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Shadow War Armageddon General /swag/
Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka edition

Last thread:
>>52706372 → #

>Shadow War: Armageddon Free Faction Rules::

>Rules Archive:
>77 pages of rule: some pages missing bottom part, check archive.

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Built and began building my Ork warband after advice I received yesterday. Thanks a lot /swag/

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Any last tweaking you all can think of?

Shas'Ui - 195
-Pulse Carbine, Photo-Visor, Clip Harness

MB3 Recon Drone - 110
MB3 Recon Drone - 110
MV31 Pulse Drone - 50

Pathfinder Cadet - 90
-Pulse Carbine, Photon Grenades

Pathfinder Cadet - 90
-Pulse Carbine, Photon Grenades

Pathfinder Cadet - 80
-Pulse Carbine

Pathfinder Cadet - 80
-Pulse Carbine

Pathfinder Cadet - 80
-Pulse Carbine

Pathfinder Specialist - 115
-Pulse Carbine, Markerlight, Clip Harness

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Which kit does the cigar hand come from?

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How does this list sound?

Skitarii Alpha with galvanic - 185

2 troopers with galvanics -115 a piece

3 recruits with galvanics - 100 a piece

1 specialist with arquebus and photo visor - 285

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Played 2 games vs a random in my store yesterday.

He won the first and couldn't stop mugging about it, I won the second and he all but stormed off in a foul mood.


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there are some spergy people in this hobby

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when a game is all you have in life you can get really petty about it

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Fuckin sweet.


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Can't have more recruits than troops, specialists can't use carbines. Other than that, i wouldn't bother with the grenades the +1 from charging won't matter if they get into cc with you.

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>Oh hey cool new GW skirmish
>Really interested in doing an ork warband
>Check the free faction rules link
>No orks

Fucking kill me senpai.

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there are orks, just in the main book.

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Main book is in OP.

Orks are quite good in it.

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Damn anons, I really need to get terrain building, some of this work is as inspirational as it is amazing.

Anyhoo roast my eldar list

Exarch with power glaive and avenger shuriken catapult 335

Dire avenger with avenger shuriken catapult 145

Gunner with shuriken catapult and shuriken pistol 205

Guardian with shuriken catapult 120

Guardian with shuriken catapult 120

Total 925

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The New Gork City Boys.

Had to bring two of the buzz-choppa guys back from the dead and the guy with the iron jaw is currently in the hands of some nurgle marines.

Nob got scavenger, fitting for a Deff Skull and the guy with the pegleg just had to roll +1 movement.

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I'd advice giving your leader twin catapults. Giving out extra d3 shots is very powerful.

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Same anon, this is my guard list

Sargent with las gun plasma pistol frags and camo 200

Vet with las gun frags and camo 115

Vet with las gun frags and camo 115

Vet with las gun frags and camo 115

Vet with shotgun frags and camo 110

Vet with las gun frags and camo 110

Specialist with plasma gun red dot sight las pistol frags and camo 215

Total 980

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Melee beats tick is his role. I was thinking of giving him the soul sword

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You don't get to keep left over points, so try to spend them all. Also winning combat is a bit more important than dealing damage, so parries from the diresword make it a better weapon imo. Overall eldar are a very strong army so there aren't many options that are bad. I would just try and squeeze in a weapon platform so long range armies can't choose where the engagements happen.

I'd lose some of the frags and make room for a second plasma gunner at the very least, also the sgt can wait to take the pistol as his rerolling 1s ability is pretty good and takes the place of shooting.

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bumping for advice

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Just won an auction for a set of templates still on the sprue, one buck. :) Now I just need to get my hands on an artillery die. Any word from GW is they're going to start selling those again, now that they're in a game they support?

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Thanks anon. The sword is on the list for my Exarch to get. Just got to get around to updating the list.

U out are probably right on the pistol, bit of has heard that guard lists should try to pack as many frags as possible?

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Hmm I should start eBaying my old templates and artillery dice.

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You did read what I paid for it, right? You think that's worth the bother? :)

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Recruits save you 15 points, you need to make it through 3 games with 6 of them to have saved points over buying regular rangers. Not to mention having to use BS 3 guys for 3 games when shooting is the only thing Skittles have going for them.

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Not mention you can't have more than half your team be recruits, so not six. :)

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>barrels not drilled

Such a shame for such cool looking dudes.

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I missed their -1bs from normal rangers, but even then I can only afford to have one of those turned into a normal ranger, if I wanna keep the arquebus and I do.

>> No.52731744

Drill out the gun barrels. It's going to make a difference in looks, trust me. Apart from that, gotta say they have a lot of attitude. Looking forward to see the paintjob when finished.

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File: 316 KB, 1555x781, 20170416_113011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



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Soulsword is a bit redundant. Multiwound models have high LD and being wounded aka going down is usully death sentence since most melees are always 1-1.

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SWA is already pretty bizarro-world game where everything sucky in 40k (orks, harlequins, grenade launchers) are very good. And now someone actually drilled his barrels when told so.

This game is weird and its making it's players do weird things.

I love it.

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I take critique from anonymous internet strangers very seriously.

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Well in that case I have to be frank and say that your models are great and you should love yourself more anon. Also call your parents and tell them you love them, too.

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TheTerrainTutor on Youtube. Good shit.

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I know. I posted homemade modular terrain the other day and got serious, constructive comments.

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1 house rule - red dot only works on close range - GO !

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This game is a labour of love and has real hobby enthusiasts playing it.

You have Necromunda vets playing who are passionate about the game, their gang etc

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I'm not looking to make terrain, anyone know of any sets/single pieces that would fill a 4x4 nicely?

Wargame Tournaments has some fairly large sets, but they're pretty open designs so I was thinking about one of those sets and a few crates/bunkers on ground level and then random barrels/barricades to give decent cover options.

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Looking good.

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I'm using a combo of Mantic's Battlezone terrain, in particular the Industrial sets. An Imperial Sector box. And Tehnolog Platformer and Chemical plant set.

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Do I take three uber tooled up tyranid warriors or 4 bare bones ones?

>> No.52732345

Boys before toys.
But with tyrants 3 tooled up warriors is a good idea. Or at at least one gun beast for fire support

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Love it. Have you intentionally painted their pants to look like denim? Because they do, and I find that funny as hell. Funny as in good funny mind you.

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Yeah, did that with my malifaux gremlins and thought it looked neat enough.

>> No.52732414

Because guns are so expensive it seems really dumb to bring 4 dudes since the gun-beast can basically only take a deathspitter and your 2 non-leader dudes need to be new-spawn.

If you take 3 you can have a warrior, give the gun-beast a venom cannon and kit them all up to the eyeballs with biomorphs.

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You can make them look like eighties metal fans if you make the vests look like leather. :)

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After trying it out yesterday, it seems that shotguns are pretty much worthless. If you can't guarantee you'll be right up in the enemy's face a shotgun is pretty weak.

>> No.52732752

Shotguns only major points over lasgun/autogun (never take shotguns if you can take bolters) is:
- it pins stuff better when they are in -2 cover since shells ignore cover. Also it might hit 2 guys if they are hugging each other.
- S4 shots when someone is totally up your face.
- With reddot and leader yelling orders, IG Veterans have 97.22% chance to hit and at least pin something if it doesnt have buddies if the guy is within 8" at the start of turn. If its long range then they have 77.77% chance.

I usually prefer the surety and range of lasguns but I have few veteran with shotguns mostly because giggles. Quite a few xenos have already gotten shotgun blasts to the face followed up by quick knifing next turn to finish them off.

>> No.52732756

Then your terrain needs more sidealleys or indoors environments.
Also, remember that shotguns have two ammo types and can use red dot laser sights

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>Just remembered shotguns have a second ammo type.

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They are Deff Skulls, so there's gonna be a lot of blue involved.
I might end up painting some blue Kiss versions.

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Tips for GK's?

Do I always want to take falchions against things scarier than me (a-la tyranids of harlequins?)

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So, question for everyone, if a Tyranid has 2 pairs of those swords, can he parry 4 times? The Tyranid player said yes, because GW keeps insisting that a pair of weapons only counts as a single weapon in CC.

I only ask because his leader was decked out like that, had gotten a headwound so he was frenzied, and then proceeded to 1v1 the Solitaire.

