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We post things that PLEASE Slaanesh

*No lolis
**NO (pure) WAIFUS

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Is this your first day on 4chan?

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I would post music by Celldweller, but I don't want to be called a fag

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>No lolis

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>please slaanesh
>immediately imposes limits


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I miss having quest threads on /tg/.

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Anon is actually a follower of the false emperor.

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>Making anything but the purest of maidens your waifu
I bet your also the same kind of thirsty betafag that thinks they can redeem a prostitute or succbus by being a nice guy and making some half-hearted preaching to them.

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Too far even for Slaanesh you fucking degenerate scum

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I once had a story idea about a Grizzled Guardsmen platoon that was engaged with a Emperor's Children warband, and came face to face with Daemonettes.

It ended up with the Daemonettes charming them into submission, before fucking their brains out. But the more they fucked the Daemonettes, the more the Guardsmen transformed into horny, female concubines for the Warband. The main character, seeking to escape this horrible fate, tries to kill himself, but finds out that they have also been cursed to regenerate from any harm, and in the process, plants the seeds of a masochism fetish. This is so that the Warband may perform whatever tortures they wish upon them, and still keep their playthings. The last part of the story is the Former-Guardsmen being led to the Slaaneshi camp, to be presented as a harem to the Chaos Lord in command, as a gift from Slaanesh himself. On one hand, the Concubines are terrified, but as they slowly walk through the camp, naked and chained, they begin to grow excited for what is to come next.

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I don't.

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>LoL player
I didn't know quality had gotten that bad around here. Stop posting, it bums me out.

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>tries to kill himself, but finds out that they have also been cursed to regenerate from any harm, and in the process,

Why not just murder all the Cultists with your OP pls nerf power then?

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>LoL Player
I hate Mobas, I don't know what gave you the idea that I like LoL
Don't even know what that is
You mean not being an emotional Masochist and self-hating faggot who feels the need to lower his standards in his own fantasies and settle for the cheap, used-up, old roastie whose past her prime and knows it? Yeah I guess I would say that.

The only one lowering the quality if posts around here is you with your shit taste.

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Is this Slanneshi enough for you?

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>tfw TG is my fetish
I would join Slaneesh if she didn't turn her followers into hermafrodites.

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Is it checking for dubs?

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Because it's not just Cultists: It's Daemons, Space Marines AND Cultists. All of which want to strap you down, and fuck your ass seven ways to sunday, and that's just to start with. And sure, you have regenerating powers, but how's that gonna help you when you're a 20 year old woman, against strung out Demi-Gods and demons?

Besides, at this point, it's only a matter of time before the Guardsmen break mentally from the overstimulating sensations and pleasures, and they've already been corrupted enough to secretly want more.

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That's why you post music by Perturbator instead

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Cuck pls, return to reddit

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Get a load of this faggot

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>have shit taste
>people call you out on it
>"It must be the same guy"
Eighteen you're just one of the most delusional faggots I've seen in a while or you really are from Reddit. Either way my response is still the same.

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>post things that please slaanesh
>don't post things that please slaanesh
OP is a faggot.

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leagueof legends fag trying to be cool by hanging out in 4chan

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>Fag from r/the_donald calls people redditors
Made me think

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Are you retarded? Flawless regeneration pretty much guarantees you can murder anything, even if it takes a long ass time. Not even to mention that as your brain degrades to Slaaneshi corruption coupled with your desire to murder the warband your gonna get favor from Slaanesh pretty quickly the moment you strangle the Warbands current champion with his own whip of agony cause you eventually exhausted him while fucking his ass.

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you don't belong here, go back to being a normie, tryhard

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Go back to >>>/r9k/ little Robot. This place isn't bitter enough for you.

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Fantastic thread

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does Slan please Slaanesh?

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>thinks accusing someone of being of X-label or Y-fandom constitutes an arguement
>can't even defend their shit tastes so they have resort to ad hominems immediately

Look at all these newfags pretending to be ebin 4chin Hackers XDDD! My my Is it summer already?

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Me too.

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>*No lolis
>**NO (pure) WAIFUS
Fuck you faggot. Any true adherent of Slannesh knows that rules are meant to be broken.

