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"When Life Gives You Lemons" edition

Previously on /edh/: >>52810759


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
What commanders can get a surprising amount of mileage out of terrible cards?

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>"When Life Gives You Lemons" edition
Pic Related

>What commanders can get a surprising amount of mileage out of terrible cards?
Zada is probably the most triumphant example of spinning jank into gold, but a lot of commanders do pretty well with some specific jank like Sedris with Teferi's Veil.

I think I've got a ton of normally Janky cards in my Feldon build that work, though. Weird Antiquities stuff that requires sacrificing artifacts during your upkeep, but when Avalanche Riders have gotten their value just for entering why not bizarro fling them at something?

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>What commanders can get a surprising amount of mileage out of terrible cards?
Zedruu. Give people your terrible shit and get a ton of life and draw as a result

>give the Animar player a Steel Golem
>Imprint an Orim's Chant on Isochron
Unwinding Clock on my field

Easily my most Magical Christmasland moment ever, but oh man was that seething rage ever worth it.

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When life gives you lemons, give each creature you control haste until end of turn.

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When life gives you lemons, cast mind's dilation and acquire a Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker.

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When life gives you lemons, each player exiles the top X cards of his or her library, where X is the amount of mana spent to cast lemons.

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Are we designing the next unhinged set now?

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I found an old Karametra laying around, realized I could throw together a cute little casual deck for funzies with it, but then I reread the card and realized I don't want to spend the rest of my life shuffling.
I've been playing for years now, when does shuffling get easier? All my sleeves are bent to hell and it still takes forever.

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I wish we'd get another one.

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How fun is a Monarch deck in EDH? Marchessa seems alright, but I wonder how much
can be gotten out of it. Any interesting stories or politics involving it?

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When you acquire larger hands.

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Scion of the Ur-Dragon seems pretty fun. I need to get my hands on some staples and cut out some of the more fun shit, though.

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At least I can run for president then

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Everyone I've heard play with it has said the monarch mechanic is brilliant. I think the catch is the best Queen Marchesa deck doesn't play any of the monarch cards save the couple that are individually decent cards like Palace Jailer since the idea is that you make it impossible to stick creatures and attack with them for every body else and you slowly bleed everyone or draw a combo which is not quite in that kind of spirit I dont think. But if you played just a goofy Monarch tribal deck or something it's probably pretty cool.

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What kind of shuffle do you do?

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>Friend hates red
>build Zada, slap the shit out of him
>build Godo, slap the shit out of him
>build Slobad, blow up all his shit then slap the shit out of him

How do I make him see the awesome glory of Mono-Red Bullshit?

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Mash. Each one takes about seven - ten seconds, and there's always that one fucking card who refuses to go in.

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I really like the idea of it, so I might give it a try just for laughs and see how everyone likes it.

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Double sleeve or no? It definitely makes it tougher for a while if so, but it's mostly about adapting. If you don't adapt over time, it's either because of small hands or you're not doing it correctly.

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I mean if you're not interested in making the most hardcore tryhard decks you can build Queen Marchesa to be pretty fun. C15 and Conspiracy 2 and a little in C16 had a lot of support for the idea of making people smash each other. I bet it is pretty fun since most people naturally turtle up, and when you become the Monarch you make it so they can't do that or they risk you getting super far ahead. So people have to make attacks they would never normally make, maybe make people broker deals a little more to get through ("If you let me take the crown with my 1/1, I won't nuke all your shit"). Like I said I'm just a little disappointed the best Queen Marchesa deck is probably just a plain old stax deck with a combo finisher featuring a really neat commander.

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Single sleeve. I think I'm just doing it wrong.

I just watched a video of someone doing it and my fingers aren't long enough to hold the cards the same way. Goddamnit, my genes are so bad I can't even play a fucking card game.

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My fingers aren't terribly long, long to hold the cards at least, but I have very large palms. I'd trade some palm size for longer fingers if I could.

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I'll probably go buy up a bunch of jank from Conspiracy and see what kind of politics I can make with it. I'm not going for a super competitive build because competitive EDH is much less fun and my table isn't really into it.

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Another thing red and white are good at doing together is tapping things down and otherwise making things unable to block which is some cards youd normally not play in commander but if you go all in not pillowforting and staxing the table with Queen Marchesa and try to do something more "fun" that'd be a unique pool of cards to draw from you wouldn't normally play.

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Would Sudden Spoiling be okay in a Sapling deck?

>> No.52829996

Sudden Spoiling is solid in most decks that can play it

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He probably hates red because you netdeck a bunch of red decks to shit on him you skill-less sperg

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About to head out to my first prerelease? What should I expect since I only casually play edh with my buddies.

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>slap together a prossh deck to test on cockatrice
>turn 1 exploration > sol ring > swiftfoot boots
>turn 2 play 2 land > prossh
>turn 3 avenger of zendikar, sac five plants and 6 kobolds for a 16/5 prossh and swing
>turn 4 hit with five commander damage for the win

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Looks like the faggot over here can't handle a little mono-red chili pepper. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

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Play omnath of rage, whenever my friends bitch over mine I just tell them its because green is so cancerous for edh and they get asshurt because they are all green mages.

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That guy's stupid explosive. Between that and the multitude of things you can do by sacing tokens, it's ridiculous even without being finely tuned or expensive. I put together a deck for a friend that has a shitload of synergies. Every sacrificed token sets off a bunch of effects, letting him draw, force others to discard, clear enemy boards, and gain life/drain opponents. Kind of like shooting yourself in the foot.

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>netdecking as a hardcore mono-red EDH Johnny
There is so much weird red bullshit that I would never want to netdeck just so I could discover all the bizarre shit that the color has to offer

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You only beat one player though.

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Fuck off.

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I once more or less ended up banning a deck I made for a friend from our playgroup. It was an Uril deck (and super uninteractive) and I was too naive at that point to know how boring voltron can be to play against
It was a test game, so I made it 1v1

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>tfw pulling off a through-the-legs windmill dunk with Zada on a table of Ghave, Narset and Zur

Granted, it was a super strong opening hand and it'll probably never happen again, but god damn did I feel good taking a fat shit on their wildly strong decks with something that can be assembled for almost nothing.

Mono-red forever.

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Uril was the second deck I built. Powerful but yeah, like you said, very boring to play against. Pretty boring to pilot after a while too. I figure most people start out playing either voltron or packing their deck with every fatty in their colours and only later find out that the game's only fun when it's interactive and isn't totally one sided.

Uril rarely sees play these days. Same with my Olivia discard deck because I feel like an asshole making other people empty their hands while they sit and watch me play magic.

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>playing a fun red deck means he must've copied it
Projecting a little bit much there?

>> No.52830502

Can confirm. It wasn't the first deck I made for EDH, but Daxos voltron was fun at first. After about a half dozen games though, it got boring always doing the same thing. And if your beater dies (especially if it's your commander and they have a high cost) you pretty much lose to anything else because you put almost all of your eggs in one basket.

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>a table of Ghave, Narset and Zur
Christ, that sounds like an awful group to play with.