It was close, but the Solitaire kept getting screwed over by being parried 4 times. And the Tyranid player got lucky once, and shredded him.

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I have to be blind or something, but no matter how hard I look at the Deldar(or Craftworld, Necrons, and Chaos) section I just cannot find their Team Count. It's bothering the fuck out of me.

If it's not stated, is the 'normal' count 3-10?

>> No.52732908

And two specialists.

>> No.52732923

Appreciate it! Now to continue to ponder which faction to field.

>> No.52732934

If it's the same as necromunda you're allowed a parry for each sword, yes. If you have four swords you get four parries. Unless the opponent has a sword in which case you get three parries, two if the opponent has two swords and so on.

>> No.52732943


You'll want an incinerator as early as possible if you know you're going to go up against a lot of harlequin players.

Against Tyranids, you'll want nemesis force swords and always activate hammer hand whenever possible. Never fight a 1v1 if you can help it too.

>> No.52732944

What are the names of the dudes on your team?

For my Grey Knight team
Leader: Dio
Trooper: Varian
Specialist: Gary
Specialist: Patius

>> No.52732958

Hmm lets see. Boneswords state that if Warrior has pair of Boneswords, he can parry twice. So I'd say yes, he can parry 4 times. Pretty insane but you can always shoot the bugger in the face and two pairs of swords costs 250pts! Thats 5pts more than Warrior with Deathspitter. With cost like that, he is allowed to be a bit monstrous in closecombat.

>> No.52732962

>GW keeps insisting that a pair of weapons >only counts as a single weapon in CC

How do you mean "single weapon"?

>> No.52732968

Do we have a list of which factions are enjoyably playable/broken/phoned in hack-jobs?

>> No.52732977

Scything talons are described as a "pair of" however boneswords are not like that. Pair of scything talons, 1 weapon. Pair of Bonesword, 2 weapons.

>> No.52732986

I'd like to add that fewer models means each model can have more love poured into it.

>> No.52733018

Nnnnot actually. Neither ST, BS, or any other Tyranid Melee Weapon give the user an extra attack for wielding 2 weapons. Tyranids need to dedicate 4 arms to get the extra attack.

The reason why the bonesword is listed as a singilar weapon is because you can either get a pair of boneswords, or a Bonesword/Lashwhip

>> No.52733032

however for parrying, Boneswords count as 2 if they are as a pair.

>> No.52733042


These guys:
Leader: Snatcha
Specialist with Big Shoota: Zoggit
Specialist with Rokkits: Trumpfinga
Buzz-choppaz: Pegleg, Iron 'ead, Skarface, Gogglez

Regular boys don't got any names yet, and are noted down as either bald, helmet or hair.
The yoof without anything is Git.

>> No.52733155

That is like 500+ points on on model... shoot it!

>> No.52733172

What should I start putting on boys once I get a 20 strong mob with two big shoota specialists?

>> No.52733214

What are the chances of Gretchen revolutionary commite rules?

>> No.52733229

It's hard to get a bead on it when it has 6" move, grappling hooks, a 4" followup move, and can't be pinned.

>> No.52733261


Solitaire has no ranged weapons iirc.

But yeah, my one game vs Nids was not a happy one for them.

Leader walked right into an overwatched meltagun, vanished and they all routed.

>> No.52733294

Considering Tyranids dont get genestealers because that infringes on GSC specialists.. low.

>> No.52733315

Why the hell would ANYONE walk into a meltagun?

>> No.52733322

Red-dots. Clip-Harnesses. Stikkbombs to pin.

Orks actually have problems with superheavy armour (aka terminators) since most of their stuff outside of their leader doesnt have great Svmod. And the way I see it, only way to deal with it is mobbing them up and either punch them with Powerklawed leader or Buzzchoppa in something like 8vs1 situation.

>> No.52733354

Well, Tyranids actually can and usually will go bitz before gitz.

>> No.52733361


To directly quote: 'Eh, only 1 in 3 chance it will hit'.

>> No.52733362

Well if you pay 175 base.. you'll want them to work for their money

>> No.52733500

>they all have fucking grappling hooks, move 6" and have either sniper machine guns, sniper grenade launchers or are walking blenders or some combination of those things.

>> No.52733577

It can be pinned by high impact, overwatch high impact or high damage weapons. Overwatch is the only way to stop something like this, and with how many points it costs, there better be a mass of overwatch if it's anywhere near charge range.

That and the follow up shooting once it's done wiping out whatever one guy it charged. Even if you left a guy so close it consolidates into melee, shoot into the melee. That guy's dead anyway. Plasma, melta, krak grenades, or whatever equiv your faction has.

4 inch follow up move?

>> No.52733578

Does anyone actually play Scout Marines?

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File: 282 KB, 676x4570, Stormtrooper Killteam.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone feel like giving some advice on my list. Current plan is for a team that actually seems like it would be special-ops. Plus, while it is probably too small to be overly practical, I kind of like the feel of it and it gives me a good excuse to chase down some old school metal stormtrooper models.

Hopefully this image is readable...

>> No.52733654



Not really. Go back to Battlescribe and in the preview

>Output Full
>No Points
>No Profiles
>No Rules
>No Custom Names

Your image is about 10 times bigger than it needs to be

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File: 31 KB, 676x758, Stormtrooper Killteam.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks. Fixed it.

>> No.52733796

Disagree with laspistol + boltgun + frags on leader, give him like, one of those.

Same for veterans, ditch the laspistol. If you run out of grenades/lasgun, you can use the other.

Spec weapons guy is fine with laspistol I guess, might be better with extra ammo though depending on how ammo rules actually work with the grenade launcher with different ammo types.

>> No.52733811

>time to top coat this fully painted OOP second edition model for my kill team
>drop it
>leg comes flying off

>> No.52733820

15/36 that a termie fails a save.
Throw in a 50/50 to wound, you'll average 1 wound every 5 hits.
Make that 7 for Nurgle Termies.

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File: 24 KB, 480x360, chaos warBAND.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright fa/tg/uys. Have only played a game or two. How is this for a Chaos list?

Sebastian Bachus
Aspiring Champion [290pts]
Assault blade(sword) [15pts], Mark of Slaanesh, Plasma pistol [50pts]

Maynard J. Kanaan
Chaos Space Marine [200pts]
Inferno Bolts [25pts], Mark of Tzeentch Boltgun [55pts] Telescopic sight [20pts]

Johan Heggard
Chaos Space Marine [160pts]
Assault blade (sword) [15pts], Bolt pistol [25pts], Mark of Khorne

Chaos Gunner [290pts]
Autocannon [150pts], Clip harness [10pts], Mark of Nurgle

Kurt K'Bane
Chaos Cultist [60pts]
Autogun [20pts]

Any glaring flaws?

>> No.52733935

Cheers for the advice. Looking at removing those it would leave me with a spare 85 points. Any input as to what those would be best used for? Was thinking maybe red-dot sights or something?

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File: 612 KB, 2048x1536, before he went shooting his mouth off.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I go for the Shotgun instead of Autogun on the cultist... cause... Fluff?

>> No.52734173

Do it.

>> No.52734186

Give your specialist a plasma gun

>> No.52734196


Scrap that I didn't see the nade launcher

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File: 928 KB, 1000x1000, 1469093251005.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone considered the TT Combat MDF terrain for SW:A?

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File: 3.34 MB, 5312x2988, 20170416_223621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How is this list?
Sarge(120), Bolt Pistol(25), Power Sword(50), Carapace(20).
Specialist(70), Sniper Rifle(40), Toxic Rounds(20), Camo gear(50).
Specialist(70) Heavy Flamer(100), Carapace(20).
Specialist(70), Plasmagun(80), Carapace(20).
Vet(60), Shotgun(20), Carapace(20).
Vet(60), Laspistol(15), Assault Blade(15).
Vet(60), Lasgun(25), Hotshot(15).
Total = 1000.

>> No.52734283

Chaos Undivided Marine: Enochus
Tzeench Marine: Rhakot'al
Khorne Marine: Ghor Gurjig
Nurgle Marine: Pithrion
Slaanesh Marine: Tannhiss
Cultist: Skane
Cultist: Turbo

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File: 266 KB, 833x1200, Steel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would be a good idea for a Steel Legion Kill Team?