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no u

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why does Slaanesh not like Lolis?

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well, about everything Slaanesh related, you never know, if something has a dick or vagina, or both, or more of the same

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depends, what does she like?

>> No.52683638

I guess she isn't pure anymore

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By the Prince of Pleasure, why would we ever want to do that?

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I posted the same pic a while back but Slaanesh has barley visible nipples and was banned for 4 days. The fuck mods.

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This is a Christian Blue Board, my brother, and your foul images have no place here. Begone from this place and returneth only when thine sins have been purged and your soul has been purified.

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Have you seen the shit posted on this thread?

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Long story involving a wombat, the Emperor, some time-travelling tau, an elevatus, 2 bolters, a schoolbus, and a literal mountain-sized crack rock. The Prince doesn't like to think about it.

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Do you have any other pictures of that sort? I need them for theological and research reasons.

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>Slaanesh is all about degenerate sex, passion and perfection
>Hardly, if any, gay stuff

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>telling someone to google shit when they track your searches and are happy to turn over your data to anyone who asks
No, anon, get fucked with barbed wire.
Either post what was asked or fuck off quietly.

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The chaos god of excess isnt just about sex. It is the promise of food that isnt a maggot biscuit. A huge stack of pancakes with the purest of of sugars while sitting on the sofest chair will please Slaanesh

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this is a trick
the only things that please Slaanesh are banworthy
Id post a album of futa pictures if I could

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Why would anyone care that google sells search data? unless you have something to hide?

>> No.52685213

>A huge stack of flapjacks with the purest of Canadian maple syrups while sitting on the biggest log you have ever felled with your hands and a good axe will please Slaanesh

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Perfect thread for this question. Would Slaanesh prefer virgin sacrifices, or non-virgins? Or would it be fine with either?

>> No.52685281

>hurr i (think) don't have anything to hide so it doesn't matter if others invade my privacy for profit!
First, you indeed have broken laws before, enough that if law enforcement wanted to come after you, your google data would give you away.
Second, you are why the word sheeple has come to exist.
Third, you are merely trolling filth,
but since my medium new york strip, marinated for 22 hours in a thick bourbon maple sauce that I made myself from locally harvested syrup and buffalo trace, has filled me with a great joy, I will ignore that in favor of cussing you out. Be honored.

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Fine with either so long as it is the best goddamn sacrifice you ever did.

>> No.52685311

>The biggest logs you felled with your hands and the purest of canadian maple syrups while sitting on a huge stack of flapjacks will please slaanesh
lets not pretend Slaanesh is all that choosy. Slaaneshi bodies are holy, because like churches they welcome all and any.

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All perfect virgins are good.

>> No.52685395 [SPOILER] 

... y'know what?
I am okay with this.
Kudos, anon.
>gonna send this pic to my Dark Heresy GM
>mfw I'm a unsanctioned psyker that snapped into her powers during game
>mfw he just might use this on me
>mfw it pleases Slaanesh
>mfw it pleases ME

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I wasn't trolling, I have broken the law, but nothing in my search data would betray that, and you'd be far likelier to discover any of that from my ISP but I know how to hide shit even from them.

This is because if I need to know something to do something illegal I log out of my google account. I then search what I need in incognito mode on chrome just to be sure, and then wipe the internet history and temporary data afterwards, as well as later wiping the drive to clean any trace of that data out of my computer, even if google logged it to my computer specifically there would be no proof I ever did it anyway. Although now that I'm being accused of being both an idiot and a troll I should tell you that I also use a VPN, and proxies to further hide my questionable activities, when I need to do them, otherwise, as in when not doing illegal things, why would I care that google knows what I search for? it doesn't hurt me, and is just used as one in billions of search results sold mainly to advertisers.

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>Thinking people give a shit about what you wank to as long as you don't talk about it.
>Thinking you know people well enough to assume that they had broken laws
>Thinking that Government Gary is going to bother going through the trouble to arrest every person who read a comic online or downloaded a college textbook without paying for it.
>Thinking that your opinion carries enough weight to merit you calling someone a sheeple as an actual point in your argument.

Perhaps >>>/Tumblr/ would be more your speed.

