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no arguing about tyranids or tau please

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Is there any real counter to a Farsight Bomb when playing as Imperial Guard? I got my shit kicked in earlier today. Took out a Leman Russ and two Chimeras, one of which had my commander in it in one turn.
Note I play via Tabletop Simulator.

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blood angels players are faggots and their armies suck

>> No.52629051

Interceptors? Psykers?

>> No.52629055

Too late. It has begun.

>> No.52629057

stop all the h8, you stupid faggit. You play 40k. that automatically makes you perma-virgin scum, no matter what fucking army you play... fucking tau fag

>> No.52629059

Stop being dismissive of two of the most under powered armies, fucking imperials and their privilege

>> No.52629061

No kidding, never have I seen bait taken so hard.

Reposting from last thread, can I get some critique on this?

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How to easily trigger Nidfanboys:

>> No.52629076

What auxiliary formations should I use in my Ultramarine Victrix Strike Force? I feel like they all kinda suck and are basically another tax unit.

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>he thinks I play Tau
>doesn't realize that I play space wolves with the wulfen death pack formation
haha oh wow

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Pedro, his friends, and the devs are all just going to walk around on foot? Pedro is my favorite and i hope he rescues his friend Alesssio one day

>> No.52629086

The guy I played with is pretty good. He used a Barracuda to counter my Vendettas, and the dice fucked me over when I tried to kill it.

I typically don't run psykers, but I could try.

>> No.52629088

Nobody is triggered, Carnac, they just want you to shut up because everyone is sick of you shitting up the threads with tau wank.

>> No.52629090

How to trigger Taufags:

The Tau, while impressive in some aspects, are rather insignificant on a Galactic scale.

>> No.52629096

That's not Carnac though.

>> No.52629097

I can't afford a land raider for the honor guard, and I am doubtful putting them in a metal box that won't let them assault.

So yes that was the plan.

I am open to replacing the hguard with something else.

I only have on drop pod, and I am saving gravcents for my anti cheese list which looks like pic related.

That being said, I want to use >>52629061
because it is fluffy and more fun.

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Not who you're talking to, but Tau player here, gf plays Daemons.

>> No.52629102

Main one is that it's expensive, and he likely doesn't have a second. Be ready to blast it on your turn, and try not to cluster things the bomb would want to target.

>> No.52629104

I meant Interceptors as in "units that shoot at deepstriking enemies". Get an Inquisitor or something, I think they can give it to units.

Disclaimer: I don't actually play Guard, so this is speculation

>> No.52629108

like clockwork

>> No.52629112

Last thread somebody said there were no instances of tyranids adapting to tech. They were wrong
Typical dumb taufag scum

>> No.52629124

Well, that didn't take long.

>> No.52629129

even worse, a fur fag. nothing like seeing a bunch of wulfen fully PRIMED in black amirite?

>> No.52629139

Just drop it, already, bugbro. Don't carry arguments into new threads. The more you feed the trolls the more you just make us look bad.

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Hey guys dropped 40k back in the 5th edition and now Im coming back to play some orkz
Are orkz still viable for whatev edition or should I just kill myself. Ty for answers

>> No.52629145

What? I want you to look back in the previous thread and find one post saying that.

>> No.52629146

Orks are dumpster-fire tier right now, but the entire game is getting completely redone with new rules for everyone in like 2 months, so hold out til then and then we'll let you know if things have changed or you should just save yourself the trouble and hang yourself.

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End your life lol

>> No.52629148

> Are Orks still viable in this edition or should I just kill myself.

I'd put down a tarp, less cleanup for forensics that way.

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they aren't competitive, but if u play casual game with friends they are ok; still fun to play them

>> No.52629157

Let me introduce you to something called Shadow War

>> No.52629161

Other than being a Nurgle/DG based cultist equivalent like Tzaangors were for Tzeentch/TS armies, what do you guys think the plague zombie-cultist-guy-things will be like on tabletop?

>> No.52629169

Where does all this bad blood against people who play some army even come from?

I can understand hating Tau players that think Riptides are their Land-Raider-equivalent, but what is the point of insulting Tyranid players or Ork players or Space Marine players that want their Tacticals to be useful outside of a WAAC formation? No one has ever lost because Tacticals or Gaunts are so OP, what the fuck is going on there?

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>> No.52629180

Tyranidfags are like WHFBfags. Toxic, bitter, autistic, and pedophiles.

They worship a guy who said that a single marine chapter have conquer the Starcraft sector as the greatest writer ever.

>> No.52629203

Drop the 3 marines off the Dev squad and get a metal box for the honour guard. You can't assault out of the Rhino, but you can still get across the table faster and better protected. If you think disembarking the turn before charging is telegraphing your intent, slogging it on foot is going to make your intentions even more obvious; at least a Rhino can make a 12" redirect from a feint or change in battle plan if you so desire, rather than relying on the dice gods for good Run rolls.

>> No.52629206

Thoughts? Wanting to run this at a new players night at my local to show them what real 40k is like.

>> No.52629211

Except in all the recent threads the Nid players have been arguing using fluff examples while the haters were just shitposting.

>> No.52629225

Please, Nidfags post outdated fluff and then bitch and whine that their codex sucks

>> No.52629233

Wrong. You live in a different reality. Tyranidfags try to dismiss every single fluff they don't agree with as "NOT CANON". Fucker, look at the previous thread.

>> No.52629236

>all this arguing about which faction will "win"
>when Orks have already won

The galaxy is constantly warring and Orks don't have to look hard to get a good fight. They "won" a long time ago (fluffwise)

>> No.52629242

Fuck, these nidfags either need to stop crying or deepthroat a shotgun barrel.

>> No.52629244

Orks didn't win. It's confirmed in the Beast series. The Ork have a racial goal to conquer the galaxy and a mysterious purpose programmed in their genes.

>> No.52629245

They're not competive, but they're still fun.

Yeah, you'll get utterly shit on in 99% of games, but Ork fun is in converting shit and throwing Orks at problems.

>> No.52629247

>Tyranidfags are like WHFBfags. Toxic, bitter, autistic, and pedophiles.
Literally what

>> No.52629252

>and then bitch and whine that their codex sucks
which admittedly it does, I can't even run fluffy lists against them without tabling them by turn 3. We moved on to give the Nid players in our group 20% more points to even make the games interesting.

I have, that's what I'm wondering about. And honestly it was a bunch of Nids arguing based on fluff and you few mouthbreathers spewing bullcrap. And I'm honestly curious what the motives of retards like you are, because what's the fucking point of shitposting about Tyranids? Are you just trying to force a meme or something?

>> No.52629254

>Tyranidfags try to dismiss every single fluff they don't agree with as "NOT CANON".
This isn't unusual for 40K fans in general. Any bit of fluff that contradicts their view is somewhere on the spectrum of bad writing to non-canon, regardless of the (usually abundant) evidence to the contrary.

>> No.52629260

/tg/ I want Stealth Suits. I love their models, but they are so damn expensive points-wise. How do I make them useful without bringing an OSC?

>> No.52629264

So now that we officially have necromunda kill team rules, Rak'gol when? I would also like to see Hrud make an appearance. Also Kroot.

>> No.52629273

No, you didn't or you lack reading comprehension. Tyranidfags when confronted with the actual fluff regress back to "IT'S CRUDEX HUUURRR". I want you to Ctrl-F "canon" in that thread. Now fuck off. You either trolling or a total idiot which puts you in line with the rest of Tyranidfags.

It's trait more seen in nidfags here. All over fans accept the lore and move on. Tyranidfags never cease their tantrums.

>> No.52629275

So, my LGS owner has essentially put me in charge of 40k in the store and wants me to run an escalation/slow grow league. We want to include prizes with each month, even if they're something small like a box of dudes. What's a good way to go about doing this?

I'm thinking a small monthly ($10?) fee to cover the prize and maybe counting total VPs over the course of each month using Maelstrom missions counting d3 VPs as 2 so it's less randomly swingy. To encourage players to play more people, I'd probably limit recorded matches to being 2 per month per opponent. Hell, maybe I could do best average VPs per opponent or something. Idk.