I want to be fluffy as possible.

>> No.52734303

DESU even removing all of the laspistols and getting another guy wouldn't help much. The problem with hotshot lasguns is that they lack damage output and cost a lot of points.

The best thing you can do with a small elite force like that is to spam specialists. A plasma gun is 50 points more than a hotshot lasgun, but it's sustained fire, S7 and -3 Armour Mod. It shoots twice as many shots on average, wounds everything on a 2+ instead of roughly a 4+ and goes straight through their armour. Reason I say 50 points is including the 10 more points the specialist costs.

Carapace doesn't do much, it's okay I guess.

I'd recommend ditching the boltgun and taking a plasma pistol. Plasma pistols are 50 points, 18 inch range, S7, -3 save mod and can be used in melee. Either that or no weapon at all. I'd also ditch grenades on the leader as he should be doing orders if he's not firing his plasma pistol.

For any lasgun guys I found that hotshot lasguns are a waste of points, best to keep them as lasgun guys. What they can do is pin units. Anything T4 and/or with an armour save will survive it whether it's S4 or not.

If you have spare points, you can make lasgun guys useful by giving them the grenades. While the specialists shoot with their plasma melta sniper flamethrower weapons, the lasgun guys get to be the grenadiers. Frag grenades are good to ensure pinning, and can pin masses of guys. Krak grenades are for fighting tyranids or high armour/toughness units like Necrons.

I'm guessing however that you already have models lined up and want to use those! Just bear in mind that without a high impact weapon, which for guard is plasma, you have nothing to stop a charging tyranid or harlequin. If you have plasma in overwatch, you can stop a tyranid in its tracks and pin it as long as you hit it with the plasma weapon. That's the value of plasma and why I highly recommend it, even on your leader.

>> No.52734377

>without a high impact weapon, which for >guard is plasma

Toxic sniper tho?

>> No.52734388

>you have nothing to stop a charging tyranid or harlequin.
Well not spot exactly but let me introduce the basic guardsmans weapon to everything scary this galaxy can offer:

Krak Grenades.

I've avoided few charges just because guy was in overwatch and had krak grenades. S6 d6 wounds svmod-3 scares everything in this game outside of terminators and solitaire.

>> No.52734460

Scattershots is kinda the reason you get them in the first place imho

>> No.52734469

But if my Plasma is overwatching the window that the blender is hanging above, then they're not overwatching the gunbeasts. And then THEY turn my guard into pink sludge.

Even hotshots don't do jack against them, and he has enough range to just charge my heavy flamer, even if I'm keeping him behind my vets.

The one time I downed him, he got frenzy, and now he's even worse!

>> No.52734488

Yeah krak grenades do damage which actually kills it, but it's S6 so it's not high impact, so it won't pin if you get unlucky and only do one or two wounds.

Is it high impact? I like snipers it's just that as far as I can tell you won't pin or one shot tyranids with it.

>> No.52734556

I do. There fun, though the scouts sprews are a bit lacking compared to the rest of the SM range, which is the only real downside.
Considering the number of options stuff like tac marines have on their sprews, scouts as they sre now are just less fun to model, which I would say is an even bigger deal in this compared to regular 40k.

>> No.52734575

Krak grenades are... scary, yeah. But they absolutely HAVE to go on bs4 guys, because of unwieldy.

>> No.52734597

>or one shot tyranids with it.
You score a hit and it does the equivilent of an auto-wound. You roll a die to see what happens. 2+ it downs them. (Doesn't matter the amount of wounds the model has)

On a 6 it removes them from the board.

>> No.52734658

That's just patently untrue.

>> No.52734662

Yeah for sure, I wouldn't put something so valuable as a krak grenade on a new recruit. Remember grenade launcher krak grenades don't get -1 to hit.

Yeah there's a lot of situations that can happen but if they have gunbeasts, you're not going to beat it in a straight up firefight. Guard are weak against heavy weapons which outrange them, and have superior firepower. They can't tank hits, and in this game with so few models you can't really accept losses just to soak up fire for the chance to shoot it and probably not even kill one of their gunbeasts with one or two grenade launcher guys. All you can do against entrenched heavy weapons is sneak up close and hopefully get grenades in there. If the map isn't full of cover for you to sneak up with, you're screwed and you're going to have a hard time.

Guard is a short-mid range shooty army. Long range shooty armies will destroy them in a firefight, and melee guys will destroy them if they get into melee. To fight long range: Sneak up slowly and grenade/try to pin them when you get to short range. To fight melee: Overwatch with lasguns (or high impact) and try your best to intercept any charges and try your best to outmaneuver them.

Yeah it auto wounds, takes away 1 of their 3 wounds. They don't roll on the chart until they take their last wound.

>> No.52734706

5-6 even.

>> No.52734712

Tg. I'm looking for the cheapest possible terrain I can use for this game before I commit into buying actual quality pieces. I am in the US. Budget 70$ for everything

>> No.52734723

Well, you can have three snipers. :)

>> No.52734735

Cereal boxes.

>> No.52734747

And then you can lose, because all 3 of your specialists are snipers.

>> No.52734750

Build your own. There are plenty of tutorials on how to build necromunda terrain on a budget and still make it look good. With the kind of spending budget you have you'll even be able to make it look amazing.

>> No.52734761


Why would that lose the game?

>> No.52734797

All of your guys can only move or shoot.
So if the enemy deploys out of line of sight, you'd have to walk to see him.
Then he moves again, you can't see, can't shoot.
Have to move, can't shoot.
Aaaand then he knocks their shins off.

>> No.52734800

Any links? To point me in the right directions? I'm not really good at google

>> No.52734829

Exactly. Snipers are not a good weapon to spam when you play guard, it just won't end well.

>> No.52734844

Ok, first of all not all of my units. Secondly you use snipers on ow to deny the enemy access to terrain, either to force them to take a particular route or to allow my own units to move more freely.

>> No.52734857

Google "cheap necromunda terrain tutorial"

>> No.52734877

That doesn't work as well against enemies that can go through/over terrain. Also, relies on a map to have sparse cover and long lines if sight. Seriously, who would play on a board like that?

>> No.52734878

>namefag blatantly doesn't understand the rules
Tyranids have 3 wounds you dumb faggot

>> No.52734936

Skipping too many steps. How do I get here? Fucking help

>> No.52734984

If google is too hard, warhgaming is far beyond you.

>> No.52734991



here's a few links to get you started.

>> No.52735006

So are Harlequins to SWAG what Tau/Eldar are to 40K in that people will associate them with "power gaming" more readily than any other faction?

>> No.52735076

Well I prefer dense terrain, but my lgs is planning to use their 40k tables for this so..

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File: 2.31 MB, 2400x3200, IMG_20170416_110614_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52735101

Very nice

>> No.52735102

That's fine so long as they only use a 4x4 are and use higher terrain density than normal. Otherwise it'll just be a who goes first shooting killfest.

>> No.52735105

Meh. After fighting them a few times, they're not as bad as they look. S3 T3 models aren't super scary, even if they can't be pinned.

The neural disruptor is pretty bullshit, but that's all. Even their shuriken pistols are only 12" MAX range. You need to plan, but taking them down isn't as hard as it seems.

>> No.52735120

So it's pretty much a given that wyches and debutants take chain hooks and venom, and probably add pistols later but what about bloodbrides and syren?

Originally I had my syren armed with hydra gauntlets and both bloodbrides using shardnets but that's just how I modelled them. Now I'm thinking I should have taken a blast pistol and chain hook with venom on the syren to begin with, bloodbride A with hydra and bloodbride B with Shardnet.

Any opinions? I plan to add mirror helms as I go, potentially powers word on syren later for double parry. Also how are you guys modelling mirror helms? I want my models to have hair and faces so I'm considering magnetizing little bucklers to their backs as a proxy, or little masks if I can find some

>> No.52735124

Honestly, SWAG should be 3x3. And yeah, terrain density should be WAY up there.

>> No.52735156

Question: In a chaos warband can warriors have different marks? or must they all be the same?

>> No.52735180

Add ladders

>> No.52735183

Right but the density will be medium with little, if any, multilevel activity.

