incoming orks!

And Finally, two of my 3 tanks: Star-Cog and Claw-Cog here to provide heavy support! Skullcog would be here but he's in need of repairs.

>> No.52921099

White Dwarf's 40th anniversary, 1977-2017, and 8th edition.

>> No.52921143
File: 2.72 MB, 640x360, 1483554442660.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

D-don't jinx it, f-faggot, it's all I've got left to keep me playing this game.

>> No.52921153

Uh, no. T7 is equivalent to AV11. An Autocannon damages both on 4s.

>> No.52921167

I play nids and I hope flyrants get fucking gutted.

fuck them, they look retarded

>> No.52921204

Only way the game would be worth it again.

>> No.52921211

S4 can't hurt AV11, making it a T8 equivalent, whereas AV10 needs a 6+ to hurt it with S4 and a 4+ to hurt it with S7.

>> No.52921219

Sure he would look cooler with bug wings and not big leathery bat wings.

>> No.52921243

foot tyrant or bust, nigga

hopefully they buff tyrant guard, too

>> No.52921245

you'll need a lot of bodies.
It takes 27 marine basic attacks to deal one wound to the dread.

>> No.52921255


It has a purpose for annoying people with your 5 empty rhinos once all your marines have disembarked.

But it basically is to just push them back, only in exceptional circumstances would a tank run somebody over.

>> No.52921259

The double 6+ makes it wonky for direct translation. You need a 3+ for str 7 to hit AV10.

>> No.52921263

Only big hq I've seen on foot is a swarm lord and his buddies.

>> No.52921270

I'd hate that. I actually roll for outflank on the Tank Commander's table (which is on a D3 and in a CAD that's awesome) and give it to veterans in chimeras. Losing tank shock would mean my enemy could cockblock me so damn hard!

>> No.52921271

>Said I have a tiny front arc and huge side arcs to be exploited
arcs are drawn from the mini not the base so it makes no difference.

>> No.52921282

Try 30 boyz on the charge. Unless they change furious charge and render Orks forever unplayable as a melee army.

>> No.52921304

What do you mean? With the 7e To Wound chart, you need a 4+ to hurt T7 with S7.

>> No.52921309

This is why the battlewagon has always been fucked

It might as well be 12/12/10

>> No.52921334

Anyone who plays this game for anything more than a way to play with your cool toys is a fucking moron. 40k hasn't had decent rules for a LONG time, a new edition isn't going to make things worse. The least it could do is make the game a different kind of terrible, but its not like any of us really care about it. If you did, you would have left years ago.

>> No.52921356

I still need to paint my Thousand Sons and some Alpha Legion.
My Imperial Fists could use some touch-ups too.

>> No.52921363

They've been fucked when they nerfed deff rollers.

>> No.52921374

Which makes it an AV11 equiv, as S7 damages AV11 on a 4+. Because you get two 6+ results, weapons can damage a higher range on toughness than they can on AV.

>> No.52921388

>They look retarded

Get out of here.

Winged Tyrants look great. I just wish they weren't what you had to spam to do anything.

>> No.52921398

They'll fight in melee like everything else.

>> No.52921425

assuming all 30 can actually get close enough to make attacks and their equivalent stats are the same they'll deal 2-3 wounds to the dreads on average with basic boy attacks.
The powerclaw on the nob is still going to be the thing the dread is actually worried about.

this also assumes charging is still +1 A (which I would be unsurprised if its dropped now that chargers strike first)

>> No.52921461

What hour is the release date for DOW 3? Midnight?

>> No.52921463

But you can't just come off the board into melee. If the kroot are all bunched up against the board I can no longer push them out of the way and flat out to my real objective. Or at least, push my way onto the board and flamer the bastards that tried to keep me out of there deployment zone.

Also, if my tanks are locked in close combat then that is more or less the tanker's definition of VERY, VERY BAD!

>> No.52921469


How is a war game not competitive by nature?

Plus, you appease your type of gapping ass faggot they added in two other methods of play.

I'm actually excited about getting rules to make organizing a campaign easier. Narritive play could be fun.

>> No.52921478

Even then, the word tyranid means "Bring all the AA weapons I have."

>> No.52921496

would be great, if the guys inside could shoot into melee.

>> No.52921497

I hope they also add a version of the Path of Glory that is in AoS. I'd love that.

>> No.52921507

Don't you have a brain of your own?

Everybody playing the exact same thing is fucking stupid.

Why have a catalogue of hundreds if not thousands of different dollies?

Just have a single model with a single pose and the rules where you move d6 can run d6 hit on a [email protected] and on a 5 in melee. Wounding on a [email protected] and 5 in close combat. With a 6+ save across the board, except the single designated general who gets a 5++ invuln.

Paint the models
red +1 move +1 run
Blue +1 to hit range
Green +1 wound melee
Yellow your general has +1 to both saves

Win on objectives or general killed.

>> No.52921508

>Unless they change furious charge and render Orks forever unplayable as a melee army.
Considering they just ditched the Initiative shit, Orks are suddenly very much a melee army now that they aren't suffering under that I2 nonsense anymore!

>> No.52921531

There's no facings anymore, so you don't have to worry about melee attacks hitting rear armor.

>> No.52921535


I think flying tyrants look good.

I'm hoping they give warriors more utility and survivablity too. Not sure if it would make them useful enough to change they way nid armies are built but, it couldn't hurt.

Also, they need another giant dino-bug more on the IK or WK level

>> No.52921540

Okay, odd question, but I need some help tracking down a massive lore document on 40k.

It was super damn basic in design, but it covered a fuckton of 40k lore, things that aren't outright stated in the books, no pictures that I recall, I think it was just a straight text document even, or a word document, not even a pdf (but I could be wrong there). It spoke alot about what STC actually was, the fact that all hover-plates for things like space marine landspeeders are bascially from massive vaults on terra and will eventually run out, and other stuff like that (and how most STC tech is irreplacible because of lacking transcendent AI from the men of iron).

