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A quick lore question.

In the Calixis sector you have the Lord's Dragon which is essentially the inquisition for the Mechanicus in that area.

Would it be out of keep to have a similar group is Askellon? And what would be the best way to have them interact with the Imperial Inqusition?

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Who preps the bull in 40k?

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I bet Slaaneshi cultists have something similar to japanese Idols. Untouchable innocents, completely uncorrupted, that are paraded around to look upon, then utterly corrupted in some kind of grand ceremony.

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You need to be cleansed with fire.

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nth for the best legion!

From Iron, cometh Strength.

From Strength, cometh Will.

From Will, cometh Faith.

From Faith, cometh Honor.

From Honor, cometh Iron.

This is the Unbreakable Litany, and may it forever be so

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The minotaurs, obviously.

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But I've been playing sisters since witch hunters.

I'm just not stupid enough to think GW are ever going to do anything with them.

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Stuck /hhg/ back up again, for those who care.

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What we need:

Female marines.
Plastic sisters models.
Pregnant Banshee models.

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Anyone who thinks plastic sisters are coming any time this year is a delusional newfag.

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Been gone a while, I guess we all just agreed no duncan?

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Also, Fires of Cyraxus was canceled because of 8th.

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>thinks animu is better
This thread needs to go into the same cesspit as /pfg/.

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I feel like people have been saying "Plastic Sisters in a few months for sure this time" for as long as I've been playing this game.

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Duncan is animu?

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They've been saying the models are made and GW are sitting on them for a fucking decade.

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They have. When everyone was getting plastic troops in 3rd/4th, we were metal. When the 5th Codex came out, we were totally getting plastic for sure this time. Then, when the 6th Codex dropped, GW made a big Facebook stink about it and were were without a doubt getting plastics. Then last year, several rumor lingers confirmed plastic sisters in December/Q1 and then quickly realized they were wrong.

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w-whats wrong with duncan?

they are the one army GW has completely abandoned and shit on, even the dark eldar were treated better. Fuck. This. Shit.

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>one army


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This thread, you mongrel dog.

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>25 years ago
Let it die, anon.
Squat jokes aren't funny anymore, especially after they didn't virtually bring them back in 40k AND AoS.

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Good. I'm so tired of hearing so SOBabies crying about their unsupported army... unless you've been playing since the 90s you knew what you were getting into when you picked them up.

I hope GW just squats them.

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>tfw haven't played since 3rd/4th edition
>go to GW for nostalgias sake
>somehow even more expensive


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Just postponed. Why would they release an IA that would be outdated 4 months later?

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I remember when Agents of the Imperium was announced, but not the details and the SoB and GK players had a collective stroke.

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Well, I've been playing them since codex witch hunters, so...

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Only 14dchan memesters like the squats

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How would you make a better DG list?
not fluffier

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Why does the guardswoman have man-hands?

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Speaking realistically, the squats could've been done well, and they could've survived into current 40k in a somewhat badass faction, however, current 40k would likely have had them as an abhuman, because xenos are scum. It was a missed opportunity, but they'll never be introduced or regained now because it's too much hassle for too little reward.

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Probably because seh's a warrior and you don't have femenine hands in a battlefield

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Same reason her flamer appears to have been sat on by an orgryn. Perspective is hard u guise.

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Your hands don't get bigger from training and exertion.

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Man-hands are really popular on Cadia. Big hands on woman is sexier than ass&tiddies.

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trannies in the 41st millenium keep quiet or get commissar'd.

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Question. If I have a Librarian using the Endurance Blessing from the Biomancy discipline on a tac squad, it gives them a 4+ FnP, Eternal Warrior, and Relentless. Does that mean they could still get a FnP against something like a Battle Cannon (Str 8 Ap 3), even when it would ignore their armor save, due to having Eternal Warrior and them being unable to be instant killed by weapons that deal damage double to their toughness?

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I believe the wound still counts as Instant Death for FNP checks. Eternal Warrior just prevents you from actually dying from it.

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That's what I'm confused about. FnP only would work in the case that it wouldn't cause Instant Death but the whole point of Eternal Warrior is to prevent ID. The BrB hasn't told me shit thus far so I'm a bit stuck. Thus, here I am. Thanks for the input though. If nobody else has answers this is probably how I'll end up treating it.

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ID still negates FnP, EW just counters the "instantly reduce wounds to 0 and remove" quality of Instant Death, it doesn't remove it entirely so it still counts as a wound with the Instant Death special rule for the purposes of negating Feel No Pain.

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Let's compromise!

Impressed by the Sisters of Battle, Gulliman makes them Honorary Space Marines. Sisters the faction are now squatted but you can take them as a troops alternative to scouts.

How angry is everyone?

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Fury of ten thousand angry gods.

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>>52688327 #
Try not to play against Tau when you're new, it'll skew your perception of what is and isn't broken. By the time you have a list that can beat a tau opponent, you'll be using your own form of cheese, and shitting on codexes that aren't in the top 3, ruining their fun.

It's insanely easy to be well above average with tau, and an experienced player can make a list that sounds beatable on paper, but you never actually had a chance against.

Also, tau players like to talk about their weaknesses, and give "tips" how to beat them, but it's mostly just bullshit as their weaknesses are all covered by special rules. In reality they are just trying to make you think you're playing wrong against a tactical genius, when they are actually just playing an easy-mode army with no real weaknesses.

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>an entire faction is scrapped
Oh no i'm just peachy, i'm forced to play a whole new army and take my old army as buttmonkeys, but i'm grand.

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What are the bottom tier codexes these days anyway? Orks, Nids, deldar and sisters?

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How to fix 40k:

They introduce a new unit type

The Scenerymancer

He summons scenery

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And Necrons. They really need a buff.

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Get out.

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Two friends and I are playing the Taros Campaign and I'm in charge of the Guard. Anyone got tips for fighting the Tau, particularly in the mission where Guard only get 800 points and the Tau get 1500?

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When I started playing something like 90% of my games were against the same Tau player (roommate). I play CSM and every game was remove my models for two turns and then finally get tabled turn three. I even tried digging into different armies to beat him with, IG failed to out shoot him and Iron Hands got turned to past just as easily as my CSM. Another friend just got into Orks and dear god is it a different game. Being able to actually stand out in the open without losing entire squads to rapid firing pulse rifles has made me so much happier.

Unfortunately I used all the survival tactics I had learned from fighting Tau against him, it was a blood bath. I have to get used to playing against normal armies now, especially since we're joining a big 40k group in the city. Sadly I don't think I'm ever going to get the bitter taste of losing to Tau for literal years out of my mouth.

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What are some ways to give a cerastus acheron knight outflank?

Ideally of the renegade/chaos flavor, but other methods welcome.

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It is not possible to win that.

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>When I started playing something like 90% of my games were against the same Tau player
>I play CSM
Are you me?
I even ended up writing my custom warband's fluff to be that they operate near tau space and really really really hate tau.

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What should I make the primary force for this?
I'm working toward 1850, Greyfax will join the DCA to deny overwatch as well as the tax libby

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I just gotta hold three tuns and get fearless 6 inches from my supply crates I'm guarding during the ambush. If I can at least die slowly it shouldn't be too bad.

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Iron Within, Iron Without brother

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I'm sorry anon.

You will reflexively tense up at the sight of tau for years.

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>Then last year, several rumor lingers confirmed plastic sisters in December/Q1 and then quickly realized they were wrong.
partly wrong, we got celestine and her companions, who are sisters of battle even if they can be used by other armies.