>> No.52735199


>> No.52735233

That wasn't a yes or no question

>> No.52735275
File: 43 KB, 500x320, 47e2387fca0556213e310b899841c3ed_that-post-gave-me-cancer-that-post-gave-me-cancer-meme_500-320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Do they know what game they're playing?

>> No.52735313

I tried to explain but they gave all kinds of reasons for why they couldn't be bothered. I even asked if I could bring some extra terrain but they were worried it would be too ugly.

>> No.52735327

But it is, everything after the question mark just repeats the question.

>> No.52735353

Well your answer is only correct for one of them.

>> No.52735388

That looks amazing....

I have the same thing going on at my store, put me off of playing entirely.

>> No.52735398

Seriously? What is with this terrain-hating epidemic that's been going around?

>> No.52735403

There is one question, once it's answered the second half is too.

>> No.52735420

>Can't have more recruits than troops

Where does it say that

>> No.52735440

It costs moneyyyy

>> No.52735450

In the rules for making your kill team.

>> No.52735473

In the rules.
It says you can only have up to half your guys be recruits.

>> No.52735481

Do you still own lego or Lincoln logs? Build terrain out of that

>> No.52735493


>Kill Team Recruitment
>Choosing the Kill Team
>Troopers: You can include as many troopers as you can afford
>New recruits: No more than half the kill team can be made up of new recruits

I know about the 50%, but where does it say I can't have more recruits than troops

>> No.52735504

>Can't have more recruits than troops

That list has 5 and 5

>> No.52735519

Oooh, well color me stupid. Didn't process your question correctly.
No, that it does not say anywhere.

>> No.52735542

Genestealer cult miners
Foreman Norman
Apprentices Robertson, Fortsner and Phillips
Journeymen Stihl, DeWalt, and Hurst
Heavy Black (Decker not featured)
Heavy Lowe

>> No.52735585

It says it right there. Like, you quoted it. No more than half of the kill team can be made up of new recruits.

>Team A

>3 boyz
>5 yoofs

Team A is legal

>Team B

>2 boyz
>5 yoofs

Team B is illegal since it has more recruits (yoofs) than it has other members.

>> No.52735602

There are 5 cadets. Cadets are new recruits. There are 10 total members. 50% of 10 is 5. There are not more than 5 new recruits.

That isn't the question, the person claimed you can't have more new recruits than you have TROOPS, which would imply if I wanted to run 5 cadets I would also need 5 Pathfinders

>> No.52735710

People used to 40k, too young to have experienced necromunda, but enough into 40k to consider themselves experts on what constitutes enough terrain no matter what game it is for.

>> No.52735762

Shas'Ui - 195
- Pulse Carbine, Photo-Visor, Clip Harness

MB3 Recon Drone - 110

MB3 Recon Drone - 110

MV31 Pulse Drone - 50

Pathfinder Specialist - 75
- Markerlight

Pathfinder Cadet - 95
- Pulse Carbine, Photo-Visor

Pathfinder Cadet - 95
- Pulse Carbine, Photo-Visor

Pathfinder Cadet - 95
- Pulse Carbine, Photo-Visor

Pathfinder Cadet - 95
- Pulse Carbine, Photo-Visor

Pathfinder Cadet - 80
- Pulse Carbine

This should be all legal

>> No.52735860

My FLGS is going to be starting a league soon, but in the meantime we are playing pick up one off games with different load outs and expensive dudes to test late game builds
So far I've won 2 games with this team but the only guy I have left by the end is the heavy bolter, do you think this is a team to build around?
Ass champ
Power fist, plasma pistol, camouflage gear, frag grenades, combat blade
Heavy bolter, scope, red dot, camouflage gear, photovisor, combat blade, reload for the heavy bolter
2x cultist
Flail, shotgun

>> No.52736024

If I'm understanding g this correctly every model comes with a combat blade, so if you buy any melee weapon they have 2 weapons and get an extra attacks die? Or does that combat blade not count as an actual weapon, the fluff text seems to imply that it only includes that to justify everyone always having one attack die.

>> No.52736071
File: 15 KB, 225x225, url.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Orks are a joke codex they said.
They'll never be good again they said.


>> No.52736080


It counts, but if you have a Basic, Special or Heavy weapon then you don't get the bonus attack no matter what you have.

>> No.52736206

Our Orc player is having massive issues.
Recently got his nob terminated by a psilencer, threw his combi-rokkit spanna into the slot.
Having a rough go all told. Only has 13 models by game 3.

>> No.52736354

All you need is one unlucky roll.
So far two of my orks who went OOA died, one rolled a 6, three recovered normally (including my nob) and three now suffer from rage.

>> No.52736546


Remember that the entries for lashwhips and boneswords are two separate profiles. So if you outfit your warrior with a pair of scything talons, a lashwhip, and a bonesword, he gains the second additional attack for having 3 ccw.

So while being able to re roll all to wound rolls, and having 2 parries is nice, you can gain an extra attack while removing an attack from the defender, for cheaper.

>> No.52736550

Played my first game, Nids vs Necrons. Two gunbeasts with deathspitters, alpha with double talons, full boat of biomorphic upgrades.

Was able to use flesh hooks to keep in cover the whole game, causing truly obnoxious amounts of hit and run, grabbing objectives while sticking to the high ground.

I feel like mobility is going to be the best thing to have in this game. Speed 6, treating blocking as severe is pretty sweet. So far I've been using it to scale without ladders. It looks like it'll let me Kool-Aid man through walls too. Am I reading that right?

>> No.52736563

The trade off is that half your hits now come from the pretty inferior lashwhip profile

>> No.52736566
File: 499 KB, 500x375, 3QKvDXT.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52736664

Both the talons and lashwhip have the same profile, so youre still hitting at S4 with a -2 mod, then your bonesword comes in with heavy hits. Hit with your bonesword first if you get more than 1 hit on your target.

>> No.52736675

>It looks like it'll let me Kool-Aid man through walls too. Am I reading that right?
Kinda yes but thats blooper in rules. Harlequins can also carol through walls but thats as much stupid. They are already powerful rules, no need to make it gamebreaking since they are just badly written.

Necrons actually have a point with their phasing technology.

>> No.52736678

Ok what do you think of my ork team build? I tried to follow the More Boys Before Toys rules. Half of the team is focus on melee while other half have shootas. My idea for the team is that shoota boyz try to pin down the enemies while choppa boyz can get closer and get choppy.

Boss Nob: 210
Big choppa, 'eavy armor, slugga

Boy x2: 85
Buzz-choppa, slugga

Yoof x2: 50
Choppa, slugga

Boy x2: 85

Yoof x2: 55

Spanner Boy: 220
Big shoota

Total Unit: 10
Total Points: 1000

>> No.52736720
File: 1.46 MB, 320x240, 1488589798578.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52736744

Tyranid warriors:
Alpha: Mr. Tickles
Gunbeast 1: Shooty McGunboi
Warrior 1: Greg
Warrior 2: Bill

My opponent names one of my models each game.
Need better names for my warriors.

>> No.52736760

Tyranid warrior KT, just for something a little different.

Alpha: Adrenal Glands, Extended carapace, pair of boneswords, pair of talons (400)

Warrior: Scything Talons x2

Gun beast: venom cannon, scytal.

plan is to upgrade the warrior to a deathspitter and get extended carapace on both asap, and swap the alpha's scytals for rending claws.

>> No.52736847

Hand all your boys the ccw and let the yoofs carry the shootas.

>> No.52736931

Not sure about kool-aiding, but my LGS we rule that you can end your move partway up a wall. I usually just hang out next to a window and hop through it next turn.

>> No.52736999

Fuck yeah


>> No.52737046

Redneck GSC anon here. How is this list? Totals in at 995 pts.

Leader Billy Ray: autopistol, power pick 185
Hybrid Beau: shotgun 80
Hybrid Cletus: shotgun 80
Hybrid Wayne: shotgun 80
Hybrid Bob: shotgun 80
Hybrid Tommy: shotgun 80
Hybrid Rufus: shotgun 80
Initiate Junior: shotgun 70
Initiate Jed: shotgun 70
Heavy Peggy Sue: heavy stubber 190

>> No.52737244

I've yet to play this, but would like opinions. My gaming group has played in the 40K universe since back in the rogue trader days. We've avoided 40K for the last 3-4 years as it seems to have become an unholy mess of zany rules and overpowered items.

