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Shit I need something to make this thread live

uh, what change are you most hopeful for in 8th edition?

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Dark Angels, Blood Angels or Tau? I'm a new player and can't decide. I would go for Tau because I like mechs and an army that is consistently good without needing to own a large variety of different units to suit the meta. However it looks like I'll need to shell out a mountain of cash. The "Start Collecting" set is only 250 points.

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DA, but only for those sweet sweet bikes

>> No.52682787

>Ork make a thread
>Is shit

Well we might try and salvage this.

Why do you like love or hate Sisters of Battle? Leave the players outside of this because it will end in "hurrr hurrrr derp"

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it's the the time of day, and because of the shadow war general. Nobody is fuggin posting.

I mean there wasn't even a general for the past couple of hours, been checking, finally decided to do it myself

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if you wanna go bikey and quick then dark angels.
if you wanna form a line of fire and make everyone bored then tau
dunno about BA

>> No.52682809

Does anyone know what the Imperial Agents book counts as allies-wise for the DKoK Assault Brigade from IA12?

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SW:A is bad but since the shit is way cheaper and generally more fun to play. No wonder
You can play 4 games in the time of a single 1000 point game.

When they release every army, GW would have shot themself in the foot again.

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Do Tau usually take a lot of upgrades? Do the upgrades take up a good amount of points?

>> No.52682835

They are armies of the Imperium the count as Battle brothers for any imperial shit.

>> No.52682849


Fuck yes.

Dear Mechanized Sapper Cadians,

You just got autocannon Chimeras!


>> No.52682852

Yes. Also, if you like Tau more, then that's the army you should go with. They're not that much more expensive than SM armies and the Start Collecting box is excellent.

>> No.52682862

Are they difficult to paint?

>> No.52682879

Lot of clean flat surfaces. They are pretty easy to paint.

>> No.52682918


Oh yeah, also: usable Rough Riders with PCSes!

>> No.52683043

After the Start Collecting box, where should I go from there? I was thinking of doing this to start off with(pic related). Does it look good?

>> No.52683049

Skitarii mechanical hands only have 4 fingers and it triggers me way more than it should.

>> No.52683115

If you want to go fast, dark angels.
If you want to stay away, run around and shoot people with big guns, (then miss in my case) play Tau.
If you enjoy the idea of a berserk charge and cutting the enemy into tiny pieces, or want space marines with a bit more snazz/depth and such, play Blood Angels.

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Followup: Same question re: DKoK and Skits/AdMechs?

>> No.52683168

pretty sure all armies of the imperium are battle brother with eachother

>> No.52683199


IIRC the DKoKs are weird about psykers.

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It looks pretty good.
Personally I might suggest that you take only one Riptide, and use the extra points for a stealth team, and some markerlight drones.
Replacing the riptides with a stealth team (or something else if you want) could be good, as a lot of people dislike playing against Riptide wings, and it may make the game more fun. Admittedly I wouldn't actually know, as I am rather small scale and don't have a Riptide yet, but you hear things.
And marker lights because they make hitting the target easier.
But if this is also plus the starter set, that looks to be big enough to justify a wing...

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Blood Angels if you like board games, they've been constantly represented lately. Plus their models look cool

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What do you guys think?

(I posted it to the 30k thread before since I coudn't find the 40k one)

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Don't run a riptide wing unless you are playing against a seriosuly.comoetitive opponent. 1 riptide per 1k points is totally acceptable but running the wing will just get people annoyed.

That being said, drop 2 riptide and replace with 2 squads of pathfinders and perhaps a devilfish or 2 for your warriors. This will give you some markerlight support because

Also consider getting a commander as well. He is out most versatile unit and can find a home in literally any list.

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Plus after playing it, it gives me motivation for painting hordes with variety.

>> No.52683247

Additionally, I think you may have missed some proverbial spots in your list. What are the crisis suits armed with?

>> No.52683258

No idea, this is my first list. Should give all of them shields? What weapons should I go with, I hear flamer is the standard choice.

>> No.52683324

Impressive, but I'm not sure I like the cartoonish proportions. I guess they are pretty close to the miniature version, but I feel anything real-world sized should be adjusted to have more realistic proportions. Especially if it's a costume prop. But that's obviously not what you want, so don't let my hang-ups detract from your work.

Might be an idea to 'greeble' it up a bit more. Possibly a few dents and scratches?

>> No.52683337

Personally, I treat mine a bit like tank hunters.
Two weapons for each.
One of the two is a fusion blaster.
At least one of the weapons on the squad is a flamer.
Beyond that, find what suits you.

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Dark Angels are broken and OP. Play them just so that people can always complain.

>> No.52683345

I feel like I'm making a huge mistake building my skitarii completely before painting
But on the other hand I don't have patience to do it any other way

>> No.52683347

Round 2 of my Ork Codex revisions. Last time I posted I mentioned I started this project before I was aware of Space 0din, and regardless, I did not feel his choices should have been so inexpensive with so much options. Anyway I have received comments about this already and want to see what you guys think a second time.

If you give sufficient reason why something should be different, I will be happy to change it, but for the most part, I believe this codex is ready for tabletop.


>> No.52683354

I pretty much copied this proportions, maybe one it's painted will lose the "cartoony" feeling

Thanks anyways for the appreciation :)

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I wouldn't say flamers are standard, but they can work well. They offer something that other units don't.

Basically, crisis suits are super versatile, so use them to fill the gaps in your list. It looks like you might struggle against heavy vehicles, so fusion blasters might be a good choice.

I note that you don't seem to have any markerlights. You probably want some markerlights. Swap some gun drones for marker drones.

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book says
DKoK are battle brothers with:
Space Marine
Space Wolves
Adepta Sororitas
Imperial Knights

Allies of convenience with:
Blood Angels
Dark Angels
Grey Knights

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Nobody but you will ever play your fandex.

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Deathwatch: CAD or Black Spear ? Can we use Imperial Armour shit ?

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I see, thanks a lot. Before I dig into some more research, would you recommend me getting two "Start Collecting" boxes? From reading the contents listed I can get 20 fire warriors, some drones, 6 Crisis Battlesuits and 2 Ethereals for £85 by buying 2 "Start Collecting" boxes. Buying the same units separately would cost £146.50. Am I reading something wrong or is this just too good to be true? Finally, when the CAD detachment says "Required: 1 HQ....Optional: 1 HQ. Does that mean I can take 2 HQs in that detachment? If that is the case I will also get myself a Commander.

>> No.52683595

You wanna talk real waste of time? I don't even plan on playing the codex I am making. I play the game according to the shitty rules I am given. This is a thought experiment of what the Orks could be. Criticism on the codex, not me, was what I was asking for.

>> No.52683609

it's an army of terminators and termies are shit.

>> No.52683615

Ok. Crisis suits are your "fill-any-gap" unit. As in they can fill in on any role you need them to. If you lack anti-infantry (rare and bizzare situation with tau but for the sake of argument) you can kit them out for it with flamers, burst cannons or airburst. Same goes for anti tank fusion blasters, missile pods, or cyclic ion blasters and anti-heavy infantry plasma guns and/or fusion. They can fill in on mid-range fire support with missile pods and/or plasma rifles for an all around generalist or you can go balls deep on deep strikes with close quarter weapons.

Your typical loadout for the team is everyone with same weapon x2, don't mix shit together on same team. For support systems it's easy to go overboard with shield generators and shit which are good but add up to a lot of points witch could just allow you to take more suits instead. Advanced targeting system is cheap and good on multiple shot weapons like burst cannon or rapid fire range plasma rifles or twin-linked weapons. Target locks are nice on fusion blaster teams allowing you to engage multiple tanks at once if needed. Target lock is also insane choice for large crisis team with marker drones and commander as you suits can engage priority unit while drones paint another unit for others. Vectored retro-thursters are good on close quarter unit but you need drones alive to take advantage of that I4 for hit&run. Shield generator and stimulant injector can be considered on deep strike units to maybe allow them to live another turn. Velocity trackers should be given to broadsides or riptides instead of crisis suits but if you want anti-air crisis suits no-one is stopping you. Drone controller is ok if you go for lots of gun or marker drones on your teams, even better on commander with his bs5. Flamers can be a nice upgrade for cheap if you have unused hard points on your suits. It gives a great deterrance for enemy charges and on rare situations you can get some nice shots with it all for 5p.

>> No.52683632

it's fine. if you build without waiting to paint every one you can get to playing while you slowly paint everyone.
skitarii aren't as hard to paint as they seem at first sight.

>> No.52683669

The Start Collecting boxes are great value, which is rare for GW. The Tau one has good units at a good discount so picking up two is a great start. And yes, you can take 2 HQs in that detachment.

>> No.52683675

nah it's an army of black knights and grav bikers that can re-roll their jink saves

>> No.52683733

how do you like rereolling 2 up jink saves and are you a fan of armies that get a hundreds of free points in formation? if so? join the dark angels where your cheese is worse than tau but people are ok with it cause it is not weeb!

>> No.52683781

The bomb squig doesn't need to say that it can't make snap shots or attack fliers; as a blast weapon, it is already unable to do so.

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>> No.52683817

Talking about orks, i'm trying to do a Freebooter for my Rogue trader campaign and i can't find any editable pdf files, May /tg/ Help me?

>> No.52683822

If you are in the UK, try buying from triple helix.

Start collecting boxes are generally pretty great. The only downside is that they usually include a monopose character that you only want one of. Still, you can often get a fiver for them on ebay.