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oh god, people start this ''is it summer already'' shit earlier every fucking year

>> No.52686385

>Almost red Friday, hardest day in Christian world, when one must concentrate on spiritual side and avoid bad thoughts
>Fisrt thing I saw was a slaanesh thread
dammit, 4chan, you did it again.
anyways, heres some genzo slaanesh
plz no ban ;_;

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ok, and what has the Loli to do with that?

>> No.52687948

I wouldn't be surprised, if a femanon is behind this post

>> No.52687968

just don't eat meat

>> No.52688008

Putting meat in your mouth and sucking on it vigorously is fine though.

Especially if it's feminine.

>> No.52688022

>cebruz trying to act high and mighty

back to /v/

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>i dont know what gave you the idea that I like LoL

maybe it was the LoL picture
>inb4 hurr durr i had no idea

>> No.52688074

Ehh, it looks more like two Tau chicks drawn in weebstyle to me.

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Not if it's bleeding.

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Two more months, buddy.

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perhaps if you have the willpower, you could eventually do it. But the strength difference between a daemon or space marine and an average woman is extremely large. Furthermore, they're enjoying it at this point. They only want to fight back to the point where they get to be beaten, not to the point where they kill someone and the warband decides to leave them behind, tied up on a deserted planet.

>> No.52692211

just censor it a bit, did you see that fulgrim thread the other day? Pretty damn banworthy, but it stayed up

>> No.52692383

>Slaanesh posting while getting a tattoo
It feels good being top tier

>> No.52692531

so much more slaanesh worship in the past month or so, what happened?

>> No.52692584

I fucking love that band, why is it considered fag-tier?

>> No.52692624

I suppose that's a possibility down the line, although I imagine at this point, they're more along for the ride, rather than logically thinking. If the Chaos Lord can help them get their jollies, then they will stick with the Chaos lord. But its a definite possibility that they could one day rise up, lusting after further pleasure.

>> No.52692767

>killed some faggot so they leave them on a planet
>not laughing at whoever died to a tranny whore
>not putting unkillable trany whores on the front lines with a melts bomb vest
Seriously this is Chaos we're talking about.

>> No.52692844

>not surgically implanting bombs in them à la dark knight joker and leaving them stranded
>not then setting up a distress signal for their location, and blowing up whoever rescues them, and doing this over and over again because they regenerate

>> No.52692868

>what happened

Slaanesh Happened

>> No.52692937

Can't please a corpse.
Well, unless Nagash wills it.

>> No.52693491 [SPOILER] 

Consider the bait taken.

>> No.52693540

>doing all of this insane shit to hide their "bad" data
>yet privacy for the sake of privacy does not matter to you at all

Way to out yourself as a pedophile, anon.

>> No.52693580

>mfw that was my thread

I don't know what happened to it.
I am also not sorry, because it was pleasing to Slaanesh.

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>> No.52693589

>no lolis

OP, you gigantic winged faggot, we have such sights to show you

>> No.52693595

Wow you are too cynical, I'm not a pedophile, I'm a serial killer, and a very successful one at that.

>> No.52693610

Pics or you're full of shit.
Need some ideas?

>> No.52693627

You are the one who must return. You are not from here. Go back to your trailer. People like you are fun-ruiners. The reason why the chans went tits up. I miss it. It was never Good, but... It was The People, Anonymous. Chaotes. Anarchs. The people who had to wear a mask in public. You are a fucking normalfag. Go back to Facebook.

>> No.52693664

Those pancakes make me horny.

>> No.52693679

I'm not that stupid, as I'm not behind the VPN or my proxies, so no you're not getting pics, also why would I even take photos? I keep other less incriminating trophies.
No, but thank you for offering.

>> No.52693704

And yet you still use chrome. Funny how that works. Idiot. Even worse, pompous idiot.

>> No.52693720

Jesus Christ the newfaggotry is INTENSE today. Ugh. Its all downhill from here. Why am I not dead yet.

>> No.52693737

Murder is pleasing to Slaanesh. What trophies do you keep? I've considered murder for a while but I just don't think I'm up for it. Too much risk, you know?

