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Rolled 5 (1d26)

Breadanon still gone edition
Custom armies still superior subedition

The XVI took a turn at being Death Guard in their Terran Mastodon, the Ordo Reductor gather fleets to help after the Genetors called for help with some strangely camouflaged White Scars. Rowboat took a turn at being the biggest social misfit as the Khan and Morty are away feuding. Custodes chased some of the Emperor's lost eagles and succeeded because Daemons can't hold ground. The chemistry of Ceramite was discussed as the last Transporters were decommissioned for new giant boltguns. All this and more in the previous thread >>52670606


>Official HH 7th Edition Errata (Updated January 2016)

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more
http://pastebin.com/Tm2P4QLp (embed)

>HH Books, Novels and Rulebooks galore
http://pastebin.com/k9uvqsub (embed)

>/HHG/'s Legion demographics
http://www.strawpoll.me/10558764 (embed)

>/HHG/'s allegiances
www.strawpoll.me/10663447 (embed)

>Oct 16 White Dwarf

>Primarch Popularity Poll
http://www.strawpoll.me/11458318 (embed)

>HHG Discord


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Word bearers are the greatest!

>> No.52687892

Best legion reporting in

>> No.52687894

I know they've been there a while, but what's with all the (embed)s in the pasta?

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I Horus had slipped in the bathroom and died, who would the Emperor have made warmaster?

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I just got my 3 old school 2nd edition rhinos for my Night Lords. What should I put inside/on toon of them?

>> No.52688058

Lorgar, the other primarchs would unite in their hatred of him.

>> No.52688116

Actually toying with going for them, grey or red...they really burst to the brim with conversion possibilities.

I habe to admit that these bearers that were posted here before have me inspired.

>> No.52688146

Seriously, some people do wonderfull things and slapping some plague censers etc on them would be so cool.

>Even in grey.

>> No.52688216

How did I do?

Praetor w/ Destroyers, Siege Breaker with the Heavy Support Squad, Apothecaries with the blobs.

I tried to make something fluffy, but won't get immediately steamrolled.

Feedback is appreciated.

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Sanguinius, though he would decline at first and need to be convinced to take the position. Chaos would manage to sway him and you'd have a curbstomp heresy regardless.

>> No.52688422

Working on more green stuff conversions, I'm considering using this mech as a sort of proto dreadnaught after converting it.

>> No.52688440

Try support squad with flamers and Chem munitions. Shredding flamers means a lot of wounds.

>> No.52688490

Also if you're running the reaping, you can give the sergeant rad grenades for a destroyer-like tac support squad.

>> No.52688547

Would five in a rhino be effective?

>> No.52688568

Or even better... veterans with marksmen and chem munition combi flamers, and rad grenades for the sergeant. Blast the enemy with rending shredding flamers, then assault them with rad grenades for the -1T.

>> No.52688762

For Lorgar!

>> No.52688864

Guy you are playing against rolled Nova power on his Magnus and plans to deepstrike him with a squad of Sekhmet termies with Levitation.

How can your army deal with that?

Hard mode:No physical violence against 1ksons player or his minis.

>> No.52688870

Made a list based off one another anon posted a while back, going more for something fun and fluffy rather than something thats gonna win

Valdor, gives everyone free teleporters

Haeteron x3, x3 Shields, x2 Paragon Spear, Solarite Power Fist
Achillus, Dreadspear

Sentinel Guard Squad, Vexilla
Sentinel x3, Vexilla
Sentinel x3, Vexilla
Custodian x3, Melta Bombs
Custodian x3


2500 exactly

>> No.52688942


>want to design something thats fun and fluffy
>end up designing something that will fuck someone in the face

>> No.52688975

Is a firestorm redoubt with a magos machine spirit (making it BS3) a decent source of antiair in 30k? Assuming I have a heavy support squad that would be getting a bunker anyway.

>> No.52688996

shit really?
Thought it was the vehicles that were OP, what am i doing wrong?

>> No.52689062

>tfw to smart to conquer my homeworld

>> No.52689107

Well, I have my two 50-man Militia Levy blobs in my 3k list, so with a decent deployment and first turn move I should be able to shield my primary forces from the nova, since it's before he can shoot the blobs to clear a landing zone. Then hammer the bastard with artillery, try to get some levies into close combat to hold him down for a turn and aim the Myrmidons at him. He's casting novas, so he's not invisible, if he was I'd just have to go with the big levy tarpit.

>> No.52689318

Full militia/cult 3k list?

I've seen one comptently played before. They look really tough if done right.

>> No.52689342


>literally wage trench warfare with stones and axes

was he ahead of his time or was he just retarded?

>> No.52689467

>what am i doing wrong?
Playing custodes. Duh.

Well, yeah, rending & fearless on cheap models is going to be good.

>> No.52689527

To be fair it's not like there's any military problem that can't be solved by throwing tens of thousands of psychotic superhuman berserkers with melee weapons at it

>> No.52689596

Nah, it's just I prefer that brand of cheap fearless chaff to Adsecularis when my Ordo Reductor want scoring meatshields. I get more numbers, the Disposabe rule and some decent offensive output, but can't join the units and are less durable and flexible due to being 2x50 rather than 3 or 4x20. Mayber I'll throw in a couple Russes or something at some point, but I'm basically forced to only take Levies and vehicles because of Cult Horde and Tainted Flesh. Snapfiring artillery isn't much use to me.
They're fluffed as flash-cloned insane fodder with some modifications inspired by Xenos beasts they've exterminated, since that was a significant part of the Reductor and Genetor's role in the Great Crusade. Stage one for Genetor invasion plans is dropping thousands of those into enemy territory combined with an orbital bombardment, then landing troops in the confusion who have cloning vats that let them make a whole bunch more from harvesting the countryside.
They use pic related as models, with a few nid parts here and there.

>> No.52689647

Bumping my question because I've had another thought: if I put a master of signals with said heavy support squad, could he use his +1BS trick on the firestorm redoubt's automated guns if needed?

>> No.52689683

How are Custodes vehicles OP?

>> No.52690071

Okay fellow gooDGuys, am I doing this correctly? I don't wanna be a waacfag but I don't want to be shitty either.

As is I can't deal with AV15 outside of the chainfists (or a lucky shot from the lascannons), but I think that's okay.

It's a breddy fluffy list, only thing I'm not 100% sold on is maybe switching out the command Squad for some of those collass Grave Wardens, of anyone can report on how well they perform.

Rite of War: The Reaping
3,000 Point List

>Terminator Armor, Chainfist, Digital Weapons
Terminator Command Squad
>Land Raider, 4 Bodyguards, 2 Powerfists, 2 Chainfists
Siege Breaker Consul
>Terminator Armor, Chainfist

Quad Launchers
>2 Batteries, Shatter Shells, Phosphex Shells
Contemptor-Mortis Dreadnought
>Twin Kheres Assault Cannons
Deathshroud Terminators
>Land Raider, 4 Terminators, Rad Grenades

Tactical Squad
>Chainswords, Rad Grenades, Rhino
Tactical Squad
>Chainswords, Rad Grenades, Rhino
Heavy Support Squad
>Autocannons/Missile Launchers, Rhino
Heavy Support Squad
>Autocannons/Missile Launchers, Rhino


>Sisters of Silence Allied Detachment:
Oblivion Knight-Cencura
>Paragon Blade
Oblivion Knight Cadre
>Kharon-Pattern Acquisitor
Vigilator Cadre
>Kharon-Pattern Acquisitor

Any feedback is appreciated, including whether or not you think it'd be fun to play against. Thanks!

>> No.52690158

oh hey its my word bearers a shit!
really sad I never got to finish that army

>> No.52690170

Cheap fast skimmers with power of the machine spirit, high AV, -2 to hit in CC,and Flareshields, and weapons that can mow down units that matter and make mechanicum robutts go POOF on a 6.
Oh and the dedicated transport only has marginally less firepower than the heavy support tank, but more HP.

>> No.52690181

I'd give the praetor a scythe to let him really go to town. If there's a situation where you have to go for mutual powerfist instant death you might as well let a member of the command squad do that, so the praetor doesn't really need a S8 weapon.

Similarly, scythes on tac sergeants are amazing, especially as you've given the sqauds chainswords so I'm assumed they're expected them to see close combat. DG sarges with scythes will beat any legion sergeant apart from WS.

>> No.52690233


Angron was a garbage boy that got tricked into being a demon slave because his dad didn't let him die with his friends

>> No.52690255

Cool shit, thanks amigo.