>> No.52683827

>>>52683347 (You)
good catch! I made that blast change right before i uploaded and forgot to follow through. Appreciated.

>> No.52683832

Thoughts on this WIP Mixedwing list?

>> No.52683847

hot damn lad. how'd you do it? 3d printing? Wood?

>> No.52683858

That's pretty obviously wood.

>> No.52683920

That is a shit ton of points on HQs when ap2, ignores cover, or insane volumes of fire will destroy your army in one turn. I know dark angels are all about expensive, powerful units, but you're running a 28 model 1850 list.

Also while plasma fits dark angels, the regular bike could use a melta or something to deal with different enemies. Your black knights have a TL version.

>> No.52683923

That looks like a bundle of joy the play against... if you like being tabled and killing one unit in a game

>> No.52683957

Hey guys I am going to be playing a guy that has plays IG and SM. I play Tau, now this guy has always tabled me turn 3 with his IG and I believe that is what is going to to do again because he runs the tank formations and tank lines with enough infantry for a CAD. my biggest heavy hitters are a riptide, ghostkeel, and 1 hammerhead. I have a ton of infantry and crisisuits as well as 2 broadsides. pls halp. I at least want to be competitive and not get rekt.

>> No.52683991

git gud?

>> No.52684006

No duh, thats why I am asking for help?

>> No.52684029

Should I attempt yet again to fill the void in my life with plastic models? I am still working on the last batch of models I bought. And the ones before that.

>> No.52684035

Use the Guard player's lack of maneuverability to your advantage, and hammer the SM whenever they get closer than the IG. What is your usual strategy and loadout?

>> No.52684039

Praise the sun for mercy

>> No.52684041

So which HQ should I drop? The fluffy expensive special characters, the librarian or the chaplain?

That bike only has a plasma gun because it's the one from the Dark Vengeance boxset. I'd give it a proper tankhunting gun if I could.

>> No.52684063

Are you using your marker lights properly? Are you JSJing out of range or LOS of the tanks? You have some crisis suits too right?

>> No.52684086

Sell your models and play a men's army like the IG?

>> No.52684150

Ah. And not sure, look at the point cost vs what you get from it, how useful it is with the rest of your army including your strategy for running them. If you think it would be more useful to have an entire unit of dudes than a ~200 point guy. One thing about Dark Angels, if you go full raven/deathwing then you're low on dudes, and that makes it easier to pick out units with your tough, special characters. If Jetbike McGee's unit gets targeted by markerlights (and having a unit limits his mobility since he's the only jetbike) then he's just as dead as that 40pt dark knight, but less dead than the 5 dark knights you could get for his price. Same thing with Belial or that 170pt interrogator chaplain. If you get hit with a sudden wave of grav fire or plasma fire or the IG just decides make you take 40 armor saves, those 2+ start to wear thin.

It's a really strong list against armies with similar prices, but larger armies or Tau/Eldar anything can cripple you faster than you can hurt anything. Especially if they can take cover saves against all your plasma or you get really screwed with Gets Hot.

Also lack of weapons is a bitch, not sure what to tell you on that, if he doesn't kill himself rapid firing plasma with no reroll then he's gonna fuck something up. At least there's that.

>> No.52684186

He also has those tanks are that AV14 so its really hard for me to deal with them. I have moved away from using rail guns but maybe I should outfit my broadsides with them just because of that now?

I tried using the OSC and got rekt. Dude also seems to oneshot my hammerheads every time, even if I jink.
I just forgot to mention before that he has the AV14 tanks on top of those whirlwind things that shoot a ton of small blasts in one area wiping out infantry.
I do use markerlights but most of the time I dont have anything worth shooting at with them or no point in markerlighting anything.

>> No.52684221

>what changes are you most hopeful for in 8th edition

All of it.

I'm genuinely looking forward to it, and drinking the tears of grognards.

>> No.52684262

I'm hoping that GW goes full cuck and adds female space marines.

The shitstorm it self will be worth it.

>> No.52684267

The nerves for the remaining finger are routed to control other systems instead.

>> No.52684279

Chaos Daemons, why do I see all these lists with 4 HQs?
The FOC looks the same as all others.
Is it legal to make lists with CAD of the same army? As in, 2 CADs of daemons or 4 CADs of daemons?

My group is pretty vanilla. We usually stick to one army each. Last week we played some new guys with tons of rule flexing Detachment lists.

>> No.52684334

Thinking of diving into Dark Eldar since they have killer models and literally nobody at my shop plays them. What do you guys think of this list? I took the advice of the 1d4chan article (i know i know) simply because i cant really find any other resources about the army.

>> No.52684345

How do you get a Farseer on jetbike to stay on his flight stand? This little ball socket mount is ridiculous.

Also I modeled him with a scatter laser but now I'm not sure I can actually legally take that upgrade. Did I fuck up?

>> No.52684355

I mean, it's not meant to be a competitive army, just a fluffy one that satisfies my lore autism and looks and plays decently on the tabletop.

But all those pointers are really useful. Thanks for the tips.

I guess if I do have spare time I'll find a way to optimize the list for Taufaggotry and Eldarfaggotry or infantry spam but for now I'm satisfied.

>> No.52684357

>Not using Orkz anyways

>> No.52684390

You must be joking. How did you fuckup an OST versus tankguard? Your ghostkeel has a 2+ save that tanks cannot negate, and you hit his AV10 rear armor FROM THE FRONT!

All you had to do is deepstrike in and shoot his tanks with bust cannons and other rapid fire medium strength weapons and he's dead!

>> No.52684396

Lol get fucked Matt

>> No.52684476

You can take as many detachments you want.

>> No.52684494

>playing the pussiest army available
>"men's army"

Might as well field nothing but grots, they're still braver than guardsmen.

>> No.52684497

Fusion Crisis is a good choice, and you're fucking stupid if you can't beat tanklines with an OSC.

>> No.52684516


This word doesn't even have a meaning anymore.

>> No.52684553

Drill a deeper hole?

>> No.52684558

You fucked up. He can't take a scatter laser.

>> No.52684573

To be fair I was still learning the rules of my army and realized that this is the case with OSC and the GK 12 inch stealth bubble. I am still a pretty new player so there are a ton of things I am still getting. Like I never bothered to read up on what ordnance does and now I am kicking myself for not knowing. till like a week ago for that and the electric stealth suite or whatever.
lol my name is not matt

>> No.52684575

I hope the give them to the guard instead.

Because we fucking deserve female meatsheilds way more than the cootie defence club over there.

>> No.52684588

I'm looking at the 1d4chan wiki article on Soul Grinders, what advantage do Tzeentch grinders have among others? Those are the only ones without a mentioned advantage.

>> No.52684589

Need a little help with the old army list building. Played a lot of harlequins, now breaking into deldar, cause I love the husbando waifu combo of yvraine and the visarch (plus being able to actually do damage in the shooting phase is nice with deldar)

Not sure about the reapers and having the named death masque trouble's rather than slightly less upgraded normal troupes.

Any general advice welcome

>> No.52684594

Lmao, guardsmen have the same leadership as your fire warriors, except they have the ability to launch glorious bayonet charges and become fearless with ultramanly war priests

Grots are just sad and so are you if you can't beat tanks with an OSC

>> No.52684600

Ravenwing/Deathwing are one of those combinations that either wrecks or gets wrecked. While I like the fluff and their entire style, I just don't like the way it plays out. If you expand a bit you can get the last part of their trinity, basic bitch troops. Every one of them is stubborn and the battle demi-company in your detachment overwatches at their normal BS. That way, you have point holders that the enemy needs to watch out for, as well as your kill squads rolling around. All the deathwing are fearless, all the ravenwing are hard to kill and stubborn, you don't really need that many ICs. Personally I like one main leader for Deathwing and Ravenwing each with the troops just doing their job.

>> No.52684610

There is a tau player in our group named Matt who routinely loses to tankguard despite using stealth cadres

>> No.52684617

Next edition will have female space marines.

Have you seen the new memembers of GW?

>> No.52684626

There's no limit?
So you could have infinite of the same cad possibly?

>> No.52684632

Why tho

>> No.52684641

1d4chan says it, Tzeentch grinders get to reroll 1s on their saves.

>> No.52684642

Because we have to sell to the vocal minority that don't buy our products.

>> No.52684656

Well there usually is point limit. But by the book there is no limit to the number of detachments you can bring.

>> No.52684660


>> No.52684698

Keep in mind taking the OSC is basically the worst kind of cheese combo'd with the extra fuck you of list tailoring against IG. Because it's basically you taking lower strength rapid fire weapons that let you rip upset all his light infantry AND his heavy armor, while still leveraging battle suits with 3+ armor, multiple wounds, AND a 2+ cover save.

Basically, you become anti-imperial in the extreme, and anti-guard in particular. And we hate it, because we have no real counter except possibly spamming lascannons and company command squads to ignore cover.

>> No.52684716

Tempted to paint rubrics in prospero 1ksons colours...

>> No.52684730

Hmmm, I know it's probably not the most tactically sound move but my fluff-tism says to drop the Libby and the Chaplain, even though I sort of do want to throw the Chaplain into the Knight squad and enjoy Smite maces of reroll-to-hit rape.

I'll see if it's possible for me to stuff in a Greenwing formation right below the Ravenwing, but I've never fared very well with standard marines. Although you do have a point that Greenwing has advantages over vanilla marines so I'll see what works.

>> No.52684740

What about the trans Space Marines?

>> No.52684763

Sure! Now make the Emperor a girl while you are it. Also SoB do slut walks too!