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A set formula, even if it wins, kills any fun for me. Ramp + enchant + swing. Put me to sleep. Same with my first combo deck. Yeah you guys are doing well but I just cast Silence and it resolved so you may as well concede now.

I enjoyed more games that I've lost because of the crazy interactions and situations that I couldn't even dream up. And I'm at least 50% spike. Eh, maybe less as time goes on.

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That sounds glorious!

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I'm in a huge deck building slump for this very reason at the moment. I can't decide on a commander I want to play because I need one with a nice combination of both decent strength and high variety per game. I'm also big on politics and table deals, so I'd like something that enables that. I'm thinking maybe Gonti or Kraj because they have the potential to be different each game while also being backed by a reliable deck that doesn't have to be so same-y.

Does anyone here have any experience with Kraj?

>> No.52830582

They're actually bro-tier guys to play with, since they build stupid jank bullshit all the time like me. Those are just the strongest decks they have, and they only bust them out for crazy cutthroat games. I have a Yisan deck if I want to properly match up with them, but the Zada deck was new at the time and I wanted to see if it could punch up.

And oh boy did it, that was the first game I played with it.

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Gonti looks fun. But I feel like eventually all decks will get stale, especially if you play with the same group time and again. Kind of unavoidable.

>> No.52830687

Sad but true, but some decks facilitate this faster than others, like voltron and combo decks with a one-track focus with lots of tutors.

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It's not like I was playing for fun or anything
What's wrong with 1v1 when you just need to quickly test a deck?

>> No.52830726

What's your favorite AKH commander so far?
Mine's got to either be Hapatra or Temmet

>> No.52830734

Gonti is an excellent commander if you play with several groups, because you'll have access to different tools every time.

I don't like any of them at all.

>> No.52830781

>What's wrong with 1v1 when you just need to quickly test a deck?
well aside from the fact that EDH isnt 1v1 and thus your test is inaccurate from the start?

>> No.52830794

the -1/-1 nigger lady. its the infect commander ive always wanted

>> No.52830807

Yeah he seems like he'd make for some good variance.

I changed up my Esper combo deck after my second game and second win with it.

>> No.52830814

Hapatra is the only one that interests me at all. She fills a niche that no other legend does. She could go infect and tokens (infect tokens) which is nice. As another anon said, decks with her at the helm won't have much variety between them, but it's at least a deck that no other commander does as well.

>> No.52830826

I'm going to guess it was Sharuum. If we're talking Esper, I feel like Sen Triplets would make some good variety by playing with your opponent's shit.

>> No.52830843

1v1 EDH is 1v1 though.

>> No.52830885

Just bought myself Jhoira, but I have strange dreams of RU aggro with her, for no reason other than fun. I want to suspend like 3 dragons and leviathans and then Empty the Warrens

>> No.52830909

1v1 EDH is the only way worth playing

>> No.52830916

It wasn't that bad. Oloro.

I think it's best to have wildly different strategies to keep things fresh. Instead of focusing on the colours or the commander, more emphasis on exactly what the deck does. You can have a bunch of great control commanders but ultimately you're just playing control. I really want to make a Ruric Thar deck or something creature focused. Probably a token one after that

>> No.52830932

I like how you build, we'd enjoy playing each other

>> No.52831039

Yeah definitely.

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From Jhoira's edhrec, I'm seeing some of the strangest cards I've never seen before. This card just blows my mind. Not in a power way, just in other ways.

>> No.52831076

welcome to time spiral, a hell of a block that wotc considers a mistake they swore to never come close to repeating again because casuals had a hard time understanding things like suspend.

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That's lame. Look at this. Just fantastic and strange. Very powerful, draw 7 when I burn through everything, grab it all back and do it again. Sheesh.

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>tfw got into Magic well after Time Spiral
>after a year of playing, consider it one of the best blocks ever made

They took so many design risks in that block and it was fucking cool as hell. I wish they did more shit like this.

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>grab a commander deck I haven't played in a long time
>out of curiosity, count it
>94 cards
>no idea what the missing 6 are
>don't even have any spare matching sleeves to make up the difference

>> No.52831152

That's just the worst reaction image I've ever seen boss

>> No.52831156

trying to evaluate animist's awakening, explore, and summer bloom. the first provides the highest gains, but kinda outlives its usefulness. the remaining two appear interchangeable with the same cost; the issue being one is more preferable for the early game than the other

>> No.52831164

you know from the thumbnail I thought it was something else. lessons learned.

>> No.52831195

Explore replaces itself.

>> No.52831335

That's bullshit if true. Is this the reason why Standard has been so shitty? I only started with Khans and feel pissed about how much more fun the game looked five years ago.

>> No.52831350

It is actually a little bit true.

>> No.52831366

I started in innsitrad and am starting to become jaded. Honestly, I only check new sets for new legends new characters to play as. And disregard just about everything else anymore.

>> No.52831400

I started in dragons and feel the same way. When a new set comes out I look through an old set's spoiler and unearth some buried gems. I just got some sweet coldsnap rares and wish I started playing 10 years ago.

>> No.52831408

You know when I started playing MTG in alara, my first standard deck was jund cascade. bituminous blast into bloodbraid elf into blightning was a hell of a drug. and all of those cards were uncommon or less from the same block, I literally made a semi-competitive deck out of the shit I opened from a few packs, with a small amount of money spent on a decent mana base after a friend emphasized how important that was.

It might be those old nastolgia goggles, but I remember standard being fun, even when just a short time later JTMS was released and the best deck was UW control, there were still competitive decks like jund value train or naya landfall zoo.

Nowadays I look at the standard card pool and wonder if what they print these days is supposed to be some kind of ironic joke. All the power is relegated to a few chase rares per set and the rest is just trash that ends up in some casual's 85-card-werewolf-tribal-with-a-splash-of-white-for-that-sweet-7cmc-timmy-bomb-he-opened deck

>> No.52831435

congratulations, you had a t1 sol ring

>> No.52831556

Just Monarch on its own is a bit of a small theme to carry a whole deck, and when the Queen is in your command zone and you can cast her quickly, many of the monarch cards become redundant. In my Marchesa deck I don't even think I play any monarch effects except the Queen herself, since the crown will always be in play once i get her out. and the actual theme of the deck is messing around with deathtouch and lifelink effects.
I personally like the mechanic a lot. It accelerates games in two ways, more attacking and card flow, which is always a good thing. I especially like to loudly tell players that stumble on mana that of course they can have a free swing at me for the extra card.
The best individual monarch cards are probably the Queen, palace jailer, the dragon, the land, the regal behemoth and the blue thing that makes your stuff unblockable. though I probably missed a few good ones.

>> No.52831567

started with Time spiral/cold snap. most sets these days suck ass, I just want more old cards reprinted at this point I've grown sicked with how boreing this game has gotten. I'm still not happy with some of the things wizards has some with commander as well.

>> No.52831590

I mean, we're tired of low-power standard, but low-power standard is apparently the way to bring more people into the game???

Shrug. I just want fantastic bullshit to happen. 'swhy I play EDH.

