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Haven't posted on /tg/ for a couple of years, but I want to pick your minds about something.

Recently in anime and light novels (the Japanese equivalent of teen and young adult fiction) there has been a trend of series about a protagonist being reincarnated or transported into a fantasy world. While the results of this "genre" are very mixed, I believe that he core concept is something that's actually more suited to tabletop RPGs than anime, manga or light novels especially when the new world the characters are being transported to is a homebrew setting as the characters knowledge of the setting (or lack thereof) aligns perfectly with that of the players.

That said I'm curious: has anyone her ever run or played in a game that featured modern day characters transported into a fantasy world and how did it turn out?

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I think the genre/style/whatever it called "itekai" or something. The basic idea is as old as dirt, with predecessors probably including things like "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court". The original Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, for that matter, is also basically in this style. As far as Japan is concerned, the .hack// series is probably the granddaddy of the "genre" - after you've done stories about people trapped in a video game, it's not that big a step to move on to people trapped in a fantasy world.

For my own part, I'm not a big fan.

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Isekai, desu. To not be weeb, it's called Two World or Dual World fantasy in western lit.

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"A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" is probably the literal founder of the genre. Japan's media gets influenced by the rest of the world just the same as everything else. Manga was directly inspired by American comic books, and Anime was directly inspired by the works of Walt Disney.

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I have thought about running something like that, but I feel like that would encourage my group to metagame even more than they already do, which would be an issue.

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I thought this was one of the big ways to get normies into the whole rp thing anyways, basically just sit down and free form a "role playing experience" for them, besides its literary history there's that aspect of it to?

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I'm familiar with the genre, I just included an explanation in the OP for anyone who might not be.

>I feel like that would encourage my group to metagame even more than they already do, which would be an issue.
You could go the extra step and have them play themselves as characters, but I can see how that could get awkward in a lot of ways.

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thats how I got into role playing anyway, a group of friends just sat down and did the "you find yourself in a tavern, what do." which was pretty fun (although now probably pretty cliche)

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I remember back before I used /tg/ I found a tumblr where someone was making a homebrew setting with modern day folks magically transported in. I distinctly remember one of the examples was a Cop that still had some of his police gear.

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>You could go the extra step and have them play themselves as characters

None of my players have stats above 12, MAYBE swinging a 14 in Intelligence for some of them if you use the old standby of "Intelligence = MENSA IQ with the last digit chopped off". Two are overweight, and one of those has Asperger's; one is thin as a stick has a host of issues (including a nearly useless right arm and the occasional seizure) from a bad accident involving an overturned lawnmower when he was younger (he's been dealing with it for a decade now, only just finished getting surgery last week to fix what happened to his skull); and the most physically fit of my players, while not over- or underweight and reasonably strong (MAYBE a 12 Strength), suffers from asthma (albeit according to him it's the kind of asthma you could self-cure with rigorous exercise a la Teddy Roosevelt, if he were the sort to rigorously exercise, which he is not).

In the interest of fairness, I am myself overweight and can at most claim a 12 Intelligence myself as likely my highest stat.

The point is...having my players play themselves in a fantasy world is basically synonymous with me saying "I want to kill you in as amusingly gruesome a way as possible."

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In the west that is called LitRPG and is cringe inducing as shit

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it's a trope from the 80s at least. AT LEAST.
and it sucked 30 years ago, it's not going to make for a good game now. the genre calls for too many 4th wall breaks, or call it metagaming.

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>While the results of this "genre" are very mixed
99% of it is absoloute shit. The main characters either get unironicaly so imba powers that nothing poses any threat, world building gets trown out of the window in favor of RPG mechanics even when the rest has nothing to do with it, it gets absoloutly jap wanking when the inhabitants go crazy over whatever little thing the mc introduces from Japan like one dish that suddenly everyone in the entire kingdom loves forever, or he becomes a full blown dense harem mc. Usually all of them together.
Two nukes were not enough for all the shit they are putting out.

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Sounds like an average rpg desu

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For ayone wanting a good other world read check out this book series

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I want to have fantasy murderhobos transported into Shadowrun, or Shadowrunners dumped into a fantasy setting so they can murderhobo.

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I kinda want to do this with a world of darkness/ hunter game. Just brutally murder my friends with vampire and werewolves.

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Fine, too.

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I've heard that there's (or used to. quite recently) an absolute shitload of this genre in Russian fantasy, can anyone confirm and maybe recommend some better ones?

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I like Overlord.
I've thought about stealing some of it's world building ideas for a D&D campaign too. I don't think it'd be too hard to localize at least a few concept or themes to a PnP RPG since the "MMO" part of Overlord was basically just roll20 3.5 in VR with every dev/DM being both That and This Guy simultaneously.

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Pic related is supposed to be good, but I can't read russian so I don't know. I just saved a few book covers because they look so cheeki

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Looks hilarious, also trips. Worth a check.

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>I watched Overlord and heard about SAO so I'm an expert, the post

you tried

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Last one I have

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>muh isekai!
Isekai in its current form is fucking awful.

You know what is a good isekai story, though? That's right, Alice in the Wonderland - it's a prime example of a good isekai literature that properly explores the "fish out of water" aspect AND builds an interesting world AND actually makes an interesting narrative AND has a lot more layers to it than meets the eye.

In general, the whole "modern values and technology into the fantasy setting" schtick is overplayed.
Personally, I'd like to see the reverse - imagine a knight being brought into the modern world - hell, imagine a low-level Paladin being brought into our world. He is woefully unprepared, he is separated from his deity so he lost his access to magic, and he has to adapt with the fact that he can't just simply be a smitebot and has to integrate with the modern society somehow, and yet he still has to struggle to remain the last bastion of morality in the world full of shit.
Now that's what I call isekai.

In general, the problem with most Japanese isekai literature is that they feature "a normal hero in abnormal circumstances" or basically, an escapistic self-insert in a fantasy realm.
If you want a good isekai plot, either do "an abnormal hero in abnormal circumstances", or "an abnormal hero in normal circumstances" - people whose morality and worldview are vastly different, maybe even alien to ours. You can't ride out your plot simply on "normal" interactions with the world you ended up in, just like you can't ride it out by adapting everything to the modern values.
In that aspect, most of the isekai stories are fucking shit - and yes, that includes Overlord.

There has to be a values dissonance for an isekai story to be interesting, just like Alice was lost in the Wonderland and was incapable to make heads or tails of it.

You know what else is a good "isekai"?
That's right, Brave New World. Do I have to explain why or should I leave this mental exercise to the viewers at home?

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t. weeb who literally just started watching things above entry-level

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All these books are probably discussed in BOTTOM thread of russian imageboard.
A thread for the books to avoid at all costs.

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If you know any good LNs then let me know, otherwise fuck off without making any point of your own.
Best thing I ever found was about a salary man who became bureaucrat king by doing smart fiscal reforms and giving out agrar subsidies. Sadly it takes a bda turn and embraces all the bad shit I talked in my other post

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...is that Hitler? That looks like Hitler.

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>instead of actually responding to the OP question, decide to waste time to write paragraphs talking about anime and how it's terrible

nobody cares about your tastes faggot.
When you read the OP was all that went into your head "Hey /a/ tell me what you think about modern isekiai" or something?

At least you could have put some actual effort into your post and said "also it does/doesn't make for a good tabletop RPG idea"

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>At least you could have put some actual effort into your post and said "also it does/doesn't make for a good tabletop RPG idea"
If you start a shit thread, expect shit responses. You reap what you sow.

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>the name of the book is Comrade Hitler
Gee whiz, anon, I dunno.

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How is it a shit thread?
OP didn't literally ask what is your opinion on anime

it said "there's a trend in anime, do you think it would work for RPG"?
There are plenty of threads like this that don't instantly turn into "here's my opinion on this genre of anime, I don't care that this isn't /a/ and that no one in the thread actually asked for opinions on anime".

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>here's my opinion on this genre of anime
More like "here's my opinion on this genre", period. Or do you think it to be specific to a particular medium or something?

When your OP post asks "What's a good system to run cyberpunk?", you shouldn't complain when someone goes in and starts to discuss cyberpunk proper.

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>A thread diddn't turn out as I wanted it to.
Go cry somewhere else newfag

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The posts I quoted specifically talked about anime m8
If they were talking about the literary merits of a yankee in kings arthur court sure you'd have a point.

>Why are you pointing out my shitposting? STOP IT

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>shit thread
Is it really that bad? I got out of /tg/ about a year and a half ago at which point this would've been perfectly acceptable even if it's no liches rap battle or anything.

>"fish out of water" aspect
That's kind of what I meant by player knowledge aligning with character knowledge. This'd only work with a homebrew setting, but it could give a healthy sense of exploration.

Obviously if I were to run a game like this it'd be only cordial to let players know the premise in advance which however might lead to some metagaming as someone pointed out earlier by people making their characters John Rambo instead of say Frank the IT guy whose adventures in medieval fantasyland would probably be a lot more interesting simple due to not having a convenient skillset.