You know anything about how well Grave Wardens perform? I like the models, fluff, and rules, so I'm leaning towards grabbing some of them and just deleting anything with a 4+ or less.

>> No.52690304

Wait a minute, you're the dude doing a full conversion heretek genetor army aren't you? If you have any pictures of your stuff I'd love to see it, listening to you talk about your design ideas they sound cool as shit.

>> No.52690318

What bits did you use for them? Could you also post more images of the dudes that you sold?

>> No.52690348

The Emperor shouldn't have bothered trying to save him. No Warhounds lobotomising themselves, one less rebellious and hard to control primarch to worry about. Saving Angron was so illogical you'd almost start to think the Emperor really cared about his creations :^)

>> No.52690352

>I'd give the praetor a scythe to let him really go to town. If there's a situation where you have to go for mutual powerfist instant death you might as well let a member of the command squad do that, so the praetor doesn't really need a S8 weapon.
Ño. If that's the case better give him a proper Paragon Blade, which may be scythe shaped.

>> No.52690362

Yeah, that's me. Sadly at the moment I'm in the middle of moving house so everything is deep within a massive pile of boxes three hours drive away, but when I've got a decent force built and here I'll gladly post some pics. Got a bit sidetracked by SW:A, too, so been working on a vanilla Skitarii squad for that.

>> No.52690373

Looks Like DW Knights Torso and the GW Cataphractii with the chaos spikes from the Chaos Termies

>> No.52690386

No idea, sorry.

Forgot to say, you may have been wondering why I claimed DG sarges were better than EC. Basically, if you're up against EC you refuse the challenge the turn they charge, then murder them next turn.

>> No.52690411

I'd considered that, and it's not a half-bad idea.

Oh well, thanks. I'll go for them anyway, just to fuckin cool.

And thanks for the hint about the sarges, that'll be fun as shit to make and model

>> No.52690421

its just the dark angels 40k termi kit + the [email protected] termis, you put the front of one on the back of the other easy peasy. You will have to shave a bit of the connecting pieces down but yeah simple. Was converting up the tac squads as well from the dark vengeance kit + Calth bits but never finished painting it all before I sold it.

>> No.52690424

Eh. I prefer Reaping Blow to Murderous Strike, feel the (often) extra attack is better than the (rarely-rolled) instant death, but what the hell.

>> No.52690470

and this is the lot. Shit I think I have converted and sold like 4 or 5 armies in the last 2 years...... I think I have a hobby problem haha

>> No.52690569

Fucking horrible, bin that 40k shit

>> No.52690717

He was having a dumb.

>> No.52690795

Angel's Wrath and go all flyer?

>> No.52690857

I'm not sure it's so bad. Haeterons, Achilluses, and Sagittarums are alright but they aren't the units that make Custodes scary. This army's small enough in model count that it'll be a race between the opponent whittling it down in shooting and the Custodes killing them in CC.

Valdor is a bit cheap for what he does, but it's taking multiple shield captains/tribunes with the shield and cyberfamiliar (i.e. rerollable 3++) that people get salty about.

>> No.52690963

I finally have some free time, so I started building my long dreamed-off custodes. A couple of questions, if I may:
- How important are Vexilas? I dislike their look on small units, plus the change for the bearer looks like it'd impact the team heavily.
- Infantry and Walkers only; retarded or somewhat viable? While their vehicles look slick, the streamlined, elegant design doesn't match the custodes' design at all, so I'd rather avoid them and the jetbikes.
- When it comes to the shield-captain, I kinda want to represent digital weapons and cyber-familiar on the model, but going for the generic cyber-skull is boring. Eagles would be an option, but all bird of prays from GWs line are either stationary (and thus won't work for a running tribune) or are absolutly huge, like the aetherwings. Any advice?

>> No.52690992

Those guys look like shit.
I mean, they're modelled and painted well. They just look like turds.

>> No.52691111

'Alright' is not the term I'd use for Sagittarum, to be honest. 'Overcosted', sure. 'Pointless', no doubt. Even 'garbage' would be fitting.
More seriously, you are of course correct. The reason Custodes are scary are because Caladus, Tribune, Agamatus and Coronus.

>> No.52691142

lol they are base coated..........that is it.

>> No.52691178

The hawk from the Deathwatch White Scars biker dude isn't that big. I'd also consider the eagle sitting on Coteaz's shoulder. They don't capture the "cyber" part, but you'll figure something out. Also consider something a little less common, like a lizard from the Fantasy range (no idea if there are any) or Yvraine's cat thing. Green stuff a metal plate like Tycho's for its face.

Custodes without vehicles are fine as long as you get the teleport transponders. Not sure you need vexillas, either.

>> No.52691256

>Play six full tactical squads
>There is no room to deepstrike

easy AF

>> No.52691327

Use the eagle Coteaz has? It's actually a cyber-eagle, too. Or failing that, a Dark Eldar Razorwing flying above him?

>> No.52691453

>How can your army deal with that?
It can't.

I still play him, have fun, buy him a beer afterwards And maybe ask him to tone it down the next time for comradery's sake.

Feels great playing with functional adults and not autistic 4chan stereotype neckbeards.

>> No.52691621

The cyber-eagle from Coteaz, while a gorgeous bit, is huge and hardly very dynamic.
The hawk from the DW biker is a great idea though. Didn't think of that model. I think I even have the box lying around somewhere. Thanks.

>> No.52691792

Made a start on Bullock pattern jetbike Custodes.

>> No.52691851

What's the point of a lance unless the point sticks out way beyond the nose of a bike?

Wait, is the lance even represented in their rules?

>> No.52691864

Does anyone know a good tutorial for painting Imperial Fists? Yellow is a bitch and a half.

>> No.52691866

You're doing The Emperor's work, anon. Looks great so far

>> No.52691886


It's comments like these that make me fear doing IF.

>> No.52691917


The official one has a power lance, I've decided to just give one squad of three guardian spears and the other sentinel warblades for visual variety.

By the way if anyone has suggestions for the nose of the bike I'd be thrilled to hear them. My initial plan is to Oyumaru and green stuff cast Sammael's bike's nose to get the eagle on it, but I'm aware that whether that works or not depends on how good my cast is, so I'd be glad to have a backup plan.

>> No.52691921

>collecting multiple legions

>> No.52691938

>Yellow is a bitch and a half.
So what, anon?

Your mother is a bitch and everybody still does her.

Lose your fear, yellow can be easy provided the adequate recipe.

>> No.52691966

>Prime White
>(very thin) Yriel Yellow
>casandora yellow
>reapply yriel to taste
>Dorn Yellow

Some anon did a black primer and some cool Zandri dust stuff for a Templar's look, maybe he'll help.

>> No.52691991


You can prime black too.


>> No.52692045

Poor Knight Anon.

>> No.52692061

>not collecting 1 legion, mechanicum, and Custodes


>> No.52692073

You need to use several coats, otherwise it gets spotty and you can see the brushstrokes. The worst bit is when you do the OTHER colours, since any mistake is much more difficult to cover up.

I just tried this method:
but it turned out terrible. Does anyone know if the "Cassandra Yellow" shade he uses even exists? GW has a Casandora Yellow, but using it like he did here just ends up as orange. Is the yellow shade he used out of print, or something?

>> No.52692081

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJ9w9J7gfJI but with yellow instead of white.

More seriously, you have to choose between layering increasingly lighter colors over a dark base, or starting with white and basically shading your way towards yellow. The latter is less work. It's done less often for IF because the final effect is a little light for a gritty space marine army, but it's where I'd start.

First, paint a Death Guard marine. In other words, use a bone-colored spray, shade with Agrax Earthshade cut with Lahmian Medium (or any other clear matte base), and highlight with white. Don't have to do do the black parts now, but I would. Easier to touch up the edges around the black/metallic parts now than after doing the yellow.

Then slather with a yellow glaze (Lamenter Yellow is GW's). Redo the highlights. Yellow glaze again. You might want another final highlight but at this point you're probably ready to move on to the other colors (the blacks and metallics). The advantage to doing the black earlier is that you don't have to be as precise when you fix them this second time around.

>> No.52692092

I don't get this. Why wouldn't you invest all your energy and emotional autistic factionfuing into a single force? Spreading it out feels cheap.

>> No.52692125

Many thanks.

>> No.52692128

Because some people actually finish their collection and then move on to the next.

>> No.52692138

People 100% overuse Cassandora, it's meant to be a recess shade, not the "oh I'll cover the whole thing" method people usually do. Though I like mixing it with a little Agra for a good darkening feel.

Corax White is actually pretty great in my experience, just make sure to shake well and have a humidity <40%.