I was wondering if anybody knew about this lore document and if they had it? I have it... somewhere... burried, but I was an idiot and didn't rename the file from the number string 4chan puts on uploaded files when you download them. It might also have been lost in one of my recent computer failures so yeaaaaaah. Any help would be appreciated.

>> No.52921546

Everyone would paint them the color determined to be the most competitive.

>> No.52921574

>Everybody playing the exact same thing is fucking stupid.
That won't happen unless a specific build is objectively overpowered and better than everything. If that's possible it's not the netlisters fault it's GW. They should write rules were many lists can be viable.

>> No.52921580
File: 196 KB, 640x640, 1490332400247.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dont know if I should ask here or just read the book but when Gulliman talked to the emperor after coming back, was the conversation one sided or did the big e talk back? Or is it unknown? Ty for replies

>> No.52921612

Instead you have to worry about a vehicle getting stuck in assault and doing fuck all. If this is the case I fear what tarpits will do to the game.

Hopefully the "vehicle" keyword is a thing and keeps them from being locked in combat.

>> No.52921619



Since the dawn of the internet people have been sharing ways to be most effective tactics, items, or builds.

Then something new is released or someone figures out a counter to the Most Effective Tactic Available and everyone changes their lists or tactics.

>> No.52921702

The Dimachaeron would be about the right size but FW didn't want to make a good unit. .

>> No.52921708

I have to wonder what will become of the deathstrike. Hitting a bunch of units is the entire point of a nuke.

>> No.52921723

Everyone plays to win. Why you try and have th best players for your imaginary football. Or shove all your points in strength when you're a Barbadian.

>> No.52921761

>Or is it unknown?

>> No.52921803

In the past

>> No.52921805

Wow the Long War Podcast is getting me psyched up for 8th.

>> No.52921823

Ill just assume it was a one sided conversation

>> No.52921849

The one thing they did right was have that particular conversation happen entirely behind closed doors, so people can be free to speculate and assume.

>> No.52921892

If it wasn't, gulliman would be looking for the sensei to free the Emperor and birth the Sensei Emperor.

>> No.52921989

What were they on about?

>> No.52921992

Lore-wise, it's just another unexplained mystery.

IRL, it's a reference to soccer balls; GW said that they based the orks off soccer hooligans.

>> No.52922015

Patiently awaiting a new thread.

>> No.52922026
File: 383 KB, 1920x1047, Igor Sid - 101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>looking for the sensei to free the Emperor and birth the Sensei Emperor.

Calling them sensei sounds so fucking stupid, which of GW's paid retards came up with that?

>> No.52922074

Yo dawg Kenny Boucher here on the LITERAL best of all days!

>> No.52922106

Spoilers: It was actually just him staring slack-jawed at the state of his father after 10,000 years for 30 minutes. The rest of the time was spent chewing out the techpriests for letting him deteriorate so much.

>You're a Magos Biologis! Surely you can inject him with stem cells or something?
>WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT MAKES YOU UNCOMFORTABLE!?! This is the Imperium of Man! We sacrifice 1000 psykers a day for a glorified Lighthouse and you choose NOW to act all squeamish?

>> No.52922114

>soccer balls
>check patterns

>> No.52922145

>Surely you can inject him with stem cells or something?
>Magos: B-B-But sir, we haven't found the STC for that yet!

>> No.52922151

are those... snowmen?

>> No.52922153

1d4chan forbids pages about specific posters but what are some memes from our notable anons and namefags that would be interesting?

>> No.52922176

Take a closer look at the marines

>> No.52922184


>> No.52922193

That's hillarious, santamarines

>> No.52922202

more like

>Surely you can inject him with stem cells or something?

>What the fuck are stem cells? Is that some kind of new prayer to the Omnissiah?

>> No.52922220

How basically Flamers are just using an improved version of Wall of Death that we have been using throughout 7th.

How the new vehicle rules are a large improvement and they had already tested them.

>> No.52922226

>notable anons
>interesting namefags

fuck off

>> No.52922231

Don't think it's even canon, it's like some long lost reference.

>> No.52922236

What about Aeldari?

>> No.52922282

Basically everyone has told you that everything about this is a shit idea. Give up.

>> No.52922292

Nobody gives a shit. Now fuck off and stop asking if people want namefags to be referenced on 1d4chan.

>> No.52922302

All these new rules remind me of my old FLGS owner made his own warhammer. Keep nds the same rules, no more templates and only more wounds. No armor values and sergeants become the the model that you need to draw line of sight on to shoot.

>> No.52922363

Have you never heard of a Magos Biologis? They're basically the guys who see Frankenstein's Monster as an interesting high-school project.

>> No.52922499

So....new thread?

>> No.52922500

Everyone else slaps their dicks against toaster. They slap it against plants.

>> No.52922519

I wonder who hit >>52922222

Anyway, I'm seriously fucking antsy over 8th. I'm going moderately insane.

>> No.52922529

Orks being 4" movement is inevitable

>> No.52922585

So Wraithguard/Wraithblades are getting counter attack to counter this charger strikes first bullshit right?

>> No.52922615


Why on earth would slow ghost robots get super speed?

Also, spend a command point.

>> No.52922626

Why would they? Just charge out of a waveserpent.

>> No.52922663

>whaaaaa my army won't be broken anymore

>> No.52922684

Probably not. I would sooner expect them to gain an extra wound to match up with typical Terminator durability.

>> No.52922700

I could see this. Makes them tougher, and meaner.

>> No.52922737

They should never ever die to charging boyz or god forbid guardsmen

>> No.52922752

And they'll do that by being toughness 6 with 3+ saves that make them as durable as terminators in CC

>> No.52922763

Scatbikes will be nerfed 100% due to years of incessant whining, nerf wraith constructs as well and there will be nothing left to eldar other than squishy highly specialized aspect warriors that never get anything done without support

>> No.52922766

>They should never ever die to charging boyz


>> No.52922799

If a wraith construct can't kill a bunch of boyz or guardsmen every round of combat, what's the point? They have near Guilliman-stats for christ's sake

>> No.52922806

People have bitch and moaned about eldar for years and yet you still got shit like the Ynnari even when your shit was already broken.

