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Rolled 24 (1d26)

Malagra Agent Smith edition
First use of superglue subedition

The Caladius looked at too many old memes, Russ and Magnus had a metaphorical Bane moment and Custodes should stick to walking. Jetbikes can't drift-charge properly and anons made way better ones. Thallax remain unspooked in the face of Alpharius infiltrating into Lorgar despite their Secutarii leaving to play pirates with Magos Coatl. Possessed Terminators walked on the contradictory sands of Istvaan, Archmagi had inconclusive duels with Praetors and survived by body-hopping into the Fallout series. Secutors are beaten by Black Templar witchery, but survive to witness Magos Columbus set sail from the old bread to the new: >>52809536


>Official HH 7th Edition Errata (Updated January 2016)

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more

>HH Books, Novels and Rulebooks galore

>/HHG/'s Legion demographics

>/HHG/'s allegiances

>Primarch Popularity Poll

>HHG Discord


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Hey, nice, a Solar Auxilia thread. Do we have any SA players here AT ALL? I don't think I've seen any models posted of them.

>> No.52824969

Whatcha drinking breadmaker?

And what alcohol fits the different legions?

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>> No.52825081

Why would blackshields have unique gear?

>> No.52825083

I considered it, but a quick calculation of how much a decently-sized SA army would cost made nope out there in a hurry.

>> No.52825110

6th for the 6th

>> No.52825122

Some very nice smooth bourbon I got as a birthday present a few weeks ago. This weekend's gonna suck a bit since I have a whole bunch of writing to do, so I'm enjoying Friday night while it lasts.

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>> No.52825226

>rumours have it when Sanguinius left Imperium Secundus, Guilliman begged him to stay
>however Sanguinius refused, saying he was "taking his Baalites and going home"

>> No.52825240

Slight update question, do you guys think this spear works at all for the model? I kinda like it, but the hook on the bottom makes me hesitate.

>> No.52825245

I'm glad I left it in your capable hands. Comfy/10

>> No.52825257

Also, I stripped the plasma cannon out entirely and replaced it with more cables and stuff.
Are the two stormbolter barrels on each side enough to represent the Lastrum Bolt Cannon?

>> No.52825272

I don't think it looks very Custodes desu. The grip is also pretty weird. Is he about to throw it?

>> No.52825294

I like the spear, it's got a bit of a weird tech vibe that goes with custards - a lot of their wargear doesn't look like stuff the rest of the imperium uses.

>> No.52825325

I'm biased because I like all poleweapons...despite those with hooks being mostly used afoot to unhorse enemy knights.
If it helps, a good Lance was a regular pointy stick with a pennant of top to keep blood from dripping down the shaft and making it slippery, plus it looked cool. But that looks nice as well.

>> No.52825330

Eggscellent choice anon. Enjoy, and good luck with the writing.

>> No.52825343

> Dark Angels: Blackcurrant Liqueur
> Emperors Children: Pure Alcohol
> Iron Warriors: Bitter
> White Scars: Kumis (fermented horse milk)
> Space Wolves: MEAD
> Imperial Fists: White Russian
> Night Lords: Bloody Mary
> Blood Angels: Merlot (totally not just blood)
> Iron hands: Rum and Coke, simple but delicious
> World Eaters: Vodka
> Ultramarines: Bacardi Breezer
> Death Guard: Fermented Shit
> Thousand Sons: Bombay Sapphire
> Sons of Horus: Scotch on the Rocks
> Word Bearers: The Bacardi Breezer's that the Ultramarines didn't finish :^)
> Salamanders: Brandy (preferably set on fire)
> Raven Guard: Sauvignon Blanc
> Alpha Legion: A medium dry martini, lemon peel. Shaken, not stirred

>> No.52825383

>not malt liquor

>> No.52825392

I thought Emperor's Children would drink Absinthe or some pretentious bullshit.

>> No.52825400

Raven Guard would be moonshine. Prison drink.

Also, scotch on the rocks is a bit classy for SOH. I see them more as Stella drinkers - supposedly high class but actually associated with vicious bastards that like a fight.

>> No.52825412


Other guy doing bullock bikes here:

I said last thread that just straight up using Sammael's bike looks better than my frankenstein cobble of a ravenwing command bike and cast parts of Sammael (I didn't want to spend £30 per individual bike before budgeting for the riders, so that's what I'm stuck with.)

But I'm thinking that my just straight up using the guardian spear works better than either of your spear conversions so far. Is my model holding an extra Bolter he doesn't have in stats? Sure, but I think it's a fair enough compromise for asthetic reasons. Hell, after I've finished the prototype bike tonight, I'm thinking maybe using swords for the second unit. It's not like these guys can take more than one weapon option to confuse things.

Another issue is the helmet plume, it doesn't look like it's blowing in the wind at the kind of high speeds the bike goes at. I resolved that by getting a Saggitarum conversion kit, Which'll also solve my Custodes underslung bolt weapon issue.

Not really suggesting that you spend even more though, just giving my input.

>> No.52825428

That would be when they had a moral compass, after chaos they need the hardest shit possible.

>> No.52825462

>> Imperial Fists: White Russian
What why

>> No.52825475

>NZ confirmed for Terran EC gene stock

>> No.52825503

>pariah gear
>xenos weapons
Because they literally do?

>> No.52825576

Because they're Marines and Marines get even the simplest of conversions and bits swaps handed to them by FW and GW.

>> No.52825585

Yes, he's kinda about to throw it. I wanted to make it javelin-like, since jousting poitions are fairly boring overall as far as model dynamics are concerned. Not much you can do with them beyond at ease or charging positions.

Fair enough about spear and sword, but I prefer keeping weapons distinct from those other units in my army actually wield. I'm weird that way. That said, pic related is a canon weapon for jetbike custodes. Maybe I should just suck it up and build that.
Or do a compromise and make a cavalry hatchet with that design instead of a polearm.

>> No.52825605

>complaining about marines in the 30k general

>> No.52825622

Uh, that picture made me reamise how much Chapterhouse made a jetboke like it.

>> No.52825636


Don't project on me for stating facts.

>> No.52825646

What's the alternative? Retarded xenos swaps that nobody's going to buy?

If 90% of the market is buying Japanese cars, and Japanese cars are by far the most popular, of course it's smart to make a billion little accessories and things like exhaust parts and race wings for Japanese cars. Why the fuck would you waste money putting out chrome nigger rims or fake muscle car hood pins? Nobody's going to buy it and it's fucking worthless. Meanwhile the other option will sell like mad and is useful to 90% of the consumerbase due to the shared target niche.