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>bituminous blast into bbe into blightning was a possible play in standard at one time
>it was a possible play in block constructed
>it was a reasonably possible play in fucking draft
I don't even feel like playing magic anymore if I'm only going to be permitted to taste this watered down swill that wotc is peddling now to cater to casuals. God, high power standard sets sound like fun

>> No.52831627

edh is really the only format worth playing now sadly. modern looks fun but stale.

>> No.52831664

Lazav deck was busted out today, managed to trash a Rakdos, Marath, and some other one I can't remember. Lost to Marath combo but still an overall exceedingly good day.

Question for the thread, Do you have Alters of your commanders made? If so, Which? How are they received?

>> No.52831677

On one hand I'm glad the new gods are trash, but on the other hand I just know that one of them is the only goddamn masterpiece I will ever open.

>> No.52831700

>join in innistrad
>all the crazy shit in standard like stromkirk pimp noble 1 drop vampires, zombie mill, werewolf meme, various birthing pod decks, infect, red deck wins, BW humans, and UW control
>board wipes were playable with day of judgement being around
>6 drops actually existed. Say what you want about the titans, but when was the last time a 6 drop was playable in standard since elspeth sun's champion let alone an entire cycle of 6 drops
>even fucking frost titan was a finisher in UW control
>goddamn son, let's fucking bounce your shit with aether adept for a 3 mana 2/2 bounce etb
>mana leak was around, so you had to respect counters
>despite all this control jacking off, there were a shitload of decks around
>all the casuals had lightning bolts and common rarity doom blades for their casual decks

Shit was cash until M13 hit with resto angel+thragtusk and RTR with supreme verdict+sphinx revelation. I'm convinced RTR killed standard since everything starting with dragonsmaze has been a complete drop in power level. Khans and Fate Reforged began to heal the wounds only for Origins and Jacetice League blocks to cut open new ones.

>> No.52831722

Origins wasnt bad, zendikar was a fucked up mess.

>> No.52831723

pterry much same story here, started by going to the OGW prerelease. Time spiral block was truly the peak of Magic design, the golden age. A magic block about the history of magic.

>> No.52831746

5 mana removal spells sucked balls m8. Even searing spear/lightning strike was "too strong for standard"

>> No.52831814

Set's sweet look at it again, if the sets after it were better it would have been good.

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File: 228 KB, 750x450, c4rd4r7_8hh1QDfUuk[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What basics would you run in a Queen Marchesa deck?

>> No.52831874

Snow-Covered obviously.

>> No.52831880

Meme lands

>> No.52831941

Animist not hitting feels terrible, and summer bloom is a fringe playable card if you are trying for landfall triggers. They both suck as ramp.

>> No.52832283

My favorite core set lands.

>> No.52832372

I almost always run Ravnica lands because architecture

>> No.52832400

Should you run boardwipes in decks that rely extremely heavily on their creatures?

>> No.52832465

Pross is degenerate, in other news, sky is blue

>> No.52832513

I liked Kaladesh block though, tons of cool new utility artifacts for EDH.

>> No.52832528

Legacy can be a ton of fun.

>> No.52832556

Every set since khans block has been low power dribble with a maximum of about 10 decent cards and nothing but trash remaining. Fuck nü-mtg.

>> No.52832593

>buying sets
>not just buying the commander precons every year and buying singles from the sets

>> No.52832616


Legay can't be played by 99% of people.

>> No.52832750
File: 49 KB, 312x445, 12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any reason to run this anymore? Now that Fumigate exists I feel you don't need another vanilla boardwipe that doesn't even kill regenerators.

>> No.52832790

i run most of the white boardwipes in my atraxa superfriends

>> No.52832802


Just googled up this article and it seems legit:


>The result? The heavily enfranchised players who got most of the references and did know the reprinted mechanics loved it. However, most players had problems. There were way too many mechanics to process and the in-jokes went over their heads. For the first time ever, tournament attendance was going up and sales were going down.

>This led to this important lesson:

>Every set is someone's first set.

>> No.52832809

That's a whole lotta boardwipes.

>> No.52832819


>I didn't realize my mistake until the Employee Prerelease for Morningtide. I was sitting across from an employee who was far less experienced, and the intricate web of tribal interactions was mind-melting to them. The Goblin Warrior could be affected by Goblin tribal and Warrior tribal, but the Goblin Wizard was affected by Goblin tribal and Wizard tribal. And then there was the Human Wizard. Goblin tribal would affect the first two but not the third, while Wizard tribal would affect the last two but not the first. Now add in ten more creatures and the board was impossible to digest for most of the players. For the first time, we saw people leaving the Prerelease after only one match.

I just....how is that hard to follow?

>> No.52832908

I've been playing since 98 and if there's one thing I've seen it's that in the last 10 years wizards keeps acting more and more like the playerbase is a collection of drooling retards. Mtg already requires a decent amount of focus and intelligence to play, most often their "unfriendly to new players" explanations are straight up bullshit.

What actually happens is that they see sales go up/down and tournament attendance go up/down and then they fabricate some explanation for it, they don't even care if they're right. Sadly they've caught themselves in a masturbatory feedback loop where the game is constantly being dumbed down and they see sales go up, so the dumbing down MUST be good. Because correlation = causation of course.

>> No.52832931

Many legacy decks can be purchased for 100-300 bucks. You don't need to have the highest tier tournament deck to play legacy, many decks don't even need ABUR duals for example.

>> No.52833376
File: 131 KB, 223x311, Image-43.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So say X amount of tokens enter the battlefield, I get an experience counter for all of them, right?

>> No.52833440


>> No.52833614

Dope, thanks

>> No.52833727

>I just want fantastic bullshit to happen
Me too. I enabled the hell out of a Yidris player with a Teferi's puzzlebox that ended up with him taking 10 extra turns and taking his quad-sleeved deck down to 18 cards.

The dude across from his countered his timewarp so on extra turn 4 he killed him with a fuckload of tokens and Yidris.

>> No.52833812

>appropriately costed Timetwister with an exile clause
>fantastic and strange

Dude what

>> No.52833844

Explore is good but a risky keep if you only have it and two lands in your opening hand compared to keeping two lands and Rampant Growth/Farseek/Nature's Lore etc. It compensates by being a better topdeck lategame.

The other two are trash without a specific build-around.

>> No.52833900

I was gonna ask if you ran Chandras Ignition but then I remembered atraxa is not red.
Chandras Ignition is a lot of fun with deathtouch and lifelink, FYI.

>> No.52834417
File: 25 KB, 200x285, 6270_200w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you can run bullshit like Jitte in casual EDH then I can run bullshit like Wake of Destruction in casual EDH.

>> No.52834440
File: 71 KB, 312x445, Tooth and Nail_MR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure, as long as I can run Tooth and Nail in casual EDH

>> No.52834494

Jitte isn't even the most egregious equipment in multiplayer EDH.

>> No.52834499

>"When Life Gives You Lemons"

>> No.52834527

Yep, welcome to mycoloth

>> No.52834734

I started in Time Spiral as a 11 year old, loved it. Future Sight was a bit too weird for me, but the other sets in the block were great.

