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5th Edition D&D General Discussion

>Download Unearthed Arcana: Downtime

>Official survey on Unearthed Arcana: Starter Spells


>/5eg/ Mega Trove:

>Pastebin with resources and so on:

Previously, on /5eg/

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If I'm a High Elf with booming blade cantrip...

Which rogue archetype is the most fun?

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>asking /5eg/ about fun
wew lad

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New thread question:
>How do you handle magical items and magical item progression?

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Thief is most fun in my opinion and Elves being able to leap 8+ feet in the air seems like something they should be doing.

Arcane Trickster's probably the most powerful but I'm not a huge fan of them.

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this is correct. thank you anon

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>DM gave the fighter a bow that lets them shoot 3 arrows every time they fire it
I wish my DM thought about balance sometimes

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You mean "mechanically effective" right? I'm assuming that because anything else will suck and you won't have much fun being a loser Rogue who can't sneak or kill or bluff.

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Swashbuckler works best.
Move up into melee, booming blade, move out of melee.

You could also do assassin but you'd have to take the mobile feat, and arcane trickster gives you what you already have.

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My thoughts were that they would leave the majority of their gear in the inn or at camp. Pay people to watch it so it won't be stolen. And they have to decide what to bring when they do leave town. I want the mundane items like rope and oil and torches to have value, as certain puzzles will be significantly harder if they choose to leave the pitons or rope at home. Also I want to make getting treasure out of the dungeon be a puzzle of its own. I'm also thinking fairly low magic or a sword and sorcery type campaign.

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>DMs who think it's perfectly fine if a weapon does +2d6 damage on hit or whatever when a fighter can attack maybe 9 times in a round at level 13

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>Most fun
>Swashbuckler works best

Did you not read his post?

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this is the only correct answer.

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>tfw you have zero ability to RP voices without it being cringy as fuck

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What do you guys prefer? Battle campaigns, Roleplay campaigns, or half and half?

I prefer Roleplay, if only because I enjoy getting into a character and finding out more about them through their interactions with the world.

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I can beat that
>player is a telepath that can influence people
>DM give PC plus 20 on all charisma rolls on top of what he already had
>ask him why he didn't make it a cantrip with a chance to fail
>he says because his character can't fail at influencing people
>my character had expertise in persuation

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>Most fun
Okay, the most fun would be [something useless] because you do jack fucking shit
Have fun being useless

It's either swashbuckler or you take mobility to be like swashbuckler, and in any case you're a mobile runs-everywhere rogue. Swashbuckler's later ability gives stuff like at-will taunt/charm though.

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just act.
even if you're acting is shit they can tell by you're physical acting that you're RPing.

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holy sh*t highlander owns

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Holy fuck how used to 4e is your DM?
+20 is ridiculous. You can roll 40, where 30 is 'impossible'. They made that character practically a god.

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roleplay everytime but I mostly DM and people can't stand anything other than half and half

my PC's will be in a town and after 1 hour of roll play they are begging for a quest from some random villager to kill some imps that are fucking with their livestock.

as a PC i wouldn't mind if we don't 2 full sessions of roleplay without combat

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I was the same, but after a session via roll20, I discovered my players liked it. It was Campy.

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Half and half.

D&D has always said the combat is a key part of the game. Doesn't mean you should go back to dungeon crawling only though.

Sometimes a session will be nothing but roleplay, a dungeon crawl or combats but a game doesn't feel right if it only does one.

>Swashbuckler can sneak attack easier in melee and have ADV on charisma checks

Oh, I see. Therefore every other Rogue build is completely fucking worthless even though they all have the same average damage, same skills and same class features.

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I lied he wasn't a telepath btw
he was a homebrew jedi in a high fantasy setting in around the medieval period

should have dropped out way before jedi rolled around not sure if it should have been when I heard medieval or when I heard high fantasy. both are equally as bland.

historical fantasy in 14-16 century or go the fuck home.

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Champion Fighter 11/Swashbuckler Rogue 9.


Champion Fighter 5 /Swashbuckler Rogue 15.

Why is this a bad idea?

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Arcane Trickster gives you the most options.

Plus for all the people crying for Swashbuckler, have you considered that Ranged Is Better and that just because you have Booming Blade you shouldn't use it as your main attack method when it's unsafe to do so? Pull out a Rapier and stab with BB if something gets in your face (with advantage from familiar!) then CA away and keep using your bow or hand crossbow like a Proper Rogue.

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The later ability functions just like charm person, except enemies don't know it's used on them, it's probably not magical and you can use it at-will.

Then, swashbuckler gives the ability to disengage after an attack. This synergizes perfectly with 'a rogue with booming blade'. The enemy takes damage if they try to chase you. They also, as mentioned, get sneak attack easier.
Also the at-will taunt.
Also higher initiative.

If you play a thief or assassin, there is honestly no point to using melee at all compared to hand crossbow.
Arcane trickster also works well with melee, but only because it gives you booming blade and green flame blade, of which you already have booming blade.

The other rogue archetypes don't really offer anything that's worlds more 'fun', really.

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The point of melee rogues is that you use either swashbuckler or mobile to stay out of their range after an attack.

Booming blade. Bonus action dash, move out of range of the enemy's melee attack. Done.

Yes, ranged is much better if you're not a swashbuckler or AT, but swashbuckler gives you mobile lite and AT gives you magic initiate but better, so a swashbuckler with wizard cantrips or an AT with mobile can both be viable in melee.

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It's a bit boring in combat but it works.

S&B, go Strength with Expertise in Athletics, Shield Master, use your Bonus Action to knock shit prone for advantage on your 1-2 attacks. ~20% chance to crit your Sneak Attacks.

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Use any magical items, telekinesis, pocket sanding people, ADV on all stealth checks, spellcasting, being able to have a good shot of insta killing surprised enemies, having the ability to make false identities, getting a familiar and other abilities.

There's plenty of reasons to go with any other Rogue. Are Swashbucklers good? Yes, they're my second favorite option in the entire game but they can't do everything.

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It works. It's not a bad idea at all.
Though, really, you should also consider barbarian.

Battlemaster can also get sneak attacks as reactions using riposte, though all fighters can use action surge to attack and then ready an action to sneak attack off their turn.

Champion fighter, battlemaster fighter, wolf barbarian and bear barbarian are all valid for multiclassing into rogue. So is shadow monk. Heck, even bladelock could do it.

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I need boring, man. I played a Veng Pally/War Cleric, and I had a bunch of shit to keep track of.

I just want to stealth, lock pick, and swing at stuff.

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it's like irrelevant for 78% of all campaigns, it's pretty cool for the remaining 22%.

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Okay, so if I'm starting a completely new campaign, do these rules play nice with the existing downtime rules?

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>Use any magical items
How often do DMs give you magical items you can't use?
And even then, it's a later level feature at which point AT is laughing because they can haste themself and sneak attack twice a round using readied actions.

>Pocket sanding people
Maybe works at level 3, but beyond that it's unlikely to be awfully effective.
>Adv on stealth checks
Actually a pretty decent feature, but honestly usually the problem is your teammates rolling low on stealth, not you, and pass without trace exists. At-will charm person is better, really.
Yes, AT is great, but it feels stupid to grab booming blade with high elf then go AT. .. But maybe that's just me, it works fine.
>Assassin's assassinate
Comes up a lot less often than you'd think, and their later level features suck. Anyone can try to make false identities already, really, even if it's not as effective. Not that people check your identity so thoroughly very often. It's really just a 'You might rarely get some extra crits or otherwise just get some advantage' which is hardly interesting and in which case you might as well be a ranged rogue, especially considering you can snipe from sneaky spots.