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I wish gw/forgeworld would allow chaos detatchments that have helbrute slots to officially be interchangeable with chaos contemptor dreads, which are way cooler. It would probably boost contemptor sales even if it would hurt helbr-ohmygod thats why isn't it, those bastards!

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>12 Death Cult Assassins, 5 Crusaders backed up by a priest jumping out of an assault flyer

10/10 would shit pants.

>> No.52689303

The unreleased models were cool with mini missile pods etc a lot like tau now but bulkier

>> No.52689313

Who buys Helbrutes when you can pick the one from DV up on ebay for £7? Buy a weapon swap for £3 and you're done.

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8th edition cant come fast enough

>Make the rules simpler
>reset the fluff so its easier to get into
>triggers the grognards so hard they leave the hobby

Cant fucking wait I need it now

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What is inflation?

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Anyone care to rate my list? I feel like it's a good balance of units, I really would like a Psyker but can't figure out where to squeeze one in.

>> No.52689372

As soon as I saw it's profile I knew I had to cram as many DCA/arco as possible into the thing
Still not sure what I should fill as a primary though, Henchmen? IG for platoons?

>> No.52689374

listen here nigger, I'm gonna need some source on that

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Get those platoons and heavy weapons teams.

>> No.52689413

You get points for each turn you survive in that one right? Take a bunch of conscripts and combine your platoons and throw a priest or commissar in with them. Run every turn at you opponent and get your tar pits stuck in there.

>> No.52689419

Never take heavy weapon squads, they're t3, so you'll take three s6+ hits and the entire squad will be gone.

Make it two meltas in the vet squad, you can only shoot two out the top hatch.

scrape up 25 points (I think?) and throw an astropath in the company command squad if you really want a psyker. Comedy option: add a master of ordinance too.

>> No.52689453

I don't know, I've found Heavy weapons squads do a lot of work before they do inevtibaly eat it. You just have to buff them with Volkovs case for those guaranteed orders.

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Which scenario is that anon?

>> No.52689496

I don't know about that mission in particular, but you have two ways to fight depending on the type of units he brings:

Stealth Suites and ghostkeels alike are directly countered by missile launchers with the "fire on my target" special rule. Take them in squads for ablative wounds and combine them. Take a Cadian Battle group if possible just so you have 5 senior officer orders and 5 missiles per platoon.

If he's got mostly Riptides and Broadsides, take the Steel Host and give everyone as many plasma cannons as you can spare. Behold the glory of 25 plasma blasts with preferred enemy Tau.

>> No.52689509

Sounds hilarious, thanks.

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Mission 6: The ambush of Supply Column Theta-XJ-59.

>> No.52689576

I don't think I can get Steel Host at 800 points aren't the core formations required?

>> No.52689581

2 questions about this great man
1) 40k model and return when ?
2) anyone have a painting guide or even just a list of colours for the 30k model? I don't want to fuck it up

>> No.52689613

Fugg forgot pic
Let's try again:
04/13/17(Thu)22:59:58 No.52689581
2 questions about this great man
1) 40k model and return when ?
2) anyone have a painting guide or even just a list of colours for the 30k model? I don't want to fuck it up

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1) Maybe but nobody knows when and there haven't even been hints he's coming back. Outside the ancient "I'll be back for the final WOLFWOLFWOLFtime"

>> No.52689678

You don't need the core formations if you want to take the Steel Host on it's own. So you would take a Steel Host and a CAD. But those solutions are not for the ambush mission; they're just general ideas for countering the Tau in the other missions.

>> No.52689694

>40k model
No plans.
>colors for 30k model
Hit forums, or ask /hhg/ you mook

>> No.52689703

How do I kit equip chaos sorcerers? Just ML3 and familiar?

>> No.52689755

Cannot wait, anon.

The grognard suffering will be legend.

>> No.52689756

On a bike with a couple spawn. You never want a 2W model as your warlord so there's no sense in purchasing survivability upgrades other than familiar especially since he'll be away from LOS and CQC. Some prefer him on palanquin but only if he's behind a rhino.

>> No.52689816

Im so glad this kind of stupid bullshit will be gone with the new edition

>> No.52689819

They're making my tanks less like tanks. :(

I'm not sure I'll leave warhammer though. It depends on how they play. Worst case scenario I know a hobbytown and might be able to find some Bolt Action players.

>> No.52689828

The success of AoS has proven that this is what people want.

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Fuck Perturabo, loyal iron warrior forever

>> No.52689892

How retarded is this list guys? I just want to play an Inquisitor and his boys.

>> No.52689927


I'm Night Lords, and he won't be the lord. My Chaos lord will. My Sorcerer will likely hang out in cover with my Havoks potentially giving them ignore cover/LoS or Heretech if there are fliers.

>> No.52689928

>5pts spare

>acolytes are 4pts

>> No.52689934

>Pregnant Banshee models
.....keep going.

>> No.52689936

That's actually a pretty

>...current 40k would likely have had them as an abhuman, because xenos are scum.
cool idea. Not sure what to do with it, but it's cool.
They have always been abhumans.

>> No.52689954

Without any transport, that 200 point melee beatstick will get shot to shit.

>> No.52689966

>This model is sub-par so you can only run it in this certain way or it will die before it even gets to move

>> No.52690007

Fuck you guard deserves them fist!

>> No.52690027

Guard really does need a shiny new big dick model.

>> No.52690039

It's just not advisable to have a warlord that can perils with 2W
Perhaps it's the other way around, perhaps people shouldn't do stupid things for reasons that don't make sense on the table.

>> No.52690049

In what way is the new edition likely to fix that?

>> No.52690052

why shouldnt people get to play how they want?

>> No.52690061

more interested in if the concept is at all viable then in using every single point in first draft, I could add, maybe cut some other things and get a few more henchmen.
Is it still possible to stick them in the allied Tauroxes?

>> No.52690079

I just got a few of pic related off of ebay, and they came in today. They're old school static rhinos. Is there a reason they have 2 of the main body?

>> No.52690085

They can't start in the tonka trucks, but they can get in on turn one.

Then they can't assault out of them.

>> No.52690089

One day, I will post a picture with my post.

>> No.52690094

Because a lot of the ways people want to play are not fun for the people they are playing against?

>> No.52690100

that nigga has a chaos star chain right there

>> No.52690104


Maybe where you live, but here AoS killed the warhammer fantasy community and the 40k one too as collatteral. All that is left is a handfull 8-13 year old boys drooling on models in the local GW store ... which is probably the target audience GW went for.

>> No.52690106

People should play however they want because it's their right but don't get mad at people who play for more than a narrative. Really shows your (his) austism.

>> No.52690107

Tau casual list. C&C? Using the Counterstrike Cadre to rush objectives, buffing the mass of infantry with the big ball of Ethereals, who have been given hover and shield drones along with recon armor to hopefully not immediately die. I'm aware that the Ethereal Council is a giant target, but I'm curious how it would actually play out.

>> No.52690109

>cerastus acheron knight
Easy you don't since chaos can only use the renegade Knight, the other fw Knights are unavailable for chaos

>> No.52690120

I counter your why with Why have a roboute or a Magnus model? I'm sure his return will be marked with a model (and it's his return to lore I'm excited about) And ok I'll
Ask them

>> No.52690123

GW sales figures indicate that AoS is performing substantially better than WHFB.

>> No.52690129

You can play with all your tanks facing backwards towards the enemy it doesn't make it a good idea.

>> No.52690137

Put together a 2500 list together for all the Deathwatch models I currently own. Honestly how does it look?

>> No.52690148


The body is made of the same panel twice, with the second one upside down.