The group is pretty cool, so I'm not worried about cheesemongers, but I want to keep the atomosphere more relaxed. Not sure how to do that. Maybe secondary categories on the report slips with paint jobs, fluffiness, and sportsmanship or something.

Any ideas?

>> No.52629276

>Any bit of fluff that contradicts their view is somewhere on the spectrum of bad writing to non-canon
This is the natural result of having a view which developed from reading the usually well-written older fluff that is now shit on by newer, much less skilled writers. It's just particularly apparent with Tyranids because they went from being written by writers that loved them to a guy who actively hates them, but they aren't the only race which has suffered from this - even Space Marines have this problem in modern 40k.

>> No.52629278

Ok, I will try that.

I was going to use the librarian for shriek/telepathy powers. Do you think I should keep him with pedro and the hguard in the rhino?

>> No.52629285

>All over fans accept the lore and move on.
No, that's just you. Most people disregard bad writing offhand.

>> No.52629288

My personal setup is a Shas'vre with a Fusion Blaster, Markerlight, and target lock in a small team of 3 with 2 marker drones. You've got 3 markerlights total, Stealth + shrouded for the drones, and the Fusion blaster can fire separately from the burst cannons of the rest of the squad. Further, the Shas'vre can still fire 2 guns.

It isn't an overly specialized squad, but it's good for infiltrating close and marking targets while dishing out some damage.

If you wanted to take it further, you could potentially use a Stealth Team as the bodyguard for a crisis commander, using him as the gun platform and them as a way to give him a great cover save.

Generally, I would say to think of them more like pathfinders. They might not be as efficiently costed, but they have a lot of interesting utility you can give them to support other units.

>> No.52629289

See what I mean.

Crud who self proclaimed nid lover is made the bad guy in their fantasy world just because he throw fluff that disagrees with ther headcanon.

>> No.52629292

Just neck yourself, buddy.

>> No.52629294

How's this?

No ablative wounds for the heavy bolters sucks, but they are the cheapest heavy weapon

>> No.52629302

he wrote*

>> No.52629307

>tfw forget image

>> No.52629319

Ofc an Eldar player would want to rape some newfags and pick up an easy win.

>> No.52629329

I'm honestly curious if you think people really buy the shit that you spew or if you just do it anyways because you're bored and trolling the general threads is your only real hobby.

Hell, do you even play 40k?

>> No.52629330

Are marker drones useful in that since units can't use their own markers? I'd take the target lock and fusion blaster for sure, but they just seem like very fragile units for their cost.

>> No.52629343

See how the Tyranidfag responds with aggression and hostility when proof is presented.

>> No.52629352

Threads have been on fire today
Tau gets people (shit)posting

>> No.52629360

/tg/ needs IDs

>> No.52629361

So just shitposting for its own sake, then? Got it.

>> No.52629363

how the fuck are bikers troops? (and why are they so f***ing cheap?)

>> No.52629365

The shitposting begins and wnds with the Tyranids. There is one solution. We must remove the Tyranids. Relocate them to AoS where they actually sorta fit.

>> No.52629366

It really, really does. Or to just IP rangeban whatever shithole carnac is from.

>> No.52629368

Kinda defeats the point of anonymity.

>> No.52629371

A win is a win, not my fault they didn't prepare.

>> No.52629377

It works fine on /pol/

>> No.52629378

If the rest of my Tau are painted in the Vior'la scheme (white armour over black bodysuit), would mostly pure black Pathfinders and Broadsides look out of place? I'm taking the Ranged Support Cadre which gives Pathfinders shrouded, but having white all over a supposedly camouflaged unit is triggering to me. I'd like them to be a bit different since Pathfinders and Fire Warriors look quite similar, and I'm running some of the Pathfinders behind an Aegis line among the Fire Warriors.

>> No.52629381

Marker drones are incredibly useful. I make use of them extensively. Even if the Stealth team can't use them, it's only a 3 man squad. That's one fusion shot and a couple burst cannons.

The benefit comes in later, when other things fire on the targets that the stealth team focused on.

Stealth teams also aren't as frail as they seem. Having a 4+ cover save even while standing in the open is quite nice, and if there's basically any cover at all, whether from intervening models, trees, whatever, they shoot up to a 2+ easily. Not only that, but jet pack moves are incredible for protecting you from counter attacks. People really downplay just how great it is sometimes.

If you stuck a commander with a 3 man team with 2 drones, they'd also be majority toughness 4, making them even harder to dislodge.

I will say that the other support systems aren't as good on them. A positional relay or something similar can be thanks to infiltrate, though outside of that there aren't as many great choices.

I do tend to keep my own stealth teams small, though I would say the best way to run a larger squad would be to stick a Commander with them. Have them soak and nullify hits and blast away with burst cannons while he does the real damage with a target lock and BS 5 for whatever guns you want.

The great thing about Tau is that their are a lot of options.

>> No.52629388

Because has it due to the abundance of trolls, shills, and samefags. /tg/ doesn't have those in big numbers.

>> No.52629391

You could go with a grey color, sort of a granite or similar. That would fit with the white color scheme better and look less strange than pure black. Maybe add some darker grey stripes to make it more camouflaged.

>> No.52629396

But what if he is in your range.

>> No.52629397

So basically just pump burst cannon into whatever it is, then mark it?

>> No.52629398

Having people shitpost on Tyranids constantly Fucking Tyranids, that's like bullying a kid in a wheelchair defeats the purpose of having a discussion though.

Read this thread and last thread.

To keep this 40k related:

What's the most fun custom scenario you ever played?

>> No.52629399

RIP Shining Spears and Shadow Spectres, the forgotten aspects

>> No.52629406

The Tyranidfags are the problem itself. They need be forced to be mature.

>> No.52629412

Yeah, two burst cannons into whatever you want to mark, just for some extra damage, then the markerlights, then a target lock fusion blaster into anything nearby that looks juicy.

That's the idea anyway. Might depend somewhat on your local meta how it works out.

>> No.52629420

The Vior'La Sept is rather easy to do
Just put some red on the fire cast symbol and the stripes and your done
For your broadside just leave the pauldrons white with some ulthuan grey and roll with it

>> No.52629427

>He's still shitposting about Tyranids

>What's the most fun custom scenario you ever played?
A convoy scenario where our Guard Player had to escort Baneblades without main weaponry across a 12 ft table while everybody else tried to kill them.

>> No.52629431

Because Eldar

>> No.52629446

How do I make an army for apocalypse?

>> No.52629448

Burn your wallet.

>> No.52629451

The answer is Windraiders

>> No.52629457

My group is gonna have an 8k vs. 8k Apocalyptic game next weekend and I should try to make up 4k for my side. I think I have the models but do I need to know any extra rules?

>> No.52629459

>Have lots of models.
>Sell a kidney
>Bring stupid amounts of AT for all the super heavies
>Bring a sleeping bag for when you're waiting for your turn

>> No.52629469

As far as I'm aware the only difference is different markers for apoc mega blasts and barrages.

>> No.52629472

Bitch to the tau player until he only brings unbound army of only shield drones.

>> No.52629477

I'll take one for the team, gladly. I don't post on here that often anyways.

>> No.52629518

>unbound army of shield drones
would this be better or worse against guardsmen/boys/conscipts in melee?
I mean T4, I4 and a 4+ save must make them not that bad at melee against those units right?

>> No.52629527

Because Tyranid players are easy to troll and they are the most butthurt if GW ever decides to revamp the lore of their army.

>use fluff example
>ignore new fluff and call them "non-canon"
Nidfags, please.

>> No.52629532

reserve a russ with battle cannon and hope it comes afterwards
spread out your russ have 72 inch and insta-ded a crisis. crisis need to be in 9' fusion melta range+.
invest in an aegis defence line

>> No.52629536

To make armies of similar size/strength
What factions cost more? And which factions cost less?