You'll be fine.

>> No.52922810

>nerf wraith constructs

That's hardly a nerf. They were initiative 4 anyway, so they aren't exactly the speediest things. They aren't really going to lose in CC to anything much slower than them except Orks, but Orks are in such a spot right now that it's more of a buff to them than a nerf to you.

Honestly there are so many other changes you could possibly pick to whine and complain about with your Eldar, and you pick Wraith constructs not getting to strike before guardsmen if you get charged?

>> No.52922818

Because primitive weapons bounce off of wraithbone

>> No.52922834

>If a wraith construct can't kill a bunch of boyz or guardsmen every round of combat, what's the point?

But they can still. This changes nothing except that if you're stupid and let slow orks or slow guardsmen get close enough to charge, you might lose one of your two wounds (because no way Wraith units won't get 2 wounds to match terminators), and then proceed to beat them back because it's just Orks and Guard.

>> No.52922844

orks can hurt wraithbone because they believe they can :^)

>> No.52922857

Ynnari was a misstep, they thought it would only buff DE and Harleys.

If a unit contains at least one model with this special rule, and that unit is charged, every model with the Counter-attack special rule in the unit gets +1 Attack until the end of the phase.

>> No.52922861

>charger strikes first bullshit
>charger strikes first

Zog dat squigshite. Youz gitz iz gonna die to charging boyz an' youz iz gonna like it!

>> No.52922866
File: 677 KB, 1800x1945, Space Marines - 2000pts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do y'all think of my list?
I'm going up against Skitarii with an Imp Knight.
I'm hoping to surprise him with an infantry swarm, and be able to grab all the objectives and just hold, while using the Contemptor to harass his back lines, and the termies to put pressure on the center.

>> No.52922872

So because they have lower initiative when charged now, you're asking for extra attacks, because they should be really durable and immune to knives?

None of those are even related.

>> No.52922878 [DELETED] 
File: 38 KB, 450x450, 1452273736037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cuckdari player crying THIS hard over his npc army getting the spanking it deserves
I have no sides and I must KEK.

>> No.52922882

I bet Snipers will be something like S4 D3

>> No.52922909

>Ynnari was a misstep, they thought it would only buff DE and Harleys

Bullshit, no idiot would think "this army can act twice if something dies near it" would only buff a portion of the army.

>> No.52922916

>page 9
C'mon guys it ain't funny.

>> No.52922937

i play fucking guardians and i'd love to use more shining spears
scat bikes were a mistake and D plates were a mistake too.
grow a pair and accept that wraithguards will have a downside to being 12'

>> No.52922945

Boyz and guardsmen are gonna be faster than wraithguard/blade, you better believe it

They should be able to fight their way out of stupid boyz, extra attacks will let them do it despite losing models to charge

>> No.52922950
File: 303 KB, 785x757, aaadb2edf907ef12d53f61b6c01bd48d7ccb4a9c138b6b87c52c6a0b5bb284b8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you will no longer get your badass glass cannon characters fucked up by weaker high initiative characters before even getting to swing
Feeling pretty comfy desu famalam.

>> No.52922974

Harleys and DE infantry need it to even have a chance of getting in charging/shooting range, scatbikes/venoms/reavers don't really care.

Wraithguards will never move 12" and now they're nerfing d-flamers as well

>> No.52922976


my warboss will actually get to swing, holy shit

>> No.52922998
File: 26 KB, 400x300, knight markers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guess what, my local store has and uses these for official tournaments. I argued it should be an x in the center. So mabye that works for you, but not here. But not for much longer.

>> No.52923000

>extra attacks will let them do it despite losing models to charge

Extra wounds means they statistically won't even lose models to the charge, especially since Ork boyz are only wounding them on a 6 anyway.

>> No.52923006

-Dflamers being nerfed-
-they can hit six fucking times on a single model-

Nice joke.

>> No.52923012
File: 330 KB, 1240x1754, 1469444008318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Slowpoke here. I'm pretty okay with the changes I think. Monster vehicles will be weird, but since they didn't ditch S/T like AoS did it should work fine.

>> No.52923025


I... I want some Christmas Marines...

>> No.52923032

So with all the 8th edition craziness. Any news on the 2 lost primarchs? With FF no longer being involved with GW, we've probably lost the /tg/ influence on the lore, so I don't hold out hope for angry and pretty marines, but I am curious if they'll finally answer the question.

>> No.52923034

Nice deflection. I guess you forgot about retarded warp spider bullshit.

>> No.52923036

> -they can hit six fucking times on a single model-

Who cares? The wounds don't spill over, d-flamer is supposed to be anti-heavy infantry squads, not single models

Tarpitting an expensive wraith unit with cheap boyz is just as bad

>> No.52923045

>Wraithguards will never move 12" and now they're nerfing d-flamers as well
yeah, it was a stupid move.
The D-sycthes were the worst idea.
worst comes to worst, you'll have the strongest flammer in the game, propably with a range of 8'

wraiths were always a defensive unit back in the day, Khaine forbid you play it like that.
it wasn't until like 6th you could even put them in a Serpent

he means that D will beremoved.

>> No.52923049

>I need the game to be easy mode because I'm bad

You could have just said that and saved us the time

>> No.52923050

Do Eldar grills actually look like that or am I getting memed? Because if so holy fuck I understand Slaneeshis now.

Holy shit more?

>> No.52923055

>They should be able to fight their way out of stupid boyz
>Waaa my guys should get extra attacks to compensate for da big mean Orks charging
No. Cry moar ya panzee git!

>especially since Ork boyz are only wounding them on a 6 anyway
For now at least. GW hasn't given us a look at the new Ork boyz yet. For all we know the boyz are getting buffed for strength and instead of wounding on 6s, they're wounding on 5+ instead!