I'm not saying swashbucklers are the best at all, but for someone who has booming blade it's a pretty easy to run with and logical pick. If you want to be the best at everything, you just go AT.

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I'd say so, you may want to tweak costs tho.
Magic item crafting is memed to being a 1 year enterprice... If you don't hire help like a dumbass.
Also, beware accidental marriage.

>> No.52659668

they are an absolute improvement, but i don't think i've ever used the existing downtime rules.

>> No.52659757

Look over it and consider structuring your campaign around actions/events -> downtime -> actions/events -> etc. It's best as a story framing device imo.

>> No.52659772

Can a person ignore the effects of the charm person or command spell if they're deaf? Or have covered their ears?

>> No.52659774

Spell are fun

>> No.52659782

>Magic item crafting is memed to being a 1 year enterprise
Who the hell is saying that? That's only for goddamn rare and above, the most useful shit is common and uncommon anyways. And you have a party of 4-6 with you.

>> No.52659799

That works if they have a home base, but it's pretty rough if they're wanderers that have to carry everything they own.

And reposting
>maximize a standard array Tiefling Bladelock of the Field?
You don't. You've already decided on your character, and it is an intentionally weak choice.

Maybe you can be a feral abyssal tiefling for +2dex and +1con and focus on being a prickly off-tank. You go blade when your bonus stats are in str or dex.

>> No.52659800

>Who the hell is saying that?
/5eg/, two days ago.

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Why are women drawn to D&D compared to most other games?

>inb4 its mainstream

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Hi, I'm Sorcerer and this is Jackass.

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So how effective is an Arcane Trickster's ability to invisibly pickpocket with Mage Hand? If the hand completely covers the object is it invisible or does it float in mid air?

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Because its a game about socializing

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Because it's easy. D&D has always been pussified: the rules are structured so that you do not die. As a result it is easy for women who do not know how to play games. Most women are terrible strategists and they cannot think critically or solve problems, and as a result they are awful at tactics and rarely have good ideas. They are mostly dominated by their emotions and thus the easy, boring, pussified reward cycle of D&D appeals to them the same way it appeals to many autistics. D&D also lets them play slutty females, as well as trannies thanks to the new pro-transsexual 5e rules.

>> No.52659845

That makes sense.

What's funny in my mind is I have horrible social anxiety, am pretty introverted, and have autism, but I love the game.

>> No.52659867

you probably love the rules, like i do, or just like the opportunity to pretend like you don't have horrible social anxiety or autism.

>> No.52659872

Some decent points in there, the one woman who plays in my party literally does nothing most sessions except useless shit like, (I turn into a bird, or, I play with my animal friend).

Last session we had a fight where two enemies were approaching here and she asked someone to take care of them.

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How could a Level 14 Theurgist Level 1 Cleric kick a Tarrasque's ass?

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Inquisitive High Elf Rogue with a sonic...well sonic something.

>> No.52659911

No yeah I plan to haven them have a base to come back to from the beginning, and the ability to get a cart to take things from town to town when they want to do something that isn't a day's journey away.

>> No.52659921

Damn, I believe you're right.

>> No.52659929

Get a magic bow and just keep out of its reach endlessly shooting arrows

>1 level cleric dip
What the fuck is the point of theurgy when what it provides is a 'no armour cleric' when you dip into cleric and get armour anyway

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So guys I have been playing with a few people in my college class as well as some other friends so there are five of us altogether. One of the girls in the group is kind of qt and a couple sessions ago while I was giving her a ride home I asked her out and she said no. So lately I've felt like trying to secretly kill her character off by ""accident"". Anyone got any advice? I don't know how to ninja-teamfrag in 5e, most of my experience is with Pathfinder. I'm playing a level 5 eldritch knight fighter, in case that helps.

>> No.52659943


That's a really good idea.

>> No.52659952

Depends on the spell. Charm in general is a no, though.

>> No.52659970

Don't metagrudge, get the fuck over it.

>> No.52659974

17th level Cleric abilities at level 14 Wizard, with the armor of a Cleric and access to the Cleric's ability to switch out spells every day while being able to use the Wizard and Cleric spell lists to their full potential.

>> No.52659976

Use sleight of hand to determine if you can perform your activity unnoticed?

>> No.52659981

Could you offer some advice for a college student trying to start a game?

>> No.52659982

Yeah... don't be That Guy just respect her answer and move on.

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It's heavily, heavily implied that if the target can't hear it, command doesn't work.
All spells are like that if they can be resisted by simply not hearing it.

>> No.52659988

I'm not calling you out or anything, but I'm curious: why is it that elves as a race have an 8+ foot jump? Isn't that just an ability score thing?

>> No.52659996

No it's a Thief ability to add DEX to jump length.

>> No.52660007

I seriously wouldn't allow multiclassing to give a big jump in armour proficiency. At the very least, every level gives effectively a 'feat' of armour.

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Get 4 friends and ask them if they want to play D&D. It's what I did. Do a test session, maybe a one-off to see if they want to make it a regular thing and go from there.

>> No.52660021

How is SKT?
I've heard nice things.

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>don't go whiteknight
>don't bite the bait
Fuck you for even thinking of being such a metagaming, teamkilling, salty, vengeful. Fuck you for making me picture the scenario where you PK just for getting rejected politely. Fuck you if you're making this up just to get replies. Fuck everything about this post.

>> No.52660075

To be fair, I'm fluffing it as Cleric level first, Wizard second.

>> No.52660077

>Druid TK anon is back
It's been so long.

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what level do you guys usually give +1 weapons? i dont want to overpower my party too much.

running skt so i only want them feeling able to take on giants once we get to the sandbox/oracle/burial mounds section.

help me create some fun magic items to stock them up on with at level 5 after the town attack events.

so far, i am thinking:
bard: mac-fuirmidh cittern
warlock: robe of useful items with some good spell scrolls
cleric: modified keoghtom's ointment that can restore charges overnight
barb: ring of jumping, possibly a +1 weapon (dual wielder)
and for the party, a cloak that allows for casting rope trick with 4 charges, where each charge = 2 hours of time. restores some charges daily.


>> No.52660079

I'm a bit nervous trying to DM since I've never done it and have barely played the game. But I guess I have to if I want to play.

>> No.52660084

Nice bait

Never. Provide more interesting magical weapons.

>> No.52660119

>historical fantasy

well which is it?

>> No.52660129

i like it. do you usually provide the 'counts as magical' baked into the weapon or only when it activates its effect or something?

i feel like the magical damage is the most important boost of them all.

>> No.52660131


I'd prefer something with tons of opportunities for battles but all of them are avoidable with the right skills

>> No.52660143

ask your mom

>> No.52660144

>what level do you guys usually give +1 weapons? i dont want to overpower my party too much.
If I'm short on players, I've found they prefer to be loaded on gear to the teeth and take chances with the action economy than hire help.