>> No.52629547

I'm new and I need a lot of help with my list. It's for casual games, but I still feel that it's lacking a lot. 1850 points

It's CSM- Emperor's Children


-Chaos Lord w/Mark of Slaanesh, Gift of Mutation and dual lightening claws = 120


-Noise Marines (5+Champion) w/4 Sonic Blasters & Blast Master, Rhino = 219
-Noise Marines (5+Champion) w/4 Sonic Blasters & Blast Master, Rhino = 219
-Noise Marines (5+Champion) w/4 Sonic Blasters & Blast Master, Rhino = 219
-Chaos Space Marines (9+Champion) w/CCW, Mark of Slaanesh & Icon of Excess = 190

+Heavy Support+

Defiler W/ TL Lascannon = 215
Defiler W/ TL Lascannon = 215
Land Raider W/Dirge Caster = 235

Total= 1632

I have 218 points left, I'm thinking of getting a biker gang for my Lord, would points be significantly spent better elsewhere?

>> No.52629562

Pretend someone new moves to your area. He asks for a 2k game, and you accept for the next day, but forget to ask what he is bringing so just make your standard build whatever that may be. He brings this. How fucked are you/How fucked is he?

>> No.52629563

In reference to this, how do you go about playing with an assault unit that is in a transport w/o assault ramps?

Do you try to disembark pre-emptively? I'm really scratching my head about how to do it. I really wish LR's had a cheaper variant.

>> No.52629569

tau/eldar are very cheap
nids/guard/orks are expensive
all forgeworld armies are very expensive and forgeworld units bring up the price of every faction
Most expensive army: conscript blob guard (running 2-3 infantry squads (25 models without the conscripts) with full conscript squads (50 conscripts) can set you back a ridiculous amount)
Cheapest Army: suit tau (2 crisis suit teams, 1 riptide and a broadside along with the drones included is over 1000 points)

>> No.52629577

Flyers might give me trouble, using shriek from a conclave as my AA.

Other than that he is toast, I run centurions and devastators with IF tactics, on top of pedro giving me anti-ork for free.

>> No.52629593


Depends which army I brought.

>Dark Eldar

I mostly ignore him and try to win on objectives since more than 50 percent of my guns are completely useless. I lose anyway.


He loses lel

>> No.52629604

Disembark preemptively, hide behind the transport, and hope that the turn of shooting you have to suffer doesn't go too poorly

>> No.52629605

I know this is a meme but as a tau player he'd be pretty screwed against me.
Is he new as in new to 40k (1st option) or new as in new to the area (perhaps a veteran 40k player) (2nd option)
1st option(new player wants a casual game): probably equal, wouldn't run any formations as a tau player and would run no formations bar a drone net vx-2-0 but fusion suits, 1 riptide and 3 of my own flyers would still be enough
2nd option (he's a veteran player and asked for a waac game):
Retalitiation cadre, barracuda ax-5-2 and optimised stealth cadre is enough medium level cheese (I only use 1 riptide/no GCs) to probably enough to take on those mech units and my flyers will fuck up those dakkajets easily.
As a d-99 player, he'd be fucked since my entire army is vendettas + melta/plasma guns that deep strike around the map since I don't use my d-99 in casual games

>> No.52629609

Well they are 14p a piece so they are 2-to-1 disadvantage. 10 slugga boys vs 10 shield drones.
10 shield drones, gets charge (due to benefit of jet pack), orks overwatch
>0,41666 casualities
20 attacks from drones
>2,7777 ork boys bites the dust
21 attacks from the remaining 7 boys
>3,5 drones cease to function, factoring in the 0,4666 from over watch, it's 6 drones left
Drones lose by 0 or 1, depending when you want to factor the overwatch factor.
>ld test with (7-1) ld6 gives drones 58,33% chance of breaking with roughly 1/3 change to be wiped out in a sweep.

That's 140p or drones vs 60p of boyz.

>> No.52629627

well, that wasn't too bad was it?
I mean the orks actually won right?

>> No.52629653

Are you fucking kidding me

AoS Squats fucking lost their WD battle

>> No.52629657

Against who?

Where is the link to the WD?

Why did you post this here?


>> No.52629667

Weird, I thought Tau were supposed to pricey
Ya, the IG blobs run up a pretty penny

>> No.52629692

Drop the Farseer for a Warlock Conclave with a single Warlock, then use the points saved to get scatlasers on all the bikes. I'd recommend the suncannon for the WK at 500 points, it's a lot more flexible at that level than a few D attacks. If your opponent brings any AV14 the WK can still punch it at S10/stomp it.

>> No.52629696

I'm assuming that the Chaos Space Marine unit with the CCW is the one being sent into the assault?

If that's the case, you should know that even though they can take on regular MEQ, they will fall apart like wet toilet paper if they come head to head with another melee dedicated unit.

Scrap both the landraider and the CCW marines and take three more units of noise marines, giving you access to the Emperor's children Decurion power. You are better off just giving your lord a power weapon and gift of mutation and letting him tag along with one of the noise marine squads.

You won't have anything fast, but you have a decent shooting army that can take on most enemies (except flyers)

>> No.52629705

This: >>52629604
With only 5-6 models in the squad you should be able to all huddle behind the Rhino and block LOS from shooting. Remember it's AV11 front AND side, so you can turn it sideways to maximize its blocking silhouette. Next turn get the Rhino out of the way (bonus points if you Tank Shock a unit other than your Assault target) and the footsloggers continue on as normal.

Worst case scenario is they immobilize/wreck the Rhino as it then becomes an obstacle, and obviously Explodes! hurts the infantry hiding behind it.

>> No.52629714

they're not that expensive if you only run suits, I mean 4 boxes for 1000 points is pretty good value
I guess armoured guard or scatbike/wriathknights eldar could be a bit cheaper since 5-6 tanks for a full army (forgeworld armoured brigade codex) is not that bad, while 2-4 boxes of bikes and a wraithknight can't be that expensive

>> No.52629726

>He's still doing it

>> No.52629750

>they will fall apart like wet toilet paper if they come head to head with another melee dedicated unit.
I5, 4+ FNP and 3A each on the charge. They can hold their own against anything up to heavy assault infantry.

>> No.52629758

That's a different anon and he is right.

>> No.52629764

>Le band meme

>> No.52629785


>> No.52629792

For over 400 points (including the land raider) they will not accomplish much. They will do well, but not 400 points well.

Getting 3 more squads of noise marines to get access to the S5 & S9 weapons, which is already going to benefit from the split fire and shred USRs which will work as a force multiplier

>> No.52629794

Terminators and any character with a powerfist will ignore all their bells and whistles. If you really want to pump out a lot of attacks go with chosen. They have more attacks and can shoot anything to death that they dont want to charge.

>> No.52629804

haha shit that second line doesn't even make sense.

>> No.52629820

>People who disagree with me are [PEJORATIVES]

>> No.52629824

Yes it does. Go read the traitor Legion EC detachment special core choice.

>> No.52629844

I was referring to the way I wrote it, I had to re-write it four or five times.

My shitty grammar aside, S5, Shred, Split-Fire, Ignores Cover and the possibility to get BS5 is going to cause regular MEQ to die like GEQ.

I want to see it happen

>> No.52629866

Thanks, I will definitely try this on tuesday.

>> No.52629871

Well in the end you pay 5 points per model (including the 2 noise marine tax) for a shorter ranged shred AP5 heavy bolter, where a normal one is 10 points and nobody takes it.

>> No.52629890

Split fire must be pretty handy too. Especially if you have an S9 Blast Master in the squad. And remember that everyone in the squad can have a sonic weapon too

>> No.52629952

Been out of 40k for about a year, have a tourney coming up in a few weeks, 750pts,everyone has the same limitations of
* 1 additional Elite, Troop, Fast Attack or Heavy Support

Its no holds barred not looking to make friends style, looking for some ideas.

>> No.52630015

Do you already have any ideas for what army you want to run in this? It'd probably make it easier to give help. Unless, of course, you want complete assistance.