The GW standard stuff looks great, and the reggo averland/yriel/shade/edge flash glitz/very edge white scar has put in good work.


>> No.52692147

>not buying more models to fill out a whole company of your guys

>> No.52692165

Yeah, the spoilered but has me worried. Have you ever tried adding streaks of silver to the middle of a black splotch to make it look like battle damage?
I've been wondering if that would work.

>> No.52692223

Exactly >>52692125 this. I got to the point with my legion where I said "this is all I'll ever want to play and more. It is good." and then I moved onto Mechanicum. When I hit the point where I said "0010000 01001001 01110011 00100000 01100001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01001001 00100111 01101100 01101100 00100000 01100101 01110110 01100101 01110010 00100000 01110111 01100001 01101110 01110100 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01110000 01101100 01100001 01111001 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01101101 01101111 01110010 01100101 00101110 00100000 01001001 01110100 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100111 01101111 01101111 01100100 00101110" then I moved on to Custodes. Now it's just a work in progress.

>> No.52692229

But I already have two companies worth of marines. At that point I start something new once everything is painted.

>> No.52692294

Exactly that. I've hit the point where it's pretty easy to fix, but when I can't a little chipping work does fine.

Top-Tip is that the larger, flat areas of non-yellow are much easier to paint first. I dunno why I just do better then, plus the tiny splotches over get covered up.

Detail is just pray you don't fuck up, but once you get the feel of it it's easy as can be.

>> No.52692313

Just don't screw up =].

Actually base paints make touch-ups easier than they used to be. Yriel yellow, then your main shade of yellow is usually enough. You could of course do all the black and silver first while the rest of the mini is bone or white.

>> No.52692329

Wait I meant exactly this >>52692128.

Wasting more time on an army that I'm content with only leads me to bad/ugly units I've no intention of fielding. @RampagerSquads

>> No.52692443

god I love this guy and the emperor's children post and pre heresy. thinking of doing a heresy era army what do?

>> No.52692445

I can always use more stuff to put in parade formation

>> No.52692448

By any chance do you have a picture of the finished product? This sounds like a solid way to salvage the can of Army Painter Skeleton Bone I just bought.

Otherwise I'm going with either this:

Or priming white very lightly and spraying Army Painter's yellow on top of that.

>> No.52692528


A techmarine with Rad Missile Servitors is cheaper than the destroyer squad (193 for 4 missile launchers at full range instead of the half range suspensor rig.

>> No.52692545

>This guy again

Just start EC already and stop edging, jeez

>> No.52692560

One box of BaC, a few add-ons for the Chest Aquilas and bob's the Primarch of the XIII.

>> No.52692576

well I have my 40k EC but im hesitant on HH EC since im finishing my eldar

>> No.52692653

Well, 30k EC are not cheese incarnate like the Eldar, but they won't lose you friends either.

>> No.52692675

I play eldar because I like eldar not because they are chesse my army is heavy on lore and less on waac

>> No.52693270


I can't paint white for the life of me.

I thinned my paints, started from a light grey primer base, but after a million coats it's still uneven and sloppy. The white has the same quality as a dude wearing a shitty white office shirt over a noticeably white undershirt in the afternoon heat.

>> No.52693499


Try priming white? I mean if you just want plain white.

>> No.52693526

What's her name, you unknown-name reaction Anon?

>> No.52693558

>Post-heresy Red talon scheme, aka it's backwards
>Storm bolter
>Death Guard chest
>Masked Zoidberg helmet
>Weird backpack vents
Is that a completely hipster sergeant?

>> No.52693577


Might be Scouring or 2nd Founding era. Would explain the purity seal and the Mk VII helmet.

>> No.52693593


Yeah that's gonna be the next step. But I've been following all these guides and they all start with light grey and look amazing,

>> No.52693631


It should take no less than three coats from grey.

>some khaki color
>some lighter khaki color

But if you wanted plain white in the first place, why not just prime whatever individual piece you wanted white? Hell of a lot easier to just prime white, then use imperial primer on the dark areas after.

>> No.52693844

Are there any auto-includes for Alpha Legion? Is there a "standard" list to measure against

>> No.52694394


Going off of this, I'd like to ask the same question but for IF. Note: I like termies and swords and shields a lot.

>> No.52694436

Depends on what the list is tailoring for. If an AL list has Dynat, it will also probably have a Saboteur for that delicious chance at a Penetrating hit causing an explosion on your prize tank (see: Saboteur Anon's Salamander tank killing spree), and the AL player will try to rapidly close the distance to your edge of the table before key units leave their deployment zone. Infiltrate and MTC are the choice Mutable Tactics traits to achieve this strategy. t. AL player.

This is, of course, only the most generic strategy of any AL worth their salt. I have my own list build and strategy that hard counters several lists while still remaining flexible, even unpredictable, but I'll never tell what that is. :^]

>> No.52694915

This is exactly what I was looking for thank you. Spoken like Alpharius himself

>> No.52694929

I can chime in for IF since they're my legion!

We're good at shooting bolters, so take advantage of that and run squads of Tacticals (or Vet. Tacticals under PotL). My go-to is three squads of 20 Tacticals with attached Apothecaries. Get in some cover near an objective and we're unlikely to break, unlikely to die, and can murder anything that advances into us with Fury of the Legion.

I take advantage of deep-striking Terminators by giving them a 'Termicide' loadout: Plasma-blaster and 4 combi-plasma per 5 Terminators, throw a couple power fists and a single chain-fist into the mix. These guys are your troubleshooters. Drop them on pesky squads or vehicles as needed and murder away. Depending on the point level I'll run 2 squads of 5 or 1 squad of 10. (Elites slots are usually very crowded for me.) They're good all-rounders but I usually use them to decimate enemy heavy infantry.

For dedicated anti-tank I run Laser Destroyer Rapiers and drop-pod in a Cyclonic / Siege-Wrecker Leviathan. If you need to deal with Spartans and Primarchs I highly suggest a Medusa battery.

>> No.52694940

Do Dynat's rule, and Dynat+Saboture combo work when none the opponent's force is not actually on his side of the table due to Orbital Strike and etc?

>> No.52694951

Missile Servitor/Servo-Automata: What models should I use to represent them?

>> No.52694994

Put a terminator torso on some mechanical legs, CML on the back and targeters and mechadendrites on the arms.

>> No.52695002

I think it says that YOU have to be in their deployment but that's it

>> No.52695068

I am also seeking IF help. I'm limited somewhat by the models I have, but I will be able to expand a bit in places.

My current plan is to run three 15-man Tactical Squads and a pair of 10-man Veteran Squads, but I'm not sure if I should give the the tacticals the extra ccw or how to kit their sergeants, nor am I sure how to run the vets. I'm thinking sniper vets with 1 heavy bolter and 1 missile launcher, but again I don't know about the squad leader.

And I'm at a total loss about HQs, though I know I won't be using named characters.

>> No.52695086


How's the Stone Gauntlet RoW?

>> No.52695452

Fujiwara mokou she's a 2hu

>> No.52696066

Almost done with my Raven Guard army and I'm thinking about starting on a small Word Bearer force. It breaks my immersion when I fight other loyalist legions with my dudes, so I figured also doing a traitor legion will allow me to play believably against anyone at any time. Whadda ya think /hhg/? Smart move?

>> No.52696075

Death Guard x Iron Warrior x World Eater loyalist :^) team up when?
Powerful attack, defense and middle ground.

What would your shattered legion triple composition be, anons?
An IF/IW siege team is my lewd combo as well, maybe with AL as fast attack :^)

>> No.52696263

Blackshield Reaver lord conversion, progress is slow but constant. jesus

>> No.52696314


I used this.
> Averland sunset thinned down in two layers
> Sepia wash, or flesh wash ( I perosnally used AP soft tone)
> 50/50 Averland sunset, and Ushabti bone highlight.

>> No.52696689

Still sad you sold them.
Greetinhs and best wishes from europe for your future projects.

>> No.52696779

Then you'll like the 30k environment. Go ahead and start, you're allowed to even if you haven't finished your Eldar army yet. Also there's no such thing as finishing an army.

What paints are you using? I'd use Ulthuan Gray over your primer, highlighted with White Scar. Don't actually try to use White Scar for wide coverage, it isn't very good at that and nothing white is that white in real life.

>> No.52696781

Finally put together my three FW MKIIB Land Raiders for my Custodes. I forgot how fun these are to build.

Gonna clean and drill later.

>> No.52696802

They both do well with Pride of the Legion lists. Lots of vets, some termies. If the latter arrive via deep strike and have to survive a turn of shooting, use Cataphractii armor.