>> No.52923065

They're gonna nerf warp spiders too. If they don't, do you really want to see entire armies of stupid warp spiders?

>> No.52923084

where does it say wounds don't spill over? isn't the point of the flamer to kill multiple models in a unit?

>> No.52923086
File: 96 KB, 394x294, orks everywhere.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

day'ze gonna whine.
we'ze still need a mad shootie tank fing.
>ftw we'ze can get stuck in wit dah wagon

>> No.52923092

> I play hard mode because my army has less movement options so all I do is march towards the middle of the board

>> No.52923103

They will never reveal them

>> No.52923109

In AoS damage does spill over, i can't imagine they would change that.
hypothetically it would mean a laz cannon could axe 6 guard but honestly i don't get how they would make their flammers function like that

>> No.52923115

Then you shouldn't have any problem keeping your Wraiths away from the middle of the board with all your movement options, since you're so skilled and tactical

I mean, the only reason you would ever want buffs to protect you from charges from an army with worse movement options is if you weren't good enough to circumvent them yourself.

>> No.52923122

They said it doesn't on the spoiler.

>> No.52923135

Wraiths are slow, likely M5". Boyz prolly M8" Guard M6"

>> No.52923146

fuck where that at i wanna check the wording.
>flamer throws hit the model and not the unit.
this really doesn't make sense and honestly without it, i can't believe it

>> No.52923163
File: 133 KB, 400x400, 1449960660662.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>we'ze still need a mad shootie tank fing.
Dey should let us loot the other gitz shootie tank fings again!
Looted Hammerhead picking off enemy HQs ftw!
>Boyz prolly M8

>> No.52923188

Flamers do spill, they do a random amount of automatic hits. Weapons that do multiple damage don't however. It's on the warhammer community site.

>> No.52923193

If boyz are less than 7" it will defeat the purpose of making assault more viable, unless they get two wounds too or FNP from mob rule something stupid like that

>> No.52923222

Or you could just use trukks and wagons.

>> No.52923224

>8" movement

Try 4. Wraiths will probably end up with 6 to still be marine speed. Guard will probably end up with 5.

Even if Boyz magically do end up super fast, it's still gonna be your fault for letting your expensive unit get charged and not doing anything about it.

Hell, if you're that concerned, keep some Storm guardians nearby so that they can charge the Orks and get you out of the tarpit.

>> No.52923226

So a d-scytche potentially hits 1-2 guys only on nerfed damage due to lack of d-table, and they get slaughtered/tarpitted on the charge? At 150+ points per unit? Da fuq geedub

>> No.52923227

... what? Extra WOUNDS don't spill over, extra hits do. Are you retarded?

>> No.52923242

A battlewagon can get pretty shooty, but it would be cool to deck them out in deffstorm megashootas or mega kustom blasters.

>> No.52923244

two lost primarchs exist for you OC donut steel primarchs

>> No.52923248

The D table didn't spill either.

>> No.52923256

> wounds don't spill over
> Extra WOUNDS don't spill over
> you're retarded

Only if every vehicle is an assault vehicle now

>> No.52923263

>Damage is a big change. This stats effectively lets a single hit deliver multiple wounds to one model.

>> No.52923276

Orks will be M4" but will run 6" instead of d6"

>> No.52923284

At least d-scythe would hit 3 guys minimum, now you can roll a 2 or 1

>> No.52923305

You can also hit a large target multiple times, so apples and oranges.

>> No.52923309

Umm it's been a while, but arn't trukks and wagons open topped? That means they are assault vehicles.

>> No.52923310

Don't get why Orks can't run as fast as guard. Guard might be peak human fitness, but Orks are muscle bound gorilla monsters. They should be able to outrun any human.

>> No.52923316

oh that's pretty stock standard
i fail to see you point.
you could also roll 6
the average is going to be 3-4
You should have a slightly higher than average normally of hit per item

>> No.52923344

A d-scythe will, at minimum, hit 1-3 guys on the charge. For a 5 man squad, that's going to be 10 dead Orks.

If it's a max-sized squad of 30 Orks (which costs 180 points total, so more than your Wraithguard), then yeah, your dedicated shooting Elite unit will get mobbed to death. As they should, because you let them get charged by 30 Ork boyz. Or 20, because you managed to kill 10 of them on overwatch, assuming it's d3 hits instead of d6. Otherwise you kill 20, and would only take 1 wound on the charge, at which point the other 4 wraithguard mopping them up is viable even without counter-attack.

>> No.52923347

You could already do that with d-table, that they're scrapping. So a nerf overall

I trust the template more than I trust the dice

>> No.52923353

He's right though. Extra wounds from the Damage stat don't spill.

>> No.52923359

>So a nerf overall

Not if D-scythes do d6 hits for 2 damage each.

>> No.52923365

That's what i was saying though, some other dude said wounding d6 is scary, but only if it spills over

>> No.52923376
File: 31 KB, 292x365, 'Kay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I trust the template more than I trust the dice
from the sound of this, your only complaint is that flammers are slightly nerfed.
look my dude i get it, i've once burned a battlewagon of orks to death and it was great.
but trust me my dude it isn't all that bad

>> No.52923403

He's an eldar player, if he can't effortless wipe an opponents army he doesn't want to know.

>> No.52923404

>Orks will be M4"
In ya dreams. Da boyz are as fast as any humie git, be it Beakie or Guardsman, if not moreso.
Worst case scenario they've got M5" like terminators, but standard boyz now come with 2 wounds each to compensate for their lack of armor.

>> No.52923413

Are the Eldar forums all this salty? I'm in the mood for some nerd cringe.

>> No.52923417

Flamers got BUFFED Think about it you put a flamer in 7th into a chaplin and how many hits do you get? 1

8th you put that same flamer into the chaplin what happens you get d6 hits. You have a chance to burn a chappie to death with a flamer. Not a great chance but a chance.