>> No.52630094

by which turn i'd get tabled?

>> No.52630101

in my opinion, prices tend to bring the worst out of people.
So you might tone down/do it some other way.

For an escalation league, consider going with lists that the people send in prior, or you will face riptides @ 500pts.

Maybe award some veteran skills for survivors or heroic deeds, or encourage themed battles like attack/defend an outpost

>> No.52630139


No ideas yet, I've been playing lots of kill team, so I have a lot of units from a lot of armies

>> No.52630155

>wake up
>tyranids are still shit

when will the suffering end, lads?

>> No.52630172

>I'm new and I need a lot of help with my list. It's for casual games, but I still feel that it's lacking a lot.
consider an invul on the lord. Maybe exchange a LC for a powerfist or at least give him meltabombs so he wont get crunched by a dread or MC (he is fearless he wont run if he cannot hurt dat)
consider giving him a bike to bring his T from 4 to 5 so he wont be killed by S8-9 shooting fast.

dont mix sonic and blastmasters. ever. sonic blasters are for midfield blastmasters want to shoot their blast every turn. also points.

strap the lascannons from the defilers, they can only snapfire those when they shoot their battlecannon (ordnance rules)

you need something to open transports with i.e. higher volume of midstrength shooting. Havocs with autocannons? predator?

if you bring the CSM with the lord to the front, gib the CSM champ some powerweapon or even a fist(lord will take challenges). also meltas or flamers might be worthwile.

lastly you need more bodies or you will get shot of the table FAST

>> No.52630225

>in my opinion, prices tend to bring the worst out of people.

This, have the price be something symbolic, like a gold-sprayed spacemarine statue or a pair of gold-coloured dice with a skull logo or something.

>> No.52630232

when you don't wake up

>> No.52630253

Why do magnus and ahriman serve tzeench after he caused the flesh hange in he 1ksons and horus instigated the shit with prospero?

>> No.52630260

if you dont need friends

KV128 Stormsurges [375pts]
KV128 Stormsurge
Pulse Driver Cannon, Twin-linked Flamer

Strike Team [45pts]
5x Fire Warrior with Pulse Rifle

XV104 Riptide Battlesuits [220pts]
Riptide Shas'vre
Early Warning Override, Heavy Burst Cannon, Stimulant Injector, Twin-linked Smart Missile System

Pathfinder Team [44pts]
4x Pathfinder

XV88 Broadside Battlesuits [65pts]
Twin-linked High-Yield Missile Pod, Twin-linked Smart Missile System



>> No.52630266

We do terrain pieces as prizes, but that requires someone who doesn't mind donating the time and effort to making them.

>> No.52630267

Related to this:

What's the opinion on limiting the amount of points spent on single units at low point levels? Like for example limiting the cost of units to no more than 160 points at sub-1000 games. The idea is to prevent Deathstars and Riptides from running the show.

>> No.52630287

ahriman doesn't really serve tzeentch anymore

>> No.52630320

he does
he might believe otherwise
he might be unaware
but such is the way of tzeentch

>> No.52630333

>what is the point of insulting Tyranid players or Ork players or Space Marine players that want their Tacticals to be useful outside of a WAAC formation?

One of those is not like the others. Marinefags crying that some of their bullshit isn't overpowered enough aren't on the same scale as orkfags who have maybe three OK units in their entire codex and no formations worth using.

>> No.52630334

just as planned

>> No.52630363

>Tacticals to be useful outside of a WAAC formation?
thanks to that BS called grav, they are

>> No.52630374

It might be good, but you also might have to go unit by unit and see just how that might affect certain armies. FOC restrictions might be an alternative way to keep a check on things.

>> No.52630376

It's a good idea. Though you will be hard-pressed to field some non-cheese elite units at that level. Perhaps consider banning Riptides.

>> No.52630382

You fool! GW will just lower the costs of riptides acordingly as soon as they hear about that.

>> No.52630388

Grav isn't that great on tacs.

>> No.52630398

>Why does Magnus serve Tzeentch

Remember that time when Magnus became a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch? Remember that time when he was reconstructed, mind, body and soul by the influence of the Architect during the apotheosis? Remember when he became aligned to Tzeentch and has thus had to deal with the encroaching influence of his master on his very essence?

'Chaos corruption' isn't just some meme and mutations aren't just physical, if you serve Chaos it will, eventually, however slowly, twist you to its whims, or otherwise drive you insane.

>> No.52630400

that's dumb
there is a reason you don't bring high cost units in small armies

you should instead just ban or restrict whatever is the problem

>> No.52630411

not anon you are replying to, but is it not?

I heard the cannon is worth taking, this is the list I am trying to build >>52629307

Should I take something over the grav cannon?

>> No.52630412

Well that would make some configurations of csm, tactical squads etc. forbidden. The problem is, that if you start restricting strong choices (multi wound models with the option to get a 3++) you will probably hurt weaker choices much more (1K Sons couldn't get sorcerers anymore)

>> No.52630421

>No more Kataphron Destroyers with Cognis Flamers

No anon, please, don't.

>> No.52630428

The grav cannon is fine, better than any of the heavy weapons. Tacs just don't benefit the same way relentless models do with grav due to salvo.

>> No.52630437

I could replace it with a special weapon, but I wanted at least one grav weapon in the list

>> No.52630448


I'm curious. How has the Murderpack treated you? What else do you run?

>> No.52630461


thicc riptides raping you

>> No.52630468

>All over fans accept the lore and move on.

One word; Newcrons.

>> No.52630472

It's a fine choice, it's just not as powerful as the other grav choices you could make.

>> No.52630474

Isn't there a relic in the imperial agents book that stops anyone from deep striking within 12 inches of you?

>> No.52630481

Better than Oldcrons

>> No.52630499

Nobody served Tzeentch more than Ahriman. That's the irony here.

Picture related.

>> No.52630501

>having bit shitty fluff which actually means something
>being robot rape machine which only wants to wreck shit up and kill stuff
honestly i don't like either, but oldcrons have tha fun "saturday cartoon villan" thing

>> No.52630505

>severely limit peoples options because of a single problem unit.

why not just have a "one type of model x per army" rule?

>> No.52630510

Can't you use newcron lore to play oldcron though?

>> No.52630518

isn't abaddon enough of a saturday morning cartoon villain?

has a basic EEVIIILLL goal

fails every episode/crusade

the storyline never advances

>> No.52630528

fuck off 1d4chan.

>> No.52630535

iirc you can make a dynasty with similar lore/"personality" to oldcrons.

>> No.52630541

Abaddon is the most incompetent cuck to ever grace the universe. Good thing for the rest of the universe, Chaos might pose a threat otherwise!

>> No.52630544

But he doesn't, every crusade prepares the way for the final one.
Now hes destroyed the last pylon world.

>> No.52630546

I won't repeat myself.

>> No.52630563

fair enough but that only became true after quite a bit of retconning after GW realized what is essentially the BBEG to the Imperium was a fucking moron.

>> No.52630590

To be fair, he still has an aura of incompetence about him, even with the newer retcons and some of the older fluff portraying him as one of the most dangerous beings in the galaxy (which, canonically, he is) he's still brought down as a character by some of his fluff, in which he does a lot of jobbing for what is effectively the mortal BBEG of the setting.

>> No.52630624

But anon Armless the Harmless is not just a meme is a result of horrible writing. Even now with the entire 13th black crusade rectonning GW give us picture from the OP of bad writing.

They basically wrote how a S3 AP3 maybe AP- as it seems in book manage to wounding him a lot worst that he has ever been wounded.

Yes a powerless, wounded woman bitch slapped Horus with the help of an old man.

They made the entire victory of Armless the Harmless pointless as he got defeated by a bunch of scrubs.

>> No.52630634

Amy the armless
Bad driver
Captain failure

>> No.52630647

Man I wish either the Death Guard or 8th edition came out already. I wanna spend all my money on Warhammer.