>> No.52690198


Oh fuck, really? That's genius, actually. Just stamp out 2 of the same sprue and ship it out.

>> No.52690209

You can but they have to embark and you couldn't assault out of one. That's the main problem with Inquisition, your only assault vehicle is a fucking land raider.

>> No.52690219

Let's be real, that wasn't hard to do. Selling something is always going to look better than selling nothing at all.

But I'm gonna laugh my ass off if GW thinks it indicates it is a good idea and kills their goose with golden eggs. Which already happend here, but outside of that the only people that seem to actually want 40k to become AoS are the few people that already play AoS.

>> No.52690308

it looks like it's going to get btfo in the first round of shooting, to be honest
as cool as deathwatch is, they're fragile and expensive. You need something to soak up fire.

>> No.52690321

Yeah. At the time, they really struggled to afford steel moulds, so they had to make every bit work overtime. I think the original Land Raider used the same trick. Also, they used the same wheel sprue for fucking everything.

>> No.52690344

*Ode to Joy*
At last! A true, casual Tau list! The legends were true!

Granted, the RSC is a bit of a pain, but fuck, I can kill a few pathfinders, easy! Just remember to paint the four pathfinders not in the RSC a different color or insignia because they don't confer the same bonuses as the ones IN the RSC.

>> No.52690360

Is it ever possible to start in an allied flyer?
Is it ever feasible to jump into one if that isn't the case?

>> No.52690367

Midwestern U.S. here, both AOS and 40k are alive and well in my area.

I've talked to around 50 people in my area, those that haven't played AOS are cautiously optimistic, and almost all who have are excited for 8th. The 2 or 3 people who seem down on 8th/AOS are the WAACfaggot type, and will either adapt, or won't be missed.

>> No.52690389


Makes sense. That's cool shit, actually. I got them for my CSM/Legion army, but otherwise I'd never had them before. I've only worked with the "new" kit.

>> No.52690406


Well Guardsmen canonically do fall pregnant.

>> No.52690429

Is it going to be worth buying a guard codex and rulebook, or should I just wait and see for 8th?

>> No.52690432

wait and see.

>> No.52690440

Wait until 8th, it's highly unlikely but they might shake things up and render any previous edition stuff obsolete entirely.

>> No.52690443

I can only imagine the commissar's reaction to learning his guardswomen got pregnant.
>congratulations, you have TWO lives to give for the Emperor now

>> No.52690451

What should I fill this list out with? It can't be an elite, LGS has a rule that you can't exceed your troop total points with elites/FA/Heavy Support.

(The asscents are FA due to IF rule)

I've thought about a thunderfire cannon or a vindicator, but I am afraid I will be nuking my own drop pod troops.

I have 120 points to fill out

>> No.52690452

There's just something about the idea of soldiers having sex on the battlefield

>> No.52690455

I've heard something about the valkyries from imperial agents, but I don't actually know for certain, and there's no others you can start in iirc.

You can maybe get in one if you have a landing pad?

>> No.52690467


Well Cain says he's in charge of taking care of the babies produced in his mixed sex regiment, but they get palmed off to a Schola Progenitum I believe.

>> No.52690476

In this next edition that might just be viable.


>> No.52690478

Anyone happen to have an epub or pdf of the Fabius Bile: Primogenitor novel? It doesn't seem to be in any of the megas.

>> No.52690480


Who says they're doing it on the battlefield? Guardsmen are in transit for ages on ships. Thousands of young adults cooped up together are going to find something to entertain themselves with.

Plus even battlefields aren't 100% combat all the time.

>> No.52690491

IA have Corvus Blackstars, oh fuck yes
I don't even need a storm eagle for my death cult assassins

>> No.52690500

The RSC PFs also don't come with a Devilfish, which should hopefully help differentiate them a bit further. And opinions on what it would actually be like to play as or against this list? I'd like it to be casual, but not laughably so. I do think that the Council may make for some fun situations as enemies try their hardest to kill it. The RSC is to allow me to actually harm some of the stuff I'm likely to find at 1250 that simple Fire Warriors can't deal with.

>> No.52690524

I'd check the rules before actually trying it.

>> No.52690541

Is a valkyrie not good enough for you, heretic?

>> No.52690542

I will, according to their formations they can take a fast attack in an Imperial Navy section which can be taken multiple times

>> No.52690553

If I remove the devastator squad, I have enough for a centurion devastator squad and drop pod.

Although I don't want this to be maximum cheese.

>> No.52690554

It's no vendetta and it sure as hell isn't an assault vehicle which DCA /NEED/

>> No.52690558

Yeah, sure whatever. Loyalist stuff is fine too. I'm asking for my renegade knight playing friend who's trying to find a way to get his big flamer into range before being distraction carnifexed off the board. He used the imperial knight book half the time anyways.

I think it's pretty! Help me help it!

>> No.52690568

Never built a list before in my life, hows this?
I want to put a load of infiltrators and dragoons in because I love the models. I also love the Balistarii and Rust stalkers.

Essentially, I want a load of the infiltrator and dragoon models in my army but I know this isn't going to be possible as they can't do everything.

I've noticed I have fuck all anti-air and not much in the way of anti tank outside of close range combat.

Anyone got some pointers on how to build a decent list, it's just for casual play but I don't want to bring something that'll never win as that's no fun for anyone.

>> No.52690594

Holy shit I'm an idiot. I totally forgot about the icarus array.

>> No.52690596

plastic sisters?

>> No.52690611

>play EC new shitty event
>play quake champions beta and have fun?

>> No.52690615

I wish.

>> No.52690617

Slap wings on the prince for a 2+ jink and give him the pandemic staff

>> No.52690622

>AoS killed the fantasy community and 40k one as collateral
yeah, I don't believe that for a second.

>> No.52690625

Infiltrators are pretty niche, you'd be better off with an ADL and more vanguard.

>> No.52690636

nice church man

>> No.52690638

I think you should try and replace the arc rifle in your vanguard squad with a Caliver, since he'll be your warlord and you should be getting Preferred Enemy from the Skitarii Maniple formation. You also don't want to mix the guns in the Dunecrawler squad, since they'll have to shoot at the same target. You probably dont need much anti air in a 1k game anyway, since your opponent will have at most 1. For anti-tank, you could put neutron lasers on the Dunecrawlers, and for weaker armor the strength 8 dragoons should be able to take care of things.

>> No.52690651

Alright, cheers anon. I guess I'll stick with one squad instead, is ADL the aegis defence line? I've never heard that one before.

>> No.52690675

I honestly don't know. I've never fight this many Tau infantry before!

As a guard player, I generally try to target broadsides first, as they're immobile enough to hit and their seeker missiles are a pain in the ass that remove 2-3 troops of their choice no saves.

Never made a 1250 points list, but I would probably target my autocannons at the devilfish to try and reduce your mobility, my chimeravets would move for your pathfinders, and my commander and co-tank would splitfire to target the broadsides and whatever I think my Battle Cannon could most likely hit. I might take a potshot at the Ethereal Council just because a T3 W2 model with no bodyguard could lead to a hilarious one-shot-four-VP's scenario.

Ultimately this is still a very strong but not even remotely cheesy list; It's strength lies in it's speed and adaptability instead of the usual Tau method of "I get all of the saves and you get none" strategy. My only suggestion is a third AT option of some sort in addition to the Broadside and EMP Grenadiers.

>> No.52690676

Don't know if this is the best place to ask, but does anyone have advice or a good place to get started making terrain? I want to try my hand at it, but have no idea where to start.

Any advice or good places to check out would be sweet.