>> No.52684795

Fucking Marines getting all the good shit ahead of guard even if they have to break their own lore to do it!

>> No.52684797

>female space marines
They fuck over the sisters of battle for years, I really hope they don't create new female space marines before we get fucking plastic kits for the sororitas ;_;

>> No.52684825

Just slap a Sisters of Silence head onto power armor and you're done.

>> No.52684826

How best would you use heavy flamers? At AP 4, I know they can instantly roast anything below MEQ.

They seem to be better than a regular flamer, but I thought they'd be AP 3 or something. What makes them so good?

I am thinking about using them in this list, and I might drop from 2 to 1 in the sternguard squad.

>> No.52684843

Space marines are already this way. They don't identify as men, but as living manifestations of the emperor's wrath.

>> No.52684859

At the moment, I'm cautiously optimistic about it in general. I'd like to see a more diverse set of viable builds for each faction.

>> No.52684877

I'm trying to find the image of the female writer/designer for GW, she is a landwhale the stereotypical tumblr looking feminist. Can't seem to find it.

>> No.52684892

Question on the formations system: If a formation is listed under a specific detachment, can I take that formation alongside other detachments or does it have to be deployed in the detachment it's listed under?

>> No.52684917

Depends if the formation has it's own datasheet or not.

>> No.52684928

As another Tau player, I approve of this message. My main crisis team is double plasma rifles with Target Lock in a unit with a Buffmander and 6 markerlight drones. Really depends on what you're fighting and what you're lacking, though.

>> No.52684931

The one I'm looking at in question does.

>> No.52684938

Then you can.

>> No.52684983

>trans Space Marines
The Emperor's Children probably have that one covered already...

Just saying.

>> No.52684996

>Did you just assume my allegiance

>> No.52685007

I think tau are kinda doing their job. GW made the, to rope in new players who might like giant robots.
Most people who show up asking for army advice have tau in their minds,

>> No.52685009

why doesn't mork's cunnin' have any range? or is it in the appendix.

Also, the gorkanaut is strictly better than the morkanaut, since they have exactly the same options, but the gorkanaut can transport units, where the morkanaut has no access points. I'll assume that's a typo. Kustom job seems completely useless. In addition, why does the kustom mega-kannon lose blast, without gaining more shots? Seems like it would make them rather useless as more expensive kannons that have 1 less ap and gets hot, without the versatility of frag. That's enough complaining, what's good?

Well, I really like the change to cybork body, as well as the changes to gitfindas. While flash gitz might still be a little overcosted unless taken in the freebootas formation, I don't really know since I don't have any other codexes to compare them to . The squiggoths are great, and the looted wagon rules are fantastic. I'd like for them to be able to use the guns of other species though, possibly at a discount because of ork accuracy. Green tide is fucking hilarious and looks like a load of fun. all in all the formations are really nice, despite certain ones being a lot lot better than the others (snakebites & freebootas). The klans are incredible, and something the regular dex really lacks. However, the blood axes formation says that either boss zagstruk or boss snikrot must be taken, but the klan rules state no unique characters besides snikrot. Also, the mark of mork seems a little iffy, since ghazzy can't be taken and snikrot is best taken with a kommando squad. I'd give the battlewagon the ability to take a supa-kannon, as described in the forge world dread mob update, which would make the freebootas on par with the other crazy benefits of the klans, as they seems a little lackluster otherwise.

All in all, it's really good. Some of the warlord traits are a bit off, but otherwise it's excellent. I'm saving that.

>> No.52685012

AoS has female Stormcast. Even named female Stormcast with their own models. Stormcast physically resemble Space Marines (muscled humanoid demigods). The girl Stormcast are the female versions of that (muscled humanoid demigoddesses). So at least we have an inspiration to what female would/could have looked like.

Anyway, what's the big idea? Sigmar elevates heroic and warrior women to the ranks of the Stormcast to get revenge on the forces of Chaos and justice for their victims. Both men and women are equal in his eyes as long as they are worthy.

The Emperor on the other hand choose only men to be his chosen warriors. What's up with that? We know from Fabius that partial geneseed implantation in females produces specimens are that equally deadly if not more than male specimens. So what was the Emperor's thought process?

>> No.52685013

Please GW, dont let age of shitmar get into your 40k

>> No.52685034


Damn. Can warlocks take scatter lasers? Maybe I could just take his head off and swap him over.

>> No.52685042

>inb4 slowpoke meme
Those guys look a lot like space marines, are they trying to 40k fantasy warhammer?

>> No.52685049

Nope. Only base riders can.

>> No.52685052

they added space marines, yes.

>> No.52685055

>he thinks he's replying to the same guy bitching about Tau

I don't even play Tau but at least they don't need a dedicated unit to shoot their own men. IG are one step up from an armed mob at best.

>> No.52685059


They are suppose to be good guy "Chaos warriors".

>> No.52685073

Warhammer Fantasy is not a thing anymore. So GW kill it and made Age of Sigmare, now with Fantasy Marines using Bolt throwers!

>> No.52685074

Because science

>> No.52685077

Jesus how tall are those guys in the back? Primarch tall?

>> No.52685084

because you have to be at the absolute pinnacle of human strength to become a space marine, even then with a massive failure rate. Women simply aren't capable of achieving that same goal.

>> No.52685099

According to this guy, Female marines are possible.

>> No.52685100

dreadknight/magnus height

>> No.52685115

Weird, I don't like it.

This makes it a bit better. I only know fantasy from TW:WH and the chosen are pretty cool.

>> No.52685116

Have you seen any?

>> No.52685131

>Blood Angels basically recruit wretched underage males from irradiated hellhole that is their planet. They starved and thin going by the codex art.

Sure thing buddy.

>> No.52685152

is this true

>> No.52685156

Only the females of the Newmen that have a lesser version of the geneseed in them.

>> No.52685169

the fantasy world in TW:WH was destroyed entirely, the survivors found some magic realm in the warp where everyone fights.

>> No.52685175

No, it's not. Girlyman did nothing to change the Church or the Inquisition. He played along with it and allowed them to declare him divine.

>> No.52685179

>plastic sisters

but we already got plastic sisters :-)

>> No.52685183

That's more of Sang's blood than anything else. Blood Angels also have the highest death rate of recruits.

>> No.52685190 [DELETED] 

How's this 1850 pts list? Replaced the librarian and the chaplain with the DV terminator squad and an attack bike for tank hunting and infantry removing support.

>> No.52685192

>magic realm in the warp

Nope, the Mortal realms are in space. They are not in the Warp.

>> No.52685199

How's this 1850 pts list? Replaced the librarian and the chaplain with the DV terminator squad and an attack bike for tank hunting and infantry removing support.

>> No.52685221

Shoud I be a huge weeb and paint my Tau like Evangelions?

>> No.52685225

You already are a huge weeb, I don't see why this is a question.

>> No.52685229

space = realm of chaos

>> No.52685250


>> No.52685267


>> No.52685276

I once saw an EVA 01 Tau army, it looked nice. The funny thing was the faggot didn't knew till we show him pictures of EVA. His face of "what the flying fuck?!" Was priceless

>> No.52685295

No, Space magic is anti-Chaos. Star light literally kills daemons.

>> No.52685379

I was thinking of making small troops like Fire Warriors Blue/White (unit-00). Medium sized units like Crisis Suits Red/Orange (Unit-02). Large units like Riptides and Devilfish Purple/Green (Unit-01). It seems like a cool idea in my head but it might end up looking like a mess on the table.

>> No.52685413

Thoughts on this probably retarded pure Deathwing army?

Definitely not as viable as the Mixedwing list but still probably ok for shits and giggles.

In particular this one suffers from the same problem as my other pure Deathwing lists where it hinges entirely on that first drop podded Dreadnought landing safely and not getting fucked up by the enemy before the deepstrike begins.

>> No.52685502


is the plot moving forward?

>> No.52685517

Not really on space, but on the winds of magic. Though they have to travel to the mortal realms filled with normal people to fight chaos or other bad people. But most battles take place in the wind's domain, like how the orcs use the beast lands which are desert like and filled with bones.

>> No.52685542

better hope your dread survives turn 1

>> No.52685591

>The Emperor on the other hand choose only men to be his chosen warriors. What's up with that?
You can't make female space marines. That is the fluff reason. If you dislike that fictional universes have rules, or internal consistency I don't think fantasy/sci-fi is for you.
Additional reasoning:
The Emperor did not want there to be any chances of Space Marines breeding. He wishes to guide humanity to a psychic race, not replace them.

>We know from Fabius that partial geneseed implantation in females produces
Fabius Bile has not created female space marines. I do not know where you got the idea.

>> No.52685605

If this is your army im gonna need some close ups, pimp.

I like the black spear but there is certainly value in cad for individual bikes-terms-vanguards. You can always tack a formation kill team into a cad though.

>> No.52685656

The Slaan travelled to the Mortal realms via space ships. Also if the dudes in other realms looked up, they see Azyr which is the Heavens/space.

>> No.52685681

just a question, how long was 40k stuck on m41.999

>> No.52685684

So basic CSM. What do I do with them? I love them and want to run 10 man squads in Rhinos and just drive around shooting from the top or unloading them to rapid fire into some unlucky bastards, but I've been told a few times that 10 man bolter squads are pretty bad. What can I do to improve the usefulness of my spiky boys?

Also, what happened to all the Iron Warriors players? I used to see pro-IW stuff here all the time and now I only ever see Death Guard and loyalist lists.

>> No.52685691

Since around 3rd or 4th ed.