>> No.52834861

>human wizard in lorwyn

MaRo is a hack

>> No.52834865

What happens if someone attacks a planeswalker I control, and then another player gains control of it at instant speed when attackers are already declared?

>> No.52834931
File: 67 KB, 312x445, 45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking for some good card advantage like pic related in any color, suggestions?

>> No.52835084

So I was playing around with my Kozilek deck and encountered a line of play that I'm not sure is correct.

So I have an ur-golem's eye, a gilded lotus, a paradox engine and a strionic resonator on the field. After tapping my lands and gilded lotus to cast kozilek, I have 10 mana with the ur-golem's eye remaning untapped.

Now, is it possible to stack the triggers from casting kozilek like this:

When you cast... draw 4 cards
Whenever you cast a spell, untap all...

With it resolving bottom to top.

And if I can, is it then possible to copy the draw trigger with strionic resonator, then after that resolves untap my nonland permanents, and then copy the draw trigger again to draw 12 cards total when everything resolves?

>> No.52835173

dude wat

>> No.52835256
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>Myojin commander
>Mana rocks
>Turn 6 hard cast Myojin followed by a 1 drop Blasphemous Act
>Remove counter next upkeep
>Win game in a few turns by punching people with no creatures or lands.

If I did this in "casual EDH" would you be pissed?

>> No.52835286

I mean that's the best blue card in EDH in my opinion, but...

>Staff of Nin
>Mind's Eye
>Foresight Mask
>Avarice Amulet
>Infiltration Lens

>Greater Good

Red has some looting stuff and then of course black has tons of lose life + draw cards.

>> No.52835298

>it's monored, so artifact ramp which is easily BTFO'd
>Hardcasting a 10 drop
>giving the opportunity to kill it for multiple turns because you need to swing thrice to actually kill someone

It's a big play with many openings, people who complain need to stop masturbating over themselves and start actually interacting with their opponents.

Now stop asking this, you already asked this a few threads ago.

>> No.52835317

Is there a way to defend against cyclonic rift that isn't "play blue and counter it"?

>> No.52835336

Thanks m8!

>> No.52835422

How would you react if someone was playing a gold-bordered Gaea's cradle against you? Is that considered OK or just as bad as a proxy?

>> No.52835436

Yes, because your opponents will want to fuck over your board, which means you need to be able to fuck over theirs

>> No.52835448

Shouldn't I just be focusing on protection then?

>> No.52835452

Having some extra stuff besides Marchessa is nice because you can grab back the crown without swinging if you need to. I wouldn't go critical mass on them though. I'd probably include more political cards from Conspiracy to help shore things up (along with some extra value of course). Conspiracy 1 and 2 are both just great sets for politics.

>> No.52835481

This is something that has to be adressed before you start playing. I'm all for gold-bordered cards, but if we didn't talk about them, I'm assuming we play with only 100% actual and legal cards. I would be a little upset because you didn't communicate.

>> No.52835531
File: 257 KB, 1361x1000, Hapatra-Vizier-of-Poisons-Amonkhet-MtG-Arts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>want to build her
>open her up twice

So excited.

>> No.52835548

Give one to a friend and challenge him to build her. See what you both end up with.

>> No.52835567

No, you should have a wipe for those times somebody gets a better starting hand.

>> No.52835618

He doesn't get a counter from the command zone.

>> No.52835633

>Pod up
>Ashling against prossh, atraxia and meren
>Despite them pointing out I can blow up every turn with a warhammer and plate they focus down atraxia first because fuck infect
>meren doesn't acidic slime any of my shit but takes away lands from infect
>finally kill infect and it's just me and this meren
>everything burns
Won 3 packs off that game but holy crap my lgs doesn't threat access.

>> No.52835634

How many, and which? I'm in monogreen, so only all is dust, disk, boompile and o-stone are really options right?

>> No.52835778

I'm happy to know that I have a group that is actually decent at threat assessment. I helped them when they were starting out, so they're relatively new, and I made sure to stress just how important it is to look less at the deck they're playing and more important to consider boardstate. Sure, it's important to know what your opponent is capable of, but dealing with the boardstate at hand is top priority.

>> No.52835799

I play grixis mad science, featuring Vial Smasher & Kraum.

One game, I used fateful showdown + psychosis crawler to kill one player(I had a massive hand), then killed the other with the psychosis crawler. With two players remaining, I dropped Mana Flare and passed. They accomplished nothing(angel tribal and group hug), so on my turn I tapped out for a Comet Storm x=19 to kill them both.

>> No.52835959

but legacy and vintage are dead mostly. everyone just plays modern now.

>> No.52835965

I started with INN/RTR and was pretty disappointed with how Theros turned out. I've never liked midrangey stuff, so KTK and BFZ were pretty painful as well.

>> No.52836032

I also want to build her, but I don't have the cash to throw away for a Doubling Season.

>> No.52836091

> fingers aren't long enough to hold cards longways

Holy shit how is that possible? Not to sound mean but I already have small hands and I can't imagine them being even smaller.

>> No.52836170

That's a cool card

>> No.52836196

Then build her without it. Using optimal cards only is boring anyway.

>> No.52836233

I started with Invasion and the last set I enjoyed was Innistrad. Tarkir was pretty alright but everything else since Innistrad sucks.

>> No.52836242
File: 145 KB, 223x311, Image.ashx?multiverseid=426039&type=card.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have a Gruul Wort list they'd be willing to share? I'd like to see some of the card choices that other anons think work well with her.

>> No.52836243

Yeah, basically just those. Don't forget noncreature wipes, those are equally as important if not even more.

>> No.52836268

"Your weenies become indestructible until end of turn" doesn't protect against your opponent's 500 10/10 flying trample deathtouch lifelink vigilance facefuckers, but a good old wrath does.

Good board state? Save board wipe until it's bad or until you've won
Bad board state? Cast your board wipe, then cast a creature and end up slightly ahead

>> No.52836278

Shut your whore mouth

>> No.52836309

Don't forget Perilous Vault.

>> No.52836345

Reverberate, guttural response, pyroblast, fork, etc

>> No.52836406

He kind of glossed over my main gripe with BFZ, which was that all of the Eldrazi were just really shitty.

>> No.52836467
File: 58 KB, 312x445, Corrupted Conscience_MBS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


what happens when I put corrupted conscience on an enemy creature, then I give the creature away with zedruu?

Does the enchantment i control notice I don't control the creature anymore, and give it back to me, or?

>> No.52836518

Kazuul is a pretty fun deck, with Fumiko and things like Forbidden orchard.

>> No.52836524

Found a related question: http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/magic-fundamentals/magic-rulings/magic-rulings-archives/649275-zedruu-aura-rules-question
It looks like since you still control corrupted conscience you would get your creature back immediately. I'm not positive though.

>> No.52836702

Timestamps. Every effect has a timestamp, and we apply those timestamps in chronological order: being oldest first, to newest timestamp last. You activated Zedruu after the corrupted conscience had its effect on the creature, and therefore overrides the enchantment.

That is wrong.