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>Is it really that bad?
nah, some fags just get triggered by people wanting to discuss something they don't like

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> The posts I quoted specifically talked about anime m8
>the >>52789882 post discusses Alice in Woderland and Brave New World and talks about Japanese LITERATURE
wew lad

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>Changed discussion toppic equals shitpost

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I want an anime about a Western TTRPG group's player characters (mostly murderhobos) gaining sentience and being transported into a typical isekai anime-RPG world.

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>changing discussion topic on /tg/ to discussing anime isn't shitposting

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the focus of the post is clearly on how "anime is doing it wrong" m8

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Closest thing I can think of is a web novel about some middle aged Japanese salaryman being transported into a fantasy world as his D&D character who's a level 36 wizard with vancian casting and everything. It was a surprisingly good read as far as these series go.

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>the focus of the post is clearly on how "anime is doing it wrong" m8

>Anon: "the new Ghost in Shell movie isn't really a good cyberpunk, I preferred it how it was written in Snow Crash"

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It's not. But even then it was still about a genre and a setting. Something that is still /tg/ related. It could have easily evolved in /tg/ comming up with a much better story if the tread would have been undisturbed

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your opinions on non-/tg/ stuff are not-/tg/ related

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>Stalin in fantasy world

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And your opinion belongs in >>>/trash/, yet we still tolerate you here.

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I didn't post any opinions here
but feel free to go post about how much you hate/like anime/literature genre on /a/ or /lit/

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Yeah, because I took valuable time out of my life to learn friggin' Russian.

I only speak two languages: English and Bad English.

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Anon, anything slightly related to any kind of setting is of use for /tg/ for we can always play with that. Medium is secoundary

>> No.52790739

>not knowing at least two or three foreign languages
Enjoy struggling with employment.

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My main DM runs an isekai 5e game based on the novel/manga/anime Grimgar. It's been pretty fun so far. I've got a load of stories based on our adventures.

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That's exactly what I was looking for, please share.

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you should at least attempt to make your posts /tg/ related, by talking bout how it relates to rpg or something

just dumping a paragraph on how much you hate isekai isn't related
specially when it's obvious. Why do you feel the need to tell people that like it's the most insightful thing ever

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It's like you don't even know how 4chan works. If you don't like a specific post then just skip it

>> No.52790958

if you don't like a post you give it as many (you)s as possible

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To preface it, the DM recruited from /a/ when Grimgar was airing because he liked the concept of the show and to introduce newbies into the medium of tabletop. It filled up so fast he had to make two groups, one filled with 7 people originally and the latter with only 5. I was in the second group. I'll try my best to remember exact details, since it started like two years ago?

>original group had already played an introduction session, so DM decided to retcon the second party in the background
>our party consisted of a cool headed bard girl, an afro-toting sorcerer, a chill rogue, an elf we had shoehorned into being a cleric(and a trap) and my character, the lovable chuuni as fuck fighter with 8 int.
>because our characters seemed less professional than the first group, we were dubbed as the reject 5 because the former group ditched us instead of risking it
>after a timeskip of a week of training to get our "jobs" we were finally ready to pick a quest from the quest board
>first quest: "What is making those sounds?!" from an old scholarly wizard in what I imagined as a run down house near a windmill
>turns out there are voices and sounds echoing in his halls at night, thinks either ghosts or robbers coming in
>my character was afraid of ghosts, mostly related to the fact he can't hit them with his sword
>doesn't stop me from being the loudest and most audacious character in the group, which leads the other 4 of the reject 5 to initially reject my character because he was too weird
>we stay the night at the wizard's house, chit-chatting about how we lost our memories and we feel like we aren't from this world

Still interested?

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Ehh, that's not the worst examples. In fact they are very far from the worst of them. Very far.

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Depending on how the transportation is done and what kind of system it is I would love to see it.
Sadly I fear this kind of campaign would attract all kinds of wrong people seeing as the trope has a stereotype with PC's becoming stupidly overpowered, and general powerwanking.
The setting, systems and campaign would have to be built/marketed around avoiding the things that make so many of these stories go to shit. And as with any roleplay you would have to be careful with who you choose to play with.

I have tried reading several of these and I fully agree with others in saying that the majority of them are sub-par, or straight up awful. There are some good and a few really enjoyable ones but then again not all of those stories would work as campaigns.
I love Overlord but I'm not sure it would work as a campaign with other people at all. An Overlord inspired campaign might be about PC's being expected to run a city/empire because of their skills or some misunderstanding caused by them being from another world.
People look at Overlord and expect to read a power-fantasy and then fail to realize that it's a dark fantasy "sword of damocles" story with tons of world building and misunderstandings.

I guess I think you would have to come up with a good plan for a campaign for this to work out. But it could be awesome.

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In America? In Massachusetts, specifically? Hardly. I work at a movie theater that regularly shows movies in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Punjabi. And the recurring element among all the people who come to see these movies is that they either speak better English than I do, or else have the good sense to come with a friend who speaks better English than I do.

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>The point is...having my players play themselves in a fantasy world is basically synonymous with me saying "I want to kill you in as amusingly gruesome a way as possible."
You should ask them, they might find it fun for a 1 shot.

>> No.52791028

I think these examples are pretty bad but there are some books people don't even talk about. In fact many people have gone through lobotomy just to forget that some of these books exist. Though their hopes were mostly futile.

>> No.52791091

alice was just a kid and managed just fine

>> No.52791114

Alice was a novel character protected by author fiat; my players in this case would be RPG characters protected by nothing save luck and their thoroughly lackluster stats.

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And with people you mean russians right? Sadly I haven't seen any translations anywhere

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>start a PF campaign
>halfway through, the party is transported/reincarnated into a different universe
>the new universe runs on GURPS

>> No.52791171

are you throwing tarrasques are level 1 parties?
No? Then why would you assume that you will instantly murder your buddies as soon as it starts?

>> No.52791281


You need to pray to all the gods that you could remember that they never get translations. I love reading. Hell, I still have around 4 hundred physical books. And even I will say - burn these things. Burn them all. To ash. And then bury what is left under concrete sarcophagus preferably at least 100 meters underground.

>> No.52791314

>You could go the extra step and have them play themselves as characters, but I can see how that could get awkward in a lot of ways.
That's the premise of those Fantasy Flight "End of the world" RPGs. Your stats are decided by the other players by committee, and you're cast into a zombie apocalypse or whatever.

They're not very good games though

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Do they have any special name or genre so I may NOTnot search them

>> No.52791429

Everybody love storytimes, friend.
Go on.

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Should probably add on that us being from the real world didn't play any importance until a little later on. There was also a second campaign that started after we had a hiatus that plays a huge role in the isekai angle.

>after discussing how weird our circumstances have become, we decide to go into the basement because one of us got a decent perception roll and heard voices coming from down there
>My character, Vindr(pic related, girlfriend is a drawfag), although scared shitless of ghosts decides to take the front, with the trap elf casting light on him to calm him down a bit
>we get down there and find musty old tomes and old elixirs of unknown origin, the rogue obviously pilfering one of them inconspicuously
>after our sorcerer gets a good investigate roll, he finds tiny markings of rat feet and feces leading to a crevice behind a cabinet
>after moving the cabinet, we find a hole big enough for us to crawl through, and so we crawl
>as we continued to crawl, the voices shush and stop, and the tunnel begins sloping downward
>down into a nice big puddle of water!
>everyone fails their dex saves and end up tumbling down, drenching themselves in dirty water, yuck
>after collecting ourselves and getting out of the tunnel, we end up in a small cavern with rotting planks of wood and what appears to be an aqueduct of some sort
>ceiling is only tall enough for us to hunch over and move, and so we move forward
>as we get to the end of the room, following the broken planks of wood to a probable exit, we here the voices, this time directly near us
>"Get them!"
>we look around, frantically trying to find what is ambushing us, and as we look around in the dim light we see little bodies moving across the floor
>not just any sort of rat, talking rats!
>rats are normally not scary, but talking intelligent rats who can plot and ambush us while we're half-way hunched over with barely any room to pull our weapons?
>absolute true terror

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LitRPG и 'Пoпaдaнцы'.

Also Rudazov / Pyдaзoв - this man is one of the unholy beasts that should be slain.

>> No.52791468

That's spooky bear.

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Fucking top kek.
Though I hope you what you've just done by helping me find this

>> No.52791495

>Personally, I'd like to see the reverse - imagine a knight being brought into the modern world - hell, imagine a low-level Paladin being brought into our world. He is woefully unprepared, he is separated from his deity so he lost his access to magic, and he has to adapt with the fact that he can't just simply be a smitebot and has to integrate with the modern society somehow, and yet he still has to struggle to remain the last bastion of morality in the world full of shit.
Not quite what you're looking for, but give The Devil Is A Part-Timer a look.