>> No.52696996

Converting plastic Heresy marines into despoiler squads seems horribly impractical.

Any cc legions anons here willing to tell about their personal experience in that regard?

>> No.52697078


How would stabbing with a chainsword like that even work, the next tooth coming out of it wont be touching anything.

>> No.52697093

I always thought that they pulled backwards, so in that image the teeth would be moving up towards the EC's helmet.

>> No.52697123

Dont, despoilers are retarded, just pay one more point and give them CCW, glue a knife or chain bayonet or something to represent it.

Maybe he isnt stabbing and more like brute forcing a chainsword through that fycker's eye socket

>> No.52697167

So I want to paint up some Dusk Raiders, but I have no idea how to paint up the blue-ish grey of their armour, anyone got some suggestions of paints to use?

>> No.52697178

>Dont, despoilers are retarded
Good for WE then :^)

>> No.52697406

The Fang? Even comes in a spray can.

>> No.52697453

Is it true that Mk II power armor dudes look small compared to the Mk III and IV plastics?

>> No.52697482

Finished the drybuild on the SoS Rhino. Time for cleaning and trimming.

>> No.52697564

TS beep boops up for preorder. They're still referring to that one weapon as an "æther-flame" cannon, because forgeworld gonna forgeworld.

>> No.52697602

Pretty fukin sweet
Can mechanicum use them?

>> No.52697761

Anyone got the Rules to the Talons of the Emperor?

>> No.52697790

Daily reminder that bikes and jump packs in a DG army is bad and you should feel bad for using them.

>> No.52697810

B-but raven guard players tell us jump infantry are still infantry!

>> No.52697880

Nobody tell him.

>> No.52697894

Stop being a bitch Mom

>> No.52697921

Yea, but no need seeing as how you get free Chain-axes on Tacticals

>> No.52697957

>Today sees the release of a new Limited Edition Primarchs novel for all you Black Library fans. ‘Perturabo: Master of Olympia’, by Guy Haley, delves into the life, motivations and actions of, surprisingly enough, Perturabo, Master of the Iron Warriors.

>The novel covers his difficult upbringing and his later return to Olympia as the vengeful master of a Space Marine Legion – but it also gives an unparalleled insight into what drives Perturabo and how the challenges of his childhood shaped the man he became and the actions he took.

Oh boy, I can't wait to read a book all about the thousand sons, and how great Magnus is.

>> No.52698016

Would these dragon heads on guardian spears work as pyrithite spears?

>> No.52698062

Thanks for the advice, tacs in Storm Eagles can probably still use those bolters after and if they survived the first slug fest.

>> No.52698087

Aaaaaaaah Forgeworld states that some Solar Auxilia minis are sold out and no longer available!!


>> No.52698121

Could be that they're just out of stock but an intern pressed the wrong button when updating the webstore. It's happened before.

>> No.52698149

Why Isstvan 3 took so long for the Traitors to finish the Loyalists? They had every advantages (supply, air support, even fucking Primarchs)

>> No.52698168

Good suggestion, thanks anon!

>> No.52698170


>> No.52698182

Not in my book, but they would look good on banana terminators with flaming pikes maybe.

>> No.52698183

I guess you could say it was not as WELL DONE! as a certain Primarch said it was.

>> No.52698211

They are in the webway

>> No.52698229

Eh not really, well mk III is, but it's bulked out with extra armour plates so it should be. MkII looks a bit bigger than plastic mkIV since it got a bigger backpack and shoulder pads.

Why do you ask?

>> No.52698320

Well fuck

>> No.52698322

Do it, join the best legion and be the best you can be.

Also, don't forget to toast your victory before every game, you know you're going to win anyways with your perfect plan :^)

>> No.52698341

Its specific to their legs

>> No.52698350

What weakness does plasma-heavy Orbital Assault army has, beside the possible turn 1 sudden death? Lack of anti-tank?

>> No.52698357

Pls. DG jumpers are canon, all legions had some of them but some legions had more, and used them more than others.

Nice bait tho.

I bet you miss true grit.

>> No.52698369

Any tips on facing Angel's Wrath those-fuckers-won't-come-down army? I don't have that many Anti-air models at the moment.

>> No.52698378

Horde lists, since all the plasma in the world won't save you from 120 frothing berserkers. Massed AV13 more than AV14, since its easier to spam AV13
A dorito dread kills a flyer a turn, as does a Xiphon. Otherwise, airspam suffers from not having many scoring models, unless they're running jump-heavy, in which case you kill them same as any other

>> No.52698472

I wrote a list. Not sure whether I want the Lightning or not, but I'm not sure what to replace it with. Can't fit another Droplite squad and don't particularly need any Peltasts or HQ units.
4k Ordo Reductor - AoD FoC.


- Magos Reductor with Machinator Array (150)
- Archmagos Archimandrite with Cyber-familliar, Abeyant, Machinator Array, Djinn-Skein and 4 Occularis, Chainfist, Photon Thruster (355) Warlord.


- Techpriest Enginseer Auxilia - 1 extra Enginseer, 4 Servo-arm servitors (105)


- 3 Thallax, Photon Thruster, Destructor (175)
- 3 Thallax, Photon Thruster, Destructor (175)
- 12 Secutarii Hoplites, Omnispex (164)


- Arvus Lighter with Twin-Linked Multilaser (90)
- Lightning Fighter with 4 Kraken Missiles, Servitor Control and Auguries (210)

- Macrocarid Explorator with Explorator Web, Flare, Ceramite, Grav Imploder and sponson Irrads (345)
- 3 Myrmidon Destructors with Graviton Imploders (240)
- Artillery tank squad - 3 Medusae, Siege Plating, Machine Spirit, twin-linked bolter (480)


- Skyshield Landing Pad (75)


- Suborbital Strike Wing - One Sokar-Pattern Stormbird, Orbital Strikes Upgrade - (Has to be the 40k Version, so 1 less lascannon and some extra heavy bolters) - 1000pts.
Allied Detatchment - Miltia and Cults

- Force Commander, Tainted Weapon (55)
- Provenances - Cult Horde and Tainted Flesh (70)

- Levy Squad - 50 Levies, Frags, 2 CCW each. (110)
- Levy Squad - 50 Levies, Frags, 2 CCW each. (110)

>> No.52698547

>40k grav weapons
>spammed medusas
>barebones allied detachment to get fearless, rending blobs
Were you trying to fit every cancerous thing in the game into one list, out of interest?

>> No.52698635

Up against Custodes by the bucketload and many many 1ksons, so yes, actually. Local meta not the most chill. In casual games those Levies turn into Adsecularis, the Hoplites lose their ride and there's Basilisks instead of medusas, but I hold onto the grav as my anti-Primarch solution when literally everyone else runs them almost every game.

>> No.52698787

Back into the swing of things with gaming again finally! Friday night games are a go. Been trying out the new Centurion format for the up coming eye of horus event next month. Played a shadow wars mission with 2k a side, we both ran Mechanicum lists and the result was brutal cyborg on cyborg action that came down to the last turn. Here is a pic just before all the thallax and ursarax from both sides gave eachother big hugs.

>> No.52698817

Assault marines?

Nice, they look ready to murder a world

>> No.52698850

Then how does one make pyrithite spears without sitting on their ass and waiting for FW to do it for them? Just putting a meltagun on the end look lazy and not snazzy enough.

>> No.52698860

To anyone who has a custodes on hand
Would a tartaros power fist be alright for a solarite fist or are the proportions all off?

>> No.52698868

Arms are too short.

>> No.52698967

That's what I did.

>Inb4 it looks like shit.

>> No.52699042

Yup, the proportions are indeed all off.

>> No.52699201

it's post heresy, i hope forgeworld will go in depth on the second founding

>> No.52699303

I agree. We need more post-Heresy stuff in 30k. Then I can field my Dark Vengeance DA with ease.

>> No.52699328

Well, sometimes you gotta work with what you got and I didn't have time to wait 3 years for FW to release some. Looks ok to me.

>> No.52699356

Nice, I've got a three-for-all coming up today.

>> No.52699646

Its pretty obvious in this case thats how the sword works if you look at the design of the teeth, they're grabby hooks that pull apart meat.

>> No.52699713

Are those Centurions hanging out there?

>> No.52699831


>> No.52699844

yeah need 3 more gun pigs so subbed some in from the mates stash

>> No.52699889

Anyone have the link to the imgur album painting guide for HH?

>> No.52699893

It's Guy Haley, not Graham "I only have five characters and they're all shit" McNeil.