>> No.52923419

D-weapon flamers, and slow-moving wraiths that will get crushed on the charge. Obv they nerf scatbikes, they nerf wraithknights, they nerf warp spiders, how do you even play Eldar in 8th ed? 12" shurikens that put you in danger of getting charged? Shit psykers because everyone complains about them too?

>> No.52923428

Hmm...maybe they'll make it so Orks move 6" default, but 5" in heavy armor and 4" in Mega armor. In exchange, heavy and mega armor are also cheaper upgrades.

>> No.52923449

im newish to 40k, ive been lurking about a year, but i keep waiting and waiting to jump in because of the 8th rumors, i didnt want to spend hundreds of bucks for nothing. when other editions came out, did they get all new models also, or was it just one unit at a time? basically, should i start my IG army now, or will a load of cool, new units come out all at once?

>> No.52923454

>how do you even play Eldar in 8th ed?

This may be hard to comprehend, but you play them...on even footing with everyone else?

>> No.52923479
File: 68 KB, 696x693, even i think you're gay and i'm eldar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Flamers got BUFFED
i'm not arguing this, the dude is claiming D sycthes are nerfed and he doesn't like dic.
>7th into a chaplin and how many hits do you get?
what are you trying to say here?
i mean my thing is flammer servitors and you can drop them out to have a party.

>D-weapon flamers, and slow-moving wraiths that will get crushed on the charge.
yes, like i said before DEFENSIVE UNIT.
atleast now you can shove them in a serpent.
>how do you even play Eldar in 8th ed? 12" shurikens that put you in danger of getting charged?
I fucking do it all the time, with the ork players.
it's fucking okay, set up some scatforms on guards, run and scatter away.
it's going to be hard.
but it's shit i've seen and done since 6th

>> No.52923488

sorry that should read "since 5th."
i'm a bit tired right now
eldar present looks so much different than eldar past.

>> No.52923489

> Have crap armor when not on bike
> crap strength and toughness
> short ranged weapons outside anti-tank useless against horde
> slow moving wraith with nerfed weapons
> nerfed wraithknight
> nerfed psykers
> so even and fair

>> No.52923494

Or you make 'ard boyz their own unit like big un's in fantasy.
Maybe give them extra toughness or stubborn along with the armor.

>> No.52923499

>but standard boyz now come with 2 wounds each to compensate for their lack of armor.

you're dreaming now buddy. don't expect anything but Orks to get nerfed to the ground from here on in.

>modifiers to hit

Nigger, orks only hit on a 5+, now models behinf cover will make it a 6+ plus a 4+? Throw that shit down the well

>> No.52923506

Daily reminder that Shield Maidens were a thing that actually existed, and was fairly common. Shield Maidens took part in the raping, pillaging, and looting.
> Post YFW you were born in the wrong era to meet a tsundere aryan viking woman kidnapping you in a raid for rape purposes.

>> No.52923512

Yeah, when your army is an 11/10, and others are a 3/10, it's more even when your power level gets cut in half.

>> No.52923520

Probably not, no. IG haven't been updated in quite some time, but Khorne Berzerkers are dearly in need of it.

I don't know what their update priorities are other than that loyalist SM get Priority+++

>> No.52923524
File: 10 KB, 247x204, 1486551005584.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>waaah eldar cancer isn't stage 5 anymore

>> No.52923533

>Guess what, my local store has and uses these for official tournaments
they're entitled to their house rules. But thats what that interpretation is. Take your knight anywhere else and they won't run it that way.

in the rules themselves facings are referenced from the mini not the base (mostly because most vehicles don't have bases)

>> No.52923540

I need a model to buy the main section/chest piece for for my assault centurion to be tearing through for my imperial fist army.

I was thinking of a riptide chasis to be chewing up with the drill, maybe the pilot in the other hand. What do y'all think?

>> No.52923543
File: 1.95 MB, 480x320, 1491585305200.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nigger, orks only hit on a 5+, now models behinf cover will make it a 6+ plus a 4+?

It's almost like you have no idea what you're talking about and haven't even seen that cover applies a save modifier in 8th.

>> No.52923549

Supposedly movement is going to be talked about tomorrow, what's everyone expectations on it? Will we get Eldar that move 9"?

Oh boo-hoo, how about you find out how Dark Eldar did it then.

>> No.52923550
File: 426 KB, 876x627, The_Fell_Hand.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bjorn will become M 6 WS 2+ BS3 S10 T8 W9 A6 LD10 Sv 2+
>invulnerable saves will become ignore rend x
>Bjorn will become ignore rend -2
>shielded dread will become ignore rend -4
The wolf time is upon us!!!

>> No.52923552

>> Have crap armor when not on bike
yes, i've done it, i've seen it work guess the fuck what, you have to deal with it some how. warlocks will make it much better if you reduce to hits -1 or -3 to hit is fucking great.
>> crap strength and toughness
melee isn't the issue, also just get the fucking charge with your melee units you are going to do this anyway.
>> short ranged weapons outside anti-tank useless against horde
you can shove a scat on any guard.
or maybe double scat warwalkers
>> slow moving wraith with nerfed weapons,
iyanden get out, also D was a mistake. it will be s10 ap 1 approx just like the old days.
>> nerfed wraithknight
good don't care.
>> nerfed psykers
you don't even know that but this could be a bit of a problem for my army, at the very least Spears remaining 12 laz cannons and having the ability to give cover or guid slightly is all the warlocks need to do

>> No.52923555

Riptide Chassis is fuckhuge. I think it'd be hard to fit on the base while still having it look right.

Crisis suit might work out better and be easier to work with.

>> No.52923556

They have cheap ranged poison firepower, which craftworlds don't have. Our basic guns are 12"-18"

>> No.52923562

>, and was fairly common
i'm going to need a citation.
because that sounds like bullshit and if true, germans should have died off a long time ago for being stupid.
germanics worst ayran

>> No.52923563

Ok, that might be cheaper too

>> No.52923565

>They're nerfing the broken stuff

uh... yes? Why is that upsetting?