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Japan is just catching up to the USA

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Appearently russians build their children playgrounds themselfs

>> No.52791536

We've already had this discussion in the previous thread, but Hataraku falls into the same pitfalls other isekai shows do. Also, it's a blatant comedy (or at least an attempt at it).

>> No.52791537

May god have mercy on what would be left of your soul.

>> No.52791545

Don't worry, the whole point of Isekai is that you become a living Marty Stu power wank fantasy with some kind of superpower that nobody in the entire world can match and a harem of beautiful women.

>> No.52791579

But things wouldn't be too much different for them.

If you put a 5e Cleric in Final Fantasy, how different would he be from a White Mage?

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>needless to say, we were getting our asses kicked as we started at level 1
>did I mention our DM must've made a pact with the devil himself? He always rolls like a god
>half of us are dying, the other half can't hit anything because we're hunched over and fighting at disadvantage
>DM is merciless
>however, because Vindr had a decent strength score he ends up getting a few hits in, and because he has a special feat he abuses the fact he can cleave
>So imagine the scene playing out, with a bunch of newbies getting swarmed by talking rats, nipping and biting as they crawl around us, screaming and flailing wildly
>and then there's this guy, who is going on about how he's the chosen dark lord of the new world, waiting for his powers to grow so he may consume the land, swinging wildly hunched over and cleaving into swathes of rats
>the rats finally dispersed, running away in terror at this man killing their brethren
>needless to say my party granted me newfound respect as I had almost single handedly defended them
>we take a rest and continue forward, eventually walking our way into what appears to be a broken down decrepit sawmill, pipes and the like moving through it
>our sorcerer who I mentally imagine as some 70s looking disco mage strolls first, acting cocky, only to be jumped by the rats lying in wait
>they wrap rope around him and cause him to topple over, screaming and cussing to help him
>we have entered a domain we should not have, as a giant rat the size of a dog wearing a bone crown appears before us on the otherside of the room
>The Rat King! Egads! terrible and vicious, with the cunning of an intelligent child
>we fight as we venture forward, ignoring our poor sorcerer who threw caution to the wind
>I move forward first, only to be completely knocked down into unconsciousness by a surprise trap with the rats knocking bowling ball sized rocks onto my head
>the rogue is afraid to move, only pelting the rat king with his bow and arrow

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>Appearently russians build their children playgrounds themselfs

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Anyone know any isekai where the protagonist gets homesick and stays that way, to the point of possibly doing horrible things in an attempt to get home?

Pic (un)related(?)

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>the trap elf(pic related) decides we need me, and rushes up ignoring the danger to himself, healing me up to 3 HP
>using my second wind feature on my turn, I get back up to near full HP
>Vindr is not happy at these turn of events, and while he has below average int, his wisdom is pretty decent
>the rats try and egg him on to move forward him, but as the bard got caught in a hole, he learned to ignore them
>Vindr jumps onto one of the pipes, walking forward to appear not too far away from the Rat King
>I said something along the lines of "Rat King?! Don't make me laugh! You're no match for the prince of darkness! The avatar of doom! I am chosen and placed here to spread HIS dominion! You are nothing in my wake!"
>I shot him with a bow and arrow and ended up wounding him quite badly, taking my lead the rogue also jumps onto the pipe and does one final shot before felling the terrible beast
>the rest of the rats, half been put to sleep by the sorcerer and the other half now scared begin to disperse
>we quickly jump onto the sleeping ones and shove them all in a burlap sack, hoping to catch a few coins for talking pets
>we leave to find ourselves coming out on the outskirts of the village, heading back in we turn in the quest, the rats were apparently called "moon rats"
>rats who are normally not intelligent, but gain INT dependent on the moon cycles
>we sell them off, collect our meager coin and head to the pub to relax and give a toast to each other for a job well done!
>Vindr, initially the reject of the rejects, becomes the defacto party leader due to his bravery, eccentricity, and all around charming and lovable personality

And that was our session 1.

>> No.52791712

For some reason japs at least do it somewhat enjoyable. Most of the western (and slavic) litRPG i have ever seen are just bad.

>> No.52791739

Russian reporting, those books are local memes, they are so shitty that it becomes hilarious. But avoid at all cost.

>> No.52791745
File: 10 KB, 250x150, 250px-D&DCharacters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Turns out we'd rather make cartoons about it too

>> No.52791754

high quality post

>> No.52791863
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Can an insect change the outcomes of WW2 dramatically? Yes it can - if it is Peter Degtyarev, a colonel of engineer troops who met his demise fighting for Donbass in 2014, reborn!

>> No.52791964

This looks fucking awful in the best possible way

>> No.52791973

I was once in a campaign where our quest giver was from our world. He'd been pulled from our world into an empty void where, as the only being there, inherited omnipotence.

He didn't really know what to do with it, so he used his knowledge of tabletop roleplaying games to make a world.

He got tired of being god after a few millenia, so he was prepping the party to inherit his power between them by the end of the campaign.

>> No.52791990
File: 127 KB, 500x672, IMG_1287.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its amazing

>> No.52792011

Fucking Russians.
I agree with second guy - they're fucking orks of our world.

>> No.52792037
File: 78 KB, 240x240, 1418183928025.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52792061

>personally, I'd like to see the reverse - imagine a knight being brought into the modern world - hell, imagine a low-level Paladin being brought into our world.

Watch more weeaboo movies


>> No.52792081

Pretty nice. Thanks for telling us.
Could you tell us about time where the isekai thing came into light?

>> No.52792167
File: 118 KB, 1022x768, 1445479584339.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck me, didn't notice the title at first
My sides are thoroughly obliterated

>> No.52792186

So the title is just "flying tank" or something?

>> No.52792259

I would but I actually have some stuff I need to do right now so I'll just tldr it

>as we adventured we would make mentions toward things that didn't exist, like cellphones or other modern stuff
>whenever something unique happen, the DM would have us roll and we'd remember memories from our times in the real world
>one of Vindr's was that he had fallen into his school's pool after getting slightly drunk, the triggering event was that Vindr had fallen into a river after doing some top tier spec-ops assassination on a gnoll
>others had similar experiences
>toward the end, during the climax the hub town we were in was being attacked and raided, 90% of everyone we knew and interacted with died in the invasion
>the tower we all started in when we were transported here was destroyed by an undead dragon, triggering our memories to come back
>Vindr was the name of my character's best friend's MMORPG character who ended up suiciding and giving the account to him via a suicide letter
>at this point we ended the campaign on a hiatus and then recently just came back to start another one with a 50 year timeskip
>currently we're playing people who are playing an MMORPG known as Isco Online(the same MMO Vindr's name came from)
>we each have two characters, influenced by our IRL lives and "roleplaying" as characters in a fantasy world in a "roleplay" server
>not much is known just yet, but our original characters may have been transported doing the same thing we're doing now

>> No.52792351

Shilka is an anti-air system. With 4x23mm guns.

>> No.52792394
File: 3.16 MB, 1636x1079, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

isn't that basically what the Barsoom series is, albiet with dated scifi.

>> No.52792486
File: 184 KB, 430x245, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Personally, I'd like to see the reverse - imagine a knight being brought into the modern world - hell, imagine a low-level Paladin being brought into our world.
Gotta get back.
Back to the past.

But seriously that's a cool idea. fantasy folks transported to the modern day, or dystopic future. Being a wizard that has to survive 80's Detroit.

>> No.52792509

Problem is - they gonna lose their magic. Not many authors can pull that off.

>> No.52792551
File: 253 KB, 2262x1750, 1487643521726.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>In general, the problem with most Japanese isekai literature is that they feature "a normal hero in abnormal circumstances" or basically, an escapistic self-insert in a fantasy realm.
Read this, then you will understand why escapist self-insert, badly written fantasy is so popular in Japan of all places. And if you want something weird, there's also some isekai light novel where the protagonist literally becomes a fridge.

>That's right, Brave New World
Brave New World isn't an isekai. We're already living it.

>> No.52792598

Except isekai is marketed toward youth, not downtrodden middle-aged salarymen. There are a lot of things wrong with Japan and they're not all the same thing.

>> No.52792620

>Except isekai is marketed toward youth, not downtrodden middle-aged salarymen.
What fate do you think the youth of Japan want to escape from anon?

>> No.52792637

The Japanese school system, for one.

>> No.52792679

Yes, and why is the Japanese school system so shit? What is it preparing them for?

>> No.52792694

That's not as direct a relation as you're implying.

>> No.52792729

>we're already living it

I dunno about that. If we were living it, there'd be an actual point in breaking the system and putting something better in place.

As it stands now, there's no point because even the planet itself is going to get eaten by the Sun in not too much time at all.

>but that's several billion years-

Not too much time at all.

>> No.52792747

all of these look extremely dangerous

>> No.52792756

Isekai recommendations?