Do we know if the 8th edition is even gonna have a starter set?

>> No.52630673


There is and it's perfect to counter this shit.

>> No.52630728

Of course there wil be a starter set. Its not like we are playing warhammer for its great ruleset.

>> No.52630778

So is it possible at all to field pure Deathwing in 7th Edition without auto-losing on Turn 1?

>> No.52630795

Because a single Riptide/GravCentstar/Wraithknight at 750 still rapes everything except other cheese on that level.

>> No.52630800

Well as long as you don't deep strike them you won't lose. And deep striking is just horrible. By now i just let my raptors jump in from the table edge to not lose them again.

>> No.52630809

I've heard people talking about using dreds in drop pods but given that the detachment and formations rules say that they must deploy together I'm going with no

A shame because literally every other chapter can field their first company alone but the one that genuinely famous for their termies, nope!

>> No.52630814

top kek

>> No.52630817

And they are retardly cheap for what they do.

Maybe if they started at 250 like the useless crap that the Landraider is. It wouldn't be so frustrating.

>> No.52630829

I'm thinking of drop podding a Ven Dread in on Turn 1 via DPA and then using the locator beacon to deepstrike the full Deathwing army. Only thing is, a drop pod isn't exactly hard to kill and neither is a Ven Dread. I lose either of the two and there goes the entire game.

What does them having to deploy together mean?

At the rate that this is going it looks like I'll have to do mixed wing and stick to higher point games in order to fufill the Deathwing Redemption Force requirements as well as whatever the fuck the Ravenwing's requirements are.

>> No.52630846

Yes. The point cost creep is so real it hurts. If Land Raiders were released today they'd be fast, 7 HP and cost 180 points

>> No.52630860

Well you could just drop another empty pod somewhere else, as an insurance.

>> No.52630875

Can I just take empty dedicated transports in 7th edition formations? I haven't played since early 6th ed so I have no clue how the new system works.

>> No.52630883

ah my mistake, the Redemption for requires them all to deploy on the same turn. The strike force you can deploy, but you would have to have drop pod dreds in of the first turn and hope they survive. and you still auto lose if you don't go first.

DA can only buy prop pods as dedicated transports

>> No.52630893

So spending close to 200 points for a Ven Dread and a Drop Pod changes my chances from a 100% chance of losing to a 50% chance of losing?

What a clusterfuck.

What are the rules for Mixed Wing like? Anyone had any success with that?

>> No.52630912

Tell me about Straken, gents. He seems overpriced but he's essentially a MC murder machine without being a MC. It's rare we actually have a good non pask special characer. Anyone have experience running him?

>> No.52630916

Are their any melee focused army lists that work well in this game? My warmahordes army got fucked with mk3 last year and I've been feeling that itch for a new game recently.

>> No.52630919

Eat a dick. The backstab didn't even do anything to Abaddon but piss him off. You over-exaggerate stuff and try to force memes making you a cancer here. Please KYS.

Also you are ignorant cunt also. Kharn and a Blood Angel Chaplain managed to land hits on Abaddon and leave lasting scars on him. Celestine was in way unique or noteworthy to anyone but a bastard like you.

>> No.52630944

in no way*

>> No.52630946

>Celestine was in no way unique or noteworthy to anyone but a bastard like you.

The rest of your post is fine, but this feels like projecting. Celestine is cool as fuck as a character and concept, Gathering Storm has just handled her sub-optimally (like basically everything else.)

>> No.52630979

Daemons, deathstar builds or genestealer cults.

>> No.52630984

>Are their any melee focused army lists that work well in this game?

Very few, and they mostly revolve around giant, overpowered super-units crammed full of characters. Anything else just gets shot down before it gets close - the game is very focused around shooting at the moment.

>> No.52630985

I meant that she was not unique in scoring a wound on Abaddon, in that regard. Heck, wasn't even a crippling wound since he has black carapace and is inside terminator armour.

If you want to talk about incompetence, she had a chance of killing a half blind and distracted
depowered Abaddon by going for his twin hearts or chopping his head off rather tthan delivering a wound that never crippled or killed a marine.

>> No.52630994

Will they ever make a good video game from the tabletop 40k?

Dawn of war wasn't a good reproduction. I hate having to paint miniatures to have games damn it


>> No.52631010

Lel, he got sent crawling back to his nanny because a women slapped him on the back.

Failbaddon the harmless strikes again!

>> No.52631011

Never, they would lose their business

>> No.52631027

>created and empowered by a God Emperor
>everytime she dies, she loses part of her memories and soul

It's Stormcast. She is a STORMCAST.

>> No.52631035


Warhammer 40,000: Rites of War?

>> No.52631039

0/10 trolling.

He was more concerned with the Cadians than Celestine who even as her peak power wasn't a match for Abaddon. Again, she blew her shot at killing Abaddon spectacularly.

>> No.52631045

I like Dawn of War but I just can't against Hard mode enemies.

>> No.52631067

Against GK with one fully stacked flyer and Kaldor Draigo - how fucked am I? It will be around 1600pt.

>> No.52631069

>0/10 trolling.
And yet you're so upset you can't help but reply to every single post in this thread that insults your husbando.

Charmless the harmless got wrecked, Carnac, you can't change that.

>> No.52631090

He is not husbandu. Illic is. I just hate it when people lie about the lore and spread misinformation so I attempt to clear them out not for your sake but for the sake of thread so don't flatter yourself, cretin.

People like are the reason why Arch Warhammer is popular. Be ashamed.

>> No.52631094

you know that you shouldn't reply to a b8? do you anon, harmless-anon wants attention

On topic. Friendo(admech 800pts) entered a tournament where the prize is randomized. Like, you don't get it by winning the most matches. You heard about it?

>> No.52631117

Yeah, my bad. Freaking shitposters. Something got to be done about them ruining every single thread. That one is particularly pathetic. Enough of him.

>> No.52631119

Who's Arch Warhammer? Are they like One Mind Syndicate?

>> No.52631130

Ravenwing only and Lion's blade with RW support are both pretty solid

Deathwing are just a bit meh this edition, getting thoroughly out-shined by Deathwatch, Tartaros and Cataphractii

Hopefully the next DA codex will get released a bit later in the cycle so they can adjust for power creep and new rules

>> No.52631131

you were both pathetic, better answer if you ever heard about choosing a prize randomly between people at the tournament

>> No.52631150

>I hate having to paint miniatures to have games damn it
you should find a diffrent hobby

>> No.52631166

fofr gods sake man, give thouse termintors powefists and the MoT

>> No.52631169

Prizes chosen randomly. Your performance doesn't matter.

Sounds asinine.

>> No.52631176

>spends points on a plasma pistol
>dosent spend points on any CC gear for lord or chapions
For what reason?

>> No.52631177

No, he makes shitty warhammer lore videos, gets his source from fucking 1d4chan and preaches it as the truth.

He also got btfo'd by Totalbiscuit for comparing DoW3 to SC2 and he never even played Starcraft.

>> No.52631194

>anything up to heavy assault infantry
>"durr they will die to terminators"
>recommends chosen
Chosen are a 'better' choice but they're also far more expensive. These guys are even an okay match-up against Terminators since they'll kill at least 2 before the Termis get to strike (even if they have Lightning Claws) and likely tarpit the remainder for at least another assault phase, two if they don't have power fists. For Chosen that's roughly equal points parity making it tactical draw, meanwhile basic CSM can tie up and score some kills against a unit that's easily 80-100+ points more expensive.

HAH fuck no I don't at all recommend putting them in a Land Raider. Load them up in a Rhino if you must or just throw them across the board to catch bullets. In all honesty your opponent will probably largely ignore them in favour of shooting at the more obvious threat of Noise Marines, unaware of how many points you've dropped on an Icon and Marks, unless they're a fellow Chaos player.

>> No.52631199

Didn't she cut his spine?

Last time I check marines can't regrow their spine. Abaddon is a cripple now or GW magically gave Abaddon the power of super healing

>> No.52631207

No, no she did not.