>> No.52923569
File: 105 KB, 1280x720, 1493095951155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for reminding me

>> No.52923576

Orks will get worse and eldar will get better

This is the way of things

>> No.52923577

because the WAACfag is mad his $1,000 army he commissioned painting for is now going to lose to orks

>> No.52923578

How am I going to win against space marines and tau now?

>> No.52923579

probably no real change. It already didn't use a blast marker.

>> No.52923582

Yeah, and your basic guns are also probably going to be the only ones in the game that end up with any sort of AP, even if it is on a 6.

Why not take some Dark Reapers or something if you want really long-range firepower? Or just take Rangers as your troops for those long distance sniper rifles?

Eldar have so many fucking options it's not even funny.

>> No.52923594

It's a meme spouted by beta orbiters and not even close to true

>> No.52923600


>They're nerfing the broken stuff

Includes people other than you

Worst case scenario, you'll still be weaker than marines, but then we can all whine about them together.

>> No.52923606

Aspect warrior are shit, wraith daddy all the way.

>> No.52923608

> so broken it's all you see on top tables, not chaos daemons or marines

>> No.52923616

>Our basic guns are 12"-18"
And if they keep their special rule they'll be able to kill dreadnought with your basic guns. We don't even know if poison is still going to be a thing with the changes to vehicles.

>> No.52923622

That's the only thing I'm optimistic about, maybe now fielding a Maugan Ra with Dark Reapers will make sense because AP-2 is better than AP3

>> No.52923627

>Baw, all my guns are too short ranged
>What about these long ranged guns?
>Nah, those are shit, I'll stick with my short ranged ones

Okay then. I'll just be over here with my 25 point -2 AP missiles blasting safely from 48"

>> No.52923632

I'm guessing there'll be a "Vehicle" unit type that will negate Poison and allow Tank Shock/avoid being locked in melee.

>> No.52923637

i figure that.
you send your women off to die you deserve extinction.
>long gestation time
>long development time
>high mortality rate.
>female warriors are common.
shit cannot be viable
fuck you too faggot

>> No.52923641

It seems to me that shooting is a whole lot better now

>> No.52923644

Why do I only see people complaining about Tau and Eldar here with the occasional grievances against Space Marines but no one getting made at Daemons? IRL I've heard tons of stuff about how they are broken.

>> No.52923656

>What about these long ranged guns?

You mean bright lances and pulse lasers that are useless against charging hordes? Or the horribly nerfed scatter lasers?

>> No.52923659

So, is the Eldar player mad that his Scythes are gonna be something like D6 S10 -4? Like, really?

>> No.52923668

>People not getting mad at Daemons

Everytime someone mentions horrors, screamers, or Magnus people get buttflustered.

>> No.52923674
File: 658 KB, 3264x1836, chaos undevided.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fighting tzeench demons is like eggs in MTG.
i ain't got any wish to play an army that plays itself.

>> No.52923679

>Dark reapers have long ranged guns
>Nah, those are shit
>Well, if you're sure you don't want those long ranged guns
>What long ranged guns? There's no such thing as Dark Reapers!

You may see a doctor about your short term memory loss.

>Or the horribly nerfed scatter lasers?

Odds are good they'll only be nerfed on Jetbikes. Every other platform? Probably still gonna have 4 S 6 shots for mowing down hordes if you want it.

>> No.52923688

So... shuriken cannons and then catapults when they get close? Also, that weird web gun, they still have that right?

>> No.52923689

He's upset that the tippy-top tier Eldar units are going to be 'shit' like the rest of the Eldar codex.

And I thought only Space Marine players had this little self-awareness.

>> No.52923692

Anecdotal, but I see far fewer demon armies outside of tournament settings.

>> No.52923693

Can you guys point me towards a resource or give me advice on how to build my box of skitarii rangers? I bought it for Shadow war: armageddon to get into 40k, but there are so many configurations for the models that I'm getting indecision paralysis.

Should I aim to make each model different (Sword/pistol, Pistol/Mace, sniper, 3 special weapons, the rest standard)? I imagine that for a full on 40k game you want a standardized unit, but for a squad-based game like shadow war armageddon you may want some variety?

Is magnetizing the guys worth the hassle?

>> No.52923712

Warp spiders do, they wound on initiative too so no idea why people don't use them.

>> No.52923722

Don't waste anything on close combat gear. Go full shooting.

>> No.52923725

The real question is do you want to use them for 40k, or Armageddon? If 40k, then read your codex, and assemble like you want them in your army. If Armageddon, assemble as needed.

>> No.52923734

what i do for my army outside of SWA is:
2-3 units of rangers, 1-2 units of vanguard.
swords aren't really useful, the arc maul is useful against vehicals but not really worth it
you likely want arc rifles as special weapons on the vanguard, maybe a plasma or two.
and the sniper is goodish.
you really need nothing else.
the pistols are bad.
S3, ap 3 is not worth 15 when you could take the maul.

>> No.52923750

>but 5" in heavy armor
>...and 4" in Mega armor.
-insert M. BISON "YES!" clip here-

>> No.52923755

Any links/tips to a 3rd party/customizer/whatever the fuck makes models/conversion kits similar to Necron Pariahs?

Did GW ever put out plastic versions of Pariahs?

>> No.52923761

Warp spiders have 12" guns and you can bet warp spiders will get nerfed from all the whining, maybe we'll see more static doomweaver support platforms wow much fun

>> No.52923770

lazy fucking faggot

>> No.52923781
File: 136 KB, 471x411, little faggot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like support platforms.
look bait anon, could you stop being such a faggot

>> No.52923782

I can't decide between Grey Knights and Blood Angels with 8th edition in mind.

Blood Angels can use hand flamer, flamer, heavy flamer in their tactical squads.
Flamers are godly in 8th.

Both look really cool.

>> No.52923783

I think 1 inch of movement might be a fair tradeoff for Heavy armor going down to 1 or 2 points.