>> No.52792780

that looks awesome

>> No.52792781

I'm currently enjoying kumo desu ga nani ka, nothing spectacular but im enjoying it

I just want something that isnt overly power wanky, unfortunately Kumo Desu is becoming a bit like that where I am now

>> No.52792794

Is the Japanese school system really that bad? Given how much anime glorifies it, I'd think it'd be pretty sweet (at least compared to being a salaryman).

>> No.52792802

It's Russia. Compared to everything else they are pretty safe.

>> No.52792818

>they gonna lose their magic
why would you write a story about a wizard in 1980s detroid and remove their magic?

Them having magic is the whole point

>> No.52792836

Are those books really that bad?
How could you fuck up Stalin or Hitler in a GATE-situation?

>> No.52792846

Because our world doesn't have magic.

People who get to fantasy world get magic. People who get to our world lose it. Life sucks and then you die.

>> No.52792848

The D&D cartoon beat "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" by about 4 years.

It was close, tho.

>> No.52792861

By being such a shitty writer that guys that write fanfics in their spare time shit all over you.

>> No.52792883

Oh yeah, they're not the worst examples, but the post describes those two in particular in all but name. Overlord being the trope where RPG mechanics in a world where only the protagonist seems to be able to bullshit using them, and SAO is the typical harem anime.

>> No.52792890
File: 1 KB, 80x96, pic_hellolan.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Because our world doesn't have magic.
that's what you think m8

>> No.52792989

At low levels he'd be much worse or maybe on-par; at mid- to high levels, he'd be much more powerful.

>> No.52792996
File: 143 KB, 1000x1000, 1441943601466.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And it's not as non-existent as you imply. Many kids and young adults in Japan utterly lament the job culture of the country.

I like Overlord, but it's not for everyone.

If you go into expecting a powerlevel battle with a new big bad every volume, you're going to be disappointed. The MC and his group are straight up God-tier in the New World and very few things even pose a mild threat.

If you go into expecting a fun little character drama about a overly powerful man too paranoid about possibly not being the most overly powerful person in the world and the complication that come with it, you might be in for a fun little ride.
It's a fun time watching him try to act like the evil, all-knowing Overlord that all his subordinates think he is when inside he's just trying to get by without getting horrible murdered by them for disappointing their expectations. It's fun to see the evolution of his character as the evil nature of his new role starts to kind of go to his head a little, eventually causing him to act more and more like the evil Lich he now is instead of a lonely salaryman who just misses the internet friends he thought were real friends like he was.

Shit changes and evolves as it goes on, don't worry, but that's the basic premise. Average autistic Japanese salary man get thrown into a fantasy world as a God-tier evil skeleton. With him he has his own Tomb of Horrors and an hierarchy of minions who think he's literally a God because he created them with his guild when back when he was still playing a 3.5 MMO. Fun time as long as you're okay with a One Punch Man instead of a Dragon Ball.
Read the first volume or two on skythewood (google it) if you're interested.

High School is a very serious thing in Japan and as such it's extremely pressuring. Students are basically told "if you fuck up here, you may as well an hero since your life is over", and it's not as much of a lie as you'd think.
Shit's fucked in Japan, yo.

>> No.52793111

there's a fanfic about a wizard from D&D ending up in harry potter

>> No.52793166
File: 37 KB, 600x480, you_are_wrong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The D&D cartoon beat "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" by about 4 years.


>> No.52793189

Not exactly the same idea, but it was close. It was a bunch of characters traversing 'dream worlds'. Among these are their own 'dream worlds', settings which have existed in their dreams before they even awakened their ability. .iirc There wasn't much detail about the nature and relations of dream worlds and reality, aside from how one can affect the other.. and the GM kind of cut out some things he was going to do. Either way it was a reeeally long time ago.

'Trapped in a video game' is pretty much its own thing unless they go full Log Horizon or at least Alicization. Dot Hack is pretty far removed when much older things like Dunbine, Rayearth, Escaflowne, El-Hazard, Those who hunt Elves, etc. exist.

>> No.52793214

Harry Potter and the Natural 20, yes. It's actually pretty funny at times, because the D&D wizard gets to keep using Vancian magic while the Potter wizards keep using theirs. So, for example, the D&D wizard has to keep calling bullshit at the fact that everyone gets access to teleportation magic and instant-kill spells so early.

>> No.52793241

it kind of goes in a strange direction later

>> No.52793253
File: 1.47 MB, 2100x1344, 1388608647672.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Log Horizon. Really comfy, and more "realistic" as far as the genre goes, being more about forming a civilization in a way then the typical adventure stuff.

In the same way, it might bore you. I fell in love with it though.

>> No.52793254

But the police part is the best part.

>> No.52793264

I really enjoy the later bits where Muggles go toe to toe with wizards using relatively mundane items.

>> No.52793270


>> No.52793279

Well, I was on board for the wizard stuff, but I really couldn't care less about the police stuff, that should have been a separate fic, it had nothing to do with the main story

>> No.52793324

Much bullshit about Japan as expected here. But no Konosuba? That's really, really bad.

>> No.52793418

>I want an anime about a Western TTRPG group's player characters (mostly murderhobos) gaining sentience and being transported into a typical isekai anime-RPG world.
This works really well as the plot of the newest season of our Dungeons and Dragons reboot. After finishing the story arc where the players realize their PCs have gained sentience and that their actions as Players have real consequences (similar to moments from the Indian in the Cupboard series), the Players and Characters defeat the evil and open a portal to a new realm where they can be truly free...

Cue the new theme song.

>> No.52793452

I get the feeling it will tie into the greater story somehow but until the author gets off his ass we'll just have to wait.

>> No.52793463

It's already your typical party.

>> No.52793479

>But no Konosuba?

It's really not worth bringing up. Too dull.

>> No.52793503

KonoSuba is the Slayers of Isekai. Which is why it's so good.

>> No.52793524

Fucking this. The ultimate past meets present movie.

>> No.52793681
File: 43 KB, 650x487, playground3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Appearently russians build their children playgrounds themselfs
Ways I Interpreted This Sentence in Order of Increasing Horror:

>Apparently russian amateurs build children playgrounds by themselves
What was almost certainly meant, yet for some reason the last thing I thought of.

>Apparently russians build their children playgrounds themselves, instead of getting someone from a sane country to do it.
First thought, didn't make sense. Kinda horrific slam on russia, but funny.

>Apparently russians let their children build playgrounds by themselves
Suitably horrifying.

>Apparently the children's playgrounds in russia build themselves, scraping together the raw materials from the surrounding area until the locals discover a disturbing, hollow mockery of human culture offering itself up to human children in invitation.
No sleep for me.

>> No.52793690


Actually Konosuba as a party would be kinda tricky to do. It's disfunctional without them being unlikeable to each character; comical but not in the usual sense of PC trying to fuck up the other PC for the sake of it.

>we really should do a Konosuba Fiasco playset. Seriously.

>> No.52793734

I was gonna post this.

>> No.52793788

> the literal founder of the genre
For stories of "person from the everyworld goes to fantasyland", Dante's Inferno is much older.

>> No.52793866
File: 1.54 MB, 320x256, DCtSAj.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The D&D cartoon beat "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" by about 4 years.
My sincere thanks, anon
I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

>> No.52793873

>It's disfunctional without them being unlikeable to each character

Doesn't MC try to ditch them all and leave them to die every chance he gets though
Although they all seem to really like him for whatever reason

>> No.52793917


he quickly learns what they're good at and uses them as a toolset to solve problems.
Also boobs. Boobs.

>> No.52793962

The problem I had with Log Horizon was how it became a Slice of Life show almost every time the kid party took the screen. In the second season they had a handful of episodes dedicated to the kids going on a quest. It was pretty cool, but three-fourths of it was the rest of the party assuring the insecure druid that her cooking wasn't bad. I was wondering why we cared when other characters were dealing with real problems.

That said, I recommend LH too. Season 3 when.

>> No.52793991

Not sure that Hell counts as a fantasy land.
And if it does, the ancient Greeks beat Dante by at least 4 years.

>> No.52794011

>tfw really liked the first season of Log Horizon
>second season was absolute trash
It's like Darker than Black all over agai-
>Season 3 when.
Fuck, no need to reduce a man to tears here.
I hope Overlord's second season will be good, but honestly I'm not holding my breath.

>> No.52794023

I don't know if we can include actual myths as part of fiction's domain.
Nobody thinks the Divine Comedy was meant as an autobiography, right? It was a bunch of allegorical sniping at his peers and rivals?

>> No.52794073

I found Kumo was still refreshing in that once she does get overpowered she bums around a bit and then actually starts putting it to use instead of shirking all responsibility and reinventing more Japanese food.

Seriously, what is the deal with isekais and cooking?

>> No.52794081
File: 308 KB, 491x720, 1382392628721.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, I have to agree the younger party segments, while somewhat useful for showing how newer players would fit into the new world, felt kind of hamfisted as a way to have more action, and staying with Shiroe the entire time would've been fine, if not better.