>> No.52699970

So they are Castellax count-as or conversion then? How much size difference is there between them actually?

>> No.52700000

no bro, literally I need 3 more myrms so we just subbed some models in

>> No.52700111

Ah, I see. They look pretty... what should I say, fit in for some reason. Maybe it's the color?

>> No.52700208

I heard the primarchs are based around the twenty star constellations.

Who is who?

Alpharius & Omegon is Hydra
And Horus is confirmed Sagittarius

>> No.52700244

Nah. The solarite power first for the imperial fists that FW makes is smaller and less huge looking than normal power fists. I think it makes it look good, like it's well made rather than just huge.

>> No.52700312

I am also curious about this

>> No.52700344

Is actually rather see a unification wars game made by forgeworld. All the various factions of terra during that dozens of years long conflict.

>> No.52700568

By that notion, do you think that the legions at their core traits reflect said constellations as well?

>> No.52700588

Dunno, I just googled and these people are still arguing and speculating about it.

>> No.52700628

is this hammer big enough?

>> No.52700632

No, constellations are just a bunch of burning nuclear fires.
Actually maybe you're right.

>> No.52700727


Works fine, but you have the wrong one selected.

>> No.52700746

Why is there zero fluff for Alpha Legion?

>> No.52700776

Because they are the meme legion.

>> No.52700795


Because there are situations where you can write nothing, pretend that counts as good writing and morons lap it up.

See also, almost all "lovecraftian" fiction.

>> No.52700843

If I do remember correctly, Horus mentioned that the Emperor compared him to Sagittarius in Horus Rising, but that doesn't mean they were based on them, but I do see where people are coming from though

>tfw also born a Sagittarius and always typed-casted by friends as great guy, maybe a little prideful, and when we play tg/vg, the guy who always ends unfortunately betraying everyone

>> No.52700865

>See also, almost all "lovecraftian" fiction.


>> No.52700876

please don't compare yourself as Horus

he watched youtube conspiracies for two hours and then turned traitor

>> No.52700891

The issue is they're not my comparisons, halp plz

>> No.52700900

do it

>> No.52700925

>>Today sees the release of a new Limited Edition Primarchs novel for all you Black Library fans.
Aaaaah so nervous. Gib scans plox :^)
>Oh boy, I can't wait to read a book all about the thousand sons, and how great Magnus is.

>> No.52700940

Are BS 5 Malcador Assault Tanks worth the investment? Thematically I like the fit in my army list and I can get three cheap but if I won't ever play them I don't see the point.

>> No.52701017


That word also describes most lovecraftian fiction.

>> No.52701025

One day, when i finished my study, i be like you sempai.

>> No.52701033

Is there any source as to why Angron inflicted the butcher snails on his own legion, knowing full well how horrible and pointless it was?

>> No.52701191

I thought they wanted them to be more like their primarch and he just went "sure whatever do what you want"

>> No.52701240

Horus Heresy rewrites fucking when

>> No.52701272

>Butcher snails
Absolutely terrifying

>> No.52701304

Let Chris Wraight rewrite the whole series.

>> No.52701344

This. The so-called space opera is driven by Demi-gods behaving like children instead of adults. Some of the lore is great and I love the fleshing out of certain details, but the plot drivers are... silly.

>> No.52701371


Angron's pets, the Butcher Snails.

>> No.52701534

Not using the Thousand Sons rules. You can pretend they're normal Castellax.

I like Guy Haley; Baneblade and Shadowsword were honestly good, especially the latter. Also, he said that unlike some of the other Primarchs novels, this one is an origin story.

What? There aren't 20 constellations. The zodiac has 12, and there are a bunch more... I've never seen them grouped into 20. I prefer the primarchs = tarot arcana theory.

>> No.52701598

I want to start a White Scars army and am considering Mk II dudes in transports but I'd be keeping the outrider and jetbike riders in Mk IV because screw converting dozens of Mk II legs into a riding position. So I'd be mixing marks but not in the same squads nor in the same positions.

The only reason I thought it might not work is that someone said FW resin legs were pretty skinny next to the plastic ones, to the point of looking like they were in another scale.

>> No.52701628

That is what happened. I think it was mentioned in Betrayer, but probably covered more fully in Butcher's Nails.

>> No.52701642


Malcadors are super viable tanks and fun as fuck in 30k

>> No.52701662

>tfw you share the same astrological sign with Gulliman

Why... He is boring...

>> No.52701702

This account is a lie.

>> No.52701708

As are you, so it works out well.

>> No.52701719

Yeah, they absolutely are. What's your list?

>> No.52701781

Running Ironwing Protocol, looking for some change up in my list. Can't get complacent ya know. Rule of thumb at my location is if it says tank in it's name it counts as a tank so they get the +1 BS in a squadron,

>> No.52701843


>> No.52701879

They'd be worth it without the +1BS, but I think that's a fair ruling.

>> No.52701990

This. Battle cannon and demo cannon and autocannon sponsons.. just so many cannon.

>> No.52702102

Fellow VI Legion players/fans- does anyone have art of the Fenrisian leather fright masks? I want to experiment with a couple minature conversions after rereading Prospero Burns for the fiftieth time.

>> No.52702144

Anyone got pics of Malcs in legion colours?
Sounds pretty cool

Don't know there's any way to take an Infernus other than Allied or as a (waste of a) LOW slot, is there?

>> No.52702215

Ok I've got 2 calth contemptors, one I've gone double kheres, is double power fist on the other viable (playing wolves so seems kind of fluffy)? Yes I've reposed them so they don't look shit.

>> No.52702267

How would bringing an AP2 helstorm template be "a waste"?

Contemptor-cortus with fist + chainfist and two grav guns seems an incredibly popular loadout.

>> No.52702291

Nope. People would really hate you for it anyway.

>> No.52702366

Stop being a faggot.

>> No.52702372

Redacted imperialis

>> No.52702401

wow. that's an arresting paintjob. well done.

>> No.52702417

Are you saying bigger isn't better? Mind blown!

>> No.52702637

How do I White Scars?

>> No.52702687

1. Fast
2. Laugh while you are killing

>> No.52702703

Post methface mcphosphex please

>> No.52702710

But what about in the game?

>> No.52702735

1. Fast
2. Laugh while you are winning

>> No.52702774

LOL his entire arm is less than a millimetre long

>> No.52702780

Read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Secret_History_of_the_Mongols, then Brotherhood of the Storm, Scars, Allegiance, Brotherhood of the Moon, The Path of Heaven

Buy bikes and jetbikes

Paint light gray instead of white. Weather heavily and desaturate the red (add gray) for a less cartoony look.


>> No.52702783


>> No.52702787

I guess it's just a grass is greener/exclusivity factor - there's more unique things you can use your slot for - also for a LoW it's pretty cheap

Even if it was auxiliary I'd still paint in legion (XIV, ofc) colours

>> No.52702816

DG defense force is go :^)

>> No.52702817

WHere to get grav guns

>> No.52702835

Thinking about it
If I drop the dreadspear I can give everyone aerie Shrikes and all the troops melta bombs, meaning I sacrifice the glorious D for more survivable units and better anti armour overall
Should it be done?

>> No.52702896

I don't think you'll be able to make it resemble a dreadnought. However, I have thought about using them as Ogryn stand ins for my warp cult with dark mechanicum ties.

>> No.52702946


No, fuck you, the warlord Arioch power fist is the only viable Solarite gauntlet proxy.

>> No.52703392

Google "Ryan Kimmel biker manifesto". But keep in mind it was written before the 40k FAQ killed multi-bombing. Ryan thinks that made outriders less good than they used to be - only worth taking if your legion gets bonuses to them, which WS do.

>> No.52703443

And he'd be right.
They used to be a fast source of multi bombs, but now they're relegated to tactical support squads on wheels. And that's expensive.
Only one in three can get a power weapon, so they're not a melee squad beyon Assault marines tier, really.

>> No.52703542

Yeah, it's frustrating. I'll be running Chogorian Brotherhood with a couple of mid-sized squads... kind of have to for the theme, and they're a decent place to put characters. At least they score in that RoW. Compared to assault marines they're fewer in number but T5 and jinking with LA:WS bonuses, so I think it'll still work out. Hmm, now that I think about it, I'm better off running one big, fully-equipped squad with the praetor and leaving the other one small for objective grabbing.

>> No.52703681

Honestly I wouldnt
The Sodality rule already helps a lot with templates and they only work for barrage weapons
The Dreadspear, other Aquillus, emergency melta bomb on your squad and Galatus are plenty of reliable anti-armor

>> No.52703798

>3 x exalted sorcerer
>3 x Rubrics
>1 x scarab occults
Alright starting point for 1ksons?