>> No.52685711

>>template weaponry intensifies

>> No.52685716

>You can't make female space marines. That is the fluff reason. If you dislike that fictional universes have rules, or internal consistency I don't think fantasy/sci-fi is for you.

Fabius who is a geneseed specialist believes it is possible and wonders why the Emperor forsook the female gender in the creation of the Space Marines.

>The Emperor did not want there to be any chances of Space Marines breeding.

Sterilise them then.

>Fabius Bile has not created female space marines. I do not know where you got the idea.

The Newmen are created by implanting humans with a lesser version of the geneseed. They can even breed with each other and produce more Newmen. All of them, men and girls have a form of geneseed. All of them are equally strong and capable of taking on a marine in small groups.

>> No.52685723

New Deathguard models coming soon, so now they are the flavour of the month. Cue loads of "I always loved Deathguard. Wait a second, which legion number did they have?"

>> No.52685738

For about 15+ years. Nearly two decades. Sheesh.

>> No.52685750

Start collecting Tau is way more points than that, due to how many drones come in the box and how many upgrades you can load up Crisis suits with. You can hit 500 easy. 250 is bare-bones if you only take the models with no upgrades.

>> No.52685755


>> No.52685796

‘And so we will, when we are safe aboard the Vesalius,’ Bile said, rubbing a spot of blood from Igori’s cheek with his thumb. ‘More than once I have questioned the Emperor’s wisdom in bestowing his gifts upon but one half of the human race. For in man, as in all beasts, the female is the deadlier of the species. You are a thing of furious beauty, my dear, and never let anyone tell you different.’

Females are superior killers according to Fab. So why did the Emperor forsaken women?

>> No.52685800

If you are not creating something to breed then there is no reason to produce a female version. The male body is stronger and vastly superior as a base for a super soldier.

Like the Thunder Warriors the marines were to serve a purpose not to replace humanity.

>> No.52685824

Because BL is trying very hard to not be sexist.

>> No.52685828

>Fabius who is a geneseed specialist believes it is possible and wonders why the Emperor forsook the female gender in the creation of the Space Marines.

Fabius promises he can make female marines? Just like he has "cracked" Emperors work? Just like he can clone primarchs without any problems? Yeah, nah. Fabius Bile is full of shit, and has been established just as being a big boaster. He can't even fix himself, and he's going to die due soon.

>Sterilise them then.
Your logic is retarded. You believe a space marine can break down the Emperors (and chaos gods' btw) genetic workings, but you think he can't bypass sterilization? OK.

>The Newmen blah blah blah
Are not Space Marines and exist in a single BL book, that is to say, not in any way confirmed to be canon.

>> No.52685873

>mfw Dark Angels have better bike lists than White Scars

>> No.52685875

Do female scions exist?

>> No.52685884

>Fabius promises he can make female marines? Just like he has "cracked" Emperors work? Just like he can clone primarchs without any problems? Yeah, nah. Fabius Bile is full of shit, and has been established just as being a big boaster. He can't even fix himself, and he's going to die due soon.
I like this idea. He's a genius and all that, and probably one of the best biologists the galaxy has ever seen, but still can't compete with the Emperors scientific mastery. But hell, he tries, and his boasting is just a scheme to get more fundings from powerful chaoslords.

>> No.52685913


>> No.52685917

>Just like he can clone primarchs without any problems?

He created the Perfect Clone of Horus. The problem with the other clones is that he was given tainted gene samples. When he got his hands on the corpse of Horus untainted by anything, he managed to successfully clone him.

Dude, has mastered the art of the geneseed.

>You believe a space marine can break down the Emperors (and chaos gods' btw) genetic workings

Actually, did say that Marine sterility can be fixed via treatments or Chaus mutations. But that is not an issue since marines do not have the desire to breed at all. This goes to traitors and loyalists.

>Are not Space Marines and exist in a single BL book, that is to say, not in any way confirmed to be canon.

You are a dumbass. The Newmen exist in the GW lore such as the codex and Fab's entry in Warhammer Digital's WoTDM.

Clearly, you are not knowledgeable enough about the fluff.

>> No.52685939

Why are you so obsessed with Female Astartes?

>> No.52685959

Scions are literally the best 1% of non-augmented humanity. So no :^)

>> No.52685963

>He created the Perfect Clone of Horus.

You mean the shitty clone that was killed by Abbadon?

>> No.52685977

I am obsessed with the reason why the Emperor turned his back on women!

Anyways here is Newmen lore from the novel. I will see If I can hunt down the WoTDM lore as well.

>Gland-hounds. The New Humanity, as designed by Fabius Bile. Stronger, faster, more aggressive than the brief sparks that sheltered in the shadow of the Imperium. The first generation had been born of partial gene-seed implantation. Those first few crude attempts had become more refined over time, as the master had devised his own, lesser form of gene-seed. One which was not so likely to kill its host out of hand.


>The Gland-hounds were built to hunt Space Marines. Or, rather, their gene-seed. One on one, they were no match for their prey, but in a pack they could pull down even the most frenzied of Khorne’s chosen. Bile doted on them. He even gave them as gifts, sometimes, when the mood struck him. They were prized by those for whom limited stocks of gene-seed were still an active concern, such as the Iron Warriors.

>> No.52686001

Everyone in the room that were getting slaughtered by him agreed that it was Horus Reborn.

>> No.52686004


He's an absurd beta who thinks if he advocates for strong women girls will want to fuck him, is my guess

>> No.52686009

>what are sisters of battle?

>> No.52686013

No real point with arguing with him. He's like that guy who took a single passage in a codex that said the Tau were a major player as proof that Tau were Chaos/Imperium -tier in the fluff.

He interprets lazily written and self contradicting fluff in a way that he finds appealing and headcanons the rest. Like the Horus clone being 100% perfect replica of Horus. We'll know what is canon and what is not when 40k gets Sigmar'd and the old fluff is abandoned completely.

>> No.52686019

>Flee multiple times, even though their codex states that Scions never flee
>Every time they are mentioned in Gathering Storm it's always squads dying
>Sisters actively hold a shrine for so long that only a demon prince could defeat them

>> No.52686023

Abbadon killed him in single combat. He may have had his mind, but he was not the primarch he used to be.

>> No.52686059

>He's like that guy who took a single passage in a codex that said the Tau were a major player

Actually, it's not in the codex and it's in other sources which I linked. More than one place.

>hat Tau were Chaos/Imperium -tier in the fluff.

And that's as strawman

>He interprets lazily written and self contradicting fluff in a way that he finds appealing and headcanons the rest.

And you provide no evidence but bellyache and draw attetion to yourself. You never provide anything but flawed opinions not backed up by ANYTHING. And your last line basically a concession that I am right about everything ever.

>> No.52686068

The Sisters only take the women who are sufficiently faithful. While I imagine that'd be most of them, the remaining female candidates who aren't siphoned off by the Inquisition or Mechanicus will probably wind up as Scions.

When you think about it, really, the Scions are sort of made up of all the Schola Progenium washouts who weren't good enough to make it into one of the more specialist organisations.

>> No.52686097

Dude, what single combat. It was an entire warband that took him down. Abaddon just delivered the final blow when Horus Reborn let his guard down when he recognised him. Before that Horus Reborn was unstoppable.

>> No.52686099


>> No.52686134

>Not all of these purgation missions are mercy killings. Upon dozens, perhaps hundreds of worlds, the Space Marines have encountered fierce resistance from hardened cadres of enhanced humans who fight with the strength and cunning of devils. These altered half-spawn exhibit strength, speed and intelligence many times higher than the human norm and are depraved, psychotic killers to a man. They are Bile’s proudest creations, the New Men he would spread throughout the galaxy. Fickle, selfish, obsessive, aggressive, murderous; they echo their creator in more than just their physique. Each of man’s worst traits has been brought to the fore and magnified tenfold, married with the psychology of a tyrant and the strength of a madman. Even the Inquisition do not know how many of these abominations have escaped into the galaxy. Many of them are altered subtly, their corded muscles and crazed minds hidden in plain view until their incipient psychosis sends them on a manic killing spree.

-Fabius Bile's WoTDM entry.

Would you want to be a Newman, /tg/?

>> No.52686136

>Drill holes into them
I mean, you probably need really tiny magnets though. Or try pinning them. Or use a bit less glue and give it a few seconds to start drying before you put the flame thingies on.

>> No.52686162

It shouldn't matter regardless. The fact that Abbadon just grabbed Worldbreaker out of the air shows that Horus wasn't the marine crusher of old. ADB jacking off aside, Horus' soul was destroyed by the Emperor, he could never come back into his full power.

>> No.52686165

If new Death Guard models are coming out does that mean a new codex supplement will arrive?

Also Mortarion soon?

>> No.52686172

you're probably right. how did GW expect people to do this without those though? the model is so fucken top heavy. it's like an upside down pyramid.

>> No.52686177

How does this list look for something that can at least hold its own without Magnus? Everything rerolling saves of 1 was the goal.

One terminator squad with the lord can jetpack around thanks to disc sorc, while the other 2 will deepstrike.

15 psychic charges default is also a plus.

>> No.52686183

A lot of the vanguard models have 4 fingers and a thumb and most skitarii art has the full number

>> No.52686192

Because Magnus and Ahriman helped each other during the burning of Fenris I need someone to make a meme that says "Friendship ended with Lorgar, now Magnus is my best friend"

>> No.52686197

Is humanity fucked? I mean it's not like anyone can repair the golden throne.

>> No.52686200

>Also Mortarion soon?

Yes, the big ass scythe at the end of the trailer implies it.