>> No.52631215

they did that to give everyone the same chances honestly. I kinda understand them, because elves/communist will spitroast everything. But it still seems so fucking stupid.
Even some kind of silly system where every win is awarded by different amount of "points" per army would be better

>> No.52631216

>haven't played 40k for almost a year
>finally get my CSM army ready and find an opponent
>he'll be playing some skitarii formation
>oh cool I haven't had a chance to fight them yet-
>he'll be also bringing Belisarius Cawl
>oh shit this might be tough to win
mfw it was a draw, 15-16 for the admech
mfw I could've won if only my 180 points lord didn't devolve into a daemon prince after tearing some sergeant in half, and my melta terminators didn't all miss after deep-striking
mfw my nurgle dreadnought almost killed Belisarius after shoving a power fist up his ass, leaving him at 1 wound (in the end it didn't matter, as he proceeded to heal all his wound over the next 2 turns)

Feels good to be back man. We both had lots of fun and laughs, and it was a great way to get back into the hobby.

>> No.52631222

kek, at that low a points limit you might actually have fun and just bury your opponent in bodies, unless they're IG and bring just as many bullet-catchers to the board.

>> No.52631228

wrong pic, but still, feelsgoodman

>> No.52631233

Ah so TG approves of OMS? Good to know.

>> No.52631249

triples spoken, but honestly it's kinda a thing, the lower the points the better orkz perform. Kill Team is great example of that.

>> No.52631276

Don't even play them with any "dynasty" bullshit, the Decurion encourages you to take huge blocks of Warriors and Immortals backed up by a shitload of Destroyers if you take a Cult, then just fluff them as a rogue Tomb World with corrupted memory banks, they are even more soulless than other Necrons, with only combat protocols remaining and thus register everything that isn't them as hostile enemies. That's how I headcanon my oldbots.

>> No.52631279

well you're termies can only have 1 heavy weapon per five and you've got two there I'm noticing

>> No.52631311

Hrud or Rak'gol army when

>> No.52631314

Rate my planned starting army for AdMech, I based it around what stuff I know my local store has in stock. (Start collecting, one box of rangers and a box of servitors)

>> No.52631336

Shit, I meant for the "CAD" to be a Skitarii Maniple

>> No.52631364

Anyone has a picture of that text? I'm sure the fat cow stabbed the Armless

>> No.52631367

Death Guard are fucking great now anon, not surprised you and Cawl+cogboys beat the hell out of each other.

>> No.52631375



>> No.52631395

Thanks for the help. Any further ideas for improvement? I'm still kinda worried about that flyer but want to stay Black Legion.

>> No.52631398

But what about the C'tan?

>> No.52631406

Stabbed him in the spine but marine black carapace negates back injuries.

To kill marine you go for the throat, the two hearts, or the head.

>> No.52631407

Well till GW gives us proper nuns, like picture related

The meme will not die

>> No.52631408

Lads. I'm confused. Reading Angel's Blade book and the Death Company relic things are so much better than the Blood Angels shit (that's even including Shield of Baal relics) but I just checked and it said "Can only be taken by Death Company Strike Force or Lost Brotherhood Detachments" and if I go and check... The only units that can take relics are Death Company Chaplains and Techmarines, using that limitation.

Is this a mistake? Why the hell is there these melee weapons and armour and shit for Chaplains and Techmarines when they're not really designed for combat as well as Captains. Even then unless you do Death Company Chaplin (HQ) and Death Company Strike Force, you can only pick one relic anyway (iirc FAQ correct) and even if you could pick more, why would you put these expensive relics on a guy who'll get OHKO'd by plenty of weapons? You can only really go for that +1 to FnP weapon.

The armour is neat if you're running a DCSF and have a maxed out squad to give Crusader to, plus it'll keep you better protected from Pyskers and general weapons (though AP2 is errywhere!".

The Counter-Attack one is 10 points too expensive imo.

The Sword is good but is not only less useful on a Chaplain, but it also is unfluffy. Chaplains use Corziurs as they're the badge of office. Giving them a fuck hueg sword kinda defeats the point.

Anyway this was a roundabout way of asking, was this a mistake? Were Captains meant to be included in this list?

>> No.52631409

And that's why Oldcrons will always be shit

>be bitches to the Vampire Cunts from Space

>> No.52631417

Well that is still impressive considering the situation.

>> No.52631419

Can love bloom on the battlefield, /tg/?

>> No.52631421

Heavy weapons arent worth it on terminators, five them some powerfists instead, they help against the paladins draigo runs with normally. Take only the minimum amount of berzerkers, they are a tax to get mok, take another rhino full of csm or some raptors instead. Take melta instead of plasma on the csm in the rhino. You want to charge. Give your lord the murdersword and set him up for his second hq probably a librarian. Your combi melta is better suited for the champs. Rhinos will blow up or be forced to snap shoot as soon as they are in range.

>> No.52631430

The idea of a Rak'Gol army makes me erect

>> No.52631432

>> No.52631444

>> No.52631446

The idea of anything but marines is enough.

Would like proper SoB models but a new xeno army is also cool.

>> No.52631450

According to know-it-all-totally-unbiased-ADB, that's exactly how Emperor reacted to Angron. Except he KO'd him and cut open his head, saw the Butcher Nail's and even asked Land to come and take a look and then went "lol i don't break my tools, he is number whatever and he's useful as a tool im a cunt for no reason despite the fluff never being like this until ADB wrote it lol".

God that book was awful. Having the balls to go at the end "not everybody will like this book", nobody liked it. Chaosfags hated it, Imperialfags hated, Xenofags hated it. Everybody hated it. It ruined everything for everybody.

>> No.52631451

I don't get it, aren't all marines gay for Big E?

>> No.52631454

>> No.52631457


>They basically wrote how a S3 AP3 maybe AP- as it seems in book manage to wounding him a lot worst that he has ever been wounded.

The sword is Str 5. It's also, you know, holy. That makes sense to hurt him like hell.

Do sorta miss it's old 'Totally not poisoned' though. Made more sense for tearing up demons that way.

>> No.52631463

>> No.52631469

Waiting for Slaanesh, please deliver Malal aswell.

>> No.52631473

>but marine black carapace negates back injuries.

Is that one of it's powers? Considering his response to it, it didn't seem to negate the stab.

>> No.52631480

Sadly, never got made.

>> No.52631481

Nope. How can you be gay for your dad? That's gay, mang.

S5, actually. In the battle report they played (and they used to play games and then write fluff around the result, see Triumph and Treachery in WHFB for example) she did manage to kill him. So they wrote the fluff to match. So what he stabbed him in the back, it's not like he died. It's what caused him to blow up Cadia.

>> No.52631486


>> No.52631498

> Caring about being gay
> 2017

>> No.52631500

I never remember reading that nigger shell made marines immune to wounds. Why are they using power armour if their black caparace make them immune to shit.

I think people are trying to justify GW bad writing about Abaddon.

>> No.52631511

>> No.52631516

I'm sorry, anon. I'm just a degenerate. Being straight is a lifestyle choice I'm forcing on the citizens of the country. I am sorry. I have tried to seek psychiatric help, I have gone to Straight Camp to try and cure my straightness. But I just can't. I was born straight. It wasn't a choice.

I'm sorry ;_;

>> No.52631520

>> No.52631521

take the heavy flamer instead of the reaper. reaper is too expensive
consider power axes on the termis as its a budget ap2 melee solution.

i prefer 5 csm in a rhino
your berserkers cannot charge out of a rhino, so they will eat at least one round of shooting. give the champ some powerweapon/fist
drop a lightning claw onthe chaos lord but give him an invul instead. 2lc looks cool but 30pts is urgh .strongly consider that csm-codex daemon axe of khorne. Ap2 at ini is nasty. also consider a bike/juggernaught to avoid insta-kill from S8/9
consider dirge casters on the rhinos
consider dozer blades/siege shields on the vindis.
the problem of these formations: you have many rather expensive characters in there (abby+lord+warpsmith)
ensure they do something

>> No.52631524


Wait, they did a BR and then wrote the fluff to match?