>> No.52690677

/40kg/ has ruined your perception of Tau. They're not truly broken, and you shouldn't feel compelled to waste money on a gimped list to make 4chan happy. Yes, riptides are undercosted, yes it's annoying to get kited if you play a melee army, but if you play a decent army and can't ever beat tau, you're just a shitty general.
t. BA player

>> No.52690679

and always take omnispex whenever you can.

>> No.52690687

Ok. I'll make sure not to mix the weapons in squads, thanks anon.

I'll grab the neutron tanks and get another plasma vanguard. I only put the Arc one in because I've heard in 40k, whatever the guy is modelled with is what he has to use in game and I built one with an arc rifle like an idiot.

Sorry for the noob questions. I guess I'll have to re-read the rules book some time.

>> No.52690689

Having a big enough church is the only way to get noticed by /wip/-senpai.

>> No.52690700

>eldar waifu

>> No.52690714

MiniWarGaming's youtube channel has some old terrain making videos, and there are really hundreds of videos all over youtube actually. Making terrain is surprisingly easy - most of it's covering cut up blocks of foam or poster board in either paint or glue and flock.


>> No.52690727

>using the changeling on a DA model

>> No.52690734

You may want to take the Sydonian Dragoons in the Ironstrider Cavaliers formation for Outflank otherwise they'll have a hard time getting in on anything.

Also taking an Icarus Array in the same unit as an Eradication beamer is a bad idea as they both have to attack the same target that way.

>> No.52690752

>tau are fine
>just play a top tier army

>> No.52690784

In a maniple they get scout which mitigates somewhat

>> No.52690787

Dat smoooooth edge highlighting

>> No.52690794

Sweet! It's nice to know that it could pose a less-standard challenge for Tau opponents, while not being a cakewalk.

I also honestly enjoy messing around with our myriad formations and units. Playing the same meta build gets old. I enjoy the amount of options our units have, and the number of ways they can be taken in formations, even if these are objectively inferior to some of our cheesier options.

>> No.52690815

Thanks, I'll check that out!

I guess it is just being creative and deciding what to make first, then figuring out the best way to make it.

>> No.52690833

good tut but god those people who run the channel are the worst especially the tyranid guy

>> No.52690835


>> No.52690845



and forget that Eternal crusade exists

>> No.52690864

The chaosfag is alright if a bit too enthusiastic for my tastes. They got some new people from the last time I watched them a few years ago and they're actually bearable to watch. The fat guy for example is pretty chill and just likes to play the game.

>> No.52690916

>give tanks track wheels and tracks with a lot of individual track links
>hide it all under big side plates

Fuck those old tank tracks. Fuck them up their asses. You had to have some theoretical degree in physics to make those tracks align proper and not look like shit once you got back to where you started. I had to either hide the part where the track ends met either with a track guard or under the tank. At least they didn't give us old model kit style rubber tracks...

>> No.52690940

thats good but matt I think his name is super religious and won't do anything to do with slaanesh or dark eldar (my two favourite armies and 2 of the three armies I play) cause they trigger him. because you know armies who revolve around sadism and a little sex are faaar worse than tyranids wich destroy entire worlds of people with flesh devouring bugs.

>> No.52690949


>> No.52690950

You don't have to. You also don't have to believe that the holocaust was real. Doesn't mean it didn't happen, but you're free to believe what you like.

>> No.52690970

>remember the 6 million neckbeards

>> No.52690975

To be fair DE and chaos are outright evil while Tyranids are just a force of nature with no evil intention except the need to feed.

>> No.52691003

fearless doesnt mean anything once your tabled

>> No.52691016

Oy vey.

>> No.52691030

How many points is the Get Started box for the tau?

>> No.52691034

>40k is basically pay-to-win
>Competitive 40k is the refuge of players who are bad at the game and have low self-esteem
>There is no skill involved when you buy multiple OP models to curbstomp everything on the board without a second thought
>There is no challenge involved and those players merely get a small dopamine fix from it and justify their psychological issues by "lol get better at the game"
>Competitive gaming is the cancer of the hobby

Prove me wrong

>> No.52691047

Never watched it enough to know Matt was that religious. I always just figured he never got offered to play against Slaanesh/Deldar. Both of those armies still see play on the channel though, just against different people. He doesn't seem to be a dick about it, which is fine by me. Guy can have whatever preferences he wants as long as he's not being a shit about it.

>> No.52691055

>tits up to her neck
Wouldn't wife her, but Emprah knows I'd smash.

>> No.52691080

all the Get Started are about 500 points

>> No.52691087

Cash Rules Everything Around Me C.R.E.A.M. Get the money Dollar, dollar bill y'all

>> No.52691091

>oy vey goyim, remember the 6 trillion!

>> No.52691107

>imperiumcuck THIS mad he got raped by riptides yet again

>> No.52691112

Would added systems and drones bring it up to 750?

>> No.52691120

His inability to separate fantasy from reality is the problem here, not the scale of imaginary terribleness

>> No.52691132

Never forget the 20 million neckbeards.

>> No.52691164

Tell that to the guard box. It's about 250.

>> No.52691198

I didn't say a top tier army. If you play nids vs Tau, yeah it will be a slaughter. Tank IG vs Tau is a fine match though.

Ultimately you have to admit your shortcomings as a general to get good at 40k, instead of just crying about broken codices. Tau are fine.

>> No.52691205

still dark eldar and slaanesh are necessary and cool and if they were removed because enough idiots who thought like he did bitched about it id be rather upset

I just would rather keep slaanesh and DE alive

>A queen like women
>wide hips and a scary face
me and my archon approve
>my archons face when yvraine is around

>> No.52691213


>> No.52691220

If he brings that optimised stealth bullshit you will get tabled as fuck as tank IG.

>> No.52691226

I actually play Tau myself (but casually)

I just legit think playing a pay-to-win tabletop game that's 90% about modelling and painting to be retarded. You'd get more dopamine if you played a sport, cheaper too.

For a fraction of the cost, you can play a videogame too.

>> No.52691324

>40k is basically pay-to-win
There's little correlation between the price of the models and how effective they are.
>Competitive 40k is the refuge of players who are bad at the game and have low self-esteem
Those are the two things that competitive gaming selects against.
>There is no skill involved when you buy multiple OP models to curbstomp everything on the board without a second thought
In a competitive game, everyone brings competitive forces, so the winner is decided in a large part by skill. Beating someone who isn't even trying does require little skill, but that's fucking obvious.
>There is no challenge involved and those players merely get a small dopamine fix from it and justify their psychological issues by "lol get better at the game"
People are actually pretty complicated and I don't think an large section of the hobby can be so easily summed-up.
>Competitive gaming is the cancer of the hobby
Competitive gaming is one part of the market. Without them, GW would go bust and there would be no warhammer.

>> No.52691333

could her webway gate take a pounding from Guilliman's mighty robot suit assisted assault phase?

>> No.52691343

One of my first lists; what do you guys think?
The DCA will start in the corvus fyi

>> No.52691357

This meme needs to die.

>> No.52691365

Aren't their weapons reletivly short range?

Guard can give their plasma vets ignores cover for the big ones and wipe away small ones with the morter tanks.

You've also got primaris psykers/astropaths who can shriek and terrify them.

>> No.52691372

Alright I'll take the bait.

Your initial premise is wrong. If you can afford a casual army, you can afford a cheese army. It might be a difference of a few hundred $, relatively insignificant when you're talking about a game that costs $1k+ to get a full army. Given that the game doesnt receive updates for years, it's not hard to figure out what's good and buy that instead of 10 gorkanauts.