Before you solve the problem of "too many marine products" you need to solve the issue of "too many marine customers". And as the past few years have already shown, it's NOT because of them having "OP rules" which haven't existed for 99% of the game's lifespan, or "too much marine spotlight" as we've seen vast amounts of non-marine releases like GSC, Knights, Armageddon, AdMech, Ynnari, Militarum Tempestus.

>> No.52825660


Why the fuck would an anti-marinefag complain about someone complaining about marines you dumb faggot?

>> No.52825669

Zealot and Blood & Skulls make jetbikes much closer to the Custodes style, though they're for Marine size riders.

>> No.52825670

>white people complaining about marine privilege

>> No.52825717

You tell me, it's your assertion. I never complained about it, so any complaining you're reading into it is in your own head.

>> No.52825732

Girls, you both pretty, now get together and complain about knight heads.

>> No.52825784

Aaah indeed! I knew I had seen something like in the art but I would have never been able to find that manufacturer.

>> No.52825808

WTF those are the literal Custodes Jetbikes.

>> No.52825818

>What's the alternative?

To what? Because it sounds to me like you think I disapprove of a company releasing products. I lived through the days when GW could go for editions without releasing a kit for unit or updating existing kits to have all the bits needed.

>> No.52825832

B&S one as well.

>> No.52825854

Fuck me, it's still 26 euros a jetbike, without shipping costs, 10 euros. Welp.

>> No.52826232

While throwing power weapons are a thing due to miniature teleporters (rare, but if anyone has that it's custards), it still feels odd to see them. I'd replace that arm with a more traditional lance (if you can still take it off) or even another cavalry weapon like a sabres or such.

>> No.52826286

Anyone got an MP3 version of this to share?

>> No.52826663

Does anyone have a link, torrent or download for Magnus the red master of Prospero?

>> No.52827146

Blue Lenses TSons > Green Lenses TSons

We can all agree that this is objective fact, right?

>> No.52827186

I have the thing as a zip file containing the images. I think Scanon was experimenting with one of those home-made scanning set ups, I don't really remember, and they're a lot of pics.
I'm phoneposting from work, but I suppose if you give me the name of a website on which post said file, I could do it in, like three hours.
Look for it in the Mega, perhaps it's there.

>> No.52827203

Make it light blue, but even then no. It is a subjective thing, complete agreement might be unattainable, so do whatever YOU like the most.
You're not a damn idol, be yourself.

>> No.52827208

What's a good source of arms to give kharadrons lasrifles?

>> No.52827269

Still a little touch-up sculpting to apply, but finally finalised my design.

Now to make five more.

>> No.52827356

Bullock jetdicks are still longer than that, anon.
You made gigachode the jetdik.

>> No.52827369

That eagle needs a beak

>> No.52827438


>Bullock jetdicks are still longer than that, anon.

Yeah, casting limitations. I started with a longer cast off of Sammael but it didn't really work.

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>> No.52827513

/r/ing the updated armor autism chart

>> No.52827712

If Leman Russ fucks a dog, is it him being a furry since he has dog DNA?

>> No.52827731

what would fulgrim gingerly moan while slaanesh dominated him?

>> No.52827745

Can he though ? I mean with how most of them behave you'd start to think primarchs have vaginas ...

>> No.52827761


>> No.52827765

Fulgrim probably has one post-apotheosis...

>> No.52827766

You clearly haven't been on the internet long enough.

>> No.52827773

no its normal to fuck your dog

>> No.52827792


Dumb picture, Leanne Russ is a blonde.

>> No.52827800



>> No.52827839

brb writing oc

>> No.52827892


>> No.52827908

Damn, son

>> No.52827966

>feminizing your Primarch

It's time for a good ol' fashioned purging, anon

>> No.52827985

Oh Ferrus you sweet summer child.

>> No.52828010

You're scum who's gotta scram to the Eye of Terror to screech into it autistically the rest of your existence.

>> No.52828019

Out of all primarchs you could have chosen, anon.

You chose the second worst.


Are you on drugs?

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>> No.52828034

delet this

>> No.52828039


>> No.52828044

>Out of all primarchs you could have chosen, anon.

>You chose the second worst.


Look at the bright side, at least he didn't pick Lorgar.

>> No.52828050

Did someone say gay?

>> No.52828066

Not yet. I gotta kick you out first, because you're shit and your opinions are shit.

>> No.52828070

>Look at the bright side, at least he didn't pick Lorgar.

Were you fishing for this or dreadfully unlucky?

>> No.52828109

It's not an opinion, that was literally Ferrus Manus, not Perturabo.

>> No.52828162

>all the Primarchs could have chosen

No, I mean Primarchs are not for sexual. Also Ferrus is best Primarch, he dindu nuffin

>> No.52828167

Whelp. This thread is officially cancer.

>> No.52828176


You know I really didn't need to see Nurgle licking femgar's ass but otherwise I've got nothing against girl Primarch art.

>> No.52828188

You're missing the point anon.


You have doomed us all.

>> No.52828207

>Primarchs are for sexual

>> No.52828219

>thinking I'm clever but actually fucking myself and everyone with me over

Well, at least I'm taking after my Primarch...

>> No.52828228

URGENT: Hey hhg I need pics/scans of the instructions from the new box of custodes or the talons of the emperor box. Not the ones from the prospero box, as it doesnt show all the wargear options. I need em tonight so i can finish building my army for tomorrow. I posted in the 40k g too for good measure.

>> No.52828245


Yeah bad news, I have five boxes of Custodes and the instructions still don't have all options listed.

>> No.52828262


Gee Tribune, how come the Emperor lets you have two Miserichordia?

>> No.52828274

/hhg/ has been cancer for a long time.

We just need to make it double-cancer.

>> No.52828325


Yeah pretty much.

>> No.52828343

I like where this thread is going.

>> No.52828362


Gonig off of this
Any pics of the BoP MKIII instructions?

Don't want to fuck up the arms.

>> No.52828412

As does he.

>> No.52828493


Scooty puff jr

>> No.52828534

He was always a pussy though :^)

>> No.52828569

No more of a pussy than Sanguinius was.
And can someone doing THIS ever be considered a pussy?

>> No.52828580

>2nd worst out of 18.
>Who are Lorgar, Curze, Russ and Magnus

>> No.52828599


SHHHHHH! There's on of him and a LoC don't remind them.