>> No.52703842

Wrong thread m80boi.

>> No.52703844

Yeah. Imperial fist solarite looks good. Giving a custode a snlightly undersized gauntlet gives the proper impression IMO

>> No.52704043

Scatter psykers or primarchs over the field. You wont be able to cast anything but denying on a 5+ is leagues better than nothing. Focus on denying the nova.

>> No.52704095

>Scatter Primarchs over the field.

>> No.52704109

You ARE allowed to take multiple Primarchs in an apocalypse game. :^)

>> No.52704369

We've all gone too far along the scale towards 'fluffy' . STOP THIS SHIT NOW!
Trying to argue people can't play units because it's not fluffy has gone FUCKING MAD.... STOP THIS SHIT NOW!
Can't play Custodes because it's not fluffy? Because there's only 1k left and they're in the webway?
The majority of the Legions never fought against each other, and their Primarchs certainly didn't, but NO that's perfectly acceptable, even though it's not FUCKING REMOTELY 'FLUFFY'

>> No.52704420

Kinda glad I don't give a crap about Solarite gauntlets because I'm giving my hetareons spears and leaving the fisting to aquillons.

>> No.52704467

Cool it. The trolls are winning your mind. Nobody really cares IRL as long as we're all having fun with the game.

>> No.52704501


>> No.52704824

How many assault cannons will Sanguinius have strapped to his wings? Will his legion boost double the fire of thoee assault cannons?

>> No.52704877

What's Guillis sign?

>> No.52705043


>> No.52705089


>> No.52705104

This thread.

>> No.52706194

Wait. Fafnir Rann (bloodthirsty bastard, wields twin axes and a shield) was an Imperial Fist? All this time I thought he was from a Space Wolf watchpack assigned to the Fists.

>> No.52706240


Yep, this termi has his personal heraldry on the centre of his chest. Rann would later found the Executioners, and that symbol was kept for the new chapter.

>> No.52706274

>twin axes and a shield


>> No.52706309


Fists are more germanic than nordic, Fafner was a dragon-dude who hot bummed by Siegfried according to Wagner.

>> No.52706397


Dude malcador infernus are one of the absolute strongest LoW choices you can take in a normal game of 30k, it's not a waste at all

>> No.52706439

Combat shields don't take a hand, they're worn on the forearm (I think 99% of the bitz for them have the hand holding a pistol)

>> No.52706661

>Want to start playing HH
>Nice basic Iron Warriors army
>Those prices

Why is this game so expensive? Just typical Forgeworld shit?

>> No.52706689

>but muh stereotypes!

>> No.52706748

Not all Imperial Fists are wallfags!
End discrimination now!

>> No.52706853

Yeah, pretty much. It's less expensive these days thanks to Betrayal at Calth and Burning of Prospero... i.e. boxes by GW instead of FW. Something's wrong when GW is cheap.

You get decent money/points ratios on most infantry thanks to the GW plastics, even with FW weapon upgrades. Applies to power armored dudes (except Breachers and Assault Marines) and Terminators. Land Raiders (get the Mk IIb) and FW superheavies are also pretty well priced for the points. In the next tier you've got Spartans and most Dreadnoughts. After that it starts getting pricey.

>> No.52707014

30k EC wannabe reporting mk 3 is soooo sexy

>> No.52707336

Mk3, for the IIIrd?

>> No.52707418

They amputated his elbow to save his arm. Don't make fun of the Emperor's finest like that.

>> No.52707490

yeah thier fw helms look cool aswell

>> No.52707523

We already have the slow fucks in game

>> No.52707577

Because Angron is a fucking idiot and can't even think straight witho- ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

>> No.52707829

thats Mk.II
but most certainly looks excelent

>> No.52707940

Under the enemies chin. Regardless if you hit the neck/chest gap or not the teeth will pull the sword into it if it hits anywhere in the face.

>> No.52707970

Because Angron hated the Emperor and the War Hounds were just an extension of the Emperor therefore by crippling a legion he was lashing out at the Emperor. Same reason why he killed the legion's high command until Kharn convinced him to quit crying, man up and become one man genocide machine.

>> No.52707994

Weird thing i just noticed reading the HH books and EVERY bit of fluff ever: The Sons of Horus have no psykers/Librarians? So the leaders of the faction championing the warp has zero connection to it whatsoever?

>> No.52708131

Lies, misinformation, mystery and theories are all traits of the Alpha Legion in universe, it only makes sense that it carries over to their lore

>> No.52708133

The bases on the bronze guys makes dick hard
Nice armies brah

>> No.52708146

I don't know how angron managed to be a part of the legions he is clearly insane why didn't the emperor just kill him?

>> No.52708199

I would have been fine if they left the Alpha Legion as a complete mystery but they've revealed too much that doesn't make sense. I hope they clarify why Omegon was working against his twin and if he is a closet loyalist what went wrong.

>> No.52708217

Because the Emperor clearly loved Tool #12... errr... I mean his son Angron.

>> No.52708234

He murders more xenos alive.

>> No.52708244

Re-read Vengeful Spirit. By that point in the war they have marines who've been taught by the Word Bearers how to perform human sacrifices and say lines from the Book of Lorgar to summon daemons into comatose Astartes bodies.

>> No.52708268

what a perfect primarch for a perfect legion that is perfect

>> No.52708432

That is Sorcery, it requires no psychic ability to perform. What i mean is that they never had any Librarians and no one ever mentions it. Like, Nikea doesn't mention his opinion at all and they are never mentioned in any fluff.

We have zero knowledge or mention of the SoH opinion on Librarians at all. Even the DG and WE had psykers, Angron even had Librarians. DG, EC and SoH are the only ones with no mention of them and even DG had known psykers as members.

>> No.52708459

Anyone know how big Kataphrons are? Compared to marines and termies? I need ~4 heavy weapon servo-automatas, but I don't like how FW one look.

>> No.52708472

Heh, just found an old (between books I and II) interview with Alan Bligh. He says they are (were) planning on releasing Mk III assault marines.


>> No.52708510

>why didn't the emperor just kill him?

Because despite being insane he was stupidly effective at the one thing the Emperor wanted of him, genocide on a planetary scale.

Its like the Emperor was told that Angron had an expiration date, had a need to kill and was really good at killing, those are all bonus to the Emperor's plans! He just has to point the fucker in the right direction and whole systems surrender to him AND he doesnt have to kill him when he'll die due to the nails! WIN-WIN!.

>> No.52708526

Hmm, I see what you mean. I hadn't thought about the distinction between sorcery and psykery.

I guess the traitors wouldn't bring back the Librarius project because it deliberately limited the psykers' powers. But yeah, we don't see enough of that.

>> No.52708600

The thing is it seems clear the SoH never had a Librarius to begin with and the few others that didn't (EC, DG) still had psykers who got inadvertently brought into the legion.

The SoH are a total void on the issue; no Librarius, no psykers and not even an opinion every mentioned. Seriously, the fucking WARMASTER didn't have an opinion about the Council of Nikea or the subject in general ?

>> No.52708613

What's the consensus on mixing armor patterns? If it's wrong, then I'm a degenerate because I want to add a little variety to my guys.

Does anyone have any good examples of armor-mixing? Like Mk3 and Mk4 stuff?

>> No.52708629

i don't get it

>> No.52708637

Well its from the future, of course you don't.

>> No.52708655

r u alan blight

>> No.52708704

at suckin DICK

>> No.52708740

im not gay but id sex fulgrim....im not gay though

>> No.52708762

Its a shame the "inner-legion civil war" plotline will never be fleshed out. It was my favorite Alpha plot point and had a lot of potential for Your Dudes. I still think of my dudes being staunch loyalists who follow Omegon

>> No.52708769

I think it's a great way to represent a veteran force that was deployed on a relatively long term low supply mission. Attrition of materiel means you use the parts you have, even if its older stuff.

>> No.52708771

>feels cheap
>posts, admittedly well-painted, plastic 40k minis
>which he has no doubt made up an elaborate headcanon about why they should exist during the horus heresy or just after teehee

Yup. Cheap for sure.

>> No.52708784


>> No.52708800

Baller as fuck G
I have two myself for my Fists.

>> No.52708927

Kitbashing armor patterns is fine, MkIII torsos generally need to go on MKIII legs as they are too chunky for anything else.

Technically everything you have will then be in MkV.

Try to use the same Mk shoulder pads on each shoulder whatever you do.