>> No.52660167

Just don't give the stuck up bitch any more rides or favours

>> No.52660168

I'm dm-ing my first game with my friend, mostly in an attempt to give the normal dm more time to setup the next campaign as well as having a go at being a dm. I was thinking of making a pool of premade characters for the guys that way if I accidentally kill them, feelings aren't hurt. Good idea or killing the funof everyone creating a character?

>> No.52660172

Not gonna lie, I've missed this pasta.

>> No.52660175

Honestly I'm against throwing physical resistant enemies at all, but rather have weapons that are particularly effective against certain things. The physical resistant enemies would be things such as ghosts, and then certain weapons such as holy ones or any sort of anti-ethereal-being ones would be effective.

>> No.52660213

I want to bring back fancy weapon materials for an upcoming game. Should I just let them be straight upgrades for any weapon that could reasonably be made of them, at an extra cost?

>> No.52660244

To the guy asking about encumbrance from the other thread.

Try this on for size. My group tolerates it. The paladin (kind of) hates it because he's the one who likes to bring lots of supplies, and it's introduced a fun dynamic to the game.

>> No.52660325


Depends on the players, I guess. Maybe just tell them ahead of time to expect to die so they don't waste time writing novel backstories and getting super attached to the characters they make.

>> No.52660351

Hey /5eg/, is there an alternate ruleset available that doesn't cap stats? From what I remember of the last time I played they were capped at 20 and pretty much the whole game balance was tailored around that idea, and it's about the only issue I have with it aside from how the skills are handled.

>> No.52660363

This is certainly better than that one anon's way of doing it where small items like keys weighed a fucking pound each. I guess I could deal with it.

I'd just hire a fuckton of hirelings.

>> No.52660380

my barb was thinking of going tiger totem because he really likes the jump ability, but he decided to go bear instead to help beef up the group. i was going to give him a ring of jumping to compensate, but i feel like he is the only primary martial and could use a special weapon.

what do you think of something like this?

1 handed weapon, if you move at least 10 feet before attacking you can make a leaping attack that triples your jump distance. if this attack hits, it deals an extra 2d6 damage. possibly something about making an enemy make a saving throw or be knocked prone too?

im having a bit of a hard time balancing something like this for this level...

>> No.52660397

By not doing so. Actual magic (enchanted) items are kept rare and powerful, so that if someone finds a Ring of Protection, it actually means something to them.

What I've done instead is added new materials for arms, armour, and accessories. For example, there's no +X weapons, but there is a sword made of argentane that increases your weapon die size when attacking undead.

>> No.52660410

Everyone is nervous their first couple of weeks the first session especially, take your mistakes in stride and know it will get better! Good luck anon!

>> No.52660432

Could be cool to have some sort of weapon that allows you to pounce an enemy that you were previously hidden from. If you just make the requirement 'You move a bit' then it's just a needless extra movement you tack on and you can just spam it all day.

But it seems weird that such an ability would be granted by a one-handed weapon, unless it's some sort of polevault thing.

>> No.52660445

Just "rocks fall you die" her, lol
Why would you even play with a woman in the first place? Didn't you want to have fun?

>> No.52660476

Does knowing the language of a race give you insight to their customs?

For example, does someone who can speak giant know that he could impress a frost giant by wrestling a polar bear bare handed?

>> No.52660481

Is it me or is bludgeoning/piercing/slashing almost entirely fluff? I see some stuff like skeletons are vulnerable to bludgeoning, but they're not even resistant to piercing?

>> No.52660510

agreed on the one-handed thing. my problem is that he is dead set on playing a dual wielder with a focus on fist weapons, so my design space for weapons for him is limited.

>> No.52660520

Don't think so.
It would have to be a very niche language.
Something only spoken by a specific group.

>> No.52660521
File: 17 KB, 239x183, 111bagpic[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This system has the added benefit of making Bags of Holding more fun - I'm a huge sucker for bags that hold different amounts, and it only makes sense that low-tier BoHs could be found for sale in various shops.

>> No.52660544

What do you guys think about designing magic items to try to force players into a different play mindset? For example, one of my characters plays a life cleric. Almost every turn he goes 'how is everyone looking?' and spends a lot of his turns healing in combat, which slows things down and makes things harder in general for the group because his action economy isnt the best.

I know I should let him play the way he wants to, but what about some sort of item that encouraged him to use more buffs/debuffs, or switch between healing and smacking things?

>> No.52660659

Aasimar Fiendlock or Tiefling Favored Soul?

>> No.52660671

You don't have to make it a weapon. It can be something they put on their body, but still allows them to do various weapon styles.

Still, dual-wielding isn't bad on a barbarian at all for the first four levels. Level 5 onwards you might as well multiclass into rogue, then dual wielding is still great.

>> No.52660756

Just start throwing different enemies at them. The sort of creatures that have low AC, low HP but high damage.

The sort of thing where it's obviously beneficial for him to kill rather than to heal, because he's always going to lose the race if he tries to play defensively.

>> No.52660846

Tiefling favored soul.

Asmodeus is a god now isn't he? You're powers can come from him.

>> No.52660881

dragonborn paladin of bahamut, wood elf ranger, gnome wizard, goliath barbarian.

>> No.52660890

>goliath barbarian
cliche tbqh

>> No.52660903

Is there a way to effectively multiclass swashbuckler with battlemaster?

Riposte can give me off-turn sneak attack right? And theb parry to help me when they hit me.

>> No.52660915

5 fighter/15 swashbuckler is p good

>> No.52660918

The point of capping the stats is so that someone who takes all stupid flavor feats/multiclassing and starts with 16 in their important stat is only 2 modifier behind instead of 5 modifier behind (or 7 if it's a fighter.) Putting all your ASI into your primary stat is just another treadmill.

What is your issue with this?

>Actually, looking at the initiative
Literally metagaming.
>Is there a problem with that
You're eliminating reactions from surprised creatures entirely. Plus, barbarians.

>So you be sayin that I can rage even if I get surprised?
Barbarians literally gain an ability that says, "If you're surprised, you can act normally on your first turn but you have to rage."

>> No.52660934

That girl is the most eighties thing I have ever seen.

>> No.52660992

it's surreal as fuck.

>> No.52661030

Why did you have to be Eldritch Knight? Confess to her character in game in a situation where her character can't say no. You get qt girl to roleplay as your gf and I bite the bait.

>> No.52661051

He probably want to be god min-maxer with 6 INT and 30 STR like in 3.5e

>> No.52661061

Spoilers for Tales of the Yawning Portal ahead:

So, I'm running Sunless Citadel, and one of the things the players can do in it is interact with a white dragon wyrmling that used to be the pet of a kobold tribe. It was, however, stolen by the enemy goblin tribe. The kobolds want it back, the dragon hates being a pet and wants out. The party agreed to try to return the dragon for a reward, but upon meeting the wyrmling (trapped in a locked room) they just noped the fuck out and stepped aside, allowing it to run/fly away. Their kobold guide was very upset by this and ran after the wyrmling. My question is, can someone give me some suggestions on how this situation might develop and what could be the consequences of their decision?

>> No.52661351
File: 72 KB, 449x311, 1491105570705.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it too dissonant for a paladin to be mean or cruel to his fallen foes?

Specifically orcs, gnolls, fiends and cultists rather than bandits. Their gods and masters are not benevolent and i have a strong compulsion to remind an orc thats bleeding out how he failed his god and how his death is only the beginning of his torment.