>> No.52686213

>Is humanity fucked?

Yep. Unless they find a way to stop the growth of the Eye.

>> No.52686229

I'd be interested to see if anyone out there is crazy enough to field all 4 Daemon primarchs (assuming Angron and Fulgrim are next) and all 4 of their special HQs (Kharn, Ahriman, Typhus, Lucius) plus all the various god specific marines in one huge Apocalypse sized army list.

>> No.52686230

That implies that if the emperor dies he's permadead and something magical won't happen whereby he becomes the starchild or some series of contingencies set in place millenia ago will activate and blow khorne's dick off or something.

>> No.52686239

Most of the women end up in the administratum actually

>> No.52686241

You'd better fucking believe i'd do that. My wallet would fucking murder me, but there's no way in hell i'd show up to an apoc game without em if they were available.

>> No.52686252

Pylons will fix themself with a reanimation protocol save.

That or some edgy shit as the emperor die and his tears rip apart de eye, destroying it or some crappy thing like that.

I doubt GW can write something worst than GS, but then again they made 3 crappy books in a row.

>> No.52686259

Time to become a necron then.

>> No.52686284


no, for a savior has returned

>> No.52686295

I guess you're supposed to put the disk on the flames first, and Ahriman after that, so you don't have the whole weight of the miniature on it while the glue is still drying.

>> No.52686296

Humanity is perfectly safe and will prosper for eons to come. They just have to worship a different god. Or, I should say, gods...

>> No.52686299

Can he protect humanity from being devoured by the Warp?

>> No.52686300

He will fail.

The Golden Warrior will not.

>> No.52686309

>implying the golden warrior isn't Guilliman wearing Custodes armor

>> No.52686316

Trying to find bits to build Earthshaker artillery carriages for my R&H and have them look chaos-y. Everywhere seems to be out of stock or doesn't stock defiler chassis and leg bits and admech treads. Has anyone ever done something similar and can share what they did and what parts they used? I really don't want to spend the $100 per carriage for FW,
but might have to at this point

>> No.52686317

Doesn't the chaos gods like devour the souls of their worshipers?

And I thought chaos gods didn't have any endgame.

>> No.52686353

>wearing armour instead of flexing their glorious emperor-blessed abs in order to stop bullets.

>> No.52686363

Wait, so chaos vs tyranid showdown at Terra?

>> No.52686371

NPC Codex vs NPC Codex!

>> No.52686397

what do you think NPC means, anon?

>> No.52686403

Non Playble Chaos

>> No.52686408

Nonsense, my fellow corpseworsh... loyalist! The Chaos gods control the warp and reward those who serve them fittingly! Surely you know of Daemon Princes! Does you-... uh, OUR Emperor not promise a place beside him in the afterlife? Imagine how much greater the afterlife is beside a TRUE god!

>> No.52686418

So.... Malal?

>> No.52686435

You'd probably catch more worshippers if you told them the Emperor didn't consider himself a god either, so worshipping the Emperor is technically heresy.

>> No.52686445

Pound dropping when? Now that I have some bits to build my super-special Minotaurs, I want to order the FW Rhino doors, shoulderpads and Asterion Moloc so I can start building. Or maybe just build everything and keep the left shoulderpad off/magnetize it.

>> No.52686452

pound as in sterling?

>> No.52686463

You think the Emprah is being reborn or something?

>> No.52686488


About as close as you can get, or you can find a chinaman.

>> No.52686492

Yes. Just Asterion, two doors and 4 sets of shoulderpads net me 106 Pounds/125€. I guess I could just buy them next month, but I'm not that patient, I'm afraid.

>> No.52686498 [SPOILER] 


>> No.52686512

It will be at least a year before any sort of Brexit negotiaitons are begun, so if anything we'll see the pound strengthen as Europe struggles with elections and Greece/Spain/Italy/Portugal defaulting.

>> No.52686545

This, space marine gender is rage.

>> No.52686557

>thinks we need commissars for morale

Bro, we only use these guys when we want flavor or quasi-fearless. For a normal squad, we got leadership 8; better than tau infantry. Plus, all our vehicles are fearless unlike battle suits.
You're overuse of multiwound robots means you just aren't used to seeing your troops running away.

>> No.52686562

Custodes spoiler: They don't wear amount because the imperium needed more cruz terminatus badges, and only their armour was good enough to make them

>> No.52686567

Could someone "become" a Necron? Do their Necron'o'matic machines still work? Are they compatible with humans?

>> No.52686579

Yes. Yes. Yes.

>> No.52686587

Pariahs were humans, in the earlier days, and IIRC there are hints of Crypteks tinkering around with blanks.

>> No.52686590

How do you do the loadouts on sternguard?

I am looking at using a heavy flamer, and wondering if they are any good.

I play imperial fists, so sternguard bolters will be extra good. Question is are the heavy flamers worth it on a 5 or 10 man squad?

>> No.52686599

90% of tau are already a mess on the table. An unpainted mess.

You'll at least have color!

>> No.52686610

A group of human archeologists became Necrons in Dark Crusade. If canon I dunno.

>> No.52686619

Get in the fucking riptide, o'res'ka.

>> No.52686644

>what do you think NPC means, anon?

It means they're irrelevant baddies who exist to get smacked down by the designated Protagonist codexes, which are the Marines, Eldar, and Tau.

>> No.52686662

Are Tau smarter than baseline humans, or does their communist society just work really really well, bringing out the full potential of their race?

>> No.52686678

thoughts? I want a somber color scheme

>> No.52686684

Tau are inferior to humans. Their warrior sucks compared to a human let alone a trained human.

>> No.52686703

Pretty good. Could probably use the black of the kneepad on the shoulder trim as well

>> No.52686733

Inferior physically. To them even normal human solders are murder-gorillas who can almost tear Tau apart with their bare arms.

I was asking about intellectual ability.

>> No.52686741

I really miss the old sorceror and ahriman models.

>> No.52686754

I think they're about as intelligent, but I imagine the average Tau is better educated than 99% of humans.

>> No.52686757

Still inferior.
They need "I know kun-fu matrix plot" to even face human pilots. Not only they are weak but dumb

>> No.52686760

good idea

>> No.52686766

Orks and nids being good

>> No.52686774

About as intelligent. They mostly benefit by having a relatively stable and safe development period without having to deal with getting bumfucked by the Warp and the horrors of the galaxy. Humans during the DAoT were comparable.

>> No.52686783

Do it, who's going to stop you?

>> No.52686788

Having a functioning comunist society does not imply they are smarter than humans. It only implies they have less of an individualistic mentality.

>> No.52686795

Wasn't it stated in Taros campaign that air caste pilots had better natural talents for piloting but human ace pilots had the experience to pull ahead.

>> No.52686801

probably. it's not like he has anything better to do once he dies.

>> No.52686814

Wasn't Tau technology more advanced than the Eldar?

>> No.52686838

no, that means Non Player Character. People play Chaos and Tyranids. As such they are not NPC's.

>> No.52686846

The fluff confirms them to be more intelligent. A Tau sergeant was as skilled in stealth warfare as a Raven Guard Shadow Captain. And Shadowsun is equal if not superior to the Raven Guard Chapter Master. According to Mont'ka.

Also Shadowsun and Farsight mastered the marine codex in a period of a single year while they could not even grasp the full teachings of their master Puretide.

These are troll posts. Tau fire warriors are equivalent to IG dudes in strength and pain tolerance levels.

>> No.52686873

Fucking mary sues.

>> No.52686874

Not yet, but Eldrard prophesized that tau can surpass even eldar in the future.

>> No.52686875

I'm not going to wade into the Tau=Communism meme, but my take is that the Tau are at least partly eusocial in nature, in part from how they developed and in part to the Ethereals refining it. Ethereals are effectively the queens of Tau society, who control the other castes through a combination of pheromones (Tau become completely servile before Ethereals, beyond even their typical loyalty) and having the caste system hammered home into them throughout their life cycle. In a way, I think they were designed somewhat resembling The Clans from Battletech; genetically engineered into strict castes of society, with a typically better baseline of tech and skill, but humans outstrip them once training comes into account (40k humans can outlive Tau by decades if not centuries)

>> No.52686882

No not close. But they did advance quickly in 5,000 years so they could surpass them at this rate.

>> No.52686888

>caste society
Pick one retard.

>> No.52686913

If female Space Marines become a thing I will legit quit 40k.

>> No.52686923

Can I have your things?

>> No.52686926


>> No.52686933

You're basically saying Germans are superior because Rommel beat Alexander. Shadowsun is possibly the best Tau commander alive where as Severax is a guy specifically created by GW to lose to Shadowsun. He has zero lore outside of the Tau books.

>> No.52686947

Taros was a good book, unlike the crap GW did with the codex and supplement.

>> No.52686971

>fluff confirms...according to mont'ka.

Mary sue bullshit.

>> No.52686979

Really, really good base to work off of. I'd try weathering the magazine and the grip a lot though. Really drive home that this motherfucker has been held in the rigors of WAR and not a tea party in the park.

>> No.52686987

>mary sue bullshit
>hates when other aliens are more competent than imperium

>> No.52686992

>Sisters getting plastic this year
praise be the emperor

>> No.52686993


I hope they do just to annoy you.

>> No.52686999

Squad of 6 men, 3 or 4 of them whit combi grav/plasma/melta whatever you like and one whit heavy flamer

>> No.52687008

Communist societies are cast base you moron.

The "all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others" qoute is a reflection of the colossal failiure communism is and always will be.