>> No.52923786

But they can move 12 inches for bring jump infantry, run and shoot with eldar special rules, and then do an assault warp jump away. They're pretty slippery if I recall.

>> No.52923795

Yeah. Doomweaver. That's pretty much built for horde control, right?

>> No.52923796

I would vote Blood angels, if only because it gives you more options with color scheme. After all, they have a lot of successors.

>> No.52923800

Grey Knights can get Super HFlamers tho

>> No.52923802

>leaks for the new edition are basically not even out yet and already the eldar WAACfags are complaining they're not going to be retardedly overpowered anymore


>> No.52923816

If I wanted an army that didn't move, I'd play Tau

>> No.52923827

Send pics please

>> No.52923842

sisters of battle man

each squad takes flamer/heavy flamer/combiflamer, plus a transport with TL heavy flamer

Also you can have dominions with as many flamers as you have girls

>> No.52923844

Sure thing lad, screencap my post and remind me in a couple months when the book is on the shelves

>> No.52923851
File: 18 KB, 239x283, buncha slackjawed faggots.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>artillery unit is static.
>rest of the army is kick flipping off walls and moving 12+ inches a turn
>the army isn't moving
you are a special kind of bait
and you need to stop playing my army, you give us all a bad name

>> No.52923858

Then the doomweaver tank and maybe some Vipers with high fire rate weapons? This is an easy fix.

>> No.52923867

>page 10
We're gonna need a new thread soon

>> No.52923868
File: 898 KB, 1535x2048, dUhH3cf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're literally space elves.

>> No.52923869
File: 10 KB, 285x287, 1390442475717.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.52923871

They'll get nerfed hard after years of complaining, not too optimistic about them in 8th

>> No.52923891
File: 73 KB, 594x474, 1459598394744.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52923894
File: 67 KB, 750x600, die.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a massive difference between the bitch in your post and the one in the post I quoted. Elves look meh enough, but that one pic was pretty good.

Though it's more likely fanart anyway. Either case purge the alien with extreme prejudice.

>> No.52923897
File: 40 KB, 550x512, if only you knew how bad things really are.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the fuck are you guys on about?
We still have tzeench daemons, tau and a new special snowflake marine list to come out.
it's only one head of the hydra my man.
>someone really bought ten copies of silver tower for the brimstone horrors

>> No.52923906

If only Vipers didn't look stupid next to jetbikes, maybe they'd have been more popular last ed

>> No.52923909
File: 166 KB, 873x583, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52923912

>community site FAQ says they made changes based on what the fanbase has been asking for all this time
>nids and orks are going to be unholy forces of nature that ravage the tabletop for years to come
>faggot space elves get rightly cucked
Fully erect

>> No.52923920

>>community site FAQ says they made changes based on what the fanbase has been asking for all this time
when were they listening

>> No.52923929


I think I'm too autistic for that picture to bother me.
>skittles have a noticeably different size to both MMs and RPs
>RPs are thinner than MMs

>> No.52923933
File: 99 KB, 1200x1200, 1490500529213.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nids and orks are going to be unholy forces of nature that ravage the tabletop for years to come

>> No.52923938

Psychic powers and especially summoning are also getting nerfed hard

It's possible overwatch is getting nerfed

New rules will make things like Riptides die easier to heavy weaponry that deals multiple Wounds and they will degrade in quality as they lose Wounds.

On top of that they've all but confirmed yearly balance updates and points tweaks to rein in things that get overpowered.

I think we're going to be okay, son.

>> No.52923947

I always liked the way they looked. Like eldar trucks with your buddy on the back with a rocket launcher or machine gun.

>> No.52923948

If everything is gonna play like everything else, why bother?

>> No.52923958
File: 111 KB, 247x248, 1380313947608.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>GW announces xenos factions will be reduced to the NPC races they always were
>most balanced edition with player concerns being taken into account, Eldar nerfed to the fucking ground
>queerdari players completely and eternally btfo both in fluff and tabletop
>whole mines of salt and oceans of tears from the most insufferable and homosexual portion of the fanbase

>> No.52923962


If I take 10 Dominions, I can have at most 4 flamers and a combi-flamer. However, Command Squads can take 5 heavy flamers.

>> No.52923967

>The only way armies can play differently is if one is godlike and the other is garbage

>> No.52923973

They look like geedubs running out of ideas

>> No.52923976

No, you take two squads of 5 dominions with 4x flamer and 1x combi flamer each

>> No.52923982

Since youve seen all the rules for all the factions give us a recap

>> No.52923983
File: 93 KB, 500x500, WAAAAGH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52923985

Gonna add a lot of realism. Now rather than stomping a horde of Tyranids or Orks into the ground, the Eldar will just decide to retreat and avoid them like the cowardly dying race they are.

>> No.52923995

Are they any good currently, or are they objectively bad and not just bad when compared to Scatbikes?

>> No.52924002

vipers have existed for years my dude.
RT ones were likely very strange
space technicals

>> No.52924005
File: 80 KB, 440x400, 1429113516337.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fagari players literally cucked into nihilism
Cumming so hard my dick may actually explode.

Stop. My penis can only get so erect.

>> No.52924007

What. Yes it did. The fucking thing is 11 inches

>> No.52924018


Or I take 2 command squads with 5 heavy flamers each. If we're waving flamer dicks around, I can also give my command squads 5 combi-flamers, too, so each model has 2 different flamers. Why? Because why not?

>> No.52924019

Considering Tzeentch is top tier in AOS I wouldn't be particularly upset to see them hammered here.

I just hope nids are good and GSC is still around as fun as it is now even if it's not as good.

>> No.52924020

Really? Because having a turret like that makes sense for an extremely fast moving skimmer. More sense than hardpoints, certainly, since recoil is a non-issue with Eldar weaponry.

>> No.52924030
File: 22 KB, 126x126, 1393355883324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Top fucking kek

>> No.52924034

Whats the hold up, someone make a new thread ffs

>> No.52924037

Why's that terminator using a chainsword?