There's skill involved when everyone is playing the most OP cheese shit they can, that's why eldar don't win every tourney.

The rest of it is just projecting.

>> No.52691418

GW employee, can confirm they will hit in 7-8 months. Already made a thread on this where ID was posted, not doing it again. Go find it in the archive.

>> No.52691428

They can't start in it. They are different factions, even though they're from the same book
yes, it's retarded

>> No.52691431

>w-why won't he believe my anecdotal evidence? better call him a Nazi, that always works.
I want the WHFB grognards to leave.

>> No.52691438

It did die until there were more assault vehicles available, with a landraider they're purely a meme but assault flyers make them alot more viable.

>> No.52691447

Doubt it, you might wanna pick up the armored assault box to get more points.

>> No.52691454

[spoilers]kill me[/spoiler]
Oh well, guess I'm dropping it as a whole.

>> No.52691486

>There's skill involved when everyone is playing the most OP cheese shit they can, that's why eldar don't win every tourney.
Eldar don't win every tourney because they're going up against other OP cheese shit, not because they've been outplayed by genuises who can beat OP cheese shit with ordinary armies.

>> No.52691491


Yup, the whole IA was a shitshow. At least I can field random command squads with my Sisters now, and Priests take up a proper HQ slot of I want a hyper cheap HQ instead of my canoness.

>> No.52691524

You can start the Corvus on a Skyshield Landing Pad and load the girls up first turn if you don't think they and their transport will all get blown off the table first turn.

It's very much not the same.

>> No.52691530

So what's the litmus test for the Imperium collaborating with/not outright exterminating xenos? The Inquisition of all people recruit Jokaero, and I seriously doubt they're the only friendly alien species in the galaxy, given how much of it is still unexplored.

>> No.52691533

Hey /tg/ what are you up to? Been priming and painting some of my Mordians today and might do a massive game Sunday too. What about you anons? What do you have planned?

>> No.52691536

Id rather see her deep strike guliman she is rather dominatrix looking

>> No.52691571

The only Tau codex I have laying around says Codex: Tau and has no entry in for riptides at all.

Are pulse carbines still pinning weapons? What are their modern stats?

>> No.52691578

Build and paint more deathwatch. Just picked up a box of vets and the set to convert some terminators.

Unless family gets in the way ,that'll be my weekend.

>> No.52691598

The idea that skill has anything to do with winning with cheese armies is pretty laughable. Its mostly about picking the most currently broken builds and knowing your rules better than the other guy

>> No.52691617

You're missing the point. If everyone is playing super competitive optimized armies then strategy (and a little luck) decides it.

>> No.52691625

A decent list with that box is about 450 points.

The max you could push it up to is 650, and it would be a truly stupid list. Crisis suits running as bodyguards with shield generators, bonding knife ritual out the ass...

>> No.52691645


and shit like this makes me think


>> No.52691665

soon I hope

>> No.52691668

Daily reminder Perturabo broke the Litany by losing Faith, and any non-loyalist IW aren't true IW.

>> No.52691690


I painted pic related and have the rest of the squad base coated. Then, I lost motivation. Kill me.

>> No.52691696

All games can be boiled down to four components: random, arbitrary, knowledge, skill.

Random comes from the dice. 40k has a lot of dice.

Arbitrary is any choice which doesn't matter or is made without any knowledge or prediction of the outcome. 40k has a little of this too.

Knowledge is knowing what your units are capable of, knowing your opponents units, knowing the rules. Knowledge can be studied. Full optimization assumes you have maxed this out.

Where is the skill though? Painting for sure, but is that part of the game? In competitive games the skill is usually in reading or manipulating your opponent to make bad plays.

>> No.52691721

I don't really want to get dragged into a debate, but I can't stop myself from responding.

"currently broken builds" stay broken for years at a time. There's no excuse to not pick up the extra units to make your deathstar if you're wanting to get into competitive 40k, because they'll be good for years and again it doesn't cost much more.

"knowing your rules better" isn't a skill? it's knowing what your guys are best at and applying them appropriately. Also called "strategy".

>> No.52691742

It's a wiki, you can make the page whenever you want. This mentality is why /tg/ doesn't get shit done anymore.

>> No.52691743

There is definitely skill in playing in 40k, even if it isn't a particularly high ceiling.

>> No.52691761

>swiggity swoogity coming for that bobby

>> No.52691770

I suppose a little bit of manual dexterity is required to place models with precision.

The current edition lets you measure distances at any time so while that skill is useful it isn't required

>> No.52691775

>Thousand Sons are blue
>Magnus is red
Explain this, chaosfags.

>> No.52691784

Is skill only manual to you? Because then no tabletop game has much skill involved.

>> No.52691820

>7 months (or whatever the elf equivalent of that is) pregnant banshees in a melee with a band of Khorne berserkers
That might be a bit too much for GW.

>> No.52691822

Magnus plays RU/izzet.

>> No.52691823

They will tolerate dumb beasts on their worlds but no intelligent species.

Jokaero are a special case because they make super technology for the inquisition and the inquisition is above the law.
They're still a heretical xenos race but the inquisition said it's ok if they keep them and questioning the inquisition is thought crime.

>> No.52691824

Knowing your own rules and rote memorizing them, than using them to your advantage in the way the designer intended them to be used doesn't sound like skill to me, anon.

>> No.52691836

Should I cosplay and bang cosplay girls at hotel con parties or play warhammer

>> No.52691840

Skill is building a list that plays to your army's strengths and covers its weaknesses. Skill is understanding which of your opponent's units are the most important to remove, and how much force you need to accomplish that. Skill is seeing when taking an objective will have the greatest chance of success and the greatest impact on the game.

>> No.52691859

Do both. You'll have to live in a dumpster behind a Wendy's though.

>> No.52691863

Pre-heresy TS were red too. But then Ahriman decided to do a team switch with a whole buncha rubrics. Magnus is probably too lazy to waste some of his time using psychic abilities to change everyone's armor back.

>> No.52691911

Okay, yeah, just checked up on the wiki page on xenos and it seems that the answer is "It's only okay if you're the Inquisition", since the only way to overturn the judgement of an Inquisitor is with a sufficient number of other Inquisitors of opposing ideologies (due to the Inquisition's flat hierarchy).

>> No.52691924

You, you're my battles brother now

>> No.52691946

Give them to me, I'll give them better use than you

>> No.52691955

Then no video game involves skill either beyond coordination?

>> No.52691995

Not just manual, but anything you have to practice beyond just studying. Talking to people is a skill. Solving a tactical problem on the table is knowledge.

>> No.52692012

The Inquisition are actually more likely to have dodgy shit than any other imperial organisation. They are the ones who use daemon weapons and daemonhosts too.

I don't think it's ever been made totally clear what system the imperium uses to decide if aliens are OK to deal with. The only thing I remember is that various species have been declared 'Xenos Horrificus', which means cooperating with them is absolutely forbidden. Presumably there are various other classifications and different groups within the imperium can deal with them according to a no-doubt horribly complicated set of regulations.

>> No.52692017

I'm personally looking forward to him coming back. As long as he doesn't have anything that can personally beat the classic Magnus "Fly around and chuck two strength D attacks per turn" maneuver i'll enjoy triggering the local furries once he comes out.

>> No.52692023

If you try and play a game based purely on theoretical knowledge you won't be as good as someone who did the same study but also plays.

>> No.52692026

What are the pros/cons of running an All Gretchin Army?

>> No.52692030

Fuck off pretending you know shit.


the ability to do something well; expertise.

>> No.52692031

Anyone else?