Shit, they're doing the same thing I did in middle school!

>> No.52631529 [SPOILER] 

Can it?

>> No.52631531

>> No.52631537

He would follow Tzeentch.

>> No.52631538

>> No.52631548 [SPOILER] 

They used to do it quite a lot, actually. The start of the End Times in WHFB began with a Battle Report, where they kidnapped the Princess. Captain Tycho exists due to a Battle Report.

In Triumph and Treachery, the Empire managed to win the battle report and steal the Not!MayanCalender2012EndofWorldTablet. It ended with the Slann preparing to get it back.

It was pretty good way of doing, actually. Apart from when they did Storm of Chaos. That didn't work. Chaos lost every game.


>> No.52631549

>> No.52631550

I think its about the damage to the nerves. And it makes a lot of sense to integrate something spine regenrating/stabilising when you are cuntting them up anyway.

>> No.52631551

Wait is that Titan made out of yellow Sponge Cake?

>> No.52631558

He was facing away and half blind from Greyfax's mind rape. How is it impressive?

It was painful but did you see him collapse on the ground after having a flaming sword shaved in his spine? No. He walked it off.

>> No.52631561


>> No.52631573

Scriptarius was a saint among sinners back years ago. While /tg/ needed a mod, I'll forever mourn that getting one meant he left.

>> No.52631576

whoever designed this class of titans is an idiot

how the fuck is it supposed to walk

>> No.52631581

He healed due to Chaos. End of. In the old Battle Report where Eldrad killed him in a duel, they wrote the fluff to say he was spirited away before the blow to kill him hit.

If Chaos survives anything it's due to Chaos powers protecting him. Why does it matter?

>defending bad writing

Nobody defends GW terrible writing. In this case there is nothing wrong as any 'why isn't he crippled!!! :(((( REEEEEEE" can be defend with "He's backed up by all 4 Chaos Gods. He is the Warmaster. He has protection. Etc Etc".

>> No.52631582

>> No.52631585

He's a cool guy, I doubt he left because of a mod.

>> No.52631587

The guns on the titan engage and destroy other titan-class opponents, while the feet have a transport capacity in and of themselves and if infantry or tanks approach that the titan can't just ignore it opens the hatch and releases them.

>> No.52631594

>He healed due to Chaos. End of

Except for the fact that Abaddon lost his empowering due to the Pylons shutting down the Warp almost completely.

>> No.52631602

Don't shit on Imperator Titans. They rock. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Forge World are considering making a mould of one for Made By Order purchases. A to-scale Imperator Titan is like 4ft tall, so it's gotta be smaller.

It'll be 5,000 points most likely. Who cares! It's fun.

A lot of creatives left back with Nazi/Kitten mod. Then they left again when IRC raiders forced /wst/ to /d/. So we have very few people now.

>> No.52631603

The picture raises all kinds of questions:
Why is the marine unarmed?
Where did he get the Daffodils from?
Why does he think the SOB would want them?
The area they're in don't seem conducive to daffodil growth, did the marine bring them with him?
Did his squad notice and what did the think about the situation?
What's so enrapturing about the grill on the Marine's chest that the SOB has to stare at it?
How did the daffs survive whatever it was that caused the two in the picture to be covered in blood?

>> No.52631604

He was here, in large degree, for the porn. When the mod showed up and cracked down on things, he left too. At least that's my understanding of it; the timing matches perfectly

>> No.52631613

>gets stabbed in back
>teleports out
>no more pylon sapping his powers
>suddenly he heals cause he's in a Chaos Battle Barge filled with Chaos and Chaotic Things


>> No.52631622

It was a different time, then. I'd not say it was a better one, nor a worse.

>> No.52631630

He was going continue his fight with Celestine but the Cadians and the warp shutting down made him teleport away. It didn't say "owww my back I better leave". He was furious wanted to repay her in kind.

>> No.52631643

1. Because the battle is won.
2. His own personal Botanicalum on the Battle Barge/Strike Cruiser
3. Because bitches love flowers. Plus he saw this pict shot one time.
4. See No.2
5. They told him to do it.
6. She's imagining his rippling pecs and going to sleep next to them
7. See No.2, they were brought down on a Thunderhawk by his serf.

>> No.52631648

>> No.52631656

True but he teleported away and went "I'll pay you back by blowing up the planet".

God dammit, why isn't that picture finished? Looked like it was gonna be good.

>> No.52631661

Because Muju left.

>> No.52631671

>> No.52631679

I like this style

>> No.52631681

Can't another drawfriend pick it up? It's got the whatever lines I can't remember their name at the moment up already.

It's a real shame. I don't want to go into /d/.

>> No.52631686


What does that have to do with how it walks, idiot

>> No.52631690

Will the emperor ever wake up? I didn't think it was possible, but since rowboat did it...

>> No.52631700

>It's a real shame. I don't want to go into /d/.
He isn't there. He left. He joined the army, and as far as I know didn't come back.

>> No.52631701


>Single bunch of Daffodils
>A quid in Sainsbury's

Cheapfag detected

>> No.52631713

Emperor will be reborn as a little girl.

>> No.52631716

>> No.52631721

[inquisitiorial screeching]

>> No.52631724

Emperor was already reborn as a little boy on some nowhere planet in the back end of the imperium and is enjoying living out a mortal lifespan of 'vacation' as a normal human being before he has to get back to work.

>> No.52631736

He deserves a little bit of a break, don't you think?

>> No.52631745

>> No.52631746


It's bizarre how GW continues to ape concepts from AoS for 40k that are not particularly good or interesting in the first place.

The rumours of Guilliman's anti-chaos numarines was another example.

>> No.52631758

>> No.52631777


>> No.52631779


I really hope that stays a rumour. Between Custodes and Grey Knights, we are kinda full up already on 'Supermarines'.

>> No.52631787

>tfw you will never be kidnapped while trick-or-treating by a sex starved battle sister

>> No.52631796

They're still the Brides of the Emperor, after all.

>> No.52631815

Black Carapace is a neural interface that's grafted onto the spine. Its primary function is to read motor nerve impulses and allows power armour to perfectly match the movement of its wearer like it's nothing more than skintight spandex. The implantation process basically shreds the connecting nerves along the spine, which is fine because the Carapace retransmits those impulses faster than the nerves could.

>tl;dr injuries to the spine don't matter because the black carapace does the same job better

>> No.52631818

Oh, that's easy. 12 inches a turn, like other superheavy walkers.

>> No.52631820

Wish they'd fuck off with sucking ultramarine dick, the only time dark angels get to do anything it goes shitways.

Custodes, grey knights and SISTERS OF SILENCE, are really enough.

>> No.52631836


Sisters of Silence were mostly not mentioned because they are (Other than being Blanks) still human rather than 'Augmented, bald superhuman'

>> No.52631844

And only the Emperor, understand?

>> No.52631860

Sisters of Silence are just new Witch Hunters. They're no more Space Marines than Sisters of Battle were, since they're just Sisters of Battle done in 2017 style.

>> No.52631863

Looks like power rangers villain.

>> No.52631870

>> No.52631872

Yeah, he was genuinly impressed by how unkillable some of my units were.

Surprisingly the lvl 2 Sorcerer I decided to bring (I had 100 points to spare and decided to experiment a bit) turned out to be the hero of the, casting Curse of the Leper on my unit of bikers, making them a S5, T7, 5+ FnP rape train, filled with power fists, right before they descended upon the enemy line.
He also kept healing my prince which was pretty useful.

>> No.52631880


Horrible model. Don't even bother responding otherwise.

>> No.52631882

>> No.52631898

>> No.52631912

What's the best fun way to run Eldar? I'm thinking, Guardian Battle host with a Seer Council so I can cast Enhance/Empower on the Wraithblades I plan on running to make them a melee powerhouse

>> No.52631915

seriously though I agree. It looks really fuckin crumbly and just isn't that great quality

>> No.52631916

>nobody liked it
well, sort of. I liked all the parts that didn't have anything to do with the Emperor or the Traitor Primarchs. The webway war was cool, as was the side-by-side of Custodes and the Blood Angel. Which is weird, since those parts are really good, but the other half is really bad.