>> No.52836746

Doubling Season isn't strictly better than Parallel Lives in Hapatra, as Doubling Season can make effects like Black Sun's Zenith asymmetrical in your opponent's favor, and Hapatra decks look posed to use a LOT of those kinds of effects.

>> No.52836766

Oooh thank you!

>> No.52836819

Please ;_;

>> No.52836841

What are some good finishers when you have infinite mana in a monobrown deck?
I'm looking at rocket launcher and goblin cannon, and I think goblin cannon is better to just drop and win, but are there better options than these two?

>> No.52836930

>playing bsz for anything less than nuke the board mana

>> No.52836943

walking ballista

>> No.52836955

It's Hapatra. A -1/-1 is a -1/-1.

>> No.52836960

Idk man BSZ for 1 seems pretty fucking good in Hapatra.

>> No.52837132

A Valakut Package can never go wrong. You're ramping for days, and frequently dumping 4-6 lands on the field at a time - why not staple 3-9 damage to each on of them? It furthers any other big mana plans while putting pressure on life totals. Valakut, Vesuva, Thespians Stage, Prismatic Omen.

Big mana is a central theme to the deck. Cards like Mana Geyser, Rude Awakening, and Early Harvest can be game enders with the right timing - when funneled into cards like Comet Storm or Fall of the Titans, they are unstoppable. Even better yet, they can be copied, and with some tokens, the burn spell can be copied as well, basically multiplying the damage by 4 or more.

Copy effects are good, like Reverberate. So are Regrowth effects (I personally like Wildest Dreams and Recollect). But these are even better when stapled to creatures to help conspire. Goblin Dark-Dwellers and Dualcaster Mage serve these purposes while also serving as half of a conspire cost for the spell they're interacting with.

Having multiple layers to your plan can help as well. You may only have the mana to burn everyone for 20, far from lethal. Drop a Hostility, and suddenly things are looking up. Removal can double as draw with things like Slice in Twain.

Drawing cards is good. Drawing cards for cheap is better. Magmatic Insight, Cathartic Reunion, and Tormenting Voice are strong all game long.

Rishkar's Expertise is god-tier in this deck, even with Wort only being at 3 power. Almost everything noteworthy costs 5 or less, and the spells are all cast - with the right draws and hands, I've chained together Reverberate effects to cast the damn thing up to 10 times, all while ramping my mana in lands or spells. It's a VERY satisfying card.

Oh yeah, and Beacon of Creation is dope as fuck. Throw in a Purphoros too.

>> No.52837272

I started with Kamigawa. Can confirm the game used to be a lot more fun.

Then again, there weren't nearly as many game breaking cards back then, or at least players had to actually use their brains to break the game. You should also be grateful you didn't play standard during the old Zendikar. I still have nightmares about turn 3 Emrakul.

>> No.52837318

This convinced me to make a Wort deck, and I wasn't even the person you were replying to.

>> No.52837379
File: 16 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Casting Rite of Rep kicked on Perplexing Chimera

>> No.52837404

Whelp, I'm pretty sold. This sounds fun as hell.

>> No.52837412

Have fun anon. It's a baller deck.

>> No.52837492

Me too.

>> No.52837660


Ban sol ring and mana crypt they are silly

>> No.52837697

All of those are just color hate. What options does golgari have for example?

>> No.52837720


Maybe if you plan on regenerating your own creatures

>> No.52837740

Nothing. You just have to eat some things.

>> No.52837743

My list if you need more random shit that I didn't talk about. It's more focused on the big mana side of things, and less on token spam. The tokens are more a product of the mana than an enabler of it (although cryptolith rite is in there just in case)

>> No.52837776

It looks fun and it's decently budget. I'll need a few personal tweaks obviously, but I like what I'm seeing.

>> No.52837802


White has ghostway or eerie interlude to dodge cyc rift with their creatures

A golgari deck could sac everything in response to cyc rift, then cast a fresh meat, or just reanimate shit the next turn

>> No.52837864

They really do need to be banned. Gettin' real tired of T1 Daretti or Quicksilver Amulet.

>> No.52837914

If they're getting both of them in their opening hand, you're just really unlucky.

>> No.52837969

Another thing is to have creatures with great ETB abilities, so you'll at least get some value off playing them again.

>> No.52838155


Mana crypt + mana vault/sol ring/grim monolith + mountain will get you turn 1 daretti

But really mana crypt and sol ring are so broken on their own with no other ramp in the opener

I'm tapping out turn 2 for my Sakura-tribe elder, while you play your 4 mana commander on turn 2

It makes the game come down almost purely to dice rolls and opening hands, lame as fuck

Vintage cube is way more fun than vintage edh

>> No.52838187

>Mana Crypt + Mana Vault/Sol Ring/Grim Monolith + mountain will get you turn 1 Daretti
How often does this occur? I feel like that's not exactly a common opening hand.

>> No.52838258

Last night was a pretty good trip to my LGS. Picked up 27 cards (8 of which were pretty choice trades), but they didn't have a Sapling, Overgrown Tomb or Woodfall Primus which was a bummer.

The notable pickups were Gift of the Deity, Sword of the Animus and Creakwood Liege.

>> No.52838306


It's pretty common, there are 3 different cards that can pair with crypt to make that happen. But that's not the issue, the issue is that turn 2 daretti is equally broken against any opener that doesn't also involve a crypt or sol ring

Crypt and sol ring are easily the best cards legal in edh and the most important determinant of victory in an edh game is who had the earliest fast mana

If crypt and sol ring were banned then people would have to play the more balanced fast mana with well designed drawbacks like monoliths, dark ritual, etc

Then there would actually be a reason to not just build your deck with as much fast mana as possible

>> No.52838320

How the fuck do you figure you get his counter from the command zone?

>> No.52838338

Braids starting on Sol Ring was basically game.

>> No.52838351

>I can't read: the post
Granted, That Which Was Taken works well with Myojin commanders, but other than that, all myojin are useless as commanders

>> No.52838451

> playing anything other than red

>> No.52838491

>implying anyone on /tg/ has friends

>> No.52838620

There are other colors?

>> No.52838671

Marchesa seems better than Zurgo or Avacyn for a permanuke deck. Merciless Eviction, Decree of Annihilation / Pain, etc.

>> No.52838701
File: 8 KB, 480x360, disapproval.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52838846
File: 1.29 MB, 195x229, 1492669230261.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>playing some EDH at lgs while waiting for prerelease to start
>Breya(me) vs Karametra vs Phage
>out of nowhere some pajeet neckbeard comes up to me and says my commander is banned
>he stares intensely at me and the other 2 before just walking away to play LoL
>mfw Breya isn't banned

Does this shit happen at LGS often? I normally only play with my group

>> No.52838872

What are your preferred strategies for token generation? A Goblin sub-theme seems fun, with Krenko, Hordeling Outburst, etc.

>> No.52838899

If you look at some of the new templating, you can tell they've actually lost touch with what is and isn't intuitive to players at varying levels of skill / rules knowledge / meta-understanding of card games. It's a hard problem to figure out, and they're in too deep + wacky management. I would prefer more than one company had access to Garfield's game IP, or at least different staff were working on other sets with different aims and restrictions. That being said I'm a fundie who hates walkers.