>> No.52692032

I would argue the ability to look at the table and determine the optimal play is a learned thing, but anticipating your opponent's plays (and what plays you should make in response) is a practiced skill

>> No.52692043

pros: tarpits and objective holders.

cons: killing things is not something you'll be doing on purpose

>> No.52692046

come up with better terms for the four components then


>> No.52692055

As long as you have cool opponents and don't mind bloat,

>> No.52692065

There's also skill in avoiding mistakes.

>> No.52692067

Lol why kill them when you can just drown them in green midgets?

>> No.52692086

Be ready next Wednesday, GGA.

>> No.52692091

Broadly speaking winning at video games is largely determined by game system knowledge and ability to predict the behavior of your opponent. Those are the relevant "skills" and they're the same skills that determine the winner in 40k (and random dice rolls obviously).

>> No.52692101

If you know what the mistakes are then avoiding them is also obvious, but if you play perfect mathhammer you will be predictable and any really good player will beat you because of it. It takes skill to see several plays and choose the one that is best for the whole game, not just the current turn.

>> No.52692104


No. They're my shitty night lords.

>> No.52692124

Yes, as with all other non-sports.
And they're hard skills to develop. stop trying to trivialize that.

>> No.52692134

It's easy to spot mistakes in review, but it takes actual practice to avoid making them during play.

>> No.52692135

CSGO does require a lot of skill in the form of aiming. While knowing the recoil patterns and map layouts are crucial, a super fast flick headshot is just as important.

I've played some dexterity tabletop games before, but nothing on the same level.

>> No.52692137

>Uses two of the best units in the ork codex: grots & mek gunz.

>Horribly expensive in cash terms
>Very repetitive models
>Hard to convert
>Utter pain to paint
>Utter pain to transport
>Utter pain to play
>Probably not going to take objectives on the other side of the table
>Not actually legal except as unbound, due to no HQ

>> No.52692187

Is all droppod army cheesy?

>> No.52692196

not saying there isn't overlap between the two, but people who really know both their armies and their opponents armies inside and out don't make as many mistakes unless they get tilted or their opponent speedrolls or something.

Speaking of which, I guess speedrolling and other sleights of hand should count too right? They are certainly common in competitive scenes...

>> No.52692197

Video games include a huge variety of different sorts of game play so Idk how to answer that other than some do and some don't.

Not sure why people who go to tournaments with the same armies with practically the exact same build have to convince everyone it's skill. Just seems silly and missing the point desu

>> No.52692206

I am doing a doubles tournament with a friend (1250pts per player, friend is bringing SoB), how does my list look?

>> No.52692207

40k emperor's children ive got noise marines alot of them a slaanesh lord daemonettes a greater daemon. what else can I add to make them lore friendly and true to the mps children and glorious slaanesh

>> No.52692212


My god. Posts like this are r9k-tier

>> No.52692217

I'm not that the guy you were responding to, I was just answering the question.

>> No.52692224

Most of the Primarchs are coming out, its been leaked here and there. Obviously Mortarion is the next one. After that I personally suspect Lion El'Jonson but I think they will come out at a traitor, loyalist, traitor, loyalist style.

>> No.52692253

I'm not a tournament player but it's still annoying when someone dismisses something you like and try to improve at as having no skill.

>> No.52692260

Kinda, yeah. It's mostly just boring IMO.

>> No.52692267

You in Ontario? we have a doubles this sat too

>> No.52692364

I am indeed

>> No.52692391

Is it in Hamilton?
Watch out for double eldar with riptide wing;•]

>> No.52692407

Better version of your list

>> No.52692408

I will anon. I will.

>> No.52692419

>tfw you unironically like squats but can't talk about them because le 1d4chan boogeyman

>> No.52692458

I suppose I can see that. Just kinda feels like something is wrong when people mentally ascribe so much importance to that in particular. If you devote a long time to learning to paint and model and it becomes a source of income, I can empathise. But wanting acknowledgement for winning a game with the same army and build as everyone else who wins? Is that really skill?

>> No.52692465

It is, and I know they'll be everywhere

>> No.52692504

At the higher levels of play, everything but seem similar but a lot of it is very much in the subtle fine tuning details of predicting what your opponents have. Just because people like to copy that doesn't devalue the effort you put in to fine tune a list in the first place.

>> No.52692523


It's ok, I feel your pain. I actually like night lords, but can't talk about them because of I think three separate autists.

>> No.52692561

TS arqs are overcosted shit. one unit is hard 2 justify. 2 is just stupid.

>> No.52692562

Would you like to know the night Lords theme song?

>> No.52692569

Guys I am about to go down to my local battlebunker for some good friday Tau Chees.

Would you get buttmad having to play against this army?

>> No.52692589

Hurting tyranids is animal cruelty.

>> No.52692610

In a duos game at higher points level how could it ever be unjustifiable?

>> No.52692619

>OSC at 1000

Yeah that's shitty.

>> No.52692620

Someone should alert PETA.

>> No.52692641

>tau can't have anything but fire warriors
I grow tired of this meme

>> No.52692645

Guys, how is this for a Zone Mortalis army using Tau?

A couple things to note for Zone Mortalis, for those of you here that have never heard of it:
> Ultra-tight and narrow corridors
> All flamers+blasts get Shred
> Blasts can never scatter past walls, meaning they're super accurate
> All weapons gain Rending

>> No.52692672

Nah, dude. Fire Warriors are cheese, too. Only Ethereals, Gun Drones, Kroot, and Sniper Drones are allowed. Vespid are pushing it.

>> No.52692708

Don't take the formation. Just bring them in the CAD.

>> No.52692713

>Only Ethereals, Gun Drones, Kroot, and Sniper Drones are allowed.
>Gun Drones

>> No.52692733

There is nothing wrong with liking Squats, there is something wrong with repeating the exact same jokes that have been around for 20 years and more.
Be a fan, not a salt mine.

>> No.52692746

> That feel when you realize Shield Drones are actually a SUPERB melee unit, and are superior to Kroot in melee.
> Dat feel when your I4, 4++ drones sweep guardsmen off the board

>> No.52692763

Cheesetard here. I will report back to see if I win.

I am awful at 40k and can barely remember the rules. I bet you I will still lose even with the OSC.

>> No.52692785

Can I get a list of the top-level Tau cheese which is most likely to make my opponent unhappy? Is it mainly just Riptide Wing and OSC?

>> No.52692790

it is a tough sell though giving up the twin linked pulse carbine given that tau drones have relentless

also they can Jink, making the invuln slightly less useful.

>> No.52692813

drone net for splitfire precision shots jinking interceptor outflank deep strike JSJ markerlights

osc for osc

and riptide wing ofc

>> No.52692817

Any recommends for what kind of very strong eldar or eldar/tau army builds there will be that will continue being in the top tiers of 40k tourney play come 8th edition? I haven't competed at a tourney level since 3rd edition. I'd kind of like to explore that level of play and see what it's like

>> No.52692820

I wouldn't say superb, they won't beat anything actually good in melee.

>> No.52692821

If only Drone Controller applied to WS too.

>> No.52692846

Thoughts on this list?

>> No.52692849

Huh, didn't realize the Drone Network was considered cheesy, though I suppose it makes sense in comparison to regular pathfinders.

>> No.52692880

And here's my newly planned list for running Steel Confessors in Zone Mortalis.

>> No.52692881

Without knowing exactly what 8th will bring it's hard to say as it will pretty heavily shake up the competitive meta. However the current staples will still very likely be strong contenders if nothing else. As for builds, you can look at the lists from any of the big events but if you want to be competitive the best way is to build up to it and just get games against like minded players in.