Socialism is another story that tend to assplode like "capitalist sociatiest"

Now we return to our traditional bitching of Tau

>> No.52687009

I want waifus with Inferno Pistols.

>> No.52687020

Why 6? More bodies to shield the flamer?

I need melta to take out tanks so I'd probably do that

>> No.52687023

pariahs are/were/might be a thing

>> No.52687027

That's imperium players for you.

>> No.52687031


>> No.52687034

Looks cool for a sneaky-oriented chapter.

Alpha Legion descendant? (it's quite reminiscent)

>> No.52687042

ork klan codex supplements

>> No.52687051

My friend's dad works for GW. He said that it's going to be one of the big surprises for the fans in 8th edition.
GW has been trying to listen more to what the fans want this time around, so they've been looking a lot at what people post on twitter, reddit and tumblr. They've also done interviews with college-aged audiences for what they think should be in a table-top sci fi game.

>> No.52687061

6 because Razorback, and its cheap

>> No.52687069

because black library is pandering to people who don't and never will read/play 40k out of the strange innate need companies seem to have to appear 'with it'

>> No.52687074

Eyeing up a Celestine auction. How well does she work allied with guard?

>> No.52687081

Also everyone and everything else, including the race that has beings who literally see into the future for their battle plans as commanders of their companies.
You don't need to love the Imperium to dislike how one faction, in almost every known battle, has beaten everyone else, and the few times they lost, they came back a little later and won.
They are reverse nids.

>> No.52687106

Ask the Emperor.
Oh, wait, it's because he was primarily concerned with his created weaponized transhumans breeding true and taking over mankind.
Bile, in this, is being shown just how much of an outrageous outlier he is compared to all other traitor characters.

>> No.52687143

Salty sjw detected.

>> No.52687153

So I've been told by a human with limbs that the new Shadow War cover system is going to replace the main 40k cover system in 8th. Thoughts? (For those unfamiliar with the Shadow War rules any amount of cover essentially reduces your BS by 1 and 50% or more reduces it by 2 instead of your enemy getting a cover save)

>> No.52687161

You are forgetting the Shas'Ui who was said to be an equal to a Shadow Captain in stealth warfare.

>> No.52687166


>> No.52687173

He does make a point. But the females of those species are usually only deadlier when protecting young, and that is because of adrenaline. If a man on adrenaline and a woman on adrenaline fought, the man would still win.

Besides, in the case of Bile he was only waxing poetic because of the super chemically enhanced drughound mutants he had made. I'm sure in another part of the galaxy there would be an even stronger candidate for his mutations that is a man.

>> No.52687196

Weez da brainyest too

>> No.52687205

>Communist societies are cast base you moron.

>all people are equal
And yet the castes are based on race, and miscegenation is punishable by death. Other races like the Kroot and Gue'vesa are federalized, and instead of secularism they have the Greater Good.

They're closer to hindus, chinese and imperial japanese, which is consistent with their asian themes. That retards like you would form their political views from memes is hilarious.

>> No.52687207

Opinions on this list? Is it fine to use nothing but Marker-Drones for a list like this? I tried to make up my lack of Markerlights with them.

>> No.52687213

Buffs armor more than anything related to the game, since it basically gives you your cover and armor at the same time.

But then universal rend existing nerfs it in general so it balances out

>> No.52687226

Mary Sue the Faction va Anime Protagonist the Faction

>> No.52687238

I would argue, perhaps not definitively, that the book that happens in was, much like the Codices, written to make the faction it focused on look good. Now I'm not saying that it didn't happen, because it would be stupid to discard any canon I disagree with, but I expect that such an occurrence is extremely rare if not unique.

>> No.52687251

>imperialfags crying about Mary Sues
Now this is just rich.

>> No.52687257

Oh god you are retarded. I bet you think the Soviet Union was not real communism too.

>> No.52687279

Drop advanced targeting systems from devilfishes and get one drone controller per crisis team.

>> No.52687319

Fuck off m8, space Marines are our only Sues. Everyone else is just balls to the wall human awesome.

>> No.52687322

Different anon but...

Command just societies do tend to develop class systems, but only unofficial ones. By law they are equal, but in reality the higher elchons of government are wielding far more power, with the top dog being invincible. The Tau are not this: what they are is actually quite clear!

The Tau are a Brave New World in space. Just look at the simularities:
> Tau have 4 classes and the ethereal leaders
Brave new world has 5 classes, with the first "A" class as leaders
>Tau may only breed within their own class and are subject to intense selective breeding to excel at particular jobs
BNW children are genetically modified to work particular jobs
>Greater good
I can't recall what they call it but individual determinism and creativity are suppressed regardless

I thought it was a clever parallel to the Orwellian Imperium but I guess the reference was too obscure.

>> No.52687330

>These are troll posts. Tau fire warriors are equivalent to IG dudes in strength and pain tolerance levels.

Source? It was pretty well-known in older editions that Tau were straight-up physically inferior to baseline Humans, even the Fire Caste, and I don't remember any recent mentions clarifying the situation.

>A Tau sergeant was as skilled in stealth warfare as a Raven Guard Shadow Captain.

And a Fireblade was keikaku'd into making his own trap by another Shadow Captain, not just outplayed or japed like Shadowsun vs. the Chapter Master, but completely stomped.

>Also Shadowsun and Farsight mastered the marine codex in a period of a single year while they could not even grasp the full teachings of their master Puretide.

They 'mastered' the tactics of a Space Marine Chapter that not only followed the Codex Astartes extremely fanatically, but also followed it wrong and completely forsook the adaptability aspects of the entire book. What they thought they mastered was the Codex Astartes, what they actually mastered was the tactics of a one-trick pony faction who refused to change anything regardless of the circumstances.

>> No.52687337

>It's only a full half of our total armies that are mary sues.
>God, it's not like we have that many.

>> No.52687342

"Castes" can exist in communism, but are not an essential part of it.
>>52687205 called it, that they are far close to Hindu in terms of how the castes work.

>> No.52687348


Not the guy you are talking to, but technically it wasn`t. Commnism is the end goal of what the Soviets and all the other "communist" states supposedly tried to do. That said, trying to usher in communism might be the most retarded thing that was ever attempted in the modern world.

>> No.52687353

Imperialfags and Taufags are both equally cancerous, though the latter have been far more Sue in the recent edition.

>> No.52687356

Is this a legal list these days. I haven't played in years, or even been on /tg/ in a bout 5.

>> No.52687362

>Sterilise them then.

At best, every single Space Marine is hypno-indoctrinated to forgo pleasures of the flesh and are shown to have no sexual urges.

At worst, they are chemically castrated by the implantation process. No Space Marine has ever successfully mated after becoming an Astartes.

And if you got some shitty example from some BL novel of literally one or two Space Marines who have mated, that's because the writers didn't give a shit about what's in the codexes.

>> No.52687369

Read the book.
Your expectations of spoonfeeding are absurd.

>> No.52687376

Not our fault that geedubs shits out marine cancer when they only make up a tiny fraction of the imperium's armed forces.

>> No.52687378

considering the requirements of real life military, I would say no, but, with the crazy science, medical advancements and the shear number of worlds and types of people. We might get one or two women that could fit the bill

>> No.52687380

>I am REALLY FUCKING MAD thaMAI lost the argument: The post
Get fucked commie cunt.

>> No.52687381

Does the Tau start collecting box come with parts to make breachers or is it just a strike team?

>> No.52687391

Where do you plan to put your commander? I may consider giving him Drone Controller and sticking him with your Plasma Rifle suits, it'll really help those drones. I'm also unsure about bringing 6 ML drones with your double fusion suits. Double fusion suits are often taken as monats (singles) to suicide them via deepstrike on vehicles. The drones would rather be lighting things up from a distance, while FB wants to be in your opponent's face.

As mentioned by >>52687279, the advanced targeting on devilfishes isn't really needed. Additionally, do you expect your Riptide to get charged? Not sure if you need the Counterfire Defense System. You might be better served with an EWO or Velocity-tracker.

I think optimal strategy would be using the Drone Controller Commander with the plasma suits and 6 markerlights as your primary source of lights, then having your firewarrior teams chain off of those. And yes, you can get by just with markerlight drones. Another potential ML source in this list would be getting the Shas'ui for your FW teams, which can take a ML and Target Lock.

>> No.52687395

It's the new Fire Warrior box, so it's got everything in the standard one. Breachers, Drones, the works.

>> No.52687406

>win meanigless victories on the backwaters of galaxy
>more mary sue

>> No.52687415

If SM are sues, then why does they get fucked in almost every game?
> ops I released a mega demon
> ops I purged the governor
> ops I died
> ops I touched the taint

>> No.52687433

This. Tau fluff doesn't even make sense anymore, the writers never address their established weaknesses, use the same strength 'buzzwords' every other paragraph and just say everything the Tau does is perfect, logical, rational and the best choice in any situation.

The Space Marines are Mary Sues because they power through their stupid decisions with plot-bullshit, the Tau are Mary Sues because they're basically described as perfect in absolutely everything they do and even their weaknesses aren't worth writing down to the current authors.

>> No.52687434

What this anon said >>52687395. It has the parts for any Firewarrior configurations you'd want, though you'll probably be wanting pulse rifle Strike Team 99% of the time. Also, it's just a fantastic value in general. You can always use more Firewarriors and Crisis Suits.

>> No.52687460

>Casually beat high-end 40k with their standard, mass-produced military while taking minimal casualties compared to everyone else, winning more often than everyone else, growing massively stronger/better with every fight regardless of whether they win or lose, and are already matching the toppest-tiers of galactic combatants with their teenagers in suits

From a narrative perspective, they're unimportant, from a setting implications perspective they're straight-up the best race in the universe that we know of, at almost everything except being numerous.