>> No.52838914 [SPOILER] 
File: 90 KB, 572x494, 1492888692645.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>allowing yourself to be in the same place as a carpet-nigger

>> No.52838978

Incidental. The initial build was heavily focused on spells like Hordeling Outburst and Devil's Playground, but I found that route a bit tedious and not very fast. It's an enjoyable enough path, but I much prefer the Slinger method with a side of critters

>> No.52838985

Well, Breya was banned in the joke EDH that no one plays

>> No.52839072

They exist only for red to have something to destroy tbqh

>> No.52839223

You often have people coming to give their opinion on some random bullshit rules they think they know.
I used to be one of them.

>> No.52839232

>tfw can't pick a commander to roll with
>know that I would have fun if I could just settle, get through deck building, and play
>instead I just get on EDH general and talk about cool ideas with other people but never actually build anything new
I keep seeing new ideas and decks that I'm sure I would enjoy, but when I start deck building I get this weird anxious feeling that keeps me from actually finishing anything. Someone kill me.

>> No.52839236

It's not complex as it is made out to be, just have a homeward path out.

>> No.52839256

Dear /tg/, what is a "difficult" deck for you? What deck looks, and plays, like it's next to impossible to win with?

>> No.52839347

I wish I could empathize with you but I literally don't understand this feel. What do you mean anxiety keeps you from finishing a deck? Just fill it up with lands to make it 100 cards, play a game or two, realize it's shit, and start replacing your extra lands with real cards over time.

>> No.52839435

>mfw deckbuilding is the most enjoyable part for me
>mfw I have no face

>> No.52839525

I'll get the concept for the deck down, and then I'll start adding cards, but after about anywhere from 10-30 minutes I get this feeling that I won't like the deck and end up scrapping the whole thing. It's like I don't even know what I'm looking for in a deck anymore. Every time I look at a deck archetype I can't help but focus on what about it will become boring or just won't be fun.

That's just it. I used to love deck building and it was my favorite part of the process. Nothing gave me more joy than finding cool synergies or cards to play around with, but now I don't feel that same joy or the high doesn't stick around as long as it used to.

Over the last few days/weeks, I've cycled between about a dozen or so different decks where I'll begin the process of building it online, play testing it, enjoying a few rounds, and then trashing it. I'm just in a rut at the moment I guess, but this slump has been going on for too long. I was hoping Amonkhet would give me something new to work with, but only mildly interesting thing is Hapatra.

>> No.52839780

Oh, I get what you're saying now. I get that feeling sometimes too, usually when I try to build something outside of my usual archetype. It's a vicious cycle, I want to build decks that do something different so I start building something different. I get bored of it about halfway through and just go back to playing in my comfort zone anyway.

>> No.52839888

Scapeshift flat-out wins.

>> No.52839984

Try building a deck only with cards in your collection, see what you have and what you can make work. Limiting your options should make it easier to finish the process.

Something else that works for me in these kind of slumps is just taking a break. Stop thinking about it for a few weeks or months, do something else, and you might come back with your interest renewed.

>> No.52839986

That's pretty spot-on. Case in point, my two favorite colors are black and green, so even though I want to do something different, I always gravitate towards something in either of those colors. The last several commanders I've been working on were Simic because I can't divorce myself from green. Mono-color tends to be too straightforward for me and 3+-color is a turn off because of the manabase and having to take the time to balance it.

I've come to dislike Golgari even though it's comprised of my two favorite colors because I played Meren for a while way back when, which got dreadfully boring and no one wants to see Meren anymore anyway. I'm stuck in a cycle of wanting to branch out, feeling discouraged, going back to my comfort zone, and then finding that I don't enjoy my comfort zone anymore.

>> No.52840022

I used to have a larger collection, but I sold it off forever ago and then started buying cards again when I got back into Magic with EDH along with some friends. I don't have much that I could branch out with anymore and I really need to beef up my collection again.

>> No.52840072

Try a color combination you hadn't before, maybe. I never used to play with black and white, but then I made a Kambal deck, which was a playstyle I never would have encountered sticking to green and red.

>> No.52840205
File: 134 KB, 223x311, hapatra.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

could she be... actually decent? spread the -1/-1 love around to your opponents' creatures while ramping and slowly building a snake army, then drop a craterhoof or triumph of the hordes or whatever on them. nobody's gonna be attacking you because you can chump with deathtouch snakes.

>> No.52840250

It's a little bit better than a proxy but I'm completely fine with either.

>> No.52840319
File: 762 KB, 1677x2981, attrition.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I pulled pic last night. What are some commanders that make good use of it?

>> No.52840335

Craterhoof makes a board of Grizzly Bears decent.

Hapatra only synergizes in a game-dominating way with like three cards, and the rest is small synergies with Persist cards and such. She's a value engine for sure but one that requires a lot of deckbuilding constraints, but doesn't create nearly as much value as Meren who has no such limitations.

>> No.52840339


>> No.52840344

Expensive coaster

>> No.52840351

Kalitas is about as strong as that card gets.

>> No.52840388

that's a little unfair. no G/B commander is gonna stack up to meren, she's just far and away the best.

>> No.52840402

That doesn't change the fact that she's very build-around for only marginal reward.

>> No.52840421
File: 1023 KB, 945x1417, 1472506472201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, you can choose whether Kozilek or Paradox happens first. They go on the stack at the same time and you control both so you choose the order.

You can make this play:
Cast Kozilek
Put Kozilek's trigger onto the stack
Put Paradox Engine's trigger onto the stack
Activate Strionic Resonator targeting Paradox Engine's trigger
Resolve the copy of Paradox Engine's trigger
Float mana from all artifacts
Activate Strionic Resonator targeting Paradox Engine's trigger
repeat ad infinitum
With infinite mana floating, activate Strionic Resonator targeting Kozilek
Original Paradox Engine trigger resolves
Activate Strionic Resonator targeting Kozilek
Draw 12 cards and cast them all

>> No.52840437


>> No.52840457

jesus christ that font is awful. who thought this was a good idea?

>> No.52840474

Steel Hellkite is my favorite

Walking Ballista works too and you can use Eye of Ugin to find one.

>> No.52840497

are there non-blue cards that stop x spells and/or activation costs?

>> No.52840499

These things are fucking racist. There should not be random scribbles in the textboxes.

>> No.52840504

Goes in any bx deck that runs tokens or reassembling skeleton & friends

>> No.52840518

It's not racist because Ancient Egyptians don't exist.

>> No.52840529

Gaddock Teeg
Null Rod
Stony Silence
Suppression Field
Linvala, Keeper of Silence

>> No.52840664

God they look even worse in non-promo images.

>> No.52840707

Hmm, I already have a steel hellkite, but I'm stuck between goblin cannon and walking ballista. I think I'll go for the ballista though, it's more easily tutorable using lands (inventor's fair works too for example), and less dead if I don't have infinite mana.