Oath of vengeance by the way

>> No.52661366

What divine domain would the DM be in?

>> No.52661395

Trickery, no question.

>> No.52661427

Much, much later the party comes across the white dragon again no longer a prisoner/pet, who remembers the party, and grants them a boon.

>> No.52661480

As a 6th level Arcane Trickster, I want to dip 2 levels into wizard for bladesinger, but I don't know when the right time to do it would be.

At Rogue 7 I would get another die of sneak attack damage, and evasion, and 2nd level spells, and then I'd be tempted to go to 8 for the ASI.

Would I be better off sticking to rogue for now or should I go ahead and jump into wizard?

>> No.52661498

The DM wouldn't be in any single domain, the DM exists everywhere at every point in time, and no where at no time, all at once.

>> No.52661501

Personally I'd hit the next ASI then dip

>> No.52661523

None, the DM would be the very cosmos

>> No.52661540

Dancing light can take a humanoid form. What can I do make her into a real woman? Also goodnight.

>> No.52661554

have you had character arcs that had a satisfying ending, /5eg/?

>> No.52661556

I think that's acceptable.

>> No.52661572

For my NPCs, yes. For my PCs? hahahahaahah

>> No.52661629

>Just throws out a pfg tier question
>Leaves so no one can tell him to go back

>> No.52661643


>> No.52661646

kobolds crusade across the country to retrieve their pet and eliminate all witnesses

>> No.52661681

>kobold tribe
>not the pets of the wyrmling

Im heavily confused

>> No.52661778
File: 26 KB, 426x282, lennart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of my players really wants to use a whip. Rather than handing him an early magic item, I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for a feat that could make whips and lashes better?

>> No.52661793

Literally just play a rogue or paladin? Reach finesse is a good deal if you have bonus damage. It might not be optimal but I doubt it'd be all that bad.

>> No.52661802

Can someone suggest a Big Good I could have present in my jungle-region campaign? I've got a list composed of
And could use some suggestions.

>> No.52661851

Hey, all. I'm planning on going Ranger-Rogue multiclass for my next campaign. I'm planning on Deep Stalker/Assassin (so, at least 3 of each), but beyond that I'm still unsure.What are good cutoff points and progressions?

>> No.52661854

what are some good and/or fun mystic builds?

i'm thinking of playing one for my next campaign and not sure what to make out of it. my first thought was an archetypical psionic blaster, with all the mental mindfuckery goodness included but everything is ok mostly.

>> No.52661855

Make it 1d6, can use an attack roll with it to shove prone or disarm.

>> No.52661857

Maybe a naga
Or a junge druid or some fey

>> No.52661858

a massive ent, a benevolent fey

A level 20 druid or ranger could probably work too.

>> No.52661863

>no one earnestly replied to the bait.

Lame. Guess I have to do it. Anyway, I'd use Grease on a cliff and then use any of the spells that cause radial 5 ft knock back when she's near. She hits the grease and slides to her death. Maybe.

What class is she?

>> No.52661875

The faries from furn gully.

>> No.52661881

Yes, with my edgy evil warlock managing to pull off a revenge scheme he'd been planning most of his life perfectly with no negative repercussions whatsoever

>> No.52661905

If you're DM isn't in War or Tempest domain you're playing wrong.

>> No.52661908

Sentient Volcano that only answers when things are hurled in
Big ass thunderbird
Tiki Golem (loves to party)
Panther the size of a house
Giant snek with a tribal headdress on
Two headed T Rex
Incredibly serious gorilla

>> No.52661910

Creatures that are Evil by nature, such as fiends or orcs, are unworthy of even the slightest mercy. There is no redemption for such creatures as it conflicts with their very being.

Creatures that are not Evil by nature, but are nevertheless Evil, deserve at least a chance to recant before death. Full blown redemption is possible, but not expected.

Creatures that are not Evil, but commit evil out of circumstance are worthy of mercy. Redemption should be encouraged.

The first category is generally easy to identify. The latter two might rely on the paladin's judgment in determining whether a creature has become truly Evil or is merely a victim of circumstance.

>> No.52661913

Retired with a well paying job as a Queen's bodyguard and happily married.

DM had that character return in another game and die towards the end though. He went out cool so I didn't mind.

R.I.P Kikki.

>> No.52661924

>Creatures that are Evil by nature, such as fiends or orcs

Good, or at least neutral orcs can exist I think.

>> No.52661945

Pretty sure Orcs aren't naturally evil anymore but just serve an evil god. They're more of the second category but with a very low chance of redemption once grown up.

>> No.52661965

Drunken master/fighter that interrupted the dhampir DMPC's poignant confession of love at an opera to one of the singers. He wanted his seven league boots and it erupted into a brawl through the symphony pit, the stage and ended with me staking his ass to the wall and running off with the boots.

This was also on the moon, because my DM is an autist.

>> No.52661971

Orc society and their gods are completely destructive and evil.

They can operate in proper civilization if raised from a young age(Has an orc ever given up their bloodthirsty ways as an adult?) but even if raised with love from birth they struggle daily to contain the bloodlust that permanently bubbles beneath the skin

>> No.52661985

now that's some classic murderhoboing

was your dm upset by this turn of events?

>> No.52661986

Wherever orcs go, they must rape.

>> No.52662000

Livid. Also because he didn't see it coming, despite me spending all of the party's gold to have dwarves smith me a six foot long mithril "stake" to bypass that fuccboi dhampir's special moonman armor.

>> No.52662018

In the jungle? I guess a Guardian Naga would be the most fitting. You could also refluff the Ki-rin from Volo's. I was about to suggest Couatl until I realized "Quetzacoutl" didn't mean the dinosaur...

>> No.52662037

do you consider being a superior species with a physiological need to consume lesser sapient species evil by nature? assuming said creature wasn't created by any known god, simply being far more intelligent than the average species and evolving such a dependency for said sapient creature as nourishment naturally?

as in, is a human evil for consuming a cow?

is evil objective in the grand scheme of things or just a perspective skewed by the conflict between higher powers?

are the good gods good because the good guys worship them or they just fight for their own motives to achieve their own devices, as the evil gods would do for theirs?

>> No.52662052

Yes, and such beings deserve to be treated with respect. But they are unnatural and ordinary orcs cannot be expected to be capable of overcoming their nature.

I'm pretty sure every orc is bound to Gruumsh. Don't half-orcs hear the call of Gruumsh goading them towards destruction as well?

>> No.52662061

How autistic am I being if I insist that dinosaurs do not exist in the setting unless some time fuckery is done? That means nobody's Wild Shaping into an Ankylosaurus or something because nobody knows what the fuck one is. It just feels like dinos lose all their ~mystique~ if they're just, like, a known commodity.

>> No.52662088

>time fuckery
i'm sure theres lore for dinosaurs in faerun, maybe some island and shit.

>Chult is located on an island in the southern part of the Trackless Sea, off the coast of Calimshan.[1] Formerly, the land was located at the westernmost end of the Chultan peninsula. It is a mountainous jungle of savage beasts, hulking dinosaurs, and disease-ridden swamps.

the more you know, maybe he read it of some explorer's annotations or maybe he even got there himself. but yeah, regardless of your decision, you are autistic like everyone else here.

>> No.52662090

Don't ask me, it's in the module. It might have to do with the fact the kobolds have a very strong willed leader.