>have a perfectly serviceable company for s1
>let's have DEEN do s2!
>it looks awful and does worse

whodathunk, thank goodness DEEN can't ruin the LNs, which I read anyways

>> No.52794146


What? The charm of Konosuba is that those idiots do actually like each other as friends.
For real.

(I guess Kazuma kinda did in the first part of season 1 but changed idea pretty fast)

>> No.52794184

I just finished season 2 and there was at least one entire episode of him just trying to split the party up and go solo

He forgot about it real quick though

>> No.52794214


Yeah, but it's not exactly the usual "I stab him 'cuz I'm CN lololol" shit.

>> No.52794256

He literally abandoned worstgirl in a dungeon hoping she'd get eaten by skeletons

>> No.52794276


Someone didn't do his homework.

>> No.52794280

>I don't know if we can include actual myths as part of fiction's domain.
Pretty sure they made plays.
Been a while since I read up.

They are too many people that make the distinction between religious myth and fantasy fiction for it to be cut and dry.
But more to the point, Dante's Inferno was about a character travelling from his place to another, real place in the setting, one typically not traveled to round trip.
It just doesn't quite tick all the same boxes.

>> No.52794299

>implying skeleton's don't eat

That's racist, check your privilege meatbag.

>> No.52794334


Eh, quarreling makes for best friendships.

>implying Aqua isn't OP as a cleric.

>> No.52794366

I'd like a link.

>> No.52794407

>mostly murderhobos

Drifters is pretty close.
It's even got the players re-inventing gunpowder.

>> No.52794559

I played in a sort of game like that. Epic level (20+) Dnd 5e, winter in Game of Thrones universe twelve centuries before the books.

Each of our characters came from a different fantasy world.

My character came from WoD M:tA as a sleepwalker who had access to Narnia "Wood between the Worlds" loot. He was on a quest to find his mage mentor who had accidentally gotten sucked into the abyss ten years before. Had a gun-toting drow companion from a world he'd already searched.

One friend had a barbarian from what was basically a Mad Max post-apocalyptic world. All he was interested in was whores. All the whores.

We had an awesome beginning, but sadly the DM got bored a few games in, and now it's permanently sidelined in favor of other games. I'd like to revisit the genre though - it seems like it would have amazing potential for character development if done correctly.

>> No.52794707

Most authors can't pull it off because it's a bad idea.

Once you remove that element, you might as well be writing about a person from a primitive country rather than another world entirely. There is literally no point in writing about a wizard from generic fantasyland stuck in Detroit if you're going to remove everything fantasyland brings to the narrative. It's short story material at best.

>> No.52794907

I agree with this anon.
Straight up "no more magic" us bad.
Now, if his magic were fading, like he only has the magic "essence" he brought with him, that's a nice hurdle for him to overcome.
But it's also completely unnecessary.

>> No.52794940

>It's like Darker than Black all over agai-
Fuck, that was my first anime. When S2 happened it was just a letdown.

>> No.52795955 [SPOILER] 
File: 107 KB, 510x755, 1492653932637.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Y'all plebs need to learn what REAL isekai anime looks like. Pic related is the good shit, not that what you're posting.

>> No.52797761

Authors who could pull off "magic interacting with our world" as something interesting are even more rare than those who could do straight up without magic set-up.

>> No.52797814

I've played a couple campaigns like that. Tip numero uno: Don't play as yourselves. Holy crap, that one was a shitshow. The best way I've seen it handled was basically a level 0 campaign. Everyone's a fish out of water and trying to figure out what they're going to do in this strange new land. Another way I've heard of it handled was like an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel. Everyone's transported to Mars or whatever and everyone's still a fish out of water, but now they've got powers or something. Either way, you're going to want a damn good GM. I mean damn good. If the person running it isn't your friend who double majored in English and Theatre, maybe think twice before jumping in.

>> No.52797845
File: 199 KB, 728x455, Sauce is 'kumo desu ga, nani ka' if you're curious.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related is pretty fun.

>> No.52797911

Sauce is noted, but what the fuck is that adorable little sunnovabitch!? Is it one of the main characters? I don't want to jump into something hoping for an awesome spider parade only for it to only show up in like three chapters.

>> No.52797942


season 2 confirmed TOTY

>> No.52798012

It is the MC, who is supposed to be a genereic schoolgirl in japan. Well, maybe was. It's now a spider in a fantasyland. She is also a bit genre savvy.

>> No.52798023
File: 575 KB, 644x1009, Anon and tg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit forgot image

>> No.52798080

Kumo Desu, Nani Ga is God-tier in the genre, in fact it's god-tier in the smaller subgenre of "Blue Mage Protagonist" since her power level doesn't scale into Mary Sue territory and she's facing credible threats that can and will kill her.

Seriously, this is what the genre could be, and instead we get shit like The Gamer, RE:Monster, Tensei Shitara Slime, and Dungeon Seeker. And they all have the same Mary Sue Protagonist, except one is Korean, so he's a Double Sue, one is more rapey, one turns into a loli, and one is so overly Grimdark that it makes the first few chapters of Goblin Slayer seem tame by comparison.

Rising of the Shield Hero is par for the course, and a good read.

>> No.52798148


Fucking Dammit! That sounds amazing! Does she get monster friends?

>> No.52798180

Nonono, fuck! Is it just a novella? Those images weren't just standalones, right?

>> No.52798209

Uh, no?
The manga is out up to chapter 15 last time I saw it, up to the point where the MC moves up to the middle from the bottom.

>> No.52798210

>a 3.5 MMO

>> No.52798216

Not currently, It's very much a hardcore survival game at this point, like playing Monster RPG Gurps with all the Survival fixings, and the GM is brilliant in setting up overwhelming, but survivable threats. Actually, that's probably what it is, except none of the other players can make it for the first couple weeks, so the GM and the one player are doing a really, really difficult low-level game to stretch things out until the others show up.

You wish you could have a 1-on-1 session this good.

>> No.52798220

>Rising of the Shield Hero
Not the other guy but I'm interested. Please elaborate

>> No.52798260

Oh man, that ticks all the boxes in some damn good ways. I'll be drinking in your honor tonight, buddy.

I won't ask anymore questions; I'll be neck deep in spider comics. So I'll thank you now.

>> No.52798293

Four Heroes transported to another fantasy world where at regular intervals monsters attack. Each is given a sacred weapon. The Shield hero, however, is reviled at the start, marked as a criminal, and in general has a shit life until he can get a few allies.

From there he slowly gets credibly badass as he unlocks the shield's powers, which work in nearly the same fashions as Keyblades do.

Points off for following standard tropes of the genre, points off for being a harem as well, but points added back one because it's not annoyingly harem, and does it in a pretty decent fashion, and points added back on because character motivations make sense and the world is wonderfully consisted.

All-in-all, par for the course.

>> No.52798367
File: 335 KB, 728x735, Average adventure plot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks, will check later today. Have an unrelated image.

>> No.52798401

You're very much overselling the quality of that story.

Having tried to get through Shield Hero, the harem should still be an obnoxious sticklers point and the way the world just bows down to suck the main characters dick with everyone crawling back to him because he's so right is worse than most shit.

>> No.52798469

Having also read this I can also Recommend it. A Comedy Romance Harem that's a Comedy first, Romance second, and Harem third. It's also one of the greatest gold-mines of reaction images.

If the story just ended where it's at right now? Yeah, I could see that, but he's just barely getting his come-uppance and getting justice, which, by this author's style, probably means everything is going to get a lot shittier, it's just the people don't hate him anymore. The story has evolved beyond the pint where people need to hate the shield hero to cause conflict, because the new conflict is going to be even worse.

>> No.52798509

>The story has evolved beyond the pint where people need to hate the shield hero to cause conflict, because the new conflict is going to be even worse.
Yeah but that doesn't change just the I want to call masturbatory nature of the main character and how his plight is presented.

It's just falls into what seems to be the new trend in those kind of novels where there has to be a brief period where the main character is pushed to a shitty situation to make it seem different than the earlier purely wish fulfillment stuff.

>> No.52798591

I kind of like that in The Gamer there's been big stuff happening but he's been on the fringes of it. Definitely a bit shallow on the characterisation and threat to the protagonist but some nice worldbuilding.

>> No.52798645

Hmm... yeah, the hero's situation has gotten a lot better, but I'd rather keep an optimistic mind and say that we'll see problems arise in other ways. If the author pulls the rug out from under his feet it'll make for a better story. If not... well, it won't be as bad as The Gamer.

And that is why I hate The Gamer the most. Sung Sang-Young is quite possibly the worst offender when it comes to making nice, interesting settings that could have great stories, then ruining them by putting his protagonists in them. Biggest waste of a setting ever.