>> No.52693751

>ou indeed have broken laws before
Speak for yourself criminal scum

>> No.52693783

What would you suggest instead of chrome? what else would so,meone who wants to appear as normal as possible among his prey use? certainly not Edge, or Fucking faggotfox?
Hahaha, now that would be telling, as it would highlight those items to any police officer that happened to search my home. So I will only say I take items from my victims homes that nobody would look twice at and even if someone had a reason to search they wouldn't be able to figure out the items are not mine.

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>> No.52693814

This one knows The Truth.

I just lost The Game

>> No.52693835

>I just lost The Game


>> No.52693901

I hope those come for me

>> No.52693937

Found the Slaaneshi cultist.

>> No.52693962

>this thread

>> No.52693972

... he says, in the slaanesh worship thread

>> No.52694023

I am here for an altogether different purpose.

>> No.52694154

I hope they cum in me

>> No.52694653


>> No.52694702

Stop it Alpharius.

>> No.52694795


>> No.52695165

Having sex in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation.

>> No.52695680

I can safely say that 90% of these people are newfags who get all their lore from 1d4chan and know nothing about Slaanesh.

>> No.52696042

So, show them how to do it right, I already choke-fucked my wife to unconciousness slaanesh should be pleased with me.

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>> No.52696148

Proof Slaanesh has been working his way into humanity's collective subconscious since the Renaissance.

>> No.52696201

I choke-fucked my wife so much she left me. I think that's a little more excessive, wouldn't you agree?

>> No.52696209

Choke-fucking is vanilla as fuck famalam, that's what all the post-menopausal women are into after Fifty Shades of Gray.

>> No.52696238

It is a union of mutual depravity, I doubt slaanesh would care, especially since we regularly look for extra partners, and found a few who like some of the more depraved shit we get up to.
No, she enjoys it, she loves the feeling of helplessness it gives her before she passes out that is.
She's 25 like I am and hates that shitty twilight fanfic, and I never said that was the worst we do just that it's what I did tonight.

>> No.52696276

>A literal succ monster about to shove a tall, thick, towering object into his face hole

>> No.52696801

This image gets the ol' noggin' joggin'.

>> No.52697145

Praise the lord of excess

>> No.52697659


>> No.52697682


>> No.52697695

Long story short, if you aren't raping/torturing people to death, killing people in excruciating ways for a sexual thrill, eating people alive, melting them down into drugs to snort, etc- you aren't truly Slaaneshi.

>> No.52698206

Really activates those almonds

>> No.52698278

Back to

>> No.52698331

Nice LARPing you fag

>> No.52700793

Big full lips do a lot for me

>> No.52701003

Maybe because the earth has different timezones.

>> No.52701726

*incoherent screaming*

>> No.52701755


>> No.52701776

>Perils Results 91-99
>The Psyker must immediately pass a Very Hard Willpower test and become possessed by a Daemon

>> No.52702929

>act out their darkest fantasies
What fucking fantasy would I culitist of Slaanesh have that they feel compelled to HIDE FROM OTHER SLAANESHI CULTISTS?!!!

>> No.52702953

Not OP, but I'm pretty sure the guy on picrelated has a pure waifu.

>> No.52702960

>why do I see everyone bashing /qst/?
>I mean it can't be THAT bad
>follow link
>first thread
>first sentence
>"Wow" The puppy girl gasps as she peers over my shoulder, waking me up just before I pass out on this catnip smelling couch, set in the usually filled lobby of my new home, this constantly chaotic inn called the world tree "Cool horns!"
Pic related.

>> No.52702991

Slaanesh approves

>> No.52702996

>> No.52703048

>Symbol of Khorne on his shoulder

>> No.52703088

He raped it off of a Khornate Cultist and kept it as a prize to please Slaanesh.

>> No.52703576

Holding hands and kissing tenderly during mating press.

>> No.52703620

no dick 4/10

>> No.52703649


>> No.52703693


>> No.52703700


>> No.52703706


>> No.52703910

>> No.52703928

Does chibi please Slaanesh?

>> No.52704300

I said gay, not pure love.

>> No.52704611

>browsing through troll pic folder
>but not love

>> No.52704841


>> No.52705185

you said you are a faggot

>> No.52705312

This is now a gay Primarch thread.

>> No.52705408

Ahhh, I remember editing this together. It came in two pieces from tumblr and I posted them on /tg/ like this. Good to know you've gotten some use out of it friend.