>> No.52828609

U wot m8

>> No.52828625

I need art of Sanguinius cqcing a phantom titan.

>> No.52828638

... I need it too.

>> No.52828642

Too late :^)

>> No.52828655

>Sanguinius "Eternity Gate" McBloodthirster Bare-handspants the Ninth
>Being a pussy
Why the hell are you comparing him to Fulgrim in the first place, Anon?

>> No.52828672

U even wot-er m8

>> No.52828693

>Why the hell are you comparing him to Fulgrim in the first place, Anon?

The pretty primarchs that everyone sees as being a sub in their OTP.

Never said he was a pussy, either, just AS MUCH as Fulgrim (implying Fulgrim actually isn't).

>> No.52828710

U most wot-est of all m8

>> No.52828736

so U wot m8 that it transcends our existence

>> No.52828824

>The pretty primarchs that everyone sees as being a sub in their OTP
For the record, I headcanon dom/sadistic Corvus.

(Also, this is literally the only lewd I could find of birb-senpai. What the fuck, Internet?)

>> No.52828838 [DELETED] 

nigga wtf

>> No.52828890

u wot m8?

>> No.52828895

>mfw this entire thread
Curzefag, you never cease in finding ways to drag these threads into degeneracy
No fuck off with the gay shit

>> No.52828927

No bully Curzefag. Thsi thread was always cancer, it just needed to show it.

>> No.52828933


>> No.52828948

And yet Curzefag is still the least cancerous namefag.

>> No.52828952


> this thread was always cancer

Well, yeah. Whadya expect from this site?

>> No.52829057

I was going to do a little battle report of the first time using my brand new graviton cannon rapiers in a game, but suddenly I feel more like drinking bleach.

>> No.52829063

>Implying the bitch-boy in question wouldn't go the way of Russ

>> No.52829125

Do both. Also post more Primarch smut.

>> No.52829149

>No fuck off with the gay shit
Oh? You DON'T want us to fuck off with our gay shit?

Who IS the most cancerous namefag?


>> No.52829157

King of Yiffs/AWG. Universally regarded as the apex of Yifffaggotry.

>> No.52829195

Never heard of him. Am I blind or has he fucked off as of late?

>> No.52829199

>more Primarch smut
Whatever you say, boss.

>> No.52829224

He's been gone a while, thank all of Terra's dead gods.

>> No.52829251

How did he even get yiff on a board about traditonal games? Call it "character art"?

At least with primarch smut it's related to a tg.

>> No.52829281

Think of every obnoxious Space Wolf fan, and then turn that up to 11. That was AWG.

>> No.52829324

Fuckin' shit that's awful.

I mean, I post primarch lewds to trigger people and when some one asks but I don't go around bringing it up for no reason. Like SW fans and yiffs seem to do.

>> No.52829421 [SPOILER] 

since when were there so many faggots here?

and by terra how do we exterminatus this general

>> No.52829434


>> No.52829439 [SPOILER] 

>since when were there so many faggots here?
There aren't.

>> No.52829455

The gap between Inferno and Angelus has already killed us, and we've still got at least 9 months to go.

>> No.52829497

Being a girl(male) doesn't make you any less a fG curzefag

>> No.52829512


>> No.52829516

Her name implies she already knows this anon.

>> No.52829623

>Huge waifus
Malcador was right.

>> No.52829789

>Malcador was right.
True dat

>> No.52829988

I better save it for safekeeping

>> No.52830078

Anyone have that one picture of the legions as countryballs?

>> No.52830093

>This derail
Damn it ADB

>> No.52830133

This is a dumb question, but if the Webway didn't save the Eldar from Chaos how was the Emps supposed to use it to save humanity from Chaos?

>> No.52830160

I mean there ARE alternatives....

>> No.52830175

Well the Dark Eldar managed to escape Slaanesh by being in the webway, sure she's still sucking their souls dry but at a much slower pace and they can do all kinds of excess without bringing forth another apocalypse. The Emperor wanted the webway so humanity would evolve into a psyker race without the gods being able to turn them into demon gates, it was a project to lessen their influence on humanity's future.

>> No.52830196

Yes there are. Superior alternatives.

>> No.52830202

Toss that girl a sandwich, rly.
Also, why do people think Mortarion is bald, instead of having smelly greasy hair like his friend Curze?

>> No.52830209

>The Emperor wanted the webway so humanity would evolve into a psyker race without the gods being able to turn them into demon gates, it was a project to lessen their influence on humanity's future.

But couldn't Chaos still reach humans through psykers even without the webway? Unless you mean his plan was to move humanity into the webway

>> No.52830239

>Also, why do people think Mortarion is bald
Because his "bare scalp" is mentioned a couple times.

>> No.52830246

I need a rate list, I'm going to be on 30kchannel in two weeks and have to email the list I'm going to be playing by next week. I recently came into a few new models and I think I might have gone overboard with the changes I've done.

Dark Angels, 3500 points
>Ironwing Protocol

>HQ 552 points
Preator + Command Squad in tartaros terminator armor. The Preator has a paragon blade, iron halo, and combi-grande launcher with statis shells. Command Squad has 3 power fist and a chain fist, dedicated transport is a Land Raider Phobos with armored ceramite.

>Elites 325 points
10 man Veteran Tactical Squad with 2 plasma guns and the rest with serpentas. Sergeant has power fist, artificer armor, and the dedicated transport is a rhino with a multi melta.

>Troops 600 points
3 Tactical Squads with vexillas. Sergeants have calabanite warblades, melta bombs, artificer armor. Dedicated transports are Rhinos with combi-meltas.

>Heavy Support 1625
Vindicator Squadron all with laser destroyer arrays and two with machine spirit.

Leviathan Siege Dreadnought with volkites, phosphex, and a siege drill in a Dreadnought Drop Pod.

Malcador Assault Tank Squadron with two Malcadors. One has a twin-linked lascannon instead of the battle cannon. Both have demolisher siege cannons, lascannon sponsons, flare shields, armored ceramite, and havoc launchers.

>LoW 395

I use to run Mortis Boxnaughts but I'm really displeased to see how many people target them turn 1, I have two Contemptors-Mortis on hand to exchange them with but then got the Malcadors and cut them out. I might drop the Veterans for them instead. I liked the idea of the Malcadors survivabilty + fire power they put out at BS 5 and ran with it. One of the first questions I asked was if I could count super heavies with the tan descriptor and it's fine. I have a third one in the works at home but they cost so damn much.

Any input would be wonderful.