>> No.52692882

I think I really fucked up by giving this Farseer a scatter laser, the guys in the last thread said that was illegal.

Do you think I can do anything to salvage it?

>> No.52692898


Picture, damnit.

>> No.52692900

You can just ignore it if you don't want to risk mangling the model, it really doesn't matter if he's modeled with something he can't take.

>> No.52692905

This, as long as you don't try to USE it no one will care.

>> No.52692906

good I guess?

>> No.52692908

Selling your army and playing Orks is the only way to atone now.

>> No.52692913

You'll have to wait. I wouldn't be at all surprised if GW nerfs tau to hell and overbuffs orks or nids. Eldar are always good though, so maybe look up some Ynnari Council Netlists?

>> No.52692915

Put a knight in

>> No.52692919

the round discs of the marker drones are like crackers upon which the cheese can be served

on their own they aren't really cheesy

Drone Network is the 1 squad formation btw, you want the VX1-0 Drone Net which is 4+ drone squads. It gives them all +1 BS, split fire, interceptor, outflank, precision shots, and jink. Drones can naturally deep strike and JSJ. Have two min strength squads outflank, and the other two in reserves. That way even if your opponent blows them up you have another two squads in reserve. They can splitfire too, so everything can be lit up. Best of all is interceptor, so that your intercepting riptide shots can ignore cover thanks to the interceptor markerlight

>> No.52692965

People usually don't care, don't listen to the autists on /tg/. OSC isn't bad, Riptide wing isn't bad at 1850.

Mostly people just like playing 40k and if you're not playing a filthy list you won't have trouble getting pickup games.

>> No.52693031

And this children is exactly how you get your entire local game shop to hate you as a player

>> No.52693096

Actually, I play GSC. But nobody in my LGS minds playing the Tau player, even when he's running a pretty hard list. However, if there was a player who just spent all his time crying about formations and making excuses for being bad at the game, I can't imagine anyone would play him.

>> No.52693114

Building an army right now, Blood Angels or Grey Knights?

Yes, I know that 8th is around the corner - what do you pick with the rumors in mind?

>> No.52693215

Very different armies. Do you want to play classic space marines or a small elite force where you'll have 20 models on a table but your troops can kill a landraider?

>> No.52693227

who is this chic?

>> No.52693243


I don't pick my army based on rules efficacy, let alone mere rumors.

>> No.52693252

Champion of Slaanesh, Bailey Jay

>> No.52693265

Dropped the Land Raider for another squad; hopefully this looks better.

>> No.52693274

>if your faction is weaker than Tau you are bad at the game

So this is what it's like to get a look inside the retarded faggot ass psyche of a filthy Taunigger

>> No.52693329

>Eldar players love scatbikes so much they try to put scatter lasers on everything
>scatter laser war walkers
>scatter laser farseers
>scatter laser strap-one
>scatter laser wielding another scatter laser

>> No.52693344

>Bailey Jay
Just look "her" up.
I feel odd now.

>> No.52693350

Trust your sense.

>> No.52693355

If tau are so good, why aren't they winning tournaments?
it's an average codex with a few excellent formations that is very easy to play. That's all. There's many stronger builds- bike marines, grav marines, Eldar, War Convo, Cult Ambush, TS psyker deathstar, Tzeentch daemons, and that's just off the top of my head.

I get why people don't like tau but they're not broken.

also, once again, I don't play Tau. Don't like the fluff.

>> No.52693368

Because tau players bring tournament level lists to casual play. This is what people have issue with.

>> No.52693384


>> No.52693386

anon, that's not a scatter laser

>> No.52693391

How do I remove the chapter symbols from a drop pod's doors? I got some second hand and want to place my chapter's symbols on them instead of theirs. best tool for the job? Hobby knife?

>> No.52693411

>this dumb nigger keeps spouting the Tau don't win tournaments meme

Nigger, Tau have placed more top 8 GTs than fucking vanilla space marines after the last major events. Riptide Wing is also chosen by more top armies like Eldar than anything else. They don't even choose to take more Eldar shit, they choose Riptides.

Don't fucking post on this board again you dumb faggot, nothing you've ever said is even remotely accurate.

>> No.52693424

I get that, and I see why it would be annoying, but I just don't think they should be forbidden from using half their codex because /tg/ says its too good. And if it's not a fully optimized list, Riptide Wing and OSC aren't really hard to counter.

>> No.52693436

>If tau are so good, why aren't they winning tournaments?

Except they are? They're the best army after Eldar and Tzeentch going by results

>> No.52693448

It entirely depends on what you have on whether they're hard to counter. A casual ork list is going to have a lot of trouble and trying to force people to buy models to keep up isn't going to end well.

>> No.52693468

Got it done. The answer turns out to be the serrated saw from a leatherman.

>> No.52693473

More than vanilla SM? wow, that means Tau are above average. BROKEN NERF PLS.

Riptide Wing is chosen because there's 0 tax and it compliments the weaknesses of a lot of other armies (esp. daemons). Also allies of convenience doesn't affect it since you keep it in a back corner anyway.

I post here every day, and I'm not gonna stop, not while there are crybaby shit tacticians like you to argue with.

>> No.52693506

Did you really try to imply tau aren't good? If they were so shitty nobody would hate them this much

Anyway you're wrong regardless

2017 Tau Empire Lists
2nd Overall Glass City Grand Tournament
2nd Overall Huzzah Hobbies’ Hammer in the New Year
7th Overall Las Vegas Open 2017
1st Overall Last Chance Open
2nd Overall Warzone Central GT
2016 Tau Empire Lists
1st Overall Omegacon
16th Overall Adepticon
2nd Overall Grotscon
3rd Overall Flying Monkey GT
1st Overall Storm of Silence
1st Overall Alamo GT
1st Overall Wintercon
3rd Overall Wintercon
2nd Overall No Mercy
2nd Overall Harvester of Souls
2nd Overall Warzone ATL
1st Overall Renegade Open
2nd Overall Renegade Open

Below is the current breakdown of what armies are winning events. The list combines all the top events for the year so far, taking only the top three winners from Major or GT events.

42 Eldar
22 Daemon
18 Tau Empire
14 Space Marine
11 Dark Angels
10 Chaos Space Marines & Renegades
6 Ad-Mech
6 Genestealer Cults
5 Imperial Knight
4 Astra Militarum
4 Space Wolves
3 Dark Eldar
3 Dark Eldar
3 Necrons
2 Tyranid
1 Harlequin
1 Grey Knight
1 Blood Angel
1 Ork

>> No.52693513

If your definition of whether something is broken is whether or not casual orks can win against it, this whole game is fucked.

>> No.52693529

I'm saying that tau are a powerful army, and that it's easier for them to tone themselves down rather than make everyone else have to try and compete without the same tools.

>> No.52693538

>vanilla marines

Are you a fucking retard? Oh what am I saying, of course you don't get to the Cloud District often. C:SM has been one of the best armies in the game since 2013. And Eldar and Tau have STILL been better than them for just as long, from 6E till now.

>> No.52693547

Yay, my callidus/vindicare assassin order's delivery estimate got bumped up from saturday to friday, which means I can get em put together and at least basecoated in time for a game on saturday. Hopefully they do show up tomorrow, I've been itching to run my new army.

>> No.52693556

Not saying they aren't good but in a non optimized list they are average. They just have good synergy for optimization.

anyway, my point is that new Tau players shouldn't be told not to take any of their good stuff because people on 4chan whine about it. It's not hard to counter if they aren't being a waac.