>> No.52924042

Yeah but only if you take a canoness and why would you when you've got two different celestines and celestine and uriah?

>> No.52924052
File: 106 KB, 456x412, 1489394104093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With something like the Deathstrike, where it's in its nature to hit more than one unit, I can see a special rule where it hits not only the unit it was aiming at, but every unit within 9" or so.

>> No.52924053

I never see them in use, their only purpose is for that formation that gives rending for shurikens once per game, which no one uses.

>> No.52924063
File: 1.04 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-27-00-50-28.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>only if you take a canoness

Have you even read imperial agents? They were moved to pure elites.

>> No.52924064

Jetbikes just do anything they do better.

>> No.52924068

What about an omnispex or data tether?

>> No.52924078

For now. That might change though, especially with the differences for vehicles.

>> No.52924084

Well damn. Hopefully that gets fixed in 8 then, huh?

>> No.52924091
File: 10 KB, 300x229, 1493173377211.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't wait to see ork and Tyranids players unleash a shit storm after they get their baseless expectations dash trough the bottom they're to a new form of despair and hopelessness not know by man
>b-bur my fluff

>> No.52924100

I have a literal boner right now

>> No.52924103

>butthurt eldar player
Top wew.

>> No.52924121

Jetbikes need at least to pay the same amount for scatlasers as a vyper does.

>> No.52924122

omnispex could have some use, you should have had them anyway for SW.
data tether is +1 ld when using your abilities.
not all that useful really.
keep your points for better items
>pony fag

>> No.52924139

Oh wow, two whole factions get the shit kicked out of them for the umpteenth time while Aeldari bullshit remains top tier and keeps kicking your ass.

Sounds like so much fun.

>> No.52924142

Aeldari jetbike fleets are a thing in fluff. It would suck to see the stupid looking vipers on the table because of some arbitrary whine-based nerf.

>> No.52924149

Jokes on you, they've already confirmed little tidbits that suggest they actually know what they're doing to fix these races.

"Eldar will be faster than Guardsmen and Hormagaunts will be faster than both" and so on.

>> No.52924162

>Jetbikes fleets are a thing in fluff

and Vypers aren't?

>> No.52924167

Why do people insist orks will be M4" when geedubs clearly want melee hordes to be effective?

>> No.52924173

So jetbikes should be twice as good while also being troops because of that? No ones stopping you from fielding jetbikes, they just shouldn't be more effective than any other option you could field.

>> No.52924177


What about Dark Eldar? Shit like Wyches are I6, which are faster than aspect warriors.

>> No.52924185

>Why do people insist orks will be M4"
It's the fear that the "joke race" is going to be one of the most threatening factions in the game next edition. at least that's my take on it anyway.

>> No.52924186

I haven't seen a Saim-hann force illustration with vypers at least

>> No.52924187

New thread here!



>> No.52924194

> Vypers shouldn't be better than Bikes!

But they absolutely should though?

>> No.52924209

Because when movement values were a thing in 2e, Orks moved M4".

>> No.52924216

Vypers are like an armies heavy MG, you shouldn't see a lot of them

>> No.52924217

Because Orks are slow but even if they arent the fastest army they can easily just give Orks a command point to double their movement speed or charge range or make Ramshackle half the damage received on a 4+ so Orks Trukks survive more or literally anything else. Movement isnt all.

>> No.52924227

And you don't when the basic trooper already has a heavy MG and is more mobile and harder to kill.

>> No.52924237

did they change it?

I'm sure it was pick a point and everything in D3+3 inch radius is hit.

>> No.52924243

Vyper has jink AND AV though?

>> No.52924262

Jetbikes can just jump behind cover after shooting and are half the price. AV10 2HP open topped also isn't worth much.

>> No.52924332

When movement values were a thing in 2e, Marines moved 4" too.

>> No.52924336

flamers are 8" range. keep in mind you still have to get that close in order to use them

if you really want to focus on flamers go play thousand sons. rubic marines can all be equipped with flamers (which are S4 ap 4 currently, so possibly ap -1 now)

>> No.52924385

Jetbikes also have Jink and Vypers won't have AV anymore.

Maybe they can solve this by just making it so Windrider jetbikes can't take heavy weapons as troops, and you have to take Black Guardian jetbikes to get scatter lasers or anything.

>> No.52924414

They really just need to make windriders actually pay for those weapons, so they're actually a bit of a glass cannon.

>> No.52924430

Jetbikes with just shuricats is a big downgrade over cheaper shuricats on foot.

>> No.52924465

>MEQs with massive movement speed and JSJ for 17 points is a big downgrade

Use them as the objective grabbers, dash in and out of close range.

>> No.52924493

One or two for objective grabbing, sure. You're not gonna fight with them.

>> No.52924529

Why not? They've got twin-linked rending guns and can easily dance in and out even with 12" range. They're as durable as a space marine is, more in some ways thanks to Jink as an option. And of course, they're only 17 points, meaning they cost only 3 points more than marines in exchange for being faster and having shooting that's just as good at close ranges.

>But my basic troops need to be even better than these other basic troops!

No they don't

>> No.52924533


>> No.52924557

They're dead to bolter fire before they can even dance

>> No.52924630

>12" move, 2d6 jetpack move
>dying to guns that won't even be able to get into rapid fire range most of the time before they're blasted apart by twin-linked rending guns

If Windriders die that easily to bolter fire, the marines are already dead far beforehand.

>> No.52924776

You know shuricats are 12" right? Unless there's LOS blocking terrain you can hide behind, you'll be shot right back. 10 tac marines vs 3 bikes

>> No.52924811
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>Implying poison matters when your basic weapons rend any unit
>Implying poison matters when its mounted on a 2 HP 10/10/10 vehicle
Dark Eldar are fundamentally flawed in the sense that they're "supposed" to do a lot of damage at the expense of armor, yet every other army essentially has a ton of firepower, simply due to how flimsy DE are, without the disadvantage.

>> No.52925018

So 140 points of marines against 51 points of bikes?

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