>> No.52830279

Fake, where? Double-Bullshit!
The Mortarion I posted is more Mortarion than the one made by FW. The one that lacks a rebreather and has a baththub for a backpack...which in turn influenced the 2015 HH4 illustration and in turn influenced everything afterwards. FW's incompetence.
It's not like they made Sigismund bald despite the mentions of his blonde hair.

>> No.52830281

By not letting the humanity birth yet another chaos god. Duh.

>> No.52830289


>> No.52830314

w-what kind of Chaos god would humanity eventually create?

>> No.52830351

>Implying the Emperor of Mankind wasn't turned into the God Emperor by 10000 years straight of a trillion humans worshipping Him in the Clap your hands if you believe Setting.

>> No.52830359

The best one

>> No.52830377

A god of discovery and conquest, of ever expanding horizons and pioneering into new realms of existence.

>> No.52830407

>Conquistador god
I like it.

>> No.52830408


Does the Siggy model come with his helmet?

>> No.52830420

Only the real one. The one labeled as Sigismund comes with a galley steering wheel as its Iron Halo, apparently.
But the Emperor's Champion model does a great Siggy as well. An anon used him, and it's not like you can't get a helmet for the FW one.

>> No.52830432

>Fake, where?
Scars and/or The Path of Heaven. I'd screencap it for you if I wasn't a filthy mobileposter at the moment.

>> No.52830467

Something really terrible, I reckon. Given that the likely fate of humanity would be "become noms for demons as your collective psychic potential steadily grows" it could be a paradox god that simulateosly exists and does not; all-powerful and powerless; eternally raging at chaos and cruelty of its own existence and competely still and detached as a dead soul that's observing the world; or something else completely.

I know that it was a bit off the wall, so I'll try to describe my train of thought:
The whole reason why Eldar fell was birth of Slaanesh - it stand to reason then that the other three gods couldn't do jack shit to them while they were using warp very liberally, and only a global psycic catastrophe was enough to break through the protection.
With Emp's oversight and most of his energy free for something other than protecting humanity from Chaos, whatever his plans were they were likely to succeed.
So the only way for Chaos to succeed n that situation is to have humanity birth another god or do something equally warp-altering and destructive.

>> No.52830470

They take away his dignity, now they take away his hair? Fuck BL.

>> No.52830471


Fair enough. I might pick him up if I ever get halfway OK at painting.

I fucking love building, but when it comes time to paint I'm still a massive beginner.

>> No.52830480

Wasn't Khorne supposed to be born from Earth in the middle ages in old fluff? I think that answers you.

>> No.52830486

Look at the speshul edition cover! It has his wrist cannons!

>> No.52830499

Hey anon, do you have pics of those SW ulfsarks? They look nice.

>> No.52830519

i like mine with a MMelta, just so they have an extra shot at killing something armoured if you get close, since you want to be in charge range anyway.
>rest with serpentas
Thats a lotta points, even with your bonuses to wound i find pistols arent exactly worth squat, and you cant even charge since rhino, not raider. I would give your dudes combis instead, and use them as a glue unit that hops out and murders something expensive, then cleans up weakened enemy squads.
looks fine. Maybe swap one to a volkite charger unit of support squad?
vindi's look good, not my favourite tank but still good. Consider another machine spirit, just in case it gets stunned
Leviathan is goodstuff, i like mine to have at least one gun, and with tank hunters you could pick between gravcannon and meltalance, gravcannon can actually have a chance at fragging things with tank hunters, and slaughters heavy infantry, while meltalance is three-shot lascannon even without melta. If you can, give it AC, else you could be fucked up by a stray rhino with a pintle gun and its your best CC unit.
Fuck yes. Theoretically, a unit of three with command tank would be insane, what with essentially universal tank/monster hunter, but thats still pretty good. I dunno about flare shields on them, its expensive, and deters enemy from even trying to shoot them. As they're already ded'ard and don't explode, the more firepower they absorb, the less your other, squishier tanks will take. This is all theory, i've never seen more than one on the table, please give feedback on their performance.
Fuck yes, ultimate goodstuff unit, can't go wrong.

The one glaring weakness i see is that you have zero anti-air, absolutely nothing. Even if you use your vindis as AA, thats an average of three hits, and with a 3+ jink you have statistical likeliness of damaging w/ one shot. Thats with your entire vindi squadron, which is therefore not killing tanks and/or heavy infantry

>> No.52830581

Okay so I know vaguely who Sigismund is, but why does he have no dignity? What did he do?

>> No.52830625

>talking shit about based Chris Wraight
It's time for you to leave.

>> No.52830636

What? No, that's Mortarion, anon.
>Sigismund wasn't so much given a Second Founding chapter, but denied by his Primarch and exiled into an Eternal Crusade for his one moment of doubt.
Then again, BL.

>> No.52830658

>moment of doubt
Okay yes so what happened with Sigismund?

>> No.52830665

Sigismund deserved it for defying his Primarch's orders over the words of a witch and being an insubordinate little shit.

>> No.52830693

I talk shit about all BL at once.
Euphrati Keler or someone made him a prediction right before embarking on the Retribution fleet sent to destroy the traitors. She told him that either he could go and die an unremembered death or shy away from that mission but be bound to an eternity of war until his death.
So he used his First Captain privilege to ask Dorn he send someone else instead.
Thus, Yonnad died unremembered and without glory as his ship was destroyed in a warp accident on transit to the system, and Polux was hailed as the saviour of Phall.

>> No.52830725

Oh shit....
I mean I think that's something most of us would have done but still....

I mean, he could have just said "I have been told that I will die unremembered, my primarch." and then either let Dorn figure it out be remembered by his primarch anyway.

>> No.52830743

Started work on the next five Sagittarum Guard. Wanted ten for the sake of ten, and they'll probably be rarely used unless I deepstrike everyone with no vehicles or go for big games

>> No.52830754

Those guns are outrageously large.

>> No.52830788

They are basically heavy bolters for guys bigger than Marines.

>> No.52830808

Perhaps I didn't write it correctly, but it's meant to convey that he doubted, and Dorn *being* Dorn went overboard on the punishment. He fucking disowned him, man. The Chaplains obscuring his IF colours (black denotes service to the Throne over your own legion, but still) were the final nail on the coffin.
I mean, it's not like he took the wrong choice. Choosing to die would mean shying away from combat, and dereliction of duty is a crime so vile even Primarchs themselves can be censured for it, like when Perturabo accused Corax of it and it caused great unrest.
After all, dying for a cause is easier than living and fighting for it, even more so if the prediction says you pretty much die in the equivalent of a car crash.