>> No.52631918

Scatbike spam.

>> No.52631936

No, I'm not being a dick. I wanna make the opponent have fun as well as myself.

>> No.52631994

Step one: gather eldar figs
Step two: go to GW
Step three: sell eldar figs
Step three: buy space marine figs

>> No.52632003

8th edition whennnnn

Fuck I'm so hyped

>> No.52632042

Never. There is no 8th edition anon, 40k's getting squated.
Welcome to the Age of the Emperor.

>> No.52632056

*activating shitstorm in 4,3,2,1....

>> No.52632070

>marine figs
>space marines
>not shit

>> No.52632115

Just play Dark Eldar or Harlequins

CW Eldar have too many good units

>> No.52632118

No. I love my Eldar. Maybe I'll do a Tri-eldar list. I love Harlequins

>> No.52632127

Is it possible to do a Dark Eldar/Harlequin list which is good?

>> No.52632140

I've seen a lot of rumours that suggest June. It's not too far away.

Let's hope that it lives up to our expectations. I've got a good feeling about this one.

>> No.52632153

>elf fuckers
Truly the worst posters

>> No.52632161

At least he is not fucking Falcon Tanks

>> No.52632205

Look at this fucking pleb.

>> No.52632209

Or or bug fuckers

>> No.52632229

Yeah, they have some decent stuff.

This is my shitty list, not enough to units to hold down the enemy but it can do work sometimes.

>> No.52632256

What are the power weapons on the termintors? you have to define them

>> No.52632257

>It's [CURRENT YEAR] youz guyz!

>> No.52632263

They might just be Plague Zombies. FnP, t4, fearless, pretty good picks for a tarpit

>> No.52632289

Who would want to fuck an Eldar Falcon Tank model? Beside a crazy person.

Alien bug dildos are sane by comparison

>> No.52632318

Is it possible for there to have been a Krork that got stuck in the Warp for thousands of years and be spit out into the present as a Primarch-sized Ork?

>> No.52632352


Orks need to fight otherwise they get fat and obese.

>> No.52632386

Pretty cool list man. Not enough harlequins for me though. Is there any way I could maybe run like one raider and one squad of reavers and the rest harlequins?

>> No.52632392

Are USAfags Orks?

>> No.52632400


What if it fought Daemons in the Warp?

>> No.52632470

Not a bad launching point for the army. Go for it, this seems fun.

>> No.52632532


Waagh Tuska Daemon Killa

>> No.52632598

If the rubric was reversed and the marines stopped being dust, wouldn't a fair number rebel and try and rejoin the imperium seeing has as how far gone magnus and co have gone?

>> No.52632623

Unlikly, the ones who got dusted were still traitors, and still fought aginst the big E in the heresy, it wasent until after that the rubric happened

>> No.52632644




Ahriman is destined for absolution.

>> No.52632666

Didnt they only fight against the wolves, not the imperium at large, and only due to the shitshow that was the burning of prospero and ariham whipping them to action?

>> No.52632701

Been out of the loop for a while.

When is next ed due, and are we expecting huge changes? Im talking AoS changes here. Or will they simply bring balance to the force?

Another question that came up when me and my mates met last time, will there be a new Epic 40k released by Forgeworld soon? Because, when we joined the 40k bandwagon, Epic was close to gone, and we had always hoped it would make a comeback! Any news other than those vague once over at the regular forums?

>> No.52632707

Btw the imperium has a bomb that can close warp storms. It was shown in the book Skitarii.

>> No.52632729


It's all but confirmed that there are big changes.

>> No.52632756

You would have to use Ynnari.

It basically allows you to mix all eldar factions in to one army, you'd need a DE HQ has harlies don't have one though.

>> No.52632782

The concil of nikea also fucked them hard, they cant recall oif they were involved in the siegh of terra, but they did fight others. we will have to see more details as the HH books come out

>> No.52632811

After just now acquiring another Galatus and Caladius, I realize my Talons of the Emperor army is honestly needs some more Sisters (and Terminators when they come out!).

20 Custodian Guard
15 Sentinel Guard
10 Hetaeron Guard
10 Sagittarum Guard
6 Agamatus Jetbikes
3 Caladius Grav-Tanks
2 Coronus Grav-Carriers
4 Pallas Grav-Attacks
3 Contemptor-Galatus
2 Contemptor-Achillus
3 Shield Captains/Tribunes
1 Ixion Hale
2 Oblivion Knight-Centura
10 Prosecutors
10 Vigilators

>> No.52632880

Someone saved kips drawing. That's like 10 years old.

>> No.52632975

Not a problem. I'll just run an archon. Is Soulburst really any good?

>> No.52632991

Smol warlord is a Qt

>> No.52633025

Are y'all niggas really gonna make me turn my comp on to start the new thread

>it wouldn't be a big deal but I have to turn it off again to start it because there's something wrong with the bios or whatever

>> No.52633050

Soulburst is one of the most broken things in the game right now, it's up there with free rhinos and warcon

>> No.52633054

>What's the most fun custom scenario you ever played?
Pic related, from the old siege of vraks book. Ran it as chaos renegades vs. tyranids. I almost won, except his tervigon didn't roll doubles for the entire game and couldn't fail a save.

>> No.52633081

Rewards the Eldar player for playing well.
Punish the opponent for playing well.

>> No.52633086

fine I'll do it

>> No.52633121


>> No.52633140

Good way to make a low mid tier army like DE harlies better, craftworld players who take advantage of it need to be gassed.

>> No.52633152

>quite a bit of retconning

What was retconned? The BC lore never framed anything as a failure. When it finally gave us more detail on the outcomes it confirmed they all achieved some goal. The only retcon here is the destruction of Cadia not being checkmate despite lore saying that such a thing would be game over for the Imperium for decades.

>> No.52633492


>> No.52633643


And what would these big changes be, apart from being "big"...

More than often people that claims "oh shits going down", has no idea whats going to happen.
And to be fair to GW, the end times they actually told people what would happen, but the crowd wouldn't believe them. Only after release of AoS, people went like "oh fuck... they actually went through with it!" and then lost their fucking mind (burning old armies and such).

So back on topic. By BIG, do you mean "set to hit/wound roll values bound to weapons/models", or is it simply removing the AP effect, going back to old school -X based on strength/rules. Because even though the latter is quite a big difference and high impact on the game overall, it is not what I would call as BIG as the former.


It has already been confirmed by Forgeworld that the new setting for Epic will be scaled down models of their 30k series, and that it will start with legio titanicus. They will later on ad flyers and tanks, and finally infantry. If it sells well, they will also ad more than just space marines, such as astra militarum and even xeno races! All combined with a full new rules set, made by FW (which is a fucking blessing!). What has come out sounds neat as fuck, Titans working somewhat along the lines of Warmachine Jacks if you have any experience of that game, with hit locations, action points, and abilities to overload reactors and whatnot. They dont shy away that titans will have a major part of the new Epic game.

>> No.52633831

Wow. Nothing more to say.

>> No.52633937

Wait, terminators are coming next?

>> No.52633964


Jesus fuck how do you get those weathering effects

>> No.52634228


This is not my models, its a pro-painter over at some board for 30k. This is based on a cartoon picture that shows all legions in the same manner.

My guess is, based on what we see, a lot of weathering powders. some actual "real" scratching, and a whole lot of painted weathering (complete with shade and highlight). Ad to this some sponge effects to complete an overall weathered look (also with added highlights) and your on the right path.

>> No.52634753

I think Magnus himself would rejoin the imperium if he could

>> No.52634985

Is taking ynnari to gain access to a few CW eldar hqs in a DE list considered scummy? I want to grab a decent psyker and I'm a huge fan of the autarch model

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