By our readings of these rules, it seems like we are once again hitting the halcyon days of 2nd edition and Necromunda from the 90's. Is this accurate?

I'm happy to see the change to overwatch. We used to have so many games bog down into overwatch standoffs, it wasn't even funny.

So, is SWA good? We usually break out a necromunda campaign every year or so. We're thinking this instead of the next round of Necromunda.

>> No.52737252

I don't know how fast the hybrids are but you are probably going to have a tough time with that -1 to hit from the shotguns, unless they can take red dots later on

>> No.52737260


>> No.52737270


I had consider about giving all the yoofs with shoota until I realise what if my opponment somehow sneaking on my shoota yoofs in melee

>> No.52737274

>hitting the halcyon days of 2nd edition and Necromunda from the 90's. Is this accurate?
Shadow war is literally 95% verbatim Necromunda rules except with 40k factions instead of gangs.

>> No.52737312


Seems like a good starter gang. Also, I fully approve of the names. I used to name my Orlocks stereotypical 70's Italian mafia names in Necromunda.

>> No.52737368

Move 4. They can start hidden, which lets them have some time to prepare against warbands that rely on close combat. And the -1 to hit isn't really that big of a deal, though it adds up when you throw in cover (but that's what blast shot is for). Besides, shotguns fit the redneck theme a lot better than autoguns do.

>> No.52737385

Played my first few games last night and with that I think I've got my team ready. Thoughts?

>Skitarri Ranger Alpha - Phospor Blaster, Power Sword
>Skitarri Ranger - Radium Carbine, Photo Visor
>Skitarri Specialist - Plasma Caliver
>Skitarri Ranger - Galvanic Rifle, Telescopic Sight
>Skitarri Ranger - Galvanic Rifle, Telescopic Sight, Enhanced Data Tether
>Skitarri Ranger - Galvanic Rifle, Omnispex

>> No.52737403


Gotcha. It seems like the went through the old Necromunda rules and just switch out the word 'gang' for 'kill-team'

>> No.52737492

I had a game of orks vs 4 grey knights that I was winning by a landslide then I failed my first bottle nest when the boss nob got torched by a flamethrower and everyone retreated.

Nobody even died, survivors all around.

>> No.52737496

I've only played 3 games so I can't comment very much on you're actual list, but as some one who lives on the Appalachian mountains, autoguns have just as much place in the stereotype as shotguns do, everyone out here as at least 4 guns: one semi-auto rifle, one shotgun generally pump action 12g, one full size bolt action rifle either .308 or .30-06, and a handgun to taste
So it would absolutely be fluffy for cletus to take an autogun, especially if it's the semi auto version of his hives PDFs standard issue weapon

>> No.52737531

Give your Alpha a galvanic, get rid of the carbines in favour of galvanics, and get rid of the plasma caliver for an Arquebus. Skitarii are a long ranged faction. If they end up close enough were a Plasma Caliver and the Carbines are useful then you've messed up rather badly.

And telescopics are nice, but I reckon Photo-Visors will do you well. You already outrange most guns in the game, so they're not particularly necessary.

>> No.52737597

Someone canceled their pre-order at my FLGS last Saturday and they held on to it all week knowing I would come in yesterday. It was a nice surprise when they plopped it up in front of me asking if I still wanted it. Needless to say... yes.

>> No.52737616


(I already built the Alpha based on what bits were cool).

>Alpha - Power Sword, Phosphor Blaster
>Specialist - Arquebus, Visor
>Ranger - Rifle, Visor
>Ranger - Rifle, Visor, Data Tether
>Ranger - Rifle, Visor, Omnispex

>> No.52737742

Autoguns for the hybrids, shotties for the Initiates then.


>> No.52737787

I'd strongly emplore you to replace their shot guns with autoguns. While I do love the look of their shot guns better, shot guns only work in charge range and should be used as support alongside melee guys. Otherwise the autoguns will serve you more faithfully.

>> No.52737921

It's necromunda alright, just with a few rules streamlined. Personally I think it's a good replacement for Necromunda, and porting the setting and gangs of Necromunda isn't all that hard if you want to.

>> No.52737953

Almost yeah. Some rules have been streamlined, and a few things changed. But apart from that it's very much Necromunda.

>> No.52738425

If you're already ditching making a power gamey list, might as well go balls to the wall with the elite theme and take 3 specialists with cool guns.

>> No.52738588

How's this for a starting AM killteam?

Sergeant - Assault blade, laspistol
Veteran - Lasgun
Veteran - Lasgun
Veteran - Lasgun
Veteran - Shotgun
Veteran - Shotgun
Specialist - Sniper, camo, toxic ammo
Specialist - Plasma gun
Specialist - Plasma gun

I want to give frags to the shotgunners but don't want to drop to only 8 guys.

>> No.52738606

b-b-b-b-but /tg/ said tox snipers were OP!

kek. I love the look on the faces of scouts or AM guys counting on using these to down warriors, then the dread as they realize the pain train has no brakes.

>> No.52738617

Or just bolt pistols for everyone!

>> No.52738695

I put getting a pistol above venom for wyches and I avoid debutants like the plague. WS3 close combat specialists are only going to get themselves killed and waste any points you might have saved by not taking full wyches. Where the venom let's you reroll in cc, the pistol gives 4+ wounds against any toughness 4 or higher guys and gives you acess to shooting and overwatch.

For the big gals a blast pistol is a very strong option for the leader and shardnets seem best for brides. Other than that, I'd try to get mirror helms on everyone important. Eventually buy a power sword for the syren so she can have 2 parries.

>> No.52738704

Leader: Helcher De Bellona, Bolt Pistol, Power Sword
Sniper: Simo Toxicum, Toxic Rounds
Plasma: Feuer Lodern
Plasma:Chaleur Lodern
Trooper: Tacitus Aemuli
Trooper: Garnier Valette
Trooper: Winrich Marien
Trooper: Hugues Nablus
Recruit: Favus Odite
Recruit: Furor Capitis

I'm good hand full of games in.

>> No.52738730

Well, the pain train can be rerouted. Bottle tests you know.

>> No.52738736

Snipers don't seem very good, people are drawn in by 2+ to wound, but you can't move and still have to hit, your weapon isn't high impact and only deals one wound, not to mention armor saves. I would go for a flamer for close range overwatch or a grenade launcher for versitility.

>> No.52738819

Don't know if drones count as members of the team. Hell, I don't even know what drones count as. If they do it looks good, might try to lose a couple photo visors to fit in a special weapon?

>> No.52738868

that's the one downside for elite teams, but so far I haven't really had too much of a problem with it.

>> No.52738905

Can't use red dots on heavy weapons. Also a weapon reload on a heavy bolder costs as much as a plasma gun. I guess plasma pistol > power sword > power fist too.

>> No.52739042

Is there a solution besides houseruling for recruiting for units that cost more than the 100 or 200 pts with promethium?

>> No.52739075

Burning Prom and having the correct skill.

But honestly, recruiting limits is a big balancing factor in campaigns with Elite Teams. Imagine an entire team of Gunbeasts, just for a moment.

>> No.52739138

It looks good desu. Lots of guys, plasma, sniper will be useful for overwatch, laspistol is fine as he has nothing else, lasguns are on cheap useless guys for pinning, plasma does the real damage with sustained max power.

The only thing you're missing is high damage or AOE stuff like Krak or Frag, but you can buy it later and hopefully make due in the meantime with mass of bodies and plasma.

>> No.52739201

Toxin rounds are great for snipers. No armor saves. Just roll to hit and let chance take it's course

>> No.52739204

You can't put red dots on heavy weapons? Guess I missed that whoops!
So drop that and the reload and give him a plasma gun? Or take a guy with a plasma?

>> No.52739237

you still get armor, it's right there in the toxin rounds entry. READ MOTHERFUCKER, READ.