>> No.52798656
File: 196 KB, 728x1118, vjitsu-wa-watashi-wa-5551943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jitsu wa Watashi Wa is a gag manga masquerading as a harem series, drawn by someone who once did psychological horror, that whiplashes between humor and feels, that has some of the best expressions I've seen in a while, and actually has the balls to explore what happens after the main guy gets into a relationship and not turn every other girl into screeching petty harpies..

It's pretty solid.

There's so much fucking edge in that trend that I'd almost prefer the wish fulfillment stuff, except both styles cross over so much nowadays that there's almost no reason to differentiate between them.

I remember hearing somewhere that Japan's equivalent of "Mary Sue" is "spoiled hero." It's accurate.

>> No.52798687

>That said I'm curious: has anyone her ever run or played in a game that featured modern day characters transported into a fantasy world and how did it turn out?
Not well and it was entirely our fault.

Basically our GM tried to avoid cliches and just drop into the new world with no destiny or anything and we did have fun in the first couple of weeks of playing as we moved forward trying to figure out how we were going to survive and it worked out a bit too well.

So we shut the game and we're going to try again in a couple of months with something more cliche so we can reasons to adventure in character.

>> No.52798692

I never noticed, but Sakurada got an actual omurice with proper decorations.

That shit was well-planned.

>> No.52798698

Dungeon Seeker is probably going to be the worst offender. In a genre full of Mary Sues, he's going to be the Edgy Sue. The series starts off with him getting cucked, left for dead, and then later is captured by cannibals who keep him in an rpg safe-sone where he regenerates limbs so they can use him as an endless food source.

>> No.52798730

>. The series starts off with him getting cucked, left for dead, and then later is captured by cannibals who keep him in an rpg safe-sone where he regenerates limbs so they can use him as an endless food source.
I looked it up because of that.

Is it the girl that leads him into the dungeon? Is that what happens.

>> No.52798736

Oh cool, last point I had read up to they were still doing that whole, "Will they, won't they" bullshit that tends to drag on way too long. I'll have to give this another go.

Dude, dude, thank you. This is exactly what I wanted to read right now. I'm that guy from earlier and I'm still reading it now. I'm loving this.

>> No.52798768

>Sung Sang-Young is quite possibly the worst offender when it comes to making nice, interesting settings that could have great stories, then ruining them by putting his protagonists in them. Biggest waste of a setting ever.
>what is RE:Monster

Then again, I'm biased because I really, really wanted an interesting building-a-goblin-empire-from-scratch series.

Instead, we got an increasingly unstoppable main character who no-sells every challenge thrown at him, builds a harem of bland interchangeable women who might as well be faceless NPCs, and goes from "goblins rapists are bad" to "it's our right to rape everything we capture" with no explanation given.

>> No.52798859
File: 132 KB, 800x1137, dungeon_seeker_2_18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ayup. Straight up Cuckold.

Now, see, RE:Monster was a standard fantasy setting with more interesting facets of magic, technology, and political intrigue. We liked seeing him teach not just himself, but everyone in the tribe. The setting wasn't that interesting, but what was done with it was.

Then we got the rape and now "Y'all motherfuckers need Goblin Slayer!"

The Gamer, on the other hand, created a fairly immersive setting parallel to our own, made incredible use of lore, politics, magic, etc. Everything was brillantly done. Hell, I even loved The Company/Arc-Company with its bullshit powers. But then every moment of conflict we've seen for the protagonist has been little more than a brisk jog for him.

>> No.52798891

What the fuck

>> No.52798907

Used to do this all the time when I was in high school, really. Just about any genre. I remember a Vampire game that had everyone in the room getting transported via fiery doom to the 16th century and getting vamp'd by various members of a council, rolled randomly, then there's of course self-insert into a tolkeinesque-setting using pathfinder and trying to start an industrial revolution immediately. Dumb shit.

It can be fun, but it's best when done either totally gonzo or with some sort of gimmick. Japan's most recent gimmick with the genre seems to be "And it's super violent and awful and despite wanting to be there, you probably don't, because you'll die" which is at least interesting.

>> No.52798916

Like I said, take the first few chapters of Goblin Slayer, Grimdark Rape and all, and that's pretty much how the series is throughout.

>> No.52798936
File: 225 KB, 500x473, 1334360029155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For the longest time I have been sitting on a campaign idea where the villain is on a fucking isekai power trip and manages to make it back home, and the PCs are sent to pursue them.

>> No.52798956

So she just out of the blue in the new world revealed that she was just a psychotic bitch?

And handed him over to be tortured horribly?

>> No.52798972

Edgy. Sue.

>> No.52798976


I liked the anime too. The MC's creeping corruption from his new body is fun to watch, and his constant attempts to be human and postpone his decay make it even better

>> No.52798982

Yeah, that Mark Twain fellow was a well known plagiarist. Did you know he copied all his stories from the less famous Samuel Clemens?

>> No.52799014

I heard it was Josh.

>> No.52799039

In trying to figure out why shit like that us a trend now and coming up empty

>> No.52799044

Yeah he should have have just stayed in his shitty goblin village forever. That would have been neat.

The moment I gave up on it was when he lost his arm and then more or less immediately stumbled onto the tomb of a dead archwizard and got a new artifact arm. It's like good things constantly happen to the guy for no reason at all.

>> No.52799077

on the topic of
>characters get overly powerful for no reason in isekai

there was one chinese webnovel about a guy who incarnated in a different world as a noble on decline and his power was literally "farmville in real life"
he could farm super fast and get some real good quality food that ideally would make his noble house great again
sounds fun, he can't even fight! Surely that novel ain't going to end up like all the others right?

And then suddenly, his farmville powers apparently have the ability to take control and brainwash stuff
okay that's weird, but I guess he has to have some means of doing stuff.

And then, by taking control of undead he assembles an army of undead and somehow his farmville powers learn necromancy
and then he now gets the ability to steal the magic powers of any mage he captures

and just like that, it became yet another story about a protag with super op powers that can do anything

>> No.52799082

>friend asks me to DM for his group since their old one quit
>already a red flag but have no group atm and have an idea so agree to meet at LGS
>show up and they already have new characters and backstories made
>first guy says his backstory is that he's from the future and his parents bought him the D&D virtual reality game and it glitched, trapping him inside
>only way he can get out is to beat the campaign
>before the next person goes i take my stuff and leave
There's better ways to do fish out of water scenarios.

>> No.52799093

It's the result of a victim complex that the demographic they're selling to has.

"They all treated me like shit but I'm going to be a badass and come back one day the biggest badass."

It's annoying.

>> No.52799098

Like >>52788821 said, America influences Japan a lot. This is just the result of japan catching on to the "Dystopian Teenage Romance" shit that Hunger Games started a few years back. We're only seeing it now because of the stages of time between publication and scanlation.

>> No.52799133

>Having also read this I can also Recommend it
Already read it. I'd say it's 70% of whatever weird shit that eventually turns into comedy, 25% love stuff, and remaining 5% of random stuff you can't expect.

>> No.52799200

Hey, how often does the Kumo Desu manga update?

>> No.52799302

I take it you've only read the manga, because shield hero retains the trend that everyone who isn't the MC is retarded, malicious, or dies.

The exponential power creep and convoluted causes for shitty things happening suck out any sense of impact to anything that happens, and the plot likes to shit on power fantasies despite itself being a power fantasy.

>> No.52799331

I prefer the wish fulfillment stuff more than the new edgy stuff but the former is shit on a stick.

Why do any of these authors have a "this one girl likes me and I'm a talented but nothing earth shattering " fantasy.

I mean GSP is cool and all but Cowboy Cerrone is living the life.

>> No.52799760

Not him, but ai believe it updates once/twice every month for each release of 20-ish pages.
The text is way ahead though. If you're intrested you can read that when you finish reading the manga.

>> No.52799808
File: 149 KB, 278x221, Dragon Slave.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You... You mean Slayers?

>> No.52799874

Saga of tanya the evil/yojou senki
Federacore jap salaryman gets offed, meets god, pisses him off so badly god reincarnates him as a little girl with extremely high magical potential in Not!Germany in Not!WW1, With Magic.

All three (LN, manga, anime) all have their own styles (and possibly plot) so pick your favorite.

>> No.52800200
File: 530 KB, 1497x1150, MAR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know what this thread is making me nostalgic for?


I really wanted to run a game based on this back in the day, especially because I really liked the idea of having each character defined by having lots of little magic items and powergaming their way to victory.

Plus as far as Isekai goes, it's not a bad one at all. Actual pacing, stakes that mean something, and some pretty fun villains.

Chimera was so fucking cool holy shit

>> No.52800363

Big spoiler incomming
she became a god later
If you just like the dungeon parts I recommend just dropping it

>> No.52800668
File: 124 KB, 750x380, faraway-paladin-ln-banner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Release that Witch, though it's a chinese web novel.
Basically, a chinese engineer guy slips into a western fantasy world into the body of the spoiled 4th prince and uses his knowledge to recreate something akin to soviet union.
Featuring cute witches being used to drill metal stuff and make booze and figuring out how to make guns work.