Never. EVER. EVER. Use MkVII. Do NOT use your kitbashing as an excuse to just put some plastic MkIII helmets from ebay onto your tactical box bodies. it's a fucking insult to 30k.

Also plastic MkIV looks bad without kitbashing.

>> No.52708983

Okay so butchers nails were voluntary right?

Why the fuck did they all go through with that before becoming a Khorne cult?

>> No.52709017

I actually think plastic MK.IV looks better than its resin counterpart but that's just, like, my opinion man. Granted the leg poses aren't superb.

>> No.52709020


Peer pressure is a hell of a drug.

>> No.52709025

This subset of the hobby isn't for you.

Either start saving and decide fully what, exactly, your 3000 point list is going to be and from which legion you love


Do what everyone else who complains about Forgeworld and 30k despite desperately wanting to play it does: Run two betrayal at Calth boxes and one Burning of Prospero box with Chaos marine stuff / Chapter specific stuff for traitors / loyalists respectively and have a really, really, really fun time lurking here and shitting on resin and playing against armies which look stunning every now and again.

I know i'm being harsh and lame. But reality check. If you wanted an army from GW, all you have to do is mark that up by like 30%, and you can have it from forgeworld. So if you were going to save for a year to buy an army, save for a year and a couple of months. It's that easy.

>> No.52709032

>Okay so butchers nails were voluntary right?

>> No.52709065

Compared to the ones that the Macrotek cones with? Way way WAY too big, they're more like manned Rapier batteries than Servitors. Personally I use Genestealer Neophytes with Kataphron and/or Skitarii heads, mechanical bitz and whatever heavy weapon is relevant, those mining suits are sexy.

>> No.52709073

I hear that all the time and I can't help but feel people are kinda self-deluding themselves.

The whole point of MkIV is sleek, contained, sophisticated, standardized, powered plate. It's supposed to be skinny and defined compared to it's predecessors.

Plastic MkIV just looks like GW tactical marines when all in the same armor and same pose (As they are pretty much mono-posed). I don't see the point in getting them. The helmets are fine, and so are the torsos. But arms and legs and shoulders are so chubby and poorly defined, and posed exactly like tactical marines. Even the bits which are okay still aren't as crisp and varied as FW.

>> No.52709084

You haven't even seen my ULTIMATE FORM.

>> No.52709086

Admitting is half the battle.

Definately one of the main reasons I disliked BL's decision to just axe half the set up for that. But well, they did it before, no doubt it's gonna happen again.

But loyalist marines already started using MK VII during the Siege of Terra ! It is entirely fluffy to use that armour mark as long as you play IF, BA, or WS. Maybe not an entire army of only MK VII but you could definately mix some in there.

>> No.52709087

What the hell is this thing?
Cant find anything about it in inferno, dafuq did I miss?

>> No.52709097

Have you read the books?

>> No.52709099

Ur-Golem Dreadnought

It's custode shit.

>> No.52709121

Custodes a shit.... fuck those golden cunts

>> No.52709154

anyone have emperor's children/fulgrim art they could dump?

>> No.52709158

That model is probably just a mock up, the final model is going to be at least twice as large knowing FW and their huge boner for walkers.

>> No.52709162

It's legitimately not a price point issue for me. I'll happily concede that the resin MK.III is much better than plastic. I think the resin Maximus looks too "soft for lack of a better word. The helmets seem weirdly narrow and the legs are too thin. It's just personal preference. I think if the plastics had Deathwatch leg positioning without the squat they'd be almost perfect.

>> No.52709168

what on earth are the legs from?

>> No.52709178

>boots over powered armor
Please don't do this. Yes I'm aware the custards have gloves.

>> No.52709182

Speaking of which, why did custodes get so popular? There really isn't much about them to like.

>> No.52709190

I'm surprised there was no criticism on the pointy parts of the pauldrons, it needs something rounder.

>> No.52709195

Why play 30k then?

Why even start a 30k army?

Why not just buy the rulebooks and play your army normally as a 40k army 99% of the time and when you do play from the rulebooks, you can only play a siege of terra scenario / opposing army which your respective chapter fought. So if fluff comes out saying how the white scars were nowhere near Iron warriors, that can't be played. If the Emperors Children did their thing and ransacked the planet and didn't siege the walls, those two can't play.

It just defeats the purpose. Why buy a love chair when you want a sofa? Why buy a laptop when you want a pc? Why buy cigarettes when you want a cigar? Why buy, as a collector, the wrong, but very similar, historical gun when you want one used in x war?

I don't want to start a armor argument, but seeing extensive MkVIII in a 30k army feels a bit insulting to me. It's like going to university because of how hard you studied and the person next to you in the lecture is dumb, loud, annoying, doesn't really know anything, but is there because of a policy which he exploited.

>> No.52709206

>But loyalist marines already started using MK VII during the Siege of Terra ! It is entirely fluffy to use that armour mark as long as you play IF, BA, or WS. Maybe not an entire army of only MK VII but you could definately mix some in there.
That's from fluff so old that I wouldn't be surprised if it got retconned. Other sources seem to say it didn't exist until the Scouring anyway.

>> No.52709208

same as grey knights, bullshit rules + paint gold and wash + tiny model count. Any power gaming wannabe can now have an instant army of golden fucks.

>> No.52709218

Probably same reason as why everybody suddenly played GK in 5th edition : powercreep they just can't resist.

>> No.52709232

They're old Chaos warrior legs from 8th edition. Along with the axe.

Absolutely horrible.

>> No.52709234

you sound bitter...

>> No.52709235


I'm generally fine with playing against custodes, there's even an in-built fag test for the army that lets you determine if you actually want to play them or not.

>> No.52709238

it's even cheaper if you just use Stormcasts as proxies :^)

>> No.52709262

I bet you're not even memeing.

>> No.52709264

custodes look pretty badass desu id like them to be more of a bronze or darker gold but they cool im a fan of over the top aesthetic armor

>> No.52709270

stop anon you are tearing us apart!

>> No.52709280

Well the custodes player I know already allies SA to his golden fucks so they can have a Malcador Infernus. Kinda gives a certain impression as to which type of players they attract.

>> No.52709289

to a point yes, seeing the kind of shit that eventually ruined 40k creeping in to 30k rustles my jimmines

>> No.52709290

They are Age of Sigmar Khorne Warrior legs.

>> No.52709296

Shield plus cyber-familiar tribune?

>> No.52709309

Anon, those aren't Chaos Warriors legs...

Come now, you can't be insulting if you are wrong.

>> No.52709311

Yup. Because without it he "died too fast"

>> No.52709328

There you go, he failed the fag test.

>> No.52709370

>nobody should have guys who can kill my space dad

>> No.52709373

One vet squad done!

Though I should probably model more with swords to proc the Legion specific rule, right? Or is it just characters?

>> No.52709385

What's wrong with the Infernus?

>> No.52709396

all models, get those swords

>> No.52709402

>for 270 points
>almost unkillable
>3+ rerollable invul
>can take 3 of them, one of them with eternal warrior and picking his warlord trait

Looks like you failed it also bucko.

>> No.52709417

AP2 ignores cover wounds on 2+ hellstorm template for 300 points, can get PE:infantry or other special rules and dodge a HQ tax at the same time

>> No.52709430

Custodes equivalent of a Leviathan. Rules not in Inferno.

Also low cost and low model count. But I do know a few people who loved them even back when there were only slight hints as to what they were.

>> No.52709457

>mark vii on Dark Angels
Oh shit nigger what are you doing?

>> No.52709462

Barebones it already removes 2-3 units of marines each turn with only invulnerable saves possible, but with chem-munitions is also gains AP 2. It's kind of like a phospex mortar on steroids. Basically if you face one all your infantery has to stay inside transport vehicles untill it's gone, otherwise they're dead.

>> No.52709468

literally no 30k parts.
Get out

>> No.52709469


>In a pathetic model count army with tactical gaps you could drive a truck through

Oh no the emperor's private guard can take a discount almost-Primarch in their 35 models at 3000 points army.

>> No.52709481

can anyone explain this meme?

>> No.52709484

What are your hopes/predictions for White Scars, Dark Angels, and Blood Angels unique units and characters? White Scars are definitely getting an assault focused bike unit. The second could either be Keshig (all glaive Tartaros, with furious charge or something choppy) or some special psyker, seeing as how Jaghatai was one of the founders of the Librarius program. If they do for all glaive Keshig, they're going to need some effort to make them visually and crunchwise distinct from Phoenix Guard.

>> No.52709492


>> No.52709510

ADB gives all his mantises waifus.

>> No.52709527

My blood angel hopes are thus: Raldoran, Amit, Azkaellon and obviously Sanguinius.