>> No.52687474 [DELETED] 

Who preps the bull in 40k?

>> No.52687481

The Imperium has always been Orwellian mixed with something else. First it was socialist orwellian, now it is feudal orwellian.

The only true freedom lies in Chaos, and it heavily depends on who you're with and what you worship.

>> No.52687485

Can I get some C&C on this list?

I'm still new to actually playing

>> No.52687487

i'm not blaming you personally for marine sues, i'm just saying don't try and downplay how many you have. every army has them, they're a fact of the game. every army people play people want to feel are powerful, and geedubs obliges, for money.

>> No.52687497

Better Xenos Codexes.
'Nids and Orks really need to be better for there to be an incentive to be played. Imperium Versus Imperium is fun and all but no it's fucking not.

>> No.52687499

orks. or imperial farm worlds, but they call them grox.

>> No.52687511

>here's your latest flawless tau victory

>> No.52687532

They're not Mary Sues, they're just not retardedly predictable like the Imperial Guard.

>> No.52687537

>The only true freedom lies in Chaos
>true freedom lay with aligning yourself to a giant, remote force that guides all of your actions regardless of whether or not you want it to AND doesn't give a flying fuck about you unless you do something so fucking incredible you get attention for a brief moment that may do little more than fuck you over completely
The exceptions prove the rule, anon.

>> No.52687543

Hey, remember how in that book the Imperium lost and had to withdraw, and the only thing that changed for the Tau is they lost one world, got some breathing room against the Imperium and the entire Empire's morale was massively improved by "Aun'va's" speech? Remember how, even though the Imperium had literally more ships in orbit than we've seen from any major battle in the history of the setting, that the Tau still had air superiority, still beat the Imperial ground forces and the Tau fleet still managed to defeat the blockade pertaining to multiple Sector's worth of warfleets?

>> No.52687556


>> No.52687559

Yeah. Ideally bringing the books closer together would be really nice. If they could get Orks, Nids, and Guard up to CSM level, and tone down Eldar, Tau, Marines, and Daemons a bit, I think the balance would be very nice.

At that point, everyone would be near high mid tier or low top tier. Probably about as close as the balance would get overall.

>> No.52687564

And this is the faction that isn't a shitty mary sue?

>> No.52687582

calm down, fat imperium tard

>> No.52687587

>they're just not retardedly predictable like the Imperial Guard.

No, everything in the new fluff talks about their tactics being perfect and forged by geniuses, their commanders are described as intelligent, experienced, wise and excellent, their warriors are described as disciplined, skilled, intelligent, adaptable, their mass-produced Suitsoldiers outclass supersoldiers five times their senior in skill, power, speed, manouverability, combat underdtanding. Their pilots, who are no more than 40, are described as more experienced than everyone else's. Their ships, which are not as fast as Warp-travel Imperial ships, took 30 days to reach the planet where Imperials would've taken longer and broke a blockade of a fleet that by all rights was likely a hundred times their number. Their standard commanders and elites were described as equal in shadowcraft to the veterans of centuries who specialized in shadowcraft, while the Tau themselves weren't specialized in it.

>> No.52687588

>>pledging your eternal soul into enslavement to whimsical, sadistic powers that seek the ruin of all things
Everyone in 40k is either slaves to something or on the run. To be a renegade outside the protection of imperial law is freedom, but how free is a man forced to live in constant fear of imperial justice, alien cruelty, or absolute skullfucking at the hands of space satan worshiping madmen.

>> No.52687599

>true freedom lay with aligning yourself to a giant, remote force that guides all of your actions regardless of whether or not you want it to AND doesn't give a flying fuck about you unless you do something so fucking incredible you get attention for a brief moment that may do little more than fuck you over completely
Someone has been reading too much ADB. His retarded interpretation aside, you can at least choose who you worship and get supernatural powers as reward for your achievements. Simply killing enemy sargeants will get you gifts, if you can take them.

It's significantly better than what the other factions offer.

>> No.52687625

Necrontard, actually, and no, I think I'll remain lightly simmering at the faction who actively ignores logic, the laws of the setting and even their own weaknesses, while they get to dance on the corpses of every other faction who were often portrayed as mentally retarded just to make the Tau look better.

There is nothing I can see in modern Tau fluff that redeems them as the worst written faction in the entire setting right now, followed very closely by Marines and some Chaos.

>> No.52687650

Except they were almost wiped out by nids and even the fucking Orks. Accept it faggot, two chapters and a few regiments is too small to conquer an Empire the size of half a sector.

>> No.52687665

>you can at least choose who you worship
Which doesn't happen, really.
What you do determines who you align with.
>get supernatural powers as reward for your achievements
Or mutations that screw you over.
>Simply killing enemy sargeants will get you gifts, if you can take them
Since we are bringing TT into this, tell that to somehow who's pimped out Lord got turned into a daemon prince or a fucking SPAWN, thus losing everything that made the lord useful.

>> No.52687681

>Simply killing enemy sargeants will get you gifts, if you can take them.

Stop thinking that tabletop rules are in any way an accurate representation of the fluff.

>> No.52687682

>Except they were almost wiped out by 'nids

Both times in which the Tau were better written, most people I am aware of who dislike modern Tau can agree that back in the earlier editions they were fine. What isn't fine is their current state, in which they're basically implied to be objectively better than anyone at virtually anything, while matching everyone else's specialities with their mass-produced and low-experience armies.

>> No.52687685

On this glorious day all of our factions are Mary Sues.

>> No.52687702

>Source? It was pretty well-known in older editions that Tau were straight-up physically inferior to baseline Humans, even the Fire Caste, and I don't remember any recent mentions clarifying the situation.

Now that's an outright like WD's Index Xenos AND FW Taros say the Tau are equal in strength and pain tolerance to humans so please anon I want you to tell me what are these "older editions".

>And a Fireblade was keikaku'd into making his own trap by another Shadow Captain, not just outplayed or japed like Shadowsun vs. the Chapter Master, but completely stomped.

What does it have to do with intelligence? Even marines outsmart each other. Heck, even Orks do that and Ork as rocks. Its about capacity. The normal 20+ year old Tau can be as adept as a 100+ year old marine in warfare.

>They 'mastered' the tactics of a Space Marine Chapter that not only followed the Codex Astartes extremely fanatically, but also followed it wrong and completely forsook the adaptability aspects of the entire book. What they thought they mastered was the Codex Astartes, what they actually mastered was the tactics of a one-trick pony faction who refused to change anything regardless of the circumstances.

Wrong, Farsight took a Codex during the Damocles Crusade and cracked it creating the Mirrorcodex. Shadowsun would later study and master the Mirrorcodex in order to create her trap planet.

>> No.52687704

Except Orks and Nids

they are just shit

>> No.52687717

Fabius created a true daughter from his gene-code. Does that that count?

>> No.52687724

GW could still save it if they hinted more on some greater hand at work guiding tau. You know, like old ones or unsharded c'tan or something.

>> No.52687725

But they didn't break the blocked. The Imperium got btfo due to said predictable tactics on the ground, then nuked the planet and retreated. The Tau are now blocked off from the entire system and have a dead leader while the Imperium left with all their ships intact.

>> No.52687737

>Except they were almost wiped out by nids
I'm sorry, what was that part about how they rallied and "outadapted the Tyranids", again?
>and even the fucking Orks
Things that never happened for 200.
You are referring to Farsight's abortive campaign against orks, that he only lost because his hateboner got the best of him and he led his command forces into an ambush he didn't even know orks were capable of.
What you are missing is that you are stalwart in your defense of Tau, while marinefags generally accept that SMs get away with far more shit then they should.

>> No.52687767

Tau created superior AI. Deal with it.

The Weather machine, you idiot. The Tau had a weather machine that wrecked the Imperials. It's a plotpoint in the book how did you miss it.

>> No.52687783


>> No.52687793

>be a renegade
>like fighting
>worship khorne
>become better at fighting
>like fighting even more
>repeat last two until glorious death in combat or transformation into a near-omnipotent, immortal avatar of destruction
How is this slavery?

>> No.52687795

>I'm sorry, what was that part about how they rallied and "outadapted the Tyranids", again?

They found the weakness of the hive fleet adaptation cycle but the fleet was still too large to burn down on their own.

>Things that never happened for 200.

He is referring to the Great War of Confederation, nitwit.

>> No.52687800


SEE: >>52687166

>> No.52687802

>superior AI
The admech have better AI, its under lock and key because of that men of iron shit.

>> No.52687804


>> No.52687813

>this year

>> No.52687832

Page fucking 5

>> No.52687855

>Tau created superior AI. Deal with it.

I'm not really bothered about that point, because it's conjecture, the pilot was obviously the main character and had a new AI, it didn't make any actual comparisons between it and the Necron AI, either.

>The Weather machine, you idiot. The Tau had a weather machine that wrecked the Imperials. It's a plotpoint in the book how did you miss it.

Didn't miss it at all. Also didn't miss the Tau beating the Imperials at every turn on the ground until they were finally forced into a defensive line (which is fair), or the fact that the Tau had air superiority in a scenario when they had absolutely no void-forces, or when a mass-produced Scout Drone detected an Imperial Assassin, or when single Stormsurge showed off shielding that was more powerful than a true Titan's as it 'shrugged off the fire of an entire Superheavy company'.