>> No.52739259

Yeah, I'm not under any illusion that toxic snipers are op, but I do see some use for them. For example the insane range with a scope let you cover the whole board and if you can deploy close to a "street" or similar semiopen space your opponent will have to literally hug terrain from the get go to not be picked off. And if you use them to pick off 1 W units early you can force bottle checks. That's one of the uses of course. I'm sure there can be others. My point is the sniper rifle, with scope and camo gear, lets you shoot for quite a while before the enemy can which forces them to find alternate routes which you can block off with other units. But the sniper rifle is somewhat situational, as it should be. You find a spot for it, set it up on ow, and pretty much leave it there unless you're forced to move it.

>> No.52739276

Scavenger skill and caches.

>> No.52739305

-1 save mod tho

>> No.52739360
File: 35 KB, 683x685, wyches-swa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wyches list I'm planning on running, plan is to spend a cache after the first game to get 2 x new debs with splinters and hooks

>> No.52739432

most things have 4+, or 5+, -1 just makes it 6+. and the table doesn't take effect until last wound is lost.

they're unpleasant, but in no way are they completely OP.

>> No.52739651
File: 360 KB, 2256x476, gsc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This World is ours, Greenskin!

Very /wip/ shot of my GSC

>> No.52739781

Oooh I love the scheme. I might steal it for my GSC.

>> No.52740026
File: 101 KB, 546x695, Four-armed-Emperor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Glad you like, it's also the theme for my Gsc 40k force

>> No.52740058

The difference between 4+/5+ and 6+ is huge from a probability standpoint though. And yeah, they only take effect after last wound is lost, which is why it's so devastating to pick off 1w units with. But obviously not op considering the drawbacks.

>> No.52740079

Love it. You should pick out the texture on the bases a bit too. But still, they look fantastic. Nice work.

>> No.52740101

40K Harlie player, glad they finally get a chance to shine!
How's this list look?

Leader - Power Sword, Shuriken Pistol

3 x Troupe - Harlequin sword + shuriken Pistol

>> No.52740127

But, that requires the board to be set up in your favor. In a properly covered board, there will be very few open spaces.

>> No.52740389

That all depends. I'm sure that I can find one or two spots even on a cluttered board. :)

>> No.52740741

It's OP enough for SMs, but that's because they can field 10 of them.

>> No.52740789

I think that having just sniper rifles can quickly become a drawback, but I'm not convinced that three sniper rifles in an AM team necessarily is bad. I'll have to try that out. I mean, as long as you can complement the snipers with other stuff you should be fine.

>> No.52740844


Bloody fantastic mate. Just started a GSC force myself. Used to and still do play Necromunda back in the late 90's and I'm glad to see SWA catching on so well.

>> No.52740893
File: 2.28 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Left side: mixed nut can with aluminum foil tube glued to it. And a fresh mushroom container.

Right side: SW:A terrain

>> No.52740927

What's that, the poor man's Skitarii?
They'd probably do it better.

>> No.52741264

We'll see. I'll give a batrep once I've tried a few games like that. :)

>> No.52741280


>> No.52741584

5x chainhooks

all you need are mirrorhelms on everyone

>> No.52741698

Popsicle sticks from the dollar store, cut/clip the edges so they're flat

Glue them into rough four inch cubes with varying amounts of cover on the sides

Spray with cheap black spraypaint (should be like $3)
Dust with aluminum spraypaint (should be like $5)

For $50 you should be able to make an 8 inch tall necromunda board which covers a 6'x4' table

for just a 4'x4' table you could probably do a great table for $40

>> No.52741768


C L E A N af, tbqh famalam

>> No.52742212
File: 116 KB, 680x361, nice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just kikestarted this. bit pricey but it looks nice.
I think I'll use it mixed with GW terrain.

>> No.52742242

btw, anyone know the best way to paint MDF terrain?

>> No.52742321

Block off certain parts with tape, spray the base color, remove tape, spray the accent colors

watch out for liquids touching the mdf

>> No.52742330

ok so its best to use spray paints? I don't own an airbrush so i'll have to pick up a few cans.

>> No.52742332

Basecoat it in cheap craft paint. MDF is thirsty AF.

>> No.52742488

Played some games today. Me and another guard player and a Harlequin player. I played Raid assaulting the other guard dude, then played defense against the Harlequins.

Carapace and hotshots are NOT worth it. Hotshots especially suck. It's like a bolter but worse.

Snipers with toxic rounds are beast.

Plasma guns do work.

A Troupe Master broke his leg with the slick ground effect, then the Harlies failed the rescue and he died.

A Vet failed his ammo roll, so I took the arms off a magnetized Tempestor and had him run at people with his headspike.

How are others' experienced with Guard?

>> No.52742580

>How are others' experienced with Guard?
"Death by thousand needles"

And after lasguns, krak grenades. Since Kraks are so bad in 40k my whole team, all 10 guys, are now sporting them either as grenades or 3 grenade launchers. Launchers especially put fear of Imperial artillery to enemy teams and in one game managed to first mow down 5 orks in a turn and next turn 4 more, including lucky krak into his nob.

My tactic is pretty much "first apply pinning, then apply kraks as much as needed".

My team is called 112th Krakens.

>> No.52742626

Is there even a reason to play kill team or HoR anymore?

>> No.52742634

Probably a little faster.

>> No.52742648

I built a harley list with no ranged weapons, it worked great

>> No.52742936

I'm homebrewing some CSM rules for my group. We want each legion to have their own unique skill tree, and I decided with the cult legion they'd be locked into using 1 mark to be able to get 5-10pts off a unique item. Need help brewing something fair though.

Legion Skill Trees:

Night Lords: Ferocity,Combat,Stealth

Iron Warriors:Shooting, Guerilla, Ferocity

Alpha Legion: Shooting,Guerilla, Stealth

Black Legion: Same as PDF

Word Bearers: No idea. Suggestions?

Emperor's Children:Combat,Agility,Ferocity

Deathguard: Ferocity,Muscle,Shooting

World Eaters:Ferocity,Muscle,Combat

Thousand Sons: Taking suggestions. Same problem as Word Eaters, arcane knowledge and psyker esque skills don't translate well into skill trees.

Finally 2 new homebrew pieces of gear.

Chain-ax 30pts Mark of Khorne only, cannot be taken with a basic or special weapon. S4 +3 armor modifier, two handed(+1 strength when only used 2 handed).

Warp Dust: Mark of Slaneesh only. 20 pts. Roll a dice at the beginning of the game and consult the table
1: +1WS

This is between a small group of friends and I wanted us to be able to enjoy chaos stuff while keeping it BALANCED so any suggestions/advice/criticism welcome.

>> No.52743059


Yes, a big reason in fact. You can only play basic infantry and a couple special operatives. Even then, SWAG is missing a lot of infantry units (Thousand Son rubrics, Fire Warriors, Kabalite Warriors,etc) and you can't field bikes, battlesuits, transports, etc. If you want mini 40k skirmish, you go Heralds. If you want to derp around with some models and get people's feet wet, Kill Team. If you want to do a narrative driven campaign you do SWAG(or Heralds depending on how much you use their campaign rules).

>> No.52743346
File: 52 KB, 618x472, tmp_7867-149227634975039662480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rate my list

Aspiring champion 225
Bolt pistol 25
Chainsword 25
Mark of nurgle

Chaos specialist 130
Bolt pistol 25
Mark of nurgle

Chaos specialist 130
autocannon 150
Mark of nurgle

Chaos space marine 120
Bolt pistol 25
Mark of nurgle

Chaos space marine 120
Bolt pistol 25
Mark of nurgle

Off the top of my head its a 1000 points
Chainswords and bolters come later.

No cultist cucks. T5 only

>> No.52743455

Anyone have pics (or links to pics) of alternate assemblies for the start set terrain/new terrain boxes?

My friend gave me his set to build, but he took the largest "tank" piece. I was just going to follow the instruction manual, because it's not my stuff, but with that bigass silo missing now I have to get slightly creative.

>> No.52743475


The autocannon is really expensive. Not a bad idea to take it first and then use the guy as your sniper, but you can also fit 2 plasma gunners into a starting list and they can become dedicated snipers with the addition of a telescopic sight.

You really want to get into melee with Chaos Marines. You have access to both muscle and combat. I'd keep your guys with bolt pistols and try to get em to 2 swords so they can double parry. You can eventually upgrade 1 to a chainsword to eat armor.

>> No.52743498

I would suggest a downside on the warp dust roll as well.