>> No.52830836

Ah okay that makes more sense. Still fucked up though.

>> No.52831175

>TFW you double your Custodes army almost overnight

God damn it. I know I brought this on myself but after these are even more. Why did I do this to myself.

>> No.52831393

So, I'm going to be building the beefiest Archmagos Reductor possible, and hopefully make Cawl look like a fucking manlet.
going to use a domitar as the main body, add some tattered robes and a magos-y head/hood, and then dremeled out servo-automata as forearms/weapons housings.
anyone have any good ideas as to a suitable chainfist for the biggest guy?

>> No.52831428

full chainswords as fingers on a thanatar hand?

>> No.52831444

Are you the same guy who first pitched this as Swole Magos?

Whether or not you are I'd suggest either doing something with the plastic assault marines eviscerator OR combining several of the chainblades from the Ork Boyz kit. If it seems poorly proportioned you can instead try some of those curvy chainswords from the CSM kit for something more on the sinister side.

>> No.52831466

that's an interesting idea, I'll give it a think
that I am, i like the idea of the ork chain weapons

>> No.52831535

A thanatar hand as the base with the same three-sided claw layout as a leviathan claw, but with something heavy as the chain blade instead of smooth claw. I would mockup something in paint, but im phoneposting

>> No.52831538

>people who pronounce meta as "may-duh"

>> No.52831630

>not going overboard with tons of those sexy fucking grav tanks
nigger what are you doing

>> No.52831637

May I, sorta on the same track, suggest using Grukk Face-Rippa's claw? Looks absolutely brutal.

>> No.52831651


>> No.52831668

Aww come on are we already done posting heresy?

>> No.52831670

Fucker I have 3 Caladius, 2 Coronus, 4 Pallas, and 5 Dreads.

>> No.52831695 [DELETED] 

About 75% done.

>> No.52831713


>> No.52831721

About 75% done.

>> No.52831931

It's not really an insult if the Custodes are doing the cucking, anon.

>> No.52831936

Not if everyone is in a flyer!

>> No.52831996

At first I thought this was a SW snowtrooper kek.

>> No.52832075

Is that Dorn in the middle there?

>> No.52832134

And presumably Curze behind him but who's that on the bottom?

>> No.52832208

I'd assume Corax, as the other pale and dark-haired primarch, but Corax usually has long hair (though admittedly it'd be even harder to tell them apart if he did, seeing as the usual thing of Curze's being the messy one wouldn't apply)

Also, seeing Dorn with dark-tanned skin reminds me - he does come from an ice world - he's not eskimo in the way that Khan is mongolian or Guilliman is roman, but it would make some sense for him to have slightly darker skin.

Speaking of G-Money, Dorn had a planetary empire as well, but no-one remembers that.

Hmm, I can understand why Curze would be where he is - Dorn and him didn't get on (... is there anything with Fulgrim and Dorn? They got on okay, at least well enough that Dorn was the one Fulgrim blabbed to, and they were both pretty noble and had distinctions from Big E... I don't want to search it though), but I don't see any particular reason for Corax to be on the bottom there - though I he was a bitch, so it makes some sense.

>> No.52832371

Get painting boy

>> No.52832379

It's not in the Mega, I checked. And I'm not really interested in the images as much as I am the text. I heard the TS were a bit crappy in it and the IW were great, but that's okay because I really like both. Anyway, thanks for the help but don't do anything that'll take three hours on my behalf.

>> No.52832554

Each left bolter arm is directly opposite its corresponding right arm on the sprue, if you're looking at it so the arms are in two columns. You literally can't fuck it up unless you either don't pay attention, or you deliberately cut all the arms out and mix them together in one big pile. No instructions necessary.

If you insist on cutting all the parts off the sprue at once, put each arm pair type in a separate pile.

>> No.52832587

I do remember his title before becoming the Emperor's Wallnigger was Emperor himself. But he was really not that different to Perturabo, even growing more like him at Sebastus.
His character made him clash with Curze, yeah, but also with based Ferrus, and after the heresy he wouldn't even listen to Roboute.
When first reunited with his legion, he told them absolutely NOTHING even as they were kneeling before him. He just left, and only after the first battle he said the legion had much to learn.
Most perplexing of all, to the previous Legion Master, Mathias, he literally gave a SINGLE "thanks" and sent him to Inwit to raise 30 regiments.
>he's not eskimo in the way that Khan is mongolian or Guilliman is roman, but it would make some sense for him to have slightly darker skin.
People from zones with little solar radiation have lighter skin, but turns out eskimos kept their original skin colour due to eating lots of fish (thus not requiring sun for vitamin D-strenght), instead of needing to lose melanin to suplement D production with solar radiation.
Inwit has both a red sun that keeps it in twilight and sunken, almost lifeless seas...but it's fiction so who cares.
I've always pictured Dorn as normal coloured.

>> No.52832682

yeah bro will post some for you, mate did a bang up job on those wolves

>> No.52832713

and here is some more. I felt bad for 0.001 seconds blowing up this unit of his with a 3 man squad of Myrm destructors in one turn, but then I remembered the teachings of Magos Coatl..... "Beep Borp Kill all meatbags"

>> No.52832733

Thanks anon. Hey, is that termie the character that uses a heavy bolter?

>> No.52832759

Are those fantasy chaos warriors he's used for the torso/shoulders? Or does he just have mad skillz with greenstuff?

>> No.52832766

My god that nickname; my sides just flipped off relativity and broke the speed of light.

Its better that what I tired to cobble together for a Dickbike painting mockup so dont worry too hard anon. Mk2 will be better!

>> No.52832799

I am not snekmagosanon but those are clearly from chaos warriors

>> No.52832836

Yup that is his Red Hand conversion!
Correct, Chaos warrior Torso + mk3 + some 3rd party axes = awesome

>> No.52832862

How did you get that green on all the Hoplites and Thallax weapons? Was thinking of primarily green glowy bitz on my Mechanicum, since I'm bored of blue.

>> No.52832918

Can Typhon be a Fuck You to Curze+Terror Assault army?

>> No.52832957

Yes, and you should feel bad for doing so

>> No.52833019

Anon that's a cool looking board for zone mortalis, is it custom made or where could I get one?

>> No.52833111

bit of a bigger shot of it. Pretty much its just a ship interior FAT mat + some walls and scatter terrain

>> No.52833176

Which kind of Typhon?