>> No.52662093

Pretty autistic. I dropped a brontosaurus on my party just to parade it through.

It was so unexpected as the end result it was great.

>> No.52662095

Hey man, it's your campaign world. If you say dinos are out then dinos are out.

Personally, I think a good middle ground would be to have a lost world scenario - some remote island or plateau or some such still has a dino population because it was so cut off from everything that they never needed to evolve much, and never died out. Then they're rare and mysterious, but after a mission or three there the druid can have his precious t-rex form. Hell, it can be a quest reward for him. Everyone's happy.

>> No.52662100

Can anyone give me any Druid(or multiclass) ideas for a character that starts at level 8

Never tried them and never had them in any of the games i've played with.

>> No.52662103

You can't trap me in your wily illithid ways! I see through your ruse.

>> No.52662110

I could get behind this one.

>> No.52662122

Better have played this


>> No.52662123
File: 224 KB, 968x176, Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 10.15.46 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ruse? i don't follow. i believe my inquire is very relevant to the topic in matter.

>> No.52662145

I explained it like that but when they asked me what they saw I showed them this: https://youtu.be/mAzp3uqLyDA

>> No.52662159

All of your questions are answered by the fact that good and evil are objective, tangible forces in D&D. Any gray areas are either neutral or simply a misunderstanding.

And trying to distance yourself from the gods in a setting where there are real gods with manifest will is just plain folly.

>> No.52662173
File: 897 KB, 2258x1428, 1330167704527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In my setting the dinosaurs live in the world's hollow interior, Pellucidar style.

>> No.52662174

it's very hard to imagine these fuckers covered is shitty fluff-feathery not!fur.

>> No.52662205
File: 102 KB, 1024x495, Tyrannosaurus-final-1024x495.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably because the wouldnt. Theropods are the only one with any evidence for feathers

>> No.52662216

>no loot campaign
>fucking jew ass DMs

How does anyone not die of boredom in your campaigns?
I came here to play an exciting, fantastic story filled with MAGICS AND POWER, not medieval peasant simulator 5 ffs.

>> No.52662233

So is Tempest Theurge the best option for someone who focuses on Lightning damage?

>> No.52662234

but i mean, what makes good good in the d&d multiverse, are good gods born from the elemental plane of light and at some long forgotten time, light was decided as good?
and then imitating good gods became the basis for righteous and moral behavior?

and well i mean, there's a bunch of creatures that don't worship any gods at all, either openly antagonizing them, both good and evil, or even remembering a time before their birth and rise to worship.

you'd think gods are not that big of a deal when forces do act upon them and their wills.

>> No.52662247

>Not playing this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkNLAUwSFGw

>> No.52662270

Dinosaurs as a result of alchemist or wizard fucker than time fuckery is far more interesting. Instead of a lost world, you have someone who found fossils and magicked these monsters back into being.

>> No.52662271

>not playing this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep_blZhvI2A

>> No.52662300

My 5e audioboo if you dont read it and listen to it you are a fucking fag


>> No.52662301

Am I the only person who hates that the options for Artificer are "slightly worse arcane trickster with a cool gun" and "I throw bottles like a spastic"?

Kinda wish there was one that got increased casting and Cantrips. Maybe they could infuse Cantrips off their list each day into at-will items equal to their Intelligence Modifier, so we could have at least one class that focuses on planing ahead.

>> No.52662311
File: 221 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_ncod2nVwTu1s44zqvo2_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there has been found evidence of feathers in ornithischians, so either feathers evolved independently on multiple families (and probably several times in either) or a common ancestor had the precursors already.

but double checking my sources, it seems to be a divide on the subject.

>> No.52662317

I'm trying to play a necromancer because DM told me to try moving my characters outside my comfort zone of "friendly martial hobo". The problem I've run into is that I've realized PHB has scant few necromancy spells for wizards, and even fewer that don't require Concentration.

So what spells would you suggest fill up the rest of my spellbook? My character is currently level 6 and my DM plays by a "level when I feel like it's been deserved" basis which is actually quite lenient with the guy.

>> No.52662320
File: 42 KB, 314x341, 1477943704401.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Wizard magicks fossils to life to see if he can
>it works
>these beasts have no place in the ecosystem and he has no idea what to do with them
>sticks them in magically sealed enclosures
>realizes the ingredients to constantly refresh the seals is going to get expensive
>Opens the enclosure to the public for an entry fee

>> No.52662330
File: 86 KB, 171x189, 1485367621824.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Ancient Blue Dragon has regained her breath attack!
>for the fifth turn in a row
Anyone have any advice on dragon slaying? We ended up killing her by spamming polymorph on our Frontline fighters, but it was still too damn close. If any of her supporting cultists knew dispel magic we would have been fucked.

>> No.52662349

>druid does research on paleontology
>learns about ankylosaurus
>polymorphs the fighter into one
>he has now seen an ankylosaurus
>he can now wildshape into one

>> No.52662361

im like 75% certain polymorphing has the same rules as wildshape. You have to have actually seen the beast to use it.

>> No.52662366

you can either try to break to the legendary resistance and then save or suck it, or just get really fucking optimized frontline fighters, maybe with a paladin for the magic resistance+CHA to saves while the casters haste them and stay the fuck away to keep concentration. if you can give them advantage, a high level paladin can hit extremely hard on a crit, which should be hopefully often with enough attacks per round.

P.S. I've never fought a dragon at all.

>> No.52662380

Knowing party composition helps

Also you posted one, Giants fucking hate dragons and can, for the most part. 1v1 them just fine unless its an ancient dragon

>> No.52662387

Dumb question, but I know people have >opinions on this sort of thing:
Are players entitled to an active Insight check against an enemy who lies to them if the NPC's Deception modifier is higher than the PC's Insight modifier?

>> No.52662389

The one where you play 4e instead.

>> No.52662395

Okay, so there's the Positive and Negative energy planes. + is life energy, - is death energy. Good is directly associated with the + plane, while Evil is associated with the - plane. Gods of each alignment generally arise from the associated plane. Gods, being gods, generally determine the actual rules by which mortals live.

So any further questions about morality should be directed towards your local cleric or priest (or DM).

>> No.52662400

Artificers are guys who spend their lives indoors trying to turn lead into gold or build a clockwork butler. Trying to turn them into guys who go into dungeons and battle orcs and dragons is never really going to work.

>> No.52662408

depends, does your GM know what strategy is? If they're smart enough to make the dragon fly around in a circle spamming breath attacks while out of reach, then the answer is don't fight dragons, it's going to be a pain in the ass

if they're not smart about it, then >>52662366 pretty much has the right idea

>> No.52662434

That, or they fucking escape and now you have dinosaur attacks and invading ecosystems.

Maybe the wizard and his minions now exclusively use dinosaurs in their retinue. Riding pterodactyls to battle.

>> No.52662506

Not now, almost not ever, and you didn't understand it even in the slim cases where it was.

>> No.52662520

That doesnt sound like jurassic park to me

>> No.52662523

What's some good material for drow stuff? There was a 'Guide to Menzoberronzan' or something similar, wasn't there? I'm working on some drow spider stuff and need some general stuff to work on for foundation, and thus far what I've got is stuff from the Icewind Dale books.

>> No.52662554

>Circle of the Land Druid
>Battlemaster Fighter
>College of Lore Bard
>Way of Shadow Monkey
>Oath of Vengeance Paladin
We actually went in with giant support but got separated.