Another one that i kind like is The Faraway Paladin. Only started reading, but it's pretty good.
Author clearly didn't want to make it into another video game fantasy world and it shows.

>> No.52800817

>Apparently the children's playgrounds in russia build themselves, scraping together the raw materials from the surrounding area until the locals discover a disturbing, hollow mockery of human culture offering itself up to human children in invitation.

Now THAT sounds like I good idea for a SCP

>> No.52803096

Try to subvert isekai, but do it badly without understanding the actual problems with the story.

>> No.52803302
File: 631 KB, 1243x662, The-Devil-is-a-Part-Timer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Already exists.

Some magical fuckup hurls the demon lord, his closest general as well as the half-angel paladin that defeated the demon lord into the real world.

Now the paladin has to work in a call center, and the demon lord is working hard trying to become a manager for not!McDonalds.

Meanwhile in the fantasy world, everything is in turmoil because power vacuums.

>> No.52803350

I don't remember much of that film, but I do recall the bath scene killing me for no good reason. Him taking a hundreds dollar bath because that's what you did back then really hit home.

>> No.52803365

Black Knight is my favourite rendition of this genre

>> No.52805638

Talisman, nigga.

>> No.52805848
File: 413 KB, 1000x707, Re:Creators.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And in current-season anime there's Re:Creators, which is about a bunch of fictional characters getting pulled into the real world and having existential crises over it.

>> No.52805901

So, lets see, top to bottom
>Not!Toko Fukawa(?)
The last 4 elude me, though.

>> No.52805976
File: 1.91 MB, 880x1240, 1482374584522.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What about the manga where MC is a dietician trying to get all these faggot elves to eat something other than McDonald's

>> No.52806034
File: 3.27 MB, 4096x2304, IMG_20170406_212846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any good isekai literature where the transported protagonist is a sociopath? I'm having a hard time relating to most of the above examples.

>> No.52806041

I'm not too huge a fan of stories getting meta real quick but I'm interested to see where this goes.
Although I did like the magical girl's internal crisis in episode 2 when she realized her combat magic was causing real property damage and injuries to the person she was fighting

>> No.52806141
File: 52 KB, 346x360, I'm at a loss.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't sociopaths literally unable to relate to people? Isn't that explicitly what makes them a sociopath?
youjo senki
Mushoku Tensei, maybe? it turns to shit, though. be warned.
Overlord is the MC losing his humanity over time and not realizing it.
No game no life is two crazy shithead neets who proceed to shit all over a world via pure not caring about other people, might be the closest to what you're looking for.

>> No.52806195
File: 50 KB, 594x326, recreators2a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From in-universe posters, the robot in the background seems to be Not!Demonbane. And the purple-haired guy seems to be a villain from a Not!Persona game.

>> No.52806209

Kumo Desu Ga is pretty fucking great, especially because she's STILL a Spider
Nearly all the Isekai manga I've read where the protagonist reincarnates as a monster either turn them back into a human in short order, or have them turn into a sexy monster.
Like Re: Monster, I lost all interest when Bishi hobgoblins turned up. Or there was another one, I can't remember the name, where the protag is a dragon at the start. But like 3 issues later he's a sexy human again

>> No.52806229

Sociopath is layman retard words for a range of mental disorders related to psychopathy.

It means you're not crazy enough to start shooting people in the streets, or make millions by destroying the lives of thousands of people, but it still means you're an abnormal fuckup.

>> No.52806234

shit, I need to play 3.
and 4 despite /co/ spoiling me on the killer

>> No.52806239

>likes fast food so much she grew another mouth that leads directly into her stomach

>> No.52806254

The joke is that the game doesn't even try to keep it a secret.

>> No.52806268

I thought that psychopath was the general catch all for head cases. I've only heard sociopath used in reference to people without a conscience or any kind of empathy.

>> No.52806280

Who was the killer? I don't even remember who it was from the anime.

>> No.52806292
File: 768 KB, 500x340, 1422076421688.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thats... very true.
I just can't force myself to play it, and I have no fucking clue why, it's great.
I even want to do playthrough 2 but I stop around just after yukkikos castle for some retarded reason, every time.

>> No.52806367

SAO Abridged. It's got pretty decent writing and suprisingly subtle side plots woven through the series. Bunch of characters are turned into sociopaths and every single one has more depth thanks to that.

The humor might not be for everyone though.

>> No.52806802

I couldn't get through those fucking games because of all the extra grinding needed.

>> No.52806825

Youjo Senki.

>> No.52806871

the magic treehouse children's books, chronicles of narnia, alice in wonderland...

>> No.52806889

Try P4:Dancing All Night
No grinding in the story mode required

>> No.52807394

I find it hilarious that Ains and most of the core guardians are max lvl (100) and the highest lvl enemy they had was a lvl 30 glorified hamster

>> No.52810141

I have bad news for you

>> No.52811033

What kind of fantasy world would you like to be transported to, /tg/?

>> No.52811113

A peaceful one where I can live if not comfortably than not in constant danger.

>> No.52811165
File: 333 KB, 1406x1000, 1485645950218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52811381

I'm a big fan of No Game No Life.

I mean, there are two scenes that really got me. The first was where one of the main characters says something about how in all the novels and anime the hero always wants to go home, to leave the fantastic fantasy setting... and then turns around and says that this place is a whole lot better.

And the second best scene is the coronation.

>> No.52811425

>Brave new world
Good taste anon

>> No.52811446
File: 76 KB, 600x450, 1489294712147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52811507

I always thought the standard isekai protagonist was a sociopath. It's either they're a dense idiot or a complete self-centered jerk who actively exploits everyone around them and avoids all negative consequences because isekai is a wish fulfillment self insert fantasy genre.

>> No.52811596

Grimgar is mellow, slow paced, and has very good visuals in despite of the rather glaringly low production values. The protagonists at first are a bunch of barely functioning, impoverished nobodies, and outside of a few important plot elements and something approaching a story arc towards the end, it's pretty much SoL

There's a moderate amount of fanservice in the first 3 episodes, but it goes away entirely after .

>> No.52811617

>they're a dense idiot

That's every anime protagonist
Mushoku Tensei protag even made it a point to pretend to be dense so he'd fit the anime tropes better

Literally nothing happens in the first three episodes.

>> No.52811745


For starters, some scenario straight from a good vanilla, even "good sex", hentai.
No wacky harem hijinks, or at least not that much.
Just me and my waifu(s) enjoying whatever crazy sex elves or whatever have.

I don't think I would actually like to be an adventurer/bigass hero if given a choice, tough what the fuck, I wouldn't be an elegan/tg/entleman if I didn't try that once or twice in relative safety.

As for the plot, something like a long lived/immortal rich king/lord or demigod actually managing its kingdom to greatness, peace (not necessarily a pacifist, but you know, certainly not fantasy Gengis) and development in various areas.
I guess if that was a show a good deal of the time it would feature me and whatever would be my staff/my friends going undercover to get what the people needs/thinks, a là 1001 nights

Not sure for the kingdom/feud whatever itself, but I would like it to have a) a glorious wilderness b) pretty varied regarding landscape, climate and shit.

>mfw my self-insert isekai of choice would be basically Civilization: the animu with official hentai spinoffs


Also, Steph actually was best dog.

>no season 2 ever


Dude, I might be biased cause I REALLY liked Grimgar, but jesus. First episode is them almost diying. How the fuck is that "nothing happens"?

>> No.52811883

>First episode is them almost diying

They did a whole lot of nothing against a goblin or two and one of them got a scrape on the leg and then was healed immediately anyway. A riveting 20 minutes.

As a narrative all it did was re-iterate that they're stupid and poor, which continues to be repeated over the next two episodes and is already the default premise of two thirds of fantasy anime anyway.
The remaining third being naked power fantasies.

>> No.52811904

I like how colorful NGNL is.

>> No.52811976

Anyone know about helck?

>> No.52812023


Barsoom, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Yankee in King Arthur's Court, sort of The Night Land, kinda Doctor Who, definitely Dante's Inferno.

What's funny is that the Oz series in general really progresses most like a modern Isekai - complete with the wonky power progression and occasional soft reboots to stop characters keeping anything that renders them too over powered.

Add some random MMO mechanics into it and you have a modern japanese Isekai with a loli MC

>> No.52812036


Id want a kendo waifu but aside from that i wouldn't want to live Ian grim dark world but Id want to fight.

Maybe some lighthearted world of adventure where I can knee people in the head.

>> No.52812053


Depends. The anime idiot protag is mostly there in harems.

I think it's somehow inescapable, honestly. The most you can do is probably the indecisive as fuck protagonist a là Nisekoi but it's hardly an improvement.
I watched yesterday Saekano 2 ep 00 and while the show is so self aware it would probably pass the Turing Test Tomoya is still unbelievable as hell (you want to fuck her or not. There is no third option. Actually there should be no second option regarding Utaha, even rocks should realistically want to fuck her, but I digress).