>> No.52833187

With day of revelation RoW shoupld I just put my Praetor in Artificer and a Jump pack with a command squad or just do a Termiestar?

>> No.52833197

Uh, Legion LoW one. Was there multiple Typhons? I never knew that.

>> No.52833261


>> No.52833266

There's the Tank Typhon, and the Death Guard unique praetor Typhon, and it looked like you were asking about him because singular.

He doesn't do anything much to a Terror Assault, but I imagine the tank would do plenty.

>> No.52833327

Also fuck me the BA sword looks really good, is it worth swapping out +1S and ID on 6's for doubling the amount of wounds I can inflict?

>> No.52833352

Did he run those as breachers?
Or are they Combat Shields?

Very nice (are those yellow grenades those weird stasis bombs, or just painted like that to stand out?)

>> No.52833358

Well, +1S is essentially less than a 16% increase in wounds (since sometimes you'll be still wounding on 6s anyway) so basically the answer is yes, since the ID is a tad unreliable compared to smashing the enemy in the face with a power fist, even against Archmagi who aren't IDd you'll need 18 hits to take one down.

>> No.52833398

Finished my terminator squad. I've now painted all my plastic marines from two BoP boxes.

>> No.52833450

Looks great.

>> No.52833469

Nah Death Guard drinks Agent Orange with Tequila and call it a Babarus Sunrise.

>> No.52833569

Kabalite green base, then green wash, then Moot Green highlight.

>> No.52833605

But instead of tequila, they use destilled methanol from the worst moonshineries.

>> No.52833608

Can we please get back to mini's/ rules/ lists and not primarch jacking?

>> No.52833627


What about Custard jacking?

How many space marines can a Custodes bench?

How many Custodes does it take to drown a Primarch in spears?

>> No.52833645

The answer is 100; 20 to kill a primarch and 80 to fail protecting the emperor

>> No.52833652

Did you finish it?

>> No.52833736

From the FAQ about the new edition of 40k that just went up:
>A few of you might be wondering how the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 affects Forge World’s Horus Heresy rules and army lists. Well, for the moment, it won’t! You can carry on using the existing Warhammer 40,000 ruleset for your Horus Heresy games.
So there we are.

>> No.52833738

>A few of you might be wondering how the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 affects Forge World’s Horus Heresy rules and army lists. Well, for the moment, it won’t! You can carry on using the existing Warhammer 40,000 ruleset for your Horus Heresy games.

We're stuck in 7th for the foreseeable future.

>> No.52833763

I am happy about this

>> No.52833798

But will we be able to use 8th edition with HH armies to try out the new rules?

>> No.52833908


This is prolly just until FW gets around to redoing every single book they have to work with the new edition. Since current 40k codexes will not be valid there must be some big core rules changes. Move stat and armor modifiers are probable. (maybe balance?)

>> No.52834058

Holy shit, only just seen the magnus the red 30k model.

Why the fuck is it so bad?

His arms are literally longer than his legs???

It looks like he'd be pic related with his leg armour off

>> No.52834097

Man, with how much GW tries to come of being trustworthy that they won't make the game unappealing in that FAQ it almost makes it seem like they're desperately pleading "please stay with us, everything will be fine"

If it is true that they listened as much to community feedback as they say they did this new edition might not be so bad after all. Sadly we just won't be sure untill after having read the new rules.

>(maybe balance?)

We can only hope. Entirely functional rules would be a good start (we still have powerfists with inbuilt powerfists in Inferno)

>> No.52834108

>mfw it's a unified system for AoS, 40K (Now Age of Guilliman) and HH

>> No.52834126

Me too, actually. 40k is getting the shakeup it needs, and 30k is staying where it is at least for a while, which is probably better given it's quite well balanced and the players generally like the complexity more. I'm now a lot more optimistic.

>> No.52834130

>It's just persection guys, come on, stop bullying !

>> No.52834408

Death Guard vs Maybe Black Templars soon?

>> No.52834558

I shall name this Pallas... Buckingham.

>> No.52834560

i'd been thinking dark angels, but black and laurels means templars, yes. A lot of people were miffed when they were rolled in C:SM, so good move by geedubs

>> No.52834598

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Black Templars aren't a faction on the new site for 40k. For comparison, Death Guard are listed as a faction in their own right.

>> No.52834617

No, It's not Death Guard. Look at the symbol near the CSM.
It's the symbol of Abaddon, aka the Chaos Ascendant.

So it's Black Legion vs whoever.

>> No.52834618

And BT were a supplement when they were the face of 3rd edition.

>> No.52834631

>This is prolly just until FW gets around to redoing every single book they have to work with the new edition.

We'll be waiting for years

>> No.52834659

>wait all this time to get legion rules
>wait some more time to get them updated
>the amount of errors remains


>> No.52834738

It's got half a fly and 3 pockmark holes inhis helmet you gronk.

>> No.52834747

>but black
Blue in poor light I'd say. And the smurfs aren't exactly laurels-shy.

And the CSM in the middle has nurgle's three dots and half of a fly emblem on his forehead, on top of the greenish colouring, horn, and abundant cables of a plague amrine.

>> No.52834763

Are you saying that Nurglites don't serve under Black Legion? What the fuck?

>> No.52834817

Pretty sure you've engaged the shitposter formerly known as carnac from the abaddonwank in their post, and the sheer delusion required to claim that isn't a death guard. It's not worth it m8, the only winning move is not to play.

>> No.52834819

Damn son, sign for this L_____________

>> No.52834889

Caught being wrong? Throw accusations and run.

>> No.52834893

I'm saying that right there is a death guard helmet. Who will be in the starter set. Who cares if they for do not serve abaddon.

>> No.52834964

Now ask yourself. Why would a Death Guard have the unique symbol of Abaddon near him?

>> No.52834980

I brightened the image.

Clearly a death guard helmet.

>> No.52834984

Same reason all the CSM kits come with eye symbols on them.

>> No.52834985


God this man looks like a twat.

>> No.52835007


So who is this new character who's death guard down one side of his body, loyalist down the other and dual weilds Bolters?

>> No.52835017

You take that back!

>> No.52835020

>what a tweeeeeeeeeeest

>> No.52835027

Maggots check.
Browny green check
Triple holes check
Fungus or corrosion
Bone poking out
Half a deaths head fly ( symbol of Nurgles rot) check

All signs point to a black legionaire lads....

said the fucking mong .