The lair's ceiling was only 30 feet up, well within range after downing the potions of giant size and being polymorphed.

>> No.52662562

Yes. That's probably the easiest way to do it and if anything later comes up that has significance to the materials used in crafting the weapons, write that shit down. "Orichalcum is 100% resistant to electricity" is something your players will remember that you might forget, for example.

>> No.52662566
File: 393 KB, 950x720, question girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>new campaign starting next week
>my party seems to have met without me, the DM
>today I got 4 character sheets with everyone all playing a goblin

Not really doing a module, was just gonna have them run around the sword coast map. How do I make this good?

>> No.52662587

I know it's not 5e, but you can take some ideas from the plot.

>> No.52662600

>The lair's ceiling was only 30 feet up
So you fought a retarded dragon, got it.

Why would a dragons lair be a liability to it's survival? Why didn't it have multiple escape paths? Why was the height so low?

>> No.52662605


>> No.52662614

The original trilogy won't be nearly as useful to you as the prequel drizzt stuff, unless by Icewind Dale books you meant all of the drizzt material ever.

>> No.52662653

Dragonborn druid, could that work?

>> No.52662668

Nah, just the Crystal Shard, Streams of Silver, and Drizzt and Artemis Sewer Fight 2000.
>guy at my store refers to the prequel books as 'the first ones' instead of IWD

>> No.52662671
File: 570 KB, 360x246, vibrating cat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you crit as a hexblade bladelock with cursebringer and deal 83 damage on the first turn in combat

>> No.52662690

I mean, its an ancient dragon. It could have used that cave since it was a wyrmling and now that its so large and powerful it doesnt feel threatened enough to leave. Which is pretty fucking fair because what exactly IS going to threaten him?

>> No.52662708
File: 441 KB, 1200x877, tumblr_ndqzeoI9OS1ri1r1uo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rate my dumb ass character concept

>Kenku Warlock/Bard
>Raven Queen patron, Pact of the Tome
>College of Lore
>Focus on deception/utility spells and skills
>Basically just the party skill monkey/face
>Rely on eldritch blast when I need to pump out damage

Think it could work?

>> No.52662719



>> No.52662726
File: 10 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Banishing smite+Divine smite crit
>this was just the first swing

inb4 nuclear druid

>> No.52662727

It doesn't turn ancient from wyrmling, its gotta grow. If it didn't find a new lair, or expand its current one, it would be vulnerable. Dragons are generally fairly concerned with security, and Blues aren't typically dumb. Hell, the info i'm finding says they, even more than most dragons, like to fly and strafe during combat.

>Blue dragons rarely land during combat, preferring flight and far-reaching attacks to lumbering over land in close melee. Because they like to fight from a distance, blue dragons consider combat a long-term engagement. They fly near enough to their opponents to unleash a few barrages, then vanish, and then return—sometimes minutes or hours later. On rare occasions when a blue dragon hunts from the ground or rests away from its lair, it conceals itself beneath the terrain, burrowing with powerful claws.

>> No.52662752

Illusions, disguises, mimicry... I can be whoever you want me to be.

>> No.52662924

You can't hold a dynamically complex conversation though, since you can't truly create new sentences

>> No.52663015

Does anyone truly create new sentences?

>> No.52663109

Thief with mobile because stealth is more important.

Also for additional pain when opponents try to follow you just dump some caltrops.

>> No.52663110

I missed you

>> No.52663128

Not being entirely original doesn't mean you've heard the correct phrase/tone specifically. Especially regarding negotiations or other party face endeavors.

>> No.52663144

>play with new group
>everything is going great
>my character joins in
>no one trusts him because he's a rogue
>honestly awnser questions they pois at me
>one guy keeps rolling intimidation rolls against me
>dm has to step in and tell him to knock it off
>my one character trait is he doesn't show emotion
>no one trusts my character when he's only in it for money

>> No.52663176

>one pc doesn't like me so much that he backhands me (in game)
>no response from me
>set camp for the night
>he's on guard duty
>drug him and string him upside down from a tree naked
>day comes around
>everyone mad at me
>tell them I could have killed them all in their sleep and that they should learn to trust me
>only the warlock gets it

>> No.52663189

>>>>/pfg/ is in another thread.

>> No.52663200

>Bird Person talki-mancer
Would deep fry and eat with mashed potatoes for temporary charisma boost.

>> No.52663208

Wtf is pfg? Pathfinder general?

>> No.52663209

"I could totally kill you guys but i didnt, see how good of a person i am" isnt exactly a good way to get people to trust you, anon.

>> No.52663257

>Incapacitated the person on watch, because I'm a petty and vengeful shit.
>Y party no like me?
To be fair, it sounds like the intimidator deserves mercenary filth like your character as back up, but mercs are completely untrustworthy. If one will kill for money, the party always has to worry that you'll kill them for money.

So, while the party probably deserves your killer for hire sociopath, you are still playing the kind of person no one should trust.

>> No.52663271

I literally helped them kill a bunch of bandits who ambushed and were whooping their ass as our first encounter with each other (I joined in 2nd session)

We were all well and good with a slight bit of trust issues and then had one of them backhand me for asking for a fair share of the loot.
My character isn't good aligned (not that they know that) but come on, who backhands a friendly stranger in the woods.

>> No.52663273

Seems like the DM didn't do much to help integrate a new character.
I bet they met at a cheap bar or under other dubious conditions.

>> No.52663305

I prefer half and half. I want the glory of saving the world/kingdom/town/whatever, but I also want to feel like I earned it.

>> No.52663318

They were on their way to a quest. My character who had been with another party but had been teleported away awoke in a derelict cabin and heard fighting, I helped them out because it served my interests.

>> No.52663334

>Doesn't show emotion
Pick one.

Non-hostile is not the same as friendly.
Think of it like this, you're getting jumped in the street by some gang bangers. Then another hood jumps out and helps you kill the guys jumping you. Late comer hood then starts demanding money...

Fast forward a bit and this dude is all about the Benjamins. When an opportunity presents, he then roofies one of your friends and strips him naked. This guy then demands to be trusted, because he hasn't murdered you yet.

If you wouldn't kill this thug right there, you have no sense of self preservation.

>> No.52663336

Druid asks high level druid about legends of giant beasts in the earth. Elder druid polymorphs into dinosaur and eats young druid. Druids are evil now.

>> No.52663355


>> No.52663356

You missed that part when the dude straight up assaulted my character after he helped murder some people so they wouldn't die in an ambush

>> No.52663359
File: 266 KB, 665x574, 1490165146380.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related, its rogue anon.

>> No.52663362

So, you're upset they don't trust you, when you don't actually give a damn about them save as tools to your own ends...
You don't talk to real people very often, do you?

>> No.52663372

Which, frankly, would imply an ulterior motive. What kind of guy just stands there, after proving himself in combat, and lets a dude smack him around? Not the kind looking for friends, but maybe a guy looking for marks.

>> No.52663373

Dragonborn are STR and CHA. Druids are CON and WIS.

>> No.52663387

>Slap after you demand money
Blackmail and Extortion vs Assault
At best you break even.

The party already having shitty characters does not make your character less shitty.