>> No.52687876

>have decent thread
>Tau are mentioned
>immediately goes to shit

>> No.52687881

>You are referring to Farsight's abortive campaign against orks, that he only lost because his hateboner got the best of him and he led his command forces into an ambush he didn't even know orks were capable of.
>tau are perfect an never make mistakes! Mary sue!
>w-what d-do you mean they fucked up and got btfo by orks?
>i-it d-doesn't coung because I say so!
Lmao son

>marinefags admit that they get away with much more than they should

>> No.52687904

>repeat last two until glorious death in combat or transformation into a chaos spawn or mutate into something unrecognizable that can't actually fight at all
Not all "gifts" are positive things, which is what chaosfags commonly miss.

>> No.52687932

Saying "Tau" when it was elements of a single detachment is a misnomer.
And yes, they do.
Notice the lack of people sperging out about marines the way you are about Tau.

>> No.52687946

>I'm not really bothered about that point, because it's conjecture, the pilot was obviously the main character and had a new AI, it didn't make any actual comparisons between it and the Necron AI, either.

You do know how Necron aircraft work, right?

>> No.52687987

Negative mutations, accoring to Black Crusade, occour when you anger a God, so they can be avoided. And with enough willpower, can be even resisted or turned into good things.

I can't speak for the other Gods but the only way to anger Khorne is if you're a coward, a witch, or a degenerate.

>> No.52688021

>or a degenerate
Welp, we're boned

>> No.52688031

We have people sperging out about Tau in almost every thread, but they're always shitting on them instead of defending .

And imperiumcucks are always the first to gloat when plot-armor gives them yet another victory they didn't deserve.

>> No.52688047

Get fucked slaneesh cunt, no pun intended.

>> No.52688062

The problem is the gods are incredibly fickle and it's very easy to anger them.

>> No.52688065

I use demon repellant on my cunt every day thank you very much

>> No.52688150

Nice imperial propaganda, but when people like Abbadon and Magnus are able to fail every single campagin they launch...yeah.

As I said I can't speak for every god but the eightfold path and the scriptures of slaughter are very clear on what Khorne's code of honor is about. Hell Kharn is the only person who actually follows it to the letter and yet the other khornate lords and champions aren"t turned into spawn.

>> No.52688155

As someone who's played Dawn of War but not tabletop; how are Defilers?
>beserk mechanical giant enemy crab powered by a chained daemon
>anti-tank melee with an artillery gun and flamers
Probably my favorite Chaos unit.

>> No.52688190

>artillery gun
It's a standard Leman Russ battlecannon.

>> No.52688202

Thanks for the response! most of the weird jank you found is what a fresh pair of eyes would find, for basically at this point ive read it a million times and gloss over what i assume is locked in the correct position (ie the gork/morkanaut differences)
The other things like formation bonuses and klan buffs is something I havent received much feedback on, so its hard to tell whats good or shit.

I copied your post into my checklist of changes and will see what can be done. Thanks again!

>> No.52688215

>when people like Abbadon and Magnus are able to fail every single campagin they launch
Those memes fail against people who actually know the lore, anon.

>> No.52688239

>when plot-armor gives them yet another victory they didn't deserve.
Like when Guilliman helped repulse the attack on Ultramar. for example? :^)

>> No.52688244

>Khorne's code of honor

ITEHATTSD isn't lore accurate, the entirety of khorne is that he doesn't give a fuck about how the blood flows, only that it does

>Abbadon and Magnus are able to fail every single campaign they launch...yeah

Except Abaddon has complete his objectives in every black crusade.

>> No.52688305

It's almost as if everyone has had bad experiences with them and become filled with rage at their mere mention.

>> No.52688308

Is there a way to take plague zombies without taking typhus? I mean he is pretty cool but I would rather spend those points elsewhere.

>> No.52688327

I am a total noob (see >>52687485 for reference), only played one game. It was against tau and I had all of my units killed on turn 2.

I probably misplayed, but damn was it annoying. Those giant gundam riptides are too strong.

>> No.52688341

>we changed 40k voice actors to british because of MUH British origins

>> No.52688355

Also how are nurgle daemons in the current meta? They seem fun and the models aren't too pricey.

>> No.52688374

Nice non-argument, but thanks for showing how asshurt you are.

>Chosen of Khorne isn't lore accurate
>KDK codex isn't lore accurate
>Traitor Legions isn't lore accurate
It's only valid when it suits your views, right?

>fuck about how the blood flows
He doesn't give a fuck from WHERE the blood flows, get it right faggot. If you like psykers so much go play Aeldari or something.

>Except Abaddon has complete his objectives in every black crusade.
Nice meme. His 12 black crusades were all aimed at preventing the Pylons from being activated, yet they still were when he invaded Cadia. Also

>gets his ass beaten in melee by an old man and a girl
>does not finish them off before retreating
>runs away crying
A single one of these would have been enough for Khorne to spawn him immediately, yet he's still there.

>> No.52688384

I am of the personal opinion that every guard character and ork must have a British accent, other than that, whatever man.

>> No.52688409

Can I run Celestine as a solo lord of war attachment in any Imperial army? That seems to be what the rules imply.

>> No.52688452

Like I said, memes.
The purposes of each Black Crusade was more than pylons, and were all detailed long ago.
Yes, he succeeded at each one, on top of disrupting, sometimes permanently, Imperial sectors and institution.
But no, continue to bandy your /tg/ derived knowledge, you are being laughed at by a few people, it seems.

>> No.52688476

I think that Cadians have the most stereotypically Canadians accent

>> No.52688525

Because Cadia sounds a lot like Canada? Kek.

>> No.52688550

You can take necrosius, take a death guard detachment and use the pox walker hive relic, or use renegades and heretics for your plague zombie needs.

>> No.52688567


we have Scott mcneil and Brian fucking Dobson to do the job

damn how i miss that cast :(

>> No.52688590

>Nice meme. His 12 black crusades were all aimed at preventing the Pylons from being activated, yet they still were when he invaded Cadia. Also

That is bullshit.

>A single one of these would have been enough for Khorne to spawn him immediately, yet he's still there.

This is bullshit

This just trolling.

This guy didn't read Fall of Cadia.

>> No.52688607

Cool thanks Anon, might look into renegades as allies since I don't want a lot of Marines.

>> No.52688614

Try not to play against Tau when you're new, it'll skew your perception of what is and isn't broken. By the time you have a list that can beat a tau opponent, you'll be using your own form of cheese, and shitting on codexes that aren't in the top 3, ruining their fun.

It's insanely easy to be well above average with tau, and an experienced player can make a list that sounds beatable on paper, but you never actually had a chance against.

Also, tau players like to talk about their weaknesses, and give "tips" how to beat them, but it's mostly just bullshit as their weaknesses are all covered by special rules. In reality they are just trying to make you think you're playing wrong against a tactical genius, when they are actually just playing an easy-mode army with no real weaknesses.

>> No.52688616

1. You need Shas'ui to take marker drones for fw i think
2. no drone controller makes your markerlights hit at BS 2, more if you chain-link since that's probably why you have target lock.
3. 3 hrr with chances of sniping fools are nice, even nicer with the hunter contingent bonus where you can snipe fools with +1 BS and share markerlights.
anyway, slim this down into formations, add drone net aux and dc commander, or do 5 crisis + buffmander

>> No.52688620

Be aware that you'll have to make the squishy mortal your HQ in order to take the plague zombies.

>> No.52688796

Who stuck a fork up your ass? I've been yet to hear a negative review of Shadow War.

>> No.52688857

>SW:A is bad but since the shit is way cheaper and generally more fun to play.
Fuck off, shadow war is great, harlequin problems aside.

>> No.52688885


He is probably butthurt because he is a Tau player and painting 10 models is too hard.

>> No.52688936


If you think Tau are so smart that they can master in one year what it takes augmented hyper-intelligent gods of war decades of neophyte teaching 20 hours a day 7 days a week to master, you're a fucking moron.

But we already knew TIDF fags were morons.

>> No.52688966

I love it when all the other guys band together for a good old fashion Tau bashing thread.

>> No.52688976

Ugh, shame nobody with a rulebook can bother to take decent quality page shots of the whole book. You'd think there'd be one anon.

>> No.52689071

Not great IMO. They got an arbitrary points hike in 6th edition and they're kind of schizophrenic in role. The next Codex and edition may prove kinder to them, time will tell.

>> No.52689121

Hindu extremists perhaps like the modern day bjp shiv sena or the whole ritual pollution by being in x metres of a lower caste
However many of those societies encouraged cross training - samurai had to master art forms like painting or poetry
In blades of Damocles it's shown that caste types are forbidden from any cross caste activity - a low level earth caste hides her artisitic hobby because if she was found out she would get mind scrubbed. So much so she goes further and steals a gun in case they come for her. So fire caste aren't exactly samurai

>> No.52689133

u mean the 40k main rulebook?
why bother, 8th will come soon anyway

>> No.52689808

That's not "cross-caste training," but part of what it meant to be a samurai. Actually cross training would be samurai training to plant fields or count coins.

>> No.52689977

Maneuverability, markerlights. Keep the Infantry and Broadsides out of range, make sure one is always firing. Hide behind walls. Try taking submunition hammerhead rounds or high yield missile pods. Try taking crisis suits with fusion blasters, "cheep" tank hunters.
Or if this guy is still being cheesy, try replacing some models to take a riptide wing, then use ion accelerators.

>> No.52690108

As long as each model is clean and obviously EVA, it will be fine.

>> No.52690414

Are there any rumors when 8th edition drops?

Also, any rumors on updated tyranids?

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