>> No.52835031

>FW releases two new versions of each Army List book over the course of a decade
>Still no Alpharius or Dorn

>> No.52835054


>Neck made entirely out of cables

Is Abaddon just a severed head on life support?

>> No.52835071

>The Deathguard are the only legion capable of fielding plague marines


>> No.52835097

/hhg/, you guys know better than to reply to his insanity

>> No.52835116

At this point you've lost.

you are moving the goalposts. you are arguing through pride and stubbornness. it's embarrassing.

>> No.52835120

If only GW made the custodes like the art instead of the baby marines we got.

>> No.52835140

I did not at any point say that the marine is not a plague marine. The guy who is moving the goal posts is you.

>> No.52835151

They are real baalers -Ba dum tss-
Wow, tough crowd tonight

>> No.52835311

You've got to admire Torgadden's persistence in continually cracking jokes to the humourless brick wall that is Garviel Loken.

>> No.52835326

> death guard get announced as a seperate faction today on GW site
> death guard get a promo video dropped
> Death guard helmet gets shown in new promo for boxed starter set.

Must be a black legion plague marine am I right guys!?!?!

Get it together mate.

>> No.52835475

Is it worth it to put ogryns in a gorgon?

Running survivors of a dark age and abhuman helots. So the ogryns are T6 with 3+ armor. Since the gorgon isn't an assault transport, it'll get them to the fight a little faster but then the're just sitting there waiting to be shot for a turn. When I run the list as dark compliance I'll have them in a stormlord or a spartan, but if I run militia only should I get a gorgon or have them walk?

>> No.52835494

Quick Question
Im planning my list around three squads of breachers
Are Melta Guns or Graviton Guns better for dealing with various vehicles, or should I mix and match?

>> No.52835523

Massed graviton guns are more reliable and useful for dealing with vehicles.

>> No.52835793

Mk 9 marines.

Holy fuck.

>> No.52835949

Those longer bolters they're slinging around might make for a decent Maxim Bolter if you combined a couple with a Storm Bolter chassis and ammo drum. I'll have to keep that in mind when I make a Satarael model.

>> No.52835962


>> No.52835987

>hey guys, is it okay for me to use Mk 9 marines in my 30k blood angels army based around the siege of terra?

>> No.52835992

After all the shit that guy took for saying the early leaks were genuine.

>> No.52836003

I can see it already

>> No.52836016

Might as well give a clear size comparison pic and cop to mine being noticably shorter.

>> No.52836096

I am sorry anon but it looks like pic related to me

>> No.52836166

What the fuck is that and why aren't they squatting

>> No.52836171

dem mold lines

>> No.52836219

8th do whatever the fuck you want edition. Ork looted riptides.

Grognards btfo.

>> No.52836221

>hey guys, is it okay for me to use Mk 9 marines in my 30k blood angels army based around the second siege of terra?


>> No.52836227

Bigger marines means bigger price tag.

>> No.52836234

Their superior genes give them the leg strength to hold themselves upright.

>> No.52836270

They use the same instructions as BoP m8

>> No.52836312

Tourneyfags having fits of autism.

>> No.52836332


Honestly you're probably lying? Like, it's short but it's not any shorter than a non-jet bike.

>> No.52836379


Normal bikes don't have a Custodes riding them with their legs all bunched up.

>> No.52836441

does it look like they use a similar style of up-armoured legs like mk 3 has?

maybe they've taken mk8 and added additional playes to the calves and thighs.

>> No.52836480


Okay true, but he'd still be in a too-small seat with a longer nose on the bike. Honestly I can't think of any way to fix that other than to buy both a gyrfalcon bike and Sammael and kitbash them together.

>> No.52836488

>no more manlet marines

>> No.52836501


>He thinks those are any taller than Deathwatch marines, which in turn were only fractionally bigger than normal marines

>> No.52836506

Anon, any chance of more pics from a more direct/eye level of the yiffs? I've been considering doing these very conversions myself for a while and have a fair amount of chaos warriors waiting to be used. Would really like to see how he did the arms, shoulders, and waists. Thank you.

>> No.52836515

The other anon up there seems to have done a fairly decent job of it.

>> No.52836536

It's more about the proportions and lack of combat squatting. The legs look noticeably better.

>> No.52836557


You might need to look into extending it a bit


A custodes on a normal bike would look like >>52836096

>> No.52836591

Is that a bottle of fart

>> No.52836658


Nah he's ran into the exact same problem as I did: Having to use a marine's upper legs to keep the sitting position. If you look closely at mine I needed to use the Custodes thigh plates to cover it up, whilst he used Sammael's robes.

The biggest difference is Sammael isn't leaning forwards. Either way you have slightly disproportioned upper legs hidden by clothing placement.

>> No.52836712

Graviton Guns are Heavy 1, meaning breachers can't move and fire them. So unless you can somehow get the breachers into position during deployment (scout, infiltrate) it's very hard to actually fire them at something.

>> No.52836781

Their arms look ... weird. Like they just glued current marine arms too them.

Plastic Guilliman had the same issue, his hand holding the flaming sword and the arm were regular marine sized.

New marines have T-Rex syndrome basically.

>> No.52836965


To be fair, Gulliman is in what is functionally a better tech version of a dreadnought. That tiny arm might be his only remaining organic limb for all we know.

>> No.52836972

looks like whoever posted this was right.

also I'm recasting these mega legs and true scaling my mk3 boys. Big Death Guard here we come.

>> No.52837023

some of you are cool don't go to istavann tomorrow

>> No.52837079


>that entire B&C thread where they were banning anyone who said this wasn't a fake

Love it

>> No.52837114

Get 3 more and we can talk.

>> No.52837177

That is just wrong. I didn't think it was legit either, but banning people who do not agree on your standpoint is just the first step on a very dangerous road.

>> No.52837260

Do Primarchs roll for a Warlord Trait or does MotL act as their trait?
I thought it was the latter but Fulgrims ability to choose his trait made me pause

>> No.52837322

I like the Iron Warriors colors scheme the most among the traitor legions. But the legion doesn't seem to get much love from fans. Why are they cool?

>> No.52837369

Alright then
How about I have two with a graviton and one with a melta? Two for parking on objectives and one for running up to threats

>> No.52837378

>But the legion doesn't seem to get much love from fans.
What, /hhg/ is like 50% IW

>> No.52837413

Primarchs don't roll for warlord traits, as is specified under the Primarch special rule in the AoD legion armylist.

That Fulgrim still can is just one of his perks.