>> No.52663390

They don't know that though, I told them I helped them because it was the right thing to do.
As far as they knew at that point I was a neutral good character who then ASKED if he could have some of the gold from the bandits he helped killed. Three of the other party members were all for allowing me a split and one guy attacks me.

>> No.52663391

>Could it work?
>Is it optimal/efficient?

>> No.52663396

Not him, but doesn't everybody have an ulterior motive?

>> No.52663405

Half and half. Both make a nice change from one another. The combat mechanics are so much of the game - without it, it just doesn't feel as satisfying.

>> No.52663410

>but maybe a guy looking for marks.

My first thought was actual bruises and scars. Maybe I should make a character who chose to make a living adventuring because he's also a masochist.

>> No.52663415

So you are upset that someone is metagaming that they know your character is a liar.
Now you are engaged in a douche of with that guy, seeing who can be the bigger jerkass.

Carry on.

>> No.52663416

A person who doesn't want to get into a fight with the entire party after a slap, when the rest of them are friendly.

>> No.52663428

>he dies first session

>> No.52663429

A motive, but not everyone has a hidden agenda. A person could have had any number of good reasons to help out, but very few of them involve letting the others attack you.

Unless the guy was immediately reprimanded, its clearly not a safe or friendly environment. Any non-autist would not stick around without a vested interest.

>> No.52663441

I'm upset the rest of the party didn't cracked down on him and tell him off for attacking someone.

Its not even that my character is a liar, he has no idea where he is in some woods after being teleported, is on his own quest, and seen others who could help him and out of self interest helped them.

>> No.52663446

Its also still a game of D&D and the anon is there to play with the party so the character need to be together

>> No.52663448

Difference between liking pain and being a suicidal freak anon. I imagine it wouldn't be the only reason he adventures, just a small bonus.

>> No.52663454

So. You're a brigand, upset that you're hanging out with unsavoury types that weren't the kind you were expecting. What is the problem?

>> No.52663457

Did you consider slapping him back, instead of pretending to take it and then escalating like a crazy person?
Passive aggressive shenanigans aren't fun in or out of game.

>> No.52663472

Which is why you design a character with reasons to cooperate, and not be shady as fuck with the party.

>> No.52663480

>Told them I helped them because it was the right thing to do
>Helped them because it serves my own interests.
Your character is either a narcissist to the point of solipsism or a liar.

>> No.52663483

I'm actually a smuggler, but yes. I figured a group with a Paladin of Tyr and a Cleric of Sune would step up against an angsty sorcerer

>> No.52663490

The party also seem like dickbags so its not like his dickbag character sticks out.

Thats just the inherent problem of playing with chaotic or evil fuckwits

>> No.52663495

It took awhile for us to come to the realization that this is a thinly veiled attempt to justify playing disruptive characters.
But there will yet be more posting before the collective Anon grows bored with the bait.

>> No.52663497

It was the right thing to do, for my character

>> No.52663501

Wait, it was a bitch made sorcerer who slapped you? You have no excuse for not slapping him back.

It's a thin line anon...

>> No.52663518

>It's a thin line anon...

I'm pretty sure I can pull it off.

I manage it in the bedroom alright.

>> No.52663519

>I made a criminal to join a party with a paladin of a god fixated on punishing criminals.
At least you can hire the sacred prostitute.

>> No.52663520

I wouldn't be playing my character trait if I did as he doesn't show or react to emotion. He's stone faced.

>> No.52663526

You played it off wrong by going with the killing line. You should have guilt tripped them by asking them why they're okay with him humiliating you but not with you humiliating him in retaliation.

>> No.52663534

You're a shit and your DM a shit for allowing this garbage.

>> No.52663540

It makes interesting dynamics within the group. Haven't committed a crime Infront of him yet and my character isn't evil

>> No.52663547

You see, a lie by omission is still a lie.
We'll start simple because you are either simple, or new to the concept of honesty.
If you stole a cookie last week, it is true to say you did not steal a cookie yesterday. It is not true to say you did not steal a cookie. The particle that denotes time makes the statement true. It's a conditional.
Presenting a statement as an axiom, when it is only accurate with a conditional is a lie.

>> No.52663561
File: 1.97 MB, 380x285, 1467234261760.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when /5eg/ bullies some random anon

>> No.52663562

I did, but it was heat of the moment roleplaying
I literally told them I thought it was the right thing to do. I didn't say for whom it was.
Wasn't actually a lie, it was a slight of tongue

>> No.52663570

>Deliberately making a deceptively adversarial character against an existing PC is interesting.
Your DM deserves you for letting this fly.
Your fellow players deserve you for staying at that table.

>> No.52663574

Its okay, my party already does it. I'm getting used to it.

>> No.52663590

Ah, so you are a dissembler and shitbag out of game as well.
I'm sorry you lacked worthwhile parents.
I hope you survive without excessive legal consequence when you discover how stupid you are.

>> No.52663597

Actually, I had no idea what the party was. I had a preexisting character from another group that got moved over into this new one because they wanted another PC and I couldn't make it to the other group due to time restraints

>> No.52663600
File: 68 KB, 660x440, blobfish.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How much damage should be dealt to a target that gets polymorphed into a blobfish and suffers massive, instantaneous depressurization?

>> No.52663624

How is the instant depressurization happening?

>> No.52663637

I'm playing my character retard.

He's a true Neutral rogue out of the largest thieves guild in the kingdom. He spent his life before this as a smuggler and started training off time in the guilds assassins court. When an artifact from the guild was stolen (ironic, I know) he and a few dozen other assassin initiates were sent out to locate it. He's obviously in it for himself and wants to finish his quest given to him by his guild.

If you think I actually am my rogue you're braindead.

>> No.52663639

He didn't lie, he just never answerd their question.
mane you sound like an autist with a great sense of righteousness.
Protip: Never do something that involves the law

>> No.52663644

10d10 force damage

Im unsure why a blobfish suffering instantaneous depressurization though, its not like the pressure is changing from its previous form

>> No.52663661

Yes, you are playing a retard. We are aware. It's not conducive to fun or good gaming. Stop it.

>> No.52663665

I did technically awnser their question though
Q: why did you help us
A: because it was the right to do

It was the right thing to do for my character, and it helped them out, a win/win in my characters eyes

Thanks for calling that idiot out though.

>> No.52663686

You a commie against self interest or something? You sound like it

>> No.52663700
File: 34 KB, 800x316, 09_13_2013_blobfish-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The pressure itself isn't changing, it's the targets tolerance to the pressure. Suddenly, a creature designed to withstand 60 times the pressure at sea level is exposed to an environment at .8 times the pressure at sea level. The lack of pressure turns the regular looking pic related into what people know as the blobfish.

>> No.52663818

I'm planning to multiclass Thief with a Divine caster, most likely either Cleric or old Favored Soul. It's a shame they don't have a Divine version of Arcane Trickster though.

Aside from Trickery Cleric are there any awesome Domains or tricks for a Thief?

>> No.52663832

Treachery paladin?

>> No.52663845

I can't particularly think of any real issues with using a refluffed Arcane Trickster with a cleric spell list, other than changing out Mage Hand Legerdemain for some sort of clericy equivalent. Maybe using guidance?

>> No.52663848

Could always go druid. Shifting into something that can fly is useful

>> No.52663879

Don't think I'd consider Paladin. Mechanically it's amazing but for flavor he's only got a small amount of natural divine magic that he only has because one of his ancestors was powerful Champion of a god.