>> No.52743521

Just wait for the sister rules to come out instead, get them painted in the meantime.

>> No.52743544
File: 220 KB, 499x468, tmp_7867-1490813567199-1999660088.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks family

>> No.52743576

I thought about it.Patterened it off the rules from Heralds and Traitor Legions. My main issue is how to have a downside if it cost 20 pts for a random upgrade. What if ever turn you have roll a dice and on a 1 you are automatically pinned and lose the effect because of coming down?

>> No.52743655

Or overdose.

Maybe it should be optional. Take a second dose, if you roll bad you take a wound.

>> No.52743665

The new WD had an article about various paint schemes and assemblies of the kits. Don't get me wrong, the new kits are great, but you really do need multiples to get truly creative, there's just not enough support structures and bridges in the Armageddon box (not that you don't get good value for your buck, you're just gonna need to spend more if you want to cover a table)

>> No.52743864

I haven't lost a match in my league yet, and what I did was take:

Tyranid Alpha with Extended Carapace, Adrenal Glands, and 2x Scything Talons
Tyranid Gunbeast with Scything Talons and Spinefists
Tyranid Gunbeast with Scything Talons and Deathspitter
Tyranid New-Spawn with 2x Scything Talons

After my first win I spent a Cache to get 200 points and bought a Barbed Strangler for one of my Gunbeasts, Adrenal Glands for everyone that didn't have them, and Toxin Sacs for my melee guys. After my second win I picked up another New-Spawn with Scything Talons and Spinefists. Next win I intend to give my Alpha 2x Boneswords and then stop upgrading from there. I also have a Zoanthrope and a Ravener ready to come in as Spec Ops if I need them.

Seems to be a pretty good list. Won against Harlequins and Imperial Guard, and also played some for fun matches against more Guard and Tau and won those, too.

>> No.52743963

I'm OK with a downside, but I don't want the fighter to suffer a wound or forced to take an armor test. What's the point in paying 15-20 pts for a unique upgrade if it kills you? I think Pinning or suffering a flesh wound would be acceptable.

Roll a test every turn. On a 1 you are pinned and forced to take an additional roll(coming down). On a second 1 you suffer a flesh wound(bad trip)

>> No.52744198
File: 38 KB, 480x637, 16641035_10155039931102855_630634928130842408_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dudes, people have been playing Necromunda Gangs against SWA Kill Teams and been kicking ass. It's amazing what weapons on the open hive market can do to anything in 40K. Gangs also get two heavy weapons and cheap Juves.

There is no reason not to use gangs the same way as always. They work territories, buy equipment, and roll scenarios like everyone else.

If you consider all Promethium caches as Isotopic Fuel Rods you have a ready made currency that is extremely useful to gangs and sells on the open market for 25 creds.

>> No.52744230
File: 44 KB, 736x334, 707caae883d2eb117231bb1d3800acc3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a reason why you would use anything but flamers against Harlequins?

>> No.52744428

Looking through the list of things Deldar Wych Cults can take, they're allowed a dark lance, but I can't see the point cost anywhere.
Am I blind or is it somewhere obscure?

>> No.52744457

some specialist uses it

>> No.52744552

if there's no points cost you can't buy it, it comes with a specialist

>> No.52744571
File: 141 KB, 648x582, a4905be28ea56cdc9239148a9adebf21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man, listening people talk about the same old 40K bullshit is exhausting. Don't you guys ever have tactical discussions or talk about scenarios?

>> No.52744631

They can spread out. Sustained fire seems better.

>> No.52744779

Anything that uses BS is just too difficult to hit Harlequins, even grenades. Maybe gas would be easier but hitting an area is still a -1 and Gas Grenades are rare as hell for gangs.

I am just conspiring to kill the most stuck up 40K player imaginable and I can't wait to do it with a House Gang.

>> No.52744798

Well, having A flamer is nice for OW. But yeah, plasma all the way. Sustained fire and will pin them if they make a lucky invuln roll.

>> No.52744936
File: 278 KB, 736x1054, e9ad95ae98d5d4587800929faceee9df.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Flamer is the cheapest special weapons and hand flamers are always a surprise for Juves to whip out. That auto hit from flamers is the only thing that will give you an edge against the -2 Prismatic Blur when they start moving 12 inches.

>> No.52745762

I used this generator:


It's a bit wonky, bit it works out with the right filters. I got the following for my team today:
The Terrormaw Ghost (Scything talons leader who got a stealth skill)
The Spinedart Behemoth (Spinefist warrior who would not die for anything)
The Vinebloom Beast (Barbed Strangler Gunbeast)

>> No.52746172

damn, this model is pure sex

>> No.52746259

still trying to figure out what bitz were used for the front of the barrel. looks like scout bolter arms, front cut off the bolter, but I can't place the grip/barrel anywhere

>> No.52746555

Its a chaos cultist w/ autogun base

>> No.52746649

well damn, good work indeed.

currently waiting to see how the =][= turn out, currently I have Raven Guard scouts and warriors from old collections that are being used, but I have the itch to do a more customized kill team purely for the format. Debating between Pant Thieves, Guard, or Inquisition to represent that type.

>> No.52746970

Ooo that's a nice paint job. Love the touch of pink around the eyes among other things.

>> No.52747072

Too hard, when you have twice the guys?
Throw a couple kraks, and you'll have them pinned, at least.
Negative mods are nothing to the weight of fire.

>> No.52747184

Any leaks as to when the new rule book is gonna be out with sisters rules? I wanna go ahead and get the models ready for when the rules drop.

>> No.52747325
File: 2.08 MB, 3264x2448, tmp_7867-20170417_1250551254465819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post dude men guys!

>> No.52747334
File: 1.97 MB, 3264x2448, tmp_7867-20170417_125108-1790970670.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bloody phone

>> No.52747379
File: 509 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20170415_115117.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

M'Grey Knights

>> No.52747395

I actually would be pretty interested in anyone's thoughts on actual tactical decisions.

There has to be more to the game than just what list you bring, right?

>> No.52747409

Should be next weekend if I recall. It was the 20-somethingth, and I don't imagine it'd drop any day but Saturday. That might be preorders though.

>> No.52747435

Clowns are immune to pinning, so that won't work.

>> No.52747461

Lot of the SAW factions are half-jobs and there's no rules for anything in resin, which is like every cool unit that's not marine/tau.

>> No.52747462

Hmm? No it's just list

>> No.52747493

The barrels mangs, them barrels.

>> No.52747525

I ain' finished 'em yet.

>> No.52747542
File: 47 KB, 634x629, 1452048795180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Incredible clip harness rolls

>> No.52747551

22 april

>> No.52747562

Do you not have an image editing app on your phones?

>> No.52747577

Drill out the gun barrels. :)

>> No.52747578


S'the assembly line progression, assures you won't accidentally ruin a earlier step.

>> No.52747588



>> No.52747595

The issue is the Phone knows how the picture was intended to be rotated so no need there, it's when it then sends it to 4chan's dumb robot the issue arises.

>> No.52747629

No I dont like the look of it

>> No.52747772

Krak grenades are high impact, and will pin EVERYTHING in the game.

>> No.52747794
File: 1.17 MB, 3264x1836, FB_IMG_1492375719978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Genestealer cult boss with hotshot lasgun. The guard parts fit almost perfectly. Just shave off a disc of plastic from the injection mold points on a sprue. Then use then as risers on the shoulder joints.

>> No.52747841

Krak grenades are S6 -- not high impact.

Furthermore, some things exist which ignore all pinning. The Solitaire, for instance, ignores it even if it's high impact.

>> No.52748123
File: 41 KB, 340x395, tmp_7867-1490799131549-654389730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pin broke :^(

>> No.52748140


>> No.52748167

What army are you running my dude?

>> No.52748194

Dark Eldar, why?

>> No.52748216

wheres your hotshot power pack bro

>> No.52748250

Best hope is to just run a massive mob of wytches with poisoned knives then.

The 4++ in close combat with actually help a ton and I6 means they don't beat you in a draw (actually, what happens in a draw if their initiative values are the same?). Once you're in combat you're basically on even footing but they get +1 weapon skill.