>> No.52705438

It was only a matter of time.

>> No.52706713

>> No.52706724


>> No.52706769

>A Chaos Space Marine band worshiping Slaanesh lands in Pattaya due to Warp Storm
>they continue their life as normal


>> No.52706816


>> No.52706843

>> No.52706862

>> No.52706879

>> No.52706932

But...but...but MUUUUH CLOOOOONE....

>> No.52707230

This. What a lot of people don't understand is that Hellraiser is a better analog for Slaanesh than Playboy.

>> No.52707402


>> No.52707409

Rolled (1d00)

I want to roll on this table

>> No.52707433

Rolled 18 (1d100)

God damnit, I'm a dumbass

>> No.52707531

best chaos god/godess

>> No.52707555

>snorting ground up human eyes

>> No.52707569


>> No.52707586


>> No.52707606


>> No.52707628

is it weird that I also play dark eldar and eldar craftworlds?

>> No.52707796

>> No.52708031

Rolled 8 (1d100)


>> No.52708257


>> No.52708651

Rolled 86 (1d100)

take a shower, nasty witch.

>> No.52708705


>> No.52708725

Are adorable things pleasing to Slaanesh?

>> No.52708774

No no no! That's not how you derail a thread into utter degeneracy. You need to slowly, slowly steer the conversation toward it. Then, once you have secured a foothold, you give it everything you've got and stop for no one.

>> No.52709219

And now you see why we didn't want those faggots around.

>> No.52709282

Yet you are fine with

What is the difference?

>> No.52709507

1 thread that will last until 300 posts at most and probably not be seen again for months, if ever, vs 30 constant threads that hit the bump limit and consist of nothing but >>>/trash/ - tier pseudo-ERP.

>> No.52709562

Ah. Alright then.
I'm not against people having their fun, it's just that I didn't know it was such a problem here. If you don't like it you don't have to look at it, but if it's like 1/4 of the shit on here you kind of have to.

>> No.52709571

>> No.52709748

... that's pretty hot

>> No.52710392

>triggered newfag gets BTFO and is on damage control

>> No.52710711

Rolled 87 (1d100)

that's what you get when you mess with slaanesh, corpse emperor's thrall

>> No.52710800

Oh c'mon guys... it's like slaanesh has gone so far that it's gone full circle to chaste conduct and being romantic. Really, isn't so much excess so as to make it UNexcess just the whole point?

pic related: you know you want it.

>> No.52710834

S-so this is pleasing to Slaanesh now?

>> No.52710882

actually, this raises an interesting question.

How much excess does it take for tame shit to be excessive?

>> No.52710972

It's difficult to say, really, and depends on the person. For Slaanesh him/her/itself, every form of emotion is considered excess because it feeds him/her/it. Everything from the insane and deprived shit its followers get up to, or a tender moment being shared such as >>52710800. Every emotion of love, or hate, or pain, or pleasure, all of it feeds Slaanesh in some way; EVERYTHING is pleasing to Slaanesh.

Each cultist is, I'm sure, a little different in what they love to indulge. One who is obsessed with all kinds of kinky and disgusting sex, for example, would find slow and passionate sex to be a new (and excessive) experience. I think it's less the amount of excess itself, and more the type. If you were constantly high and shit like cocaine, marijuana would be a new type of pleasure to enjoy, even though it's less stimulating to your senses.

>> No.52711186

This is also why I actually like Slaanesh as a character and one of the Chaos gods. Each of them have a "good" and "bad" side, such as Khorne's sense of honor but also his meaningless bloodthirst. Slaanesh, though... Slaanesh just wants everyone to enjoy themselves, and through that, empower her. Every bit of joy felt by a parent when looking at their child, or the happiness of some one reveling in excess, or the loss and sadness and love felt towards a dead loved one, all of it is felt by Slaanesh.

More so than the other gods, even Nurgle, and especially the Imperium, Slaanesh is the embodiment of love and happiness.

Adding more to my previous points, it seems as though anything could be made to be un-excess. There must be many followers of Slaanesh who prefer only simple pleasures, and anything above such things would be considered excess, even if it was common or trivial by the standards of most.