I was thinking that as well. Maybe something like a bonus action guidance. Level 11 could instead let me use Guidance to gain advantage on an Attack.

I waa thinking about that when I first came up with that character but it didn't feel right. A 2 level dip for an Assassin would be pretty amazing though.

>> No.52663909

My personal favourite mix for rogue is a three level dip into warlock for pact of the tome.

>> No.52663916

>Mechanically it's amazing but for flavor he's only got a small amount of natural divine magic that he only has because one of his ancestors was powerful Champion of a god.

Well, technically paladins are less castery than clerics and favored souls, so that'd be in line, no?

>> No.52663941

I like bladesingers as a dip for rogues, especially with the UA spells.

>> No.52663948

Oh, Undying Light could actually work for it. Plus if I'm only dipping then having 2 short rest slots is better then 2 or 3 long rest ones.

It's more of the pact flavor that has an issue. The character's generally disliked by the Priesthood that raised him and doesn't really care about his divine powers. Of course I do hope to develop him into being a real religious fella.

>> No.52663951

>I'm planning to multiclass Thief with a Divine caster, most likely either Cleric or old Favored Soul
>Favored Soul

>> No.52663962

>It's more of the pact flavor that has an issue.

Eh, flavor is mallable. You'll be doing a fair amount of refluffing anyway.

But yeah, undying light looks like a pretty good option.

>> No.52663966

My table allows it. Even if the idea seems odd to you, some people are willing to play with UA and homebrewed content.

>> No.52664002


we play with UA but not multiclass. The UA even says not to multiclass it.

>> No.52664026

And we homeruled that. We have more fun with it.

>> No.52664167
File: 865 KB, 370x281, 1491302738093.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What bonuses would you stick onto a "Freed" Slave background?

>> No.52664370

You are a former slave who has now been freed. Perhaps you earned your freedom through military service, or you simply escaped and bought your freedom later.
Skills: Athletics, Survival
Language: Two extra languages
Feature-Underground Railroad: You are a member of a clandestine organization of former slaves who aid others like themselves. They may help you with information, food, supplies or even a place to stay.

>> No.52664404

Thanks friend, I couldn't think of a Feature.

>> No.52664412


Wouldn't a tool proficiency make more sense than languages? I think a slave master would be more likely to put you to work building shit than to educate you.

>> No.52664424

When I read it, I was thinking of the slave either being forced to learn it's master's native tongue, or learning another language from another slave as to be able to communicate without the master's understanding.

>> No.52664436

One language makes sense, but what slaves use artisan tools??

>> No.52664491


The ones that get put to work building shit?

>> No.52664513

Yea, no one in my games ever use artisans tools so I didn't include them. One language (the masters) and one tool (builders tools or stonework tools or w/e) would be ok

>> No.52664555

I'm pretty new to 5e, is there any reason I can't buy a second (or larger) quiver? The DM likes to have long periods of combat and with counting shots, 20 has been really tight at times.

>> No.52664557

those aren't artisans though. it's like comparing the man who carves duck sculptures from blocks of wood to a man who built a whole house out of one.

>> No.52664561

There is no reason you can't buy another quiver, save for if your DM is an autist and counts each pound of weight you can carry.

>> No.52664571

Well yes. But a better idea is to stitch a bag of holding into your quiver, then fill it with arrows.

>> No.52664600

Isn't there a magic quiver that is literally just three bags of holding made to let you carry a small arsenal of weapons with you?

>> No.52664613

Probably. I never use bows and arrows, so my bags of holding are usually filled with magic dust, bones, bottles of blood and lint.

>> No.52664622

Found it. Called the Quiver of Ehlonna.

"Each of the quiver's three compartments connects to an extradimensional space that allows the quiver to hold numerous items while never weighing more than 2 pounds. The shortest compartment can hold up to sixty arrows, bolts, or similar objects. The midsize compartment holds up to eighteen javelins or similar objects. The longest compartment holds up to six long objects, such as bows, quarterstaffs, or spears.

You can draw any item the quiver contains as if doing so from a regular quiver or scabbard."

So it's effectively 3 different sized Bags of Holding attached to each other.

>> No.52664641
File: 50 KB, 1349x1024, storm quiver.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reminds me of this story.

>> No.52664647

A pity I can't chant light to matters.
Thank you, now I must stay.

>> No.52665112

And this is why we put maximum limitations on things.

>> No.52665551

Surely this is massively OP even by default? Isn't it just free endless extra attacks?

>> No.52665661

clearly that DM wasn't thinking of the long term repercussions, just had a cool idea and rolled with it, consequences be damned or at least dealt with later.

Also it's sort of OP but it does mean that you pretty much have a single turn of shooting every combat phase, because all your arrows are gone afterwards.

>> No.52665772

Arrows don't cost that much, though. I would have thought you could just end every fight instantly with a massive arrow storm.

>> No.52665840

>Creatures don't get reactions when surprsied where they sometimes did before
Well whoop - de - frickin' - doo.
Not that reactions are used too often.

>You're metagaming if you look at the initiative AT ALL
It's hard not to notice the initiative, and then it's metagaming to realise 'Hang on, if I attack now, I'll fucking die, so I don't want to attack?' rather than having an in-game explanation such as 'You notice they're strangely on-guard'.

>> No.52665842

>Get to level 10 and get the third eye ability which gives you either darkvision, ethereal sight or see invisibility
>same session find a robe of eyes that does it all better anyway

>> No.52665856

Kobolds ate my baby

>> No.52665873

Give it to another party member? Offer to trade it? Find a seller?

>> No.52666031

>Make Black Protector Aasimar Moon Druid
>People don't get it
>tfw you wish more people had seen Moana
>Roleplay goes pretty well
>First combat comes up
>Wildshape into Snek
>Grapple bad guy
>"Great, now what?"
>"Radiant Soul"

Then they got it.

>> No.52666376

Add in great weapon master and use superiority dice all in the one turn

>> No.52666446

I wish the 3.faggots would stick to their bread

>> No.52666528

Don't know if there's any use, but no one told you wild surges don't activate on cantrips.

>> No.52666638

>Booming blade. Bonus action dash, move out of range of the enemy's melee attack. Done.

What is an opportunity attack?

>> No.52666657

Swashbucklers and the Mobile feat let Rogues avoid OAs.

>> No.52666662

What is reading comprehension?

>> No.52666795

New thread.

>> No.52666800

If anyone posts a copy of the Codex Unearthed Arcana source, an updated version could appear shortly. (I meant to grab it when I could, missed it - want it for myself)

>> No.52666802

I had fun with it, been thinking about storytiming some of my group's shenanigans. It's a big campaign world, plenty of options for combat and roleplay. Lots of dragons to kill.

>> No.52666999

The irony when that is literally occurring in my game of two fighters and a druid... I despise fighters just because their first 2 levels, anything beyond is just disgusting

>> No.52667223

... Once bought 6 quivers(with flap to close the arrows and keep it closed), for the 120 arrows I bought. 12 lbs and rp it with on quiver on each shoulder, one around each hip like scabbards, and 2 in bag... (dm said arrows had to be bought with a quiver in this specific town)

>> No.52667401

>a dude that got drunk and raped his little sister and got kicked out of the continent, then came back later with a bunch of spaniards to destroy society

>> No.52667789

I've located it - nevermind

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