>> No.52748264

Running WYSIWYG is a pain in the ass but I think I found a way around it for my Fallen team, I plan on magnetizing the Backpack/Legs with some lanterns or ammo pouches and just swapping them out with weapons/gear as they progress. Anything thoughts on this or any tips to getting around WYSIWYG?

>> No.52748273


>(actually, what happens in a draw if their initiative values are the same?)

It's a stand off and no one dies. Presumably you both waste time going 'Too slow, i'm behind you!' until you get tired.

>> No.52748292

That does seem like the way to go, I guess the hard part is making sure I get the charge off and just how many wyches I need to bog a clown down in.

>> No.52748319

4++ means you have a reasonable chance of surviving the charge if you you deter them behind cover.

After the first wytch your wytches and their harlies will be fighting on equal footing and every wytch after that will have an advantage so I'm guessing at least 3 to beat them?

I imagine the pre-fight between them would just be a big game of cat and mouse, running from cover to cover and hiding around every corner.

>> No.52748430

My first game was 4 person death match, I was playing guard my opponents where: Orks, edge lords, and tau.
here was my list
LD carapace armor, 2x chainswords
2x troopers lasgun red dot,carapace armor
2x snipers toxic rounds, red dot, telescopic sight
1x specialist plasma rifle, red dot carapace armor, chain sword
I went 3rd the ork went last. so when it became my turn my sniper 1 shot the ork leader. second sniper downed another.rest went on over watch.
shitty thing was the dark eldar player and the ork agreed right in front of me to team up on me.
I bottled the orks killed half of the dark eldar before they came and fucked me in melee.
then tau player cleaned them up.
How was my list? Any recommendations?

>> No.52748460

Anyone have any good ideas for modelling Camo gear?

It seems like a decent bit of gear, but I don't particularly want to put cloaks on my whole team.

>> No.52748475

Maybe a powerpack/energycell to symbolize an optical/shimmer camo?

>> No.52748547

Cloaks, gauze for ghillie suits, static grass on helmets, oil barrel shields

>> No.52748660

I would think of something along the lines of using Grenade Launchers, Flamers (Heavy or Standard), and plasma for the anti-ork thing that the Steel Legion has. Plasma and Grenade Launcher models are probably the easiest to get. With just base models and Wysiwyg w/o conversions, I'd probably go with something like.
++ Kill Team (Astra Militarum Veteran Kill Team) ++

+ Leader +

Veteran Sergeant: Camo gear, Chainsword, Flak armour, Laspistol

+ Troopers +

Veteran Guardsman: Flak armour, Lasgun

Veteran Guardsman: Flak armour, Lasgun

Veteran Guardsman: Flak armour, Lasgun

Veteran Guardsman: Flak armour, Lasgun

+ Specialists +

Special Weapons Operative: Flak armour, Plasma gun

Special Weapons Operative: Flak armour, Plasma gun

Special Weapons Operative: Flak armour
. . Grenade launcher: Krak and Frag grenades

>> No.52748672

Make sure to pick up an extra guy after the first match to stave off bottle tests a bit longer.

>> No.52748990

I'd guess the reason you don't hear that is it's so situational.
Because of the way the terrain is set up for your game you may act differently, or if your opponent sets up differently, or this, that or the other.

Too many variables to have a discussion in the absence of an actual happening.
If you wanted to post up a shot from a battle report or something and ask people what they'd do you could run it like those chess set up things, though.

>> No.52748991

Cleaning mould lines...

Six down, three to go.

I hate this.

>> No.52749031

At least it's not a green tide.

>> No.52749061

God, its honestly stupid how often mouldline cleanup kills my will to get anything done. I have 2000+pts of tau just sitting here because I cant fucking deal with those things, I salute you guardsmen out there who have to put up with this shit

>> No.52749158

True dat

Guess that's one of the reasons I never got into 40k or whfb

>> No.52749194

It's mostly the lasguns that are killing me tho (I'm cleaning guard). The rest of the parts are fairly simple to go over with the diamond file and then sharpen the detail in folds with the scalpel.

>> No.52749430

What kind of Brimstone Horror are you if lasguns can actually kill you?

>> No.52749451

Just realised Tau recon drones aren't relentless in SW:A so can't move and fire. Makes them even more useless.

>> No.52749456

Might be a grot.

>> No.52749560

Cleaning mould lines from lasguns is killing me. :)

>> No.52749564

Back in my day shotguns lit people on fire!

>> No.52749582
File: 270 KB, 1000x1000, 74-1410309942-320087d413388d61dc171f010b0b1801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Necromunda is an really intense game when it come to tactics. A lot of that is built around the scenarios.

>> No.52749625

WYSIWYG only really applies to weapons.

>> No.52749667
File: 469 KB, 500x455, 1463329782936.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now i want to start a Ork Luchador team, all focus on pining, pushing and throwing people of buildings.

2x4 choppas and folding chair big choppas?

>> No.52749809

>Bought a box of cadians to covert to non-edgelord cultists
>Find a few old cadians
>Have enough parts to make my cultists AND a guard killteam

>> No.52749916

Only two more guards to clean...

>> No.52750096


You'll need some High-Impact somehow so you can pin the unpinnable.

>> No.52750114

>want to build models for campaign on the 22nd
>have to take my sick mom to the hospital instead
Fuck you cancer, you're ruining my hobby.

>> No.52750172

Shit anon I am sorry to hear that. Is it one of the cureable forms?

Mould lines? Hate those things and GW'S Shit moulds are notoriously bad for them. Especially on the old kits like the guard infantry.

>> No.52750191


Ugh tell me about it. I nearly ended up having to run a magazine programme on local radio by myself because of that shit.
I don't like running the desk, much like killing a man for money and making it look like an accident I find it really stressful and I'd rather not do it unless I have to.

>> No.52750251

>non-edgelord cultists
You referring to knickernickers?

>> No.52750274

There aren't really "curable" kinds of cancer. Being a malfunction of human cells rather than a simple foreign organism the immune system doesn't fight it and it can easily recur. All you can do is blast tumors with radiation, surgically remove them where necessary and pump the person full of incredibly harmful drugs and cross your fingers that it goes away and doesn't come show back up somewhere else.

The important part is getting people well enought for long enough periods of time that their families have enough time for miniatures wargaming.

>> No.52750334

Probably just meant renegade guard.

>> No.52750427

Read a story about Cypher saving a city and recruiting its guard to sack an imperial ship and I thought it was pretty badass so I figured SW:A is the perfect way to get my Fallen on the table as CSM (just gotta finish magnetization)

>> No.52750775
File: 598 KB, 640x453, 1490449212669.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what's over powered at the moment?

Thinking of playing necrons or tau, I assume shooting focused is as bullshit as it was in necromunda.

>> No.52750853

I played a lot of games against tau as guardsmen and I was always beating him in shooting because I'd just pin him with my combination of longer range and camp cloaks.

Also whenever he tried to sneak up on me I'd have grenades or overwatched plasma waiting for him

In short tau struggle to beat other snooty armies due to their lack of range. Also supporting fire is shit all it does is clump your troops into grenade piles

>> No.52750968

Venom cannon or barbed strangler on my initial gun-beast.

I want that sweet, sweet S6 sustained fire, but a sniper ranged grenade launcher is also appealing, also less ammo rolls.

>> No.52751044

'cause you play Orks and you don't get them.

Other than a single kombi-skorcha, I guess.

>> No.52751266

Harlequins are blatantly overpowered.

>> No.52751824

This. They're powerful in a fight, but their speed and ability to ignore the board is fucking brutal.

>> No.52752258

Does the game system like doing addition/subtraction before multiplication/division?

Example, a Tyranid Warrior with Movement 5. Run is 2x Move. Adrenal Glands is Movement+1. Do you run (5x2)+1 or do you run (5+1)x2?

Similar situation, a Tyranid Warrior with Frenzy and 2 pairs of melee weapons. Attacks 3 + 1 for 2 pairs of weapons. Frenzy doubles number of attacks. (3x2)+1 or (3+1)x2?

>> No.52752356

Adrenal Glands add 1 to your movement stat. You run twice your movement stat.
An extra weapon gives you an extra attack die. It does not increase your attack stat. Frenzy gives you double your attack stat.

>> No.52752536

screenshot/page please.

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