>But the legion doesn't seem to get much love from fans.

Have ... have you been on this bread before ? This is basically /IWgeneral/

>> No.52837416

> Unique playstyle compaired to a lot of legions
> Some gorgeous unique models (and some not so gorgeous ones)
> Perturabo + Iron Circle remains one of the sexiest things ever
> Fairly easy to paint
> You have plenty of memes
> Now that Mk3 armour is out in plastic, theyre cheap compaired to a lot of armies

>> No.52837458

Maybe even give two units meltaguns. Melta gets a lot of hate from FW, but things like Rhino's, Contemptors, vehicles with an AV lower than 14, most of the mechanicum and custchodes vehicles are still vulnerable to them.

And don't forget you can ID most marine characters with them.

>> No.52837531


Meh, I can't see any good reason to own more than one.

>> No.52837551

> 4
> not 3
But Y tho?

>> No.52837562

How do we fix the Domitars? They're so sexy and look like they should be heavier variants of the Castellax, but they just suck. Some form of bodyguard rules? Doesn't require Cortex Control as long as they're in a squad with a Magos (so they can chill with Primes and Reductor Magi too, can take challenges for Magi, and take only D3 wounds from ID hits while fighting in a challenge? Toss in a couple extra attacks and maybe one or two would be worth it as an Archmagos Thug Squad.

>> No.52837663

It's about what I expect from safe spaces like dakka and b&c.

>> No.52837902

But BA werent in the second siege, maybe theyll be in the third..

>> No.52837911

Gorgon is open topped so it is an assault transport.

>> No.52838015

Read the army list, it very specifically says the gorgon is not actually open topped and isn't an assault vehicle.

>> No.52838243

Custodes Anon, you're a god damn machine.

I've only just finished off the first 5 I started over a month ago while eating waffles. Though I've also been assembling another 5 and have a Galatus that only needs one more leg (I'm stuck on that cause I'm trying to figure out how exactly I'm going to model the Mk. 3 suit he's stomping on).

I think those ork chainblades that are vaguely triangular would be the perfect thing to stick to the claws, for the effect you're looking for.

>> No.52838966



Meant more the community in general. Night Lords, Thousand Sons, Death Guard, and Word Bearers seem to attract way more attention. I don't get it. Perturabo seems to me to be similar to Darth Vader character wise, and that guy gets much love.

>> No.52839033

That's because Star Wars is overrated as fuck, but nobody dares to disagree that it is the best thing ever due to its cult-like followers.

>Night Lords
Now I don't have anything against NL, but how can anybody like them ? They're just like those fail bullies : acting all tough against those already severely weaker than themselves, but run away crying the instant somebody as strong as them shows up and stands up to them.

>> No.52839473

Only on /tg/ will you find people having a neutral conversation about a lewd picture.
To answer your question, this is Corax/Dorn/Curze, in that order with Corax on the bottom. Also;
>is there anything with Fulgrim and Dorn?
Sadly no.

>> No.52839807

It's Mortarion, I don't put it past him.

>> No.52839856


>> No.52839934

Clutch ass auction
Netted 10 plastic Mk 4 jetpacks

>> No.52840153

Sang guard, or is there some kit out there I don't know about?

>> No.52840249

So ever since I've finished converting and painting an Alpharius to lead muh dudes, my average dicerolls have improved so much it is scary, despite having only actually fielding Alpharius twice.
Before, most games were uphill battles, with few hard-earned victories and many, many defeats. As a result my armylists started having as many redundancies and backups as possible, because so often even a full squad of missile launchers would fail to even scratch a Rhino. Every game that didn't end in getting massacred felt like a succes.
But now, games have started to feel almost too easy. Only lost about 3 games in the last 2-3 months, and even massacred the opponent's army a decent number of times.

Including last game, which was 4000 points vs Salamanders with a primarch on each side. First turn every penetrating hit but one that got through resulted in a Explodes! result. Two landraider, a plasma dorito, and a plasmagun support squad were all gone. In return, my Alpha Legion only lost a Venator and two marines.
Turn two my Saboteur showed up (yes, you should know him by now) picked the fully upgraded spartan with Vulkan and Firedrakes inside it as his target ... and blew it up. Again. Because my opponent was already considering giving up after turn one, I didn't mention Dynat and let it count as an immobilized instead. But even with that the game was pretty much the same as Istvann V before the start of turn 4, at which point we stopped the game because nobody was enjoying it anymore. Having been in my opponent's position so many times I couldn't help but feel bad for him.

In that battle I was testing my freshly painted Graviton Cannon rapiers, and was suprised with how well they do. The point value for three of those is as high as a landraider, which they can't even wreck in one turn. But being Artillery means they're not dieing fast, and large blasts with haywire makes them extremely reliant at removing 3 hullpoints every single turn.

>> No.52840438

If I can do that for mk2 legs then this is gonna be good. Now we need truescale Terminators...

>> No.52840496

This is really tempting me to turn for the warmaster's embrace to mama Sangs embrace... There isn't enough fem-horus

>> No.52840536

Has anyone had any experience with the Space Sharks?

>> No.52840540

Q-quit sexualising best primarch.

>> No.52840686

Yeah, I get that sometimes, too. I started off my Mechanicum along the lines of what I see in battle reports, with Archmagos Dominus leading pretty much nothing but Thallax, Castellax and a Thanatar. I got smashed almost every game, but then picked up some tarpits, Gravidons and Ordo Reductor Medusae and suddenly started turning all the Spartan Deathstars and Leviathan Dreads I was up against to metal splinters.

Felt good for a while, but I've found a medium at the moment because I was being a dick. Basilisks not Medusae, buy ALL the toys for the Archmagos Archimandrite (355 points of FUN) and don't buy the Adsec carapace so they can be FoTLd off the board, and my power units are some Droplites and a Macrocarid Grav squad, again with ALL the upgrades.

Helps that the people I want a fair game against are Death Guard who don't much care about Haywire taking down one Dread tops, Iron Hands who have enough to take it and TS and EC who bring their A games themselves, which has once resulted in a game decided by two Tactical Marines fistfighting a Thallax for the tabling after his command squad sucked themselves into the warp exploding my Macrocarid.
The dickhead UM player who spams Leviathans and Suzerains every game and the Custodes guys with a billion tanks get the old me, often backed up by DGbro and/or ECbro. Watching an I6 Praetor slash down three Hetaerons with lucky Paragon rolls remains sweet as hell, I may start an EC army if I ever want a Legion.

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