To answer your orginal question of how much does it take for tame shit to be excessive?
There is no true answer to that.

>> No.52711226

This post was written by an irl cultist.

>> No.52711257 [SPOILER] 


>> No.52711426

Crossdressing Minotaurs with crab claws, apparently.

>> No.52711517

that face will keep me awake tonight!

>> No.52711949

If this is true, why the eldar/aeldari get so autist about Slaanesh?

checkmate, heretic

>> No.52711977

They just can't come to terms with how tasty they are.

>> No.52712189


>> No.52712782

Any feeling of satisfaction and pain feeds Slaanesh.

But the Emperor protects.

All your violence and bloodlust will not lead you to Khorne, your schemes and curiosity won't be a path to Tzeentch, your despair and fear of the end won't call upon Nurgle and all your pride and pleasure will not invite Slaanesh to you.
Faith is a real thing and the faint but constant psychic presence of the Emperor is enough to keep Chaos at bay as long as you have faith you will die but you will not be corrupted.

>> No.52714585


>> No.52714681


>> No.52714772

what happens next

>> No.52714778

He didn't kill all the tyranids and she got eaten alive.

>> No.52714900

Why he keeps hurting, torturing and devouring people? Why he feels so compelled to make people despair and send hordes of daemons to brutally slaughter them? Why he keeps whispering words of inspiration in the ears of so many talented artists, steering their dreams and hopes to the construction of perfect works, just to ultimately ruin everything to everyone?

>> No.52714935

Well done anon.
Purple star

>> No.52715785

Slaanesh is not a faggot.

>> No.52715870


>> No.52715877

>Using the term sheeple like that.
Read animal farm.

>> No.52719293

*tips fedora*

>> No.52720139

With bad taste in boots.

>> No.52720459

Slaanesh is indulgence and yearning more than anything else. All sensation is equally precious and equally worthless, because no amount is ever enough.

>> No.52723176

Because it gives him and his followers pleasure.

>> No.52723329

Rolled 15 (1d100)

Apparently last night was ovipositor night in the immaterium. Hope Its exalted majesty has moved on to a different fixation.

>> No.52723464


>> No.52723980

Perhaps a story to please Slaanesh?

>Horus, with his intense gaze, his rough, battle-worn hands.
>His grip is tight; powerful but gentle, insistent and consuming.
>He's behind you now, and you can feel his breath on the back of your neck, rustling the short hairs and downy feathers there.

>> No.52724094


>You try to push him back using a wing.
>He laughs as it pushes into his face.
>It is a low and throaty sound that sends a shiver down your spine and pools fluttery warm in your stomach.
>He gently pushes the wing away, trying not to hurt it; an instinctual action, but you sigh as you feel his bare hands on you again.

>> No.52724097

Rolled 26 (1d100)


>> No.52724477 [SPOILER] 


>The clear sound of crickets in the night mutes the sound of the party inside.
>You turn past him and walk closer to the balcony's railing, keeping your eyes down and the smile off of your lips.
>"Someday you'll be the death of me," you say, pulling your wings back tight.
>"Maybe," he says, following you and gently tugging on a lock of your blonde hair.
>"But I'm sure I'll make it fun for both of us."

>> No.52724635


>> No.52724653

always link the uncensored.

>> No.52724692


>> No.52724767


>The dinner is supposed to be a formal affair. A gasping attempt at civility before this world becomes part of the Imperium.
>Leman Russ eats like a man possessed, his lack of table manners spilling as much food as his axe does blood.
>Horus schooled his face into a diplomatic slate at the sight and carries on an impressive conversation with the would-be-kings of this world.
>You can tell his real feelings when his hand slips under the table.
>He grips your thigh through the soft layers of your robes with a strength that would have broken lesser creatures.
>You wish you could have said something to ease the warmaster's displeasure, or subtly tip off the brute. But you can't.
>Instead, you wipe your lips with a napkin as cover and gently place your hand over his, squeezing it briefly before returning to your meal.
>His grip gradually lessens, lingers, then leaves your thigh.
>You don't look at him.
>You don't look at Leman.
>You don't stop the smiling and small talk.
>You don't stop the small gasp that left your mouth as his fingers trailed away from the rivers of silk covering your lap.