Unique units will probably be Sanguinary Guard, Lamentii Guard, whatever tac unit they were talking about at the open day that had inferno pistols, and probably some terminator unit.

All of them with Blades of Perdition.

>> No.52709532

But everyone on here says it is fine and was around during the heresy?? I don't have to make my army how you like it.

I don't really like how Mark 2 looks anyway, and Mark 3 is too much hastle.

But they're dark angels? They look like that?
What is a 30k part supposed to be?

Fucking elitists.

>> No.52709541

That was a strange autocorrect

>> No.52709546

That was the CORRECT auto correct friendon.

>> No.52709568

Lotara and Kharn get along well. Probably because Angron is infectious and Lotara has caught the madness just like the World Eaters.

Harpoon the enemy, I want to hit them my ship!

>> No.52709573

thats nice of him angron not such a bad guy and she seems nice to bad the EC dont get waifus

>> No.52709590

cool I like her angreyness

>> No.52709591

>What is a 30k part supposed to be?
Armour marks they would have access to in the fluff. Dark Angels didn't get mkVIII until the Scouring at the earliest.

>> No.52709623

Lotara and ANGRON get along well, too.

>I confined one of your senior officers to his quarters since he left my ship without permission during a battle.
>I also shot him in the face.

>> No.52709644

I actually can explain this meme, but I don't know if you will believe me.

So I am part of a Warhammer community in west London, and a core group of which is heavily into 30k. (Everyone has lovely Armies). A lot of us are really into the fluff too, most of us having large book collections.

In, I think Betrayer, ADB has a character which is the mortal captain of the Conqueror (Flagship of the World Eaters).

I had a conversation in our flgs in which I said how funny I thought it was that the most bloodthirsty and brutal legion had a small loli as captain of their ship capable of firing hundred meter long harpoons, having gained the position through family heretage of the position by way of being the first in line of a prominent family from the shipyards at Saturn which built most of the Gloriana class ships.
>Loli? One of my friends asks
>She was 13 when she is Shipmaster right?
>uhm, no I thought she was older.

We investigate, and I had misread her age as 13 when it's 31.

A drawfag friend in our group liked the idea, which was a mistake, so much, when he next came in, he came up to me with his phone and showed me what he had drawn, the picture you posted.

True story.

>> No.52709653

said, expect for one thing. The character in question, Lotara, became the captain of the WE's flagship at the age of 30. The artist of this comic, when told this by a friend, thought he said she became captain at the age of 13.
He made this comic partially in part to mock his own mistake.

>> No.52709671

Oh but the EC did get one, in the Fulgrim novel. Are very fitting one at that.

I'm still trying to forget the details. That was some nightmarefuel alright.

>> No.52709693

Who are you famalam?

(Not quite how the story went, twas me who thought her a loli!)

>> No.52709700

praise be to the waifu god of chaos

>> No.52709710

"A guy at my local Games Workshop misread Betrayer and thought that Lotara Sarrin took command of the Conqueror at the age of 13 rather than 30, but the image of this small child blowing up ships and chatting shit to Angron was too good to resist."

>> No.52709739

he seems like a cool guy

>> No.52709747

Exactly. I am the guy who made the mistake.

>> No.52709773


Bait, really?

Someone dares bring up that having a stupidly crazy strong melee character in an almost purely melee army with piddly model count isn't that big a deal, and it must be a troll?

The tribune is both undercosted, and taking a invul reroll item makes him pretty broken, sure, but he plays up to what the army is already best at and needs no further help with, and the only real problem he solves in the process is access to infiltrate.

>> No.52709785

To be fair, infiltrate is not to be underestimated.

>> No.52709944

Just like Blackshields Option 1 are not to be underestimated.

>> No.52710184

Well, your mistake made a pretty neat piece of artwork.

Though my Lore Autism does scream at me that Lotarra was Blonde and thus that pic is wrong.

>> No.52710197

And the general died. Fuck guys.

>> No.52710206

She was blonde? Significantly less satisfying.

>> No.52710214

Yes. Don't have the book on me but it was specifically mentioned she had messy blonde hair tied up in a loose ponytail.

>> No.52710254

mother fuck me.

>> No.52710284

Surprise mother fuckers. Magnetized that shit

>> No.52710322

>> No.52710347

>> No.52710371

How so? The morale help isn't really that good, and 6+ FNP saves are practically worthless.

>> No.52710388

I meant Chymeraie option 1.

This Thunder Warrior here for example.

>> No.52710401

Yeah, those guys are nasty.

>> No.52710420

This reminds me, does anyone know of a good guide for converting mkI armour?
I've always wanted to make scout/recon squad out of 'em.

>> No.52710434

What appeals to me most about them, is the idea of an infantry heavy army that has the edge in attrition based on having better stats.

Pound for pound Blackshield Marauders with bolters and chainaxes exchange blow for blow at range before mincing you in melee.

>> No.52710449

Consider suicide you autistic sperg, if you don't care about the historical aspect of HH then fuck off.

>> No.52710467

For the legs, strip down all the plating on the back of them, apply chainmail green stuff and buckles. The end.

>> No.52710485


>> No.52710510

Awesome, thank you!

>> No.52710521

And thank you as well.

>> No.52710537

Same Thunder Warrior fag.

Its a process, this is my first army and fuck me if it hasn't been a learning process.

>> No.52710652

>gets angry because the helmets on a guy's tiny toy army men are slightly wrong
>calls someone else an autistic sperg
wew lad

>> No.52710730

Interesting news, the Doom of the Death Guard books for the Horus Heresy are being written by Guy Haley, not Chris Wraight. Haley mentioned it in a Podcast he was in.

So what are we going to get then? Wraight has done a great job with the Death Guard, but I have no clue what Haley's writing is like, nor how he sees the Death Gaurd and Mortarion.

>> No.52711079

Is that a multi las cannon?

>> No.52711354


>> No.52711456

If he has the points to ally an infernus he could do MUCH better. He should ally Admech. Think Thallax to jump in front of the Golden boys to suck up fire with a gunline of 40-60 Peltrasts ensuring horde obliteration or alternately 60 adsec for a cheap horde of your own. .

Instead of the Infernus, think of the one thing your Custodes list is missing. If you thought "hey they need something with T8, 4 wounds and a plasma mortar" you thought right!

>> No.52711493

Made some changes to my Death Guard list.

How'd I do?

>> No.52711513

Replace her in the comic with hilloli cliton, will be 100% better and more believable.
Replace her with

>> No.52711738

>I don't really like how Mark 2 looks anyway,
>Uses Mark 2 arms

>> No.52711752

Nice 40k squad.

>> No.52711776

Honestly, I get the feeling that Angron would be perfectly fine with a bloodthirsty shoulder loli.

>> No.52712052

He wrote Baneblade and Shadowsword, which I thought were quite good. He wrote Pharos too, which had pretty lousy Night Lords. I like his writing style, at least.

Here's the problem: Mk VII armor developed for production on Terra while Mars was in traitor hands, so the first legions to get it were the Imperial Fists, Blood Angels, and White Scars. The Dark Angels would only have received any after arriving late to the Siege of Terra - after Horus's death.

So you could justify the presence of Mk VII armor among the Dark Angels aligned with the Lion at the Battle of Caliban, but you miss out on everything prior. And as far as I can tell, the Calibanites were more likely to be festooned with robes.

But the robes do take away a portion of my objections; if you want robes you pretty much have to use 40k heads. Just convince us that robes make sense for Heresy-era Dark Angels.

>> No.52712199

>Just convince us that robes make sense for Heresy-era Dark Angels.
It's in the BL books, regular marines wore white robes occasionally, while Librarians had blue robes on. IIRC it was the only thing that marked Librarians out from the other marines.

>> No.52712224

>But I do know a few people who loved them even back when there were only slight hints as to what they were.
Waffle Custode (me) is one of them. Honestly I thought I'd have to wait until they put out the Siege of Terra book to get Custodes models, let alone that they'd be plastic when we did get them.

>> No.52712239

post the image

>> No.52712304

>White Scars Special Characters...
Hmm, they might save the Khan for the Siege of Terra, but probably not. Which means my money would be on Targutai Yesugei being the 2nd one. Partly because I think he'd be the first loyalist special character who's a psyker, making him too good a choice not to go with.

For units. I agree. Bike unit, probably the Keshig, and maybe some special rules for the Stormseers.

>> No.52712736

>I think he'd be the first loyalist special character who's a psyker,
Theres that smurf knight-errant

>> No.52712943

New phonecrafted bread

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