>> No.52840737
File: 74 KB, 298x284, ass.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I just discovered groundseal
My dick is hard as fucking diamonds.

>> No.52840755

mystic remora

>> No.52840828

Mountains with white caps
Mirrodin planes because I like the weirdery
Rebecca Guay Swamps from the recent commander set

>> No.52840984

She goes infinite with Blowfly Infestation and any of Doubling Season, Paralell Lives, Flourishing Defenses, and Nest of Scarabs. You're in black so you can tutor (Including Transmute) for all pieces involved, and green gives you Concordant Crossroads to even haste up your infinite tokens win.

She pulls extra value out of thin air with Wither or the already relevant Infect. She makes your removal spells token generators. She gives you a board after wiping the world with BSZ.

She costs a mere two fucking mana so you can start leeching value or going off fairly early.

Haptra's probably not going to be top tier quality but she'll be fun and at least moderately effective.

>> No.52841028



>> No.52841181
File: 52 KB, 312x445, 6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.52841210

Will Esper Zombies be viable with Amonkhet?

>> No.52841274


>> No.52841301

Now look at Leyline of Singularity and enjoy your new toy against token decks.

>> No.52841351

Is Jitte still bullshit if my commander is Toshiro Umezawa?

>> No.52841365


>> No.52841393
File: 298 KB, 150x136, 1480573423142834365.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any good youtube channels for learning MTG?

I went 2/2/2 last night in sealed and I'm pretty sure its because I don't know when to attack or when to block and with what but I can't seem to find a tutorial anywhere

>> No.52841467

It's called not being retarded.

>> No.52841530

>list an Italian Darien, King of Keldor on eBay
>Clearly state in the title, description, and item specs in all caps that the card is ITALIAN
>Use magiccards.info for images, no Italian version so I just pop up the English one assuming the multiple places I say the thing is Italian will be enough
>as a result list it well below list price
>Bought within an hour

>receive a complaint today
>"What are you going to do about this blatant misrepresentation with the English card picture"

I mean for fucks sake how hard is it to read the title or description I literally just put the title as "Darien King of Kjeldor LP ITALIAN" how do you fucking miss the Italian part

Mouthbreathers I swear

>> No.52841639

watch the recent tolarian video on drafting

as for the combat step, you'll need to play more games. anyone who's a reasonable human being will explain why they stomped you if you just ask.

>> No.52841906
File: 158 KB, 1000x734, 1000_Lorwyn-Swamp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love this swamp. I want more of it for my Sapling deck. Is there an online retailer that mainly deals in lands?

>> No.52842007


Good pick anon, it's a beauty.

>> No.52842090

> leyline of singularity

That's a very on-the-nose card

>> No.52842163

The average populace is beyond retarded my friend. If you ever work in retail or foodservice you'll learn that people can barely remember to read and breathe at the same time.

>> No.52842188

I'd understand it if I hadn't plastered the word Italian all over it. But fuck man.

>> No.52842214

All of the forests in my deck so far are John Avon's and I wanted to see his swamps and this one really stood out to me. I'm also sad to say that importing isn't really an option for me right now, but thanks Anon.

I didn't think of it myself until last night when someone pointed it out while I was trading it to him.

>> No.52842245

Uh, I would imagine that just about all of them would have every land

>> No.52842298

So what are you most hoping for Tribal wise for C17?
It's a long shot, but I want Knights. I've been wanting to build a Knight deck for a while now, but there are so few good ones

>> No.52842346

To be honest? Treefolk, Skeletons, Elementals and Wizards.

>> No.52842454

It's gonna be Goblins, Elves, Zombies and Slivers. Let's not kid ourselves here. As much fun as it is to dream.

>> No.52842574

Knights and skellingtons. I'm going to kill myself if it's fucking elves and goblins a-fucking-gain.

>> No.52842576

I want GW Knights, BU Zombies, R dragons, and U Wizards.

>> No.52842612

How does a Child of Alara's deck with indestructible creatures perform?
I got some gods on the pre release and I really want to play them

>> No.52842751

Didnt they lie and say there was gonna be a black border too?

>> No.52842785


We're getting a Sliver Queen reprint and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it

>> No.52842847

If I have Hostility out and use Blasphemous Act then Hostility dies but the tokens still show up right after that right?

>> No.52842873
File: 63 KB, 312x445, Grim Poppet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have two doubling seasons and I'm thinking of building a hapatra deck, but doubling season seems way too risky to run and I don't want it to kill my grim poppet.

>> No.52842971

>there's nothing anyone can do to stop it
Except the Reserved List.

>> No.52842984

Not for long.

>> No.52843025

[citation needed]

>> No.52843114

More than four different decks to be honest. Someone somewhere is gonna get gypped.

Me personally, I love goblins but I don't know if I should really continue of having only red decks.

>> No.52843115

Treefolk + Sapling G
Elemental 5C
Goblins R

>> No.52843146

B = Skeletons
U = Merfolk
W = Knight
R = Minotaur
G = Treefolk

>> No.52843161

We're only getting four decks.

>> No.52843220

oh, well in that case
BR = Minotaurs
GW = Knights
WU = Sphinxes
BG = Skeletons

>> No.52843311

What does a Valakut package consist of, and what's the idea behind it?

Is it just playing Valakut, copying it a bunch of times and then dealing loads of damage whenever you play a mountain?

I'm in the slow process of building Thromok and am wondering if I would benefit from Valakut.

>> No.52843455

I hope not. I want to see some mono-colored love.

>> No.52843475
File: 139 KB, 223x311, brisela.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, /edhg/ I've been sitting on Pic Related, wondering what to do with it. Should I put Bruna in the command zone, or do the wonder twins fit in the 99 of anything fun?

>> No.52843488

Make the minotaurs red and the skeletons black

>> No.52843554

Prisamtic Omen, Vesuva, scapeshift, Thespian's Stage, and all the land ramp. bring things that benefit from landfall like Zendikar's Roil or omnath.

you can make sure you have plenty to recast thromok while dishing out damage that is hard to counter.

>> No.52843629

How good is a valakut package if you don't use things like zendikar's roil or omnath? How often will scapeshift and prismatic omen be dead in your hand?

Also, if you use scapeshift, will a vesuva entering next to a valakut be a valakut in time to notice other mountains entering?
What about thespian's stage, is that possible?

I'll probably be able to put in omnath though, since Thromok is a token deck and all.

>> No.52843952

I'd like to include a couple of fuckhuge Eldrazi boys in a Kruphix deck as nice beaters, so what are your favorites? I've got this Eye of Ugin lying around that I'd love to do some tutoring with.

>> No.52844005

its fine, it was suggested because your commander needs guys to devour. ramping while getting guys and clearing the path for thromok is a solid plan.


seriously google ruling questions before asking here to be spoonfed. i dont mind suggestions but some of these questions come up on the first link in google.

>> No.52844206

I put them in my Gisela/Aurelia indestructibe angel tribal boardwipe bonanza, I've melded them twice and it feels great. They'll be scrambling for boardwipes since most good removal is 3 or less cmc.