>> No.52724908


>These chairs aren't made for someone like you - they can barely even contain Horus or Leman.
>The tips of your wings sometimes touch him, sometimes brush along his side as you try to find a more comfortable position.
>"And you say you don't like being public with me?" he murmurs into your ear at some point during the fourth course.
>He's been on campaign long enough to grow the beginnings of a beard... you can almost imagine it tickling against you.
>"I wouldn't want you to forget yourself," you whisper back over the fifth, "no one would ever forgive you."

>> No.52725290


>It's past midnight and you can still hear the sound of Leman's drinking emanate from the lower parts of the citadel, his booming laughter echoing out across the bay and back again.
>You've been playing chess with one of the elder nobles for a time, enjoying the tales of his grandchildren.
>He yawns and you take the opportunity to bid the noble goodnight.
>Horus follows you, his long strides bringing him to your side in mere moments.
>He follows too close behind you up the stairs, and too close again down the hall. By the time you reach the door to your suite he's breathing down your neck.
>You pause at the door, barring him from entry.
>He hasn't said a word since you left the gathering, and now he's so close that you can smell the fine musk of smoke and thunder that that follows him like a cloak everywhere he goes.
>You feel strangely small standing between the door and his bulk; he's always been bigger than you, a titan among giants.
>He leans up and over you as you stand stiff-backed and in his way. He pushes the door open like it's an offering.
>"Do I have to thrust you through?" he asks after a few moments of silence.
>You can't see his face, but you're sure he's grinning. "...Or are you looking for something different?"
>"I could use a bath," you say, warring with yourself in order to remain calm.
>"I think..." he places his hand along the small of your back, right below where your wings start to emerge and gently guides you to look left.
>"...that the facilities are over there. I'll get a servant to bring you something clean."

>> No.52725736

Slaanesh is everything, retard. God, hetfags are so stupid.

>> No.52725751

>post degeneracy
>it's nothing but gay stuff
y'all need to evolve

>> No.52725892


>The water is fine, and you leave your robes folded up near the gently lapping pool's edge.
>The bath products aren't what you're used to, not while on campaign. The spicy-sweet tang of lemongrass oil cuts through the day's trials and leaves your skin soft and sweet-smelling.
>You don't need them, not really, but cleaning yourself has always been relaxing.
>You hear a door open, the rustle of clothing, then a door closing. Your garments are here.
>It's been a while since you've seen Horus in the flesh.
>It's been a while since you've been able to spend time with him, and ages since you shared a suite of rooms with him.
>Boarding actions have left you less flustered than this.
>Drying off, you turn to inspect the clothes. It's a tunic, longer than you expected, and no undergarments.
>The soft, worn cotton is embroidered with the heraldry of Horus' Luna Wolves. You lift it to your nose; it even smells like him.
>There's no one else in the room to see your angry glare, or your blush.
>You walk back to your suite with the same quiet dignity you bring to all things, nodding to the Astartes now flanking the door.
>Horus watches you from his seat by the fireplace, a book in hand, as you walk to the door of your room.
>He watches as you stare right back at him, challenging him to utter something, anything.
>"You do look better in my colors," he says finally, eyes trailing from your damp hair to your bare legs.
>He watches your hand clench into the folds of his tunic before you disappear into your room.
>He didn't see you bite your lip, hard enough to draw blood.

>> No.52726227


>You wake up early and do your best to stay away from Horus.
>Breakfast was easy, you simply took it before him and and then went out into the city for a hastily arranged tour.
>It was harder to do during the luncheon, but you managed to keep up a long string of interesting conversations before politely removing yourself from the situation entirely.
>Dinner was surprisingly easy, as long as you ignored the intense gaze he would cast your way every half hour.
>It was easier still to slip away from him later as Leman's drinking companion.
>You hadn't done it in years, but no matter what taunts or barbs he would throw your way, it was always with a wild grin and booming laugh.
>It was harder to ignore the hungry and hurt look Horus had sent you while you left with Leman.
>It was impossible not to slip back into his tunic that night as something confused and desperate wormed its way through your body.
>The next day was completed in much the same way, as was the third.
>On the fourth Horus disappeared with a group of nobles, traveling out to the snow-capped mountains that surrounded the bay.
>On the fifth he returned, and you found a single white flower in water by your bedside.

