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>tfw you read a funny comic in Russian
>tfw you try to translate it
>tfw it's not as funny as it was before

Now I require your best memes or funnies.

Last panel should have read something like "but see the whole of where we are at". I'm pretty sure it's a Slaanesh joke and they're in the warp.

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>Wanna play the rape game?
>That's the spirit!

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Essentially, yes. But worded different which meant translation was awkward. Also who's the new one??

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>'Fulgrim may be a peacock, but when he spoke those worse he was right.'


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First time I read them they ware cool. Now that I feel the cringe overtaking me and it is not a good pain.

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>not posting the original so we could compare them

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I don't get it, mainly because I don't know how the droppods work

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massive g-force.

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Needs ''Guilliman'' added to ''likes''.

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They're literally just boxes you fill with marines and drop from space. Hell, they might even have rockets so they fall FASTER. Marines can handle the impact because why not; eldar aren't as tuff and would be squished flat (as would guardsmen or anything that's not a SM/CSM or maybe an ork).

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Orks probably could considering they get put into asteroids which are then slammed onto the planet to get there in a hurry

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>mfw Fenris is no more and Prospero has finally been avenged
>mfw homeless dogfuckers

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I thought the asteroids only carried ork spores. Regardless, though, yeah they'd probably be fine because they're big tough fuckers

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New OC here!

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On a side note, is anybody else disappointed with Gorgutz' redesign?

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Is his bantz any good ?

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I've seen footage of him. Like in Soulstorm, he's got a different VA. Why couldn't they just keep Drummond again? He was perfect.

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Dark Crusade's one was perfect yes! This is a bit disappointing but at least I hope the lines are good.

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When?? Afaik Fenris is still there

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People of Colchis speak Russian?

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Danmation! Perhaps I should have read OP post first!

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The remaining population (the ones that survived Magnus' massacre) were purger by the Grey Knights. Fenris is a Dead World now.

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Like that one alot>>52863678

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Gotta love Vangarshriek... :3

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What's wrong with the standard "that's the spirit"-answer?

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That's a pretty damn civilized negro

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I remember there was a thread a years back where an anon got fucking assblasted at this picture, that the Ultramarine killed the guardsman like that. How does someone so sensitive get into a setting like 40k?

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In the guardsman's defense, he could just be from a world so backwater he literally couldn't know about the Ultras.
On the other hand, this is 40k, so even if he was completely innocent it doesn't matter.

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he's fucking vegeta, of course they couldn't get him again.

but new gorgutz has one or two good lines

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He did ask "what CHAPTER"

Incidentally, anyone have that greentext/whatever about the planet made of guardsmen down to the molecular level?

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The English equivalent of that last line should probably be "yet look where we are" or something to that effect.

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Smurf fans are spergs, what else is new?

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I don't even play 40k and this is fucking funny.

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Literally not a single one of these is funny.

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A better translation may be "and yet here we are"

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Never ceases to get a chuckle out of me.

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Posting some OC.

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my sides have entered the Warp with Gellar fields down

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Every times is see this I chuckle at first and then my grin turns into a sad smile as this is and has been true with 40k since time immemorial.

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I want that Manus face for reactions.

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it' one of those comics that completely defies logic and fluff for a mediocore (at best) punchline
in universe the marine should probably be amazed a random guardsman even knows that chapters exist and that he isn't fawning on about emperor's angels and all that

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I goes against the noble idea that the ultramarines represent if it was marines malevolent it would make sense but its not

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Or due to them collectively believing it'll be fine/finding it fun.

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Now try to translate "чecaлкa" copypasta.

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>He loves to flail loyalists
>His enshrined b lade represents his enduring loyalty
How these dudes work together?

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That never happened, why do you need to lie on an anonymous board?

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Drummond isn't Vegeta

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This makes me laugh every time
The "praise the Emperor" line and the guy talking about Orks still on there as well "FUKKEN XENOS"

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he was the first english dub vegeta.

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It's funnier that that. If the Book of Lorgar was written on Lorgar's skin, then why there are a fake drug dealer phone number, an insult to Horus, and a mentiom of iPhone? And yeah, a confession that he has STDs.

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shit oc

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inquisitor and mechananicus hypocrisies are my favorite 40k absurdity
>Well some is okay sometimes

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But plasma cannon's aren't an option for fallen :/

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Same. I don't know shit about 40K and I got a chuckle

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Why do you assume I lied on an anonymous imageboard when I'd get nothing out of it? Unless my memory has betrayed me, an anon did in fact get utterly booty bothered by that comic several years back.

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These types of pictures are wonderfully abundant.

It really does always fucking look like the one guy is spiking the camera mockumentary-style.

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then do something about it

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keep it, its yours buddy

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I've been in that thread.

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>Remember being in that thread
>Chapter Master is still dead

Those days are gone...

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I like Red Whisper. There is nothing that is manlier than slaying the biggest, baddest beast in the name of Lion.

Repin Guardsmen best Guardsmen.

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Nope. Full of orks.

Some of the more cleverer Nobs expecting a long war also put ammunition factories in there for captured slaves to work in.

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The me and him must have had very similar hallucinations.

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>It doesn't orbit the sun, it marches round it on patrol

Never not going to be funny

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I actually like it better. The old one was basically just wearing Ghazghkull Thraka's armor. The new one actually looks distinct.

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I miss chapter master.

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I can't remember, what's the historical background on the text?

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Try finding a better explanation of the WH40k universe.
[Spoiler]you can't.[/Spoiler]

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How the hell did i fuck up a spoiler this bad

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Ok I laughed.

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If you're a phone poster, I bet it's auto correct

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Good post tho

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Isn't he still for the Dragonball Super Dub?

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