>> No.52844960

I think it might be Mono, 2-colour, 3-colour, 4-colour and 5-colour decks. The 5-coloured one being fucking Myr tribal

>> No.52845016

real talk: a pirate-themed dimir skeleton deck is all wizards would need to appease me this year

>> No.52845151

If someone pulled out a Spawnsire of Ulamog and activated its ability to allow them to bring in any Eldrazi they own, how would your group handle it?

>> No.52845200

We would disregard the second ability unless we discussed it before the game.

>> No.52845210

Depends on the overall deck and the level of play taking the group's level into account. Most likely they wouldn't care and would allow it.

>> No.52845244

The reason I ask is that I intend to add one in and I'd have a 10 card sideboard with some Eldrazi (none of the titans) to bring in. I intend to tell people about it beforehand, and if they aren't cool with it, I could swap it out for one of the Eldrazi in said sideboard. Do you think most people would be cool with this?

>> No.52845345


It that betrays is pretty sick, great art and flavor

I also like desolation twin

The Titans are the best I think though, especially newlamog

>> No.52845421


It's pretty fuckin spicy with a simple grave crawler or reassembling skelly too

>> No.52845448


You must be American, in Europe it's more popular

>> No.52845465


I don't enjoy red in edh, lots of disappointing cards mostly

It's very good fun in cube though, possibly my favorite color

>> No.52845511

Fair warning that if they request a refund eBay will side with them.

>> No.52845513

I never knew duel existed until the Breya ban. I imagine a lot of EDH players in the Americas have never heard of it, let alone play it.

>> No.52845574

>Golgari Skeletons

Nigga is you serious? Also if anyone seriously thinks they aren't going to do Snake tribal you're fooling yourself. They've been sneaking it in to precons a couple years now.

>> No.52845602

I'm finnish and no one plays it here, except for my friend who insists on playing old Braids

>> No.52845624

why didn't you just take a picture of the card you have?

>> No.52845625


I learnt about it through mtgtop8

It's actually quite fun if you like traditional magic archetypes, you can't build red deck wins in regular edh (well you can but good luck with that), you can't build a tempo deck either like legacy delver, but those are good fun in 20 life 1v1. And it ends up being cheaper than trying to play actual legacy and such because singleton means only 1 copy of really good cards, instead of playsets

I do totally understand that edh is just different from other formats and that's what some people like about it, me included

That's why I generally prefer multiplayer commander to duel commander, but I definitely think lots of people just dismiss duel commander without trying it or understanding it, it's a lot of fun

>> No.52845626

America also comprises the vast majority of the market so it's still accurate to say no one plays French when compared to the American market. Also the format is a meme.

>> No.52845631
File: 46 KB, 625x466, 98ceffe36d0a0ddc030c1d1f17bd506b_i-didnt-ask-for-this-i-didnt-ask-meme_625-466.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Golgari snek tribal
Ophiomancer becomes fucking useless

>> No.52845658

I mean it'd likely be Simic if anything but you can hope for Sultai. It was two separate thoughts to point out that Golgari Skeletons have no precedence and that Snakes will be a tribe.

>> No.52845728

Absolutely. If anyone had anything to say against something so reasonable then they are mentally damaged.

>> No.52845729

Well, we already got a UG snake tribal commander. Fuck wizards for naga though, they're literally just snakes, hell, even Kamigawa snakes had arms. We had both of the Sidisis that could've been snakes. I fucking hate naga as a type

>> No.52845756

Snake tribal should be U/G

>> No.52845877

planeswalkers are a fucking mistake.

>> No.52845917

congratulations you found out explosive mana is broken in edh if your opponent does not immediately answer it. prossh is good but you could have won with almost any general with a hand like that.

>> No.52845929

See >>52845658

>> No.52846201

Yea it's probably better suited as Dimir or just mono-black.

>> No.52846241

Who's a good commander for a person that loves creatures? I mean, most green commanders fit the quota, but I want something fun because it is not for me, it's for a friend.

>> No.52846269


>> No.52846287

Mayael the Anima with Elemental Resonance.

>> No.52846319

Remember when Portal's humor was funny? Me neither.

>> No.52846344

Add infinite combat phases and voila?

>> No.52846370

I mean, you could do that.

>> No.52846408

The first game was alright, but it got memed into oblivion. Since the jokes were actually sort of subtle everyone who ever played the game felt like they were in on some secret in-joke and parroted them to the point where anyone who didn't even play the game was in on it.

>> No.52846614

Game was good but it was never funny.

>> No.52846700

Portal 3 Kingdoms was way superior.

>> No.52847006

Casual meta btw

>> No.52847023

How casual? Alara opens itself for a lot of stuff.

>> No.52847039

I don't think I would run season in the deck. Parallel lives, and maybe Primal Vigor if I feel dangerous, but not doubling seasons

>> No.52847112

It went downhill with the new border in M15.

>> No.52847270

>Started playing tcg last year
>Drifted away from Pokemon smelly nerds into the welcoming, adult filled community that Magic is.
>Fell in love with the energy mechanic.
>Then it hits me.
>Start understanding how much of a mess the format is.
>Drift away from standard and Magic in general
>Still hanging in the LCS at this point, because I made some really good friends there.
>See people laughing and just being all around joyful fellas.
>Get into EDH.
>Fall in love with MtG again, but literally can't play anything else because its like a totally different game.

Man, I don't care how much of a shit Kaladesh standard is, I can't help but love all the stuff in it. It will always have a place in my heart, Gonti and Yahenni are just too fun to play. Even if they are my casual decks, I can't just stop loving them.I don't know if there will be a legendary creature more important to me than those two.

>> No.52847279

Just a normal casual meta.
People don't play top tier decks just because they don't like easy games. They usually play whatever they like but they don't build decks with random cards, they buy some cards to fit in the deck

We don't see infinite combos or prisons decks here.

>> No.52847287

How is Standard these days, anyway? I'm so far out of the loop at this point. Last thing I remember was some kind of rhino was good during Khans.

>> No.52847321

Sounds so nice. But yeah, just build them then, it's a fun deck.

Add some Theros gods and you'll have a blast.

>> No.52847872

New Thread!!


>> No.52847988

Personally, I'm excited too. Here's my shitty plan:
>don't really want to run infect, don't have a good card pool to start from
>notice a fairly decent amount of synergy with artifacts- Contagion Clasp, Contagion Engine, Serrated Arrows, so on
>There's plenty of creature stuff too, but none of them seem as consistent and good as the artifacts
>Start looking through collection, recent buys from when the LGS went out of business, so on

>shit like Inspiring Statuary, Tormod's Crypt, etcetera

Hapatra's going to be the commander with Glissa lurking in the 99 for what will hopefully be surprise comebacks, and I'll try to run whatever tutor effects I can (a Birthing Pod would actually be kind of sweet- pod Hapatra for Glissa in a pinch).

It seems like a really fun and at least semi-unique way to build her.

>> No.52848930

Legitimately want to see cats in this year's commander set. I'd love a legend that not only relates to cats, but adds more than monowhite. Some playable ones are in green and that's killing me

>> No.52849387


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