>> No.52693586

It's pointless to argue with you about shit you can easily just google to see that you're being stupid. I can't even tell if you're trying to make a point anymore or if you're just drooling in rage and slamming your keyboard. Take a break man.

>> No.52693591


Except that's exactly what you were saying you stammering faggot

>lol implying tau are good if they were so good why aren't they winning all these tournaments that they actually are winning
>lol better than one of the best armies in the game? I guess that means they're above average!

Fucking kill yourself you waste of life, you're even worse and more cancerous than the actual tau faction by virtue of your sheer dipshittery

>> No.52693613

Not him, but holy shit lol. Going this nuclear over plastic army men. Might want to re-evaluate who the cancerous one here is.

>> No.52693621

>he literally knows nothing about competitive 40k but keeps trying to discuss it on /tg/

Maybe you should take a break, mr. Grav spam and battle company is "average" and "tau and Eldar were never good in 6E"

>> No.52693632

stupid fucking tau player read your fucking codex

page 19 clearly lists

>Pulse Carbine 18" S5 AP5 Assault 1 Pinning Test

>> No.52693643

I didn't bother to inb4 your stupid ass shitpost because I didn't think anyone would be so fucking pathetic they'd make a u mad post but I should have known better

Rage is merely proportional to how retarded you faggots are. Maybe you should realize the reason you see so many angry posts is because of just how fucking stupid you are

>> No.52693644

Eldar sound good. Probably wouldn't go for ynarri though, my friends and I played a ynarri team at adepticon and their rules were beyond broken, apparently their army was banned from the tournament altogether.

>> No.52693661

That anime meme response image is ironic as fuck considering the black haired girl is the competent one and is angry at the blonde for being a useless sack of shit. So bravo, you've identified your position excellently.

>> No.52693671

why are you greentexting what I said except changing it? Can you read?
why are you getting so angry on the internet? Are you autistic?
why are you shit at 40k? Because you're not intelligent?

take a break.

I'm sorry if you try to play competitive orks and that's the source of your butthurt, or maybe you're a sisters player. But Tau just aren't broken.

>> No.52693672

>every getting mad on a Laotian tabacco-farming image board
It gets funnier with every post. You're the only one embarrassing yourself here.

Good thing the black haired one is the best girl of the series.

>> No.52693677

In addition to the points made by


There's the fact that the Tau'nar is banned by major tournaments and Tau stomps tournaments where it is allowed.

>> No.52693727

Neat. I wanna know how it plays.

>> No.52693739

>Forge world superheavy LOW is broken
you don't say?

>> No.52693797

Thanks. I played a mixed version of it last week and absolutely shit on a magnus/thousand sons list. Obviously it's strong against psykers, dunno how it'll work against regular lists but I love the flavor so I'm not concerned.

>> No.52693853

painting in progress

>> No.52693997

So I'm going to get Celestine to add to my guard army and I have a few questions.

I want to convert that spare hand so it's holding one of those command squad flags and paint it up real nice, it's quite hard to tell from the 3d picture, but those doves, how hard would it be to cut those off and attach them elsewhere?

>> No.52694010

the doves come as a separate piece, you just need to cut off the purity seal that connects them to her robes

>> No.52694020

They're attached to the robes and easy to leave off.

>> No.52694119

Sweet, that sounds nice and easy. How does she play on the table, basically a vehicle popping/tac squad removal distraction carnifex?

>> No.52694145

She can tear through light to medium armored vehicles with easy, can take on just about every melee character in a 1-on-1 since she can run away at any time and restore wounds or just outright run them over if they're not dedicated for melee.

Basically, your opponent has to kill her ridiculously fast to not have her escalate and he can't do that either because he'd have to invest so much firepower that your remaining army will crush him.

>> No.52694180

>Skathakh Wraithknight is fine

>> No.52694182

Yeah she does look obscenely hard to kill, with all those invuln saves and free rez.

>> No.52694191

That's an interesting matchup.

>> No.52694216

Someone make a new thread so that I can ask the question I want to ask and have more time to get answers, please.

>> No.52694238

how many hive tyrants do I need to buy for a tyranid army? what tax units do I take

>> No.52694270

whats the question

>> No.52694278

Normal physically fit, non military trained human vs normal physically fit, non military trained eldar. Who wins?

>> No.52694279

Wait for 8th, you might find there are changes that make Tyranid armies that have other things than Flyrants be viable.

>> No.52694284

If you're going waacfag 1850? Minimum 4. Your tax units are Mucolid Spores, best converted from spare Venomthrope bits after making Zoanthropes for fun games or by purchasing Meiotic Spores from Forgeworld.

Then you add in Mawlocs or Genestealer Cult Subterranean Uprising Detachments to fill out the rest of the points.

If you're not playing waacfag I wouldn't use more than two tyrants.

>> No.52694291

A more long-winded thing about preparing armies to play with my brother when he comes visit that's probably better answered with some more opinions.

>> No.52694602

Well then don't complain, also don't call them shitty, at least you're painting them, that get you far above the grey tau/eldar armies waac fags use.

>> No.52694606

the eldar of course!

>> No.52694685

Eldars were designed as a psychic warrior race, they out lived their intended purpose and lost their handlers then they fell into depravity and fuck themselves, humans evolved for our environment and didn't had to fight shit like necrons when they came into existence.

>> No.52694720

>look at the stats
>i5 vs i3

I wonder

>> No.52694783

So if I run Celestine and take an allied Inquisitor, can he take eccleisarchal relics? It says "Units in the same army may take relics" Doesnt that mean same CAD or the whole army? Because I would love to couple that 4+ inv and no deepstrike within 12" relic with an Inquisitor with skull probes. Why cant Inquisitors get refractor fields anyway? That's such bullshit.

>> No.52694787

New player here, I'm weighing out the pros and cons of a few different armies, and I'm curious:

Is it worth trying to run a full-Harlequin army? They seem like a good place to start, since they're high point cost, so getting ahold of the models will be cheap, and they look hella fun to paint on top of it. My biggest problem is, I absolutely hate the look of standard Eldar.

So is it worth investing in a set of Harlequins, or will my lack of options (literally a choice of 3 different elites and 2 fast strikers) pidgeonhole me to the point they'll quickly lose enjoyment to play/will be too easy to counterplay?

>> No.52694876

Harlequins are a difficult army to start with and the unit's are pretty difficult to work with.

If you want a cheapish elite army, go for Marines/CSM, Daemons or maybe Skitarii, Although if you are open to eBay/Chinaman then pretty much any army can be got on the cheap.

>> No.52694968

Daemons seem really swarmy and expensive

>> No.52694973

Since you don't like the look of Eldar, don't play Eldar. What are you looking for in an army? I would recommend picking whichever army has the aesthetic that you like most. The start collecting boxes are a really solid starting point for any army because are far cheaper than buying the models separately.

>> No.52694980


Start collecting into the armored assault boxes for sure.

>> No.52695021




>> No.52695054

Hm, fair. CSM was likely to be my second choice; lore-wise, I'm a huge fan of Tzeentch armies, and Plague Marines seem like they'd be a ton of fun to paint as well.

That was kind of why I was wondering whether Harlequins would function standalone. Eldar themselves don't really appeal to me, but Harl definitely do. Though, I'm not necessarily far enough along to really know what I /should/ be looking for in an army, aside from playing one that I like from a lore/aesthetic standpoint. Which pretty much puts me with Harlequins, CSM, Necrons, and Orks, from top to bottom.
I'll definitely check out some of those starter boxes the next time I'm at my LGS; thanks for the recommendation.

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