The funniest thing is that there IS probably the option of justifying the "want/not want/want" dynamic with him being in love with just one girl wich is NOT actively trying to get his dick, but it's too serious for an actual haremshit.


I don't see the problem.It's not like drama needs to be about competent people doing competent things.

It's like a survival show in which first ep is them having a fuckload of difficulties, panicking and all. Second ep is slower and gets you to know them better.

And no, not really something you see much. Not that it means you should like it, of course.

>> No.52812079

>Second ep is slower and gets you to know them better.
i.e. even more nothing happens and some empty shells that vaguely resemble characters say a whole lot of nothing at eachother.
Added bonus: they continue to be poor and stupid.

>> No.52812106


And I still fail to see the problem.

>> No.52812149
File: 128 KB, 747x1024, eafcb5addf9a8a5763aadded8967df411a6f8775_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you also enjoy watching paint dry
Is your shopping frequently delayed by thrilling conversations with headless mannequins

I adore comfy and slow, but grimgar is just empty, completely void of anything remotely interesting.

>> No.52812388

A nice comfy urban fantasy.

Action and lewd undertones optional, but nice.

>> No.52812776

>two thirds
>remaining third being naked power fantasies
You have those backwards, at the very least

And the fight is very well animated - the way it depicts their clumsiness in handling their weapons gives the fight and their swings and blows a satisfying sense of weight. The first time they actually manage to kill a goblin it's very gruesome and drawn out, which helps setting out the tone for all subsequent fights. I'm not sure what is your point, because at first glance it looks like you're saying that since that they, the characters, are bad at fighting inherently makes the fight scene itself bad

>> No.52812899


You know, it's funny how much we disagree. No, seriously, it's interesting.

I enjoyed Grimgar because I felt pretty much thrilled by that; and 99% fantasy anime, even the good ones, don't to thrilling parts well. To the point that I think that the "healing from trauma or at least taking time to let it sink in" episodes were important but too long. I wanted more "jesus christ we're fucked" episodes.

I will not even remotely think it as related to your pic.

Tastes, I guess.But really, felt a totally different experience, I tought the series wanted to do something very different.

>also, Yume my ranger waifu, Mary was a mistake

>> No.52813132

I'd have to reply to too many posts and I couldn't be assed to go click on them all so here goes, stand alone:

Kumo desu ga, nani ka?

Both are trash. Actually reading them is liable to give anyone slow-acting cancer. Any attempts at portraying an interesting progression is dropped halfway through, and you quickly realize that the characters are both ridiculous and unlikable.

Grimgar's anime was honestly hilarious to watch. They went to so much effort to hide the bad parts of the novel, and it worked, but they won't be able to keep it up because the novels only get worse and worse, and the things they tried to downplay become the focus more than once.

As for spider, she ends up embodying the worst tropes of the genre, to the point the infinitely more generic isekai sideplot with the rest of her schoolmates is somehow more fulfilling.

>> No.52813181

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

>> No.52814105

>No Game No Life
One of the worst works of fiction I have ever encountered. It's nothing but two unlikeable Mary Sues winning effortlessly at everything they attempt for increasingly bullshit reasons.

>Literally nothing happens in the first three episodes.
Nothing happens in the entire season, so you didn't miss anything.

>> No.52814714

I don't know, the constant bullying of Steph made me uncomfortable, plus the entire fact that the MCs are good at games is disregarded entirely as they basically cheat their way into every victory, and their personalities aren't even developed enough that it's fine that they get away with it

>> No.52815131


>> No.52815148

its not really cheating, shiro is a canonical genius and her brother is good at reading people. He basically social engineers his way to victory by figuring out HOW people will react. Its his version of Fate/stay night's Archer fighting style, manipulate your enemy into the position you need him to be in.

>> No.52815245

Also Steph deserves some hate for being bad at games in a world that revolves around games. At least the former king took steps to fix his mistakes

>> No.52815382

That sounds insufferable.

>> No.52815427

Didn't the first D&D novel(written by Andre Norton of all people) have the same premise?

If I remember right the players wound up with bracelets with die-shapes on them that would spin and show a result when they attempted something difficult.

>> No.52815456

Archer's whole schick is that while he isn't the fastest or strongest, his fighting style manipulates the tempo of battle by leaving gaps in his defense that his foes target instinctively, which means he always knows where to block because he wanted them to swing there in the first place.

>> No.52815482

So day two in any decent striking or martial arts gym?

>> No.52815485
File: 443 KB, 700x1026, King of peasant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Dungeon Defense 0 of 0
Y'all niggas need to get some taste

>> No.52815498

That is not nearly as clever as I think the author thinks it is.

>> No.52815512

What the fuck is it with this genre and having their protagonists not be hard scrabble anymore?

>> No.52815544


So posting as someone that watched an liked Overlord. Really I thought the story was good and it has a lot to do with being stuck in moral issues or making you think a bit on such. Probably not meant to be that deep, but I waded out in it.

So I know there are a few RPG systems out there that do run on the ideas of linking a "real world" character to a fantasy one. Heck I've played a homebrew where you start out as yourself. Not everything is a shining gem obviously, but then I think most games come down to who is at the table.

>> No.52815588

if said martial gym is focused around how not die to a wave motion gun some asshole built into a sword, a demigod renowned for his strength, a cursed auto-kill spear and a sword technique that hit three times simutaniously, then yes day two
The point is archer is able to fight people so far beyond him in ability and win. When shirou picks it up he can go pretty much toe to toe with some of the servants due to the principles behind it.

>> No.52815620

Those principles are stupid though.

>> No.52815629

>if said martial gym is focused around how not die to a wave motion gun some asshole built into a sword, a demigod renowned for his strength, a cursed auto-kill spear and a sword technique that hit three times simutaniously, then yes day two
All of that makes the idea of "these people are stupid enough to fall for that trick" immensely worse.

>> No.52815645

It's wish fulfillment.

Wish fulfillment does not include getting a broken nose and a pulled groin in a fight that you won.

>> No.52815788

it helps that due to some of his special abilities that he was summoned with allow him to a better chance to win if he has at a 1% chance to win and allow him to see his opponenets immediate next move.

>> No.52816045

Haven't run a game like that but it doesn't seem too hard. Just a session or two of getting used to the new world, then if you're going for the vidya route, making sure your monsters show HP bars and the like.

>> No.52817251

>Alice in the Wonderland - it's a prime example of a good isekai literature
Expect wonderland is no functional world and is just a mash of whimsical fuckery.

Should have just mentioned the wizard of oz books.

>> No.52817310

She did it to survive and it goes horribly for her.
get used, then sold into slavery twice.
currently a giant's onahole.

>> No.52817350

Adachi only killed the first two. the rest was the result of misunderstandings and your investigation team being inept and failing to save a single person from being thrown in to the tv by some has been tv personality

>> No.52817417

What animus like overlord do this (if somewhat) successfully? Would like to see examples so i can use it for inspiration desu

>> No.52818527

Lord Ainz confirmed for Satan, and I'm oddly not surprised.

To answer your question, know, but now I want to try. How recursive this is gets ironic considering how much Overlord specifically was inspired by D&D with the way it handles the spells.

>> No.52818645

Because to playthrough 2, you need to play two different games, one of which is just a blatant AU of the other, and one of which never got released in English. I mean, you COULD just play the one that did, but the story makes very little sense if you don't play both.

>> No.52818667

The best thing about S2 of Darker than Black was the opening song.

It all went downhill from there.

>> No.52818679

I've never heard tat term before. There are a lot of fantasy and sci-fi novels written in that genre though with a lot of them pre-dating any of the Japanese stuff.
Spellsinger by Alan Dean Foster comes to mind.

>> No.52818689

RE: Zero, Konosuba, certain .hack// entries

>> No.52818720

Something kind of like a Final Fantasy game, XV in particular with a blending of modern civilization and fantasy world.

>> No.52818766

Somewhere without a lot of danger while still having some excitement. Preferably with lots of fuckable intelligent species of all shapes and sizes.
Also a place where magic is easy to learn.

>> No.52819239

Somewhere with complicated rules for magic, I didn't get this far in physics to throw it away.

>> No.52819405
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wow this is amazing

>> No.52819832

>giants onahole.

>> No.52819976

Agiant buys her and modifies her insides so she can take his giant cock.

>> No.52820035

This story sounds delightful.

>> No.52821311

those are some hot titties though.

with all this edge i wonder why he didnt just fuck that cute cannibal though.

>> No.52821335


i dont think its worth the read of a light novel though. how long until we see her get rekt in the manga?

i am just gonna read the cute spider story instead. now thats something worth reading a shitty light novel translation for.

>> No.52821388

monstergirl world

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