>> No.52727412


>You end cornering him about the flowers in the courtyard after his training.
>He's removed his shirt, letting the dappled sun play over his already bronzed features.
>The idea that this Horus, warmaster of the Imperium, is slinking around in the shadows disturbs you.
>Conveniently, he misinterprets you when you ask "why" while holding the latest bouquet of long-stemmed mountain lillies in your hand.
>"I thought you'd like them," he says as he picks up a pitcher of water, drinking some and then pouring a half gallon over his head. "Didn't you always like flowers?"
>The water is distracting, but you push through.
>"I mean... yes?" you answer his question. It's true; you do like flowers. But he hasn't answered the real question.
>You try again with the diplomacy of a saint. "But why the flowers? What do they mean?"
>He has the nerve to turn away and tend to his practice equipment. Taking another sip of water he bluntly says "I thought you'd like them."
>You wrench the jug out of his hands and hurl it across the courtyard, faster than he can respond and sudden enough to force his attention.
>He stares at you, open-eyed at your unexpected move and wary of your sudden, seething anger. You can't stand obfuscations, half-truths, or people ignoring you.
>"Why?" you ask again, firmly, as you thrust the lillies towards him as an abject lesson.
>"I..." he begins before stopping. He looks down, almost bashful at what he's about to say. He looks up again at you and gently touches one of the lillies.
>You've never seen him like this.
>"Do you remember, years ago, when we went to the Eternity Gate?" he begins again.
>You remember it.
>It had been Fulgrim's idea that all the primarchs still at the Palace would go to the market district near the Eternity Gate for a day, to spend time with the citizens of Terra.

>> No.52728133


>"We were all supposed to go together, but, as you would expect, we all fractured in order to pursue our own interests.
>"Rogal, Roboute, and I went to visit the statesmen. Fulgrim, Vulkan, and Ferrus went to the artists.
>"Amd of course Leman, Konrad, and Jaghatai wanted to watch that damn street race."
>He pulled on a spare shirt before belting the practice sword into place and gesturing for you to walk with him into the gardens.
>"And do you remember what you did? Where you went?"
>"Yes," you say as he leads you through the wrought iron gate and into the cool shade of the garden.
>"There were children who were brought to us. I spent the day in a public garden with them."
>"You did. The whole day you spent with them, being lead around, telling them stories, and being given big bunches of fresh, hand-picked flowers by common children."
>He stops beside one of the rose bushes and plucks a bud before turning and offering it to you.
>"When we returned to collect you and I saw it, I couldn't help but think it was better than anything else the rest of us had done that day."
>You take the rose, unsure of what to say and even more unsure of what it meant.
>"I couldn't get that image out of my head, you, with all the children of man around you." He rushes on, trying to force understanding as his wit began to fail him.
>"For once in my life I realized what good I, as a warmaster, could be. If I could only make sure places like that stayed safe and people like you could sit in them."
>"That's very poetic," you say after a moment, still holding the rose - a single red bloom in a sea of white lillies, like blood on clean linen. "Thank you for telling me."
>You're both unsure of what to do, of where to move from here. You don't think he's ever done this before and you sure as feth haven't.
>What comes next after such tender memories are shared?

>> No.52728163 [DELETED] 


>He finally speaks, as if looking for a resolution.
>"I'd like to go back some day.
>"Back to the Eternity Gate, after all this is done.
>"Just us."
>You pause for only a moment.
>"That sounds... lovely."
>You smile.

"Yes, I'd like that. When all this over."

>> No.52728318

>He finally speaks, as if looking for a resolution.
>"I'd like to go back some day."
>"Back to the Eternity Gate, after all this is done. Just us."
>You pause for only a moment.
>"That sounds... lovely."
>You smile.

>"Yes, I'd like that. When all this is over, and mankind stands united."

I'll see you at Eternity Gate.

>> No.52731044


>> No.52731253

No anon, that's just gross

>> No.52731454


>> No.52732223

Let us all design color schemes which would be pleasing to Slaanesh.

>> No.52732484


Rumor has it that there are such things as females in this realm.

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